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March 31, 2013

Yelp South Bay's (Pre)Easter Sunday Funday!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

March came in like a lion and out like a lamb! South Bay Elites celebrated spring with a (Pre)Easter Sunday Funday Elite Event @ INDO Restaurant & Lounge in Palo Alto. 

INDO Collage 2
That's right chickadees! We had a good ol' fashioned Easter-themed party, complete with egg hunt, plenty of seasonal food & cocktaiils, plus a bunny photo booth. And of course, Elites came dressed in their Sunday best: Floral dresses & hats for the ladies as well as suits (along with a few pastel dress shirts and ties) from the gents. 

Located in the former Palo Alto Straits space, INDO's culinary concept is aimed at introducing some traditional Indonesian dishes along with other entrees showcasing Executive Chef Tommy's interpretation of Indonesian flavor profiles. Any visit to INDO is a unique dinning experience, setting a new standard of hospitality for casual fine dinning scenes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

INDO collage 3

Our special tasting menu of the night comprised of several featured menu items, including: rice croquettes, chicken satay, chicken lumpia, tofu & quail egg, Bali-style pork belly, lamb korma, duck kapitan and coconut pudding. And, without a doubut, INDO's bartenders put the "Funday" into the equation with their famous Grey Goose Pear Mule cocktail, Cazadores reposado + grapefruit agave Palomas (served it salt-rimmed Yelp shot glasses) and bottomless champagne. All enjoyed out on INDO's gorgeous back patio in the California sunshine!

Ellen L "made like a bunny rabbit and hop...hop...hopped on over to indo for an afternoon of pre-easter delight." Her "favourite appetizer of the evening was hands down, the chicken satay with peanut sauce. In general, this is a happy hour/cocktail hour appetizer. Indo's version was just perfect, plump, tender, white meat chicken, with just the right amount of sauce, with a touch of spice." With regards to the cocktails, Desmond T said, "Unlimited champagne and delicious appetizers for 2 hours? HOLLA! The Pear Ginger Mule definitely hit the spot." Janet N "had loads of fun! Being surrounded by beautiful people, not-so-hidden easter eggs, delicious food and drink. =:3     =:3    =:3    =:3"

  INDO collage 4

The Elite portion of our (Pre)Easter Sunday Funday ended after two hours, but INDO was kind enough to offer 33% off of everyone's meal who chose to stay for dinner. After just a few bites of their delicious tasting food, it was no secret that their menu was worth sticking around for: "Probably my favorite food location for any yelp event I've been to thus far, said Kyle D. "Some food highlights included the chicken satay (DELICIOUS! Crispy, juice, and tender all at the same time. Perfect entree item here), quail egg tofu (I'm quail egg biased, but damn this was good), and of course, that coconut pudding (I could probably eat it everyday, ha!)." Even if Elites had other plans for the evening, INDO sent everyone home with a 20% off card to come back and enjoy a meal in the future. 

INDO collage 5

Read the 5-star reviews for our party on the event page and definitely take a peek at the adorable bunny photo booth pics from Stung Photography

Abby Easter Sunday

Hoppy Easter!!!

Abby S, South Bay-Peninsula Community Manager

March 30, 2013

Yelp Denver's March Secret Supper at Euclid Hall

Yelp Secret Supper made a reappearance at Euclid Hall for the first Secret Supper, er, Brunch this year! Guests were graciously greeted with a complimentary Republic Tequila cocktail that Vicki P describes as a "perfect brunch drink since I couldn't imagine drinking it at any other time of day." While yelpers sipped and hopefully sustained some sort of a morning buzz with their horchata and tequila cocktail, rounds of hearty appetizers were served for the communal tables to share.


First up was the chips and dip made with oolong tea smoked duck breast, duck confit, and lemon goat cheese dip, which was something "fun for the eyes and the taste buds," according to Jennifer B. Following was the fried cheese curds, the mini fishwiches, and sausage platter comprised of a medley of Euclid's specialty: housemade cured meat and sausage. Christina E sums it up when she yelps, "The appetizers alone were enough to make a meal, and everything I tried was outstanding. I even tried blood sausage for the first time, and though I doubt I'd get a full order for myself, the flavor was nice and I'm thrilled I got I finally got to sample such a delicacy. 


And for the entrees...Solid choices were presented to the brunch goers, like a funky spin on chicken waffles with more of a schnitzel type chicken and chicken sausauge adorned with a fried egg on top. Or the the brat burger on a bretzel bun to fulfill all the meat lovers' dreams out there. For the non-meat lovers, a "life changing" grilled cheese "soaked in a butter/peach jelly concoction and then adhered together with some Camembert cheese" was offered with a side of Waldorf salad. Needless to say, our waistlines were growing and some buttoms of our shirts might have been poppin'


But it wouldn't be a well rounded meal without the sweet stuf, right!? Euclid Hall overdelivered, wowed us, and brought back some childhood memeories with their homemade Ding Dongs and Twinkies with a side of fresh berries. Some could call it delicous or some might describe them as "crazy ginormous." Either way - they served as a great late night snacker" later on that night after Kate K recovered from her food coma."

DingDongThanks again to the most wonderful hosts and talented staff and chefs at Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen. And thank you, Republic Tequila for the mini take-away bottles and for introducing us to a new and innovative cocktail!



To read up on more foodie highlights from the Secret Supper (Brunch) check out the reviews and flickr pics. For more information and to purchase tickets for more Yelp Secret Suppers, please visit here!

Until next time, Denver, See You On Yelp!

Frances G

Yelp Denver Community Manager



March 29, 2013

Yelp Edmonton Descends Into March Madness At The Mercer!

Posted by Jennie

The Mercer Tavern located in the historic Mercer Warehouse, est. 1911, was the location of the Elite Event: March Madness At The Mercer! We ate, we drank; oh boy did we drink! We took a ton of cool pics, interviewed with Don Cherry in our own Coach's Corner and showed our love for our favourite team. "I started off with my die hard Habs jersey, pealed it off for my Team Canada jersey, and brought it home with my Red Devils Korean Soccer jersey" shares George H. Talk about a wardrobe Hat Trick! 


Everyone knows Yelpers love to eat! So the Mercer invited us to try out, give our input and feedback on the items that will be part of the Mercer's New Menu. The Ruben was the all around hit: "They in house smoke thee meat for 24 hours with maple. To die for!" reveled Kristin K. And Andrew H  melted: "If you're a cheese lover, the grilled 4 cheese sandwich will make you say, "I fromage you" because you'll love it like the sandwich child you never had." Jodie M swooned; that the "vegan tomato soup (with basil oil) was lovely."A special thanks to Flirt Cupcakes for Wendy P's Birthday surprise!


Over a century ago the Mercer building was a warehouse used to store liquor, cigars, and wine. And on March 27th there were definitly no shortage of liquids! Absolute Vodka's newest flavour, Cherrykran, was the star of the show with the Five Hole martini. Sapporo beer was flowing on draft, as was Creemore Springs. The suprise hit and subject of a lot of talk the next day was the Jacob's Creek Moscato!


The photo master Dave Tameling was on hand snapping pics in the United Cycle sponsored photobooth. Oh Canada, can we rock a hockey themed photo booth that will have you sayin' "puck, I look gooood!" Like many of the ladies, Lea A  "left with a super great shot of me punching my husband in the face with hockey gloves. That's going on the mantle!"

The night was definitely one H.E.double hockey sticks of a good time!

Until Next Time...See You On Yelp.

Jennie M, your Yelp Edmonton CM!




Honolulu Yelpers Shine A Spotlight On Kaka'ako With Yelp's Urban Mash-Up

Posted by Emi H

250+ Yelp Elites (and their lucky +1's) descended upon CoXist Studio in Kaka'ako for Yelp's Urban Mash-Up Elite event. The threat of rain didn't dampen this party's spirit as Yelpers mixed it up in Honolulu's hippest district! A very special thanks to Royal Party Rentals who provided our beautiful tents, tables, and linens! 

 599442_519703121404936_1110443119_n  644756_519705708071344_1890171804_n

Yelpterns greeted guests with smiles and schwag as they arrived at artsy venue CoXist. After making a bee-line for the bar yeeps sipped on cocktails from KAI Spirits and brewskis from Miller-Coors (featuring Redd's Apple Ale, Leinenliugel's Summer Shandy, Batch 19, Third Shift, Henry Weinhard's Woodland Pass IPA, Killian's Irish Stout) while moving to the beats dropped by DJ Alex & sound provided by Bose.

32627_519707524737829_472736282_n  733777_519704501404798_60898407_n

526896_519703518071563_25709056_n  269286_519705928071322_2047727630_n
Elites and their guests indulged in spa and beauty breaks with reflexology by Matsukawa Healing Center, make-up by Angel Deah & hair by Nueve Salon & Spa. With their new 'dos and freshly powdered noses Yeeps headed over to the Photo Ops photobooth to sparkle & shine in front of the camera!

72704_519703738071541_140905773_n  8375_519706044737977_755367261_n

599332_519706184737963_1791281006_n  483956_519704181404830_666935335_n
After all that glitz and glamour it was time to start feeding those Yelp sized appetites! Bites from Boom Musubi, Paul's Poppers, and Pop Pop Donuts kept hunger at bay while full sized stuffed waffles cakes from Whatcha Fillin' satisfied even the hungeriest of yelper.

150423_519706974737884_1571267472_n  392615_519705054738076_1099444046_n

540156_519704984738083_1395781032_n  539953_519703964738185_1075409125_n
Aloha Party Experts tattooed the crowd with airbursh tattooos and 808 Urban let out the inner grafitti artist in us all, as guests spray painted their own souvenier stickers! There was a special appearance by the Yelpicorn (aka Tim P) and because Yelper's really do care about their community, the Life Foundation Give Back Booth received over $1500 in donations!

303328_519704268071488_1988444037_n  543640_519703868071528_558477629_n

644335_519705741404674_545855794_n  486190_519705438071371_249668599_n

Want to feel the beat of Kaka'ako online? View rad party pics by Jonas Maon Photography and check out the stellar 5-star reviews on Yelp!

SYOY & Aloha!

Emi H 

Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu


Yelp Flaunts Latin Fusion @ La Fonda del Bosque

Posted by Howie

Yelp Albuquerque and La Fonda del Bosque treated the Elite squad to an evening of latin-infused bites during Cante, Toque, Baile, Yelp! The evening was an intimate gathering featuring a deliscious bevvy of inspired new menu offerings, from potstickers and chicken satay to oysters. Ernesto R summarized, "They sampled a skewer of chicken in a flavor exploding sauce.  Bruschetta's were served, one with shrimp and one with salmon.  Oysters were served as well and they were topped with a sauce and apples.  As I ate the oyster I wasn't sure how this would all come together, but in the end it was very interesting."

PicMonkey Collage2

This Elite squad is becoming an extended family! After an introduction from the owner and a taste of signature sangria, the night loosened up and memories were made. Swelling to accoustic flamenco sounds, La Fonda del Bosque crafted an event we won't soon forget. Jamie B swooned "the live acoustic guitar and general manager's interest in our evening both added to the experience", while Sandra G remarked "Events like these are the ones that make very happy to be Elite!"

PicMonkey Collage

Until our next soiree, SYOY!


Howie K

¡Pillamos al Pelotón de Élite de Madrid con las manos en la masa!

Posted by Lolo R.

Por fin llegó el día en el que al Pelotón de Élite de Madrid le tocó remangarse y... ¡preparar su propia comida! Como todo no va a ser comer, beber y divertirse en esta vida, los Yelpers madrileños tuvieron la oportunidad de asistir a uno de los talleres de cocina rápida de Apetit'Oh!, en los que -en tan solo una hora y media- se aprenden algunas técnicas básicas de cocina (entre ellas, blanquear los ajos fue una de las más populares) para luego preparar un menú completo.

Collage1Nadie se libró de ponerse manos a la masa para ejercer de chef por unos minutos, y ayudar a cocinar pastel de calabacines gratinados, cintas de pasta con vieiras al azafrán, pisto al dente con tiras de calamar, setas shitake con brotes de soja y langostinos y hamburguesitas de salmón al eneldo con salsa de mostaza. Todo ello bien regado con un albariño Anae y un rioja Monólogo, que ayudaron a la hora de degustar tan magnos platos.

Collage2Gracias a Luis y a Jeny por su paciencia a la hora de enseñar al Pelotón cada una de las recetas y, sobre todo, ¡gracias a todos los Élites por su duro trabajo y por acompañarnos durante la tarde del Jueves Santo! No olvides dejarnos tu reseña, echarle un ojo a las fotos y seguirnos en Facebook y en Twitter. ¿Quieres venir a una de estas? ¡Pues no dejes de confirmar tu asistencia a nuestra próxima I Gran Fiesta de los Yelpers!

Hasta entonces... ¡nos vemos en Yelp!

Lolo R - Responsable de Yelp Madrid


It was about time for Yelp Elite Squad in Madrid to roll up their sleeves and prepare their own food! So Madrid Yelpers had the chance to take one of the quick cooking workshops at Apetit'Oh! where Luis and Jeny taught all the attendees in just one hour and a half some basic cooking techniques that helped later to prepare a whole menu.

Collage3Everyone collaborated and played the chef for some minutes, getting to cook grilled zucchini pie, pasta ribbons with saffron scallops, shitake with prawn and soya sprouts and mini hamburgers made of dill marinated salmon with mustard sauce. Later the Squad also could taste the fruits of their work, along with sips of Anae albariño wine and Monólogo Rioja wine.

Collage4Thanks to Luis and Jeny for their patientence teaching the Squad all the recipes and, specially... thanks to the Elite Squad for their hard work! Don't forget to leave your review of the event, take a look to the pictures taken by Ana López-Varela and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Do you want to come to one of this parties? Don't forget to RSVP for our upcoming Yelper Party!

Until then... See You On Yelp!


