January 24, 2015

Yelpers Stick To Healthy Resolutions With A Fresh Lunch Break In Newport Beach

Posted by Ryan C.

KRISPThe half sized Pitaya Bowl – Alice C

For our first Lunch Break of 2015, Elites headed to KRISP Fresh Living, an all organic juice lounge in Newport Beach, for a midday meal filled with cold-pressed concoctions, refreshingly raw smoothies and made-to-order acai and pitaya bowls. The friendly staff was as vibrant as the beautiful foods coming out of the kitchen, and stayed on top of all the custom orders while providing fresh samples throughout the event, making for a healthy and delicious start to the day... and year!

Read the reviews and see all of the attendee's photos of the event here!

KRISP Fresh Living

January 23, 2015

2015 Elite Kick Off at Indaco

Posted by Scotty

Indaco Blog 600x250

Indaco welcomed a group of Yelp Elite Squad members and their guests to an evening on the patio this past Tuesday. As they arrived, Indaco offered complimentary valet parking to all the guests and showed them out to the closed off, temperature controlled patio. Out came Cathead Vodka cocktails mixed with Bittermilk No.5 Charred Grapefruit Tonic. Delicious appetizers were out on the tables and gourmet pizzas were passed around as well. This being the first Yelp Charleston Elite Event of the year, guests had the opportunity to take a photo with the giant "Elite15 Badge"! Read more about the event here and check out all the photos on Flickr too!

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Prague's gluten-free traditional food feast

Posted by Mishka


Ve středu večer se elitní seskupení Yelpu Praha sešlo jako za časů Císaře Pána, ve Švejkově restauraci u Karla. Celou akci si moderoval nejlepší obchodní majitel podniku pan Jakub, který detailně informoval o podávaných chodech a tím zároveň edukoval o bezlepkové stravě. Přichystal si totálně nabité menu nejen Gluten free. Seznamu jídel se všichni smáli, ale při pátém chodu ze sedmi již tuhly koutky i největším bojovníkům. Jak se s tím elita prokousala a co ženy dostaly jako bonus se dozvíte v recenzích a z fotek.

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Yelp Denver's Review Of The Week - January 23rd!

It’s been a time honored tradition that Yelp celebrates a Yelper and their review on a daily basis, otherwise known as the 'Review Of The Day.' The Review Of The Day embodies all the things Yelp strives to embolden in a Yelp member: A member of the community that fully supports their local businesses, and takes the time to write thoughtful, humorous, helpful – and of course - useful, funny, and cool reviews. To take the ROTD celebration a step further, we’ve decided to highlight one review a week from that respective week's ROTD selection, and this week we are visiting Tokio in honor of Yelper, David T's ROTD on January 23rd, 2015.
Tokio, where “the most unique dishes” are brought to you, is a constant favorite among locals and visitors alike. Perhaps their dishes are a home run, since they are located right next to the ball park, or, because of their culinary team that is devoted to delivering authentic cuisine with a contemporary twist. Tokio is loved by Yelpers and in particular, the ROTD winner, David T. “Noodles with just the right amount of chew and broths deeply flavored” make for, what David T calls, “absolute perfection." If his description of ramen alone doesn’t make your mouth water then Tokio’s Happy Hour deals sure will. $2 sashimi, $3 hand rolls, and house sake for $3…could it get any better?
If you aren’t already on your way to Tokio, to experience a “wonderful new oasis of Japanese food and hospitality right here in Denver," be sure to plan a visit soon and check them out on Yelp. Get other great insight from David T, by checking out his Yelp reviews, local photos, quick tips, and more on his profile here.
Be sure to stay tuned for the unveiling of next week's ROTW on Friday, January 30th. Happy eating! And See You On Yelp!

A Shot Of Health For Pittsburgh Elites!

Posted by Rachel Carlson

Yelp-salud-juicery-33 main pic

The best thing to start off the new year is with a new perspective on health. So with that, Elites gathered at Salud Juicery to toast to the new year. Guests enjoyed multiple samples of green juices, kombucha (or in their words "KomBURGHcha), and powerful boosts of energy via the solar ray shots. Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

A Shot Of Health For Pittsburgh Elites!

