October 09, 2015

If A Yelp Elite Can Walk, Then A Yelp Elite Can Fly

Posted by Morgan


Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's NOLA Flyboarding!

NOLA Flyboarding is the first hydroflight company in Louisiana locally owned by Tony Bertucci who found a passion for Flyboarding while on vacation in Florida, and opened his own venture here in 2013. Tony invited a handful of Yelp Elites to partake in a beautiful afternoon on Lake Pontchartrain with his krewe for kayaking, paddleboarding, and party barging. Once we settled out onto the lake with the sun slowly sinking behind the marina, Captain Tommy flipped on the jet-ski and Jeremy jettisoned towards the sky! 

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October 06, 2015

Meet The Elite: Kate H, Houston

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Today we meet Kate H, a Yelp Elite since '13 with a whopping 108 reviews and 185 local biz pics counting. 


Why did you first start yelping?
When I first moved to Houston, my group of new-to-Houston girlfriends frequently struggled to find new, fun places to do happy hour and dinners. This regular struggle annoyed me, so I took it upon myself to do the research and become the expert among us. Yelp was the perfect vehicle for researching, recording and remembering the spots we loved... 

What do you love most about Houston?
I love that Houston does not have to 'try' so damn hard, like certain neighboring cities... This center of diversity is growing and developing with such grace and cleverness. It is exciting to witness this coming of age tale, but more so to participate in it! 

Best kept secret in Houston:
Hollister Grill: This is a pint-sized, mom-and-pop shop that floats in the nether region between the Loop and the Beltway. Every dish there tastes so lovingly prepared, as if by a good friend at a dinner party.

What's your favorite Yelp memory to date?
After the Green6.2 race in CityCentre, I was approached by a random person I didn't recognize. They told me they recognized me from my Yelp profile and really enjoyed one of the reviews I had written! I was so astounded that they recognized me (despite my rabid sweaty appearance) and overjoyed that my review helped someone!

People who love ___ should follow me on Yelp! 
Hummus and pizza

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October 03, 2015

Yelp And Wellness In Des Moines

Posted by Patrick

Yelp and wellness
Last week Des Moines Elite Yelpers and guest gathered for an evening of Yelp and Wellness! We learned proper breathing techniques in the beautiful facilities at Capital Chiropractic. We also enjoyed leg massages at Fleet Feet across the street. It was a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with our minds and bodies with the help of two fantastic local businesses all while eating vegan tacos from Tacopocalypse  and enjoying a few beverages that will make us need to run that extra mile tomorrow.  Check out the photos and reviews


September 30, 2015

Yelp's Summer Smash at Smashburger

Posted by Brittany


Yelp Elites smashed burgers and fries into their faces while they tested out Smashburger's tasty menu and enjoyed one another's company.

The new Carmel Smashburger opened early for these Indy Yelp Elites and wowza- they held nothing back. Friendly employees swung open the doors, filled tables with steamy, fried appetizers, and continuously topped everyone's drinks. Food samplings included four different burgers- Classic Smash, Spicy Jalepeno Baja, Truffle Mushroom Swiss, and a Hoosier Burger (Hoosier Daddy Barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese from Munster, IN). Three different sandwiches and several milkshakes were also tasted and sipped while management explained food ingredients and cooking processes. The walls were adorned with Indianapolis-themed artwork, making everyone feel homey as they happily discussed their favorite foods of the night. Check out the "Yelp Summer Smash at Smashburger" event reviews and pictures here!

Yelp Omaha's Nineteenth Hole Hijinks

Posted by Will


Who needs to go to the pub after a round on the links when you have Beyond Golf, a bar and kitchen serving up gourmet pub grub, suds and spirits between swings on their HD golf machines. Omaha's Yelp Elite Squad found out firsthand why Beyond Golf is such a gem. Not only were local Elites treated to a variety of bites from the menu – from smoked wings to pesto margarita flatbreads to queso pablano dip and more – they enjoyed a couple hours playing challenging games and select holes from courses around world. We're talking swinging real golf clubs to hit real golf balls, all in the comfort of your neighborhood pub. For proof of the good times that were had, check out the reviews and photos.

September 27, 2015

Meet The Elite: Yelp Houston Spotlight On Janine B

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


As the Yelp Houston Community Manager, I often get asked by business owners, newbie Yelpers and other members of the Houston community: "Who are these Elite Yelpers?" Aside from being the most authentic, social and influential members of the Yelp community, Elites certainly set the standard for what Yelp's all about – having a passion for local businesses and sharing that local love and knowledge with others.

Yelp Houston will spotlight members of the H-town Elite Squad in a series of 'Meet The Elite' blog posts!

...Introducing Janine B, Yelp Elite since '12 with a whopping 589 reviews, 804 photos – and counting!

Why did you first start yelping?
Back in 2010 when I first starting dating my now husband, he would take me to all of these interesting and cool, places to eat, drink and play. He never failed to impress me when taking me out. I thought I knew the Houston better than him because I lived here longer. He finally admitted that in preparation for our dates, he did a lot of research on Yelp... He wasn't an active user, just using it to search. I, however, promptly fell in love with him (which is why he is my husband) and Yelp because I love to read and write. I love the community and the sharing and interaction along with photography and social media – so it was a perfect fit for me and I was hooked!

What do you love most about Houston?
I truly love Houston and consider myself an ambassador – just ask all of my friends! There is so much variety in the choices of our dining scene. Over the last several years, there has been tremendous population growth, which has brought such a wealth of cultures and diversity to the city; and the food scene just continues to mirror that. 

Favorite Houston hangout:
This is tough to decide, so I have a tie. These are two 'go-to' spots for me. A nice little place tucked away on Richmond called Sonoma Wine Bar & Restaurant: awesome wine flights, great food and such a cool atmosphere ...It is great for date nights or hanging with friends. I hosted my birthday party there years ago and people still rave about it! A very close second is Agora, a little coffee house my husband introduced me to during our courtship. It is a great place to relax, people watch and have great conversation.

