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June 30, 2013

Yelpers Taste Some Good People at Hop City

Posted by Will

It's not every day the coolest beer shop in the land lets you throw a private party after they are closed, but that's exactly what Hop City did for Birmingham Yelpers.  The most aptly named business in town, Good People Brewing Company, provided the libations, while everyone's favorite picnic store, Green Central Station, put the food on the table.  Take a look at what went down at Yelp's Good People Taster At Hop City.


"The Hop City staff was great--very helpful with beer questions and the picnic style food from Green Central Station was perfect for a beer tasting event," Says Brad H.  Beyond that, Danielle S thinks, "eating a brownie from Green Central should be on your bucket list.  They're that good.  It's a perfect combination of 'fudgey' and 'cakey' with wonderful little bits of chocolate chunks. Swoon!"  As if it couldn't get any better, cartoonist Tim Rocks (yes, that's his real name) gladly drew caricatures of all willing guest.  

Collage 2

Whether Good People's IPA is your thing or you prefer their Brown, you were in good craft brew hands.  Say you wanted to branch out a bit.  It's a good thing the Elite event was held at " a cool place with 'every beer legal to sell in Alabama' represented," thinks Russ M.  

This event wouldn't have been possible without Hop city, Good People Brewing Company, Green Central Station, and the talented Tim Rocks. Thanks to the Elites for showing up and making this event what it was.  Go check out some of the pics here.  If you were lucky enough to be there, don't forget to post a review.  If you don't want to miss the next one, find out how to become Elite by going to http://yelp.com/elite

Fake smile
Will L.

Yelp Birmingham Community Manager 


June 29, 2013

Yelp! Bloody Murder! @ Casa Rondena

Posted by Howie

Whodunnit? A murder mystery was afoot for Yelp! Bloody Murder! at one of Albuqueque's most storied wineries, Casa Rondena, and Yelp Elites were invited to solve the crime. Dressed to impress, these Duke City savvy patrons found a haven in the North Valley to spend an evening sipping and schooling the art of world-class grape sass. Check the threads.

PicMonkey Collage1

After claiming Yelp schwag bags, a tour of the winery from grape to bottle ensued. Vintner Eric Olson provided a superb step-by-step teach-in of the process, with a VIP viewing of what happens behind the scenes of every spectacular bottle.

PicMonkey Collage2

Then it was off to the rotunda, the tasting room where glasses of fine varietals were poured and appetites were calmed thanks to Ahhromas Wood Fired Pizza. Murder mystery? The crime remained unsolved because the evening, the food, the hospitality and the company were unparalled. Without question, the event met or exceeded any expectation and the wine? So divine.

PicMonkey Collage3

In case you were wondering, the Community Manager definitely had a Clue about the evening's proceedings. Whodunnit? Maybe it was Ms. Scarlett, in the Rotunda, with the candlestick. Or, perhaps, it was you.

Big red kisses,


Ms. Scarlett

AKA Howie K

Community Manager, Yelp Albuquerque

Yelp Adelaide's Bring A Newbie Week!

Posted by Chloe

From soju to wine and K.F.C to charcuterie meat the Yelp Adelaide Elite got to share the love around this week with their favourite Yelp newbie at Giwa Korean and The Loft Wine Bar.

According to Nadia P. "Yelpers played grown ups" at Giwa as they sat around and shared entrées, mains and desserts (yes plural of each) whilst talking of Bieber, cats vs. dogs, dumplings and far off adventures to China. With all these pleasantries it was amazing any Yelpers had a chance to even eat! However, when they did an eerie silence of masticating was heard at the dinner table.

Giwa Korean 

Exquisite flavours of shiitake mushroom rice balls and beef glass noodles were paired with popular main dishes of traditional Korean Pancakes with salmon and pan fried tofu (converting any non-vegan on the spot). The omnivores at the table (ie. everyone) were moo-ved by the Galbi Jim (steaming pot of beef cheek) and had KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) "the way they liked it (uh huh huh)."

To warm up their toes, Yelpers were introduced to a range of Korean spirits and rice wine that caused a few coughs and eye pops for some and guzzles and rosy cheeks for others.

Loft Wine Bar

Speaking of rosy cheeks, a different set of Yelpers got chatty over wine with Wes from Vinteloper at The Loft Wine Bar on Thursday night. They spent the evening learning how to pair whites and reds with dishes, and by the end were very well versed in the art of the quaff.

Yelpers had a balanced diet of wine and nibbles with platters of antipasto, meats and cheeses being dished out and quickly devoured moments after. And in case you were wondering, sweet corn doesn't go with ANY kind of wine (unless you are Moe L).

A big thank you to Giwa Korean and The Loft Wine Bar for hosting us in style and with swagger.

  • The Loft Wine Bar will be hosting more wine tasting masterclasses in the future so keep a look out for a Yelp get-together around this soon!
  • Vinteloper wines can be bought at any of independent cellar from East End to Norwood, Stirling and Belair.
  • If you are ever looking for a special anniversary dinner location, Giwa Korean will treat you like kings and queens - but make sure you book if you go on a weekend!

Until next time...


Chloe ice cream

Chloe R.

June 28, 2013

Buffalo Elites Race into Summer at Lasertron!

Posted by Alex L

Buffalo Yelp Elite's enjoyed food, fun, go-karting and CyberSport at Lasertron; while the event lasted three hours, the memories, reviews and photos are here to stay forever! For those seeking to throw a fun company party or family outing, look no further than this multiplex entertaintment venue. Elite's got a peak at their private room venue and enjoyed catered wraps and decadent desserts, while enjoying endless games of go-karts and CyberSport.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 4.29.03 PM

Tom D sounds off that "The wraps were not the only items of food worth a mention here either - there were cheese poppers too and little pizza like rolls - and all those fresh veggies and dip. However, the highlight for me and my blood sugar were those amazing deserts." While the catering and food kept everyone happy, the main attraction of the event was the go-karting and CyberSport. Jamie C exclaims that "the go-kart racing was spectacular! Though I've been to Lasertron a few times, I've never done the go-karts until tonight. What a thrill!"


After the go-karting, Elite's enjoyed a private room for CyberSport playing or lacrosse on steroids! Jennifer C loved "the game where you are in a bumper car, while trying to use a lacrosse-style stick to throw a ball into a hole at the basketball net level." After the event was over, Yelpers went home with a certificate for a free game of mini-golf for when they come back and a lot of happy smiles and five-star reviews. Matt M concludes that "this was the most fun Yelp Event I've been to. In terms of Lasertron itself. I absolutely will planning on coming back with a group of friends some time. I had forgotten just how great of a time can be had there."

Want more?

Check out the reviews here, more pictures here (big thanks to Sarah Bonse from Visual Echoes for the photography).

Until next time,

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 4.16.10 PM

- Alex L
Buffalo Community Manager

Yelp Brooklyn's Bullseye!

Posted by peter d.

Last night, the best of Brooklyn Yelp took aim...and hit the target, thanks to Hidden Gems Archery! It might've been hot, and I might have been sweaty, but it was a blast! Kenny C says, "For one night only, we got to live out our Hunger Games, Avengers and Game of Thrones fantasies. And I guess, also take out any pent-up frustration we had against foam targets."

The fine folks from Hidden Gems Archery are awesome instructors. With the introductory lesson, they walk you through some basic processes in order to learn how to shoot a bow as soon as possible. I'd tell you about it, but Liana L does such a better job: "Hidden Gems was incredible - fantastic, patient, no-nonsense teachers, streamlined instruction, and many opportunities to perfect our aim. Their vision of safety and fun was clearly implemented, and I was exhilarated to be able to actually hit the target."

Not only do they know their archery stuff, but they are all friendly, fun, organized and accommodating. Thanks to Jo, Will, Q and Tasha, everyone walked in an archery novice...and by the end of the session, as Leslie D says, we were getting our Katniss on! It's an addictive hobby, and Hidden Gems has you covered if you want to keep going! Just check out all their classes and details here

Whether or not you made it out, check out the reviews and pictures here, and we'll catch you all soon!

Peeta D

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 1.56.13 PM

La fiesta del verano

Posted by Julio


El martes 25 de junio celebramos que por fin ha llegado el verano muy a pesar de las predicciones de que este año nos lo íbamos a saltar. ¡Y vaya si llegó! El calor estuvo presente durante una velada en la que los Yelpers no dejaron que las altas temperaturas fueran las protagonistas… ¡porque lo fue las ganas de celebrar la estación estival! El sitio que nos acogió no fue otro que Entredos, que con sus enormes cristaleras se convirtió en un perfecto escaparate para ver a gente guapa disfrutando de una fiesta estupenda.

Y como en toda buena celebración no pudo faltar comida ni bebida, como las maravillosas tapas que prepararon nuestro anfitriones de Entredos, los riquísimos panes de cereales o wasabi de Pan y Più además de sus ricos postres y todo ello regado con los maravillosos caldos de El Enógrafo, "vinos de toda clase: blanco, cava, rosado, tinto... con explicación incluida y aportando nociones para saber catarlos", como recuerda Idoia R.

Además de las altas temperaturas paliadas con las bebidas, la rica comida y las risas, el verano siempre trae el final del curso, y para no olvidar todo lo que hemos aprendido durante el que ahora acaba, sorteamos entre los asistentes un cuaderno de actividades para el verano, como los que hacíamos de pequeños… ¡pero para mayores! El afortunado fue Pedro G y nos ha prometido que si le examinamos a la vuelta de las vacaciones, sacará un diez.

Como siempre, no pudo faltar la música de ritmos veraniegos que nos trajeron los platos de Max Mackay y que animó más si cabe una fiesta que ha hecho que empecemos el verano por la puerta grande. ¿Te parece que salimos guapos en las fotos? ¡Pues no te pierdas todas las que nos hizo Alejandro Rodríguez! Seguro que viéndolas estás deseando unirte a la próxima fiesta… Y si estuviste en ésta... ¡No te olvides de contarnos qué te pareció! Bueno Yelpers... ¡Pues nos vemos a la vuelta! ¡Felices vacaciones a los que os vayáis, pero Yelp sigue siempre abierto para vosotros!


Julio L

Responsable de Yelp Sevilla


Last Tuesday we had a big celebration to share our joy because summer is already here. So the heat was one of our guests, but not the only one because many Yelpers came to celebrate the beginning of the hottest season. The place for the party was Entredos, with those big windows to show to people on the streets what a great time we were having inside.

A good celebration always have some food and drinks, and that’s what we had: gorgeous tapas from our host, Entredos, wonderful bread and sweets from Pan y Più and the greatest wines from El Enógrafo well explained by the owner, something that Idoia R really liked.

When the summer arrives we have to do some mind exercise if we don’t want to forget what we have learnt during the year, so we had a present just for one of the guests: a workbook like those we had at the end of school, but for adults. The lucky one was Pedro G, who will obtain an A + at the end of holidays because he loved his present.

But one celebration needs music, and we had the summer rhythms from Max Mackay speakers. We had a great time, can’t you see it on the pictures Alejandro Rodríguez took? I’m sure these pictures will make you wanna come to the next event! So… see you after Holidays, but remember that Yelp is always open for you.

Julio L

Yelp Sevilla Community Manager

Yelp Köln Elite - Cocktail Kurs

Posted by Olli

Und da hat es wieder eingeschlagen. Das Elite-Feeling hat uns wieder gepackt. Mit 20 Yelpern durften wir dieses Mal mixen, wonach uns gerade war. Ok, zugegeben, wer abends ab 18Uhr schon Cocktails trinkt, hat einen langen Abend vor sich. Aber einer der es in sich hatte. Im Haifisch Club in der schönen Südstadt von Köln, haben wir die Boston Shaker qualmen lassen. Auch Dirk D hat es gepackt, das Fieber "Das ist echt ein Hammer Event."


In der gemütlichen Lounge des Haifisch Clubs lauschten wir gespannt, als uns der Geschäftsführer Jochen Nickels die Geschichte des Club näher brachte. In zwei Workshop Gruppen aufgeteilt, ging es ans Eingemachte. Von Soures bis Classics, unsere Elites ließen es sich schmecken. "1 Sekunde sind 1cl? Cool, ich hab schon 10 Sekunden, ist das jetzt genug?" fragte Bine B scherzhaft. 


"Endlich, mein erstes Elite Event. Hab mich schon riesig darauf gefreut! Und das am Tag meiner letzten Klausur." freute sich unser Elite der ersten Stunde Corinna S. So sprudelten die Cocktails im Minutentakt in unsere Yelp Shotgläser und ließen jeden in den Genuss der Cocktailvariationen kommen.


Und als wäre der Abend nicht schon unterhaltsam genug gewesen, wurde der Club, der bis 20Uhr exklusiv für unsere Yelp Elites geöffnet wurde, von einer weiteren Gruppe gestürmt. Yelp wurde schnell zum Thma und begeisterte vor allem auch durch lustige Merchandise Gegenstände. "Unbelievable, I knew Yelp, but I did'nt know that they are soo cool! Can I join?" Fragte ein Gast aus der dazugekommenen Gruppe.

Wir schlossen alle schnell Freundschaften und tranken Cocktails bis spät in den Abend.

Vielen Dank an alle Yelper, die uns die besten Cocktails gemischt haben. Elite sein ist einfach genial! 

Der Link zu weiteren Stimmen unserer Elites gibt es hier, hier die Bildern von dem Tag.

Tschüß und bis bald


Oliver E.

Community Manager Yelp Köln


Brining our dear Yelp Cologne Elites behind the scences and showing what skills a barkeeper really needs to do his or her job, that was what happened last night (kind of).This brought back the true Elite-feeling and showed us what is possible, just when your are an Elite. We exclusively had the Haifisch Club in the beatiful south of Cologne for ourselves. Ok, honestly, whoever starts drinking cocktails at 6PM, knows he/she has a long night ahead. Dirk D stated "this event is just awesome!!" As the night began.

One of our 20 Yelpers was especially happy "finally, my first Elite Event and this on the day of my last exam!!" was the quote from one of our first hour Elites Corinna SShe was unstoppabel when it comes down to creative Cocktail recepies. 

And as the club opened for the public, a large group of international businesspeople showed up. The simply joined us, without knowing what we were here for. Soon they found out, that Yelp is probably the best thing that they discovered that night. "Unbelievable, I knew Yelp, but I did'nt know that they are soo cool! Can I join?" Of course they could. The rest is history. What a night! 

Read what our Elites experienced at the event, or have a look at the photos from this great day.

Have a great weekend and see you soon,


Oliver E.

Community Manager Yelp Köln


June 27, 2013

NCSD Elite celebrate with Harney Sushi!

