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November 30, 2012

Yelp MKE's Freaking Antiquing/Yelp Shops Local Kick-Off

Posted by Rachel Fell

It's not everyday you're invited to a party held in a three-floor, 10,000 sq. foot antique mall.

It's not everyday you get to wander such a mega-mall, beer/cider in hand after enjoying some stellar local bites, rocking a super-fun scavenger hunt for gift certificates and other prizes.

It's not everyday that you get to bid on really, really nice vintage/antique items and have 100% of the proceeds go to local charities.

But if you're Yelp MKE elite (or lucky enough to be in solid w/ one of 'em!) then sometimes, you get to do these things.

11/28/2012: Yelp's Freaking Antiquing – a Yelp Shops Local kick-off par-tay – saw 75 elites and friends get together to enjoy one of Milwaukee's truly hidden gems: Antiques on Second.

It all started with a scavenger hunt: folks wandered the impressive expanse that is this killer antique mall searching for the answers to clues... and for why? For gift certificates, of course! (Antiques on Second gave away over $300 worth of gift certificates to winners.)

Zak's Café brought generous samples of their signature dishes: crab cakes (ohmygah!), meatloaf, and scalloped potatoes. Nom! Clock Shadow Creamery brought some fresh made cheese curds (getouttahere!) along with different flavors of quark – a spreadable cheese somewhere between cream cheese and ricotta in interesting flavors. Cripsin was there with an array of amazing ciders, we had New Belgium suds, and other swill from PBR tallboys and... need we go on?

Oh. But we will.


The charity auction? So so so much fun. Everything from old cameras to stained glass windows, mid-century modern and hand-crafted furniture, vintage luggage and purses, comic books... and *all* donated by Antiques on Second and their dealers, and *all* proceeds going to St. Ben's and the Hunger Task Force. In sum, 75 Yelpers raised over $1000 for these great organizations... not too shabby, Milwaukee!

This one was definitely one of my favorite events we've done here in the four-one-four. Local restaurants, local charities, and shopping locally has never been this fun... or this cool! (Oh... and check the rest of the pics here and the reviews here.)

Remember: shopping locally is a great way to support local businesses and the local economy, y'all!

Until next time, SYOY...













Rachel F – Yelp MKE Community Manager 

The Vintage Party - klädbytarkväll med Yelp

Posted by Pohman

Den 29de november var en kall och mörk vinterkväll i Stockholm - något som inte märktes på AMERICANA Classic Vintage där Yelpare hade mötts upp för att delta i The Vintage Party. Gästerna var välkomna att ta med sig kläder de tröttnat på (men som någon annan skulle kunna vara fin i). För varje plagg som togs med fick man en biljett som kunde bytas mot ett pagg som någon annan hade tagit med.

Mosebackes jazz-bunch hade försett eventet med några utav Stockholms godaste cupcakes och på plats fanns även amerikansk läsk, snacks och godis från Gray's. Kvällens mest svalkande inslag kom från iskalla Budweiser. Allt detta, tillsammans med butikens amerikanska kläder (orginal-vintage från USA) och underbara Gina och Lori från AMERICANA, gjorde kvällen till en kul satsning värd att göra om!

Kvällens DJs, Fia och Carro från Pitchslap, kom i cheerleader-outfits från AMERICANA och höjde temperaturen ytterligare med sin mingeltechno. För att läsa recensioner om eventet och skriva din egen, gå in på The Vintage Party på Yelp. Fler bilder hittar du på vår Flickr, Facebook och Instagram.

Ett stort tack till våra sponsorer och i synnerhet superhärliga Gina och Lori från AMERICANA!

A dark and cold winter evening in November, Yelpers from Stockholm had gathered at AMERICANA Classic Vintage store for a clothes swapping event. For each item brought, you received a ticket that could be exchanged for another item that someone else had brought. The focus was quality rather than quantity, so even the guests who had just brought just a few items could find themselves doing a really good trade.

Mosebacke's Jazz Bunch had supplied the event with some of Stockholm's most yummi cupcakes and there was also American soda, snacks and candy from Gray's. The evenings most chilled feature was Budweiser, and all of this, together with the store's original vintage from the US and wonderful Gina and Lori from AMERICANA, made the event something worth repeating!

To turn the heat up even further, the mingle/techno playing DJ-duo Pitchslap came all dressed in AMERICANA's cheerleader outfits. To read reviews about the event, visit The Vintage Party on Yelp. For more pictures, have a look at our Flickr, Facebook and Instagram.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors and a special warm thanks to Gina and Lori from AMERICANA!




Yelp Stockholm Community Manager

November 29, 2012

Yelp présente Belle Mo! à Montréal

Pas besoin de calendrier pour se rendre compte qu’on est rendu à la dernière semaine de novembre! Regardez autour de vous et admirez toutes ces moustaches qui sont maintenant assez poilues et masculines pour que Yelp présente un événement en l’honneur des moustachus de Montréal. Mardi soir passé, plus de 200 Élites et Yelpeurs se sont retrouvés au Il Motore pour supporter Movember lors de la soirée Yelp, Belle Mo!

Une chance que Marie-Ève Potvin et Guillaume Bergeron de La Boîte à Coiffer II étaient là pour coiffer les moustaches parce que sinon, elles auraient probablement été remplies de miettes des délicieuses bouchées de Miss Prêt à Manger, Pretzel & Compagnie, Chez Boris et Sweet Isabelle. Et pour étancher leur soif après des délicieux snack, les Yelpeurs comme Benoît L ont pu profiter « des drinks qui font hic! » de la part de Fentimans, Canadian Club, bières Boris et les bières Simple Malt de Brasseurs Illimités.

Éric A
, couronné Monsieur Belle Mo 2012 est bien « content d'avoir gagné le concours pour la plus belle moustache »  et a profité du photobooth de Pixi Booth, « idée originale et on en a profité entre amis pour s'en faire des bons souvenirs. » Et pour Miss Belle Mo? C’est Sara M qui a remporté le prix avec une éloge aux moustaches des plus poétiques : « Aux hommes qui portent la Mo. Vous, qui êtes mes héros, car oui, vous aidez la cause sans nécessairement être des hommes roses! Props à vous de vous pavaner la pilosité, vous ne m’enlevez pas du tout l’envie de vous embrasser! »

Et le meilleur de la soirée? Les nouvelles amitiés formées. Laura D pensait déçue d’y être allée seule mais est bien contente de dire « il n’y a pas un moment ou je me sentais seule… Ces événements me font sentir jeune et connectée aux gens! » Pour Coleen A, c’était « une grande première et c’est donc avec émotions que je peux dire que j’ai été agréablement surprise par cette soirée!!! À refaire, vite!»

Un dernier gros merci à la gang
du magazine Le Baron pour votre support, à DJ Luv pour la musique groovy, et à Ben Lam pour les belles photos. Vous pouvez voir toutes les photos de Pixi Booth ici, les photos de Ben ici et lire tous les avis à propos de la soirée ici.

À la revoyure!


Marie-Pier R
« Amoureuse des moustaches »
Chef de communauté franco, Yelp Montréal 


You don’t need to look at your calendar to tell that it’s already the last week of November! Just look around you at all those gorgeous moustaches that are so hairy and manly that Yelp couldn't help it and threw a party in their honour! Last Tuesday night, more than 200 Montreal Elites and Yelpers gathered at Il Motore to support Movember for Yelp’s Nice Mo

It’s a good thing Marie-Ève Potvin and Guillaume Bergeron from La Boîte à Coiffer II were there to style moustaches because without them, the mos would have been full of crumbs from the delicious snacks from Miss Prêt à Manger, Pretzel & Compagnie, Chez Boris and Sweet Isabelle. To quench their thirst after these delicious snacks, Yelpers like Benoît L enjoyed « drinks that make you go hic! » from Fentimans, Canadian Club, Boris beer and the Simple Malt beers from Brasseurs Illimités.

Éric A
, crowned Mr. Nice Mo 2012 is « very happy to have won the contest for the best moustache » and enjoyed the photobooth by Pixi Booth, « a creative idea that we enjoyed with our friends to create great souvenirs. » And for Miss Nice Mo? Sara M won the prize with one of the most poetic homage to the moustache (in French only): “Aux hommes qui portent la Mo. Vous, qui êtes mes héros, car oui, vous aidez la cause sans nécessairement être des hommes roses! Props à vous de vous pavaner la pilosité, vous ne m’enlevez pas du tout l’envie de vous embrasser!” 

The best part of the evening? New friendships. Laura D thought showing without a date wouldn’t be fun but she’s « happy to say, there wasn't a moment where I felt alone... how awesome is that! These events make me feel younger and connected to people!” For Coleen A, it was “a great first and it’s full of emotions that I can say I was pleasantly surprised by this evening. To do again, soon!”

One last thank you
goes out to the guys and girls at Le Baron for their support, to DJ Luv for the groovy tunes, and to Ben Lam for the great photos. You can see all the photos from Pixi Booth here, Ben’s photos here and read all the reviews about the event right here.

See You On Yelp!


Marie-Pier R
« Moustache Lover »
Franco Community Manager, Yelp Montreal

November 28, 2012

Yelp Sydney's District 01 Alley Party

Posted by Ben B.

Man, what a blowout. Yelp’s District 01 Alley Party was our last Elite Event for 2012, and what a cracking way to see the year off it was. Randle Lane is the Clark Kent of alleyways – unassuming on the outside, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find the Superman of Sydney event spaces, District 01. Home to fashion shows, movie nights, markets and pop-up dinners, Yelpers of all persuasions came a-buzzing and lifted the roof off the joint.


It was a steamy summer evening and Mountain Goat Beer had the perfect antidote: frosty cold brews straight from the ice bucket. Sydney rep Ed was on deck slinging Steam Ale, Hightail Ale, a Citra-driven IPA and not one but two special treats – a small batch Rare Breed called the Before The Dawn Black IPA, and the ultra-limited Triple Hightail beer, created to celebrate Mountain Goat's 15th birthday!

Collage 2new

The back corner housed the Bionade beach bar, where two beautiful Bavarian blondes handed out the drink for a better life, a 100% organic soft drink brewed like just like a beer. Herb and Elderberry got the popular vote for tastiest flavours on the night. Fresh outta Crown St, the dudes at The Original California Burrito Company brought a metric ton of burritos, nachos, and giant quesadillas with guac and pico de gallo. How tasty is their food? Considering it was vapour inside an hour, pretty damn delicious – Yelpers love their Mexican. 


Music/fashion/culture website SomethingYouSaid.com played DJ for the night, with editor-in-chief Bobby Townsend personally curating the playlist before local singer-songwriter Daniel Acheson grabbed his guitar and finished on a brilliant rendition of Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley-style. There were even some international Yelp Elites in attendance all the way from L.A.

District collage 4

Special thanks to Sam MacDonald Photography for providing the happy snaps of the night. Want more?

And until next time, SYOY!

Ben B                                                                                                                                            Sydney Community Manager

Yelp Edinburgh's Winterfall Wonderland!

Posted by Jenny Lovatt

‘If Yelp did parties, they'd be the finest parties in the world. Oh wait. They do, they did, and it was!’ Susan D

On one wintery Scottish eve in Edinburgh, the Ghillie Dhu opened its door and rolled out its red carpet for an evening of foodie feasting, tipsy tipples and a fantastically fun hootenanny for Yelp’s Winterfall Wonderland! Over 280 locals filled the Grand Hall to meet 15 brilliant independent businesses and brands, for an evening celebrate what a truly wonderful city Edinburgh is. It was a magical eve indeed that kicked off the Festive party season in true Yelp style! Blog2And what style. The Elite Yelpers rocked up onto the red carpet for the pre-event Elite hour bedecked in their finest frocks and suits, looking very glitz, glam, dapper and downright delightful. The Ghillie Dhu’s Grand Hall upstairs was the perfect venue for a night of celebration. Susan M felt like she was in 'a castle or in the magical world of Narnia' with the 'stone work, pillars, vaulted ceiling and stunning chandeliers.'
To match the tuxedos and fabulous frocks, Miss Dixiebell transformed the ladies’ hair into stunning vintage styles, and added some foxy femme make up. During the Elite Hour, Kelly F was ‘lucky enough to get my hair pinned up in a gorgeous 1940s style which resulted in me being papped by admirers all evening. To my shame I may have squealed on several occasions that my hair style made me feel like a princess. (ahem).’
Blog9And then the doors opened to an eager queue of local Edinburgh Yelpers, waiting to sample some of the delicious wares on offer. Lou V recokons ‘this is what heaven must look like (and if it’s not, no pearly gates for me, thank you.)’ At the head of the Grand Hall lay a whole hog roast, for rolls upon rolls of pulled pork goodness, from Oink. Jackie G was immediately smiling ear to ear after the ‘welcoming divine smell of Oink’s delicious hog roast, served with a generous helping of apple sace and of course a large slice of the crispiest tasting crackling – heave on a plate!’ Blog4What’s better than a fresh pulled pork roll? A pulled pork roll with beer! Innis & Gunn kept the Yelpers topped up with their brilliant locally brewed beer, including their special Rum Finish.Blog5aA firm favourite of the Yelp community, it was to Penny C’s delight that Union of Genius were there offering their soups. ‘Who would have thought to marry leek, pear and potato in a pot - guess that's why they're called Union of Genius.’ And coupled with delightful canapés from The Edinburgh Larder, such as their 'hugely moreish' herring appetisers.
Blog5The Hula girls kept everyone’s sweet tooth happy with their fresh juices and smoothies, Mrs C’s baked delights and gluten-free Love Pure Cakes. Not to mention their new winter warmer, and hit of the night– the Hot Apple Pie juice, which according to Caz H was ‘liquid amazingness! If I didn't get so many dirty looks, I would've stood there all night just drinking them dry of it!’
Blog6Appleton’s brought a taste of the tropics to the wintery Scottish night with their Jamaican rums, their hit of the night being the coconut Koko Kanu. Easy to drink by itself, it also mixed wonderfully with Hula’s Hot Apple Pie apparently.
Blog12The Chocolate Tree, who make all their own chocolate from scratch here in the Burgh, brought their bean-to-bar chocolate and hot chocolate (which was literally pure melted chocolate) much to Sabina W’s delight. ‘I was sold on their Haggis Spice chocolate! Who knew savoury chocolates works too?’
Blog7All that eating can be thirsty work, so just as well there was a stall packed full of different tipsy tipples. From the ever-popular botanical Brockman’s Gin, to a 70% rum, and all sorts of AIVY flavoured vodkas, it certainly put a smile on many a Yelpers face. ‘Brockmans gin is now on’ Sara C’s ‘drinks to look out for in Edinburgh and a bottle may come home with me at Christmas.’
Blog8With all the eating and drinking, a little r&r was required. OMH Therapies had created their own corner of bliss and tranquility, offering massages to ease the hyper Yelper’s minds. ‘These Yelp events are becoming something of a spiritual experience’ for Craig N. He luxuriated in a state of meditative bliss as ‘the lovely woman massaged the mojo back into his hands’.
Blog10With chakras aligned and a bit more tummy room, it was back to the eating! MacSweens brought some of the best haggis around which for Baxter T 'is, and always has been, the best haggis ever. Fact', which paired beautifully with local brewery, Harviestoun’s, beers. With several different kegs there was a beer for everyone. 'As a beer connysewer' Alex R ' could go on about it but all in all I would just suggest getting along to one of the fine purveyors of alcohol that sell these beers and drink them. Especially Schiehallion.'
Blog14If that wasn’t enough, Herbie had brought along enough deep-dish quiches, sandwiches, breads and dips to feed even the hungriest of Yelpers. And for a final sweet treat, Peppers had brought some of the most addictive brownies in the Burgh. With flavours like peanut butter, it’s no wonder Yelpers were going back for seconds, and thirds. Lisa L 'was especially impressed with Peppers. The girl running their table was so happy to tell me about the different brownies she brought along for us to try. And they were just beautiful.'
Blog11You know what goes well with brownies? Gin! Edinburgh Gin, raspberry flavoured. Edinburgh Gin, as the name tells, brought their local gins to sip and savour and kept many Yelpers happy. Paddy H would have 'drunk it until he fell over' and Sharon G 'ordered a bottle of their very good vintage Sheeps Heid whisky for Christmas supping.'
Blog13And what are all these wonderful, colourful paintings on all the Yelpers? Why Fantoosh, of course! This lovely Edinburgh lady only needs a small bag to paint a whole universe of delightful face painting, and had a queue that lasted all night. She painted Lisa L's 'face last year, and happened to remember her! 'I was thoroughly impressed. Additionally, I asked her to do whatever she liked – creative license. And she incorporated my fairly distinct tattoos into her design. Truly talented.'
Before the night came to a close, local Edinburgh musical legend Toby Mottershead of The Black Diamond Express, brought his band along to serenade the Yelpers with a wonderful mix of blues and folk style songs.
Blog16With over 280 guests, it was a busy evening full of laughter, ooo’s, ahh’s, mmm’s and a shared love of Edinburgh and supporting local businesses. Alex R ‘felt proud to call myself an Edinburgerian. I regretted immediately not having worn my kilt, as this could have added more to my Scottish pride.’ Jennie S ‘sampled EVERYTHING and I cannot fault any of it. It makes me so proud to call Edinburgh my home when we have all these amazing businesses on our door step.’
Blog17But enough from us. What did these very fine Yelpers have to say about the Wonderland themselves?

'Very simple to sum up, really: an absolute triumph. What Jenny & Yelp offered the many excellent local businesses involved in the evening was an opportunity to show themselves to their best advantage, with an audience (and a sizeable audience, at that) of Edinburgh's finest to offer their opinion, delectation, and appreciation.’ Blythe R

'Wow! Just wow. I was expecting Jenny and the gang to pull out all the stops but this just exceeded everyone's expectations!

