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August 31, 2012

Atlanta's Launches Yelp Helps!

The Yelp Atlanta community knows how to party with a purpose!

Yelp helps collage 1
On a rainy Tuesday night hundreds of Atlantans came together to celebrate 21 local non-profits at the Georgia World Congress Center. We raised over $1,500 for the participants at the door, in addition to the money they raised individually via raffles, games, photobooths, and more. From carnival games to cooking demonstrations, puppies to ponies, and Elvis and Santa, there really was something for everyone. Yelp helps collage 2

Participating non-profits:

Ahimsa House
Buckhead Christian Ministry
Special Equestrians of Georgia
Gigi's Playhouse
Georgia Coalition for Physical Activity and Nutrition
Atlanta Community ToolBank
Athena's Warehouse
Historic Oakland Foundation
Girl Talk
Refugee Resettlement & Immigrations Services of Atlanta
Global Health Action
Hi-Hope Service Center
Fernbank Museum of Natural History
Our Sisters Project
The Creatives Project
Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption
Empty Stocking Fund
Feminist Women's Health Center
Lifecycle Building Center
Atlanta Bully Rescue

In addition to the warm fuzzies, Yelpers got full bellies thanks to our food sponsors at OMG Cup and Cakes, Uncle Maddio's Pizza, Pure Knead, Cypress Street Pint + Plate, Pirate's Booty, Pie Shop, and Googie Burger. Local beer like Jailhouse Brewing and Red Hare were on hand as well as Magner's Cider

Yelp helps collage 3
The full set of photos by Brittany Wages can be viewed here and all of the reviews are here. Be sure to check out the rest of Yelp Helps and all of the great community service events we have planned for a month of service in September

Glasgow Yelp Event @ Hotel Du Vin with Good Spirits Co!

Posted by Chris Docherty

Thursday night is Yelp night... we all know this now. Telly, nah. Yelp, aye. So with a wee tingly pang of 'oooft' kicking around in their bellies, Glasgow Yelpers rolled up to the opulent awesomeness of Hotel Du Vin Glasgow for a night of splendid grub, cracking whisky and random assed banter. 


After downing a cheeky wee welcome drink and rounding up the late coming stragglers and other types, the event kicked off in earnest as Matthew from The Good Spirits Co took up the reins and guided the group through a tasting sesh designed to tickle the tastebuds and edu-ma-cate that there grey matter.


 As the whisky flowed (GlenGrant, Deanston, GlenDronach, Ardbeg), the grub followed suit as each dram was complemented beautifully by a canape from the illustrious kitched at the Hotel Du Vin Bistro. From fresh salmon, to fried calamari, cheese scones and beefy/Yorkshire pud goodness, the nosh on offer tip top and perfectly suited to the range of flavours offered out by the diverse selection of uisge beatha. 


No sooner had the booze and grub been polished off, Nan from Hotel Du Vin (I does rhymes me) whisked folks away for a tour of the stunning hotel, it's fancy dan rooms and all amenities... jings. 

Room1Room 2

Big thanks once more to Nan from Hotel Du Vin for making this happen and having us rowdy lot along to their wonderful wee hotel. Special thanks to Matt and everyone at The Good Spirit Co for coming along and treating us with an awesome selection of whiskies. 


Once again, our splendid wee night was committed to digital imagery by the fine and dandy Mr Alastiar Watson and for this we salute him... Huzzah!

Pics? Here!

Reviews? Here!

Me? Here

Final word goes to me, coz I'm writing this. You there. Yes you, the one reading this. The final thanks for now goes to you. Thanks so much for coming along to the event and making the evening what it was... fun. Whether you're new to the site or a Yelp veteran, we're all brought together in supporting great businesses and having a laugh at the same time. Keep it up!




Chris D 

Yelp Glasgow Community Manager

August Event @ Bison Bar

Posted by Annie

This month Yelpers saddled up to get down to Dublin newest whiskey saloon along the Quays – The Bison Bar PicMonkey Collage 1aa
Luke the Bar Manager and his bar team welcomed us with a glass of Jameson’s finest whiskey to calm down the nerves of the Yelpers after being checked out by the huge bison head who surveys everybody that enters the bar! Well something has to guard over their 150 varieties of whisky and tequila!  

Keeping things Western style the first Yelpers saddled up along the bar to start their whiskey tasting. The bar staff got things started with a peated single malt, Connemara whiskey, which took our Yelpers on a smooth and complex flavour ride in Bison Bar!PicMonkey Collage2a

The Yelpers broke up and Luke took one group on an adventurous tour through the maze of the Workman’s Club premises. First stop was the downstairs Bar and venue room which still features the old ballroom seating along the red painted wall.

Upstairs is the first floor bar which host exhibitions from local and international artists, their recent opened new vintage room with flock wallpaper and local purchased antique furniture as well as their roof terrace.

So we claimed down through a maze of stairs and saloon doors to the back of the Bison Bar This smoking area features an impressive bison wall painting by the artist James Early

PicMonkey Collage2aaAfter learning some interesting facts about the Bison Bar and the attached Workman’s Clubs and the promising news that Bison Bar will be opening a kitchen to serve some good hearty Western food by the end of the year, everybody got back on the saddle to enjoy a glass of rye whiskey chosen by the bar team to spoil our taste buds one more time. PicMonkey Collage4

Huge thanks to Luke and his team who made this night whiskylicious in their amazing decorated venue and thank you to you folks to coming along too! Photos were taken by the talented Claire Nash and can be viewed here! Read and write the reviews of the night here! And post your thought etc here on talk!

See you at the next event!

Annie S.

Yelp Marketing Assistant

Yelp's Criminally Fun Party at Misdemeanor

Posted by peter d.

Brooklyn Republic Vodka cocktails designed by renowned mixologist Milos Zica. Delicious bites created by celebrated chef Jehangir Mehta. Free-flowing bubbly from Lucien Albrecht Brut NV. Seriously, it's all so good it should all be illegal.

Last night Brooklyn's finest yelpers took an exclusive look at Misdemeanor, the new sidewalk cafe and bar at the NU Hotel! It was a beautiful late summer evening, and yelpers took turns sitting outside as the sun set, and relaxing in the elegant, comfortable lounge. The refreshing cocktails from the up-and-coming local brand Brooklyn Republic Vodka paired well with the Brut bubbly as the bar staff kept the crowd moving.

Guests admired the interior (including excellent local art), and dug into passed plates including gourmet pizza and surprisingly spicy shrimp skewers perfectly balanced by a light yogurt cucumber sauce. The biggest hit of the evening might have been the beef braised pineapple, lamb and pork belly buns; we couldn't get enough!

A huge thanks goes out to Javier and the rest of the staff who made it such a memorable evening for the Elite crowd! Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out all the photos courtesy of Melanie Fidler, and what people are saying in reviews and on Talk. I know I'll be back to Misdemeanor very soon, so I'll see you all there!

Peter D

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 10.02.36 AM

Yelp Leeds' Sumptuous Sampling Session At Lazy Lounge!

Posted by Rowena Harris

When the weather just won't make up its mind, what's a Leeds Yelper to do? Head out for another fabulous Elite Event, that's what! And come rain or shine, of which we had plenty of both this fine Wednesday, nothing stops a Yelper from partying hard and discovering new hot spots in the city. And this time around it was a sumptuous sampling session at the fabulous Lazy Lounge that had folks' tongues wagging and mouths pleased.


To welcome everyone in, and amuse their bouches, first on the agenda was a refreshing welcome tipple of Koko Kanu rum punch. As everyone gathered in, and grabbed a sip from the bar, they had a chance to catch up and take in the swanky surroundings of this elegant bar. With everything from fine wines, to gourmand bites, no wonder 50 folks flocked to get a taster of the action! And the theme of the event this evening, lovingly put together by Lazy Lounge, was to demonstrate their prowess in food and alcohol matching.


Once everyone had gotten a chance to try out the welcome cocktail, the first pairing was introduced, which was rather well received. As a starter, guests got a chance to suss out how a well matured cheddar can compliment a refreshing lager. Sound like an odd combo? You'll never know how divine it is until you try! The lager in question was a healthy taster of Pilsner Urquell, an intensely hoppy beer, that's sweet, crisp and so the sharply bitter hop meets the high oil and acidity found in a decent slab of cheddar.

Lazy 3

After this fabulous first round, folks were ready for the second of the evenings tastings, which were swiftly handed out by the lovely folks at Lazy Lounge. In no time everyone took the opportunity to get their smackers around a delicious bit of Prosecco, delicately fragranced with blossom, apples and pears. To pair with this deft delight came some beautifully battered fish goujons, whose delectable flavour perfectly accompanied the crisp bubbles and acidity of the wine.

Lazy 4

Lazy 5

The penultimate sampling had everyone dabbling in a cheeky bit of Cono Sur Gewürztraminer, an expressive white wine with fantastically fresh flavours of rose petals and lychee fruit – which couldn't have been more excellently paired, with a sumptuous selection of sweet chilli spiced prawn mousse crostinis.

Lazy 6

Lazy 7

And finally, after these came the final. The pièce de résistance was a truly gorgeous bit of Burlesque Zinfandel, a darkly simmering and beautiful red wine, with notes of black pepper, dark chocolate, and ripe cherries. Nothing could have brought out the flavours and tones more than a sexy little slab of the most divine sea salt and caramel #Brownies – a truly divine bit of guilty pleasure, which was instantly seductive.

Lazy 8

Lazy 9

Of course, the party wasn't quite finished then, as there was a lasting surprise in store. Firstly, it was high time that Natalie O was presented her prize for 'First to finish the race' in the fantastic PhotoHunt held for Leeds' Passport To The City Centre, to which a huge round of applause was sounded out. And Lastly, The Yelpers of Leeds were treated to the ultimate compliment – to be the first ever folk to test out the Lazy Bomb – a specially created alternative to everyones' favourite (or not so favourite) party drink. You know the one we mean... Since they were the first ever to try this teasing tipple, a little competition was held, which of course involved a spot of writing.

Lazy 10

Lazy 11

After supping on the newly created Lazy Bombs, everyone took pen to paper to describe the drink in the most useful, funny, and cool manner possible. And of course there were little prizes to be won! Once the Lazy Bombs were sipped or slung, folks got poetic about this fabulous new tipple, which is made up with a delectable sangria, cinnamon and an injection of Licor 43.

Lazy 13

Most useful came from Natalia M: "A bomb of flavours, lazily settling in the mouth, making the experience last longer."

Most cool came from Nadine P: "Warm tones run through it. (Á la, A River Runs Through It.)"

And most funny came from Neil H: "Vivacious, like 50 Shades of Gray, but in a glass. I'm slipping about on my chair."

Lazy 12

A huge thanks goes out to the wonderful folks at Lazy Lounge for their generosity and warm introduction to their wonderful venue, Mark Cato for his delectable drinks, Matthew Kitchen for his fantastic photos, and Kevin L who popped up from London town to visit for the Leeds event! A delightfully lazy and relaxed evening was had by all, and there's been much talk about returning to try out one of their fantastic Lazy Burgers... Want to read all about it, direct from the Yelpers' mouths? Check out the reviews, take a look at the talk, and see the pictures for yourselves!

Lazy 14

Until next time, see you on Yelp, friends!

Rowena H

August 30, 2012

Yelp Charlotte Elites Get Cinematic!

Twas a fine Wednesday evening in August and the Charlotte Elite Squad came out in droves to one of the latest additions to the Queen City -- Cinebarre. Not just a movie theatre. Nay! Try a bar, lounge, entertainment space, and collection of 12 theatres south of Uptown fit with a full-service restaurant! These guys and gals rolled out the proverbial red carpet for our rowdy bunch and dropped a big helping of hospitality on them!


The first hour was a cocktail hour complete with 50's style music. The hors d'oeuvres were plentiful and tray after tray of delectables were abundantly passed. Elisabeth P says "Can you love a movie theater for their brownies?" Methinks so. Homemade brownies with Ghiradelli chocolate are a no brainer. Chad E spouts "One pizza after another at first, followed by those awesome sliders, then chicken fingers, then grilled cheese with tomato soup, then fried pickles, then french fries and tortilla chips." Yelpers were stuffed to the rafters!

Untitled 4

Fetzer and Four Friends Brewing supplied the beverages. Two unreleased blended wines plastered quite a few smiles on Yelpers' faces. Jon, from Four Friends, poured pints of 24 Karat and Queen City Red and hoppyness was acheived.

Untitled 2
Untitled 3

We were graciously given a free screening of The Campaign. If you haven't seen this flick, check it out. Be sure to not drink during the funny moments or you'll have liquid pouring out of your nose.


Several new Elites came out for their first event, veterans had a swell time and everyone left full, satisfyingly humored and Yelped! Cheers from the Queen City!


Check out all of the photos yonder!

Untitled 5

Ben G

Charlotte Community Manager

Cine 054

August 29, 2012

Columbus Elites Get Wined, Dined and ... Educated

Posted by Christina C.

Wine me, dine me, teach me how to read an Italian wine label…

This is what Columbus Elites & their guests were saying last week as they rolled into Mezzo (Dublin) for Yelp's Great Grape Adventure.

A pristine summer night proved to be the perfect backdrop for gourmet appetizers, Italian wine & refreshing sangria for the masses. Aaron A had "never been to the Mezzo Dublin location before,"but "liked the patio a lot. It was a perfect evening for drinks outdoors." Indeed!

Wine elite event at mezzo

Natural State Wine's, Pat Lombardi, poured seemingly endless glasses of Villa Sorono Pinot Grigio and Masciarelli Montepulciano while speaking about how to properly taste wine an detect notes. Meanwhile, party goers noshed on a bruschetta trio (tomato, mozzarella, basil/goat cheese and fig/smoked chicken and sundried tomato), braised meatballs, and various meats and cheeses. As expected, "Mezzo, as a host, was amazing. So gracious –  those servers worked really hard serving our "party." I felt so spoiled!" noted Catherine J.

Final pic mezzo

The real adventure came when Elites were asked to properly identify the flavors of provided Jelly Belly jelly beans, which were also the flavors noted in each wine! The winning team won bottles of wine from Natural State and free appetizers from Mezzo on their next visit. (Side thanks to neighbor, Woodhouse Day Spa, who provided a gift certificate for the raffle!)

