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September 17, 2013

Yelp Miami Pours It On: Battle II

Posted by Johnny Todd

First drink spilled, the Yelp Pours It On battle continued! This week, the festivities moved to one of Miami’s coolest neighborhoods: Wynwood. Known for graffiti, artists, hipsters, and food trucks, there was little doubt that creative craft cocktails were nearby. Who would reign supreme in this week’s Tanteo takedown?

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Starting things out, Louis Salgar of Battle II host Gramps made a statement with the Cenote Sagrado, which spotlighted lime juice, Modelo syrup and Stone IPA. South Beach brought some south-of-the border heat via Sunset Lounge’s Picante Margarita. Alex Mendoza showcased the best of Cointreau, sugar cane syrup and agave nectar. Midtown made its mark thanks to Sugarcane’s Jamal Giles. His Cantaloupe Smoke impressed with liquid smoke, pinch crushed red pepper and fresh cantaloupe. Giving a drink and a show, TSL Lounge presented the DosCaraDiablo Mojito. Making each cocktail by hand, Ronaldo Shehadeh showed what was possible with honey, fresh orange juice and red & green peppers. Ending things on a sweet note, NoVe’s Mar Suarez delighted guests with the mix of ginger, peach nectar and 24k gold flakes she called the NoVe Sunset. Judges Jorge Arauz, Allegra Angelo, Chef Miguel Aguilar, and Y100’s Nicholas Pena bellied up to the bar to decide the course of history.

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Meanwhile, as guests sampled each cocktail, they also ate in a way completely authentic to Wynwood: food trucks and vegan sweet treats. Grilled Cheese rockstars Ms. Cheezious gave out copious samples of their classic grilled cheese and ‘must have’ blue cheese & bacon. To end things on a sweet note, Bunnie Cakes provided a rainbow of vegan cupcake delights from guava, to strawberry to vanilla to succulent brownie. The choices were numerous and the yums were even more. Adding to the revelry were Gramps’ DJs who spun tunes all night long and the infamous bocce ball court, which helped guests burn off calories.

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At this point, though, you’re all wondering: who won? The battle was tough but in the end, it was all about the smoke (ixnay the mirrors). Jamal Giles’ Cantaloupe Smoke (from Sugarcane) proved to be a unique combination of agave, liquid smoke, pinch crushed red pepper, Tanteo Tropical, fresh cantaloupe, and lime juice. The keen eye of Alex H made sure you could relive the evening here. Excited guests wrote down their impressions here. There’s one more battle to go. Who will be the last entrant in the 9/25 Finale? Come back here next week to find out.

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Thien H.

Aw, this looks like so much fun! A good reminder why yelp is awesome.

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