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October 19, 2012

… Sincerely, the Yelp Miami Breakfast (for dinner) Club

Posted by Johnny Todd

Who says that eggs are only for the a.m. hours? Who says that a properly made mimosa can’t be enjoyed after dark? We don’t know either… because when it comes to enjoying breakfast foods for dinner, the Yelp Miami Elite Squad is all business and bellinis. An intimate group of yelpers descended upon Coconut Grove fan-favorite, GreenStreet Café, for a sit-down evening of great conversation, delicious drinks and potent potables. Would you expect any less when Yelp Serves Up Brinner?

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Guests were invited to sit in the private back-room area of GreenStreet Café, where they were surrounded by bookcases, brick walls, elegant chandeliers, and plush royal seating — fitting for a king (or, Community Director). As each member walked in the room, they were led to sit in the order in which they arrived. This event was gearing up to be a family affair and though they might have entered as strangers, they left as friends and fellow Elites. The fruit salad bowls waiting on the table as they entered sparked the conversation and the Red Geisha Bloody Mary and Prosecco Mimosas courtesy of Cupcake Vodka and Cupcake Prosecco kept it flowing — literally.

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Even though Miamians are known to enjoy a liquid lunch (or, five), this was brinner; living on liquid alone would not do. Luckily, the culinary craftspeople in the GSC cocina were on top of their game. Course after course of family-style servings of Scrambled Eggs with Cream Cheese & Chives; Locally-sourced Applewood Sausage; Fig Salad with mixed greens, dried figs, tomatoes, aged cheese, pita, & pecans; Chorizo Pizza; Chicken Curry Ravioli; and Mini Pancakes & Muffins, filled bellies and created smiles.

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The best way to get to know someone is to break bread with her… and that’s exactly what happened during the event. There was carousing, singing, clapping, smiling, laughter, and the kind of joyful noise that comes about because of good food, good people and good drink. Providing impeccable service from start to finish and from bar to dining room, GSC made the Yelp Elite Squad feel like family. Ace photog Alex H took the family portraits you can find here. And, the family records are right around here. Change things up. Meet new people. Eat pancakes for dessert. Enjoy breakfast for dinner with your new best friends.

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Breaking rules,

Johnny T


Megan M.

Looks like you guys had fun! & the food looks delish :)

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