Lolo R - Yelp Madrid CM

Wijn Is Fijn Elite Event @ B.J. de Logie

Posted by Philippine

Ha! Alweer de laatste week van Maart! Dan is het uiteraard weer tijd voor een Yelp Amsterdam Elite Event... Donderdagavond 28 maart gaf ons een enorm gezellige en slurrrpende wijncursus van Suzanne V bij B.J. De Logie wijnen! Wijn Fijn Wijn Elite EventB.J. de Logie bestaat al sinds 1848! Het familiebedrijf begon als wijninkoper en is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot wijnwinkel - wijnimporteur - en leverancier van verschillende wijnen aan top-restaurants in Amsterdam. De winkel op de Beethoven straat is, zoals Floor R opmerkte: "Best klein binnen, ik dacht dat het echt vééél groter was! Lijkt zo groot van de buitenkant!". Maar vergis je niet... ze hebben hier rond de 500 (!) verschillende wijnen - allemaal eigen import (!) om jouw wijnminnende hart te plezieren. In de grote loods bij Overamstel organiseren ze bijvoorbeeld ook verschillende proeverijen en dat kan ik je echt aanraden! De volgende proeverij is zaterdag 20 april aanstaande, waar je maar liefst 75 verschillende wijnen en hapjes kunt proeven. Kijk hier voor meer informatie en hoe je gratis naar binnen kunt komen... B.J. Wijn is VurukkullukHet Wijn-Fijn-Wijn Elite Event begon de avond met een heerlijk glaasje Prosecco; even inkomen... Suzanne vertelde over historie van wijn, hoe je moet proeven, de verschillen in druif en wijn én wat leuke weetjes... Wist je dat: Er meer dan 8.000 druivensoorten zijn? Dat de beruchte druifluis 'ons' bijna de wijndas omdeed? Dat 'men' in Nederland gemiddeld €2,89 aan de flesjes wijn uitgeeft? HOE DAN?! Ja, dat dachten wij ook. Afijn, we waren hier niet alleen om te proeven, maar ook om iets te léren... We deden een rondje: "wat zijn jouw ervaringen met wijn" en daar kwámen toch een paar hilarische verhalen uit!! Vraag bijvoorbeeld Jeanne B naar de namen van haar honden (grinnik), laat Billy D je uitleggen wat "Wine Bi-polar" betekent en kijk naar Dennis M's gezicht wanneer hij je uitlegt van welke rode wijn hij houdt...  Wij Weten Wel Wat Wijn IsAaaah! Tijd om te proeven, te drinken, te smullen! We begonnen met witte wijn; we kregen twee verschillende glazen en je moest ruiken / kijken / proeven welke van de twee een Sauvignon was en welke de Chardonnay. Op het scherm stond een heel overzicht met de eigenschappen van deze druiven moest je zelf ontdekken welke-wat-was. Hoe leuk?! Daarna kregen we een tweede Chardonnay - ook wel "gewoon wijn 3 met hout" (Ricardo R). En. Die. Was. Lekker!! Yelp's favoriet onder de wit! Hoe interessant dat het verschil in smaak alleen te maken heeft met het vat waar de wijn in rijptWitte Wijn PromenadeTijd voor de Rode Ronde: verschillende rode wijnen om de avond wat 'zwaarder' door te zetten. Eén van de meest verassende ontdekkingen was hoe zeer de smaak van wijn beïnvloedt kan worden door eten: de Chianti was op de eerste smaak 'wrang' (kijk mij eens in het wijn-jargon zitten), maar nadat je een stukje Parmaham of groene olijf had gegeten en je de wijn nog eens ging proeven: WOW! Hallo smaakexplosie! De wijn was veel 'zachter', 'ronder' en ineens een stuk lekkerder! Rode Wijnen RondeLieve Suz, wat heb je een ontzettend leuke cursus en proeverij gegeven! Het was heel ongedwongen, we hebben veel van je geleerd was ontzettend gezellig!

Lieve B.J. de Logie, wat hebben jullie prachtige wijnen liggen! Dank voor al het heerlijks deze avond en wij komen graag 20 april bij jullie in de loods voor meer!

Lieve Elites, wat een fijne avond! Zo leuk om wederom nieuwe gezichten te mogen verwelkomen, lekkere wijnen met jullie te proeven en ik vond het enorm leuk! Jullie zijn met recht het hart van Yelp Amsterdam! Nogal Een Geslaagde Avond!Kijk hier naar de fabuleuze foto's van de over-getalenteerde Dennis Veldman, lees de reviews van B.J. de Logie en de reviews van de avond Wijn Fijn Wijn zelf! 

See. You. On. Yelp!


Philippine W

Yelp Amsterdam Community Manager


Providence Elites Mangia! At Coco Pazzo

Posted by Hilary H

Last Monday night, 50 Elite yelpers went totally cuckoo for Coco Pazzo at Yelp's Mangia! Elite Event. Cocktails flowed, the plates kept coming and the staff didn't skip a beat!

"Brett, the General Manager, was very friendly and apparently he's in the process of mastering liquor infusions," as the drink menu featured "Brett-made concoctions such as honey whiskey bourbon, a peach-infused whiskey Old Fashioned, cucumber and honey dew-infused gin, and grapefruit-infused gin" to name a few. Edward H "was extremely impressed with the honey whiskey bourbon, and would have taken a few bottles of that home" with him if he could have. "The bartenders took their time to make each yelper feel special, and even made sure" that Mary L "(being 9 months pregnant) had my own special mocktails to drink!" Cheers to that.

Sarah VM "did not wont for nibbles – buffalo chicken wings, mussels, truffle fries, sweet potato fries, flat-bread pizzas, and perfectly dredged and fried calamari." Betsy R concurs, Chef Ryan's "food was fantastic – absolutely amazing showcase of the menu." She was "particularly intrigued by the cheese plate and the mussels," but most appreciated the fresh-from-the-over chocolate chip cookies, cannoli and coffee. "Nice touch! A girl couldn't ask for more!"

Jaclyn P "loved the decor the most. Beautiful tiled floor for miles, lovely bentwood cafe chairs a la Thonet and my husband and I were practically drooling on the custom wood table tops. Top notch. Lighting, mirrors, layout, ambiance...everything was shining in the details" that Brad Smith captured in the stellar photos of the evening. Not only did Scottie M "get to meet some of my favorite fellow yelpers, I made new friends as well! Everyone was so classy and outgoing - I'm very impressed! I can't wait to get together with you all soon!"

I couldn't have said it any better myself! Until next time…

- Hilary H, Yelp Providence CM

Yelp Evento Elite "Giochi e film in salotto" al Tasso

Posted by Kristina

 L'evento Elite di Marzo si è svolto al Tasso, un ostello nonché associazione culturale vicino a Piazza Tasso. La struttura in questione ha un "salotto" spazioso e molto comodo con tanto di divanetti e palcoscenico dedicato ai vari eventi e concerti. Ogni Yelper è stato accolto con un punch di benvenuto fatto con frutta fresca, tutto l'evento è stato centrato sull'ambiente famigliare e easy del locale.Collage 1

Il palco è servito come postaizone da foto di gruppo perfetto, con pose da ritratto di famiglia dell'800. Alessandro T è rimasto affascinato dallo spazio: "un piccolo teatro, infatti ne conserva la struttura a palco che adesso è arredato con poltroncine, mappe e lavagne. Voi vi chiederete perché e la risposta è semplice: il tasso hostel un tempo era una scuola e alcune parti (tra cui i banchi, messi nelle stanze dell'ostello) sono rimasti ad abbellire questo posto".

Collage 2Dopo qualche chiacchiera c'è stata la premiere del video creato durante l'evento Elite di Dicembre da Nicla: un evento anni 20 con tanto di truccatori e parrucchieri. C'è chi si è riconosciuto nel video stop motion con tanto di musica originale, il tutto creato da alcuni Yelper appassionati. Ariete ha voluto farci conoscere alcuni suoi macchinari per i "pop corn rigorosamente light (senz'olio)". Vanessa F si è messa all'opera e ha riempito le buste da pop corn di Yelp perfette per l'occasione.

Collage 3
Dopo filmato e pop corn non poteva mancare la spaghettata, abbiamo assaggiato dei sughi buoni e casarecci. La Community Manager, "CM e baking guru" secondo Riccardo V, per fare qualcosa di speciale per gli Elite, ha preparato dei dolcetti per l'occasione. Dei cup cake tradizionali e un cup cake gigante alla carota. Per finire in bellezza la serata non poteva mancare una partita a Cranium un gioco da tavola divertente e stimolante. Ci siamo divisi in 4 gruppi e ci siamo sfidati a suon di mimi e domande a trabocchetto.

Collage 4

 Un grazie allo staff del Tasso per la simpatia e l'organizzazione.

Potete vedere tutte le foto, leggere le recensioni e vedere cosa dicono gli Yelper sul Forum.



English Version

The March Elite Event took place at Tasso, a new Hostel and cultural association in Florence near Piazza Tasso. The Yelpers where welcomed by the friendly staff and offered a a punch with fresh fruit, an aperitif to start the event off. Vanessa F in the mean time had fun making pop corn for everyone, with the help of the pop corn machine given for the event from Ariete.

Collage 5After the aperitif the premiere of the video of a past event was played, with the special Yelp popcorn bags it was like being at the movies. A good Italian "spaghettata" was the icing on the cake, we had some fantastic home made pasta, informal and very good! All Yelpers have a sweet tooth that the someone has to satisfy, so this time a giant cup cake and some smaller ones where made by a happy CM for all the fantastic Elites in Florence.

Collage 7

After everyone was full we played a table game: "Cranium" a perfect game for bigger groups where we had to sing, mime and draw, we found out to have real artists in the Elite Squade, we also used the stage to take some funny group photos, and saw how many times we could change our name tags, and identities. At the end Kristina G became Alessandro T, and Erika L became Francesco P.

Collage 6


A thank you to the staff of Tasso for their hospitality.

You can see more Photos, read the Reviews and what the Yelpers have to say on the Talk Thread.


Me blog








Kristina G





March 28, 2013

Yelp Brisbane's Mobile Royalty Private Dinner

Posted by Lani P.
Corn on the Cob Salted Caramel Popcorn

Look at that dessert. Look at me. Look at that corn on the cob. Look at this blog. Look at Yelp and back to me. That dessert is the work of head chef Norman Harvey, by the way.

Last night, 15 of Brisbane’s Yelp Mobile Royalty gathered for a private dinner at e’cco bistro in the Brisbane CBD. We were treated to a selection of dishes old and new, and a few that have defined e’cco as one of Brisbane's finest restaurants.


e’cco was launched in 1995 by chef Philip Johnson and his wife, and was to be a restaurant with “unfussy but great quality food.” You could say they achieved this in 1997 when they won the Remy Martin Cognac/Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant of the Year award for their bug, fennel and chilli risotto (which we were able to sample as one of our entrees).

Located in a refurbished historic former tea warehouse, we were seated in the private dining room amongst salsa-red and aubergine walls, polished masonite floors and plain wood tables and chairs. The e’cco menu is understated but really comes to life on the plate. It all comes back to Philip’s ethos of “doing as little as possible with the best ingredients available.”

During their early years in Brisbane, it wasn’t uncommon to wait anywhere from three weeks to three months to reserve a table at this no-fuss bistro. Philip spoke to Yelpers giving them some back ground to how e’cco began and a personal note on the dishes we would soon savour - the room often falling silent at moments as we enjoyed each mouthful. 

They’ve had only 6 or 7 head chefs over 18 years with a lot of staff having been with Philip since the beginning. “We’re going back to some of the stuff that made us famous, going back to old favourites,” Philip said as he addressed the group. (We were fortunate enough to try dishes from past head chefs and the work of current head chef Norman Harvey.)

“We’ve come full circle. I think the food has been fantastic. We’re going through a process now where we’re going to put some of the stuff that made us famous back on the menu. There’s no point running a restaurant where people can’t see the links back to you. We’re kind of refocusing and going back to those dishes.”


Kingfish with Bloody Mary Sorbet

“The essence of a bistro is simplistic, no-nonsense - no tablecloths, relaxed yet efficient service. and food that is honest, wholesome and full of flavour.”


So what exactly did our private dinner menu look like?


  • Grilled prosciutto salad with gorgonzola, grilled pears, and hazelnuts
  • Kingfish carpaccio with bloody mary sorbet, cucumber & celery
  • Risotto of bug, fennell and chilli


  • Grilled white fish, carrot, pak choy, coriander and sweet corn veloutte
  • Parmesan and nutmeg gnocchi, wood mushrooms, truffle creme
  • Lamb rump, olive tapenade, white polenta, ratatouille, eggplant crisps


Parmesan & Nutmeg Gnocchi


  • ‘Corn on the cob’ salted caramel popcorn ice cream
  • Apple, pecan and pine nut torte with apple gelato
  • Valrhona chocolate marquise, and raspberry sorbet

Picking a favourite is hard, but if I had to it would be the Corn on the Cob dessert and the parmesan and nutmeg gnocchi. What about you? 

Why Yelp’s Mobile Royalty?

These guys are checking-in, leaving top tips and adding photos like pros. And, well, we like to connect people with great local businesses, and free parties are a great way to do that. In fact, we throw them every month for our Elite Squad. But more than that, one thing that sets Yelp apart is that we have a vibrant community offline (as well as online) who catch up regularly.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


A warm thank you to Philip Johnson, the e’cco team and Lucid Media for all playing a part in making this dinner a success. And to the Yelpers who came along - thank you!

To find out more about Philip Johnson, e’cco and their seasonal menu, visit their website.

Until the next event: 

See You On Yelp,

Lani P.

You Are Now Entering Yelp Baltimore's "Man Cave!"

Posted by Elsa M.

Cognac, cornhole, and a whole bunch of cuts - barbershop style! Yelp Baltimore's March Elite Event was all about showing the men some love with an Elite Event full of their favs in Yelp's Man Cave!

New multicultural barbershop, Royal Razor, hosted the event offering complimentary cuts and shaves for attendees in their expansive urban oasis, complete with loft-like feel, exposed brick, and multiple TVs.


"The inside of Royal Razor was very nice - clean, modern, nothing junking up the place," says Michelle H. "My husband received a hot towel shave from Luis (Tito) and I was thoroughly impressed! They do the works - electric shaver to trim, full facial lather with hot towel, pre-shave oil, straight edge razor, then after shave and moisturizer. He arrived scruffy and left with his face as smooth as a baby's bottom, which makes me very happy. And you know what they say, happy wife, happy life. *wink*"


In between the cuts, Elites took advantage of all the toys in this 'roided-out rec room! There were plenty of "fun things to do -- giant Jenga and Connect Four, bean bag (sock) toss, mini ping pong, and darts, just to name a few," Tunaidi A explains. And don't forget the drinks! "Courvoisier was fantastic," he adds. The cognac was on site with samples of its new Rosé and Gold cognacs, infused with red wine and moscoto, respectively.


Fueling the evening's festivities was Two Boots Pizza serving up poppin' hot pies with a cajun kick! "Two Boots did a marvelous job rallying with three waves of pizza varieties," Ruth C brags. "'The Tony Clifton' and 'The Dude' were very respectable... but my favorite was probably 'The Old Bay Beast,' generously dotted with decadent ingredients!"

At the end of the night, four lucky winners who struck the 'manliest pose' and uploaded it to the Yelp Elite Event listing went home with a (never-for-sale) custom Two Boots' t-shirt. Lookin' good and eatin' good... nothing wrong with that!

Until the next time, Dapper Dynamos!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 7.09.41 PM

Elsa M.

Yelp Baltimore Senior Community Manager

Gold Elites Celebrate 5 Years @ FIVE!

Posted by Nique!

When we came across FIVE's supremely swanky setting, award-winning menu, and celebrated cocktail program, we knew it was the perfect place to toast to our Yelp Gold Elite members - those Yelpers who have been sporting an Elite badge for five years or more.Fivecollage3

60 Elite members were treated to a special menu created exclusively for Elites by Chef Banks, and from the get-go "It was clear that Yelp and FIVE really wanted to pamper the Gold Elites," notes Augusto T. The endless array of small bites included bone marrow butter crostinis, crab fritters, succulent sushi-grade shirmp skewers, seared ahi tuna toasts with avocado sauce, fried plantains, and mountains of cheese, charcuterie, and crudités. Besides the generous spread of gourmet edibles, Leona M adds "The FIVE manager and executive chef greeting the crowd added the personal touch of service that puts a place over the top." Fivecollage1

Of course, there were cocktails and wine to elevate the evening. "The Mai Tai made with Zacapa rum & roasted pineapple was the best Mai Tai I have ever had," Jenn N professes. "Considering I am a Tiki Bar nut, that is saying a lot." Pimm's No. 1 wooed Elites with their Pimm's Cup Refresher made with Tanqueray gin, Pimm's, lemon juice, ginger beer, fresh basil strawberries and cucumber. "I am still reliving the taste sensation of the Pimms cocktail in my mind," Celeste B confesses. Suzy S discovered she's "now a huge fan of a Pimm's Cup" thanks to this concoction, too.

