December 02, 2015

Roma: Degustare e conoscere l'olio extravergine



Elite event dedicated to the Olive Oil tasting. Roman Yelpers have improved their knowledge about Olive Oil thanks tothe lesson with two oil “sommeliers”: Palma Esposito and Simona Cognoli. Simona is also the owner of Oleonauta, a specialized shop which has provided some oils for this tasting event. One of those Oils was Olio Pignatelli, which is another brand partner of this event. This tasting was organized by Yelp Roma in collaboration with the Roman Sommelier Association in the wonderful venue of Enoteca Capranica, in the heart of historical city center of Rome.

Look at the picture and read the reviews!


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October 02, 2015

Roma RestArt Party

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Is there a better place than the Rest Art Rome to restart our elite events after summer time?

That's a wonderful restaurant cafè with a terrace on the Circo Massimo, it's located inside a 17th century building: a place aimed to entertain with music, art and great food.

In fact the Yelpers had a dinner to taste the new menu, they also enjoyed a jazz concert of the Carlo Conti trio and the video art performances of Lino Strangis e Claudio Marani. 

Do you want to know how was it? Look at the picture and read the reviews!

Sponsor: Rest Art Rome


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July 16, 2015

Roma: Giano e il Cibo Divino


Pc_yelpelite_gianolab (118 di 203)


A gastronomic workshop where tradition blends with innovation: genuine ingredients combined in a creative way.

A look at the past and another one at the future, just like Giano (Janus), the ancient Roman god with two faces.

During the event, the Yelpers tasted different kinds of gourmet sandwiches prepared by the chef Michele Fiano and matched with excellent craft beers.

After a quiz about the Ancient Rome's food, the teams of Yelpers had lots of fun choosing ingredients and preparing sandwiches. The results? Well, we've just appreciate their brave creativity...

Look at the picture and read the reviews!

Sponsor: Giano Laboratorio Gastronomico


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April 22, 2015

Yelp Roma TEAsting


Pairing different teas from all over the world with delicious italian cheese.

If you never thought to match those flavours before it's just because you have not enjoyed last Yelp Elite Event in Rome.

Fiordité was the venue of the event, the cheeses was offered by La Formaggeria, one of most famous cheese shop in Roma and the special guest was Giustino Catalano. He is a tea expert of Gu Shu, an association promoting the knowledge and the culture of tea.

Yelpers was very excited to attend this special lesson and at the end they got the right gadget.

Now they know a little bit more about tea and what's better than taste it in a red Yelp mug?

Look at the picture and read the reviews!

Sponsor: Fiordité - La Formaggeria


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March 11, 2015

Tapas, cocktail e musica al Magazzino 33!



An amazing event for the roman Elite community at the Magazzino 33, tapas and cocktail bar in Porta Portese area.

Yelpers tasted the best tapas freshly made by the chef, a good compromise between international kitchen and italian traditional specialities.

During the dinner the singer SiVa entertained the yelpers with his ironic songs in a very nice live show.

The bartender involved different teams of yelpers in a funny game to guess the five ingredients of a cocktail. As usual, at the end of the party Yelp gadgets for all.

Look at the pictures and read the reviews!


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March 10, 2015

La Prima Volta de La Birretta

Posted by Claudia R


February and March are Milan's Festival of First month, and what's better for a First Time than to enter a place for the first time ever, even before it opens to the public? It's exactly what happened at La Birretta, where Yelp Elite members had a taste of beers, bread and salame offered in a very typical location, the day before its official opening. February is the month of love as well, so we all wrote down our love letters to our favorite Yelp places, so that they will receive special paper Valentines! If you want to know more, come and read the reviews and have a look at the pictures as well! 

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February 07, 2015

Roma: Dj for a night at the Hard Rock Cafe


A fantastic event at the Hard Rock Cafe Rome for the Yelp Elite squad. 

After a welcome drink and a brief history of the Hard Rock Café, the staff presented their most famous dishes and cocktails, Yelpers tasted real american specialities as the Legendary Burger and the Smoked Pulled Pork!

