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September 30, 2012

Rendez-vous dans le ciel de Lyon pour les Yelpeurs Lyonnais

Posted by Camille L

Le mercredi 26 septembre, c'était la grande rentrée des Yelpeurs Elites lyonnais ! Un rendez-vous ultra exclusif au boutique-hôtel Le Gourguillon, en tout petit comité, pour les plus Elites et les plus courageux des Yelpeurs ! En effet le ciel avait décidé de rendre la tâche difficile ce jour là et si les Yelpeurs avaient rendez-vous "dans le ciel de Lyon", ils n'avaient pas prévu d'avoir rendez-vous... dans les nuages de Lyon ! Malheureusement la pluie était bien là et la montée vers le Gourguillon n'a pas été des plus simples pour nos Yelpeurs.

Une fois sur place, ouf, la magie du lieu opérait ! Yves O est séduit : "Le plus dur a été l'accès... mais ça rajoute au charme du lieu ! Le Gourguillon... mais pourquoi ?? Je le veux pour moi tout seul ! L'appartement, très bien rénové, a une vue magnifique sur tout Lyon, avec de grandes terrasses. Je m'imagine très bien en faire mon logement, avec un dilemme chaque soir, quel Jacuzzi utiliser ! Vous l'aurez compris, les cocons, la cuisine, la terrasse, en fait le tout le lieu m'a plu et oui, pourquoi pas y passer une nuit..."

Partenaire de la soirée, Michel Bombail, de La Cave Chromatique, faisait découvrir ses vins dans la cuisine de l'hôtel, pour le plus grand plaisir des Yelpeurs. Milie S apprécie : "Accompagné d'un (ou deux, voir trois) verres de vins sélectionné par Michel Bombail, propriétaire "haut en couleur" de la Cave Chromatique, j'ai passé un très bon moment convivial, au point de ne plus pouvoir quitter les lieux."

Cerise sur le gâteaux, deux des "cocons" du Gourguillon ont pu être visités par les Yelpeurs, ravis de cette expérience unique. Frédérique P confirme : "L'endroit est décoré avec gout, chic et cosy, les cocons sont de véritables appel aux câlins et à la détente...ahh les jacuzzis... Bref cet endroit est désormais en tête de mes listes au père Noël, à Valentin, pour mon anniversaire et j'en passe voir je suis prête à faire un cumul des trois si il le faut mais je veux tester!"


Côté gourmandises, le chocolatier Bouillet, bien connu et apprécié des lyonnais et des Yelpeurs, avait offert petites tablettes de chocolat et macarons, pour le plus grand plaisir de tous ! Mais avant ça, dans le salon du Gourguillon, c'est Bénédicte de Recettes et Cabas qui officiait et présentait son concept de paniers aux Yelpeurs curieux, avec petit test sur les fruits et légumes de saison en prime ! Virginie B qui a déjà pu "tester les recettes équilibrées, savoureuses mais faciles et rapides" n'est plus à convaincre !



Après toutes ces découvertes et avant de retourner braver la pluie... et surtout... les pavés glissants de la montée du Gourguillon, les Yelpeurs ont partagé quelques derniers verres dans la cuisine du Gourguillon, papoté, échangé, pour mieux très vite se retrouver !

Si vous étiez là et avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos de l'évènement par Alexandre J, c'est par ici !

Merci à tous pour ces bons moments et cette soirée fort appréciée, pour ma part ! Merci à Romain de Welcomm pour ses précieuses adresses, dont Le Gourguillon !

Camille L
Lyon  Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp


Vegas Elites Say "Bienvenido A Marbella!"

Posted by Misti Yang

Jet-setting off to the Mediterranean coast of Spain for a Thursday evening fiesta may be impossible for most, but Vegas Elites made the journey in First Class with a visit to Marbella Tapas, Bar and Lounge, a sophisticated and stylish tapas restaurant. From sights to sounds to taste, the night was a full Spanish immersion just blocks off the Vegas Strip. 


Endless libations and tasty tapas guaranteed a good time. Jessica F concurs, "Cinco estrellas! Mi bebida favorita es la sangria roja!" In addition to their signature red sangria, Marbella poured white sangria and one of their classic cocktails, the Vesper Rose martini featuring Lillet Rose. 

To please Elite palates, Marbella's Chef Beltran prepared a genrous menu of Spanish-influenced tapas. Heather H recaps, "Although there is usually at least one miss, every appetizer was very, very good.  The standout for me was the brussel sprouts. I would come here for dinner just for those crispy little things!" But, there was more, including creamy Hummus, Shrimp Ceviche with fresh lime, red onions, cucumbers and Serrano peppers, Cheese and Spanish Chorizo Empanadas made with cured Spanish chorizo, Piquillo Peppers with Crab Meat, and Shrimp and Chicken Kabobs. Muy bien! 


To keep the party on its toes, Marbella offered salsa lessons throughout the evening. (Yelpers can try out their new dance moves on Friday during Mama Rumba Tapas & Latin Dancing!) The crowd also received a crash course in Spanish with a series of questions and answers in Spanish designed to encourage the festive-makers to get to know each other. Sounds of, "¿Cómo estás?," "Estoy bien!" filled the evening.  


Read more about the fabulous evening in the glowing reviews right here. Peruse the sexy photos courtesy of Anthony M on our Flickr set

And if you still want more: Read about what it takes to be Elite

Mi animal favorito es el gato,

Misti Y, Your Friendly Yelp Las Vegas Community Director

Flavor Explosions and Blindfolds: Buffalo Elite's Party at the Brick House Tavern + Tap

Posted by Alex L

What do you get when you combine an incredible venue, blindfolds, a smorgasboard of delicious food, freeflowing alcohol, a giant jenga game and a firepit on the outdoor patio? You guessed it: Yelp Elites having the time of their lives at the Yelp Taps the Brick House event at the Brick House Tavern + Tap in Amherst, NY!


Lindsay A sums it up for us: "Tons of fun! The food was awesome. Flavor explosions all over the place. From the cocktails to the stuffed olives and deviled eggs, the flavors were distinct and strong! My favorite foods included the BBQ ribs (yum!), the meatloaf sliders (mashed potatoes ON the sandwich!), and those amazing soft pretzels and ranch dip. Thanks to the lovely Emily from Brick House for being our pretzel bearer for the night! The Brick House staff went above and beyond to accommodate us."


With a Giant Jenga game and the blind cocktail tasting challenge (thanks Rebecca D for running it!), yelpers kept things buzzing! Bethany M thought it was: "was a nice touch and resulted in a super epic battle in which I reigned victorious!" and the cocktail tasting was super fun!" Additionally, we warmly welcomed several first time Yelp Elite Event attendees. Big shout out to Joyce A, Katie P, Mark S, Mike P, Coralie P for joining the crew!


As the night came to a close, four $25 gift certificates were given away. Katie P is not ashamed to love their pretzels: "I want more crackzels! I think the whole $25 giftcard that I won will be spent on crackzels and beer!" A resounding success! Big thanks to the entire staff at the Brick House Tavern + Tap as well as Ana J for covering the photography for the event, as well as Paul Fanara of Living in the Buff Studio! Mark S's only regret? "I only wish I didnt have to work the next day."

To relive some of the great moments:

- Check out the photo's!
- Read the reviews of the Event!
- Tag yourself on the Yelp Buffalo Facebook Page!
- Don't forget to follow @YelpBuffalo on Twitter!

Alex L

Buffalo CM

September 29, 2012

Yelp Brisbane's Cocktail O'Clock @ Canvas

Posted by Lani P.

Amongst all happenings in Brisbane last night (Riverfire & Parklife to name a few) Yelp's Brisbane Elites and guests trundled to Canvas in the Gabba Village and quickly saw why this is one of Australia's most awarded small bars. 

Led by a casual intro and history to cocktails, our small but lively gang gathered round the bar where the true fun and frivolity began! 

"Hit me with your schwizzle stick!" Katie R excalimed as an Old Fashioned was being crafted by Drew O behind the bar. The Canvas crew wowed us with their mad mixology skills and lessons in making a lustworthy cocktail. 

PicMonkey Collage4
Glenn and the Canvas crew mixed more than 16 different cocktails for our eager palettes - it's easy to see why this Woolloongabba bar was given the title of 'Cocktail List of the Year' at the recent National Bar Awards. FUN FACT (OR URBAN LEGEND): Did you know that a champagne coupe was originally modeled on Marie Antoinette's boosom? No? Neither did we! 


PicMonkey Collage
Yelper Kay-Lynn's Elite Event Happy Snaps

Yelpers weren't just there for leisurely sips on dangerously perfect combinations of raspberries, gin and sweet vermouth, we were "put to work" mixing our own cocktail behind the bar. We were treated to libations including the Tom Collins, the Bramble (dubbed by Yelpers as the "Gummi Bear" cocktail), an Old Fashion, and visiting Sydney Yelper Michael M tried his hand at making a Manhattan.

All the while Glenn explained to us the "method to the madness" of each cocktail, it's origins and twists to change the end result. The rest of our time was giddly spent sipping Little Farmers, Espresso Martinis, Negronis, and the best Cosmopolitan (with added flame-off) you'll ever drink. We all had our own personal highlight but who could forget Glenn mixing the Blue Blazer? 


The Blue Blazer

For the hangers-on who stayed back, we managed to see Canvas's mixologist Andrew in a liquid-nitrogen heaven making us scientifically delicious concotions and the Lillet-based 'Revive A Corpse'

A huge thanks to Canvas for taking the time to introduce us to the ways of a great cocktail and to our photography team who were there to capture the evening. I think we all left with mental shopping lists to make our home-cocktail making extra special. 

PicMonkey Collage2

  • Check out the 5-star reviews and (write your own if you were there) here
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  • And if you're interested in joining the Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad, you'll find the info here.

SYOY! (See You On Yelp)

Lani P.

Brisbane Community Manager 

Buon Appetito! Yelp Tucson Elites Party Family Style @ North Fattoria Italiana

Posted by Bella

On Wednesday night, Tucson Elites and guests gathered to mangia the night away family style at Yelp's Buon Appetito Elite Event at the new North Fattoria Italiana! Guests were greeted at the door with a choice of vino rosso o bianco della casa and took a seat for an incredbile night of Italian food, endless wine, and good times with good friends. Grazie Mille to North Fattoria Italiana for hosting such an amazing event!

Collage 1
"This was the perfect family style dinner," shared Jenni L."The mood of North has changed significantly and I was so glad to be able to experience that, I know I will be back in the next week with my family." The menu included chef's boards with cured meats and cheeses, a seasonal vegetable farro salad, three pastas (gigli with pesto, shortrib gnocchi & bucatini), two pizzas (the Pig and Stracciatella), and dessert. Did we mention the unlimited carafe's of red and white wine? Buonissimo!

Collage 2

Mark S can "hardly think straight" just talking about the pizza, exclaiming "this ain't Dominos" about The Pig: "Think of every Italian cured meat you can and put it on super thin, crispy crust with spicy tomato sauce." Meanwhile, Aaron G was in pasta heaven — "the pesto pasta was phenomenal, I couldn't get enough." And how about that Nutella cake topped with affogato? Undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. Heather M  yelps "it was awesome; served in a little mason jar we gleefully dug our spoons down to the bottom to get a taste of the layered flavors." Perfetto!

Collage 4

Not only were these Elite treated to a first class food and wine exrtavaganza, but their Italian word skills were put to the test with an Itlian word search contest. Why you ask? To win prizes of course! For just a bit of added pressure, they only had three minutes to find as many words as possible. Our three winners were Danny S, Jennifer M and Alana J. All three went home with a set of craft olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Alfonso Gourmet Olive Oil and Balsamics. Our champ, Alana J also went home with a pair of tickets to the upcoming Tucson Culinary Festival.

Collage 5

And what would an Elite event be without making new friends? Christina D "loved the concept; it was all about food and sharing. It really felt family style." Aishan S seconds that! "It was a great experience, and I'm lucky to have gone to such a great Yelp event with wonderful people!" Read more about this heartwarming, belly-filling event here.

A special thanks to North Fattoria Italiana for such a generous feast, the phenomenal staff that went above and beyond all evening and to the talented Elizabeth Miller, owner of Ann Bradford Photography, for capturing such incredible shots throughout the evening. 

Team collage

  • Check out the 5-star reviews and (write your own) here
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  • Tag yourself on the Yelp Tucson Facebook Page
  • Don't forget to follow @YelpTucson on Twitter
  • And if you're interested in joining the Tucson Yelp Elite Squad, you'll find the info here.

SYOY Amici! (See You On Yelp)


Bella J

Yelp Tucson's "mama" Community Manager









Yelp Richmond Elites Party Prohibition-Style @ Europa

Posted by Jamie

On Thursday night, Richmond Elites and guests turned back the hands of time and partied prohibition-style at Yelp's Roaring 20s Elite Event. The downstairs Bodegas Lounge at Europa provided the perfect venue for a prohibition-era party, and there was no shortage of delicious dishes or bangin' beverages. Throw in giant Jenga and a blackjack table, and we've got a recipe for a fun evening. A huge thank you to Europa for hosting such a fantastic event!

Europa collage 1

"I always forget how awesome Europa's downstairs area is," admits Lauren C. "It was the perfect setting for the night." The food was flowing, and Jessi C is "still dying over the creamy, cheesy risotto with vegetables. Amazing. For sure coming back to order from the full menu." Meanwhile, Kelly C "was in food heaven" with the crisp calamari, so she indulged in "plenty of seconds and thirds." To wash down the flavorful bites, guests sipped Europa's homemade red and white sangria, house wines, cocktails and domestic brews. Thirstiness was prohibited!

Europa 2

Not only were Elites treated to first-class bites and beverages, but they were also able to try their hand at blackjack courtesy of Dealers Choice. Alicia B couldn't get enough of the gaming: "I'm still trying to figure out an excuse to hire a blackjack table for my next event." For Dominic B, "the giant Jenga always steals the show." And Holly P "had fun reuniting with yelpers as well as meeting new ones. All around a successful night!" We think so, too, Holly!

Europa 3

And what would an Elite event be without making new friends? "Yelp is cool in that way; you learn all about someone without actually meeting them… and if you're lucky enough to be Elite, you might find yourself sitting next to them at an event," explains Judith L. Interested in becoming Elite? Check out all the details here.

Special thanks to the talented Sandy Whittington for capturing such incredible shots throughout the evening! Want more? Peep all the photos and read all the rave reviews.

Until next time, SYOY,

Tara & Me bright

Jamie D (& the lovely Tara L)

Yelp Richmond Community Manager

September 28, 2012

Yelp Denver's September Secret Supper at The Corner Office!

On a Monday night, 60 adventurous eaters gathered at The Corner Office Restaurant and Martini Bar for the 9th installment of Denver Yelp's Secret Supper Club! Diners were greeted with a blood orange and champagne cocktail while sitting down to look over the menu each table would be sharing family style.

