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February 28, 2013

Yelp's Mobsters & Molls At Eighteenth Cocktail Bar

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

We at Yelp Houston don't normally encourage loan-sharking, extorting, pimpin' or illegal liquor and beer consumption, but on Monday night our private affair at Eighteenth Cocktail Bar brought out the inner Mobsters and Molls of the Houston Yelp Elite Squad. These law-obiding-yelpers-by-day, bootleggers-by-night snuck through the dark and winding entryway and into the deviant den where the booze and food flowed freely.

The bartenders time traveled to the roaring twenties, concocting seriously scandalous (and stiff) BIm's and Rat Pack cocktails made with Devil's Cut Bourbon Whiskey, along with thirst-quenching bottled brew Batch 19 – a new pre-prohibition style lager made from old Coors recipes found in their basement! 


Opened by Erick and Frank Ramirez, their hardwoking and talented staff presented a spread Chimichurri Chicken Paninis, gourmet prosciutto and basil-stuffed Brie Grilled Cheese sandwiches, Deviled Eggs with honey mustard glaze and spanish paprika, and Cappicola Margherita Flatbread. Zoot!

Whether you showed your mug or not, better take a look at the incredible photos from David N – along with the amazing snapshots captured by the Memory Box photo booth. And for all those who made it out – leave your own two cents right here!


Farrah A & David N
Yelp Houston

Yelp se va de fiesta Ravalera

Posted by Sharon

El miércoles día 27 de febrero Yelp se trasladó a uno de los barrios más emblemáticos y concurridos de la ciudad… ¡el Raval! Esta vez la fiesta tuvo lugar en el bar Oddland, un carismático y original local que no dejó indiferentes a los asistentes. A Roberto V le pareció una quedada con “buena música, buen ambiente y en un local perfecto” y asegura que fue “todo sobre ruedas”. La gente pudo disfrutar de un pica-pica y distintos tipos de bebida.


Una de las sopresas de la noche fueron los deliciosos cupcakes que preparó Delicias de Sol, que pusó el punto dulce al evento. Emmanuelle B comentó: “nos acordaremos de los cupcakes de Sol, rojos y blancos como la imagen de Yelp. Eran igual de bonitos de ver que de comer”. Para Andie J, simplemente “fueron la estrella de la noche”.


El local se encargó de proporcionar un pica-pica a los asistentes, con bandejas de embutidos, queso, y hummus. Los asistentes pudieron beber distintos tipo de cerveza, que fueron amablemente servidas por los chicos del Oddland con gran maestría y simpatía. Jordi G tuvo su primera experiencia como miembro de nuestra comunidad y “se sintió como uno más, gracias al buenrollismo vivido”, ¡bienvenido Jordi!


Desde aquí queremos volver a dar las gracias a nuestro patrocinador Delicias de Sol por esos fabulosos cupcakes, y en especial a Sol, por su profesionalidad y simpatía. Un agradecimiento también al bar Oddland y a DJ Samuel G por amenizar la fiesta con su magistral sesión, utilizando vinilos y tocadiscos, ¡ya era hora de volver a ver un Dj a los platos! No olvidéis dejar vuestra reseña sobre el evento o echarle un vistazo a nuestro set de fotos en Flickr ¡han quedado geniales! Gracias a Francisco G, nuestro Élite y fotógrafo oficial, por estas increíbles instantáneas. ¡Nos vemos en Yelp!


Sharon A

Responsable de Yelp Barcelona


On Wednesday February 27, Yelp moved into one of the most historic and popular neighborhoods in the city... ¡Raval! This time the party took place at the Oddland bar, a charismatic and original business that did not leave the attendees indifferent. Roberto V commented that the event had "good music, good atmosphere, occurred in a perfect place, and everything was on wheels". All attendees were able to enjoy snacks and sample different types of drinks.

One of the night's biggest surprises were the delicious cupcakes prepared by Delicias de Sol, which hit the sweet spot for the event. Emmanuelle B said: "We will remember Sol Cupcakes, which were red and white just like the Yelp logo and were as nice to look at as they were to eat". For Andie J, they were simply "the star of the night".

Collage4The business provided a ”pica-pica” to the party-goers which were trays of cold cuts, cheese, and hummus. Attendees could drink a few different kinds of beer, which were kindly served by the polite and skilled Oddland staff. Jordi G had his first experience as a member of our community and "felt like part of the family, thanks to the surrounding good vibes". Welcome Jordi!


We would like to again thank our sponsor Delicias de Sol for the fabulous cupcakes, and especially Sol for her professionalism and friendliness. A big thank you also goes out to the Oddland bar and to DJ Samuel G for his masterful session where he used vinyl and turntables. It was really cool to see our DJ playing in the old school way! Can you say classic?! Don't forget to leave your review for the event and to take a look at all of the photos on Flickr... they're great! Finally one last thank you goes out to Francisco G, a Yelp Barcelona Elite Squad member and official event photographer who snapped these awesome pics! S.Y.O.Y. (See You On Yelp!)


Sharon A

Yelp responsible for Barcelona

Yelp Tampa Bay On Ice

Posted by BrettNehls

The request: Be The Thunder. We obliged. At Yelp's Thunder and Lightning, Yelp TB was treated to a Party Suite at the Tampa Bay Times Forum for an NHL bout between the Buffalo Sabres and the hometown Lightning! If this event proves anything, it's that it truly is "suite" to be Elite! This was Michael C's first hockey game ever, and he came away impressed. "The facilities at the Forum were immaculate – the entrance/lobby was clean, the waiting area for the elevators was nice and removed, but with impressive wall-art all around. The suite level was a corridor that I felt out of place, but not unwanted." Jaima S claims she felt special before they even reached the party. "We found the Yelp suite and were greeted by Carolyn aka Nonni, and Paul who work for the Lightning. They were so friendly, warm, and accommodating that we felt welcome immediately. We checked in for the event just in time to watch the opening production.  It was really a site to behold with the lights down low, loud music, lightning bolts flashing, and the crowd going crazy.  Tampa loves their Lightning."


The main event is the boys on the ice, but the experience at the good ole' Hockey game is encompassed during your entire visit at the Forum. Jeff E vouches for the superior treatment at our downtown arena. "The Forum staff is possibly the most professional and courtesy staff I have ever seen at any event. I was greeted probably a good 30 times from the time I entered the building to making my way up to the suite." He goes on to rave about the eats of the night – "the food was amazing. I'm a wings guy, nothing goes better with hockey than wings. I also enjoyed the excellent spicy/cheesy/fried shrimp, roasted turkey, spring rolls, and some of the best tasting cookies I have ever had." You're not going to get much of an argument from Nolan R, who nom-nommed his way through the Bolts bout with Buffalo. "The food is great. I'm a picky eater and even I found some turkey I'd eat. The cookies... oh the cookies... they were awesome."


As always, Yelp events are about the phenomenal venues, the amazing food/drink, and rubbing elbows with fellow Yelpers that love having a great time. This was Katy T's first Elite event, which she notes "exceeded by Yelpspectations." Nice K-T! "What I enjoyed most about this event was getting to know some of my fellow Yelpers.  I like hockey and all, but being the social butterfly that I am it was definitely fun getting to socialize while watching the game.  After this event, I can't wait to partake in another Yelp Elite event!" And we can't wait to have ya! We'll just call Rich D – Mr. Agreeable on this one. "The one thing that stood out to me is that this type of venue offered up so many opportunities to meet 'friends' which have been on my list, but for one reason or the other, I've never been able to meet them personally.  The openness of the Party Suite, the places to stand and eat/watch the game, and even the seating which allowed you to talk to folks all around you was great." 

As a former employee myself of the Tampa Bay Lightning, I am fortunate enough to know some really phenomenal people behind the scenes that make up this world-class organization. The building itself, which wasn't even in bad shape to start with, is now completely unrecognizable due to the unbelievable renovations that have taken place over the last couple of years. Every employee in the arena walks around with a smile and helpful attitude. The new video board is one of the largest in the world. The list goes on and on. Imagine the challenge of building a successful ice-hockey franchise in Florida? Well they've succeeded at their mission... the only thing left is to bring home another Stanley Cup to Hockey Bay! I'd like to personally thank Lynn Wittenburg, Kelsey Carlson, and Erin Allison for their help in making this dream event a reality for us. I bow to you all! And as always, a special thanks to our super photographer, Gerardo Luna, aka Lord Gerry, for his stellar work as usual!


Brett N

Yelp Drinks Landing Party At The Counter Custom Built Burgers!

It wasn't San Diego's first dance with Yelp Drinks, but San Diego Yelpers took to the streets and made this week-long festivity shine as bright as ever. Complete with outstanding libations of all kinds, great food and stellar entertainment, Yelp Drinks left San Diego with tired livers and plenty of memories that will surely never die. Counterheader

Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

After two days of rest, a group of truly Elite Yelpers finished off the campaign at The Counter Custom Built Burgers for the Yelp Drinks Landing Party. To celebrate a job well done, samplings of The Counter's custom cocktails were flowing and of course there were massive amounts of what they are known for... their finely crafted burgers! The restaurant was decorated to Yelpish standards and a gigantic chalk drawing welcomed the Elite squad letting them know that they were in the right place to get the party started! Countersecond

Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

Once checked-in and badged up by Taylor at the front door, the crowd was handed their first surprise/drink of the night by a gentleman holding a tray full of thin mint milkshakes. Uh, these weren't your typical milkshakes — there was alcohol in these bad boys and they were de-lic-ious! After polishing off one, two or three of the little guys, the bar was surrounded and the rest of the drink menu had to be tested... for quality control, of course! Rounding out the night's drink menu was the Counterball (with Fireball whiskey, Stoli Vanil and Coke), Blueberry Lemonade (with Stoli Blueberi, Blue Caracao and lemonade) and a selection of tasty beer and wine including the Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale, Oskar Blues Mama's Lil Yella Pils, Guenoc Pinot Grigio and the Gnarly Head Merlot. With a list like this, there certainly was not a thirsty Elite in the house.


Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

And then there was the grub! During the two-hour event, the guests of honor were treated to two fry stations serving up a selection of sauces with french fries and sweet potato fries, and burger, after burger, after burger. Who's complaining? That's right, nobody! Appearing on trays from all angles were some of the best burgers to grace this city and there was an option for everyone's burger loving palate.


Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

How about an all-natural Red Angus Beef with Tillamook cheddar, topped with organic mixed greens, crispy onion strings and served with sweet barbeque sauce?

Or an organic grass-fed Bison with Danish blue cheese, topped with baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers and served with roasted garlic aioli?

Possibly a lean Turkey patty with Greek feta, topped with organic mixed greens, dried cranberries and served with basil pesto?

Perhaps an all-natural Chicken breast with jalapeno jack, topped with baby spinach, Bermuda red onion, roasted corn & black bean salsa and served with chipotle aioli?

Or finally a vegan Veggie patty topped with organic mixed greens, sprouts, roasted red peppers and served with ginger soy glaze?

Enough burger options for you? We couldn't agree more but the fun didn't stop there! The Counter Elite Burger was created on the over-sized menu and all the "Elite" selections were made by those in attendance. The result was an epic creation prepared and displayed for all to see by that aforementioned gentleman, Tom the owner. Not only did this burger look delicious but it will be on the actual Counter menu for a limited time. Round it out with $10.00 gift certificates in the raffle and some surprise ice cream sandwiches and we think it's safe to say... that is some serious Elite treatment!


Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

So, we bid Yelp Drinks 2013 bon voyage with another fantastic event with more than generous hosts and an exceptional staff as we reminisce over the many cocktails imbibed, glasses raised, high-fives given, photos taken, warm welcomes received, and great memories. It only speaks in anticipation for what is to come for the rest of 2013 and for Yelp Drinks 2014!

Event Pictures: Here!

Event Reviews: Here!

Thank you and S.Y.O.Y.

Brad B

Nino Teaches Mozz-Making at Williamsburg Pizza!

Posted by peter d.

As if amazing grandma pies and incredible flavor combinations (pear/gorgonzola!) weren't enough of a reason to get you out to Williamsburg Pizza, last night Nino the Pizzaiolo gave the Yelp Elite a new one: learning how to make fresh mozzarella.

Despite Evan R's best efforts to ruin absolutely everything, the class was not only informative, but fun and entertaining as well. From learning the best way to scam your way into Jetro to breaking up the cheese curd to rolling, pulling, stretching and balling up the finished product, we learned it all! (Not to mention, we sampled all sorts of tasty treats from a few specialty slices to their fresh-baked bread and infused olive oils.)

Like Jamel O says, Nino is "comical, quite authoritative and really knows how to make cheese." His expertise shines through when he's giving hands-on lessons to incompetents like Evan, and advanced tips to folks like Monique R who seem to have a knack for the cheese. Some day we can hope to make a pie as delicious as W'burg Pizza's Calabrese, but until then we'll settle for making some mozz. Except for Evan, who will probably just have to watch as other people do it. 


Huge thanks to Aaron and Nino and the rest of the W'burg Pizza crew for welcoming us in and showing off some of the secrets; I'll catch you guys for a slice (or a drink) sometime soon!

Peter D 

Yelp Elites Go Whisky Tasting in Birmingham

Posted by Rickie

It may have been a school night but last Tuesday, Yelp Elites were invited to a tasting by Whisky Birmingham. The organisers are currently planning Birmingham's first whisky festival but Amy & Joe kindly took time out to introduce Yelpers to this fine Scottish spirit.

Whisky collage 1
Joe picked five whiskies for Yelpers to try, but before they drank them, he taught everyone how to! Similar to wine, the first lesson learnt was how to smell it and then Yelpers sipped. No downing-in-one for these beautiful honey coloured concontions.

Whisky was being desribed as smelling and tasting like smoky bacon, orange, sultanas, chlorine, chocolate, TCP, BBQs and pencil shavings!

Whisky Collage 2 

In a lovely fun environment, Yelpers were encouraged to ask questions about whisky that they were too afraid to ask. They sat back and relaxed in a private room in Loki Wine while Joe talked about the regions in Scotland where the whiskies came from.

  Whisky Collage 3

Everyone left with a renewed or new love for whisky and vowed to be back for the cheese and whisky tasting. So huge thanks to Amy and Joe from Whisky Birmingham for giving the fabulous whisky education.

Thank you to Loki Wines for hosting in their elegant private room and to all the yelpers who came and made it such a fantastic Tuesday night!

Check out the reviews and more photos here!

Until next time, SYOY!

Rickie headband

Rickie J

Community Manager Birmingham UK 

February 27, 2013

Yelp Charlotte Elites Make Mondays NOT Suck

It may be a common feeling that Mondays can seriously suck and it tends to reign supreme. However, the Charlotte Elite Squad came out in full force to Hawthorne's New York Pizza on a Monday night and dashed all hopes of suckage away like it's the cool thing to do these days.

Morals of the evening:

Great service from Hawthorne's.

Great drinks.

Giant Elite Badge.


Photo 1
Photo 2

Chef Carlo and the staff at Hawthorne's didn't slow down one bit the entire evening. Tray, after tray, after hors d'oeuvre kept sweeping the dining room. Spicy Cajun Shrimp, Award-winning chili, Swedish meatballs, panini sandwiches of all kinds, and....the infamous "Elite 'Za." A specialty pizza created just for the Elites and their guests. The sheer amount of food was legen......wait for it...........DARY!