Posted by Rachel Carlson

Yelp-salud-juicery-33 main pic

The best thing to start off the new year is with a new perspective on health. So with that, Elites gathered at Salud Juicery to toast to the new year. Guests enjoyed multiple samples of green juices, kombucha (or in their words "KomBURGHcha), and powerful boosts of energy via the solar ray shots. Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

Cleveland's Bocce Bonanza

Posted by Cara


On Wednesday night, nearly 100 Elite Squad members got together to celebrate the first Yelp Elite Event of 2015 in the up-and-coming Waterloo Arts District. Indoor bocce was in full effect, not to mention enormous sandwich samples (like the Cleveland Cheesesteak!) unlimited pumpkin pie beers, free gifts, head-spins, and almost 20 raffle prize winners! Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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Atlanta OTP Elites Tee Up Food And Fun At Topgolf Alpharetta

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.40.36 PM

On Wednesday, Atlanta OTP Elites gathered to send a few golfballs into the distance at state-of-the-art Topgolf in Alpharetta. The evening had Elites in deep competition for the highest score possible -- all while chowing down on sliders, shrimp n' grits, Mushi (Mexican sushi) and an inject-your-own doughnut station. The staff got pulled into the fun as well and were even seen in a dance off with a few Elites between swings. Check out the reviews here and the photos here

Yelp Elites At The Airport

Posted by Olli


Ever wondered what a crazy Elite does on a Thursday night in Köln? For example looking behind the curtains of the airport. It is not just any airport, because the airport Cologne Bonn is the second most important hub for UPS, after Louisville. Between 11PM and 1AM all cargoplains for Europe land here and get processes. Up to 200.000 packages per hour run through 3000 hands - and we were in the middle of it. Check out the first reviews and the photos.

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Yelp's Eatin' Here

Posted by Howie

L (1)

On Monday, Yelp Elites discovered The New Yorken, a terrific new restaurant dedicated the best eats back east. Baked ziti, chicken salad sandwiches, incredible cheesecake and some down home Frito pies rounded out an easy-going lunch on a national holiday. As one review rightly points out, "This is probably one of my favorite Yelp events ever. I really felt like these kinds of things are what makes Yelp great: Helping a new local business gain much-needed (and much-deserved!) exposure to savvy folks in the know." Photos here. Thank you Patrick and sons for the delicious fun!

Vienna's Gin Tasting @ Torberg

Posted by Kati


Life is good with a little gin tonic in your hand! After the utterly informative yesterday evening the Vienna Elites know a lot more about some of the 300 different sorts of gin that the infamous Torberg has to offer. Gerald, the owner, made sure they enjoyed every single drop and got all questions answered. Don’t miss the event’s pictures and reviews!

Special thanks to gin expert Gerald from Torberg and photographer Adrian Almasan!

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January 22, 2015

Yelp Singapore Kicks Off the New Year, Italian Style!

Posted by Michelle M


To kick off a new year of yelping, 100 Elites and their guests gathered at the new Marco Marco on Circular Road. Yelpers were able to sample their take on paninis and pastas, which featured flavours from exotic locales around the world. Washing it down with some refreshing gin and tonics made the night complete! Check out the beautiful photos by Natalia Wakula here and what Yelpers thought here.

Yelp NC Triangle's Blast from the Past at Tupelo Honey

Posted by Lauryn


On Thursday evening, 40 Yelp Elites and their guests came out to Tupelo Honey Cafe to sample the #newmenu. A blast from the past it was! Guests were greeted at the door with a make your own Old Fashioned drink card with a choice of four different whisky's, a bitter and garnish of their choice. While sipping their cocktails Elites had a blast checking out the 90s themed games, swag, and candy. Tupelo Honey prepared tastings from their all new menu for Elites to sample all evening long. The new small plates were a hit and many Elites stayed after the event to take advantage of their "Throwback Thursday" special, buy one small plate get one free from 8-10pm. (now available every Thursday) You can read all the reviews here and check out the awesome photos on Flickr.

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ROC Elites Swing At Highland Hall

Posted by Breanna


Likely, most New Year's resolutions noted "try something new" so we helped the ROC Elites cross one thing off their list at the onset of 2015: swing dancing! The night was full of chuckles and starring at our feet. Thankfully, Groove Juice Swing and The Flower City Follies showed us what we were working toward with a few performances. Meanwhile, folks filled up on 1911 hard cider and Dragon Sweetie’s pastries. All calories were burned off once the lesson began as the guests practiced their swing dance rock step and the Charleston. To soak in the experience check out the reviews here and photos here

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Yelp Toronto Has A Shucking Great Time

Posted by Evelyn W

OysterScreen Shot 2015-01-22 at 6.32.15 PM

The unparalleled people at Pearl Diver had eighty excellent Elites in for Yelp Toronto's first event of 2015, and they were anything but shellfish. Shucker Paddy and his staff were on hand serving up the freshest oysters in town along with their other marvellous menu items, including mackerel, sliders and fish and chips. We'd go into more detail, but it wouldn't be fair to your senses... go in and check 'em out for yourself. Sensational seafood was washed down with Oyster Stout and fine wines from Tawse, all of which they have on tap. Looking for a relaxed vinyl-spinning vibe and the finest fish in town? This is your ticket, and Toronto Elites agree

Thank you to our generous sponsors: Pearl Diver • Tawse • Scrimshaw • Stephanie Bea Photography

Yelp NOLA Elites Wig Out and Wind Down with Maison de Cheveux

Posted by Morgan


Maison de Cheveux, French for "House of Hair", hosted 25 Yelp Elites for a Carnival kick off crafting Mardi Gras headdresses and shades for parades under the expert supervision of the Maison de Cheveux ladies.

