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August 13, 2013

Yelp Miami SarDINES like Kings and Queens

Posted by Johnny Todd

When you think of ‘Italy,’ an enchanting Mediterranean island may not be the first image to come to mind. If you’re a member of the Yelp Miami Elite Squad, though, your word association has been forever changed; it’s all about the island! Sunset Harbor stunner Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante dazzled Elites with a sit-down feast suitable for royalty. It’s only fitting that this was the beginning of Yelp’s Amazing August.

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At Sardinia, you’re family. So, it’s only fitting to enjoy a meal family-style. Excited Elites removed their napkins, kindly thanked the waitstaff for the bread with selection of olive oils & cheese spread and prepared for a ‘tasting’ of burrata and mozzarella. They weren’t ready for what they received. Platter after platter of creamy, succulent, made-in-house cheese came out to the astonishment of Elites.  As they started in, out came the salumi. And, then the formaggi… the asparagus al forno con pecorino sardo… the baked fennel with grana and mint… the spinach… the broccoli rabe… the veal sweetbreads with brown butter, pancetta, sage, and brussel sprouts… the baby octopus with celery, black olives and tomatoes. And, this was the appetizer!

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Armed to the teeth with delectable Sardinian red (“Cannonau”) & white (“Vermentino”) wine, Elites charged into the pasta course.  They couldn’t believe their eyes (or bellies) when presented with Culurgiones (sardinian ravioli with potato, pecorino and mint in tomato sauce); Orecchiette with wild boar sausages, rapini pesto and roasted pinenuts; and Paella di fregola (sardinian couscous with fresh seafood and spicy buddin chives). Each pasta providing a unique flavor profile, Chef Pietro Vardeu was on hand to explain and introduce each one.

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But, there was more. Meat! Sardinians like meat, which is a good thing because Miamians like it, too. And, after this event, they may have gotten their fills for months to come. Sea & land were well represented by Polpo Alla Griglia (grilled octopus over grilled vegetable salad); Diver's Scallops (wraped with guanciale, pan seared in a saffron broth); and Scaloppine (medallions of veal with wild mushrooms and asparagus tips).

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Could these exhausted Elites manage to sample any more? Things looked bleak — and then the desserts came out. Somehow, bellies made room and Elites found the ability to eat even more. What was the secret weapon — the intoxicating aroma, appearance and taste of the digestif, mirto. Made with myrtle berries, its aromatic, sweet, slightly bitter and strong flavor helped the medicine go down. And, by ‘medicine,’ we mean ‘sweets.’ Sweets like panna cotta with strawberries and mangoes, almond chocolate torte, tiramisu, and sinful chocolate custard. Don’t believe it? Check out the photos Alex H shot and read the reviews of satisfied yelpers as proof. When you’re a Yelp Miami Elite, you’re family. And, when you dine at Sardinia, you dine like royalty.

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Sitting on a throne,


Johnny T


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