September 10, 2015

Yelp Brisbane's Dough Throwing Showdown

Posted by Lani P.


If Yelpers had ever puzzled over the art of pizza-making they needed not wonder any longer, when the pizzaola’s at Vapiano Garden City showed them the tricks to making an authentic pizza on Tuesday night. With newly acquired dough throwing skills under their belts, Yelpers dined on a selection of Vapiano's signature pizza and pasta dishes before tucking into the decadent nutella cheesecake. Want to know more? Read the reviews and check out the photos.

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September 07, 2015

Yelp Adelaide Royal Show Spectacular

Posted by Anita Decoster


On Sunday 6 Sep, 10 lucky Elites were shown behind the scenes at the Royal Adelaide Show to celebrate Agriculture and Horticulture in South Australia.

What better way to start the day with a display of some of the entries for cooking, arts and crafts. In fact, our very own Elite Kathy H. had entered the competition and won second prize for her Raspberry Jam!

Onto an interpretive dance routine called The Magical Gift of Mother Earth. A team of national and international dancers put together a story of Australian Horticultural and Agricultural lifestyle. 

We were then lead to hear a story from Rustic Rabbit showbags owner who is interested in changing the mentality behind showbags. His business offers something practical for showgoers and an opportunity for businesses to establish their brands.

After a lots of walking and talking, we were replenished at the Food Truck Stop. A very generous helping and tasting of what they had to offer. 

We ended our day in the best way with a trek to the Animals Pavilions to see some baby chickens and piglets. This event was definitely an insight to all the hard work and dedication that goes into the Royal Adelaide Show.  

Be sure to check out the Reviews and Photos!

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Royal Adelaide Show

The Satay Hut

Gourmet Grillerz

Chimichurri Grill

August 21, 2015

Yelp's SALA Art After Dark Tour

Posted by Anita Decoster



SALA is an innovative open access visual arts festival presenting thousands of artists through unique collaborations and exhibitions in hundreds of exhibition spaces throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia.

As part of the festival, 22 Yelp Elites were given a super special Art After Dark Tour of the West End to six gallery spaces by our most gracious host Claire Robinson from UniSA Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art.

We learned that the ‘Art After Dark’ initiative looks at creating the opportunity for people of Adelaide to see gallery spaces after 5pm within the West End precinct. The doors are now open until late, with exhibitions, films, music, talks, food, beer and wine, workshops and more. 

We were all so pleasantly surprised to see galleries that we might not have seen before. This event was topped off with our final destination "Art Battle Spectacular" at the Queen's Theatre. 

Check out all the fun and excitement at this party of epic proportions in our photos and our reviews.

A big thank you to our sponsors for the night: 


Art After Dark

August 01, 2015

Yelp x The Milk Factory

Posted by Lani P.


What was The Joynt is now The Milk Factory and with a new British India-inspired menu under their belt, The Yelp Elite Squad ventured for a night out in South Brisbane to meet owners Mal & Bec, sample two of their signature cocktails and a few bits and bobs from the new menu. From the aged barrel negroni to the vodka based 'East 8 Hold Up', this new bar to watch was "on fleek". Check out the photos and read the reviews. 

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July 12, 2015

Yelp Melbourne Masters the Art of Lucid Dreaming

Posted by Melanie


Melbourne may have been struck by the ‘arctic vortex’, but that wasn’t enough to keep away the Yelp Elite Squad and their guests from enjoying a spectacular tea party 18 stories high at not one, but two, Penthouse suites at The Blackman.

Refresh Hospitality transformed the rooms into two worlds to match our dream styles; one black & white, the other vivid in colour. Taking inspiration from the works of Charles Blackman, guests went down the rabbit hole to a dreamy Mad Matter-esk tea cocktail party filled with whimsy and sweet treats, even tasting edible versions of his art thanks to the talents of local baker, Melanie Dorothy.

Our insides were kept warm with mulled wine from La Vita Buona and tea from T2. Speaking of tea, dreams and futures were foretold in our tea leaves by incredible Melbourne Tasseomancist, Annie (Tea with Annie).

Winter weather kept you at home? Want to see if you got snapped? Check out the photos here and see what our guests had to say on Yelp.

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July 09, 2015

Yelp’s Taste of Stirling Laneways

Posted by Anita Decoster


On Wednesday evening 30 guests and Elite Squad members rugged up and made their way to the Adelaide Hills beautiful Stirling Hotel for a taste of the Stirling Laneways Festival.

