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December 19, 2013

Elites Takeover Bay Street Biergarten

Posted by Scotty

Biergarten Collage Sign-groups-koozie

Bay Street Biergarten is one of the hottest new beer bars in the country and last week they opened their doors to the Yelp Elite community for an opportunity to get acquainted with this new neighborhood biergarten. After years of an empty parking lot and businesses that just didn't make it, what seemed like a huge risk to some, seems to already be paying off big. What is it that Bay Street Biergarten does differently than anyone else in town? An innovative pour-your-own-beer tap system. Biergarten Collage Taps

As yelpers checked in at the door, they were immediately given a pre-loaded Bier Card to pick and choose their brews of choice. Boasting 60 flowing taps from behind the bar to at the tables, 14 of them being self service. Once you get the hang of the innovative tap system, you'll be pouring like a pro. The self pour system offers you the opportunity to pour anywhere from one ounce of brew to a german style stein of almost novelty proportions. Touch the iPad screens to get a run down on each particular brew including its style, brewery, background, price per ounce, and ABV. Next pop in your card and start pouring. Aside from what was already on tap, local Palmetto and Holy City breweries brought out some kegs to add tot he mix. Pro Tip: Make sure not to pull on the taps until you're ready to rock. It creates CO2 buildup in the lines making your brew a foamy mess.
Biergarten Collage Operating
Samantha I prefer's her booze with a little less barley and wheat. Naturally she was "more interested in the vodka cocktail at the bar...so good!" The special Yelp Cocktail was served using Lemongrass flavored Kai Vodka, mint, ginger, and citrus. After getting your drink situation under control it was time to move on to the food. Now, when you hear Bay Street Biergarten, one automatically assumes they have great beer… obviously. Not so obvious is the jaw-dropingly delicious fare spun off of German classics from the kitchen. From the Southern Schnitzel Sandwiches to the Chicken, Bacon, and Waffle Skewers, the trays of food steadily came out of the kitchen until everyone was happy. The Gouda Stuffed Pretzel Balls were nearly impossible to snag. Justin A watched "like a hawk to swoop in and grab some to finally get a taste." The staff was on top of replenishing the bites as quickly as possible and always available to assist any novice pourers in the meantime.
Biergarten Collage RMH-Drinks-Band
Being that it's the giving season and all, Yelp brought out some volunteers from the Charleston Ronald McDonald House to collect donations at the door from our gracious Yelpers. Folks brought all sorts of household items like giant packs of toilet paper to cleaning supplies and garbage bags. Our giant donation box was so overflowing with care that we had to start stacking items off to the side to make more room. The Ronald McDonald House was thrilled with the support.
Biergarten Collage Beer-Food-Fun
If not B-lining for bratwurst or sipping on suds, yelpers enjoyed picking up some new Yelp schwag like the winter appropriate "Yelp Life" fingerless gloves. All the while, the Bluestone Ramblers were bumpin' the banjos filling the biergarten with some extra stringy sounds. Andie C caught them before at Kudu and was "so pumped to see them" at the event. Thanks to everyone involved, the event was a great introduction to Wraggborough's newest hot spot. To see what others had to say, along with the rest of the pics, check out the review page and the photo page.
Biergarten Collage Fun-Staff
*Photo Credit to Brittany Callahan of Focal Fox.

Until next time... SYOY!

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Yelp Charleston Community Manager


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