The Yelp Elites sipped on Skinny Coladas and "Have Your Cake, and Drink It Too" cocktails, both made with Bols Yogurt by local expert Curt, also known as @geneverfever on the social-spheres whilst noshing signature crab balls with crawfish cream sauce from Oceana Grill and sparkly Sucre King Cakes. The local Jamba Juice also provided us with immunity-boosting samples of their newest flavors: Greens & Ginger and Amazing Green!

While we were definitely wiggin' out, we were able to wind down with pro-stylist tips for this parade season from the Maison de Cheveux salon experts and enjoy mini massages from the magic hands of Ashley from Spa Atlantis. Everyone was able to go home with their very own personally-crafted headdress or sunglasses to rock this upcoming season!

Check out our feather filled pics provided by Joshua Grant of ipushthebutton.com here, and read all about our epic evening in these glitter-filled reviews here!

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Beer, chocolate and Elites? 2015 it's great in Santiago!

Posted by Sofia Varas

Cata beervana

Ok, Beer and Chocolate. Do we need to say more?

Ok, we will say a bit more. We had a challenge. How to put together a great kickoff for the 2015 Elite Events season? Well, we came up with a recipe. First, you mix an awesome group of Elites, then you add an amazing place that is not yet open, like El Camino bbq in the trendy Barrio Italia neigborhood, and then, you throw in some secret ingredients, something like, I don't know...beer and chocolate.

Oh yes.

Wednesday night was a definitely unforgettable. A group of Santiago Elites got together on their first Beer and Chocolate tasting, guided by the experts of the liquid gold, Beervana and the belgian chocolate geniuses Nicole&Cédric. Add to that a great summer evening, a super nice patio with romantic lightning and Boom! Welcome Elite Class of 2015!

Check the reviews here, and have fun with the photos here

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2015 Elite Kickoff at Carbone's Kitchen

Posted by Emily


Greater Hartford's 2015 Elite Squad kicked off the year with a fantastic party at Carbone's Kitchen on Monday evening. From a local beer tasting with Back East Brewing to a generous sampling of arancini, stone pies, and other Italian specialties, Yelp Elites ushered in the year in style! Carbone's Kitchen's house blood orange-cello warmed up a chilly night, while guests enjoyed an interactive gnocchi making station with the restaurant's sous chef. A few lucky yelpers even left the party with raffle winnings including two generously donated bottles of wine and a gift card. Thank you to Carbone's Kitchen and Back East Brewing for an amazing night celebrating two wonderful Bloomfield businesses. Click here for the event photos by Nick Caito on Flickr and here for the rave 5 star reviews!

Celebrating Orlando's 2015 Elite Squad with Steak and Cocktails!

Posted by Andi

Christners blog pic

50 of Orlando's 2015 Elite Yelpers (ranging from Gold Elite to first-timers) came together at a true Orlando institution- Christner's Prime Steak & Lobster. The Elites were treated to some fabulous food, cocktails, French wine, and even a little magic! That's right- Minds were blown by a roaming magician who, on a break from card tricks, somehow managed to make everyone's drinks and food disappear and left them feeling full and happy! It was a fancy treat for a community whose excitement for 2015 is undeniable! But don't take it from me- check out the reviews of the event here and pictures here.

Thanks to Christner's Prime Steak & Lobster, See Magic Live, and Kim Truelove Photography!

Yelp NC Triangle's Classy Beer Dinner at Zinda

Posted by Lauryn

Zinda typepad

On Wednesday evening, 30 Yelp Elites gathered for an intimate Fortnight beer dinner at Zinda in downtown Raleigh. Chef Rabb prepared a delicious meal to showcase Zinda's New Asian menu while Stuart from Fortnight Brewery educated us on the tasty English style beer pairings. Violinist, Udeshi Hargett serenaded us all evening long with beautiful music. The highlights of the night were definitely the curried carrot ginger soup, lamb curry with naan, the blonde ale and porter brews. The evening ended sweet with sake cake and ticket giveaways for our #FortnightBeerDinner Instagram contest. Read all the five star reviews here and check out all the photos on Flickr.