We were offered a 'showcase' evening with a select few of the regular Laneways Site-holders who gave us an idea of what to expect at the festival.

The lovely Bec Francis (Event Director and Designer) explained why the Laneways Festival is unique. It is indeed a celebration of village life and the spectacular seasons in the Adelaide Hills. Laneways complements the Stirling lifestyle and the existing retail trade and is dedicated to supporting the local community. The event jam packed full of entertainment, while offering a market full of amazing products from the Region's entrepreneurs and businesses.

We were spoilt with some lovely food supplied by our gracious hosts at the Stirling Hotel, and the Market Stall Holders took time to share with us their expertise.

Check out all the fun and excitement at this party of epic proportions in our photos and our reviews.

A big thank you to our sponsors for the night:

Stirling Laneways

The Stirling Hotel

Stirling Business Association

Really Useful Pots

Namoi Designs

Paracombe Premium Perry

The Gourmet Entertainer

Juanita Tortilla

June 24, 2015

Yelp's Winter Brinner

Posted by Lani P.


Brisbane isn't known for dinners around the fireplace, but the current chilly evenings gave us the perfect excuse to stoke the fire and enjoy a brinner party at Scout. Owners, Candy & Suse took us on a journey through some of their most popular breakfast items, from the sweet almond & mandarin bread with marscapone (paired with an espresso martini featuring Scout's espresso blend with 666 Vodka) to the savoury breakfast salad with brussel sprouts. It's easy to see why this Petrie Terrace cafe often has lines snaking down the street each weekend. Check out the reviews and take a look at the photos

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June 15, 2015

Yelp World Gin Day Tour of Adelaide

Posted by Anita Decoster


On Saturday 20 Elite Squad members rugged up and got ready to celebrate World Gin Day at some of the hottest bars in Adelaide.

The night began at Street ADL where we were greeted by expert Mark Reginato who concocted some gin samples with native garnishes that were simply divine!

Onto the Thrift Shop Bar, where we were greeted by the lovely Jaime and Michael. Showing their love and passion for Gin, we were delighted to be offered a taste of two flights of Gin. One featuring my favourite, Thrift Shop house made Quandong Gin!

Just a shuffle down around the block The Admiral Marcus at Hains & Co, greeted us at the doorstep of his Venue with open arms. Such a delight, we were spoilt with house made classic gin on tap and complimented with Gin & Tonic style sausage rolls!

To complete our tour, The Bibliotheca Bar & Book Exchange had a Pink Gin one of a kind sample lined up on the bar ready for us to enjoy! Not that was not enough, a sample of the yummy chorizo and mushroom open sandwiches.

A big shout out to our one and only Elite Bruce L. who shared with us four fun facts about Gin at each venue. What can I say, there is so much more to Gin than just a pretty cocktail.

Check out all the fun and excitement at this party of epic proportions in our photos and our reviews.

A big thank you to our sponsors for the night:

June 04, 2015

Melbourne says 'Aloha' to a secret cinema

Posted by Melanie


Did you know there is a cinema tucked away in the corners of Southbank? On Wednesday night, Melbourne’s Yelp Elite Squad got to discover hidden gem The Backlot Studios for an exclusive preview screening of the entertaining new romantic comedy, Aloha.

But it wasn’t just Bradley Cooper’s baby-blues keeping us entertained. Before settling into the plush comfort of Backlot’s private cinema, Elites were treated to refreshing beer and wine from Camden Town Brewery and Wirra Wirra Wines.

No ordinary choc-tops in sight at this screening, with Melbourne newcomers ChillBros Paletas bringing us their unique and amazing range of ice-creams. A Mexican recipe with Australian ingredients, featuring flavours from dulce de leche to crunchy doughnut!

Want to know more about the film and what happened on the night? Check out the photos here and see what our Elites had to say on Yelp.

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May 31, 2015

Yelp's Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival Preview

Posted by Anita Decoster

Cabaret blog photo

On Friday night 10 Elite Squad members got together for a night to remember! The German Club spoilt us all with some lovely German beer, wine and special club sandwiches. We where then given the German experience and dancing lessons from some traditional German dancers, bell ringers and music from an accordion master. 

As if, that was not enough, Hans the Boy Wonder from Berlin joined our group to entertain us and get us ready for a night of Cabaret. The Elites were then were given the VIP experience by Cabaret Fringe Festival with a table up the front. They delighted us all with glitz and glamour, dance and song, and stories amongst entertainment! Check out all the fun and excitement at this party of epic proportions in our photos and our reviews.

Also, a big thank you to Funsnap for taking photos of the night!

