November 24, 2015

Yelp's Pizza Party @ Monster Mini Golf

Posted by Drew


On Tuesday, 85 members of the Long Island Elite Squad and their guests stepped into the dark and onto the scariest mini golf course in the area at Monster Mini Golf. The course boasts neon skeletons, crazy clowns, graveyard motifs and other haunted figures we'd care to forget (so we can start sleeping again). Before recording scary high scores on the course, attendees were treated to free arcade games, beer from Blue Point Brewery and dozens of specialty pies (and buffalo garlic knots) from Richie's Pizza in Deer Park. We know you want to hear more, so check out all the 5-star reviews and pictures from the event HERE!

Elite Event: Yelp Thanksgiving at Fig Tree

Posted by Will Borland

Yelp Thanksgiving

Yelp Birmingham has embraced the family mentality in 2015. And what is every family's favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. The hard working folks at Fig Tree gave us a lot to be thankful for as they invited us out for a Sunday evening feast. JP fried up the turkeys and gave us more dressing, greens, and sweet potato casserole than we could handle. This didn't even touch the great food that is on Fig Tree's menu. But they made sure our traditional Thanksgiving was perfect in every way. Some great activities led to some good laughs and tickets to give away. Be sure to go through the photos here and the reviews here and see how much fun we had. And check out Fig Tree's website 

Thar Be Grits In Them (Green) Hills!

Posted by Johnny Todd


Nashville has undergone a lot of changes in recent years but Green Hills has stayed pretty steady throughout. Hillsboro traffic? Check. Big houses? Check. Rolling hills? Check. But when neighborhood (and, city) mainstay Green Hills Grille closed, there was no check… only some sadness. Fast forward to 2015 and fruit tea lovers can rejoice: GHG has returned and Yelp Loves A Comeback. Re-introducing itself to new Nashvillians and reminding old timers why they loved it, GHG invited Elite members to sit down for old classics like chicken tortilla soup and Santa Fe chicken as well as new favorites like The Rye Drink To Order and their take on Shrimp & Grits. Ecstatic Elites wrote reviews here and you can check out photos here. The more things change, the more they stay the same and we’re happy to have you back, GHG. Don’t ever leave (again)!

Event Sponsors: Green Hills GrilleAcacia EvansEvan Davies

Top 100 spisesteder i København ifølge Yelp

PicMonkey Collage

For første gang nogensinde har Yelp udarbejdet en liste over de 100 bedste spisesteder i København. Yelp er en online byguide (web og app), som hjælper folk med at finde lokale steder at spise, shoppe, drikke, slappe af og lave aktiviteter og har i alt 89 millioner unikke brugere via appen og 79 millioner brugere via hjemmesiden om måneden. På listen finder du de bedste lokale spisesteder i København baseret på antal anmeldelser og samlet antal stjerner.

På toppen af listen finder man verdens bedste restaurant af 4 omgange og to-stjernet Michelin-restaurant Noma, og herefter kommer forskellige, skjulte såvel som kendte, steder, der serverer den bedste morgenmad, sandwich, street food mm. - Yelps 100 bedste spisesteder er for enhver smag og budget.


  • På andenpladsen finder man Next Door Café som er stedet i indre by, hvor lokale mødes for at få dagens omgang københavnerstemning krydret med et solidt og billigt måltid.
  • Aamanns Etablissement, som er kendt for deres lækre smørrebrød, er det 9. bedste spisested i København.
  • Papirøen Copenhagen Street Food afrunder top 10-listen som et af de nyeste tiltag i byen.

Top 100 spisesteder i København

  1. Noma
  2. Next Door Café
  3. Banana Joe
  4. Höst
  5. Geranium
  6. Slice of San Francisco
  7. Smagsløget
  8. Forno a Legna
  9. Aamanns Etablissement
  10. Papirøen Copenhagen Street Food
  11. Kiin Kiin
  12. The Red Box
  13. Oliver And The Black Circus
  14. Fiskebaren
  15. Grød
  16. Al-Diwan
  17. Restaurant Schønnemann
  18. Retour Steak
  19. Tight
  20. Tante T
  21. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
  22. Sticks 'n' Sushi
  23. Bertels Kager
  24. Grød
  25. Cofoco
  26. Mad & Kaffe
  27. Cafe Dyrehaven
  28. Paludan Bogcafé
  29. Sokkelund Cafe & Brasserie
  30. Pastis
  31. Sankt Annæ 8
  32. Sweet Treat
  33. Sushi Lovers
  34. formel B
  35. Lækkerier
  36. Morgenstedet
  37. Gastronomia Italiana Tre
  38. Halifax
  39. gorm's i Magstræde
  40. Restaurant Relæ
  41. Restaurant Radio
  42. Salon 39
  43. Andersen Bakery
  44. Restaurant PUK
  45. Restaurant Bror
  46. Bevar's
  47. District Tonkin
  48. Brasserie Degas
  49. Pizzeria La Fiorita
  50. Era Ora
  51. Cafe N
  52. MASH
  53. Ché Fé
  54. Ipsen & Co.
  55. Mélée
  56. Thai Pan
  57. Restaurant Nha Trang
  58. Massimo
  59. Foodie
  60. La Lua
  61. Tårnet
  62. NEIGHBOURHOOD - Organic Pizza & Cocktails
  63. Bento
  64. Falernum
  65. Kaffe
  66. Enghave Kaffe
  67. Malbeck
  68. Kong Hans Kælder
  69. Kösk Kebab
  70. Ma'ed Ethiopian Restaurant
  71. Big Apple
  72. Risteriet Halmtorvet
  73. Le Sommelier
  74. Protein-Baren
  75. Pizza Huset
  76. Møller Kaffe & Køkken
  77. 42Raw
  78. Landbageriet
  79. Chez Laurent
  80. Restaurant 56°
  81. Umami
  82. Tapa Del Toro
  83. Llama
  84. Dürüm Bar
  85. Restaurant Kadeau
  86. Grillen Nørrebro
  87. Paté Paté
  88. Madklubben Vesterbro
  89. Geist
  90. Grisen
  91. Oki Sushi
  92. La Tradizionale
  93. Restaurant AOC
  94. Vi Mødtes Gennem Ruden
  95. Madklubben Bistro-De-Luxe
  96. Hija de Sánchez
  97. DØP
  98. Wulff og Konstali Food Shop
  99. The Union Kitchen
  100. Pastis Fishmarket


November 23, 2015

Meet the Maker: Undone Chocolate

Posted by Kimberly


Yelp is all about connecting people with great local businesses, and we recognize that these businesses — led by artisans, doers and creators of all kinds — are the lifeblood of our communities. So we choose a few small biz badasses from around the world each month to spotlight and learn from.

Allow us to introduce Adam and Kristen Kavalier, founders of Undone Chocolate located at Union Kitchen in Washington, DC. Undone Chocolate is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker that prides itself on creating small batch chocolate with beans sourced directly from small producers.

Why did you create Undone Chocolate?

Undone Chocolate began as a way to share our passion for simple, flavorful, healthy chocolate with family and friends. It was very well received and grew into something we wanted to share beyond our home. It came out of a scientist's curiosity and turned into a passion for learning and teaching about the mysteries of cacao and chocolate — a story that is lesser told. Beginning in a Manhattan apartment with chocolate tastings and fondue parties, the production grew to a point where we had to take it outside of our home and into a commercial space. We returned home to D.C. where we continue to grow as a local representative of a nationwide movement. There is a revolution of craft chocolate taking shape in the U.S., and we are happy to represent D.C.