The Yelpers were involved in an exciting "rock treasure hunting" that made them discover the memorabilia collection of the Hard Rock Cafe Rome. After that 10 volunteers were asked to get on stage and perform as real Djs. Public decided the winners of the contest who won Hard Rock Cafe gifts.

Look at the pictures and read the reviews!


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December 23, 2014

Quack! E' uno Yelp Natale a Milano!

Posted by Claudia R

O (3)

This year, Santa decided to change a bit and came to Milan with a sledge, Rudolph the Deer and... ducks! Yes, ducks: that's why we enjoyed our Xmas party at Quack, a cozy shop and restaurant in the city center, where everything you can eat is about ducks, from appetizers to main dishes, even aperitivos! We had dinner, chatted, exchanged Christmas wishes and had the chance of learning everything about ducks and duck products from Greta, owner of the place. We also collected presents under the Yelpy Xmas Tree and gifted them all to Fondazione De Marchi, which takes care of hospitalized kids. Cherry on the cake: the Yelpy Xmas Gift, to every good Yelp dude and dudette! Want to know more? Read the reviews and enjoy our wonderful pics!

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Rome: Anteprima Roma Yelp Ale

ROMA_RomaYelpAle_FBCover_V2 (1)


"Roma Yelp Ale" is the name of the Yelp's craft beer, produced by the brewery of Eataly Roma, the largest shopping center specilized in the sale of high quality italian food.

It was brewed a month ago and the roman Yelpers attended to all the steps of the brewing process.

Last night the Yelp Elite squad has had a chance to taste their beer in preview. During the Elite Event the beer was matched with an excellent buffet.

Since today the Roma Yelp Ale will be available to all on tap at the brewery of Eataly.

Look at the pictures and read the reviews



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December 10, 2014

Yelp, il Wok è giusto!

Posted by Claudia R


Three years of Yelp Milano need a proper party for sure, that's why the local Yelp Elite Squad flooded Wok Eat, a small but uber-nice restaurant on the side of the Castle, to enjoy a special night. 5 showcookings of different and new dishes, 30 happy Yelpers tasting them, writing down details, chatting with the biz owner, Edoardo, and discovering even small histories about them. We had the chance of voting for the best dish of all and it became Yelpers' Choiche on December Menu for the restaurant! Moreover, a big tramezzini cake was offered from Toasteria Mi Casa and we blew away candles in a night of enjoyment and happyness! If you weren't there, read the reviews and have a look at these beautiful pictures!

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November 29, 2014

Rome Elite Event: wine, food and nice people.

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Trezero is a new winebar in Torrino's area in Rome and it hosted the november's Elite Event. "Wine food and nice people" was the topic of the night: finger food kindly offered by the Trezero's staff were matched with Prosecco, Merlot and Gewürztraminer. Special guest: Mario Raggi, one of the most popular professional sommeliers of the region Lazio. He ran the tasting giving a brief lesson about the origin and the production of the offered wines. The Yelpers were very interested in and asked a lot of questions. They seemed to be very happy to learn something more about the world of wine. At the end of the evening the community manager gave many gadgets to everyone which were, as usual, very appreciated. Look at the pictures and read the reviews.


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October 31, 2014

Alle streghe di Milano piace il sushi!

Posted by Claudia R

Copia di IMG_0729

What do sushi, Isola and halloween have in common? Nothing to common mortals, but for Yelpers they are just one thing and the meaning is having fun 'til late! And it was so: Milan Elites had an early all hallows eve putting on witch hats and riding... wooden sticks, to answer the question "trick or uramaki?" at Brigitte Sushi Corner. Warming it all up with good wines was nearly obvious, as taking funny pictures in order to get a longed ticket to the Italian Beer Festival. Special guest of the night, Tiziana, Ettore F's fiancee, who got to know via phone call everyone, voice after voice, cht by chat, before being able to speak with her loved one! If you missed the party, you can still dream about it: have a look at the pictures and then run to read reviews from people who enjoyed it!

