March 20, 2015

Find the sweetness of São Paulo

Posted by Fernanda

Icre cream

Many will say that life is sweet as candy - we couldn't agree more and we are not alone.Yelpers from all over São Paulo came together to Addolcire, a ice cream parlor in Moema neighborhood, to enjoy a night with gelatos, chocolates, canapés and sparkling wine. 

Grab your cone, bite your red velvet ice cream sandwich and come see this yummy photos taken by Edu Leporo. Wanna read the reviews? Click here

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March 19, 2015

In Rio, A Night Of Pizza And Sangria

Posted by Gabriele


Last Tuesday night, 20 very lucky Rio de Janeiro Yelpers got to enjoy quite an Italian affair: they were treated to a variety of delicious pizzas! At Stravaganze, a beautiful looking pizza restaurant in Ipanema, Elite Squad members and their guests got to taste 3 different flavors of this world favorite, all while sipping on red wine sangria. After the three-hour event, that also included a superb chocolate dessert, everyone left feeling very satisfied and a little more Italian. Who said there was no good pizza in Rio? Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page

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February 23, 2015

Rio Elites Sail Down Guanabara Bay

Posted by Gabriele

It was an exciting and adventurous Sunday afternoon for ten very lucky members of Rio's Yelp Elite Squad. This fun crowd got the opportunity to sail down Guanabara Bay, sipping on cold beers and caipirinhas and taking pictures of Rio's marvelous landscape, as well as of Niterói's famous and charming MAC museum. Our host, Sail in Rio's captain Cássio Gurjão, made an excellent job at teaching everyone a bit of sailing and pointing out the 2-hour ride highlights. What a great way to end the week! Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page

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February 20, 2015

Post Carnival Detox for São Paulo Yelpers!

Posted by Gabriele


Just a couple of days after Carnival's madness, 40 lucky São Paulo Yelpers got the very special chance to "detox" together at a holistic event held at Método DeRose. Led by a trained specialist, Yelp guests tried some very relaxing breathing and stretching exercises, aimed at keeping mind, body and soul in shape. After the de-stressing session, chef Thiago Arruda served his very own vegetarian risotto, that was a hit amongst attendees. Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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February 02, 2015

Healthy (and Fun!) Night for Rio Elites

Posted by Gabriele

Last Thursday night was healthy, delicious and fun for 30 happy Yelpers in Rio de Janeiro. The lively group got to taste several tasty salads, wraps and sandwiches at Rolé, a genuinely carioca restaurant that offers refreshing and healthy food, a perfect combination for Rio's hot summer. After trying all the house specialties, Yelpers were asked to vote for their favorite ones, as the owners want to highlight those "Yelp Elite favorites" on their menu. Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page

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December 08, 2014

A harmonized dinner with beer in São Paulo

Posted by Fernanda


A four-course menu harmonized with beer and the presence of the São Paulo Elite Squad is a great night for sure. Ella's chef, Alexandre Romano, prepared a special tasting menu to leave our tastebuds asking for more. The casual and intimate ambience was perfect to enjoy the beers and the talk from the beer sommelier André Lopes. This warm Spring night closed the Elite calendar with style. 

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Restaurante Ella • Wine-HNB • Allcontrast Photograpy

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November 21, 2014

Fun Thanksgiving Night in Rio!

Posted by Gabriele

Last night was one of discovery for carioca Yelpers. For the first time, many of them got to taste some delicious Thanksgiving food, in a dinner prepared with a lot of love by Gringo's Café. On the menu, roasted turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, green bean salad with bacon, mashed potato and, to finish it off, a superb pumpkin pie that had everyone wanting more. Amazing food was complimented by some crisp sparkling wine and fantastic conversations! Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page

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November 07, 2014

Music, beer and burgers in São Paulo

Posted by Fernanda


Yeah, that's right! An evening with music, beer and burgers just can't go wrong. São Paulo Yelp Elites came together to clink pints (in the form of a fresh and tasty Madalena beer), and nosh on devilishly good mini-burgers and snacks. M.A.B Gastronomia chef, Alice Claro, wowed yelpers with her culinary skills and DJ Lucas Pestana killed it on the ones and twos - check out the photos and reviews

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M.A.B. Gastronomia • Cerveja Madalena • Allcontrast Photography • Lucas Pestana

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October 15, 2014

Drinking Clericot in Rio!