If customers come away knowing just one thing about your business, what do you want that message to be?

That chocolate is complex and beautiful. There is a tremendous story behind the producers and the makers. There are more than nine steps in chocolate making, and it takes more than a month to go from a cocoa pod to a chocolate bar. That complexity is mesmerizing and beautiful.


What do you do to make sure you are regularly inspired?

We continue learning. Tasting, reading, speaking, listening. There is constant input and sharing. Working out of Union Kitchen, a kitchen incubator in Ivy City, has also been inspiring. We are growing among several other food startups, all learning the same lessons and being inspired by the same values.

What makes you most excited about having Undone Chocolate in Washington D.C.?

Washington D.C. is ripe for craft foods, yet there is very little known about craft chocolate here. We are here to tell the story and expose people to the lesser known side of this food. Everyone has tried chocolate here, but only a few know where it comes from and how it is made. This is new in D.C., and our customers have been as excited to learn as we have been to teach them about it.

What does a typical day entail for you?

Grinding chocolate, tasting chocolate, talking chocolate, meeting customers, working with my employees (who are incredible).

How has customer feedback shaped and been incorporated into your business?

We are constantly speaking with our customers, sharing our stories and listening to theirs. Chocolate is our form of communication. We have learned a tremendous amount, and our business continues to evolve from what our customers teach us. We are also planning classes and tours; these are things our customers are extremely interested in. These should start just in time for Valentine's Day.

What do you want the future to hold for Undone Chocolate?

We have just expanded into our Ivy City location where we have begun playing with additional cacao origins and products. We are now launching a Wild Amazonian Bolivian bar, which plays a significant role in preservation of the Amazon rainforest and local economies in the Beni region of Bolivia. We are also releasing a thick drinking chocolate made from single origin direct trade cacao from Ecuador. Through these types of products we are able to support sustainability and local economies at origin. Our new products are available at Union Kitchen Grocery, Glen's Garden Market, Cocova and Compass Coffee. We are also available at Mom's Organic Market, Yes Organic Market, Each Peach and other local specialty shops.

Undone Chocolate's sweet  future includes more tastings, tours and classes, bringing more chocolate to the good people of D.C.!


Want to learn more about the craft scene in D.C.? Bookmark Union Kitchen on Yelp. You can also find Undone Chocolate at and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This past year, Undone Chocolate treated the Yelp DC Elite Squad to a downright geeky and informational Science of Chocolate class. And of course there were lots of tasting afterward! Read more about that here.

Meet the Elite: Gary I, LA East


Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Today we meet Gary I, born and raised in Glendale, who has a keen sense of taste and a rich thirst for knowledge. Yelping since March ‘11, Gary’s beautifully written verses will make you fall in love with Los Angeles a trillion times over. He’s cool. Find out why below.


Why did you start yelping?

I joined various meetup groups in 2011, and many times we referred to Yelp to give us an idea of what to expect when we had an event at a restaurant. I started to Yelp as an exercise in writing reviews that often touch on the cuisine, culture, history, customs, linguistics, geography relating to the business, since as a former teacher, I'm still instinctively trying to edify.

What’s your favorite local biz?

No matter in which direction the prevailing winds of culinary trends may blow, Mako Sushi in Little Tokyo DTLA is my favorite spot for amazing Japanese cuisine and warm service. It's like going to a small, intimate neighborhood restaurant on a little side street in old Tokyo. It’s the old school traditions and customs that keep me coming back time and time again.

What’s your dream Yelp event?

Ideal YEE (Yelp Elite Event) would be Menu de Gustation de Truffe Blanche avec Association de Vins et Mets at Patina with Sommelier Sylvestre Fernandes.

What are you doing when you're not Yelping?

I'm a culture vulture who goes to Obscura outings; Meetup language exchanges; UYEs; restauranting from down home to tres haut; underground leather events; and sake and wine tastings. Los Angeles has a plethora of things to do and see that even if one could stay up 24/7, there would be no way to keep up. Life's a banquet; one can never be bored here.

Don't take our word for it!

“Gary I's vast knowledge of the gourmet dining restaurant scene in Los Angeles is on display every time he Yelps. His reviews have outstanding writing and provide so many excellent and helpful details. His love of history and culture show every time he writes a review; it's not just about the venue, but about its role in history and culture. He is truly a cut above, the elite of the Elite." - Isobel L

Follow @YelpLA: Twitter Facebook Instagram
Want to nominate yo'self or a fellow LA East Elite? Please fill out this Meet the Elite form.
About the Yelp Elite Squad: The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community – people who are role models both on and off the site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality tips, a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, and a history of playing well with others. Elites must use their real name on their account, have a real (and clear!) profile photo, and be of legal drinking age in their country. You can read more, and even nominate yourself at

Brunch, Southeast Asian Style at Pig And Khao


Pancakes, eggs, avocado toast... yawn.

From Leah Cohen, Top Chef season five alum, brunch is turned on its head and completely reimagined for a more adventurous weekend palate. If you're looking for waffles with stone fruit compote and whipped cream, you've come to the wrong place. One look at the brunch menu here and you'll know what we're talking about.

Upwards of 70 Manhattan Elites noshed on sizzling corned beef hash, pork jowl and Brussels sprouts salad, khao soi, and much more. Complimented with bottomless beer and a variety of refreshing mimosas, it's only a matter of time until this LES dinner hotspot is just as well known for their cuisine before the sun sets. 

Click here to read reviews of the event. Click here for pictures. Also, be sure to follow Pig And Khao on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Yelp's Top 10 Places To Shop Local In Richmond

Posted by Lauri Thompson

Supporting local businesses this holiday season is the perfect way to give back to the community. That's why Yelp has put together this list of the Top 10 Places To Shop Local In Richmond. From the best biz for vintage frocks to a neighborhood favorite for fresh florals, we know just the place! 

  1. South of the James Market
  2. Mongrel 
  3. World Of Mirth
  4. Deep Groove
  5. Chop Suey Books
  6. Halcyon Vintage Clothing
  7. Nicola Flora
  8. Road Runner Running Store
  9. Ashby
  10. Nest Antiques Art & Gifts

Wish You Were Here! Yelp New Orleans Steak-ation with LongHorn Steakhouse!

Posted by Morgan
Yelp New Orleans rustled up some of its finest Elites to head on out to a sure-fire, good time steak-ation with Slidell's Longhorn Steakhouse. Guests were welcomed by Managing Partner Matt Bellina who prepared each seat with an extensive mouth-watering menu, free appetizer card, a sneak peak menu of seasonal sensations, and a friendly game of Steak trivia. 
During family-style appetizers of sweet corn fritters and Wild West Shrimp, Matt schooled our Elites on steaks, seasoning, and what makes LongHorn Steakhouse special. Amy K was rewarded with a LongHorn Steakhouse gift card for scoring high on her steak quiz, as was Suzanne C for her social media skills posting sizzling pics with the tag #LongHornYelp. To be honest though, everyone scored big when their choice of Longhorn steaks arrived at the table! 
But what meal is complete without a Chocolate Stampede or Pumpkin Spice Lava Cake?! Elites loosened their big ol' belt buckles and dug in for what was the perfect ending to this delicious meal. Make no mis-steak, this was one steak-ation that will not be easily forgotten! Check out our five star reviews here and drool-inducing photos here!
Thank You To Our Great Sponsor: LongHorn Steakhouse as well as Matt Bellina and his wonderful staff! 

