January 21, 2016

Berlin Elites escaped within 60 Minutes!

Posted by Shoshana B.


On tuesday, January 9th, Berlin’s Elite had the chance to play escape games. Lots of excitement, adventure and obstacles were waiting for Berlin’s Yelpers! They were playing in Teams of 5-6 people each and tried to be the fastest team of the evening. In the end, everyone left the event excited, proud and with a big smile on their face! Read the fantastic reviews and see the pictures here.

Special thanks to Team Escape Berlin


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December 21, 2015

Exploring One Of Berlin's Biggest Theatres

Posted by Shoshana B.


On Friday night, Yelp Berlin Elites got to see one of the biggest theatres in Germany backstage. They had the chance to be on stage and wave at all their (imaginary) fans! Also they learned about the techniques behind the big shows and had some fun insight into the daily life of the actors. Read the reviews of the event here!

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December 09, 2015

Nürnberg Elites Walk In The Dark

Posted by Katie

Untitled design

Tuesday the 8th of December was a fantastic night for Nürnberg’s Elite, as they were invited to discover their city from an entirely different point of view. Armed only with a torch and a helmet each, the lights were soon switched off and the group ventured into the deepest parts of their city for a walk in the dark through Nürnberg’s underground maze of beer cellars. Read all the reviews of the event here and find all the fantastic photos here.

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November 17, 2015

Live Escape Mission60Minutes

Posted by Timo Beck


On November 16th the Yelp Elites of Düsseldorf survived a real-life team attraction, the city's first Live Escape Game. In the neighborhood of Dusseldorf's former Slaughterhouse, tons of excitement, puzzles and obstacles were waiting for the Yelpers - and they mastered it! Check out the reviews of the Elites.

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November 13, 2015

Meet The CM Berlin

Posted by Shoshana B.

On Thursday Evening, it was time for Berlin’s great Yelpers and the new Community Manager Shoshana to meet each other!
With some drinks, snacks and a crazy electroswing DJ, the atmosphere reached its peak at Le Labo, a bar that many Yelpers did not know yet… and they were surprised! Yelpers contributed by taking many photos, signing a big printed picture of Berlin and throwing ideas, questions and wishes into the “idea box”. Read the reviews and see the pictures of the event here!

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October 26, 2015

Köln Elite Event: Fromanda - Eine kulinarische Reise durch China

Posted by Kristin H.
O (6)
What a fantastic trip through China! 20 Elites of the Cologne squad were treated with culinary delights and experienced specialities from different regions like Szechuan, Hunan and Taiwan. The small but great chinese restaurant Fromanda focuses on the quality of food. All meals are fresh and cooked without glutamate. Restaurant owner Ying Li was a wonderful host. She even invited a chinese musician who played a song for us. Due to a rotation of tables per course the evening became very communicative. Furthermore the elites won yelptastic prizes during a quiz about chinese eating habits. A great Elite event we won't forget!
Was für eine fantastische Reise durch China! 20 Kölner Elites wurden kulinarisch verwöhnt und durften verschiedene Gänge mit Spezialitäten aus Szechuan, Hunan, Taiwan und mehr testen. Das kleine aber feine chinesische Restaurant Fromanda legt viel Wert auf die Qualität der Speisen, alles kommt frisch und ohne Glutamat auf den Tisch. Besitzerin Ying Li war sehr um ihre Gäste bemüht und hatte als Überraschung auch eine chinesische Musikstudentin eingeladen, die auf ihrer Querflöte eine tolle Showeinlage bot. Um den Abend etwas kommunikativer zu gestalten, saßen pro Gang immer verschiedene Yelper am Tisch beisammen. Zudem gab es ein Quiz über chinesische Esskultur mit yelptastischen Gewinnen. Ein Elite Event was wir sicher nicht so schnell vergessen werden.

August 27, 2015

Die Yelp Elite Backschule Düsseldorf

Posted by Timo Beck


Am Mittwoch, den 26.8.2015 durfte die Düsseldorfer Yelp Elite hinter die Kulissen von Hercules, der einzigen Bio-Vollkorn und Mühlenbäckerei der Stadt, blicken. Inhaber Johannes klärte uns ausführlich über Rohstoffe, Backverfahren, das Bäckerhandwerk und die langen Arbeitszeiten als Bäcker auf. Die Yelper durften dann schließlich auch selbst ran und aus einem Vollkorn-Weinzenmehl leckeres Gebäck herstellen, quasi als kurzlebiges Andenken an dieses fantastische Event. Danke an Johannes und das Hercules-Team. Die Beiträge der Yelper findet ihr hier und alle Fotos von Werner K hier.