Posted by Trish

North County Elites love a beach-side hot spot and nothing is heating up as much as Harney Sushi! Celebrating their 5-year anniversary in sunny Oceanside, this locally owned spot hosted "Yelp's So Harney:" A sexy sushi soiree just for the NCSD squad. It was a cocktail party where the chefs rolled on and the drinks flowed free! Elites and their plus 1's got the 5-star treatmentFirst

The beautiful venue boasts a sustainable menu and a substantial bar, two things that Yelp Elite love to hear! The staff, owners, chefs and bartenders were ready ahead of time to start the night off with a Super Secret Harney Happy Hour featuring a Sake flight of five premium selections paired with fresh Carlsbad aquafarm sauteed mussels. The party people were prepped and perfectly taken care if they arrived early pre-event. The staff handled the early birds with ease. Happyhour

The soiree got started with Mick spinning sexy vibes for the entire restaurant courtesy of his company, Elite British DJ. Live instagram printing from Crowd Print on site paired with a do-it-yourself photo booth op, a unique way to snag on the spot memories.  Med

Han Vodka was featured in two signature drinks: The Shaolin Martini with lychee and the Jal-up-eno Biz Martini with spicy mango flavors-delicious! Not to mention the generous hot sake that was poured all night long! Extra shots of Han selections were icing on an already perfect evening.  Vodka

The Harney Chefs freshly rolled three different types of sushi throughout the night: The Maui Wowie (Shrimp tempura, crab, topped with albacore, avocado, faux-nagi sauce, rayu, negi, masago) The Flaming Lip (Tempura-fried cali roll with cream cheese, topped with spicy mayo, jalapeno, & sriracha) and the Rolls Royce (Shrimp tempura, asparagus, topped with tuna sashimi, jalapeno, money sauce, garlic ponzu, faux-nagi sauce). Over 150 rolls total were brought out during the event-made on the spot and with ingredients both sustainable and of the highest quality. Food

Jo-Ryan Bagalso from i.l.l.a Photography snapped shots all night long, check them out on our Flickr page. The evening was five stars all the way-reviews can be found on the event page. To keep in the know, like NCSD on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and search #yelpsoharney on Instagram! Last




Trish S

NCSD Community Manager



Northern Virginia Elites Roar into the Twenties at The Carlyle Club!

Posted by Gretchen

"Feathers! Pearls! Fringe! Fishnets! We were all rocking the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Carlyle Club last night!" exclaims Mari A, still riding her 1920s-high, fueled by cakepops, cosmos, and boop-boop-be-doops after the Yelp's Roaring into the Twenties event! This was Yelp NoVA's first Elite Event with their new Community Manager, The Great Gretchensby, at the helm, and it was a definite winner!

Guests Collage

Almost 100 Northern Virginia Eliters and their guests (as well as a few of their counterparts from around the DMV) hopped into a time machine and warped straight to the Jazz Age when they walked into the gorgeous, swanky, and thoroughly period-appropriate Carlyle Club

Carlyle Club Collage

Many Elites came dressed to the nines in their glad rags. As Rebecca M observed, "All the Bonnie's and Clyde's came out in their roaring best, so it was a feast for the eyes!" Guests got to show off their duds and flash their pearly whites at the photobooth provided by event photographers, Ben Powell Photography!

Photobooth Pics Collage

Photobooth collage 20s

The Carlyle Club kept our tastebuds tickled and bellies full with a smorgasbord of appetizers and delicious drink specials. There were passed plates of bruschetta, mini spring rolls, crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, bacon-wrapped scallops, roast beef with horseradish sauce, and an entire pasta bar -- and that doesn't even cover all of it! For Bryce A, "the food was delicious - I loved the ravioli, the beef and puff pastry appetizers."

Food and Drink Collage

A special shout-out goes to Kimberly of Simply Desserts, who provided an amazing display of delectable cakepops for Elites with a hankering for something sweet. Anjali K sums up their deliciousness well in saying, "Anyone who knows me knows my love for cake pops. These were amazing -- perfectly moist cake and delicious frosting."

Cakepop Collage

Of course, no swinging Jazz Age party is complete without a big band to jive along to! Elites partied like it was 1929 thanks to the showstopping performance of Doc Scantlin, Chou Chou, and the Imperial Palmettos!

Doc and Chou Chou Collage

"What really made the night was Doc Scantlin and Chou Chou," croons Eric N. "I had my jazz hands gettin down while watching them and the band perform!" Chou Chou even convinced a few cooperative Yelpers to help out with the show!

Bubble Blowers Collage

Check out the rest of the reviews for this hotsy-totsy shindig here, and the fabulous event photos from Ben Powell Photography are available here on Flickr, as well as on Facebook!

Party Collage

Missed out on the fun this time around? Check out why it's neat to be Elite and find out how you, too, can get the in on events that are the bee's knees!

The Great Gretchensby

Gretchen "The Cat's Pajamas" P
Northern Virginia Community Manager

Madison Elites Get Crafty @ Craftsman Table & Tap

There's no denying Yelp Elites are crafty peeps! Week after week they concoct incredible reviews for places worth raving about using craveworthy and well-constructed prose. This month Madison Elites gathered at Craftsman Table & Tap for Yelp Gets Crafty: A celebration of crafted libations cleverly paired with savories and sweets! 


Chef Nick and his team prepared an array of awesome treats including; brisket sandwiches, soft pretzels for dipping, spicy chicken wraps, beet salad, roasted summer vegetables, rich chocolate brownies topped with house made marshmallows and a sweet pecan crème brûlée spoon to polish it all off. But Jen W wails about the most talked about food item: "Having grown up in Wisconsin my whole life I've eaten a lot of cheese curds, but the cheese curds at Craftsman take cheese curds to a whole new level. The crispy yet not too thick crust over the perfectly melted cheese... perfection!"

      Food1   Food2   Food3

             Food4    Food5

Crafty Elites did more than eat. Several folks were on hand to ensure no peeps were parched. There was a beer and cheese paring station, a cocktail pairing station, even a blind beer tasting led by Craftsman's beer wiz Josh which left Liz B boasting about the "unique opportunity to taste beer in an unbiased manner and test your beer knowledge."


    Drink1  Blind  Drink2

Sherry L liked the "bolts & bands craft table... It was like a Pinterest page come to life. Dream. Come. True." And for the folks who didn't want to get their craft on, there was still plenty to take home. "The parting gifts were uhhhhhhhhn-real. Not only was the gift pack excessively generous (glassware, token, beer), but the cardboard 4-pack carrier & fliers were so creative," shares Steve L.

   GetCrafty  Peeps2  Takeaway

Special thanks to GM Liz, AGM Aaron, Chef Nick, Josh, Heyward, Ashley and the entire Craftsman team for being incredible hosts and showing us such a crafty time! Huge thanks to Brad, CC and Sierra of Food Fight Restaurant Group and Tiffany of Lacavore Roar for helping to make our evening a smashing success, and big BIG thanks to Sid of Carr Valley Cheese for stopping by and chatting all things cheese. Thanks also to Vic Marsh (Marshland Productions) and Stephanie Kluz (Stephanie Kluz Photography) for the awesome photos of our evening. 

     ChefNick    Liz    Sid

Read the REVIEWS

See the PHOTOS and see SOME MORE

Become ELITE


Corey D

Madison Community Manager

Yelp Hampton Roads Takes a Field Trip to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Posted by Xerxes N

Over 75 Yelp Elites and friends threw it back as if they were kids to explore the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center last Thursday night. The fun-filled evening began with everyone mixing and mingling in the Promenade room overlooking Lake Rudee. Sodexo provided the drinks and tasty samples while Bobby Reynolds with Colonial DJs entertained us with today's top music hits.  



Cocktail hour started the night consisting of refreshments and hors devours that everyone loved. Rory J’s favorite dish was the pork with spicy greens and black eyed peas. For Keith C his “favorite item hands down were the crab cakes.” It was so good that he’s already “figuring out what event in the near future needs catering in order to get down with some of those crab cakes again!” Nikki F “personally loved the seared ahi tuna the best.”


The second hour of the evening was unleashing all these grown up kids to tour the museum. It was like going back to our childhood. Ashlea L hasn’t been to the aquarium since middle school “so it was a real treat to revisit. The sea turtles were my favorite while watching the fish and sharks was so relaxing.” Julia A adds, “the shark tank is the best! I really enjoyed sitting in front of it with a beer in hand and the sound of whale calls in the background. Such a beautiful experience.”


Stephanie S’s boyfriend, James, “the biggest kid I know, was so happy touching and playing with all the exhibits. Debbie T was “especially enchanted by the egg pods with the miniscule baby shark moving inside.” She left the event with her “shirt sleeve half wet from submerging it in the stingray tank.” (Don’t worry! You won’t get stung with these stingrays.)

A special thanks goes out to Linda Candler with the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center for hosting us, to Peter Patane and his staff with Sodexo for the wonderful bites and refreshments and to Bobby Reynolds of Colonial DJs.

It truly is awesome to be a Yelp Elite. Look at all the fun we have. Now take a peek at all the reviews and check out all the great moments of the evening. We can always count on our special Yelp photographer, Jason Hillian of All You Photo, to capture the night's best moments. Thank you for becoming a part of our Yelp family!

Until our next happy shindig, SYOY!

Xerxes N





Yelp's Elite Luau in Minneapolis!

Posted by Annie D

Twin Cities Elites brought out their ukuleles this week for a summer stunner of a party—Yelp's Luau!


Our hosts at United Noodles pulled out stop after stop for this party, but it was definitely the personalities behind the store that brought the experience to life. Open since 1972, United Noodles is a family-owned business and the Upper Midwest's largest pan-Asian grocer, stocking more than 10,000 products from 15 countries. It's a little-known fact that United Noodles is also one of the only places in town where you can find legit Hawaiian groceries too. The more you know...

Luau 1

Once a year, UniDeli (the in-store deli) celebrates their own summer luau and features a selection of amazing Hawaiian specialties. These Hawaiian eats will be available at the store's luau this August, but they were previewed exclusively for the Elite Squad yesterday, along with some of the other United Noodles favorites.

There were no fewer than a dozen delicious delights on the spread from Chef Kosuke, including Spam musubi, kalua pork, agedashi tofu, Hawaiian fried rice, takoyaki (Japanese octopus dumplings), lumpia and carved char siu pork... oh yeah, and the whole pig.

John C says, "Imagine a roasted whole pig, that's been cut up into small rectangular size pieces, just like you would cut up a sheet cake at a birthday, but instead of gingerly lifting light pieces of airy cake onto your plate, you wrestle chunks of succulent meat (bone and fat and all) off of the carcass of recently deceased mammal. That was SOME PIG. We thank you pig, where ever you are today."

Luau 2

Yelpers were also treated to brews from Lift Bridge Brewing by CEO Dan himself, including their tasty Chesnut Hill Nut Brown Ale and famous Farm Girl Saison (which basically tastes like summer feels). If you find yourself in Stillwater, go say hello at the tap room or sign up for a free tour of the brewery! 

Cider enthusiasts partook in Crispin Original and Fox Barrel's Blackberry Pear. Chris from Crispin also brought along their special Cho-tokkyo, which is fermented with authentic sake yeast—a great pairing for rice dishes.

Collage 3

After everyone had a chance to sample the feast, the chef gathered everybody together for a fun sushi demonstration where he guided us through cutting techniques and the secrets to perfect sushi rice. More than a few party-goers left with bags full of nori, so we can't wait to see the results of this tutorial!

Always the life of the party, Melissa from Snap Yourself brought her state-of-the-art booth to aisle 9, complete with grocery cart, pink flamingo, sriracha bottles and grass skirts. And viking hats, because hey, why not? Check out those photos here.


If you still aren't convinced that this was the luau of the century, you're welcome to read the rave reviews on Yelp (or write one yourself if you were there—just remember to hold off on your reviews of the participating businesses until you've had a more typical customer experience). Make sure to check out all the party pics on Flickr (thanks to the lovely Jenna Klein Photography!). 

Thanks so much to everyone who attended and everyone helped make this crazy event one of the most unique Yelp parties to date, especially Eric, Ramon and the whole United Noodles staff, Adriane from Harvest PR, Dan from Lift Bridge, Chris from Crispin, Melissa from Snap Yourself and my lovely assistant Caroline. Annd congrats to our raffle winners Sarah S, Travis B and Michael Z. They each won a $75 United Noodles gift card to play Supermarket Sweep whenever they want.

Wanna snag yourself an invitation to future Yelp events? Check out the Yelp Elite Squad to learn about our exclusive monthly Elite events and apply online if you think you have what it takes to be part of this extraordinary league of urban explorers! 

Until next time,
Yelp Twin Cities Community Manager
Yelp | Twitter | Facebook

Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway

Posted by Lucie

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-08

Plus de cinquante Yelpeurs ont répondu présent lundi dernier lors de la soirée Elite au Stairway, ce bar rock & blues du Vieux-Lille dont tout le monde attend avec impatience l’ouverture du club ! Cocktails, bonne musique, blind test et stand make up / coiffure rock par Zoé d’Acte Académie, ce ne serait pas ça la recette d’une bonne soirée Yelp ?!

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-50
Pour sa première soirée Yelp, Marie P le dit et le re-dit : « Il faut absolument les voir faire le cocktail Kashmir, à base de vraie barbe à papa ! Le morceau fond presque instantanément dans le verre: ça fait son effet et c'est excellent ! Un vrai bonbon ! Un cocktail très tendance, 100% régressif ! Les dips à grignoter (carotte, tomate cerise, chips) c'était top » !

C’est vers 20h30 que Lilo le gérant du Stairway a lancé le blindtest Rock ! Oriane D et sa team remporte la manche avec un joli 19/20 et tiens à remercier son « équipe, "Les CaRocks" » grâce à laquelle elle remporte une paire de « chaussettes Yelp et bon pour un cocktail gratuit lors de la prochaine soirée au Stairway ».

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-54
Constance V repart avec un look de rockeuse et dit « merci à Zoé d’Acte Académie pour avoir dispensé ses conseils judicieux pour se faire un look rock vite fait bien fait, de la coque rockabilly à l'oeil de biche » !

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-14
Et Ghislain P de conclure « AYORP... another yelp on the rock please » !

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-87

BIG UP à :

Lilo, le gérant généreux et passionné du Stairway !

Zoé, aux doigts de fée et ses maquillages et coiffures rock (Acte Académie)

Alice Gonsolin pour les très très belles photos : Bliss-out.fr

Retrouvez les avis ici et les photos  !


*A Bientôt Sur Yelp

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-75

Lucie C

Community Manager Yelp Lille

>> English version <<

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-13
More 50 Yelpers went to the Yelp Elite Event last Monday at the Stairway this rock bar in the Vieux Lille ! Cocktails, good music, rock blindtest and make up booth by Zoé (Acte Académie) It could be THE recipe of a great Yelp Event !

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-77
Barbara Z « doesn’t regret her walk in the Vieux Lille to come to this Elite Event ! Because the Stairway deserves well its name ! She’s in heaven ! Good music, comfortables seats, a warm welcome from the owner and especially the cocktails were awesome !

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-73
« The "Kashmir" was a great cocktail to discover ! Made with lemon juice, Perrier and ice, vodka, and a ball of cotton candy on the top, made a fantastic visual effect » ! Franck C is impressed !

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-26
Even if Xavier B didn’t win to the blindtest game it was his « favorite moment of the party ».

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-62
One last word, Ghislain P ? « AYORP... another yelp on the rock please » !

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-92

Special thanks to :

Lilo, the cool owner of The Stairway.

Zoé, make up artist at Acte Académie

Alice Gonsolin, for her fantastic photos : Bliss-out.fr

You can find the reviews here and the photos there ! 