Philadelphia's Burger Bonanza

Posted by Michelle C

Grub burger bar

This month, Philadelphia elites and guests were treated to their choice of three seated food and beverage tastings with Grub Burger Bar. Events took place in the PA 'burbs and also, for the first time in Yelp Philly history, nearby Wilmington, DE! In addition to the stunning amount of burgers, salads, cocktails, adult milkshakes and more, each guest walked with multiple gift cards for the restaurant. One lucky elite from each event also took home an extra gift card for their submission in the burger design contest leading up to the event. Be sure to check out the reviews and photos from this mouth-watering event series! 

Continue reading "Philadelphia's Burger Bonanza" »

Phoenix Elite Beer School at World of Beer

Posted by Hailey Butler

WOB1- Blog1

This two-night Beer School extravaganza was a huge hit amongst Phoenix Elites. On Wednesday, November 18th and Thursday, November 19th, World of Beer in Gilbert, AZ scored an A+ for creating this unforgettable experience! Elites were greeted with a smile and a chilled glass of beer, completed a fun beer quiz for prizes, and tasted 4 delicious dishes (full size!) paired with 4 Goose Island beers. Of course, education was key so the Beer School instructor personally went around to every table and explained why the flavors in each pairing complimented each other so well. Last but certainly not least, they participated in a raffle, and were sent home with creative goodie bags from World of Beer! Elites received great prizes like gift cards to World of Beer, t-shirts, tumblers, Goose Island pint glasses, and more! Relive the memories by reading the reviews and viewing the photos!

A special thank you to Bak and his team at World of Beer for their wonderful hospitality! It really doesn't get any better than this!

Yelp OTP Elite Bourbon Dinner In The Burbs

Posted by Kellie Morvillo


Meehan's Public House in Sandy Springs does it again! What's better than 20 Elites mingling over great food and GREAT BOURBON! Our Elites were treated to a three course meal as well as bourbon drinks paired perfectly! Hats off to all of the staff that made this event possible! See all of the great reviews here and the pics here

Yelp's Top 100 Places To Eat In San Antonio!

Posted by Tomas Rey


The most common question in San Antonio’s Talk Threads is: “where’s a good place to eat in San Antonio?” Well, today’s the day you’ve been waiting for - Yelp’s list of the Top 100 Places to Eat in San Antonio for 2015 is out now! These incredible local hotspots take you on a journey of delectable eats from all over the world all within The Alamo City. From food trucks to hole in the walls, you can expect some amazing eats around town. Our top-rated spot to dine at this year is none other than Dresden Café, with an incredible 5 star rating with over 130 reviews! Yelpers assure the drive is well worth it for their amazing selection of German bites and sausages!

To create this list, Yelp data scientists ranked local, non-chain businesses in San Antonio based on the number of reviews and their star rating. Check out the full list below to find your new favorite spots. Thanks for keeping it Puro San Antonio y'all! 

Por vida collage

Yelp's 2015 Top 100 Eateries in San Antonio

1.    Dresden Café (German, Hungarian, Cafe)

2.    Gino's Deli Stop N Buy (Deli)

3.    Leon Valley Cafe (American "New")

4.    Sichuan House (Szechuan, Asian Fusion, Tapas/Small Plates)

5.    The Big Bib (Barbeque)

6.    Sweet Yams (Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Soul Food)

7.    Wrigleyville Grill (Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Greek)

8.    Bliss (American "New")

9.    Capos Pizza (Pizza)

10.  CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery (Coffee & Tea, Bakery, Cafe)

11.  The Station Cafe (Pizza, Salad, Sandwiches)

12.  Panchos and Gringos (Deli, Breakfast & Brunch)

13.  Bella On the River (Mediterranean, Modern European, Wine Bar)

14.  Ro-Ho Pork and Bread (Mexican, Sandwiches)

15.  Rickshaw Stop (Food Truck, Pakistini)

16.  Bayseas Catfish House (Southern, Cajun/Creole, Seafood)

17.  The Smoke Shack (Food Truck, Barbeque)

18.  Picnikins Patio Cafe (American "New", Sandwiches, Burgers)

19.  Philly's Phamous Cheesesteaks (Food Truck, Cheesesteak, Sandwiches)

20.  Rios Barbacoa (Mexican, Barbeque)

21.  Senor Veggie (Vegan)

22.  Umberto's Italian Grill (Italian)

23.  Fratello's Italian Market & Deli (Italian, Deli)

24.  Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine (Caribbean)

25.  Chela's Tacos (Food Stand, Tex-Mex, Mexican)

26.  Bavarian Restaurant (German)

27.  The Clean Plate San Antonio (American "New", Vegetarian)

28.  Williams Confectionery Crafts (Sandwiches, Desserts)

29.  Ernesto's Mexican Specialties & Seafood (Mexican)

30.  Gallo Pizzeria (Pizza, Gluten-Free)

31.  La Panaderia (Bakery, Desserts, Breakfast & Brunch)

32.  Pancake Joe's (Breakfast & Brunch)

33.  The Point Park & Eats (Food Stand, Beer, Wine & Spirits)

34.  Figlio's Pizzeria & Ristorante (Italian, Pizza)

35.  French Sandwiches (Sandwiches, Burgers, Salads)

36.  Green Vegetarian Cuisine at Pearl Brewery (Vegetarian, Vegan)

37.  Wildfish Seafood Grille (Seafood)

38.  Singhs (Food Truck, Vietnamese, Sandwiches)

39.  Bangkok 54 Thai Cuisine (Thai)

40.  Yellowfish Sushi (Sushi Bar, Japenese, Mexican)

41.  La Frite Belgian Bistro (Belgian, French)

42.  Fattboy Burgers & Dogs (Burgers, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream & FroYo)

43.  Restaurant Gwendolyn (American, Modern European, Vegetarian)

44.  Maar's Pizza & More (Pizza)

45.  Moshe's Golden Falafel (Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher)

46.  Malinalli Bakery & Bistro (Bakery, Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches)

47.  Cookhouse (Cajun/Creole)

48.  Bakery Lorraine (Bakery, Desserts, Breakfast & Brunch)

49.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Food Truck, American "New")