Favorite local biz photo that I snapped and shared on Yelp: 
Blue at Brenner's

What's your favorite Yelp memory to date?
It would definitely be coming home from vacation to find a message in my Inbox from Farrah (Yelp Houston CM) that a photo I took of the McGovern Centennial Gardens had been selected for the very first Yelp Houston Photo Exhibit! My husband and I really enjoyed the event and discovering the art galleries that hosted the event, along with my excitement about having my photo on display in a real life gallery. It was a fun day!

People who love ___ should follow me on Yelp! 
Cigar Lounges

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About the Yelp Elite Squad: The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community – people that are role models both on and off the site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality tips, a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, and a history of playing well with others. You must use your real name on your account, have a real (and clear!) profile photo, and be of legal drinking age in your country. You can read more, and even nominate yourself at

September 23, 2015

Madison Elites Get Hookah-ed On Belly Dancing

Posted by Stacey Lansing


Madison Elites discovered the hidden gem on top of the hill that is Mediterranean Hookah Lounge and Cafe on September 17th. Elites sampled some staples of Lebanese cuisine including baba ganoush, shawarma, and falafel. The scent of exotic mango and jasmine permeated the room as Yelpers puffed on hookah, and at the end of the night all were treated to Anya Zophia's hypnotic belly dance routine. See what our Elites thought about getting hookah-ed, and check out our Flickr page for photos from the night.

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September 21, 2015

Des Moines Film Society V.I.P Yelp Experience

Posted by Patrick

Blog photo
On Thursday night, Des Moines Elite Squad members got the V.I.P treatment from the Des Moines Film Society. We witnessed Alloy Orchestra perform their acclaimed original score for the complete, fully restored version of METROPOLIS, Fritz Lang's visionary masterpiece. The Elites were also treated to a pre show concert, and post show food and drinks, all from the beautiful Hoyt Sherman Theater. Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the flickr page.

September 20, 2015

Meet The Elite: Yelp Houston Spotlight On Daniel L

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


As the Yelp Houston Community Manager, I often get asked by business owners, newbie Yelpers and other members of the Houston community: "Who are these Elite Yelpers?" Aside from being the most authentic, social and influential members of the Yelp community, Elites certainly set the standard for what Yelp's all about – having a passion for local businesses and sharing that local love and knowledge with others.

Starting September, Yelp Houston will spotlight members of the H-town Elite Squad in a series of 'Meet The Elite' blog posts!

...Introducing Daniel L, Yelp Elite since '10 with a whopping 1205 reviews, 814 photos – and counting!

Why did you first start yelping?
I was relatively new to Houston in April 2009 and trying to learn my way around all of the different neighborhoods. I lived in Montrose, worked Downtown, and I knew nothing else about town. Yelp was the first actual usable local resource I found where people had strong opinions, strong personalities, and stood firm behind them. I lurked pretty hardcore and was reticent to share at first. But online compliment kindness started pouring in from other local Yelpers when I finally felt comfortable posting reviews; I quickly picked up my first 'Review of the Day' for Crave Cupcakes in Uptown, earned my first Elite badge, attended my first Elite Event at Glitter Karaoke – and the rest is history. Yelp was the "community" I was searching for to make Houston feel smaller and more personal.

What do you love most about Houston?
The hamburger game is on point. Everything from the classic-basics done right to the “people who appreciate food” up-sell ingredients on top. As much as I reference the "Trailer Park Boys," Randy Bobandy would feel at home with these cheeseburgers more here than anywhere else in the world I have lived.

Best kept secret in Houston:
Without a doubt this is Old Fashion Hamburgers, the reincarnation of the Chief Cajun Snack Shack from the Third Ward. Visit them and tell Chief I sent you.

Favorite local biz photo that I snapped and shared on Yelp: 
Mushroom pasta from Paulie's

What's your favorite Yelp memory to date?
Every Yelp event that Cherry A and I attend together, we exchange name-tags and count the number of yelpers that comment on this situation. Everyone seems to like her version of Daniel L better than mine. But we still remain good friends.

People who love ___ should follow me on Yelp! 

When you're not Yelping, you are...
Practicing law, serving as a board member of a nonprofit, defending the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, taking my dog to explore the various Houston parks, and eagerly awaiting the release date of "Fallout 4" on November 10, 2015.

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About the Yelp Elite Squad: The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community – people that are role models both on and off the site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality tips, a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, and a history of playing well with others. You must use your real name on your account, have a real (and clear!) profile photo, and be of legal drinking age in your country. You can read more, and even nominate yourself at

September 16, 2015

Richmond Elites Sip the Night Away at The Pit and The Peel

Posted by Lauri Thompson

Hummus plate

Last night an intimate group of about 25 Elites got the VIP treatment at Richmond's newest juice bar and bistro: The Pit and The Peel. Owners Kristy and Craig pulled out all the stops to make this event fresh to death! Elites nibbled on tons of different menu offerings; the stars of the show being the beautiful and delicious hummus platter, fresh squeezed juice, and the Hawaiian BBQ chicken quesadillas. And when they weren't nibbling, they were engaged in serious games of Jenga and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots or creating the perfect DIY body scrub. Read all of the reviews and check out the pics to get an inside look at all the juicy details! 

September 15, 2015

Yelp Indy's White Night on Monument Circle

Posted by Brittany


Indy came out in full force for Yelp's White Night on Monument Circle sponsored by Downtown Indy! One thousand Yelpers congregated at the heart of the city for a pop-up dinner party beneath Lady Victory. Decked out in white attire, attendees brought their own feasts, using local ingredients to celebrate harvest season. Local artist Manayunk Calligraphy helped Yelpers add some pop to their tablescapes with custom nameplates. Over 20 beverage businesses were on site serving pours of coffee, beer, wine, and more. Musicians from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra provided entertainment, and service dogs in training from the Indiana Canine Assistance Network were available for puppy petting. Read the reviews here

Our thanks go out to our Yelp volunteer team and our partners listed below!