May 20, 2015

Yelp's Elite Escape

Posted by Lani P.


1 hour, an unsolved mystery and 2 groups of Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad. It's a recipe for a logic-filled evening at Brisbane's Escape Hunt Experience located in the hub of West End. Newly opened, this family run business gives eager detectives the chance to immerse themselves into mysteries that draw inspiration from some of Brisbane's iconic locations. Think Government House, Boggo Road Goal and a 100-year old barber shop. Read the reviews here

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May 13, 2015

Yelp x Showroom Sip & Shop

Posted by Lani P.


Showroom is curated like a gallery, ever changing like a magazine and sells things like a shop and in a room filled with Yelpers, vendors and friends of the store we celebrated this local business' first birthday in style. Catherine, owner of Showroom and The Spring Blog, warmly invited us into this classic and sophisticated Queenslander where we sipped on SOFI Spritz drinks and ate the novel Fiori Bakehouse boozy cupcakes. Check out the photos.

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April 22, 2015

Melbourne Cheers for Local Beers

Posted by Melanie


They say wine was an invention of God and beer the invention of Man. Every year in May, Melbourne gets a chance to meet the men and women behind the great beers, breweries and pubs of our city with Good Beer Week.

Last night some lucky folks in Yelp’s Elite Squad got a sneak preview of things to come when we visited Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond.

Good Week Beer ambassador, Miro, took us through a passionate and informative tour of this Melbourne-made brewery, before handing us over to co-founder and chief brewer Dave, to hear how Mountain Goat went from his backyard to the much-loved local brew it is today.

Of course there’s no better way to listen to stories about craft beer than over a pint, which was enjoyed with the brewery’s delicious pizzas.

Check out the photos here and see what our Elites had to say on Yelp.

Our Sponsors

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April 18, 2015

Preview of the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend

Posted by Anita Decoster


Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend gave our lucky Elites the chance to sample the talent that will fall part in their upcoming festival. The Yelp Elites had to battle the masses to arrive at the VIP Tasting area. A brilliant turn out of guests despite the drizzle and chill in the air. 

Head Chef and Manager Nicola Palmer of Skilloglee Wines started the evening by treating us all to a platter full of produce from her kitchen and the Clare Valley region. It was a showcase of true quality and talent. 

Pikes Winemaker, Steve Baraglia gave us all a brilliant insight on viticulture. He shared tastings of very young to mature wines to educate the processes of wine making. We were very lucky to have tried some wines yet to be tasted by anyone other than the winemakers themselves! 

Clare Valley is not only about the wine, the tasting experience was followed by Pikes Brewer Allister Pike, who shared a very interesting story about this family's history. We were told that we were to be guinea pigs on an exclusive tasting of their pre-release Tonic Beer. What an experience this was! A very complex beer which is sure to be a hit! 

Read all the reviews on Yelp and check out all the photos on the Flickr page!

April 15, 2015

Melbourne met Mama's Bouis

Posted by Melanie


Mama says “Eat, enjoy, and never leave the table hungry!”

Boy did we. When 12 Yelp Elites were invited to a family feast at laneway eatery, Mama’s Boui, we had no idea just how much we were in for. Quickly losing count of dishes, we were treated to an amazing array of home-style Modern Vietnamese that left many of us pondering if we were born into the wrong family.

Our wonderful host Nam took us through the cocktail menu, featuring drinks as creative as they were delicious, including fun twists on Pho (yes, there really is a Pho cocktail!) and Vietnamese Espresso Martinis.

No one left hungry, but we did leave very happy.

Want more? Drool over the pictures here or see what our Elites had to say on Yelp.


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March 24, 2015

Yelp Melbourne's Time Travellers Ball

Posted by Melanie


Melbourne loves secrets and last night the Yelp Elite Squad went behind the mysterious bookshelf to uncover the hidden speakeasy known as Fall from Grace.

Yelpers partied like it was 1929, but there was no bathtub moonshine here. Just beautiful Southside and Gin Rickey cocktails crafted by the friendly bartenders with Tanqueray Gin.

Canapés from State of Grace were eagerly devoured before the sweet treat of Charlie’s Cookies.

Burlesque bombshell Miss Skopalova (pictured) entertained and wowed the crowd with her incredible rhythmic burlesque and circus style performances throughout the night.

Check out what our photographer captured and read the reviews on Yelp.

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February 25, 2015

Melbourne's Fun with Fro-Yo

Posted by Melanie


On Tuesday night, Melbourne's Yelp Elite Squad were given permission to eat dessert for dinner when they headed to sample the delicious frozen yoghurt at Yo-Chi in Yarraville. 