That menu consisted of some exciting and delicious options starting with Crispy Frog Legs (with preserved lemon and garlic aioli) and a Milk, Honey and Bibb salad (with goat cheese, frisee, candied walnuts and honey vinaigrette.) Next up on the menu folks indulged in Shrimp and Grits that were more reminiscent of a paella what with the mussels, shrimp, and pork belly included in the dish and a Roasted Chicken Lyonnaise with confit potatoes, roasted chicken jus and haricot verts. And the final course of 3 layers of sponge cake, chocolate mousse and fresh raspberry jam left nary a crumb on anyone's plate. As Claire C put it, it was a "wonderful dinner, lovely evening, and we really had a terrific time."

Be sure to check out the reviews and photos. And don't forget to book your seat at the table for a future Secret Supper before the end of the year. Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany "Eating All Your Bites" N

Yelp sept secret supper 041

Your Denver Yelp Community Director


Soirée Elite Yelp Se Met Au Parfum @ Nose

Posted by Elodie

Mardi dernier au 20 rue Bachaumont, 95 Elites parisiennes se sont retrouvées pour la soirée Yelp de la rentrée chez Nose. Et c'était une soirée placée sous le signe de l'odorat, de la gourmandise et de l'apprentissage. Un vrai festival des sens ! Le concept de Nose ? Après avoir fait un diagnostic en ligne composé d'une dizaine de questions, chaque invité était redirigé en boutique vers les 5 créations de parfumeurs correspondant à leur personnalité olfactive. Une idée révolutionnaire qui en a bluffé plus d'un... "La boutique au concept génial est un espace absolument adorable, aéré, qui met en valeur les parfums, jamais étouffants, où chaque création peut s'exprimer sans agresser l'odorat", note Fanny B

Alors que les invités se dirigent vers les charmants hôtes de Nose pour leur demander conseil suite à leur diagnostic, on s'anime au bar autour de la bière Gallia et de la dégustation de Julhès. Nicolas Julhès lui même est présent pour un parcours autour du whiskey, du rhum et du cognac: à l'aveugle, il fait déguster les 3 spiritueux à son public. Ai Linh D a trouvé "Nicolas vraiment fascinant et passionné. Comme un vrai cours, il nous a guidé pour aborder sa sélection de cognac, rhum et whisky japonais. On les a humés et dégustés avec discipline et surtout beaucoup de plaisir. "

Côté grignotage,  Nicolas Julhès avait préparé de superbes plateaux de fromages, surlesquels les Elites n'ont pas tardé pas à se ruer, armés d'un bout de baguette et de quelques raisins. Et pour les plus gourmands, Sugardaze avait préparé des cupcakes du tonnerre: barbe à papa, chocolat, beurre de cachuètes, white russian et vanille. "Somptueux", "FA-BU-LEUX", "divins", "Oh my god", les qualificatifs n'en finissaient plus de fuser, et Mélanie B "compte bien faire un tour à la boutique de la délicieuse Cat."

Si vous étiez à la soirée et que vous voulez écrire un avis, vous pouvez le faire ici !

Si vous voulez voir les photos, rendez vous sur notre page Flickr

Et si vous voulez devenir membre Elite et assister aux soirées, toutes les infos sont sur cette page !

D'ici là, ABSY* !

Elodie F

*À bientôt sur Yelp



Last tuesday at 20 Rue Bachaumont, 95 Parisian Elites gathered for a wonderful event at Nose. A night placed under the sign of fragrances, gourmet tasting and learnings. An explosion of senses ! So what's the whole idea behind Nose? After they'd made their online fragrance diagnosis, composed of a dozen questions, each guest was invited to try the 5 fragrances they were recommended in the shop. A revolutionary idea that impressed all guests. "The genius idea behind the shop and the adorable, airy space really gave all these delicate perfumes the credit they deserve. None of the subtle fragrances were agressive !" Fanny B adds. 

As the guests walked towards the charming hosts at Nose to ask for guidance among the hundreds of fragrances, some curious ones started drinking Gallia and the spirits brought by Julhès. Nicolas Julhès himself was there to teach about whiskey, rhum and cognac: he had the audience blind taste the spirits. Ai Linh D found Nicolas "completely fascinating and passionate. Like a real masterclass, he guided us through his selection of liquors, which we smelled and tasted with disciplin and great delight". 


On the buffet side, Nicolas Julhès had prepared the most amazing cheese plates, which were literally devoured by hungry elites armed with fresh & crunchy baguettes and a few grapes. And for the sweet toothed ones, Sugardaze had prepared an explosive mix of cupcakes: sugar candy, peanut butter, white russian, chocolate, and vanilla. "Sumptuous", "FA-BU-LOUS", "divine", "oh my god", the adjectives kept coming and Mélanie B is now sure she'll go to Cat's little shop.

If you were at the party and you want to write a review, you can do it here !

If you want to have a look at our Flickr page

And if you want to become a Yelp Elite member and attend the parties, you'll find the info here !

Till then SYOY !

Elodie F

*See You On Yelp


San Antonio Elites Pow-Wowed Patio-Style at Knife & Fork Gastropub

Posted by Gloria

Patio weather has officially hit the Texas hill country and San Antonio Elites welcomed the season with open arms at a September sunset soiree at Knife & Fork Gastropub for the Yelp Elite Patio Pow Wow

September Elite event collage 1

"Yelpers who know their stuff about San Antonio, plus booze from Bacardi (Wolfberry FTW), Blue Moon and Lienenkugel PLUS delicious bite-sized snacks from the Knife & Fork kitchen" all equal the perfect combo, according to Ash M

Said boozey beverages started with specialty cocktails featuring new Bacardi flavors, Black Razz and Wolfberry. Bar staff used their skills to concoct a Blueberry Lemonade with ginger beer and Raspberry Mojito – each with fresh muddled fruit. Bottles of Blue Moon and Leinenkugel Oktoberfest from our friends at MillerCoors adorned the tables in ice-cold buckets and kept Elites' thirst quenched within arm's reach. And for the ultimate beer nerds, twelve varieties of Duff distributed beer were on tap for the taking, including Wasatch, Leprechaun Cider, and Southern Star. Curt C was "blown away by the variety of beers we got hooked up, with a stout that was to die for!"

To accompany the free-flowing libations, Knife & Fork's 5-star servers continued to place plates full of mouth-watering noshes throughout the evening: Their popular brunch item barbacoa tacos, then the slider version of their famous $13 burger made from short rib with candied bacon and gorgonzola. To top it all off, mini melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls that made us all rethink the concept of dessert! 

September Elite Event Collage 2

Sippin' on some adult beverages came in handy when it was time to "release our inner top model," acoording to Ryan C. The photo booth brought to us by Josh Huskin Photo and his "fantastic mustache" boasted unique props created by local artist Jeremiah Teutsch – a life-sized knife and fork! American Gothic anyone? Elites may have strayed from the original vision, but their artistic direction shined through in some elitely creative pics that can all be seen here.

September Elite Event collage 3

A huge thank you to our gracious host Knife & Fork Gastropub, our partners Bacardi, Blue MoonLeinenkugel, Duff Beer Distribution, Josh Huskin Photo, and Jeremiah Teutsch

Reviews are filing in, so add yours to the mix!

Until next time, SYOY! 

Photo booth me for blog

Gloria C

Piadina di Romagna, lo Yelper ci guadagna!

Posted by Claudia R

Serata in gran spolvero ieri a Milano per l'evento Yelp Elite di settembre, tutto all'insegna della celebrazione di fine estate. Memori di spiagge, mari e costa romagnola, gli Yelper si sono tuffati nelle delizie delle piadine cucinate da Francesca e Piersergio, ineffabili titolari di quella perla del gusto nascosta in Viale Abruzzi che è Divina Piadina. Marian e Federica, gli eroi in servizio al banco bar e in cucina, si sono prodigati immediatamente per non lasciare nessuno a bocca vuota!

In alto i calici, quindi, per festeggiare le 250 recensioni in meno di 1 anno del prode Yelp Elite Marco "Zima" S, che da ieri sera veste ufficialmente la maglia rossa dei migliori sul campo, senza accusare nemmeno troppa pancetta da "allenamento". L'applausometro ha anche segnato la vittoria totale e schiacciante del miglior scrittore del mese: Oscar Yelp di Settembre, meritatissimo, all'Arcigno Giovanni R, che regalerà il suo secondo zainetto rosso alla piccola Eva, dopo essersi goduto i complimenti degli sfidanti e dei nuovi arrivati "in famiglia" Cristiano C e Fabio M, nonchè del novello Elite Marco C!

Non poteva mancare il colpo di scena: a fine serata il prode gonfiatore-di-palloni-fotografo-coordinatore-della-cucina Ettore F ha avuto a sua disposizione una rosa rossa con un invito importante: "Baciami, sono uno Yelper". Pochi istanti per decidere a chi donarla, e la rosa era già tra le mani (e lui tra le braccia) di una felice e imbarazzata Federica!


Confessa, stai rosicando perchè non c'eri? Non mancare il prossimo evento e, nel frattempo, leggi le recensioni di questo, scrivi i tuoi commenti sul Forum e guarda tutte le altre foto!


We all know that Milan Elites rule, but yesterday evening they... ruled more! A full load of traditional piadinas, white and red wines and good company, to enlighten a farewell night to summer. Piersergio and Francesca, lovely hosts at Divina Piadina, set up a more-than-special time for our monthly winners, Marco "Zima" S and Giovanni R, proud Elites and passionate reviewers. Cheers! Sweet liason to Ettore F, whose Yelp Rose won the heart of the beautiful bartender Federica: we yelpers do share loads of love!

  Piadina4_originalWant to know more? Read the reviews have a look at the Forum and don't miss all the gorgeous pictures!



September 26, 2012

Yelp Melbourne's Good Times At The Merrywell

Posted by Tresna

On Tuesday night, 40 Elite Yelpers decended upon The Merrywell - a recent addition to the Southbank area that has burgers, beers, cocktails and good times on tap! Fortunately the weather gods were happy and provided a warm evening on which to enjoy the fantastic outdoor areas.

The terrace balcony overlooking the Yarra River was the perfect location for cocktails while watching the Southbank fire show. Our fabulous waitress, Lace, chose this moment to offer Daniel Z a mini wagyu burger in a devlish voice. As he says "sometimes it's ok to give into temptation!" And yes, these baby burgers were a crowd favourite with many already planning a return for seconds.

And we mustn't forget the Oysters Merryfeller, the Mac & Cheese bites that had Yelpers scrambling for more and the very fun (and addictive) Lollipop Buffalo Wings that were dipped in to Blue Cheese Fondue. Yelpers loved those bad boys and were given the receipe to take home!

To go with this eating extravaganza, Yelpers were able to choose cocktails from the menu, or enjoy a glass of Tahbilk wine. Menu favourites icluded the "Sage Advice" - a blend of West Winds gin, green Chartreuse, fresh lime juice and house made ginger syrup and 'Spice Trade" which brings together Sailor Jerry rum, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, green cardamom, kaffir lime, spiced honey and lime juice. Now that's our kind of spicy!
It's official: The Merrywell sure does know how to have fun!
Chef Grant McPherson made a brief appearance, signing copies of his cookbook and even playing up to the camera with the crazy glasses we brought along for the night.

Baby cupcakes finished off the night and then a parting gift was given to all - a recipe to take home and a voucher to be used on our next visit. Yup, the fantastic team at The Merrywell took supreme care of Yelpers and spoiled us rotten right up until the final moments. Thank you!

Need more good times?

- Check out the photos (taken by Michael Carew and Yelpers)

- Read the reviews

- Visit The Merrywell for a $15 burger and pint between 4 and 6 each day! Winner!

Until next time SYOY!

Tresna L

Yelp NC Triangle Elite Class of 2012: Prom Night

Posted by Christina Gates

For Yelp Triangle's third annual prom, we gathered at Sullivan's Steakhouse for a sea-faring adventure otherwise known as... Nautical by Nature. Sullivan's exquisite private rooms hosted us with elegance and comfort; but their 5-star chef and staff were what really made our stay special. Yelps Stacy B, "Sullivan's presented a beautiful display of not only food, but decor... an ice sculpture! woop woop! I felt so fancy while I was engulfing oysters and tenderloin. I can't wait to go back!" And Heather B gushes, "I was very impressed with Sullivan's staff...super efficient and helpful. They seriously hustled. By the time I finished my last bite, my plate was tidily whisked away. As my wine glass became close to empty, a server came by to refill it. Wow!"


On hand, were unlimited beer & wine pours from our two deliciously drinakble co-sponsors, Cupcake Vineyards and –- local to Clayton -- Deep River Brewing. Kelly M "bounced back and forth," to find "the wit beer and the sweet chocolate stout both left [her] taste buds satisfied." Meanwhile, Ron W praises Cupcake for their "great vino -- loved your Red Velvet" but admits,"I think it had SOME-thing to do with my slow start at work this morning."

After an hour downing drinks and more tasty tid-bits like shrimp cocktail and crab bruschetta, Yelpers crossed the restaurant to enter the Library where DJ Feel the Sound of Music with Motion was getting the party started. They "played a lot of great music," and Cait H "heartily thanks them for including Journey AND Bon Jovi." As such, the dance floor -- dazzling with lights -- was literally bumping from start til finish.


Sullivan's had even more stuff up their sleeve, as they did a three-part raffle awarding lucky Yelpers with exclusive Sullivan's wine blends, free meals, and... whoopee cushions! And in the Library, they treated guests to even more fancy finger foods, including a cheese platter with fresh fruits.

We crowned a new Prom King and Queen -- Brittany F and Andrew. And at the end of the evening, no one wanted to leave. Tripp W announces, "I think this may have been my favorite Elite Event ever!"  And Cait echoes us all in saying, "Big thanks to Sullivan's for letting us get jiggy with it in the middle of their classy spot!"


Sign our Yearbook on the Review Listing.
And check out the Yearbook photo album (via Shon.Digital Photography).

Signing off,


Christina "O Captain, Your Captain" G

Yelp Vancouver Puts A Bird On Portland Craft

Posted by Robin

The third season of Portlandia may have yet to start, but this past Sunday, September 23rd, Vancouver Yelpers put a bird on their flannel shirts, grabbed a six-pack of locally brewed, free-range booze, hopped on their fixie, and got to Portland Craft before the party was totally over.

Greeted at the door with a Jameson Sour, Josh L exclaims, "Portland + Food + Yelpers. What could be better? A perfect afternoon for a little Sunday day-drinking, Robin brought us together to enjoy a great new(ish) restaurant, eat delicious Cartems donuts, and make Collage Collage crafts!" Not missing a beat, the service by the bartenders and staff was impeccable. "Just like in the real Portland, everyone at Portland Craft was super friendly and passionate about fresh, local, craft cooking. The staff were knowledgeable, funny, and revved up about serving tasty concoctions from Vancouver's favourite tax-free flannelled-playground."

Playground, indeed. "A rapid succession of tasty treats (pork belly! fried chicken! salmon tartare!) made for foodie bliss. The food was hearty, tasty, and served in parings that were ever-so-slightly quirky to be both truly PDX and delicious." Not to be outdone, the liquid offerings had many a day-drunk fan. Vincci L gushes: "when I discovered the beer station, I couldn't be more elated. Could this be, I can savour all this food along with some Deschutes Black Butte Porter? AND there was a Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Ale?!" And Taylor K "found a new favourite wine in Jacob's Creek Moscato. Holy moly!" Yes, the dream of the 90s was most definitely alive in Portland Craft thanks these libations.