Untitled 2

Beverages provided by NoDa Brewing were flowing all night. The wonderful Midnight Madness and Hope's Stout filled glasses and plastered many a smile on a beer-lover's face. Tito's Vodka also stepped in for the evening and made a killer "Tito's Lemonade" cocktail. Smooth and even more smooth.
Untitled 3

The giant Elite Badge made it's first appearance and helped Elites pose for a new profile photo! This sucker wasn't exactly "badge" size. We're talkin' about 3 feet of Elite-laden greatness. Look at how big this badge is!

Untitled 4

T'was a fine evening and wonderful fun with our Charlotte Elites!

Check out the reviews here!

Check out the photos here!


Until next time, SYOY!


Benjamin G

Yelp Charlotte Community Manager

Merienda de contrabando @ Estraperlo

Posted by Julio

El martes 26 de febrero disfrutamos de una nueva fiesta Yelp en Sevilla: Merienda de contrabando, nombre ilegalmente inspirado por el sitio en el que tuvo lugar, que no fue otro que Estraperlo, esa maravillosa tienda de productos de calidad con unos fuegos en los que se guisan los mejores platos para llevar o para comer allí y alrededor del que se reúnen los alumnos de  unos maravillosos talleres de cocina. Durante el evento, el fuego lo encendieron unos “contrabandistas de postín” como Arantxa S y el resto de Yelpers que asistieron.

La merienda fue copiosa, con un pastel de chocolate que hizo Ana, la dueña Estraperlo, unas riquísimas tejas de Tejas Dulces de Sevilla y los maravillosos panes de Masa Bambini, que estuvieron riquísimos tanto solos como acompañados de las mermeladas del Obrador Valle de la Osa o el aceite de La Cultivada. Todo esto regado con un vino rosado espumoso que mejoró, si cabe, el sabor de los bocados que probamos.

Estra 2

Durante el evento, el toque Al Capone lo pusieron unos puros… de chocolate que sirvieron para posar en alguna que otra foto de contrabando. Pero no fue ese el único detalle que se pudieron llevar los asistentes, pues Tejas Dulces de Sevilla nos tenía preparadas unas bolsitas con tejas para que, además de allí, pudiéramos disfrutar de ellas en casa.

La fiesta resultó simplemente magnifica: magnifico ambiente, magnífica música, tanto para Rubén V como para el resto de asistentes. El culpable de esa música fue Max Mackay, que con su pop electrónico nos mantuvo animados toda la noche. Si estuvisteis allí, seguro que queréis ver las maravillosas fotos que nos hizo Alejandro Rodríguez y reseñar el evento, y si no estuvisteis, después de ver las fotos y leer las reseñas, seguro que hacéis lo que sea por no faltar a la próxima.


Julio L

Responsable de Yelp Sevilla


Last tuesday we enjoyed the third Elite Event in Sevilla: Merieda de contrabando (smuggling snack), and it took place at Estraperlo, a wonderful organic food shop that has a great kitchen to prepare take away food and organize funny and delicious cooking workshops. The "tastiest smugglers" attended to the party, as Arantxa S and the rest of Yelpers.


We had the best snack, with a chocolate cake made by Ana, the venue's owner, great tejas from Tejas Dulces de Sevilla and the Masa Bambini wonderful breads, served with fruit jams from Obrador Valle de la Osa or olive oil from La Cultivada. To taste all this tasty food, we had some sparkling rosé wine.


We had some chocolate cigars to be real smugglers like Al Capone, but they were not the only present Yepers had, because Tejas Dulces de Sevilla owner had little bags with tejas for everubody so they could taste them at home.

Ruben V says "the party was great: great people, great music”. We can put the blame on Max Mackay,his wonderful music made us to be happy all party long . If you were there, I'm sure you'll love the pictures Alejandro Rodríguez made, and if not... you'll come to the next one after you see them :)


Julio L

Responsable de Yelp Sevilla

February 26, 2013

Yelp Indy's Like, 80s Prom!

Posted by Brittany

Over 150 Yelp Indy Elites and Indianapolitans of all ages put on their finest shoulder pads and neons to party at Yelp's Like, 80s Prom Friday night at the Cadillac Ranch and Bartini's in downtown Indianapolis!

Guests nibbled on delectable bites including gourmet mac n' cheese from Indianapolis Colts Grille and tasty burgers with fixin's like peanut butter, Thai sauce, bananas and more from Punch Burger. Because you can never have enough dessert, guests scooped up shot glasses filled with ice cream from Brics of Broad Ripple. In the words of Brittany L, "I LOVED the ice cream from BRICS. That mint chocolate might be my new favorite flavor. The Chocolate Choo Choo was really decadent too." Thirsty much? Thanks to Big House Bourbon, Three Olives Vodka, Jones Soda and the fabulous bartending crew at Cadillac Ranch, there wasn't a thirsty yelper in the house!

On to the dance floor, Jackola provided a hot mix of old school 80s tunes on vinyl to get the dance floor going. Tiffany T was definitely busting some moves: "I came out of prom night with my only regret being that I danced in a bar barefoot, and I feel like that is somewhat of a success. I mean, what's prom without a little drama?" When they weren't cutting a rug, our prom goers were having their photo taken by Jonathan Frey Photography (film photography to boot!). A few lucky guests got a chance to have mini 80s makeover courtesy by professional makeup artist, Morgan Wright.

Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and to our gorgeous yelpers for coming out and making Yelp's Like, 80s Prom a night to remember! Those of you who missed out this time can check out the reviews and photos.

Yelpfully Yours,

Brittany S (right, Yelp Indy Community Manager) and the fabulous Rachel C (left, Yelp Pittsburgh)

Elite Event: Yelp's Day at the Races

What more can you ask from a Sunday than a gorgeous backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, sunshine, and horses?

PicMonkey Collage
LA Elites scored high roller status thanks to the generous folks at Santa Anita Park this past Sunday. Complimentary valet to start, private entrance, full takeover of the Club House, the friendliest handicapper this side of the Mason-Dixie, Molly, and heart-felt speech by Jockey, Aaron Gryder, made the afternoon quite memorable. In addition to betting on their own, party attendees engaged in a heated Yelp Elite Event Bettering Challenge, where teams had the option of placing a $5 to Win, Place, or Show bet on races 4, 5, 6, and 7. After Race 7 the team with the most winnings received a "$20 to Win Betting Voucher" to be used in Race 9. Those that stayed around for the duration of the event were taken on a tour of the Paddock and Winners Circle, where we cheered the winning horses across the finish line! Two lucky yelpers were even serenaded/heckled by Santa Anita's very own "Track Hornblower," Jay Cohen!

PicMonkey Collage1
The intoxicating aroma of pulled pork sliders filled the air once the Vagabond Grillyard masters fired up the grill, while our bartender with the steady hand, Michelle B, kept the bar stocked with crisp, cold Golden Road Brewery IPA, Hef, and Brown suds. Hubert's Lemonade, Pretzel Crisps, and Luna Bars made handy dandy snack packs to munch on in between races. Big ups to Mike Q for capturing the Fun in our Sunday Funday on the Yelp LA Flickr page. And they're off... the 5 star reviews, that is.

I think it's fair to say, we all won big that day!

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.07.02 AM

Katie B

LA East CM

Sacramento Elites Vacation Under The Downtown Mall

Posted by Alex L

It turns out no actual vacation was needed after Sacramento elites experienced Yelp's Pre-Flite Vacation Elite event at the Pre-Flite Lounge, aka the "best known secret in Sacramento." Close to 100 of our best and brightest reviewers came dressed in tropical-getaway attire to vacation their ass off at this hard-to-find dive located beneath the downtown mall. A vacation as cheap as the drinks? Not too shabby!

After getting "lei'd" at the door, and after performing a special talent to earn tickets for the night's raffle, attendees entered and both levels of the cozy bar filled to capacity quickly. Our collective taste buds were treated to wonderful dishes like Smoked Kalua Pork Won-Tons with Scallions, Island Salad with Asian Sesame Dressing and Brown Sugar Pineapple Cake with Whipped Cream from Hawaiian Legacy Catering. After tasting the won-tons, Elite Alex G "knew I had found a gem." The meat was "flavorful and moist, and it was definitely the highlight for myself and my friends. It's a good thing it wasn't self-serve, because if it were I probably would have stuffed my face!" Looks like some yelpers have found their caterer!

Besides discount drinks and random free rounds of shots at the bar, there were generous free pours galore from Blue Moon and Crispin Cider. ("Perfecto," shares Jen W. "You had your choice of simple, yummy Blue Moon, Crispin or a combination of both.") Jamaican, Hawaiian and Caribbean tunes came courtesy of DJ Trait, who Danielle O reports "had the house rockin' and kept us going in full on vacation-mode!" Conjured images of white sand beaches, blue waters and pina coladas were only made all the more real by a special and sexy Hawaiian and Tahitian dance routine courtesy of the talented gals at the Makamae Melia O' Polynesia dance troupe. Yours truly was even called onto the floor to participate! "Probably my favorite thing about the event was the dancing," writes Samantha L. "It's not something that you'd see everyday and was really interesting."

In mid-party came a special raffle where two lucky yelpers won tickets to the Sacramento Fashion Week Boutique Show, the Donut Dash, $20 ride coupons with Uber and an un-autographed copy of "Jonas Brothers: Life on the Road." 

As always, you can check out the reviews as they roll in post-hangover and the wonderful photos from Phil Isidro of Pueraddict.com. Special thanks as well to my trusty assistant Dustin R for all his hard work and extra effort. Additional thanks to Uber for providing VIP rides to and from the event for some of our lucky guests and discounts to yelpers! And finally a virtual hug to Pre-Flite owner Jason, his hard working staff and all our wonderful vendors!

Alex L
Yelp Sacramento Community Manager 

Yelp's Return Of The Mac (& Cheese) Elite Event At The Elbow Room Newark

Posted by Stephanie

To the tune of Mark Morrison's classic "Return of the Mack".

(Return of the Mack) come on
(Return of the Mack) oh my God
(You know that I'll be back) here I am
(Return of the Mack) once again
(Return of the Mack) pump up the world
(Return of the Mack) watch my flow
(You know that I'll be back) here I go

How fitting since this sums up The Elbow Room Newark where 80 Yelp Elites and guests enjoyed a dreary Saturday afternoon feasting on cheesy goodness and craft beer from New Jersey Beer Company at Yelp's Return Of The Mac (& Cheese) Elite Event.


The "Elbow Room threw down the gauntlet and smacked" Bloss C in the face with five mac and cheese courses. "With the first bite, it was straight up love," murmus Angie L. "Sharp cheddar incorporated into a bechamel base enveloped the noodles in a creamy pillow of cheesy goodness." The fun didn't stop there, Xavier S's "favorite was the brats and beer made with NJ Beer Co beer because the caramelized onions and sliced brats were too good." But Round 3 was what really knocked Wing L out of the pasta ring."The Vegan mac and cheese, beating out the meat dishes" with spicy soy-rizo, a creamy tofu cheese, "topped off with jalapeños, avocados, and tortilla chips for that extra crunch." With barely any room left, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken was a surprise and Seema U "liked the addition of pineapple a lot." For those still with stomach space (ahem Dennis R), the Crimini Mushroom course was delicious, earthy and "the crispy shallots made it so much more lovable." 
All in all, I think we can all agree with Florence C: The "Elbow Room is a true Brick City jewel."

Read all about it here! Want to see some more food porn?

Until next time, SYOY!


Stephanie 'YoSteph' Y
Yelp NJ Community Manager

February 25, 2013

New Orleans Elites Are Super Stars @ The 2nd Annual Yelpy Awards

Posted by Joi

Last night might have been Oscar night in Hollywood, but here in NOLA we were all about a more local and yelpy red carpet event on Saturday evening! The Big Top Gallery hosted the 2nd Annual Yelpy Awards, where members of our Elite squad were honored for their phenomenally yelptastic activity over the past year.

Photos by Richard Strasbourg
The highly anticipated event drew out about 80 Elites with their plus ones and festivities had us all toasting in sweet style with cupcakes and champagne, thanks to The Kupcake Factory. We also had some primo pizza from Rotolo's, an array of scrumptious apps courtesy of Ariodante Contemporary Crafts Gallery and Whole Foods Market. Hallucinatory tunes and tastes were thanks to Morella & The Wheels Of If and Lucid absinthe (Death in the Afternoon, anyone?!)
Photos by Richard Strasbourg

Soon it was time for our mistress of ceremonies to get to announcing categories, with each nominee's gorgeous user pic projected majestically on the screen above. Winning Elites were roasted, er... honored with a brief Yelp review of them!

And the winners are:

Most Helpful/Unofficial Ambassador: John LH

Most Useful: Shannon S

Funniest: Scott S

Life of the Party: Joshua B

Best Costumes: Vicky L

Best Compliments: Michelle B

Coolest: Larissa C

Best UYE: John and Larissa's Birthday Bad Bar Crawl

Rookie of the Year: Re H

Lifetime Achievement: Jen L

Our 9 winners walked away with special yelp swag, a pair of tickets to Cirque Du Soleil Quidam opening night on 3/13, and they also got to participate in a mixology demonstration in the Mad Scientist's Ball, a Yelp-sponsored event that immediately followed our party at The Big Top.

Photos by Richard Strasbourg

Many thanks to Nicole and Sarah at the Big Top Gallery for hosting us, as well as to all of our sponsors. Read the reviews and see more of what the paparazzi captured on flickr! And, of course, this event couldn't have happened without you, our Yelp super stars, the NOLA Elite Squad (yes, you're all winners)!


Photo by Richard Strasbourg

Joi B

Yelp NOLA Community Manager

Yelp du Nord in Minneapolis!

Posted by Annie D

Snow flurries be darned. On Friday, Twin Cities' yelpers shoveled themselves out of hibernation for a late winter's night rumpus of food, drink and fun at Yelp du Nord!

Pfirst collageWith nearly 1,000 party-goers and 30+ purveyors packing the American Swedish Institute, this was the biggest local Yelp party in history.

Not only did the night cure everybody's cabin fever, but we also raised more than $3,000 for One Heartland, a nonprofit that supports children affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and other challenges. (Want to put 'em over the top? Make a donation online!)

Collage 2

The deep roster of local businesses included a blizzard of bites like fresh oysters from Barbette, beef tenderloin and goat cheese-rhubarb panna cotta from Beacon Public House, lingonberry Swedish pancakes from Bryant Lake Bowl, to-die-for chocolate chip cookies from Common Roots, pork belly rilettes from Fika, bison ragu over nettle-potato gnocchi from Gnocchi Me, donut holes from Mojo Monkey Donuts.... OK, coming up for air real quick.... elote and jalapeño sliders from Neato's Food Truck, potato sausage from Red Stag Supperclub, museli parfaits from Seven Sundays, a gourmet marshmallow s'möregåsbord by St. Croix Chocolate Co., craft ice cream from Sweet Science Ice Cream and Vietnamese-marinated barbecue pork tacos from Vellee Deli. Phew, we're hungry again just thinking about it.

Collage two

Yelpers were warmed from the inside out thanks to the numerous sips available, including Big Gingers by 2 Gingers Whiskey and Dark & Snowstormy cocktails by Bacardi Oakheart and Joia Soda. Guests sampled Oliver Winery varietals, Crispin Cider and hopped around the party to try local beer from Summit Brewing, Fulton Brewery and Harriet Brewing.