 First off, OHMYGOODNESS! Oink! Chocolate Tree! The Edinburgh Larder! Hula! Herbies! Peppers! Amazing. Everything that was available for sampling was top notch, absolutely delicious.’ Sara C

‘Having only been Yelping in Edinburgh for less than a week, I feel overwhelmingly lucky to have scored a ticket to this jaw-droppingly amazing event! I actually don't really want to name any particular favourites from the night, because they were quite honestly ALL incredible.' Alex J

Yelp has become a force of nature in Edinburgh, bubbling away through weekly emails, check-ins, reviews and plenty of socials. Then something like the Winterfall Wonderland comes along and the size of the community begins to become clear.' David J

Blog18And it’s not just the delicious and brilliant local businesses that make Yelp events what it is. There’s a friendly community of Yelpers ready to celebrate these businesses together:
My highlight of the evening was the Yelpers themselves. The chat and laughter with so many friends is what made my night and sent me home with my face aching from all the smiling. Thank you so much to our CM Jenny. L for bringing us all together for such an amazing evening.' Kelly F

'Over a year ago, I attended my very first Yelp event. I didn't know anyone at all, but I was met by a warm, friendly bunch of folk who  loved to talk, socialise and experience the best things life has to offer. Fast forwarding to last Thursday night, I was positively overwhelmed by the number of wonderful friends I've made!' Susan M

'My first Yelp event absolutely blew me away! What an amazing atmosphere. There was a real feeling of community and celebration. You reminded me how amazing Edinburgh's community of independent businesses is. Long may they thrive so that I can eat, drink and shop from them.' Pam V

What a great night! My first Yelp event and I can go on the record saying it will not be my last! It was really good to meet some other Yepers and appreciate the diverse background of the Yelp community.’ Dave T  

The biggest of thank yous to the Ghillie Dhu for opening their doors and providing the perfect setting to a Winterfall Wonderland, and to the staff who kept it running smoothly; to all the businesses and brands who brought all their delicious, delightful and down-right decadent samples to all the Yelpers delight; to Robin Mair for his super photography skills and snapping the Yelpers in their finest; and to other Yelp colleagues who pulled together to put on the Edinburgh party of the season: Rowena H (Leeds Community Manager), Alex S (London Community Manager) and Katie N (Yelp Edinburgh Intern).

You can see all the photos of the Yelpers, the food, the drink, the fun times and the magic here; read the rest of the reviews here; and if you're curious about what all this yelping and Yelp events are about, message Jenny L here and read about the Elite squad here.

Yelp is all about celebrating Edinburgh and all the fantastic businesses it has, discovering new places and sharing your own favourite places by word-of-mouth recommendations with online reviews. There’s a whole host of events happening each month, from regular CMYEs from brunch and movie nights, to the exclusive invitation-only Elite events. Anyone can join the site and get involved!

Until next time, have a wonderful time in Edinburgh over the festive season and see you on Yelp soon!

Jenny L
Yelp Edinburgh Community Manager

November 27, 2012

Yelp's Brew School at Summit Brewing in St. Paul!

Posted by Annie D

Yelp's Brew School continued in the Twin Cities last week, when the Elite Squad was invited to check out a St. Paul classic, Summit Brewing! Not only that, but they cooked up a storm and competed in a cut-throat cook-off using a very secret incredient... beer!


Summit opened their doors and their taps all night for this lucky group. Guests sampled Summit's flagship beers, as well as a Belgian-Style Abbey Ale and two members of the infamous Unchained series. This long-time St. Paul brewer recently added a first-class tap room, and the Elites were also lucky enough to have the run of the place for a fierce beer recipe cook-off. 

Before heading off on an informative tour with Betsey from Summit, yelpers sampled and voted on their favorite dishes at the potluck. Elites certainly can cook, because it was a very close race that included soft pretzels with beer-infused dipping sauces, chocolate stout cupcakes, beer chili, beer-marinated crab rangoon pizzas, drunken beans and more! 

A big thanks to our hosts at Summit for a wonderful evening—and to everyone who attended! If you were there, feel free to review the event and share your secret recipes on the special listing (remember to save your actual review of the brewery for a more typical customer experience). If you're wondering how to snag an invitation to the next Elite event, find out more here!

Until next time,
Annie D

Twin Cities Yelp Community Manager 

Pittsburgh Does Good with Yelp Helps!

Posted by Rachel Carlson

If you were looking for that perfect opporutnity to get your warm and fuzzies on, the O'Reilly Theater was the place to be last Monday! The first ever Yelp Helps Pittsburgh was hosted with the wonderful Pittsburgh Public Theater, in conjunction with their run of Good People. What a perfect way to kick off the holiday season of helping!

  Yelp Helps - Non Profits

Over 100 guests were able to check out 20 awesome area Non-Profits and gather the goods on how to do good in the city. Stacy C "met some interesting people, learned about non-profits I had never heard of before and even found potential opportunities to give back to my community. I like the idea of being able to cook for guests at Family House or becoming a tutor for the Literacy Council. I even found out about a Beatles info session at WYEP that I will happily attend." Rock on!

Yelp Helps - Food
While yelpers scooped up the deets at different NPO booths, they were able to stop by the Elbow Room and 1947 Tavern for delicious mac n' cheese and pulled pork sliders or step outside for the Franktuary food truck servin' up some pipin' hot poutine. Jennifer G slurped up "a heavenly" S'mores shake from Burgatory but, the sweets didn't stop there! Om Nom Bake Studio supplied The Brick, a delicious blend of chocolate and peanut butter whipped into a bar, plus green tea and peppermint cookies. If guests wanted to wet their whistle, they need look no further than Wigle Whiskey, who was sampling up their new Ginever, whiskey based Gin. Or hop on over to the hops table with Great Lakes Brewing Company to sample one of three brews; the Edmund Fitzgerald, the Burning River and the Eliot Ness. And, no Yelp event is complete without an array of some fruity Fuze to please any person's palate.

Yelp Helps - People

The evening ended in a Town Hall Series panel discussion hosted by PPT. Lead by KDKA-TV's Lynne Hayes-Freeland, guests were able to hear from some of the Burgh's most involved do-gooders, including Heather Starr Fiedler, creator of Play It Forward, Pittsburgh; Kristen Holloway, founder of Operation: Troop Appreciation; Thomas Hughes, volunteer board member from Assemble; and Mac Howison, Program Officer for Catalytic Funding from The Sprout Fund, who were able to share the wealth of knowledge they've learned from their valiant volunteering efforts. Will this become an annual affair? The reviews point towards YES!

Thanks to the participating Non-profits: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, East End Cooperative Ministry,WYEP & WESA, Dress for Success, Mattress Factory, Attack Theatre, Animal Rescue League, Strong Women, Strong Girls, Family House, American Liver Foundation, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Toonseum, Gay 4 Good, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Senator John Heinz History Center, Gilda's Club, Greater PIttsburgh Literacy Council, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Also, a big thank you to the Pittsburgh Public Theater, Producing Artistic Director Ted Pappas, Director of External Affairs Louis Castelli, Assistant Director of External Affairs Elliott Mower and the amazing staff for treating Yelpers to such an amazing evening! Also, thanks to Ray Miles Creative for the printing and fab photo's that you can check out here and Nathan Shaulis of Porter Loves Photography for the Toonseum sponsored photobooth pics. If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

Sharing is Caring,


Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager


November 26, 2012

Yelp Cleveland's Ultimate Science Fair!

Posted by Cara

Here at Yelp, we know a lot about the chemistry of a great party, and that's why about 450 Yelpers came out to Yelp Cleveland's biggest event yet, our Ultimate Science Fair


Hosted at one of our city's greatest attractions, the Great Lakes Science Center, guests were greeted by about tons of food from 9 different local restaurants, a variety of wines and cocktails from our sponsors, live science carts, two pop-up dance shows by Ballet In Cleveland, massages, make-overs, dancing and the entire floor of exhibits open for yelpers to play with—and more, all in celebration of Cleveland! 


Thanks to the amazing bites from our food vendors, no Yelper left hungry! These mighty morsels included pizza from Gillespie's Map Room, homemade pierogies from Perla Pierogies, artisan ice creams from Sweetie Fry, vegan-noms from The Flaming Ice Cube and freshly prepared Indian comfort foods from Charkha Exoctic Indian Cuisine. Participating food trucks revved it up with gourmet scallop bites from StrEat Mobile Bistro, international inspired hors d'oeuvres from Umami Moto and tender pulled pork sammies from newbie Pigaliscious! And let's not forget Orlando Baking Company, who served up their newest varieties with delicious spreads. Yum! 


Yelpers sipped on special cocktails from Ohio-based Watershed Distillery, including a French 75 made with their delicious vodka, and their other delicious, artisan gin and bourbon. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly made the event sparkle with a variety of their new Refreshers, while also serving up our classic, favorite reds and whites—all complimentary! 

Once guests warmed up with a cocktail (or three), they got to do some exploration and experimentation! Thanks to the Great Lakes Science Center, Yelpers got to touch and play with all the exhibits on the Phenomena level of the museum, while several live science carts wowed participants with balancing acts, chocolate tastings and more! All the while, DJ MisterBradleyP keep the beats bumping all night on the Yelpy dance floor—you know, in case guests wanted to get down in their lab coats.


That's not all! Local meat finder, HooftyMatch quizzed guests on where their beef comes from, while BUCKBUCK Gallery had arts and crafts time with their doodle area. Local designer Yellowcake broght out her fashionable goods and guests headed upstairs to get pampered by make-up artist, Kylee Cook and hair stylists from Eddy's On Coventry. HennaMe created lasting temporary tattoos and Destiny Derma Spa showed us how to care for our skin with jet and diamond peels and free samples of great products! 

And no Yelp shindig would be complete without some pictures capturing our outrageously great time, so thanks to Photosnapz, Lager Art & Photography and Mark Honning for snapping our crazy selves! Check out the party pics on our Yelp Flickr Page and the digital versions of the Photosnapz booth are HERE


But there's more! Local organization, Ballet In Cleveland, put on two incredible live shows during the event. The first was a classical ballet piece and the second was a large group hip-hop number to the Cleveland-based hit, "Mah City." Although the event was free, there was a suggested donation to Ballet In Cleveland to help them bring back the incredible culture of ballet to our city and they collected over $400.00—thanks to you Yelpers! 

The event reviews are 'a flowing, so check those out—or share your thoughts if you were at the event!

And thanks to all who participated, helped and came out to enjoy the biggest Yelp Cleveland event, yet!


Until next time, SYOY!

Cara L

Yelp Cleveland Community Manager 



St. Louis Kicks Off Yelp Shops Local at Atomic Cowboy!

Posted by Aimee

Spiked coffee, chili, s'mores, oh my! Last Monday was truly a celebration of epic proportions at Atomic Cowboy in the Grove. The occasion? A proper kickoff to Yelp Shops Local, of course! 80 yelpers packed the back patio and bundled up like champs, and St. Louis is officially ready to take YSL by storm.


The key to parting outside is having hot drinks on hand, and this event wasn't lacking in that department. Kaldi's Coffee was on hand serving up boozy coffee drinks such as coffee & O'Reillys and hot toddys, and Atomic created something incredible called the Apple Sin: spiced bacardi oakheart and apple cider. To keep the warm theme going, we enjoyed AC's fantastic chili (as well as the vegetarian version!) and cowboy sliders. Since no event is complete without a great dessert, everyone enjoyed samples of original gooey butter cake from Gooey Louie. Are you feeling the local love yet?


As if the gooey butter cake wasn't sweet enough... we made s'mores. That's right... if you haven't seen the back patio at Atomic Cowboy, you should check it out as soon as you can. They have a huge bonfire when it's cold, and we made the best use of that by roasting some marshmallows and piling them between chocolate and graham crackers. To keep with the fire theme, one of our very own elites (Hao X!) twirled fire and impressed us all! Between that and the beats by Rockstar DJ's Marc Mendolia, the energy was contagious and we forget about how chilly it was outside. For a minute at that bonfire, I felt like I was camping with 80 of my friends. What's not to love about that?


Since the Yelp Elite squad is all about connecting off the site in addition to online, a Yelp Bingo game got the conversations rolling and had people laughing and meeting new faces. We also raffled off two local gift baskets filled with Schlafly and Kakao Chocolate! Much fun was had by all... especially at the Yelp Shops Local photo wall.


We had such a blast kicking off YSL and checking out what Atomic Cowboy has to offer (which turns out is quite a bit.) For the full spread of photos, make sure to check out Yelp's Flickr, and to read the raving reviews, just visit the event page. Special thanks to Conner Photography for getting the whole night on camera, and to everyone who came together to make this event happen. Of course, don't forget to check out the entire schedule for Yelp Shops Local!

Until the next one...

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 1.58.45 PM

Aimee K
Yelp St. Louis Senior Community Manager

Boston Elites Go Piglesssss In Spaaaaace at Veggie Galaxy!

Posted by Damien S

So, have any turkey lately? Thanksgiving brought families around the table for copious amounts of animal protein, and Boston Elites pre-gamed the holiday the only way befitting crunchy Cantabridgians – with a feast of all-vegetarian/vegan fare at Veggie Galaxy. Behold, Pigless In Spaaaace!


Donning leather jackets and poodle skirts, Yelpers filled the 50's booths and swivel stools of Central Square's 100% vegetarian diner. A pint of CBC Great Pumpkin Ale (or a glass of juicy wine) in one hand, the other is free to snag from the bounty of meatless dishes whizzing past. From black bean sliders with carrot and pesto to buffalo fried house-smoked tofu, Steph P sez "Veggie Galaxy made me forget about my obsession with having cows and pigs on my plate and reminded me how wonderful vegetarian and vegan food can be."


Oh, and the vegan sweets! Veggie Galaxy boasts a purely vegan bakery, with an impressive display of unimaginably crafted goodies. Eggless merengues? No-cheese cheesecakes? Yes. And there was no shortage of vegan "brownies, Taza chocolate chip cookies, and mini cupcakes" in front of Jessie K, whilst "the fact that no one judged" Kimberly H "for triple fisting vegan shakes" with housemade whip just shows how classy this pack is!


Yelpers chose the best dressed of the night, and the winner walked with a stack of Yelp goodies and an inflatable jukebox. Visuals captured by the brilliance of Dilven Photography (tag your friends on Facebook), and the five-star reviews are rolling in. Grab a meat(less)ball, join the Talk and get to veggin' out!

Now with 50% More Fiber,


Dames Jean (and Yelptern Sue H)

Life, Liberty & The Freedom to Yelp!

Posted by Christina C.

Ain't no party like a Yelp Columbus party! Hundreds of yelpers showed for the Freedom to Yelp Bash to enjoy noms from 20 food vendors, bevs from 7 drink partners, caricatures, live art displays, dancing, a photo booth & celebrate the fine Yelp community & small businesses we know and love.

In order to pay due homage to our city's most enjoyable edibles, Yelp Cbus established a process of nominating and electing some of the the city's most cherished comestibles. Well, the votes are in! Congrats to the following local businesses for 'winning' the official nominations in their respective categories:

Check out the awards video thanks to Vital Film Works below (click the image!)

COLUMBUS_USA!USA!_Webflier (1)

This list of amazing food sponsors was beyond impressive. Huge thanks to the following for participating: A La Carte Food ToursAcme Hotdog & Sausage Co. | Ajumama | Average Joe's |Banana Leaf | Explorer's Club | Fresh 50 | Gooeyz | Hang Over Easy | Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams | Kildare's Irish Pub | Mozart's Bakery & Piano Café |Pattycake Bakery | Pizza Rustica | Rogue Bakery | Spinelli's Deli | Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties | Sunny Street Cafe (Dublin) | Ugly Tuna Saloona | Vienna Ice Café 

Cocktails & beers were flowin' from local favorites, Elevator Brewery, Buckeye Vodka & Fireball Whisky, meanwhile Crimson Cup Coffee, Barne's & Noble/Campus Starbucks, Luna Kombucha & Honest Tea were keepin' folks hydrated & alert!

Catching all of the good times in the photobooth, was Framester Event Photography! Tag yourself in the photos on their Facebook page here.

Freedom toYelp Framester

Believe it or not, there's more. The entire evening benefited Columbus charity, Waste Not Center – who receives donations from individuals and businesses of supplies that would otherwise be discarded and makes them available to teachers, artists and non-profit organizations at no charge other than a small annual membership fee - who also constructed live art with otherwise discarded items!

Freedom toYelp Gottesman

Steve Campbell from FunFaces gave attending yelpers caricutures that will help them remember the evening for years to come, while outside, folks from the Aveda Institute Columbus dished out free goodies & mini massages! Local retailers Pursuit, Pitaya & Sprint were on hand dishing out special offers, and Incredible local music delighted eager yelper ears inside from Columbus Local Music, who help you find great local bands you're sure to love! And outside, tunes were played from DJ George Brazil.

The reviews have been rollin' in so be sure to read (or write if you attended) what everyone else is saying here.

And check out photographic evidence of the good times on Filckr here! (Thanks, Gottesman Photography.)

Can't believe it's over. Until I can top it, SYOY!

Christina C

LA West Elites Experience Farm to Table at Wilshire Restaurant

Posted by Brinny

Calling all Top Chef fans! This past weekend LA West had something other than Thanksgiving to look forward to: Farm to Table Elite event at Wilshire Restaurant.


A farm to table lunch reminded us all why local is better. On Saturday 100 Elites were welcomed to Wilshire in Santa Monica. They were greeted with an open bar: flowing wine, cocktails and an antipasti bar featuring fresh veggies, fruits and a lovely meat and cheese selection.

PicMonkey Collage45


Chef Nyesha of Top Chef came out to personally greet the group and talk about her inspiration for the days lunch. The seasons and the local farmers market directly influence what ends up coming out of Nyesha's kitchen. Christina K shares, "Kudos to the Top Chef alum Nyesha Arrington! The fresh produce and ingredients were really inspiring. I'm glad I got to let her know how beautiful the veggie tray at the bar was before people dug into it. The presentation of the dishes were appealing and thoughtful."


After the appetizers, Elites were directed to the beautiful outdoor patio for a sitdown, family-style luncheon. Cynthia A shares what was on the 3 course menu: "The beet salad was delicious...I had two servings. The beets were beautiful and complemented the salad very well. Chicken was tender and the skin was crispy, I enjoyed it. Salmon was cooked to perfection, just melted in my mouth. Brussels sprouts with pecans and cranberries...Yum! Definitely my favorite dish of the day. Mascarpone polenta was creamy and oh so tasty... I wanted more but I had to share!"


PicMonkey Collag2e


And we can't forget dessert, Alice H's favorite course: "Dessert was a chocolate bread pudding served in a pool of a caramel and chocolate sauce. I love bitter dark chocolate so this was just awesome. The bread pudding technique gives the cake a moist texture in the middle, almost like a lava cake. The caramel sauce was not sweet at all and complemented the bread pudding well."



A special thanks to The Pink Shutter for providing a photobooth and to the staff at Wilshire who made this event extra special! 


Until next time,

Brittany B

The Skinny Critic




Soirée Elite Yelp Je Fais Ce Que Je Veux @Blow Up Coiffure

Posted by Julie M

Une soirée Elite Yelp est toujours un moment fort, mais cette fois les filles l'ont fait battre encore plus fort ! Le jeudi 22 novembre 2012 était en effet le jour d'une soirée Elite chez Blow Up coiffure face à l'Opéra de Marseille, l'occasion pour une petite quarantaine de Yelpeuses de se faire coiffer. Une soirée gratuite et tellement chic. Attention, crêpage de chignon assuré ! 


