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March 31, 2012

Yelp Elite Event Antwerpen @ Wok A Way

Posted by Maud

Een aardbeving met een magnitude van 8 op de schaal van richter, zo kan je het eerste Elite event at Wok A Way in Antwerpen omschrijven. Rond een uur of acht , kwamen de eerste Yelpers toe. Nog geen kwartier later stonden er meer dan 50 Yelpers paraat voor een wild Yelp Elite event in Wok A Way Antwerpen, de wokguru in België.

IMG_5755 IMG_5776 IMG_5820 IMG_5857

Hadden woks en dim sums niet bestaan in Azië dan had Kasper Stuart van Wok A Way ze zelf uitgevonden! Met een glaasje en hapjes in de hand werd het tijd voor een Yelp speech.

Eigenaar Kasper liet ons weten dat vooraleer je aan een dim-sum workshop begint, je eerst je handen moet wassen want er is niets zo vies dan een vleespasteitje dat naar sigaretten of andere vieze dingen ruikt!

IMG_5862 IMG_5874 IMG_5898 IMG_5929

Chef-koks Frank en Simon namen de grote bende mee op sleeptouw in het zaaltje en gaven uitgebreid uitleg over hoe je gestoomde en gefrituurde dim sums maakt, met een grote prijs voor de beste makelij! Het was een drukte van jewelste en iedereen wilde absoluut winnen! Tot het omkopen van de chef toe!

IMG_5939 IMG_5945 IMG_5950 IMG_5960

Nadat ze hun delicieuze dim sums hadden verorberd werden de yelpers nog extra verwend met een "Young Chicks" in the wok en "Seafood Slammer" wok!

IMG_5961 IMG_5963 IMG_5967 IMG_5974

IMG_5975 IMG_5980 IMG_5981 IMG_5983

Van ganser harte wil ik Kasper Stuart en het hele team van Wok A Way bedanken voor een groots en zeer geslaagd feest, ook Rudolf Van der Ven voor de prachtige foto’s! En natuurlijk onze Antwerpse Yelpers! Iedereen gelukkig en blij, lees alvast de reviews! Vergeet niet om zelf ook even te laten weten wat je er van vond :)

IMG_5985 IMG_5999 IMG_6007 IMG_6011

Saskia N "Dim sums maken was zeker lollig, maar Lady Gaga liekes zingen na het leegzuigen van heliumbalonnen was toch wel de kers op de taart"

Lora W "We had a blast! Wat een party! We love Yelp en Antwerpen"

Laurens S "Yelp heeft Antwerpen voor een eerste maal ingepalmd. En dat zal het nog doen!"


 Maud N - Community Manager Yelp Antwerp


An 8.0 magnitude earthquake, that's the best way to describe the first elite event at Wok A Way Antwerp. Around 8 PM the first Yelpers arrived and within 15 minutes over 50 Yelpers had shown up, all ready for one wild Yelp Elite event in Wok A Way Antwerp, the wok guru of Belgium.

IMG_6018 IMG_6022 IMG_6026 IMG_6031

If woks & dim sums had never existed in Asia, be sure that Kasper Stuart from Wok A Way would have surely invented them himself! While having a drink or snack, time had come for the Yelp speech. Owner Kasper delivered a speech as well and told us that before doing a dim sum workshop, you should definitely wash your hands in case you're a smoker, otherwise you'll have steamed meat rolls that smell of cigarettes or other discusting stuff. Yikes.

IMG_6042 IMG_6050 IMG_6051 IMG_6067

Chefs Frank & Simon took the entire gang to the other side of the restaurant and started lesson n°1: how to make steamed & fried dim sum, with a grand prize for the best one! All hell broke loose and everyone gave it their best to win - including attempts to bribe the chef!

IMG_6068 IMG_6069 IMG_6072 IMG_6074

After eating their delicious dim sum, all Yelpers received another "Young Chicks in the wok" and a "Seafood Slammer" wok!

IMG_6086 IMG_6091 IMG_6115 IMG_6148

Sophie T. & Katleen D.G. won a wok! And then things got really crazy!

IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6170 IMG_6174

With all my heart I want to thank Stuart of Wok A Way for a grand and massive party, as well as Rudolf van der Ven for the great pictures that you can check out here! And of course, our Yelpers from Antwerp! Everybody happy, here are their reviews!

IMG_6183 IMG_6189 IMG_6191 IMG_6209

IMG_6212 IMG_6220 IMG_5760 IMG_6208



Maud N

Community Manager Yelp Antwerp

March 30, 2012

Yelp Chicago Skips the Snooze Button

Posted by Johnny Todd

Daylight saving time has us up an hour earlier, but go big or go home, right? The
unseasonably warm March weather in Chicago calls for a celebration! The Yelp Chicago
Elite Squad woke up early to gather at Butcher & The Burger for Yelp Rises & Shines.
No roosters were harmed in the process of the sunrise wake-up call.

6875112494_ca863a054c_b 6875112606_0d6ebab8b2_b 6875112766_ea7097c595_b 7021223073_67b8763c0f_b

There's no rule that city-folk can’t enjoy farm fresh food. And Butcher &
The Burger proved it by serving up a trio of breakfast croissant sammies for Yelpers to
graze upon: country pork sausage & egg (made from home-grown Ossabaw Island pigs
and organic farm fresh eggs); freshly-cured Benton’s bacon (from the same Ossabaw
group); tree-ripe avocado, tomato and goat cheese for Elites of the grass-fed variety
(AKA vegetarians). Chef Al Sternweiler also treated Elites to a special surprise –
Weisswurst, or German Veal Brats, that he made himself the night before. Talk about
hospitality! As if that wasn’t enough, a steady supply of hot and fresh beignets satisfied
the herd’s sweet tooth.

6875115258_53bc243b44_b 7021220939_e6831ed5ac_b 6875118760_572d1f9904_b 7021224917_a653779ec7_b

You can lead Elites to water, but you won’t need to make them drink. And in this case,
Butcher & The Burger led Elites to freshly-squeezed orange juice, Café du Monde Coffee
and Café Bustelo Cubanos. For Elites who needed an early morning kick in the overalls,
Yelp Chicagoland Community Manager Candice G was on hand pouring beermosas. Ee-

6875118000_b5fbee261e_b 7021219111_9692b905a2_b 7021218677_dd66e2f808_b 7021220415_5c151f9bc4_b

And because our Elites are hungry for knowledge about food as well as the food itself,
Chef Sternweiler addressed the crowd with Butcher & The Burger’s philosophies on
serving the best quality meat, artisan cheeses, and fresh produce. Elites left the event
feeling physically and mentally sated, and ready to start the rest of their days. Or, slip
into a wonderful food coma for the rest of their Sunday. Yelp farmhand/intern Linda D
was in the house with camera in tow. Peep the photos here and read reviews of the event

6875117520_671e716257_b 6875118450_bccfcf79c9_b 7021222067_52aa7a801f_b 7021225275_b8e94a9276_b

Your CM in the dell,


Johnny T

Yelping Yogism!

Posted by Annie

If a business consistently get's five stars from Yelpers then it calls for an Elite Event and that's exactly what we did! Open less then four months, Yogism has all of Dublin talking and em froyo-ing.


Stephen and the crew welcomed us into their flagship store that has an interior and furnishing that lightens your mood immediately. The Yelpers took their tubs and free poured their own flavours which were: Natural, Green Tea, Chocolate & Passion Fruit.


Onwards the masses skipped to the topping station and what an epic selection there is! From jelly tots to pineapple to rocky rock and so much more inbetween. After they guessed the weight of their tub incorrectly they took to their seats to play some retro games like Operation and Guess Who!


Stephen let us know that Yogism is opening another pop up spot in Dundrum and will be at festivals during the summer. 5% of the proceeds go to the The Umbrella Foundation so another excellent reason to eat froyo.You can read the stellar reviews of the event here! Post gossip from the night here! Check out the photos of the night taken by the talented Claire Nash here!


