September 29, 2014

Elite Event At Taste Of Stockholm

Posted by Agnes Lindberg


Taste of Stockholm is an annual, 3-day culinary event where restaurants, traiteurs, and foodtrucks in Stockholm show off their signature dishes, give away secret tricks and the possibility to cook and talk with famous chefs. Yelp Stockholm Elites got a chance to experience it first hand on September 26th. The night started off with cooking together in Yelp hats, then a taste tour of Olive oil and to top it off an extraordinary show at Lavazza where they taught us how to eat Amaretto and coffee "Caviar" and drink Kaffa. It sure was a night to remember.

Read the reviews, look at the amazing photos and expecially these photos. Curious about what the Yelp reporter's thought of the festival? Don't be, just read their scoop!

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September 01, 2014

The Stockholm Yelpies At Långholmen

Posted by Agnes Lindberg


Sunday August 30th was the day when the Yelpers of Stockholm finally got together to celebrate Yelp's first 10 years. We met at Riddarholmen where a boat, Storholmen, waited to take us over the water to Långholmen. When reaching land two officers waited and told us that we've been taken as prisoners and led us up to the prison in a strict line. They fed us bread and "water" - actually Gin & Tonic and the passionate warden told us all about the history. When released the party started and the Yelp flag was raised. Långholmen showed us their specialties, there was white and red wine, Yelp cupcakes from Cupcake Sthlm and our own Famous Grouse bar bike, did I mention "The Famous Yelp"? During the party Open Sesame entartained the guests, there was a Yelp quiz and, together with Photobox, a display of Yelper's pics from Stockholm where memories could be shared. Like all great parties it felt to short but with a wonderful feeling of what we will accomplish next 10 years we released the balloons up in the air and hauled the flag.

Read the reviews and check out the photos and especielly these photos - this was surely a day to remember!

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June 30, 2014

Yelp Stockholm Flyt Summer Party

Posted by Agnes Lindberg


On Sunday June 29th Yelp Stockholm's Elite squad got together on Flyt for a summer party. Although the sun was late the party was filled with shiny happy people who enjoyed cava, rosé wine and a buffet with shrimps, aioli, potato salad, different breads and tasty sides. Being on a boat there was a photo competition with the theme "On a boat". With the waves slowly rocking the boat and the crew at Flyt being the perfect hosts this Sunday will be a day to remember even when the tattoo's rubbed off.

Read the reviews and check out the photos and especielly these photos - this was surely a great way to start the summer!

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May 21, 2014

Meet The New Stockholm CM

Posted by Agnes Lindberg

Tuesday May 20th was the day Yelp Stockholm finally got to meet their new CM. Elites, Yelpers and newbies got together at the speakeasy bar Le Noceur to enjoy cocktails and beer, eat snacks and mingle. The evening was filled with laughter, balloons and an air of excitement. Since the new CM loves freshly squeezed juices the goodie bag contained a juice recipe and a lemon, there was a photo competition with the theme "When life gives you lemons...[fill in the blanks]" and delicious lemon vodka cocktails were served.

Read the reviews and check the photos and especielly these photos - this was surely a great night! And I'll let you in on a little secret, we will have more great nights like that!

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