604 Studios | Indever Studios | RadioNOW 100.9 | The HandleBar | Mile Square Coffee Roastery | Sun King Brewing Co. | Bea's Soda Bar | Easley Winery | Oliver Winery | Flat 12 Bierwerks | Tinker Coffee Co. | Bee Coffee Roasters | Hoosier Brewing Company | New Day Craft | Taxman Brewing Company | Mallow Run Winery | Tin Man Brewing Co. | Upland Brewing Co. | Tow Yard Brewing | TwoDEEP Brewing Co. | Presto Kombucha  | Instacart

September 13, 2015

Yelp Omaha Offers A Passport To Blackstone

Posted by Will


The first two weeks of September saw Yelp Omaha hosting a string of events at several local businesses located in Omaha's burgeoning Blackstone District. During the promotion, Yelp's Passport To The Blackstone District, Omahans were given a true insider's look at Farnam House Brewing Company, Archetype Coffee, Kleveland Clothing, Pranam Yoga Shala and Scriptown Brewing Company – all businesses that have opened within the last year. And all these amazing and unique businesses are really just the tipping point for the neighborhood. With many more developments well underway all up and down Farnam Street, the Blackstone District will be a citywide shopping, dining and nightlife destination for many years to come. To relive the fun of Yelp's Passport To The Blackstone District, check out the photos and a video recap.

Many thanks to these wonderful Blackstone businesses who participated in the events:

Archetype CoffeeCorkscrew Wine & CheeseFarnam House Brewing CompanyKleveland ClothingNite OwlPranam Yoga ShalaScriptown Brewing Company

September 08, 2015

Meet The Elite: Yelp Houston Spotlight On Ako E

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


As the Yelp Houston Community Manager, I often get asked by business owners, newbie Yelpers and other members of the Houston community: "Who are these Elite Yelpers?" Aside from being the most authentic, social and influential members of the Yelp community, Elites certainly set the standard for what Yelp's all about – having a passion for local businesses and sharing that local love and knowledge with others.

So starting this month, Yelp Houston will spotlight members of the H-town Elite Squad in a series of 'Meet The Elite' blog posts!

...Starting with Ako E, Yelp Elite since '09 with a whopping 349 reviews, 258 photos and counting!

Why did you first start yelping?
I stumbled upon Yelp when I was looking up the phone number for a hair salon I was using at the time. The review was old and not very favorable, so I decided to write about my experience. After I wrote my first review I was hooked! 

What do you love most about Houston?
Bayou City, Space City... Houston is a great place to live. What I love most about our fine city is the people. Houston is considered the most diverse city in Texas (and the US!), and it is very apparent with the choices of restaurants we have here. And of course, the down-right friendly people living here...

Current favorite local biz in Houston:
My ultimate favorite restaurant in Houston is Izakaya Wa! Convenient location that serves up really outstanding Japanese food. They serve the comfort food my mother used to make, and they change their specials often. Chef and owner Akira has created a wonderful restaurant that serves up high quality and very tasty dishes. 

Favorite local biz photo that you personally snapped: 
Seared sashimi at the aforementioned Izakaya Wa

What's your favorite Yelp memory to date?
My favorite Yelp memory was the Yelp Houston's Holiday Hoedown at Winter Street Studios. I really enjoy open events, especially ones that are charity driven. It was amazing to see how many showed up to support SEARCH Homeless Services by donating blankets and sweaters. The venue was plenty big to handle the large turnout, a wonderful variety of food and drink vendors, and the entertainment kept everyone tapping their toes ensuring it was a successful evening. 

People who love ___ should follow me on Yelp! 
People who love burgers should read my Cheeseburger in Paradise list! My love of burgers started when I was very, very young; and I would ask my mother each night if we were going to have hamburgers for dinner (go ahead, ask her....she'll tell ya I did). This list is comprised of all the good, great, and spectacular burgers I've tried.

When you're not Yelping, you are...
Traveling! I love hitting the road, taking a train or being flown to some sort of fun destination. From small trips to Galveston to foreign destinations like my recent trip to Japan, my love of travel is shared through my reviews

Want more? Keep up with Ako E's reviews, photos and tips at

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About the Yelp Elite Squad: The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community – people that are role models both on and off the site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality tips, a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, and a history of playing well with others. You must use your real name on your account, have a real (and clear!) profile photo, and be of legal drinking age in your country. You can read more, and even nominate yourself at

September 04, 2015

KC Fall Fling at Seasons 52

Posted by Adam Schaumburg


Despite a lingering, heavy summer air, KC Elites were in the fall spirit for the KC Fall Fling at Seasons 52. The new, seasonal menu featured roasted squash, lamb chops, pear & pumpkin cocktails and much more. With a fall-themed photo booth, a raffle, and Elites "guessing the Fall Fest," this event was a festive celebration from beginning to end. Check out all the photos here, and check out the glowing reviews here!

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August 31, 2015

Yelp Kicks off Orlando's Magical Dining Month with Style!

Posted by Andi

Yelp's Magical Dining Month Kickoff Event

Ain't no party like a Yelp party. FACT. 250 of Orlando's Elites, bloggers, and VIPs descended upon Orlando Museum of Art (OMA) for Yelp's kickoff to Visit Orlando's 10th annual Magical Dining Month presented by American Express and things got crazy! Yelpers were treated to the finest bites by six of Orlando's favorite restaurants, glorious beer and cocktails, a tour of the Florida Prize exhibit at OMA, and a custom photo booth. But that's not where it ended! DJ Nigel had us grooving all night until voices began to ring out in an Aca-epic A Capella flash mob! Did we mention that Yelp throws a party like no other? But don't take our word for it- check out reviews of the party, and see the fab photography.