Wandering up the stairs of Portland Craft's high-ceilinged, beer-focused restaurant, Yelpers discovered Collage Collage's craft station, "where you could decorate foam beer cozies with felt and gemstones." Craft beer, or craft station, Kwoky L found it to be a "fantastic hands-on art experience on the second floor. What a great way to spend my Sunday!" Speaking of hands-on, the real Portland may have Voodoo, but in Vancity, we've got Cartems to satisfy our inner hipster. "There it was, the glistening ball of banana donut, with a sweet rum glaze and just the right amount of banana flavour." To finally put a face to these little fried doughboys was a special treat for Isabelle G: "I love talking to people in the culinary world who are truly passionate about their craft."

"The nicest part of these Elite gatherings is that folks actually talk to new people." Karen R said it best: "this was an ultra cool event because the food served was what might be normally prepared there, the interesting drink menu was viewable on the wall, and the overall atmosphere totally rocked." Yep, we can definitely pickle that.

A big thanks to Cameron, Ryan, Chris, and all of the Portland Craft staff for taking care of a rowdy group of Yelpers; to Rags and Jordan from Cartems for feeding us some seriously addictive donuts; to Erin from Collage Collage for crafting an unforgettable afternoon; to Brent F and Crystal H for helping set up; and to the Yelp Elite or being quiet when I need them to, and for being awesome, always.

Check out the 5-star reviews (and write your own) here, and see the proof that the dream of the 90s is alive at Portland Craft thanks to the photos by LindsaysDiet here.

Until next time, Yelpies!


/ robin m 
Yelp Vancouver's "Local, Sustainable, Organic, and totally Pickled" Community Manager (dressed as Don B, Portland Community Director)

Yelp's Back to School Bash @ Andrea's 25

Posted by Drew

Parents or not, LI Yelp Elite decided to have an old school celebraish now that the kiddies are back in the classroom. Our amazing host, Andrea's 25, opened up their back patio for an afternoon filled with Italian delights, adult fruit punch (infused sangia) and old school hits courtesy of Keeping the Night On Ent.


The food was at post-graduate level with offerings such as rice balls, stuffed mushrooms, sausage and broccoli rabe eggrolls, Sal's Mac and Cheese, Chicken Luciano and eggplant rollatini. Michael G thought the show stopper was the Mac and Cheese which was "by far one of the best Mac and Cheese dishes I have had to date. Rich, creamy, not too cheesy, pieces of Pancetta, and pasta made al dente. Bravo!" Andreas2

Before school let out, Elite's were introduced to a top-your-own Oreo zeppole bar, which had three different sugary treats to finish off those small pieces of fried heaven. Astrid G equated them to "Deep fried love!" For further education on this soireé, check out the pics courtesy of John Emig and the glowing reviews here




Drew A

Yelp Long Island Community Manager

Yelp's "A Night At The Roxbury"

Posted by Ben B.

Last night Yelp’s Sydney Elites and their guests gathered at The Roxbury Hotel in Glebe for a taste of what The Australian named “The best improv comedy theatre in the country.” A live entertainment mecca, the Roxbury hosts everything from trivia to poker tournaments and kicked us off with a bar tab that served as a great intro to Full Body Contact No Love Tennis, the mad-hatted kings of alternative comedy in Sydney.

PicMonkey Collage1

Canadian MC Cale Bain eschewed the double denim of his native tuxedo for a fetching tie-and-trainer combo before letting three teams of seasoned players loose upon an audience that had little inkling of the hilarity about to befall them. Fresh from his turn at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, DJ Tom Loud provided a live soundtrack for the mayhem onstage.

PicMonkey Collage2

From a single word given by the audience the teams ­– which included Claire Hooper of Good News Week and Melbourne International Comedy Festival fame – flew into improvised comedy stylings that resulted in such hysterical characters as The Goonies’ Sloth as an unwitting porn star and a worryingly pedophilic Batman. Yep.

PicMonkey Collage3
Hepped up and laughed out, some Elites left holding prizes like comedy DVDs and dolphin dictionaries, while the last Yelpers standing took on 8.8% Sinha Stouts into the wee hours.

PicMonkey Collage4

Want more?        

With thanks to Sam Macdonald from Sam Macdonald Photography for providing the happy snaps on the night. Until next time . . . SYOY!

Ben B
Yelp Community Manager

September 25, 2012

Mustache Monday! LA West Elite Event @ Dry Tour Venice

Posted by Brinny

It was no ordinary Monday for the Elites in LA. They donned their sexiest 'stache's and came out for Mustache Monday at Dry Tour in Venice Beach.


Guests were greeted with a an open bar, full buffet and a naming contest! Dry Tour is looking to rename their restaurant and held a contest for the Elites to help them choose. The Elite to come up with the new name will receive a free dinner for two!

The bar had several beer and wine options plus specialty cocktails. Sarah M shares, "I especially liked the soju infused cucumber sake drink... It tasted like juice (and really got me by the end of the night!) The J-pop sparkling drink was also really good... It was a peach flavored alcoholic beverage that again, was strong but tasted delicious."


Hungry Yelpers noshed on an incredible buffet spread of roasted asparagus with aged balsamic, fiscalini cheddar and speck, papa a la huancaina bites, plus mini gougeres, lemon shrimp with eggplant caviar and braised short ribs. In the words of Sara L, "The Batch 19 lager braised short ribs were fantastic. The meat just easily pulled apart and was so juicy and flavorful. That taste just stayed with me and kept me wanting more. The veggie mash was a good compliment to the meat."

But that's not all! There was dessert too! Mini hazelnut chocolate crunch cakes and Chaplin sponge cakes satisfied the groups sweet tooth.

Also a special thanks to the fine folks below who all provided excellent product for this event:

Batch 19
Santa Monica Seafood
Worldwide Produce
Intentional Chocolate
Mutual Tradin

New Belgium Brewing Company

Special thanks to Ryan Unger, our great photographer who took all the photos of this glorious event. See more pics here!

Until next time,

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 8.50.46 AM

Brittany B

The Skinny Critic

LA West Community Manager

Calling all Vaqueros y Vaqueras! Yelp Charlotte Elite Event at Vida Cantina

Yeehaw! Or, as it was more appropriate for this fine Crown Town evening -- ¡Ole! Our Yelp Charlotte Elites gallivanted in the upstairs mezzanine (which is one of the most fun words to say these days) at Vida Cantina in Uptown and knocked back wine and beer aplenty, noshed on some choice Mexican-inspired delectables, and adorned Western attire!


Vida rolled out the culinary red carpet with mounds of mini braised beef tacos, crab cakes, portabella mushroom salads, and pork tenderloin. As fast as the servers could serve, eager and curious Elites were excited to try each offering. Muchas gracias, la cocina!

Untitled 2

Brews and vintages provided by Lonerider Brewing and FlipFlop. The pinot grigio and cabernet were flowing and the three different brews, Sweet Josie, Shotgun Betty, and Peacemaker IPA, were all well recieved! Brian A has developed quite the relationship with good ol' Sweet Josie. She really is a sweet one. Western-themed brews for a Western-themed event brought out the inner cowboy/cowgirl in our posse, and with no shortage of mini sombreros and fake mustaches, it truly felt south of the border!

Untitled 4

Not only was this an evening of many a first, but also the inception of Yelp Charlotte's first un-destructed and bosom piñata! Elite, Chad E, aptly named him "Pedro," and was held, photographed, and appreciated by many. Our papered pal never felt the strike of a stick on this fine eve. Nay! Quite the opposite as Jonathan B was awarded him as a prize for best Western attire! He may have not been stuffed to the horns with candy, but did contain a hefty $25 giftcard to Vida Cantina! God speed, Pedro! And, as always, !Ole!

Untitled 3

Another fine evening of merriment here in the Queen City. Huge props to Tonya from Poprock Photography for all of her hard work, dedication, and amazing personality! Check out the rest of the festively festive festivities here!

Untitled 5

Until next time, SYOY!

Ben G - Yelp Charlotte Community Manager

Vida 201

Yelp im Wunderland!

Posted by Svenja

Was für ein Nachmittag! Die Sonne scheint, die Temperaturen sind nochmal richtig angenehm spätsommerlich und das Organza schwebt durch die Luft während die Ballons fröhlich im Wind wehen: Willkommen bei Yelp im Wunderland, Yelp Berlins bisher größtes Event. Bereits ab Mittag laufen die Vorbereitungen. Es wird dekoriert, getragen und aufgebaut. Als Punkt 16 Uhr die Türen öffnen sind sowohl das Badehaus Szimpla als auch die Terasse schnell gefüllt. Und was uns da alles entgegenlachte...

Macarons von der Makrönchen Manufaktur, die im Übrigen mit selbst gemachter Dekoration anrückte und in ihrer pastelligen Schönheit allen entgegenstrahlten, Tartes de Tom mit Quiches und Tartes soweit das Auge reicht und verträumte Blicke ernten, Onigiri Reis-Snacks von Rice Up, die vor nicht allzu langer Zeit ihr zweites Geschäft auf der Friedrichstraße eröffneten, Andalö Sanddornlikör präsentiert von K:FEE KunstundKönnen und frisches Brot, Brotchips, Tapenaden und Dips von Soluna Brot&Öl. Damit nicht genug, denn auf der Terasse verzauberte Maja's Deli mit veganen Leckereien die auch den größten Fleischesser restlos begeistern, zum Nachtisch stehen die spannenden Eiskreationen von Paletas in den Startlöchern. Habt ihr schonmal Himbeer-Chili Eis gegessen? Auf zu Paletas! Dickey schließt genussvoll seine Augen als er die Macarons probier und sagt schließlich: "Die sind so unglaublich gut, ich glaube, ich habe noch niemals so leckere Macarons gegessen!" Die Brotchips von Soluna finden auch zahlreiche Fans, ebenso die Quiches, die Lene H als "ein Stück Himmel" bezeichnet.

Durst dürfte auch bei keinem der Besuchern aufkommen, denn Becks war mit Pils und Becks Gold vor Ort, Notebooksbilliger.de stellte seine Raubtierbrause zur Verfügung, Sierra Tequila löschte zusammen mit Paloma Grapefruit-Limo die trockenen Kehlen und Voelkel's Biozisch kam gleich mit fünf Sorten angerückt: Himbeer-Cassis, Ginger Life, Mate, Natur Orange und Rhabarber. Besonders Ginger Life erfreute sich gemischt mit dem Korn von Berliner Brandstifter allerhöchster Beliebtheit und war als erstes weggesüppelt. Zum Glück gab es noch Smoothies von Proviant. Eiske S stellt erstaunt fest, dass Berliner Brandstifter von Hand abgefüllt wird und die Flaschen sogar durchnumeriert sind. "Da ist ja wirklich jede Flasche ein Unikat!"

Einige Seelen waren vom harten Partywochenende ganz zerlegt und ließen sich von Aenny von Candynailz die Hände massieren, so wie Ivan T, sodass selbst die schlaflose Nacht zurvor bald vergessen war. Sie brachte auch ihre Hutkreationen mit, die as jeder Frau eine mondäne Lady machen. Wonderpots brachte was zum Mitnehmen mit: Gutscheine für Frozen Yogurt und Kaffee. Ein Wunderlandfest ist natürlich ohne Glitzer, Schminke und Seifenblasen nicht vollständig, sodass es einen FUN-Tisch auf der Terasse gab, an dem man sich mit allem eindecken konnte, was das Glitzerherz begehrt. Vor allem Violent Lips zogen mit ihren Lippentattoos gespannte Blicke auf sich: Lippenkontur anpassen, zurechtschneiden, auf die Lippen damit und los geht's. Ob Blümchenwiese oder Glitzer, je ausgefallener, desto besser!

Aufgehübscht, angetüddelt und gut gefüllt schreiten wir voran zum Höhepunkt des Events, dessen Gäste im Bühnenraum von DJ Dickey Doo mit Musik für gute Laune beschallt wurden. Marlene von Steenvag, die atemberaubende Burlesque-Tänzerin betritt schwungvoll die Bühne. Weiße Federn, Glitzer-Konfetti und Sekt auf nackter Haut sind ihre Signatur, offene Münder, gezückte Kameras und tosender Applaus widerum die Signatur des restlos begeisterten Publikums. Während noch das Klatschen der Gäste zu hören ist, werden die vier Gewinner der Gutscheine für das Floaten bei Tranxx ermittelt. Wer sich jetzt fragt, was floaten ist, dem sei gesagt, dass das Tote Meer auch in Schöneberg steht in Form von Salzwasser-gefüllten Tanks, in denen man dem Alltag entschweben kann.

Mein Dank gilt allen beteiligten Geschäftsbesitzern, die es geschafft haben die Yelper, das Badehaus Szimpla und mich restlos zu begeistern und zu verzaubern. Die zauberhafte Makrönchen Manufaktur, die verführerischen Tartes de Tom, die dreieckig-guten Rice Up, der orangene Likör Andalö, die duftenden Brote von Soluna Brot&Öl, die veganen Leckereien von Maja's Deli, die Bilder von Käthe von K:FEE KunstundKönnen, der Film von Lauritz N, auf den ich mich jetzt schon freue, Marija und Lydia für eure tatkräftige Hilfe hinter der Theke, DJ Dickey Doo für die Musik, Sierra Tequila und Paloma, Silk Relations für Becks und Becks Gold, Notebooksbilliger.de für die Raubtierbrause, Voelkel für Biozisch in fünf Ausführungen, Proviant Smoothies, und den Kornbrand von Berliner Brandstifter. Danke auch für die Frozen Yogurt Gutscheine von Wonderpots Berlin und für die Gutscheine zum Entschweben des Alltags von Tranxx. Für die innere und äußere Schönheit sorgten die Handmassagen von Candynailz und die Lippentattoos von Violent Lips. Ein großes Dankeschön geht auch noch an Marlene von Steenvag für eine Bühnenshow, die an Professionalität nicht zu übertreffen war. Zum Schluß danke ich noch Attila vom Badehaus Szimpla dafür, dass er uns sein Badehaus zur Verfügung gestellt hat. Hier gibt es regelmäßig Live-Jazz, schaut auf jeden Fall mal vorbei.

Alle Bilder des Abends gibt es hier und den Film schicke ich per Mail an alle Gäste, ebenso werde ich ihn im Forum posten. Denkt bitte daran den Abend zu bewerten. Ich möchte unglaublich gerne wissen, wie es euch gefallen hat, was ihr euch noch wünschen würdet und was euer Highlight war.

Ich freue mich, dass ihr so zahlreich erschienen seid und damit die Messlatte für die kommenden Events noch höher gelegt habt.

Alles Liebe

Svenja "Fairy" G

=========================English below===========================


Wow, what an afternoon! The sun’s out, the temperatures are for once perfectly fit for late summer and pastel-colored organza is floating in the air while bright balloons dance merrily in the wind: Welcome to Yelp im Wunderland, Yelp Berlin’s biggest event to date. The preparations start around noon already: decorating, carrying and carting things around as well as setting the party stage keep everyone busy. When doors open at 4PM both the Badehaus Szimpla as well as the terrace got crowded quickly. Take a look at what was welcoming us there...

