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August 26, 2013

Yelp Chicagoland's Night At The Venue: Jay Leno

Posted by Candice Gatlin

Yelp Elites got lucky at Horseshoe Casino of Hammond's Sixth Street Bar & The Venue with generous amounts of gourmet bites, craft beer, and the comedy stylings of THE Jay Leno for Yelp Chicagoland's first ever Elite event in Northwest Indiana - Yelp's Night At The Venue: Jay Leno


Elites kicked off the action-packed evening at Horseshoe's premier craft beer lounge, Sixth Street Bar, where Elites got more than a little hoppy with the 30+ locally brewed and imported craft beers on tap and endless lite bites by Horseshoe's top Chefs... and that was just the pre-show! When it came time for the show to go on, Elites headed to The Venue, Horseshoe's state-of-the-art entertainment facility, for specialty cocktails at the theater's built-in bar and loads of laughs courtesy of Mr Jay Leno!


You can read all the reviews HERE and spy a few of our favorite quotes from the event below:

"I'd like to thank Horseshoe Casino for having us as their guests of honor last night. We had a great time at Sixth Street Bar sampling a great selection of craft and local beers while attentive casino employees made sure our hors d'oeuvres selection was continually refilled. As we double-fisted drinks into The Venue's seating area, we sat down to enjoy a classic Leno show. How often does one get to see a celebrity of Leno's status live? It was an awesome experience, to say the least. While roaming around after the show, my wife tried out a slot machine and we walked away over $100 richer! What a great way to top off an already superb evening! ~ Phil S

 "This event was well worth the drive across the State line! With all the drinks I was bestowed, I had to make multiple trips to the bathroom during the show. That wasn't a problem, though, since The Venue broadcasts the show over the speakers in the lobby and restrooms!" ~ Misty S

"What can I say? This was such a freaking blast! Not only did I get to try some new craft beer and hear some jokes, I was also able to lose my ass on the way out. My favorite 'bite' was the Tuna Tartar. I could have kept eating it all night, a la Homer Simpson at the All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet. Just pour it directly down my throat, please! This was my 2nd show at The Venue. Jay killed it and I found myself laughing louder than I should have at a few jokes." ~ Courtney C

"I met a few people on this night who were attending their first event. Just so ya'll know, you won't be seeing a famous person at every event. I feel redundant because I say something along the lines of "this event was my favorite" whenever I review one of these, but I'm saying it again. This event was THE truth. Let me break it down for you: Choose from a myriad of good beers, get some snacks, sit yo' ass down and converse for a bit before you hear some jokes. Seeing Jay Leno perform was surreal. This was a special one, folks. I feel privileged." ~ Mark "Geezy" G

"We mingled and drank delicious beers in Sixth Street Bar -- which is tucked in the back of the casino and has an wonderful collection of craft beers -- before heading up to the Venue and laughing our butts off as Jay Leno cracked jokes on stage. Our seats were actually really good as we could still see Leno well on the stage and the giant screens on either side." ~ Laura N

"The tender beef on the tortilla chip was my favorite bite. After a couple rounds at the roulette table, we headed upstairs to The Venue. The seats at The Venue were nice and squishy and after a short opening act, Jay walked out on stage. We really enjoyed the show!  He was funny without crossing too many lines which I really like when I see a comedian." ~ Jennifer S

"I lovedddd this event!!! I had so much friggin fun! I don't know how all the pieces added up (Over the border event, an event at a casino, an event seeing Jay Leno, an event at the craft beer pub at Horseshoe) but somehow they did and everyone who attended had a fabulous night! Horseshoe has a fun crowd but in the back of the casino is a gem - Sixth Street. A craft beer spot in an Indiana casino, who knew!? It's definitely the hot spot of the casino complete with cute bartender. Sixth Street was generous in the appetizers they provided us buffet style with my personal favorite being the tuna tartare - a bit of spice and everything nice." ~ Sarah S

"We've been to Las Vegas once and never been to a casino around here so this was an adventure for us. The Sixth Street craft beer bar was really cool. The Venue was huge and you could see well from wherever you were sitting. We loved the big screens so you could see the facial expressions. The sound was perfect. The opening musical duo were actually quite good and we were struck by how one singer and one acoustic guitar player could command such a big stage. The main event, Jay Leno, was great! It was really fun to get to see him do live standup, especially at this point in his career." ~ Kara Z

"This was my first attending a Yelp event and I suspect I'll be trying to attend many more in the future. Nights like this are unexpected surprises in life. I'll be back to make more memories even though I'm not normally much of a casino fan." ~ Phil S


Thanks to the 2013 Yelp Chicagoland Elite Squad for coming out and a BIG THANKS to the entire staff at Sixth Street Bar, The Venue, and Horseshoe Casino for the unforgettable evening of craft beer, big wins, and even bigger laughs for Jay Leno!

You can check out all of the night's memorable moments (thanks to the swift click of our Elites' cameras) in the photos HERE and the rave reviews HERE.


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(pictured with Sixth Street beer... and Mark S)

Candice G

Yelp Chicagoland Community Manager


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