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Man in Burger Night Elite Event

Posted by Maddalena G

On Tuesday night, our  Yelp Elite Squad gathered together to celebrate and enjoy our very first Elite Event of the year at SIX pub and grill in Posillipo hill. Everyone was involved in an amazing craft beer tasting leaded by microbirrificio Okorei and followed by amazing burger prepared and served by SIX pub and Grill -  with chicken, sausages, chianina meat. As usual a lot of yelp gadget for all the presents. Read all the reviews of the event and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

Martedi Sera, la nostra Squadra Yelp Elite ha festeggiato l'arrivo del Badge elite 2015 con un evento unico e divertente al SIX pub and grill sulla collina di Posillipo. Tutti sono stati coinvolti in una spettacolare degustazione di birra artigianale del microbirrificio Okorei e seguita dai fantastici burger del SIX pub and grill con pollo, salsiccia e carne di chianina. Come sempre tanti yelp gaget per tutti i presenti. Leggi tutte le recensioni dell'evento e vedi tutte le favolose foto sulla pagina Flickr.


Hong Kong's First Elite Event at Stack

Posted by Kevin L


On Wednesday night, our Elite Squad gathered together to celebrate and enjoy our very first Elite Event in Hong Kong at Stack. Everyone was greeted with a glass of Wirra Wirra Moscato, and followed by amazing tasters prepared and served by Stack - the chili chicken wings, the slow cooked eggplants, and the signature honeycomb pancakes. Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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January 21, 2015

Salivating Seafood At The Anchor

Posted by Brinny

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 6.17.37 PM

This past Monday, Yelp Elites gathered for a family style meal at The Anchor in Venice.  Yelpers were able to taste the restaurant's ever-popular Lobster Roll and unique take on Chicken & Waffles.  Other highlighted dishes included an array of sliders, deviled eggs, kale and quinoa salad, and braised octopus, with bite-size s'mores and brownies to top off a tasty evening.  The wine was free-flowing, as well as The Anchor's housemade sangria!


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A Golden Start To A Golden Year


Newly christened Gold Badgers TGIFed like Brazilian royalty thanks to Gauchos Village in Glendale! To celebrate their gilded new profile accessory, LA East Elites indulged in a meat-filled extravaganza with gorgeous, lively entertainment...and did we mention, meat? An endless supply of the finest Brazilian meats graced plates, as well as salads, hot dishes, and desserts (cinammon grilled pineapple on a stick, anyone?). In between mingling over meat, live entertainment in the form of sexy, vibrant samba dancers dazzled out of us our seats and had us swiveling our hips! Read the golden reviews here.

Boston Elites Get Presidential Treatment At Kennedy's On The Square

Posted by Damien S


Nothing says "Happy New Year!" like Jackie O martinis, bison blend sliders and red leather bench seating. Kennedy's On The Square featured these and more to usher in the first class of Yelp's finest for our Inaugural 2015 Elite fete this Tuesday. Harvard Square's newest gastropub pre-gamed the SOTU with a fresh fete, DJ spun tunes and old friends made anew. Check the five star reviews and Tatsu's excellent party pics (tag them on Facebook). To the new year!

Atlanta Elites Get To Sippin' & Snackin' At Max's Wine Dive In Midtown

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 4.58.54 PM

On Tuesday, Atlanta Elites gathered at Max's Wine Dive where one of their many slogans is "Fried Chicken and Champagne? Why the hell not?!" and experienced just that. Chef Patric pulled out all of the stops on the menu from fried chicken, risotto, and even pork-stuffed peppers. All of the items were paired with bubbly and wine, of course, and Yelpers enjoyed time to mingle and get to know one another over a few table questions. Check out all of the reviews here and the photos here

Omaha Celebrates Being Elite in 2015 at Saigon Bowl

Posted by Will

Saigon bowl omaha

For their first event of 2015, Omaha's Yelp Elite Squad had a behind-the-scenes look at Saigon Bowl, a new restaurant serving up fast, fresh and casual Vietnamese. From the lemongrass tofu, steamed rice and Sriracha blend sauce, to the charcoal grilled pork, Saigon signature fried rice and Vietnamese dipping sauce, Elites were able to build their own street-food style bowls any way they wanted. The results, well, were naturally delicious. In all, it was a fun night and a great chance to celebrate once again being Elite in 2015. For more deets, read the reviews of the events and check out the pics.

A big thanks goes out to Saigon Bowl for making this such a fantastic experience!