*See You On Yelp 

YELP ELITE LILLE 11 - Highway To Yelp @ Le Stairway © Alice GONSOLIN-75

Lucie C

Community Manager Yelp Lille


Yelps CityTour mit den Hamburger Gassenhauern

Posted by Mareike

Wi snackt Platt, Du ok? Die Elite durfte sich dieses Mal über eine Stadtführung der anderen Art freuen. Die beiden kecken Deerns, Käthe und Adele von den Hamburger Gassenhauern, führten uns 90 Minuten durch Hamburgs Historie - und zwar auf Plattdeutsch! 
Blog 1
Für die, die kein Platt sprechen, wurden die wichtigsten Fakten und Geschichten noch mal auf Hochdeutsch wiederholt. Aber lustig ist sie schon, diese Sprache. So könnte man den Schwestern stundenlang zuhören, auch wenn man kein Wort versteht.Blog 3
Von der Erfingung des Wasserklosetts bis zum Hamburger Brand wurden wichtige historische Ereignisse erklärt, besungen und betanzt. "Ein grandioser Freizeitspaß!", findet Doreen H.Blog 3
Auch privat haben die beiden Mädels einige Tipps auf Lager. So wurde live vor Ort ein Verlobter auf seine Standfestigkeit geprüft - "Links ein Bein, rechts ein Bein, in der Mitte - Labimmel Labammel" - und glücklicherweise für tauglich befunden. Einer Hochzeit steht also nichts mehr im Wege.Adele Collage
Apropos Hochzeit: bei diesem Thema wurde Adele ganz anhänglich und schnappte sich den überraschten Björn R zu einer spontanen Kuscheleinlage. Wat hebbt wi lacht!Blog 7
Aber "Geschichte ist ja nicht nur was für den Kopf, sondern auch für die Kehle und den Magen", wie Heiko T treffend feststellt. Und so endete der Abend in der Gröninger Privatbrauerei, eine der ältesten Braustätten Hamburgs. 10 Liter Fass? Check! Ein riesiger Haufen Fleisch auf der Brauerschmausplatte? Check! Sara R und Niccolo am Zapfhahn? Check! Ein großartiger Abend mit einmaliger Unterhaltung? Doppel-Check!Brauhaus2
Danke an die Hamburger Gassenhauer für diese einmalige Tour und an die gesamte Elite Crew für einen wunderbaren Abend. Hier findet ihr die Reviews zum Abend und alle Fotos auf FlickrBit tö'een anner mol! Bis zum nächsten Mal!


SYOY (See You On Yelp)


Mareike B

Community Manager Hamburg


In English:

This time, the Hamburg Elite were in for a special treat: A sightseeing tour through Hamburg´s hidden corners. The two sisters Käthe & Adele took us back to the 19th century by speaking and singing about historic happenings and the latest gossip in town - all in Low German! As if that was not entertaining enough, they threw in a little dance now and then, saved us with homemade "medicine" from cholera (a little snaps never hurt nobody) and even did a "Fiancé check". Luckily the Fiancé was approved and a happy Yelper wedding is going to happen soon. Speaking of marriage and weddings, Adele felt a little lonely and grabbed Björn R for a spontaneous cuddling action. Check out the look on his face... He cracked us up!

The cultural tour left us hungry for more so we stopped by Gröninger Privatbrauerei, one of the oldest private breweries in town. 10l beer keg? Check! A huge pile of meat? Check! A fantastic night with matchless entertainment? Double check!

Thanks to Hamburger Gassenhauer and the Hamburg Elite for yet another wonderful event. Check out the reviews and all the pictures on Flickr. Until next time!

Revelation Perth International Film Festival & Yelp Perth Free Film Event!

Posted by Laura

This month Perth Yelpers were lucky enough to be treated to an Australian premiere film screening by Revelation Perth International Film Festival. The Festival wanted to give Yelpers a sneak peak exclusive before the Festival officially begins on July 4th. Rev 1
100 Yelpers gathered in the lobby at Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge last night, snacking on Yelpcorn and flicking through their copies of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival program fresh off the press.Rev 2
It’s the sixteenth Revelation Perth International Film Festival and the amount of incredible films they single-handedly bring to Perth every year is unbelievably impressive.  For Revelation, films are a backdrop to a wider conversation. Revelation commenced its formal life in 1997 in the basement back room of the Greenwich Club, Perth's legendary jazz venue. The festival was designed to showcase ideas "at point" in contemporary independent film and find a place for them in a conservative cinema and social environment. Today, the event includes 100+ international films presented at cinemas, galleries, cafes and bars across Perth. It attracts 10,000 patrons over 10 days. This year Australia's most unique, world class, and fastest growing annual film event will take place from the 4th till the 14th of July. Rev 3
Before the movie we were lucky enough to hear Steph from Revelation talk about the highlights of the 2013 program, Yelpers took notes! The lights dimmed and Gimme Me The Loot flashed onto the big screen. Set in New York City, the film’s storyline followed rival graffiti gangs in the Bronx. What follows is an urban adventure that mixes lost sneakers, a heist, a necklace and spray paint. It's summer in the city, and graffiti and revenge are in the air in this comedy. A massive thank you to Suzanne, Rebecca, Steph, Tif and everyone else at Revelation who made the night possible. Rev 4
The Yelpers loved the film and can’t wait for the Film Festival to launch officially next week. Yelpers,  be sure you get your tickets before they sell out. Thanks also to Tony, Anna and everyone Cinema Paradiso for hosting the event.

Want more?

•    Read the REVIEWS
•    Check out the PHOTOS

•    Learn more about the Elite Squad HERE

See you at the next one and SYOY until then!

Laura D
Perth Community Manager

June 26, 2013

Yelp's Dumpling Feast Elite Event!

Posted by Ben B.

It was an evening of momentous events for Australia last night – K-Rudd ousted Julia Gillard to become the nation’s Prime Minister once again, the Maroons pumped the Blues and took State of Origin to a Game 3, and 30 Yelpers were treated to a spectacular, never-ending banquet at New Shanghai’s flagship Chatswood Chase restaurant.

Collage 1
Yelpers were handed crisp, refreshing Tsing Tao beer on arrival, the perfect accompaniment to flavour-filled Shanhainese cuisine. The avalanche of food began with sweet & sour pork ribs in dark vinegar sauce, Shangai-style deep-fried fish in herbs, spices and dark soy, and drunken chicken soaked in Chinese wine.

Collage 2
Some Yelpers went hard early. The more circumspect bided their time and were rewarded with a cavalcade of dumplings – juicy, pan-fried pork dumplings, soup-filled xiao long bao, and Shepherd’s Purse dumplings tossed with sesame butter, red chilli oil & spice.

Collage 3
And still the food kept coming. Clay pots of sumptuous pork belly braised overnight in sweet soy, colossal plates of DIY duck pancakes with shallots, pepper, hoisin sauce and sticky buns, and steaming plates of fried rice.

Collage 4
Ties were loosened and belts were undone as guests tried to make more room. By the time parfait glasses of milk custard topped with strawberry coulis were placed in front of each Yelper there was barely a man left standing, and it was left to Mela S to sweep the prize pool to win a $50 New Shanghai voucher and a case of Tsing Tao. That was one for the ages.

Happy snaps courtesy of Sam Macdonald Photography. Want more?

And until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp!)

Ben B                                                                                                                                           Sydney Community Manager

Yelp Shakes It Off With Elites At Burwell's

Posted by Scotty

The Charleston Elite Squad came out to Burwell's Stone Fire Grill on Thursday for a "shake off" competition between two amazing mixologists, Jojo Fahey and Jon Calo. Elites took over the second floor of the restaurant including the beautiful back deck where most yelpers spent the entire evening. It's tough to stay inside when the weather is so perfect.


Burwells Collage 2

Burwells Collage 3

Jojo and Jon were given the task of creating their own cocktail creation using Bulleit Rye as the base. Sharing the back bar, we started off with Jojo's mix, which had a strong grapefruit flavor upfront with ginger and a jalapeno kick at the end. We followed that up with Jon's mix, which tied back to its more classic cocktail roots with an added twist. After depleting the two creations with yelpers still thirsty, Jon and Jojo teamed up to create a third drink (not to be voted on) that was lightly referred to as a "bourbon and ginger on steroids". Then yelpers were asked to cast a vote for the drink that captured their hearts... and their tastebuds!


Burwells Collage 4

Burwells Collage 5

As the libations began to flow, Chef Eric Huff started sending up his culinary creations for sampling. The menu included Golden Raisin Broccolini Salad, Peach Smoothie, Rabbit and Carrots, Fried Okra, Grilled Pineapple and Prosciutto, and Grouper Ceviche. Each sample carried its own individual character showcasing the breadth of the Burwell's menu.


Burwells Collage 6

Burwells Collage 7

When the initial sampling was done, out came the hot rocks! Burwell's brought out their signature 700° salted stones used for searing all sorts of meats and veggies. To sear on the stones, Burwell's offered plentiful wagyu hanger steak with an assortment of three dipping sauces including included a house steak sauce, whisky peppercorn, and a roasted garlic béarnaise. The tenderness of the meat caused it to melt from the stone into you mouth and was a big hit with all the yelpers.


Burwells Collage 8

It was a perfect evening out on the porch for sipping cocktails and gobbling down delicious treats. Those that checked in on yelp were entered into a contest to win a free mixology tour courtesy of Charleston Culinary Tours and everyone else was offered a special discount to continue their cocktail conquest another time. Finally after tallying up the votes, Jojo Fahey turned out to be the winner of the competition and was awarded a styling Yelp trophy as well as a lifetime of bragging rights. Congratulations Jojo! You can see a recap of all the action…


Burwells Collage 9

Burwells Collage 10

@ our photo page thanks to photographer Brittany Callahan
@ our review page


Until next time... SYOY!


Jailbreak Photobooth round

Scotty C
Yelp Charleston Community Manager

Yelp's Sunday Funday Fiesta at La Condesa

Posted by Kevin

The North Bay hosted its first Elite event last Sunday at La Condesa. This vibrant, farm-to-table restaurant features fabulous food inspired by the soulful cuisine of Mexico City, and their craft bar program offers one of Northern California's largest selections of tequila and mezcal.

The fun fiesta featured plenty of delicioso bites - tacos, parmesan-coated elotes (corn), pork sliders, fresh guacamole, salsas, and more! Yelpers mixed and mingled while sipping on Prickly Pear Margaritas and listening to classical flamenco music by guitarist Geo Sarkiss. The event concluded with an unforgettable ice cream tasting with unique flavors ranging from avocado curry to cream cheese!

We want to give a BIG thank you to owner Chuck Meyer, chef Chris Mortenson, and the entire La Condesa team for making our first North Bay Elite event so memorable.

Thanks also to Wendy Yalom for snapping such terrific photographs of the event. You can view all the photos here. If you'd like to learn more about Wendy's photo services, click here.

Last but not least, if you want to share your thoughts or photos of the event, please do so here!


Stay tuned for more fun Elite events, including Smashburger's Sneak Preview Party in Mill Valley (July 9th) and Yelp's Summer Social at Petaluma Social Club (July 23rd). Unfortunately, tonight's soiree at La Boulange is now sold out.

PDXYelp Takes A Trip To The Streets of Napoli @ Via Tribunali!

Posted by Don Bourassa

Who knew that you could turn a corner in Old Town Portland, Oregon and find yourself smack dabin the midst of Neapolitan, wood-fired heaven? On June 25th, 2013, 32 lucky Yelpers and guests learned a delicious lesson in Italian pizza via Yelp's June Secret Supper @Via Tribunali with Olmeca Altos Tequila


This fifth installment of PDXYelp's Secret Supper Club took place at one of Portland's premier pizza institutions - Via Tribunali. Yelpers were welcomed into the private upstairs area to communal tables. The family style meal started with a salumi and cheese platter paired with a "perfect" margarita made with Olmeca Altos tequila. Next up were large Caesar and arugula salads, served up on large shared platters. To go with this course, the bartender expertly infused tequila with pineapple and cucumber and served it simply over ice. A great way to sip on agave!


The final course was, of course, pizza - served up as Via Tribunali always does, in a single un-cut pie. The dining crowd got hands-on to cut up slices with scissors to share with the table. I could describe the pizzas, but Kristen M did such an excellent job of it. "The Margherita D.O.C. Pomodoro was simple and delightful! Basil, pomodoro sauce and Grana Padano cheese -very nice for classic flavors!  The Crudo Prosciutto Di Parma was probably my favorite of the night. But maybe it's because I am infatuated with their prosciutto. The pizza had fresh mozzarella, basil and Grana Padano cheese. If you left me alone with this pizza, I can probably eat the whole thing (and then some). And the Lupino Italian Sausage was another winner of the night! The Italian sausage was favored by many at my table. Made with fresh mozzarella, basil, pomodoro sauce - you can't go wrong ordering this item as well!" Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of them, or the serrano-infused Olmeca Altos cocktial served with lime and simple syrup in a sugared glass. And to top it all off, everyone enjoyed a shot of reposado tequila to end the night.

Yes, it was another successful Secret Supper! Where will the next one be? Well, I'll tell you what... it's a SECRET! Keep guessing tho. Until then, catch up on the reviews (make sure to add your own) and keep a watchful eye on the events page. Huge thanks go out to Ashley and the crew at Via Tribunali; Emily from Olmeca Altos; Ana M; and of course the intrepid YSSC attendees, who are brave enough to commit to dinner at an undisclosed location.

Until next time, SYOY! 

--Don "Master of Secrets" B

NOLA Elites Hit Up A Different Kind of Bar(re)!

Posted by Joi

Last Wednesday New Orleans Elites bellied up to Barre3 for a workout party that had us sweating and aching like whoa at Yelp’s Butt (and Gut) Busting Bash June Elite event. It had us all about bars – and for a change that didn’t mean the kind that serves booze!

Barre31.jpgThe hour-long class features arm, leg, stomach and seat work that's challenging at any level of fitness – but dare we also say fun! Afterwards, we refreshed ourselves and were rewarded for our efforts with the freshest of wraps and salads, thanks to Fresh Bar. We also truly appreciated the gift bags from Barre3 with complimentary class cards for the future.


Check out René D's review: "This hybrid of Pilates, ballet and yoga worked my shoulders, arms and thighs into a frenzy! The healthy treats from Fresh Bar were lovely, and the looks of exhaustion and elation of the other Elites were encouraging." Oh yes! We were all in it to win it! Read more reviews here and check out more pix on the flickr page.

Many thanks to our hosts for the night, Kendall and her staff from Barre3!



Joi B (pictured here with Yelptern, Vicky L and Baton Rouge CM, Jonathon R)

Yelp NOLA Community Manager

Yelp Tulsa's First Ever Elite Event!

Posted by Sarah

Tulsa Elites were treated to upscale vintage ambiance, expertly crafted drinks and perfect pairings for their very first party, Yelp's Elite Vintage Vino & Vinyl, at Hodges Bend on June 24.  In a private VIP space, Elites got to mingle for the first time and learn what the shiny badge was all about while sampling products from one of Tulsa’s best local bars.


Hodges Bend, just a few months old, embodies pure craftsmanship in every drink, bite and detail. The owners, Noah Bush and Chip Gaberino, have pure passion for what they do. They were generous with their time and knowledge while talking to Elites about their mission and craft.


Elites and their guests were treated to some of Hodges Bend’s best drinks including the Balneario, Tobacco Old Fashioned, EcoVINO Heilbiker White, and single origin pour over coffee. While Elites savored each drink, they also learned more about the process of crafting their drinks. Each ice cube is cut from 300 pound blocks of ice!  Topeca’s coffee beans are farmed on the family’s fair trade farm in El Salvador, before going straight to the local roastery in Tulsa.


Beautiful cheese boards and delicious house-made charcuterie was served to perfectly compliment the drinks. Several exquisite meats and cheeses captured our attention, and everyone enjoyed learning a little bit more about what they were tasting (and why it tasted so good)!

A warm thank you to Tulsa’s first Elite squad for attending this historic Yelp event! Another huge thanks goes out to our event photographer, Andria Whipple, for capturing us at our Yelpiest. It’s safe to say Elites fancied the intimate affair in downtown Tulsa’s Pearl District and are certainly jazzed to keep exploring Tulsa’s best!