Read all of the – or write your own! – reviews here, and many thanks to J Alexander Photography for capturing all the fun in photos!


Profile Pic

Christina C

Yelp Columbus CM (& die-hard wine drinker... I mean, enthusiast.)

St. Louis Elites Experience The Ultimate Happy Hour @ Ruth's Chris

Posted by Aimee

What do you get when you combine three hand-crafted signature cocktails, a huge spread of impressive menu items, live music, a beautiful patio, and 60 Yelp Elites? The most epic happy hour that's ever went down, that's what. Thanks to Ruth's Chris in Clayton, St. Louis got to party in true style at one of the best parties we've seen all summer long.


After being greeted with a Lavender Fizz cocktail right when they walked in the door (Citroen vodka, violet liqueur, homegrown lavender, chai scented syrup and champagne... it's as good as it sounds), Elites made their way onto the patio where they enjoyed a ton of different menu items. Some of the favorites were the tomato and mozzarella bruschetta, lamb lollipops, kobe beef sliders, ahi tuna on cucumber rounds, Cajun steak bits on garlic crostini, and the spicy shrimp voodoo.


While enjoying the perfect weather out on the patio, we swayed back and forth to the tunes by the Rocky Mountain Oysters. Singing old favorites as well as new songs, everyone was in agreement that the band was the best we've ever had at a Yelp event. In between eating, drinking, and listening to music, Elites played an ice-breaker that helped them get to know each other and discover new spots in our city! Elite Robin C went home with a $100 Ruth's Chris gift card after winning the ice-breaker contest. I think it's safe to say she'll be back soon to try even more of the menu! Especially since many of the menu items we tried at the event are all half-price during happy hour.


As usual, it was such a blast getting the St. Louis Elites together and enjoying a fantastic restaurant in our city we love so dearly! For the full spread of photos, check out Yelp's Flickr, and don't forget to read all about the event in the five-star reviews. Special thanks to Cryrolfe Photography for capturing everything on camera, to Ruth's Chris for their undeniable hospitality, and to the St. Louis Elite Squad for always being a positive, energetic, and fun group of people to spend time with.

Until the next one!


Aimee K, Yelp St. Louis Senior Community Manager
Bri S, Yelp St. Louis Marketing Intern

Yelp DC's Back To School Bash!

Posted by Kristin Mink

DC elites and their guests donned their finest high school attire and headed to Lime Fresh Mexican Grill in Columbia Heights days before its opening for a sneak peek and a party that'd make any principal blush

Geeks and preps, goths and teacher's pets, a baby daddy and an expecting teen mom, were all brought together by the uniting powers of tasty tacos, burritos, quesadillas, fresh guacamole, and more. Lime's prodigious salsa bar had a flavor for every pupil's palate, and yelpers washed it all down with frozen margaritas, sangria, and fitting brews like Dos Equis, Negro Modelo, and Pacifico.

Blog2 - food
Three creatively costumed winners scored burrito baskets (15 burritos of their choice in a basket, to be made and picked up at a time of their choosing - instant popularity!), plus a little something for school: a complete set of O-Town boy band folders, a box of disposable underpants for the wedgie-prone, and a foot-tall, pink ice cream cone locker magnet named "Mr. Shivers" sure to score the owner a place in the cool crowd. 

Blog3 - prizes
DJ Black Santa (a.k.a. Noel Isama) spun throwback tunes and kept the dance floor hopping while Lime served up dessert munchies like cinnamon chips and sopapilla. Staff members' energy and enthusiasm kept yelpers on their best detention-earning behavior, and everyone left with good vibes and a gift card for a free burrito.

Blog4 - dancing
Want to see more embarrassing photos of costumed guests? Hop over to Facebook or Flickr to scope all the event photos by Chris Abi-Najm. To read about guests' experiences (or share your own, if you attended), click here.

Want in on the fun? Find out what it takes to be Elite here!

'Til next time!


Blog kristin

Kristin Mink, Yelp DC Community Manager

August 28, 2012

Yelp Brisbane's Bloody Mary Masterclass

Posted by Lani P.

Kettle & Tin, one of Paddington's newest venues, kindly opened its doors to more than 30 Yelpers for a Bloody Mary Masterclass. Our fearless mixology leader for the night, Kettle & Tin’s bar-master Dave (with the smooth and velvety Scottish accent), stepped us through four of his seven self-crafted interpretations of the Bloody Mary (there is an 8th drink on the menu but it’s the classic). 

Our Yelping chums (some for the first time) sipped on Dave’s own recipes including:

  • The Goddamn Mary (Ketel One, hickory smoke, brown sugar, ketchup & mustard) which to many tasted like a Big Mac or Hot Dog in a DRINK!
  • Sangrita (Jose Cuervo traditional and spiced pomegranate)
  • The Classic (Ketel One, Tawny Port, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce)
  • And... The Yet To Be Named (fresh tomato, cucumber, red capsicum, garlic, finot sherry, sherry vinegar, Patxcharan - a slow gin and aniseed liquer). I won’t lie: I think it should be named the “Make Me Yelp”.

Known faux enemies and duelling Queens of Brisbane, Mel B and Mem R took to the ring battling it out in a BLOODY MARY MIX-OFF. Jeremy H sampled Mem R's efforts and gave it two thumbs up. Official results are being collated but rumour has it Mel B beat Mem R...this time! 

While the focus of the evening was clearly the craft of the drink, Kettle & Tin also shared a few of Chef Fraser’s favourites including salt & pepper squid, scallop carpaccio and Mem R’s favourite: slices of tender meat on top of a bed of mashed potato. 

“The little bamboo boats of snack foods passed around were all delicious, but none more so than the slab of tender meat on top of a bed of mashed potato. I'm a simple girl, with simple needs. These needs were truly met at Yelp's Bloody Mary Masterclass Elite Event.”

Thank you to Asa, Dave and the rest of the Kettle & Tin team who made the night possible!  

Matt from Blue Ink Photography captured all the fun and frivolity of the evening, so be sure to sneak a peek at all of the photos in our Yelp Brisbane Flickr set, check Instagram or Twitter, and of course Yelp! And, read (or add to) the collection of reviews.

Until next time,
Lani P - Brisbane Yelp Community Manager 

Yelp's Too Hot To Handle Yelper Party Gets Midtown Sacramento Sizzling!

Posted by Alex L

It may have been hot last Saturday afternoon, but that didn't stop close to 2000 yelpers from coming out for an epic "Too Hot To Handle" block party to celebrate the Handle District, an eclectic mix of over 20 shops and restaurants in the heart of midtown Sacramento. Yelp took over two blocks exclusively for members of our site to enjoy free food, free drinks, great local music and a host of other entertainment options from massages to face painting. Dozens upon dozens of businesses participated, all with the goal of raising funds for Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, a cage free, no-kill shelter for homeless animals. In total, over $4900 went to the cause!


In a matter of hours, the picturesque corner of 18th & Capitol became the epicenter of the event, with a stage erected and expertly managed by Stage, Lights & Sound, fencing that went up effortlessly thanks to L & M Rental Fence, portable bathrooms from Area Restroom Solutions and multiple booths in every direction. Yelpers lined up in the shade and entered to the shredding guitar sounds and 80's hair metal of MAXXX, the first of four featured bands. Our humorous MC, DJ Casey Lewis, kept things lively and came to us courtesy of our sponsors RADIO 94.7. Sacramento Magazine, another big sponsor, handed out copies of their latest issue for folks to flip through while perusing the district.


The district's own restaurants provided the generous food samples. There were mouthwatering pulled pork tacos, a decadent bacon carbenara pasta from Paesanos, mufaletta sandwiches from the soon-to-open Mangia, tri-tip sandwiches from Buckhorn Grill, cheese samples from The Rind, gourmet fish from Suite 50, potato and chicken skewers from Aioli Bodega Espanola and a variety of creamy flavors from Yogurtagogo. Some outside food vendors joined in as well, adding potato salad samples from Cusine Noir magazine and decadent Himalayan rock salt caramels from 3D Candies.

Good food is nothing without good libations, and our participating alcohol vendors kept drinks as free flowing as our cities' great rivers. Full pours of Victoria, Modelo and Negra Modelo served from an ice cold keg truck were incredibly popular thirst quenchers. Equally popular were apple cider and salted caramel flavored mixes from Stoli Vodka, ice cold maragaritas from Milagro Tequila ("Perfect to cool me off!" exclaims Danielle O) and classic rum and cokes that came in complimentary branded cups from Sailor Jerry (who also had on hand their famous Air Stream van, a photo wall backdrop and a bean bag toss area!). Crispin Cider served up, as Joe K describes "cold, tangy and delicious" apple and pear cider options. For the vinophiles, red and white options from Domino Winery were served including John B's favorite Moscato that is as "crisp and sweet as a good Moscato should be."

It wouldn't be a Yelp event without plenty of pretty pictures, and those came almost instantaneously from Pink Shutter Photobooths, who had not one, not two but three locations fro atendees to capture those moments. "The next time we do a big event I'm renting one for sure!" asserts Roberta S. Roaming candids came from Phil Isidro of PureAddict.com and Melissa Uroff, whose impressive work can be found on the Sacramento Yelp Flickr page!

Other incredibly popular services included massages from Bassil Kamas and Jacklyn Benjamin, hip fashions from Gypsy Mobile Boutique, and impressive face and body painting from Alana Dill and Emily Loen.


The soundtrack for the day came from an eclectic mix of bands, from hardcore powerhouse trio Horseneck to heavy rockers Lite Brite - both popular bands that have been featured at downtown's Concert in the Park. Our closers, The Nibblers, brought 7-piece funk stylings that hypnotically charged the crowd into a dancing frenzy. "It makes me happy to see folks stop in their tracks and shake their stuff," notes Diane S.

"A high-five to the yelp universe for throwing the best damn outdoor bash that Sacramento has seen all summer," exclaims Chris C. "The afternoon was filled with super sweet live hair metal, hardcore, indie rock, and funk! That coupled with endless premium beverages made this one of the greatest yelp extravaganza's to date. It was the perfect way to bring more attention to an already awesome neighborhood."

Read the stellar reviews and find out what you missed. Yelp has plenty more fun times ahead, folks. Stay tuned!


Alex L
Yelp Sacramento Community Manager



Vegas Celebrates A Yelp Helps Very Important Party

Posted by Misti Yang

Las Vegas is dedicated to the swagger of the VIP, and throughout the month of August, Yelp Las Vegas with ths support of Jelli 96.7 celebrated the true VIPs around town - the non-profits and volunteers that selflessly dedicate resources and time to the community - with Yelp Helps. Group volunteer projects and private parties for participating volunteers occurred throughout the month, but the signature event was the Yelp Helps Very Important Party this past Friday at Lavo Nightclub. Over 300 came out to mingle with 25 non-profits and sign up for future volunteer opportunities. 


Lavo Nightclub is no stranger to star-studded evenings, so they rolled out the red carpet for Yelp Helps volunteers and non-profits. While guests mingled, Lavo ensured everyone was well-fed with passed appetizers, including Pizza Margherita, Mini Rice Balls, Tomato Basil Bruschetta, Eggplant Caponatina Crostino and Meatball Heroes. Libations were flowing as well with generous pours of Lavo's signature cocktails the Pomegranate Lemonada and Sicilian Sun. Perhaps Earlene M sums it up best, "The venue is amazing! Lavo Nightclub has great decor, great food and drinks! I am in love with the Sicilian Sun." Bottoms up, Earlene!


Of course, all eyes were on the non-profits. If you missed the night, follow these links to find out how to help out at the featured organizationsThree SquareThe Animal FoundationGateway Arts FoundationBurlesque Hall Of FameOutside Las VegasG Alex FoundationHelping Hands Of Vegas ValleyMetro Arts CouncilAmerican Heart AssociationToys 4 SmilesCommunity Counseling Center of Southern NevadaClean The WorldNew VistaHELP of Southern NevadaAmerican Foundation for Suicide PreventionAid for AIDS NevadaGoodie Two ShoesNevada Partnership For Homeless YouthGolden RainbowUnited Way of Southern NevadaThe Rape Crisis CenterThe Neon MuseumBoys and Girls Clubs of Las Vegas.


ShutterBooth Las Vegas added to the festive evening with their photo booth featuring zany props and convenient bookmark print outs. As Traci T notes, "As always, the photo booth was loads of fun and the guy running it was awesome!" You can peruse everyone's funny ShutterBooth face right here.

         SB1 Sb2 Sb3 Sb4

Emily Ku Photography was on hand capturing all of the fun with style and graces, so be sure to peep all of the pictures in our Yelp Vegas Flickr set. And, read (or add to) the collection of 5-star reviews right here

Until next time...get out there and change the world with a little Yelp help,

Misti Y, Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager

Detroit's Tenth & Blake Elite Beer Dinner: Summer Edition!

Posted by Annette

Last week, Detroit Elites and their guests were treated to yet another fabulous 5-course beer dinner courtesy of Tenth and Blake and Ashley’s Restaurant and Pub in Westland.

Pic1Tucked in Ashley's private party room, 50 elites and their guests were treated like royalty! To start, tables featured jars of brewing ingredients like hop leaves, chocolate malt, and white wheat for sniffing and tasting, plus: informational pieces on each of the brews we’d be sampling that night, an informative (and reusable!) placemat featuring beer pairings, and plenty of yelpy goodies! Our host Shane from Tenth and Blake then lead us through a journey of Ashley’s dishes that were expertly paired with the summer beers in front of us.

Course one: butternut squash bisque paired with Pilsner Urquell. Course two: honey Crisp Chicken Salad paired with Blue Moon Belgian White. Course three: zesty orange buffalo wings paired with Killian’s Irish Red. Course four: Ashley’s Supreme Pizza paired with Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Lager. Course five: crème brûlée with grilled pineapples and Big Eddy Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. WHEW! I’m full just remembering it all!Pic2

For over two hours yelpers ate, drank, and got their learn on and...I think they liked it! “I need a sixth star because this event was BETTER than it gets!” gushes Lynn H. As if that weren't enough, each guest walked away with a gift bag full of glassware from each of the featured beers, perfect to use for sipping and savoring back at home!Pic3

Many thanks are in order to those who made the dinner such a smashing success—Shane with Tenth and Blake for organizing such a winning evening and picking out some truly remarkable brews, Laura and the crew at Ashley’s for taking exceptional care of us and treating us to such delicious food, Doug Coombe Photography for the mouthwatering photos, and to all the elites who were so game to participate, eat, and learn!