Yelp Reno's Haute Chocolate at Dorinda's Chocolates

Posted by Michael T

Dorinda's Cover

Last Saturday Yelp Elites kicked off 2015 with some haute chocolates, courtesy of our gracious host, Dorinda's Chocolates. Elites and their guests got the inside track on what makes Dorinda's just so darn special, with a start to finish tour, decadent chocolatiering demonstration, and an opportunity to savor several different pieces of chocolate perfection including Yelp Burst Bon Bons, dark chocolate truffles, and of course, Dorinda's famous dark chocolate sea salt caramels! Dorinda's makes everything by hand, using only the highest quality chocolate and ingredients to create their confections, and Elites got an afternoon filled with education straight from master chocolatiers, Dorinda and her son Dustin! To cap off and compliment this delightful day, Mark Trujillo, owner of Hub Coffee Roasters, came over and shared The Hub story over a cup of Coumbian coffee, which he'd personally sourced on a recent visit. 

Big thank you to Dorinda's Chocolates and Hub Coffee Roasters, and of course our ever present party papparazzi, Chris Holloman of Chris Holloman Photography. Check out all the reviews on the official event page here, check out all the cool party pics in our gallery, and RSVP for more great Yelp Reno events here


Philly's Oodles Of Noodles

Posted by Michelle C


This month, Yelp Philadelphia hosted three sit-down Yelp Elite Event dinners with Noodles & Company, a fast-casual chain that is new to the Philadelphia area. A generous spread of starters, followed by several rounds of noodley dishes were served. Noodles & Company also donated several "meals for four" and "noodles for a year" cards for drawings at each event! For more coverage, check out the reviews and peep the pics!

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San Francisco's Black & Gold Elite Brunch at Plin

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Plin reszied

You know you're a big deal when there's an Elite badge on your profile. But you're an even bigger deal if said badge is gold (5+ years Elite)... or black (10+ years Elite! As a special congrats to our honorary SF Squad members, Plin hosted a celebratory brunch especially for black and gold Elites. Bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary's complimented our family style affair, featuring Tuna Poke, Hand-made Donuts, Faviolo al Uovo, Baked French Toast, Crispy Polenta Cakes and Chopped Salad. Plus, the group was serenaded by a visiting opera singer and got some 1:1 time with Chef Alexander Alioto. Read the 5-star reviews  and see photos (Courtesy of Kevin Kluck). Cheers to black and gold Yelp Elites!

About Our Host:

What's modern Italian cuisine? Join chef Alexander Alioto at his new restaurant, Plin, for a tasty definition and brunch. Chef Alioto made a name for himself at Seven Hills, where he was a chef and partner. Now he has struck out on his own to continue to stretch his culinary imagination. 
Plin is located in the Mission, with a contemporary feel with earth and sea elements including blown Murano Glass Bubbles, walnut tables, and a white-oppulence tiled open kitchen. 

Yelpers Give Back at 3rd Annual Jingle Bowl

Posted by Cindy


Jingle Bowl, Jingle Bowl, Jingle Bowl ROCKED! This year, we celebrated our 3nd annual holiday Yelper shindig at the wonderful Axis Alley at Newport on the Levee. There was free bowling & shoes, free food, merry-making and more! Yelpers got the VIP treatment with access to unlimted bowling in the private lounge, pool, yummy appetizers and of course Yelp's Yuletide Gingerbread Making Station! And of course, all of the proceeds went to the Freestore Foodbank just in time for the holidays. 

You can read all the reviews on the official event party page right here, and check out all the cool party pics by Evoking Light Photography here. A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended and donated — and a big thank you to Rebecca, Kristina, and the entire staff at Axis Alley for being such wonderful hosts!

You can follow them on: Facebook, Twitter & website here. Book your own private party with Axis Alley now by calling (859) 652-7251 or (859) 652-7252 or emailing sales@axisalleylevee.com

Yelp Glasgow Goes to the School of Rock at Hard Rock Cafe!

Posted by Briony C


Thanks to our lovely host, Hard Rock Cafe for letting our Yelp Elite Squad take over the Live Lounge for our first Elite Event of 2015! We had a huge squad of Elites and their beautiful +1s enjoy an amazing cookery masterclass by Luke, feast on tasty ribs, wings and burgers and indulge in hurricane cocktails! 

There was also a memorabilia tour and bite sized desserts which went down a treat. If you missed out on all the fun, you can read the reviews and check out the photos. Thanks again to Hard Rock Cafe for kicking off 2015 in the best way possible. 