See you ‘round the Bend!


Sarah M

Tulsa Community Manager

Yelp Presents: Music At The Mill!

Posted by Rowena Harris


Last Sunday might have been an average Sunday for some, but for a select few it was more than just average. It was marvellous! And that's because we had a right ruddy party, once again celebrating some of Leeds' most special spots.


On this occasion, Yelpers were invited to attend Music At The Mill – an exclusive event partnered with Thwaite Mills, The Jamie Fletcher Band, The Maven and Cupcake Cafe. With a specially selected spot, right next to the canal, Thwaite Mills welcomed in Yelpers and guests to an afternoon of live music, cupcakes, and cocktails.


For those who've yet to visit the glorious site, this heritage space is home to one of the few remaining examples in Britain of a water-powered mill. The area, just a few miles from Leeds city centre, is rich in wildlife, with various species to spy in amongst the woodland, scrub, gardens and waterways. The house is a Georgian home, built in 1823, and is now a Grade II listed building. Get yourself down there if you've yet to visit!


The space was partnered courtesy of Canal Connections, whose mission it is to celebrate the waterways of Leeds, and encourage more folk to get involved. This event was a precursor to the Leeds Waterfront Festival, so don't miss out next week! Curious about how to get involved? Check them out!


From 2.30pm folks were welcomed in to the event space, right by the water, for a private serenade from some of Leeds' finest musicians. First up was Anna, and her band Free Spirit, performing a perfectly relaxed set of tunes to swing everyone into the spirit. With a spot of dancing encouraged, and plenty of places to sit and soak in the sounds, even the wind couldn't spoil the mood! (Despite doing its best to steal away the gazebo.) Her velvet voice had everyone enthralled, and kicked off the event wonderfully.


With the weather holding out, folks got a chance to grab a Yelp tote and decorate it with paints and glitter at the paint-a-tote table, whilst listening to the live music. All manner of styles were crafted, from dog portraits to the more abstract!


But not before grabbing some divine cupcake samples from Jess R's Cupcake Cafe. She spoiled everyone with all kinds of creations, including banana, lemon, cream cheese icing, carrot cake and more. Not only were the samples sumptuously stylish, but incredibly delicious and moreish to the max.


To wash down the treats, Yelpers sampled two sumptuous cocktails, courtesy of The Maven. The first being a Bulldog Gin Fizz, and the second an Appleton Cinnamon Treacle. Whilst those expertly made cocktails were made, served by Leeds' prohibition style bar cocktail masters, people got a chance to add up their pictures and pick up a Yelpy treat from the gift table. Once poured, the range of refreshing and delectable sips quenched everyone's thirsts perfectly.


Next up on the live music programme was Zoe Eady of the Lunchtime Disco Club, whose voice Graham S describes as 'Angelic'. With a mixture of folk, pop, and swing songs, this cheerful serenade continued spreading the feel-good vibes as more afternoon cupcakes and cocktails were had. She even encouraged Brian the Staffie to squinny along with glee!


After Zoe, folks were treated to the sounds of Beccy Owen, from Sharks Took The Rest. Her eccentric pop music, full of soul and heartfelt song, had everyone transfixed as she serenaded the group accompanied by her fabulous piano playing. At turns everyone was stunned into silence, simply taking in the sounds.


Finally, families and friends alike were wowed by the headline performance from The Jamie Fletcher Band. This collective of musicians and friends, having just played a gig live on a canal boat to arrive at the venue, took no time at all to get the end of the event swinging and belted out originals and classics. To end the event, a song dedicated to their love of zombies was performed!


And with the last cupcake eaten, the final straw of cocktail sipped, and ending song sung, it was time to bid this beautiful spot farewell. Once everyone had gathered their Yelp gifts, painted totes, a last little snack and sup, folks who'd booked the canal boat serenade floated awat and the rest took to wandering off the afternoon. With songs in their heads and sweet samples in their stomachs, this was another incredible event, celebrating some of Leeds' finest folks. Cheers and here's to many more!


Want to know how to get involved in these awesome affairs? Get yourself on Yelp and get sharing your local hot spots! It's all about community, and sharing you local insights about Leeds, so come and join the party. We'd love to see you there!

Rowena H


June 25, 2013

LA West Elites Celebrate Summer at Seasons 52

Posted by Brinny

Seasons 52 has been open just a couple of months in Santa Monica with gorgeous views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They showed off their private dining rooms and back patio to 100 guests on Monday and an array of gourmet bites and hand selected wines.


The food ranged from chicken quesodillas to tuna and avocado sushi rolls to flat breads and of course, the most popular dish of the night, kona crusted lamb chops. Betty N enjoyed the fig and goat cheese flat bread, "Smoked bacon, sweet cipollini, arugula, 15 year old balsamic, and fresh mint combined was divine! I would say a favorite of the evening!" For Heidi C it was the lamb, "These were absolutely delectable, tender and perfectly seasoned. This almost set the bar too high for the other dishes and I think everyone at our table would agree that they would like an extra serving."

Seasons 52 food

Guests made new friends while sipping on copious amounts of vino and taking in views of the Pacific. Another great night to be Elite! The best part about all of this free food? It's healthy! Roxy H shares, "Seasons 52 is known for offering food that is both fresh, flavorful and under 475 calories. Because they offer appropriately portioned food without all the added calories you can leave full, happy without having the loosen your belt!"


The best Read all the event reviews here. Also, a big thanks to our photographer, Harrison of Alpert Photography!

Until next time,

Brittany B

LA West Senior Community Manager


Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.37.43 PM

Yelp Cleveland Noir at District!

Posted by Cara

This past Monday, around 75 Elites and guests dressed from head to toe in their most daper black and white attire, and joined together for Yelp Noir at District! 


This brand new restaurant pulled out all the stops to introduce themselves to CLE Yelpers, starting with passed hors d'oeuvres from their fresh new menu. Handheld bites included vegetable flat-breads, tomato and mozzarella bites, tempura-battered chocolate ganache and more! District also helped guests wash it all down with two complimentary cocktails to fit the black and white theme, the black & white Russian and their take on a white cosmopolitan.


While Yelpers dined and drank, their were serenaded by the harpist, Kristy Kline, and the Magish (aka magician), Jim Sislo, tricked and dazzled the restaurant with his unique illusions and sense of humor. There were plenty of disposable, black and white film cameras on each table for the inevitable selfies and each guest got free passes to see the screening of White House Down, thanks to The Owens Group. And those who weren't up for snapping themselves skipped over to the Yelp Noir photo booth, thanks to photographer Fernando Lopez. Check the pictures out HERE!



The freebies didn't end there! Cleveland World Beer Festival raffled off a pair of tickets to one lucky Yelper and if you showed your Yelp check-in to the event you snagged two passes to Yoga Rocks The Park! The two best dressed guests of the evening went home with prize baskets filled to the brim with random, pampering goodies. 


Check out all the event reviews HERE or share your own thoughts! 

All the event pictures live HERE and the disposable black & white cameras are shipped out for developing—as soon as I get the files back, they'll be shared. 


Thanks to Seth, Sandro and the entire District staff for taking such wonderful care of us, Fernando Lopez for taking some amazing shots, The Owens Group, Cleveland World Beer Festival, Yoga Rocks The Park and last, but not least, all you amazing Elites! 

Until the next one, 






Cara L

Yelp Cleveland Community Manager



Yelp Goes To Bollywood At Saffron Valley In Salt Lake City

Posted by Jeffrey

Salt Lake City Yelpers had a Bollywood-inspired night at Saffron Valley East India Cafe. They gathered in the special event space of this hot new Avenues restaurant for a night of Indian delights.

Saffron Valley Collage1

Before long, the food started flowing from the kitchen. Chicken tikka wrap, dahi puri, a kebab sampler, saag panir, lamb cocounut korma, vegetable pulao, pillowy naan, and sweet gulab jamun for dessert. It was an Indian food feast of flavor!

Saffron Valley Collage2

While the food was coming from the kitchen, the dining room was full of fun: Bollywood-inspired belly dancing and henna art held everyone's attention as the music and merriment made its way around.

Saffron Valley Collage3

With bellys full of fantastic and sumptuously spiced food, Yelpers new and old were able to connect. A few lucky guests won prizes – pearls, gift certificates, jewelry and other exotic finds.

Saffron Valley Collage4

The reviews are in, and this show was a hit! You can see more pics on the Yelp SLC Facebook page, or in the Flickr set here.

See you in the sequel!


Jeffrey S

Yelp SLC Community Manager

Yelp's Passport To Upper East Side Kicks Off At American Trash

Between June 24th - 30th, Yelp's partnering with 20+ amazing local businesses in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan to show off the great eats, sips, and to-dos in the 'hood. One of the many Yelp's Passport partcipants is American Trash... and we kicked off the week in a big way at the corner of 77th & 1st. Trash collage 1American Trash is a longstanding dive bar with all sorts of colorful characters, and this evening was no different. Fueled by bottomless PBR paired with shots of Jameson and Svedka (their deal throughout Yelp's Passport To Upper East Side), we injected a bit of fun on a muggy Monday uptown.Trash collage 2Calling American Trash home is the dissident Buffalo meatery, Red's Char Grilled Hot Dogs. Bringing the best of western New York to The City, Red's specializes in true Buffalo style wings, hot dogs, and more. They also bring a bit of a twist in the form of banh mi style hot dogs that are a huge hit with the locals. Trash collage 3Yelp's Passport chugs along throughout the week, so get yourself caught up here. Also, be sure to peep reviews and photos of the kick off festivities. Bottoms up! 

Yelp Philadelphia's 3rd Annual Yelpy Awards

Posted by Michelle C

A Roaring 20s-themed Yelpy Awards was held at Pennsylvania 6 last week. The fabulous new restaurant fit the theme perfectly, with red leather banquets and black and white photos on the walls. Nearly everyone dressed Gatsby-style, which made for fabulous photo opps and a very spirited party.

YEE 6:18:13 Collage 1a

Yelpers had their photos snapped at the Yelp wall, while Spring Garden and Treaty of Paris cocktails, plus oysters and kampachi crudo were served. A huge spread of cheeses, meats, sliders, crab cakes and other high-end fare was featured on the second floor dining area.

YEE 6:18:13 Collage 2a

Soon, it was time for the Yelpy Awards ceremony. Winners were announced and gave short but sweet one-minute speeches. Pictured below, from left to right: Most Useful (Susan G accepting on behalf of Maggie M), Funniest (Jim H), Coolest (Aaliyah P), Best Compliments (Steve T), Most Rockin' UYEs (Rebecca S), Biggest Foodie (Vinny P), Master Wordsmith (Brad P), Life of the Party (Schuyler L), Rookie of the Year (Melissa P), Lifetime Achievement (Tom M).

YEE 6:18:13 Collage 1
YEE 6:18:13 Collage 2

Many thanks go out to Pennsylvania 6; from the front of the house to the back of the house, you guys rocked it! Missed the party? You can still catch up on the goss, peep the pics and read the reviews!

Until next time, SYOY!


Michelle C
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

June 24, 2013

PDXYelp's Great White Party @ Heathman Restaurant!

Posted by Don Bourassa

Is there a better way to celebrate the summer solstice than getting decked out in all-white and classing it up at one of Portland's most historic properties? If there is, we don't know about it. When 100 Yelp Elites and guests show up, you know it's going to be an epic party. And Yelp's White Party was no exception! 


It's a Portland legend in many ways, but on Firday, June 21st 2013, Heahtman Restaurant and Hotel welcomed PDXYelpers in style. Decked in all white gear, the crowd was welcomed in to the Broadway room at Heathman with a sweet spread of hors d'ouvres and tasty eats. From charcuterie and cheese to hot bites like egg rolls and little baked bits, to passed apps including terrine, salmon and more. "The charcuterie, cheese and fruit spread was terrific," touts Tamara C, who "was especially partial to the little spring rolls, deviled eggs and the shrimp with avocado." To wash down those tasty bites, it was all about the fantastic cocktials made with Pernod-Ricard spirits. Powers Irish Whiskey Manhattans and Olmeca Altos Tequila Margaritas? Um, yes please! Valerie W dug the "Powers Whiskey – it was perfection with a hint of sweetness. The Margarita was a fave and seemed to be quite the crowd pleaser." How could it not be? The staff at Heathman did an incredible job of keeping us fed and watered amidst the swanky setting. And no doubt, Tom Maxwell Photography was there to capture the whole thing. 


Naurry K sums it up well: "This was such an incredible event. Having been to my fair share of Elite events, the Yelp White Party was a throwback to the good ol' days of Yelp mixing fine foods, good booze and amazing Yelpers!" We couldn't have put it better, Naurry! Thanks are in most part to Sean Osaki, the dynamo manager of catering for Heathman; Emily Baker - my main squeeze over at Pernod-Ricard; Tom Maxwell from Tom Maxwell Photography; of course Ana M and Petra B; and last but definitely not least, the Yelp Elite Squad, without whom this would not have been possible. 

Don't just take my word for it. Read the reviews and check the photos! And don't forget we're on FB and the Twitters too! Don't forget to write your own review!

Until next time, SYOY!

Don "Blanco" B

Yelp’s Art After Dark Elite Soiree

Posted by Breanna

Rochester Elites channeled their inter art critic at our June Elite Event at 1975 art gallery. “Could it be, the best OYE event yet?  Yes it's true, they can get better, and this may have topped them all,” claims Christopher B.

1975 collage
The gallery featured new works from Ryan Bubnis and Lucas Irwin, an exhibit titled “Black and Blue.” Working in a limited color palette, the two artists combined their artistic styles to create cohesive artwork with bold patterns and an eye-catching perspective. Hope C noted “its colorful simplicity. The art was striking and spoke for itself.”

  1975 collage2

Admiring the artwork, guests spent the evening with friends sampling the endless appetizers provided by neighboring Restaurant 2 Vine. James B was “stoked when he saw lobster rolls on the menu.” There's more! We noshed on house-made country pâté on crispy crostinis, mushroom arancini, chocolate peanut butter candy bar bites, among other appetizers. Joley B was so impressed she’ll be reserving a table at 2 Vine for an upcoming “special occasion!”

1975 collage3

Glasses were filled to the brim with Rochester brews from Three Heads Brewing. They got the first sips of the newly released Country Shwheat, an imperial wheat ale, and their flagship hoppy beer, The Kind IPA. Rochester brews born and bred. 

No crumb was left behind as guests devoured the scrumptious sweets from Bake It or Cleave It. Simply divine! Nicole M’s top pick for the evening was the “espresso flavor... to die for! This baking duo has wow-ed” her once again.

1975 collage4

In between bites, the guests played corn hole out front and goofed around with the #blackandblue1975 bucket hat. After what felt like two weeks straight of dreary weather, the clouds parted and the sun set blissfully on an evening of brews, bites, and bonding.

Thanks to all for contributing to this summertime soiree!

  • Snaps by Lauren McLaughlin -- take a gander here.
  • Read what the guests had to say about the event.
  • Think you have what it takes to be Elite? Learn all about it here.


Breanna B – Yelp Rochester CM


Yelp Cincinnati's Summer Bucket List 2013!

Posted by Cindy

It's officially summer in Cincinnnati and instead of spending it in you're cubical we're encouraging you to get out there and experience all that local love that Cincy has to offer! Be a tourist in your own city, eat fabulous food, and break out of that boring routine! 




We've compiled 50 of our favorite Cincy Summer Bucket List ideas for a seriously sensational summer! So no more excuses—Print out the list, or download our Yelp Mobile App to bookmark your favorites! It's quite a list, so you better get crackin'!