On Wednesday, 08.26.2015 the Düsseldorf Yelp Elite could look behind the scenes of the only organic whole grains bakery, Hercules, in Düsseldorf. Owner Johannes explained to us in detail on raw materials, baking processes, the baking trade and the long working hours as a baker. The Yelpers could then manufacture delicious pastries themselves, as a kind of short-lived memory of this fantastic event. Thanks to Johannes and the Hercules team. The reviews of the Yelpers can be found here and all photos by Werner K here .

June 16, 2015

Yelp Elite "Wein Weltreise" Düsseldorf

Posted by Timo Beck


The Düsseldorf Yelp Elite squad could again indulge in great wine on June 16th. We met at Vindega, a new and very hip wine bar, including an attached wine shop and and online shop, for a "wine world trip". The Vindega team guided us through great wines from all over the world and there was not only wine but also exciting information on top and some great Tapas from La Olliva. Listening carefully has paid off, because there was a wine quiz with a high-quality wine to win. "Wohl bekomms"! Have a look at the reviews and the photos (thanks to Bastian Tworuschka) of the event.


Die Düsseldorfer Yelp Elite durfte am 16.6. wieder dem Wein frönen. Wir trafen uns in der Vindega, einer neuen und sehr hippen Weinbar samt angeschlossenem Weinhandel und Onlineshop zu einer Wein-Weltreise. Das Vindega Team führte uns durch tolle Weine aus allen Teilen der Welt und es gab nicht nur ausreichend Wein sondern auch spannende Informationen und leckere Tapas vom La Olliva dazu. Gut Aufpassen hat sich gelohnt, denn beim Wein Quiz gab es tolle Preise zu gewinnen! Wohl bekomms! Hier geht's zu den Beiträgen und den Fotos (Danke an Bastian Tworuschka) des Events.

B_2_2349 Kopie

June 12, 2015

Munich Meets Its New CM

Posted by Mike

Untitled design

Wednesday the 10. June marked the day that Munichs Yelp Community got to meet its new CM. Elites, Yelpers and newbies got together in the Salon Irkutsk to enjoy a great evening in Russian-French Trainstation-Pub-atmosphere and hoist a pint to a new beginning. For many it was a chance to see new faces, meet old acquaintances and enjoy an evening of Vodka, Borschtsch and Macarons. But check out what you missed for yourself, you can find the reviews here and some lovely photos here.

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June 09, 2015

Yelp Elites @Chamäleon = DUMMY lab :-)

Posted by Anne


On May 7th the Berlin Yelp Elites were invited to the Dummy Lab show @Chamäleon, a well known theatre in Berlin, dedicated to #newcircus and Varieté! Before the show even started a welcome drink was awaiting us and we were warmly welcomed by the Linda and Simone with exclusive insights on the history of the theatre and lots of background information on the show and their artists. The show was "wow!" - 5 stars from the whole Yelp Elite!

Thanx so much Linda and Simone and the whole team of Chamäleon and the artists of Dummy lab! Excited for more? Find the reviews and pics of the night on Yelp!

May 18, 2015

Yelp Elites in a Buchbox!

Posted by Anne


Yelp Elite events are when dreams come true. So it happened last weekend in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg in one of Berlins most charming bookstores: the buchbox! @Helmholtzplatz. The Berlin Yelp Elites were invited to spend a whole night in there, making sure none of the stories came true and dive into all the adventures living on the book shelves. David Mesche and his team made sure there were readings, midnight tours, even cinema! On top there were freshly baked Flammkuchen, wine and even breakfast in the morning!

Curious? Check out the reviews and pics from the event!

Thanx to the amazing people from buchbox!, Frank and Vanessa from the Flammkuchenmanufaktur Wannsee and Beumer und Lutum and Vegan Tiger for delicious sunday morning breakfast!

April 27, 2015

Elite Cocktail? Elite meisterschüler!

Posted by Anne


On Sunday, April 26th the Berlin Yelp Elites were invited to a private masterclass in the art of cocktail mixing and bartending. They found their master in Niko Augustin from the meisterschüler Bar!  He told us all and every trick to end up with a solid drink, a happy guest and entertain the bar for a whole night! What a perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon with Spreeblick and your favourite cocktail in your hand - mixed by yourself!

Thanx to Niko for welcoming us behind his bar! Thanx to the meisterschüler Bar for sharing all their liquors and their best man with us. Thanx to Tigertörtchen für the yummy Cuptails (cocktail + cupcake) pyramid! 

Please find all the missing details in the reviews and pictures!

(Header © Stephan S)

March 26, 2015

Mole, Mezcal, México im Prenzlauerberg!