January 20, 2015

Yelp LI's Sunday Supper at Spiro's Restaurant

Posted by Drew


On Sunday, 30 LI Elites braved pouring rain and icy roads to get to our Sunday Supper, but boy where they rewarded for their efforts. Spiro's delighted guests with over six courses of elegant dishes, including spicy tuna chips topped with caviar, 28oz porterhouses, rack of lamb, stuffed lobster tails and more! To wash this feast down, Spiro's highlighted several martini's off of their cocktail menu, all of which are made with fresh ingredients. Their staff was working hard and flawlessly took care of all the Yelp guests. Sunday Supper was an event that might top the 'Best Yelp Event of 2015' list! Did you miss out? Check out the glowing 5-star reviews and glorious food porn pics

Jolly January In Vancouver

Posted by Ayla Collins

Blog Photo

We kicked off the new year with an intimate party at Danica's Cafe - a family owned space complete with photos of their Grandma's farm, one of the first organic farms in Alberta. And yes, Grandma's name is Danica! These generous folks provided tons of delicious food including mini shepherd's pies, and gluten free goodies, and even raffled off a whole chocolate pecan pie! Wine was flowing freely, along with delicious Gypsy Tears Ale provided by Parallel 49 Brewing! Danica's staff whipped up some delicious teas and coffees as Elites enjoyed awesome music provided by DJ Leanne of GirlOnWax. Thanks to Linday of Lindsaysdiet for her incredible photos, and thanks to Danica's for spoiling us all so thoroughly! Check out the photos and reviews of this great event!

YelpJax Gets Jazzed at the Ritz

Posted by Allie

Ritz Email

The first Elite event of 2015 delighted all of our senses. YelpJax Elites "put on the Ritz" with our roaring 20’s theme, to enjoy a night of light bites and not one, but two jazz performances from killer seats! After our VIP reception, we took a tour down Jacksonville’s memory lane, with a tour of the iconic Ritz Museum, and then enjoyed the amazing sounds of the Watts Trio and the one and only, Grammy award winning, Diane Schuur. As we parted ways, scats and do-wops filled our heads and we were unleashed into the night. Be sure to check out the amazing costumes and concert pics here, and read all about it here!

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Welcome To 2015, Yelp Elites!

Posted by Stephanie
The bright lights and glory of a brand new spanking badge brought together one hundred New Jersey Yelp Elites to The Shannon Rose in Woodbridge for a night of tasting stations, cocktail and craft beer tastings, passed apps and of course fun. From crispy mozzarella tempura, lobster bisque, Irish corned beef spring rolls to sweet chili boneless wings, Yelpers were welcomed to a never ending supply of the most tantalizing dishes. If that weren't enough, each food station was paired with a suggested complimentary beverage like the carved NY Strip and Tullamore Dew & Hudson Baby Bourbon or the reuben fritters and the Ommegang 3 Philosophers. Definitely a night to remember! Read all the reviews here and see all the fabulous photos here

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Exklusive Rum Tasting at The Caribbean Embassy.

Posted by Verena


A great start to a yelpy 2015. Our first elite event was yummy not only for pirates in Munich. We cruised to an exclusive Rum Tasting to „The Caribbean Embassy". The head of the pirates, Mr. Gärtner took us to the story of rum and explained the different production methods. The highlight was an exclusive tasting of the various flavors of Jamaican rum on to Cuban rum finishing with nontraditional spiced rums, that are produced at the embassy itself. The rum tasting was rounded off with a Caribbean buffet and delicious finger food, my beloved banana ketchup was also not missing . Many thanks to Mr. Gärtner and the entire cew of the Caribbean Embassy, a special thanks to Florian V. who was a great photographer for that night. Thanks also to the whole Elite team, I hope the tail of the snake did not bite you today! Click here to read all reviews and here to see more pics from the event.

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January 19, 2015

A Yelp Elite Marvel Experience

Posted by Heli M.



Last Friday over 150 Elites came out to the Dallas Fair Park grounds to live like a superhero for the night! Attendees swung with Spider-Man, smashed with Hulk, and flew with Iron Man in next generation hyper-reality for an adventurous VIP experience like no other! Missed out on this one-of-a-kind experience? Read up on the reviews... or you could just check it out with our special ongoing Yelp discount: TEN to save 10% off ticket prices!

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Dinner Club At Foodlab Sthlm

Posted by Agnes Lindberg


Sunday January 18th was the day of the first Yelp Stockholm Elite event of 2015. A lucky group of Elites got together at Foodlab Sthlm to learn how to cook hearty food from scratch with two professional chefs; the owner Gunnar and his head chef David. Divided into three groups, each group was in charge of one dish and everyone raised to the occassion. Meat was grinded, vegetables was chopped, some serious flaming took place and beautiful dishes were presented. One dish was enjoyed together with wine and local beer as new and old Elites shared stories, laughed together and took many pictures of the exquisite food to be able to win the photo competion. When the event was over, each Elite got to take two dishes home to enjoy during the week.