Thanks so much to Stephen, Stephen & Hugh for being so welcoming. Thanks to everyone for giving Yelp your Thursday night! Till next time I will see you on Yelp or in person at the many events that are coming up - just check the events section!

All my best,

Annie L

West DFW Yelpers Savor A Sushi Shindig!

Because the only thing better than sampling some of Ft. Worth's most mouth-watering sushi is getting the chance to nosh it with your favorite yelpers, West DFW elites descended on Blue Sushi Sake Grill for the latest in creative fresh fish!


From stylized rolls to edemame hummus (you read that right) to coconut chicken samplings, locals feasted on a variety of the offerings at this sultry cerulean lounge and restaurant. The Sapporo flowed freely and perhaps the star of the evening (other than the styling yelpers, of course) may have been the Sapporo Robots: did I see wagering?


But enough from me, let's hear from our experts!
"Yay sushi!  Yay beer!  Yay robots!" Exalts Jennifer M -

Stephanie L notes "Sapporo and sushi? FREE? I don't think it gets much better than that!! Throw in great company and you've got a perfect evening."

And Reena D had this to say: "If you're every craving Spicy Tuna sushi I suggest getting it here. Mmm Mmm it sure did have a kick to it.  I loved all the Yelp event schwag."

And in the lingering words of Allison P: "The Sapporo was delish! But my favorite part was all the Sapporo robot fights going on. Who threw that dollar down on a fight?!?"


Another highly memorable evening with those in the know! Can't wait 'til next time!


-Kevin N


Hartford's Yelpy Spring Kickoff at Barcelona

Posted by Emily

Wave buhbye to winter! On Tuesday night, Hartford’s Elite Squad proved ready to ring in the Spring with an evening of tapas and sangria at Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurant. Proudly donning Yelp profile pics on their nametags, the Elite Squad set out to meet and mingle over a taste of Spain. Big thanks to the stellar team at Barcelona for hosting this month's event!


Yelpers and guests sampled bites from Barcelona’s famed tapas menu and washed them down with their signature red and white sangrias. While savoring tuna tartare on yucca chips and grilled hanger steak with black truffle vinaigrette, Alicia S couldn’t help but exclaim “MMM - Tasty town!” The crispy brussel sprouts won over Karin D, who's “looking forward to eating nothing but plate after plate” of ‘em on her next visit! Hummus with housemade pita chips, spinach and chickpea casserole and paella heaped with chorizo, chicken and saffron rice were welcome additions to the tapas spread.


Saucy tango moves were shared by Hartford’s Argentine Tango Society, and the very talented Muna and Christian dazzled the crowd with demonstrations of several unique dances. For Tyler R, the “Argentinian Tango dancers were a surprise and a treat- I haven't seen authentic dancing like that since I was in Argentina.” As always, ya can’t escape a Yelp shindig without getting hit with a heavy dose of shwag- especially those stylin' yelpy wristwatches “with serious hipster cred” according to Joshua L. New Elite Maggie K was amped “to see the Elite members for the first time face to face” and Alicia S dug the sweet flair, conversation and bubbly personalities that infected the party!” All in all, the makings for a pretty darn good Tuesday night.

As always, thanks to Nick Caito Photo for capturing the evening's action! Check out the pics here and read the recap (or write a review of your own). Wondering what all this Elite biz is about? Check out the deets!

Yelp Spring Kickoff- edit


Emily C

Yelp Hartford Community Manager

Yelp's Passport to NoDa!

Posted by Nicole W

In just 10 days, the few short blocks of Charlotte's NoDa neighborhood witnessed a Yelp takeover like no other: Yelp's Passport to NoDa! From March 8-17, Yelpers descended upon this funky 'hood and got to know the 30+ participating businesses a bit better...ok a lot better!

Yelp Passport to NoDa 1
On March 8, the promo kicked off with an epic food truck rally, to the tune of 10 food trucks, 3 neighborhood locations and tons of new customers. When Yelpers weren't snacking, they were happy to check out the digs of the rally hosts: Birdsong Brewing, NoDa Brewing, Chop Shop, and The Dog Bar!