Not ready to say goodbye? Relieve more of the memories by checking out the photos here and check out all the 5-star reviews over yonder (and don’t forget to write one if you were there!).

Until the next time, SYOY! (See you on Yelp!)


Annette J

Community Manager Yelp Detroit

PDXEltes Lit It Up At Yelp's En Fuego Elite Event @ OBA!

Posted by Don Bourassa

We may be deep in to one of the cooler weeks in this fine Portland summer, but that didn't stop 100 Yelp Elites and their guests from donning hot Latin flair and spicing things up at Yelp's En Fuego Elite Event¡OBA! on Monday, Augus 27, 2012. 

PicMonkey Collage 1
Photos courtesy of Silent Partner PDX

PDXYelpers are no strangers to Portland's legendary food, but they had a chance to get reacqainted with an old favorite offering new twists as ¡OBA! played host to the Squad in their luxe private Havana Room. This signature South American restaurant has been around for many years, but as Danni D dotes, "OBA, you've changed... and all for the better! The ceviche is the stuff of dreams. The guac is delicious and kicked my gringo palate's ass." But it wasn't just guac (which ¡OBA! now does table-side) and salsa that spiked Yelpers' appetites. Think small-bites of South American street food like seared rare ahi, prime-rib roll-ups, coconut shrimp, chicken quesadillas and more, all dressed up with tangy flavors, delectable sauces and mouth-watering picos. The food kept coming until faces were stuffed.

PicMonkey Collage 2
Photos courtesy of Silent Partner PDX

¡OBA!'s savory, succulent spread paired perfectly with the bold beverages brokered by our buddies at Drink Think. It was, as Sherry S swears, "Latino flavor.. mixed up with some delicious Cachaça baby!" Novo Fogo's finest, to be exact. They brought their classic silver (rested one year in stainless barrels) and aged (in American Oak) versions to the party. The former was served up as Caipirinhas in small glass Mason jars to be shaken to perfection. Jessica K quips that they're "the most darling drink served at an Elite event. Ever. How fun to start off the party shaking your little drink in the jar!" Both styles were also on sample. For those in need of a more hearty quaff, Ninkasi's Otis Stout graced many a glass. Red wine was poured to perfection courtesy of Youngberg Hill's 2007 Natasha Block Pinot. And of course it wouldn't be a PDXYelp Elite party without some bubbly!

With food and drink in hand, Elites mixed and mingled and admired Melvin and Merilou T's fine outfits. But they weren't the only ones dressed in Latin-flavored finery. Plenty of Yelpers decked themselves out in flowery dresses and fantastic tropical wear. ¡OBA!'s dinner-for-two gift went to Mr. Luchador himself, and thanks to Tim from Silent Partner PDX, we have the photos to show it. 

Huge thanks go out to Kelly and Brian from Drink Think; Dragos and Emily from Novo Fogo; Morgan and Alison from Ninkasi; Randy, Ghalit (I hope I spelled that right) and the great staff at ¡OBA!; Mantern Kevin K, and of course the Yelp Elite Squad, without whom none of this would have been possible. For now, check out the photos and reviews, and make sure you're following us on FB, Pinterest and the twitters so you can find out when the next party is!

Wait, what? You haven't written your review yet? Get on it!

Until next time... ¡OBA! 

--Don "El Padrino" B

Don B

Les Élites Yelp de Montréal testent leurs 5 sens au Zéro 8

Il a fait chaud, il a fait beau et les Élites Yelp de Montréal en ont profiter pour célébrer la dernière fin de semaine de l’été lors du lunch « Les 5 sens des Élites Yelp » au restaurant Zéro 8 du Quartier Latin. Qui aurait cru qu’une nourriture sans gluten et sans allergène pouvait être si délicieuse et satisfaisante!

Personne ne résume l’après-midi mieux que Stéphane S : « un lunch en agréable compagnie bien arrosé de bière de Brasseurs Sans Gluten, une micro brasserie montréalaise qui fait un produit excellent et original. » Les Élites ont étanché leur soif grâce aux 4 bières principales incluant la Gultenberg blonde, rousse, l’American Pale Ale et la 8, toutes sans gluten. 

Plus tard, un jeu de dégustation a  testé les 5 sens des Élites pour leur faire découvrir les ingrédients secrets qu’utilise Zéro 8 pour plaire à leurs clients affamés! Christine L a le plus souvent deviné vrai : « Qui a dit que nos sens nous trompaient? » Un buffet de lapin à la moutard, purée de patates douces, une salade de quinoa et des desserts chocolatés ont aussi remplis nos estomacs.

Un grand merci à tous les Yelpeurs qui sont venus, et un autre merci tout spécial à Maxim Carbonneau, notre cher photographe qui rend tout le monde photogénique! Vous pouvez voir toutes les photos ici, et lire les avis complets ici.

À la revoyure!
Marie-Pier R
Chef de communauté, Yelp Montréal


In English please? 

On a very hot and sunny day, Montreal’s Yelp Elites celebrated the last weekend of summer weekend at the “Elites’s 5 senses” lunch held at Zero 8 in the Quartier Latin. Who'd have thought gluten and allergy-free food could taste so good?!

No one summarized the afternoon better than Stéphane S: “an enjoyable lunch with good company, well watered with beers from Brasseurs Sans Gluten, a Montreal microbrewery that makes an excellent and original product.” Elites quench their thirst on the Glutenberg blond, red, American Pale Ale and the 8: all gluten free beers!

Later, a tasting game tested the Elites' 5 senses to discover the secret ingredients  Zero 8 uses to please their hungry customers. Christine L was the very best guesser: “Who says our senses can mislead us?” A buffet of mustard rabbit, sweet potato puree, quinoa salad and chocolate deserts rounded out the gluten free afternoon.

A big thank you to all the Yelpeurs that came out, and a special thank you to Maxim Carbonneau, our dear photographer who makes everyone look so fly! You can check the photos right here, and read full reviews here.

See you on Yelp!
Marie-Pier R
Community Manager, Yelp Montreal

August 27, 2012

New Orleanians Take A Yelp Staycation

Posted by Joi

After sticking out the hot, hot summer here in New Orleans, what local doesn't deserve a Staycation?! From August 17-27, Yelp invited locals to strap on the fabulous fanny packs and get to exploring *our* Big Easy.

We took tours... Even the most in-the-know local could learn something new via the special outings we set up with French Quarter Phantoms and Confederacy of Cruisers... and took advantage of special Staycation hotel rates. We pretended it was Mardi Gras at the wrong time of year and partied like there was no tomorrow. Read on for the recap!

To kick off this affair, we relived the halcyon days of Storyville at May Baily's – our opening night  reception was housed in this former brothel, where we were privvy to special cocktails and refreshments.

Photos courtesy of Aine Branch

Other highlights included our French Quarter Bar Crawl, where participating bars like Vive! gave us drink specials, created unique cocktails and others served up some delicious bites, from Killer Po-boys to deep fried okra to keep the drinks going down easier at Evangeline.

Wednesday's Explore and Imbibe at the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery drew out yelpers to learn all about what goes into the making of the distillery's 4 different rums (endless samples, sweet potato pie and rum cake were much appreciated) and Friday's kayaking expedition with Bayou Kayaks brought out kids and grown ups alike to peacefully glide down the city's most scenic body of water.


Collage3 copy

 Although Sunday was to be the final night of our Staycation, we had to cancel the fun thanks to an impending visit from Hurricane Isaac, but don't be sad, because there's we'll be rescheduled the bash at Bourbon O!

Yelpers wanting to be near all the action (or 'away from it all'), took advantage of special Yelper discounts at these participating hotels: Windsor Court, Westin, W, Wyndham Riverfront, Bourbon Orleans, Dauphine Orleans, Hotel Le Marais, Hotel Mazarin, and Audubon Cottages.

Thanks to all of our participating sponsors.

Staycation may be over, but we'll be forever yelping!

Joi B

Yelp NOLA Community Manager

New Orleans' First Yelper Party Had Us Celebrating Carvnival In August!

Posted by Joi

Cue the brass, cue the floats, cue the throws... Over 700 yelpers got started on Yelp's Staycation at the Halfway to Mardi Gras Ball, New Orleans' first ever yelper party held at Mardi Gras World. After entering through the float den (where much Mardi Gras magic is made and stored all year round), we all picked up complimentary hurricanes to get the party started right... and red.

Photos courtesy of Richard Strasbourg

There was enough food, drink, and revelry to fit a king! The Mardi Gras World Café provided a Taste of New Orleans, with chicken and sausage gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice and bread pudding. New Orleans Ice Cream put a rich, sweet touch on the evening... a fat Tuesday, indeed! A party in New Orleans without tons of libations would be akin to sin, and this extravaganza offered up numerous bars and drink sponsors. We enjoyed green tea/blueberry Old New Orleans Rum concoctions and Lion's Pride Organic Whiskey tastings from Koval Distillery. There was also plenty of Fireball Whiskey, Saint Arnold beer, and Deep Eddy Vodka, which mixed nicely with Honest Tea711 Bourbon Heat provided us with some sweetly refreshing sangria.

Images courtesy of Aine Branch and Robert Strasbourg

And then there was the pure spectacle of it all. It was a sight to behond! Majestic and colorful floats of all sizes that provided many a unique photo op. A stilt walker courtesy of Carl Mack, roamed about the crowd and managed to stay miles above us all... except for aerialist Rachel McMeachin of Kansas City's Voler, who fascinated us with her moves high up above to the beat of Noisician Coalition. And that's not even mentioning our costumes! In the tradition of Mardi Gras, almost all of us dressed to blow each other away with their outfits ranging from the bizarre to the beautiful. Many of us stepped into the Big Easy Photobooth to show 'em off and take away some souvenir photos of the night.

Photos courtesy of Richard Strasbourg

The rain stopped just in time for us to bring the party outside and dance the night away to the beats of DJ Cameron Kelly under the starry sky and lit up Crescent City Connection bridge. Disco Amigos totally had us doing the hustle, by the way! Everything was illuminated courtesy of RZI Lighting and Royal Productions. And Fancy Faces Decor made our surroundings extra festive and pretty. A face without a mask or makeup is a sad sight, so Princess Camerian put her magic touch on those who needed it.

Photos courtesy of Richard Strasbourg

The evening concluded with a costume contest judged by Fashion Week NOLA provided the savvy judges, who had to make the difficult decision as to who, out of all the gorgeous–and often hilarious– costumed guests would walk away with one of the prizes donated by the Windsor Court Hotel, The New Orleans Hotel Collection and French Quarter Phantoms, which ranged from free hotel stays to spa services to toursThe New Movement provided the sassy commentary come decision time and the winners were happier than the kid with the most throws...

Courtesy of Big Easy Photobooth

Read some excerpts from our favorite reviews! From Re H: "I loved walking amidst the floats, there is some thing very ominous about their holding place until they reveal themselves at Mardi Gras. I found it magical and creepy, wondrous and spooky, bedazzling and haunting, and enjoyable all at once!"

and Lindsay A: "The sponsors were great, those Disco Amigos were tons of dancing fun, the staff of Mardi Gras World was super cool, and of course the crowd was full of amazing Yelp-tastic people. The six people I brought with me had never been to a Yelp event before and they all left asking how they could become an Elite member! It says something if people in New Orleans talk about your party for the entire week following it."

(read 'em all or write one yourself, if you were there!)

See all photos by Richard Strasbourg on flickr, and more by Mande P and Aine Branch on the review page!

Many thanks to the staff at Mardi Gras World, our sponsors and performers, and of course to you for coming out and showing the Yelpiverse how New Orleans does a ball to end 'em all! Beyond that, we all helped raise over $800 for our beneficiary for the night, The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic.

SYOY (See You On Yelp!)

Joi B

Yelp NOLA Community Manager

Yelp Phoenix Enjoys A Night Of Sush'Italian!

It was a combined night of culinary tastes when a group of Elites gathered for a progressive night of first sushi at The Sushi Room and then Italian at The Living Room!

Sushi room 1 collage

While monsoon clouds started looming over the desert, Elites started the night at The Sushi Room and took a seat at a private table for a sushi demonstration. As trays of different sushi rolls were passed around, two sushi chefs showed the group how to make sushi and then invited some lucky yelpers up to make their own! Meanwhile, the staff passed around different types of sake and educated yelpers on the different sake tastes.

Sushi room 2

Sushi room 3

Sushi room 4

After the Elite's bellies were full of sushi and sake, they made their way next door for part two of the night at The Living Room! Yelpers took a seat in the reserved area and enjoyed learning about and tasting 10 different wines. In between sips, Elites munched on a variety of bruschettas, caprese salad, wraps and chocolate covered strawberries.

Living room 1

Living room 2
Living room 3

By the time the party ended, the sky had opened up, but Elites didn't mind the downpour because everyone left with their own bottle of sake, a $25 gift card for a future visit as well as a coupon for complimentary bruschetta on a future visit! A special thank you goes out to The Living Room and The Sushi Room for hosting this around-the-world event! Take a look to see what yelpers have to say!

Until next time,


Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager

Lindsey and yelp sign

Philly Elites Get Happy!

Posted by Michelle C

Friday evening ushered in Yelp Philadelphia's August Elite Event at ING Direct Café! Yelp's Great American Happy Hour featured a rock and roll soundtrack, Phillies baseball, photos by local artist Keith Manning and seventy-five Yelp Elites fresh off a hard day's work and ready to get their weekend started!

On the menu were hot dogs and veggie dogs in several variations from Underdogs, an enormous cheese and veggie display from Power Events, and sweet treats and coffee beverages from ING Direct Café. Boozier options were generously provided by Spodee, a Depression-era style hooch wine, and Batch 19 pre-Prohibition style lager.