For vino seekers, FIVE poured a crisp, unoaked Chardonnay from A by Acacia and a Pinot Noir from Once Upon A Vine, which "was quite good" according to Wendy N, making her "want to explore the Central Coast wine region further." Marck N's "drink of my evening was the Acacia Chardonnay. A bit sweet and very refreshing, with no oak flavor," he recalls. Fivecollage2
"I know that one of the main purposes of Elite events is to introduce some of the most vocal yelpers to new businesses and products," Linda M points out. "That goal was achieved last night.  FIVE was such a wonderful space.  The management and staff made us feel so welcome, and the small bites were to die for.  I will not hesitate to return here for a nice dinner with my family or with friends."

Wendy N was similarly impressed, declaring "I'd walked by FIVE numerous times and am SO glad YELP gave me a good reason to check it out properly. It's a beautiful restaurant with high ceilings and tasteful decor. The quality of the food and drinks was outstanding." Fivecollage4

So, it's been decided: Five years of Yelp Eliteness deserves more than a high five...but a highfalutin' time at FIVE! Cheers to our generous hosts and to our seasoned Yelpers who made this event a real cause for celebration.

Check our more of the Elite Event Reviews and photos by Jeremie Fremaux/ Snap Yourself on Facebook and Flickr.

Cheers to keeping the Elite spirit alive for FIVE, and counting...!


Nique F

Gold Badger & East Bay Community Manager

Yelp's Superfly Secret Supper @ Aviary with Distilling Head Spirits

Posted by Don Bourassa

On Tuesday, March 26th, 2013, 50 Yelpers and their guests were treated to a super fly evening of high gastronomy, tasty cocktails and excellent company at Yelp's March Secret Supper @ Aviary

PicMonkey Collage1

As Tamara C aptly notes, "The early bird gets the Secret Supper Club ticket and thus the birds of a feather flocked together at Aviary for an incredible evening of fine cuisine, lovely libations, and wonderful company." The evening's dishes included tempura green beans with green curry and sesame salt; Japanese eggplant with tomato miso, aji amarillo and dill; warm cauliflower terrine with saffron genee, black olives, granny smith apple and salted duck egg; and pork belly braised in dashi with turnip, mustard greens,  and ginger caramel. And that was just the appetizer round! 

PicMonkey Collage2

Mains came in the form of mouth-watering four cup chicken with taro root, wood ear mushrooms, apricots and scallions; red curry braised goat (a hit of the night) with goat cheese gnocchi, kabocha squash, cherry tomatoes and toasted coconut; crispy pig ear with coconut rice, chinese sausage and avocado; and butternut squash Charlotte with fennel, black garlic, snap peas, egg yolk and parmasean cream. Yup. That. Incredible list, eh? 

For dinner, instead of family-style (like the first two courses), everyone got a perfect finish of stout cake with toffee, spiced apples, and creme chantilly; and creme fraiche cheesecake with meyer lemon curd and huckleberries. And yes, we can confirm that everyone was full by the end of this one! 

Cocktails for the evening consisted of a pair of offerings from Aviary. Starting with a tarragon herb cocktail made with Bengerminz vodka. The second drink, made with Warship Rum, had a tasty lapsang souchang smoked tea extract. Both perfect for pairing with the meal. 

Christy H sums it up well: "This was a great night at Aviary and one of the best secret suppers yet to fall in my plate. The staff was great. I loved the service. I don't know how they managed to bring out everything in such a timely order but props to that!" Thanks are in order to the awesome folks at Aviary as well as Olivier and Rachelle from Distilling Head. It truly was an amazing evening. 

Have you added your review yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Until the next secret supper, stay fly!

--Don "flew the coop" B.

Yelp Dublin Elite Juno's Cafe Noshfest

Posted by Emily C

'Christmas Dinner Full' - the only way to describe the feeling of being stuffed to the gills of delicious food after Juno's Cafe Bistro Elite Event on Wednesday 27th.

11 different meals within three courses over two hours. Enough to make a grown man cry I tell ya. Prosecco to start, a sommelier to take us through wine pairings for each individual bit of grub, all in the candle light and coziness of one of Dublin's best kept secrets. 

PicMonkey Collage1

After a full day of snow and hail, guests were warmly welcomed with a glass of prosecco to start off proceedings, then ushered into the dining room to begin the nosh fest. For starters, we had calamari with tomato & chilli jam, fishcake with piquante mayo & green salad, beetroot & goat cheese with walnut pesto and mixed leaves, gubbeen chorizo w/ grilled asparagus, slow roast cherry tomato, parmesan shavings, rocket & toast.

PicMonkey Collage2

Just when the food was becoming filling, in stepped SuperBen AKA head sommelier for Juno's restaurants. From your classic Pinot Grigio, to a Vermentino and a Malbec - wine was free flowing and Ben's knowledge was top drawer.

Then came the mains. Wild mushroom & leek risotto cake topped with ryefield's goat's cheese & courgette tomato sauce, chargrilled Angus rib-eye steak w/ garlic butter, grilled mushroom & tomato and chargrilled lamb burger with corriander chutney, sweet potato chips & mint aioli. 

PicMonkey Collage6

And finally.. desert. A veritable flavour explosion. Rhubarb creme brulee w/ homemade shortbread biscuits, chocolate brownie w/ butterscothc sauce & vanilla ice cream and baked white chocolate & hazelnut cheesecake with berry compote. 

PicMonkey Collage4

The key to this foodie's paradise is that each bite is concocted entirely out of locally sourced - not a single thing you eat has come out of a bottle or a packet, and that is guaranteed. As Liat F put it; "What a great evening. What great food. You could taste the quality of it on the tip of your tongue."

Food of the highest quality, cosy and homely ambience, service like you wouldn't believe, and a damn perfect location (go for a walk in the adjacent Phoenix Park afterwards to burn off some of that deliciousness).  You really can't go wrong.

A huge thanks to Laura, Ben and the rest of the amazing and Juno's Cafe Bistro staff for welcoming us with open arms and going above and beyond in providing Dublin Yelpers with an absolute superwhopperdeadly meal of the highest standards. Make sure to check out the reviews of the event, and all of the photos here

Emily C, Dublin Community Manager

Yelp's Black & White Party Elite Event

Posted by Ben B.

Last night 150 Yelpers rocked down to Broadway’s best-kept secret for an Elite Event that put the ass in class and the back in black. Loft at UTS hosted Yelp’s Black & White Party, a civil throw-down that spread from the gorgeous upstairs function rooms, down to the darkwood D-floor, and out to the surrounds of the magic courtyard complete with fairy-lit tree.

B+W collage 1

Yelpers were treated to a slew of top-shelf drinks: the blue-glow outside bar mixed up Patron’s insanely popular jam-jar margaritas alongside super-premium Ultimat Vodka lime sodas, while inside Jägermeister served slimline cans of new RAW, a drink only available in Australia. 

B+W Collage 2

With 2SER’s resident DJ dropping bangers on the wheels of steel, Loft’s new home-made pizzas in Margherita, Hawaiian and Pepperoni were a red hot hit, with waiters doing their best Matrix impressions to serve the hungry hordes. Those that stayed the distance got stuck into a raft of delicious nutella & strawberry dessert pizzas, guhhh so good.

B+W Collage 3

A party full of crisp white shirts and cocktail dresses saw the black and white theme in full swing, with some dude(ettes) even busting out top hats for the occasion. Those that checked into the Yelp app on their smart phones got tickets into the prize draw that saw a bottle of Moët & Chandon and the world’s biggest Toblerone given away, alongside a booby prize of Home Brand Jelly Meat-flavoured cat food. Score! A bottle of wine was also awarded to the Yelper that rocked up in a home-made panda costume.

B+W Collage 4

Even better, rides to and from the event were taken care of thanks to Uber, your on-demand private driver. By downloading the app and entering a special Yelp code, guests were ferried there and away by black cars ranging from Holden Caprices right up to Mercedes. P.I.M.P.I.N.G!

B+W Collage 5

As always, thanks to the inimitable Sam MacDonald Photography for the happy snaps. Want more?

Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp!)

Ben B                                                                                                                                           Sydney Community Manager



Yelp Fête le Printemps @ Pulp Kitchen

Posted by Lucie

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-03
Mardi dernier, Gaël et Hélène de Pulp Kitchen avaient donné rendez-vous à 45 Yelpeurs curieux de découvrir que la bonne cuisine peut aussi s’imaginer sans gluten, ni lactose et tout bio !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-06
Pulp Kitchen ce restaurant, salon de thé, bar à découverte, où les meubles chinés, et la décoration soignée ont bluffé Virginie M mais aussi et surtout « Hélène et Gaël qui ont eu la gentillesse de nous accueillir pour cette soirée Élite, et ce qui m'a marqué chez eux, en dehors de leur bon goût pour l'aménagement des lieux et de leur cuisine merveilleuse, c'est leur sourire : ils sont heureux d'échanger sur le pourquoi du comment de leur restaurant, et leur choix longuement mûri de préparer de bons petits plats pour tous, c'est-à-dire aussi pour ceux qui ne mangent pas de viande ou ne tolèrent pas le lactose ou le gluten ».

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-60
En cuisine, Gaël était aux manœuvres et Randolph L est désormais converti aux « bâtonnets de cèleri à tremper dans le fameux Hoummous au Curry, mais également les excellents cookies. C’est sur, « he’ll be back » pour pour essayer l'un des menus de la carte !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-48
Côté vins, Cyrille de Biovino a fait partager sa passion des bons vins à l’ensemble des Yelpeurs. Ce que Jessica G en a retenu ? Elle repassera «  à Biovino, pour voir ce qu'ils proposent en matière de vin rouge. Les explications sur les sulfites et levures endogènes / exogènes m'ont donné envie de jeter un coup d'œil à sa boutique » ! Une autre façon de découvrir le vin !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-78
Karine Delmas, rélexologue, a donné le sourire à tous ceux qui sont passés entre ses mains expertes ! Un verre de bon vin, et un massage... Le pied !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-17
Main verte, ou pas, Marine G est elle aussi repartie avec son Yelp Magic Garden ! « ou son jardin magique, mais quelle super idée ! Pour les absents de la soirée : on a planté quelques graines dans un pot trop mignon qu'on a ramené chez nous ! J'ai trop hâte que ça pousse (si ça pousse, of course !) » Mais ou ça va pousser, c’est Yelp & magique !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-73
Vive le Printemps !

Un GRAND merci à :

Hélène et Gaël, les gérants formidables de Pulp Kitchen.

A Cyrille, de Biovino.

A Karine Delmas, réflexologue aux mains de fée.

Alice Gonsolin pour les superbes photos : Bliss-out.fr

A Nous Lille, partenaire media. 

Retrouvez les avis ici et les photos  !


*A Bientôt Sur Yelp

Lucie yelp profile
Lucie C

Community Manager Yelp Lille

>> English version <<

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-57
Last Tuesday, Gaël and Hélène, the owners of Pulp Kitchen the only organic, wihtout gluten and lactose restaurant in Lille, welcomed 45 curious Yelpers !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-53
Gaël, the Chef, cooked a lot of delicious things, Thierry C « loved the gentleness of the owners, the venue, and also the curry houmous with celery, and was amazed by the cookies with Goji berries, and the chocolate cake » !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-88
Constance V had a dream : to find a « wonderful white wine without the hangover » Cyrille the owner of Biovino made her dream comes true !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-50
Karine Delmas, and her feet massages had a great succes and relaxed all the Yelpers !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-42
It was also a garden party ! Elodie M loved this « activity and came back home with her own Yelp Magic Garden » !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-99
What a Springbreak !

YELP ELITE #8 @Pulp Kitchen ©AliceG-39
Special thanks to :

Hélène et Gaël, the fantastic owners of Pulp Kitchen.

Cyrille, the owner of Biovino.

Karine Delmas, reflexologist. 

Alice Gonsolin, for her amazing photos : Bliss-out.fr

A Nous Lille, media partner.

You can find the reviews here and the photos there ! 


*See You On Yelp 

Lucie yelp profile
Lucie C

Community Manager Yelp Lille















March 27, 2013

Yelp Event at Sweet!

LA East Elites got to know what it feels like to be a kid in a candy store thanks to a candy collaboration like no other at Sweet! in Hollywood. The candyland playground provided hours of sugary entertainment with themed rooms like Willy Wonka, Yucky, Marshmallow, Lollipop, and even a Ferrari gumball machine!

PicMonkey Collage
Mr. Willy Wonka himself led guests on tours of the confection castle regaling yelpers with inside info on the property. While on the tour, the group got hands on by making custom chocolate bars ("You can put HOT CHEETOS in the friggin' bars! UH-MAZING!!!" cheers Lucky K), dug through the bulk item section, and gushed over the Yelp-branded candies created by the Sticky masters (Natasha T "was in awe of the sticky bar - sugar arts are so cool, and definitely tasty.") After tuckering themselves out in the labryinth of the sweets store, they "wined" down with varietals from Wine Sisterhood (Svetlana S indulged in moscato, while her boyfriend "opted for one of the red's call Wicked, which he absolutely loved and raved about for the rest of the night."), savored light Indian bites from Urban Masala (Hugh H recommends, "If you love spice, then Urban Masala is for you!"), and got "chocolate wasted" on Sweet's homemade chocolate medallions.

PicMonkey Collage1

Read the reviews here and check out the pics from Unboxed Images on the Yelp LA Flickr page and this sweet video:


Need a dentist now? Yelp can help with that!

Katie B

LA East CM


Soirée Elite Yelp Shooting Club @ Rétine Le Studio

Posted by Julie M

Super exclusive, cette soirée a réuni 30 Yelpeurs et Yelpeuses lundi 25 mars 2013 au Studio photo de Rétine Argentique. Et à votre avis qu'est-ce qu'on a bien pu faire dans un studio photo ? Une petite séance en toute décontraction par FranKc Orsoni, avec maquillage délicat avec Denise R de Eclair de Soi, sandwiches par One Dollar Snack, accessoires par Yelp et bonne humeur par les Yelpeurs ! 


Aurore C aurait presque du mal à trouver ses mots "comment donner un avis cool sur la soirée après avoir lu les avis plus fun les uns que les autres, des yelpeurs présents à la soirée ? Sans retenue ni exagération aucune je dirais que cette soirée fut Legend...wait for it...DARY !!" C'est sûr, Barney Stinson aurait adoré cette petite soirée à Rétine Le Studio !


"Le studio est niché dans un bâtiment qui rappelle les bouillons de culture à la Berlinoise ce qui le rend encore plus inspirant pour l'artiste qui sommeille en chacun." Marie D a été conquise tandis que Elise A a été charmée par FranKc O "qui est le photographe le plus gentil qu'elle connaisse. Il sait mettre à l'aise et faire sourire. Pour un peu, elle aimerait presque être prise en photo !" Et elle s'est laissé faire !


