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December 05, 2013

Yelp Miami’s Been Around The World

Posted by Johnny Todd

And ay ay ay… they’ve got big food babies! It’s no surprise, really. Buena Vista new-kid-on-the-block-hot-spot The District Miami treated a dining room full of amazed Elites to a Passport To The Americas. Showing off their menu in food and drink from Canada to Argentina, guests underwent a journey for the ages.

YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0762) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0763) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0770) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0773)

After arriving to already-created nametags, Elites ventured to the side of The District Miami to begin the festivities. Greeted with a Cortadito Porter from Gravity Brewlab, conversation started flowing as much as the beer did. And, then came the apps. Representing the entire Americas (and giving a sneak peek the coursed portion of the evening), skewers of beef, chicken and grilled octopus delighted guests. Mouths full and curiosity piqued, the Gravity folks sampled another one of their brews: Wild Honey Saison. Suds in hand, it was now time for dinner.

YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0809) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0799) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0798) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0793)

As guests filed in to the rustic dining room, Chef Horacio Rivadero outlined that each dish they would be eating represented the tastes of North, Central and South America (including the Caribbean). And, since (wo)man can’t live off food alone, Alejandro Ferllen from Ferllen Winery conceived the perfect pairings for the delightful dishes. A seasonal Butternut Squash Soup (roasted butternut squash, fresh pomegranate, pumpkin seed oil, crème fresh, and dill) started the evening. This comfort food was expertly paired with Ferllen Winery's Torrontes. Next up, a taste of Central and South America, highlighting traditional dishes as tacos from Central America and ceviche from South America. But, these were turned up a notch. Have you tried Tuna Tacos (tuna tartare, togarashi pepper, scallions, guacamole, yuzu mayo, and toasted sesame seed) and Cobia Ceviche (watermelon citrus sauce, cucumber's, basil, red onions, and fresno peppers) before? This second plating was accompanied by Ferllen Winery's Chardonnay 2011. Dinner offered a choice of Afro-Caribbean influenced meals. The Carribbean Cobia (Caribbean-jerk adobo rub, blue potato and goat cheese fondue, and hearts of palm escabeche) and Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge (fingerling potatoes, okra, baby turnips, and aji de gallina) were paired with Ferllen Winery's Chardonnay 2011. The Afro-Cuban Pork (slow-roasted marble pork shoulder, braised collar greens, white bean puree, and creole salad) was paired with Merlot Reserva. All of the main courses came with a selection of Brussels Sprouts (shaved brussel sprouts, cranberries, pine nuts, and balsamic fig) and Sweet Yellow Grilled Corn (chipotle mayo, crumble feta cheese, and ancho chile).

YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0783) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0828) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0840) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0838)

While most events last for a couple of hours, who ever heard of a world tour wrapping up so soon? Elites enjoyed the extra time by getting to know each other better, going from table to table engaging in conversation and merriment. How to get them back to the dinner table? Dessert. Guests ended the evening on a sweet note with a choice of two Caribbean-influenced delights: Black Magic (semi-sweet chocolate mousse, homemade marshmallows, chocolate ganache, sweet potato vanilla bean drizzle, and pistachio cookie) or 4-Leches Parfait (Macadamia nuts, vanilla caramelized pineapples, and Italian merengue). Both desserts came paired with Malbec Grand Reserva 2008. Like any good tourist, Alex H snapped photos to view here and ecstatic Elites wrote reviews here.

YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0848) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0854) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0824) YelpElite (AJH_20131118_ORP0823)

Livin’ in (the) America(s),

Johnny T


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