50.  Biga On The Banks (American "New")

51.  Las Canarias (American "New", Buffet, Breakfast & Brunch)

52.  Sapore's Pizza (Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches)

53.  R and R Cafe (Sandwiches)

54.  Thai Dee (Thai)

55.  Jerusalem Grill (Middle Eastern, Greek)

56.  El Buen Gusto Mexican Cafe (Mexican)

57.  Cedar Mediterranean Grill (Mediterranean, Ethnic Food)

58.  Courtyard Cafe (Cafe, American, Sandwiches)

59.  Mrs. Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery (Soul Food, Bakery)

60.  Tealicious Cafe (Bubble Tea, Cafe)

61.  Azro (Afghan, Mediterranean)

62.  Sushi Express (Sushi Bar, Japanese, Korean)

63.  Louie Italian Restaurant (Italian, Pizza)

64.  Laguna Cafe (American "New", Filipino, Asian Fusion)

65.  Salata (Salad, Soup)

66.  Taqueria Datapoint (Mexican, Breakfast & Brunch)

67.  Guillermo's (Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches)

68.  Senor Pinkys (Barbeque, Sandwiches)

69.  J Prime Steakhouse (Steakhouse)

70.  Bohanan's Prime Steaks & Seafood (Steakhouse, Seafood)

71.  Casa Del Kabob (Middle Eastern)

72.  Bombay Hall (Indian, Buffet)

73.  Galpao Gaucho (Steakhouse, Brazilian)

74.  Spice Fine Indian Cuisine (Indian, Halal)

75.  Moroccan Bites (Moroccan)

76.  Rocker Dogz Gourmet Street Dogz (Food Truck, Hot Dogs)

77.  Kenny's Burgers (Burgers)

78.  Sandwich De Paris (Sandwiches)

79.  Danny Boy's Hamburgers (Burgers)

80.  Thai House Restaurant (Thai)

81.  Habibi Cafe (Hookah Bar, Cafe)

82.  Los Valles Produce (Fruits & Veggies, Mexican)

83.  Magnolia Pancake Haus (Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches)

84.  Rosella Coffee (Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch)

85.  Dough Pizzeria Napoletana (Pizza, Salad, Italian)

86.  Wheelie Gourmet (Food Truck, Moroccan)

87.  Gilberts Restaurant (Tex-Mex)

88.  Sushishima Japanese Restaurant (Japanese, Sushi Bar)

89.  Joe's Hamburger Place (Burgers)

90.  Mina & Dimi's Greek House (Greek, Mediterranean)

91.  Cappy's Restaurant (American "New")

92.  Crazy Carl's (Food Truck, Burgers, Sandwiches)

93.  Rocoto's Sabor Latino Grill (Latin American, Peruvian, Seafood)

94.  Cullum's Attagirl (American)

95.  The Great Taste Cafe (Cafe, Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea)

96.  Embers Wood Fire Grill & Bar (Pizza, Salad, American)

97.  Garcia's Mexican Food (Mexican, Breakfast & Brunch, Burgers)

98.  Brigid (American "New")

99.  Mr & Mrs G's Home Cooking (Southern, American)

100.Pete's Tako House (Mexican, Breakfast & Brunch)



November 22, 2015

Gainesville Yelpers Get Stoked On Smoked Meats!

Posted by Damien S

OYE 2 Blog

Greater Gainesville Yelpers were stoked on the smoke while savoring meats and smooth spirits from Mojo Hogtown BBQ. Guests chowed down on six courses of Mojo’s finest southern fare, some of which were exclusively prepared just for these fine folk! Add to that five unique whiskeys expertly selected to complement the cook’s plates and you better believe there were some happy bellies. Head pit master, Aaron, even invited the feasters to witness the glorious, wood-powered smoker in action. After turning up the heat, everyone cooled down with a lip-smackingly good Maple Bourbon Jalapeño Cornbread Cake & Ice Cream. Curious? Check out snaps of the snacks and sips here (and read up on the buzz too)!

Gold Elite Dinner With Iron Chef Morimoto

Posted by Emi H

20 Gold Elites were treated to a chic evening at Morimoto Waikiki. Yelpers enjoyed their R&D menu which is served Monday through Thursday from 5pm-7:30pm at the bar. Guests enjoyed three seasonal cocktails, an array of dishes along with a tableside carved peking duck experience.The highlight of the evening was a surprise appearance by celebrity Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Check out the 5-star reviews and photos!


November 21, 2015

Louisville Turns Out For Second Annual Yelp's Art In Action

Posted by Emily H


Yelp's Art in Action — back for a second year! — celebrated the creativity of Louisville and beyond by showcasing more than 50 creative businesses, non-profits and groups at The Gillespie, a gorgeous art deco space in downtown Louisville. Part foodie-event and part-performance with other bits of Louisville creativity mixed in, highlights included more than 30 food and drink sponsors, hair shows by Focus Salon, the Gallery K Live Art Area, lounge featuring pieces from the Louisville Area Furniture Society, performances by the Kentucky Opera and Swing '39 and performer Leah Halston of Play Louisville transforming into her drag persona as part of the event — interacting with guests throughout — and presenting the closing performance. And through the event, the more than 500 Louisville Yelpers in attendance raised roughly $2,500 for our main non-profit sponsor, the Fair Event Vendors Alliance, which connects the LGBT community with Louisville-area wedding and event professionals, who welcome them as clients and believe in their equality and fair treatment. Check out the reviews, pics by Maggie Huber and Lindsay Rasche, pics by Magnolia Photo Booth Co. and video by Aaron Mikel/Prime Media Co.!

Continue reading "Louisville Turns Out For Second Annual Yelp's Art In Action" »

November 20, 2015

Yelp VP Miriamとの交流会@マッスルバー

Posted by Shuhei Tanigawa


北新地にマッスルな人達が経営するバーが!?そんな楽しそうなスポットが北新地にあるなら、Yelpでイベント開催するしかないでしょ!ということで、Yelpの新市場担当バイス・プレジデント Miriamの来阪時に合わせてイベントを行いました。








LA East YEE: Gloria's Restaurant and Bar


On Wednesday night, November 18,  LA East Elites entered the home of Gloria's Restaurant and Bar, a cozy, family-owned, authentic Mexican business, serenaded by the sounds of a mariachi band in the distance. Located off a busy street in Huntington Park, cars sped by, clueless of the merriment that was to unfold. Our evening's hosts, Michael, Juan, and Manny, lightened the room with wondrous stories and drunken shenanigans (much like one would at a old family reunion!) while we happily sipped on margaritas and munched on their best dishes, finishing strong with a not so safe, "safety meeting". What is a "safety meeting," you ask? Check out the reviews and photos to find out.

Yelp Elite Black Thursday @ Rural Society

Posted by Danny Wurst

Roasted pig

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but Yelp Chicago started the feast early last night at Rural Society where over 200 elites gathered for an evening of South American-style hospitality in their best Black Chic attire. Between the carving station sampling select cuts of meat, complimentary wines and cocktails, welcoming decor, and a live band guests were transported from the bustle of Chicago to the sweeping cattle ranches and grill-fired kitchens of Argentina.

Check out all of the great pictures here and read all the reviews or share one of your own on the event listing found here. Until next time, friends!

Berkeley's Spanish Fiesta!

Posted by Stephanie

We can guarantee many things at Yelp Elite Events, two of them being: a ton of laughs and meeting so many great, new people. This past week's Yelp Elite Event at La Marcha was that and so much more. From scrumptious tapas, to a never ending supply of fine wines and a craft IPA, to heaping plates of paella, Yelp East Bay elites were treated like VIP's at Berkeley's newest tapas bar. Check out all the reviews here and the amazing Cari Courtright pics here.