Mais pour une demoiselle point d'objectif sans un bon coup de pinceau, histoire de sublimer la beauté naturelle de chacune ! Denise R de Eclair de Soi, conseillère en image a mis en beauté celles qui le souhaitaient. Caro V la remercie "pour la performance maquillage ravalement de façade en 4min chrono" et Sylvie M rajoute "elle a vraiment su trouver a chaque fois la touche personnelle pour rendre la personne belle, pour attirer le regard mais tout en finesse. Sachant qu'elle est conseillère en image, sa gentillesse et son professionnalisme me donne envie de faire appel à elle !!"




"La bonne ambiance et les bonnes adresses étaient aux rendez-vous et bien contente d'avoir pu encore découvrir de nouvelles petites perles avec les Yelpers and Yelpeuses présentes comme le One Dollar Sandwich dont nous ne perdrons pas l'adresse pendant nos balades phocéennes ! " Marie D a désormais son adresse pour déjeuner sur le pouce près de Castellane !

  Yelp-studio010-2             Yelp-studio146

Julie H l'avoue, "les Yelpeurs se sont tous pris au jeu des photos avec ou sans maquillage avec les accessoires..." Moustaches, bouches, barbes, chapeaux... Un petit rien de folie ! 


Tous les avis et les photos ajoutées par les Yelpeurs sont ici et l'ensemble des photos prises par FranKc Orsoni sont !




Julie M

Community Manager Yelp Marseille


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ENGLISH VERSION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What a night! Photo shooting, make up and sandwiches for the 30 Yelpers who were invited to this Elite Event Yelp Shooting Club @Retine Le Studio. With a little flavor of fun and moustache! 


Simon V new Yelper and photograph himself were very glad to come at Retine Le Studio, "it's not usual to have a party in a photographic studio! I expected a bigger space but I was enchanted to meet other Yelpers there anyway". Original, isn't it a must for an Elite Event ? 


"A good photographer is someone that make you feel good, and FranKc O is a very good one. He is so cool and nice and super pro!" Sylvie M is now an Yelp Elite Star! 


Which girl would like to be photographed without a little je-ne-sais-quoi of glamourous make up ? Obviously Eclair de Soi was there to make sublime all the girls or so! "Denise R has made a wonderful job" Julie H was impressed. "She is so cool and gave us very good advises". 


Photos, make up and of course some sandwiches that were offered by One Dollar Snack, a brand new sandwich bar that provides awesome sandwiches for 1€ for real! Now Elise A has her favorite : "salmon salad and cheese is very good"! 


If you want to exerce our french you can read the reviews here and to see all the beautiful pictures by FranKc Orsoni click here



Julie M

Burger Bistro Bash: The Redux

Posted by peter d.

Have you ever wished you could take charge of your burger destiny? Do you want to mix and match the best meats available, 20 different cheeses and toppings, six specialty sauces and all sorts of buns to make not just the best burger, but the best burger for YOU?

That's what The Burger Bistro is all about, and last night they again welcomed Brooklyn Yelp (this time into their Park Slope location) to showcase their stuff. From start to finish, this Burger Bash was marked by a constant stream of succulent, juicy burgers coming out of the kitchen. Ostensibly sliders (but with a few full-size guys stuck in there), Daniel B knows that "they kept the food & beer coming to such a degree that I think they might've broken a few Yelpers." All those eats were accompanied by shot glasses of chipotle mayo'd and BBQ sauced fries, as well as their signature buffalo tater tots...it was a tastebud overload. In the best way.

From veggie to turkey, spicy Italian sausage to seared tuna with ginger, owners John and Vin do it all, and they do it well. With plenty of exotic options (stop by on the weekends for specials, they might even have kangaroo this week!), it's tough to choose a favorite, but venison surprised some folks with it's flavor and the tender lamb topped with tart goat cheese was a clear winner as well.

Since nothing beats a burger and a beer, Blue Point Brewing was kind enough to provide six of their finest varieties (Blueberry Ale! Hoptical Illusion! White IPA!) to wash down the food. As Claire M says, "If the Blue Point beers hadn't been so good, I would have been tempted to save all the available room in my stomach for sliders." Saving room was tough, but a good move last night; I'm not one for sweets, but the shortbread cookie ice cream sandwiches were simply incredible.

A huge thanks to John, Vin, and the rest of the amazing and accommodating Burger Bistro staff for welcoming us with open arms. Whether or not you made it out, make sure to check out the reviews of the event, the photos from the lovely Liz Clayman, and what folks are saying all over.

Peter D and the rest of the Yelp NYC Team

Yelp Buffalo - Mobster and Moll Party at Canvas@1206

Posted by Alex L

On a Monday night over 55 Yelp Buffalo Elites went back to the 20s to celebrate the recent reopening of Canvas@1206 with a Mobster and Moll soirée. Newly appointed Chef Pierre Carriere welcomed us with delectable plates of crab cakes, calamari, stuffed banana peppers, pasta bolognese, margarita pizza, olive empanada, fried cheese ravioli, mini-turkey sandwiches and chicken pot pie. Elites enjoyed premium clandestinely nano-brewed libations from Community Beer Works as well as sexy martinis, while kickin' back to the jazzy sounds of the Mark Filsinger Jazz Trio.


Elites were taken back with the care that was put into the evening. "The venue and everything that went with it was top notch! Fabulous photography and artwork adorned the walls and a jazz-fest-worthy group kept the mood just right." For Nicole H, there was no sinfully better way to end the night than when the surprise dessert came out: "the dark chocolate lava cake with strawberries and chocolate sauce was a more than perfect sweet ending."


The classy atmosphere had Lindsay A sounding off: "Bill Sabio is on the path to creating mass hysteria for his delicious food on Hertel Ave!" We couldn't agree more. Bill Sabio has done a great job renovating this restaurant and putting together a world-class staff. If you haven't had the chance to enjoy a weekend of jazz music and beautifully-crafted food, check out the new Canvas@1206! Bring a date, friends, your mom...whoever. You're bound to have a great time.


Big thank you to Rick Warne for taking such great pictures, the entire staff at Canvas@1206 and Community Beer Works. Whether you happened to be there or not, make sure you check out the reviews of the event and the photos here (thanks again, Rick!). If you're interested in seeing what it takes to become Elite: click here. Until next time, Buffalo!

-Alex L
Your friendly Buffalo CM

Yelp Kraków poznaje Community Managera @ miejsce bar

Posted by Filip

W piątek nadszedł wreszcie czas na oficjalny start Yelpa w Krakowie, na zapoznanie się pierwszych Yelperów i poznanie Community Managera w Krakowie, Filipa G. W przytulnych, kolorowych, i tak, lekko hipsterskich wnętrzach miejsca na Kazimierzu grupa około 30 Yelperów (i przyszłych Yelperów!) spotkała się, by pogadać i zacząć weekend Cavą i smacznymi przekąskami Sabiny i Marcina z głodnych kawałków.


Przekąski zasługują na szczegółowy opis! Mini-tarty z serem kozim i małymi, pomarańczowymi pomidorkami cherry, słone muffiny z fetą, oliwkami i suszonymi pomidorami oraz czekoladowe ciastka z solą morską to tylko niektóre z przekąsek piątkowej nocy.

Po części wieczoru z Cavą i baaardzo ekskluzywnymi przękąskami przyszedł czas na toasty. Jesteśmy w Polsce - jeśli mamy wznosić toast za powodzenia Yelpa w Krakowie, to bez bani (lub dwóch) wiśniówki się nie obejdzie! Dzięki Nikodemowi i Alkowi za barem żaden Yelper nie czekał na szota długo. I jakoś tak ładnie komponował się kolor logo Yelpa na szlance i kolor wiśniówki. Przeznaczenie?

Podczas całego wieczoru trwał konkurs na najlepsze zdjęcie imprezy. Temat: przywitanie wiosny i weekendu z Yelpem. Tak wiem, biorąc pod uwagę pogodę, temat trochę abstrakcyjny. Ale Bartłomiejowi G. jakoś to się udało i zgarnął główną nagrodę: butelkę Cavy z dużą ilością yelpowych gadżetów. Okulary słoneczne na pewno się przydadzą. Kiedyś.


Recenzje imprezy już są. Beata R. podsumowała swój piątkowy, yelpowy wieczór tak: "wyśmienita oprawa muzyczna, i dużo wiśnióweczki zagwarantowały cudownie przebimbany czas w piątkowy wieczór." Nic dodać, nic ująć. Yelp Kraków bawił się dobrze, i czeka na następne okazje. Długo nie poczekają! Obiecuję!


Filip G., Community Manager, Yelp Kraków


Last Friday it was time for Yelp Krakow to meet their Community Manager, and vice versa, time for Filip to meet his community a little better. At the cosy, colourful and yes, slightly hipsterish bar miejsce, a crowd of 30 or so Yelpers (and future Yelpers, no doubt) met to mingle, sip some Cava, and enjoy the snacks prepared by Sabina and Marcin of głodne kawałki caterers.

These snacks deserve a seperate paragraph. The bite-size snacks included baby quiches with goat's cheese and cherry, yellow tomatoes, muffins of the salty variety stuffed with feta, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes and chocolate chip cookies with ... sea salt, just to mention a few. 


After the very high-brow baby quiches and Cava, it was time for some cherry vodka shots. This is Poland. If we're going to celebrate the start of Yelp Krakow, you best be sure there's going to be a vodka shot or two involved. Thanks to Nikodem and Alek behind the bar, no Yelper was left behind. There's also something strangely appealing about the Yelp logo colour (on the shot glass) and the colour of cherry vodka. Could it be destiny?

Throughout the night there was a photo contest. The theme: welcoming spring and the weekend with Yelp. A very abstract topic given the very winter weather in Krakow, but somehow Bartłomiej G. was able to pull it off and he took home the main prize: a very nice bottle of bubbly with a lot of Yelp schwag. Those sunglasses will come in handy... eventually!


All in all, the reviews of the party are in: the Yelp Krakow community approves and is waiting for more. Beata R. sums up her Friday, Yelp night like this: "good music, plenty of cherry vodka - guarantees a good Friday night out." Won't be long before the next one, I promise.

Filip G., Community Manager, Yelp Kraków

Die Yelp Elite grillt an!

Posted by Mareike

Wochenlang hatten wir uns auf dieses Elite Event gefreut, Burger grillen im Old MacDonald! Das Datum Ende März stand fest und ließ auf frühlingshaftes Wetter hoffen. Doch dieser "Frühlingstag" machte seinem Namen mit -2 Grad und Schnee keine Ehre. Aber gut, von ein bisschen Schnee ließen wir uns nicht abhalten. Die Markisen wurden ausgefahren, die Heizstrahler angeschmissen und statt Bier gab es Glühwein zum Aufwärmen. 


Punkt 19.30 Uhr ging es los und wir wurden herzlich vom Chef des Old MacDonald empfangen. Während wir genüsslich Mini-Pizzen vertilgten, erzählte uns Andreas mehr über das Ladenkonzept und seine Leidenschaft für gute Burger. Hier kommt keine Tiefkühl- oder Convinience Ware auf den Tisch, nur frische Zutaten und vor allem hausgemachte Patties. Diese wurden dann auch, vom Chef höchstpersönlich, vor unseren Augen gegrillt.


Die Burger konnten dann nach Belieben an der Station getuned werden: Bacon, Käse, Zwiebeln, Tomaten, Jalapenos, Röstzwiebeln, Ruccola, getrocknete Tomaten... Hier blieb kein Wunsch unerfüllt. Das Fleisch war saftig, würzig und zerging auf der Zunge. Ein Burger Traum! Für den einzigen Vegetarier im Bunde gab es eine fleischlose Variante, die laut Richard S. "exquisit" war. 


Den krönenden Abschluss bildete das Dessert, ein Cheesecake und Brownie Arrangement aus eigener Produktion. Köstlich! Grade als sich die Gäste in ihren Stühlen zurücklehnen wollten, gab´s noch eine Überraschung: Ein Brunchgutschein für 2 Personen wurde verlost! Schnell schrieben alle Anwesenden ihre Telefonnummern auf einen Zettel und warfen diese in den Lostopf. Glücksfee Nick D. hatte die Ehre den Gewinner zu ziehen und die Nummer anzurufen. Auf gebannte Stille folgte das Siegerklingeln - Rrrrrrring - und der Gewinner ist: Björn R. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Vielen Dank an das gesamte Old MacDonald Team für diesen wunderbaren Abend!

Alle Fotos gibt´s auf Flickr (Danke an Malte K. von Hamburg Fotografiert) und die Bewertungen des Abends findet ihr hier. Vergesst nicht, Euch auf Facebook zu taggen!

Bis zum nächsten Mal!

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-26 um 8.23.06 PM

Mareike B.

Hamburg Community Manager


Snow and -2 degrees - What a night to open the 2013 BBQ season at Old MacDonald! But the weather wasn´t going to stop us from trying "the best burgers in town". While chef Andreas grilled juicy homemade patties we kept warm with some Glühwein. All heated up we went inside to enjoy our very own burger creations that included delicious toppings like bacon, sundried tomatoes, arugula, jalapenos and, of course, cheese. But save some space, the dessert ist yet to come: homemade cheesecake and chocolate brownies... oh my! We were in food heaven when the owner of the venue informed us about a special raffle that was going on: Win a free brunch for 2. Sweet deal! We wrote down our phone numbers and waited for the lucky call. Rrrrrrrriiiing - and the winner is: Björn R. Congratulations and enjoy! A great cheer for Malte K. of Hamburg Fotografiert for his batch of spectacular pictures and of course to all the cool Yelpers for coming and reviewing the event!

March 26, 2013

Yelp's Urban Social At Gang Kitchen

On Monday, more than 70 Yelp Elites navigated the streets of East Village, walked through the towering front doors and quietly filed up the stairs of Gang Kitchen for Yelp's Urban Social. Upon arrival, those who checked-in via Yelp Mobile scored either an East Asian Tonic or a Gang's Pimm's Cup — both of which are lightly carbonated and bottled in house. Name badges were issued and the crowd was ready to feast on some of San Diego's best new multi-Asian cuisine.

Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

From his perch overhead, our DJ filled the room with great tunes while the staff behind the bar and on the floor kept glasses full and tummies warm. Tray passed bites including Gang Fried Rice, veggie fried rice, crispy calamari salad, wild mushroom pad Thai, Firecracker Spring Rolls, sesame chicken and rice pudding coconut balls were a huge hit and in constant supply, while the hosted beer and wine was easily accessible and both the upstairs and downstairs bars. For newcomer Cathleen F, the highlight was meeting "new friends, Sarah, Spartevan, Maricela, and Shalini" while veteran Natalie F noted that "the location was amazing, the venue beautiful, and the waitstaff was some of the best I have seen." she doesn't stop there... "the food was SO GOOD. I ate like 6 of those dessert things!"

Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

Many thanks goes out to everyone at Gang Kitchen who made sure that the San Diego Elite Squad was well taken care of throughout the night. If you missed the party, be sure to check out the goss, peep the pics and catch up on the reviews.

Until next time,

Brad B

Yelp San Diego Community  Manager

Yelp Gets Hooked!

Posted by Kimberly

Elites hopped on board the SS NoVa to sail to Hooked, a pleasure island full of decadent eats, lucious libations and all-around-fun that had Danny V raving, "The Yelpers went swimmin' and we got Hooked (up, that is!)"