Macaroons by Makrönchen Manufaktur, which arrived with wonderfully handcrafted decoration and brightened up the whole place with the prettiest ice cream colors out there, Tartes de Tom brought quiches and tartes to feed a small nation and still looked so wonderful that everyone left their booth quite enchanted. There were Onigiri rice snacks by Rice Up, which just opened their second shop at Friedrichstraße, Andalö sea-buckthorn liquor presented by K:FEE KunstundKönnen and fresh bread, bread chips, tapenades and dips by Soluna Brot&Öl. But we’re far from finished yet! Out on the terrace Maja’s Deli wowed everyone with vegan treats that convinced even the biggest meat-lover and for dessert Paleta’s excitingly creative ice cream creations were chilled and ready to be served. Have you ever eaten raspberry-chili ice cream? Go to Paletas! Dickey marvelled at the deliciousness of the macaroons with his eyes closed: ‘These are so amazing, I think I’ve never eaten macaroons that good!’ Soluna’s bread chips soon had their own fan choir, as did the quiches that Lene H described as ‘a slice of heaven’.

In wonderland, noone was left thirsty as Beck’s brought Pils and Beck’s Gold, notebooksbilliger.de provided the brand new Raubtierbrause, Sierra Tequila quenched the thirst together with Paloma Pink Grapefruit lemonade and Voelkel’s BioZisch arrived with an array of five different tastes: Raspberry-Cassis, Ginger Life, Mate, Nature Orange and Rhubarb. Especially Ginger Life mixed with Berliner Brandstifter’s spirit was a hit with everyone and soon there was not a single drop of it left. Thank God, we also had smoothies by Proviant. Eiske S noticed to her surprise that Berliner Brandstifter fill their bottles manually and number every bottle ‘Every single bottle is unique!’

A few party kings and queens were still suffering a little from late weekend nights out and sought some relaxing hand massage by Candynailz, for Ivan T this treatment made the sleepless nights forgotten in no time. To turn every woman into a lady, Candynailz brought along their creative hat designs. Wonderpots brought something to take away: Vouchers for frozen yoghurt and coffee. And of course, no wonderland party would be complete without loads of glitter, make up and soap bubbles, that’s why at the fun table out on the terrace everyone could stock up on all things sparkly. Especially Violent Lips attracted the party folks’ attention with their unique lip tattoos: cut out the perfect fit, put them onto your lips and be the highlight at every party – no matter whether you go for all flowery power or glitter galore to the max!

The music by DJ Dickey Doo keeps the crowd in party mode, everyone’s all styled, fed and maybe even the slightest bit tipsy and the highlight of the event is not far. Marlene von Steenwag, the amazing bourlesque dancer, entered the stage and certainly took a few breaths away. White feathers, glitter and champagne on bare skin are her signature essentials, gaping mouths, cameras ready to shoot and a roaring round of applause the reaction of the completely enchanted audience. While there’s still some people clapping, the four winners of the raffle are getting chosen. And they’re in for a treat! Floating at Tranxx in Schöneberg is as relaxing as a short trip to the Dead Sea as you can float away from daily life in salt water tanks.

Many thanks to all contributing business owners that excited and enchanted the yelpers, the Badehaus Szimpla and me. The magnificent Makrönchen Manufaktur, the delicious Tartes de Tom, the triangly goodness of Rice Up, the bright orange liquor Andalö, the fragrant breads by Soluna Brot&Öl, the vegan treats by Maja’s Deli, the colorful pictures by Käthe of K:FEE KunstundKönnen, the movie by Lauritz N, that I can’t wait to see, Marija and Lydia for great help behind the bar, DJ Dickey Doo for the music, Sierra Tequila and Paloma, Silk Relations for Beck’s and Beck’s Gold, Notebooksbilliger.de for the Raubtierbrause, Voelkel for Biozisch in five tasty variations, Proviant Smoothies, and the spirits by Berliner Brandstifter. Thank you for the Frozen Yogurt vouchers by Wonderpots Berlin and the vouchers to float away from the daily routine by Tranxx. For beauty matters inside and out Candynailz and their hand massages as well as Violent Lips lip tattoos were wonderful! A big thank you also to Marlene von Steenvag for a show that took all our breaths away. And last but not least, thank you Attila of Badehaus Szimpla for letting us have our party at the Badehaus! Usually there a little bit less glitter but regular live jazz events there, check it out!

All pictures of the party can be found here and the movie will be sent by mail to all our guests as well as posted in the forum. Don’t forget to write a review for the party – I can’t wait to know how you liked it, what else you’d like and what your highlight was!

I am incredibly happy that so many of you came by and that I set the bar for all coming events a tad higher than before.

All the best,

Svenja G

September 24, 2012

Yelp Perth’s Elite Evening At The Bird

Posted by Laura

Last night 40 Yelpers gathered underneath the stars at The Bird, one of Perth’s most intimate bars and alternative entertainment venues.
The Bird 1
In the courtyard guests were treated to delicious beers and cider from award winning local breweries Feral Brewing Company and Little Creatures Brewing. Kira R loves “any excuse to hang out at The Bird and drink Feral’s beer and Little Creatures cider!” The Bird 2
Marcelita’s Empanadas served up their Columbian culinary delicacies so divine that Libby E insists you should “do yourself a favour and go down to Mondo's markets on the weekend and try some for yourself.”
The Bird 3
A massive thank you to Brenton and everyone at The Bird for putting on such a delightful event. Also to Marcelita’s Empanadas which were a big hit with Yelpers on the night. And of course to Little Creatures Brewing and Feral Brewery for providing their exquisite new range of drinks for the evening, a lot of Yelpers have found new favourites. It was a really special night so thanks to all the Elites, Yelpers and guests who came out for a delightful evening.

Want more?

•    Read the REVIEWS

•    Check out the PHOTOS

•    Learn more about the Elite Squad HERE

See you at the next one and SYOY until then!


Laura D

Yelp's Ditch Day Pool Party @ Alta at K Station

Posted by Danny Wurst

Here in Chicago, we like to enjoy our summers as much as possible. With September 22 marking the first official day of fall, what better way to bid adieu to summer than with a ditch day party at one of the city's most beautiful pool decks on the 8th floor of the Alta at K Station building? A little rain may have moved the celebrations inside, but we didn't let that dampen our fun. In the words of elite Yelper Nishan P: "Rain or shine, we party!"

Yelp Collage
Partygoers and their guests were welcomed to the amenities floor that features it's own screening room and half-size basketball court. After checking-in on their smartphones and entering the gift card raffle, guests were free to explore the space and all that the vendors had to offer.

Alta Collage
Hungry Yelpers sampled ahi tuna bites from Bull & Bear, lumpia Shanghai and garlic fried rice from Isla Pilipina, a variety of popchips, and pulled pork sliders topped with brussel sprout slaw from Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ

Food Collage-1
Speaking of moonshine, the folks at Dragon Ranch make their own, and brought along some rhubarb lemonade moonshine cocktails for the thirsty crowd... but that's not all they had to choose from! Segura Viudas brought bubbles to the party with generous pours of Spanish sparkling wine, and kept guests entertained throughout with contests to win iTunes gift cards and a treasure hunt for keys to open a magic chest - the winner, Sabrina M, walked away with 6 bottles of Segura Viudas! The ladies from Cutty Sark Scotch taught us about the history whiskey and gave samples in different forms - mixed and neat. Argus Brewery represented the booming Chicago craft beer scene with samples of their Argus California Steam, Argus Holsteiner Lager, and Argus Pegasus IPA, and even gave away some candles that are made from the used bottles. Local and green! For those that didn't want to imbibe, CityGrounds Coffee Bar quenched thirsts with their refreshing iced tea, and fresh ginger lemonade.
Drink Collage
But it didn't just end there... DJ Corey of Music Masters Entertainment was on hand spinning a rad selection of tunes to keep the party going, even busting out #GangnamStyle! Fancy Flash Photo Booth brought along hilarious hats and sunglasses for some photobooth fun! (We heard one group managed to squeeze 6 people in for their photos!). This epic summer send-off was documented by photographer extraordinare, An Phan! Check out his pics here. Read what the ditchers had to say here
People Collage
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Until next time, SYOY

Chicago Community Manager

Yelp Orlando Rocks Central Florida BlogCon

Posted by Colleen Burns

Orlando just wrapped up their second annual Central Florida Blogger Conference and it blew last year out of the water. An entire day of networking, tip sharing and powerhouse presentations, created a memorable experience for all involved.

The brainchild of Bess Auer, this action packed, one day event draws in local bloggers and social media stars from all across Central Florida, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami!

"This was a fantastic event! The collection of bloggers who came  from all over the state all gathered to learn and network and have fun!" - Katrina P

Yelp had the pleasure of being a main sponsor the first year and we continued the amazing partnership this year. We stepped it up and host of the networking after party. We took over Dino Digs in the Orlando Science Center with live music, tasty treats and luscious libations.

PicMonkey Collage

Evan Taylor Jones set the mood with tunes for all. This local boy strummed and swooned his way through this event and set a relaxing mood. For those who are into singer/songwriters, you don’t want to miss him live. Check out his full schedule here.

Cocktails Catering kept us cool and collected with various mixed drinks featuring the delicious, Tito’s Homemade Vodka! We also rocked some ice cold Redd’s Apple Ale which was light and refreshing.

Sushi 101 rocked their impressive catering set up with various rolls in addition to sushi rolling 101 tips and tricks! Qudoba impressed our herbivores with their delicious, flavorful veggie gumbo and Crave provided  pita and hummus canapé full of flavor. Sus Hi came in ninja uniforms and delivered an experience you can only find with this brand and their fabulous, talented chefs.

PicMonkey Collage2

"What an amazing day! I learned so much and met so many great people. Can't reccomend attending this event enough - especially if you are even thinking about blogging. You will learn more tips, tools, and how to-s to keep you busy for weeks!Sponsored by some of our best local companies, the meal, snacks, and afterparty were A+!" - Rececca K

Whether you are a social media maven, PR powerhouse or blogger extraordinaire, there is something at this conference for you. Twitter provided a play by play for the entire day and @YelpOrlando got much love. Check out CFLBlogCon to keep up on details for upcoming events.

You can check out all of the photos of the after party here, thanks to Professor Josh! If you attended the event and would like to Yelp about your experience, check out the event listing here. Can’t wait for next year, thanks for having us CFLBlogCon

Colleen B


Yelp Orlando Community Manager
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Yelp's FC Dallas Elite Event!

Yelp Dallas Elites cheered on our beloved Major League Soccer Team, FC Dallas to a victorious end of a successful season and into the MLS finals!

PicMonkey Collage

What an honor it was to be escorted throughout the beautiful FC Dallas Stadium's facilities and onto the field while the team warmed up, being hooked up with $15 in stadium cash to enjoy all the awesome eateries available at the stadium, given our very own section of seats, and enjoying an overall awesome time! YelpFCDallascrew

Yelpers were not only privy to private tours, but their own exlcusive seats, as well – with prime views of the field and their very own wireless network to show off their social media skills! However, it seemed like the most fun was being had in the beer garden conveniently located in the middle of all the action right behind the goal!

Another treat in store for the guests were the pregame festivities that concluded with the ceremonial scarfing of the Lamar Hunt statue, that was performed by former U.S. Men's National Team captain and National Soccer Hall of Famer Marcelo Balboa (check out Balboa's "Best MLS Goal of all time" at the end of this highlight reel). A perfect compliment to the celebration of Hispanic Heritage also happening that evening, as well! YelpJumboTron

For more review highlights, please visit the flickr page and the amazing, 5-star reviews here. FC Dallas can also be found on Yelp. Make sure them to check them out for the highly anticpated 2013 Season on twitter @FCDallas or their Facebook page. Dallas 'Til Die!

Until next time, See You On Yelp!

Frances G

Like YelpDallas on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @yelpdallas

Yelp SF Elites Are Live in Primetime @ Split Bread

The daily dinner debate: Your inner foodie wants a great meal and a good beer in a cool atmosphere, but you want something easy. Split Bread puts an end to the debate.

Two French rotisseries slow-roast local legs of lamb, rib eyes, porchettas, & whole chickens. Split Bread sandwich fabricators finish the assembly with unique, in-season, house-made, sustainable ingredients and fresh artisanal bread washed down with an eclectic beer and wine list.

And, the Yelp SF Elite Squad were invited to an exclusive evening of it all, including wine from subscription, delivery service ReWinery & beer from 21st Amendment.





Kelly K sums it up: "This hip restaurant is all about enjoying fresh, perfectly cooked veggies for a very fair price. Carmelized brussells sprouts overfilling a salad plate for $4! Same for toothsome broccolini, touched with some crushed pepper and lemon.  I have never seen so many appealing and healthy side options at a sandwich shop.

The sandwiches were enough for two, I tried the short rib on english muffin, overstuffed with tender, savory beefiness and mellowed with american cheese, luscious! Really enjoyed trying the QR code ordering system. The interior is bright and looks to be able to handle the crowds sure to discover the fresh, contemporary fare.

I love that yelp invites its members to enjoy, generously, new restaurants and spread the word."

Thanks to Split Bread for hosting, ReWinery & 21st Amendment for pouring, Jorge Novoa for capturing the night & to all the Elites who joined.

5 star reviews here. 5 star photos here.

Until we meet again, keep it Elite,

Jon A


Yelp OC's Downtown Disney Dine Around

Posted by Ryan C.

Yelp Elites, dressed in their Yelpiest attire, headed to the center of Downtown Disney for the first ever "Dine Around" event. Our gracious hosts, The Patina Restaurant Group, spoiled event goers with some of the best food and drink from Uva Bar, Catal, Naples and Tortilla Jo's imaginable.

The food was a huge hit with offerings such as lamb sliders, paella, fresh custom made guacamole, lamb barbacoa soft tacos, scallop & jicama mini hard tacos, caprese skewers, flatbread pizzas, ricotta ravioli and more! Rohlin A deemed the lamb sliders the star of the show that were "cooked just the way I like it (close to medium rare) with great flavors" and he "probably could have eaten those all night." Stephen T isn't a huge guacamole fan, but agreed that "this stuff was amazing!"


To wash down the deliciousness, Yelpers were given an array of libations such as the Spicey Mamacita Margarita, Blueberry Mojito, Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Beer, red and white wines. Dan A came all the way from Philadelphia to experience a West Coast event and loved the "margarita with cucumber and jalapeño. This drink was complex and had a nice bite with the right amount of heat." Howie C liked the dose of fruit in the mojitos and asserts "this was done perfectly; muddled blueberries and mint, rum, simple syrup, club soda, a twist of lime, topped with mint leaves."

Sweets were in abundance thanks to Mission Viejo's Devilicious Donuts. They served a variety of maple bacon, Hello Kitty, strawberry, pumpkin, red velvet and more. May M proclaimed that "their bacon donut made me want to actually start eating donuts again."