Mixologist Nick Kosevich from Bittercube paired up with Gamle Ode Aquavit to create the very nordic Astrid Projection, which you can replicate at home with this recipe. The unboozy refreshments also flowed freely from Joia, Tea Garden (bubble tea!) and Peace Coffee!
Collage 3
Raising a glass wasn't the only way to get the party started at Yelp du Nord! In the company of eight little snowman sentries, yelpers roasted homemade marshmallows under the stars in the American Swedish Institute's outdoor courtyard while enjoying death-defying fire performances by Illumination Fire Troupe.
Inside, Smart Candle provided mood lighting while DJ Sticky from Nora Events spun jam after jam. We spied dance parties breaking out all over the place—not to mention the four-song encore that ended the night!
Collage 4
Yelpers took turns freeze-framing with cat masks and top hats in the Snap Yourself booth (an interactive photo station like no other), while the stylish Canary Grey Photography stealthily captured all the action shots.
Collage 5
Much of the party was in the new Nelson Cultural Center, but the American Swedish Institute opened up the Turnblad Mansion (i.e. "the castle") for serious exploration too. The museum's curators and guides hosted crazy Q&As as yelpers peered at the Scandinavian jewelry made with human hair and took turns riding Dala, the mechanical Swedish horse.
Collage 6
Uber offered heavily discounted town car rides for the guests to get home safely and a few lucky winners took home posh prizes from Barbette, Red Stag, Bryant Lake Bowl, Pat's Tap, Summit, The Depot Tavern, First Avenue, Surdyk's, Blue Door Pub, Oliver Winery and Parc Boutique!

If you still aren't convinced that this was the best. party. ever., you're welcome to read the rave-reviews on Yelp (or write one yourself if you were there—just remember to hold off on your reviews of the participating businesses until you've had a more typical customer experience). Make sure to check out all the party pics and photo booth pics as well.

Wanna snag yourself an invitation to future Yelp events? Check out the Yelp Elite Squad to learn about our exclusive monthly Elite events and apply online if you think you have what it takes to be part of this league of urban explorers! 

There aren't enough thank yous in the world for the American Swedish Institute, all of our generous sponsors, volunteers, Liz W., Tameka D., Caroline R., Tiffany N., Rachel F. and every single soul who came out despite the snowfall and helped make this party the most spectacular thing to have ever happened to February.

Until next time,
Yelp Twin Cities Community Manager
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Yelp du Nord Photo Booth me

Yelp London Discovers The Secret of the Locket at Blitz

Posted by Alex Shebar


A mysterious video appears at your digital doorstop inviting you to a hidden party with a London secret. Do you go?

Of course you do. And so did 100 Yelp Elites and guests as they made their way to Blitz in Shoreditch for Yelp’s Secret of the Locket.

This three hour event was held in Blitz, one of London’s best vintage stores. Two floors filled with beautiful clothes, strange artefacts, unique artwork, old movie posters, giant cricket bats, ship’s mannequins and so much more.

“Blitz really is an Aladdin's cave so made the perfect venue,” Hannah W exclaimed.

Throughout the night, Yelpers sampled delicious eats from local spots. Meraz Café (located right across the street) set up plate after plate of homemade Indian cuisine, which had people salivating. And the legendary Big Apple Hot Dog, finest portrayers of hot dogs in London, did full beer and pork dogs with homemade condiments for hungry guests.

“Hot dogs being served next to Indian Food?  Yelp must have been reading my dream journal,” Erin H wrote.


If you thought the food shined, then wait for the drinks. In three corners of the room, amazing cold concoctions were being served.

There was delicious Briska Cider, who was doling out pear, apple and pomegranate bottles. Scottish Brewdog were representing their Shoreditch bar with amazing full cans of their gourmet brew. And Hoxton Gin set up a cocktail station, mixing up two different type of drinks, complete with mint and other surprises.

MaryAnn Z drank it all up: “The drinks were amazing. Hoxton Gin was delicious and I loved the cider - a friend and I were saying that we'd order that pomegranate cider in a pub anytime we saw it. So good. And Brewdog was great, as ever.”

Guests were entertained by percussive guitarist Matt Midgely, who rocked out in the shop’s record section of the shop.

And those not eating, drinking or dancing were off on a photo scavenger hunt throughout the space, searching for pics of Queen Elizabeth and Anne Boylen (and the secret of their locket) to learn a little more about London. “Finding the various photos was a great way to make sure everyone really explored the wonderland of vintage that is Blitz and the various nooks and crannies it has,” Tom E told us.

All in all, a night for the history books. But don’t just take our word for it. You can read all the reviews right here as well as check out all the pics by Jason Ellis here and Natalya Spicker here on the Official Yelp Flickr Page.

Until next time,

Alex S, Yelp London Community Manager

Yelp SF Elites Sippin' On Gin 'n Juice @ O3 Bistro & Lounge

Bacon Dust. Ginger Beer Gin Punch. Shellfish ceviche. Lobster garlic noodles. Nuoc Cham Brussel sprouts.  Singha beer. All of these epicurean expletives are the epitome of a night at 03 Bistro & Lounge. Thanks to 209 Gin, Singha beer & the O3 team, SF Elites gathered for an intimate evening.

Junel S "walked into the event hungry & alone." Then, "walked out full, with a new bookmarked restaurant & some new Yelp buddies!"



Find out what it means to be elite at yelp.com/elite.

Five sexy star reviews here & all photos here.

Until next time, brush that bacon dust off your shoulders & SYOY, 

Jon A

Yelp Gets Frank @ the Franktuary!

Posted by Rachel Carlson

Last week Elites rounded up for Yelp's Weeniefest at the Franktuary. This second location is brand spanking new, with a beautiful bar and large open space, it was the perfect space to get down with some dogs.

Franktuary People
With Mad Libs scattered throughout the joint, Yelpers were able to get frank while gathering franks. With the Franktuary definitely being a friend to the veg heads, Lindsay B scooped up her own meatless munchies. "The consistency of the tofu was good, and the way the dogs were dressed with carrots, dijon, and relish was quite tasty." We didn't forget the sweets either, with delicious Cake Eaters Sweet Shoppe on hand to let Yelpers sample a variety of their delicious mini cupcakes.

Franktuary Food
Along with an assortment of tasty topped dogs, guests were able to much on curried chex mix and a healhty take on french fries... "Since we were there to sample, I took my share and moved on" comments Aja J. "Except for the garbanzo fries. There were enough of them for me to stuff my face almost uncontrollably, so if I elbowed you in the process I'm sincerely sorry." What Lucretiz C loves "the absolute most about Yelp Elite events is getting to meet the owner. The personal element of listening to them share their story, vision and aspirations is super cool and something that never happens when I'm out at a restaurant on my own." Glad we can help ya with that!

Franktuary Drinks
With White Diamond Vodka sponsoring the shindig, guests were allowed an assortment of cocktails, as well as Stella on draft. "The church wine punch – wine, scotch, lemon, honey, AND cloves?! what's not to love about that?" asks Ran L. "The vodka drink was also very refreshing and not too sweet. I don't even typically like vodka drinks but enjoyed this one. I love that they're using interesting house-made ingredients like beet shrub."

A big thank you to the Franktuary, Co-owners Tim Tobitsch and Megan Lindsay, Jess Wagner of Cake Eaters Sweet Shoppe and the amazing staff for treating Yelpers to such great afternoon! Also, thanks to Ray Miles Creative for the fab photo's that you can check out here.

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.


Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager

Yelp Philly's Angels & Demons Party

Posted by Michelle C

On Thursday, over 200 Yelp Elites and their guests channeled the angels or devils on their shoulders for Yelp's Angels & Demons Party at new Old City hot spot Fire & Ice. Those who checked-in via Yelp Mobile scored one free halo (found in "heaven," also known as the upstairs lounge) or pitchfork (found in "hell" downstairs). The fun props were donated courtesy of Pierre's Costumes and really made the party!

YEE 2:21:13 Collage 1

From his perch overhead, DJ Aiden Scott entertained the masses, while stations of create-your-own salad, roasted veggies, truffle mac and cheese and bananas foster were at the ready for hungry guests. Passed snacks including chicken skewers, sliders and bruschetta also pleased the crowd, while red and white wine and beer served as the liquid libations. For newcomer Amanda C, the highlight was "the people," and it was "great to put a real face and voice" to the Yelpers she had first met online.YEE 2:21:13 Collage 2Many thanks to everyone at Fire & Ice, who made sure all of our angels and devils were well taken care of throughout the night. If you missed the party, be sure to check out the goss, peep the pics and catch up on the reviews.

Until next time,


Michelle C
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

Sleeping Around YELP Elite Event

Posted by Maud
PicMonkey Collage0

Door weer en wind kwam de Antwerpse Yelp Community naar het Sleeping Around Elite event! Sleeping Around is een rondreizend design hotel in de vorm van 6 containers waarvan 4 slaapcontainers, 1 ontbijtcontainer en 1 sauna container die in de bocht van de Schelde staan.

PicMonkey Collage1
We stelden een iglotent op met warmte blazers om te kunnen schuilen maar de meesten onder ons vonden de gezelligheid van de ontbijtkamer het aantrekkelijkst!
PicMonkey Collage2
Een van onze Yelpers, Amber P won zelf een nachtje hotel,  geweldig! Ik wil Vedett , Liefmans en Gingerlove bedanken voor de heerlijke drankjes en Morocco nuts voor de massa hapjes met brood!
PicMonkey Collage3
Sien Josephine Teijssen voor de wederom magnifieke foto’s aan onze Schelde en mijn Yelp Community voor hun komst en de ongelooflijk leuke reviews!
PicMonkey Collage4
Wil je graag Elite worden? Check dan hier onze Elite voorwaarden. Ben je benieuwd naar het volgende Elite event in Antwerpen? Schrijf je dan in op Yelp!

PicMonkey Collage5

Jelle PZoals steeds een hartig terugzien met al enkele meer bekendere Yelpers en toch ook weer leuk om nieuw en enthousiast volk te ontmoeten.
Dit werd weer gecombineerd met weer een overvloed aan pintjes, wijn, gingerlove en de heerlijke hapjes van Marocco Nuts (Vooral met dank aan de vader daar die Maud elke keer vol stouwt met brood en tapenade :-) ) “

Lora WDit pop up containerhotel kan naar eender welke locatie verhuizen, geen plek is te gek, en is binnen enkele uurtjes al operatief. Ongelooflijk origineel en romantisch!”

Elise DDe containers (met zicht op de schelde) zijn een ware streling voor het oog. Alles is tot in de details verzorgd met een perfect gevoel voor design en de bedden zijn zaaalig (sorry Ellen, ik kon het niet laten om ze te testen)

PicMonkey Collage6

PicMonkey Collage00


Maud N

Community Manager Yelp Antwerp


Even a snow blizzard couldn't stop the Antwerp Yelp Community from coming to the Sleeping Around Elite event! Sleeping Around is a traveling design hotel consisting of 6 sea containers, 4 sleeping containers, 1 breakfast bar and 1 sauna container which are placed near the river Schelde. At the entrance of one of the containers, we placed an inflatable igloo with heaters for shelter but most of us seemed to enjoy the cosiness inside the container.

One of the Yelpers, Amber P got her name drawn and won a night in one of the beautifully decorated containers. I would like to thank Vedett, Liefmans and Gingerlove for the wonderful drinks and Morroco nuts for the big variety of olives, tapenades and other appetizers. Sien Josephine Teijssen once again for the great pictures and my Yelp Community for coming and writing incredible reviews!

Would you like to be an Yelp Elite member in Antwerp? Then check our Elite guidelines. Wanna come to our next Antwerp Elite event ? Please sign up on Yelp!

Yelp Drinks It Up In Crown Town

Well, it was Crown Town's first visit with Yelp Drinks, but Charlotte Yelpers took it to the streets and made this week-long festivity shine forth with great food, entertainment, libations of all kinds, and memories that will surely never die.

Charlotte kicked off the week with Wilson from FOX News Rising and our yelpy friend, Jon Reep. We got a VIP tour of Heist Brewery's fanciful kitchen, the brewhouse, a taste of a few of their Yelp Drinks menu, and even got some laughs from our comedic friend Jon!

Photo 4

Later that night, Charlotte Elites and Yelpers from around town gathered for an evening of great food, live music from Stacey Leazer and Mike Waters, Shutterbooth fun, and tons of Yelp Drinks pint glasses. Lauryn C notes, "My  beer was good and then I decided to switch to the Tito's Cosmos why not they were only $4 thanks to Yelp Drinks!"

Photo 2-1

Photo 1-1

The rest of the week was chock full of events! Bar Time at Upstream, Beer :30 at The Pizza Peel, and BBQ, Moonshine, & Bowling at TEN Park Lanes took the city, and Yelp Drinks, by storm.

Bar Time was a special time. We had the pleasure of hearing from Rich, head bartender, describe the finer notes of how they create the Loose Goose Pineapple-Infused Cocktail. A wonderful and powerful libation packed with tons of flavor. Chef Tommy also laid out a smattering of delectables for Yelpers to enjoy as they imbibed.

Beer :30 housed a relaxed atmosphere on the warm patio of The Pizza Peel. Triple C Brewing made an appearance as we enjoyed three of their local brews (All Yelp Drinks specials, by the by) and several tasty morsels from the kitchen.

BBQ, Moonshine, and Bowling blew everyone's socks off. 4 courses of BBQ items paired with a different Junior Johnson's Moonshine or Moonshine Cocktail. Throw in a little bowling and you've got yourself a Yelp Drinks send-off like no other! And that, ladies and gents, is exactly what the Charlotte Yelp crew did. We saw many strikes, spares, high-fives, and celebratory dances performed. A wonderful, final event for Yelp Drinks Week.

Photo 2
Photo 1

So, we bid Yelp Drinks 2013 bon voyage as we reminisce over the many cocktails imbibed, glasses raised, high-fives given, photos taken, warm welcomes received, and great memories. It only speaks in anticipation for what is to come for the rest of 2013 and for Yelp Drinks 2014!

Photo 3

Check out the photos from our Kick-Off here!

Read the reviews here!

Until next time, SYOY.



Ben G (pictured with wife, JJ)

Yelp Charlotte Community Manager

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.25.37 AM

February 24, 2013

Yelp Adelaide Explored the Fringe!

Posted by Chloe

Frantic February and Mad March make Adelaidians to go a little something something...With over 300 Adelaide Fringe venues and 900 acts on show throughout Fringe season it can be hard to get around to check out everything on show. To kick off the Fringe season, Yelp Elite were treated like VIPs of the Fringe for one night only!

Elite rocked up to Gluttony and upon checking-in on Yelp were treated to their very own hug with the infamous Humphrey B Bear – living out every childhood dream (including yours truly's).

Humphrey Shots

The animal theme followed Yelpers throughout the evening when Elite were welcomed by (as Amelia J described) a “Billy-Madison-esque penguin” to begin the When We Were Idiots tour around Gluttony for the evening.

Alicia N enjoyed going back to the future and “walking around Gluttony in the year 2113 by a talking Penguin – an experience I never expected when I woke up yesterday morning but that's the great thing about Yelp & Fringe- you never know what you're gonna get! 

Yelp Elite then got exclusive access to the Artists Only Bar, the Fringe Club for the rest of the evening. According to Norma M, Yelpers proceeded to enjoy “too many ciders for a Wednesday,” hear more about what the Adelaide Fringe and Yelp had planned for 2013 and mingled with each other until the late hours of the evening.

Fringe Club and Gluttony

Kamini N sums up the evening perfectly – “I was hugged by a furry bear, questioned by a suspicious black penguin, welcomed by umbrella lited ladies and had a jaw dropping moment, when a sequined suited woman swallowed a sword with such grace and gaiety.” What less would you expect from a night out with the Fringe and Yelp?