With endless flavour and topping combinations, there was a froyo eating frenzy in this short but oh-so-sweet event. In between constructing their fabulous creations, Elites learned the story behind Yo-Chi, a family owned business passionate about locally sourced natural ingredients and creating fun community spaces. 

The fun was captured on many a phone, but this time keepsakes could be printed instantly with Fuji's Instax Share printer.

Check out all the happy snaps on Flickr and read the reviews on Yelp.

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February 13, 2015

Brisbane's New Year, New Elites Mixer

Posted by Lani P.


2015 for Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad started with a "Welcome to the Squad" mixer for Yelpers. We gathered at Press Club, one of Fortitude Valley's premier nightspots and home to some of Brisbane's most talented mixologists. Yelpers were guided through a cocktail masterclass stepping us through an Old Fashioned, the gin-based Clockwork Orange, and the flaming Zombie. We were also lucky enough to sample some of the menu from next-door neighbour, Bincho. Read the reviews and check out the photos on Flickr

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January 15, 2015

Yelp Melbourne's Rooftop Reunion

Posted by Melanie


The skies may have been grey, but there was nothing but sparkle and shine on Union Dining’s Terrace bar as Melbourne’s Yelp Elite Squad enjoyed bubbles, bites and beer at this delightful rooftop hideaway.

Union Dining gave us a slice of provincial Europe on our doorstep with their beautiful rooftop terrace setting and tasty canapes, paired with local Victorian prosecco from Dal Zotto wines and Hop Hog beer from our Swan Valley friends, Feral Brewing.

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, we all left on a big sugar high thanks to Spun Fairy Floss, spinning their fresh flavoured fairy floss before our eyes.

Check out the oh-so happy snaps on our Flickr page and read the reviews on Yelp.

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December 15, 2014

Brisbane Yelpers Shop Local

Posted by Lani P.


The festive season is in full-swing and Brisbane Yelpers were treated to Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Muscato as they browsed the inspiring shelves of Scrumptious Reads for gifts. With ideas a plenty and purchases made, guests were introduced to Danielle Dixon's infamous "celebrity cakes" at HIVE Cafe. The Fat Elvis cupcakes were washed down with Nessun Dorma cold press coffee as we contemplated adding Danielle's Sailor Jerry Christmas Pudding to our Christmas Day tables. Read the reviews on Yelp and see all the photos on Flickr.

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December 14, 2014

Melbourne's Giving Spirit

Posted by Melanie


Melbourne Yelpers got into the spirit of giving with a Sunday afternoon mixer at local retailer, Imajine. Shopping locally had a global impact, with every item available for purchase giving back to community projects with brands like TOMS, One Night Stand and Sister Works. All wrapped up by the team at One Girl. 

We were treated to a very special performance from Melbourne singer-songwriter, Bertie Blackman, who performed a gorgeous acoustic version of two songs from her new album, The Dash. 

The sun was shining and the courtyard party was in full swing, with delicious hot dogs from Lord of The Fries and refreshments from Slow Cow and Wirra Wirra Wines. 

Check out the reviews here and check out the photos here. 

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December 08, 2014

Melbourne's Aperitivo Hour at Doc Martin's

Posted by Melanie


What do you do when the silly season strikes? Take one sophisticated cocktail bar, fill it with a cool crowd of Melbourne’s Yelp Elite Squad and enjoy a relaxing after-work aperitif.

Amongst the madness of Christmas parties and end of year deadlines, a laid back Monday evening was just what the doctor ordered. The good doctor in this case being Doc Martin’s, a smart aperitif and digestif bar - the newest addition to Melbourne’s Collin’s Quarter.

Enjoying delicious cocktails featuring locally produced Maidenii vermouth and bites from the Doc Martin's menu, our appetites were well and truly whet for more of what this doctor ordered. 

Check out the pictures here and see what people thought on the events page.

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November 30, 2014

A Weekend of Yelp Elite Squad Brisbane Fun

Posted by Lani P.


Did you know Brisbane has it's very own baseball team? No? Well we do and on Friday night the Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad got to sit front and centre as the Bandits swung into victory against the Melbourne Aces. As they ate pork sliders, Anthony N was our Elite-in-the-know explaining the ins and outs of baseball to us novices. And if that wasn't enough, on Saturday evening the Squad were special guests at the opening night of the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival where we were charmed by the heartwarming film, The Crow's Egg. See, it's neat to be Elite! Check out the reviews on Yelp. 