1. Visit Coney Island: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
2. Go to the Starlight Drive-In: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
3. Go to the Cincinnati Zoo: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
4. Eat Blue Smurf Ice Cream! (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
5. Go Putt-Putting: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
6. Play Trampoline Dodgeball: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
7. Go on a Ride the Ducks Tour: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
8. Ride Bikes on the Loveland Bike Trail: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
9. Stuff Your Face at Goettafest: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
10. Play Paintball: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
11. Visit the Beach at East Fork Lake: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
12. See a Movie at the Omni-Max: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
13. Movie Night at Washington Park: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
14. Visit the Observation Deck at Carew Tower: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
15. Go to a Reds Game: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
16. Run Through the Sprayground at Smale Riverfront Park: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
17. Go to a Concert at Riverbend: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
18. Go to an Opera: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
19. Eat a Grilled Cheese Donut: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
20. Visit the Woodland Mound Nature Center: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
21. Visit the Best Restrooms in America at Jungle Jims: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
22. See the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
23. Riverfest: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
24. Go on a Ghost Tour of Music Hall: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
25. Take a Wheel Throwing Pottery Class: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
26. Visit the Observatory: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
27. Visit Mammoth Caves: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
28. Balloon Glow: (http://www.coneyislandpa…)
29. Visit the Oldest Winery in the U.S. Baker-Bird Winery: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
30. Eat an Alligator at Dixie Chili: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
31. Visit the American Sign Museum: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
32. Sign Up for Fountain Square's CONEY EATING CONTEST: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…) (http://myfountainsquare.…)
33. Splurge On Something Special from Findlay Market: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
34. Do the Backroads Kentucky Wine Trail: (http://www.kentuckywine.…)
35. Visit Loveland's Historic Castle: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
36. Buy Cheese at Miller's Amish Gifts: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
37. Visit this Wall of Gum: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
38. Go to the Renaissance Fair: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
39. Take a Cooking Class at the Party Source: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
40. Go on a BB Riverboat Tour: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
41. Go on an Overnight Adventure at the Newport Aquarium: (http://www.newportaquari…)
42. Ride a Roller Coaster at Night at Kings Island: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
43. Visit the World's Largest Pencil Sharpener Museum: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
44. Eat on the Cincinnati Dinner Train: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
45. Eat brunch at Riverview 360: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
46. Do the Izzy's 110 Reuben Challenge: (http://izzys.com/110.php) (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
47. Go on the Pedal Wagon: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
48. Wear a Chicken Hat at Oktoberfest: (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)  
49. Go canoeing at Morgan's! (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)
50. Eat one of "America's Best Hot Dogs" at Senate (http://www.forbes.com/pi…) (http://www.yelp.com/biz/…)

Feel free to leave your own Cincy Summer Bucket List ideas here. The more the merrier :)

Cheers to a fabulous Summer in Cincy!

Cincy Cindy
Yelp Cincy Community Manager

The All-Starr Kickoff Party!

Posted by peter d.

The Yelp All-STARR Rum Challenge is officially underway, thanks to a kick-ass kick-off at The Panther Room & Canopy Bar in Williamsburg! This brand new venue adjacent to the Output is incredible, and yesterday afternoon, some of NYC's finest yelpers congregated on their gorgeous rooftop for a taste of deliciously crafted Starr African Rum cocktails from some of Brooklyn's best bars. 

With the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, everyone sampled Starr cocktails from Challenge participants Donna, Extra Fancy, Huckleberry Bar, and of course, our host The Panther Room & Canopy Bar. It was certainly hot, but these craft cocktails took the edge off and cooled everyone down. The only tough thing about this Sunday afternoon was deciding which cocktail bar to vote for.

Everyone had their own favorite, and for Briana H "the folks at Extra Fancy won it hands-down with their "Zambee'zi" cocktail" (Starr Rum, Fresh Lemon Juice, Honey, Yellow Chartreuse, Smoky Scotch & sprig of Thyme). They kept the party going with shots for the crowd, but "the unexpected combo "of scotch, yellow chartreuse, and a thyme garnish"  was what won many a yelper over. For many others, it was The Panther Room & Canopy Bar's Black Panther that won the day with a balanced mix of Starr Rum, fresh lemon, dark grapes, brown sugar & topped off with white wine.

Meanwhile, Lori L loved Huckleberry Bar's La Noix Passionne, "a delicious concoction of rum, orgeat, passionfruit juice, and peach nectar, all topped off with a strawberry." For his part, Michael W was torn between that and The False Start From Donna (Starr Rum, Lustau Amontillado Sherry, Lime Juice, Ginger Syrup, Cinnamon Syrup) "as I teetered back and forth in drunken splendor." All were eminently tasty, as was shown by the EXTREMELY close final vote, but in the end the people chose Donna's False Start as the winner! Must've been that cinnamon bark syrup...

Don't worry though, The Challenge is just getting started! Including the bars listed above, nine Brooklyn cocktail lounges are offering their own Starr Challenge entry until the end of the month! Get out there, find your favorite and vote right here

By voting, you will be placed in a raffle to win all kinds fun prizes like being Starr's VIP guest at one of the exclusive events that Starr sponsors (movie premieres, album release parties, celebrity charity galas). We'll also be giving away dinners for two at participating restaurants like Fatty 'Cue, invitations for you and a guest to attend Yelp / All-STARR Rum Challenge Finale event, your very own bottle of Starr African Rum and other fun prizes.

C6A huge thanks to Jeffrey of Starr African Rum, Jonathan, Bo, and the rest of the Canopy Bar staff for welcoming us in for such an awesome Sunday afternoon. Whether or not you made it out, make sure to check out all the reviews of the event, the photos from the lovely Melanie Fidler...and get out there and find your favorite cocktail, and don't forget to vote! If you need a little push, there's a StarrCrawl on Wednesday...

Squinty Peter D and the rest of the Yelp NYC Team

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 11.46.11 AM

Soirée Elite Yelp #1 @ L'Oiseau Cabosse, Bordeaux

Posted by Cyrielle T

Mardi 18 juin, les Elites bordelais et quelques heureux élus ont pu assister à la première soirée Elite Yelp de leur jolie ville, Bordeaux.


Pour l'occasion, l'Oiseau Cabosse, un restaurant des plus cosy, a accueilli une trentaine d'invités et leur a fait découvrir de jolies saveurs sucrées et salées. Pour Nora A : "les petits fours fromage de brebis confiture, la Dahl de lentilles corail à l'indienne et les petits muffins citron/pavot était un régal pour les papilles !"


Aussi au programme de cette soirée, une dégustation de vins bio Sain-Bio-Ose dont le choix "rosé, rouge ou blanc a été le seul dilemme de la soirée" pour Lauren R. Quant à Alice G, elle a adoré "les conseils sur les vins" apportés par Pascal, notre partenaire, mais aussi "la dégustation de petits moules en chocolats réalisés et grignotés par les yelpeurs".

Collage chocolat

Le photobooth a animé cette soirée conviviale et pleine de bonne humeur. Les yelpeurs ont pu se déguiser et faire le pleins de goodies Yelp. Pour Oriane C, ça a été "un très bon moyen pour rire entre Yelpeurs". Lunette, éventail, foulards... Tous les moyens étaient bons pour rivaliser d'originalité !

Collage Photonooth 1

Enfin, pour Audrey C, "cette soirée faite de rencontres, retrouvailles, surprises et plaisirs gustatifs a été fabuleuse". Et oui, c'est ça l'esprit d'une soirée Elite Yelp !


Un grand merci à :

A Stéphanie, l'adorable gérante de l'Oiseau Cabosse

A Pascal, pour ses vins Sain-Bio-Ose

A Arnaud Proust pour les jolies photos : Cycloptique Films

A Franck Soubiran pour sa superbe vidéo !

Retrouvez les avis ici et les photos !



YELP BORDEAUX - Soirée Elite Yelp #1 @ L'Oiseau Cabosse from Yelp Bordeaux on Vimeo.


*A Bientôt Sur Yelp

Cyrielle T

Community Manager Yelp Bordeaux

  CM Elite 1

>> English Version <<

On Tuesday, June 18th, Elites and some lucky persons were happy to assist at the first Yelp Elite Event in Bordeaux.


For these occasion, L'Oiseau Cabosse, a cosy restaurant, welcomed around thirty guests and made them discover attractive sweet and salty flavors. For Nora A: "cheese and cherry jam petit fours, the Indian Dahl of lenses and the small lemon muffins was a delight for her papillae !"


There were another suprises in the program of this Elite Event : a tasting of organic wines Sain-Bio-Ose among which the choice "rosé, red or white was the only dilemma of the evening" for Lauren R. As for Alice G, she adored "the advices on wines" brought by Pascal, our partner, but also "the tasting of small molds in chocolates realized and nibbled by yelpeurs".

Collage chocolat 2
The photobooth livened up this friendly and full good-humored evening. Yelpeurs was able to disguise and to fill up of Yelp goodies. For Oriane C, that was "a very good means to laugh between Yelpeurs". Glasses, fans, scarfs... All means were good to compete in originality !

Collage Photobooth 2

Finally, for Audrey C, "this evening made by meetings, reunions, surprises and gustative pleasures was fabulous". And yes, that's the spirit of a Yelp Elite Event !


A big thank you :

To Stéphanie, adorable manager of L'Oiseau Cabosse

To Pascal, for his wines Sain-Bio-Ose

To Arnaud Proust for the beautiful photos : Cycloptique Films

To Franck Soubiran for his great video !

All the reviews are here and the photos there !


YELP BORDEAUX - Soirée Elite Yelp #1 @ L'Oiseau Cabosse from Yelp Bordeaux on Vimeo.


*See You On Yelp

Cyrielle T

Bordeaux Community Manager

CM Elite 1

Elite Event: Exklusiver Schreibkurs mit Diana Hillebrand.

Posted by Verena

Wir schreiben einen Sonntag im Monsunmonat Juni. Unsere fleißigsten Wortakrobaten auf Yelp kamen an diesem Tage zu einem Elite Event zusammen, um unter professioneller Anleitung ihre rechte Gehirnhälfte anzufixen. Dort sitzt nämlich das Epizentrum der Kreativität. Buchautorin und Dozentin für Kreatives Schreiben Diana Hillebrand begrüßte uns im rustikalen Gewölbekeller mit Schreiblernstiften und einem Block mit der Aufschrift "Heute schon geschrieben?"- die Angst vor dem weißen Blatt war somit wegradiert.
Dann wurde herausgekitzelt was nicht bei drei auf dem Papier steht. Mit Schreibübungen vom Clustern bis zum Automatischen Schreiben wurden unsere mit Füllworten genährten Texte von Diana verdichtet und auf den Punkt gebracht. Im Fokus unserer Übungen stand die Kolumne, so kommt das literarische Genre der Yelperei am nächsten.
Etliche Blätter wurden beschrieben und neue Denker und Schreibposen ausdrucksstark einstudiert. Nach dreistündiger kreativer Hochleistung regten wir ein weiteres Organ, nämlich unseren Magen, an. In der alten Scheune des idyllischen Stemmerhofs wurden unsere Energiespeicher mit leckeren bayerischen Schmankerln und einem Ratsch über das Schreiben aufgefüllt.

Ich bedanke mich herzlich bei Diana H für das großartige Schreibevent! Ihre Begeisterung für das geschriebene Wort hat meine kreativen Hirnwindungen beflügelt. Besonderen DANK gilt Günther S, der an dem Event mal wieder als herrlicher Haus- und Hoffotograph aufgetreten ist!

DANKE auch dem Team vom Stemmerhof für die nette Bewirtung! Und natürlich danke an alle teilnehmenden Yelper mit Elite-Abzeichen oder ohne. Ich freue mich auf eure kreative Federführung. Hier geh's zu den Stimmen von den teilnehmenden Elites! Hier findet ihr die Fotos vom Abend!
Über Diana: Als Dozentin für Kreatives Schreiben unterrichtet Diana Hillebrand Nachwuchsautoren in München an ihrer WortWerkstatt SCHREIBundWEISE. 2011 erschien ihr Kinderbuch „Paula, die Tierpark-Reporterin“ im Volk Verlag München. Im November 2012 folgte der zweite Band der Reihe unter dem Titel "Paula und die geheimnisvolle Miss Bloom". Weitere Titel der Kinderbuch-Reihe sind geplant.


This Sunday morning the german speaking Elites of Munich made their way to the creative writing workshop in the cellar of the Stemmerhof. German Author and professor of creative writing Diana Hillebrand greeted us with some first learning pencils and a writing book labeled "Today already written?" - The fear of the white sheet was thus erased. With various writing exercises from clustering to automatic writing we learned tricks and tips to increase our creative writing skills. The focus of our exercises was the column, as it is the literary genre of our Yelp reviews. Time was flying and after three hours of creative highlights, fun we ended the event with a nice lunch at the Stemmerhof. Thanks to Diana H for the great creative writing workshop! Many thanks to Günther S for taking awesome pictures you find here.


Eure Vee
Community Managerin von München

June 23, 2013

Yelp Orlando's Italian Social @ Italio

Posted by Colleen Burns

Yelp Orlando was treated to a true Italian family celebration this week. We took over Italio in Winter Park and stuffed our faces.

"Sooo much food-more than any other YEE I've ever been to before. Ever. And all very good. And they were asking us to take it home! And giving us a coupon for another visit! Woot. Jeez, way to spoil a Yelper, Italio!" - Brandi B

Italio is a modern Italian kitchen created with freshness in mind. Every meal is completely customizable and handcrafted in our open kitchen with only the finest and freshest ingredients. The weather, as usual in Orlando, didn't really let us party outside so we took it inside and truly experienced Italio. 

PicMonkey Collage2

"I've been dying to check this place out! First and foremost, Italio is an insanely generous business and group of people. They went above and beyond!" - Elizabeth F

You have three options here: Pasta Bowl - heaping bowl of traditional or whole-grain pasta, Piadina - Traditional thin, authentic Italian wrap or a Salad Bowl - A bountiful bowl with your choice of romaine or Italio’s blended greens.

"Overall, the Italio idea is really good, and what makes it work is the quality of fresh ingredients that are available and one can choose from." - Stefano C

PicMonkey Collage

So many toppings to choose from so each time you go, you can customize it to fit your mood and cravings. Yelpers did just that, time after time. That's right, we went through the line as many times as our little tummies pleased. We also had a range of beer, wine and Italian sodas. No one left hungry or thirsty, that is for sure. 

"They topped it off with their Cannoli Chips with sweet cream and chocolate chips!  OMG... they were so addictive!" - Christopher O

We raised almost $200 for the Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute where they exist to improve the lives of people with diabetes, promote a healthy life style, deliver excellence in clinical care and education, and conduct research leading to diabetes prevention and a cure. We also played a very quick and crazy game and 4 people walked away with passes to next weekend's Pine St. Rock & Stroll

PicMonkey Collage3

Jim White captured all the fun through his camera lens and captured all the fun. You can check out all the photos on our Orlando Flickr page or our Facebook Page and tag yourself! 

Check out all of the reviews of those who joined us here.

Want in on the next Orlando Elite Event? Check out the Elite page for upcoming get togethers or how to become elite if you are not already badged up! 

SYOY, Colleen B


Keep Up To Date With Yelp Orlando: FacebookTwitterPinterest & Instagram

Yelp Oslo: Cheese & Cider @Melkerampa

Posted by Tine

[English below, people!]