A big thank you must go to all of the Fringe hosts who helped ensure this Yelp Elite event went off like Zooey Deschanel’s bangs!

  • Check-in on Yelp for another free hug and photo with Humphrey B Bear at his Honey Doesn't Grow On Trees show at Kids Fringe in Gluttony on the 16th and 17th March.
  • Continue to LOL with Xavier Toby at his show “White Trash held in Gluttony until March 1st at 9:10pm every night – Yelpers get 2-4-1 tickets to his show!
  • Hop-a-board the Adelaide Fringe FREE Bus to get around the CBD and use the Hopaboard Mobile app to find out when the next bus is arriving here.

Want the perfect bangs?

  • Check out the photos (taken by John Kol)
  • Read the reviews or write one if you were there!
  • Find out what it takes to be Elite here
  • If you're a fan of BookFace (Yelp Adelaide) or Twitter - make sure you keep in touch!

Until next time SYOY!

Chloe R.

Yelp fringe-2096

Yelp PVD Violates The Volstead Act @ Vanity!

Posted by Hilary H

Yelp PVD Elite got together last Thursday night to Violate The Volstead Act at Vanity, and had a hotsy-tosty time indeed. "This was a fantastic event," gushes Edward H. "From the food, to the drinks, to the friendly and beautiful bar keepers, Vanity rocked it – I actually didn't want to leave when it was time to depart! Vanity, I'm definitely making a return. I'm a huge fan!"Vanity1

Vanity's setup inspired the speakeasy theme with their "bar staff in suspenders, historic 20's pictures lining the walls, jazz overhead and period movies" flickering throughout the space. Jennifer H notes, "a proper PVD Elite Event wouldn't be complete without amazing cocktails, and the bartenders at Vanity delivered" with their selections the French 76 (an elevated version of the classic French 75), the E&T (a homemade take on the G&T with house tonic and peppercorn – yes! – garnish) and The Penicillin (a whiskey drink with ginger, lemon and honey). These drinks were "clean, smooth and delicious," and have Jen promising she "will definitely be returning for every drink on that cocktail menu!" Vanity2

Oh, "but the food! The spread of food was endless. It seemed" to Jaclyn P that "they were bringing out more and more food until the very end." Her favorite? "The penne with pink sauce – love me some pink sauce. The grilled pizzas were delicious as well," and Meaghan K concurs with "the margarita one being my favorite, but the eggplant was a close second.' Kisha T couldn't get enough of the "perfectly-cooked and highly addicting" Italian Eggrolls, stuffed with salami, red peppers and three cheese blend topped with a basil aioli, and Christina V decided "the calamari was my favorite. That tangy Asian sauce was fantastic!" Vanity3

The Shutterbooth pics "made for a great party favor," and the "goofy props" inspired S Nicole M to let loose for the camera. "As usual, the Elite crowd knows how to mix and mingle. It's always a pleasure to see old pals and make some new ones." Brad Smith's presence made this "humdinger of a party complete by capturing those special moments" throughout the evening. In Jennifer E's opinion, this night was "the bees knees," and I couldn't agree more!

Until next time, my little chickadees...

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 12.37.19 PM
- Hilary H, Yelp PVD Community Manager

February 22, 2013

Yelp Elite: Salute Your Sweets

Posted by Megan

Bracing the cold February air, Elites came out to Copper Cupcake for a fun filled night of all things sugary and sweet at Yelp Elite: Salute Your Sweets! There was plenty of hot cider, wine and treats from Copper Cupcake to kick off our sugar rushes: whoopie pies, oatmeal cranberry with coconut cookies, fudgy chocolate brownies, snickerdoodle cookies were just a few of the scrumptious eats – and best of all was their bourbon caramel sauce to drizze on all of it!


Yelp Elites split up into two camps to rotate through the Salute Your Sweets activities. Copper Cupcake's "Delciousness Maker" Shannon Loucks shared her secrets with us on the art of making vanilla buttercream frosting and after making our own, we decorated them to our hearts content. Kathy V marveled at using "real vanilla. I'd only ever seen it handled on Food Network!" Matt R's highlight was "seeing the underbelly of the bakery. Copper Cupcake is a tightly-run ship. They make a lot of seasonal items, depending on what's available locally. If you try to flavor with extracts, that will earn you a roundhouse punch to the face. And don't try putting shortening in that icing." It melts at a higher temp than butter and leaves that unfortunate sticky coating in your mouth, which is why Shannon uses the real deal instead!


Copper Cupcake's Joe Loucks schooled us on chocolate and foodie knowledge, leading a whirlwind game of trivia with interactive components too. Amanda J thought "questions were very interesting and he even had edible props like nibs," which are bits of raw cacaco beans that have been roasted. "It was a close game, but we came out on top. Woot woot!" Jessica L was psyched to get "some awesome Yelp undies to show for it!"


Thanks again to all the Elites who came out and had a blast with us at Yelp Elite: Salute Your Sweets. Also, thanks go out to Joe, Shannon and the wonderful staff at Copper Cupcake! This sugar rush isn't going away anytime soon thanks to you guys and we know where to find you to get our next fix...especially since everyone left with a suh-weet gift certificate for a cupcake. Check out the rest of the photos on our Flickr page and special thanks to Kate Hentrup for the lovely photography!

Until next time,



Megan F
Community Manager
Yelp Louisville




Yelp Singapore Gets A Sweet Overdoughs!

Posted by Marcus

Nothing stands in between the Yelp Singapore Elite and having a good ol' time at our second Yelp Elite Event! Not even when the skies bless us abundantly with rain... No matter, Roxanne and Bjorn – our rockstar hosts and owners of Overdoughs - put us in good cheer with a SUPER DUPER spread of Middle-Eastern-inspired sweets for our Elites and guests!OD1

When I say super duper, I mean belly-busting super duper, including six types of baklava (have you ever tried a chocloate one!?) and five kinds of tarts, of which I must name all so they get equal acclaim: Soursop Meringue, Snickers, Chocolate Mint, and two Chinese-New-Year-inspired ones: Roasted Pineapple and Mango+Pomelo... can you say too much? And I haven't even mentioned the off-the-menu Birthday Surprise Bacon Donut that came out just in time to celebrate Cindy Q's mammoth birthday week! Yes. Bacon. Donut. Even the lovely Laura D came all the way from Perth to grab a bite of this monster!OD6

If all that felt like it would give you a toothache, our hosts cleverly supplied us with a palate-refreshing Mint+Basil lemonade (house-made, of course), and Chef Bjorn surprised us mid-way with a savoury treat - a trio of Oyster Dip, Shredded Duck Sultan and House-cured Haloumi with Heirloom tomatoes. That got everyone to loosen their belts a little. Or a lot.


Thanks again to Roxanne and Bjorn of Overdoughs for the amaaaaaazing spread, and they even let us take treats home to share with our sweethearts! Jia Ming of Pixelmusica was on hand to capture great snaps of as well, and if you're curious, check them out here. Elites, share your reviews right here, and when you're done, I'll see you at the gym to work off those calories... until the next Elite Event!



Marcus L

Singapore CM

Yelp Dublin Elite Pyg Restaurant Soiree

Posted by Emily C

Picture the scene. The year is 1774 and Richard Wingfield 3rd Viscount Powerscourt and his wife Lady Amelia have just moved into their beautiful Georgian townhouse, built specifically to entertain guests.  This party spot has transcended the years and retained it’s social prowess up to the present day. Rather fitting then that Yelp Dublin Elite got their 18th Century on last night in a sophisticated soiree hosted by Pyg Restaurant - the fabulously unique eatery created in what used to be the old house gardens.  

          Photo5 Photo6 Pic4

Ostrich feather chandeliers, twinkling candles, and four levels of centuries-old buildings set the scene of grandeur for the night. DJ Seany B from All City Records / Cut & Sew (check out their Facebook) had the tunes going, all we needed now was some apertifs for the masses. Guests were greeted with a choice of freshly made Cosmos or Caipiroskas. Dash of vodka, a spritz of lime, a spoonful of sugar, and that medicine went down gooood. ‘Right away I felt like a celebrity in front of the Yelp banner and a cocktail in hand’ proclaimed Nathan E.

As if by magic, Shireen Gayle appeared, AKA Miss Information.We were transported back to the time of Lady Powerscourt and her opulent lifestyle as Shireen divulged the secrets of the house and highlighted the intricacies of the architecture.

       A B  C

Then there was the food. Oh the food. Lucky Yelpers were treated to plate upon platter after platter of the signature dishes that make Pyg Restaurant quite so outstanding. First up, a charcuterie board with a selection of gorgeous cheeses and cold cuts. Next was the spicy chorizo stew, served with patas bravas and sour cream. Light, spicy, luxuriously delicious. Then the huge plates of exquisitely presented Yucatan style seared salmon, and the finale, spicy lamb koftas of the highest quality. 

     Pic7 Pic9 Pic14

Bellies full and imagination fired, the lucky lot were sent on their way to the servants’ quarters & kitchens, AKA Pygmallion Bar to continue on the party.  But not before being armed with goodie bags containing amongst other treats, a specially produced gift containing the secret herbs and spices (& recipe!) to make Pyg's own chorizo stew at home.  Bonus!

       Pic10 Pic15 Pic8

Quentin D summed the evening up brilliantly. ‘The music was just kicking off as I had to make my dramatic exit, dropping my glass slipper on the way. I expect Emily C to call to my door any moment now with slipper in hand, asking me to another Ball. An exceptional evening with exceptional people in exceptional surroundings.’  Want proof?  Pics here, and reviews on the night, here!

Huge props to Pyg Restaurant for the outstanding food and drink, to Shireen Gayle for the hugely entertaining and informative tour, to Seany B for the tunes that set the evening off, and to All Out Designs for the photos.  Dublin businesses rock!

Pic11 See ya all at the next one! Emily C x

February 21, 2013

Meet the CM Köln - Schnacken mit dem CM

Posted by Olli

Zack das isset schon vorbei. Dat war prima. Was für eine Freude euch alle zu dem ersten Yelp Event in Köln begrüßen zu dürfen. Ein yelptastischer Start in das Jahr 2013 mit genialen Yelpern. Was wäre ich, was wäre Yelp ohne die Yelper? Ich freue mich mit den ersten Yelp-Pionieren die Stadt aufs neue zu erkunden und was für einen besseren Start könnte es geben als der Brüssler Platz und das Hallmackenreuther. Sabine N: "wir machen einen Yelp Wagen auf dem Kölner Karneval!"


Stan empfing die die ersten Yelper, bevor diese schon unsere Photobooth unsicher gemacht haben. Goodie-Bags standen bereit, die ersten Check-Ins trudelten schon ein. Der leckere Duft der weltbekannten Hallmackenreuther-Chili-Con-Carne sorgte bei so manch einem Gast schon für weiche Knie. Mit Chili gestärkt und dem Check-In Deal in der Hosentasche durften sich die Kölner über ein Köln-Starter-Kit von Yelp freuen. Eine Tasche die uns für die Straße in Köln bestens rüstet. Von Handschuhen bis Flaschenöffner. Was braucht der Kölner mehr? – Ok, e Pappnas. Das gibt es dann wieder zum 11.11.2013. Franziska K hatte gehofft einen Yelp Raumanzug zu finden, aber der steckt leider noch in der Produktion in San Francisco :-)


Unser DJ Sascha Legill lies die Turntables qualmen, während unser Fotograf Phillip Mecke unsere Yelper in der Photobooth ablichtete. Die Atmosphäre war einfach super. Bei beleuchteten Wänden, Kölsch und Wein füllte sich ab 22:00 unsere Tanzfläche. Zu Michael Jackson und Backstreet Boys wurde abgetanzt. Die Lounge war einfach umwerfend. Julian K: "Die beste Party seit mindestens 1.5Jahren"


Danke an alle die gehofen haben diese erste Pionierevent für Yelp Köln zu etwas ganz besonderem zu machen. Ganz besonders möchte ich mich auch im Namen von allen Gästen bei Cyrus und seinem Team bedanken, die uns im Hallmackenreuther bestens versorgt haben.

Vielen Dank an alle Yelper die dieses Event auch für mich zu etwas Einzigartigem gemacht haben. 


Hier noch der Link zu dem Eventlisting, den Bildern und dem schönsten Abend seit langem!


YelpKoeln - 20130221

Oliver E.


A new era has begun. Yelp finally takes off in Cologne. With a yelptastic start in the year 2013 we kicked off we the Meet the CM. What would we be, what would I be without my squad of great Yelpers. With this pioneer spirit we start out to rock this city. And what better location to start from, if not the Hallmackenreuther. With a lounge that is stuffed full with technological highlight (backlit walls) and even more athmosphere. After checkin in and making their ways through the photobooth, the amazing and world famous Hallmackenreuther-Chili-Con-Carne seduced the starving croud.  

While our Paul Kalkbrenner look-alike DJ Sascha Legill played his magic on the turntables (real venyl records), photographer Phillip Mecke got some great shots from our photogenic crowed, first Yelpers claimed their Check-In presents. The Yelp Swag Bag was filled with things Cologne Yelpers will need to be ready for the road. From gloves to bottle openers. 

Big THANKS goes to the Hallmackenreuther team around Cyrus, he really gave our night a frame with the best location. Our DJ Sascha Legill gave it the right touch, so we felt most comfortable with dancing on tables. The photos of Phillip Meck turned out great! We were so happy to have hom with his great spirit joining for this event. And my special Thanks goes to Stan and the team of Qypers that made this event even better for all of us!

See you soon on Yelp!

Yelp Miami Takes It To The Streets!

Posted by Johnny Todd

Yes, we know. 'Miami.' Neon. Expensive clubs. Velvet Ropes. We get it. But, we also know that there's another side to the Magic City. A 'realer' side. A 'rawer' side. Some might even describe it as 'street.' And, by 'some,' we mean over 1600 invited guests who made it to Wynwood's rising star — the Bakehouse Art Complex — to enjoy Yelp Miami's biggest event ever: Yelp's Streetopia. Forgetting the glitz, this event was all about art that comes from the people, music that makes you want to dance, food that comes from the heart (and trucks), drinks that come in cups, and clothes that don't restrict movement.


What’s a street party without eats? We couldn’t tell ya, because there was food as far as the eye can see. And, not just foodamazing food. How could there not have been? With restos like NoVe, Reggae Tacos, The Filling Station, Ms. Cheezious, Zen Sai, The Special, Sweetness Bake Shop, Ali's Sweet Treats, Giardino Gourmet Salads, Los Verdes, Crepe Maker, Inspired Events, Pincho Factory, Crave, The Fish House, HipPOPS, The Pastry Shop - Magic City Chefs, Machiya, Rice House of Kabob, and Happy Wine doling out plate, bowl and cup full of their mouth-watering fare, attendees were left looking for beds to sleep off their food babies.


Beds, no. Libations, yes, yes, 1000 times, yes! Whether one had a taste for beer, hankering for wine, a longing for spirits, a need for coffee, or a passion for TEA-totaling (ha!), no thirst was left unquenched. Boba Station, Panther Coffee, Samuel Adams, Hatuey, Robeks, Zico, Red Bull, Steep City Teas, Carib Beer, Piedra Azul tequila, Spicebox Whisky (Rye and Cinnamon), Brugal Rum, Mandarine Napoleon & Gran Sierpe Pisco, courtesy of The Workshop Collective, Streetopia Beer Garden sponsored by Sprung/Grovetoberfest featuring Duvel Belgiam, Schnebly Miami Brewing Big Rod Ale, Czechvar Czechoslovakia & Red Hook Winterhook, Miami Cocktail Company, and Cafeina served up raw emotion (aka cheer) by the gulp and invitees were gleeful for it.