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November 19, 2014

Melbourne Can Yelp, Will Travel

Posted by Melanie


The holiday season has officially started, with Melbourne’s Yelp Elite Squad kicking off with a travel themed party at Fitzroy’s Panama Dining Room.

Panama’s famous $1 Oyster frenzy was in full force, with the fresh shucked oysters raising $400 for DineSmart to feed the homeless. Paired with bubbly of course, courtesy of Jansz.

Feral Brewing’s Sly Fox Summer Ale was perfect for the gorgeous day that Melbourne turned on, and Herradura Tequila brought us a sunny slice of Mexico with their grapefruit palomas.

No fun moment was missed, with our instagram happy snaps printed out for the album and fridge by KeepSnaps.

Yelpers received postcards from near and far, meeting the Yelp team from all across Australia, NZ and SE Asia while scoring some sweet, sweet prizes including a shiny magnum of Wirra Wirra wine.

Check out the pictures here and see what people thought on the events page.

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November 13, 2014

Yelp Taste Tests Melbourne

Posted by Melanie


Taste of Melbourne Festival launched at Albert Park on Thursday night, with 20 lucky Yelp Elites getting the VIP treatment to taste test the festival.

Enjoying drinks in a VIP Suite, Elites got a chance to catch up before exploring the array of foodie options from local restaurants and brands. The group split into two, brushing up on some vital foodie skills - wine pairing and food photography! Cake Wines taught Elites how to pair wines with Chinese cuisine from Lee Ho Fook and Canon made expert photographers out of us.

Check out the pictures here and see what people thought on the events page.

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November 03, 2014

Brisbane's Saturday Stretch Yoga Class

Posted by Lani P.


Calm. Stillness of mind. All things harder to find amongst our bustling lives. Thankfully, a handful of Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad were invited to attend a 101 Yoga class led by Stretch Yoga's fearless leader, PJ. When our zen was found the group sipped on nourishing green juices. A great afternoon for all! Read reviews about the fantastic event here and check out all the photos on the Flickr page.

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October 01, 2014

Yelp Melbourne’s Tequila Tasting Tuesday

Posted by Melanie


Forget lemon wedges and nasty hangovers, Tuesday’s Tequila Masterclass was all about enjoying the good stuff.

Jose from Casa de Vinos hosted Melbourne’s Yelp Elite Squad for an educational experience on all things Tequila Clase Azul. Through the production of tequila to the history of the Mexican artisans who handcraft every bottle, we discovered there’s much more to love than shots when it comes to this interesting spirit. From delicate sippers to platinum bottles worth more than our rent, it was a fun and informative night that changed how we looked at tequila.

Read reviews of the event here. Want to see the incredible bottles including the platinum beauty? Check out the Flickr page.

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September 22, 2014

Brisbane's Rock of Ages

Posted by Lani P.


Brisbane's Yelp community was asked to rock, and rock they did at the Rock of Ages Yelper Party at The New Globe Theatre. Warming up with cheese, chocolate and wine, Yelpers took to the stage to belt out classic power ballads, country and good old fashion hard core rock tracks before refuelling with a few brews and succulent slow-roasted ribs. 

Read the reviews or head over to Flickr to see all the back-stage action. 

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September 15, 2014

Yelp Melbourne's Old School Sunday Session

Posted by Melanie


No one was caged at the Aviary Hotel on Sunday, where Melbourne's Yelp Elite Squad let their inner child run amok with hula hoops, Uno and Jenga in Yelp’s Old School Sunday Session.

It wasn’t all child’s play though, with Tequila Tromba, The West Winds Gin and Paul Louis providing delicious grown-up refreshments, paired with delicious small bites from Aviary Hotel’s new Spring menu. We danced to the vintage tunes of Soul Time, and even our instagram happy-snaps went old school, with KeepSnaps on hand to print them as keepsakes.

Check out the playful pics here and get the full scoop on the event page

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September 09, 2014

Good Clean Fun for Yelp Brisbane

Posted by Lani P.


Take a few bottles of Wirra Wirra wines, a cheese platter or two and 20-something Yelp Elite Squad members and you find yourself with a good time. Add in the unusual venue of the newly opened Tumblin Launderette and you have a Saturday afternoon of laughter, Yelpers meeting new Yelpers for the first time, and good clean fun. Read the reviews and check out the photos on Flickr

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August 26, 2014

Melbourne’s 10th Anniversary Winter Vintage Soiree

Posted by Melanie


Melbourne sure got it’s fancy pants on for this grand affair. There were bow ties and pearls aplenty when the doors of the historic Kelvin Club opened to Yelp’s Vintage Winter Soiree.

