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April 17, 2013

Now Boarding: Yelp NC Triangle's Jet Set Fête

Posted by Christina Gates

Last Monday, Yelpers arrived at Solas in downtown Raleigh, rode the elevator to the roof-top, and proceeded to check-in for their flight to Europe. While lounging at the gate, awaiting departure, gracious attendants served up glasses of peach moscato and their own tasty invention -- "Mile High" cocktails made with Flight 69 gin. The setting sun and open air on the rooftop set the scene... clear skies: a beautiful night for flying!

Our restaurant Captain, Mark, announced take-off and yelpers descended downstairs to Bia Restaurant. Passport and wine glass in hand, everyone was packed and prepared for our three layovers and a European taste tour. Jenessy A sums, "Our first stop was at Italy -- steak deep in tomato sauce, and scallops which were ama-zing. Secondly, France with pâté crostini and choice of pickled red onions, chives, egg yolk and whites to top, and fried goat cheese that had me hooked. Last, Spain with the familiar paella, plus cheese and sliced meats." Ruben G adds, "Kudos to the fine folks that put each of those dishes together," as well as the corresponding red and white regional wines. "I think they did a very good job of pairing the sweetness vs. dryness with each tapa. And for those that left without sampling the desserts on the Third Floor -- too bad for you. Seriously, you missed some wonderful little sweetnesses... from the chocolate-dipped strawberries to the macaroons, and the miniature cupcakes with an exquisite whipped raspberry icing (drool), man-o-man! These folks did it right!"

Our hosts selected the best-geared tourists, and awarded their nomadic stylings with $300-worth of gift cards. But the fun didn't stop there, as they raffled off French, Spanish, and Italian wines to attendees who stayed for the after party. Thanks to DJ Dave Severance for providing the rooftop tunes... and helping many of us forget it was Monday night!


Yelpers: Thank you for flying with Bia -- we hope you'll think of them again for your future culinary adventures!

Bia: A huge thank you to your entire staff, and especially to Mark, Scott, and Todd for being incredible hosts and a true pleasure to work with.

Way more snapshots for your scrapbooking available here. Make sure to read up on everyone's travelogue, and start planning your own trip to Bia! Frankly, we agree with Brittany G: "I can't wait to come back to Bia/Solas on a date or with some friends! I always loved the rooftop bar and now I have even more reasons to go!"

Until next time, SYOY!


Christina G
NC Triangle Senior Community Manager


Spencer Horn

What a great way to spend a Monday evening, thanks again!

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