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December 17, 2013

Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp, Steaming Mussels, Lamb Chops & More Decadence for MD Burbs Elites during the holiday!

Posted by Mike Bishop

 Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! May your holidays be merry, Happy Holidays from Yelp! Elites ventured out to Timpanos Italian Chophouse for the 2013 MD Burbs Elite Holiday Party, and what a holiday party it was. Timpanos left no belly unfull as Elites dined on a massive selection of delicious eats.



To name a few: fruit in waffle bowls, a massive crudite Christmas tree, lamp chops, duck confit in phyllo bowls, prosciutto wrapped shrimp, pear sticks, lobster bique, a sausage station… and that's not all. The drinks included spiked apple cider, lemon drops, candy cane cocktails, and of course (old faithful) egg nog. And not to forget desert which included crispy wrapped pear sticks and a tasty caramel pastry. Midway into festivities, 5 large plates of billowing steamy mussels entered the crowd so everyone got to taste one of the Community Manager Mike B's favorite treats at the restaurant.


After Elites got their fill of tantalizing treats, most of the party relocated: “To keep the holday spirit flowing, Christmas carols kicked off at the piano, channeling a number of Yelpers’ inner Mariah Careys and Michael Boltons” quips Benjamin M. Professional musician Gheran Goddard entertained everyone with his piano backup to a number of classic holiday songs.

Timpanos collage 3

Joy to the world indeed, if only the Redskins could have felt a little more of the love coming their way as we sung around the TVs at the bar. Some Yelpers decided to forgoe song time and showed their creative side ala Nikkia G “opted to make a few greeting cards while I was serenaded my many Yelpers caroling at the piano (you don't want me to ruin the party with my voice-trust me). The greeting card station had tons of goodies for me to jazz up my cards---even ribbon!” And then everyone joined forces to play an intense full game of White Elephant (Yankee Swap) gift exchange/steal game. Bottles of prosecco and wine found the hands of many Elites as they were stolen around the room. Some Elites held onto spicy hot sauces as others held on to sweet caramels.


Capturing all this action was James Bullock of James Bullock Photography; a truly talented photographer that was able to keepsake all the magic moments.



The party ended with holiday cards being given out to one and all as well at 30 dollar gift cards from the restaurant to come back with. And with that, the 2013 MD Burbs Elite Squad lay close to a wonderful year of events. Everywhere from Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club, Pyramid Atlantic, 8407 Kitchen Bar, Luke's Lobster, Vino Volo, Cavalia's Oydsseo, to Palette Apartements got a taste of Yelp's Special Crew. Parties continue in January- don't worry! Yelp doesn't skip a beat! 


Mike B. 

Community Manager Maryland Burbs 


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