Elites were able to say cheese and smile thanks to Splendid Photo Booth. Attendees were able to not only get their photo snapped, but take a keepsake home with them as well. May M loved that "they had a really nice camera/lighting set-up that made everyone come out looking like freaking models."

Splendid Studio Booth

The real winners of the evening were the kids at CHOC Hospital where the generous attendees gave a ton of toys and gift certificates to the children in the facility. Kelly M was happy that the charity was involved and that "each person that brought an upwrapped toy got an additional raffle ticket for the opportunity to win an awesome prize."

CHOC Donations

"The great service, delicious drinks and appetizers sparked my curiosity and now I want to come back," says Vanessa M. That feeling was unanimous and I hope we get to do it again soon!

For more photos visit our Flickr page and Splendid Studio Booth's download page.

Click here to read the glowing reviews of the event!

Until next time!
Ryan C

Portlanders Got Rad In Plaid @ Yelp's 50 Shades of Plaid Feast After-Party at YU!

Posted by Don Bourassa

Even the steamiest passages involving Christian Grey weren't as hot as the plaid-bedecked crowd of 600+ yelpers, media and indusry insiders that came through YU on Saturday, September 22, 2012 for Yelp's 50 Shades of Plaid Feast After-Party presented by New Deal and Ninkasi! With local food, drink and fun on the menu, there's bound to be plenty of 5-star accolades

PicMonkey Collage1

Portland's historic YU building is the setting for this steamy non-fiction tale of early fall fun. Built in 1908, this classic structure got done up all sexy-like for our rad plaid crowd. And what goes better with plaid than a sexy lumberjack theme, embraced wholeheartedly by the hotties from the Oregon Bartenders Guild. These leatherneck 'tenders mixed up a mess of dangerously drinkable punches (six varieties, to be exact) using New Deal's No 3 Gin, Portland 88 Vodka, Hot Monkey Vodka and Mud Puddle Chocolate Vodka, as well as St. Germain and Drambuie. And obviously no punch would be complete without local Orgeat and Grenadine syrups from B.G. Reynolds. And to add just a little sparkle, the Cucumber, Vanilla Bean and Blood Orange Dry Sodas went a long way. Does punch sound pedestrian to you? Well Melvin T will assure that "the punch bowl drinks were actually seriously crafted cocktails." For those inclined to brew, Ninkasi went over the top with the 16oz Radiant ale, a nice end-of-summer sipper that packs enough body to stand up when you need it to. Youngberg Hill was also on-hand with some 2007 Natasha Block pinot noir, and Roaring Lion tossed some energy drinks our way to help keep the party rolling! N/A your thing? There were Dry Sodas for straight sipping as well.

PicMonkey Collage2

I could talk about the food, but Robert H puts it so eloquently: "Oba had a complex-flavored spring roll with shrimp and a mole-like sauce. Smokehouse 21 had smoked pork sliders with a pickle and tasty deviled eggs topped by a slice of smoky hot link sausage, Local Choice Market had a quiche with a great red pepper sauce garnish. The Heathman Restaurant had a lamb shoulder cassoulet with a rich reduction sauce.  Pine State Biscuits made a miniature version biscuit dish [with pork tenderloin], including a chutney garnish. Mayahuel Catering/Tamale Boy had Oaxacan-style tamales with a creamy masa and subtile but tasty spices on their chicken. What's The Scoop? was a star of the evening, with in-field preparation with their liquid-nitrogen-fueled small batch ice creams, including a strawberry mint and a mint chocolate chip ice cream made with mint oil." If you're not drooling yet, you should be.

PicMonkey Collage3

It wasn't just about the food and drink, though. As Jesse B notes "The entertainment, of course, was the DJ [Atom13] spinning fun tunes in the corner and the ever appreciated photo "booth" [from Tom Maxwell Photography] to add hilarious hats & glasses to snap some memorable pictures. Adding to the entertainment was the various ways people worked plaid into their outfits." Izzy Ventura was on the case as well, snapping sassy candids of the crowd in full party mode.

PicMonkey Collage4

Mary B sums it up well: "Now this was a party.  50 shades of fantastic!" And thats thanks in HUGE part to Evan Kinkel from New Deal, who had a major hand in planning and executing this event; Morgan and Alison from Ninkasi; Jabriel, Emily and the whole Oregon Bartender's Guild crew (you sexy bartenders, you); Steve, Jenny and Curtis from YU (all amazing to work with); all of the food and drink partners involved (Walt, BJ, Sean, Randy, Megan, Jaime, Jody, Tom... too many names to mention); Tom Maxwell and Izzy Ventura (photographers - beautiful people, beautiful images); KitchenAid and Cryosource; Tables Up (napkins!); Brian and Kelly from Drink-Think (Roaring Lion and Youngberg Hill); Hollywood Lights (Ed, you're a rockstar); Carrie and Jannie and the Little Green Pickle crew; Heather Jones Consulting; The Scene Marketing Group; Watershed Communications; Bette Sinclair; Silent Partner PDX and Tim Parsons (heal up soon, buddy!); our on-site crew Aimee K, Katy H, Kevin K and Chris S; Feast Portland; and of course the Yelp community, without whom none of this would be possible. 

Don't just take my word for it. Read the reviews and peep the photos here and here. Haven't written your review yet? What are you waiting for! 

Until next time, stay rad in your plaid,

Don "Christian Grey" B.


Yelpfest: Yelp kan Godt Pizza

Posted by Tine

I går var en gruppe svært heldige Yelpere invitert til Godt Brød for en pizzakveld utenom det vanlige. Vårt oppdrag gikk ut på å bekrefte hypotesen om at verdens beste pizza lages best selv, og vi kunne så absolutt konkludere med at vi hadde rett.

PicMonkey Collagebb

Godt Brød er kjent for å bare bruke økologiske ingredienser, men vi lærte at når det kommer til virkelig bakebusiness, er det flere viktige faktorer gjeldende for å oppnå suksess. Visste du at man skal kna deigen mer enn morra di fortalte deg, eller at salt faktisk dreper gjær? Ikke vi heller. Men med profesjonell føring gjennom hele kvelden i regi av Godt Brøds egen baker, Daniel, lærte vi baketriks som gjorde at vi alle følte oss stødigere på kjøkkenet. Som Bianca L sier: ”Jeg følte meg så hjemme i forkleet mitt at jeg nesten ikke ville gi det fra meg igjen.”

  PicMonkey Collageb

Etter å ha knadd deigen i noe som virkelig skulle føles som en treningstime, samtidig som vi lagde byens beste pizzasaus, lot vi deigen hvile, og lagde noen spreke solsikke- og sesamgrissini til å knaske på (noen av oss gjorde til og med en liten bake-svingom!)

  PicMonkey Collagebb2

Så var det tid for det viktigste i enhver pizzaprosess. Som fyll fikk vi velge blant Godt Brøds store utvalg av smørbrødpålegg, vi snakker skinke, brie og pesto, bare for å nevne noe. Og selvsagt, gjennom hele festiviteten nøt vi nydelig økologisk vin spesielt utvalgt for å komplimentere våre selvproduserte  bakeprodukter.

Og ettersom kvelden forløp seg, dukket faktisk nattbakerne opp for å henge med oss!

  PicMonkey Collage12
For å runde det hele av, enda vi var så overmette som det gikk an å bli, fikk vi alle så mange scones og kanelboller til søndagsfrokosten som vi klarte å bære med oss. Tusen takk Godt Brød for at vi fikk ha en så fantastisk fin kveld!

Vil du ha mer?


Jeg hadde en vidunderlig kveld og gleder meg til neste gang. Men frem til da, VSPY!

Tine V
Yelp Oslo Community Manager



And in English: 

Last night a group of very lucky Yelpers were invited to Godt Brød for a pizza night out of the ordinary. Our hypothesis was that the only way to make the world's best pizza was to make it ourselves, and let me tell you, we can absolutely conclude we were proven right.

Godt Brød is known for using only organic ingredients, but we learned that when it comes to the real baking business, there are a lot of factors that are just as important to actually succeed. Did you know that you should knead the dough way more than your Mama told, or that salt actually kills yeast? Neither did we. With professional guidance throughout the night by Godt Brøds' own baker Daniel, we learned the baking do's and don'ts all the way from beginning to end, making us more confident. As Bianca L puts it: "I felt so at home in my apron that I almost didn't want to return it."

PicMonkey Collagebbb

After having kneaded the dough for what was really supposed to seem like a workout session, while at the same time making the city's best pizza sauce, we let the dough rest, and made some really stylish sunflower and sesame grissini to nibble on (and some of us even did a little bit of baking-dancing!). 

PicMonkey Collagebbbb

And then it was time for the most essential part of the pizza process. For toppings, we got to choose from Godt Brøds vast variety of sandwich toppings, including hams, brie and pesto to mention a few. Of course, during this grand feast, we enjoyed excellent organic wine especially picked out to compliment the yummy goods.

As the night went on, the nightshift bakers actually showed up to hang out with us too!

PicMonkey Collagebbbbb
To top it all, even though we were as stuffed as possibly could be, we all got as many scones and cinnamon-rolls to take home for Sunday breakfast as we could carry! Thank you Godt Brød for letting us have such an awesome night! PicMonkey Collagegb

Want more?


Until next time... SYOY!
PicMonkey Collagebb

Tine V
Yelp Oslo Community Manager

Yelp St. Louis Takes its Passport to Cherokee Street

Posted by Aimee

Passport has always been a fun promotion and one that's seen great success in other markets, and that's why we were so excited to bring this bad boy to St. Louis. What is Yelp's Passport, you ask? Think of it this way: we give you a passport to discover a cool neighborhood in your own backyard. We want to take you inside some of the best businesses and help you find new places to visit, and also have some unique experiences, too. That's exactly what went down in St. Louis, and Yelp's Passport to Cherokee Street was nothing short of a big success.

The week started out with a kickoff party at Nebula Coworking and gave Yelp St. Louis Elites a proper taste of the neighborhood! Nebula is a ridiculously cool venue that serves as an office for some of St. Louis' best creative professionals, and you can even stop in day-by-day to rent a desk if you need a place to work. Also, they just happen to have the perfect space for a party! Guests enjoyed a wide variety of Cherokee Street-inspired surprises, including authentic Mexican tacos from Don Carlos and signature drinks made by Mike Glodeck and his team from Foam. All of this happened, of course, while they enjoyed music spun by the DJs direct from Apop Records. The ladies got to experience something different, too, when the team at Drew Henry Salon & Gallery offered up their skills to create timeless vintage hairstyles. If people weren't in love with Cherokee Street already, they certainly were on their way after this event! You can see the whole spread of photos here.


Tuesday on Cherokee Street really only means one thing… Taco Tuesday, obviously! 15 of us headed over to Siete Luminarias to celebrate what’s really the best day of the week, and the folks at Siete treated us to an amazing spread. You have not lived until you’ve experienced their unlimited taco bar, complete with a side of street corn and a refreshing agua fresca. We got to choose from a variety of tacos including cactus, beef, pork, beef tongue (yikes!), and more. We washed it all down with some frozen margaritas, and might have been the happiest group of Yelpers that’s ever existed.


On Wednesday, Scarlett Garnet opened their doors to us for an event called “What’s Old is New,” and a group of lady Yelpers got to accomplish two things: check out one of the best jewelry shops in the city, and make some of their own! Everyone brought in an old piece that they don’t wear anymore, whether it was a lone earring or a grandmother’s broach. Owner Katie Miller helped us make our old pieces into new ones, all while we enjoyed snacks and champagne. The evening resulted in some pretty impressive pieces of jewelry, and even better, some new friendships as well.


The next day we moved the celebration over to The Mud House, where owner Casey Miller graciously accepted the challenge of teaching 15 Yelpers how to do their own latte art. We took up the entire front room (good thing it was after hours!) and were treated to an endless parade of baked goodies straight out of the oven, including St. Louis’ famous gooey butter cake that The Mud House does oh-so-well. After sipping on  our treats and coffee, Casey let us go behind the counter to make our own lattes and try our hand at latte art! A few Yelpers came to impress, drawing some impressive designs, but the end verdict was that we’ll leave the latte art to Casey. As Amanda K said, "the bearded man she created was by far my favorite. Oh, and the warm scones and chocolate chips cookies didn't make me mad either!"


So how exactly do you end a week of such epic proportions properly? What can possibly do a week of such interactive events and stellar businesses justice? A wrap-up party at STL Style, that's what! Yelpers came out from all over the area during Tropical Storm Isaac (impressive!) to enjoy a laid-back, casual wrap-up party. STL Style served as the perfect venue thanks to their custom St. Louis shirts and one-of-a-kind store, and The Jump Starts played live music all evening. In addition, guests enjoyed chicken and veggie burritos from Siete Luminarias (yum) and ice cream samples from I Scream Cakes! Orange habanero chocolate ice cream? Yes please! Drinks were of course flowing, and we also raffled off a custom-made STL t-shirt every twenty minutes. You can see the whole spread of photos on Yelp's Flickr!



Yelp's Passport to Cherokee Street was special in so many ways, but the best part to me was seeing the whole community to come together to give this deserving area some love. From the Yelpers to the business owners, people were so passionate and ready to explore, and that's what makes the Yelp community here so great. Big thanks to Brea Photography for capturing the whole week on camera, each and every business owner for your time, energy, and passion, and to the St. Louis Yelpers who came out during the week to take part in events. This week was one for the books, and I think I speak for everyone when I saw that we walked away with a newfound love for Cherokee Street.

Until next time,


Aimee K
Yelp St. Louis Senior Community Manager

Yelp Street: Money Never Sleeps @ ING Direct Cafe

A party... at a bank? Yeah. But this isn't your ordinary financial institution. ING Direct is about as run of the mill as a lime green DeLorean DMC-12. No high pressure sales, no stuffy vibe, no employees that look as though they'd rather be getting a root canal than working the 9-5 shift... ING Direct Cafe brings a casual, approachable style to the banking game that's about as refreshing as a Summer's Eve. And last Thursday night, we broke open the safe and dipped into their entire stash of Sam Adams for a night of booze and bites in Midtown.Ing collage

If ING Direct Café were an island, it'd be Maui. If it were a singer-songwriter, it'd be Jack Johnson. If it were a rapper, it'd be Snoop Dogg. Why? Because like the above mentioned, they're laaaaaaid back (with their mind on their money and their money on their mind). They focus on a more casual form of bank interaction where their space is more aligned towards enjoying a comfy lounge with free Wi-Fi, a multi-layered space, and free coffee anytime, all the time if you're a member of ING. Boom!

Want to scope some reviews of the shindig? Click here. Photos await here

Assaggi e Foto, Yelp Gourmet Elite Event!

Posted by Kristina

Una passione degli Yelper è quello di mangiare bene, sia a livello internazionale che locale. Qui a Firenze abbiamo la passione per il ragù al cinghiale e una bistecca al sangue con contorno di fagioli, ma a volte anche un po' di cibo delicato e gourmet è apprezzato, anzi molto apprezzato! Sabato pomeriggio per la gioia di tutti gli amanti del gourmet, La vie en Rose ci ha ospitato per un evento indimenticabile fra vino e piatti squisiti.

