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December 11, 2013

There's Nothing Fishy About Yelp's Secret Supper @ Hokusei!

Posted by Don Bourassa

They say what happens on Yelp stays on Yelp... wait, nobody says that! But we can keep some secrets, at least for a while. And when we reveal them, the payout is pure gold. At least that's what 40 intrepid PDXYelp diners found out recently when we revealed the location of December's Yelp Secret Supper Club a couple of days ago. And it's no surprise that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal last night at Hokusei! 


For this edition of our recurring Secret Supper series, PDXYelp partnered with Belmont's hidden-gem Japanese restaurant Hokusei as well as Wakatake Onikoroshi and Narutotai sakes! Our crew of 40 guests enjoyed a three-course meal paired with sakes provided by local expert Davvy Lee. First up was the Akadai Carpaccio with ginger, garlic, soy, yuzu, yuzu kosho and uni paired with the Wakatake Onikoroshi Nigori. As Melvin T relates, the "perfectly sliced Akadai and deliciously briny uni was dressed skillfully to bring out an explosion of flavor from simple ingredients. The brightness of the Akadai was paired with the sweet Wakatake Onikoroshi 'Demon Slayer' Nigori sake." The second round proffered a Painted Hills tenderloin with chanterelle mushrooms, garlic, butter and asparagus. Paired with the Narutotai Nama Genshu, an unpasteurized sake, whose "crisp, clean, bold flavor stood up to the hearty beef." And finally, guests were treated to a Chirashi Zushi bowl – sushi rice topped with an assortment of only the freshest sashimi – paired with the Wakatake Onikoroshi Daiginjo. Joe M reports "the plate was just the right portion size for me and no morsel was left untouched." But that's not all. There was a surprise fourth course consisting of, what else? More sake! Diners capped off the meal with a sampling of a special Tsukasabotan Yamayuzu Shibori Yuzu Sake - a refreshing low-alcohol citrus cooler to punctuate the experience. 


Melvin T, again: "Hokusei's reputation for high quality sushi is well deserved. I felt very fortunate that a restaurant of its caliber opened it's doors for our Yelp Secret Supper." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Huge debts of gratitude go out to the fantastic staff at Hokusei; Davvy Lee from Southern for the sake; Ana B and Jenni L; and all the folks brave enough to trust me to show them a good time. 

Don't just take it from me. Read the reviews and check the photos. If you dined with us, tell us what you think! And for more episodes of Yelp Secret Supper, stay tuned to our social media channels. 

Until next time, keep eating, and keep reviewing!

Don "Master of Deception" B




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