Posted by Anne


On a usual evening in March the Berlin Yelp Elites were invited on a short but oh so tasty trip to Mexico! The team of Papalótl had prepared stops full of Habanero and Jalapeño, little heaps of guacamole and mole, tasty challenges in the shades of Tamarinde and finally we climbed the sometimes smoky sometimes fruity hills of Mezcal: ¡Que viva México!

Find more pics on flickr and all the reviews on Yelp!

Thanx so much to Barbara, Hector, Alfredo and Chef Julián! And thanx to Daniel Aloni for the awesome pics!

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February 26, 2015

Wawa is for "Come closer to Korean food!"

Posted by Anne



For a belated celebration of the Korean New Years Eve the Berlin Yelp Elites were invited to an introduction into the Art of Korean Dining at the newly opened Wawa in Berlin-Schöneberg. After being welcomed with hot green and roasted corn aka popcorn tea they were given a short How To Eat With Chopsticks and a guide into the Korean etiquette by Elite Ki-Won S and an intro to the Art of Korean Dining by the Wawa team! And then there was the food ceremony  - letting us experiencing that you never leave a Korean table hungry. There was beef and pork Bulgogi and all kind of supplements to make your own Ssam (salad wrap), there was sweet pumpkin soup, there was a GIANT bowl of bibimbap. Dessert luckily came in a liquid form, a rice wine drink given an added sparkle with Sprite!

Thanx Wawa! Thanx Ki-Won S! Thanx Alex W for the fun pictures! Don't miss to check more pics and the reviews for more details!

February 13, 2015

99 #yelpcupid loveletters to favourite Berlin places

Posted by Anne

PicMonkey Collage

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Berlin Business Owners! In November 2014 the guests at the eat&STYLE had the chance to write a love letter to their favorite local restaurant, bar, ice cream parlor or dentist. The Berlin Yelp Elite team promised to deliver them in person - and that´s what we did within the past weeks: delivering 99 lovely decorated #yelpcupid hymns to the best Karaoke bar, the best Tonic water, the best looking waiter or just the coffee shop around the corner who makes every start into a new day a good one! Congrats to all the loved ones - keep up the good job and enjoy the well deserved Yelp love!

Reach out to all the happy faces here!

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January 19, 2015

Burn Baby Burn In Hamburg

Posted by Heiko


The first Hamburg Elite event started on the 15th of January in the Hamburg Speicherstadt. It was the first Elite event ever, for some Elites a big WOW and a happy get together with the other Yelpers.

The Grillfino guys invited us for a special Burner tasting, not Burger! They opened exclusivly in the evening and presented us their fresh and tasty food. Steak and Chicken grilled on a lava-grill and combined with fresh ingredients. The Yelp crowed were so enthusiastic. It was a awesome taste. Cold beer brewed by Von Freude and homemade cupecakes from Jay supplemented the special dinner at the Markethall.

Read all the great reviews of these event here and see all the fantastic and delicious photos on the Flickr page.

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January 17, 2015

How to become a Berliner in one hour?

Posted by Anne


On January 16 the Berlin Yelp Elites were invited to THE ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE to fully enjoy Berlin: How to become a REAL Berliner in one hour? was the question of the night. At the Spielbank Berlin Comedian Karsten Kaie took us through 10 lessons from shopping to taking a cab , from dating to finding an apartment - Berlin style! Dear Karsten Kaie, thanx for the most hilarious lesson we were ever taught - highly recommended to everybody who is toying with the idea of moving to, already living in or just in love with the best city in the world: Berlin!

More details on the show and this special night you´ll find in the reviews of the Yelp Elites and their pictures. The header pic is taken by Thomas K - thanx so much!


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December 19, 2014

Hanover Celebrates Pikkujoulu

Posted by Lina O.

IMG_1110 - Arbeitskopie 2

On Thursday night, a handful of Yelp Elites from Hannover met to celebrate the last event before the end of the year by visiting the Christmas markets in the city of Hannover. Each Elite received some special and personalised gifts and we explored the markets together. We drank Glühwein and Glögi, ate salmon and reindeer rolls. 

The activities included some special games and some of us made their own candles. Overall it was an eventful night and the Elite squat 2014 is looking forward to many new additions in 2015! All reviews can be found here and and the pictures on our Flickr page.

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November 02, 2014

Nurembergs Elites leave the Cutlery at home!

Posted by Mike

IMG_20141028_192615 (2)

On a brutally cold October night, Nurembergs Elites braved the weather to arrive at their first ever Elite Event! The evening took place in the lovely Shashamane-Reggaebar which in contrast to its name is actually an amazing aethiopian restaurant! The Yelpers learnt how to eat without cutlery and got to try all sorts of different delicacies from the Region around Shashamane, ever tried spicy goat? You should…

You can read the reviews and see the pictures here. Who needs knives & forks anyway?


