October 10, 2014

Roma - Meet the new CM party


A new community manager for Rome!
Salvatore aka Thore introduced himself to the Yelpers last night! 
The Anticafé was the venue of the event, it's a café but also a coworking space where you can go paying for your time spent there and having food, drink and wi-fi free. 
During the party fantastic live jazz music and good food provided by a local bakery but the real protagonist of the night was the craft beer, great passion of the new CM, offered by Jungle Juice Brewing a roman beer firm. 
Beautiful atmosphere e a lot of very glad Yelpers met the new Community Manager.
If you want enjoy again the party you can take a look of the pictures or read the reviews!


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September 23, 2014

Milano: Dal Piemonte con furore

Posted by Claudia R


Can you imagine a better start after summer holidays, than having a full hamburger tasting night with loads of artisanal beers and a super sweet ending of home-made tiramisu? Well, in Milan we actually can't, as it was the best "back to the city" night we could imagine, in a cozy 50s home environment full of happy Yelpers who had tons of stories to tell about their holidays adventures and future plans. If you still can't believe it... well, have a look at the wonderful pictures here and come and read the passionate reviews about it!

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July 17, 2014

Buon Compleanno, Yelp!

Posted by Claudia R


Last Saturday Yelp Milan enjoyed its first official Yelper Party, in order to celebrate 10 years of Yelp and the Yelp Awards. It was a great occasion to spend some time together with business owners, as well as a funny, emotional and relaxed event for Elites before summer holidays. We tasted fresh cheeses, goose products, artisanal beers and hand made food, all from Lumbardy, and with the help of the Iberitalian team we had a wondrous ceremony for Yelp Awards, inviting more than 60 local business owners, plus 150 Yelpers. If you haven't been there... well, nothing will be the same, but you can have a look at the pics here and read the reviews at this link

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May 27, 2014

A Milano con Yelp c'è più (de)Gusto!

Posted by Claudia R


The new Bio c' Bon store opened up for the first time to a special Yelp Elite Squad, ready for a full set of delicious tastings, because bio means not only an eye to ecology, but great flavour as well! Between a sip of artisanal beer and a bite of mozzarella, Yelpers had the chance of chatting with Federica, naturopath and herbalism expert, and got to know better Emna, who runs the shop. Taking pictures was a great occasion to take part in a photo challenge as well, as the best pic, from Marco V, won two tickets for the following Zelig Cabaret show, with a first row table and free prosecco. Here are all the pics and what the Yelpers had to say about the event!

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March 24, 2014

Turisti per caso a Borgo Antico

Posted by Kristina

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 17.09.21

Wednesday night the Florentine Elites had a great time at Borgo Antico. Everyone came dressed as a tourist from all over the world. Elide M was Marie Clair from Paris, Alessandro T became Franz from Germany, with socks and sandals. We all invented made up names and life stories. Chef Marco made some great pizzas and "mare caldo" a mixed fish dish. After a few glasses of wine we started a cooking contest with 3 groups, every team had to prepare an appetizer, that tasted and looked good. Chef Marco choose the winners that had made the Yelp around plate. Here are all the photos and what the Elites had to say about the event.

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