A special thank you to: La Marcha, Chappellet WinesThe Dudes Brewing Co & Cari Courtright Photograpy

Actors Read Yelp Reviews at City Steam Brewery

Posted by Emily


Tuesday evening provided the perfect mix of excellent food, creative libations, and tons of laughter at City Steam Brewery in Hartford. Inspired by YouTube's Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews series, actress Carolyn Paine and Hartford's own Sea Tea Improv stole the show with dramatic readings of local Yelp reviews and some pretty hilarious review-inspired improv. In between bouts of laughter, Yelp Elites were dazzled by tastings from City Steam's new menu - everything from Thai chicken street tacos to peach cobbler and gooey grilled cheese with bacon and blueberry compote. To wash it all down, City Steam provided samples of their beloved beers (including some new additions!) and unique seasonal cocktails. Thank you so much to Carolyn, Sea Tea Improv, and of course, City Steam Brewery for an unforgettable event! Check out the photos by Nick Caito on Flickr here and the stellar 5 star reviews here

Yelp's Eve of Magical Impossibilities!

Posted by Michael T

Cover 3

In the hands of a magician, ordinary balloons, string, and even a napkin can become something amazing! Thanks to the team at Impossibles Magic Shop and Theatre, Yelp Reno Elites were treated to a magnificent performance featuring three of Reno's top magicians, and offered a chance to learn just how they make some of the magic happen! Elites were wide eyed in amazement, and everyone was a kid that night. With their Impossibles Magic Bag of Schwag, Elites learned how to restore a popped balloon, turn a napkin into a rose, place a ring on a string, and experienced the skill and slight of hand that makes magic so darn amazing! Of course we all took the Magician's Oath and therefore can never tell you about any of it...

But you can read about it in the reviews and check out the photos taken by

Big thanks to Impossibles Magic Shop & Theatre, the first magic shop in Reno in the last 25 years, Justin Impossible, Thomas Wiese, Ace Miner, and John Conolea for their help in putting this evening together! 


Vancouver Gets Crafty at CRAFT Beer Market

Posted by Ayla Collins


A storm was brewing, but that didn't stop our intrepid Elites from coming to play at CRAFT Beer Market! This gorgeous venue is the lovingly restored salt building, and we adore the vintage feel, and the amazing view from the mezzanine. After checking in to receive their exclusive phone rechargers, Elites found a plethora of different crafts to try their hand at - from origami to spirographs! As if that weren't enough, they were treated to wonderful drinks, Whistler Brewing Company, Lone Tree Brewing Company, and Blasted Church, while our helpful servers wafted delicious food under our noses! From falafel balls to flatbread we loved what we ate, and we can't wait to try more!

Check out the fantastic reviews and amazing photos!


Buffalo's Incredible Escape Room

Posted by Alex L


Opened less than a month ago, Yelpers went to try their hand at the newest trend in adventure -- Escape Rooms! In particular, Lock & Key Escape Room opened in the Elmwood Village to offer folks a unique experience in adventure! Come with 3-7 of your friends and try your hand at escaping from their room! The setting is unique, the challenge is engaging and the fun adrenaline rush you get is unbeatable! Don't just take our word for it, check out the dozens of 5-star reviews that Buffalo yelpers posted here.

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Grub Burger & Burger Elite Event

Posted by Heli M.


Thanksgiving is right around around the corner, but we've started the feast early! Earlier this week, Grub Burger Bar's Greenville Avenue location invited a handful of lucky Elites out to a generous, private dining experience where guests sampled over 8 gourmet burgers, several freshly prepared salads paired with ice cold craft beer! Want to see the mouthwatering pics and read up on the details? The five star reviews are piling in. Check them out

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Elite Event: Seasons 52

On a chilly Tuesday evening, Seasons 52 threw an intimate celebration of what's good now and they invited a small group of the San Diego Elite Squad to experience it first hand. Known for their seasonally inspired menus featuring ingredients at their peak of freshness, rustic cooking techniques like brick oven roasting, open-fire grilling that bring out natural flavors and an ever-changing selection of global wines translated into a real treat for all of those in attendance! Check out all of the great pictures HERE and read all the reviews or share one of your own on the event listing found HERE. Until next time, friends!

Richmond Elites Seize The Night At Old Manchester Square

Posted by Lauri Thompson


On Wednesday night, the weather outside may have been frightful, but inside Old Manchester Square Richmond Elites enjoyed a party that was oh, so delightful! Croaker’s Spot, one of Richmond’s most popular restaurants for a home cooked comforting meal, is opening a brand new event space just a few doors down from the restaurant. It’s not open to the public just yet, but Richmond Elites got to get a sneak peek of the gorgeous venue. This Fall Festival-themed event kept everyone entertained with exciting activities around every corner. Intense games of giant Jenga, oversized checkers, and corn hole brought out everyone’s competitive nature while DIY wine glass decorating and a create-your-own hot cocoa mix bar hit the spot for those who wanted to tap into their creative side. The real MVPs of the night, however, were the Croaker’s Spot staff who cooked a spread that was slap-yo-mamma good. Nobody left hungry! The crab dip, corn muffins, fried catfish with peppers and onions, fruit, and veggies still has everyone talking. Check out the 5 star reviews and photos to see for yourself!

Huge thanks to Croaker’s Spot for being incredible hosts, our lovely photographer Olivia Walthall, and John Mitchel Media Group for providing the speakers that kept everyone jamming all night long!

Köln Elite Event: Walk of Coffee auf der eat&STYLE

Posted by Kristin H.

O (17)


What a great Sunday on the fair ground of eat&STYLE Cologne. Our Elites received complimentary day tickets for the fair and enjoyed 90 minutes full of coffee joy. They did the "walk of coffee" and learned everything from the harvest to the final coffee and coffee latte art. The 10 Cologne Elites fully enjoyed their coffee moments. Read more about their impressions here.

Was für ein toller Sonntag auf der eat&STYLE Messe in Köln. Unsere Elites hatten nicht nur freien Eintritt zur Messe, sondern genossen auch 90 Minuten pure Kaffeefreude. Sie durchliefen den Pfad des Kaffees und lernten von der Ernte bis hin zu Kaffee Verzierungen alles über das schwarze Gold. 10 Kölner Elites genossen ihren persönlichen Kaffeemoment inklusive ausreichender Verköstigung. Hier könnt ihr mehr über deren Eindrücke erfahren.


Yelp Oslo tastes Natural Wine

Posted by Maria Sundby

On November 19, the Yelpers of Oslo gathered for an exclusive wine tasting at Oslos first wine bar that serves natural wine only! Since the bar is just opening these days, we even got the chance to sugest a name for the wine bar out from our experience this evening. First glass out was a delicious organic champagne, and what followed from here was just as mind blowing! During our tasting, the wine importer himself gave us interesting insights about the advantages of natural wine. We tasted four glasses of white and red, and the newly openede restaurant Jor served gourmet finger food that was designed to suit each of the wines. The atmosphere was great, and Jonas; our wonderful barkeeper made sure all guests had a smile on their face from beginning to end.

A great thanks to our sponsors: Ny vinbar med naturlig vin and Jor!

See the pictures from the party and read the reviews of the event here

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Topp 100 spisesteder i Oslo

Posted by Maria Sundby

Yelps Topp 100 spisesteder i Oslo

For første gang har Yelp; vår online urbane guide og app, som hjelper folk å finne gode lokale steder å spise, shoppe, drikke, slappe av og underholdes, satt sammen en liste over topp 100 steder å spise i Oslo. For å lage denne listen har Yelp rangert lokale bedrifter basert på antall anmeldelser og stjerne-rangering.
Listen kroner
Alex Sushi Solli Plass; en førsteklasses sushirestaurant på Frogner, som beste sted å spise i Oslo. Illegal Burger, en unik burgerbar, og Maaemo; restauranten som serverer mat med duft av skog er bare noen av høydepunktene på listen.