Yelp Passport to NoDa Food Truck
Yelp Passport to NoDa food 2

Just one day later, shopportunists got their fill during the shop crawl! Shoppers took in the great array of goods - everything from baubles, worldly goods, clothing, accessories and more! With seven shops on the docket, there was something for everyone!

Yelp Passport to NoDa_Shop

On Saturday, March 10, more than 50 Yelpers hopped into their drinking pants and set out for the 'Stache Bash Bar Tour! With some help from the Party Pedaler, 'stache bashers hit up seven NoDa bars in just three hours. Mom would be so proud! And by the end of the evening, surely half of NoDa was 'stached.

Yelp Passport to NoDa stache
But that's not all! 7 days of Passport still remained! On Sunday, the breweries hosted special tours and pints and Smelly Cat Coffee House hosted a pour over coffee & co-working event on Monday. We also hit up NoDa's most delicious eateries for a progressive dinner, checked out the local music scene at Evening Muse, caught a show at CAST, enjoyed locals' artistic endeavors at The All Arts Market and finished off the week with a empowering self defense class at Ultimate Gym!

Yelp Passport to NoDa
Whew! What an action packed 10 days! It's a good thing Poprock Photography was on hand to snap photos from these NoDa escapades. You can check out all the pics on our Flickr page. Until next time, we'll see you in NoDa and on Yelp!


-Nicole W.

Yelp Charlotte Community Manager & Proud 'Stache Bash Participant

March 29, 2012

Yelp Cincinnati Tastes The Theatre!

Posted by Alex Shebar

Raise the curtain, strike up the band, you better be in your seat because this show is about to start!

Cincy Yelpers got to experience a little bit of Broadway as they attend Yelp Tastes The Theatre, a two-act Elite Party extravaganza.

Act One: The show! 50 Elites were given free tickets to see "Addams Family: The Musical," a touring performance that's part of the Broadway Across America series at The Aronoff Center.
Broadway Across America. 
We laughed, we cried, we got some catchy songs stuck in our head. 
Act Two: Yelpers walked down the street to the new Taste of Belgium cafe, a Belgium bistro famous for it's delicious waffles (and now, gourmet cuisine).
Fantastic appetizers were served, including Moules au gratin (broiled mussels on the half shelf and Parmesan breadcrumbs) and Belgin Frites with chipotle aoili, because, let's face it, the Belgians know how to do French Fries. This was topped off with a free glass of beer each, which included the Taste of Belgium pilsner, a beer made specifically for the store.
To set the mood of the evening, the cafe was filled with music from Drew LaPlante and Natalie Lynn, an amazing singer/songwriter duo who did beautiful originals throughout the whole event. 
So how were the reviews for the event? Let's see what the critics have to say:
"I absolutely LOVED this event! I was just about to buy tickets to see The Addams Family when this opportunity came about. Thank you Yelp for saving me quite a bit of money! I greatly enjoyed the musical and laughed throughout. I used to watch The Addams Family on tv when I was young and this brought back some good memories." - Kara C
"A top notch experience!  An underrated play that gets some attention and love ... The Taste of Belgium the appetizers were tasty and the musical offerings of Natalie and Drew were great to set the mood in the dimly lit restaurant." - Adolfo N
"This even was 5 stars all the way! ... Hat's off to Alex and Cindy for putting on a great night!" - Ryan P
Sounds like a resounding success. But don’t just take our word on the grandeur of it all, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographer extraordinaire Anamedia on the Official Yelp Flickr page.  
Till next time, mi amores!
Alex S, Cincy Community Manager


Boston Elites Scoot Boots for the Sh!tkickers Ball!

Posted by Damien S

Yeehaws in Boston are about as rare as the manliest steak temp. That is, until Monday struck. More than 140 Elites watermelon crawled their way through the swingin' doors of Five Horses Tavern in Somerville for a night of rootin', a little tootin' and a whole lotta boot-scootin' for Yelp's Sh!tkickers Ball!