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October 30, 2014

Meet The New Hanover Community Manager Lina O.

Posted by Lina O.

Yelp Meet the CM Hanover

On Wednesday night, around twenty Yelpers from Hanover met for the first official Yelp event to be introduced to the new Community Manager Lina O. The celebrations were hosted by Efendi Bey, a Turkish confectioner that serves amazing cake and biscuits but also cooked food. Newbies and long-time yelpers met offline for the first time and are now excited to kick-start the Hanover Yelp Community.

The Yelpers tried all sorts of treats and were rewarded with a beautiful and delicious Yelp cake. All reviews can be found here and the great photos can be found on Flickr.

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October 25, 2014

When In Berlin, Have A Coffee, Have an Andraschko!

Posted by Anne

L (1)

On October the 23rd the Berlin Yelp Elite had the pleasure to dive into the world of coffee at the legendary micro roastery Andraschko in Berlin-Tempelhof! Elisabeth and Willi Andraschko, the Viennese founders, knew how to make us fall in love with their blends forever - be it the espresso or the cappuccino, made by barista Sebastian: From Raosting to Barista Art, we were given the whole package so that from beginner to coffee nerds got their question answered.

Dear Andraschko & Team, thank you so much for sharing your love for the real, for the good coffee

You dont believe me? Check with the reviews and have a look at those pictures!

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September 28, 2014

Nürnberg meets its first Community Manager Mike

Posted by Mike



Friday the 26th - a day like any other? Definitely not! Nuremberg finally got to meet its new Community Manager Mike D. Yelpers and those who were interested in getting to know Yelp more came together at the fantastic Irish Pub O’Sheas, to celebrate the kickoff of Nuremberg’s Yelp community. There was beer, more beer, cupcakes and a great vibe, and for many people it was a chance to meet each other “offline” for the first time.

A cool beer and a great conversation are definitely the best way to dive into the world of Yelp!
And of course there are pictures and great reviews to check out! And remember… Nuremberg, this was just the beginning!

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July 30, 2014

Elite Event: WTF is Okonomiyaki?!

Posted by Anne


WTF is Okonomiyaki? On July 28th 2014 the Berlin Yelp Elite Team was invited to dive into a regional Japanese dish and celebrate the art of Okonomiyaki, a Japanese cabbage pancake from Osaka that just arrived on Berlins platter! The team of the Hanage - Japanese Cuisine restaurant shared their love for and the recipes of Okonomiyaki with the Berlin Yelp Elites and let them create some Berlin versions!

Check out the reviews and pictures (mostly taken by Thomas K / visumate) of this exotic yet yummy journey!

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May 20, 2014

Berlin, Bienvenido A Perú!

Posted by Anne


Last weekend the Berlin Yelp Elites were taken on a mostly but not only culinary trip to Peru by restaurant Serrano. Enrique Servan and his team let them experience the diverse taste of Peru in ten courses and a ceviche workshop! In addition to that plenty of entertaining information about the country, its culture, music and tradition was given.

Check out the reviews and pictures (made by Thomas K / visumate) of this amazing journey!

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March 20, 2014

Afterwork Aperitivo im Monkey's Room Düsseldorf

Posted by Timo Beck

Yelp blog

On Wednesday, the 19th of March 2014 we celebrated the first ever elite event in Düsseldorf at the exclusive Monkey's Room. About 60 Yelpers and sponsors were invited to enjoy a superb italian buffet and great drinks from »W« Wodqa, Soul Soda, Weingut Thiesen and San Pellegrino while listening to live music and to a DJ later. Check out the reviews and the photos of the night.

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February 25, 2014

Yelp Elite Event: Urban! Vegan! Passion!

Posted by Anne


20 Berlin Elites were invited to the newly opened vegan restaurant Mio Matto. After a delicious vegan 3 course menu we were provided a cocktail mixing session at the bar. We got the chance to sneak into Björn Moschinskis kitchen and ask him everything about vegan food! And not the least we enjoyed the awesome view over the Warschauer Bridge! Read the reviews here and check out the photos on Facebook! Thanks to Mio Matto for hosting the event, providing the delicious food and scrumptious cocktails!


20 Berlin Elites waren ins neu eröffnete vegane Restaurant Mio Matto geladen. Nach einem köstlichen veganen 3-Gang-Menu ging es zum Cocktailmixen an die Bar. Wir hatten die Chance in Björn Moschinskis Küche zu linsen und ihn alles über vegane Ernährung zu fragen. Und nicht zuletzt galt es, den abendlichen Blick über die Warschauer Brücke zu genießen! Lest dazu auch die Beiträge der Gäste und genießt die Fotos! Vielen Dank ans Mio Matto für den schönen Abend, das köstliche Menü und die leckeren Cocktails!