Yess, det er det er sommer og ingenting er pes, men Yelp har selvfølgelig ikke tatt sommerferie for det om! Sant og si var dette bare en desto bedre grunn for å samle et knippe av Oslos krem-eliter for prøvesmaking av Melkerampa i Mathallens beste oster og norsk økologisk cider fra Ciderhuset. Resultatet?  Jeg må innrømme jeg rødmet litt da jeg hørte Kelsi L utbryte: "Ost + flotte folk = beste Yelp-eventen ever." Seriøst liksom.

Men la oss for all del begynne fra begynnelsen. Vi ble møtt med velkomstdrinken Aldin, en naturlig gjæret sprudlende cider, før vi ble plassert rundt et langbord, "Lokalet var lite, men var dekorert slik at man fikk følelsen av å være tilknyttet den norske meierikulturen i Norge. Nostalgisk!" sier Ane S.

Melkerampas daglige leder, Øyvind, ga "en utmerket presentasjon av Melkerampas historie og produkter, fasinerende og interessant," sier Patrick O, som bet seg spesielt godt merke i at at kuene hos Tine Meierier har alle egen fastlege og helsekort.

PicMonkey Collage01

Vi fikk smake på en jarlsbergost som var lagret i fem år, og derfor akkurat hadde begynt å krystallisere seg. Og apropos krystallisering, den heftige blåskimmerosten Kraftkar fra Tingvoll viste seg å være så god at enkelte av oss faktisk fikk tårer i øynene (men vi lovet å ikke nevne navn!). Brien Snøhetta forsvant fort, det samme med den kittmodnede osten fra Eiker Holtefjell. "Til ostene fikk vi servert tilhørende cider, både med og uten alkohol, som passet perfekt sammen med osten," forteller Daniel T.

Cideren hadde andre bruksområder også. Da vi fikk servert norsk, varm chevre, dandert med sirup laget av eplecider, sammen med skinken St. Helena fra Gilde kom det frem en rekke virkelige takknemlige hjertesukk. Til dessert, fikk vi 100% ren geiteost. En kraftig kube som gikk nydelig med dessertplommevinen Prunus domestica (Og når vi snakker om det, Eline S minner om at alle fikk lekser og ta turen til "vinmonopolet på Løkka og spørre om de har Prunus Domestica", slik at de får den fast i utsalget).

En stor takk til Øyvind Skogsholm Hansen fra Melkerampa for å lære oss så mye spennende om ost og cider vi ikke visste fra før, takk til Lasse Langset for kjempefine bilder og takk til Ciderhuset!

Selvfølgelig kan du få mer: P1090597

Vi fikk også med oss en flaske eplecider hver som skal nytes i sommersolen, men frem til det...

...VSPY (Vi Sees På Yelp!)

Tine V

Community Manager Yelp Oslo



Yes, it's summer and there's no need to stress, but that doesn't mean Yelp has taken a summer break! Instead, the hardships of Yelp Oslo's Elites made them go to Melkerampa in Mathallens to try out their best cheeses with some fine Norwegian produces organic cider from Ciderhuset. How it was? I'll admit I blushed a little when I heard Kelsi L exclaim: "Cheese + Awesome people= best Yelp event ever." Yeah, seriously.

But let's take it all from the beginning. We were welcomed with a glass of, Aldin, a sparkling cider, before we were all placed around a table, just like at our grandparents house. "The venue was small, but decorated so that one got the feeling of being connected with the Norwegian dairy culture. Nostalgic!" says Ane S.

PicMonkey Collage02
Øyvind, the manager, gave an "excellent presentation of the history and Melkerampa and its products, both facinating and interesting," told Patrick O, who was especially impressed by the fact that all of Tine Dairy's cows not only have their own doctor, they also have their own health card.

Moving on to the cheese, we got to try Jarlsberg that had been allowed to age for five years, and therefore just had started to crystallize. And speaking of crystal, some of us loved the mighty blue cheese, Kraftkar from Tingvoll so much we were almost in tears (we promised not to mention any names!). The brie Snøhetta was devoured the second it hit our plates, and the same with the hard cheese from Eiker Holtefjell.

"We were served cider suited with the cheese, both with and without alcohol, and they were just perfect with the cheese," explained a pleased Daniel T.

The cider played other roles as well. When we were served the Norwegian, melted chevre, nicely decorated with a sirup made of apple cider, together with the ham St. Helena from Gilde, several of us produced satisfied, heartfelt sights. And for dessert, vi had browncheese made 100% of goatmilk. An impressive cube that went together with the dessert wine made from plums, Prunus domestica (And yes, while we're at it, Eline S reminds everyone at the request of Melkerampa, to go to "Vinmonopolet at Grünerløkka ask for Prunus Domestica", so that they may consider taken it in permanently).

Thank you to Melkerampa and especially Øyvind Skogsholm Hansen for teaching us so much fun things about cheese and cider we never knew, thank you to Lasse Langset for taking wonderful pictures, and thank you Ciderhuset.

P1090585Of course you can have more! 

  • Read the REVIEWS.
  • Check out the PHOTOS.
  • Be also sure to like Yelp Oslo on Facebook.
  • We even got a bottle of apple cider each to take with us home to enjoy chilled in the sun, but until then...

    ...I'll SYOY (See You On Yelp !)

    Tine V

    Community Manager Yelp Oslo

    June 22, 2013

    Yelp RVA Celebrates The Big O-N-E!

    Posted by Jamie

    What do you get when you mix delicious food, an incredible nonprofit, a rockin' band, talented artists, a giant hot dog, and a fantastic venue with unparalleled views? Yelp RVA's First Burstday! On Tuesday evening, Elites and Yelpers from all across Richmond descended upon the Torque Club, Richmond International Raceway's third-level event space that overlooks the track, for RVA's first-ever Yelper party! "The venue was gorgeous," praises Caron L. And we have to agree – 'twas the perfect spot for a party!

    Venue collage2
    Not only were guests greeted with a unique venue and amazing views, but they were also showered with scrumptious samples from some of Richmond's tastiest eateries. The bangin' bites included creative vegetarian fare from Goatocado, spicy pickles, hummus, and salsa from Magna Carta, tacos and fruit salad from Pepe's Mexican Restaurant, meatballs and wood-fired pizza from Flames 231, hot dogs from Joey's, frozen treats from King of Pops, and cupcakes from Two Sweet. Popchips and Pretzel Crisps provided the stellar snacks, DRY Soda kept folks healthily hydrated with their all-natural beverages, and Americrown kept the boozy beverages flowing at the cash bar. Talk about a truly delectable sweet and savory round-up!

    Food collage 1
    "Banana puddin' popsicles, lemon cream cupcakes, tofu dogs, veggie tacos…" Anna T could go on and on about the deliciousness. Judith L agrees: "Loved the variety of vendors. Everyone there was so friendly and so eager to share the food that they are obviously so proud of… everything that I tasted was amazing." Drool-worthy, for sure!

    People collage
    While we ate our way through the evening, The Killing Daylights put on a rockin' performance that kept the energy levels high and the crowd on cloud nine (shout out to our sound guru, Bryce, from Richmond Music). Morgan Sawyer furiously drew frame-worthy caricatures, while Airbrush Gypsy inked guests with creative and colorful temporary tattoos. Shutterbooth came armed with props for the perfect photo op, and Yvonne M took full advantage: "What girl doesn't want to throw on a pair of bunny ears once in her life?"

    Activities 2
    And that's not all! We did good while having fun by raising money for our wonderful nonprofit event partner, Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity. An enthusiastic THANK YOU to all of our incredible sponsors, participants, Yelpers, and Richmond International Raceway for making this a burstday for the record books. According to Dominic B, "Words can't describe how amazing this Yelp Burstday event turned out. If you didn't come.. you missed out!" Take a peek at the entire photo gallery, courtesy of our talented photographers, Jacki G Photography and Dominique Munoz, and read the reviews of this five-star affair. Cheers to another great year of yelping in RVA!

    Until next time, See You On Yelp,

    Jamie "is this thing on?" D

    Yelp Richmond Community Manager

    Meet the CM @YelpRotterdam

    Posted by Meryem

    Hear, hear, Yelp Rotterdam is here!!! En wat was het een geweldig eerste feestje! Rotterdam staat bekend om een geweldige Hip Hop scene en een multiculturele smeltkroes. En waar kun je beide krijgen?? Het HipHopHuis natuurlijk! Deze stichting staat vooral bekend om de danslessen, DJlessen en studiosessies maar je kunt de zaal ook gewoon huren voor een feestje, tof toch? 

    PicMonkey Collage4

    En een feestje is niet compleet zonder lekker eten en drinken. Vooral als de te introduceren Community Manager bekend staat om haar liefde voor eten ;-) Er waren vijf tafels met elk een eigen thema. Heerlijke Turkse dips en Marokkaans brood die de Oosterse eetcultuur vertegenwoordigden. Een Caribisch hoekje met heerlijke pasteitjes van ManuKookt gevuld met tonijn en gehakt. Boguette zorgde voor Bánh Mì(ni's) uit eigen keuken om Azië te representen. En aangezien elke cultuur van iets zoets houdt was er ook een tafel voor de zoetekauwen. De geweldige vegan bakkerij Heavenly Cupcakes bracht minicupcakes EN een megagrote kokostaart. Je zou nooit geloven dat er geen ei, melk of boter in zit, zo lekker was het! En de allerliefste Loafers maakten speciaal voor mevrouw Cocolumbus een kokoscake geweekt in limoensiroop...Oh zo tasty!!

     PicMonkey Collage3 kopie

    De avond zou geen succes zijn zonder drinken en dankzij Java Plaza en Dr. Feelgoods is de dorst zeker wel gelest! Bedankt lieve Annette en team voor de heerlijke dawet die binnen no time op was en thanks a million Dr. Feelgoods voor de nu al beroemde lemonade

    PicMonkey Collage

    Denk je aan Hip Hop dan denk je natuurlijk aan muziek en met DJ Optimus en Kesia zat de sfeer er goed in. Nee, geen complete breakdance battles braken uit maar de voetjes schuifelden toch wel heen en weer! Onderwijl gekke foto's maken in de Yelp <3 HipHopHuis photobooth, dansen op fijne muziek, genieten van allerlei lekker eten, praten met gezellige (en hele mooie!) mensen was dit zeker een avond die niet gauw vergeten zal worden. 

    PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage4 kopiePicMonkey Collage6

     Hoe meer zielen hoe meer vreugd zeggen ze en zonder alle aanwezige lieve en prachtige mensen zou dit feestje geen feestje zijn geweest dus iedereen onwijs bedankt voor het komen, al jullie blije gezichten en gelach zal ik nooit vergeten! Speciale dank gaat naar Suze V van het HipHopHuis en al haar zorgen en harde werk, je bent een engel Suus <3. Saar S voor al haar 'chauffeursdiensten' en fotografen Cye&Redouan voor de mooie foto's. En natuurlijk alle genoemde geweldige lokale bedrijven die hun mooie producten hebben gedeeld met ons! 

     PicMonkey Collage3

    Kun je geen genoeg krijgen van deze avond? Dan kun je de foto's hier bekijken, de reviews hier lezen en mijn profiel hier bekijken. Heel veel liefs & keep on yelpin'!!! 


    PicMonkey Collage8

    Meryem Slimani | Community Manager Yelp Rotterdam


     Hear, hear, Yelp Rotterdam is here!!! And wow what a way to introduce yourself to the city! Known for it's meltingpot of cultures and a famous Hip Hop scene there wasn't a place to represent Rotterdam better than het HipHopHuis. A foundation that's all about Hip Hop but most of all a great venue to rent out for a kick ass event like ours!

    The tables were packed with all kinds of yummie foods to represent the main (food)cultures in Rotterdam. Bánh Mì(ni's) by Boguette represented Asia, Caribean pastechi by ManyKookt and a whole lotta dips&bread from Moroccan bakeries and Turkish supermarkets. And every culture loves dessert so there was a jam packed table with vegan goodies from Heavenly Cupcakes and scrumptious coconut&lime syrup loafs by Loafers. And a party isn't complete without refreshing drinks so a special shout out to the Dr. Feelgoods funky lemonade and tropical dawet by Java Plaza!!

    Everyone had a blast thanks to the Yelp <3 HipHopHuis photobooth, thanks a million Cye&Redouan!! And without great music it wouldn't have been a great party, DJ Optimus and Kesia took great care of that and kept the party going way past my bed time ;-)

    All I can say is thanks to all those sweet, funny, beautiful people who came out and made the evening a highlight of my Yelp life! And an extra big hug goes out to Suze V from HipHopHuis, you're the hardest working angel I've ever met <3

    Keep on yelpin'!


    Yelp Hartford's Mad Hatter Patio Party at Wood-n-Tap

    Posted by Emily

    Donning their most elaborate hats, 60 Hartford Elites fell down the rabbit hole on Wednesday night – right into a Mad Hatter patio party at Wood-n-Tap. While sampling the restaurant’s new summer menu, Yelp Elites and their guests imbibed on refreshing Onyx moonshine cocktails and chatted it up with Hartford’s Knox Parks Foundation. Thank you to our incredible sponsors for a night of yelping in wonderland!

    The array of seasonal dishes welcomed the onset of summer, from flavorful caprese skewers to waldorf salad, veggie sushi, and a decadent sampling of berries in almond crème anglaise.  For Eric H, the lobster havarti grilled cheese stole the show. “You know a sandwich is good when you squeeze it and buttery juices come oozing out. I had about three triangle wedges of this savory, buttery, juicy delicious sandwich and each bite was absolutely scrumptious.”

    While Yelpers sipped libations from teacups and swarmed the photobooth, Knox Parks made the rounds with information about the organization, plus seed packets and lovely plants for the taking.

    When it came to the cocktails, Freesia S admits “I'm gathering from my Onyx Moonshine experiences that there are about 1,000,000,000 ways you can mix moonshine, and all of them are 1000000000000% delicious. The strawberry mint lemonade cocktail was light, refreshing, and perfect to enjoy on a summer evening. Since Paul S is new to the moonshine scene, he admits “I will be spending the rest of the summer correcting that oversight.” 

    Many thanks to Wood-n-Tap, Onyx Spirits and Knox Parks for a fantastic party, and thanks to our photographer Nick Caito for catching all the action! Read the glowing reviews here, peep the photos on Flickr and stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

    We’ll leave you with some wise words from Joshua L: “At the end of the day, it all comes down to good food, good drinks, and good company.  It makes you realize the things that are truly important in this world. Lobster, cheese, butter, and moonshine.” 

    Til next time, SYOY!

    Emily C (and a special appearance by Yelp London CM, Alex S!)

    Yelp Community Manager- Hartford

    Madness at Mazzaro's

    Posted by BrettNehls

    What do you get when you combine cheese, wine, and a whole lot of Yelpers with an uber-cool Italian market? You get madness at Mazzaro's, and that's exactly what went down during Yelp's Profile Picture. This was my first Elite event and my first time at Mazzaro's Italian Market. All I can say is WOW – the bar was set high with this one! From fresh pastas and aged cheeses to rare wines and custom gastronomical creations, the evening was staged to perfection. And with the warm welcome that I received from the Tampa Bay Yelp community, it's safe to say you'll be seeing me around a lot more!