YEE Collage 82412 1
Although many guests "had no idea what to expect," all were happy to discover "that ING Direct Café was a great venue; cool and low key with a great, friendly staff." As an extra special bonus, Elites walked with generous goody bags courtesy of ING, which contained a card for five free beverages, a copy of Rock Then Roll by ING's founding CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann, and a koozie!

YEE Collage 82412 2
Big yelpy thanks go to all of our sponsors for pulling together to put on such a fun Friday event, especially Mary Ellen, Lindsey and Trisha from ING! In case you missed it, catch up on what everyone's saying, check out the reviews and peep the pics!

Cheers to the hour of happy,
ING event MC
Michelle C
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

Yelp Orlando Chugs Away @ World Of Beer Dr. Phillips

Posted by Colleen Burns

Nothing better than brews, live music, munchies and relaxin' with some of your favorite yelpers on a Saturday afternoon. That is just what Orlando Yelp Elites did this past weekend. We took to the patio on the water at World of Beer Dr. Phillips and just soaked in the weekend.  

"First off, WOB is amazing from the start, which is why I was thrilled they were hosting a yelp elite event. Special shoutout to Kevin and Patrick who were our bartenders for the event! Both were Prompt, knowledgeable and always smiling." - Mike C

PicMonkey Collage
Orignally founded in Tampa, FL, World of Beer follows a warm culture; "about being a part of the neighborhood. It’s about being surrounded by good people who enjoy awesome beer, great music, and sports. When you walk into World of Beer, we want you to feel like you’re hosting a party in your own living room." And that is exactly what we did! 

We enjoyed ice cold, thirst quenching, Widmer Summer Seasonal: Citra Blonde Brew and Angry Orchard's Crisp Apple. Both were refreshing and a great conversation starter for our beer and cider fan-filled crowd. 

"Delicious Widmer Beer, Angry Ordchard cider, and sandwiches from which wich to snack on just made for a perfectly entertaining event.  Love seeing new faces, talking with some old faces, and partying like an elite rockstar." - Mike S.

PicMonkey Collage3

Which Wich suplied us with yummalicious sammies and ever flowing chips and hummus. Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is committed to creating the best sandwiches available. They offer more than 50 varieties of customizable “wiches,” and we tasted various concoctions throughout the event from Turkey favs to veggies galore

 "... it was cool to check this little section of Dr. Phillips out. World of Beer looks like a great place to imbibe, with an extensive menu of beer choices (and cider!) and - unexpected to me at least - an outside patio on the water where this event took place." - AlyxK.  

PicMonkey Collage2
Make sure to stay posted to World of Beer Dr. Phillips! @wobdrphillips, Facebook and their events page

"World of Beer, I look forward to seeing you again!" - Randy H

Major props for our camera man who catches all of our glory in photos: Jim White Photography. You can check out all the pics on Yelp Orlando Flickr as well as Yelp Orlando Facebook

Want to hear more about the event? Check out the reviews here or, if you attended, tell us what you thought here

Colleen B

Yelp Orlando Community Manager
Keep Up To Date With Yelp Orlando: FacebookTwitter Pinterest 

Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 2.01.32 PM

Yelp Goes Green, White & Red @ Verace

Posted by Drew

Although rain postponed the event for a week, Long Island Elites couldn't be held back from enjoying a beautiful sunset on the patio of Verace in Islip. With Verace's continuing effort to reduce both our impact on the environment and diner's wallets, they offer wines shipped directly to the restaurant in Eco-Kegs, which save the cost of glass bottles, corks, cases, etc. Elite's got to enjoy local wine from Raphael Vineyards courtesy of this wine on tap system. Everyone agreed that going green never tasted so good! 

Verace 1

Wining is fun, but wining and dining is really where the party's at. Verace covered this base by serving homemade pastas, an antipasto station with assorted meats and cheeses, seasonal coponata, Verace special meatballs, tomato and fig bruschetta, crostini with cheese and honey, and baked clams. The food was so good that Chris I yelped, "It was so good that I felt my grandmother giving me the evil eye all the way from her house because I was enjoying it too much." 


Verace 2

Rounding out the entertaining evening, Elites were jazzed by the acoustic guitar performance, and even Yelp's own Jane K played role of "The World's Worst Caricature Artist". Franco C said it best when he yelped, "With the music, the food and the people, you totally forgot you were on Long Island and felt like you were on vacation." For more on this wonderful event don't forget to check out pics and reviews.



Drew A

Yelp Long Island Community Manager

Northern Virginia is Livin' La Vida Fresca

Posted by Kimberly

Yelp NoVa celebrated their inaugural Elite event with a funky, fresh nineties themed party that can only be described as "Whoa!"


Lime Fresh Mexican Grill threw down by providing a fiesta of food that included fresh homemade salsa and guacamole, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and hot-from-the-fryer sopapillas and cinnamon-sugar dusted tortilla chips. According to Michelle B, "The food was off the chain!" A bevy of SNICK-era themed beverage options including "Margarita Explains it All," "My So-Called Sangrita," and "Saved by The Sangria" was enjoyed of all.


Poshbooth was on hand to capture the Lime Fresh's age-old tradition of sucking on the lime as well as pose some crazy, sexy, cool Yelper photos.


DJ Uzzle pumped up the jam and popped out hits Lionel Ritchie style -- all night long. Charles H enjoyed the throwback music so much that he and a fellow yelper were inspired to take break dance lessons next month! 


"If Girl Talk and Electronic Mall Madness won't make your evening, I don't know what will!" proclaims Lia M. A majority of her night was spent at the Retro Game Room which housed classic board games and a collection of Goosebumps and Baby-Sitters Club books for Yelper enjoyment.

Props to Tim Tolentino Photography for capturing the evening on camera to relive the fun! Check all the photos out here. If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

Until next time...SYOY,


Kimberly V

Yelp Northern Virginia Community Manager


Yelp Dallas Is Off To See The Wizard Elite Event

In the words of those four quirky characters we've all learned to love, "Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Oh My! This past Thursday it was "Free screening, drinks, and food...Oh My!" Historical gem, the Texas Theatre graciously opened its doors to us Wizard of Oz-loving Dallas Elites. The old-school establishment most notably known for Lee Harvey Oswald's hide out on that gloomy November day - proudly screened the 1939 classic via print 35 mm film.


Buffalo Trace and newcomer  Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon concoctions quenched our thirsts, Wizardry costumes made us laugh, and a one on one tour of the famous theatre made us proud Dallasites. Among the favorite characters, The Lollipop Kids, a Flying Monkey, and the best looking Dorothy we've ever seen were all in attendance.


Melissa B sums up the evening quite perfectly when she yelps, "Before I found a seat for the viewing, I was given a small bag of fresh popcorn to accompany my Firefly Sweet Tea Burbon Sunrise. I've never had burbon before. I found it to be just the right amount of sweetness and enjoyed it very much!" But it's Jodi G that really captures the essence of the theatre when she "steps under the marquee and through the theater doors: she is transported back in time to a much simpler time when going to the matinee was a big treat for kids and adults alike." But the biggest highlight of the evening had to be the private tour we received from one of the theatre's owners. He even took us up to the projection room where the print films are projected and even let us peek at the film reels dating back to the 1930's!


After such a whimsical event, it's only right to recognize our wonderful sponsors again. Thank you to Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon for enchanting elixirs that paired so perfectly with the Wizard of Oz. And thank you to Texas Theatre for your hospitatlity and sustaining such a Dallas gem. Don't forget to take a peek at the rest of the pics and reviews. Also, for more tips and local updates like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @yelpdallas, and of course - subscribe to the Dallas Weekly Yelp Newsletter. And until next time...

See You On Yelp,

Frances G, the good witch of the North





De langste Ontbijttafel @ Felix Pakhuis Yelp Elite Event Antwerp

Posted by Maud

PicMonkey Collage1

De regen viel met bakken uit de lucht maar dat was voor de Yelpers en Yelpinnen absoluut geen reden om het vijfde Yelp Elite event niet bij te wonen! Dit vijfde Elite Event vond zondag 26 augustus plaats bij het FelixPakhuis, 65 Yelpers een complete brunch!

PicMonkey Collagea2

Het Felix Pakhuis is gelegen in een historisch pand waar het stadsarchief van Antwerpen  is ondergebracht! Maar het Felix Pakhuis is ook een restaurant, een zaal voor events, brunchruimte,  café, terras,.. En ze hebben een  lichtgalerij die het stadscentrum verbind met de haven.

PicMonkey Collagea3

De Markt is hun nieuwe paradepaardje om te eten en drinken. Meer dan honderd jaar lang werd deze ruimte gebruikt als opslagruimte voor voedingswaren die vanuit alle windstreken kwamen aangevaren… Kaas, wijn, vruchten, hop, graan, cacao, koffiebonen, thee, … Met paard en kar werden de goederen recht van het schip de binnenstraat ingereden en opgeslagen, je ziet de grote katrollen nog hangen in de Lichtstraat…nu kan je voor al deze waren in de Markt terecht!

PicMonkey Collagea4

In samenwerking met het Felix Pakhuis organiseerden we op de Vlaamse Cultuurdag Het Langste Ontbijt in de Lichtgalerij van 70 meter! 65 Yelpers kwamen ruim op tijd en konden onmiddellijk aanschuiven aan het enorme buffet van brood, beleg, fruitsalades, koffiekoeken, soep, taartjes, bacon, eieren, salades met parmezan, kip en croutons en slaatjes van tomaat mozzarella en rucola! Een feest om  van te smullen!

PicMonkey Collage5

Toen iedereen klaarzat om te eten, kwam er een grote verrassing ons Langste Ontbijt nog wat meer warmte inblazen! Wat Netsky is voor drum’n bass is Karen Vermeiren als sopraan in de Opera wereld! Zij zong Madame Butterfly en iedereen werd er stil van! Sommigen pinkten zelf een traan weg! Als kers op de taart kwam ATV (de Antwerpse regionale zender) het Yelp elite event filmen en werden Yelpers geïnterviewd!

PicMonkey Collagea6

Graag wil ik Tom, Ivo en Bert van het Felix Pakhuis bedanken voor deze prachtige lokatie, het overheerlijke eten en drinken en de geweldige service aan tafel! Jullie serveren de beste brunch van de Stad zonder twijfel! Rudolf Van der Ven voor de prachtige foto’s en uiteraard het hele leger Yelpers die voor een warme gezellige zondagse voormiddag zorgden! Lees zeker de reviews van dit event! Geniet van de prachtige foto’s en het filmpje van sopraan Karen Vermeiren!

PicMonkey Collagea7

Christophe C = " Wederom een fantastisch Yelp-evenement!Met een kater van hier tot ver voorbij Tokio, ik denk dat Neil Armstrong hem nog voorbij heeft zien flitsen, toch uit men bed gekropen voor een magistraal uitziend ontbijt."

Tatjana L = "Ik moest het allemaal even laten bezinken en als ik eraan terugdenk dan heb ik nog steeds tranen in mijn ogen! Ja een beetje hormonaal maar ook gewoon ontroerd door de prachtige stem, het superlekker eten, de oprecht lieve mensen.. een familie gevoel.. en dat was lang geleden!"

Saskia N = "Het was weer de waanzin, dit Yelp-event.
Nog treurend om het gemiste fluofeest werd ik helemaal terug vrolijk van een free breakfast op één van de mooiste locaties van de stad, in mijn personal favorite Felix Pakhuis ***mexican wave***"

  PicMonkey Collagea8

Tot yelps


Maud Nujar

Community Manager Yelp Antwerpen


Rain fell from the sky but our Yelpers didn't care one bit: everyone was there!

PicMonkey Collagea9

The Felix Pakhuis is a historic building where the city archive of Antwerp is stored! But apart from that it's also a restaurant, an event venue, a brunch room, café, terrace, ... On top of that they have a light gallery that connects the city center with the harbor. The Market is their latest flagship for dinner and drinks. For over a 100 years this space was used as a storage facility for food from all over the world... Cheese, wine, fruit, hop, grain, cacao, coffee beans, tea, ... With a horse and carriage the goods were delivered right from the ship to the interior street and stored there, you can still see the large pulleys in the Lichtstraat... Now you can get all these goods in de Markt!
Together with the Felix Pakhuis we organized "The Longest Breakfast" on the Flemish Culture Day, in the 70 meter long Light Gallery! 65 Yelpers arrived well on time and got to start right away with the huge buffet of bread, spreads, fruit salads, pastries, soup, pies, bacon, eggs, salads with parmezan, chicken & croutons and salads with tomato, mozzarella and rucola! A party for your mouth!
PicMonkey Collagea10

When everyone was ready for brunch, a big surprise came by to blow some extra warmth to the event. What Netsky is for drum'n'bass, Karen Vermeiren is for soprano singers in the world of Opera! She sang Madame Butterfly and everyone turned quiet for a few minutes, some Yelpers even wondered if someone was cutting onions as we saw some teary eyes. To top it off, ATV (the regional TV-channel from Antwerp) came by to film the event and interview a few Yelpers!

PicMonkey Collagea11

I'd really like to thank Tom, Ivo and Bert from the Felix Pakhuis for this wonderful location, the amazing food and drinks and the great table service! You guys served the best brunch of town without a doubt! Rudolf for the wonderful pictures and of course the entire Yelp army that made sure we all had a great, cozy Sunday noon. Be sure to read the reviews for this event! Enjoy the great pictures and the movie of soprano Karen Vermeiren!

SYOY! xoxo


Maud Nujar

Community Manager Yelp Antwerp

Yelps Teestunde im Jäger Tee

Posted by Andreas R

Bei dreißig Grad im Schatten gibt es nichts erfrischenderes, als eine schöne Tasse heißen Tee. Was sich wie ein Scherz anhört, ist tatsächlich gängige Praxis in vielen südlichen Ländern dieser Welt. Wir haben uns zu diesem Zweck an einem heißen Augustabend in Wiens ältestes Teefachgeschäft, dem Jäger Tee in der Operngasse, begeben.