A BIG thanks to our sponsors:

Kasa • Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar • American Q • Stefano's Grill • The Kitchen at the Hard Rock Hotel • The Boheme • Rogue Pub • Orlando Brewing • Tito's Handmade Vodka • Cocktails Catering • Orlando Museum of Art • Macbeth Photography • DJ Nigel • Gemini Blvd (A Capella) • Visit Orlando

August 28, 2015

Yelp's Summer Shindig Takes Over Astoria Central Park West in Irvine!

Posted by Ryan C.

It was a beautiful night in Irvine as the Yelp Elite Squad took over Astoria Central Park West for Yelp’s Summer Shindig this past Thursday! With over 30+ vendors showing off what makes them amazing – DJ Velvet Touch filled the the beautiful outdoor space with eclectic tunes as 400-Yelpers old and new mingled, munched, toured the penthouse, and partook in a variety of fun activities while the sun set around them. To show support for the community, attendees raised over $2,200 for Project Access, our local non-profit beneficiary for the evening!

Read all the five-star experiences, peruse the Flickr gallery by Meg Strouse Photography or relive those funny snaps from Freshprints Photobooth!

A big thanks to all of our sponsors:
- Astoria Central Park West
- Bluewater Grill
- DonerG
- El Torito
- El Torito Grill
- Fresh Brothers Pizza
- Jardesca Wine
- Jarritos
- KIND Bars
- KRISP Fresh Living
- Life Heart Home
- Lucy Activewear
- Massage by Burnelle Chiropractic
- Nothing Bundt Cakes
- Plexus Nutritional Products
- Prego Ristorante
- Rita's Italian Ice
- SCHC Acupuncture
- Shirley's Bagels
- Slater's 50/50
- Slickdeals
- Stax Cookie Bar
- Stella Rosa Wine
- True Story Foods
- Who Song & Larry's
- Younique Cosmetics

Sounds and Snaps:
- DJ Velvet Touch
- Fresh Prints Photobooth
- Meg Strouse Photography

- Project Access

August 26, 2015

Omaha Elites Know It's All About The Eyes

Posted by Will


Curious Yelp Elites recently swung by Kugler Vision in Omaha for an informative evening on all-things LASIK. After enjoying some bites from A Catered Affair and Eileen's Colossal Cookies, Yelpers sat down to learn about the benefits of LASIK surgery and watch a presentation by Dr. Kugler himself. The evening was capped off with a tour of Kugler Vision's offices and an casual Q&A with the doctor. For more, read the reviews and check out the photos.

Many thanks:

Kugler VisionA Catered AffairEileen's Colossal CookiesLachance Photography & Design

Live Music And Tasty Treats for RVA Elites!

Posted by Lauri Thompson

Tin pan

Last night, an intimate group of 35 Elites and guests got together to enjoy a beautiful evening on the patio of The Tin Pan. Live music set the mood and delicious complimentary bites filled our tummies! Between the tangy key lime pie tarts, korean barbecue flatbreads, fish tacos, and many more succulent treats, there was certainly something for everyone to enjoy. Games and DIY projects were the cherry on top of an already wonderful evening. Read all of the reviews of the event here and check out the fabulous photos here

August 21, 2015

Yelp Indy Updog and Undies

Posted by Brittany

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.24.27 AM

Sunny skies and breezy weather greeted Yelp yogis for our Yelp Fit Club event, Updog and Undies, hosted at the Sky Farm at Eskenazi Health! This hidden oasis and rooftop garden provides incredible views of the Indy skyline. 

Four yoga instructors from the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis provided instruction for an hour-long class. As they arrived, Yelpers sampled fresh-pressed juices and betty bars from Simplicity Holistic Health. The check-in swag bag featured Yelp gear, kale chip samples from Ezra's Enlightened Cafe, a coupon to Duos Indy, and free class passes to InCycle, Watts Indoor Cycling, and Practice Indie.

In exchange for admission to this great event, Yelpers were asked to donate a pack of women's underwear to benefit the clients of Outreach, Inc., a homeless shelter for youth in Indianapolis. Together, we collected 250+ pairs of underwear!

Read the glowing reviews and check out more pictures here

Yelp KC Elites Experience Chocolate Frog Cafe

Posted by Adam Schaumburg


Kansas City Elites were able to explore the full menu at the new Chocolate Frog Cafe in Prairie Village, KS. Everything from spiked milkshakes, all-day breakfast, chicken and waffles, and carrot cake helped create a wonderful evening for Yelpers who were able to experience the vision behind this fun new concept. Check out the event reviews and photos here! Big thanks to the crew at Chocolate Frog Cafe for their wonderful hospitality.

August 19, 2015

Perfect Pairing At Black Oak Grill

Posted by Will


Earlier this month, members of Omaha's Yelp Elite Squad gathered at Black Oak Grill, a Midtown Crossing bar and grill specializing in contemporary American cuisine and fine beer and spirits. At the event, Yelpers were treated to an exclusive four course meal paired with select beers from Nebraska Brewing Company. In fact, NBC beer was used as an ingredient in the recipe for each dish. From the beer battered onion rings paired with Summertime Rye to the chocolate cheesecake paired with Imperial Stout, everyone left more than satisfied. The proof is in the reviews and photos from the event.


August 17, 2015

Yelp Indy’s Boozy Brunch After Dark

Posted by Brittany


Who said brunch can only be enjoyed in the morning hours? Yelp Indy Elites threw on their best floppy brunch hats for cocktails and food at Louie’s Wine Dive and Mass Ave Kitchen on August 16. was also on hand to share information about their unique to-your-door booze delivery service!

In between sips of the Breakfast Sangria and Louie Latte, attendees dined on mac daddy omelettes, biscuits and gravy, corned pork hash, breakfast potatoes, mixed greens, and white chocolate bread pudding. What a way to say “cheers” to a great weekend! Read the rave reviews here!

