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December 23, 2013

PDXYelp Elites Get Lucky at Yelp's Kentucky Holiday Event @ Portland Meadows!

Posted by Don Bourassa

Nothing warms up a cold, wet winter better than holiday cheer, mint juleps and a little fun at the race track. And as 200+ PDXYelp Elites found out on December 22, 2013, a Sunday funday at Portland Meadows Race Track is sure to fill anyone with holiday spirit! Yes, it's Yelp's Kentucky Holiday @ Portland Meadows!


The fine folks at one of Portland's most storied institutions welcomed Yelpers out to the race track on a wet PDX Sunday. Yelpers were treated to a seminar on betting - how to read the programs, how to pick the ponies, etc – a service offered every Sunday at 11am at the track. Following the class, the top-notch staff at the Turf Club threw us one heck of a party! As Katie H notes, "They rolled out the red carpet for us and treated us right." They sure did. First off, Lydia and the bar staff mixed up some mean Bloody Marys with New Deal's Portland 88 Vodka. Also on pour, the synonymous-with-racing mint juleps were a hit. Oh, and for those suds-loving folks, a little Vitamin R in the slick winter cans. Aaron W confirms: "Strong Mint Julep = win. Coffee on hand for my caffeine fix. All the required beverages I needed." 


But beverages alone do not make a trip to the track complete. The buffet line included a spiral ham with maple-bourbon sauce (with live carving station!), biscuits and sausage gravy, seasonal quiche (with vegetarian options), roasted red potatoes, balsamic caprese skewers, roasted asparagus with lemony hollandaise sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, cheese blintz with fresh berry sauce and a fresh fruit platter! Lily S only needs three words to describe it: "FULL OF WIN!"


Bryan I sums it up well: "This was by far the most exciting elite event all year!" We're glad you think so, Bryan! Huge thanks go out to William, Amber, Lydia and the whole crew at Portland Meadows; Tom and the folks at New Deal Distillery; Jenni L and Ana B; and of course the PDXYelp Elite Squad, without whom this would not be possible. 

Well, that's a wrap on 2013 Elite Season, folks. Cap it off by reading the reviews for this event (and leaving your own too!), checking the photos, and drinking some nog. 

Until next year, SYOY!

--Don "$.01 voucher" B.


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