Yelpers who dared to make the journey were greeted with flower leis, Yelp tattoos, candy cigarettes and the promise of booty! The event kicked off with a game where attendees were challenged to meet a new Elite in hopes of receiving a red raffle ticket to win a treasure chest full of restaurant, spa, and hotel gift certificates, as well as tickets to an upcoming Nationals game."It was great to meet some of my Yelp friends in the flesh," Ryan B reports.


Hooked made sure that no landlubber went home hungry by rocking out an assortment of marinated Chilean sea bass, Japanese fried chicken strips, crab cakes, and candied bacon deviled eggs. To top that off, guests rotated in different stations to learn about (and taste!) the art of sushi rolling, tropical cocktail concoctions, and the history of sake. According to Albert L, "The rainbow drink was a highlight for many. Seeing those different colors come out into the glasses was quite cool."

A big pirate's YARRRR goes out to David Dang Designs for capturing the evening on camera! Check all the photos out here. If you want to catch more of the party buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

Until then!


Captain Kimberly "Barnacle Bitten" V
Yelp Northern Virginia Community Manager

Yelp Denver's March Madness Mania Elite Event!

The Ides of March Madness Mania are upon us and Boy – did Yelp Denver have a blast celebrating the exciting sports season with the newest restaurant to hit the infamous Larimer Square scene – Tom's Urban 24!? The answer is Yes. The 24 hour diner and brain child of excuberant owner, Tom Ryan boasts delicous bites ranging from buffalo wings to flash fried brussel sprouts, and the Yelp Denver Elites were lucky enough to nosh and imbibe while rooting on their favorite collegiate basketball team on screens dispersed throughout the spaces live streaming the games.

Collage1Guests were greeted by the "friendly, Inviting, and welcoming" servers and guided upstairs to their own exclusive space on Tom's Urban Perch. Rounds and rounds of food from the likes of buffalo wings,  Truffle Parmesan Popcorn With Rosemary, Tuscan White Bean Dip with Grilled Flatbread, Asian Glazed Duck Wings & Honey Chipotle Wings, Mushroom Truffle Arugula Artisan Urban Pizza, Tuscan Kale and Romaine Caesar, Fried Brussels Sprouts, Truffle Lobster & Shrimp Pot Pie, and Butterscotch Pudding were generously served. The bountiful buffet kept our bellies full and hearts happy, but Cheryl L speaks for the majority when she yelps, "the star of the night were the Brussles Sprouts. Perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. I could have eaten 5 bowls by myself. The duck wings were great and really liked the White Bean Hummus," too!


The spread of savory, salty, and sweet dishes were a plenty as were the concoctions so cleverly created by Tom's Urban 24 mixologists. In keeping with with the competitive spirit of the basketball brackets, guests were asked to sample and vote on 4 acclaimed cocktails competing in our own version of a Final Four: the Yelp, the Colfax Cooler, the 5280 Margarita, and the WTF. Jenn B sums the sipping up when she yelps, "Oh the drinks and how happy they make me as I slurp each one down.  I liked the Margarita, classic and oh so refreshing.  My pick for the night was the Yelp cocktail, a little sweet, just how I like it and very strong.  All the cocktails were strong, this is a sign of an excellent bartender.  Kudos to the bartender and drink creators." After rounds of voting for their favorite elixir for the evening a National Cocktail Champion was finally chosen. Erin S certainly had her fun sampling all 4 of the cocktails, but she "thinks her favorite though was the WTF! I can't remember everything that was in there (hence the name I'm guessing) but it was surely yummy! So, Without further ado – the cocktail to take home the winning title...drumroll please...was the Yelp cockail!

A big Yelp thank you for the wonderful staff and support of Tom's Urban 24. To read more about the 'ballin' time, check out the reviews and pics. Also – be sure to pay a visit to Tom's to try the delicous dishes and creative cocktails! Hey - it's open all hours, after all!

Toms Urban 24 : www.tomsurban24.com

Facebook : facebook.com/TomsUrban24

Twitter : @TomsUrban24

Instagram : @tomsurban24


Until Next Time...See You On Yelp.

And in the meantime, be sure to:

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Peace Out,

Frances G and owner of Tom's Urban 24, Tom Ryan!

Yelp Elite frokost @ Restaurant Kronborg

Posted by Emilie

I lørdags havde Restaurant Kronborg inviteret 8 heldige københavnske Elites på frokost. Og hvilket outstanding frokost! Vi blev forkælet til den helt store guldmedalje. 

PicMonkey Collage

Der blev tændt op i pejsen (Københavns ældste!), varmen og den hyggelige stemning spredte sig da vi satte os til bords. Vi blev budt velkommen af Walther, en af ejerne af Restaurant Kronborg.

PicMonkey Collage2
Walther fortalte os om Restautant Kronborgs historie, tankerne bag og gennemgik dagens fantastiske menu. Til den lækre mad blev der serveret nøje udvalgte øl fra Nørrebros Bryghus

PicMonkey Collage1
Til forret fik vi serveret sild med ramsløgscreme. Øllen var en Ceske Böhmer. Derudover var der frisk torskerogn med mayonnaise og håndpillede rejer. Det var yderst delikat. Vi fik serveret en New York Larger til. Stilheden lagde sig over bordet imens der blev sat pris på den herlige fisk

PicMonkey Collage6
Dernæst stod den på let grillet oksefilet med dijoncreme og rå peberrod samt en Bombay Pale Ale. På tallerkenen var der også honningglaseret flæsk med syrlige æbler og tyttebær. Det var så smagfuldt og saftigt. Helt perfekt blev det afrundet med en Forårs Bock på fad. Der kom et fad med den lækreste Vesterhavsost og figenkompot ind. Wow. Det er dansk når det er bedst, vi blev endda forkælet med en Sherry Akvavit til. Endnu engang blev, det ellers snaksagelige selskab stille. Det smagte så godt og passede perfekt til osten. 

PicMonkey Collage7
Afslutningsvis spiste vi den lækreste fragilité med rabarbercreme. Sprød, sød og smagen af sommer. 

Line G er vældig begejstret "Maden var ekstraordinær god efter min smag, frisk torskerogn er så lækker og sild får jeg alt for sjældent.. Fisk er hos mig et kæmpe hit! Den anden portion med flæsk og oksekød var super super lækker og langt bedre end traditionel smørrebrød"!  

PicMonkey Collage5
En stor tak til Restaurant Kronborgs skønne personale, de var super flinke, underholdende og yderst professionelle. Tak til Nørrebro Bryghus for den super flotte kasse med dagens øl. Det var virkelig en glædelig overraskelse. Og tak til Chris Tonnesen for de fine billeder. 

PicMonkey Collage8

 Vil du have mere?

- Læs anmeldelserne

- Se billederne

- Find ud af hvad og hvem Yelp Elite gruppen er

Alt i alt var det, som Line G skrev, et "Klasse event med klasse elites".  

Jeg kørte selv hjem med et stort smil på læben og glæder mig meget til næste event d. 3. april. Indtil da….

 …. VSPY (Vi ses på Yelp!)

Emilie B

Yelp København Community Manager 


In English: 

Last Saturday, Restaurant Kronborg welcomed 8 lucky Elite Yelpers for a lunch of decadence. And what a lunch! It was outstanding  to say the least! We got spoiled, BIG TIME! 

Linda F sums it up "Good food, good drinks, good company - five stars exist for this!  Even without the friendly company of other Yelpers, I think Restaurant Kronborg deserves 5 stars, but having this little group of food-loving folks to share it with just makes it perfect".

We were welcomed by Walther, one of the owners of Restaurant Kronborg. Walther told us about the history of the place, all their ideas behind it and then talked us through the amazing menu. The food was served with carefully selected beers from Nørrebro Bryghus

For starters we were served herring with ramsonscreme and a Ceske Böhmer beer. In addition to that, fresh cod roe with mayonnaise and hand peeled shrimps were served. We drank Nørrebro Bryghus' famous New York Lager. Next plate was grilled beef filet with Dijon mustard and raw horseradish, served with a Bombay Pale Ale. On the plate there was also honey glazed pork with apples and cranberries. It was so tasty and juicy, absolutely perfect and rounded off with a "Forårs Bock" served from tap. A big tray was placed on the table, filled with the most amazing cheese called "Vesterhavsost". Combined with this was homemade fig compote and we were spoiled with a glass of sherry Aquavit. Once again, like many times during the lunch, we all went silent. It was THAT good. Finally we enjoyed the most delicious fragilité with rhubarb cream. It was beautiful made; crunchy, sweet and tasted like summer. 

While many things stood out about this event, Linda F states that "Based on the food alone, I would come back over and over. But add that to a charming and cozy space, and friendly service, I think Kronborg is doing a fabulous job".

Many thanks to Walther and the rest of the staff at Restaruant Kronborg for providing us with the most wonderful lunch and service. We were treated so nicely, everyone was super friendly and very professional. Thanks to Nørrebro Bryghus, for the super impressive box filled with beer that each Yelper received. This was such a pleasant surprise. And a big thanks to Chris Tonnesen for taking the pictures.

Want more?

Read the reviews

See the pictures

- Learn more about the Yelp Elite Group  

SYOY (See you on Yelp)

Emilie B

Yelp Copenhagen Community Manager



March 25, 2013

Yelp's March Madness Elite Event @ Magpies Pizza

Posted by Bella

Tucson Elites don't do dull, which explains why we gathered on a Tuesday night to celebrate a little thing we call March Madness. In true spirit, yeeps sported their favorite team's jersey. Who better to host this shindig than Magpies Gourmet Pizza on Fourth? Boasting three locations, fresh pizza & wings, local and craft beer and a brand new remodel with an outdoor bar, a bocce ball court and plenty of TVs, Roger T sums, "The event was amazing, great food, great drinks, great games and of course great people."


"The folks at Magpies put out a super generous spread of delicious pizza, awesome wings and plates so overflowing with salad I was afraid to pick one up," yelps Mark S. While Shae S "made a meal of the super-sized delicious salad, with gracious amounts of greens, topped with the freshest veggies imaginable - and wings, which were gluttonous AND gluten-free. They were baked, NOT fried, oh my!" There was something to please every yelpers palate. 


"Many decisions were to be made throughout my night, starting with what cold beverage to have," exclaims Amanda D. That's right. In addition to picking from three different types of pizzas, three types of wings, bottomless salads and bread sticks, they had their choice of beer and beer cocktails served in full-sized pints.


Yeeps had to make room for dessert so they were divvied up in teams for a round of "drills," aka Ice Breakers! From coming up with creative team names, to writing useful tips and using hash tags, these yelpers were in it to win it! "I loved the game we played, it was really interactive and got us all socializing," exclaims Amanda K. First place was awarded to Team "Baracooters," who all went home sporting a pair of Yelp Shades. Team "Pill-Poppers" came in second and went home with Yelp Kuzies. And our grand prize winner of the Useful Tips Bonus Round was Sylvia M, who went home with a pair of tickets to CRUSH Food and Wine Festival.


The entire group was rewarded with a trip to The Parlour, frozen yogurt. Yelpers were treated to their very own cup of froyo with their choice of flavors (including vegan and gluten-free options) and toppings. May P recaps, "Unlike other fro-yo shops, they charge you by the cup, not by the ounce. So it is very reasonable starting with the small cup of $2 and it goes up from there. You can fill it all the way up until the cup won't hold anymore." The peeps at The Parlour "will never ask your weight."

As always, an enormous thank you goes out to the entire team at Magpies and The Parlour for truly going above and beyond and welcoming our group with open arms.  Some kind words from our fellow yelpers:

"The food was amazing and service outstanding." Sunny I.

""These people are genuinely welcoming and happy & proud to have you in their place. I enjoyed the owner's exuberance and his story of how he became part of the Magpie family." Kathy N

Get an instant replay of the event on Flickr, courtesy of Ann Bradford Photography. Read the 5-Star reviews here.



Bella J

Tucson Community Manager


Manhattan Yelpers Head Uptown For An Elite Soiree

This past Sunday, Manhattan yelpers trekked up to 145th & Riverbank to get a first hand look at one of the best hidden gems the borough has to offer. Tian at the Riverbank situated in Riverbank State Park offers an array of Asian and Latin fusion cooking, served against quite the enjoyable backdrop along the Hudson River. For years Tian was an event space with funky hours and a bit of a personality crisis, but beginning in April, they're getting a facelift and heading in a new direction with a focused cocktail and culinary program... and this past Sunday Funday, Manhattan yelpers got a taste. Blog collage 1

With everything from duck confit sliders to sesame oil calamari and everything in between... tastes from around the flavor spectrum hit the collective palates of all in attendance.Blog collage 2

In addition to foodstuffs, alcohol aplenty fueled this daytime shindig. With boozy delights from Cabin Fever maple-infused whiskey, Dickel Rye, Ciroc vodka, Little Black Dress white and red varietals, and Brooklyn Lager... attaining a midday buzz was anything but impossible. Of course, beats from DJ Kev G helped set the building ablaze as well. Blog collage 3

For reviews of the event, click here. For a photo recap, click here

Yelp Philly Takes A Route 6 Road Trip

Posted by Michelle C

Yelp Philly Elites ushered in the first day of spring with a Route 6 Road Trip. Seafood-centric Route 6 rolled out the red carpet and the good eats with crowd favorites including oysters and lobster rolls, mini apple pies and chocolate desserts. To drink? Craft beer, red and white wine and The Dennis, "a blueberry cosmopolitan tasting of fresh blueberries," which counted Courtney J among its many fans.

YEE 3:20:13 Collage

While many things stood out about this event, the service was one of the components Yelpers raved about most. Allison B elaborates: "The service and atmosphere at Route 6 were top notch. Servers were attentive, kind and aware."

Many thanks to Marc and the rest of the staff at Route 6 for showing us a wonderful evening! If you missed it, be sure to check out the Talk thread, reviews and photos.

Until next time,


Michelle C
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

Yelp's Brewed Up & Que'd Up in MKE!

Posted by Rachel Fell

Killer BBQ and tons of fun at Bayshore? It's all true, Milwaukee.

Barbeque, cocktails, bowling + board games. What better way to spend the happiest of hours, and with Yelp buds, to boot?

Yelp's Brewed Up & Que'd up introduced Yelp MKE to Big Daddy's Brew & 'Que + Pinstrikes: two great spots to visit if ever you're looking for a Bayshore repreive. 

We ate, we drank. We bowled and we jenga'd and we hungry hungry hippo'd and it was so very much fun. Food: tender brisket, pulled pork, tenderloin, pulled chicken, savory baby back and Carolina ribs... and that was just the meat party portion! Also on the docket? Sinful mac 'n cheese, cornbread, coleslaw, corn pudding, potato salad... and it never seemed to end! (Chef Zachary even brought out the legendary "Pig Trough" – a meat-tastic presentation of all things delicious and delightful at Big Daddy's enough to feed 5-6 folks. Impressive!)


The signature cocktails (or Que-tails) courtesy of Big Daddy's bar staff were exceptional as well. We especially dug on the Double Maple Sour and Big Daddy 'Rita, but that's not to say the other drinks weren't completely stellar as well. 