Yelp Indy Little Yelpers Club At Indy Reads Books

Posted by Brittany

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.49.49 PM

If you give a mouse a cookie...he's going to ask for milk. And more snacks. And stories. This event had it all! Yelpers brought the kiddos along for the fun at our second Little Yelpers Club, hosted at Indy Reads Books. Attendees enjoyed Trader's Point Creamery chocolate milk shots and whole milk, Mama Carolla’s mini meatballs, Liberation Roasting Co coffee for the parents, and adorable custom mouse cookies by Lemon Tree Cookies. Tying in with our food theme, the Indy Reads Books storytellers read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” and other favorites. Read the great reviews from the Saturday morning fun here!

August 14, 2015

Madison Meets For Mocktoberfest

Posted by Stacey Lansing


Tradition ran strong on Wednesday night as Madison Elites were treated to a night of south-central Wisconsin culture at OSS. Fifty of Madison's Elite Yelpers mingled and played board games on OSS's beautiful back patio and munched on cheese (including Limburger!), French fries, and deep-fried cheese curds. Co-managers Josh and Dustin talked about OSS's deep ties to the region and shared their passion for quality and creativity in their shop. To close out the night, attendees sampled three sausage and beer pairings - the Swiss, cabbage, and mustard-topped Glarner with Lust hefeweizen, the street-food-inspired Doner Kebab with High Life, and OSS's special Currywurst with the season's first tap of Staghorn Octoberfest. See what Elites thought of Mocktoberfest, and check out our Flickr page for a peek at the night!

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August 13, 2015

Augusta Elites Enjoy A Brewventure

Posted by Natasha C.

600x250 Brewventure
Last Tuesday, Augusta Elites enjoyed the spoils of Hive Growler Bar at Yelp's Brewventure. 17 lucky Elites experienced samples from the 70+ tap room as well as cocktails.Tastebuds were tickled with popcorn, homemade fried pickles, sweet sausages and boiled peanuts! No Elite event is complete without some Yelp Schwag, which was a glorious Yelp Pint Glass to enjoy a growler to go. Check out event reviews and photos by Sentel Mullins.  Plan to join us for future Yelp events. 

August 10, 2015

Richmond Yelpers Party Like It's 1920

Posted by Lauri Thompson

Blog option 2

On Thursday night, Richmond Yelpers transported back into the Prohibition era to celebrate the 3rd annual Yelper Party at The Broadberry, one of RVA's newest music venues. Costumes were in full effect as party guests donned their most flapper and dapper duds. Guests enjoyed delicious bites from our amazing sponsors, signature cocktails, manicures, makeup, and even an interactive open air Photo Booth that automatically uploads photos to Facebook. The long list of entertainment kept the guests on their toes throughout the night. Aerialists swung through the air, a burlesque dancer commanded the stage, the blackjack table was bustling, and the band, Elana Lisa and the Hot Mess, kept us grooving all night long and even started a dance party! Funds went to The Byrd Theatre Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports The Byrd Theatre: a nonprofit, community-supported theatre dedicated to expanding the Big Screen experience of film, while preserving and celebrating the art of cinema.

It was the bee's knees! Read all of the 5 star reviews here and take a gander at the dazzling photos by Virginia Stroh here

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August 05, 2015

360 Steakhouse Provides Fine Dining, Great Views

Posted by Will

#360Steakhouse_Yelp Omaha

Not only did Omaha's Yelp Elite Squad enjoy fabulous views of the Omaha skyline, they were also treated to a variety of delicacies from the staff at 360 Steakhouse, located on the top floor of Harrah's Hotel & Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa. From the jumbo lump crab cakes and bone-in ribeye to the decadent chocolate mousse and signature cocktails – not to mention the top notch hospitality – local Elites left raving about the five-star experience. Want more? Read the reviews and check out photos from the event. A huge thanks goes out to everyone at Harrah's and the 360 Steakhouse!

August 03, 2015

Yelp Houston Photo Exhibit #YelpPicsHOU

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


They say a picture is worth a thousand Yelps! On July 11th, Yelp Houston hosted its first ever community-driven photography exhibit featuring 80+ inspiring photos of local businesses in Houston. Yelpers nominated their favorite photos, and a team of jurors in the creative/design/arts field made their selections for this one-day exhibit. Hosted at multiple venues, it was a photo exhibit crawl like no other, complete with multiple DJs, photo booth, food and drink sponsors, food trucks and more! Check out the event reviews and photos!

Thanks to our event partners! (click below)

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July 30, 2015

YelpNOLA's Afternoon Locked Up With Clue Carré

Posted by Morgan

Clue Carre
While most of our Yelp Elite outings here in New Orleans include tasty libations with a chance of tipsy, we made sure that our two teams of our best and brightest Elites were sharp as tacks to try out Clue Carré, New Orleans’ First Live Escape Game.

After a detailed explanation of the do's, don'ts, and all that jazz, we were herded into our rooms for what would be an hour of thrilling_____________, mysterious_____________, and then there was the surprise_______________! With less than a minute to spare, ten Elites joyfully "#escaped" the Mardi Gras Room while those in the Voodoo Room were seconds from cracking the code...but seconds too late! Pictures were snapped, pins were placed in their map mural, and only the team who escaped were allowed to buy the coveted bragging rights Clue Carré T-shirt.

While we have been sworn to secrecy in regards to the content of the rooms, if you're looking for a great team-building exercise for your staff or a fun night out sans cocktails (though might we suggest cocktails next door for the victorious) this is a thrill ride without leaving the ground! 

Local owner Megan Mouton experienced her first live escape game while abroad and decided to open the city's first two rooms, the Voodoo Room and Mardi Gras Room, with expertly crafted methods to cracking the code and getting out of the room in the allotted hour time. Both rooms can hold up to 10 people with ages ranging from 8 to 80. Because of the popularity of her current rooms, she's looking to expand in the near future. 