"Trop bon"

Cette soirée a déplacé Amélie M de SoGirlyBlog.com, Céline D de GeekyandGirly.fr et l'incontournable bloggeuse et Elite Yelp Emy-Line C TheWorldOfDiouk qui s'est "tout de suite dit qu'il y avait du lourd dans les mains des coiffeuses de ce salon en voyant la coiffure de Julie M. Tout le monde était très sympa et heureux d'être là. Les coiffeuses nous ont trèèèès bien accueuilli ! On a même eu droit a d'excellents macarons signés Sylvain Depuichaffray (ils étaient trooop trooop bons)". L'excitation était palpable, tandis que les demoiselles étaient servies en cocktail avec ou sans alcool, les bavardages allaient bon train jusqu'à ce que Julie M prenne la parole pour lancer l'animation coiffure : Eloïse et Johanna se sont lancé avec toute leur créativité dans le crêpage de chignons...


"Trop girly"

Pour l'occasion les filles étaient donc majoritaires et même si initialement pas tout le monde devait être coiffé, à la fin seulement 5 personnes n'ont pas eu leurs cheveux attachés. Blow Up Coiffure a lancé à Marseille le concept de Styling Bar, c'est à dire que l'on peut venir dans ce salon uniquement pour faire faire une attache, une tresse, un buns, une banane. Et ce soir là Eloïse, Johanna mais aussi Justine se sont fait fort de démontrer leur talent avec humour, rapidité, convivialité et un sens de l'esthétique actuelle très prononcé !  Et Julie H de résumer "trop bonne soirée soooo girly ! Macarons, cocktail, coiffures et shooting photo de folie au programme... et à la fin une envie de sortir pour profiter à fond de sa coiffure" !


"Super Coiffure"

Malgré la qualité de ses cheveux Sylvie M qui était dubitative en arrivant a été enchantée du résultat "coiffé en un temps plus que record, de super conseils pour enlever les coiffures, super idées pour les faire, des infos sur ce qui est pratique et le tout avec un minimum d'épingles et d'élastique !" Le lendemain, elle paradait encore avec ses jolies tresses ! "10 min, 3 pinces, un peu de laque, et voilà une coiffure banane totalement rock ! Bravo les filles pour toutes ces coiffures, la mienne à tenue tte la nuit" Delphine J était elle aussi enchantée, pour sa première soirée Yelp ! 


"Hâte de revenir !"

Les Yelpeuses coiffées ou pas ont été unanimes, en repartant elles avaient déjà hâte de revenir ! Elizabeth M qui était accompagnée par sa fille, a été enchantée par "ces coiffeuses aux doigts de fées... Un seul conseil : si vous êtes proches de ce salon ne le ratez pas" ! Et parole de parisienne, Elodie L "pense même faire des infidélités à son fameux coiffeur et venir se faire couper les cheveux ici (c'est pour dire!) et quoi qu'il en soit elle reviendra refaire une jolie natte" ! Alexia Z ajoute "Super soirée !!! Depuis le temps que je voulais aller me faire coiffer chez Blow Up, Julie M a réussi à faire ça... !" C'est la magie de Yelp

Les avis et les photos de Xavier S !


Julie M 


Do you know Marseilles has its own Hair Styling Bar ?! Blow up Coiffure has blown the yelpers away on thursday, november 22nd. This elite event was very girly, very cool, with hot hairdo and now the yelpers can't wait to go back there...


So cool ! 

For her first Yelp event Benedicte D felt in love with the concept : "it was simply perfect ! Warm welcome and wonderful hairdo as if we were in a Haute Couture Défilé ! It was a very cool evening !" All those Yelpers were very enthusiastic and happy to get together in this nice hipster place. For Laura T "it was like being at home with some girl friends : run , laugh, take pictures, get hairdressed...". Marie R notice that "people were so cool" and say "Bravo to the hairdressers" Eloïse, Johanna and Justine !


So girly ! 

That's probably the word that came up the most during the party. And even the few boys that were here enjoyed. François M had only "one regret : being already married", Niko S made his job as Yelp Elite photographer and ask "when will we have a male event ?"... Be patient ! But as Elodie W said "all those girls in the same space that's crazy" ! Meet other yelpers, eat few macarons from Sylvain Depuichaffray and drink some cocktails while 2 wonderful hairdresser take care of your head... what more can a girl ask for ?


Nice Hairstyles !

"10 minutes, 3 bobby pins and a little bit of hairspray and here is a rock'n roll banana hairdo" that Delphine J loved. Each girl had a different hairstyle from the others. It was amazing how creative and quick they were to style everyone ! Even the next day Sylvie M get some compliments at work on her braids !  


Want to come back !  

All the girls are looking forward to come back at Blow Up Coiffure for some Hair cut or do ! Even the famous bloggers that were there like Amelie M :"Nice party and hairstyles, a very lively atmosphere... I can't wait to come back" ! And Julie H is wondering "when will we have an other Yelp Girly Elite Event" ? It'll be... soon !! 


The reviews and the pictures by Xavier S


Julie M

Yelp Elite Event: Stephanie sucht den Weinionär!

Posted by Verena

Das eine Weinprobe alles andere als spießig und bieder ablaufen muss, wurde uns beim gestrigen Yelp Elite Event dem "großen Weinquiz mit TVINO"  bewiesen. Stephanie Döring von TVINO hat nämlich nicht nur unsere Geschmacks- sondern auch unsere Gehirnzellen ganz schön gefordert. Nach einem lecker prickelnden Aperitif einem Sansecco aus Veneto startete die erste Runde vom großen Weinquiz. Beim ersten Flight mussten die Yelper von zwei Weinen die Hauptaromen erschmecken. Zugegeben gab es nur ein einziges Team, dass das Hauptaroma von Butter beim 2009 José Pariente Fermentado en Barrica, Spanien erschmecken konnte. Collage 2
Rotwein = Rotwein, doch welcher von beiden stammt aus Deutschland? So lautete die nächste Aufgabe, die jedoch die meisten mit einem vollmundigen Abgang lösen konnten. Doch das größte Gelächter folgte erst noch. Genauergesagt beim "Supermarkt  vs. Premium"-Test. Hier wurden die Geschmacksnerven auf eine harte Probe gestellt, denn wer wollte schon den preiswerten Rioja aus dem Aldi mit einem edlen "2006 Sierra Cantabria Rioja Crianza" verwechseln. Dies haben tatsächlich viele getan. :-)

Beim Dessertwein musste die nun schon leicht angeschwipste Meute nochmal erraten, aus welchem Obst jener gemacht wurde. Die meisten haben hier die Birne jedoch herausgeschmeckt.

Nach vielen fröhlichen Gesprächen & teilweise auch feucht fröhlichen Diskussionen über die Lösungen der einzelnen Aufgaben stand am Ende das Siegerteam fest. Elite Yelper Thomas G. und sein Weinbuddy Kai holten sich das imaginäre Weinkrönchen und den Hauptpreis - eine Weinkiste von TVINO. Collage3

Aber nicht nur die beiden waren am Ende weinbeseelt, so blieben doch viele der Yelper selbst nach dem offiziellen Ende des Events noch auf ein neutralisierendes Getränk in der Niederlassung & ließen den Freitagabend gebührend ausklingen. Karin B. hat das Wein-Quiz auf den Punkt gebracht. "Ich fand die Mischung aus Information, Spaß und Gaumenfreude genau richtig!"

Mein großes Dankeschön geht an Stephanie von TVINO, die uns wirklich nicht nur mit ihrem überquirlenden Fachwissen sondern auch mit ihrer nordischen Coolness & ihrer Begeisterung zum Thema Wein selbst begeistert hat. Desweiteren ein herzliches Danke an Alexander S. & dem ganzen Team von der Niederlassung, die uns den Aufenthalt in der wunerschönen, gemütlichen Bar überhaupt erst möglich gemacht haben. Und last but not least. Vielen Dank an Alexander Hirl, der an dem Abend tolle Fotos geschossen hat.

Hier geht es zu den Bilder des Abends & hier findet ihr die Beiträge zum Event.

Vielen Dank für euer tolles Feedback und den großartigen Abend!

Vielen DANK für den prickelnden Abend.

Eure Vee
Community Manager München


Wine tasting has not to be unsophisticated. Thanks to our Yelp Elite Event "the great wine quiz with TVINO "we have learnt better. Stephanie Döring from TVINO has not only challenged our taste but also our brain cells a lot. After a delicious sparkling aperitif a Sansecco from Veneto we started the first round of the great wine quiz. On the first flight our Yelpers had to tase the main flavors of two white wines. Granted, there was only one team that got the main flavor of butter from the 2009 José Pariente Fermentado en Barrica, Spain right. Collage 4
Red wine = Red wine, but which originates from Germany? That was the next task the Yelpers had to solve. But the biggest laughter followed yet. More specifically the "supermarket. vs. premium" winetest was really inspiring. Nobody wanted to misstake the inexpensive Rioja from Aldi for a noble "2006 Sierra Cantabria Rioja Crianza.

For a dessert wine we had a wine that was not made out of grapes and the Yelpers had to guess which fruit it was made out instead. Collage5
After many happy conversations and partly drunken discussions about the tasks we announced the winning team at the end. Elite Yelper Thomas G. and his wine buddy Kai won the imaginary wine crown and the grand prize - a box of wine from TVINO.

But not only the two were happily in the end, but many of the Yelping remained even after the official end of the event in the Niederlassung and enjoyed a neutralizing drink there.

My thanks goes to Stephanie from TVINO, she really excited not only with her expertise but also with her nordic coolness and her enthusiasm about wine. Furthermore, a big thank to Alexander S. & the whole team of the Niederlassung, which made the stay in the cozy bar perfect. And last but not least. Many thanks for the photographer Alexander Hirl, who was taking great pics that night.

Find the pics of the event here, and check out the reviews from the yelpers here.

All the best,

Community Manager Munich


Soirée Elite#4 Lille @ Pol'Art Café

Posted by Lucie

Alors que toutes les soirées Elites avaient eu lieu dans le Vieux-Lille, cette fois-ci, c'est au coeur de Wazemmes, au Pol'Art Café que Clémence, la gérante et son équipe nous ont accueilli ce jeudi 22 novembre. 


Yoann W a adoré " la décoration soignée et les tables en Formica" l'esprit vintage y était ! 

Côté grignotages, le Chef cuisinier avait mis les petits plats dans les grands avec ses mini burgers, des verrines petits pois au curry, des desserts et le punch aux fruits qui ont mis tout le monde d'accord !


"Bien vu le petit set du DJ" dixit Henri F, qui s'y connait ! On doit donc l'ambiance de cette soirée à Charlie A de Pruitt Lgoe !


Et LA grande surprise de cette soirée, c'était la présence d'Elodie F, Community Manager de Yelp à Paris !

YELP ELITE #4 @Pol'art Café ©AliceG-18

En bref, Yves-Vincent D conclut cette soirée Elite sur:  "La magie YELP... de terre inconnue on passe à terre d'accueil en quelques minutes, parce que finalement un Yelpeur est avant-tout une personne du partage et de l'échange". Ca donne envie d'être à la prochaine, non ? 

Save the date : 10.12.2012

Un GRAND merci à :

Pol'Art Café, et plus précisément à Clémence et son équipe.

Alice Gonsolin pour les superbes photos : WaXeb Photographie

Le DJ set hosted by Pruitt Igoe .

A Nous Lille, partenaire media. 

Retrouvez les avis ici et les photos  !


*A Bientôt Sur Yelp

Profile blogpostok

Lucie C

Community Manager Yelp Lille

>> English version <<


While the past Elite Events had taken place in the Vieux-Lille, this time, it's in the heart of Wazemmes, at the Pol' Art Café that Clémence, the manager and her team welcomed 50 Yelpers last Thursday.


The food was awesome ! Oriane D loved "  this new bar, the ce nouveau bar, the fruit punch, and the delicious little burgers "!


The DJ set hosted by Charlie A from Pruitt Igoe, was just amazing !

YELP ELITE #4 @Pol'art Café ©AliceG-27

And THE great surprise of this party, was the presence of Elodie F, Community Manager Yelp Paris !

Already excited about the next one ... Save the date : 10.12.2012 ! 


Special thanks to :

The Pol'Art Café, and Clémence, the buiness owner !

Alice Gonsolin, for her amazing photos : WaXeb Photographie

The DJ set hosted by Pruitt Igoe.

A Nous Lille, media partner.

You can find the reviews here and the photos there ! 


*See You On Yelp 

Profile blogpostok

Lucie C

Yelp Lille Community Manager


November 25, 2012

South Bay Elites Veg Out @ Veggie Grill!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Just a few days before Thanksgiving (aka, the one holiday of the year where overeating is most definitely encouraged), South Bay and Peninsula Yelp Elites were treated to a healthy meal at Santana Row's newest restaurant, Veggie Grill. Out to break the stereotype of bland vegetarian food, Veggie Grill combines hearty, plant-based proteins with bold marinades and sauces in familiar menu items that people can enjoy every day. The menu is 100-percent plant-based and free of animal fat, dairy, cholesterol, trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup and includes a variety of hot sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps, burgers and desserts.

Veggie Grill collage 1

Signature items at Veggie Grill include the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich, All Hail Kale Salad, Buffalo Wings and Sweetheart Fries (made from sweet potatoes). The restaurant offers a variety of gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free options, plus kids’ meals and a selection of beer and wine. Available for dine-in and take-out, the restaurant also has an extensive catering program. "The food was all really good," exclaimed Leslie H. "I was surprised at just how chicken-tasting the chickin' was. If I hadn't been told that it was a vegan substitute, I would have thought it was the real thing!" Likewise, Peggy S was impressed with the menu, as well as the overall level of service: "The food came out really quick even though all the elites kind of bum-rushed them when we all came in at once. I got my salad within 5 minutes of sitting down!  And they came by frequently to clean the table and refill drinks, not something I would expect from a fast food-looking place!"

Veggie Grill Collage 2

The modern, bright interior design of Veggie Grill in San Jose reflects the casual contemporary, family-friendly nature of the restaurant. With a color scheme of lime green, chocolate brown, tangerine orange and tomato red, the space offers counter and booth seating, high ceilings with spot and suspended light fixtures, plus lots of natural light. "The whole place had a nice vibe and was set up nicely," commented Jesus C. Plus, "The food here was awesome. I consider myself a carnivore, so much that my steak comes with a side of ribs. I have a new appreciation for tofu and all of the items served here. My buffalo 'chicken' sammich actually tasted like chicken." Phil L was also "highly impressed with the look of the place, the service, the food, and the pricing.  Next time I'm in Santana Row, I would rather go here." 


  Veggie Grill Collage 3

Everyone left Veggie Grill full, but not in-need of stretchy pants or Alka Seltzer. Read the reviews and check out photos taken by Super Elite Lorrie M. We welcome Veggie Grill to South Bay and can't wait to go back!

Happy Thanksgiving and SYOY!

Lanie and Abby

Abby S (with Elite Lanie L), South Bay-Peninsula Community Manager

November 24, 2012

Yelp's Chicagoland's Fab Femme Fête!

Posted by Candice Gatlin

Since the men of Yelp Elite got to flaunt their fabulous, fresh faces at June's Cocks & Cowboys gentleman's salon Elite event, it's only fair the ladies get a chance to flaunt their fierceness with this November's Fab Femme Fête at Eko Organic Salon & Spa.


The fine females of Yelp Chicagoland gathered at Orland Park's hip, new Eko Organic Salon & Spa (Facebook) for Yelp's Fab Femme Fête. The leading ladies of Yelp's south suburbs were treated to Aveda deep conditioning treatments and blow outs while sipping organic vino, herbal tea and IZZE sparkling juice (Facebook, Twitter) and each guest left the soirée with an Aveda gift bag and schwag.


With healthy provisions provided by Blissful Banana Café (Official, Facebook), attendees were wowwed with veggie wraps and the infamous Bliss-Machine making BBC's signature soft-serve treat. And Old Town Pizza (Official, Facebook) stopped by to deliver a few slices of their signature thin crust pie.


You can check out what all the ladies are saying in the reviews here and peep the pics from famed Yelp photographer, Andrés DeLeón (Official, Facebook, Twitter) right here.

Stay gorgeous, Suburbia!

Candice G.

Yelp Chicagoland Community Manager

Cocktail Workshop Elite Event Brasserie Appelmans

Posted by Maud

Yelpers drinken graag. Wie niet? Dus sloegen Yelp en Brasserie Appelmans de handen in elkaar en organiseerden samen een cocktail workshop in hun gloednieuwe bar voor de Yelp Elite's.

PicMonkey Collage Cock1
De nieuwe bar van Brasserie Appelmans is een lust voor het oog, met een kijkdeurtje waar je met een paswoord kan werken, een draaiende boekenkast en een waanzinnig grote houten apothekerskast omgetoverd tot bar.

PicMonkey Collage Cock2
De Yelpers waren zoals altijd talrijk en op tijd aanwezig en kregen een korte introductie van barman Yussef over de geschiedenis van alcohol. Het woord cocktail komt van hanenstaarten. Really? En toen begion het echte werk, Yussef legde de uitgelaten bende uit hoe je een mojito, een cosmopolitan en en James Bond 'Dry Martini' moet maken. Hierna moesten de Yelpers plaats nemen achter de bar in groepjes van twee of drie om dit koude kunstje zelf te proberen. Met succes! Ondertussen kregen de Yelpers heerlijke sjieke tapas. Na de cursus bleef de bende in de bar nog cocktails drinken en kunnen we zeggen dat dit event absoluut een groot succes was!

PicMonkey Collage Cock3
Mijn oprechte dank gaat uit naar Bart Vandecloot en Kasper Stuart van Brasserie Appelmans en Absynthbar voor de geweldige workshop in hun nieuwe topbar! Barbara Zwerver voor wederom geweldige foto's en alle Yelpers voor hun grappige vragen en enthousiamse die avond, hun reviews spreken boekdelen!