    Yelp was ready for our closeup at this themed party. Cathy B notes, "Tampa Daily Photo's own Gerardo and Melissa Luna were on hand to take profile pictures for all of us Yelpers." Gerardo has been the Yelp photographer for almost a year now, and we're abundantly blessed to have him. Now he's doing headshots too?? In addition to professional photography, Yelp swag was tucked around every corner. We don't mean to toot our own horn – and luckily, we don't have to. Jerry G thought the event rocked! "Another 5 star Elite Yelp event through the generosity of Mazzaro's. These events are terrific gatherings to enjoy our fellow Yelpers, mingle, and introduce ourself to 'friends' that we've met through this community.


    The FOOD. Did we mention the food? Rachel H "took up a residency at the olive bar. Lord, help me. I love brine." She also enjoyed "the pasta dish which the chef lovingly created for the Yelpers chomping at the bit. It smelled too good to ignore." And then there was... well, we'll let Crystal H explain. "I didn't have a single thing that I didn't love and wouldn't greedily devour again. My absolute favorite thing was the Blood Orange Cotton Candy with Fennel Bacon. That may have even been one of the best things I have ever tasted. Ever." 'Nuff said. 


    Walking through the doors of Mazzaro's is like stepping into another country, complete with unique decor, a rustic market, a sleek coffee bar, and a charismatic brick exterior. Carlos H muses, "This has to be one of the top Yelp events I have attended. Mazzaro's is truly a taste of Italy. A big shoutout to Mazzaro's for hosting us and treating us with such hospitality." Cece C thought the staff was top notch, too. "You can tell that the people who work at Mazzaro's are truly passionate about what they do." We agree!

    The staff and artisans at Mazzaro's are impressively knowledgeable about their products, and obviously passionate about the authentic food, wine, and cheese that they serve. It was a truly fantastic experience, and everything I overheard during the event confirmed this sentiment. In short, a good time was had by all, and I think in Italian, that's la dolce vita!

    Brett N, Yelp TB Community Manager, & Justine B, Yelp TB Marketing Assistant


    June 21, 2013

    Yelp Drinks Raises A Glass In The Circle City!

    Posted by Brittany

    7 Days. 4 Events. 15 Bars. Endless bebidas. Yelp Drinks 2013 saturated the Indy airwaves with tv segments on FOX59 and WTHR13 - and for those windowshopping on downtown's busiest street there was an artistic Yelp Drinks window display featuring all of the businesses and happenings for the week throughout the month of June!

    The week kicked off 5-star style with 15 Yelpers putting the pedal to the metal with Handlebar Indy! Stops along the ride featured Yelp Drinks participating bars throughout downtown. From the wise words of Jon C: "I've learned that Yelpers can have fun pretty much any place they assemble, turning the crappiest of weather into sunshine and rainbows and frowns upside down."

    The party continued with an intimate Yelp Gets Schooled Mixology Class with Wilks & Wilson Elixir Syrups, Chef Brad Gates Catering and Circle City Sweets. Yelpers had the opportunity to try their hand at making gin + tonics, mint juleps and more while chowing down on delicious sliders, macaroons and more! Brad E pours it out: "This is probably one of my top two favorite events to-date. Everyone had their fixin's for cocktails and Chef Brad Gates whipped up some treasures of appetizers to snack on while we enjoyed our own handmade Wilks & Wilkson cocktails."

    Thursday night Yelpers piled in to the new Grey Market Wine club for an evening of glitz and vino courtesy of Yelp's Greyt Gatsby Bash! The Butler University Jazz Ensemble played on while Sugar., Chocolate for the Spirit, Noah Grant's and Patrick's Kitchen kept things tasty. Popp N Go Photo made certain everyone remembered the night of fun with their photo booth on wheels! Kristy K's rosy recap: "This was my first experience at Grey Market Wines -- I'd heard of them before, but never really understood the concept.  After the complementary tasting and explanation from the owner, I'm sold.  SIGN ME UP!"

    (Drumrrrooolllllll!) Indy wrapped up Yelp Drinks with Yelp's Elite Ping Pong Pool Party at Lucas Oil Mansion featuring thousands of ping pong balls, a dozen synchronized swimmers, projected light show by Jeff Lowe, electronic music by .Bassiq./OMFC, complimentary massages by Biz on Fletcher and refreshing summer cocktails by Hoosier Momma (Spud Vodka), St Elmo Steak House (Fentiman's + Fuzzy Vodka), Oliver Winery and Wilks & Wilson Syrups! Andrew D splashes it on with his 5-star review, "I don't know how Brittany S did it. Really I don't. How did she book a mansion? A gigantic freaking mansion?!? What next? Space travel? In all seriousness this was a great event. The booze was flowing and the music was bumping. The synchronized swimming was pretty darn awesome. Never though I'd write that sentence."

    Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and to the Yelpers who clinked glasses to half price cocktails across the 317! Those of you who missed out this time can check out the reviews and photos here.

    Rehydrating until next year,


    Brittany S (pictured with Ziggy and Greg of Wilks & Wilson)
    Yelp Indy Community Manager


    Hi Soirée Elite @ HiPark Résidence Marseille

    Posted by Julie M

    Pour faire une bonne soirée élite Yelp à Marseille il faut : une bonne cinquantaine de Yelpeurs, un mercredi soir de juin, un hôtel un peu excentré, un buffet très frais, des parfums amusants, des tatouages temporaires et des vins rosés à tomber... Résumé, photo de la Hi Soirée Elite Yelp !


    Un peu surpris par la destination et le quartier les Yelpeurs, comme Elise A ont découvert "un hôtel qui ne paye pas de mine de l'extérieur mais qui en jette à l'intérieur. La salle de petit déjeuner a une super deco et la terrasse est très sympa." Josiane L a même pu visiter "une suite très agréable, dotée d'une grande salle de bain avec baignoire, un espace vie avec canapé Ligne Roset, télévision grand écran et coin cuisine équipé... Bref tout y est ! Dans des tons pastels tout doux et à prix raisonnable..." si l'hôtel n'avait pas été complet, elle serait resté ! 

    Yelp-hipark022   Yelp-hipark018

    C'est bien sur la terrasse que la soirée réservée aux Yelpeurs Elites et à quelques Happy Few s'est tenue, avec en premier lieu Frédéric Féraud, du domaine de l'Anticaille. Sylvie M "pas fan de rosé à la base, en a dégusté deux qu'elle a aimé. Ils ont du corps et du fruité, bref sympathique découverte !"


    Hedonia, restaurant apprécié des environs de la Timone, s'est occupé du "super buffet fait maison : la tarte et la salade était à tomber ! Merci d'ailleurs pour toutes leurs explications sur le fait maison" précise Magali B. Il faut dire que Mathias et Jean-Baptiste ont servi des soupes froides aux concombres, aux betteraves ainsi qu'un gaspacho... que Frédéric F a trouvé "trèèèèès très bon (et ça vient d'un allergique aux légumes)" tout comme Anaïs G !


    L'ambiance de la soirée était "sublimé par un doux parfum, un brin insolite, signé Solinotes." Une gamme de parfum basée à Marseille, au packaging très coloré. Adeline C comme les autres Yelpeurs et Yelpeuses, a apprécié cette découverte : 6 eaux de toilette à porter en Solo ou en Duo-Mix pour créer son parfum en fonction de son humeur !



    Un concours photo a même permis à 3 chanceuses de repartir avec des parfums pour leurs chef d'œuvres :

    Collage Gagnants


    "Les tatouages Bernard Forever étaient juste géniaux, grâce à eux, je suis convaincue que je ne veux pas de vrai tatouage, je m'en lasserais trop vite ;) je pourrais faire semblant comme bon me semble d'en avoi, et des stylisés en plus, fini les vulgaires tatouages de chewing gum !" Pauline J et les autres ont a-do-ré les décalcomanies Bernard Forever, qui parent avec style et bon goûts toutes les peaux !


    Et puis à mon tour de dire MERCI aux membres Elites et aux Yelpeurs qui ont pensé à mon anniversaire, j'ai eu droit à une très jolie surprise... Yelp-hipark149

    Les avis sont  

    Les superbes photos de FranKc Orsoni ici 

    Et en attendant la prochaine soirée... ABSY

    Julie M


    ___________ENGLISH NOW __________

    About fifty Yelpers, an hotel, good rosé wine, delicious buffet, delicate perfume, and funny tattoos... that's all it takes to have a fantastic Yelp Elite Event in Marseille! 

    HiPark Résidence is a nice hotel that provides room with a large bathroom, a small kitchen and a very nice atmosphere with classy colors and design.


    The party took place on the terrace sheltered from the street. There, the Yelpers have met Frédéric Féraud from le Domaine de l'Anticaille, with his rosé wines. Magali B really appreciate it, she's already wondering when she'll have an other Anticaille rosé... 


    Pauline J found the buffet super fresh and tasty : 3 cold soups and some tarts and a pasta salad made with melon... Surprisingly delicious! Hedonia is a lovely restaurant nearby the hotel, that prepared everything with love for the Yelpers. 


    Do you know Solinotes? It's a assortment of perfume that you can use by one or by two, depends on your mood... a lovely idea that pleased the Yelpers. During the party, a photo contest offered to the 3 most beautiful pictures a nice pack of perfumes!  


    And last but not least Bernard Forever, the famous decal tattoos brand offered so many nice, pretty, funny, cool, amazing, tattoos, that all the Yelpers were playing with it... 



    All the pictures are here

    The reviews are there if you want to practice your french! 

    SYSOY :)

    Julie M - Community Manager Yelp in Marseille





    June 20, 2013

    DMV: Yelp's Summer Bucket List

    Posted by Kimberly

    It's almost summertime in the District and instead of spending it in your cubicle get out there and experience all that local love the DMV has to offer! Be a tourist in your own city, eat fabulous food, and break out of that boring routine! Your local community managers: Kimberly V (DC), Gretchen P (Northern Virginia), and Mike B (Maryland Burbs) have compiled one heck of a Summer Bucket List for you, so you better get crackin!

    Anyone can join in on the fun! Want to knock some things off that list with your fellow Yelpers? Use this Talk Thread to create some super fun UYE's along the way.


    1) Share a pitcher of sangria and enjoy some jazzy tunes with friends at the Sculpture Garden
    2) Grab a scoop of liquid nitrogen infused ice cream at Nicecream Factory's pop-up shop
    3)  Show off your putt-putt skills at the indoor mini golf course designed by Washington's leading architects at the National Building Museum
    4) Sign up for the Independence Burger Eating Challenge at Z-Burger
    5) Feed the koi fish at the National Arboretum
    6) Fly high with the Trapeze School of New York
    7) Crack some crabs at the Maine Avenue Fish Market
    8) Scale walls and unleash your inner superhero with the American Parkour Academy
    9) Go on a ghost tour with Nightly Spirits
    10) Honor Bill Cosby with a chili cheese half smoke from Ben's Chili Bowl
    11) Enjoy a scandalous after-work open bar happy hour for $10 at Stadium
    12) Channel your inner Picasso at Art Jamz
    13) Cheer on world class tennis players at Kastles Stadium
    14) Gorge on a 4 lb burrito at Pica Taco
    15) Join a tango dance party at Freedom Plaza
    16) Eat a traditional Native American meal at Mitsitam Cafe
    17) Kiss someone special on the Spanish Steps
    18) Refresh with a homemade pineapple soda at Buffalo & Bergen
    19) Eat chicken and waffles at Birch & Barley
    20) Catch a live jazz show at the legendary Bohemian Caverns
    21) Learn about urban foraging at the Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital
    22) Go to the opera at the Kennedy Center
    23) Fill your growler and go on a beer brewing field trip at DC Brau
    24) Sit on the Giant Adirondack Chair
    25) Cheer on the DC Rollergirls at the DC Armory
    26) Eat a bug, dine on a grasshopper taco at Oyamel
    27) Sneak into the National Geographic Cafeteria for cheap, worldly eats
    28) Live the fab life with Drag Queen Brunch at Perry's
    29) Take a Cooking Class at CulinAerie
    30) Cool down with a Pleasant Pop popsicle
    31) Watch the fireworks on the National Mall
    32) Kayak the Potomac
    33) Strut your stuff at the Capitol Skyline's adult pool party
    34) See a movie underneath the stars at Yards Park
    35) Drink out of a boot at Biergarten Haus
    36) Bike the sites with Bike-N-Roll


    37) Get high on the Adventure Park Aerial Course
    38) Get the Big Greek french fries at Big Greek Café
    39) Pick what's in season at Butlers Orchard
    40) Sneak a peak of celebrity chefs at Volt
    41) Take in the natural beauty at Brookside Gardens
    42) Taste what "hidden gem" means at Taco Bar
    43) Hike Great Falls Billy Goat Trail
    44) Catch an old flick at AFI
    45) Tour historic Glen Echo Park
    46) See a concert at Strathmore

    47)  Catch a Legwarmers show at The State Theatre
    48) Devour a ribeye at Ray's the Steaks
    49)  Get addicted to Bon Chon Chicken
    50) Take in a film or concert in the park over at the Mosaic District
    51) Stock your fridge with local goodies from the Falls Church Farmers Market
    52) Stuff yourself silly with all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ at Kogiya
    53) Try the Peking duck at Peking Gourmet Inn
    54) See a movie at the brand new Alamo Drafthouse theater
    55) Sing your karaoke-lovin' heart out at Freddie's Beach Bar
    56) Get dim sum at Mark's Duck House
    57) Eat at Super Pollo
    58) Have an un-pho-getable tastebud experience at Pho Sate
    59) Grab a slice of 'za at Pupatella
    60) Pop bottles at Fairfax County's first winery Paradise Springs
    61) Get up-close-and-personal with an airplane at Gravelly Point Park
    62) Bite into a boozy sno cone at Bayou Bakery

    Feel free to leave your own DMV Summer Bucket List ideas! The more the merrier :)

    Cheers to a fabulous summer!

    Kimberly "School's Out for Summer" V,
    Gretchen "Walking on Sunshine" P and
    Mike "Heat Wave" B
    Your DC, Northern Virginia and Md Burbs Community Managers

    Seattle's Sports Showdown @ Henry's First Avenue Tavern

    Posted by Katy

    Home of the Seahawks, the Mariners, the Sounders and the Huskies, Seattle sure is a great town for sports fans. So what better way to celebrate our love than by hosting a big sports showdown at Seattle's newest, hottest sports bar in SODO?

    PicMonkey Collage1

    Whether they repped Seattle teams or not, more than 250 guests came out to sport their favorite jerseys and support their favorite teams and Henry's Tavern, all while watching one of many massive TVs displaying live games on the wall.

    PicMonkey Collage3

    As people packed into the bar and lounge area they were treated to pints of locally brewed beer, house made cocktails, and samples of Henry's incredible happy hour menu. Including a sweet new dessert item! Think fried cheese curds, pork sliders, and gastropub style bar food

    PicMonkey Collage4
    Check out event photos and get hungry re-living the event by peeping the photos here.

    Haven't seen the rave reviews? Here's a link! And if you attended the event we'd love to know your thoughts by contributing a review of your own.

    Until next time,

    Katy H
    Yelp Seattle Community Director 


    Yelp Helps! Yelp Aide! 2013 with the Montreal Fringe Festival!

    Posted by Risa D
    On a sunny Tuesday in June Yelp Montreal with the Montreal Fringe, 450 local Yelpers, 17 local non-profits, 5 local restaurants and the good folks at McAuslan Brewery, Barefoot Wine, and Tito's Handmade Vodka threw the community lovin' party of the year at Yelp Helps! Yelp Aide! 2013.