Collage 1


La chef Ylenia ci ha preparato tanti piatti buonissimi, tra crema di baccalà, melanzane fitte, coccoli, fegatino e pane fatte in casa il tutto accompagnato da vini bianchi e rossi, indicati per i piatti servititi. C'erano da assagiare piatti anche estremi come fagioli neri piccanti, a quelli dolci come pezzi di mela impanati e fritti con zucchero.


Collage 2a


Una volta portati fuori i 3 piatti da fotografare, decorati ad hoc per l'evento, è partito il concorso di fotografia! Chi voleva partecipare doveva fotografare le pietanze, e alla fine dell'evento la nostra giudice non che Elite Francesca B, che si interessa anche di fotografia, ha selezionato la foto vincente, Azzurra C ha vinto una busta piena di gadget speciali di Yelp.


Collage 2b

A parte gli assaggi e le foto, è stato divertente per tutti i partecipanti. Tra gadgets e tatuaggi Yelp!

Collage 2c


Un ringraziamento speciale a Yelenia e tutto lo staff di La Vie en Rose, al nostro fotografo Francesco P e a tutti i partecipanti.

Ecco alcuni link per vedere più foto, leggere le recensioni a riguardo, e sentire cosa dicono i Yelper sul Forum!


English version--------------------------------------------


It was just a normal Saturday afternoon in Florence, but with this Gourmet Elite Event it became memorable, a day our children and grandchildren will talk about (ok, just kidding) but it was pretty cool. Ylenia, the chef and owner of La Vie en Rose, a fantastic gourmet restaurant, made us some yummy tastes of her most famous dishes. We had a great time with a glass of wine in our had and a dish in the other.

Collage 3a

Everyone had a fun time with the photo contest. Chef Ylenia made three gourmet dishes that where put on a table, and who ever wanted to participate would have to take a picture and load it with the Yelp app. Our judge Francesca B then chose the winner: Azzurra C that took home a nice bag of special schwag.

Collage 3b

A big thank you to La Vie en Rose, and Francesco P our photographer.

If you want to see more pictures of the event click here, to read the reviews about it here, and to read what our Yelpers said about it on the thread here.




Kristina G


Posted by BrettNehls

Sometimes it's good to be Elite. Sometimes it's great to be Elite. And sometimes... it's cause for an all-our celebration. Busch Gardens is a landmark destination for tourists and citizens alike in Tampa Bay, and Halloween season is no exception. Every autumn, the park is transformed into a fright-fest known as Howl-O-Scream, and this year, Yelp was hooked-up majorly to get things started for the kick-off party. 


What really impressed Michael Z is "how well-versed the staff at Busch Gardens was, in terms of recognizing that a Yelp event was going on, and how to handle our questions." Mr. Z is completely correct, this event would never have been possible if it weren't for the incredible staff on board. They locked down everything from the amazing give-aways, to custom-made Yelp signage being present throughout the setting. 


Yelpers were treated like Very Imporant People if you asked Meghann A for her side of story. She commends the "Howl-O-Scream staff for going above and beyond to making us all feel like rockstars for the entire evening. They promised VIP treatment, and VIP treatment is what we got." Howl-O-Scream provided all Yelpers with free admission to the park, front-of-the-line passes to all rides and haunted houses, free wine and dine treatment for two hours, free drink tickets to be used in the park throughout the evening after the party was over, and finally, the chance to win tickets to the scariest haunted house in the park, called Alone. "I think I was even more impressed when the ponchos came out when it started raining," Meghann continued. " We were all wondering how we were going to brave the weather and *bam* ponchos appear out of nowhere."


No Yelp Elite event is complete without noshing our faces off, and Nanci C highlights the deliciousness. "The cheesy cassesrole was wondeful, as was the caprese salad. We also enjoyed the macadamia-crusted chicken tenders, chips and salsa, bacon-wrapped scallops, beef wellington, mushroom caps, hummus and warm pitas, deviled eggs, and more." Holy mother of nom! That's not exactly your standard amusement park fare!


Once a couple of hours of sipping, snacking, and socializing were in the books, normally Yelpers would be accustomed to parting their ways until the next event. However, on this night, the party was just beginning. Haunted houses were looming in the darkness, and Harry D was one to be spooked. "All I can say is they're not for the faint of heart! Very well done with great themes, each one is better than the next. I don't want to be a spoiler so I'm not going into details but my personal favorite was the Circus Of Superstition. You get 3D glasses and you need them to get the full effect. I have been in some cool haunted houses in my life and this is by far the coolest I have ever seen, kudos to the imagineers at Bush Gardens." And of course, what's a trip to Busch Gardens without hoping on a few coasters? "Besides the frights, front-of-the-line access to the roller coasters was also pretty awesome - we were able to ride every ride during our visit," Carlos H remarked. "It was our first time riding Cheetah Hunt and it was awesome! I honestly believe all the rides are better at night as well." 


This event really stood out from the crowd for Yelp Tampa Bay. It was like nothing we had done before, and enough credit cannot go to the staff at this wonderful company. Attention to the fine details, extremely open and prompt communication, and just general friendly/easiness to work with... it was an absolute pleasure for me. I thank them again, they have truly made a fan out of me, and many Central Floridian Yelpers after the kind of treatment we were lucky enough to receive on this evening. Check out all the fun photos on our Flickr, and read a boat load of 5-star reviews here!

Hugs & Handshakes,

Brett N

Yelp Tampa Bay Community Manager

September 23, 2012

OKC Elites Go Back To Cool...

Posted by Julie P

The Wedge is synonymous with wood-fired pizza goodness in OKC, but you've gotta be Elite to enjoy a private fête on their patio as the sun sets on one of the city's most historic neighborhoods! 

Elites nommed slice after slice of Wedge favorites including Truffle Shuffle, The Vedge, Perfect Margarita, Italian Stallion and American Pie as well as Wedge Bread and red pepper hummus. Managers KC and Elena got the party started by getting down to old school beats! 

Back to cool c2
As the sun went down over Downtown Oklahoma City, Elites sipped a perfect batch of COOP Ale Works Oktoberfest and the welcomed the coolest temps in OKC in months. The Wine Doctor was also on hand to educate Yelpers on wines of Substance including wine pairings and regions. 

Back to cool c3
Chalkboards were put to good use in a photobooth created by photographer to the Elite, Bruce Layman. Elites enjoyed the chance to jump into fall in style, thanks to a lush green grass was provided by Always Greener! Elites also scored tickets to fall's most exclusive events including Riversport OKC's annual blu party and the Six Degrees of Bacon party hosted by Downtown OKC Inc.

Booth collage 1
Thanks to all our amazing sponsors and friends! Read the five star reviews here and see more photos on the flickr page!

Stay Cool!
Julie P

Jp sept 12

A Fine Time For Wining In New Orleans!

Posted by Joi

What could be a better prescription to beat the Monday mehs than a couple hours of wines, cheeses, meats and mingling with cool peeps, right? Keife & Co. hosted an intimate affair for 25 lucky Elites last Monday at this newly-opened wine and gourmet goods shop in the CBD.

The wines featured this fine evening were Brandborg Bench Lands Pinot Noir 2007 and Domaine Lafarge Coté Est 2010... which paired nicely with edible offerings from the array of goodies that Keife & Co. keep in their well-stocked fridge and decorate their shelves with (so much to look at and drool over!)

The best part about such an intimate affair? According to Ronnie R, "we had plenty of space to mix and mingle while sampling some of their excellent wines and snacking on tasty accompaniments.  The small crowd worked out great as I was able to talk with just about everyone there." Everyone got the chance to meet someone new, as well as ask questions from the knowledgable proprietors about wines and spirits to their heart's content.

Who was the lucky guest that won a bottle of one of the wines from the raffle? That would be one Tajira M, NOLA's most recent transplanted Elite!

As Jonathan D puts it so eloquently, "The Catalan white blend was delightfully quaffable and the red was complex and delicious. The staff of Keif & Co. (John, Jim and Aimee) were all incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, answering questions about wine, lesser-known spirits and bitters, and other esoteric areas of inquiry."

Thank you so very much to our gracious hosts at Keife & Co!

Read the reviews here and see more photos on the flickr page.

See you next month...

Yelping and Wining at a place near you,


Joi B

Yelp NOLA Community Manager

September 22, 2012

Yelp Phoenix Goes Under The Tuscan Sun

On Monday, Yelp Elites and their guests were whisked away to Tuscany, courtesy of Brio Tuscan Grille! Throughout the night, yelpers fed their appetites with mounds of Italian cuisine and quenched their thirst with delicious speciality cocktails and wine!
Group 1 Collage

On a breezy Arizona evening, yelpers arrived to Brio and were immediately greeted with a glass of wine from smiling servers! Those who checked in using their Yelp mobile received a special gift card from Brio, good for a complimentary appetizer on a future visit.

  Appetizers Collage

While yelpers piled their plates with appetizers including Brio's signature bruschetta, caprese and flatbreads, Simon Crown crooned with crowd with classic jazzy hits. A Yelp ice sculpture illuminated the atmosphere, while bartenders filled yelper's glasses with flowing red and white wine, as well as speciality cocktails!
Drinks Collage

Throughout the night, Yelp Elites chatted with one another while they enjoyed a heaping buffet of chicken marsella, chicken parmesan, three different kinds of pasta and a dessert bar including chocolate mousse, tiramisu and cobblers! Brio's neighbor Paper Source stopped by to help yelpers craft their very own wine bottle tags!  

Event Collage
Food Collage

A special thank you goes out to Brio Tuscan Grille for hosting the Yelp Elites, Simon Crown for performing, Paper Source for organizing the craft and NBMA Photography for capturing it all on camera! Don't forget to take a look at the pictures and reviews!

Until next time,


Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager

September 21, 2012

Hartford Elites Enjoy An Indoor Picnic at The Spicy Green Bean!

Posted by Emily

Farewell, sweet summer, and hello fall! On Wednesday evening, Hartford’s Elite Squad spiced up the night with an indoor picnic at The Spicy Green Bean. Kicking off autumn with an abundance of scrumptious treats, local moonshine cocktails, and games galore (giant Jenga anyone?), greater Hartford's finest Yelpers were welcomed by the fabulous folks at The Spicy Green Bean and Onyx Spirits for one memorable event.


To say that The Spicy Green Bean served a wide array of delicious, freshly prepared in-house specialties would be an understatement. From caprese skewers, spicy Thai noodles, and curried egg salad bites to Madeleine L’s favorites - skirt steak over fried potato” balls with wine demi glace, “shepherd’s pie chowder,” and sweet potato “coconut crusted chicken sliders,Lisa M agrees, the “execution and overall creativeness and presentation of the dishes was amazing.”

Not to mention PB&J pork ribs, chicken and asparagus in sherry lemon butter, and chocolate cupcakes with candied walnut and banana cream frosting. Whew!

And what's more delightful than apple pie cocktails made with Onyx Spirits? Yelp Elites washed down the sumptuous bites with Onyx moonshine and apple cider infused with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg, which, according to Sandra C “was Autumnal Alcoholic Ambrosia.” Anna E also loved "the very smooth and drinkable moonshine on its own.” And how lucky are we to have moonshine produced right in Manchester? It was the official spirit of the 2012 Grammy Awards, after all!

A night of foodie trivia, giant Jenga, Connect Four, and card games added a level of playful energy to the event. Dan R loved having a “chance to see some elite gamesmanship skills- particularly in some intense Jenga competitions.” Thanks again to our amazing event partners – The Spicy Green Bean and Onyx Spirits for a fabulous time. Huge gratitude also goes to Nick Caito for the stellar shots of the event (check out the photos here!). Don’t forget to read the reviews and leave your own!

We’ll leave you with these courageous parting words from Joshua L:

"There comes a time in every man's life where he is so full of delectable steak and fried mashed potatoes and Thai peanut sauce noodles and chicken and asparagus and pasta where you have to reach down, deep into your Onyx-fueled soul and find a part of you that you didn't know exist...And jam that awesome chicken salad sandwich into your face hole like a superhero. Tomorrow be damned."

'Til next time!


Emily C (& TSGB owner/rockstar Kathy!)

Yelp Community Manager - Hartford


Yelp's Back To School Bash At Rice Fusion In Salt Lake City

Posted by Jeffrey

The kiddies aren't the only ones going back to school in September. Salt Lake City Yelpers gathered at Rice Fusion Cuisine and Sushi Bar for a Back To School Bash to celebrate the cool temps and hot Asian fusion food and sushi at the restaurant.

B2SB Collage 1

Class was in session as the chefs taught Yelpers the art of sushi rolling and Vietnamese spring roll construction. Everyone also had a chance to do some advanced chopsticking excercises and coul become officially certified as "Super Hot" after eating a roll stuffed with wasabi.`

B2SB Collage 2

The food started coming out of the kitchen and it never seemed to stop. Two different rolls, coconut curry chicken, spring rolls, gyoza, and shrimp pad Thai had guest bulging at the seams. With a sake-based cocktail and Japanese beer on the menu, this definitely wasn't cafeteria food!

B2SB Collage 3

Despite detention, homework, and post lunch-hour food comas, Yelpers mixed, mingled, and made new friends. At the end of the night a few lucky students even got to take home Trapper Keepers, Pee-Chee folders, and seriously sweet Justin Bieber binder.

B2SB Collage 4
B2SB Collage 5

Since it was a school night, we said our goodbyes and bussed it home. For more post-event fun, check out the photos here and read up on the reviews here. Class dismissed!


Until next time,


Jeffrey "School Pride" S

Yelp SLC Community Manager


TEXMEX @ Farine Paris Texas Yelp Elite Party

Posted by Maud

Bakken regen vielen uit de lucht toen er al Yelpers méér dan op tijd arriveerden, waw! Binnen de 10 minuten stond er bijna 50 man binnen in Farine Paris Texas! Het thema van ons event was Texmex en de dames van Farine Paris Texas zorgden voor een gigantisch buffet van chili con carne, rijst, kaassaus, taco’s met zure room en salsa en rice krispies pofferkoeken! PicMonkey Collage1

Bij aankomst kregen de Yelpers een yellow shot met tequila met een worm erin (eigenlijk een snoepje) en werden getrakteerd op koffie-tequila van Patron, buitengewoon lekker! Na de speech werden de gewone en spicy margarita’s gemaakt, ook met Patron, wat in ieders geheugen gegrift staat als de beste tequila van de wereld!

PicMonkey Collage2
De Dj van dienst mixte de beats aan elkaar tot we overgingen met het neerslaan van de piñata Yelp kip! Wel vier mensen probeerden het dier kapot te krijgen waardoor er alom hilariteit heerste en hier en daar wat gaten in de muur!

PicMonkey Collage3Het feest was begonnen en mensen begonnen te dansen, en dit al om 21u! Leve tequila, leve Farine Paris Texas!

PicMonkey Collage4
In het bijzonder wil ik de Amerikaanse Justin en haar Europese dochter Alex van Farine Paris Texas bedanken voor het geslaagd Texmex feest en hun ongelooflijke kookkunsten! Rudolf Van der Ven als ceremoniemeester van de foto's ! Filip van Vedett voor de heerlijk frisse pintjes en last but not last onze beste hete vriend Patron, by far de beste tequila die er bestaat! Er zijn nu al geweldige reviews over dit event geschreven!

