December 05, 2014

¡Madrid rompe la piñata!

Posted by Lolo R.

Viva piñata

El pasado miércoles, el Pelotón de Élite de Yelp Madrid vivió la Navidad al modo mexicano. Más de sesenta Élites conocieron de primera mano Corazón de Agave, una nueva coctelería del barrio de La Latina que pone el acento en los cócteles hechos con tequilas y agaves de primera calidad. La parte comestible vino de la mano del catering Rossini, que puso toda su creatividad a trabajar y dejó huella en los asistentes, quienes degustaron algunos aperitivos tan especiales como un mar y montaña confeccionado con anchoa y cecina o un steak tartar que estimuló las glándulas salivares de nuestro avezado Pelotón de Élite. La catarsis vino con la apertura de sendas piñatas, que aportaron el broche definitivo de este último evento de 2014. ¿Quieres saber más? ¡Entonces echa un vistazo a las reseñas y las fotografías del evento! 

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October 23, 2014

Madrid revives the Golden Age of Hollywood!

Posted by Lolo R.


Last Tuesday, the Yelp Madrid Elite Squad got to revive Hollywood's Golden Age. More than sixty Elites got to enjoy the new decoration at Diurno, one of the most seasoned cafés in the Chueca neighborhood. The attendees were treated with an amazing Kir Royal as a welcome drink, and after that the party continued with wine and beer. As usual, Elites got also a good bite of Diurno's menu, tasting the amazing croquettes, an incredible salmon with sour cream, honey-seasoned eggplant and lemon pie, among other delicacies served by the restaurant. Nonetheless, one of the highlights of the evening was a tap dance performance. Do you want to know more? Then take a look at the reviews and the pictures from the event!

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September 22, 2014

Madrid Elites take a taxi to Manhattan

Posted by Lolo R.

Taxi a manhattan

Last Sunday the Yelp Madrid Elite Squad took a taxi to Manhattan, to celebrate de arrival of the autumn. More than eighty Elites were treated with bubbly wine, white wine and beer, but also with lots of food including a eat-with-your-fingers Cesar salad, boneless chicken wings, marinated salmon, a delicious cut of "presa ibérica" and a great creamy chocolate brownie among other delicacies. While eating, Yelpers had the chance to meet each other more deeply, while playing the Yelp Trivia. The event also featured a pop-up magician show that left everyone with their mouths wide open. Do you want to know more? Then do not hesitate to take a look at the reviews and the pictures from the event!

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September 02, 2014

Madrid sweats at Bikram Yoga Pozuelo

Posted by Lolo R.


Last Thursday, the Yelp Madrid Elite Squad was invited to a very sweaty event. Even though by this time of the year Madrid is a very hot city;  Elites were invited to sweat a bit more at Bikram Yoga Pozuelo, where they could attend to one of the incredible classes that take place every day of the week. While being in a room heated up to 40ºC with a 40% of humidity, Yelpers were commanded and instructed on the 26 postures and two breathing exercises that conform the standard ninety minutes Bikram Yoga class. Once it was over, and after the Yelpers took a relaxing shower, they were treated with lots fruits and isotonic beverages to rehydrate while commenting their Yoga experience. Want to know more? Then, take a look to the pictures and the reviews of the event!

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July 21, 2014

Madrid celebrates (again) 10 Years of Yelp with a fantastic brunch!

Posted by Lolo R.

Brunch federal.jpg

Last Saturday 25 Yelp Elite Squad members had the chance to enjoy a fantastic brunch at Federal Café Madrid. As a part of the 10 Years of Yelp celebrations, Yelpers were welcomed with some sparkling wine, so we could all make a toast for 10 more Yelpy years. After that, the brunch properly said started with a full variety of delicacies: a yummy mix between yogurt, honey and muesli; ham, Emmental cheese and basil croissants; avocado and lime toasts; cheese and ham sandwiches; french toasts and muffins. They could also taste some great wines, as well as try the incredible coffee that Federal's barista makes. But that was not quite all, since the Elites could also have samples of one of the greatest ice cream shops in the entire city: Acquolina. Yelpers could taste different flavors, such as Tramontana (fudge, cream, chocolate and Oreo cookies), chocolate and strawberry among others. Do you want to know more about this event? Then take a look to the reviews and the amazing pictures!

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July 14, 2014

Madrid tastes its beer!

Posted by Lolo R.


