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November 12, 2012

Let’s raise a large Yelp-uccino to Birmingham!

Posted by Rickie

Well, that was a launch party and a half!

I knew Yelp would be welcomed by warm-hearted brummies but I am overwhelmed at the feel-good buzz that’s been created!

Yelp Launch Party Nov 7th from Hannah Mackinlay on Vimeo.

Thank you very much to ‘my’ coffee house Urban Coffee Co ‘where everybody knows your name’ (and drink) for hosting the very first Yelp party and for supplying the little coffee goodness bags (complete with Yelp goodies) to add a bit more fun to the proceedings!

They even invented a special drink but what was in the Yelp-uccino remains a mystery!

Collage Brum launch guests arriving

If you want to ‘make friends’ with the super yelpers, known as the Elite squad they are Tim W, Dom B, Hitesh C and David A who introduced the evening in his actor-fashion by reading out snippets of reviews for our venue Urban Coffee Co!  Huge thanks to each and every one of them for being such great sports along with our two dynamite helpers (yelpers) Sophie T  and Yad R.

Well done to Debra C who impressed the Elite squad most with her ‘50 shades of blue’ outfit for the a Kinda Blue theme! And congratulations to Ali T and Taslima A who were close runners up. 

Collage Brum Launch A Kinda BlueExactly who were those people with a lens pointing at you capturing your every move? These are small business owners who gave up their time to support the event; the excellent Hannah M  who was following me around (it did it just feel like that?) filming and the fantastic Spence C our official party photographer for the evening whose photos grace this piece.

We had a film show featuring internationally acclaimed voice actor (the voice of Bob the Builder (USA) and Johnny Bravo no less) Marc S who recreated some local Yelp reviews as only he can! Thanks also to tour guides Ian B & Michael of Midlands Discovery Tours who feature in the two fantastic films.

The theme ‘a kinda blue’, was in honour of blues artist, Pistol Pete who went down well with his toe tapping live music set as did the delectable Yelp creations from Mary A & Dalvinder C of Kiss Me Cupcakes. People are still talking about these!

Collage Launch guests & cakes

Tim W (Elite) “This event showed locals that Yelp is here in Birmingham and ready to raise the profile of Independents across the city. Lots of happy faces, fantastic cupcakes courtesy of Kiss Me Cupcakes, brilliant coffee from hosting venue Urban Coffee Company and lots of Yelp goodies, as well as live music from Pistol Pete.”

Sophie T ”I met some lovely people had some great conversations, made new yelp friends and tried developing the skill of opening a bottle of beer smoothly, there is still room for improvement. I felt a bit blue after not winning the kinda blue best dressed [competition] but my mood soon went back to been happy after a delicious cupcake or two, most likely 3”.

Kassandra PI've always been partial to blues music and was very impressed with our entertainment for the evening, Pistol Pete! Urban Coffee Co, you're fantastic! My chai was creamy and delicious. Great atmosphere, and super good location in Birmingham, too. Will definitely do my best to attend more Yelpy events in Birmingham; sushi and sake bombs next time?”

Collage Launch watching blues

You can read the reviews and add your own here or see all the photos and add your comments on the Talk Thread

Do you know a venue that deserves Yelp love? Do let me know and remember you can add local events here too.

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Thank you again and SYOY (see you on Yelp)

Rickie J

(Your) Community Manager 


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