Bart D =" Trapjes op, Yelp ballonnen volgen, en dan plots de weg kwijt....tot we stemmen hoorden achter een deur waar enkel een kijkraampje te zien was met daaronder de Yelp sticker : 'Kloppen'. Zogezegd zo geklopt, en er werd naar een heus paswoord gevraagd. Het was toen al duidelijk, hier komt niet iedereen binnen, hiervoor moet je Elite zijn :-)"

Joy A = "De cocktailworkshop heeft me enorm veel bijgebracht, van grappige 'cock-tail' anekdotes, tot ware gin, tequila en whisky feiten. En als je me nu vraagt wat het verschil is tussen twee strainsers kan ik daar gewoonweg op antwoorden. En toppunt: ik weet wat droog ijs is. O, en de Cosmopolitan, Cranberry Mojito (en gewone) en de 'Dry Martini' shake ik vanaf nu zo uit men mouw"

Jean-Pierre = "Eerlijk is eerlijk, we zullen thuis nog veel moeten oefenen, niet dat we daar tegenop zien, maar dank zij de handige map welke we meekregen zal dit zeker lukken.
Brasserie Appelmans heeft er een cocktailbar bij en we hebben het geweten"


Maud N

Community Manager Antwerpen



Yelpers love to drink. Who doesn’t? That’s why Yelp and Brasserie Appelmans put their heads together and organised a cocktail workshop for the Yelp Elites in the brand new Appelmans’ bar.
PicMonkey Collage Cock 5
The renewed bar looks amazing, with a little window in the door and a password to enter, a moving bookcase and a huge pharmacy cabinet transformed into a bar.

The Yelpers were numerous as always and perfectly on time and got a short introduction by bartender Yussef about the history of alcohol. The word cocktail is derived from a cock’s tail. Really? And then we really got started, Yussef explained the excited crowd how to make a mojito, a cosmopolitan and a James Bond ‘Dry Martini’. Then the Yelpers had to take place behind the bar in groups of two or three to try out on their own. Succesfully!
In the meantime we got served the most amazing tapas. When the workshop was finished the whole gang stayed in the bar to drink cocktails and yet again this event turned into a great success.
PicMonkey Collage Cock 6

My sincere thanks to Bart Vandecloot and Kasper Stuart from Brasserie Appelmans and Absynthbar for the great workshop in their new bar! Barbara Zwerver for the amazing pics and all Yelpers for their funny questions and enthusiasm, their reviews say it all!

PicMonkey Collage Cock7


Maud N

Community Manager Antwerp



November 23, 2012

Yelp macht sich winterfest @ Meisterschuh

Posted by Svenja

Ja ist denn schon Nikolaus oder warum werden hier so fleißig Schuhe poliert? Beim gestrigen Elite Event wurde alles, das aus Leder ist gesäubert, gefettet, gefärbt und poliert, poliert, poliert, bis sich unsere Gesichter darin spiegelten. Das Ganze geschah unter den geübten Augen des Teams von Meisterschuh, bestehend aus Simon, Maik, Gernot und Sabine.

Aber erstmal zurück zum Anfang: Die meisterliche Werkstatt zu finden war nicht ganz ohne, denn erstmal das richtige Tor zu finden, dann den richtigen Aufgang und dann bis zur Werkstatt... huiuiui da musste man schon geführt werden. In der Werkstatt angekommen schlug uns schon die Musik entgegen. Auf die Frage, ob hier schon der Feierabend zelebriert wird kommt nur ein "Nope, wir hören immer gute Musik bei der Arbeit!" Das Büffet aus Sushi-Platten und Pizza, die das Team von Meisterschuh spendierte und Bio-Limos von Biozisch war angerichtet und bevor wir loslegten, wurde erstmal geschlemmt. Es ist schon erstaunlich, wie schnell man 20 Leute mucksmäuschenstill bekommt!

Collage Food
Gestärkt und neugierig ging es nun ans Werk: Sämtliche Maschinen zum Polieren, Schleifen, Zuschneiden und Pressen wurden anhand von vielen unterschiedlichen Schuhe, die natürlich überall um uns herum standen anschaulich erklärt. Heruntergerockte Wanderstiefel, die Lieblingsstilettos bis auf die Nägel runtergelatscht (von Simon liebevoll "Funkenschlag" genannt), schief abgelaufende Absätze und kaputtes Innenleben, das alles wird beim Meisterschuh abgeben, in der Hoffnung, den Lieblingsschuh noch einmal für ein paar Jahre erhalten zu können. Der Tip des Meisters: Nicht zu lange warten, denn je früher man einen Schuh zur Reparatur gibt, desto günstiger ist es und desto mehr kann noch gerettet werden.

Die nächste Station führte uns zu den Maßanfertigungen. Eine Lektion, die Denny N mitnahm, war "orthopädische Schuhe müssen nicht vom Weiten schon als solche identifiziert werden können!" Tatsache, denn der Schuh für einen nigerianischen Diplomaten in der Größe 51 sah alles andere als orthopädisch aus... wenn aber auch wie ein Kindersarg. Eiske S hätte sicherlich auch problemlos ihren gesamten Kopf darein gekriegt. Sie hatte auch das große Vergnügen von Gernot und Maik vermessen zu werden: Von ihren Füßen wurden Blueprints angefertigt und noch dazu ihre Haltung überprüft. Der erste Schritt zum Meisterschuh ist also schon getan.

Blueprints Collage
Nur zuhören und nichts tun ist ja auch nicht so unterhaltsam und nach all dem Geschlemme muss auch mal angepackt werden. Daher hatten alle Yelp Elites die Aufgabe bekommen Taschen, Jacken und Schuhe aus Glattleder mitzubringen, je nachdem, was sie veredeln wollten. Eiske S und Lauritz N brachten schicke Ledertaschen mit, der Rest nahezu ausschließlich schwarze Lederschuhe. Schritt Nummer 1: Handschuhe an und ran ans Werkzeug. Die Schuhe musste erst einmal mit Bio-Ethanol gereinigt werden, bevor sie hauchdünn mit einem edlen italienischen Schuhwachs gepflegt wurde. Dann ging es an die Poliermaschinen, bei denen das Wachs weiter in das Leder eingearbeitet wurde. Und weiter geht's zum nächsten Schritt: Farbe. Manch ein schwarzer Schuh hatte schon eine Grau-Färbung, da durch Sonne, Schmutz und das häufige Tragen die Farbe ausgeblichen war. Dazu wurde ein Baumwolllappen straff um Zeige- und Mittelfinger gewickelt und abwechselnd in Farbe und Ethanol getaucht, auch hier galt die Devise: Viel hilft nicht viel. Ein hauchdünner Film wurde aufgetragen und jetzt hieß es polieren, polieren, polieren, bis die Finger krampfen.

So intensiv hat sich wohl kaum einer von uns jemals mit seinem Schuhwerk auseinandergesetzt und beschämte Blicke auf die Füße inklusive Verstecken des "Funkenschlags" konnte man mehr als einmal an diesem Abend beobachten.

Lektionen, die man von diesem Abend mitnehmen könnt:

1. Viel hilft nicht viel, pflegt eure Schuhe so, wie ihr euer Gesicht pflegt (Eine Handvoll Nivea schmiert sich wohl kaum jemand ins Gesicht)

2. Öfter die Schuhe wechseln, um den Schuhen Zeit zum Lüften zu geben. Ein Schuhspanner hat also durchaus seine Daseinsberechtigung, ebenso wie ein Schuhlöffel.

3. Reparaturen nicht zu lange rausschieben, denn je früher der Schuh repariert wird, desto günstiger bleibt es.

4. Unsere Füße sind unsere Basis, an der sich das gesamte Skelett ausrichtet. Schuhe können also entweder unsere Haltung korrigieren oder die schlechte Haltung potenzieren. Irgendwann rächt sich alles.

Die Bilder des Abends findet ihr auf der YelpBerlin Facebook-Seite und eure Bewertungen dürft ihr hier hinterlassen. Denkt dran, dass jede eurer Bewertungen mir hilft zu wissen, was euch interessiert und Spaß macht und gleichzeitig profitiert Meisterschuh ungemein von euren Bewertungen. So eine Perle muss Berlin erhalten bleiben und das geht nur, wenn mehr Leute von dieser meisterhaften Werkstatt erfahren!

Meine ersten Schuhe sind zur Generalüberholung in den kompetenten Händen von Meisterschuh. Jetzt kann der Winter kommen! Auch wenn ich meine Dankbarkeit kaum in Worte fassen kann, versuche ich es mal: Ich bedanke mich von ganzen Herzen bei Simon, Maik, Gernot und Sabine von Meisterschuh für ein grandioses, interaktives und lehrreiches Event. Ohne euch wäre diese Abend nicht möglich gewesen und eure Großzügigkeit uns auch noch mit Sushi und Pizza zu verköstigen ist unschlagbar! Den Abend in Bildern festgehalten hat Käthe von KunstundKönnen, einfach fantastisch, vielen, vielen Dank Käthe! Und ohne Biozisch wären wir vermutlich verdurstet!

Ich sehe euch beim nächsten Mal!


Svenja G

Community Manager Yelp Berlin


=====================In English==================

What's happening here, all this shoe polishing? Yesterday Berlin Elites were all about cleaning, greasing, colouring and polishing, polishing and polishing their shoes, leather coats and bags. The knowledgable team of Meisterschuh, Simon, Maik, Gernot and Sabine, supported our efforts and lead us the way.

Well but first things first: Finding Meisterschuh was the first task to tackle, getting into the typical backyeards of Berlin, the maze of the old building up to the second floor. Once we arrived buzzing music and smiling faces welcomed us. Not only did they open their shop to us, but they also invited us for yummy sushi and pizza. Speaking of amazing hosts, huh? We also had organic lemonade by Biozisch. Within seconds all talking stopped just to be replaces by "mmmh" and happy gulping.

Well-fed we started out tour around the shop: machines for polishing, grinding, cutting and pressing, everything you need to fix and build shoes. Simon and Maik explained every single step to us and luckily there were plenty of examples of how shoes should not look like. Simon reminded everyone to not to wait too long with getting your shoes fixed, or as he termed it "Don't wait until your heels spark" - it will only get more expensive and more tricky.

The next stop were the custom made shoes. Denny N learned that "orthopedic shoes don't need to look as such!" True dat! We had a closer look at a pair of shoes custom made for a Nigerian dilomat, size 51... they certainly did not look orthopedic but that size could have easily passed as a child's coffin. Eiske S nearly fit her head inside the shoe. She was actually fully measured by Gernot and Maik: They took blueprints of her shoes and analyzed her stature. Well, the first step towards a custom made shoe was taken.

All listening and no practice would have been boring, that's why every Yelp Elite was asked to bring shoes, bags, coats, as long as it was made of smooth leather. Eiske S and Lauritz N were the only ones that brought something else but black shoes. Alright, step 1: putting on plastic gloves and grab your cotton fabrik and sponge. First we needed to clean our shoes with organic ethanol, then we applied a superthin layer of expensive Italian wax. And off we go to the polishing machine, to further work that wax into the leather. Step 2: colouring. Most of the black shoes were rather a greyish-pale shade of black from the sun, dust and all the wearing. With the cotton fabrik we applied dye on the shoes and really worked it in. We followed the motto: Less is more. Believe it or not, most of the shoes that arrived dull and mat, but once all the steps were finished and thoroughly done all shoes and bags looked brand new. The Yelpers found a new appreciation for their shoes. More than once one could see the Yelpers turning their shoes the other way for wearing a brilliant example of how shoes should not be treated.

Take-aways from yesterday:

1. Less is more. Treat your shoes they way you treat your face (or would you use a handfull of lotion and smear it into it?)

2. Change your shoes more often and give your shoes the chance to ventilate.

3. Don't wait too long with getting your shoes fixed. It will only get more expensive.

4. Our feet are our base, they determine the rest of our posture. Your shoes can either correct your posture or increase your bad posture

All the picture of the evening can be found on YelpBerlin Facebook and you may leave your reviews here. Please keep in mind that your reviews help me to figure out what you enjoy and what you would like to do in the future. Also Meisterschuh will immensely profit from your reviews as well. Let's support this AMAZING local business and spread the word. My first pairs of shoes are already in the competent hands of Meisterschuh. The winter may come now! I can hardly express my gratitude, but I am going to try anyway: Thank you, thank you, thank you Simon, Maik, Gernot and Sabine at Meisterschuh for a wonderful, interactive and enrichening event. This evening would have not been possible without you. Your generosity to invite the Yelper to sushi and pizza is unbeatable! Thank you Käthe of K:FEE KunstundKönnen for capturing the entire evening in such brilliant pictures. And without Biozisch we would have probably dies of dehydration. 

I see you all next time!

Svenja G

Community Manager Yelp Berlin

Yelp Fait Des Bulles @ BD en Bulles

Posted by Camille L

Temps froid et bonne humeur étaient au rendez-vous ce lundi 19 novembre pour la soirée Yelp Elite de novembre à Lyon ! Le rendez-vous était donné aux Yelpeurs dans la jolie et encore trop méconnue librairie BD en Bulles : immense temple de la Bande Dessinée, dans la rue Confort, entre Jacobins et rue de la République !


Accueil des Yelpeurs, attribution de l'étiquette d'usage, t-shirts geeks revétus pour les plus téméraires, les Yelpeurs se dispersent dans la boutique et foncent découvrir sur les rayonnages les dernières nouveautés ou classiques BD ! L'équipe de BD en Bulles est là pour les conseiller et ne s'en prive pas !

Isis M est ravie : "Des fois le hasard fait bien les choses. N'étant pas fan de BD, je n'aurais surement jamais mis les pieds ici de mon propre chef. N'étant pas fan de bière et ne pouvant rester installée sur mon tabouret, faute de l'avoir mis dans un endroit stratégique ( n.b: évite de bloquer l'accès au bar ainsi, malheureuse!), j'ai donc du partir flâner dans le magasin. Et là : JOIE ! J'ai grandi entourée de livres aux illustrations plus belles les unes que les autres, et avoir pu, pour la première fois depuis bien longtemps, me retrouver face a des oeuvres semblable m'a toute émue. J'ai été renvoyée à mes premiers amours et pour moi c'était formidable."

DSC_0304 DSC_0218

Côté bar, c'est Et la bière fut qui officie et présente son concept de fabrication de bière : vous saviez que vous pouviez créer de A à Z votre propre bière à Lyon ? Non ? Eh bien faites un tour sur leurs avis Yelp, ça devrait vous inspirer !

Entre deux parts de tartes salées préparées par le Broc Café, les Yelpeurs sont invités à des découvertes sucrées par la désormais célèbre Anne-Claire de Violette et Berlingot, toujours prête à faire faire des découvertes aux Yelpeurs ! Ludovic A est ravie pour sa première soirée Yelp : "Bonus sympa, j'ai pu ENFIN goûter les confiseries de chez Violette & Berlingot. En un mot = miam. Je n'aurais jamais pensé que le chocolat blanc se mariait si bien avec du romarin."

Mais voilà, après toutes ces découvertes, c'est déjà l'heure de fermer boutique ! Les Yelpeurs se dispersent, et pensent déjà à retourner chez BD en Bulles pour leurs achats de fin d'année ! Une adresse parfaitement Shopping Local !

Si vous étiez là et n'avez pas encore partagé votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos de l'évènement par Milie S, c'est par ici !

Merci à tous et à tous les partenaires de cette soirée pour ces bons moments et cette soirée fort appréciée ! 

Camille L
Lyon  Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp


*** English Excerpt ***

On a cold cold Monday night, the Lyon Yelpers were invited for the November Yelp Elite Event at BD en Bulles, a huge and still too unknow comics bookstore in the city center of Lyon!

Pies from local shop Broc Café, beer from Et la bière fut and sweets and chocolate from Violette et Berlingot, made some happy Yelpers! 

Read what party-goers have to say about this event by reading the reviews here. For more fabulous images of the evening by photographer Milie S, don't miss our Flickr page.

Camille L
Lyon  Community Manager

* See you on Yelp !


November 22, 2012

Los Yelpers de Valencia complementados en Disorder

“Una noche loca la tiene cualquiera”, habrá pensado más de un Yelper después de verse enfundado en su insospechado complemento durante nuestra primera fiesta Élite en Valencia. Pero ¿quién dijo vergüenza? ni la vieron ni la conocieron aquellos valientes que, con su atuendo peculiar, aparecieron durante la noche para disfrutar de una velada única entre los bigudíes y cepillos de rulo de una joven y moderna peluquería situada en el corazón de Ruzafa. Disorder brilló por su luz y espléndida decoración, al más puro estilo vintage, y así es como esta bonita pelu de barrio se convirtió, por un día, en el escenario de las locuras más atrevidas de los Yelpers. Si además lo que andabas buscando desde hace tiempo es ‘disordenarte’ la melena, Rosa G recomienda un paseo hasta allí sin dudarlo porque “sus dos peluqueras te aconsejan cómo hacerlo mientras disfrutas de un café en el sofá”.


Como era de esperar, en la fiesta había muchos secadores… pero también "ca-bellos" pinchos aterrizados en las mesas de la mano de Restaurante La Reina, que deleitó a los invitados con unos bocados de foie y salmón ¡que nos pusieron a todos los vellos de punta! siguiendo su estela dorada de sabores vanguardistas y mediterráneos. Para regar estos manjares, Bodegas Aranleón presentó dos de sus vinos, uno tinto y otro blanco, llenos de personalidad y elaborados con los frutos de los viñedos de nuestra tierra, tal y como gusta a los Yelpers. ¡Qué sabor, qué colores e intensidades! “imprescindibles para poder completar la paleta de sabores de la noche”, como afirmó sin dudar Ana S


La guinda del pastel la pusieron, con gran esmero, las chicas de My Little Republic. Un dulce rinconcito de placeres de colores que parecía un bombonera sacada de un cuento de hadas. Al principio deba pena hasta tocar “esos dulzazos cupqueiquianos” como los bautizó Manolo L, pero los Yelpers adoran probar cosas nuevas y no se resistieron a llenar sus cuerpos de glucosa. Eso sí, al ritmo de la divertida música de DJ Juanvi, el artista musical del guateque yelpero.

No queremos despedirnos sin dar las gracias una vez más a nuestros patrocinadores de la noche: Disorder, Restaurante La Reina, Bodegas Aranleón y My Little Republic; así como a Dj Juanvi, Juanjo que estuvo en la puerta toda la noche dando la bienvenida a los Yelpers y a Tito, que fue un gran apoyo antes, durante y después del evento. Sin todos vosotros no hubiera sido posible este primer encuentro Yelp en Valencia. Os invito a dejar vuestra reseña sobre el evento aquí y a reír sin parar echando un ojo en Flick r al album de fantásticas instantáneas que hizo Fran de Sousa durante la noche.


¡Que siga la fiesta!


María de Quesada

Responsable de la Comunidad de Yelp Valencia


"Everyone might have had a mad night", thought more than one Yelper after discovering all the unsuspected accessories during our first Elite event in Valencia. But nobody should be blushed or embarrassed about it! No one seemed to be worried at all, and every single brave Yelper enjoyed the time playing around curlers and brushes in a young and modern hairdresser shop located in the heart of Ruzafa neighborhood. Disorder was conspicuous not only by its light and splendid decoration, but also because of its purest vintage style. And that is how this pretty local hairdresser’s became, for two hours, the scene of all our Yelpers lunacies. Besides, if you were looking forward to 'disordering' your look, Rosa G strongly recommended stopping by, because "the two owners give you advise about your hair while you are enjoying a cup of coffee on the couch".