Check out our Elites pictures (promise, nothing spoiled) and reviews here! Thank you again to Clue Carré for the wonderfully unique experience! 

July 28, 2015

Yelp's Summertime Teatime!

Posted by Tomas Rey

Commonwealth blog

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we were treated to a private gathering amongst the grounds of CommonWealth Coffeehouse. Walking throughout the venue with our fresh pressed coffee, house infused teas, bellinis, and wine was a refreshing way to take in their organic garden with an eccentric Summer patio. CW Coffeehouse strives on using herbs, vegetables, and eggs from their garden on a daily basis.

Did we mention they have a chicken coop with live chickens?! That's right... they take pride making their own fertilizer and compost for their garden.

Yelpers had the chance to experience freshly baked goods from authentic French chefs including bites such as their iconic Terragon Chicken Sandwiches, sweet potato chips, almond croissants and oh so much more!

Capping off the night with an interactive session from the French pastry chefs on how to make a proper croissant. Everyone walked away with a smile on their face and a fresh breath of air and outtake on one of the newest and most unique coffeehouses in San Antonio, Texas.

Don't take our word for it though, check out the awesome 5-star reviews here and the amazing photos from Noah Acevedo & Steven Casanova here!

Special thanks to CommonWealth for an amazing event: yelp|website




Houston's Summer Steak-cation At LongHorn Steakhouse

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


Yelp Elites from all across Houston and the Greater Houston area celebrated July's National Grilling Month at four different LongHorn Steakhouse locations. Each event was an intimate 20-Elite dinner composed of four delicious courses, adult signature beverages, and prizes using the #LongHornYelp hashtag. Check out the event reviews and photos from the June 22nd @ East Houston, June 29th @ Pearland, July 13th @ Humble and July 20th @ Memorial location events! 

July 15, 2015

Madison Experiences All Things Beer

Posted by Stacey Lansing


Madison Elites were treated to a night of All Things Beer at Next Door Brewing Company last Monday! Small groups toured the brewery with head brewer Bryan Kreiter, learned about Next Door's history with founder Pepper Stebbins and general manager Ben Spoehr, and were treated to a five-course tasting menu with beer pairings curated by head chef Jason Borgmann. The menu included cheese curds, cauliflower and saffron soup, beet bites, feijoada, and beer pie. The beer-loving group also gave some classic records a spin for Next Door's This is Vinyl Tap series. See what the Madison Elites loved about the event here, and find photos from the night on Flickr!

Yelp Des Moines Is Mad About Beer!

Posted by Patrick

Members of the Des Moines Elite squad took the Madhouse Brewery "Beer Flight," last night! We got together to check out a behind the scenes look at the new facilities, in Des Moines! We learned how the brewery recycles almost everything they use and learned the "only thing that get's wasted at this brewery is the customers!" Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the flickr page.

July 07, 2015

San Antonio Parties At The Sheraton Gunter Hotel!

Posted by Tomas Rey

Sheraton banner

Who doesn't like to party in a hotel? Better yet... partying in a hotel with a full course menu and endless amount of drinks?! That's exactly what the San Antonio Elite Squad got to experience at the Sheraton Gunter on June 23, 2015. With an exclusive tour throughout the hotel we were spoiled non-stop with the ultimate VIP treatment.

414 sheraton

The red carpet treatment began immediately upon arrival as guests were offered complimentary valet so they could promptly enter Bar 414 where all of the festivities began. Once we entered the jazz-inspired speakeasy bar, there were appetizers such as lobster siu mai and signature cocktails like the 414.

Dinner sheraton

After all of the appetizers and initial cocktails were offered and devoured, accompanied with live music it was time to head to our next stop. Once everyone was seated and offered a glass of wine it was time to enjoy our main entree inside the hotel's restaurant, Market on Houston. We were fortunate enough to receive a full description of our courses from Chef Rudy, executive head chef, who explained the exclusive sneak peak of their upcoming menu! Munching on delicacies like lamb belly and smoked dorset yukon au gratin potatoes was a great way to continue the event.

Dessert sheraton

But... that's not all folks!

We capped off the night inside the Sheraton Gunter's VIP Lounge with a dessert bar and an opportunity for some photos and free roam of all of the amenities within. It was unfortunate this event had to end; however, many yelpers were excited for a new staycation destination. Don't take our word for it though- check out the amazing 5 star reviews here and exceptional photos from Noah Acevedo here!

Thank you to our sponsors and check out their websites below:

Sheraton GunterBar 414Market on HoustonNoah Acevedo



July 02, 2015

Yelp Elites Rize Above

Posted by kelly stocker


Yelp Elites were invited out to RIZE Urban Cycling this past Wednesday evening for a pre-fourth festivity sweat sesh.

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July 01, 2015

Yelp Indy Ten Minute Talks At Wildwood Market

Posted by Brittany

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.23.06 PM

On June 25, 60 lucky Elites gathered round for story time with twelve unique local businesses at Wildwood Market, an abandoned car repair garage transformed into a neighborhood market. Each business had ten minutes to share their story, pass around delicious samples, and field questions from curious Yelpers. Our guests for the evening included: Batch No. 2, Pure & Good Foods, Tinker Coffee Co., Lattice & Lard, Simplicity Holistic Health, Just Pop In!, King David Dogs, Traders Point Creamery, Wildflower Ridge Honey, McClure’s Pickles, and Amelia’s Bread. Read the rave reviews from the event here and check out photos by Violet Short Photography here!

June 19, 2015

'37 Steakcation In Kansas City

Posted by Adam Schaumburg


Nothing says summertime in Kansas City like a steak-cation! KC Elites got to truly experience a getaway that included VIP, rock-star service. '37 Steak's signature candied bacon lined each table and was just the start. Pork chops, ribeye, crab cakes stole the show, with a dessert station loaded with fried bread pudding bites and warm donuts to cap off a fantastic meal. Two signature craft cocktails featuring local herbs and spices made the rounds. The entire staff from '37 Steak mingled with the Yelp Elites and their plus ones, showing them the wonderful hospitality that they're known for. Check out what Yelpers are saying here, as well as the awesome photos!

