September 25, 2014

Zurich Met The Sparkling Community Manager Aleks


What a sparkling "Meet the CM" Event in Zurich! The atmosphere was great because of the many different people and live music. And of course the sangria was one of the first icebreakers. Then we had fun with the memory card game and the offline compliment-challenge. Everyone had to make compliments with the yelp stickers and find the person with the same picture - what a cool yelpy mingle!

Check out the cool reviews and pictures on Flickr, Yelp and Facebook. That was a great glittery start for Yelp and Aleks the new CM in Zurich - thank you to everyone for making it that special! And don´t miss the sparkling video

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April 26, 2014

The Zürich Elite Bootcamp

Posted by Simon R


On a Friday night in April, the Yelp Elite Squad in Zürich for once experienced a totally different Yelp Elite Event. It wasn't about food and neither about booze: we put our sexy sports pants on and did a bootcamp, to work off those easter-chocolate-eggs-kilos. Even the weather stood by us, so we fought hard. The motto as to our awesome Yelp sweatbands: blood, yelp and tears. It was a hilarious event. Our sore muscles which will continue to remind us to be more active, I'm pretty sure. Read all the reviews about the event and check out all photos on Flickr.

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