As expected, there were many hairdryers around, as well as delicious snacks waiting on the tables. Yelpers were treated with splendorous tapas from a local and Mediterranean business, La Reina Restaurant, consisting on fantastic foie and salmon that just made everybody’s hair stand on end. To go with these delicacies, Bodegas Aranleón presented red and white wine, both of them full of personality and elaborated with the fruits of our land vineyards, just as Valencians like! Such colours and intensities were so "essential in order to complete the palette of flavours of the night", as Ana S stated.


The girls from My Little Republic put the cherry on the top very carefully, preparing the nicest sweet corner ever, all in pink and sugar, and apparently brought from a fairy tale. They worked so hard that at the beginning, Yelpers as Manolo L felt quite sorry eating those precious “sickly sweet cupcakes". But trying new things is one of their hobbies, so they couldn’t resist filling their bodies with such a top-quality glucose… obviously to the rhythm of DJ’s Juanvi music.


Many thanks again to all of the sponsors that helped us in the party: Disorder, La Reina Restaurant, Bodegas Aranleón and My Little Republic; Dj Juanvi, who made people dance and enjoy the music, the photographer Fran de Sousa for capturing the magic of the evening in pictures (which you can see here), Tito for being such a great assistant and Juanjo for guarding the main door with a smile. Do you want to know more? Check the reviews and write your own here.


Don’t let the party stop!


María de Quesada

Community Manager Yelp Valencia

Yelp's F1 Cocktails and Dreams

Posted by kelly stocker

When an international incident rolls/flies/crashes into your town, you know it's time  F1for Yelp to have a partayyyyyyy. And party we did with the help of yelpers, sponsors and this sassy art gallery known as the Gallery Black Lagoon. 

Why an art gallery? Well sometimes we like to be a little classy with a C (instead of the usual K for klasssssay) and this is a perfect spot. Located right in Hyde Park, it's the best kept secret in town. Shannon B hearts art: "What a refreshing change to attend a Yelp event in an art gallery! Perusing the interesting paintings, prints, and sculptures made this party that much more memorable."

F2Let's make sure not to get too ahead of ourselves. Jeremy from Macallen scotch poured aged scotch whilst educating us on the finer points of the amber liquid. Non scotch drinkers enjoyed Prickly Pear, Jalapeno and OG margaritas provided by the oh so fabulous Republic Tequila and frosty IPAs from 512 Brewing. Jack C: "Macallan, Republic Tequila, 512 Brew, Parlor pizza, SugaPlump, Gallery Black Lagoon art, Air BNB! Did I mention Macallan scotch?" F3

He let the food out of the bag... or the box. SugaPlump cakeballs were the icing on the proverbial cakeball. They were unbelievable. Dense, moist, cake ball-y awesomeness that gave us just enough sweet to balance the savory Parlor Pizza. Pizza, cakeballs and art? Hell yeah. That's how we do in Austin, Texas. 

Tasha B sums it up: "Another great event!  I made some awesome new friends, got to check out some art, and noshed on some pizza.  The tequila cocktails were delicious and I really enjoyed checking out Black Lagoon-what a cool space!" Check out our fabulous reviews and pics here!

Until the next one, SYOY!

Kelly S






November 21, 2012

Yelp's Oktoberfest Hangover in Phoenix

It might be November, but Yelp Elites still found a way to enjoy Oktoberfest, thanks to Yelp's Oktoberfest Hangover at Brat Haus in Scottsdale, Arizona. On a clear night under the stars, Yelp Elites and their guests gathered at the Old Town pub for a feast, plenty of beer and wine, entertainment and socializing!


Upon entering, each yelper received a special bingo card with get-to-know-you questions. In order to redeem the check-in offer for unique "Yelp Life" gloves, the yelpers had to black-out the bingo card by asking yelpers to sign the slot that matched their description! In the midst of getting to know knew yelpers, everyone enjoyed a buffet feast of Brat Haus' delicious menu items. The feast included pretzels with fondue cheese, salad, pasta, chicken and waffles and a lamb roast!


With plates piled high with food, yelpers took a seat at the extensive courtyard patio under the stars and enjoyed their food with plenty of New Belgium beer and wine to help wash it down. In the midst of chatting with new and old friends, an authentic accordion player swept through the crowd with his lively music and even taught the yelpers a song or two about none other than beer!



The Yelp Elites and their guests took a break from eating by playing cornhole and jenga, all while Brat Haus staff handed out their in-house date cake! One lucky yelper won a gift card to visit Brat Haus on a future visit and another won their very own beer purse! However, everyone left with a coupon good for a complimentary pretzel on their next visit.

A special thank you goes out to Brat Haus for hosting the event and to New Belgium for quenching the yelper's thirst! Be sure to take a look at the reviews!

Until next time,


Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager


Yelp Hampton Roads Celebrate The Aloha Spirit

Posted by Xerxes N

On Sunday evening Hampton Roads Yelpers gathered together for Yelp's Passion For Aloha at Passion The Restaurant in Chesapeake. Elites enjoyed a beautiful evening of fine food, fine wine and indulged in the Aloha spirit. Owners, Michael and Diane Gormori, have a history in Hawaii with Michael's two tours of Pearl Harbor when he served in the United States Navy. As official Hawaii "Kama'āina", they decided to bring a little bit of Aloha to Chesapeake and brought to the community Passion The Restaurant. Through thick and thin this place is now standing out as an important part of the Chesapeake restaurant community.


Yelpers were served a buffet style Hawaiian-themed dinner with Betsy, the roasted pig, being the star of the event. We happily feasted in Kahlua pork, fried rice, chicken wings, meatballs and fried lumpia.


This event was certainly one for the Yelp Hampton Roads Elite Squad history books. Sally M "loved the super generous buffet, top-notch service and meeting lots of friendly Yelpers." She also enjoyed the mini speeches the staff made about the restaurant. “There is something about talking to the person who has prepared your food that gives the meal that little extra something special,” Martina D yelps. Julia A adds, "the owners and staff were beyond phenomenal. Passion The Restaurant did such a wonderful job hosting."


Looks like Yelp's Passion For Aloha will bring back some raving Yelpers. Keith C is "definitely coming back to enjoy their rush hour specials" while Alicia W and Warren B are looking forward to trying some of Chef Garrett Barner's specials.


Ben D and Julia A received the prestigious awards of best Aloha spirit for the evening. Both took home bottles of wine courtesy of Passion and a Yelp bag full of swag.


A HUGE thanks to Michael and Diane Gormori, Chef Garrett Barner and staff members Karen and Mike for welcoming Yelp Hampton Roads with love of the Aloha spirit. Plan on seeing us Yelpers come back to enjoy rush hour, dinner and cooking demonstrations. In case you missed this great event check out all the reviews of the event, the photos from the lovely Vanessa G and what folks are saying about the event.


Xerxes N - Yelp Hampton Roads Community Manager



Yelp Brooklyn Digs Dassara!

Posted by peter d.

Last night Yelp Brooklyn banded together for some Rockin' Ramen! The NYC Elites gathered to celebrate the scrumptious new Dassara Brooklyn Ramen and raise a little cash to help our neighbors in Red Hook recover from the recent storm. Despite the small space, we raised nearly $500 for Red Hook Initiative (which will be matched by the Yelp Foundation for a cool $1K total), a testament to how strong and dedicated yelpers are to working together to rebuild what we've lost even better than it was before.

And really, how could you blame anyone for showing up at the stellar Smith Street spot? Only a few months old, this Brooklyn original is already gaining a following in the community with their distinct Dassara flair. Blending cultures and flavors, this isn't your traditional take on the Japanese treat. They've taken the playful approach of Japanese chefs and combined it with the eclectic and ethnic nature that sets Brooklyn apart. 

The Yelp Elite got an exclusive look at this unique and marvelous menu and Monique R wasn't alone in exclaiming, "I LOVED the deep fried chicken hearts!" Not to mention several different types of baos; everyone enjoyed the turkey confit and cranberry sauce (perhaps an homage to Thanksgiving?), as well as the undeniably delicious fried chicken. Of course, the curried goat ramen carried the day for many, and JP B notes that the "nuance and homey satisfaction made the dish worth pining for."

These tasty samples were combined with complimentary cocktails courtesy of small-batch rum Due North, which is carefully created by Van Brunt Stillhouse with fair trade, organic, unprocessed sugar grown on small family farms and dried in the sun in the foothills of the Himalayas. This spirit is aged in American Oak, and blends perfectly in cocktails like The Flux Capicitor; as Phil H reports, it's "as if crazy Doc Brown himself invented this sweet but deceitfully potent concoction!"

Obviously, the cash raised for Red Hook Initiative hit home for the folks from Van Brunt Stillhouse, as many of their neighbors are still struggling to get back to normal. If anyone out there is interested in contributing either time, money or anything at all, please check out their website and take the Yelp Builds Back pledge to help rebuild and spend your money locally this holiday season.

A huge thanks to Justin, Josh, Hadji and the rest of the amazing and accommodating Dassara staff for welcoming us with open arms. I'll see you guys there again soon for more chicken hearts and that bone marrow ramen! Whether or not you made it out, make sure to check out the charity, all the reviews of the event, the photos from the lovely Melanie Fidler, and what folks are saying.

Peter D and the rest of the Yelp NYC Team

Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 12.25.47 PM

November 20, 2012

Yelp Detroit Elite Chef's Tasting Dinner At Lena

Posted by Annette

Earlier this month, 20 lucky Yelp Detroit elites were invited to partake in a 4 course dinner at newly opened Lena in Ann Arbor. Inspired by the foods and traditions of Latin America, Lena has a variety of dishes designed to please any palate.  Collage1

Chef Gabriel Vera kicked things off with an amouse bouche of fingerling potatoes with warm bacon dressing and our choice of cocktails, wine or beer off of what Elizabeth K describes as their “creative” drink menu. Options included everything from their signature mojitos and margaritas to specially “Lena brewed” craft beers and craft cocktails like the Mango Flower (made with fresh lime, vodka, St Germain, mashed mango and simple syrup).Collage2

Then came the dinner! First course consisted of a trio of bites from the appetizer menu: Plantain Tostones (smashed and fried plantains with fresh tomato salsa, chimichurri and melted chihuahua cheese), Ecuadorian Humitas (fresh corn cakes with lemongrass-tomato stew and melted chihuahua cheese), and Yapin Gacho (grilled potato cakes with queso blanco, avocado, peanut sauce and chorizo). Second course was a Compressed Watermelon salad with heirloom tomatoes, arugula, raspberry vinaigrette, pistachio powder, whipped goat cheese and crisp rice crackers. The main course gave yelpers their choice between Columbian imported Pan Roasted Corvina (with white rice, plantain chips, infused peanut sauce and escabeche salsa) or Beef Churrasco (with white rice, tomato sofrito, matchstick plantains and fried egg). For dessert we were presented with Flan d'Caramel with fresh berries.  At the end of the night our group left full, a little tipsy, and very happy with Lena’s hospitality.


Many thanks to: the fantastic staff at Lena for hosting us that evening and being so very attentive to our group, Chef Gabriel Vera for putting together the fantastic menu and taking the time out of his evening to come talk to us and tell us about each dish, photographer Doug Coombe for capturing the evening in photographs (which you can see here), and all our awesome elites for making it out and spending the evening with us. Want to know more? Check the reviews (or write your own!) here.

Coming up in Detroit? A fantastic holiday party and cookie exchange in December plus a lot of Yelp Shops Local gatherings and lovin’.

So, until next time....SYOY!

Annette J

Community Manager Yelp Detroit

Denver Yelp's First Bite at Patxi's Pizza

On Sunday evening, Denver yelpers were invited to a pre-opening party at Patxi's Pizza (said like pah-cheese!) for the Yelp's First Bite Elite Event! Hailing from the Bay Area, this is the first location outside of California and Denver yelpers couldn't be more excited that Patxi's has graced our fair city with this 'za. Upon arriving, guests were greeted with schwag bags including water bottles, to-go menus, and gift cards for a return visit. After picking up this little fun pack they sauntered over to the bar to grab either a vodka cocktail or Odell's 5 Barrel Ale.

Throughout the evening yelpers were able to taste a wide variety of items from appetizers to salads, and of course the pizzas! Deep dish, thin crust, even gluten free pies were on hand, and then in tummies as the night went on. In fact, so much food was on hand that every single yelper left stuffed and promising to return. As Tiffany "Not The CM" N put it: "It's more than 24 hours later and I'm still full! #winning"

Be sure to check out the rest of the reviews for more details and the photos of the evening. And don't forget to check in on your Yelp app or like their Facebook page to enjoy some fun social media special offers. Until next time friends, I'll SYOY (See You On Yelp)!


Tiffany N

Your Denver Yelp Community Director

Yelps 3gängiges Dinner im lutz

Posted by Andreas R

Die Mariahilferstraße ist den meisten Wienern ja hauptsächlich als Einkaufsstraße bekannt. Dank der lutz bar, die seit nun schon 8 Jahren ihre Pforten am unteren Ende der Mahü geöffnet hat, kann man aber nach dem Shopping"vergnügen" auch toll essen gehen bzw bei einem Drink von den zuvor durchkämpften Menschenmassen abschalten. Mitte November hatte eine Gruppe von 24 Elite Yelpern das Vergnügen, von der lutz Crew auf ein 3gängiges Menü inklusive Weinbegleitung eingeladen zu werden.

1Nach einem Welcome-Drink und persönlicher Begrüßung von Jürgen Lutz, dem Besitzer der Bar, durften wir auch schon an den schick gedeckten Tischen Platz nehmen und das kulinarische Verwöhnprogramm konnte beginnen. Nach einem leckeren Gruß aus der Küche wurde eine raffinierte Trilogie vom Tartare aus Gemüse, Räucherlachs und Beef (für Vegetarier ohne Beef) aufgetischt.
2Die Hauptspeise bestand aus mit Rosenhonig karamellisiertem Ziegenkäse auf Rucolasalat mit Thunfisch, eingelegtem Gemüse und Schmortomaten (auch hier gab es für Vegetarier eine eigene, nicht weniger gut schmeckende Variation). Wer dann noch Platz hatte durfte sich dem Schokoladekuchen mit flüssigem Kern und Rote Rüben-Eis widmen.
3Die Qualität des Essens kann einfach nur als fantastisch bewertet werden - so gut isst man wirklich selten. Der junge Küchenchef, der es sich nicht nehmen hat lassen die Yelper auch persönlich zu begrüßen, ist ein wahrer Meister seines Faches. Neben dem Essen war aber sicher die Betreuung des gesamten lutz Teams das wahre Highlight des Abends. Die Bar ist zwar äußerst schick, aber alle Mitarbeiter sind locker und entspannt und haben die Yelper mit offenen Armen empfangen. Anfolgend ein paar Zitate der Yelper:

Leon P: "Das Highlight des Jahres bei den Yelp events! Danke an das Lutz!"
Manuela R: "Unbedingt erwähnen muss ich auch noch die Kellner, die uns den ganzen Abend über äußerst professionell und freundlich betreuten."
Wolfgang K: "Tolles Lokal. Tolles Design. Mahü at ist best!"

Wie immer gibt es jede Menge tolle Fotos von dem Event, alle Berichte der Yelper gibt es hier nachzulesen.

Herzlichen Dank an das lutz, ich denke ihr habt ein paar neue Stammkunden gewonnen, wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf ein Wiedersehen!

Servus und bis bald,

Andreas R und die Yelp Crew

Mariahilferstrasse is mainly known as a big shopping street to the Viennese. Thanks to the lutz bar, that has been opened 8 years ago, one can also enjoy a great dinner or relax with a nice drink after the shopping marathon. In mid-november a group of 24 Elite Yelpers had the pleasure of being invited to a 3 course dinner including wine and drinks at the lutz bar.

After a welcome drink and a personal introduction by Jürgen Lutz, the owner of the bar, we sat down at the nicely set up tables and the culinary festival could start. After a yummy greeting from the kitchen we enjoyed a tartare trilogy of vegetables, smoked salmon and beef (for our veggies without beef of course).

The main dish consisted of caramalised goat cheese marinated with rosehoney on rucola salad with tuna, pickled vegetables and stewed tomatoes. For those who still had some capacities left, chocolate cake with a fluid core was served together with red beet icecream (yes, the latter was yummy as well).

The quality of the food was simply phantastic. The young chef de cuisine is a true master of his profession and also came out to welcome the Yelpers in person. Besides of the food, the true highlight of the evening however was the outstanding care of the whole lutz team. The bar is a very fancy one, but all its employees are down to earth and welcomed the Yelpers with open arms.

As always there are lots of pictures from the event, all the reviews can be read on Yelp.

A big thank you to the lutz, I think you got yourself some new regulars, I am looking forward to seeing you again!

Servus und bis bald,

Andreas R

November 19, 2012

Yelp Albuquerque's Ballin' @ Savoy

Posted by Howie

Albuquerque hosted its second sweet Elite soiree on Friday with a black & white ball @ Savoy. Hosted by everyone's favorite Mistress of Ceremonies, Tiffany N, the night kicked off with tips and check-ins for gloves, and a get-to-know-you Bingo. Champagne and appetizers were passed around as our DJ kept things swanky.


The evening included a three course sampling of signature eats with wines to pair and black & white tuxedo cookies specially prepared by the pastry chef. Prizes were awarded, introductions were made and the hosts truly spoiled the show with amaing eats, presented with trademark flair. The 5-star reviews came in over the weekend, clearly our young team of Elites are meshing well. The pressure is building for the next event!


Yelp Goes Bollywood @ Taj Mahal

Posted by Stephanie

As Louis R put it: "Where can you delve into tasty Indian fare like killer hors d'oeuvres and a hella delish buffet? Enjoy a dinner in an authentically decorated and charming resto? Meet JC/NJ local Yelpers?" At Yelp Goes Bollywood Elite Event at Jersey City's Taj Mahal. Located a few blocks from the main drag of Little India, this charming BYO restaurant was a perfect setting to feed and entertain 50+ Yelp elites and guests with a buffet fit for a Maharaja.