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June 18, 2015

Yelpers Party With Their Pups at Healthy Spot in Long Beach!

Posted by Ryan C.


It was nothing but kisses and tail wagging at Healthy Spot in Long Beach this past Tuesday as Elites pampered their pups with a variety of pet-friendly small bites and activities. While the pooches of honor enjoyed complimentary portraits and nail trims, their human counterparts partook in wine, cocktails, tacos and bacon brownies while enjoying a nice massage in the company of their new two and four-legged friends. After an evening of scratching and sniffing – the canines departed with not only a cool Yelpy bandana, but a gift bag full of delicious treats courtesy of our gracious hosts and sponsors!

See what all the fuss was about on the event page or peep at the portraits and photos from Meg Strouse Photography via the Flickr gallery!

- Healthy Spot (Long Beach)
- Wahoo's Fish Tacos
- Slater's 50/50
- One Hope Wine
- Elements Massage
- Jarritos
- Illy
- ZiwiPeak
- Stella & Chewy's
- Ruby's Diner

June 16, 2015

San Antonio: Yelp Gets Pampered At Raw Hair Studio!

Posted by Tomas Rey

Yelp pamper banner


On a beautiful Friday evening, June 12th, Yelpers were treated to an unforgettable night. Those lucky few who were able to attend were treated to multiple relaxation and spa services. From facials to hand massage treatments, everyone was able to leave relaxed and ready to tackle the weekend. We were even treated to free consultations and makeovers so those who had late-night plans could leave straight from the event. As we were getting our pampered on, we enjoyed some delicious wine and champagne alongside with some tasty drinks including wine and champagne. Cookie Cab was gracious enough to deliver some very delectable gourmet cookies featuring flavors like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter. To check out everyone's experiences check out the reviews here and the awesome photos from Noah Acevedo here.


This event would not have been possible without our sponsors for this Elite Event:

Raw Hair Studio Yelp|Website

Cookie Cab Yelp|Website

Noah Acevedo Website

Blanc de Bars - A Montrose Crawl Hosted At Pistolero's, Stone's Throw, and Royal Oak Bar & Grill

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


For the first time in Yelp Houston, Elites donned their chic summer whites for a 'Blanc de Bars' pub crawl in the legendary Montrose neighborhood. First stop was at Pistolero's where Elites sipped on Wild Berry 'Ritas and enjoyed an endless buffet of chips and liquid gold queso, chipotle chicken taquitos, quesadillas, a salsa bar and all the trimmings! Second up was Stone's Throw; Elites took in the posh throwback decor and enjoyed the Finn MacCoul craft cocktail. Last on the list was Royal Oak Bar & Grill, where Elites headed upstairs and refueled on the Cucumber Cooler, along with a buffet of fried pork dumplings, chicken wings, and fried mac n cheese! Click here for the event reviews and pics. Big thanks to Shawn Bermudez and his staff!

June 10, 2015

Richmond Elites Escape At Escape Room RVA!

Posted by Lauri Thompson

Final yelp sign
Last night 45 Elites put their heads together and tested their detective skills in attempts to escape from RVA! Some managed to beat the clock and some were not so clever. But, it's safe to say that everyone had an absolute blast. Escape Room RVA, which is brand spankin' new to Richmond, currently has three live rooms and we got to try all of them! 
Before the game started, Elites spent some time noshing on pizza and throwin' back ginger beer. Then they were divided into teams and locked into the rooms where they worked together to solve mysteries and conquer puzzles in order to escape the "Mind Trap", "7 Deadly Sins", and "Steampunk STEM" rooms. 

Special thanks to Josh and the rest of the Escape Room RVA  team for being incredibly cool hosts! Feast your eyes on the reviews and photos

Connect With Our Sponsors

Superstars Pizza • TwitterFacebookWebsite

Crabbie's Ginger BeerTwitter 

June 09, 2015

Gold Badge Elites At Fluff Bake Bar

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Fluff Logo copy

One of the city's most anticipated openings what that of Fluff Bake Bar, created by Rebecca Masson – 'Sugar Fairy' made famous by "Top Chef's Just Desserts." Gold Badge Elites got a private tasting of her creative confections – the 'Fluffernutter' being the most sought after. As things got toasty inside the Chef's new brick and mortar location, Jake Schiffer of Houston's own Leprechaun Premium Hard Cider was there to pour cold and refreshing servings of his Golden and Dry Ciders. Check out the event reviews and photos here! #YelpHouston 

Gettin' Fit At Revolution Studio

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


It was our second installment of Yelp Kicks Butt Elite Events, and Revolution Studio's newest Houston location opened its doors to some very eager Elites! Yelpers experienced a full-throttle, pumped-up, 30-minute spin class instructed by owner Kim Syma, followed by 30-minutes of rejuvenating yoga instructed by Madonna. After, Elites enjoyed juices from Revolucion Coffee + Juice, bubbles provided by Revolution Studio, lights bites from Freshii and desserts from Pondicheri. Check out the review and photos here!

Gold Badge Yelp Elites Livin' The Sweet Life At Sucre

Posted by Morgan

YEE June 7 Community Blog

Sucré Sweet Boutiques and Confection Studio is no stranger to success in New Orleans, having opened their first location in 2007. While they're well known for their French macarons, homemade gelato using local ingredients, and a cornucopia of confectionary delights...their newly-minted Sucre on Conti in the French Quarter is turning the spotlight on their upcoming breakfast menu and state-of-the art coffee program....and our Gold Badge Yelp Elites enjoyed a firsthand experience this past Sunday!