PicMonkey5 Collage
Tot het volgende Yelp feest! Tot yelps!

Vicky S = Eerst word je verwelkomt met tequila jello shots, dan wat verder nachos met verse tomaten salsa en heerlijke chili con carne! De sfeer ziet er al in... en dan komen de margaritas!!! (Vooral de spicy margarita was een leuke twist).

Caroline H = "Goe volk, goeien drank, sfeer en good music...wat heeft ne mens meer nodig? just Yelp, en je hebt een geweldige tijd met vrienden."

Frank C = " Ben normaal zo geen netwerker maar heb daar enkele interessante contacten kunnen leggen, dus ook voor dit soort werk zijn de Yelp parties een ideale meetingpoint!!!"



Maud N

Community Manager Yelp Antwerpen


PicMonkey6 Collage
It was pouring rain when all Yelpers arrived for this Yelp event! Within 10 minutes, 50 Yelpers filled up Farine Paris Texas! The theme for this night’s event was Texmex and the Farine ladies arranged a huge buffet of chili con carne, rice, cheese sauce, taco’s with sour cream and salsa and rice puff cookies.

PicMonkey7 Collage
On arrival all Yelpers were given a jelly shot with tequila and a worm in it (it was actually candy) and were treated to taste the superb coffee tequila by Patron! After the speech, the normal and spicy margarita’s were served, also made with Patron, which is known as the best tequila in the world.

PicMonkey8 Collage
The DJ mixed the best beats until it was time to smack the piñata Yelp chicken! At least 4 Yelpers tried to smack the butt, which created a fun vibe and maybe some holes in the wall. This got the party started and people started dancing at 21h! Viva tequila, viva Farine Paris Texas!

PicMonkey9 Collage
I would like to give my special thanks to the American Justin and her European daughter Alex for this amazing TexMex party and their incredible cooking! Big shout out to Rudolf Van der Ven for providing the pictures again! And Filip of Vedett for the fresh beers and last but not least our hot friend Patron, the best tequila there is! There are already great reviews about this event!

PicMonkey10 Collage
SYOY! xxx


Maud N

Community Manager Yelp Antwerp

Soirée Elite Yelp Fais-Moi Belle @MOI-Wellness Boudoir

Posted by Julie M

Olala ! C'est bien une soirée sous le signe du calme, du glamour et de la volupté que Yelp et MOI-Wellness Boudoir ont proposé à une trentaine de Yelpeurs Marseillais. Certes un événement qui a particulièrement plu aux filles, mais les hommes aussi y ont trouvé leur compte... 

Ce concept-store dont la presse nationale parle désormais, est une bulle schiadée, dédiée au bien-être, à la femme, au partage et à la beauté. Christine F remercie d'ailleurs Yelp de l'avoir "emmené dans cette jolie boutique un peu cachée mais qui mérite plus qu'un déplacement" ! Et de continuer "notre Community Manager adorée nous a reçu dans une robe sublime dessinée par Emmanuelle, la maîtresse des lieux, qui nous a montré tous les trésors que renferme ce boudoir des temps modernes, pendant que Laurent officiait dans le petit salon de massage à côté". Des massages ? Oui oui oui, on y revient dans un instant ! 


Tout d'abord, en arrivant, chacun s'est vu remettre un questionnaire à remplir, pour gagner un relooking d'une valeur de 180€ offert par Emmanuelle. Mais attention il s'agit là d'un vrai relooking, dans votre placard, pas question de changer entièrement de garde-robe ! Et même Antoine T s'y est attelé : "répondre au questionnaire sur ma garde robe pour tenter de remporter un relooking ! ;)" décidément avec Yelp il aura tout fait ! Et le gagnant est.... regardez plus bas ! 


Pour Pauline J qui participait à son premier événement Elite Yelp "le petit apéro proposé, composé principalement de produits Aix&Terra, était très bien préparé par nos hôtes, et j'avoue être fan des petits toasts chèvre-confit de basilic"... Des produits à découvrir en boutique bien sûr ! Aurélia D a été servie en "petit punch à la vodka avec des morceaux de (vrai) gingembres à l'intérieur, très bon, pas trop corsé et goûteux", préparé par Emmanuelle D. Tandis qu'un thé glacé Sensha Groseille régalait les Yelpeurs sobres. 


"Et que dire de Laurent B, .... .! Simplement Yelp : accesssible, incontournable et agréable ! Ses doigts magiques donnent envie de revenir pour une séance plus longue, surtout que ses tarifs sont sympas" constate avec bonheur Sylvie M devenue Elite récemment. Une petite dizaine de convives ont eu droit à un massage de 10min, et pas que des femmes, permettant aux hommes de profiter aussi d'un moment de bien-être. Jean-Fred L résume cette soirée : "pour les mecs, de bonnes idées cadeaux pour faire plaisir à nos dames, plus les séances de massages vraiment top, à consommer sans modération (pas comme les confitures du magasin...)"


Sans plus attendre... la gagnante du relooking d'une valeur de 180€ est



Félicitations ! 


Le mot de la fin sera pour Elodie W : "A quand la prochaine??????? ;)"

Toutes les photos de Frankc Orsoni sont visibles ICI et les avis sont


Julie M - Community Manager Yelp Marseille


Yelp Indy Elite Oyster 101 at The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Posted by Brittany

Yelp Indy elites cruised in to downtown's Oceanaire Seafood Room for an evening of oysters and their BFF 'Pagne. The Oceanaire ordered a special selection of East and West coast oysters ranging from those topped with bacon and spinach to the classic raw on the half shell just for the elite squad! For several elites, it was a first run-in with the pearly meat of the sea. "Oyster noob," Joanna B, "went in with an open mind and empty stomach and left happy as a clam (or an oyster!)." David F "was excited and nervous, like a first date, except my date was a bit funky looking and I wasn't really on a date, because dating any type of seafood is just wrong.  No matter how good they taste."


Chef Mark M recruited their oyster distributor, John, from Chicago to provide the mini-lesson. Bodie S raves about the 101 side of the evening, "The gentleman supplying the mollusks from these brackish habitats gave us a lesson on the different types of oysters and how they taste and spread his knowledge over us like a cold, hard, slimy blanket."

A huge "thank you!" to the awesome staff at The Oceanaire Seafood Room and Eric T of Solar Flare Photography for making Oyster 101 a hit!  Don't take my word for it though – check out all the pics, reviews and chatter on Yelp!


Pearlly and Yelpfully Yours,

Brittany S

Yelp Indy Community Manager

PS: Want to get in on that sweet Elite action? Check out www.yelp.com/elite for more info!

September 20, 2012

Yelp Detroit Turns It Up To 11 At The Fillmore!

Posted by Annette

On September 7th over 700 Detroit-area Yelpers us for our biggest bash yet: Yelp Turns It Up To 11! at the legendary Fillmore! The night was filled with amazing eats, delicious drinks, fabulous interactives and sweet tunes from loads of local bands and DJs.Entertain2

Guests raised their goblets of rock and toasted with tastings of: Hard Luck Vodka’s candy flavored libations, High Liquors' slate of premium vodka, rum, tequila and whiskey, Pearl Vodka’s delicious Red Berry and Wedding Cake, L.Mawby’s incredible sparkling Michigan wine, and Ferndale’s B.Nektar Meadery who served up the finest mead in the land. For those wishing for a taste of something non-alcoholic Vitaminwater was on hand to rehydrate while The Coffee Beanery got us going with a jolt of caffeine!

Throughout the night guests sopped up that booze with eats like: Green Dot Stables’ lamb gyro sliders, Cliff Bell's monstrously flavorful mac and cheese, BlackFinn’s bacon wrapped meatloaf, Zoup!’s slate of delicious soups like chicken pot pie and lobster bisque, cookies from Just Baked, creamy tastes of Peteet's Famous Cheesecake, and the "Dirty Lassie" from Treat Dreams, a Bailey’s ice cream with Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies!Food

Of course we couldn't crank this 'ish up to 11 without some stellar local tunes, right? On the main stage Matt Jones & the Reconstruction kicked things off with a Daytrotter approved sound, duo Passalacqua brought fresh beats on bikes (check out their new video here!), and headliners, The Sights, fresh off a US tour supporting a little band you may have heard of called Tenacious D, closed things out by melting our faces off. Plus, DJ Chuck Sipperley threw down between bands while DJ Skeez worked the decks in the lobby all night long.


If that wasn’t enough to keep our guests further entertained there was life sized Connect Four, Robot Fight Club, corn hole, and zippy cars compliments of i3Detroit, the hardcore Detroit Derby Girls rolled around showing off their stuff all night, the know-it-alls of Great Lakes Trivia tested Yelpers’ smarts with some brain bending trivia, Evan Wojtowicz wowed us with live art, Alchemy Henna and Rodan + Fields fancied everyone up while Sweet Bikes and their stationary bike races worked everyone up into a sweat. WHEW! Sounds fun, right? Luckily Doug Coombe Photography, Shutterbooth and Velocity Cow were on hand to document this incredible evening!


But we couldn’t have done it all alone. A world of thanks must be sent out to: Ashleigh, Krysten, Klint, Pat and the rest of the staff at the Fillmore for helping the event run SO smoothly, our food and drink sponsors for introducing everyone to such outstanding treats, all our bands and DJs for keeping our hips swaying and toes tapping all night, our excellent entertainment for testing our smarts, athletic prowess and gaming skills (not to mention keeping us pretty!), all our check-in helpers, Nicole W and Danny W from Yelp Chicago for traveling to town to help, and our photographers and videographers for helping us recap all the awesome!

Want to relive all the fun? Check out the photos from Doug Coombe here. Want to check out all the stellar reviews (or write your own)? Read up here. Not enough? You’re going to want to watch the amazing video from Velocity Cow here:


Thanks to everyone who made it out and enjoyed the festivities. And extra props to those who donated and helped us raise $1000 for our nonprofit beneficiary, Real Life. My Music, an organization dedicated to bringing music and arts education to inner-city kids. WHOO!

Until the next event, SYOY!


Annette J

Community Manager Yelp Detroit

Back To Black; Not Just For Amy Winehouse Anymore (RIP)

Ooo la la! With black being the name of the game at this swanky Midtown hang, NYC Yelp Elites took over the mezzanine of the newly minted Noir for a night of sophisticated revelry. Noir collage 1

A newcomer to Midtown, Noir boasts a contemporary American menu created by Chef Jean-Yves Schillinger, one of France’s most renowned chefs, and owner of JYS, a Michelin star restaurant in his hometown of Colmar, France.  Experienced in haute cuisine, Jean-Yves Schillinger hails from a pedigree of renowned chefs and has continued his family’s legacy with tenures at Joel Robuchon, Gerard Boyer, the Hotel de Crilon, and his own restaurants: Destinée, Olíca and JYS.  At Noir, he combines his classic French techniques with seasonal local ingredients for brunch, lunch, dinner and late night bites. In addition to the palate pleasing eats, gratis vodka from our pals at Austin, Texas' Tito's ensured there was a nice tasty buzz to compliment the nice tasty vittles. Noir collage 2

For photos of the festivities, click here. Check out some of the reviews here

Manhattan Yelpers Sip Gin 'n' Juice at Madam Geneva

Coupled with delectable vittles and some sexy sounds, even a little rain couldn't dampen this intimate gin-soaked soiree at the rear of Saxon + Parole in NoHo.6a00d83452b44469e2017d3c306af1970c-800wi
If you've yet to experience Madam Geneva, first of all, shame on you! It's a sexy little nook that seems to fly under the radar. Second, it's a bar and lounge with a focus on gin and specialty cocktails. Named for the 18th century English term for gin, Madam Geneva specializes in the art of mixology. On trend with their values, Distillery 209 served as fuel for the evening's festivities alongside an array of tasty treats ranging from sliders to steamed buns and many more in between. Madam collage 2
To relive the experience through photo, click here. For a glimpse of the reviews, click here

NYC Yelp Elites Are Lazy... At Least On Saturday

Why do Sundays get all the credit? R. Kelly bestowed upon us the whole "it's the freakin' weekend baby and I'm about to have me some fun," and last we checked, Saturday certainly did constitute the weekend. That said, brunch was in full effect this particular Saturday at Leyla in the West Village!Leyla collage 1

A wise woman once said, "You cannot live well, sleep well, or love well unless you've dined well," and the folks at Leyla took that Virginia Woolf mantra to heart. Blending the tastes of New American flavors with the vibrant culture of the Mediterranean, they've got quite the cozy little hang to house their comfy food offerings. Coupling the comforting vittles streaming from the kitchen along 7th Ave were our pals at Bulldog Gin, who ensured it was a 'Saturday Funday' for the ages.Leyla collage 2

Want to see some nifty pictures of the get together? Hover your mouse here. For reviews, head here

Yelp NYC Closes Out Summer In Style

Summer, she's a thing of the past, sadly. It's time to put away the OP shorts and Bad Boy Club attire (we're dating ourselves, friendo) in favor of scarves and gloves... but one last sun-drenched blowout was in store at the Dream HotelPool collage 1

Surrounded by many perty faces, a nifty European DJ smashing the oonce-oonce you'd expect from a Vegas waterside hang, and more Starr African Rum than you could shake a muddled mint leaf at... it was the perfect way to spend a Monday afternoon on the west side of Manhattan. Pool collage 2

For pictures of the wet and wild fun, click here. Peep some reviews of the shindig here

Soirée Elite#2 Lille @ La Dinette

Posted by Lucie

Pour cette deuxième soirée Elite Yelp lilloise, Pier, le gérant de La Dinette a mis les petits plats dans les grands !

La Dinette, Top 1 des restaurants sur Yelp Lille, a accueilli plus de 50 Yelpeurs dans son décor acidulé, aux couleurs pop, et à l'ambiance plus que chaleureuse avec un son génial concocté par Jef. Virginie M a été complètement charmée par les lieux : "décoré de dînettes d'époque et de plusieurs fresques murales plutôt réussies, ils donnent envie de s'attabler".

La dinette1

Au programme de cette chouette soirée ? Cocktails au gingembre et "houmous et guacamole maison... que Blandine D a hâte de retrouver sous ses papilles" lors d'un prochain passage à La Dinette. Et surtout le concours de Burger où chaque Yelpeur pouvait imaginer son burger idéal, le burger gagnant sera à la carte de La Dinette dans les mois prochains !

Collage 1 la dinette

Le temps fort ? Le discours de Pier, drôle, émouvant et théâtral ! 

Le discours

Pour Mathilde G, sa première soirée Elite Yelp était " réussie sous le signe de la bonne humeur et de la convivialité". 

Un grand merci à :

Pier, gérant de La Dinette pour sa bonne humeur et son implication.

Alice Gonsolin pour les superbes photos : WaXeb Photographie

Bruno Catty pour le graphisme de l'invitation. 

Et Jef pour le DJ Set !

Retrouvez les avis ici et les photos !