Food Collage
Priti K's "going to come back to this restaurant for the Pani Puri alone. That water was better than any  The Lamb Vindal was Lori L's love of the night: "The lamb was perfectly tender, and was actually spicy!" One of the stars on Anderson C's dining plate included the Chicken Tikka Masala with chicken that "was moist, and just cooked perfectly." And of course any meal needs to end on a sweet note so why not try something new? Bloss C did by sampling the "Gulab Jamun (flour balls fried and served in syrup). It was not too sweet and you could fine tune how sweet you wanted it by adding more or less syrup." And really, who doesn't like brown Indian balls in their mouth? Yowza!

Ambiance collage
Deborah D looked past the food, to recognize why Taj's tagline is "Romance In Fine Dining" since the dining room's "curved architectural elements in shapes reminiscent of the Taj Mahal, and the gold, cream, and red colors exuded warmth." Meanwhile, between bites, SM Henna Designs was decorating hands and arms and though Tyler R didin't partake, his lady "partook in Hennafest '12 and was very pleased with the resulting artwork - so it has my stamp of approval."

If you were there and haven't penned your review yet, wow, really? Do it now, here. And if you weren't able to make this one, read all about it! Wanna check out the pics? Do it here.

Peace, Love, & Yelpiness,

Stephanie 'YoSteph' Y






Sacramento Elites Rock N' Roll, Sushi Unlimited Style!

Posted by Alex L

Sacramento elites were awfully vocal about Sushi Unlimited this last week during not one but two events at the restaurant's Davis and Folsom locations! Titled "Yelp's Rock n' Rolls," it was a chance for over 200 attendees in total to sample their wide array of fresh made sushi rolls and related treats along with unlimited Sapporo beer and hot and cold sake. It's just a shame the American Idol judges weren't there as this would have been a perfect occasion to discover new talent!

Night numero uno took place at their Davis location, a small but cozy and beautifully rennovated hot spot for the college crowd and non-education-seeking sushi lovers alike. The bar area was sectioned off exclusively for yelpers. From moment one they were showered with tray after tray of the restaurant's delectable rolls and appetizers, including edamame, beef and chicken teriyaki, stuffed mushrooms, deep fried gyoza, and various fresh-fish rolls of all shapes, tastes and sizes! Digestions was aided by the brave souls who took the microphone and serrenaded us with unique versions of everything from Whitney Houston to Led Zeppelin to Shania Twain. Recalls Oanh N, "there were rolls-upon-rolls-upon-rolls of sushi and other side dishes calling our names! To call this place generous must definitely be an understatement - the servers kept bringing out food and the mind-reading bartenders constantly kept refilling glasses left and right!"

48 hours later, the fun continued with a whole new set of elites at their Folsom location, which is home to a large, rennovated private event area that is absolutely perfect for a party big or small for any occasion! Once again the staff was tremendous and generous to a fault, providing a seemingly endless amount of food that resulted in a Yelp party first: leftovers! Once again, the highlight of the evening was the karaoke stylings of our yelpers who brought the house down with renditions of everything from "Forget About Dre" to "Bohemian Rhapsopdy." Additionally, Don Felix cigars was there to offer up fine smokes for those who wanted them. As Cindy S explains, "With the abundant (excuse me, unlimited) amount of sushi and appetizers-edamame, crab and pepper tempura, fried mushroom stuffed sushi, fried chicken, seared tuna, coconut tempura shrimp and drinks available there is definitely nothing lacking here. The karaoke is, well... entertaining! But what do you expect? I'm not complaining because you know I'm not getting up there!"
Between the great food, service and atmosphere, many yelpers vowed to come back soon for food, drinks or just an overall good time. Of course, it helps when they offer 50% off rolls to everyone, all the time and an additional 20% coupon to elites who attended!

Big props as always go to Phil Isidro for his compelling shots, my trusty assistant Dustin R, and a very special thank you to John Kim and his staff, along with Scott Eggert from Clickspring for making this possible! Check out the reviews as they roll in!

Arigatou gozaimasu,
Alex L
Yelp Sacramento Community Manager



San Antonio Elites Get An Insider's Look at Alamo Bowl 2012

Posted by Gloria

Fifty lucky Elites put their game faces on for an exclusive insiders-only reception hosted by the Valero Alamo Bowl. The Alamodome hosts a slew of sporting events from hockey to high school football playoffs, but the Alamo Bowl, where the Big 12 and Pac-12 descend upon San Antonio, is by far the city's pride and joy. San Antonio Elites were there to ring in the cheer and get the scoop at what John H deems "San Antonio's hottest Elite event." 

Alamo Bowl Collage
Elites were greeted in the dome's fourth floor lounge sandwiched between immaculate night views of downtown San Antonio on one side and the 50 yard-line of the beautifully manicured football field on the other. The impressive spread of small bites included gourmet cheeses and fresh fruit as well as southern comforts such as brisket sliders and mac and cheese – which our group of foodies immediately combined for the ultimate sloppy and scrumptious game day chow down (Here's looking at you, Shawn G!). 

Alamo bowl collage 2
Lest we forget the other major component to Elite events, the Alamo Bowl outdid themselves and blew Elites minds' with their completely open top shelf bar. In the words of Traci R, "Grey Goose? Why hello there beautiful." Any liquor our heart's could desire wet our whistles for an awesome green screen photo booth – quick do the Heisman! – and an interactive scavenger hunt for raffle prizes. The extra point attempt called for a private tour of the brand spanking new bowl game locker rooms, which Texas' own Baylor Bears was the first team to christen back in 2011. We took a spin in some of the fancy stools and even had a photo opp party in the showers – keepin' it clean! 

Alamo bowl collage 3
A huge thank you goes to the Alamo Bowl staff for their extreme hospitality and for throwing an event that Stephen C claims "should make everyone want to be an Elite Yelper." Not to mention, our very own super Elite, Jai J for all the amazing photos, which you can see here. Reviews are rollin' in like RG3 in the endzone, so get yours in there

Alamo bowl collage 4

From your Community Manager with love, xoxo

Alamo bowl me

Gloria C

Yelp Halifax's Museum Mash-Up!

Posted by Ben

Only in Halifax will you find a party where the celebrity guest is a 90-year-old turtle, but good ole Gus was a big enough name to draw 250 Yelpers to the Museum of Natural History for our biggest event yet! From a forest packed with craft beer and gourmet pizza, to an under-the-sea hideaway filled with peanut butter truffles and tea-a colada mocktails, Yelp's Museum Mash-Up gave plenty of reasons to explore!

MuseumWhat's that? You've never partied alongside porcupines, live bees, and great white shark jaws? Don't sweat it – we managed to convert a few skeptics. Melanie M "never would have thought of the Museum of Natural History as a party spot," but "the atmosphere was amazing, there was lots of room to move around, and it filled my educational quota for the week." Of course, as Maureen J points out, the soundtrack helped set the mood: "It was a perfect balance between new jams and the throw-backs to High School days (think Mariah Carey and Mase/PDiddy days). I wanted to dance... in the middle of a museum." The Other Guys Entertainment sure know what they're doing!

SavouryWhile the occasional bear growl kept exploring Yelpers on their toes, there were plenty of more appetizing surprises around every turn. A crowd in the forest caught Mike B's attention: "Low and behold: Bramoso was there! Now it all made sense." Slinging hand-tossed, thin crust slices packed with fresh local toppings, "Bramoso, one of the best pizza places in Halifax, won him over again with their pizza." Staying dry next to the tide pool, our friends from Made With Local were happy to come back to introduce Yelpers like Janis S to what they've been missing: "I didn't think I could like a granola bar as much as I did."

SweetOn the sweeter side, Meegan D "adored that the amazing family behind Humani-T Café came up with a way to remove almost two-thirds of the sugar from the traditional truffle recipe and left us with a truffle where you can actually taste and savor the flavors beyond just sweetness." First-timer Lindsay Z loved running into "hidden gem" Choco Café. The secret behind their "astonishingly good" chocolates? These cold-pressed Belgians stay naturally sweeter without unnecessary add-ins! The cherries and hazelnuts don't hurt either...

DrinksThirsty? We had you covered on that front too! Fitting right in with the other woodland creatures, Hop City's award-winning Barking Squirrel Lager kept the crowd refreshed. Ashlee F "had to sample Hop City's beer a few times to see if I really liked it... I do. I think I knew that right away though, shhh!" Don't worry, Ash – we won't tell! Keeping it tropical, the World Tea House impressed Yelpers like Leslie F with some sensational – and sippable! – creative concoctions: "If you were at this event and somehow missed this table, that is a true tragedy. The coconut tea/pineapple mocktail that was being served was amahhhhzing. When it gets warm outside again, this will be the only thing I drink."

Whether you were in it for the cause or the competition, the Epic Blind Taste Test Challenge in support of Bust a Move for Breast Health had Yelpers scrambling to prove their palate. But trust – this was no cake walk. "After cooking in restarunts for 12 years and teaching cooking school," Peter B "thought he had one up on this. I am not so sure I even got 3 out of 5 correct?" You tell us, Pete: the mystery line-up was sliced turkey, dried mango, capers, Havarti cheese, and edamame!

EpictasteCongrats to grand prize winner Mel H who walked away with over $200 in gift certificates courtesy of Estia, Indochine Banh Mi, McKelvie's, Obladee Wine Bar, and Dimitri's Pizza!

Missed out on the Mash-Up? Relive the magic thanks to Michelle Doucette and Laugh It Up Photobooths. You can catch the snap-by-snap recap on our Flickr page. You can also dive into the phenomenal Yelp reviews for more of the delicious details and be sure to add your own if you haven't already!

Still smiling from our night at the museum,

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.54.17 AM

Ben 'Not Stiller' B

(with photobooth shattering love from Jane K and Hilary H)

Yelp Halifax Community Manager

November 18, 2012

Yelp's On A Roll @ Umi Star

Posted by Bella

Tucson Elites may reside down South by the border, but it was high time we veered East and then West for a fusion of Asian flavors! Elites descended upon Umi Star for the latest and greatest in fresh fish and Asian Fusion creations. Only open for five weeks, Umi’s already the talk of the town and they opened their doors only to Tucson Elite last week for an intimate evening of exquisite culinary delights and cocktails (made to order with house infused liquors). Feast your eyes on this delicious wrap up..!

Umi 1.jpg

Elites savored exquisite Japanese fare with a California flare prepared by Executive Chef (owner) Todd Hammerslag and sipped on craft cocktails made to order by Ryan (owner) all night long. It was a serious "wow" fest. New Elite member, Aishan S yelps,"this event was phenomena! The sushi here is absolutely fantastic, and I was completely blown away by their excellent food and service." Tiffany S, an Elite veteran, concurs. "Man, this place is dangerously good. I must say this just might be the best event I've been to so far (and there have been some good events). Elites delighted in several of Chef Todd's unique creations from Ahi Tuna bruschetta, to sashimi to tacos! Alana J exclaims, "the sushi bruschetta was a stroke of genius." How about the tri-tip tacos? Jennifer M had two and wanted five more..Click here for more delicious details!

Umi food 1.jpg

                                         Umi taco.jpg

Umi sashimi.jpg

While savory bites, beer and handcrafted libations circulated all night long, the heat also turned up as DJ Josh spun live tunes and Elites took up the Origami challenge for a chance to win prizes. "Once an open spot freed up at the origami table, I was there the rest of the night," yelps Jessica L. And did you hear the big news? Jenny L and Christy R are no longer (sushi) virgins...Umi Star took my sushi virginity and satisfied! You have to bow down to that kind of power, declares Christy R. After a Lo Pan (Rum infused with green tea) and the Romantic Comedy (aperol, cucumber and fresh lemon) Jenny Y mustered up the courage to eat raw fish and has officially been converted!

Umi drinks.jpg


And at this Elite only event, it was all about getting to know eachother, creating new friendships and capturing the fun at the photo booth! Gabriel W yelps, "Elite events always have a way of immediately lifting ones spirits and reminding you that good food and good people can solve any sort of reservation. Tonight was an awesome night that goes right up there with the best of the best."

Photobooth umi.jpg

Dōmo arigatō (thank you) to all Jason, Ryan and Todd, owners of Umi Star for and incredible night and for opening your doors exclusively to the Tucson Elite. Thank you also to Elizabeth Miller of Ann Bradford Photography for capturing the fun on camera, DJ Josh for keeping the vibe fun and upbeat, and last but not least the awesome staff at Umi for your superstar service and smiles!

Read the raving 5-star reviews here!

Check out the pics on our Yelp Tucson Flickr page! And Tag yourself on our Face Book Page

Stay in the know and follow us on Twitter @yelptucson

Until next time!

CM pic umi.jpg

Bella J,

Yelp Tucson Community Mananger



Die Yelp Zürich Elite curlt um die Wette

Posted by Simon R

Gestern Sonntag war es soweit, der allererste Yelp Elite Event in Zürich begeisterte die Teilnehmer. Passend zu den derzeit herrschenden kalten Temperaturen wagten wir uns aufs Eis - im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes: Wir haben im Dolder um die Wette gecurlt.


Curling, ach wie oft haben wir das schon im TV gesehen wie die schweren Steine über das Eis gleiten aber es noch nie selbst ausprobiert. So ging es auch den meisten Elites. Peter W und seine Kollegin Nicole von Curlingevents & More namen uns an die Hand und führten uns in diesen eigentlich gar nicht so schlipfrigen Sport ein. Nicht so schlifprig? Ye(l)p, denn die Eisoberfläche wird beim Curling regelmässig mit Wassertropfen berieselt die sofort einfrieren und somit eine raue Oberfläche bilden. Und die gilt es dann mit dem Besen, den sogenannten Brooms (und den verdammt lauten Rufen "BROOM! BROOM!") wegzubesen, damit der Stein die Geschwindigkeit lange halten kann. Einige Elites hat's aber trotzdem ein paar Mal aufs Maul gehauen, aber tapfer wie sie sind ging's gleich mit dem nächsten Stein weiter.


Alsbald wir nicht mehr die ober-noobs waren, curlten wir um die Wette. Vier Teams - the Cool-Ones, Hot-Ones, Funny-Ones und Beloved-Ones - auf zwei Bahnen verteilt massen sich an ihren neu gelernten Curling-Künsten. Nach einem harten Battle gegen die Beloved-Ones gewann am Schluss das Team The-Hot-Ones. Die stolzen Gewinner durften sich eines coolen Yelp-Goodie-Bags samt Yelp T-Shirt und eines Riesen-Champagners erfreuen. Nochmals herzliche Gratulation!


Nach dieser tollen Leistung aller Beteiligten wurden wir von Dolder Sports mit Glühwein und heissen Marroni verwöhnt und liessen den Anlass gemütlich ausklingen. Der Winter kann kommen, wir sind ready! Fabian W hat den Anlass sichtlich genossen: "Tolles Yelp Elite Event! Organisation war super, Leute auch und Curling eignet sich super als Gemeinschaftsspiel - was will man mehr?! Toller Sonntag!"


Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei Curlingevents & More für die tolle Unterstützung bedanken. Ein grosser Applaus und ein herzliches Danke auch an Gürkan S für das Festhalten des Events in wunderschönen Bildern. Und Last but not Least ein Danke an alle teilnehmenden Elites und deren Begleitung für den supertollen Nachmittag. 

Hier könnt ihr nachlesen, was die Elites über den Event denken und alle Fotos findet ihr hier.

Elite sein isch schick - das haben wir wieder einmal bewiesen. Interessiert? Hier erfährst du mehr über die Yelp Elite.



Simon R

Yelp Community Manager Zürich


So on Sunday, November 18 the doors to the very first Yelp Elite Event in Zurich opened. Winter's coming, and we celebrated the cold temperates outside by… yes, by playing curling at the Dolder.

How many times have we all seen this sport with those heavy rocks that slide over the ice-surface so gently but never played it before ourselves? On Sunday afternoon the wait for the Zurich Elites was over. Peter W and his colleague Nicole from Curlingevents & More introduced us to this fascinating sports. We were amazed how not so slippery the ice was. Not slippery? Ice? Ye(l)p, because the curling one frequently applies tiny drops of water to the ice which freeze instantly and build a rough surface. And those one is supposed to get rid of with the brooms (and the oh-so-freakin'-loud shout-outs BROOM! BROOM!) to make the rocks keep their speed high. But still, some Elites fell on their behind from time to time, but awesome as they are they got up immediately to slide the next rock. That's the spirit!


As soon as we weren't the absolutely no-idea-having noobs anymore we made a competition out the freshly learnt skills. Four teams, two sheets: the Cool-Ones, Hot-Ones, Funny-Ones and Beloved-Ones. After a tough battle against the Beloved-Ones, the Hot-Ones were the winners and got an awesome Yelp-Goodie-Bag including a Yelp tee and a huge bottle of champagne. Again: congratulations!


After two hours of great work of all the attendees, Dolder Sports provided us with nice treats. I will let Ken M speak here, as he obviously really liked the treats off the ice: "...great afternoon --- some Glühwein, some hot chestnuts, and some Turbinenbrau..."!


I would like to thank Curlingevents & More for their really great support and enthusiasm during the entire event. A big applause goes to our awesome photographer Gürkan S for taking those amazing photos. And last but not least a big thank you to all the Elites and their companions for such a great afternoon.

Here you can read the reviews about the event and all the photos are to be found here.

It's neat to be Elite - I think we definitely confirmed that on Sunday. Interested? Read more about the Yelite Elite Squad here.



Simon R

Yelp Community Manager Zürich


Haut Chocolate & Bubbles Elite Event at Vosges

Posted by Brinny

What happens when you bring together Elites, bubbly and exotic chocolates with spices from all over the world? It turns into one fantastic fete!

Elites were invited into Vosges of Beverly Hills for a night of Haut Chocolate & Bubbles! Trays and trays of Vosges signature treats were floating around the whimsical space. The sparking from Kenwood Vineyards was free flowing and the perfect match for the chocolate!

Chocolate 1

Not only was their heaps of truffles, but Vosges also passed out their incredible chocolate chip cookies, caramel brownies, and hand crafted haut chocolate shooters.

Lisette C shares, "Once we entered the beautiful space we were greeted by big smiles and very generous displays of peppermint & eggnog truffles.  You didn't even get three feet past the truffles and an enormous display of toffee topped brownies was in our face. Just a little bit passed the brownies were generous glasses of champagne waiting for us. Everywhere you looked something interesting and delicious awaited us.  Red hot toffee, Indian Curry truffles, pistachio truffles, olive oil truffles, cocoa shots, cookies... It was so dreamy! But all of that aside, the staff and service was truly remarkable.  Donna and her team were warm, friendly and incredibly generous. In addition to all of the scrumptious treats, the gorgeous decor and great ambiance, we got a discount on our purchases and a goodie bag to take home."