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October 28, 2014

Evento Elite da Feel&Feel

Posted by Kristina



Hanno aperto i cancelli a "La Locanda by Feel&Feel" per un evento esclusivo per pochi Elite a Villa Demidoff. Hanno allestito un tavolo imbandito per una cena autunnale a lume di candela. Abbiamo avuto il piacere di assaggiare quattro portate, dall'antipasto al dolce, assaggiando solo alcuni delle loro ricette ma che sono bastate a farci capire la loro bravura e attenzione ai dettagli. Feel&Feel è anche un brand di catering specializzato in eventi privati, show cooking e corsi di cucina. Tra segnaposti personalizzati e una tovalglia come tela, gli Elite hanno passato una piacevole serata, accomagnata da buon vino e un atmosfera unica. Ecco le recensioni sulla serata e le foto. Grazie allo Chef Daniele Palazzoni e a tutto lo staff per l'accoglienza.

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October 10, 2014

Roma - Meet the new CM party


A new community manager for Rome!
Salvatore aka Thore introduced himself to the Yelpers last night! 
The Anticafé was the venue of the event, it's a café but also a coworking space where you can go paying for your time spent there and having food, drink and wi-fi free. 
During the party: fantastic live jazz music and good food provided by a local bakery but the real protagonist of the night was the craft beer, great passion of the new CM, offered by Jungle Juice Brewing a roman beer firm. 
Beautiful atmosphere and a lot of very glad Yelpers met the new Community Manager.
If you want enjoy again the party you can take a look at the pictures or read the reviews!


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September 23, 2014

Milano: Dal Piemonte con furore

Posted by Claudia R


Can you imagine a better start after summer holidays, than having a full hamburger tasting night with loads of artisanal beers and a super sweet ending of home-made tiramisu? Well, in Milan we actually can't, as it was the best "back to the city" night we could imagine, in a cozy 50s home environment full of happy Yelpers who had tons of stories to tell about their holidays adventures and future plans. If you still can't believe it... well, have a look at the wonderful pictures here and come and read the passionate reviews about it!

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July 17, 2014

Buon Compleanno, Yelp!

Posted by Claudia R


Last Saturday Yelp Milan enjoyed its first official Yelper Party, in order to celebrate 10 years of Yelp and the Yelp Awards. It was a great occasion to spend some time together with business owners, as well as a funny, emotional and relaxed event for Elites before summer holidays. We tasted fresh cheeses, goose products, artisanal beers and hand made food, all from Lumbardy, and with the help of the Iberitalian team we had a wondrous ceremony for Yelp Awards, inviting more than 60 local business owners, plus 150 Yelpers. If you haven't been there... well, nothing will be the same, but you can have a look at the pics here and read the reviews at this link

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May 27, 2014

A Milano con Yelp c'è più (de)Gusto!

Posted by Claudia R


The new Bio c' Bon store opened up for the first time to a special Yelp Elite Squad, ready for a full set of delicious tastings, because bio means not only an eye to ecology, but great flavour as well! Between a sip of artisanal beer and a bite of mozzarella, Yelpers had the chance of chatting with Federica, naturopath and herbalism expert, and got to know better Emna, who runs the shop. Taking pictures was a great occasion to take part in a photo challenge as well, as the best pic, from Marco V, won two tickets for the following Zelig Cabaret show, with a first row table and free prosecco. Here are all the pics and what the Yelpers had to say about the event!

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March 24, 2014

Turisti per caso a Borgo Antico

Posted by Kristina

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 17.09.21

Wednesday night the Florentine Elites had a great time at Borgo Antico. Everyone came dressed as a tourist from all over the world. Elide M was Marie Clair from Paris, Alessandro T became Franz from Germany, with socks and sandals. We all invented made up names and life stories. Chef Marco made some great pizzas and "mare caldo" a mixed fish dish. After a few glasses of wine we started a cooking contest with 3 groups, every team had to prepare an appetizer, that tasted and looked good. Chef Marco choose the winners that had made the Yelp around plate. Here are all the photos and what the Elites had to say about the event.

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