*A Bientôt Sur Yelp

Lucie yelp profile

Community Manager Yelp Lille

In english--------------------------------------------------------------

For this second Yelp Elite Event, Pier, the biz owner of La Dinette put out a big spread !

La Dinette, is the Number 1 of the restaurants on Yelp Lille, more than 50 Yelpers came in and appreciated the vintage atmosphere:  pop colors, and the brilliant DJ set by Jef. Virginie M was completely charmed by the venue : " decorated with toy tea sets and with several mural paintings ".


The program of this great evening ? Ginger cocktail and " hand made Hummus and guacamole that Blandine D « loved and can’t wait to taste again" for sure she’ll come back again at La Dinette. The  Burger Contest was awesome : every Yelper could imagine his or hers ideal burger, the winning burger will be on the menu of La Dinette during the next months!

EV_monde La Dinette

For Mathilde G, her first Yelp Elite Event " was a success made of cheerfulness and conviviality ».

Concours de burger

Special thanks to :

Pier, the biz owner of La Dinette for his hospitality and kindness

Alice Gonsolin, for her wonderful photos : WaXeb Photographie

Bruno Catty for designing the invitation. 

And Jef, for the DJ set !

You can find the reviews here and the photos there 


*See You Soon On Yelp 

Lucie yelp profile


Community Manager Yelp Lille


September 19, 2012

Yelp Seattle EE @ Veggie Grill

Posted by Katy

Seattle's Elite Only Dinner @ Veggie Grill was a healty and hearty party we simply could not say no to. This adorable hot spot in booming Seattle 'hood, South Lake Union featured a bounty of free and fabulous appetizers, a dessert course, and in between, each guest was able to order an antire free entree of their choice! With more than 20 options to choose from, we were about as spoiled as we could get. 

PicMonkey Collage11Sitting at three large communal tables, this Elite only event offered our special guests time to get to know one another and sit next to, and across from some brand new friends. During the appetizer portion of the event every guest was handed a "Fun Fact Bingo Card" that contained information about fellow Elite members. The first three guests to meet all of the guests at the event and learn a fact about every one was given a $30 gift card to use on a return visit. Pretty swagtastic!

PicMonkey Collage22Thrilled to have hosted this dinner party, everyone had a chance to familiarize themselves with Veggie Grill's unique concept and enjoy their delicious American food. Buffalo Wings, Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ Sandwiches, All Hail Kale Salads, and Macaroni and Cheese were among just some of the items spotted during dinner.

PicMonkey Collage33With unlimited iced tea offerings, lemonade, beer and wine, it was a ton of fun for everyone! As part of this 'Chickin Challenge' one of the best parts of the evening was witnessing people's faces as they tried some new foods. Veggie Grill boasts only 100% plant-based foods. No meat. So guests just had to taste it to believe it! And are we believers now? Heck yeah! To check out reviews from this event or to contribute one of your own, please click here:

Photos from the event can be found on our Yelp Flickr Page in the Seattle folder.

A big thanks to Veggie Grill. We look forward to your second location at U-Village coming soon!

2012-09-15 06.52.39
Katy H
Yelp Seattle Senior Community Manager 

Yelp Orlando's Ode to the '80s at The Fifth

Posted by Colleen Burns

"That's all they really want, Some fun when the working day is done, *yelpers* - they want to have fun! Oh *yelpers* just want to have fun!" So the lyrics are a bit different but it's true, girls and boys alike, all yelpers just want to have fun and that's exactly what we did on a Tuesday night!

We introduced Orlando yelpers to The Fifth during our Summertime Street Soiree but it was time to invade the gorgeous, new space and indulge, elite style! The theme? Yes, we took it back to the 80's! Neon, fringe, anything went and everyone brough it! 

PicMonkey Collage2

The Fifth brings a feel of popular big city dining concepts from Manhattan to Miami right here to Central Florida. Where else in Downtown Orlando can you grab a bite noon or night, sip a delicious cocktail, stock up on your favorite liquor and all in a sleek, inviting, comfortable and entertaining atmosphere assuring you will want to return. This fancy spot delivered in a fun, upscale way. 

"The decor of The Fifth was stunning and I was really impressed with the lighting and the bar itself. The drinks offered this night were an Ascot made with EG Windsor Vodka, Elder flower juice, Ginger Ale and Lemon  (Very tasty!), Vodka your own way, and Redd's Apple Ale." - Christopher O

PicMonkey Collage4

We sampled some of the delicious items on the delectable menu including caprese skewer, house-made hummus and cucumbers and a variety of flatbreads. We washed it all down with some of Winter Park's very own Enlightened Grain Spirits. We bathed in the feature drink, the Ascot which was a blend of the Windsor EG Vodka, elderflower liqueur, ginger ale and fresh lemon. Refreshing Redd's Apple Ale also was in full effect. 

Since it was the beginning of the week, we wanted to make sure we were able to get up in the AM for life duty so we sampled NOHO “The Hangover Defense“™ - an all new Functional Lifestyle Beverage that helps you prevent the dreaded “hangover” effects you feel after enjoying alcoholic beverages. NOHO - “The Drink BEFORE You Drink” and that we did! Of course the cherry on top were some sweet delectables including Pumpkin tarts, Salted Caramel shooters and Key Lime goodness from Sweet Beginning Desserts!

PicMonkey Collage 

"Colleen had us join in on a fun game of Question and Answer!  I suddenly found myself talking to everyone!  I did get to see some fun Yelp friends and made a few new ones! Oh and the Snap! photo booth was a hit!  Can't wait to see my face in a few of the shots!  LOL...  All in all it was a fun night!" - Christopher O

With a theme full of bright colors, side ponytails and dope glasses, we had to have SNAP! Studio Booth there to bring in the fun. We had various groups rock their way through the booth and snap away! Check out all of the photos here. Also, Jim White was our roaming photographer that was snappin' away the candids. You can check out all those here and check out Jim's full portfolio here

PicMonkey Collage3
"The snacks were great, the salted caramel dessert mouse thing=rediculous good." - Mike S. 

Did you attend and have some notes to share about your experience? Head over the event listing and get typing. For those of you who were unable to make it out, check out what everyone is saying here or find out how to get the invite to these fab parties over at yelp.com/elite


Colleen B


Yelp Orlando Community Manager
Keep Up To Date With Yelp OrlandoFacebookTwitter & Pinterest 


Seattle's Nautical By Nature EE @ Salty's At Redondo Beach

Posted by Katy

Yelp Seattle's Elite Squad enjoyed a whirlwind trip at Salty's at Redondo Beach recently. The space was literally decked out with an amazing Nautical theme for a big group of lucky guests. Wearing their own sailor caps and captain's uniforms, the Salty's staff graciously handed each guest a specially made Salty's passport before they boarded the "boat" for the evening. With gorgeous decks that wrap around the beachfront restaurant, guests were treated to a lovely outdoor dinner over The Sound. But that's not all!

PicMonkey Collage1

The passports required each guest visit one of nearly a dozen stations set up across two piers on the water. With stops to check out like passport photos, Jamaican steel drums, touching sealife at the aquarium (and meeting Squirt the octopus), it was a night chock-filled with awesome activities. And we haven't event gotten to the food and drink yet!

PicMonkey Collage5Other stops on the tour included popping by the Bacardi drinks station, a visit with killer keg wine companyProletariat and beer from Deschutes BrewingJust to name a few!

PicMonkey Collage3

And if that wasn't enough, the food was just as plentiful! From steak sandwiches to crab legs, lobster mac n cheese, shrimp cocktails, fresh veggies, smoked salmon, Gaspacho, and more.

PicMonkey Collage2

After an hour of absolutely incredible eats, the group took off on yet another adventure across the pier to visit more sponsors and have more fun at the Marine Science And Technology Center. With a gorgeous party both inside and outside, there were so many sights to see here. This enormous event space allowed guests to "live Yelp" from a series of fun whiteboards. And tables were set to the nines by Creative Coverings. But who could miss it - Above the main entrance was a massive whale skeleton for everyone to 'oooh' and 'aaah' at. 

PicMonkey Collage4With time to pet some sea creatures, learn about sealife native to The Sound, take a green-screen underwater photo with 1000 Words Photo Booth, and enjoy a dessert bar with Nauti chocolate milk, chocolate dipped fruits, creme brulee and even a sea creature theme candy selection, passport stamps were handed out left and right! Not one station was to be missed on this trip. A big thanks to our friends and sponsors! 

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To see more photos from our Salty's at Redondo event be sure to check out the Official Yelp Seattle Flickr Folder

Until next time, SYOY!

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Katy H
Yelp Seattle Senior Community Manager 

Yelp Miami's View To A Thrill

Posted by Johnny Todd

One of the fantastic things about the Magic City is that no matter how long you've lived here and no matter how much you've seen, there's always a surprise waiting around the bend. Key Biscayne mainstay, the Rusty Pelican, has been much beloved for years but has recently undergone a transformation that would surprise even the most knowledgeable of Miamian. It was for this reason that it made perfect sense to host Yelp's Sunset Surprise at one of Miami's newest surprises.

8001098410_8ae6844f03_b 8001100168_692b96dbed_b 8001101355_879fcbd01e_b 8001127687_cb0a0b3d3d_b

Walking in, guests were greeted by a beautiful pool and smiling faces of the host venue. The opened doors led to filled hands, as guests began their enjoyment of the signature beverages of the evening: Atlantico Rum's signature mojito and Georgia Peach-infused sparkling wine. Drinks in hand, ecstatic Elites gathered 'round the newly-created, deep, rich wood and floor-to-ceiling glass windows bar area and began to enjoy a feast of phenomenal food. And, we mean 'incredible.' To wit: Smoked Salmon Roulade with Buffalo Mozzarella, Roasted Pepper, and Spring Onion Dressing; Steamed Spicy Chicken Wontons with Soy-Ginger Sauce; Ahi Tuna Tacos with Guacamole, Shredded Lettuce, Espelette, and Fennel Pollen; Mini Baked Crab Cakes with Grilled Corn, Chives, Peppers, and Chipotle Aioli; Duck Confit Empanadas with Foie Gras, Goat Cheese and Sherry Vinegar Paint; Pork Belly Skewer with Caramelized Apples and Blood Orange Balsamic Reduction; Miami ‘Caprese’ Skewers with Buffalo Mozzarella, Local Heirloom Tomatoes & Mangoes and Cilantro Dressing; and Sea Bass & Salmon Croquetas with Roasted Garlic Aioli delighted and astonished guests. In fact, one might say, they were 'surprised.' But the surprises kept coming.

8001122792_ba097a5991_b 8001134992_0b046244bb_b 8001140415_87d66fdb9a_b 8001142198_687abe3216_b

After a warm greeting from the venue management, the patio doors opened up and guests were greeted with hand-rolled cigars courtesy of Sabor Havana and treated to the luscious Latin melodies of Bikini Jazz, appearing courtesy of WDNA Fusion Latina host JacQueline Mestre. As the smoke on the water and music in the air faded into a gorgeous sunset and view of the city that's unmatched in the 305, the ace Rusty Pelican staff had one final surprise for Elites: dessert. Key lime pie, chocolate mousse, macarons, and Belgian chocolates were just some of the sweet bites that capped off this sweet evening. The gorgeous event was captured by Yelp's very own Alex H. See his handiwork here. If pictures aren't enough, read the impressions of gleeful Elites here. There's nothing quite like a pretty autumn evening in Miami, spent with a cigar in one hand, cocktail in the other, food in the belly, music in the air, and friends all around. No surprises, there.

8001097772_a565a3280c_b 8001099512_8e062104a5_b 8001110793_5f6ae0c232_b 8001111543_90691a2849_b

Livin' la vida buena,


Johnny T

Yelp's Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Yelp Elites and their guests were most definitely on time to the Denver Botanic Gardens this past Saturday for Yelp's Mad Hatter Tea Party! Crazy hats, a queen that didn't take off anyone's head, and even a Cheshire Cat put in an appearance for the 2 hour event.

As yelpers arrived to the event they traveled through the lovely Gardens into a private area where each person selected their own vintage tea cup to drink from. MODesTEA created three refreshing iced tea concoctions to fill those cups: The Alice (Sprightly Green Tea), The Madhatter (Crazy Good Cocktail Snowflake Tea), and The Cheshire Cat (Tulsi Ginger Orange Tea) – all with or without gin or vodka depending on the drinker's choice.

The Hey PB&J truck rolled in with samplings from their entire menu including the fan favorite Thai pb&j, made with spicy peanut butter, orange marmalade, coconut, crushed peanuts, and fresh basil. Plus, the Denver Pie Truck delivered an assortment of hand pies and mini pies to satisfy the sweetest tooth there. All of this was topped off with croquet lessons and games from Jiminy Wicket and the Denver Croquet Club as well as tours of the Denver Botanic Gardens over the afternoon. As Rebeca R yelped, it was "Another amazing Yelp event, providing culture, referencing classic literature, and inspiring us all to dress up." The best kind of Saturday!

If you are curiouser and curiouser be sure to check out the photos and reviews! And until next time, we'll SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany N

Denver Yelp Community Director


September 18, 2012

Yelp Greater Toronto Gets its Palettes Pleased @ Paintlounge

Posted by Kris

Tired of the drudgery of their monochromatic, typical Sunday afternoons, the artistically inclined group known only as the Greater Toronto Elite squad decided it was time to add a splash of colour to their weekends as they tut-tutted their way to Yelp Pleases Your Palette Elite Event @ Paintlounge.

Pleases palette #1

At the stroke of 6 PM, Elites lined up outside of Markham’s Paintlounge as they eagerly awaited what lay inside. A buffet of sinfully sweet sugary treats provided by Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show went on for miles, complete with Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies by Mad Batter Bakers, Mini Yelp Cupcakes by Lavish Cupcakes and an endless array of pastries from St. Phillips Fine Bakeries. In the opinion of Sami E, “the cannoli's were to die for (I had at least three) and the cupcakes were oh so decadent!”

Pleased Palette #2

Paintlounge poured a selection of loose leaf teas served a la French press all night long, and just when Elites thought things couldn’t possibly get any sweeter Cupcake Vinyards provided a generous taste of their Red Velvet and Chardonnay wines. “Seriously a line of wine called Cupcake!!! Cheers to Red Velvet,” Jennifer K exclaimed!

Pleases palette #3

Once sufficiently sated and stuffed, Elites embarked on an interactive painting activity that had them talking colours with new friends to ensure their creative canvasses were coloured in. By nights end, each Picasso and Pollock had shown their stuff and were Dali-ted to discover that no one had Van Gough’d themselves.

Pleases Palette #4

Elite-Artiste Sara K.P was rewarded for putting her expressionist graffiti flavour on as many canvasses as she could, and took home a pair of tickets to the upcoming Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show. Congrats Sara! Vive la Sugar Coma!

A huge thank you goes to the peeps of the hour – The GTA Elite squad these events wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you! Finally, thanks to Alex from HD Focus Photography for tossing his own artistic flair on this paint-acular event! 

Check out the pics for yourself here and be sure to check out all the fantastic guests' reviews here.  
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Kris palette

Kris “The most REAL Surrealist” U.