Damit die Besucher nicht gleich beim Eintreten einen Hitzeschock erleiden mussten, wurde zur Begrüßung Sekt und Matcha Tee ausgeteilt - beides schon kühl und erfrischend. Danach folgte die Einweisung durch Christoph vom Jäger Tee: nicht nur über die Geschichte des Geschäfts sowie das Programm des Abends erfuhr man einiges, auch die Verwandschaftsverhältnisse des Jäger Teams wurden eingehend durchleuchtet (und nachher abgeprüft ;)

Im Wunderland des Geschäfts waren zwischen Teekannen, Buddhastatuen und anderen Augenfreuden diverse Tische mit Teeproben aufgebaut. Jeder Yelper konnte sich mittels eigener Probiertasse durch das Sortiment des Ladens kosten. Glücklicherweise bekam auch jeder Tester eine Checkliste, auf der man die Lieblingssorten ganz einfach notieren konnte. Für den kleinen Hunger zwischendurch waren diverse Teegebäcke aufgelegt.


Wer sich mit der Yelp-App eingecheckt hatte, bekam eine Teerose geschenkt, doch auch alle anderen mussten nicht leer ausgehen, denn zum Abschied gab es noch ein Geschenkpaket, das eine Probierportion aller an diesem Abend getesteten Teesorten umfasste.


Ein riesiges Dankeschön geht an das Team vom Jäger Tee, das für die Yelper ein wirkich großartiges Programm zusammengestellt hat und vor allem durch ihre offene Art und Begeisterung für ihr Geschäft viele neue Teefreunde erschaffen hat.

Mehr Fotos des Abends gibt es hier, was die Yelper über den Abend zu sagen haben kann hier nachgelesen werden.

Servus und bis bald,


Andreas R



There is nothing more refreshing than a hot cup of tea when it´s is thirty degrees celsius outside. What sounds like a joke at first is actually common practice in various southern countries. Inspired by that we held an elite event on a hot August evening at Vienna´s oldest tea store, the Jäger Tee at Operngasse.

To avoid people having a heat stroke, all Yelpers received a glas of bubbles and matcha tea upon entering the store - both bevereages were served nice and cool. Right after Christoph from Jäger Tee instructed his guest on the program for the evening.

Between tea cans, buddha statues and other treasures, tables with tea samples had been installed right within the store´s wonderland. Every Yelper got his own tea cup with which they could taste themselves through the stores sortiment. Fortunately, everyone also received a checklist, on which everyone´s favorit brands could be noted. Nobody had to leave hungry due to the various tea cakes that were offered.

Everyone who checked in with the Yelp-App received a tea rose as a free giveaway, but nobody had to go home with empty hands: everyone received a farewell present, that consisted of samples of all tea brands that had been offered that evening.

A big thank you goes to the Jäger Tee team, that had put together an amazing program for the Yelpers and that created a bunch of new tea experts with their open and inspiring way of interacting with their guests.

Make sure to not miss out on more pictures from the evening and the Yelper´s reviews.

Servus und bis bald,


Andreas R





August 26, 2012

Yelp Fort Worth Salutes The Stockyards @ The Thirsty Armadillo!

It's a story as old as the cattle drive trail itself: locals swagger into the Fort Worth Stockyards, order up a Watermelon Margarita with Partida Tequila or a Coconut Crush with Svedka Colada Vodka and jangle their spurs for awhile. What? No? Well, okay then. Killer cocktails and the musical magic of Fort Worth fave Kenny Uptain it is, then. Or at least it was recently as local yelpers poured themselves into the Thirsty Armadillo for a festive and memorable evening.

"Another fun night with Yelp!" chirped Jennifer M at the zenith of her libation liberty: "I loved the free cocktails - the Svedka coconut crush and Partida watermelon margarita were my favorites!" And Diana E was all about Kenny Uptain's "great selection of songs, with a country twang to them." Natch!

In the end, yelpers walked with some kitschy schwag and one lucky winner scored a pair of tickets to the Fort Worth Music Fest, but arguably the most fantastic score was the time we spent together, as always. As Samantha S revealed, "places like the Thirsty Armadillo make me more inclined to venture over in this area." Just like the cowboys of yore. 'Cept with cocktails!

'Til September, SYOY!

-Kevin N

August 25, 2012

Boston Elites Do It Dirty Jersey Style at Sweet Caroline's!

Posted by Damien S

Stay in your neck of the woods, Snooki. We're talking the sportiest of attire, and the denizens of Title City arrived in fanatical style – adorned in their team's colors and ready to rock a very Fenway Elite Event! The good folks at Sweet Caroline's dark wood doors swung open Monday to welcome Boston's best Yelpers for a night of bites, brews and a living, breathing Green Monster.


Sister to Battery Park in the Financial, Sweet Caroline's features upscale twists on bodacious bar grub. Chef Joshua Smith (of Four Seasons and Tico fame) circulated silver platter after platter of buffalo chicken rangoon, Philly cheesesteak eggrolls, brioche sliders, mushroom quesadillas and more. If that weren't enough, Chef manned a grouper ceviche station/heirloom tomato gazpacho bar and the result? Holly B "finally left an Elite event completely stuffed with food!" Will wonders never cease?


Tasty morsels weren't the only things passing lips. Split-level bars and talented 'tenders slung Bacardi-backed Cucumber Basil Mojitos and Absolut Limoncello Drops, while hoppier attendees sipped freshly tapped Harpoon and Newcastle. And what's a sporty-spiced party without a little local representation? The Boston Derby Dames posed for photo ops and Social Boston Sports played an ill-fated game of cornhole (footspace is a premium at Elite events). No worries, lucky raffle winners scored Derby and SBS Harbor Cruise tickets, as well as a fall cornhole league registration – toss 'em if you got 'em!


Yelp Boston's official photog Tatsu snapped from Spiderman spots for these pro pics (tag away on Facebook!) You can read the five-star reviews here and rock the Talk, iffn you'd like. Good times never felt so good, so good, so good.


The Diamond To Your Neil,


Damien S (with Kara G, Annie Malistick and Splitter Noggin)

August 24, 2012

Yelp-tasting @ 18smaker

Posted by Pohman

Torsdagen den 23dje augusti var det dags för Stockholms första Yelp-tasting. På glassmakeriet och caféet 18smaker vid Mariatorget möttes Elityelpare upp för att smaka sig igenom hela sortimentet glass; 18 olika sorter. Glassarna rangordnades från 1 till 18 (där 1 var Yelparens personliga favorit) och alla verkade tycka olika. Utöver rakningen skrev Yelparna även ner sina associationer till glassen. Ann N associerade till exempel bananglassen med "Banana skids" och jordgubbssorben fick Emelie Å att tänka på "självplock på Västkusten". Läs Yelparnas avsmakningsrapporter här! För fler bilder se vårt Flickralbum, Facebooksida eller Instagram. Ett stort tack till Dan och Karin på 18smaker för en fin kväll och för att ni egentillverkar ekologisk glass i Stockholm!

On Thursday August 23rd, the Elite squad in Stockholm was invited to its first Yelp-tasting; a small intimate event at the local ice cream shop and producer 18smaker. The task was simple; the Elites were to taste and rate the whole selection of 18 flavors of ice cream (where 1 was the Yelper's personal favorite). Apart from the ranking, the Yelpers wrote down what they associated the ice creams with. Ann N associated the banana flavor with "Banana skids" and the strawberry sorbet made Emelie Å think about "picking strawberries herself on the west coast of Sweden." Read all of the ice cream tasting reports here! For more pictures, visit our Flickr album, Facebook page or Instagram. A warm thank you to Dan and Karin at 18smaker for a lovely evening and for producing ecological ice cream locally in Stockholm!



Yelp Stockholm Community Manager

August 23, 2012

Yelp Gets Its Groove Back

Posted by Evelyn W

Yelp Toronto: Groove is in the hea-eaaaart!

Stay cool my babies, because Yelp Toronto is back in action. Yelp Gets Its Groove Back was a booty shakin’ success.

150 Elites and their fiiine plus ones boogied into LA’s Italian + Bar for two fun-filled hours in their finest groovy duds.  LA’s fit the cool cat theme perfectly notes Elite Sarah K P: “It’s a very cool venue, love the wall to wall carpet and bi-level space.” Oh yeaaaahhhh… lots of space to groove along with the rad vinyl stylings of Bix.

Groove collage

Campari cocktails had us thinking pink with what Alex S describes as “classed-up Italian Inspired greyhounds.” The crowd crooned for them along with the flowing full pints of Hop City’s Barking Squirrel. The plentiful bevies were totally psychedelic, man.

To soak up all of this booze there were passed apps a plenty, and, the star of the evening… wait for it… “A Porchetta Carving Station? Get out.” Oh Tara Z, don’t get out… get down.  Get down we did. Down and dirty with some piggy.

Shout out to Dishan S for his far out costume which won him a grand prize of a dinner for two to LA’s sister restaurant Volos. Well played, tie-dyed sir. Well played.  To see photos of groovy get-ups and much more visit our flickr page powered by Paul Hillier Photography, who didn’t miss a beat. (Full pictures coming soon!)

Thanks again to our host LA’s and our barking beer sponsor Hop City, and if you haven’t already add your two-cents in a review.

Party on TO Elites… you’re back!

Yelp 70's event-2

Evelyn W

August 22, 2012

Yelp Half Burst-Day Party @ Red Door

Posted by Danny Wurst
It's hard to imagine that 6 1/2 years ago, Yelp made its first debut in Chicago. Time sure flies when you're having Yelpy fun! On Monday night, over 200 guests rocked red attire, and made it out to Red Door to celebrate at Yelp's Half Burst-Day Party. Partygoers were set up on the patio - truly one of the city's hidden gems with long, wooden, communal tables - and served a variety of beers (PBR, Blanche de Bruxelles, Modus Hoperandi) and signature cocktails. The Red Door Martini (Grey Goose Cherry Noir, Mint, Lemon, Orchid) and Viking Blood (Akvavit, Right Gin, Chamomile, Red Currents) were the perfect celebratory drinks!
Intro Collage
With a menu that serves up globally-inspired pub fare, Red Door showcased many of their dishes. Yelpers noshed on Smoked Trout Deviled Eggs, Lamb Neck Sloppy Joes, Bacon Wrapped Artichokes Stuffed with Chicken Liver, Bulgogi Spare Ribs, PeekyToe Crab Salad with Grilled Watermelon, Elote with Queso Cotija and Lime Mayo, Oysters with a House Mignonette, and more! Is your mouth watering yet?
Food Collage
This party may go down in history as the most fun and delicious half Burst-Day party of all time. Luckily for us, photographer An Phan was on hand to snap up all the shots, so we can relive the memories next year! Peep the awesome pics for yourself here. Want to find out more about this cool bash? Read all the guests' reviews here. Don't forget to follow Red Door on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to stalk us on there too! (Yelp Chicago FB & Twitter)
Patio Collage
Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp!)

Danny W
Chicago Community Manager

Le mystère est levé! Soirée Élite Yelp à l'Atelier d'Argentine

Le mystère est levé! Après une course effrénée aux indices dans le Vieux Montréal, un petit groupe exclusif d’Élites de Montréal ont finalement découvert leur destination finale, le tout nouveau restaurant L’Atelier d’Argentine. Après quelques bières et verres de vins dans le lounge, les Yelpeurs ont fait un tour guidé complet du restaurant. Janine T a tellement aimé le cellier qu’elle « donnerait son premier né pour y rester! »


Par la suite, un repas de six service suivi d’un dessert a permis aux Yelpeurs de goûtés à une grande variété de plats d’entrée et principaux. Bien que Stéphane S a remarqué que « les prétentions aient été hautes », les Élites ont tout de même adorés leur repas. Marc G y a mangé « le meilleur risotto à vie, et j’y retournerai certainement pour une portion complète. »

Le clou de la soirée? Voir des  Élites nouveaux et vétérans devenir de bons amis grâce au « traitement de star » de l’Atelier d’Argentine. Pour Rawan K, ses compagnes de tables ont été « la cerise sur le sundae qui a rendue la soirée merveilleuse! » Pour les curieux, vous pouvez jeter un coup d'oeil aux autres photo ici, ou bien lire les avis à propos de la soirée ici.


D’ici la prochaine soirée, on se voit sur Yelp?

Marie-Pier R
Chef de communauté,  Yelp Montréal

In English, please? 

Mystery solved! After a hectic race for clues around Old Montreal, a small and exclusive group of Yelp Elites found their final destination at the brand new restaurant L’Atelier d’Argentine. After a few beers and drinks in the lounge, Yelpers got a complete guided tour of the restaurant. Janine T loved the wine cellar so much "that I'd trade my first born for it!"

Right after, a 6-service dinner followed by dessert allowed Yelpers to taste a wide variety of the appetizers and mains from the menu. Even though Stéphane S noticed "pretentions were running high" the Elites loved their meal. Marc G had the "best risotto. You can be sure I'll be back to have a full portion very soon!"

The hit of the night? Seeing new and veteran Elites becoming fast friends thanks to the "star treatment" from L’Atelier d’Argentine. For Rawan K, her table companions were the "great cherry on the top to this wonderful evening!" You can check out more photos here or read full reviews about the evening here.

Until next time, SYOY!

Marie-Pier R
Chef de communauté, Yelp Montréal

August 21, 2012

Yelp Richmond's Sizzling Summer Soiree @ Eurasia

Posted by Jamie

Richmond Elites and guests ended the weekend with a bang at Yelp's Sizzling Summer Soiree Elite Event at Eurasia on Sunday evening. "The intimate and friendly atmosphere, great food, fantastic mojitos, dangerous Jenga, Yelp schwag, and a talented local musician, made" Barry P "feel, well… Elite." Eurasia's classy and comfortable "spacious interior impressed" Judith L and provided the perfect setting for a summer soiree. A huge thank you to Eurasia for welcoming Yelp Elites with open arms and hosting such a sizzling event!

Eurasia para 1 just venue
From achiote-rubbed pulled pork tacos with pickled onions and crème fraîche, to spring rolls with ponzu and spicy mustard, to a duo of shrimp and veggie dumplings, taste buds were delighted. Kelly C couldn't get enough of the "shredded pork tacos - amazing when topped with the sour onions and fraîche." To wash down the scrumptious samples, guests sipped pomegranate mojitos, Fat Tire brews, Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc. Tara S "loved the vegetable spring roll and the pomegranate mojito made me oh, so happy." Thanks to the event, Casey P is "already planning a return for more of those yummy shrimp dumplings and pomegranate mojitos."

