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October 23, 2013

Yelp Gets Artsy Elite Event

Posted by Angela S

In Celebration of National Arts and Humanities Month, 50 Elites and their guests stopped by the new Galleria In Evanston for the Yelp Gets Artsy Elite Event. It was a fun-filled evening of scavenger hunting, food and wine, discounted shopping, and a chance to meet local artisans who display their goods year-round under one roof. From hats, jewelry, and fine art to food goods like chocolate and mustard, everyone had a great time and got a head start on their holiday shopping.

Gallery Collage
Guests enjoyed a perfect spread of light bites that included cheese, crackers, fruits, cookies, soda and wine and participated in a Yelpy scavenger hunt to connect guests with the artists. Questions like: 1) This Little Piggy Got All Lit Up and 2) This Butter's Not For Your English Muffin, made for clever conversation.

Elite and Artists Unite Collage
Games aside, the hunt wouldn't have existed without the talented artists behind their wares. Dee W confesses: "I did not partake in the scavenger hunt. I was having way too much fun talking to each of the individual artists and learning more about their work, passion, and original roots." Self-proclaimed chocolate addict Monica S is "ready to battle the upcoming cold winter months" with her "newfound secret weapon Hot! Chocolate Sauce with Bigfat's 808 Hot Sauce" from GrownUp KidsStuff, and Noir d'Ébène Chocolat et Pâtisserie's Warm Chocolate Sundays cookie deliveries! Laura N "spent a lot of time discovering new types of art. Did you know you can paint with beeswax!? I didn't!"

The End
Artist Collage 1

I'd like to extend my deepest and most sincere thanks to the team at Galleria in Evanston (facebook) who helped make the evening unforgettable. Holly, who was busy in Africa supporting local artisans. All the local merchants who came out to meet our guests. Ken, who helped put those fabulous scavenger hunt clues together. Emily, who helped pull together all the final details. And a special thanks to Kim with her amazing glasswork and culinary presentation skills, who truly made this event come to life. For reviews click here. Even more photos from the festivities can be seen right here.

Thanks everyone for coming, and remember it's neat to be Elite!
Until next time...See You On Yelp (SYOY)

Your North Shore Community Manager,

Galleria gals

Angela S




Dee W

I'm excited to have finally met you, Angela!

Angela S

Likewise! I'm excited you could finally make it out to a North Shore event, and I look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Christine L

Wow, it looked like such an awesome event! So sad to have missed this event right in my backyard too (kind of).

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