Bellies were warmed with fresh pasta, pho, tea, and hot chocolate. Champagne and oysters were enjoyed while listening to opera performances. When the night really warmed up, this glamorous crowd didn’t break a sweat with local refreshments and ice creams in hand. And speaking of desserts… everyone got to indulge their sweet tooth more than once!

Read reviews of the event here or head to Flickr to see some spectacular photos.

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August 11, 2014

Insider Tour Of Sunday Indulgence For Brisbane

Posted by Lani P.


The sun shone bright and the skies were blue as a handful of Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad assembled in King George Square to begin our Sunday Indulgence Tour with Insider Tours Australia. From midday mojitos and behind the scenes insights, to retailers in Queens Plaza and chocolate from the Noosa Chocolate Factory, we all left with bellies full and an insider look at some of our city's local businesses. Be sure to read the reviews and check out the photos here!

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July 03, 2014

Yelp Brisbane + Cream + Sugar + Eggs = Fun!

Posted by Lani P.


The lure of using a blow torch (in a safe and controlled environment, of course!) was all it took to excite the Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad for our event learning to make Crème brûlée at Alison Taafe's Institute of Culinary Excellent. Our teachers, Dean and Mark, demystified this classic dessert and showed 20 Yelp Elite Squad members just how easy this tasty pot of custard is to perfect. From the classic vanilla to mocha, and orange and cardamom the flavours we tried on the night held nothing against the flavour ideas that flowed from the mouths of Yelpers. Let's leave it at maple bacon Crème brûlée, shall we? Read the reviews and look at the photos on Flickr for a full run-down of the evening.

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June 30, 2014

Un, Deux, Trois...Yelp Brisbane's French 101

Posted by Lani P.

Cover Image.jpg

Sparkling champagne, cheese, charcuterie, a warm winter's day and seven of Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad is all it took to create a light-hearted and fun-filled afternoon at Lingua Franca's new studio in Newstead. Some of the squad played down their ability to turn on a Parisienne-phrase with their pitch perfect pronounciation wowing us all! Check out the reviews and take a look at the photos on Flickr

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June 17, 2014

Yelp Melbourne's Euro Vision

Posted by Melanie


On Tuesday night, Melbourne’s Yelp Elite Squad said “Bonjour!” to authentic and artisan produce as we got a little taste of Europe at local bakery Brasserie Bread.

Dairy stomachs were activated and a bubbling fondue pot was enough to have Elites crying “Oh sweet cheesus!” as they tasted their way through a beautiful and expansive selection of Red Cow Cheese, all imported from Switzerland. 

Bread and cheeses were paired with Germany’s Apfelwein (“apple wine”), as Ciderhaus taught us about this traditional drink from Hessen. 

Read reviews of the event here or head to the Flickr page to see how the night unfolded.

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June 02, 2014

Brisbane's Passiontree Velvet High Tea

Posted by Lani P.


Saturday afternoon in a well-known Brisbane shopping centre doesn't sound like the ideal setting for a Yelp Elite Event, but 10 Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad members enjoyed a surprisingly serene few hours sampling High Tea tasting plates from Passiontree Velvet's new high tea menu. A world of "edible luxury" was indeed enjoyed as we sampled an array of sweets, banana crunch waffles, chocolate fondant, and Passiontree's range of Harney & Sons tea blends. Read the reviews on Yelp

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May 27, 2014

An Afternoon of R&R in Undiscovered Brisbane

Posted by Lani P.

Yelp Stephanies-coverimage.jpg

15 of Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad, were driven to Clear Mountain (an undiscovered-to-Yelpers pocket of greater Brisbane) by Uber Brisbane, for an afternoon of spa luxury. After a glass of bubbly on the deck overlooking Samsonvale Lake, the Squad were introduced to Stephanie of Stephanies Spa fame before being whisked away to their Clear Mountain Spa for back, feet, hand and scalp massages. The afternoon of relaxation ended with drinks and sweet treats in the lounge area before heading back to civilisation. Read the reviews and check out the photos on Flickr

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May 22, 2014

Yelp Melbourne goes Bánh-anas

Posted by Melanie


The walls of Paperboy Kitchen read “Super Tasty Vietnamese Food”, which is exactly what Melbourne’s Yelp Elite Squad was greeted with in absolute abundance on Thursday night.