Food & drink are essentials but what makes a street party is the party. Reyes Family Cigars lit the way to fun. Party People MiamiDJs4u kept a tight flow all night long as the beauties from the Black Tape Project captivated eyes and made people rethink that fifth cupcake. Blo Blow Dry Bar (Midtown) and Tiger Direct added to the beauty of the evening by making sure hair was did and likenesses were caricatured. Beauty seen was matched by beauty moved. The dance geniuses of Illmatik Phlow, Adrian Sunshine, Perform Studio, and Focal Point Dance Studio entertained the crowds and inspired movement. Alsco Linens dressed the venue up while Miami Shine Cleaners kept it all together.


Guests raised over $3000 for the efforts of the Bakehouse Art Complex, proving that what's brought to the street isn't left there. SociallyBuzz was on hand to make sure that guests remembered everything via the computerized word but for those who are fans of visual media, the event had you covered. Ace photog Alex H snapped candids, while Capture Pod took portraits. The cool kids of YouCeleb ensured that the step & repeat stayed hot and Pabelona Studios commemorated the evening in video magic. Need more? Find there reviews here. 2013 is just getting started. If you thought this was hot, stay tuned for what's next. Get ready.


Oh, and here's that video:




Johnny T


Yelp GTA Launches Yelp Drinks 2013 with a Black & Red Ball @ Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar

Posted by Kris

Just when you thought the Greater Toronto Elite squad couldn't get any boozier (or classier), they decide to help launch Yelp Drinks GTA and TOTALLY outdo themselves! This past Sunday GTA Elites and special guests congregated in the beautiful waterfront town of Port Credit for an Elite Event of epic proportions at Yelp's Black & Red Ball @ Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar!


Dressed in their classiest Red & Black attire, yelpers were ballin' as they entered Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar. From 7PM on the dot the Yelp Drinks were flowing with one of the largest selections of bevvies at a GTA event to date. At one end, Hop-Heads were happy as Edinger Dunkel was being free poured into commemorative glasses that guests were able to take home at the end of the night. While at the other end of the party the TEN bar staff was mixing up Vodka Yelptini's while pouring a selection of wines by Santa Carolina.


GTA events are coming to be known as a foodies paradise and this one proved to be no different as an extensive selection of beautifully presented snacks were rolled out by Ten's Head Chef Nic Prong as he put on a fantastic show; Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls, Crab and Avocado tacos, Spring rolls, and more.. and more! Everything was delicious!


No ball would be complete without a little music and DJ Shelshock kept the beats and good times going while mixing it up on the ones and twos. All were grooving to the tunes while they made quick use of their mobile apps and checked-in to score a sweet limited edition Yelp Drinks 2013 pint glass (or two... or three) to remember the night by!

All drinks and food aside (or inside) the GTA Elite squad and our special guests made this amazing night, classy and totally possible - Thank you! Thank you for all that you do! Providing his own take on event photography Toronto Elite Chris P was a super star behind the lens and we thank him most of all for his wicked snaps!

Check out the pics here and be sure to peep the reviews here.

Want to jump on the list for next time? Find out here, how neat it really is, to be a GTA Elite.

SYOY, (See You On Yelp)

Kris "Baby-face" U

February 20, 2013

Yelp Drinks Launch Party At The Commons Bar!

On a rainy Tuesday night in San Diego's Gaslamp District, an eager crowd of Yelp Elites and their guests gathered in anticipation outside of The Commons Bar for an invite only Yelp Drinks Launch Party! The food was prepped, the tables were schwaged out, the lighting was dim, the bar was stocked, the music cranked, and The Commons Bar staff braced themselves for the thirsty tidal wave ready to kick Yelp Drinks Week off right!

Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

The evening began with an incredible list of hosted drinks served by an expert staff, which included Commons Bar specialties such as the Tipsy Palmer, Skinny Scorpion and the aptly named Stay Classy. Draft beer, wine and well drinks rounded out the alcohol selection and there was not an empty hand in either the upstairs or main dining room. Oohs and ahhs could be heard with every sip and the jam-packed crowd could be seen sharing their glasses of greatness with their fellow Elites. Mercy B sums it up by saying, "I loved the slushy Tipsy Palmer drink. "I felt like I was in the Caribbean with my toes in the sand." Both bars were buzzing, and we can all agree that those drinks were well worth the wait!

Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

And then there was food... and more food... and more food. From the minute the doors opened the ninja-like servers sliced through the crowd and delivered scrumptious bite after bite of The Commons Bar menu. There were massive amounts of tray passed pretzel nuggets, hummus canapes, session wraps and Philly cheesesteaks — the perfect selection of food for a night based around boozin'. Are we forgetting something? Oh yeah, the wings!  It seemed nearly impossible to walk five steps without seeing someone biting into one of the spicy ranch, volcanic honey mustard or buffalo chicken wings. Best wings in town? Commons Bar, you have a restaurant full of Yelp Elites that will stand by that claim!


Photo Credit: Sara Norris Photography

A big round of applause and major props goes out to The Commons Bar and their staff who were nothing short of stellar, and threw a party that is sure to remembered by all. DJ Noel provided the soundtrack while our favorite roaming photographer Sara Norris worked the room snapping all the action. Once again, it humbles me to be a part of such an incredible Elite Squad. Thank you! You all are truly the best

Party reviews: Here

Incriminating photos: Here

  BradtcbBrad B

Yelp San Diego Community Manager

Yelp Drinks and NHL Season Launch Party!

Posted by Danny Wurst

Monday evening, Chicago kicked off its first ever Yelp Drinks Week with the help over 200 Yelp elite members. In addition to seven days of discounted drink menus at over 50 bars in the city and suburbs they also celebrated the return of the NHL season at the brand new Park Tavern.

PicMonkey Collagep1
Sporting Blackhawk and other jerseys, thirsty folks flocked to the city’s prime new pre-United Center spot to sample a selection of Park Tavern’s tasty bar bites. These included mini burgers, toast with bacon jam, buffalo chicken bites, pulled pork sliders and many more options. Washed down with complimentary Pinnacle Vodka cocktails and Revolution Anti-Hero IPA drafts and the event was certainly an excellent way to wet whistles for a week of discounts ahead.

PicMonkey Collage2
For entertainment, guests enjoyed tunes from a house DJ as well as a Black Jack table hosted by the folks from Drink Deck. Winner winner chicken dinners received Yelp Drinks pint glasses and all attendees of the event received a special discount of $10 for a deck of additional deals around town.

PicMonkey Collage3
Don't worry if you didn't make it out! Park Tavern (@ParkTavernUC) is a Yelp Drinks participant and will be offering discounts on their Kentucky Mule (Reg Price $10 :: YD Price $7, Esperto Pino Grigio (Reg Price $8 :: YD Price $5), La Terra Cab (Reg Price $7 :: YD Price $5), and Revolution Anti Hero Drafts (Reg Price $6 :: TD Price $3) all week long. Check out all the other offerings around town here!

If you didn't make the event check out what you missed by peeping the photo gallery and reviews, but don't worry... Yelp Drinks is half off all week long from Feb 18th-24th so there's still plenty to buzz about. If you were in attendance and want to leave us some feedback please do so here.

Until next time... SYOY(See You On Yelp!)

Danny W Chicago Community Director

February 19, 2013

Yelp Detroit's Hot Winter Nights at Habana!

Posted by Annette

Last week Detroit elites celebrated Cupid's day by convening at Habana in Ann Arbor to elite it up and oh, boy! They were definitely in the mood for some hot lovin'!

At the start of the evening, elites and their guests were treated to a sampling of Habana’s most delicious mojitos and margaritas along with a spread of chips and dips, Cuban sliders, and veggie flatbreads (just to name a tasty few) while they mixed and mingled in Habana’s sexy underground lair!


After the group was sufficiently fueled it was time for salsa dancing! Our fearless instructor Laura effortlessly guided the group through a number of dance steps, starting easy and increasing in difficulty. As a two left-footed observer I can tell you with 100% certainty—this group knows how to move! The dancing lasted nearly an hour and folks were cheering, spinning, and laughing all the while.


As the evening wore down folks were treated to a coupon for more salsa dancing courtesy of Instructor Laura plus a final sweet treat--roses and See's chocolates as a parting gift (in celebration of the big V-Day, natch). Say it with me now: YELP LOVES YOU!


Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Habana for treating us like superstars, our expert dance instructor Laura Geldys for guiding us so expertly (check her out at Dance Revolution at the Phoenix Center), Doug Coombe for the most excellent photos, and of course, our illustrious elites for always being game for an adventure!

Want to know more? Check out the reviews (or write your own) over here and the photos over yonder.

Until we meet again,


Te amo, yelperinos!

Annette J

Community Manager Detroit

Yelp Helps Across the Bay Area!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Yelp Helps

With New Year's resolutions top-of-mind, January 2013 was the perfect time to encourage Yelpers to sign up for our own Bay Area volunteerism campaign, Yelp Helps. That's right, Yelp South Bay and Yelp East Bay challenged Yelpers to make a difference in their local community by donating 3–5 hours in January to a worthy non-profit. No matter a Yelper's passion (cats, kids, the arts, Mother Nature), opportunities were plentiful thanks to our Yelp Helps partner, GoVoluntr, a Silicon Valley website who matches Bay Area locals with volunteer opportunities. Not only do they show where help is needed, but they track volunteer hours and provide all sorts of reward "goodies". Yelpers simply created a free GoVoluntr account, signed up for opportunites and logged their hours... Simple as that!

South Bay Yelpers got into the spirit of giving back right away with a food sort CMYE @ Second Harvest in San Jose. A group of 20+ gathered on a cold, winter evening to sort produce from giant containers to family-size boxes. Whether they were elbows-deep in oranges, weighing boxes or putting together boxes, the two hour committment helped everyone realize how many people in our community are hungry and need help! More importantly, "To see so many people helping out on their day off really warmed, Ellen L's heart. She "knew that all of these people genuinely wanted to give their time and effort to helping out for such a great cause." And if that wasn't fun enough, a very talented Yelper brought handmade cookies with the Yelp burst to everyone who lent a hand that night. Sweet... literally! 

Second Harvest Collage

In addition to group projects, hundreds of South Bay Yelpers donated their time/efforts to a variety of NPO's and shared their experiences on the Yelp Helps listing. "Because of this, I am re-inspired!" cheered Jeralyn M. "I am now volunteering to coach youth basketball; something I LOVED and used to do 5 years ago!" Tram N "loved the Furry Friendly Visits!!!" With this opportunity, she took her "two amazing canines that just love people" to give some TLC to the elderly. Audrey C "Can't wait to volunteer with other Yelpers!" Yelp Helps motivated her to sign up to help at the Boys and Girls Club event in Menlo Park where she couldn't wait to volunteer with other Yelpers!

With over 100 non-profit organizations to work with, East Bay Yelpers had no trouble putting their diverse skills to work. Popular volunteer outings included trimming native trees at Walnut Creek Open Space, teaching entrepreneurship skills to college-bound youth with BUILD, helping refugee job-seekers practice their interviewing & networking skills with Upwardly Global, and packaging fresh produce to be distributed to thousands of families in need with Alameda County Community Food Bank. Describing her experience with Yelp Helps, Amber S claims "Nothing can describe the feeling after you volunteer. Go do it and you will find out!"

East Bay Collage

Yelpers who dedicated 3-5 hours of volunteer work in the month of January not only relished the warm fuzzies and feel-good vibes from their Yelp Helps efforts, but also received an invite to Yelp's Good Karma Ball: an appreciation gala for Yelp Helpers. The regal Castlewood Country Club set the mood for this upscale affair, featuring endless complimentary quaffs from ChambordNinkasibeer, Fortino WineryWoodchuck Cider and Naked JuiceMay D fancied the Fleur de Lis cocktail from Chambord, noting "It's sweet, light, and perfect for brunch or a day out with the gals." Meanwhile, Surge C was smitten with Fortino's almond champagne, professing "I will ever tastechampagne the same way again! Best. Thing. Ever." 

Castlewood's grand ballroom was filled with treats for every palate. La Boulange provided a spread of French macarons and fresh fruit tarts, while Cake Delight built a tower of mini cupcakes that were "almost too cute to eat," Amber S recalls. Baci Chocolates offered a sweet reward for Yelp Helpers in the form of Italian white and dark chocolate hazelnut bonbons, Pretzel Crisps had a dreamy dipping station for their savory snacks, and Rubios kept the sizzling habanero mahi tacos coming all day long. Adam D was won over by "their sweet and spicy flavors, satisfying any palate."

Good Karma BallEach food vendor partnered with a local charity, to share upcoming volunteer opportunities and keep the Yelp Helps spirit alive throughout the year. "Seeing all the organizations along the outskirts of the ballroom and all the yummy delectable bites set up at each table was certainly delightful," Stephanie M adds. "Every morsel of fish taco, every chew of macaron, every sip of my Chambord cocktail, was eloquently presented and appreciated" by this charitable crew.

The party with a purpose continued with festive Face Painting by Poppy and merry-making in theLaugh Box photo booth. "Who knew 7 seconds would amount to that many pages in a flipbook?!"May D muses. "It's a fun keepsake and it only took 3 minutes to put together...how could you not love that?"

Good Karma Collage 2Together, Yelp Helpers donated over 1500 volunteer hours and $36K of pro-bono labor... Definitely a cause to celebrate! Cheers to kicking off 2013 on a helpful note, Yelpers! And don't forget to read the reviews or check out the photos from the Good Karma Ball!

Good Karma Nique Abby

XOXO, Nique F (East Bay Community Manager) and Abby S (South Bay Community Manager)

Melbourne Elite Event: Yelp's Outback Adventure At Captain Melville

Posted by Tresna

Hooroo possums!


Last night Captain Melville welcomed Elite Yelpers and their guests for a night of true blue Aussie fun. There was time to knock back a few beers while the crowd arrived in style courtesy of our friends at Uber who privided free rides for the evening.


Kicking off with a Sundown Australian Lager from James Squire and some gooey cheezy mozzarella balls with salsa verde, Yelpers were challenged to use a secret Aussie phrase in their conversation with the aim of finding their counterpart in the room. Onlookers thought we were carrying on like pork chops, I'm certain, but it made for a lot of laughs and high spirits in the room.



Speaking of high spirits... Andre created a very special cocktail for Yelpers using Monkey Shoulder whiskey and some other delicious ingredients. Topped with one of his home-made boozy whisky cherries, Yelpers made short work of these and wondered about he secret ingredients. Well, there's no need to get your knickers in a knot because I can now present the recipe in full:

The Monkey's Yelp

60ml Monkey Shoulder Whisky

10ml Cointreau

10ml VSOP

15ml Lemon Juice

1tsp Fig Jam

10ml Rose water

 - Shake and strain in to a glass filled with crushed ice. Top with a boozy cherry.

Thankfully Capi sent us some mineral water to keep the hydration levels up after all the cocktail shaking that Yelpers did while learning how to make this drink. Next were some chicken betel leaves and the famed pork belly and crab sliders. Both got thumbs up all round, though the pork won out as crowd favourite in a not-so-very official poll. Bloody oath, they were good!