Bedriftseier av Alex Sushi Solli Plass sier: ”Alex Sushi er stolte og glade for å ha blitt anerkjent av Yelps anmeldere som den beste restauranten i Oslo. I 15 år har vi satt jakten på de beste råvarene, presentasjon og blid service, i fokus. Vårt ambisiøse mål er at alle våre gjester skal ha en bedre opplevelse - hver gang de besøker oss. Tusen takk for responsen.”

Fra restauranter med Michelin stjerne, til kaféer, iskrembarer og til og med pølseutsalg, er det skjulte perler i fleng, og noe for enhver smak og budget på listen.

Har vi utelatt noen av dine favorittsteder? Rop ut på FB og Instagram, og sørg for å skrive om dem på, slik at de blir med på listen neste år!

Topp 100 spisesteder i Oslo

  1. Alex Sushi Solli Plass
  2. Den Glade Gris
  3. Delicatessen Grünerløkka
  4. Trancher
  5. Illegal Burger
  6. Supreme Roastworks
  7. Lokk
  8. Maaemo
  9. Izakaya
  10. Fiskeriet
  11. Døgnvill Bar & Burger
  12. Hanami
  13. Mesh Café
  14. Hello Good Pie
  15. Liebling
  16. Frognerseteren
  17. Colonel Mustard
  18. The Kasbah
  19. PARADIS Gelateria Tjuvholmen
  20. Villa Paradiso
  21. Hell's Kitchen
  22. Dinner
  23. Lofthus Samvirkelag
  24. Chillout Travel Center
  25. Grilleriet
  26. Lille Saigon 1
  27. Kolonihagen
  28. Ekebergrestauranten
  29. New Anarkali
  30. Olympen
  31. Smia Galleri
  32. Pizza Pancetta Majorstua
  33. Syverkiosken
  34. Jewel Of India
  35. Istanbul
  36. Dolcevita
  37. Lofoten Fiskerestaurant
  38. Cafe Bacchus
  39. Grunerløkka Bakeri
  40. Prince Lunchbar
  41. Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri
  42. Retrolykke Kaffebar
  43. Håndverkerstuene
  44. Crêperie de Mari
  45. Fuglen
  46. Statholdergaarden
  47. Dalat Cafe
  48. Pizza Pancetta
  49. Engebret Café
  50. Cafe Fedora
  51. Le Benjamin
  52. Trattoria Popolare
  53. Bugges Eftf
  54. Theatercaféen
  55. Den Gamle Major
  56. Dattera til Hagen
  57. Plah
  58. Eataly
  59. Det Grønne Kjøkken
  60. Pjoltergeist
  61. Tøyengata Bodega
  62. Palmyra Cafe
  63. Nydalen Bryggeri og Spiseri
  64. Bistro Brocante
  65. Gutta Fra Calcutta
  66. Åpent Bakeri Damplassen
  67. Kolonihagen Restaurant Grünerløkka
  68. Bari Pizza & Grill
  69. Restaurant Fauna
  70. Sushi & Dinner
  71. Olivia Aker Brygge
  72. Mini Sushi
  73. Kulturhuset
  74. Ma Poule
  75. Elias Mat & Sånt
  76. Arakataka
  77. Sawan
  78. Go'Grilla Food Truck
  79. Mocca
  80. Kampen Bistro
  81. India Tandoori Restaurant
  82. Ruffino Ristorante Italiano
  83. Java Espressobar & Kaffeforretning
  84. Rust
  85. East Kitchen
  86. Delicatessen Majorstuen
  87. Åpent Bakeri
  88. Jonoe Ringnes Park
  89. Loving Hut
  90. W.B. Samson - Egertorget
  91. The Hot Spot
  92. Kaffebrenneriet
  93. Café Vespa
  94. Munchies
  95. Vega Vegetarisk Restaurant
  96. Homan Bistro og Bar
  97. Café Skansen
  98. Lofotstua
  99. Mr. Bay
  100. Louise

Het Glühwein Festijn

Posted by Philippine


The night falls, it's autumn. Let's be jolly! No better timing for an Elite Event like a mulled wine fest, right?! The Yelp Elite Glühwein Festijn brought the Amsterdam Elites to Marvin Amsterdam for a tasting of homemade mulled wines, bites, and connecting to a very special venue; this super local (and might we say, the epiphany of a true hidden gem) in the West! Connecting with new Elite faces, eating, drinking, and being inspired for the holiday season - the perfect opportunity for, oh dare we say...? Let the Holidays begin! Read the reviews and have a look at the photos!

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November 19, 2015

Dinner and a View at West

Posted by Brinny

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.24.19 PM

Tuesday night, LA West Elites enjoyed an enchanting evening at Hotel Angeleno.  Yelpers were greeted with a glass of champagne before being lead up to the hotel’s penthouse restaurant, West Restaurant & Lounge.  The evening began with a cocktail hour where guests vibed to live jazz music all the while admiring 360 views of the city.  An elaborate four-course dinner followed, each complimented by a wine pairing.  Executive Chef Laura Scollan's creations included cider-glazed scallops, honey ginger salmon, a duo of duck made two ways, graham cracker lamb, and for dessert, Bailey's pot de creme.

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Yelp Jersey's Long Horn Series: Woodbridge

Posted by Sara Mutnick

Long hornFull was an understatement at Tuesday night's event at Long Horn Steakhouse in Woodbridge, NJ. 20 lucky Elite Yelpers were seated and treated to a multi-course meal that had us oohing and ahhing as each dish was brought out to the table. Appetizers included spicy shrimp and mussels, crunchy corn fritters and soft pretzels with a cheesy dip. Full yet? There's more. Each Yelper also got a soup or salad of their choice, a steak and a side dish and dessert to top it all off. From rib-eyes to filets to mac and cheese and creamed spinach and everything in between, there was no shortage of epic eats to be found.

Don't just take our word for it! Check out reviews here and photos here. And of course, a big thanks to our gracious hosts at Long Horn in Woodbridge! 

Houston Elites Preview Winter Menu At Seasons 52

Posted by Farrah Akhtar


Seasons 52 at CityCentre welcomed the Houston Yelp Elite Squad to a special celebration of the restaurant's launch of their new seasonal Winter menu. Yelpers noshed on generous servings of the Lobster Cognac Ravioli; Butternut Squash Soup; Braised Beef Short-rib with grits, carrots and horseradish crema; Scallop with butternut squash risotto; Pumpkin Pie Minis; and Key Lime Minis. And libations were flowing with Cranberry Sage cocktails, craft beers and select red and white wines. With an intimate, candlelit setting and wintry aroma filling the air, the night was a remarkable jump into the holiday season! Check out the event reviews here.  

Yelp Des Moines Brew And Pie Party!

Posted by Patrick

On Wednesday night, 515 Brewing Company invited Des Moines Elites to their stunning tap room for a night of some of the finest fresh craft brews in the country. Guests mixed and mingled while getting a taste of what the 515 does best including the new Peanut Butter Stout, Oj IPA, Belgian Paradise and more! We also got to indulge in fresh artisan fired pizza from Pyro's Pizza food truck which was parked right outside! Pizza and beer is always the perfect combo and steals the show every time. Don't believe us? Check out the reviews here and photos here.