Check the reviews here and the photos here (courtesy of Carl Stevens of Front Room Photography). 

MKE in 2013! 

Rachel F – Yelp Milwaukee Community Manager


March 24, 2013

Yelp Melbourne's Chocolate Fiesta!

Posted by Tresna

What happens when you let 100 Yelpers loose inside a bakery? Well apart from there being 100 Yelpers lapsing in to sweet, delicious chocolate and carb induced comas about four hours later, you have a whole lot of fun that's what!


On Saturday Brasserie Bread welcomed Elite Yelpers and their guests for an afternoon of decadence. Upon arrival Yelpers were astounded by the mounds of hot cross buns, bowls of rich chocolate to sample, easter eggs, abundant mounds of bread and rabbit-ear wearing staff carrying trays of Grounded Pleasures hot chocolate.



The best bit? Yelpers were given permission to let loose, trying slices of bread mounded with cultured butter and jam or lashings of melted hot chocolate. Toasted sandwiches and brioche buns filled with Jock's icecream also circulated and ensured that no one was left hungry.



Those wanting to get their hands dirty could head on in to Brasserie Bread's "Breaducation" room for a lesson on how to make hot cross buns! There the trainers taught Yelpers how to knead, bash and shape their buns mixed with chocolate or fruit.


A craft table also kept the kids (both young and old) entertained. It's amazing what Yelpers can come up with given boiled eggs, some glue and a mountain of crafty items. The best eggs were given prizes - family passes to see The Croods, thanks to Nuffnang.



As the afternoon came to an end, Yelpers were encouraged to take an empty bag and fill it with their favourite loaf of bread, a bag of hot chocolate and of course their very own hot cross buns fresh out of the oven. Rumour has it that not many of those fresh-out-of-the-oven made it the whole way home without being demolished by Yelpers



Thanks to Uber who again got us to and from the event in style!

Until the next feast Yelpers...SYOY!

Tresna L



Read the reviews HERE

Check out all the delicious photos from John Hewat HERE!

Yelpers also took some terrific photos.

Sign up for Uber and receive $20 off your first ride!

Yelp's Year of the Snake at Saigon Kitchen

Posted by Emily

“What do you get when you combine a killer Chinese buffet with enough mouthwatering items to make even the pickiest eater swoon, a great group of people, and an open bar?” asks Anne C. In summary, an amazing evening celebrating the Year of the Snake with Hartford’s Elite Squad! 

On Thursday night, 60 yelpers and guests visited Saigon Kitchen for an unforgettable preview of restaurant specialties washed down with Blue Moon beer, Crispin Cider, and exquisite teas from The Green Teahouse.

The fresh, homemade Chinese cuisine stole the show with a full spread of everything from crispy crab rangoon, pork gyoza, and spring rolls to veggie lo mein, fried rice and Dan R’s top picks, “sesame tofu, hot and spicy chicken, peanut chicken, and a zippy, refreshing carrot celery slaw.” 

Anne C admits “I had been hard pressed to find a dumpling in the Hartford area that has more meat than dough, but after last night I think my quest has ended!” And, much to Ila S’s “amazement, the tofu was my favorite food of the night."

As if the endless array of tasty dishes wasn’t enough, The Green Teahouse was on hand with lovely tea samples to educate the group about Chinese tea ceremonies hosted at the store. Madeleine Lloved both the traditional oolong and the caramel rooibos sweetened with honey.”

She also appreciated the event’s “wonderful hosting. Staff and owners were mingling with us and checking in to see how we liked everything and it was great to get to talk to all of them.” Family owned since 1985, it's quite the Hartford institution!

Thanks to Saigon Kitchen for graciously hosting this event, and to The Green Teahouse, Blue Moon and Crispin Cider for participating! Don’t forget to read all the rave reviews and drool over Nick Caito's event photos on Flickr.

Wonder what all this Yelp Elite stuff is about? Learn more here and don't forget to find us on Facebook (Yelp Hartford) and Twitter (@yelphartford)!

 Til next time,

Emily C (plus photographer Nick C and the Saigon Kitchen family!)

Yelp Community Manager - Hartford

oh, and P.S.


March 22, 2013

PVD Elite Have A Cluckin' Great Time @ Yelp's Chicken-Fried Sit-Down!

Posted by Hilary H

The rain, the sleet and the snow were no match for PVD Elites last Tuesday night – nothing was going to keep them from getting to Cook & Brown Public House for Yelp's Chicken-Fried Sit-Down!

The family-style meal was conducive to "warm laughter and conversations that flowed! Having an intimate Elite-only event was really nice, because we were able to bond with other Elites who we may not normally have speak with at larger events. Plus, since it was a sit down meal," Mary L  was "able to really get to know those around" her. William H "loved the setup with the long table – so fun to see the smiling happy faces enjoying a delicious, simple meal."Collage2

Nemo's "famous fried chicken and cole slaw might be" Jennifer H's "new favorite food. They nailed this combo like nothing I have ever tried before. The fried chicken was perfection: well-seasoned, tender, juicy, crispy on the outside, not greasy and just delicious. And, people who know me know I am uber-picky about cole slaw, but this stuff passed the Jen test with flying colors." Jen made sure to "pile it on my chicken and chow down."

To wash all that good food down, Ravenous Brewing Co. generously poured their Pale Ale and superstar Coffee Milk Stout, which Jennfer E found to be "especially delicious – the smell alone was absolutely divine. I could literally wake up first thing and have one with breakfast it smelled so much like coffee!" Collage1
"On a gloomy Tuesday, the combination of comfort food, good beer, and laid back convo was just what the doctor" and Carlen A ordered. "Another wonderful evening with Yelp," Brad Smith and a gaggle of Elites made this an evening to remember!

Check out the Flickr set here, and relive the evening through the wonderful reviews!

Until next time,

Hilary H, Providence Community Manager

Yelp's Classic Cocktails @ The Cortland

Posted by Drew

The Cortland is only two years young, but has been firing out the best cocktails on LI since Day One. So good in fact, we had a hard time choosing which drinks to feature at the event. Being awesome, The Cortland decided to offer Yelp Elites almost everything on the menu!

  Cortland 1.jpg

While all the drinks were deemed delicious, the overall winners of the bunch were the butternut squash, cinnamon, & vanilla bean infused liquor topped off with apple cider and the bloody mary, which is described by Anderson C as "the real deal! It had exactly the right amount of tomato juice and vodka that blended really nicely. The garlic and the beef jerky had good medium notes as it made this drink a little spicier than normal, which I love. Bring on the heat! By far my favorite Bloody Mary."

Cortland 2.jpg

For more info, peep the rave reviews and pics! Thanks to the staff at The Cortland for their amazing cocktails and for their excellent hospitality!



Drew A

Yelp Long Island Community Manger


Yelp SMASH: an Elite Tasting in the Twin Cities

Posted by Annie D

Twin Cities Elites were treated to a smashing good time at Smashburger in Plymouth this week for Yelp SMASH, complete with Summit brews and eight (yup, eight) burgers and sandwiches from the menu.

Smash 1

Christine from Smashburger led a group of 30 yelpers through a full menu tasting where it seemed the food would never end. The feast included bites of the Twin Cities regional burger, mushroom and swiss, classic smash, avocado club, BBQ bacon cheddar, black bean veggie burger, cucumber goat cheese chicken and crispy buffalo chicken... oh, and blissful basketfuls of smash sides like fried veggies, frickles (!!) and smashfries. Rebekah W called their black bean burger "shockingly tasty" and Sarah S raves, "The best part of these burgers—perfectly seasoned, juicy meat. It's all about the smash!" 

"Holy stuffed," Eric T sighs in his review of the party. "It's been two days and I think I'm still full."

Smash 2
At the end of this epic bovine adventure, Yelpers somehow found some extra room in their bellies for deliciously creamy milkshake samples too. Then, everybody was invited back to the kitchen by the superstar staff to try smashing their own burgers at the grill!

Thanks to Smashburger and Summit Brewing for all your generosity—and congratulations Ryan P and Lila C, who each won free Smashburgers FOR A YEAR. Jealous.

Collage 3
For more, check out the reviews of this VIP meal on Yelp (or write one if you were there—just remember to save your reviews of Smashburger until after you've had a customer experience)!

Until next time,

Annie D

Yelp Twin Cities Community Manager


Work That Body @ Bootkamp Pilates Yelp Elite Sports Event

Posted by Maud

Onze Yelp ladies houden van sporten dus werd het hoog tijd om nog ééns een sport event te organizeren! Een half jaar geleden opende Toney, een echte Amerikaan de Bootkamp Pilates School in de Quellinstraat, vlakbij het Stadspark!

PicMonkey Collage1
Ruim op tijd kwamen 20 dolle meiden voor de eerste keer een echte Bootkamp Pilates mee volgen! Er waren twee lessen voorzien, om 19u en om 20u.

PicMonkey Collage2
Pilates is een fysiek fitness systeem met reformers, een soort machine met rekkers en spanning waardoor je letterlijk elke spier van je lichaam gebruikt! Wanneer de dames gedaan hadden met sporten had Toney gezorgd voor de nodige drank, cocktails en versnapperingen en keuvelde iedereen samen over hoe geweldig de les niet was geweest en dat ze héél hun lichaam voelden. PicMonkey Collage3

Met Pilates bootkamp verbrand je tem 600-800 calorieën per uur. Ik heb deze sport een half jaar intensief gevolgd en ik kan je verzekeren dat het méér dan de moeite loont!

PicMonkey Collage4
PicMonkey Collage5
Een grote dankuwel aan Toney voor de toplessen en de gastvrijheid in zijn school. Een dikke merci aan Sien Josephine Teijssen voor wederom spectaculaire foto's en natuurlijk mijn coole toffe Yelpinnen voor hun opkomst en de reviews!

PicMonkey Collage6
PicMonkey Collage7

Maaike M " Voor mij zou op dit moment het enige nadeel zijn dat de prijs wat hoog is, want mijn enthousiasme voor dit programma is zeker aangewakkerd. Met Toney is er achteraf nog gesproken over een studentenkorting (als student probeer je daar altijd een slaatje uit te slaan) dus wie weet kom ik daar binnenkort terug!"

Sigal R " And we worked that body !!!! Waren er maar meer mensen zoals Toney die met zoveel passie, liefde voor het vak en zoveel plezier hun werk doen. Niet voor niets zei Toney tijdens de les 'Sigal does it even when smiling' (terwijl je eigenlijk afziet !), maar het kan ook niet anders, het is zwoegen en fun tegelijk en het uurtje was zo om.."

Maaike A "Het was heerlijk. Waarschijnlijk 10 keer zwaarder dan oefeningen doen op een matje op de grond maar het apparaat biedt zodanige ondersteuning dat het 'makkelijk' voelt. En met het eindresultaat in het verschiet (dat perfecte bikini-lichaam) groeit dat met de minuut verder. Nog een paar flinke sessies en we zijn klaar voor de zomer! Ik ben fan, ik wil meer!"


Maud Nujar

Community Manager Yelp Antwerpen



Our Yelp ladies love to work out so it was about time to organise a sports event!  A half year ago, Toney, a true American opened the Bootkamp Pilates School in Quellinstraat, near the city parc. Well in time, 20 enthusiastic Yelp girls arrived to attend their first Bootkamp Pilates class. There were two classes, one at 19h and one at 20h. Pilates is a hardcore fitness system with a reformer, which is a machine with springs which create tension and makes you use every single muscle in your body! When the ladies finished the class, Toney had provided margeritas, snacks and other refreshments. Everybody stayed along and was raving about the work-out and feeling their whole body. Pilates bootcamp makes you burn 600 to 800 calories per hour. I followed this sport intensively for half a year and I can assure you it's worth the while! A big thanks to Toney for the top classes and the hospitality to open up his school to us. A great cheer for Sien Josephine Teijssen for another batch of spectacular pictures and of course to all my cool Yelpies for coming and reviewing!

March 21, 2013

Yelp Charlotte Elites Get In Front Of The Silver Screen

Crown Town’s finest may not have been on the market for a Wednesday evening dinner date, abounding libations, and a movie finish, but that’s exactly what Yelp delivered! The Elite Squad gathered at newly opened Studio Movie Grill for the eve in Uptown in front of the Silver Screen….and plenty of adult beverages in/at/on hand.

Photo 1

The hors d’oeuvres were circling the room in culinary cloak and dagger form. Bam! Chicken skewers! Bam! Shortribs! Bam! Bacon-wrapped scallops! Bam! Stuffed cremini mushrooms! Bam! Cheesecake on a stick! It just didn’t stop! Amber M tells all – “ Hello coconut chicken bite.  I wasn't expecting it.  Not only was it delish, it was hot and crispy.  I, again, was shocked.  Grilled shrimp...delish.  Mini quiches....delish.  Spinach mushroom something or other....delish.  All of it was good.  Staffers were awesome.  They had their work cut out for them...for we are many.”

Photo 2

On this fine eve, the booze floweth. We were graced with the lovely presence of friends from Redd’s Apple Ale – A crisp, apple-infused brew from our buddies and MillerCoors. Poured into a flute/martini glass hybrid and enjoyed by all. Cupcake Wines also filled our glasses. Lovely Red Velvet and Sauvignon Blanc varietals were choice. It didn’t stop there. Nay! Studio Movie Grill also generously poured a slew of their Studio Grande Blue Margaritas. Aye caramba. So many choices.

Photo 3

We had the distinct pleasure of screening The Incredible Burt Wonderstone in the newly renovated theatre. Comfy, cushy, recline-y seats were our vehicles for viewing, which made for a rather happy backside. The menu was opened to our guests and the food/booze onslaught continued throughout the film.

Photo 4

Mega props to Studio Movie Grill, Redd’s Apple Ale, Cupcake Vineyards, Poprock Photography, and our Charlotte Elites for such a memorable night!

Photo 5

Check out the reviews here!

Check out the illustrious photos here!

Until next time, SYOY!

Yelpmagic 194

Ben G - Charlotte Community Manager

Yelps Röstparty im el café

Posted by Andreas R

Wien ist die Stadt der Kaffeehäuser - an keinem anderen Ort dieser Welt kann man so stilvoll Koffein zu sich nehmen, als in unserer schönen Stadt. Doch so prächtig die Kaffeehäuser sind, so mangelhaft ist oftmals die Qualität dessen, was man dort serviert bekommt. Diesem Misstand hat sich Othmar Müller angenommen und mit dem el café eine Bastion des wunderbaren Kaffeegenusses geschaffen - und wir Elite Yelper wurden eingeladen, sein Geschäft und Handwerk kennenzulernen.

Empfangen wurden wir aufs freundlichste mit einem Glas Sekt, passend zum ersten Frühlingstag in Wien. Neugierig wurde das Lokal erkundet, das Othmar mit viel Liebe zum Detail modern und schick eingerichtet hat (mein persönliches Highlight: der Nespresso Scheiterhaufen). Besondere Bewunderung erhielt natürlich der große Giesen-Trommelröster, in dem die Bohnen zubereitet werden.

Genau dieser Vorgang wurde uns dann live demonstriert: im Gegensatz zum Supermarkt Kaffee, der im Schnellverfahren gebrannt wird, röstet Othmar seine südamerikanischen Bohnen hier im Schonverfahren, bis sie den perfekten Geschmack haben. Alle neugierigen Fragen der Yelper wurden fachkundig beantwortet und die Begeisterung für den sorgfältig zubereiteten Kaffee war offensichtlich.