The crowd was delighted with mouth wateringly good bánh mì, rice bowls, fried chicken and spiced popcorn - stopping only to play with the plastic animals that adorn this fun new CBD lunch spot.

Read all the reviews of the event here or head to the Flickr page to see all the deliciousness.

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May 05, 2014

Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad Meet Howzat Burgers

Posted by Lani P.


Burgers are the word (and meal) on the lips of many in Brisbane and what could make a Community Manager happier than seeing 25 of Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad happily sampling Howzat Burgers' range of fresh and above average buns. Washed down with tasters of their signature milkshake range (nuttella, coffee and banana) and Coors Australia beers to take home, and you've got yourself a top night out. Click here to read the reviews and take a peek at the photos on Flickr

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April 29, 2014

When Yelp Melbourne Wined and Dined

Posted by Melanie



Who's hot in the local wine scene? A handful of lucky Yelp Elite Squad members got to find out from Harry & Frankie sommelier, Tom Hogan, at a 'Future Aussie Icons' tasting featuring up and coming Australian producers.

After the wine, it was time to dine! The Rose Diner & Bar put on a delicious and classic meal - roast chicken dinner. Perfect for a rainy Melbourne night and a great chance for everyone to talk about their new found wine knowledge. 

Read all the reviews of the event here or check out the great photos on the Flickr page.

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April 16, 2014

Melbourne's 'Bubbly & Bow Tie' Autumn Affair

Posted by Melanie


On Tuesday night, 20 Yelp Elites strutted their stuff down Melbourne's laneways, navigating the European cobblestone paths to Syracuse Restaurant. Dressed to impress, the corks were soon popped on a Champagne celebration. 

Syracuse Restaurant provided a grand backdrop for this glamorous occasion, set in a 19th century hotel lobby with soaring ceilings and archways.  

Check out the photos here and see what people thought on the event page.


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March 18, 2014

Sunshine and Prosecco made Melbourne smile

Posted by Melanie


On Tuesday night, Italian Cantina Fatto hosted our lucky Elites for the happiest of Happy Hours. The riverside location was the perfect setting for an afterwork tipple, enjoying prosecco, Aperol Spritz and beer with our delicious antipasto and capapes. 

The only thing brighter than Melbourne’s skies were the faces of our Elite Squad. With so much good cheer in the one place, the theme of the night quickly turned to flattery and new friendships. 

See all those smiling faces here and see what people thought on the events page.

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March 16, 2014

Yelp Brisbane's Elite Squad Tackle Terrariums

Posted by Lani P.


On Saturday afternoon, Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad members took to the loft space at West End's Mappins Nursery to learn the art of terrarium making. Encouraged to bring their own glass vessel there was everything from v-shaped vases, oversized brandy glasses and more being transformed into these tiny gardens adorned with dinosaurs and wild animals. Read the reviews here and check out the photos on Flickr.

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February 23, 2014

A Snap Happy Saturday in Melbourne

Posted by Melanie



On Saturday morning, LA based food and lifestyle guru Kristin Guy aka ‘The Cuisinerd’ taught some lucky Elites how to take great photos with their smartphones. Weaving our way through the Queen Victoria Market, we learnt about composition and using napkins to create lighting tricks (when we weren’t stuffing our faces with delicious donuts and boreks, that is).

Our rain-dampened hair and cinnamon-coated smiles didn’t stop us from looking glamorous, with funky L’Abattoir de Plastic 3D printed bracelets adorning our arms.

See the great shots our Yelpers snapped and read the event reviews here.


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Yelp Takes Brisbane Elite Squad To New Heights

Posted by Lani P.


It was a sticky and humid Brisbane night as 20 Elite Squad Yelpers rocked up to West End's Urban Climb for an Elite Event involving harnesses, coconut water and protein balls. Learning the 101 of indoor rock climbing, Yelp Elites took to the walls like ducks in water. Find the photos on Flickr and read the reviews here.

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February 22, 2014

Brisbane Elites Preview QTC's The Mountaintop

Posted by Lani P.

Photo 1 (2)

Queensland Theatre Company's newest production, The Mountaintop was previewed by 20 Yelp Elites in Brisbane on Saturday night. The play, which takes a "moving and magical look" back at the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr surprised us all with its twists, turns and powerful messages. We all agreed the show was catepulted to greatness by activist and hip-hop sensation Candy Bowers. Read the reviews of the event here

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January 23, 2014

Queensland Design, Slam Poetry And Gin For Brisbane

Posted by Lani P.