A dozen Elites sampled a bounty of sweet and savory, soon-to-be-released breakfast menu items while listening to Chef Tariq Hanna explain the inspiration behind each dish. Once we satiated our morning appetite, we learned about what goes into making the perfect cup of coffee, beans to barista, from Bob Arceneaux and Kirk Knipmeyer of Orleans Coffee Exchange. But the lesson didn't stop there! Heidi, Sucre's skilled barista, taught Yelp Elites how to make the perfect pour-over or shot of espresso. Content and caffeinated, Gold Badge Elites found more reasons to love Sucre...though three lucky winners did get to go home with a box of Sucre's coveted macarons! 

Check out the sweet photos captured by Tucker Keatley, and our five-star reviews for this perfect Sunday morning soiree at Sucre! 

Thank You To Our Wonderful Sponsors:

Sucre New OrleansOrleans Coffee Exchange

June 08, 2015

Yelp Augusta's Style Soiree

Posted by Natasha C.

HOSB Blog Pic
Last Thursday, 30 stylish Augusta Yelpers enjoyed Yelp’s Style Soiree. Fashionistas visited House of Style Boutique to take a glimpse at the latest trends. Everyone enjoyed complimentary wine and champagne courtesy of Barbelle Bartending Co. Chances are, you met a fellow fashion maven to rip the runway with, so tag 'em on Facebook. Check out event reviews and photos. Plan to join us for future Yelp events.

June 02, 2015

Yelp New Orleans Finds Business Booming On The Boulevard!

Posted by Morgan

Passport Collage II Edit

From May 5-15th, Yelpers from all over the Greater New Orleans area descended upon Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard for a handful of events dubbed, “Passport To The Boulevard”, that brought the spotlight to this neighborhood’s burgeoning growth in businesses!

We kicked off the week with a sunset garden getaway with the ladies of Pistil & Stamen while enjoying refreshing Cathead Vodka-crafted cocktails and face-painting by Purple Penguin Art Company. Yelpers then celebrated NOLA’s sweet 297th birthday at the newly-minted Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market with Barefoot Bubbly and an array of sweets from Leah’s Pralines, Bakers Dozen, Sucre New Orleans, and Kupcake Factory with TapSnap catching the action with their digital photo booth!

Over the weekend, we gave back to the community at The Mission then kicked it back into high gear Monday with a trifecta scavenger hunt of three unique museums including The New Orleans Tattoo Museum, Southern Food & Beverage Museum, and The Professor Longhair Museum while enjoying Donner-Peltier-crafted cocktails at each location.

Urban Farmstead, just off of the Boulevard, gave us the 411 on Organic Veggie Growing on Tuesday, then we “wined down” (or “up” if you were there) on Wednesday with a rousing wine tasting put on by the krewe at Brady’s Wine Warehouse.

But our week of Boulevard events could not be complete without our wrap party, “Yelp's Final Destination at Ashe Cultural Arts Center”, benefitting Efforts of Grace that has supported this neighborhood since 1993. The night was jam-packed with live entertainment, local libations, and delicious dishes from NOLA restaurants. Check out all the deets and sponsors from that night, here

Thank you to all the businesses that participated to make this week a success, and we hope that our Yelpers have found their new favorite hot spots to bookmark on the Boulevard. Check out all the pictures in our Flickr collection, here!


May 26, 2015

San Antonio, Let's Get Inspired!

Posted by Tomas Rey

Inspire banner

Yelpers were able to get in touch with their inner-Picasso at our Elite Event at Inspire Fine Art Community Center. During our time there attendees were able to get creative and experience Inspire's featured adult art/creative classes. From wine bottle painting for a life size art installation for the city, a Yelp community-creative welding project (no worries we had a professional welder on site), ceramic sculptures, and more; we were able to highlight their classes that benefit funds for this amazing local non-profit organization that many Yelpers had no clue was even in their backyard! With all of the fun activities on-site it was a good thing we had some delicious treats such as Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies from Bird Bakery and delicious crafted beer from Mexico provided by Calavera Beer (their official debut in the United States was this year!). To hear everyone's first-hand experiences check out the amazing reviews here and the photographs captured by Noah Acevedo here.

Special thanks to our Sponsors:

Inspire Fine Art Community Center website|yelp

Bird Bakery website|yelp

Calavera Beer facebook

Noah Acevedo website



May 21, 2015

Classic Italian Eats At Spaghetti Works

Posted by Will


Members of Omaha's Yelp Elite Squad enjoyed some old fashioned wining and dining at Spaghetti Works' Ralston location. From a trip (or two) to their famous salad bar to tastes of pizza, lasagna and pesto tortellini, attendees had their fill of classic Italian cuisine at a beloved Omaha area restaurant. Spaghetti Works director of operations Terry Carolan was also on hand to share the history of the restaurant, as well as the steps they take to make sure their gluten free options are certified celiac-friendly by a national governing body. Spaghetti Works is truly a restaurant that welcomes all walks of life. For more, read the glowing reviews and check out the photos.

Many thanks go out to:

Spaghetti Works • Lachance Photography & Design

May 20, 2015

Meet The Elite: Errol M.

Posted by kelly stocker



Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. 

Today we meet Errol M., a Yelp Elite since '09 with a whopping 755 reviews and counting: 

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May 18, 2015

San Antonio Elite's Night At The DoSeum!

Posted by Tomas Rey

Doseum banner

San Antonio Elite's were treated to an unforgettable night at the newly designed interactive children's museum- The DoSeum. This $50 million new installation for San Antonio doesn't open up their doors to the public till June 6, 2015; luckily, we were able to get an inside peek before anyone else. With the whole museum closed off for us, sans children, Yelpers were given the chance to let their inner-child come out. Sipping on Shiner Beer, delicious wine, and charcuterie plates throughout the night was the cherry on top. The newly created "Adult Only" nights at The DoSeum have officially gotten Yelpers hooked and excited for the future! Check out the amazing five-star reviews of the event here and the amazing photos from Noah Acevedo here!

Special Thanks To Our Sponsor:

The DoSeum Yelp|Website|Facebook