The good folks from Davis Square beer barn, whiskey well and down home "comfort eats" emporium Five Horses Tavern kept Elites and guests stuffed to the gills, as elegance met square dance at this chintzy Western gala. The kitchen kicked up your standard nuts and cheese plate with a series of bleus and gorgonzolas over quince-pasted toast points, and tastes of shichimi togarashi spiced almonds. Beyond the passed course, an entire spread of mashed potatotinis featured jalapeño-cheddar spuds, glassed up all fancy like and topped with, well, everything – to Stephanie L's delight. "Horseradish? Yes! Pork belly bits? OMG Why did I ever put regular bacon on my potatoes?" Couple that starch with oxtail/kielbasa/short rib chili (or a 15 chilies vegan version) and you've got a meal fit for the firepit!


What're ya drinkin, pilgrim? Sixpoint Brewery whet whistles with cans of their rad Righteous Rye and scrumptious Sweet Action, while Four Roses Bourbon powered Old Fashioneds, Rosie Cokes, Luxury Punch, which Danielle F calls "a perfect combination of stiff booze and fruity deliciousness!" But that's not all – we rang the triangle for a fierce banana pudding-eating contest, which yielded the victorious a pair of tickets to Wine Riot! Words from one of the winning duo, Christopher M: "Props to the cheering squad. If you hadn't let me know we were winning, I'd have slowed down." But you didn't, did you? No sir, you did not.


Delightfully gauche Adela and Jude were Cash money, serenading attendees with honky tonk flair, and Tatsu pulled double duty: shooting the crowd and running a Yelpy, Yelpy West step and repeat (on Flickr as well as two albums on Facebook)/ We're lassoing in the five star reviews (didja go? Let us know!) and Talkin' about the party 'til the cows come home. Which they did, I reckon.

Get along, little dogies!


Damien S + Virginia Su B (with Kara G & Patrick B!)

Yelp Denver's March Secret Supper Club at Trattoria Stella

We're baaaaacccckkk! The third installment of Yelp Denver's Secret Supper Club was held on a beautiful Tuesday night at Trattoria Stella on Colfax. Guests were warmly welcomed with a St. Germain champagne cocktail while perusing the menu of the evening. Plus, each setting had a mini bottle of the elderflower liqueur to take home as well as a booklet full of cocktail recipes to try at home. Yum!


The menu of the night feature amazing courses that had yelpers oohing, aahing, and drooling from start to finish. Guests were able to choose between Fried Green Tomatoes or Spinach Salad to start, 3 different types of homemade pasta (Spaghetti Bolognese, raviolis stuffed with ricotta and goat cheese, spinach spaghetti with black prawns) or risotto with squash, feta, and Brussels Sprouts for the main course, and either the infamous bread pudding or Zeppole doughnuts to finish the meal. As Jennifer B yelped, "Every bite of food made it that much more pleasurable to dive in to every new dish." Hear, hear!


Our next Secret Supper is happening on Monday, April 23rd and there are two seatings for that one - at 6 PM or 8:30 PM. Be sure to buy your seat soon if you're interested in joining us as they sell out fast! And in the meantime check out the reviews for the recent Supper and the rest of the photos to see what everyone enjoyed and just what kind of fun eating out with strangers can be.

Hope to see you at the communal table some time in 2012!

Tiffany N

Denver Yelp Community Director

March 28, 2012

Bay Area Yelpers Take A Field Trip!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

SF Field Trip

Yelpers in San Francisco, East Bay as well as the South Bay-Peninsula got schooled March 5-18 during Yelp's Field Trip, a series of workshops, classes and "how to" sessions coordinated by our local Bay Area Community Managers. These events were free and RSVP's were open for anyone on the site to attend. Yelp Elites have mentioned how much they love the hands-on portion of events, where business owners are especially present and sharing behind-the-scenes secrets of their operations, it seemed only fair to let the entire Yelp community in on what makes our favorite local businesses so special. Forget Algebra or getting changed for gym class, all of these activities were especially UFC!

