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September 20, 2013

Melbourne Elite Event: Yelp's Supper Safari

Posted by Tresna

Well we thought we couldn't top last month's Elite Event, but turns out we can! The Publican Group were kind enough to host Elite Yelpers for a Supper Safari, visiting not one venue but three! Rather that say it ourselves, this month we're letting Elite Yelper's explain what happened...


Leisha T: "All week I had been eagerly awaiting the supper safari, the days seemed to drag and Thursday seemed to take forever to arrive. Finally it arrived and dressed up in a leopard print shirt, leopard eyes and a tail I headed out to begin my Safari. I had high expectations for this event, but nowhere in my wildest dreams did I think it'd top the last event or be as great as it was.  I should know by now to expect the unexpected.  

We meet at Campari for some cocktails and canapés, which were both divine.  The artistry that went into my cocktail was out of this world.  Thankfully, it was as delicious as it was pretty.  After a brief stay, we were all ushered out on the street, where buses had been organised to take us to our next venue, Mr Mason.


Hugh M: "It's then off in a tour bus, to Mr Mason, to indulge in some French wine, Alsatian pinot gris, and Louis Jadot Beaujolais. I had pork belly, which was awesome, with a root vegetable reduction puree and a scattering of cassolouet. Any excuse for chorizo is a good one. Followed by some grand desserts; 4 varieties of awesome. All the favourites though that are always in line for evaluation."


Penelope B: "At Terra Rossa, the third and final venue of the night, we were treated to was cheese, fortified wines and a cocktail that upon tasting cause me to remark  'so this is what unicorn tears taste like'."


Chris B: "There were handsome men in safari suits (me and Terrence, basically), and Tresna was wearing more leopard print than a Shania Twain film clip. The thing I enjoy most about Yelp Elite events is that everyone gets into the spirit of it and has a bit of fun. On top of drinking good drink and eating good food, it's a great opportunity to meet people with similar (or entirely dissimilar) interests, and to just have a good chat with old friends."

Well we couldn't have said it better ourselves. What a fabulous night! Thanks to the generosity of our hosts and to Photobat for capturing all the terrific photos on the night. For more stories about what went down, check out the reviews!






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