On Thursday night, the Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad braved a summer rain storm to celebrate our first event for 2014. Surrounded by a curated collection of Queensland's best design pieces for the exhibition titled, "High Tide", Yelpers sipped on gin and tonics while sampling delicious cheeses and salumi. The evening was given life with a rousing spoken-word set from local slam poet, Martin Ingle. Read the reveiws of the event here and see all the photos on the Flickr page. 

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December 15, 2013

Brisbane Yelpers Shop Local

Posted by Lani P.

From a sweet honey, tea and reads event at Scrumptious Reads, to a CMYE at the BrisStyle City Hall markets, a wrap-tastic night out with Little Peach Co and an up late shopping spree at West End's Nook, Brisbane Yelpers embraced the 2013 Yelp Shops Local pledge attending events across the city. 

PicMonkey Collage22

For some it was their first time visiting these stores and few left empty handed. We sipped on delightfully Summer-inspired from Brown Brothers and Santa Vittoria

PicMonkey Collage12

It all threw a spotlight on some truly spectacular local businesses and has set the stage for a bigger and better Yelp Shops Local in 2014, and some special Yelp Shops Local events throughout the new year.

PicMonkey Collage2


PicMonkey Collage4

Check out Flickr for all the photos capturing the Yelp Shops Local love in Brisbane.  


Lani P

Brisbane Community Manager. 


October 20, 2013

Yelp's Brisbane Giddy Up Photo Walk Elite Event

Posted by Lani P.

It was a sunny Sunday when Brisbane's Elite Squad met at the newly re-named Tazza Coffee (previously Cup Coffee) for a much-needed caffiene fix before we set out on foot around South Brisbane with Todd and Alyda from Giddy Up Camera Club on our Photo Walk Elite Event

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.36.08 AM
We might all carry a camera with us these days, yet as we become immersed in our iDevices (or Android!), we typically miss out on being a tourist in our own city and looking at what is around us. Enter the photo walk. Elites were guided by Todd and Alyda through South Brisbane with tips about framing photos, light, and what apps to use (Snapseed and Afterlight to name just a few). 

One of my favourite quotes from Todd during the walk, went to highlight the importance of being aware of your surroundings. His wisdom? "Don't be afraid to be okay with sitting and waiting for a shot." 

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.36.15 AM
Other tips? 

  • Always be aware of the background in your photographs. Are there things in the background that will detract attention from your subject?
  • If it's a shot you love, shoot it from three angles before walking away
  • Change your angle of approach. Shoot along the ground, get above it (if you can) 

While we could have continued exploring and snapping away for a lot longer, Yelpers finished the day with a wonderful feast of pizza and salads from The Burrow. Their generous servings meant most of us got to take home our slices of choice to eat later. And, can we please take a moment to acknowledge their Iced Tea? Amazing! 

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.37.19 AM
Thanks again to Todd and Alyda for spending their Sunday with us and sharing their knowledge. It was such fun and if you ever want to join them on a similar walk, check out their Fridays on Foot events. 

Til next time, read the reviews and photos, and SYOY!

Lani P. 

September 29, 2013

Brisbane's Yelp Elite Squad Sings For Their Supper

Posted by Lani P.

"Sing for your supper," the team at Spring said. The Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad may not have literally sung for their supper during the September Elite Event at Spring in Brisbane's CBD, but they certainly worked for it.

PicMonkey Collage1
Under the guidance of our chef for the evening, Mark, each group (the squad was split in two) was put to work making several canapés for the remaining group to eat. From pulled pork sliders with pumpkin and pineapple salsa, duck breast with a blueberry compote on a sourdough crouton and the favourite of the evening, a salmon rillette with aioli, salmon roe and beetroot relish - we all learnt the art of small eats. 

PicMonkey Collage2
While one half toiled and served our first round of food for the evening, the remaining members of the squad sipped on blood orange carprioskas from Spring's newly launched cocktail menu. Anna C thinks they might even be her new favourite drink. They even sent us home with a beautiful sample of their baked treats - cookies, turkish delights and brownies. I think Vivien B sums it up best: 
"One question, the "take home" cakes were actually "eat on the train home" cakes right?  I'm not sure what was in that jelly cube sweet (blood orange?) but it was delicious!"
PicMonkey Collage3
It was a fun-filled night for all and one that I'm sure has upped our game when hosting soirees at home. 
Thanks to Spring and our photographer Andrew Watt.
PicMonkey Collage4
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  • Check out the photos
  • Learn how you can become a Yelp Elite
Until Next Time,
Lani P - Yelp Brisbane Community Manager