San Francisco

From an excursion to House Kombucha to watch how they make their fruity fermented tea with scoby's and love, to a tour of Rickshaw Bags with founder Mark Dwight answering questions about his dedication to keeping the business local, SF yelpers found out what's up about some of the best businesses in their city. San Francisco's Urban Bazaar is all about fair trade and locally made goods and they showcased their DIY spirit with a make your own mustache workshop as well as a popular make your own succulent terrarium workshop, in which all attendees learned about the wonders of San Francisco succulents. Keeping with the artistic, DIY spirit - SCRAP, a favorite San Francisco non-profit and wonderland of scavenged stuff, gave tours of their exciting space and even provided a wealth of art materials for yelpers to make their own inspired creations in their art workshop area. Speakeasy produces cult favorite brews on the regular and yelpers were able to learn firsthand about their hands-on brewing process by touring the massive facility and even receiving a free flight of delicious Speakeasy beers. The whole place was hoppin'! SOMArts is a phenomenal event space and non-profit that seeks to make art and art classes accessible to the community with their rotating exhibits and classes. They showcased their fascinating I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of Law exhibit and curator Justin Hoover walked yelpers through the exciting exhibit with detailed background information on each bold piece.

For those yelpers looking for something a little bit more laid back Yelp Field Trip - Christoper from T-We taught two enlightening workshops about the beauty of tea. From how to make your own breakfast tea blend of tea, to a brief history and background behind all of his eclectic tea blends - yelpers walked away full of antioxidants.  Timbuk2 the San Francisco-based pioneer of the messenger bag, has been based in the Mission District in San Francisco for 23 years. Yelpers got to tour the manufacturing facility, watch how a custom bag is made from start to finish and even see a sneak preview the upcoming line, slated to launch this summer. Indie Industries - a local designer owned and produced collective featured a fun, earth friendly recycled-vintage-repurpos ed jewelry class. The stunning jewelry that resulted from the workshop - was proudly worn by the yelper artists. And San Francisco wouldn't be the green oasis it is today without the continual help of Friends of the Urban Forest. Friends of the Urban Forest's mission is to promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of San Francisco’s green infrastructure through community planting, tree care, education, and advocacy.

Part of spreading the green love involves setting up information tree tours in Golden Gate park and a group of yelpers were able to enjoy a beautiful and informational  tour of the The Golden Gate Park Rhododendron Dell. And of course what's San Francisco without some Cressie Mae hula-hooping. Cressie Mae's workshops were unfortunately postponed due to San Francisco march rainy weather, but will definitely be rescheduled soon so yelpers can get their hoop on in Hippie Hill. 

South Bay-Peninsula

Field Trip collage

From ice cream making workshops to tours of NASA to sweating it out at a Zumba class, South Bay and Peninsua yelpers got treated to all sorts of fun field trips. The festivities kicked off at Barrelhouse, where attendees learned a little bit about beer, wine and spirits at "Booze 101" class. By all accounts, everyone learned a little, got to meet some new yelpy faces and found new favorite watering hole. Along those same lines, Half Moon Bay Brewing Company hosted a beer and cheese pairing class at their lovely restaurant right on the water. Chef Gaston worked with the brewers on-site to create three special appetizers that paired with beer, including a Chai Stout/chocolate truffle combo that just melted in your mouth! And Milkshake Werks owner Leslie Widemann let yelpers sample her famous ice cream and even make their own boozy flavor, the Yelp of the Irish, which quickly sold out within a week.

Although a little bit off the beaten path, Pie Ranch in Pescadero led a small group on a tour of their sustainable farm, including chickens, milking cows and a quick lesson on making your own flour from scratch. To get a firsthand glimpse on what was experienced, watch this amazing video (password: Pie) by Jorge NovoaThe International Culinary Center in Campbell provided a cooking and pastry demo by two master chefs. Of course we got to sample their final product, too :) Not to be outdone, Michi Sushi hosted sushi making classes, followed by a team buliding competetion where yelpers got hands-onwith the Abazaba roll, created by Master Chef Shin for our very own Abby S. Yum!