Read the reviews, check out the photos, especially these photos, what a great way to start 2015!

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In Toulouse, Elites cook like real Chefs !

Posted by Florence


Saturday, Toulouse's Elite squad was invited to discover Moichef.fr and their exquisite concept that allows you to cook Chefs' recipes at home like a boss ! The Yelp bonus ? The Elites got to do that with an actual real exceptional Chef : the Chef Yannick and in his own kitchen.

Amazed by their cooking skills, and all the great tips they got, we tasted and elect the better looking ones (since they all tasted heavenly equally good). So big kudos to Laure Estelle, Wesley, Gaelle and Julie for their victory ! Also, a big bravo to Marie, Eva, Aurianne and Coline that participated and cooked delicious lamb and gnocchis !

All of the 30 Elites that attended enjoyed an exquisite buffet of candies, and of course scomptious banana bailey cakes made by the Chef, just for them ! Check out their reviews on Yelp, and the pictures on Flickr.

Our partners : MoiChef.fr - Chez Yannick

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Burn Baby Burn In Hamburg

Posted by Heiko


The first Hamburg Elite event started on the 15th of January in the Hamburg Speicherstadt. It was the first Elite event ever, for some Elites a big WOW and a happy get together with the other Yelpers.

The Grillfino guys invited us for a special Burner tasting, not Burger! They opened exclusivly in the evening and presented us their fresh and tasty food. Steak and Chicken grilled on a lava-grill and combined with fresh ingredients. The Yelp crowed were so enthusiastic. It was a awesome taste. Cold beer brewed by Von Freude and homemade cupecakes from Jay supplemented the special dinner at the Markethall.

Read all the great reviews of these event here and see all the fantastic and delicious photos on the Flickr page.

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Yelp Perth's Beach Party

Posted by Laura

Yelp's Beach Party

300 Yelpers flocked to Scarborough Beach yesterday for Yelp’s Beach Party! The City of Stirling’s Summerset Arts Festival’s Sunset Veranda boasted breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline, and set the most wonderful relaxed setting.

Yelpers were beyond impressed with the food and drink on offer from local vendors, and enjoyed an array of incredible entertainment throughout the party. See for yourself by checking out the photos and reading the reviews.

A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors for making this event possible:


- The City of Stirling & their Summerset Arts Festival

- Baguette Me Not
- Sunara Foods
- Simply Paella & Tapas
- Guerilla Foods
- Sweetly Baked
- Vintage Style Cakes & Cookies
- Modo Gelato

- Sol
- Monteith's
- Wirra Wirra
- Dimattina Coffee

Entertainment & Styling
- Famous Sharron
- Alice & Rose
- Sambora
- Coco Cabana
- Fliptease

January 18, 2015

Maritime Madness In Calgary

Posted by Dale E.

Maritime Madness-header

Calgary Yelp Elites took over Billingsgate MKT for a party so fresh you could eat it raw. "Homestyle" reached new levels as Elites feasted on Great Grandad's fish 'n' chips and Great Grandma's clam chowder, courtesty of this family owned and operated (since 1907) fish market.  Jameson Irish Whiskey, Village Brewery beer and loud, live music turned this fishy feast into full-on maritime madness. If a party could drunkenly hug you, this one would. Read all the rauckus reviews and reel-in the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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You Know What They Say, Yelp's a Cabaret!

Posted by Cassie Glenn

Blog cover

What do arcade games, popart, aerial silks and singing bartenders have in common? They all came together perfectly Wednesday night as Miami Elites gathered in true South Beach fashion at Yelp's a Cabaret! The night began at ARTcade, part art gallery, part arcade, where Elites and plus 1's sipped on premium beverages while chowing down on meatballs from neighborhood newcomer Cibo Wine Bar, and getting to know one another with a "Community Match" icebreaker. After that, the party drifted nextdoor for a whole different experience at The Cabaret South Beach. There, guests were stunned by the vocal chops of the waiters and bartenders as they sang soulful renditions of classics that had everyone dancing in their seats. Two distinct experiences, one epic night that kicked off 2015 on a high note (literally). We're shining a spotlight on the reviews here and photos here

Special thanks to the sponsors that made this event possible including Miami Media SchoolNew Belgium Brewing CompanySKYY VodkaHeinekenCibo Wine Bar South BeachARTcade and The Cabaret South Beach

January 17, 2015

Pup-A-Palooza Elite Event at Cuckoo Callay Sydney

Posted by Ben B.