Eurasia food
Guests showed their silly sides with photo props, and an enthralling game of giant Jenga revealed competitive spirits. To top it off, talented musician "Thomas Coleman played a great guitar," exclaims Ryan C. Toni G particularly enjoyed "his rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme song." One lucky Elite even won a pair of tickets to Greater Richmond SCAN's six-course wine-paired dinner. And of course it wouldn't be a Yelp Elite Event without an abundance of schwag, so everyone took home shot glass favors wrapped up to look like flowers.

Eurasia activities 2
Eurasia photobooth
Lauren C sums up the event perfectly: "Wonderful company, delicious Pom mojitos, fresh Asian-themed appetizers, and the most terrifying game of Jenga I have ever seen. What more could you ask for on a rainy Sunday night?"

Shout out to our amazing photographer, Bird Cox, who captured sizzling shots throughout the evening. Yearning for more? Peep all the pics and read the reviews.

Until next time, SYOY,

Jamie D

Yelp Richmond Community Manager


Yelp Indy's Seersucker Social Beer Brunch

Posted by Brittany

Black Market and Tenth and Blake Beer Company rolled out the seersucker carpet exclusively for Circle City elites with a four-course brunch paired with five Tenth and Blake Brewing Company brews for Yelp Indy's Seersucker Social Beer Brunch! Yelpers clad in their finest straw hats and stripes were greeted on Black Market's patio with a glass of Batch19, a pre-Prohibition beer recipe, to start the Sunday afternoon off right.

Following some stunning shots at Solar Flare Photography's photo booth complete with lacey umbrellas and croquet props, Yelpers were herded in to the sleek restaurant for a full sit down meal. Christina, our trusty Tenth and Blake beer guru, led us through the story behind each of the five tasty beers ranging from a Belgian abbey beer, St.Stefanus, to Worthington's White Shield IPA. Oooo and it didn't stop there! Head chef, Micah Frank, described each of the thoughtful courses including house sausage breakfast quiche with greens, Welsh rarebit, Viking lamb and vegetable masala with stewed mung beans and raisin waffle with lemon and cream cheese ice cream. Needless to say, yelpers were unbuttoning their seersucker pants when it was all said and done... Seer

A HUGE Thank you to Tenth and Blake Beer Company, Black Market and Indy's fabulous elite squad for a seertastic event!

For a peak at the five star reviews, click here. Mas visuals? Click here.

Yelpfully Yours,

Brittany S.

Yelp Indy Community Manager


Denver's Gold Badge Bash at DiFranco's Italian Deli

Last Thursday Denver Elites went for the gold! Gold badges that is. When a yelper has been a member of the Elite Squad for 5+ years their nifty red badge takes on a golden hue. And for all of that hard work eating, drinking, and shopping locally (and sharing it), we celebrated together at DiFranco's Italian Deli. Elites started the night off right with rides to and from the event courtesy of Uber, which just rolled out car services in Denver. Upon arriving folks grabbed a glass of wine or a beer and sat down at the large community table for 14. While waiting for everyone to arrive we handed out schwag bags with fun items like playing cards, ponchos, and new red, yelpy sunglasses and snacked on fresh meats, cheeses, and tapenades.

After everyone arrived we started the meal with fresh side salads and moved on to the main course of homemade pastas and sauces (spicy fettucine and penne with prosciutto vodka) straight from the recipe book of Ryan DiFranco's Sicilian grandmother. They were so delicious that Nicole W (and pretty much everyone else) would have happily licked the bowls clean! We followed up the decadent meal with dessert truffles from Chocolate Lab and gourmet popsicles from Aiko Pops (think flavors like avocado, strawberry balsalmic, and tomato basil).

We also had a champagne toast, well several toasts, and a special video from Big Pappa himself, aka Jeremy S to round out the evening in style. But, don't take my word for it, check out the photos from Steve Lynds Photography and the reviews from the golden Elites themselves for a full picture of the evening. Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany N

Denver Yelp Community Director


Elite Event: Wein & Yelp im Salt.

Posted by Verena

"Wann wird es mal wieder richtig Sommer?" Dieses Lied ist seit letzter Woche überfällig, denn hier in München ist der Megasommer endlich eingekehrt. Und pünktlich zur Begrüßung der heißen Temperaturen haben wir unser Elite Event: Wein & Yelp im Salt auf der riesengroßen Sommerterasse vom Restaurant Salt  zelebriert.

An jenem heißen Abend fand sich die Münchner Elite und ein paar ausgewählte Yelper zusammen um großes zu leisten. Unsere Aufgabe an jenem Abend war es nämlich nicht nur die viel gelobte Cuisine vom Salt zu testen, sondern den Yelp-Wein des Sommers 2012 zu küren. Hierzu bekamen wir die fachliche Unterstützung von dem Video- und Weinblog  TVINO, die für uns vier Weine zur Verköstigung an diesem Abend ausgewählt haben.

Passend zu den sommerlichen Temperaturen sind wir mit einem erfrsichenden Silvaner Winzer-Sekt aus dem Hause Horst Sauer und einem Starter mit leckerem Brot und Kräuteraufstrich, sowie marinierten Flußkrebsen gestartet. Es dauerte nicht lange bis der erste Gang, eine Kokos-Limettencremesuppe mit Melone und Vitello-Ravioli, serviert wurde. Dann verstummte die erst so gesprächige Yelp-Meute auf einmal und man vernahm nur noch ein "Mmmmhhhh" und "Lecker!"....Das edle Süppchen wurde mit dem außergewöhnlichen Sauvignon Blanc "Springield Life from Stone 2011" aus Südafrika serviert, der vor allen Dingen durch den Anbau auf Kalkstein eine rassige Note mit einem sehr lang anhaltenen Finish versprühte.

Bevor es zum Hauptgang weiter ging, durfte die Münchner Elite sich über einen grandiosen Neuzugang erfreuen. Thorsten M. wurde offiziell sogar mit Lebkuchenherz und vielen Glückwünschen zum Elite in München gekürt. ;-)

ZweitecollagesaltUnd dann ging es weiter. Aufgepasst! Dry Aged Rinderlende mit Tomatenchutney, Nacho-Avokadoknödel und einem kleinen Salat. Das alles mit einer Chimichurri-Soße verfeinert. Wenn das mal nix ist! Der liebliche Zweigelt aus dem Hause Heinrich Gernot rundete dieses geschmackliche Meisterwerk ab.

Alle guten Dinge sind bei Yelp an jenem Abend vier und so wurde der Abend mit einem satten Rotwein, genauergesagt mit einem Condado de Haza Crianza aus dem spanischen Anbaugebiet Ribera del Duero beendet. Dritte_collage_saltUnd das Fazit des Abends. Bei der Weinauswahl von TVINO war wirklich für alle Geschmäcker etwas dabei, so ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass am Ende für alle 4 Weine jeweils die gleiche Anzahl an Stimmen vergeben wurden!

Unser Ergebnis ist somit zweifelslos. Alle vier Weine sind die Yelp Sommer Weine 2012.

Mein Dank gilt an den Restaurantbesitzer Daniel Tenschert, der uns mit Hilfe seines phänomenalen Teams den gesamten Abend über rundum versorgt hat. Ebenfalls ein großes DANKE an Stephanie Döring von TVINO, die es uns ermöglicht hat vier hervorragende Weine zu verköstigen, die unterschiedlicher nicht hätten sein können. Ein Traum!

Und zu guter letzt möchte ich mich bei meinen bezaubernden Kolleginnen Colleen C. und Svenja G. bedanken, die es sich nicht nehmen ließen extra von Berlin nach München zu kommen, um mich an meinem ersten offiziellen Elite Event zu unterstützen. Vielen DANK, dass ihr dabei ward!

Ich freue mich auf das nächste Elite Event!

Hier geht es zu den Bildern des Abends und hier findet ihr die Beiträge zum Event von der Münchner Elite.

Eure Vee
Community Manager Munich.


Just in time with the arriving of the summer in Munich, we were having our Elite Event: Wein & Yelp im Salt on the huge summer terrace from restaurant Salt,

There they were - the yelping Elites of Munich! Our mission that night was to test not only the acclaimed cuisine of Salt, but select the Yelp wine of the summer 2012. For that we got professional support of the video and wine blog TVINO, that was chosing four wines for tasting this evening. Erste_Collage_Salt
Matching the warm weather we were having a refreshing Silvaner wine from the winery Horst Sauer. It was not long until the first course, a coconut and lime soup with melon and Vitello ravioli was served.

Then the so talkative Yelp crowd fell silent at once. You could only hear "mmmmhhhh" and "Yummy!" .... The soup was served with an exceptional Sauvignon Blanc "Springield Life from Stone 2011" from South Africa.

Before the main course was served, we had something to celebrate. Thorsten M.. was officially announced to be part of the elite in Munich. Woohooooo...

But that was not it! Watch out! Dry Aged beef with tomato chutney, Nacho Avocadodumplings and a small salad, topped with a chimichurri sauce.  Soooo delicious. The charming Zweigelt from the winery Gernot Heinrich rounded off this flavor masterpiece.

All good things come in four at that night and so we were ending this evening with a rich red wine Condado de Haza Crianza from the Spanish wine region Ribera del Duero.

And the conclusion of the evening. The wine selection of TVINO was really something for all tastes, so it is not surprising that were giving equal votes for the four wines.

Our result is thus without doubt. All four wines are the Yelp wines of summer 2012.

My thanks go to the restaurant owner Daniel Tenschert and his phenomenal team, that supplied us the entire evening with a wonderful service! Also a big THANK YOU to Stephanie Döring from TVINO, who sampled four excellent wines and made us realize: Yelpers have so much in common on one hand, but on the other hand have such a different taste.

And finally I would like to thank my lovely co workers Colleen C.and Svenja G. that made it all from Berlin to Munich, to help me on my first official elite event. Thank YOU that you've been there!

Looking forward for the next elite event!

Find the pics of the evening here  and the reviews from the event here.

Community Manager Munich.

Fotos für Augustinerkeller | Yelp

Yelp Melbourne's High School Yelper Party

Posted by Tresna

With 400 Yelpers coming out last night to Yelp's High School Party - the first of its kind in Australia - it's official: Melbourne knows how to party. 

There was plenty of space to move (silently or otherwise) thanks to our host Strike Bowling and lots of hidden corners to find a surprise or two. Not to mention... free bowling! Most Yelpers embraced the school spirit and uniformed up as students or teachers and those who ignored the dress code were given immediate detention.


Whimsy and unrealised dreams aside, Yelpers adorned uniforms to support our charity partner One Girl who helps provide education to girls in Sierra Leone. These fantastic folks were onhand all night running the cloak room (with coat hangers from ibag and racks from RackMan) and spreading the word about their upcoming Do It In A Dress campaign. It was great to see some blokes showing off their legs for this worthy cause.


High Schoolers have quite the appetite, so it's a good thing The Merrywell was in the Tuck Shop with soy duck summer rolls and grilled fish tacos. Not what you remember from your school days? Well Windsor Deli delighted Yelpers with their packed lunches - complete with homemade brownie, gourmet sandwich and a cheeky Redskin or two and Fugazza toasted hundreds of their light-as-air sandwiches. For the sweet-tooths in the crowd there was thick hot-chocolate and macarons from Little Feat and both full and miniature sized cupcakes from The Cupcake Queens. But the royal spoiling didn't stop there...


Magners Irish Cider provided both pear and apple cider in their new summer-friendly cans, Giesen kept the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir flowing and Miss Jayne from Two Birds Brewing worked the roomserving her Golden and Sunset Ales. For the Yelpers who partied harder than that back in the day, 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka partnered up with Capi to provide a refreshing cocktail made from 666 Vodka, Capi Ginger Beer, Vanilla Bean Syrup and Lime.  Served in gigantic Redd Cups, they went down a treat! Pure Energy kept everyone amped with their organic  guarana infused fuel.



The nurses from Miss Fox came to our aid In the Sick Bay giving ladies (and some gents!) braids and pigtails, as well as colourful nail art. Paper Lashes adorned Yelper eyelids and had everyone fluttering their eyes in full flirt mode! Pana Chocolate kept our sugar levels steady with samples of their hand made and organic delights.


Then of course those little extras that really make a party come to life -  an Art Room, a Kissing Corner some Impulse and Lynx in the bathrooms, official "note passers" and of course an amazing sponsor like San Francisco International Airport who offered up two return tickets to San Francisco for one lucky Yelper. Our winner Kevin S was randomly selected from a list of everyone who checked in at the event and he'll no doubt enjoy his upcoming excursion to the birth place of Yelp.

The Science Lab was full of discovery and wonder, as usual. Mark from Balderdash pulled out all of the third wave coffee trickery and Lord Coconut delighted Yelpers with his taxidermied animals, hand craft jewels and, a crowd favourite, a 3D printer that at one point was printing a replica of Yoda!


And, just when Yelpers thought they had seen it all, into the Laser Strike arena for some Silent Disco from Party Higher! Headphones on and tunned in to one of the three live DJs, Yelpers absolutely outdid themselves with some fabulous moves, honouring every shakable ounce of what their mumma gave them.


Before we knew it, it was time to move on to the after party, hosted over the road at Strike QV. With free karaoke and drinks specials, let's just say that many a Yelper may have wagged work today.

Thank you to all of our sponsors whose generosity made this a great celebration of all things Yelpy and Melbourne, and contributed to our stuffed goodie bags with additions from Eshu, Coast, Brasserie Bread, Hair Upstairs, Game Masters and Urban Importers. Thanks also to our wonderful Yelper helpers who helped maked this a terrific night - you know who you are!

A tweet said it best:

"So @YelpMelbourne decided to throw a party, on a Monday, high school themed and feed people packed lunches. Pretty rad. #yelphigh"  - @IvanVanderbyl

Yup, that's how we roll here at Yelp. Consider yourself schooled, Melbourne.


Check out the photos HERE and HERE and feel free to use your photo on your Yelp profile.

We also had a RAD VIDEO made of the night.

