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April 30, 2012

Yelp Halifax's First Burstday @ The Discovery Centre!

Posted by Ben

It might be hard to believe but just one year ago Yelp Elites in Halifax were sleeping off the aftereffects of the city's very first Elite Event! In the short twelve months since, we've been eliting it up east coast style but nothing can compare to went down on Thursday night at Yelp Halifax's First Burstday!

100 Elites and special guests were treated to a classy affair filled with fart machines, bubble rooms, and enough LEGO to build giant replicas of local landmarks! Yes – you read that right. We celebrated kiddie-style at the Discovery Centre with two full floors of interactive exhibits including the first look at their brand new LEGO centre that opened up just this past weekend.


This kidcentric palace of play proved perfect for our crowd of kids-at-heart. Charles T kept busy "building a race track," and "getting blown away in the hurricane machine," while a little practice made Kimberley M sure she "could turn the fart machine into a regular music gig," and the Bubble Room had Rosalyn A getting her Finding Nemo on: "BUBBLES!!!!!!!! BUBBLES! BUBBLES! BUBBLES! MY bubbles."

But of course, some Yelpers like Jeremy M kept their focus on the classics: "Can we please just talk about the legos? For years and years legos were just my favorite thing and to have a chance to just be a kid and put them together in a mish mash of colours and styles, well that was just great." Eleanor B had a tough time picking a winner between Parks Canada's scaled version of the Halifax Citadel's town clock and her plus one's attempts to keep up: "Giant town clock Lego guy, you are impressive. Boyfriend's spectacular robot building skills, equally surprising. Who knew?"


Naturally, it wasn't all just fun and games...we had incredible snacks up for grabs too! Familiar friends from Sweet Hereafter arrived with glorious cheesecake samples from their Quinpool café. Danielle L insists that if you haven't tried a slice, "then you haven't lived, it's the best cheesecake I've ever had." Meanwhile, Kim H is "happy to report" that "spanakopita and cheesecake go well together," a discovery made possible thanks to Blue Olive's delicious spread of cheese rolls, spinach rolls, and stuffed grape leaves. Lastly, we were very happy to help Made With Local make their official debut! Their all-local Dark Chocolate Cherry granola bar was "the stand-out item" for Maureen J who "really enjoyed chatting with the girls and hearing their story."

There was one big difference for Jill M: "normally the Discovery Centre is fun, but it's fun times a million when you go after hours and add adult beverages into the mix. Stutz Cider is my favorite, so I loved the bar selection." Murray W stuck with the "delicious" Brugal Anejo Rum cocktails, and Emmanuel C was happy to see a favourite wine on deck: "Peter Lehmann and I are quite good friends so it was a nice treat to see a familiar bottle."

One of the biggest thanks definitely goes out to the incomparable Timothy Richard whose photobooth was one of Ashley L's "favourite parts." His "amazing array of colourful props to go along with our Lego-inspired outfits" was an "instant hit" for Melanie M! Be sure to check out the full gallery!


Want the full rundown? Go check out the amazing reviews and be sure to write your own if you haven't yet!

Until next time, see you on Yelp!


Ben B

Yelp Halifax Community Manager


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