Top 10 Airport Eats Across the US!

Posted by Brittany



Photo by Yelper Anthony M ("PEPITO" Torta at Tortas Frontera)

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you might be one of millions gearing up for air travel. And while you likely have your sights set on mom’s magnificent mashed potatoes, there’s no need to prime that turkey day meal with a lackluster croissant or sad sandwich. We polled our Community Managers from around the country to determine the best eats at the 10 busiest airports across the U.S. Whether you crave celebrity chef tortas or a fresh bánh mì, feast your eyes and ready your bookmarks for some first class food.

Atlanta: ATL - Concourse A: Varsano’s Pizzeria

    • Weary travelers can rejoice with Varsano’s delicious neapolitan pizzas, full bar and live piano.
    • Yelp favorites: Margherita, Bufala & Coppa


Los Angeles: LAX - Terminal 5: Lemonade

    • Whether you seek giant macaroons or a healthy alternative like fresh kale salad with blackened Ahi tuna, Lemonade covers the all tastebuds.
    • Yelper favorites: Blood Orange Lemonade, Chicken Chili


Chicago: ORD - Terminals 1, 3, 5: Tortas Frontera

    • Before you fly, feast on Rick Bayless’ celebrated south of the border sandwiches. You'll feel like you're en route to a Mexican vacation. Even if you're only headed to Cleveland.
    • Yelper favorites: Milanesa, Pepito


Dallas/Fort Worth: DFW - Terminal D: Báhn Shop

    • In a rush? Stop into Báhn Shop for fast service and delicious Vietnamese and Thai fusion for palatable prices.
    • Yelper favorites: Grilled Pork Meatball Báhn Mì, Drunken Noodles  


New York: JFK - Terminal 4: Shake Shack

    • If you’re going to make the calorie commitment of a burger and fries, skip the frozen patty version and get ye to Shake Shack – it reigns supreme. They’re even open for breakfast!  
    • Yelper favorites: Shack Burger, Sausage Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich


Denver: DIA - Terminal C: Root Down

    • Locals rejoiced when this celebrated hometown hot spot opened an airport location. Don’t miss their raved about cocktail menu!
    • Yelper favorites: Lamb Sliders, Grilled Cheese


San Francisco: SFO - Terminal 2: Napa Farms Market

    • Co-owned by acclaimed chef Tyler Florence, this place has everything you'd need while popping in and out of SFO: Napa wine, locally made artisanal treats, fresh pizzas, baked goods, and more.  
    • Yelper favorites: Live Fire Pizza, Kara’s Cupcakes


Charlotte: CLT - A/B Concourse: 1897 Market

    • With local beers on tap, chef-driven menus, a raw bar, and a woodstone pizza oven, 1897 is the perfect spot to park it for that two hour “maintenance” delay.  
    • Yelper Favorites: Farmhouse Salad, Parmesan Fries


Las Vegas: LAS - Terminal 1: Rachel’s Kitchen

    • Overindulged a bit on Thanksgiving eve? With a wide variety of juices, smoothies, and organic eats, Rachel’s Kitchen has the goods to cure all ails.
    • Yelper favorites: Acai Berry Smoothie, Spinach Salad


Phoenix: PHX - Terminal 4: Olive & Ivy

    • Dreading the in-flight meal options? Stop by Olive & Ivy for well-packaged and supremely tasty bites that will make you scoff at those sad snack boxes aboard.
    • Yelper favorites: Breakfast Club, Mediterranean Salad

Top 50 Places To Eat In Jackson, MS

Posted by Blue Arauz


Yelp is hiring in Jackson! Apply here.

As the go-to guide for all things local, we know you are constantly searching Yelp and discovering unique eats around town - and beyond. Today we’re announcing Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat in Jackson, MS and you may be surprised to see which of your favorite eateries made the list.

Topping our Jackson list is Deep South Pops. The cool kids on the block are offering up gourmet pops in various funky flavors like buttermilk, pineapple curry and ginger peach. As if the flavors weren't captivating enough, dip your pops in some pop (soda) or coffee (for a new twist on iced coffee).

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Canapés and Cocktails at Coya Miami

Posted by Cassie Glenn


On Tuesday night, Peruvian restaurant Coya invited Miami Elites to their stunning Pisco Bar for a night of cocktails, canapés and beats. Guests mixed and mingled while getting a taste of what the restaurant does best including beef and chicken anticuchos, ceviche clásico, corn salad, and more! From delicious Pisco Sours to the spicy Mezcalita, some might say the cocktails stole the show. Don't believe us? Check out the reviews here and photos here.

Meet The Elite: Hope C, Rochester NY

Posted by Breanna


Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Today we meet Hope C, a Yelp Elite since '12 with a whopping 733 reviews and counting. Here’s Hope’s take on what it means to be a yelper.

Hope C


Why did you start yelping?

I started using Yelp around Rochester and while visiting different cities back in 2010; however, I didn’t actually start writing Yelp reviews until 2012. I found yelping to be a great outlet during a busy work day, because I could bang out a Yelp review fairly quickly on my mobile app and recall all the fun things I'd done over the weekend. That excitement fueled me until my next day off. It wasn't until several months into yelping that I realized what a great mechanism it was for connecting a local community of people interested in eating good food and supporting local businesses.

What’s your favorite Yelp memory?

My favorite Yelp memory is definitely when we got our own community manager and started having Yelp events in Rochester! I remember my anticipation for the first Elite event at Cure — I couldn't wait to meet all the other local yelpers who seemed to have just as much passion as I did about food! In the past few years, Yelp has grown so much locally and internationally. I can't thank the Yelp community enough for providing me with excellent insight at home and abroad.

What’s your favorite local biz?

My most-loved local business is probably the Public Market, which is cheating because several businesses make up that entity. It's one of my favorite ways to kick off a great weekend.

Describe your ideal day in Rochester.

My ideal day in Rochester would probably start with waking up AFTER the sun rises, enjoying a cup of coffee at Pour or the Public Market, going on a city or trail run, and then heading over to Swan Market for beer and German food, and maybe to the Genesee Brew House to watch a sports game. Other fave weekend haunts would be Artisan Works and Swiftwater Brewery. Some Irish music at Barry's in Webster, and brunch at Atlas Eats would hopefully figure into the weekend, as well! There are so many great local choices.

What inspires you to Yelp?

My excitement for the perfect moment. Every time I stumble upon something that makes me happy, I think about how cool it would be to offer tips and opinions that may help people find their own happy states!

Follow Yelp Rochester: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


What does being a Yelp Elite mean? Aside from a sparkly badge that you get to rock with pride on your Yelp profile page, you'll get the opportunity to attend exclusive events, meet Yelpers from your community in-person, and discover a variety of local businesses you may not have previously tried. You can read more, and even nominate yourself or a fellow Yelper at

November 18, 2015

San Antonio: Yelp Travels Thai Edition!

Posted by Tomas Rey


We might not have been able to travel around the world to Thailand yet we were able to at least experience some authentic Thai food. We were lucky enough to visit Thai Topaz at their Castle Hills location for an amazing night of multiple entrees, authentic Thai beer, and more!