Read what others have to say HERE and join in TALK.

We throw parties every month for our Elite Squad - want more details?

Until next time students, class dismissed! 

SYOY! (See You On Yelp)

Tresna L


August 20, 2012

KC Elites Throw A Hotel Party @ The Ambassador

Posted by Matt

If you want to party, there's no better place to do it than a hotel. And at the Ambassador Hotel in downtown Kansas City, Yelp Elites got to channel their inner rockstar at the Yelpiest Hotel Party this city has seen!

Elites mingled with movers and shakers at the hotel's bar Reserve. Highlighting their extensive menu of signature cocktails, guests enjoyed complimentary drinks such as blood orange pisco sours and French 75s. Meanwhile servers circled the floor with trays of treats. Tuna tartar, duck confit and miniature tarts were all passed out to hungry Elites. When it was time to take a break from mingling, it was easy to relax on the plush, oversized furniture that is the hotel's signature look. 


But what's a hotel party without getting a chance to check out the suites? Yelpers were given the first look at the hotel's Rockstar Suites. These two-level suites are big enough to fit a couple dozen of your closest friends! Also able to fit in? A Shutterbooth photo station! Yelpers preened and posed for photos, practicing their look for when they end up on the cover of Rolling Stone. Or maybe TMZ.



As the party began to wind down, it was time for one last surprise. We drew the name of one lucky Yelper, who won a complimentary night's stay at the Ambassador Hotel. And wanting anybody to leave feeling like they had received the A-List treatment, the hotel offered gift bags to each guest, with hotel essentials such as lotions and eye pillows. Because even these Yelpy rockstars have to sleep sometime.

Thanks to the hotel, and thanks to everybody who was able to attend. We'll see you next time!


Your Friendly CM

Matt E


KC Elites Have a Swanky Sunday at Capital Grille

Posted by Matt

What's the most fun way to spend a Sunday? One hundred KC Yelp Elites found out the answer when they attended Swanky Sunday at Capital Grille! Celebrating their Generous Pour promotion, Capital Grille opened up their cellars to the Yelp Elite squad. Selected by Master Sommolier George Miliotes, servers offered unlimited pours of nine different wines, his favorites from around the world.


But they didn't stop at just wine. Food was provided to perfectly compliment each of the nine vino selections. Meat and cheese trays overflowed with artisnal selections. Delicate lobster and crab cakes! Juicy sirloin sliders! Even edamame burgers! All kept coming, with recommendations of which wine would best compliment the flavors of the food. And for desert? Endless creme brulees with berries and espresso tortes.


And yet, they still weren't done. Tours were offered throughout the restaurant, so guests could see for themselves the inner workings of a top-notch restaurant. Everybody received a gift bag including delicious chocolates and a certificate for a Stoli Doli, Capital Grille's signature cocktail. And one lucky guest even won a dinner for two, complete with the same unlimited wines, thanks to the Generous Pour. In the end, all Yelp Elites agreed that this was an event NOT to be missed.


Thanks again to the Capital Grille, and thanks to all the Yelpers who made this event extra special!

Your Friendly CM

Matt E



Honolulu Yelpers Do Good & Feel Good At The Yelp Helps Kick-Off Party

Posted by Emi H

It's a bird! It's plane! No... it's the Yelp Helps "Everyday Heroes" Kick-Off Party to the rescue! 800+ good hearted Honolulu yelpers came down to the Hawaii Foodbank for a do good, feel good shindig centered around the power of volunteerism! Dressed in heroic attire, everyone from Superman to Hipster Underdog to the Purple Flash came out for a night of non-profit matchmaking and yelp-errific fun. Throughout the night, guests donated over 1000 pounds of food and $1000+ to the Hawaii Foodbank!

PicMonkey Collage

25+ non-profts were featured at this year's Yelp Helps and set-up interactive booths to provide party guests with information about their organization's volunteer opportunities. The Aloha United Way ran an interactive photo booth, while Habitat For Humanity had yeeps build a wooden Yelp house. Hawaii Opera Theater treated us to a live performance as the Blue Planet Foundation showed off their electrical hand crank device. From animals to kids to sustainability, yelpers were able to find their perfect charitable match all under one roof!

PicMonkey Collage3

In true Yelp fashion, it ain't a par-tay without some free food & drinks! BambuTwo poured delish Kai Vodka cocktails, while Aloha Beer and Hawaii Bitters kept the beer and shots flowing. Thirsty from talking it up with so many non-profits, yelpers visited the ING Direct Orange RV and got their Kona Red smoothie fix at Jamba Hawaii. Hard Rock Cafe, MAC 24/7, Tiki's Grill & Bar, Paul's Poppers and Uncle Bo's dished out the nom nom worthy savory eats.

PicMonkey Collage 4

Sweets fans devoured treats made by Hokulani Bake Shop, Hawaiian Cheesecake, Aloha Pops, Otto Cake and Via Gelato. The RAW Artists Honolulu crew set-up shop all over the Hawaii Foodbank Warehouse and showcased their talents via live drawing, painting, dancing and music! Yeeps pa-pa-pa-partied to beats by Mystical Sounds Productions who lit up the warehouse.

PicMonkey Collage 5

Spa services relaxed the mood with eyebrow waxing from Lena's Fab Brows, fake lashes from Face Art Beauty and massages by Bliss Mobile Spa. Mobile Gamer Guys got everyone dancing on the digital front, as Screenfuse delighted social media enthusiasts with a giant Twitter and Instagram wall. Doug Oshiro created balloon art galore and Photo Ops captured the memories in a custom Yelp Helps photo booth. Star 101.9's Kevin Jones emcee'd the evening affair and capped it all off with a Yelpiest Super Hero costume contest complete with 80,000 mile prize giveaways from Alaska Air!

PicMonkey Collage 6

Special thanks to the Hawaii Foodbank, First Hawaiian Bank, Alaska Air, Star 101.9 & Royal Party Rentals! 

Want to get the scoops on yelpy volunteering in your 'hood? Read through the stupendous 5-star reviews, leap into the party pics by Kelli Bullock photography, stay tuned for the video by Oriana Bolden and chat it up on Talk

SYOY & Aloha!


Emi H (+ Yelp 365 Challenge Finishers Nelson Q & Kim M)

Senior Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu





Providence Elites Live La Dolce Vita at Pane E Vino!

Posted by Hilary H

50 Providence Elites snuggled into a private room at Pane E Vino for an evening of Italian elegance, channeling the 1950's in Fellini-esque apparel and living la dolce vita for a few hours at Yelp's Roman Holiday Elite Event. "This event was so dolce/bellissimo/bene," it made Bestsy R "want to learn Italian!" She's "in amore – seriously amazing cocktails, wine selection, and food. So fabulous."

"Bravissimo for providing yelpers with a bella notte filled to the brim with great food," including a trio of tarts featuring duck confit, beef Bolognese, and eggplant caponata that Rebecca H enjoyed with "great wine and fun, friendly, fashionable Elites as far as the eye could see." Marcy L "rejoiced in the comfort of freshly sautéed little potato pillows" from the gnocchi station manned by none other than Chef Fraser. Mckenzie G loved the "fabulous gnocchi, made with marinara sauce to die for and Narragansett creamery cheese melted in at the very end. Definitely one of the highlights of the night!"

"The bread pudding at Pane E Vino is legendary. As a serious bread pudding aficionado," this recipe is easily one of Victoria K's favorites. Jennifer E loved the "decadently sweet" dessert, and found it to be "a great finale for the evening's fare." Another sweet touch "came from the bar serving up wine and Zyr vodka tastings – mixing up delicious cocktails" such as blueberry cosmos and Laura S's favorite, the "Amsterdam & Tonic – an excellent summer drink - very light and refreshing," and she loves "the idea of combining St. Germain and gin!"

Our amazing friend and photographer, Brad Smith was there to work his magic and capturing the amazing Elites in their finest. Peep the full batch photos on flickr, and the wonderful reviews on Yelp!

Until next time, bambinos!

- Hilary H (with Jane K on the assist!)

Yelp PVD Community Manager

August 18, 2012

Yelp Baltimore's Sunset and Seafood Happy Hour Elite Event!

Posted by Elsa M.

Yelp Elites set sail on a sensational seafood and sunset voyage courtesy of one of the Harbor's most-known neighborhood gems: The Rusty Scupper. After a long day of work, "Yelp's Seafood and Sunset Happy Hour Elite Event" soothed more than 70 elites with third-floor panoramic views.

"It was also my first time at the Rusty Scupper," says life-long Baltimorean, Robby B. "The restaurant was great and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better view of the harbor."

The view may have caught their eyes, but the food and drink were the stars of the show and "went perfectly with the setting overlooking the water," according to Pascal P.

     Collage 2

"To begin, the food selection was AMAZING - lump crab cakes made on the spot??! Jumbo shrimp-the-size-of-your-head cocktail! Crap Dip! Oysters!" exclaims new Elite Kris L.

"The servers walked around with teriyaki beef skewers, blackend tuna (which I loved) and tomato/mozzerella," Jordan K adds. An array of specialty wines especially selected by the staff for elites were poured both at the bar and by the window for Elites to sip and savor as well.

    Collage 3 

And don't forget dessert: Yelp cake! Joseph K couldn't believe how "perfectly moist" it was, with "the frosting that wasn't grainy nor too sweet, and a jelly middle layer that was an awesome addition ...a slight acidity/fruitiness to balance out the sweetness overall." 

"But you know the best part: The People," says super-friendly Devonna B. "All of the Rusty Scupper staff were so delightful. Ed, the manager was extremely personable, as was the assistant manager. The waiters and waitresses were AWESOME. I really can't shout out any individual, otherwise I'd have to list the enter wait staff."

     Collage 1

Elites, themselves, should get a hand as well with the excellent mixing and mingling and meeting of all the new Elites.  As seasoned-Elite Kit H put it: "I always enjoy being among Yelp Baltimore's merry band of castaways."  I have to say, I second that.  Love that the band's getting bigger and greater everyday!

Way to go, Yelp Baltimore!

Until our next adventure...

Elsa M.

Yelp Baltimore CM



August 17, 2012

Yelp Miami Hits A Home Run

Posted by Johnny Todd

There's a chance you might have noticed it. There's a big dome in the Little Havana skyline. You can't miss it. It's called Marlins Park. Turns out, a major league ball club lives there. But, in addition to triple plays and arguments with umpires, there's an abundance of architectural awesomeness, gorgeous meeting spaces, incredible views, and some of the best food in the Magic City (for real) residing within those hallowed halls. Over 150 lucky Elites got to experience this and more when they discovered Yelp Has Game.

7789607912_7fe42486a3_b 7789616276_c61b01247c_b 7789618292_483a31905a_b 7789624232_3e993c4946_b

The event began with a private, VIP, all-access tour of the Park. From the fish at home plate to the Diamond Club, guests had the chance to experience the venue in ways that many people never do. Original pieces of art, 360 views of the city, locker rooms, barber shops, and more bobbleheads than you can shake a stick at were just some of the sights that captivated Elites. As the former Orange Bowl, sports and history enthusiasts from all over South Florida oohed and ahhed at the intersection of past and present.

7789609348_dd9970d6b9_b 7789614048_eab04928a3_b 7789622958_3391b75874_b 7789632452_c31017b8a8_b

Park toured, it was time to eat. Ethusiastic Elites got a sneak peek at the feast ahead at The Clevelander at Marlins Park. Frozen drinks and totchos (tater tot nachos) provided the right amuse bouche to get bellies ready for the feast ahead. Yes, feast. Marlins Park is known for having phenomenal food but not until one eats it, do she really know. Lobster Rolls, gourmet hot dogs, nachos, Cubano sandwiches, chicharrones, plantains, ceviche, and shrimp burgers were just some of the offerings of the evening. Stunned guests were simply overwhelmed with the amount and quality. This ain't peanuts and cracker jacks.

7789606972_ca076a18f7_b 7789619720_d4c4687e77_b 7789627080_149b9cea43_b 7789640142_d3b0cd23ec_b

The game against the Phillies took the attention away from the food and guests were treated to a thriller. Throughout the experience, guests raved about the top-notch service present at the Park. No matter the setting, Elites were greeted with a smile, wave and warm welcome. Even Billy the Marlin stopped by to make sure everyone was having a good time. Alex H was on hand to take photos. Check them out here. Over-the-moon guests wrote their impressions here. Baseball may be America's pastime, but Marlins Park is Miami's present-time. Come for the game and stay for so much more. Play ball!

7789555908_675bc460a6_b 7789592802_99c463feaa_b 7789585440_8339bbe618_b 7789597404_c58d6d9fe5_b

Stealing home,

Johnny T

August 16, 2012

Yelp shouts "So Long Summer!"

Posted by BrettNehls

Ok, lets be honest – it's summer in Florida until Thanksgiving, but let us pretend to be normal for a day. It's mid-August, school is soon to start, and we're just around the corner from tailgating for football games again. What better way to say "arrivederci" to the hot-season, than with a Yelp soiree? theAvenue played the ultimate host to this festive summer celebration, which was most articulately illustrated by Thomas A. "Rather than entering a mere bar and grill, I found myself swept into a swirling, festive atmosphere where sunglasses were worn indoors, and the menfolk of the tribe were shirted in floral cloth of a Hawaiian nature." That's right, Yelp doesn't mess around.


There's a reason we say, "It's neat to be Elite!" Diana C backs that statement up – "What a glorious experience! I loved the company, the food, and the fun - obviously! It was such a great experience to be a part of this amazing group of people. Can't wait for my next Yelp Elite event!" And everyone knows that no Yelp party is complete without massive amounts of schwag!


Of course, Yelp would be nothing without Yelp-nation showing up in herds, and Caroline C echoes those sentiments, "The Elite squad was brought together for a sweaty good time at theAvenue. I had a blast seeing so many of my Tampa Bay Lady Blogger friends, as well as my fellow Elite buddies who have become friends over the past few months. Everyone is always such a blast!" Well, we think you're just swell, too, Caroline!