Posted by Gabriele


Last night, the Yelp Elite Squad in Rio de Janeiro received VIP treatment at Leblon's Zee Champanheria. Twenty happy Yelpers got to taste the house's delicious clericot as well as freshly made caipirinhas. The food was also incredibly tasty, with the sesame wrapped cheese being stellar standout. To finish off the night in high spirits, Spa Serra Morena raffled a complimentary two-night stay for one very lucky Elite! Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page

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September 24, 2014

Mucha lucha and tacos in São Paulo

Posted by Fernanda


Some may say "Taco Tuesday" isn't a thing outside the United States, and these folks are wrong. Last Tuesday the São Paulo Yelp Elite Squad went down to Tatuapé, a neighborhood in SP's east side, to try one of the most Yep-loved Mexican restaurants around. La Buena Onda, owned by Arturo Herrera, a chilango of birth and heart, is a cute and cozy spot that serves big flavors. From taco bites and quesadilla, to tequila shots and a hot pepper eating contest, the Yelpers got together, had a good time and spiced up their week. Check out the cool photos and read the reviews, if you want to get a little taste of what it was like. 

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La Buena Onda • Allcontrast Photography

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Celebrando a Primavera no Rio!

Posted by Gabriele


Last night the Yelp Elite Squad in Rio de Janeiro got together to celebrate the arrival of spring in style. With Copacabana beach as the background, Yelpers got to taste the delicious treats prepared by Dolce & Salato's staff. Crepe, pizza, ice cream and a lot of wine made this another special evening for Yelpers, that also took home a vase of the succulent plant, made by Studio Lily. Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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September 12, 2014

São Paulo's new alley, Beco do Yelp

Posted by Fernanda

Photo: Leandro Godoi

It's impossible to talk about São Paulo without mentioning its big skyscrapers, graffiti artists and, of course, its incredible variety of gastronomic options. What if it was possible to combine all of these things in one place? Well, that was exactly what we did last night! On September 10th, Yelpers from all parts of the city came to Butantan Food Park for the first Yelper Party in Latin America. More than 500 guests and 27 partners got together to enjoy Beco do Yelp (Yelp's Alley), an amazing party that gathered funds for non-profit, Projeto Quixote. There was a lot of street culture going on: complete with an exhibit of skateboarding videos, a breakdancing challenge, on top of an enormous amount of delicious food, live painting and even massage sessions! You can read the reviews here and see the marvelous photos. Still curious? We have some more info here! 

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August 27, 2014

Great Night, Superb Dinner in Rio!

Posted by Gabriele


Last night was a quite a remarkable one for Rio's Yelp Elite Squad and their guests. The lucky bunch enjoyed a very special dinner at Restô, one of the most charming restaurants in Ipanema. Chef Tande Bittencourt prepared an amazing list of dishes from which Yelpers could pick their favorites to create a three course-meal. While savoring all of the delicious food, the 20 happy guests sipped on a very tasty and refreshing ginger-cucumber sangria! Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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June 09, 2014

São Paulo tastes organic menu

Posted by Fernanda


Humankind biggest question: "to be or not to be..." healthy? Sometimes being healthier means sacrificing one of the best pleasures in life: eating. But thankfully, this is not the case at Vinheria Percussi. São Paulo Yelpers went on a gastronomic ride to the organic world of tasteful food, and sampled an entire menu made with organic ingredients. From appetizers to dessert, and even the wine, this dinner was a treat on its own. If you want to have a little taste of deliciousness, read the yummy reviews here, and see the great photos taken by Anderson Salomão at our Flickr gallery or in our Facebook page

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May 21, 2014

Book swap and coffee tasting in São Paulo

Posted by Fernanda


Nothing makes a book better than a good cup of Joe and last Saturday the Yelp Elite Squad in São Paulo came together to learn more about specialty coffee, swaping books and Sofá Café. Diego Gonzales, owner of Pinheiros' premier coffeeshop, prepared a very special lesson demistifying what we thought we knew about coffee and offered some tips and tricks on how to properly make and appreciate the national beverage. Check out the reviews here, and the awesome photos snapped by Lori Warriner on our Flickr page. 

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April 03, 2014

São Paulo on two wheels...

Posted by Fernanda


Have you ever thought about seeing São Paulo's landmarks by night, getting to know the city biking from one architectural marvel to another? Yelp, together with Urban Bike SP, organized a cool 3-hour ride through downtown Sampa and took Yelpers on a trip to re-visit their own city. The tour took cyclists from Paulista Avenue to Republica Square, exploring places like Liberdade (Japan Town) and Sé Cathedral. The guides, Renato Góes and João Pejan, regaled yelpers with interesting facts about each landmark, giving everyone a lesson about São Paulo and its epic stories. The ride finished at JazzB, where everyone got a taste of some amazing snacks and homemade tea infusions while kicking back to live jazz! If you're curious to see the pictures and read what everyone thought about this event, check out the photo album and read the reviews

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