Choc 2

Amanda G claims it was the perfect package: "I think chocolate is the perfect gift for the holidays and Vosges is the definition of decadence and indulgence. I really appreciated their beautiful boxes (so sophisticated looking, and such a variety of shapes and sizes). It makes a gift so much more special to open and enjoy when it's as pretty on the outside as it is tasty on the inside! and of course, when the chocolate is this good, it's just the perfect "package". Even the individual bars are beautifully illustrated with images of the flavors inside. Yum."

Choc 3

One of the best perks of this event? The phenomenal gift bags! Each bag was stuffed with a box of truffles, a large curry chocolate bar, a 10% off coupon good through the holidays and chocolate caramels! Every sweet tooth in the house left more than satiated!

Until next time!

Vosges bb

Brittany B

The Skinny Critic

LA West Community Manager

Yelp's Rat Pack Revelry Cocktail Party at Osteria Pronto!

Posted by Brittany

Daddy-o, Indy had itself one swinging party. As to be expected, Yelp Indy elites turned out in their finest 50s and 60s attire for a Rat Pack Revelry Cocktail Party at Osteria Pronto in the JW Marriott Indianapolis. The ties, gloves and fedoras were out in full force. Osteria Pronto pulled out all the stops with a continuous flow of the Rat Pack's favorite drink, the Manhattan, along with martinis and red and white wines as soon as yelpers walked in the door. Ratpackforblog1

There was no short supply of noshes as the on-it Osteria Pronto staff swirled the room with impeccable service. Tiramisu shooters, veggie cups, antipasto pronto platters and the crowd-favorite arancini risotto balls. Chef Angelo, straight from Rome, welcomed the crowd and highlighted the evening's tasty menu. 111 Cakery topped off the evening with a custom 3-tier cake covered with the city skyline and Mad Men-esque imagery. The moist chocolate, strawberry and red velvet layers had the elites lining up!

The Rat Pack classic, Ocean's Eleven, rolled on the projector while elites puffed away on their fake cigs granted after checking in (add tip/photo). The Kelley Jordan Heneveld Photography photo booth was a hit, conjuring a pre-Kennedy era Dean and Frank feel with useful, funny and cool props like a stash of fedoras and lifesize Sinatra cutout. This was a classic cocktail party certain to make our grandparents proud. A million thanks over to Osteria Pronto and 111 Cakery for rolling out the red carpet in true elite fashion.

Can't get enough?

Until next time SYOY!

Brittany S

Yelp Indy Community Manager

November 17, 2012

Yelp Adelaide To Market (Jiggety Jig) with Zedz Cafe

Posted by Chloe

Yelp Adelaide's first "Elite only" event saw 20 little Yelpers go to market with all of them going mmm, ooohh, ahhh all the way home. The buzz of The Central Market on a Friday night was heightened to a record breaking 104 as Yelpers dressed in 50 Shades of Red, sipped on La Boheme cocktails and Kommon Grounds coffee, "had a moment" with Zedz Cafe nibbles and socially lubricated themselves on The Tasting Bench wines.


Paul from La Boheme had our Yelpers guessing what was in their devilishly red cocktail made from Zedz Cafe strawberry puree and secret ingredients cinnamon and rasberry liquer. Susie C was mesmerised by this "little bit of Parisien Belle Epoque in Raddy," with bar tenders that will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about your favourite spirit.

Landscape images_Zedz

Then, "like a bunch of pub crawlers in red gear," Lee L joined Yelpers as they hopped, skipped and jumped across to Zedz Cafe for a progressive tasting of activated foods, Artisan roasted coffee and boutique wines. Amelia J and others got a "coffee-ducation with Dorcen," the one and only Artisan Coffee Roaster of Kommon Grounds coffee – learning about bean origins, flavours and roasting.

Meanwhile, Madeleine W was "having a moment" with her gluten free brownie, and Kamini N was in a "food coma" as she enjoyed Zedz Cafe tastings of "sprouted veggie lentil salad with a raw finnese, a soothing Moroccan soup and a spinach and Siberian tomato quiche." Franjo, the owner of Zedz Cafe. explained his passion for serving up healthy, activated and wholesome food and how you can do this from home. Franjo passionately described how he builds flavour in his food. "I like using combinations of flavours to conjur up images and experiences that people can relate to when eating, rather than just follow a recipe," he said. A big A+ for artistic food talent to this guy.

Business Owners_Zedz

Mike from The Tasting Bench finished off the evening telling a tale of his online wine club and his goal to showcase Australians to boutique, small production wineries once a month via his business. From Rusty Mutt to Scott Winemaking and Arete Wines, Yelpers again had their tastebuds challenged with some unique flavours and blends.

Food and people_Zedz

A big hvala lijepa must go to all of the passionate and creative men who made our Yelpers market experience truly intimate, filling and taste-bud challenging!

  • Paul and the rest of the funky bartenders can be found at La Boheme
  • Franjo can be tweeted @zedzcafe - I'll let him give you his number for more of those brownies ;-)
  • Dorcen and more of his coffee blends just for you can be found at Kommon Grounds
  • Mike will be waiting to share with you another one of his new found wines at The Tasting Bench

Wanting to go Back To The Future?

  • Check out the photos (taken by John Kol and Yelpers Lee L, Karen S and Natasha S)
  • Read the reviews or write one if you were there!
  • Find out what it takes to be Elite here.

Until next time SYOY!

Chloe R.


Elite Event: Yelp's Where?House Pop Up!

Posted by Tresna



In a giant space that has sat empty for many years, Where?House is a 10 day pop-up experience part of Melbourne Music Week. This performance venue has been years in the planning - with dozens of musical acts, two bars, a food hall, vintage market, learning space and wifi-lounge, this is THE place to be during November.

Elite members were invited to participate in the opening night, getting their eyeballs on the space before the rest of Melbourne. Phat Brats fed us their delicious dogs, energising us before we explored all the nooks and crannies of the venue and taking to the dance floor. 


More More More??

Check out what people are saying about Where?House

Take a look at all the photos from our photographer Rowan, and Yelpers.

Check in at Where?House and claim a cool piece of Yelp swag at the info booth.

November 16, 2012

The Yelp Life Aquatic @ Jellyfish

Posted by Drew

Hurricane Sandy couldn't hold this beast of an event back and Elites came from as far as San Diego to taste the eclectic cousine of the newly opened Jellyfish Restaurant. The eatery is a historical site and has been painstakingly restored to the original grandeur of the Whitney Mansion. While overlooking the gorgeous LI Sound and listening to acoustic tunes, guests were served a wide variety of items ranging from sushi rolls to octopus to empenadas with fresh salse verde.    


Between those bites, yelpers took to the bar! Sipping on craft brews from Dogfish, chocolate milkshakes and even Guinness floats, guests certainly didn't go home thirsty. Randy E put it best: "Great atmosphere and great people! The staff was professional and courteous. They were more than happy to take care of the crowd." Most importantly, Elites generously donated jackets, blankets and diapers to the Hurricane Sandy relief drive happening nearby. Did you miss the event? Check out all of the pics taken by John Emig here, make sure to peep out all the rave reviews and if you were in attendance, talk it up!




Drew A

Yelp Long Island Community Manager

November 15, 2012

Yelp KC Gets With The Picture

Posted by Matt

It's time for an important question: what's your favorite dinosaur? If your answer is the triceratops, velociraptor or even tyrannosaurus rex, well... you're wrong! Yelp Elites now claim Yelpasaurus as their favorite Jurassic pal, who they met at Lights! Camera! Yelp! at Alamo Drafthouse.

Main Collage

Elites and their lucky +1s were treated to a sneak preview of the newly remodeled Alamo Drafthouse, who proved that they can really put on a show! And that show started once Yelpers entered the front door! Traveling all the way from Have Guns Will Rent, Yelpasaurus entertained guests and posed for photos as people stood in line. Who doesn't want to hug a dinosaur while checking in to check out the scene behind the curtain?

Dino Collage

Once inside the in-house bar The Chesterfield, a world of food, booze and burlesque was revealed. Alamo swiftly shot down the idea of regular theater treats. A buffet of wings, fried pickles, mozzarella sticks and pretzels awaited hungry patrons. If those pretzels were making them thirsty, guests could snag one of the signature cocktails being passed through the room. The lights went down, the music turned up, and it was time for a show! Burlesque Downtown Underground arrived on the scene, offering up a taste of the new Friday night entertainment. Aerialists spun from rings hanging high above, while at a slightly lower altitude dancers proved that even boys can have a burlesque attitude.

Burlesque Collage

After a word from the owner, it was time to enter the theater and enjoy a show in Alamo's state-of-the-art auditorium. As Jurassic Park played on the screen, guests noshed on a menu of everything from goat cheese salads to piled high pizzas, all served up by Alamo's stealthy staff. When the on-screen dino-crisis was too much to handle, Yelpers calmed their nerves with beer, wine, or even signature premium cocktails. Now this is how to watch a movie!

Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse for putting on the paleolithic party of the year!

Until next time, I'll see you on Yelp,

Polaroid pic


Yelp OTP's FIRST Elite Event at Moondance Restaurant and Lounge

Posted by HeidiP

Elites of OTP and Atlanta and their guests, plus potential Elite's from the Suwanee area were all invited to join us at the swanky Moondance Restaurant and Lounge.  Yelpers gathered in the beautiful bar area surrounded by dark wood, flat screen tvs (which Tom E barely noticed: “What was on TV? I was having too much fun talking to people”) and miles of bottles of booze!

Yelp! @ Moondance collage 1

Owner Chris Alestra was on target and super welcoming. Hildee I explained, “Once in a while when you go to a restaurant you get to meet the owner. Last night not only was she there but she helped clean up spilled water from our dinner table.” The servers and bartenders rocked our world and Chef Todd filled our bellies. Passed hors d'oeuvres included chicken kabobs and shrimp tempura, and heaping bowls of pasta salad were presented.

YELPO was played and yelpers had to find out amongst themselves who never misses an opportunity to pick up change, who types 75 WPM, who likes to keep their glass filled (who doesn’t?) and more.  The winner, Hildee I, scored tix to a Pig Roast at Teela Taqueria for this Saturday!  Runner up Jose O got to strut out the door with his oversized, brand new, orange, foam cowboy hat!


We wet our spirituous whistles with Status Vodka and Red Hare beer: both local nips. Also thanks to Erica Hill at Jade Umbrella PR for making our vodka dreams come true. We passed up plain ol’ juice mixers for Nawgan, courtesy of Charlie B, and even elite wannabe Michelle S is hooked! “The drinks were good, dessert was great. Nice vibe; I will for sure be going back!”

Yelp! @ Moondance collage 2

Elite Duc L thought it was a “great time to see some old faces and some new news.” Stephen M caught all the dirt in digital files and stashed 'em here. We even had party crashers! We showed off our burbs to some special Atlanta Elite like Nikki K who quipped, “So what if I'm not OTP?” Vivien W wraps it up nicely, “There was plenty of food and mixed drinks, and a great showing of yelpers!” OTP we have liftoff!


Heidi P

Yelp Miami’s On Fire (Seriously)

Posted by Johnny Todd

What do you do for the Elite who’s been there and done that? You reserve a room for her at a new SoBe hotspot, fill her full of delicious food, ply her with signature cocktails, get the party started with thumpin’ music… and add fire. Yes, fire. Sound like fun? Sound like a little too much fun? Perhaps you need to do as over 150 members of the Yelp Miami Elite Squad did when Yelp Checks In to Room Service Restaurant Lounge.

8176945999_168575f8e3_b 8176999909_917f931dfc_b 8177002331_88a4928655_b 8177031892_b37b8a734b_b

Elites were definitely encouraged to rest a bit and stay a while as they were greeted by sexy bellhops and given a glass of the signature beverage for the evening: The Three Days, Two Nights. This decadent cocktail boasted the flavors of St Germain, lemon juice and pineapple juice and was made all the more potent by Absolut vodka. For daring guests who ventured away from the signature cocktail, they were treated to cart-side cocktail craftsmanship by the team from Absolut and had the opportunity to have their picture taken at the Absolut step & repeat.

8176999489_de7c234fdd_b 8177029550_5dd3644269_b 8177018294_64a62ee6e6_b 8177023410_71df880670_b

With ‘service’ in the name, being catered to is part of the experience, no? Yes. The expert staff of RSRL were on hand to make sure that no guest was without bites made by Chef Emmanuelli. Elites savored Four Cheese Mac Bites with lobster; Coconut Chicken Skewers with sweet and sour sauce; Chicken Meatballs tossed in a pineapple glaze; and Filet Mignon-stuffed empanadas for the evening’s savory/restaurant portion and then got their sweet teeth hummin’ with Red Velvet Cake, Italian Wedding Cake and Tiramisu. But what’s dessert without a show?

8176976205_22120f2aae_b 8176976791_b4e87cbe2b_b 8177006100_e8d48b3cb8_b 8177029108_f774df08f9_b

Led by French Maids sporting bottles of Perrier-Jouët adorned with sparklers, the lights went down and the heat went up. The DJ took his place in the booth and transformed restaurant to lounge and the bartenders stepped up to provide a show for the ages. Standing atop the bar and blasting a whistle, the bar staff, literally, played with fire. To the delight of the crowd, these brave men juggled, held and breathed fire giving no doubt to the question: what’s the hottest lounge in SoBe. Need more? Trusted photog Alex H snapped all the shots here and dazzled Elites wrote their impressions here.

8176937751_0f5c5a28b0_b 8176989378_e33a9eb234_b 8176950505_a4a4e02840_b 8176971584_39c04a8993_b

Planning another staycation,

Johnny T

Hartford Elites Enjoy a Peruvian Feast at La Kerencya

Posted by Emily

On Tuesday night, Yelp Elites ventured to Hartford’s South End, known as the city’s Little Italy - that is, until Peruvian cuisine burst onto the scene. La Kerencya opened their doors for an unforgettable evening of local Rosedale wine, live music, dancing, games – and of course, authentic Peruvian specialties. Thank you to our wonderful hosts at La Kerencya, who Ila S assures us “couldn’t have been more gracious and hospitable.” We couldn’t agree more!

While the restaurant provided a taste of delectable signature dishes, Elites were schooled on Peruvian culture and cuisine. Joshua L “especially enjoyed the history behind the dishes,” but even still, as Eric A puts it, “the elegance of the descriptions paled beside the actual flavor of the offerings.” Guests began with a zesty ceviche marinated in aji lime and cilantro, which Alicia S can only describe as “divine.”


After a round of savory papas rellano and choros a la chalaca, Elites were first to sample the restaurant’s new Peruvian chicken sandwiches. Lomo saltada, paella, jalea and pollo a la braza (Peruvian rotisserie chicken) rounded out the savory spread and made way for Peruvian crème caramel, crispy fried picaron and samples of Pisco Sours.


Three superb local wines from Rosedale Farms & Vineyards were poured throughout the evening. Upon trying the winery’s Simsbury Celebration, Lou's Red and Farmington River Red, Anthony P warns, “never underestimate any wine that reads "Table Wine.” Alicia S is already planning a "summer Yelp event at the winery,” if not before then!

What about the ambiance, you ask? Live music and Linda Ransom’s gorgeous singing led to an impromptu dance party, followed by some valiant attempts at the Peruvian game, Sappo. Paul P notes, “If anyone is on the fence about checking out Peruvian food, come down to La Kerencya. You'll be hooked very quickly.” Thank you to our gracious hosts at La Kerencya, as well as Rosedale, and Linda Ransom for a truly delightful evening. Be sure to check out the photos from Nick Caito on Flikr and read the event reviews here.

See you on Yelp!

L (18)

Emily C (with Yelp superstars Josh L & Anthony P)

Hartford Community Manager

Red Yelp Party (Roma November Elite Event)

Posted by Valeria I.

Il traffico, le strade chiuse, l'esondazione di due fiumi in contemporanea, Roma in tilt, Alemanno che dichiara la fine del mondo che si avvicina: tutte queste variabili non hanno impedito a 40 impavidi Yelper di varcare le soglie del Grandma Bistrot, per passare una serata in compagnia, tutti vestiti di Rosso Yelp, stavolta. "Locali come questo creano movimento e attenzione in quartieri storici e un po' dimenticati della nostra bella Roma, che non è fatta solo dei lustrini di quartieri bene o particolarmente glam", e ve lo dice una come la nostra Elite Alessandra V, che non può che dare 5 stelle a serate e locale.

PicMonkey Collage1Marco, Lorenzo, Yari e Mariella, quattro amici e una sola passione: rendere il Grandma un luogo di ritrovo, un nuovo punto di incontro dove cucina, vino, birre artigianali e musica si uniscono in un solo locale. Per i golosi Yelper, lo Chef Lorenzo ha preparato un piattino con gustosissimi assaggi: un hamburger broccoli e salsiccia a dir poco strepitoso, dei nuggets di pollo con una salsa barbecue delicatissima, delle quenelle di zucca e alici particolarissime e altre cose molto buone; e ottime birre artigianali e un buon vino di qualità hanno fatto il resto.

PicMonkey Collage2
Tante facce nuove di Yelper freschi freschi come il "novellino" Nicholas B e la promettente e splendida Valentina F.R., che gli Elite che hanno accolto degnamente, facendoli sentire parte della nostra community. "Non importa dove, non importa come, condividere la gioia di stare insieme per il gusto di una comunità che ha fatto della esplorazione locale uno stile di vita": nulla di più vero. E se lo dice il Super Elite Fabrizio F come possiamo non credergli? Anche la fantastica Cinzia C crede che "il pezzo forte è stata la grande famiglia degli Yelpers, i loro volti conosciuti e new entry hanno animato la serata e dato vita all'applauso", abbastanza forte per farle vincere il secondo premio per la migliore recensione del mese. "Il primo poteva essere un caso, il secondo una coincidenza... ma il terzo fantastico evento Elite romano non può che essere una conferma su quanto sia grande la nostra Community Manager!", dice invece l'altro storico Elite Flavio P (grazie, grazie!)

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage7
Se volete scrivere recensioni sull'evento, potete farlo qui

Per vedere le foto della serata potete andare su Flickr

Volete saperne di più su come diventare membri della Squadra Elite? Scopritelo qui!

E il video ci sarà a breve!

"Sono davvero felice di essere diventata Elite, una opportunità per chi come me ama girare e incontrare persone con cui condividere interessi e passioni" (cit. Elite Stefania C)

Grazie ai ragazzi del Grandma per averci ospitato nel loro gioiellino al Quadraro, a Serena Pi' per il dj-set rock e rockabilly e al fotografo Umberto Camponeschi per non averci fatto rimpiangere troppo il nostro fotografo ufficiale (che ci ha tradito per andare a fotografare Tiziano Ferro - e vi ho detto tutto!)