What are the three favorite words of any given Yelper? Food, drink... and free! Our generous host provided a drink menu that consisted of Corona's, White Sangria, Red Sangria, and the signature Hunch Punch. Zach H enjoyed the drinks, but raves about the food – "the Mac N' Cheese Slider was uh-mazing! I'd consider making a trip across the Bay, to theAvenue just for this slider. The fries were some of the best in the area – well seasoned and perfectly fried... crunchy on the outside, and a silky texture on the inside."



Entertainment was provided by some great local vendors! The sweet sounds ringing throughout the night were courtesty of the musical stylings of Chris Cox. Chris has been doing shows in the Bay Area and all over Florida for the past 3 years. Influenced by the likes of John Mayer and Dave Matthews, Chris knows that music has the power to speak to our souls in a language, like nothing else can. You can find Chris playing live at theAvenue every Friday night from 9p-1a, as well as many other Bay Area locations every week. Check out his full schedule here! Yelpers that were brave enough to pull back the curtain, found themselves a photo booth, strategically placed next to the bar (of course!) Fabulous Photo Booth was providing laughs and many photogenic moments throughout the evening. Victoria A couldn't agree more, "the photo booth was one of the highlights from the night. After some drinks, we ventured over and it was so exciting- I've always seen them but never had never taken advantage... until now!" Fabulous Photo Booth has been crashing parties all over Florida since 2009 and is ready to hit up your next event! Between weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, and any other kind of celebration – Fabulous Photo Booth is there to add to the fun. Last but not least, the beautiful photos you see were shot by one Gerardo Luna. Gerardo has loved photography for years and enjoys nothing more than getting behind a camera and making the magic happen! By trade, he's actually a Real Estate Agent for Signature Realty Associates, where he has been helping people find their dream home across the Tampa Bay region for the last three years.



What can be said that hasn't been already? Great people, endless fun, phenomenal entertainment, and a venue generously hooking us up with scrumbscious treats all evening. What club is better than this one? Not one that I'm familiar with. 

Until next time, we'll just be SYOY (Seein' Ya On Yelp)


Brett N.

Yelp Tampa Bay - Community Manager

August 15, 2012

Yelp Celebrates Palisade's 20th Bday!

Posted by Katy

Palisade is turning 20 this year, so what better way to celebrate than by hosting a fab Elite Event for the Seattle Yelp Elite Squad? With a carved-ice Absolut martini luge, an assortment of wines, a Hawaiian dance performance, seafood platters atop beds of dry ice, a champagne toast and a beautiful blue birthday cake, you'd think that was enough right? But no! PicMonkey Collage1
It couldn't have been a lovelier day in Seattle. This over-the-top indoor/outdoor event allowed for Elite members to tour the Alani Room, an event space adjacent to the restaurant, and enjoy some cocktails in the courtyard. With gorgeous views of the marina we had an and additional hour of meet and greets where guests got to meet the staff of Palisade, check out the restaurant, take a seat and soak it all in while munching on fresh sushi bites and cake with champagne. Food included AK spot prawn top hats, halibut ceviche, and Hawaiian ahi poke. Yum!PicMonkey Collage4PicMonkey Collage3After a full two hours of awesome, many guests stuck around to stay and pay for more. With food, drinks, views and weather this good, it was sure hard to leave! Outfitted with coupons for complimentary apps, the generosity of Palisade was reflected in all of the glowing event reviews. We sure hope they invite is back again to celebrate 40 years!PicMonkey Collage2
To read or write a review of the event click here

Photos taken by our friend and Yelp photog, Carlos Zamora from Losif Photo. To see more photos please check out the Yelp Flickr Page or our Yelp Seattle Page.

See You On Yelp (SYOY!)


Katy H
Yelp Seattle Senior Community Manager 

Yelp Presents: A Concert & Conversation with Cody ChesnuTT

For the very first time, Yelp Presents, a night of music & conversation, at one of the world's most remarkable sound systems & the elite SF venue -- Monarch, welcomed the Yelp community to the intimate setting with international recording artist, Cody ChesnuTT. Previewing songs from his upcoming album -- Landing On A Hundred -- Cody welcomed the audience to sit on the stage, engage in dialogue between songs and join in on the journey to spread the love of music, community & soul.

As a Pay What You Can concert, the audience contributed to the successful Kickstarter campaign to produce the upcoming album, and to benefit the Bay Area Women's & Children's Center -- helping families in need in the heart of the Tenderloin in San Francisco.









Big thanks go to Monarch for hosting the evening and Soul Phunktion Presents JOEL & Kimmy Le Funk for kicking off the evening. The truly special evening was captured by photographer Jorge Novoa, and all the photos can be seen here. Reviews can be read & written here.

You can continue to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign with special album purchase packages here.

Without a doubt, one of the most enganging & remarkable evenings we've seen for the Yelp Community.

Until next time, thank you from our hearts,

Jon A & Cody ChesnuTT



Yelp's Hicknic: Good'r Than Grits and Cuter Than a Sack Full'a Puppies

Posted by Nique!

It ain't summer in California until you strut around in daisy dukes, eat some meat with your bare hands, and throw back a couple cold ones with your fellow Americans, eh? So when 100 East Bay Elites were rounded up for Yelp's Hicknic at Telegraph, the good times came "as easy as sliding off a greasy log backward," and this ruckus bunch-o-Yelpers "put the hee-haw in their hems with a blur of denim cut-offs and overalls," John Z reckons. Hicknic1

"It was a perfect balmy evening to host this event at a lovely venue like Telegraph," one of Uptown Oakland's newest eateries, already infamous for their gourmet sausages, abundance of local brews and endless graffit art covering the walls inside and out. More importantly, Egan B points out, it's "a great watering hole with some friendly bartenders and staff" which "lent itself nicely to some rednecky ways and means" during Monday's Hicknic, Max S adds.

Aside from the "hog-wild wonderful" beer brats "cradled in an amazing slaw and baguette," that John Z gladly devoured, Authentic Bagel Company added to the spread with "interesting combinations ranging from pepperoni bagel cheese melts to sausage bagelwiches with jalapeno coleslaw," some mighty fine provisions for Augusto T. Uh'course you gotta have something cold and hoppy to wash down all that goodness, and Lagunitas delivered with their legendary IPA, fresh from the tap and served in a souvenir mason jar. Hicknic2

While "the owner, John, and manager, Jason, of Telegraph were wandering around in overalls and no shirts," adding to Lisa R's Hicknic experience, Kevin The Saw Player was droppin' jaws with his saw & violin bow music. "I thought the guys in Sigur Ros with a guitar and violin bow were pretty impressive," Amy J muses, but "wait'll you hear someone playing some classics on a saw! That's not something you see everyday."

Yelpers weren't dressed up in hillbilly duds for nothin', and the outdoor photo 'booth' was where they strutted their stuff, snapping "hilarious hick photos" like Robin L's shot with the "American flag sunglasses, posing with the guy in the plastic bandito mustache."  Hicknic3

Sure enough, we love an excuse to wear flannel, drink beer, and play some corn hole. But didja know that Yelp Elites are always up for supporting a good local cause, too? Yes ma'am, BUILD.org partnered up with Yelp at the Hicknic to share information about their high school mentorship & entrepreneur training programs and to accept donations and volunteer sign-ups from Yelpers. "And who could possibly be a more ideal bunch of mentors than Yelpers?" Egan B points out.

Have a look-see at all the event reviews, and Hicknic photos by Basil Glew-Galloway on our Facebook & Flickr pages.

Keep lookin' fine as frog hair and happy as a hog wallowing in mud, y'all...

Nique "Louise-Mae" F

East Bay Community Manager


August 14, 2012

¡Yelp's Mucha Lucha!

It was literally a Sunday Funday this past week as over 100 Yelp Elites and their guests came together at 3 Monkeys Cantina on South Broadway to celebrate ¡Yelp's Mucha Lucha! 3 Monkeys Cantina, or 3MC for those in the know, provided plate after plate of passed food allowing attendees to sample everything from steak and chicken nachos to fresh-made chips and salsa, from shrimp tacos to quesadillas. Andrea K enjoyed the bites so much that they catapulted her back into a grilled onion addiction she thought she'd kicked!

No cantina can throw a party without margaritas and after a few sips of the regular margarita, Tiffany "Not the CM" N could have sworn that she "had three more chest hairs than before. Yeah, it was that strong." Speaking of strong we saw plenty of displays of strength in the digits - thumb wrestling got underway where duos faced off against one another in an epic battle to win two tickets to the Denver Burger Battle. While many a contender fought hard, only one could walk away a winner and Peter M was that masked man. Well, one of two masked men anyway, as the final showdown had the contenders wearing luchadore masks themselves!

Yelpers also donned luchadore masks on their thumbs thanks to a little creativity and body markers. The most creative walked away with a gift certificate to Divino Wine and Spirits as did a lucky raffle winner. Be sure to check out the reviews and photos courtesy of Hunter Lea Photography to see all the fun. And until I see you next time, I'll SYOY (See You On Yelp.) ¡Olé!

Tiffany N

Your Denver Yelp Community Director


Manhattan Elites Say 'Nice To Machu Picchu' at La Mar Cebicheria Peruana!

On a warm summer night in the city, it's hard to go wrong with the fresh flavors of South America by way of our favorite Peruvian outpost just steps from Madison Square Park, La Mar Cebicheria Peruana! With locations in both Lima and San Francisco, this hatchling that shares a wall with the esteemed Eleven Madison Park brings vibrant seafood and delectable four-legged creatures to your palate with a sultry twist that's only to be expected from this calienté region west of the Pacific Ocean. 

La mar 1

Fueled by the bold flavors of Campo de Encanto Pisco, the Peruvian brandy of choice for master mixologists and fans of authentic pisco the world around, it was an ode to the Ica Valley that only Encanto could accomplish. Be sure to ask for it the next time you spot it on the shelves of your favorite cocktail destination!La mar 2

For reviews of the soiree, click here. For a few snaps of the action, click here

August 11, 2012

Yelp ­­­­­­­Greater Toronto Area Gets Lucky @ Dub Linn Gate Irish Pub

Posted by Kris

Some find luck at the end of a rainbow, others by rubbing a coin or stone (or an unsuspecting Community Managers beard), and some even get lucky after a night at the bar. This Thursday as the clouds hung low, the newly formed Greater Toronto Elite squad (aka The GT-A-Team) and their +1’s found luck in every nook and cranny of Yelp’s a Lucky Charm Elite Event @ Dub Linn Gate Irish Pub.

Paragraph 1 collage - DLGEE

As yelpers arrived at Vaughan’s Dub Linn Gate Irish Pub in their festive greens they were directed to the privacy of the Stone Pub where they were treated to a bevy of beverage options including: Moosehead Lager tall cans, chilled pints of Somersby Apple Cider and Josephine Cloved the green drink ’Dub Linn’s 50 Yelps of Green’ “a specialty Diagio Vodka Cocktail.

  Paragraph 2 collage - DLGEE

After properly hydrating in true Irish fashion, Yelpers were presented with a feast of Irishman’s bread, chicken wings, fries, veggies, spring rolls, nachos, and chicken balls – a mere taste of Dub Linn Gate’s outstanding appetizer menu. According to Anastasyia REverything was hot and fresh (except for the veggies obvi).

Paragraph 3 collage - DLGEE

To start the night off, Elites new and old were tasked to “find your Lucky Charm” which required them to match their coloured charm with another so that they could receive a yelptastic limited edition prize. As they searched high and low for their charmed match over the course of the night, all were introduced to the fabled ‘Yelp-y Stone’ which required guests to meet someone new before passing it on to bring them the Luck O’ the Irish.

Paragraph 4 collage DLGEE

Three charm-ing guests were the Lucky winners of the night’s prizes. Carlsberg provided two tickets to an upcoming Toronto FC soccer match, and while not to be out done Dub Linn Gate kicked in a $25 Gift Certificate AND an honorary membership into their famed ‘Mug Club’. Congrats to all!


A big thank you goes out to all our fantastic Yelpers for making this first event north of the Hwy 401 something memorable – we couldn’t do it without you! Last, but not least thanks to Alex from Alex Photography for capturing the night in all its glory! 

Check out the pics for yourself here and be sure to check out all the fantastic guests' reviews here.  

Want to jump on the list for next time? Find out how neat it is to be Elite.

Until next time, (See You On Yelp)

  Kris signature

Kris “Lord of the Leprechaun Dance” U.


August 10, 2012

Yelp Glasgow Hit The Vespbar!

Posted by Chris Docherty

If you happened to be wearing a Yelp name tag last night and find yourself in the stunning wee pocket rocket bar that is Vespbar, then you were pretty much on a winning streak. Hot ass weather outside and silly amount of free booze and stunning pizza inside! The Yelp/Vespbar combo can't take credit for the first one, but we sure will for the second! Vesp1

Check out the photo set from the night on out Yelp Flickr page!  

With an amazing array of drinks on offer including Bulmers, Desparados and a couple of new flavours from the Southern Comfort chaps (cherry flavoured... we like!), there was plenty of liquid on hand to cool down the merry bunch of overheating Glasgonians! 


Did you come? Did you have fun? Fire us a review here

But hey, drinks are all well and good (and they are good, check out the Prosecco on tap!) but the BOOM point of this place is the pizza and the fine folks from Vespbar whipped out a whack for the tipsy troops to tuck into including a couple of there meter long versions! 


Got a question, suggestion or... indigestion? I'm here to help! 

With a massive turn out on the night (where did you all come from!?) Vespbar owners Jim and Suz were on hand to chat to Yelpers and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere. A quite splendid night was (hopefully!) had by all as the Yelp Glasgow bandwagon keeps on rolling.


Reviews for Vespbar? See what the community's been saying about this joint! 

A huge thank you to Jim, Suz, Kenny and all the Vespbar staff on the night. Without there generosity, friendly nature, great service and spot on banter, the night would never have been so splawesome (it's a word ok!). Another shout out to 'Photo-Girl' Louise Corcoran who jumped in at short notice and snapped some splendid photos on the night.Vesp5The last thank you? Well that again has to go to everyone who attended and who continues to support Yelp Glasgow, great independent businesses and having fun! Hope there ain't too many sore heads out there!

Photos: Check out the images from last nights event and all past events!

Reviews: Check out the reviews and even write your own!

As ever, Cheers

Chris D