Last Saturday, a very small amount of Yelpers was greeted on Manzana Mahou to taste the new beer sensation. Amaniel, Jacometrezo, Maravillas and Marcenado are the names of four new beers that Mahou is going to start marketing in September although some lucky Yelpers got to taste them before anybody else. In a room that resembled Casimiro Mahou's office, Yelpers walked through the differences and similarities of these four new beers, and got to taste all of them giving their impressions to the beer master. Want to know more about the event? Then do not miss its reviews!

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July 11, 2014

#10YearsOfYelp @ No Kitchen (Sevilla)

Posted by Txema




Sevilla se vistió de gala para celebrar con el Pelotón de Élite los 10 años que lleva Yelp por el mundo. Más de 65 personas se dieron cita en No Kitchen para celebrar muchas cosas, además del Décimo Aniversario de la web, también se conmemoraba el segundo año de Yelp en Sevilla y se entregaron los premios al #LunesDeReseña a los tres Élites ganadores. 

La noche estuvo amenizada con la participación de patrocinadores como HootSuite España, que obsequió a los asistentes con un surtido de productos ibéricos; con Flor de Sal, que ofreció una cuidada selección de vinos blancos, tintos, rosados y cavas; con Saray Pavón, escritora que regaló copias de su libro de poemas eróticos Esferas; y con la colaboración magnífica de No Kitchen, que deleitó a los asistentes con sus platos preparados sin fogones y acogiéndonos en su casa.

Amenizando con su música estuvo el equipo y DJ de Chío Abbad y a cargo de las fotografías, una vez más, el siempre sonriente Ernesto Villalba. En la puerta estuvo Juan Ignacio Marín. Se entregó además un cartel conmemorativo a No Kitchen por haber sido la sede de este evento único :)

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July 08, 2014

Madrid celebrates 10 years of Yelp in a hidden garden

Posted by Lolo R.


Last Thursday, fifty members of the Yelp Madrid Elite Squad celebrated Yelp's tenth birthday in a quite spectacular location. Hidden in a rooftop in the city center, Elites had the chance to be one of the firsts to get a taste of this wonderful garden that will certainly be one of the most photographed places in Madrid this summer. Yelpers were treated with a cava glass once they entered the party, and then they could have mini-sandwiches, salty small eats and all kinds of sweets; while enjoying beer and wine, but also the delicious gin and tonics and ice teas that this place crafts. This was just one of the multiple birthday celebrations that Madrid is having this month! Want to know more? Then, take a look to the pictures and the reviews of the event!

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July 01, 2014

A menu debut in Madrid!

Posted by Lolo R.

Coucous la central.jpg


Only ten members from de Yelp Madrid Elite Squad were able to try the new menu at El Bistró de La Central de Callao. Commissioned by the chef Jordi Vilà, the menu was set in three different parts. Salads as appetizers (citrus couscous, kumato tomato and tuna salad and yogurt salad); gazpacho and marinated chicken with lemongrass and vichyssoise as starters and risotto with ribs, yakitori chicken and ox sirloin as main dishes. When Elites were so full they didn't believe they could eat more, the desserts arrived in form of brownie with almond ice cream, cheesecake and carrot cake. The dinner was liven up by two magnificent wines and the Yelpers loved the new menu as much as they loved the vivid explanations given by the staff for every dish. Want to see it with your own eyes? Then check the event reviews!

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May 29, 2014

Squared Elite Event in Madrid!

Posted by Lolo R.


Last Tuesday, twenty members of the Yelp Madrid Elite Squad had the privilege to attend one mysterious event they knew nothing about. At the door of El Afilador, a tasteful shop full of vintage furniture they were prompted to choose a color: blue or green? Elites were divided then in two groups: the ones who chosen green had the opportunity to taste wine at the same time they were learning how to create beautiful flower arrangements. The ones who chosen blue went to the shop’s workshop, where they had the opportunity to enjoy a blind test driven by Coto Pelayo while learning how to renovate a beautiful wood box. Want to check by yourself if the Elites were creative enough? Then don’t hesitate to take a look to the reviews of the event and take a look to the pictures!

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May 28, 2014

Fiesta Élite - #GarbanzoYelp @ Garbanzo Negro (Sevilla)

Posted by Txema



El pasado mes de abril tuvo lugar una nueva fiesta de Yelp en Sevilla. En esta ocasión nos dimos cita en el local de reciente apertura Garbanzo Negro, en pleno centro de la ciudad. Casi 80 Yelpers llenaron el local que tan gustosamente Ana, la propietaria del negocio, había cedido para la ocasión, ofreciéndonos a todos una deliciosa degustación de sus platos más famosos y de los que todos los asistentes se acabaron quedando prendados.