Newtown was the happiest place in the world on Saturday morning when Elites and their little furry buddies gathered at cafe hotspot Cuckoo Callay to get their wag on and sample signature menu items like #Hashtag Browns 2.0, a crispy bubble-and-squeak hash brown with pea puree and bacon steak and get-in-my-mouth worthy brioche French toast with bacon, peanut caramel, and whipped ricotta. The dogs got bizzay with maple bacon dog biscuits and pupacino action all up in their face business. Do yourself a flava flav and check the PHOTOS and REVIEWS.

A giant thank you to Ibby & Ella from Cuckoo Callay for their wonderful hospitality and friendliness. Photos courtesy Sam Macmillan.





How to become a Berliner in one hour?

Posted by Anne


On January 16 the Berlin Yelp Elites were invited to THE ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE to fully enjoy Berlin: How to become a REAL Berliner in one hour? was the question of the night. At the Spielbank Berlin Comedian Karsten Kaie took us through 10 lessons from shopping to taking a cab , from dating to finding an apartment - Berlin style! Dear Karsten Kaie, thanx for the most hilarious lesson we were ever taught - highly recommended to everybody who is toying with the idea of moving to, already living in or just in love with the best city in the world: Berlin!

More details on the show and this special night you´ll find in the reviews of the Yelp Elites and their pictures. The header pic is taken by Thomas K - thanx so much!


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January 16, 2015

Yelp LI's Yelp's Brain Busting Beer Pairing at Jackson's Restaurant

Posted by Drew


On Thursday, 35 Long Island Elites gathered at Jackson's Restaurant for a night of trivia and a 4-course menu tasting. Each course was carefully paired with a craft brew, which helped bring out the flavors in the respective dishes. The menu of moist crab cakes, flaky mushroom tarts, burnt sprouts with apple coder vinegar and a chocolate peanut butter apple crisp batting cleanup was beyond delicious. Beyond the eats, Elites broke into teams and tested their knowledge of all things useless in a game of group trivia. Battles were waged and one team emerged victorious. Check out all the pictures and 5-star reviews

Yelp's Urban Dinner Assault

Posted by Nathen


The Las Vegas Elite community kicked off 2015 with an "Urban Belly Assault" outfitted with cocktails, savory treats, and a specialty tasting dinner. Hosted by the owner of Tom's Urban himself, Mr. Tom Ryan. Elites enjoyed a brief cocktail hour with passed foodie samplings and drinks, which got their taste buds ready for Tom's Urban foodie assault. Elites were served a total of twelve dishes starting with apps: Xiangxiang Crispy Duck Wings, Big Ass Egg Roll Bites, and Buffalo Chicken Sliders. The main course included: Low-country Shrimp & Grits, Filet Mignon Benedict, Verde Pork Mac & Cheese, and Prime Rib Philly Cheese Steak Dip to name a few. Tom introduced each dish with a brief explanation of said dish and also took questions from the crowd. Tons of food, fun, and great company. Check out the event photos here and read some of the keen reviews here

Big Thanks to Tom's Urban LV, Digital Guerrilla Inc., and the New York, New York



Winter Fun In Greensboro

Posted by Holly

Blog ww ee

What better way to kick off the 2015 Yelp Elite Squad year than with some ice skating, cookies, and hot chocolate to warm everyone up a bit. On Sunday Elites headed out to the WFMY Piedmont Winterfest Ice Skating rink in downtown Greensboro, to skate at one of the only outdoor ice skating rinks in the area. There was only one fall which was pretty impresssive considering it had been about ten years since most of us had been on skates. Elites were able to act like kids again when it came to sledding down the ice coaster; we all shared a lot of laughs and will continue to laugh checking out those pictures! Take a look at the awesome photos here and read what Yelpers thought about the event here

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January 15, 2015

Proof & Pantry's Roaring 20's Soirée

Posted by Heli M.


On Wednesday, January 14th Yelp Elites and their guests were invited to a Roaring 20's Soiree at the swanky Proof & Pantry in the Dallas Arts District. From flappers to zoot suits, Elites partied in classic style! French 75 champagne cocktails and old fashioned proved to be a hit, along with delectable passed appetizers prepared by amazing Chef Kyle! And to celebrate our first event of the year, there were other cool elements including a classic red lipstick station and a 'Make Your Own Old Fashioned' station. Add in upbeat 20's jazz and it was a recipe for a damn good start to 2015! The reviews are raving and the official photos are up!

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