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Yelp Flies In The Sky in San Antonio, Tx!

Posted by Tomas Rey


Laughter was the only thing filling the room during our “Yelp Get’s Fit” initiative with Aerial Yoga Boerne and Juicer Heroes. It was a morning full of smiles, fun, and many ‘firsts’ for everyone. Yelpers learned new aerial moves, to clear their mind, get fit and meditate with this unique version of yoga.

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Melbourne's Passion for Pisco!

Posted by Jackie Doran


On a quiet Wednesday evening 20 lucky Melbourne Elites travelled to Peru (via Carlton North). The incredibly knowledgeable Pisco People hosted a masterclass, guiding us through the ins and outs of Pisco - a Peruvian grape-based spirit - and if there's one thing Melbourne can get behind, it's alcohol education.

Being the sophisticated Yelpers that we are we maturely sipped away on our Pisco flight, some recognising flavours such as coffee, bubblegum and even tequila! These were perfectly matched with Peruvian foods including ceviche, empanada, pork belly and single origin South American chocolate.

Guests listened to our host Josie's incredible passion for Pisco and left excited to demand request a Pisco Sour from their local bar. Want to read more about the great times we had? Check out the reviews and Yelper photos from the event HERE or on our Flickr page HERE.

Moe's Pilgrimage to Pinecrest

Posted by Cassie Glenn


Last Wednesday, Moe's Southwest Grill invited Yelp Miami Elites to their newest location in the Village of Pinecrest a day before it opened to the public. With margaritas and Mexican beers at the ready, yelpers were treated to an array of signature dishes including freshly made guacamole, pulled pork tacos, stuffed burritos, chicken club quesadillas, and fan favorite queso dip, while also gaining insight on this established company. The verdict? Elites can't wait to return, especially those that won free burritos for a YEAR during the festivities! Check out the mouthwatering reviews here and photos here

Madison Elites Go Cocoa-Nuts For Hot Chocolate

Posted by Stacey Lansing


What's better than rich, creamy hot chocolate on a chilly day? Hot chocolate with handmade marshmallows, of course! Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier invited Madison Elites to join them for a night of learning about and tasting chocolate with Gail Ambrosius herself (and yes, that is her real name). 

After decorating treat boxes and mingling, the Elites were led on a journey through cacao cultivation and production with short breaks for marshmallow making demonstrations from Ellie and Katharine. Then, it was on to the main event: the tasting of single-origin chocolates and the decadent hot chocolates that can be made with them. 

Be sure to check out all the beautiful photos from the evening (including those of our custom-made Yelp chocolates!) and dive in to the rich five-star reviews!

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Venetian Fare at Via Veneto

Posted by Brinny


Last week, LA West’s new and gold Elites enjoyed the finest Italian fare courtesy of Via Veneto, Santa Monica.  The elaborate multi-course meal began with a seasonal delicacy, shaved white truffles, atop tender carpaccio and cheese fondue.  What followed was the restaurant's anything-but-ordinary grilled eggplant parmigiana.  It wouldn't be an authentic meal without experiencing the best pasta on the westside - a trio of assorted ravioli and perfectly al dente mezzemaniche, with braised beef checks ragout.  For the main dish, New Zealand Langoustines and Via Veneto's signature Kansas City prime steak with accents of rosemary and olive oil.  To end the memorable evening, coffee and assorted Italian desserts were served - Panna Cotta, Coppa Amaretto, and Tiramisu.  Course after course, yelpers were enlightened about the traditional dishes, while sipping wine and conversing in a private dining room that overlooked the stunning restaurant.

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Parliament's First Birthday Party

Posted by Heli M.

PicMonkey Collage

On Sunday, Parliament owner Eddie, or "Lucky" as most people know him, invited 50 lucky Dallas Elites to his business for a one-of-a-kind celebration of the establishment's first birthday! Known by most as the top cocktail bar in the city, the signature drinks, craftsmanship and production didn't disappoint. From flaming mai tais and old fashioneds to seriously delicious gimlets and adult alcohol-infused "snow cones", it was obvious that each drink was made with love and was as unique as it was refreshing! Guests listened to Lucky's incredible story about how the online support from the Yelp Dallas community has helped to fuel Parliament's super success the past year! Guest left feeling great, stuffed with fabulous drinks, and an array of warm flatbread and charcuterie. Want to read more about the great times that we had? Check out the reviews and photos from the event HERE.

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MSP's Yelp-o-rama At Ramen Kazama

Posted by Kara Doucette


While it rained all day in Minneapolis on November 16th, Yelp MSP made it rain with ramen at an elite event! 

Ramen Kazama, a brand-spanking new and highly anticipated ramen restaurant, invited Elites to an exclusive tasting of their authentic offerings! Wander North Distillery was in attendance, serving Green Tea Martinis and their signature cocktails with their locally crafted spirits. Sumi-e artist extraordinaire, Eileen Connor, created custom watercolor paintings of the guests' zodiac animals. Photographer Joe Kenny was on the scene snapping fun and drool-worthy photos!
Check out the reviews here and photos there!
Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

Yelp Glasgow Does #SocialMediaSanta

Posted by Briony C


For the third year running, Yelp Glasgow will be taking part in #SocialMediaSanta to support the work of Shelter Scotland this Christmas.

By buying a Christmas gift and donating it to Shelter Scotland, you can help make a child's Christmas a little brighter. Your gift will go to a child who might not otherwise get a present this Christmas in projects in Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, Dumfries, Dundee and Renfrewshire.

Alternatively, a £10 donation is enough for one of Shelter Scotland's advisers to help a family at risk of losing their home.

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Yelp Gets Spooky: Haunted Underground Tour

Posted by Matt F


Here at Yelp, we like to keep our Elites on their toes, so when Tuesday night came around, we had a special spooky treat in store for them. 20 of Yelp Manchester's finest nervously met outside St Ann's Church to begin a Haunted Tour of Manchester's Underground..

The event was a fantastic twist on the history of Manchester, led by infamous Ghost Walker, Flecky Bennett, in which our Yelpers were given the fright of their lives as they embarked upon a trail: way, way under the Manchester streets we know and love. Once underground, Flecky took our guys through a series of spooky quests including touring a morgue, taking part in a seance and contacting the dead with our very own Ouija board experience.

Everybody left with big, if not slightly worried, smiles on their faces and the entire tour was brilliant. A big thanks for Flecky Bennett for keeping us so entertained, check out what else he has going on at and of course read some of the reviews and take a look at the spooky photos on Yelp.

Perth Elite Event: State Buildings

Posted by Laura

State Buildings Elite Event

Last night 20 lucky Elite Yelpers were treated to a progressive Elite Event around some incredible businesses in the newly opened State Buildings precinct. Sparkling wine in Petition Wine Bar, floristry tips from Flowers by Aneura, a candle making session with Clean Slate and incredible desserts at Sugarplum Sweets, The Honeycake and Sue Lewis. One last stop for a cocktail at Halford Bar and the spectacular night was complete.

Read the reviews and check out the photos.

A huge thank you to all our sponsors:

  • The State Buildings
  • Petition
  • Ginger B
  • The Honeycake
  • Clean Slate Skin Care
  • Sue Lewis Chocolatier
  • Flowers by Aneura
  • Sugarplum Sweets
  • Halford Bar