Allí nos acompañaba Urbano, de Delicius Gastrocopas, que de nuevo se animaba a participar en una de nuestras Fiestas ofreciendo un delicioso gintonic a los Yelpers. También preparó un estupendo ponche de frutas sin alcohol para los que tenían que conducir posteriormente. Junto a él estaba Paco, El Enógrafo, que también repetía experiencia ofreciéndonos unas copas de sus vinos más preciados y haciendo disfrutar el paladar de casi la totalidad de asistentes.

Las geniales fotos del evento corrieron a cargo de Ernesto Villalba que, una vez más, demostró por qué es el fotógrafo preferido de los Yelpers. Evento al que viene Ernesto, avatar nuevo para casi todo el mundo. Mención especial al equipo de DJs y a Daniel Espinosa por prestarse a controlar el acceso al local durante las dos horas que estuvimos allí.

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May 23, 2014

Pin Up Yelper Party in Valencia


OMG, what an evening! Pin Up and Rockabilly Yelpers were coming out from every corner from Valencia. Ribbons, colourful dresses, peep-toes, hearts and dots all around plus swing live music gave the party the essence of vintage. Place was just the perfect… place? and venue for such and amazing night were 100 guests could experience the taste of valencian products: wines, vermouths, mistela, crafts beer, best burguers ever and cupcakes, as the cherry on top.

What about having a cocktail show? We had an incredible bartender and spirit bottles flying around, while lindy hop dancers gave their best to complete our own Bettie Page night! Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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April 04, 2014

Madrid au naturel

Posted by Lolo R.

Madrid al natural.jpg

Only fifteen members of the Yelp Madrid Elite Squad were lucky enough to get a spot in one of the most intimate and private Yelp Elite events up to date in this city. Elites arrived to Sifón, a small "colmado" (a very traditional yet small grocery and wine shop quite typical from Madrid) willing to learn everything about products made in our city. And there they were treated with crafted beer, wine, cheese, olive oil, bread, traditional pie... while they could learn all about the processes and the details straight from the producers. Want to know more about the delicacies you can find in Madrid? Then dont hesitate to read the reviews and take a look at the incredible pictures!

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March 18, 2014

Bourbon & Jazz in Madrid

Posted by Lolo R.


More than 100 Madrilian Yelpers spent their Sunday afternoon at Martínez Bar in an incredible party full of music, bourbon cocktails and delicious sweet treats. While sipping and tasting the delightful Buffalo Trace bourbon cocktails carefully crafted by the staff (Breakfast Manhattan, Mint Julep and Horseneck), attendees where indulged with tons of sweet bites provided by La Cocina de Mi Vecina. With their mouths full of red velvet cake, mini-cookies and cupcakes, Yelpers got also their ears filled with the nifty music of a band playing live! Want to know more? Read all the event reviews and take a look to the amazing pictures.

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March 03, 2014

Verano Invernal en Valencia


Cuando quieres darte cuenta la parejas se calientan y no pueden esperar… ¡la bar-ba-coa, la bar-ba-coa! (...) Así empezaba nuestro último evento en el Restaurante Montes, al que llamamos “Inviernano” ¿perdón? Sí, como lo lees, un evento veraniego en pleno febrero. ¿Por qué no? Yelpers con pamelas, chanclas, gafas de bucear, flotadores y piscinas hinchables, nos hicieron soñar durante dos horas con una escapada familiar a la Malvarrosa. Entre coloridos cócteles, cerveza fresca, abanicos hechos a mano y deliciosos montaditos, el Tío Fredo amenizó la velada con su rock arrocero y la DJ Ciclogénesis repasó todos los top ventas del verano. Desde los Beach Boys hasta Sonia y Selena ¡nadie faltó a la cita con la tumbona!

Podéis leer aquí las reseñas del evento y disfrutar las fotazas en nuestro álbum de Flickr

Muchas gracias a nuestros colaboradores:

Encuentra Yelp Valencia:


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February 27, 2014

A night of tango and empanadillas in Madrid!

Posted by Lolo R.


Last Tuesday night, more than fifty members of the Yelp Madrid Elite Squad were treated with authentic empanadas, a delicious cream made of mint and great red scorpion fish and shellfish pies made by Los Porfiados and La Cocina Impostora. The soiree was soaked in wine and beer, whilst all the attendees could later enjoy some delicious cakes from Celicioso. Read the event reviews and take a look to the incredible pictures.

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