Nach all dem Rösten durfte der Kaffee dann auch verkostet werden: drei leckere Sorten standen zur Auswahl, und egal ob man sich für India Little Flower, Indonesia Sulawesi oder Peru SHB entschieden hat und ganz gleich ob man das Ganze als Espresso oder duch in Melangeform bestellt hat - der Geschmacksunterschied zum herkömmlichen Industriekaffee war sogar für Nicht-Kaffeexperten eindeutig erkennbar - sorry Nespresso, aber ihr habt gestern ein paar Kunden verloren. Das alle im el café erhältlichen Bohnen fair gehandelt und nachhaltig produziert werden ist leider auch keine Selbstverständlichkeit.

Kaffee auf leerem Magen schmeckt nur halb so gut und genau aus diesem Grund hat Othmar uns ein paar Kolumbianische Snacks bereitgestellt. Die sogenannten Antojós gab es wahlweise gefüllt mit Schinken-Paprikamarmelade, Thunfisch, Hühnerleber mit karamelisertem Zwiebel oder Blattspinat mit Käse.

Was den besonderen Reiz des el cafés ausmacht ist mit Sicherheit die ehrliche Begeisterung, mit der Besitzer Othmar Müller hinter seinem Produkt und seiner Tätigkeit steht. Es bleibt zu hoffen, dass er mit seinem Geschäft ein stärkeres Bewusstsein für fair gehandelte und hochqualitative Produkte schaffen kann. Wir Yelper sagen jedenfalls ein herzliches Dankeschön für die Einladung und den tollen Abend!

Hier ein paar Zitate der Yelper:

Patrick H: "Das El Cafe ist ein Bilderbuchnirvana für alle Kaffee-Afficionados."
Bernhard D: "Unbedingt vorbei schauen, verkosten und einkaufen!"
Alex B: "Vielen Dank an Othmar, der sich rührend um uns gekümmert hat und uns in die Kunst des Mahlen geführt hat. Wir kommen wieder!"

Die restlichen Berichte gibt es genauso wie alle Fotos zum nachlesen.

Servus und bis bald!

Andreas R


Vienna is the city of coffee houses - there is no place in the world where you can have a cup of coffee as stylish as in our beautiful town. However, as splendorous as the cafés are, as inadequate is the quality of the beverage that one gets served most of the time. Othmar Müller has taken care of that nuisance and has created a bastion of coffee indulgence with his el café - and us Elite Yelpers were invited to get to know his trade and business.
After being welcomed with a glas of bubbles, we undertook a workshop about how to brew the perfect coffee. Othmar Müller has the machinery and the expert knowledge that one needs for that and shared both with us. After all that brewing we were of course also able to have a taste of the finished product and had one or more cups of fairly traded coffee. Since coffee doesn´t taste well on an empty stomach, Othmar served us some Columbian snacks that went perfectly with the beverage.
The special charme of the place is definitely Othmars passion for his trade, next to the excellent quality of his products and the stylish and modern look his store has. A big thank you from the whole Yelp Vienna community for welcoming us and teaching us about the art of coffee making.
Make sure to read the reviews of the night and have a look at all the wonderful pictures!

Yelp Perth's Elite Evening At Moana Coffee

Posted by Laura

Last night 40 Yelpers gathered underneath Moana Coffee’s 100 year old arches for our March Elite Event.

The Moana Cafe building was built in 1907 by SB Alexander, one of the most prominent builders in Perth at the time. In 1912 the building was acknowledged to be architecturally 'the finest building of its kind in the Commonwealth' from an architectural point of view. This stunning building has recently been beautifully restored to house creative professionals, a gallery, and of course Moana Coffee.Moana 1
After climbing the stairs to this unique Perth space, Yelpers were rewarded with a couple of after work wines, along with a long stream of tasty morsels straight from the kitchen. I think all the Yelpers will agree that the stand out dish of the night was the homemade mini lamingtons. MOana 2
Thanks to Jake, Andrew and Megan for showing us such a lovely time at their newly opened business. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I’m sure all the attendees will be back for some of your delicious coffee very soon. MOana 3
Want more?

Read the reviews

Check out the photos

Find out what the Elite Squad is all about!


Until next time, SYOY! Laura D.

March 20, 2013

Oslo: Yelp-fest @Relaxo

Posted by Tine

Folkens, var dere ikke på Relaxo Asian Bar & Tapas i går gikk dere virkelig glipp av noe. For å sitere Turi L: "Wow! Jeg må bare gjenta WOW. For en fin kveld, nydelig mat, nydelige folk og en nydelig vertinne. Dette er den beste yelpkvelden jeg har vært på, by far. " Og det sier mye, for Turi L har vært på mange.

PicMonkey Collage1

Nyåpnede Relaxo inviterte nemlig Oslos Yelpere til å smake på de fantastiske asiatiske tapasrettene deres. Spennende? Det syntes vi og.

Alle gjestene ble ønsket velkommen med velkomstdrinker, og det var hyggelig å se mange både nye og "gamle" yelpere. For anledningen hadde jeg arrangert bordplassering, litt av meningen med en Yelp-fest er jo at man skal bli kjent med noen man ikke kjenner fra før.

PicMonkey Collage
Det ble servert seks ulike tapasretter og rødvin ved siden av, etter anbefaling fra restauranten. "Relaxo tok imot oss med armer fulle av tapas, og for det skal jeg alltid ha en ekstra trivelig tanke i mente for dem," forteller Linn C.

Menyen var som følger:

  • Vårruller med hjemmelaget chiliponzusaus
  • Tigerreker i chili-lime saus
  • Asiatiskmarinerte oliven
  • Grillet entrecote
  • Ristede salte bananchips
  • Satayspyd av svin med peanøttsaus

Vi liker bordservering, og som du forstår, her ble vi skamløst skjemt bort. Kelsi L var storfornøyd: "Betjeningen var raske, oppmerksomme og hyggelige, DJen spilte fantastisk musikk og maten var som ut av en annen verden."Yelp-Relaxo.19.03.13_148Naturligvis hadde vi som vanlig fotokonkurranse. Denne gangen gikk Marius W seirende ut med et gavekort fra Relaxo på 1000 kroner. Ikke verst.

PicMonkey Collage5
En stor takk rettes til alle de ansatte på Relaxo for fantastisk vertskap, til DJ Faradi for sexy lounge tunes, og ikke minst fotograf Jin Phung som sto for kveldens bilder.

Vil du ha mer?L2

Alt i alt, som Paulo S sa: "Det er definitivt et sted jeg vil dra tilbake til og jeg håper det skjer snart." 

Selv dro jeg hjem med et stort glis om munnen. Gleder meg til vi møtes igjen, men inntil da...

                                                      ....VSPY (Vi Ses På Yelp!)  

Tine V
Yelp Oslo Community Manager




People, to those of you that weren't at Relaxo Asian Bar & Tapas last night, trust me when I say, you missed out. To quote Turi L: "Wow! Let me just repeat WOW. What a great evening, excellent food, excellent people, and an excellent hostess. This is the best Yelp-evening I've been to by far." And that says a lot, because Turi L has been to many.

PicMonkey Collage8

Newly opened restaurant Relaxo were kind enough to invite the Yelpers of Oslo for a taste of their Asian fusion tapas. Are you intrigued? So were we. We had the entire venue for ourselves, and both new and old Yelpers were greeted with a welcome drink as they entered the scene. As we were already there for a taste of something new, I had already assigned a seat for each guest. After all, one of the aims of having a Yelp-event is to meet new people, right?

PicMonkey Collage6
"Relaxo welcomed us with arms full of tapas, and for that I will always have an especially good feeling towards them," tells Linn C. We were served six different tapas dishes and red wine, after a recommendation from the staff. Trust me. It was all delicious.

The menu was as follows:

  • Spring rolls with homemade chili-ponzu sauce
  • Black tiger prawns in chili-lime sauce
  • Asian marinated olives
  • Grilled entrecôte
  • Roasted salted banana chips
  • Satay pork skewers peanut

PicMonkey Collage4
Yum! We do like to be served at the table, and as you understand, the staff were shamelessly spoiling us.  Kelsi L says: "The staff were quick, attentive and kind, the DJ played some fabulous music and the food tasted out of this world. The ambiance was chill and hip, it was such a treat to connect with fellow yelpers and enjoy an evening together."

As always, we did also have a photo competition. This time, Marius W, won a gift certificate from Relaxo for 1000 krones. Pretty nice.

StaffA great thanks to all of the wonderful staff at Relaxo for beings great hosts, to DJ Faradi for his sexy lounge tunes, and last but not least, Jin Phung, the photographer of the evening.

Want more?

All in all, I belive Paulo S summons our feelings perfectly: "It's definitely a place I would return to and hope I'll do that sometime soon."


As for myself, I went home with a massive grin on my face. I'm really looking forward to the next time I'll see you all, but until then...




...SYOY (See You On Yelp!)

Tine V

Yelp Oslo Community Manager

Triangle Yelpers are Seeing Red at a March Elite Event in Morrisville

Posted by Christina Gates

Monday. In March. At Maré. In Morrisville. Yelpers were instructed to "paint the town red," and came clothed in crimson. Matching the theme, Besitos provided scarlet sips -- wine that's a blend of three reds: merlot, syrah, and petite sirah.

Our hosts encourage us to sit and be served, (don't have to ask us twice!), and then carried tray-upon-tray of samples to each table. Small bites ranged from ginger fried chicken to cheesy meatballs to baked -- and flaming! -- oysters, and more... just a smattering of what's on offer at this daring Japanese-Italian-seafood fusion concept restaurant.


Guests matched up halved fortunes, meeting new (and old!) Yelpers, and entered raffles for a ton of tickets to a weekend beer event and DPAC shows, drinks, and VIP parking. Congrats to the lucky winners -- good fortune is clearly with you! And thanks to our hosts!

Pen a Scarlet Letter to us on the review page. See more photos (thanks to Phil G!). And keep on yelping on...

Until next time,


Christina G & Kelly M
Yelp NC Triangle Sr. Community Manager & Intern Extraordinaire

March 19, 2013

Yelp's James Street Progressive Dinner

Posted by Lani P.

Once upon a time @YelpBNE and @JamesStreetBNE both mentioned in passing via Twitter they had grand ideas for a progressive dinner. Like Cinderella finding her Prince Charming and the perfect glass slipper, it was clear that James Street would be Yelp's prince charming to collaborate on our March elite event. 

And on Tuesday March 19th, 25 of Yelp Brisbane's Elite Squad met at Cru Bar + Cellar  starting our progressive dinner sipping on champagne (Ruinart was the clear favourite) and delicately eating matched oysters while Andrew from the James Street Initative warmly introduced Yelpers to the precinct. 

Just when we were embraced by the warmth of the Cru Bar cellars (or maybe that was the champagne) the squad was whisked across the street to Bucci  and a special selection of signature antipasti and aranici balls from head-chef Shaun Malone awaited us. 


No time to rest for this gastronomic crowd, it was time for perhaps the best stop of the evening - Gerard's. Sat at two long-tables we sampled a hand ful of Ben William's exceptional dishes. Kale and Broccolini drizzled with shallot oil, goat “tagine” with carrot, pickled dates, candied orange and green olive; whole smoked eggplant, fermented yoghurt, blackened onions and mint; spiced cauliflower, currants and smoked almonds (did anyone else fall in love with this dish?) and whole boneless quail, date and rose stuffing, caramelized fig and smoked curd. Ben, you are forgiven for not being able to duck away from the kitchen if you keep up these flavour bombs in a meal. 


Harvey's Bistro was our sweetest and final stop of the evening, and just when I think most of the squad was falling fast into a satisfied food coma, PJ brought them back to life with his banana and pecan parfait, maple fudge and toffee biscuit and dark chocolate tart with creme fraice and rum and raisin ice-cream. 

Thank you to everyone who came along, James Street Initiative, Cru Bar + Cellar, Harvey's Bistro, Bucci, and Gerard's and to Andrew Watt Photography for being there to capture the night's festivities. 

Want to know more?

Read the reviews

Check out the photos 

And find out just what the Elite Squad is all about! 

Til next time, SYOY! 

Lani P. 


Yelp Honolulu Elites Feast With New Friends At Tsunami

Posted by Emi H

50 lucky Yelp Elites attended an intimate two night sit down gathering to sample Tsunami's new food menu at Yelp's Friendship FeastChef Wade Ueoka (formerly of Alan Wong's) wowed yelpers with five spectacular dishes served family style! Yelping is always better with friends and our Elites made new ones over bites, drinks & talk of spirit animals...

Everyone started the night off with a complimentary HI Beer cocktail and name tag, where they yelpers wrote their spirit animal. Throughout the evening guests rotated seats and everyone met a slew of new Yelp-tastic friends.

PicMonkey Collage

Our host Brian "Yosh" Yoshida introduced each course as it was brought out to the tables. Party goers delighted over the Beer & Nuts bao buns, a colorful farm-to-table salad, beautiful hamachi and ahi poke towers, grilled duck sandwiches and tender deep-fried tonkatsu.

PicMonkey Collage2

Hungry, hungry yeeps demolished the night's offerings but not before snapping a few pics. Yelp Elite newbie Maka K states: "Amazing foods aside, meeting all the other great Yelp Elites was probably the best part of my night! As I'm really the only Yelp crazy person I know in my own circles, it was nice to meet people who were on the same page for once!"

PicMonkey Collage3

Are you salivating along side your spirit animal? Get the rest of the story with these 5-star reviews, get starstruck with party pics from Emi H & Hawaii Photo Rental. Til we eat again...

SYOY & Aloha!


Emi H (+ Yelp Elite Richard K.)

Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu

Yelper's Celebrate St. Paddy's Day at O'Bryon's!

Posted by Cindy

Yelp St Patricks Elite Party March 15, 2013 IMG_4774

Yelpers started the weekend off right with Yelp's St. Paddy's Day Party at O'Bryon's Irish Pub! There was plenty of food, booze, fun and did I meantion we had a piper? We did! No snakes though, thank god!

Upon arriving Yelpers could check-in on their Yelp Mobile App to recieve a FREE ticket to see The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The Owen's Group also had tons of free swag from lunch koozies to iphone screen cleaners. We walked away with some serious goodies!

Yelp St Patricks Elite Party March 15, 2013 IMG_4743

St. Paddy's Day wouldn't be complete without The Shark Tank! Four shots of vodka, sprite, and a plastic shark filled with grenadine no wonder this novelty drink is award winning!

Yelp St Patricks Elite Party March 15, 2013 IMG_4745

O'Bryon's put on a delicious wing buffet with everything from cajun, to garlic, spicy bbq, and traditional. Christiaan T admits, "I do not care for wings but these where the best I've ever have had!"

Yelp St Patricks Elite Party March 15, 2013 IMG_4747
Yelp St Patricks Elite Party March 15, 2013 IMG_4749

Little did the Yelpers know, we had planned for a surprise guest to show up about half way into the event! Kennie G was in shock, "St. Patrick's original power color was blue?! WHAT!? I didn't think I'd be learning at Yelp's St. Paddy's Day party, but whaddaya know!"

