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February 28, 2013

Nino Teaches Mozz-Making at Williamsburg Pizza!

Posted by peter d.

As if amazing grandma pies and incredible flavor combinations (pear/gorgonzola!) weren't enough of a reason to get you out to Williamsburg Pizza, last night Nino the Pizzaiolo gave the Yelp Elite a new one: learning how to make fresh mozzarella.

Despite Evan R's best efforts to ruin absolutely everything, the class was not only informative, but fun and entertaining as well. From learning the best way to scam your way into Jetro to breaking up the cheese curd to rolling, pulling, stretching and balling up the finished product, we learned it all! (Not to mention, we sampled all sorts of tasty treats from a few specialty slices to their fresh-baked bread and infused olive oils.)

Like Jamel O says, Nino is "comical, quite authoritative and really knows how to make cheese." His expertise shines through when he's giving hands-on lessons to incompetents like Evan, and advanced tips to folks like Monique R who seem to have a knack for the cheese. Some day we can hope to make a pie as delicious as W'burg Pizza's Calabrese, but until then we'll settle for making some mozz. Except for Evan, who will probably just have to watch as other people do it. 


Huge thanks to Aaron and Nino and the rest of the W'burg Pizza crew for welcoming us in and showing off some of the secrets; I'll catch you guys for a slice (or a drink) sometime soon!

Peter D 


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