A great night was had by all. Indeed, you could say it was better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

Until next time, see you round like a rissole (on Yelp)!

Tresna L

More? Hold your horses....

Take a gander at the photos here from John and the ridgy didge reviews here.

Download the Uber app and use MelbYelper2013 to receive $20 off your first ride!

Yelp Vegas's Nacho Average Elite Event At Nacho Daddy

Posted by Misti Yang

This past Saturday UNLV and Yelp Las Vegas both hustled their way to victories. UNLV’s victory was on the basketball court, while Vegas Yelp Elite won big during the Nacho Average Rebel Yellp Elite event at Nacho Daddy. When you combine mountains of delectable nachos, a little bit of basketball and a whole lotta Runnin’ Rebel spirit, there's sure to be lots of winning.

Collage 1.jpg

Nacho Daddy’s Chef Mike slam-dunked a buffet featuring house specialties such as platters of BBQ Pork, Enchilada, Buffalo Chicken, Supreme Tostada and Thai Chicken nachos, dips aplenty — a salsa bar, custom guacamole station, shrimp ceviche, and spinach and artichoke dip — and a spread with quesadillas, Mexi-corn, and two kinds of chimichangas. Yelpers washed all the Mexican delicacies down with margaritas and cold cervezas.


Chad S called the nachos “mounds of goodness on top of goodness.” The guac was a clear fan favorite with Scott H declaring it would be “worth returning for the guac alone.” Karlie G loved the “dangerously delicious” Buffalo chimichangas. Clearly, Sheila G has it right: it was a “veritable feast!”


Elites joined forces in Fab Fives to complete basketball-themed challenges, and the winning team, KRMMB, walked away with UNLV coffee mugs filled with candy. But the prizes didn’t stop there! Vegas Apparel was in the house and generously gave away one of each of their four stylin’ Vegas caps. If you didn’t walk away with one, you can snag one online at lvcaps.com.


Nobody walked away a loser because everybody in attendance received tickets to watch the Runnin’ Rebels dominate the Colorado State Rams on Wednesday courtesy of Nacho Daddy. You can read all the 5-star reviews here. Browse the rest of the fantastic event photos courtesy of Jasmine H and J|Hicks Photography right here.

Go Rebels!


Misti Y, Yelp Las Vegas Community Director

Follow more Yelp Las Vegas adventures!
Facebook facebook.com/yelplasvegas
Twitter @YelpLV
Instagram @YelpLV

Evento Elite "L'acqua fa male, il vino fa cantare" al Vincanto

Posted by Kristina

L'Evento Elite di febbraio si è tenuto al Vincanto, in ''un'atmosfera soft e elegante, ma anche moderna, e particolarmente accogliente" secondo Francesca B. Tra chiacchiere, buona compagnia e "il sommelier" che "ci ha spiegato per filo e per segno ogni vino in modo chiaro e anche simpatico", è stata una serata all'insegna del gusto e della convivialità.

Col1 v

 Il Vincanto ci ha voluto regalare un'esperienza unica, presentandoci 7 assaggi del loro menù, senza contare i dolci. "Abbiamo iniziato con 'La pizza di Gio'; una margherita con burrata al posto della mozzarella, condita con olio" di tartufo, piatto preferito da Elide M. Poi una "flan di carote e zucchine: che dire, sofficissimo e delicato, arricchito da una fonduta di pecorino delle crete senesi e polpettine al sugo e purè all'olio". Come primi abbiamo assaggiato un "roulè gratinato ai formaggi magri e spinaci su coulis di pomodoro e risotto alle cime di rapa e salsiccia, quest'ultimo ha trionfato".

Col 2 v
Per finire in bellezza abbiamo mangiato anche una "melanzane alla parmigiana" strepitosa e una "milanesine di pollo alle due salse e chips" che Alessandro T ha apprezzato molto. Per finire in bellezza abbiamo assaggiato anche un tiramisù e (come lo ha chiamato Sara B) un "cheesecake da paura". La cena è stata accompagnata da 3 ottimi vini offerti dall'azienda Vinicola Luciano Bruni.

Col 3 v

Non potevano mancare gli Oscar di Yelp, questo mese ha vinto Francesco G, con una "standing ovation" per la sua recensione su Tiffany, secondo Michaela B "ha fatto di Elena la più invidiata dalle Yelper". Il premio ambito era "un albero, da piantare dove serve di più" regalato da Treedom.

Col v 5


Un grazie speciale al Vincanto e Treedom e a tutti i partecipanti. Cliccate qui per leggere tutte le recensioni, leggere cosa dicono gli Yelper sul Forum e vedere tutte le foto.


English version 
Monday night at Vincanto a yummy Elite Event took place. In a candle lit ambiance with great service, we had the pleasure to have a full 5 course dinner and a taste of 3 wines offered by the Luciano Bruni wine house. We started off with a fantastic pizza, with a special soft cheese "burrata" and truffle oil. Then a vegetarian flan with melted pecorino cheese and mashed potatoes with fresh olive oil and mini meatballs. 

Col v 4
The second round begun with a risotto with vegetables and sausage with a side dish of crepes filled with ricotta and spinach on a bed of fresh tomato sauce, accompanied by a Chianti wine. After that everyone could not believe there were still two courses. An eggplant parmigiana and a deep fried chicken made their way to the table, followed by a Cheesecake and Tiramisu. 

Col v 6
Francesco G won the Yelp Oscar, with his review about Tiffany. He won a fantastic prize: a gift certificate for a passion fruit tree from Treedom. All the guests got a place card with a yelpy compliment just for them. Thanks to Vincanto and Treedom and to all the Yelpers that participated and made it such a great event. You can see more photos here, read the reviews the thread
  Me y





Kristina G




Yelp Elite snacking @ Fortunen

Posted by Emilie

Dagen før Valentines dag blev den fantastiske Yelp Elite gruppe samlet på Fortunen i København. Arrangementet startede kl.: 17:30, sharp, stor ros til Yelperne som altid kommer til tiden. Jeg er meget imponeret!

PicMonkey Collage
Vi fik serveret et glas af Fortunens friskpressede London Cup:


Derudover fik vi serveret tre forskellige sliders:

- softshell krabbe i tempura med koriander

- Hamburger a la Fortunen 

- Falaffel som på Nørrebro

Lara W opsummerer det meget kort og præcist: "De smagte allesammen godt"!

Én af de tre ejere af Fortunen, Jesper, gav en kort præsentation af stedet.

Her er der plads til alle og det er muligt at hænge ud fra morgenstunden til sen aften. For om torsdagen/fredag/lørdag er der nemlig en DJ som vender plader. Fortunen er et perfekt sted at nyde middag, drinks og musik. Udover Fortunen ejer de også Cafe Dyrehaven og Bakken.

Aztrid S er ikke i tvivl: "Fortunen er et sted, jeg sagtens kunne finde på at besøge igen, såvel alene som i selskab med andre. Glæder mig til sommer, hvor man kan sidde udenfor"!

I løbet af aftenen blev der uploaded billeder, bl.a. af Laura E og Christian S.

Vil du vide mere?

Læs anmeldelserne

Se billeder

Del dine oplevelser!

Lær mere om Yelp Elite gruppen og hvordan du kan blive Elite, lige her.

De skarpe billeder blev foreviget af Jill Christina, verdensklasse!

Tak til alle der deltog, heads up til Miriam W som havde taget turen fra San Francisco for at møde Københavns sejeste Yelpere.

Indtil næste gang,



Kærlig hilsen

Emilie B

Community Manager København


In English:

The day before Valentines day, the fabulous Yelp Elite Squad of Copenhagen was invited to Fortunen. The fun started at 5:30 PM, credit to the Elites for always being on time - I am utterly impressed! 


We were served a glass of their famous, freshly squeezed London Cup:


The food on offer was three types of sliders: 

- Softshell crab

- Beef

- Falaffel

Linda F was particularly fan of the softshell crab: "I thought the slider idea was put to great use with the softshell crab slider because it really was the perfect size to enjoy deliciously battered and fried crab".


One of the owners, Jesper, gave a short presentation of Fortunen. This is a place where you can hang out all day and on Thursday/Friday/Saturday there is a DJ playing. Besides Fortunen, they also own Cafe Dyrehaven and Bakken


If you are not a regular at Fortunen, what are you waiting for? It is time to get to know this unique pearl in the heart of the city. Not like other places; Fortunen is original, down to earth and trendy. Virginia Y was excited: "The drinks and sliders were awesome! Place feels young and hip environment". 


During the evening, Yelpers uploaded pictures, have a look at Young R and Natasha F photos. 

Want more?

Read the reviews!

Look at the photos!

Share your experience

Learn more about the Elite Squad and how to become an Elite right here.


Special thanks to Jill Christina for capturing moments from the evening, and Miriam W who flew in from San Francisco to meet the coolest Yelpers of Copenhagen


Until next time, 

SYOY! (See you on Yelp)


Emilie B

Community Manager Copenhagen 


Yelp OTP's Modern Love

Posted by HeidiP

Inspired by both David Bowie and the world today, it doesn’t matter whether you brought a special someone, came to score a date for Valentines Day or just want to drink some beer – We celebrated Modern Love on February 13th.

A so-called intimate group of about 45 gathered at Red Hare Brewing in Marietta. Yelpers were given six beer taste tickets each and taken on guided tours of the brewery throughout the evening. Dustin Barclay entertained with his original folky, indie rock tunes as well as some covers, including Modern Love by David Bowie!

Modern 2

With Special guests, thanks to Mostly Mutts in Kennesaw!
Brent H: Puppies.  Puppies make everything better.
Tamara M: Some of the cutest puppies you've ever seen!
Lindy F: Adorable puppies around for a modern take on a kissing booth (my kind of smooches)!
Tanya C: We had puppies, awesome treats, puppies, beer, puppies, brewery tour, puppies, photo booth, puppies, live music.  Did I mention the puppies?  Oh em gee.  So cute!! 

Modern love

Foodtruck Fatty's of Atlanta served New York style Sabrett hot dogs topped with spicy mustard and onion sauce, with a side of homemade macaroni and cheese with a sprinkle of bacon at the top. ...and if Yelpers didn't already have toothaches from the puppies, they indulged in a fresh cannoli dubbed "serious" by Tamara M. "These guys definitely know what they're doing." That's what I'm tawkin' about! LeahAndMark.com set up a photobooth to snap pics of Yelpers and loved ones (which included humans, puppies, hot dogs and beer alike!)

Check out all the sweet pics here and more rave reviews here!
Thanks again to Red Hare Brewing Company, Fatty’s of Atlanta, Mostly Mutts Rescue, Dustin Barclay, photographer Stephen MacArthur and LeahAndMark.com



Heidi P

Helsinki Yelpers take on Restaurant Day

Posted by Mikko

Ravintolapäivä Yelpin tapaan: parikymmentä Yelpperiä, Helsinki Limon bussi ja kymmenkunta eri ravintolaa kattava kaupunkikiertoajelu.

Ravintolapäivän konsepti on aivan mahtava. Se on päivä jolloin kuka tahansa, missä tahansa, voi avata oman ravintolan päiväksi. Sen voi pystyttää niin toimistoon, omaan asuntoon kuin vaikkapa puistoon. Pelkästään jo Pääkaupunkiseudulla avattiin liki parisataa yhdenpäivän ravintolaa.


Bussimme oli lastattu täyteen juotavaa, mikä varmisti, että 5 tunnin kiertoajelu ei tulisi kenellekään tylsäksi. Tuukka L:n mielestä rafladösä-tapahtuma ”sisälsi olennaiset elementit: sightseeingiä eri puolilla Helsinkiä, virvokkeita, hyvää ruokaa ja parasta toivomaa seuraa” eli ” ihan kuin olisi matkannut Beatlesin Magical Mystery Tour -bussissa”.


Matka alkoi Mikonkadun bussilaiturilta ja ensimmäinen pysäkki oli musiikkistudioon avattu Borg Katajanokalla. Tarjolla oli italialaisia herkkuja lasagnesta tiramisuun. Seuraavaksi matka vei Kompassitorille, Blini&Caviar telttaan, jossa päästiin nauttimaan aivan taivaallisista muikunmäti blineistä. Seuraavana vuorossa oli La Crêperie Kapteeninkadulla. Paljon kehuja sateli erityisesti kastanjalevitteellä täytetyistä crêpeistä.

Potjack Juice Bar oli ehkä päivän hauskin/erikoisin tapaus. Kyseinen pulju oli pystytetty taidegallerian tiloihin. Mehuissa oli mitä mielenkiintoisimpia makuyhdistelmiä, esimerkkinä chiliä, korianteria, persiljaa ja rucolaa sisältänyt terveysjuoma.


Kampin keskuksessa syötiin portugalilaisia leivoksia. Sandelsin talossa kuunneltiin naiskuoron laulua, sekä popsittiin vohveleita. Pitäjänmäen Heavenly Scent Cellar Caféssa oli päivän lämpimin vastaanotto. Tarjolla oli lohikeittoa ja makeata purtavaa ja kaikki omakotitalon kellarissa totta kai. Illan viimeinen ja ehkä maukkain kokemus oli kerrostaloasunnosta löytynyt Arabia Soup and Burger. Siellä 3 kämppäkaveria loihtivat hirmuhyviä burgereita ja ruokailua säesti live dj.


Urakka oli kova, etenkin kaikille kesäkuntoon pyrkiville, mutta pitäähän sitä joskus vähän päästä nauttimaankin.

Yelp arvostelut löytyät täältä!

Tapahtuman kuvat löytyvät Flickr:istä.

Iso kiitos kaikille osallistujille. Otetaan ensikerralla uudestaan:)



Mikko A

Community Manager Helsinki


In English:

Restaurant Day in true Yelp fashion: approximately 20 Yelpers, one sweet ass Helsinki Limo mini-bus and a tasting-tour, including multiple restaurants all over Helsinki.

For those of you who don’t know, Restaurant Day is absolutely awesome! It’s a day when whoever, wherever, can open their very own restaurant. You can set up shop in your office, your own apartment or even in a public place like a park. In the metropolitan area alone, a couple hundred one-day restaurants were opened.

PicMonkey Collage1

The bus was packed with beer, cider and soft drinks, assuring that no one would get bored during the 5-hour event. Tuukka L. felt that ”the event included all of the essential elements: sightseeing in different districts, beverages, good eats and the best company one could ever hope for”. It was like ”being on the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour bus”.

PicMonkey Collage2

The journey began from the Central Railway Station from where we headed to Borg, a restaurant in a music studio. They offered all kinds of traditional Italian recipes from lasagna to tiramisu. Next up was Blini&Caviar, a tent set up at Kompassitori. They’re caviar blinis were to die for! After that we headed over to La Crêperie on Kapteeninkatu. The crêpes with chestnut spread were an absolute hit.

Potjack Juice Bar was without a doubt the most fun/interesting experience. The setting was a contemporary art gallery and the menu included drinks that were a combination of e.g. coriander, chili, rucola & parsley.

PicMonkey Collage3

In the Kamppi shopping mall we ate Portugese pastries. In a school in Töölö we listened to a women’s choir and munched on delicious sweet and savory waffles. The Heavenly Scent Cellar Cafe in the Pitäjänmäki neighborhood gave us without a doubt the warmest welcome of the entire day. They offered salmon soup and sweet treats, in a cellar setting of course! The tour’s last and probably most delicious experience was the Arabia Soup & Burger in an apartment behind the Arabia shopping mall. 3 roommates served us mouthwatering burgers and to top it off there was a live-dj.

