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February 11, 2013

Memphis Elites Celebrate The Chinese New Year at Mosa Asian Bistro

Posted by Joelle P

To kick off the Year of the Snake, Memphis Elites partied Wednesday night away at Mosa Asian Bistro! The East Memphis restaurant hosted an intimate evening full of sake, delectable Asian dishes, and conversation to the max. Now that is something to toast to!


"Wowza!" and "Please, sir, may I have some more?" was heard all around as Elites gobbled up delicious samples of Mosa's most popular dishes like Jiao Zhe Bowl, Rainbow Panang Curry Chicken and Vegetable Pad See U. There wasn't a dish left untouched!


Sippin' on some sake was another highlight of the evening and as Bryan N puts it, "With great food from Mosa, amazing company from Yelp, and fun diversions such as the Yelp wheel, the evening was flawless and fluid. Speaking of fluids, the sake imbibed that night provided fantastic themed social lubrication, and if there is one thing Yelpers enjoy more than spirited events it's spirited events with spirits." It also encouraged participation in photos with silly props that can all be seen here.


A huge thank you to our wonderful host, Mosa Asian Bistro, for the yummy treats and to Buster's Liquors and Wines for the sake!

Until next time, SYOY!


Joelle P


Stephanie N.

Great event! Good food & good times. :)

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