Yelp St Patricks Elite Party March 15, 2013 IMG_4807

Besides being awesome on the bagpipes, Robert was generous enough to provide us with his family's rich history and he even shared some fun facts about the real St. Patrick himself! Pretty neat!

"O'Bryon's is a cute and cozy bar in O'Bryonville, with a great upstairs patio! Getting the whole upstairs for Yelpers was really clutch. And I loved the fun St. Patrick's day paraphernalia available for the photo booth." - Angela C

Yelp St Patricks Elite Party Photobooth March 15, 2013 _MG_3460

Adolfo N agrees, "What's not to like about free wings, free booze, and awesome people to meet. Oh, yea, freebies, freebies, and a BAGPIPER! Of course, I either wanted KORN to start playing or some serious tapping to break out. Good times!"


It was an awesome night for sure. But don't just take our word for it! You can check out all the reviews right here.  You can also check out all the photos from our photographer John Borntrager right here on our Yelp Cincinnati Facebook Page!


A special thanks to Jason and his wonderful staff at O'Bryon's for being apart of the Yelp's St. Paddy's Day Party! If you are ever looking for a party room, this one is one of the best in the city and available year round for all occasions. Also a huge thank you to the Owens Group for the free swag and tickets to the Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

Until next time,



Cincy Cindy

Yelp Cincinnati Community Manager

Top O’ The Mornin’, Yelp Miami

Posted by Johnny Todd

Yes, we know. Waking up early (ish) on a Saturday morning is one of the most dreadful things a Miamian can imagine. We agree. But (!) when waking up early (ish) means that traditional Gaelic eats and updated libations from Mary Brickell Village superstar Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant are at the ready… well, getting up isn’t so much of a hardship. Selected members of the Yelp Miami Elite Squad discovered that to be true at Yelp’s Irish Breakfast.

8568950831_a78cd43b70_b 8568955499_532aa13cfb_b 8568958193_18ec78982d_b 8568969277_0ef5cd95b1_b

Irish breakfast? Yep. In case you didn’t know, you’re about to. Fado wonderfully represented the Emerald Isle by offering eggs, Irish sausages, rashers (Irish bacon), beans, mushrooms & tomatoes, almond French toast, and cheddar Guinness bread. Top 'o the morning, indeed. And, because all that food had to be washed down in an authentically Irish way, the Pub served up one-of-a-kind Guinness Bloody Marys made with Stolichnaya Hot vodka and a Jameson Gold tasting. Sure, there was OJ and coffee too… but don’t those go better with a nip of scotch? We won’t tell. Excited Elites couldn’t believe their good fortune to discover that the food offerings at Fado were as good as the libations they already knew and loved.

8568969829_3fdacc9a2a_b 8570063576_97722bfe3d_b 8570066138_395d90104f_b 8570069928_1ec7f6770c_b

As delightful as the food and drink options were, the environment was just as pleasing. The big, bright, open-air indoor patio was a stunning setting for a Saturday breakfast. As the Irish rugby team put on a clinic for their French opponents (watching sporting matches while eating is as authentically Irish as red hair & green eyes) on the television screens above, engaged Elites enjoyed the intimate and relaxed atmosphere to get the chance to know one another and interact in a prolonged way. And, who doesn’t like a long, leisurely conversation over breakfast? No one we know! Photog Alex H snapped the early birds and you can see the goods here. And after some mid-afternoon naps, satisfied Elites wrote their impressions here.


Eyes a’smilin’,

Johnny T

Yelp Travels The Silk Road With Asia Society Texas

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Donned in silk, saris and suits, more than 800 of Houston's finest attended the Asia Society Texas Center's annual membership gala: Cocktails And Cultural Fusions. For the lucky 80 Yelp Elite Squad members in attendance, it was a night to remember!


New York-based turntablist and producer DJ Kalkutta took over the ones and twos
, turning up the heat with her Bollywood-style beats, as guests sipped on wine, spirits and beer courtesy of Glazier and Silver Eagle and noshed on bites provided by Triniti Restaurant, Bar Boheme and Nosh Bistro


Over in the "Yelp's Traders Oasis Lounge," party-goers indulged in an authentic Asian-experience – complete with hot herbal tea sponsored by Phoenicia Specialty Foods and MKT Bar, a spread of delicious hookah offerings courtesy of Texas Hookah Lounge, and intricate and beautiful henna body art offered by The Original Henna Company. As yelper GG put, "I loved this event because it was such a statement of everything I love about Houston: a very diverse group of ages, backgrounds, races, all mingling, engaging and having fun together."

The Spotlight Asia: Cocktails and Cultural Fusions event was chaired by Divya and Chris Brown, along with co-chairs Claire and Rick Thielke and Janae and Kenny Tsai.  

Yelp Warszawa: Kino i kanapki

Posted by Karolina


16 marca 2013 to historyczna data w historii warszawskiego Yelpa. W tę mroźną sobotę odbyła się pierwsza elitarna yelpowa impreza. Członkowie Elity 2013 spotkali się w Sklepie z Kanapkami, gdzie w przytulnej, kameralnej sali kinowej odbył się specjalny seans "Zaklętych rewirów".   Bla

Z uwagi na mało sprzyjającą aurę, w paczkach z prezentami znalazła się saszetka wypełniona korzennymi przyprawami, która umożliwiła przygotowanie rozgrzewającego napoju po powrocie do domu.  GleKino i kanapki to chyba udane połączenie, prawda? Agnieszka M. nie ma co do tego żadnych wątpliwości: "Połączenie świetnego, ambitnego kina z dobrym jedzonkiem i to wszystko w doborowym towarzystwie". Aneta Z. wyraźnie się zgadza: "Doborowe towarzystwo, jedzenie, pyszne konwersacje i dobry film. To się nazywa idealne sobotnie popołudnie.". Więcej receznji wydarzenia znajdziecie na yelpowym profilu wydarzenia. Zdjęcia możecie obejrzeć na Facebooku oraz Flickr. Do następnego razu!  BleMarch 16th 2013 - this is an important date in the history of Yelp Warsaw. On this frosty Sunday afternoon the very first Elite event was held. We met in a private screening room at Sklep z Kanapkami (which easily translates to Sandwich Shop). Needles to say, we ate tons of sandwiches and watched a classic Polish-Czech movie from the '70s, Zaklęte rewiry.  DSC_6181 copyBecause of the cold weather, there were mulled wine spice sachets in the goodie bags - so that evertyone could prepare a warming drink after coming back home.HuCinema and sandwiches (kino i kanapki) seem to be perfect for each other and Warsaw Elite yelpers all agree on that one. Good movie, good sandwich and good company - that's the recipe for a perfect Saturday afternoon! You can read the reviews on the event page on Yelp. For more photos, check out Facebook or Flickr.

E copy
 SYOY (See You On Yelp, czyli do zobaczenia na Yelpie)! 

Karolina W.

Community Manager, Yelp Warszawa

Yelp Chicago 'Burbs Get Freaky Tiki at Chef Shangri-La

Posted by Candice Gatlin

The weather outside may have been cold and dreary, but that didn’t stop Chicagoland Elites from attending the hottest party this side of Honolulu, Hawaii Yelp-0, at Chef Shangri-La (Like/Follow them on Facebook, Official, Yelp). With unparalleled devotion to this nearly 40-year-old North Riverside staple, owners Betty and Duane are committed to keeping the Fong family business going for decades to come with legendary libations (paging Dr. Fong), seasonal luaus, epic entertainment and menu chock full of Cantonese delights and secret Fong family recipes.


Lucky Elites imbibed island-style beverages from Chef Shangri-La’s illustrious pages-long cocktail list. Along with the umbrella drinks, grass skirts and lessn’t we forget coconut bras, guests were treated to more food than meats the eye with various vegetarian items as well as Crab Rangoon, Fresh Spring Rolls, Mango Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Salt and Pepper Tofu and more!


Special guests, The Dyes (Like/Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Official, YouTube), kept the good tiki times rolling with their own brand of rockabilly badass-ness. Get a glimpse of Dames Jill and Lisa, backed by “Charming” Charlie, along with the whole rest of the Elite and Chef Shangrila crew in the video here and event photos here, all put together by Yelp’s favorite photog and local celebrity, Andrés DeLeón (Like/Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Official, Flickr, YouTube).



Thanks to all the Elites and the guests who came out to Hawaii Yelp-0. You can peep the pics here, video here and read (and/or write) all the 5-Star reviews here.  And an extra special ‘Mahalo!’ goes out to owners Betty and Duane, the entire Chef Shangri-La staff, The Dyes, Yelptern Rosanna L and the beyond talented Mr. Andrés DeLeón. Thank You!



Candice G.

Yelp Chicago 'Burbs Community Manager

March 18, 2013

Yelp Adelaide's Crafternoon at The Highway

Posted by Chloe

From pulling their own beer to learning the difference between boiling and blending hops, Yelpers got a brewly good insight into the art of crafting beer in Australia. With craft brew expert and soon to be pro brewer, Jason from Big Shed Brewing, Yelpers got to meet other passionate home brewers turned "pro" and try their "best of" by smelling, tasting and learning how to pair and select their own beers from home.

Yelp Crafternoon_1

From sniffing raw hops and barley at James Squire and Knappstein to hearing how a surfer turned home brewer turned pro SA brewer crafted his Swell Beer blends and learning the difference between fruits and strengths of beers with Birbecks Brewing there was plenty of hops, barley and malt facts being thrown around on the day.

Sarah B couldn't believe that such a "variety of beers are available out there and that they are now stocked in most bottle shops and bars like The Highway!"

Yelp Adelaide Crafternoon_Highway

11 beers and 2 ciders later, Yelp Elite were well on their way to a brewed awakening. But the show wasn't over yet as Elite topped off the afternoon tasting Barossa Platters of charcuterie, Newman's horseradish, Berenburg relish and Coriole Olives designed by Head Chef, Nicholas Finn from The Highway and licking plates clean from The Highway's Bistro menu of mussels, fish and chips, octopus and chorizo salad and more.

So much passion, knowledge and beer was imparted on Yelpers at this Elite Event thanks to the following:

  • If you have a beer passion brewing, The Highway always has 2 taps dedicated to experimental/craft blends every week. There is also always a huge selection of craft brews available at Thirsty Camel next door!
  • Jason and Big Shed Brewing Company will be coming to a bottle shop, pub and restaurant near you soon - keep a look out.   
  • The brewers who made the afternoon a little less easy to remember but a whole lot of fun:
  1. James Squire Orchard Crush Cider and South Australia's Knappstein Reserve Lager
  2. Matilda Bay Beer with their new release Minimum Chips Ale 
  3. Dan from Swell Brewing Co. in McLaren Vale with his 500mL Golden Ale
  4. Jared from Birbecks Brewing in SA with their Four Brothers Pale Ale
  5. Nick from Stone & Wood with their Pacific Ale
  6. MOO Brew for their artsy brews
  7. The only fire brewery in Aus, Prancing Pony and Frank's life changing new Dark Ale
  8. Jeff from McLaren Vale Ale and their new Vale Ale Lager
  9. Hitachino Nest crisp and refreshing White Ale
  10. Hills Cider for letting us try their soon to be released Ginger and Apple Cider
  11. Feral Brewing Company
The Highway_Beer

Hop on it and check out...

  • Check out the photos (taken by John Kol)
  • Read the reviews or write one if you were there!
  • Find out what it takes to be Elite here
  • If you're a fan of BookFace (Yelp Adelaide) or Twitter - make sure you keep in touch!

Until next time SYOY!

Chloe R.

Orlando Yelp Elites Party With Paninis

Posted by Colleen Burns

Orlando's latest Yelp Elite Event, Yelp O' Natural at Hot Krust Panini Kitchen, was layer upon layer of delicious fun. Entree after entree was served and savored by some our best elite yelpers, who also enjoyed beer, wine, hot sauce, giving back to the community, and an all-around good time. Read on, and check out this March kick-a event!


Hot Krust is a Panini Sandwich Kitchen, offers delicious sandwiches, soups, wings and more. Their recipes call for only the freshest gourmet ingredients. They don't believe that they should compromise quality to make a profit. Their fresh panini sandwiches are made with freshly roasted meat made daily in-house. They've made a commitment to serve high quality ingredients at affordable prices.

"I'm also very appreciative of the owner and staff at hot krust panini. When the owner got up to say a few words, I found myself nodding with what he was saying. I could hear the passion for his food through his words but even more so through the food that we were served, just bursting with amazing flavor!" - Enit S

We were lucky to sample an array of their favorite sammies and more: Cactus chili and herbed tomato bisque soups, baked chicken wings and various flavors of baked waffle "fries"… just to start. The panini madness ranged from Chicken Florentine, Chicken Hula Hoop, Chicken Buffalo, to Yummy Turkey , Gobble Gobble Turkey to Cowboy Jack Steak, Philly Steak, Shrimp Sangria to the Veggie Vacation and Veggie Alibaba. 

"Cactus chili, Alibaba, Philly Steak, and Hula Hoop Panini's knocked my socks off and I loooved the HK Burgers." - Brandi B


We also feasted on their new Burgernini: 8oz of All Natural 100% Angus burger patty (never frozen) made to perfection with lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, melted cheddar and their BBQ honey mustard sauce. 

"My favorite was the HK burger panini. So tasty. Everything there is fresh so it tastes just a bit better than you'd expect." - Kristen P

Our Yelp community is also known for supporting various non-profits via volunteering and donations. An organization very close to the owner of Hot Krust's heart: Give Kids The World "Where Happiness Inspires Hope" is a non-profit organization that exists only to fulfill the wishes of all children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the world to experience a memorable, joyful, cost-free visit to the Central Florida attractions, and to enjoy the magic of Give Kids The World Village for as long as there is a need. The Yelp community raised over $200 supporting their amazing cause

We indulged on Save Me San Francisco wine company, created by the band Train and support their charity Family House! We sipped on Calling All Angels Chardonnay, Drops of Jupiter Red Blend and California 37 Cabernet

Fat Cat Gourmet Foods was on site with samples of their boutique condiments company dedicated to making sauces that offer unique tastes and flavor combinations. Their products root themselves in some of the world's best cuisines, and they range in taste from strong and savory to spicy and sweet -- often in one shot. One taste, and yelpers were hooked. It was purr-fectly good.

"I finally got to meet with the master mind and creator of Fat Cat Sauces - Eyal Goldshmid. Don't let Eyal's calm and soft-spoken personality fool you. His sauces are vibrant and fiery." - Rashmi P


Local sammie lover, Anthony 'Biggie' Bencomoa launched a local t-shirt company dedicated to the sandwich, aka, "King of Meals" : Deli Fresh Threads! Yelpers filled out interactive quizzes learning all about the history of the sammie and won Deli Fresh Threads goodies. 

"It was also cool meeting Deli Fresh Threads. This is a very cool concept and shirts! Yes I did win a shirt with he help of Brandi B..She is a rock star!" - Frank L

Our fun, mingling local photog man, Jim White, was on premises catching all the action. Check out all of the awesome photos here or on our YelpOrlando Facebook page and tag yourself! 

Did you attend and want to share about your experience? Head over the event listing and get typing. For those of you who were unable to make it out, check out what everyone is saying here or find out how to get the invite to these fab parties over at yelp.com/elite

SYOY, Colleen B

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