PicMonkey Collage4

What a great experience it was, at least if you don’t count the calories:)

You can read the event reviews here on Yelp!

More pictures here!

A big thanks to all of you. Let’s do this again.



Mikko A

Community Manager Helsinki

Yelp Elite Event @ Cocktail & Burger!

Posted by Chris Docherty

Apparently this place does cocktails and burgers... Yip, it definitely does cocktails and burgers... who'd a thunk it?!

PicMonkey Collage1
With a buzz already reverberating around the glasgow munch and slurp scene and countless 'ooft, amazing!' reviews popping up on that there Yelp, it seemed like a totally obvious choice to get the community down to what is quickly becoming the place to be on Sausageroll Street!

PicMonkey Collage2
Descending the stairs into this uber cool bar, Yelpers were greeted with a smile and a wonderful choice of the C&B peach or strawberry daiquiri. With chatter flowing and the bar filling up to bursting point (on a Monday to boot!) the grub started to make it's way around the eger bunch! Chicken skewers, wings, mini burgers, stealth fries... you name it, we ate it!

PicMonkey Collage3
Topping off the night of awesome, the belly full bunch were treated to a choice of cocktails from the extensive menu. White Russian? Aye! Martini? Aye! You name it, we drank it!

PicMonkey Collage4
It's hard not to see the appeal of this place. It's slick, underground, bursting with quality foods, drinks and spot on efficient service entirely justifies the glowing reviews it's received so far. It's fair to say that last nights event may well have just secured them some new C&B converts! 

PicMonkey Collage5
Big thanks go to the C&B staff on the night, the management and the social media dude Ross for saying 'Yelp? Aye, mon in for a chat!'. The guys here really know how to treat a customer, whether it's a sole punter ordering up a classic cheese burger, or a big ass bunch of Yelpers doing there thing!

PicMonkey Collage6
As always with the Yelp events, you can leave your own feedback on the night by popping over to the event listing and writing a review! All wordies are forwarded onto the biz themselves... it's just our chance to say 'Cheers and we'll be back!'.

Chuck 'em wordies here and check out what others have been saying!

Like 'em photos? Check the whole set out here!

As ever we doff our cap to resident photo dude Mr A Watson. Without his snazzy snappy skills we'd never see all those photos of us with our mouths full and looking daft... thanks Ally?

PicMonkey Collage7

I've been Chris D. As ever you can find me here, Yelp here, here and of course here.

See you on Yelp ya crazy bunch!

Soirée Elite Yelp Lille Pop Your Love @ Streetbox Gallery

Posted by Lucie

YELP ELITE #7 @Streetbox ©AliceG-04
En ce lendemain de St Valentin une cinquantaine de Yelpeurs avaient rendez-vous à la Streetbox Gallery : pour découvrir Pop Your Love un lieu éphémère et girly où des créateurs exposent leurs collections.

Ambiance 2

Côté ambiance Pruitt Igoe, aux platines a conquis les oreilles attentives de Constance V  il est son « nouveau Dieu, après des tentatives infructueuses de Shazam-er les morceaux qu'il passait » elle réclame une play list, une play list !!!

  YELP ELITE #7 @Streetbox ©AliceG-46

Côté food c’est Julicious, traiteur US qui a émoustillé les papilles de Guillaume O « c'était vraiment Yummy Yummy ! Julie était très sympa, se fût un réel plaisir de découvrir comment son aventure culinaire à commencé !»


En résumé Blandine D était «bien heureuse d'avoir retrouvé les Yelpeurs et cette ambiance conviviale que l 'on aime tant! Une belle réussite !»

YELP ELITE #7 @Streetbox ©AliceG-83

Un GRAND merci à :

La Streetbox Gallery

A Julie de Julicious, traiteur US'

Alice Gonsolin pour les superbes photos : WaXeb Photographie

Le DJ set hosted by Pruitt Igoe .

A Nous Lille, partenaire media. 

Retrouvez les avis ici et les photos  !


*A Bientôt Sur Yelp

YELP ELITE #7 @Streetbox ©AliceG-33

Lucie C

Community Manager Yelp Lille

>> English version <<

YELP ELITE #7 @Streetbox ©AliceG-86
Last Friday, more than 50 Yelpers came at this new Elite évent at the Streetbox Gallery to discover Pop Your Love, a pop up store, girly and some créations of fashion designers.

Pruitt Igoe the DJ created a great atmsophere with his " really good mix discreet but efficient, thanks, thanks and thanks again !" Virginie M loved it !

YELP ELITE #7 @Streetbox ©AliceG-45
Julicous, the american food sponsor made « some cobb salads, veggie wraps, basilic cakes it was awesome, so US !» Marine G is already a huge fan of this food !

Special thanks to :

The Streetbox Gallery, the venue. 

Julie with Julicous, the food sponsor.

Alice Gonsolin, for her amazing photos : WaXeb Photographie

The DJ set hosted by Pruitt Igoe.

A Nous Lille, media partner.

You can find the reviews here and the photos there ! 


*See You On Yelp 

YELP ELITE #7 @Streetbox ©AliceG-33

Lucie C

Community Manager Yelp Lille

February 18, 2013

OKC Elites Enjoy Yelp's Smashing Social at Smashburger

Posted by Julie P

An eight-course menu consisting of appetizers, burgers and sandwiches left every Elite happily stuffed and hopelessly devoted to all things smashed! From the OKC burger, which features fried pickles, to the crowd fave Mushroom Swiss, Elites are in agreement, “Smashing is Better!” Vegetarians and non-beef eaters were pleased to taste their way through a host of chicken and black bean options.

Smash 1
OKC’s Mustang Brewing was on hand to serve up Session ‘33, the beloved local brewery's American Pale Lager. Mustang beers are served in all OKC Smashburger stores, an excellent partnership indeed!

Smash 3

In case Elites needed one more reason to love Smashburger, the final course of the evening featured delicious Häagen-Dazs shakes in Oreo and Salted Caramel. The five star reviews and killer photos say it all – Smashburger really is is smashingly good!


Jpo smashburger

Julie P 
Yelp OKC Community Manager 

Richmond Elites Feel The Love At European Taste

Posted by Jamie

Yesterday, Elites and guests headed to Richmond's West End for an afternoon filled with homemade European cuisine at Yelp's Seeing Red elite event. Love was the word of the day, as guests looked ravishing in red and quickly fell head over heels for European Taste. Owners Ligia and Adrian couldn't have been more welcoming, and their authentic, crave-worthy cuisine left all of us planning our next visit. Kelly C puts it best: "It's true, their food is definitely made with love."

Collage 1 option 3
Our fantastic Romanian hosts showed Elites what it means to taste true European classics. They pleased our palates with an array of delicious bites including spinakopita, vegetarian dolmathakia, langosh (heavenly fried dough filled with feta cheese) and baklava. Michelle A couldn't get enough of the chicken schnitzel: "If I could make schnitzel like that, I'd probably hang a sign up outside my door letting everyone know what a schnitzel boss I am. Alas, I cannot. So I'll have to come back next time I'm in the mood for some perfectly seasoned, crisp pan-fried chicken." Sounds like a perfect plan!

Collage 2
In addition to filling our bellies with incredible cuisine, guests also broke the ice with a good old fashioned game of Yelp-O and one lucky winner scored tickets to the VA Wine Expo! But not to worry, no one left empty-handed – everyone took home personalized candy Valentine's, just like in elementary school!

Collage 3
Judith L loves discovering hidden gems, so this event couldn't have been more ideal: "I'm always happy to find and support a small business that's so full of heart like this one!" Our sentiments exactly. A huge thank you to Ligia and Adrian of European Taste for being such amazing hosts and truly making it an afternoon to remember! And a big shout out to Yelptern Lauren G for snapping shots of the shindig.

Want more? Peep all the photos and read all the reviews! Interested in joining in on the fun? Check out the Elite page!

Until next time, SYOY,

Jamie D (with Intern Lauren G)

Yelp Richmond Community Manager

February 17, 2013

Yelpfest: Romanticizing Life

Posted by Tine

Singel, halvsingel, complicated, kjærestepar eller gift. Uansett sivilstatus, torsdag inviterte Yelp Oslo til Romanticizing Life hos Backyard i Kværnerbyen. Det var et fantastisk godt oppmøte, litt krampekoselig i starten, men som Kristin B sa, "det tvang oss til å sosialisere og møte noen andre fantastiske Yelpere." Og med så mange folk samlet på en gang ble det fort god stemning!

Fra kjøkkenet sørget Tony Sweet for at Yelperne ble vartet opp med fruktpunsj, gode kyllingboller, pølser, pastasalater, dipper, spareribs og mye mer. Summert opp av Ingvild M: "Når man på toppen av det hele får god musikk og fantastiske brownies, så vet ikke jeg hva som kan gjøres bedre." Men det var faktisk mer! For vi hadde gaveposer med te fra Mitt Kina og solkort fra Brun og Blid. Vi er ikke snauere enn at vi sier som Sigurd H: "Alt som er gratis ligger godt an til å score høyt på Sigurdskalaen." Kjenner vi Sigurd rett, sier det en hel del om at det er akkurat der vi vil ligge!


Vi hadde også en komplimentskonkurranse, hvor man skulle skrive det fineste komplimentet man kunne komme på, og laste det opp et bilde av det på Yelp. Resultatene var mange og ehm... kreative. Markus M vant 1. plass og et gavekort til Godt Brød.


_DSC0474Vil du ha mer?


En spesiell takk til Brun og Blid for solkort, min kollega Uli B som atter en gang tok seg turen fra London for å bli kjent med Oslos fantastiske Yelpere - og ikke minst alle dere andre som kom!  Jeg gleder meg vilt mye til neste fest, men frem til da.... VSPY!

Tine V
Yelp Oslo Community Manager









Single, half single, complicated or married. No matter your actual status, Yelp Oslo invited everyone to Romanticizing Life at Backyard in Kværnerbyen. The turn-up was great, a little "krampekoselig" to start with perhaps, but as Kristin B said: "it forced us to socialize and meet some other great Yelpers." And there were a lot of great Yelpers there that night!


From the kitchen, chef Tony Sweet ensured that the Yelpers got to taste of his menu. We had chicken meatballs, sausages, pasta salads, plenty of dips, spareribs and lots more. All along, we also enjoyed fruit-punch and True Story Brownies. Ingvild M says: "To top it all, when you get good music and fantastic brownies, I don't know what can be done to make it better."  But in fact, there was more, because of course Yelp had free goodies from both Brun og Blid and Chinese tea from Mitt Kina. As Sigurd H put it: "Everything free gives a pretty good score on the Sigurd scale." Knowing Sigurd, we sure know where we like to be.


We also had a compliment competition, where the Yelpers were supposed to write the down the nicest compliment they could thing of. The results were as abundant as they were ehm... creative. The winner of the night was Markus M that got a gift-certificate to Godt Brød.


Want s'more? _DSC0477

Special thanks to Brun og Blid for the suncards, True Story Brownies, my co-worker Uli B, who yet again made it over here from London to meet Oslo's great Yelpers, and last but not least, a big thanks to all of you for coming and making the night so awesome - I'm already looking forward to the next party, but until then... SYOY!

Tine V
Yelp Oslo Community Manager

Zürich Elite Event: Yelp und die Mixologie

Posted by Simon R

Das Jahr ist nun so langsam aber sicher eingeläutet - und Yelp hat auch das Elite-Jahr 2013 gestartet. Am Samstag 16. Februar 2013 war es soweit, Yelp Zürich lud die Elite zum zweiten Elite Event der Schweiz ein. Dieses Mal wurden die Teilnehmer mit einem exklusiven Cocktail-Mixkurs im Barfly'z im Kreis 2 verwöhnt. Um 16:30 Uhr öffnete das Lokal exklusiv für die Zürcher Elite die Türen.


Nachdem alle Teilnehmer eingecheckt waren, gint es mit einem Begrüssungs-Erdbeer-Margarita los und alle stiessen auf ein erfolgreiches 2013 an. Dann stellte sich Alex, der Bartender im Barfly'z mit sympathischem französischem Akzent vor und zeigte uns ein paar Stunts mit seinen Alkohol-Flaschen, aus welchen er einen leckeren, sehr fruchtigen Shot zubereitete. Selbstverständlich wurden diese in Yelp-Shotgläsern serviert, wie könnte es anders sein.


Und dann ging das Mixen los. Jeder Yelper durfte einen aus über 200 Cocktails aus der Karte auswählen - ein verdammt schwieriges Verfahren, wie sich herausstellte. Doch es dauerte nicht lange und die ersten standen hinter der Bar und mixten unter Anleitung von Alex ihren Wunschcocktail. Spannende Kreationen kamen dabei heraus, wie zum Beispiel ein Apple-Mojito mit wunderschöner Dekorierung oder ein mit Gewürzen und Chilli vollgepackter Pisco Sour.


Selbstverständlich durfte auch dieses Mal ein kleiner Wettbewerb nicht fehlen, und so knipsten die Yelper um die Wette. Ein Fotowettbewerb also, bei dem die Teilnehmer coole Fotos vom Event schossen und mit der Yelp App gleich auf Yelp luden sowie mit ihren Likes bewerteten. Es wurde ultra-spannend, und mit 85 Fotos war die Auswahl riesig, doch letzten Endes gewann Jonas R mit seinem Bild und sicherte sich somit zwei Tickets für den Salon du Chocolat im März.


Es gab auch noch einiges zu Verkünden: So war Mindy H, extra aus Nyon angereist, unsere erste und einzige Gold-Elite-Yelperin der Schweiz anwesend und wurde mit einem grossen Applaus und einem Yelp T-Shirt beschenkt. Zum Abschluss beglückte uns Alex nochmals mit einem Shot und so liessen wir den Event langsam ausklingen. 


Ein grosses Danke an das Team vom Barfly'z und natürlich Alex für die tolle und witzige Einführung in die Welt des Cocktailmixens. Auch ein grosses Danke an Mario H von Blendwerk, unserem tollen Fotografen für die schönen Bilder.

Hier könnt ihr lesen, was die Zürcher Yelp Elite über den Anlass denkt sowie deren Wettbewerbs-Fotos anschauen und hier könnt ihr alle Fotos anschauen.

"Elite sii isch schigg", na eben, sagen wir ja. Interessiert? Hier erfährst du mehr über die Yelp Elite.

Bis dann, SYOY


Simon R

Yelp Community Manager Zürich


In February 2013 it was time for Zurich's second Elite Event. The fabulous Elite Squad was invited to Barfly'z for a cocktail mix-course. After getting a welcome-strawberry-margarita, the Elites could chose one out of 200 coktails from the menu. After a round of very delicious and fruity shots, everybody got to mix their very own cocktail with the help of Alex, our bartender. Of course there was a competition this time as well: the attendees shot great photos of the event and instantly uploaded and voted for them with their likes on the app. After reviewing all 85 photos it was to be found that Jonas R had won tickets to the Salon du Chocolat. We ended the event with another round of shots and some announcements: Mindy H, our first and only Swiss Gold Elite Yelper was present and got a big round of applause as well as a Yelp t-shirt.

A big thanks to Barfly'z and their bartender Alex for the witty and cool introduction to the mistery of mixology. Also a big thanks to our fabulous photographer Mario H from Blendwerk for the great photos.

Read here what the Elites thought about the event as well as to check out the competition-photos. Or check out all of of event-photos here.

Simon R

February 16, 2013

Yelp's Saucy Soirée at Baltimore Clayworks Spread The Love!

