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February 16, 2013

Yelp's Saucy Soirée at Baltimore Clayworks Spread The Love!

Posted by Elsa M.

Yelp's Saucy Soirée at Baltimore Clayworks - A Poem

It was the night before Valentine's Day and all through the gallery,

folks mixed and they mingled and ate and drank merrily!

The Elites and their guests (all guests, single guys and girls),

wrote reviews of themselves... most of which were real pearls!

5-stars for a machete juggler... another a poet,

a third loved her animals, but from her distrust of vegans, you wouldn't know it!

The prizes they won were uber top notch,

from Wale and Mos Def concert passes, to glamorous gala tickets (can you say 'celeb watch?')!

Sipping on Bad Decision's bubbling concoction and magical Sparkling Ice,

music from a harpist made the mood oh, so nice.

Across the way, there was more to say:

As a fortuneteller predicted love stories

(some of them sounded suited for crazy guests of Maury's)!

The weather was abysmal - with rain, sleet, and snow,

but once Baltimore's newest food truck arrived, you wouldn't've even known!

Hardy's Q's baked beans surprised with a secret cinnemon-y wonder...

enough to make the party-goers scoop a bit... and then just give in and plunder!

Creamy, delicious cole slaw and succulent chicken sliders, 

made for love at first bite and soon-to-return diners.

Leaving Baltimore Clayworks, the evening was complete...

but not before many started making plans to come back, visit, and repeat.

Yelp's Saucy Soirée at Baltimore Clayworks

Happy Valentine's Day, loves...

Elsa M.

Yelp Baltimore Senior CM







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