See You on Yelp/A presto su Yelp,

Valeria I

Roma Yelp Community Manager



Traffic jam, closed streets, two rivers' flooding, Roma was in tilt, Alemanno (the Mayor of Rome) was almost declaring the end of the world: all this things didn't stop 40 Yelpers to arrive to Grandma Bistrot, to stay together, this time the dress code was: Red Yelp. "Places like this create buzz and attention in historical neighborhoods of our awesome Rome, which is not just 5 star venues and glam restaurants", it's our Elite Alessandra V speaking; she gave 5 stars both to the event and the location, which was perfect.

PicMonkey Collage4
Marco, Lorenzo, Yari and Mariella, four friends and just one passion: let the Grandma become a meeting point where food, wine, craft beers and music are mixed together in just one spot. For the Yelpers, Chef Lorenzo prepared a great aperitif with yummi things to eat: mini cabbage and sausage burger, chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, a small pie of pumpkin and anchovy and many other things; good craft beers and great wines made the rest.

PicMonkey Collage5

A lot of new Yelpers, like Nicholas B and Valentina F.R., and the Elites welcomed them, letting them feeling part of our community. "Who cares where or when, the important thing is to share the joy of being together, this is the spirit of a community which explores Rome as a way of life", as Super Elite Fabrizio F says. Cinzia C thinks that "the greatest thing is the Yelp family, their known faces and the new entries" who clapped her review of the month, and she was happy to arrive second. "The first time could be a case, the second could be a coincidence... but the third roman Elite event is just a confirm that our Community Manager is great", said Elite Flavio P (thanks, thanks!)

PicMonkey Collage8

If you want to write a review for the event, you can do it here

If you want to see the pic of the night go on Flickr

If you want to know more about becoming part of the Elite Squad? Find it out here!

And you will watch the video soon!

"I am very happy to be part of the Elite Squad, a great opportunity for people like me who enjoys going around, discovering new places and to meet people with same interests and passions" (Elite Stefania C)

Thanks to Grandma staff, to the dj Serena Pi' for the rock and rockabilly dj-set and thanks to the photographer Umberto Camponeschi!

See You on Yelp,

Valeria I


November 14, 2012

Edmonton’s Elites Have a Wine’d Up To Winter At Somerville!

Posted by Jennie

November 12, 2012.

Edmonton’s Elites Have a Wine’d Up To Winter At Somerville!

On Monday night the Elite Yelpers in Edmonton came together at Somerville Wine Room to toast the arrival of a new CM (me), the start of a New Era of Yelp in YEG and a heck of a snowy start to the Winter Season! The bubbly was flowing, the food fantastic and the wine charms won over the crowd!


Somerville party

The bubbly from Bially La Peirre, Cremant de Bourgogne started the evening off in style and looked stunning as it was poured into the elongated flutes. A robust red generously poured into our glasses and our hearts! For there is nothing quite like a perfect Pirramimma Petite Verdot to please the masses on snow covered nights. But the surprise hit of the gala was the gallant gin from Victoria BC! The very personable Gin Master Chris M was right on the money with a super cool gin tasting station complete with every ingredient that goes into the complex yet clean concoctions. Kristen K confessed “I may have helped myself to two... Okay, three” of the marvelous martini’s.

  Somerville party 2

I can’t say enough about the amzing hospitality and outrageously good food that was provided by Somerville's Sheri Somerville and Best Chef In The West, Chef Neil C! The crowd Ooo’d and Aaah’d at the amount of sinfully scumptous garlic prawns that were prepared. Dove into the pepper jack, green olives and bocconcini skewers and went bananas for the bruschetta. “The tapas delicacies were delicious and we will definitely be back for more very soon!” Totaed Mike W.  And Arc P stated “Somerville, Chef Neil you rocked our socks off!” Here Here!

Somerville 3 pic 2

Beaden oh Beaden! The locally and family owned bead store that is located in phase 4 of WEM swooped into the party and stole the show! Everyone was so excited to make their own wine charm to slip onto their glass and then take home at the end of the night. Karlie M declared, “I enjoyed the wine charm station as it was fun to pick out my own charms, and it's something that I'll actually use!”  From cowboy boots to lightning bolts, with beads, pearls, and F’s U’s and C’s, the endless combinations of charms were to put it… charming! And this cinephile loved her movie-popcorn charm! Now, how to combine vino and the cinema?!   

And last but certainly not least. A major kudos to one of the most talented photographers this frosty city has ever seen; Jenny Feniak. For years her smart snaps were featured in the Edmonton Sun. She has taught future generations of photographers her masterful techniques at Grant MacEwan Collage. We wish her well in her up coming travels across the Florida Key’s. Bon Voyage beautiful shutterbug!!

Check out the full reviews and write one of your own if you haven't yet!



Elite Tasting? More Like A Feast... Yelp's Elite Tasting At Ra Sushi!

On a cool Tuesday night in San Diego's Gaslamp District, twenty lucky Elites were invited to what Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant billed as a tasting. This room of Elite Yelpers will be the first to tell you that Ra's version of a tasting is a full-blown feast and nobody's complaining! The tables were set, the lighting was dim, the staff waited in anticipation, and the "tasting" was ready to begin. One by one the Elite guests checked in with the hostess and took their seats. Drinks were ordered and conversation was struck as the kitchen got to work preparing the first of the four courses to come at Yelp's Elite Tasting At Ra Sushi.

The evening kicked off with an incredible list of drinks being served by DJ and Bobby including: Strawberry Saketinis, Lycheetinis, Cucumber Collins, Kiwi-Berry Kiss, Ginger Blossom, Coconut Mojito, Jacob's Creek Moscato, Joel Gott Pinot Gris, Murrietta's Well "The Whip" White Blend, Irony Pinot Noir, Simi Cabernet, Alamos Malbec, and an Imported and Domestic Beer Selection. Oohs and ahhs could be heard with every sip and the close-knit bunch could be seen passing their drinks across the table to share their glass of joy with their fellow Elites. David G sums it up by saying, "did I mention that the cocktails were first rate?  After a strawberry saketini, a lycheetini, and a ginger blossom, I had a solid buzz going on (and I didn't even feel guilty about it, since these were low-cal diet cocktails)."

Then came the food... Course one consisted of an edamame dip which was creamy and served warm wonton chips, Bonfire Shrimp tossed in a chilli sauce with fried shishito peppers and garlic edamame in a garlic butter and Asian seasoning. Ace D will tell you that though all the starters were delicious, "You have to try the Bonfire Shrimp.  It was not only awesome, but that mild pepper taste will only get you hooked.  Indeed."

The second course was a sampling of three crispy Asian tacos presented beautifully. The spicy salmon taco was a crowd favorite but the "RA"ckin' Shrimp and chicken tacos did not disappoint. Expressions of delight overtook the tables and let's just say that every plate on the table was licked clean after course number two. Moving on!

Course number three proved to be both delicate and finger lickin' good all in one! The salmon with green beans was approached with chopsticks while the black pepper teriyaki and chili ponzu Asian chicken wings were manhandled and left a lot of work for those extra napkins strategically placed on the table by DJ and Bobby. Follow it up with a bowl of Drunken Black Mussels sauteed in garlic and seasoned soy sauce and a collective sigh of "yummmmmm" could be heard throughout the restaurant.

What's dinner without dessert? The fourth course consisting of three flavors of mochi ice cream garnished with sliced kiwis and strawberries rounded out the "tasting" while Ra's General Manager Timm made his rounds answering questions from the two tables full of Elites. With a round of applause the night came to an end and the Elites filed out the front door with a truly unique and Ra experience!

Thank you so much to Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant, Timm, DJ, and Bobby for making the night truly unforgettable and one of a kind! Of course countless props go out the very lucky group of Elites in attendance for bringing Yelptastic attitudes and snapping all the pictures that were contributed to the event page. You can also find all of those photos on the Yelp Flickr page. Kampai!

Brad B

San Diego Community Manager

PDXYelp All Screams For Ice Cream @ What's The Scoop?!

Posted by Don Bourassa

It's not often that the use of an interrobang (?!) is justified. But In the case of PDXYelp's Mad Science Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, there's no questioning its application. On this sugar-fueled evening 35 Yelp Elites crowded in to What's The Scoop? for two hours of elites-only, hands-on, ice cream fun. We're about to fill you in on What's The Scoop?!

PicMonkey Collage (white)

It may be getting dark by 5pm in Portland these days, but the lights were shining bright last night in What's The Scoop? on N. Williams. "It was like being a kid in an ice cream shop with free reign," reports Jessie B. "Samples of any and all of their wares? Yup. Anything listed on their menu board? You bet. Making your own ice cream? WHAT?" Oh yes. What's The Scoop? makes ice cream using the liquid nitrogen method, so Yelpers got a chance to hands-on design their own flavors using base cream flavors, add-ons, toffee and... booze! Local spirit house Eastside Distilling brought the delicious holiday flavors like Peppermint Bark liqueur, Holiday Spice liqueur, Cherry Bomb whiskey, Below Deck Coffee Rum and their signature Burnside Bourbon! Not only did these liqueurs flavor the made-by-Yelp creams, but also went in to boozy milkshakes made by the awesome WTS staff. If making up flavors wasn't your thing, WTS offered tastes of anything from the cooler, full scoops of their inventive flavors, and not one but three different house-made bread puddings - a warm treat to offset the chilly frozen cream. We even had a raffle and 5 lucky Elites walked away with prizes ranging from a Burnside Bourbon flask to rum to a cutting board shaped like a pig! But that wasn't all. After getting the crowd completely spun out on sugar, WTS sent everyone off into the night with a jar of house-made candy: almond brittle, pecan brittle or honeycomb!

PicMonkey Collage 2

Alyssa C sums it all up for us: "This event was badass." That's thanks to Jodie and the whole family at What's the Scoop?; Lenny and Kirsten from Eastside Distilling; the Manterns Kevin K and Chris S; and of course the Yelp Elite Squad, without whom this would never be possible. 

Haven't dropped your review yet? Please do! Or peep the photos. And to keep up on all the happenings, make sure you're stalking us on Twitter, FB, and Instagram

Until next time, keep it icy hot.

Don "Ice Ice" B


November 13, 2012

Yelp's Livin' La Vida Local!

Posted by BrettNehls

It was the inaugural celebration like no other – Yelp Tampa Bay's first-annual Yelper Party! For the first time ever in the Bay Area, non-elite Yelpers were welcomed in to experience just how neat it is to be Elite. The TB Yelp community is growing by leaps and bounds after their first full-calendar year of rockin' it out, and Yelp's Livin' La Vida local was a great indication of just that. This was by the far the largest event in the 16 months of the Community's existence, which means we were lucky enough to come across quite the generous host.

Tampa was lucky enough to become the proud host to Datz in 2009, a now gastropub that already has evolved itself into one of the most Yelped about businesses in town. In 2012, they set local Yelp history for Yelp's Livin' La Vida Local! Cari E found herself a bit nervous beforehand, as she explains, "I wasn't so sure about this event – I thought it was going to be super crowded and I'd never get anything to drink, but I was proved wrong. I never had any problems. There was rarely a line at the bar so the white cosmos were flowing (loved the powdered sugar snow effect.) If you stayed in one place for any amount of time, you probably had four food trays go by." She also boasts about the newbies! "I enjoyed rubbing elbows with some new Yelpers that haven't quite made it to Elite yet. I think it did big things to bring new people up to speed on how being active on Yelp makes you a bad ass!

The venue-love continues from Coty S, "Datz's staff was on point with service and attention to detail. The food and drinks just magically appeared a a perfect pace. I guess they do this stuff for a living." Despite it's meteoric rise in popularity, Betsy V claims she "would have never known about this place if it weren't for this event" when referring to our generous host. "The staff is so friendly and welcoming. The hospitality is gracious and I will make sure to bring all my friends and family back to this awesome restaurant!" Why stop the momentum? Take it away Christine C! "The food service from Datz was impeccable. The friendly servers and bartenders were constantly wandering out with more food, and I never waited more than a minute for a drink. I would walk to the bar and immediately be greeted." Love and drinks all around!  


Not only was the venue of this occasion amazing, but many vendors were brought in to put the evening over the top. The folks who make V6 Vodka, Empire Winery and Distillery were in the house, to which our old friend Christine C remarks, "those drinks were great! My favorite was the mulled cider martini with Siesta Key Rum and V6 Vodka." V6 Rye Vodka is produced locally by a fourth generation distiller with a passion for perfection. This refreshing spirit is distilled six times in a labor-intensive pot-still, and then filtered for fourteen hours in a proprietary mix of hardwood charcoal before bottling. That's how it's done! 

Special Hoperations is an AHA registered hombrew club dedicated to the art of hombrewing and the passion of creating and drinking excellent beers. The club consists of brewers and cider, wine, and mead makers of all levels of experience. They were on display this evening, to which super-Yelper Cari E comments, "the beer dudes were really cool. I loved that they let you smell all the ingredients that went into the beers."

Transatlantic Wines & Spirits of Florida was serving up the Jesus Juice in a big way to Yelpers like Blaire O. "The wine tasting upstairs was divine, and I was happy to be talked through each wine in an unpretentious manner; his philosophy was that a wine is good if you like it! I can subscribe to that!"

Toffee To Go added to Sarah B's task-list immediately after the event. "Right after I finish this review, I plan on looking up how to buy toffee in bulk from Toffee To Go - I never thought toffee could be that amazing." Toffee To Go is a family-owned Tampa Bay company serving delicious handmade toffee to all with a sweet tooth! Their toffees come in three decadent flavors (milk chocolate almond, dark chocolate pecan and white chocolate macadamia nut) and make a wonderful gift for any occasion, including corporate gifting. Well there ya go, Sarah.

Meanwhile, David M has a favorite vendor of his own. "One of the highlights of the night for me was the Fat Cats hot sauce station. Not only were the sauces delicious and balanced in a way that can be rare for hot sauces, but the passion this guy possesses really comes out when he talks about hot sauce and chiles." Fat Cats Gourmet Foods produces six gourmet sauces, each commercially made in small batches in Winter Springs, FL with only high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Fat Cat's products focus more on the quality of their ingredients and the exotic blend of flavors those ingredients create together. From spicy to mild, each features a complex array of vibrant flavors that complements a wide range of foods.

And absolutely not least, William Dean Chocolates follows the artisan tradition of creating everything they make by hand, in small batches and without preservatives. They excite the eye and intrigue the palate, with works of art made from only the finest ingredients. Kerry J was certainly wowed by the "meticulous hand-painted deisgns on the chocolates... but they tasted even better than they looked!"

Datz_4_Food Drink_small

What other nomaliciousness could be found at this event? Glad you asked! Short rib or veggie bunny chow, reuben bites, mini kobe meatloaves, pulled pork BBQ sliders, hummus & crudite shooters, truffle parmesan popcorn, and the famous Datz house-made chips with blue cheese drizzle. That list is the literal definition of a mouth-full. And if that wasn't enough, a special Chicken and Waffle station was serving up goodies, as well as a Flatbread Pizza corner that could be found upstairs. Diana C raves about the "play on chicken and waffles... Waffle Cone + Chicken + Maple Syrup = awesome. I want to steal this idea for a future party I'm throwing... at a house I don't own." Long-time Yelp Tampa Bay pioner, Carlos H keeps the rave party alive while he dishes about his favorite dish. "The amazing chips by Datz. I never miss an opportunity to enjoy them and judging by how quickly they disappeared off the waiter plates, I think many others agreed with me!"Datz_5_People_small

Tricks, treats, and a how lotta good times had by all, but Meghann A points out that "the absolute best part of the event was being able to share it with my non-elite Yelping friends. Many of them are aspiring Elites, that are now even more motivated to make it happen!" Carlos H returns to agree, "I thought it was a cool twist to bring in many vendors and local businesses into the event - it added some extra pizzazz. Yelp Tampa Bay just keeps getting bigger and bigger and this event is a testament to that." Not to be left out are the beautiful sounds of the evening, provided by Phase5. This local group absolutely melted faces, but in a cool and collective manner. Check out their website to hear them for yourself! And the beautiful photos you see from the event were taken by Gerardo Luna. Foodie, photographer, Realtor, and incurable optimistic but not necessarily in that order.  Gerardo Luna has a passion for all things Tampa.  Realtor by day he helps unite buyers and sellers, by night, his passion for photography comes alive.  Find him here or "like" Tampa Daily Photo.

As Yelp Tampa Bay expands as Carlos hit on, it's exciting to see local business owners who not only understand the value of Yelp, but who are also excited to play host to an event. Six months ago when I first approached Suzanne Perry, "Co-Owner & Boss Lady" of Datz about hosting an event, her answer was emphatically and instantly "YES!" Her and her amazing team of Roger Perry, Shane Zinn, Vanessa Vazquez, and all of the servers & bartenders completely knocked this one out of the park... nay... out of the entire stadium. They put together a phenomenal list of vendors and brought in an epic band to make this a historic night to remember for us Yelpers. To them, I am owe unlimited gratitude. 


See You On Yelp And At Datz

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Richmond Elites Enjoy An Afternoon Of Delight At Amici

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Richmond Elites and guests gathered at Amici for a truly Yelpworthy Sunday funday in Carytown. The unusually warm, sunny fall weather provided the ideal atmosphere for the venue to open its large front windows, allowing guests to bask in the beautiful fresh air. The perfect backdrop for a perfect party! Stacey S "loved the space and can definitely see" herself "feasting on some Italian food in that front room, watching the crowds stroll down Cary Street. Thanks for introducing us to Amici!" The pleasure is all ours.

Collage 1b
Amici pulled out all the stops for Elites during Yelp's Afternoon Delight, with a plentiful array of delectable bites. From prosciutto wrapped asparagus to fried oysters to antipasto misto to the "perfectly executed" mushroom risotto, our palates were pleased. "The spread of bites was really tasty," and for Erica A, "the star was the steamed clams with a hint of heat." Kelly C couldn't get enough of the shrimp with garlic, red pepper, white wine and basil – "amazing, amazing, amazing and so well-seasoned. I ate so much of this that I was in seafood heaven." And of course it's not an Elite Event without bangin' bevvies! Prosecco mimosas and Bloody Beer (a twist on the classic Bloody Mary, topped with IPA) kept our spirits raised and our thirsts quenched!

Collage 2
But the fun didn't stop with the eats and sips! Guests also had caricatures drawn by the incredibly talented Morgan Sawyer. Martha C "loved the caricature artist – a great way to commemorate the day." And totally frame-worthy, at that!

Collage 3
A huge thank you to Carlo and his amazing staff at Amici for showing us such wonderful hospitality! And a big shout out to photographer extraordinaire Sandy Whittington for capturing the fantastic afternoon on camera.

Want more? Peep all the photos and read all the reviews!

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