    Hope P brought her entire family and together they explored the full range of deliciousness on offer, from the "succulent duck" at Le Pourvoyeur's table, to the pulled pork donuts from Chez Boris, the chili Tourtière Australienne, gluten free Almond Butterfly cupcakes and Mr.Puffs "irresistible" traditional Greek donuts dipped in honey then sprinkled with cinnamon. The whole gang relished the summery sweetness of the Barefoot "sangria punch made with Moscato wine, Red Wine, berries, and flavoured Perrier" and the Tito's Handmade vodka snow cones "a shaved ice concoction; poured vodka on top and topped it off with lemonade... Wow amazing hard lemonade... Soo smooth!"

    For Tasha C "Combining local non-profit organizations with local food and beverage brands made for a very memorable evening." While dancing to acoustic bands and snacking on delicious local eats and drinks "friends went around trying to speak to all the non-profits and checking them off on a little map in order to win a one month free membership to the Mansfield club."

    Guests got to hang with a cool crew of volunteer super-Yelpers on the bouncy red Yelp couches to pose for their brand new Yelp profile pictures - check them all out here, and grab yours to pimp your Yelp profile! Jean-Michael Seminaro took gorgeous shots of the party including the awesome local non-profits, vendors and bands. Check them all out here!
    This party kicks off a year of volunteer opportunities with Yelp in Montreal, so until next time....

    See You On Yelp!

    Risa D

    Yelp Montreal Senior CM (Anglo)

    Lors d'une soirée ensoleillée en juin, Yelp Montréal et 450 Yelpeurs locaux, 17 organismes à but non lucratifs, 5 restaurants locaux et les bons gens de la Brasserie McAuslan, Barefoot Wine et Tito’s Handmade vodka ont participés à la fête annuelle de la célébration de notre communauté pour Yelp Aide! 2013.


    Hope P a emmené sa famille entière et ensemble ils ont goûté à l’ensemble des bouchées offertes, allant du « canard succulent » à la table du Pourvoyeur, les donuts au porc effiloché de Chez Boris, la Tourtière Australienne au chili, les cupcakes sans gluten de Almond Butterfly et les beignets grec traditionnels et « irrésistibles » de Mr. Puffs trempés dans du miel avec de la cannelle. La gang entière a adoré la douceur estivale du « punch sangria de Barefoot Wines fait avec du vin Moscato, du vin rouge, des baies et un Perrier aromatisé » et les cônes de neige à la Tito’s Handmade Vodka : « une concoction de glace , de vodka et un peu de limonade… Wow, une limonade forte et extraordinaire… Si doux ! »


    Pour Tasha C « la combinaison d’organismes à but non lucratifs avec des bouchées et des boissons de marques locales se sont combinés pour rendre cette soirée mémorable. » En dansant au rythme du band acoustique et en mangeant des petites bouchés « mes amis ont fait le tous pour parler à tous les OBNL pour les marquer sur la carte afin de gagner un mois d’accès gratuit au Club athlétique Mansfield. »


    Les invités ont aussi pu s’amuser avec une belle gang de super-Yelpeurs bénévoles sur les divans rouges afin de prendre une nouvelle photo de profil Yelp! Vous pouvez les voir ici et ajouter la vôtre à votre profil Yelp! Jean-Michael Seminaro a pris des super belles photos de la fête incluant des organismes présents, les commerces locaux et les bands. Allez les voir toutes ici!

    Cette fête marque le lancement d’une année d’opportunités de bénévolats avec Yelp Montréal, donc d’ici la prochaine rencontre...

    À plus sur Yelp!

    Risa D

    Yelp MTL CM (Anglo)

    Yelp syö suklaata Chjokossa

    Posted by Mikko

    Rakkaus suklaaseen yhdistää ihmisiä. Näin kävi myös eilen kun Yelp järjesti varsinaisen suklaajuhlan Kruununhaassa sijaitsevassa suklaamyymälä Chjokossa. Parikymmentä chjokomonsteria saapui paikalle napsimaan suupaloja praliineista macaroonseihin.  Jäätelöaltaasta sai myös käydä noukkimassa mieleisensä annoksen makoisista vaihtoehdoista. ”Chjokosta saa muuten ällistyttävän hyvää merisuolalla maustettua suklaajäätelöä”, hehkuttaa Juha T.

      PicMonkey Collage1

    Kuohuvan virratessa, myymälän omistaja Mika Gröndahl näytti miltä kaakao näyttää sen eri valmistusvaiheissa ja kuinka kaakaopuun hedelmien viljelystä lopulta päästään itse suklaan valmistukseen.


    Illan lopussa neljä onnekasta pääsi vielä kilpailemaan Yelpin leikkimielisessä suklaansyöntikisassa, missä hyvällä noppaonnella pääsi ahmimaan suklaata oikein todenteolla.

      PicMonkey Collage2

    Mahtava ilta kaiken kaikkiaan. Suurin kiitos tästä kuuluu ehdottomasti Chjokon iloiselle henkilökunnalle ja Mika Gröndahlille. Suklaa on heille intohimo ja se näkyy. Valokuvauksesta vastasi Rodeon Juha Tuomi. Käykää katsomassa herran ottamat upeat tapahtumakuvat meidän Flickr:stä! Kiitos tietenkin myös kaikille osallistujille. Tapahtuman arvostelut löydätte tämän linkin kautta.


    Hyvää juhannusta kaikille!




    Mikko A, Community Manager, Yelp.fi


    In English:

    Oh what an evening it was, yes indeed.  Helsinki’s Yelpers had the privilidge of going to Chjoko, a chocolate store in the Kruununhaka neighbourhood, for an incredible chocolate-feast. Pralines, macaroons, chocolate ice cream seasoned with sea salt, you name it, we ate it. Owner Mika Gröndahl showed us step-by-step how cocoa is harvested and prepared for the production of chocolate. Before the night was over and there was still wine to go around, Yelp organized one final surprise – a chocolate eating competition, where there would be no winners or losers, just chocolate. Thank you Mika Gröhndahl and Chjoko, photographer Juha T and all you participants. It was a fab event!

    Yelpers Gotta Wine At Pinot's Palette Memorial – Houston, Texas

    Posted by Farrah Akhtar

    Founded and based in Houston, the Yelp Elite Squad was invited to the Memorial location of Pinot's Palette, the nation's premiere paint and wine party provider.

    Upon arrival, Elites picked one of two paintings – First Pour or Colorful Trees – and prepped for an evening of creative magic and buckets of fun. Apron? Check. Blank canvas? Check. Paints, brushes, music, snacks, adult bevs and a room full of eager – and equally nervous – Elites? Check, check, check, check, check, and check! Phew.

    As Elites turned their white canvases into works of art, they sipped on drinks courtesy of Crispin Cider, Redd's Apple Ale, Leinenkugal's Summer Shandy and house wines. Paired perfectly with those refreshing bevs, guests noshed on KIND Healthy Snacks' new Dark Chocolate Nuts & Seasalt bars, and a generous sandwich bar buffet and avocado and lime kale salad provided by Whole Foods Market Wilcrest

    When the evening came to an end, each Elite walked away with not only their own self-made masterpiece and a $10 gift card, but a new-found appreciation for art! Check out the pics and event reviews!


    Farrah A

    June 19, 2013

    Yelp Denver's Secret Supper - June 2013 Edition

    Oui, Oui it was a French Affair indeed! For the June installment of Yelp's Secret Supper Denver staple, Le Central, pulled out all the stops in a lavish, three course meal that can otherwise be described in one word, according to Denver Yelper, Brady K: "Rich. Everything from the champagne with a little strawberry, to the charcuterie, endives, pork belly, and the mousse was absolutely layered with complex flavor over complex flavor."

    Collage1From the French Kiss cocktail to the crème brûlée, the decadent affair was drizzled in French style. To begin, guests were greeted with French concoction, the French Kiss: Sparkling Wine with a splash of St. Germain and a strawberry to top it off. After Yelpers mingled and blew air kisses across the room to their friends, it was time for appertizers. Guests had the option to begin their meal with either the Charcuterie: an array of Le Central's pâtés and cured meat, pretzel, mustards, and cornichons, the Le Salade: Heirloom tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella, basil chiffonade on Belgium edive, drizzled with sherry vinaigrette, and garlic toast, and the Tartine de Saumon Fumé on tosted country bread house cured and smoked salmon along with goat cheese, lardons, corn onion, and bitter micro green salad. 

    The entrees raised the bar even higher with three very different options: Ventre de Porc: Braised pork belly, natural reduction, plum sauce, sweet potatoes hash, garnished with spicy tobacco onions, and brussel sprouts, the Lotte et sa Ratatouille: pan roasted monkfish, ratatouille, saffron rice, and tapenade, and the Sandwich d'Aubergine: Eggplant slices stuffed with spicy olive oil cumin flavored cream cheese, breaded, baked with a spring vegetable and pesto risotto and a smoked tomato coulis. For Alica K the "juicy, fatty, and tender (She cut through it like butter with her butter knife) pork was the star of my meal and the envy of my friend." Plus, she's not even veggie friendly "but the brussel sprouts were delicious! I just might be converted...So, well done Le Central!" Collage2

    With one sophisticated plate after another, it was only natural the desserts followed in that order. It wouldn't be a traditional French meal without crème brûlée, but lucky for Yelp Denver they were offered two equally as delicious desserts: the Les Mousses: dark, white, and milk chocolate mousses with marion berry coulis biscotti and macarons and the Linzer Torte with vanilla bean ice cream. The Linzer torte finished out Jenn B's mean "nicely: "I absolutely loved the tart raspberries and the vanilla bean ice cream."

    Whew! All this decadent food, Vicki P ponders, "How do you say I'm stuffed en Français?"

    Thanks again to the most wonderful hosts and talented staff and chefs at Le Central. To read up on more foodie highlights from the Secret Supper check out the reviews and pics here. For more information and to reserve your spot for the next Secret Supper, please visit yelp.com/events.  


    Until next time, Denver, See You On Yelp!

    Frances G

    Denver Senior Community Manager

    @YelpDenver * #DenYSS * facebook/yelpdenver

    June 18, 2013

    Elite Event: Yelp's Angels & Demons

    Posted by Tresna

    Well we don't know about you, but it's always fun being a little bit naughty and a little bit nice all at the same time. Melbourne Yelpers couldn't agree more, last night descending upon Gasolina for a night filled with a seemingly never ending supply of their woodfired pizzas and beer while checking our their cool custom motorbikes!

    Pizza Collage

    666 Vodka added a little bit of sweet evil, with a devil's punch made from vodka, red wine, cinnamon and chocolate! Served from cauldrons, it helped to warm up our Yelpers after sampling a frozen Tequila Tromba paloma sorbet!

    666 Collage

    Entertainment for the night came in the form of slithery snakes from Snakebusters and some sexy acrobatics and dancing from Miss Skopalova and Sidney Saayman from Dream Events & Productions. Yelpers themselves dressed up in all manner of angelic and devilish gear, the best winning tickets to the latest show from NICA.

    Capi snake Collage

    Capi provided mineral water and blood-red Cranberry fruit soda and this meant everyone was well hydrated and ready to dance when Justine McInerney took to the floor, singing her hilarious comedy hit - Disco Fanny.

    P&S Collage

    Just when we thought we could take no more, hundreds of icecream sandwiches from Pat & Sticks hit the floor. The crowd favourite flavour - Mochachino!

    Cars Collage

    A big thank you to Uber for once again getting Yelpers home safely with free rides, and to Sidekicker who were on hand to clean our phone screens - much needed after lots of sticky fingered photos and Yelping!

    Peeps Collage

    A big thank you to Gasolina for hosting us in their magnificent space and to all of our sponsors who helped to make this a fabulous night. Check out all the sexy photos from John H and read the reviews

    Want to ensure you get an invite next time? Check out how to join our Elite Squad

    Until next time... SYOY! (See You On Yelp)

    Tresna L

    Melbourne Community Manager

    NCSD Elite Get Out On The Greens With Aviara Golf

    Posted by Trish

    Nothing says summer has started in North County more than a beautiful twilight evening on perfect golf greens. The Park Hyatt Aviara, the Aviara Golf Academy, and The Argyle Steakhouse formed a triple threat and welcomed Elites and their +1s to explore the fairways and taste the menus at Yelp’s Aviara Golf Elite Experience. PicMonkey Collage

    Elites put on their favorite golf attire and showed up ready for pro instruction. Aviara Golf Academy set up 4 stations with presentations from the knowledgeable staff.  We were transported in style, able to check out the beautiful grounds with a drive up to the range and were introduced to the state of the art TaylorMade facility on site. Next we were treated to a few minutes with pro Kip Puterbaugh for an informative golf crash course and after that it was time for putting prep: some Elites applied the tips they learned and putted for chance to win a prize!

    The chipping station was next and after a few tricks of the trade were announced, Elites took some swings of their own. Those greens were like silk and the grounds were impeccable. The pros at Aviara Golf offer up everything you’ll need to get on your game this year! Golf

    Cocktails in the Argyle Steakhouse bar and Argyle library were a welcome libation after that course work and the staff was armed and ready. Cocktail hour after golf was the perfect time to socialize and discuss our short games. Light bites were passed and included Grilled Asparagus (wrapped in Prosciutto with Almond Butter) Sorrel Bison Sliders (Beef Bacon, Maui Onions, Avocado and Watercress, Goddess Dressing) Smoked Tomato Skewer with Basil, Lobster Tots served with Saffron Aioli and yum! That Truffle Parmesan Popcorn. The bartenders hit a hole in one with custom Planter's Punch, served up a Summer Scotch Cocktail and kept you in the swing of things with selected draft beers. Food

    Our thanks to i.l.l.a. photographer Jo Ryan Bagalso for being on site and taking the stunning photos found here on Yelp’s Flickr page! Check out more details on NCSD Facebook, stay up to date on info by following us on Twitter, and read all the glowing reviews on the Event Page.


    SYOY! Fore!!

    Trish S

    Www.flickr.com 2013-6-18 19 50 52


    NCSD Community Manager

    Yelp Chicagoland's Pley & Pizza Party @ Frato's!

    Posted by Candice Gatlin

    You know who's got game? Yelp Chicagoland Elites, that's who! And they brought it to Yelp's Pley & Pizza Party at Frato's Pizza (Official, Facebook, Twitter) of Schaumburg. Between the gourmet Chicago-style eats, board games galore, intense interactive XBox showdown and a Blackhawks playoff nail-biter, Elites and their guests were guaranteed the showdown of a lifetime!  Fratos1

    Greeted with an ice cold glass of Frato's own golden Caramel Ale, Chef's Burger of the Week, Sleepless Coffee Burger, Adult Mac & Cheese, Arrabbiata Pasta with Broccoli, Vienna Deli Pizza, Chicago Style Italian Beef Pizza, Vegetarian Goat Pizza, 4-Cheese Pizza, and Breaded Bone-In Wings with Frato's house-made award winning wing sauces... if you can handle the heat!


    Bowling, board games and a winning Blackhawks game filled the evening with entertainment and excitement, while the staff at Frato's took care of all the rest, making sure the hot buffet never ran dry and challenging guests to test their limits see if they could beat the heat of the mighty Frato's ghost pepper sauce.


    Check out all the 5-star reviews here along with the video blog and photos from the event, care of Andrés DeLeón (Like/Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Official, Flickr, YouTube) and NEEDGRAPHICS.COM (Facebook, Twitter).

    Thanks to all the Elites who were able to attend Yelp's Pley & Pizza Party at Frato's and a HUGE thanks to Mike, Chef Ed, Nina, and the whole crew over at Frato's!

    Until next time, take another pizza my heart now, Yelpy...


    Candice G

    Yelp Chicago Burbs Community Manager