Posted by Elsa M.

Yelp's Saucy Soirée at Baltimore Clayworks - A Poem

It was the night before Valentine's Day and all through the gallery,

folks mixed and they mingled and ate and drank merrily!

The Elites and their guests (all guests, single guys and girls),

wrote reviews of themselves... most of which were real pearls!

5-stars for a machete juggler... another a poet,

a third loved her animals, but from her distrust of vegans, you wouldn't know it!

The prizes they won were uber top notch,

from Wale and Mos Def concert passes, to glamorous gala tickets (can you say 'celeb watch?')!

Sipping on Bad Decision's bubbling concoction and magical Sparkling Ice,

music from a harpist made the mood oh, so nice.

Across the way, there was more to say:

As a fortuneteller predicted love stories

(some of them sounded suited for crazy guests of Maury's)!

The weather was abysmal - with rain, sleet, and snow,

but once Baltimore's newest food truck arrived, you wouldn't've even known!

Hardy's Q's baked beans surprised with a secret cinnemon-y wonder...

enough to make the party-goers scoop a bit... and then just give in and plunder!

Creamy, delicious cole slaw and succulent chicken sliders, 

made for love at first bite and soon-to-return diners.

Leaving Baltimore Clayworks, the evening was complete...

but not before many started making plans to come back, visit, and repeat.

Yelp's Saucy Soirée at Baltimore Clayworks

Happy Valentine's Day, loves...

Elsa M.

Yelp Baltimore Senior CM






February 15, 2013

It's P-arty Time in Columbus!

Posted by Christina C.

Everyone knows you can't spell party without the letter "P." So it made total sense to go ahead and throw a P-themed Party of epic Proportions at Pies & Pints!

Columbus Elites pulled up to The Yelp Elite P Party prepared to enjoy Piles of Pizza, endless Pints from Elevator, and a Private enclosed Patio!

P party

Emma L sums it up quite Perfectly:

"From the moment we walked in until the moment we left, bf & I were definitely treated to a top-notch (and awesomely free) night.

Walked in, BLAM - spin the wheel for free stuff (congrats Liz & Brian for winning the P&P gift card!). Turned around, BLAM - table full of free salads, pizzas, apps AND desserts. Filled my plate, BLAM - awesome server Mark asking if I had a ticket and needed a beer. Had some nice Elites share their table so we didn't have to stand and eat, BLAM - is that game one of my childhood faves, Pass the Pigs? So silly. On our way out, BLAM - don't forget your free pint glass. Awesome, awesome, awesome."

PPics were snapped by the always pleasant, Joel from J Alexander Photography and are posted on our Flickr Page.

Elites penned passionate reviews here.

Peace out!

- Christina C (Yelp Columbus) & Mandy S (the Propitious Intern)

February 14, 2013

North County SD Elite's Are In Love With Yelp!

Posted by Trish

Black tie? How bout' RED ti(d)e! NCSD Elite's fell in love with Carruth Cellars at Yelp's Red Ti(d)e Affair: It was a red themed magical night of wine and food at our new favorite local urban winery. Be mine Yelpers, and read on for the romantic details and a sweet synopsis of the soiree...


Carruth Cellars hosts every event with love and gratitude. The 135+ guests strolled up a red carpet and the bartenders poured the reds and pinks with no end in sight. Our event name sake, Carruth's Red Tide Table Wine was an Elite favorite, and they popped the corks on a huge selection of thier award winning creations all night long. Literally our glasses were never empty! The staff was a sweet as can be, we wanted to cuddle with them for hours! And that's not just the wine talking...

PicMonkey Collage

The event spilled into an outdoor area, complete with wine barrels and a projection screen featuring Some Like It Hot, while indoors, the tasting room, barrel room, and upstairs lounge gave the crowd plenty of room to explore the facility! A fully functioning winery, they bottle their delicious products right on site. Carruth Cellars really set the mood, what a great venue filled with generosity and amazing wine! A true local business focused on loving the local community.

Maybe you're just having a love affair with food? We get that. Affordable Affairs Gourmet Catering does too and provided a never ending selection of tasty tidbits, passed appetizers, and a hot station. Chef David Tepper and his staff impressed our palates with a Valentine's red extravaganza including chicken waldorf cannoli (roasted chicken with green apple topped with caramelized onion, red raspberry compote, and orange zest) shrimp topped filo tarts, red deviled eggs with caviar and pink Himalayan sea salt, filet of beef on potato crostini (with red balsamic glaze!) omg delicious bacon wrapped soft shell crab, an impressive antipasto display, a hot station with chicken pot stickers and red corn quesadilla's... and that red pomegranate pâté? Obsessed! Affordable Affairs loves to serve people who love food-Hey that's us! We were happy to oblige and now we're pretty crazy about them too!

Affordable affairs

Yelp's love for you could have lived on the cupcakes alone! 2Good2B Bakery & Cafe treated us to a selection of red velvet and their new strawberry shortcake flavors. Gluten Free and you'd never know the difference, it was 2Good2B true: They even created mock wedding cakes! Will you marry us cupcake? They were so plentiful we even had a few left over, that HAS to be an Elite Event first!

When Yelp takes you out on a date, we go over the top! Mood Music? Naturally! DJ Jay from Brannan Entertainment lit up the room and kept the vibe vivacious spinning the beats, then a sweetheart of a surprise, Magician & Mentalist Kevin Viner provided astounding magic tricks that blew our minds: A balloon turned into a wine bottle, wedding rings were linked, watches were stolen, wait... is this your card? Amazing! Up in the lounge we one-uped the usual boring valentine's card with Caricatures & Cartoons By Dave! Nothing says j'adore more than a personal portrait. Your yelpish faces may have been blown out of proportion, but that just means there's more of you to love!


The all red party was captured forever by Great Pic's Photobooths. They came with a huge selection of all red props for our theme and instant printouts for keep sakes. We framed your faces in rouge with custom prop creations and gave you top hats to match your ties! NCSD's favorite photographer, Jonathan Bagalso, was on hand to snap all those stolen moments by the wine barrels... we won't kiss and tell!


Check out the galleries on Flicker, Facebook, and the 5 star reviews on the Event page.

Yelp + Elites = <3 Forever. Thanks for being Yelp's Valentine!








xoxo Trish S NCSD Community Manager


South Bay-Peninsula Elites Heart their Health!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

February is synonymous with Valentine's Day... but did you also know it's National Hearth Month? Time for South Bay-Penisula Yelp Elites to give themselves a little TLC at our most recent event, Heart Your Health with Yelp and One Medical Group!

Heart Your Health Collage 1

Our event co-host, One Medical Group, recently extended their practice beyond San Francisco to Palo Alto as well as Burlingame. Anything but your typical doctor's office, One Medical offers unique member benefits including same-day appointments, online appointment scheduling (via Web and iPhone app), email access to your doctor, and convenient locations. They wanted to "spread the love" to the best Yelpers in the area, so why not do introduce themselves to the local Elite Squad in a healthy (but fun) way? 

Because Yelpers are always down to try new things, Equinox San Mateo seemed like the perfect venue to heart our health. Their fitness club is uniquely designed to provide unprecedented service, innovative fitness programming and restorative wellness treatments all setting the stage for the ultimate in performance and rejuvenation. From personal training to group fitness to the locker rooms, not a single aspect of the member experience is overlooked and our event attendees took notice! "Although I've lived in this area for years," mentioned Jenny L, "I'm glad Yelp shed light on this elite gym. You can tell just by the little things that make life easier even in the restrooms with spacious stalls."

Heart Your Health Collage 2

For the first hour, Yelpers had the option of a few group fitness classes: yoga, spinning or Danceation. OR if they weren't into the whole class thing, Equinox allowed them to take advantage of their gym and freestyle it for 45 minutes. Vi L thought, "The cycling class was awesome. The instructor was really helpful with everyone to help set up their bikes. I was a little intimidated because it was only my 2nd time doing a cycling class. The bikes were really clean and easy to handle. The instructor was awesome and the music kept me hyped up and wanting more." Likewise, Denise L felt like "the Danceation class kicked my butt. Heath Hunter is extremely dynamic and energetic, as well as very welcoming. Great characteristics for a teacher -- he put us all at ease right away. I wouldn't be surprised if this style becomes a new phenomenon like Zumba. Great for cardio and I was SUPER sweaty during and after the class!" Work it, Denise!

And since every good workout deserved a reward, One Medical and Just Catering were there to greet guests in the Equinox cafe with liquid refreshments and healthy bites. Said Rebecca S,"After a good butt-kicking, I loved that we were immediately served ice cold lemonade, super scrumptious appetizers, and of course, wine." Cat V's favorite was the glazed fig and goat cheese tartlet. "It was like a burst of creamy goodness with hints of sweet and savory (cue balsamic) flavors. I wanted to grab a bunch and stash 'em down my tank but I'm sure many would've noticed since I was wearing a workout top." Other menu items included chicken satay skewers as well as roasted new potatoes stuffed with salmon and celery root. 

Heart Your Health Collage 3

At the reception, One Medical made themselves available to chat about their services AND, more importantly, made the announcement that everyone in attendance would be privy to a complimentary one year membership! Retail value = $150. Yelpers were encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and share their experience (along with the discount code) to friends, co-workers and family in the Peninsula. Along with a one-week complimentary membership to Equinox San Mateo, our VIP Yelpers are up to the challenge of spreading the word about these fabulous local services.

Elite Alyx L "had a blast at this yelp event.  I thought it was a really unique experience since 1. It wasn't focused on food and 2.There was a defined activity.  I really enjoyed getting to explore the fitness club, participate in the cycling class and then get to gorge on some delicious appetizers." Emmalouise B gave the shindig 5-stars because it "Combined two of my favorite things - Working out and hanging out with Yelp buddies." Finally, Allison M "LOVED the goat cheese and fig bites, LOVED the lemonade, plan to LOVE the year membership to One Medical." 

Read the 5-star reviews, check out the photos courtesy of Stung Photography and heart your own health this month while there's time. 

Blood, sweat and Yelp tears, baby!

Abby S Heart Your Health

Abby S (with Elite Cat V), South Bay-Peninsula Community Manager

Come On and (Kitchensurfing) Safari with Boston Elites!

Posted by Damien S

What better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than by, well, getting fat? Even Nemo's mile-high snowbanks couldn't keep Boston's brightest and culinarily curiousest(?) from sampling the wares of six personal chefs in the comfort and coziness of Rival Marketing's test kitchen Tuesday night.


From succulent meatballs soaked in a savory saffron broth to pan-roasted duck breast over winter root purees to plaintain stews and Moroccan mussels, the flavors of Kitchensurfing's inaugural chef roster for their upcoming professional-chef-to-your-kitchen Boston launch. Thirsts stirred by the barrage of bites were sated by brilliant bespoke concoctions from Booze Époque and sips of Slumbrew's limited-edition line. The Somerville hopheads "were kind enough to bring the new creation My Better Half, a delectable imperial cream ale" that had Danielle F going back for sevenths.


"As Kitchensurfing guru Ben mentioned, the relationship between chef and diner is getting more personal...  People are beginning to care how they eat, and this Elite event was a stellar example of where this process is headed." We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Dorise G. Of course, food and drink are only two ingredients in this jammin' jambalaya, and a hefty pinch of "getting to know you" goes a long way. Tickets to the Boston Wine Expo went to a few lucky newbs and veterans who proved their prowess at the original social networking: face-to-face intros!


Tatsu scaled appliances to capture the magic (Flickr and Facebook), and the reviews are simmering in five-star anise. Go? Let us know and pen your own! Then pop on Talk and battle over your favorite plate. In the end, we all win.

Ready for Round 2,


Damien S (with Yelpterns Sue H and Lizzy B)

Die Hamburger Elite hebt ab im Sturzflug!

Posted by Mareike

"Das erste große Yelp Event dieses Jahr hat eingeschlagen wie eine Bombe", so Björn R.
Gemeinsam mit Qype organisierten wir einen exklusiven Abend im Möwe Sturzflug. Der Elite Hochadel, die VIQs (Very Important Qypers) und Heiko T, der König von Hamburg persönlich, ließen sich dies nicht zweimal sagen und standen pünktlich um 20:00 Uhr auf der Matte.

Yelp hebt ab Blog 1

Wer hungrig gekommen war, bediente sich an den köstlichen Brot-Canapeés von LaDouce Catering. Ob rote Beete mit Cashewnuss oder Olivenbutter mit Serrano, die Kreationen waren einfach nur lecker! Sogar für den süßen Zahn war etwas dabei und die kleinen Schoko-Träume ließen keine Wünsche offen.

Yelp hebt ab Blog 2

Auch für die Beschleuniger nach dem Essen war gesorgt. Der Hamburger Vodka Bazic (ja, es gibt einen Hamburger Vodka!) machte in verschiedenen Londrink-Versionen oder sogar pur eine gute Figur. Für einen Dienstagabend schmeckte er beinahe zu gut. Bier und antialkoholische Getränke durften natürlich auch nicht fehlen. Carlsberg erfrischte die Kehle und dank Vitaminwater konnten alle Gäste ein Tag danach wieder fit bei der Arbeit erscheinen.

Yelp hebt ab Blog 3

Die Zeit verging wie im Flug und die Veranstaltung wäre dem Namen "Yelp hebt ab" nicht gerecht geworden, wenn nicht noch etwas in die Luft gegangen wäre. Mit Teilnehmerkarte und Lieblingsballon bewappnet ließen viele Gäste ihren Ballon beim Ballonwettbewerb in die Lüfte steigen. Jetzt heißt es Daumen drücken, dass die Ballons gefunden werden, denn es winkt sowohl dem Finder als auch dem Absender ein Überraschungspreis... es bleibt spannend!

Yelp hebt ab Blog 4

Spannend wurde es zu späterer Stunde auch auf der Photocouch. Da wurde gepost was das Zeug hält und Fotograph Stanley K  kam mit dem Knipsen kaum hinterher. Und daher findet ihr jetzt weitere Impressionen des Abends. Hier geht es zu den Fotos und den Meinungen der Yelper.

Zu guter letzt möchte ich noch ein paar Danksagungen loswerden: Danke an das Möwe Sturzflug Team für die tolle Location und den charmanten Service, unsere Getränkesponsoren Vodka Bazic, Carlsberg und Vitaminwater, LaDouce für das fantastische Catering, Stanley K. für die Fotos, Katja für die Unterstützung und natürlich ein riesen Dankeschön an alle, die alle zur ersten Yelp Fete des Jahres gekommen sind. Denn ohne coole Leute, keine coole Party!

In diesem Sinne bis zum nächsten Mal,


Mareike B.
Community Manager of Hamburg


"The first big event this year was the hit", gushs Björn R.
Together with Qype we threw an exclusive night for the Hamburg Yelp Elite and the VIQs (Very Important Qypers) at Möwe Sturzflug. The fun started at 8pm sharp! The guests nibbled on delicious bread canapeés made by LaDouce Catering and got to enjoy Vodka Bazic (made in Hamburg!), Carlsberg and Vitaminwater. The highlight of the night was the balloon contest: Armed with personal cards and their favorite balloon, guests conquered the streets of St. Pauli and set off a cloud of red and blue balloons. Finders of a balloon and the owner of the card are promised a surprise package, so let´s keep our fingers crossed for the first found cards to be send in! Afterwards the action continued on the photo couch with lots of posing and laughing. Take a look at all the pics and the yelpers opinions.

See you next time!

Mareike B.
Community Manager of Hamburg