For those who enjoy group workouts, uforia studios in Palo Alto offered a Zumba as well as Revolutions (stationery bike) classes to a brave handful of yelpers. Knowing that hot yoga can be a little bit scary,Bikram Yoga Santa Clara taught two intro classes, explaining the benefits of yoga practice and showing that it doesn't get *that* hot inside. The overall experience must have been 5-stars, since many of the guests who signed up purchased class packages and plan on going back very soon. For a brain workout,NASA hosted tours to the Yelp community, including an insider tour of their simulator labs, Advanced Supercomputer as well as the latest info from the current Kepler mission to search for inhabitable planets. Those interested in learning about the art of glass blowing were able to tour the Watsonville retail facility of Annieglass, meet artist world-renowned artist Annie Morhauser. Plus, yelpers who attended received a complimentary wine tasting afterwards! Last but certainly not least, yelpers were invited to Cinquest Film Festival to see a screening of Touch, followed by director Q&A. 

Read all of the Peninsula-South Bay reviews and check out yelper pics! 

East Bay 

The East Bay kicked off their Field Trippin' marathon at Linden Street Brewery, where owners Adam and David kept the beer flowing all night, featuring two new brews for yelpers to sample:The Town and Deep Roots Red.  Steadfast Printing offered live screenprinting demos of exclusive neon Yelp's Field Trip koozies and t-shirts for all, while DJ Matt the Katt served up funkadelic beats all through the night. But who could forget the addictive horchata flavored Peter's Kettle Corn and spicy carnitas from Tacos JerezanosEmily J confirms "this most recent event left me in the perfect beer, steak taco, and horchata kettle corn coma. This, plus all the fabulous and friendly East Bay Yelpers, made for a great kick-off to the week!"

On to the studious stuff, yelpers mixed their own mustard blends at Oaktown Spice Shop, whichLam N described as "like being in a witch's apothecary, with herbs and potions all around", onto a spirited lesson in cocktail history from the pro mixologist at Honor Bar, and then off to learn some fancy footwork during Salsa with Juan. "It was beautiful how many of the students went from complete novices to beginners," notes Marlyn A, "I felt pulled into the group, like family, instantly."

Sweet teeth were thorough satiated during the Sorbet to Z demo and tasting at Scream Sorbet, with flavors like Cashew Chai, Blackberry & Olive Oil, and Almond Pink Peppercorn tasted to our tum's delight. "Owner Nate expanded my knowledge, no, shattered my ignorance about this healthier alternative by giving us an insight to the intricate world of sorbet," raves Anna K. "One of the tastings we had was made of melon and beer. Ingenious!" Then there was the luscious truffle-making classes taught by Chris Blue of Chocolatier Blue, where yelpers were invited into his tiny choco-workshop to make edible glitter molds, churn caramel, and fill trays of milk chocolate. Every truffle student left with a goody bag of Chocolatier Blue signature truffles, along with their own handmade concoctions. Diana V was smitten: "After this field trip, I am thoroughly enamored with this shop. They have such a passion and commitment for what they do, and they do it well." What would the East Bay be without those glorious Fentons scoops and sundaes? Yelpers happily descended upon the old-school creamery to learn the basics of ice creaming, flavor creation and mixing up the perfect batch of whipped cream (or malted, or chocolate!), and got a sneak peek at their soon-to-open Myrtle's Lodge across the street, where antique ice cream relics are on display.

Yelpers got things percolating with a tour and tasting at Highwire Coffee's roasting facility in Emeryville, where a fresh batch of beans went from golden yellow to dark brown in 12 minutes flat, followed by a professional "cupping" with three different Highwire blends. Lam N proclaims "this was my favorite of the field trip events.  Rich, Robert, and Eric are absolutely pro at what they do." Rosenblum Cellars in Alameda treated yelpers to mid-day Zin School, where they perfected their swirled, sip, and spitting technique while honing their wine tasting vocabulary. Nearby Rock Wall Wine Company welcomed gave yelpers a bubbly welcome, complete with fruit and cheese platters, sparkling wine, and a barrel tasting in their former airplane-hanger cellar

