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May 08, 2013

Yelp Sydney's When We Were Idiots Walking Tour

Posted by Ben B.

Oh boy, was it a different Elite Event this time around. Yelpers took a leap of faith and turned up to the Metro Theatre on a balmy Tuesday night dressed in silly hats, the crazier the better! There were pirates, Vikings, bears, and what appeared to be some kind of mole-like creature. And then things got really weird…


A giant penguin dressed everyone in hi-vis vests, then asked us to suspend our disbelief and follow it on a tour . . . A HUNDRED YEARS INTO THE PAST! 


The year is 2113, it's been a century since people stopped reading anything longer than a tweet and Twilight 5 broke through as the most popular film of all time. Soon afterwards, society collapsed...


Following runs at the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festivals, and in town as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, Xavier Toby’s retrospective walking tour, 2013: When We Were Idiots, celebrates the peak of rampant consumerism, ignorance and individualism, and had everyone in stitches from go to whoah.


Highlights included encounters with ‘actors’, security guards, and a couple of very friendly drunks. The night finished up with cocktails at Pocket Bar, where not only did Michaela C win a Hello Kitty spirit hood loaded with chocolate, but – hey presto! – a film crew were shooting scenes for Geordie Shore. Never seen that much fake tan on a human being, probably never will again.


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