Out in Livermore Valley, Cedar Mountain Winery schooled yelpers in the nitty gritty of "green" winemaking, leading them around the spacious grounds (which include a 100-year old barn that once belonged to Bing Crosby!), tasting zesty Sauv Blanc straight from the barrel, and finishing with a port and chocolate tasting. Jana S took home a souvenir of Chardonnay del Sol, swooning "it's so lovely on the tongue, I'm serving it as a special dessert wine treat to some lucky guests." Newcomer to the East Bay, Nuubia Chocolat opened their doors for an enlightening look at chocolate and sustainability. Yelpers tasted through various rare cacao beans, and compared notes on chef Lionel's hand crafted truffles. Kristen K "went home with a bag of dark chocolate ganache/praline 'lollipops' that make grocery store chocolate look like dog treats. I kid you not, I'm still thinking about them 5 days later!"

We be Jammin' was no joke, thanks to INNA Jam's super exclusive peek at their almost-finished jam kitchen, lesson in artisan jam-making (ie: sourcing the best local fruit and using it quick!) and a sunny picnic of various INNA samples like Plenty Spicy Jalepeno, Hayward Kiwi, Seascape Strawberry, and Fresno Chili, spread on Acme baguettes. There was lots of edible art to be appreciated, but yelpers used more than just their mouths during Yelper's Field Trip, nurturing their neurons at one of the greenest buildings in the Bay, the David Brower Center, with a stimulating session in critical thinking and articulating the finer things, presented by Visual Thinking Strategies, followed by a special tour of HUB Bay Area's community-focused, creativity-conducive workspace. Lorrayne L's take-away? "I am now forever enlightened on the key phrases I need to know to join the thousands that flock to the Art Murmur each month; to converse and banter with these folks that enjoy staring at one piece of art for hours on end."

After two weeks of educational, tasteful and inspiring Field Trips, Esther Y sums it up with "I wish there was an actual Yelp school, I'd totally go to that and get my PhD in Yelpiness." Well then, save us a seat in the front row!

An African Adventure to Buka!

Posted by peter d.

Last night the best of Brooklyn Yelp was welcomed with open arms for an African Adventure at Buka New York, an awesomely authentic Nigerian restaurant on Fulton St. in Clinton Hill.

Picnik collage1
NYC Yelpers knew the heat was on when they walked in and were treated to the spicy ginger Buka Mojito made with Starr African Rum, the ultra-premium light rum handcrafted in Mauritius. This socially and environmentally responsible spirit tastes like the island paradise it comes from and the mojitos knocked Melanie B's socks off: "Holy ginger, Batman!"

Picnik collage2
But Buka New York was just getting started. Serving up the best Nigerian cuisine in NYC, anyone who took a taste knows that Buka's kitchen is slinging spicy, flavorful, and unequivocally African eats! If you've never been to West Africa, this Fulton Street spot is the closest you can get. Kenny C can see why they are famous for the chicken pepper soup: "I loves me some spicy!" If you can handle the heat, drop by and take a chance on some suya, akara, moimoi and more!

Picnik collage3
While everyone enjoyed the food and drink, the No Small Money Brass Band, inspired by the rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean, rocked out. With talented musicians on all instruments (my man on the trombone was a monster!), they had yelpers moving to the groove. 

Picnik collage4
Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out all the photos courtesy of Madison McGaw, and what people are saying in reviews and on Talk

Peter D
 and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team


March 27, 2012

Yelp March Madness Hits Strawberry's Sports Grill!

Posted by Jando

Never looking to start the week on a dull note, Yelpers opted for little Monday madness at Strawberry's Sports Grill in Douglaston, Queens - an area of the borough new for Yelp Queens. Undaunted by the commute from Manhattan, Phil H called the 25 minute ride a "piece of cake." The ultimate sports bar, Strawberry's is adorned with "pictures, photos, jerseys, banners, and even ballpark seats on the walls" to which it's like a "NY sports museum." For first timers Elite attendees like Chris O the place was perfect for "sports fans."

Elite Yelpers were treated to an unlimited buffet serving of comfort foods from mac and cheese, pulled pork sliders, cole slaw, "championship" chilli, and Philly cheesesteak eggrolls. Monique R proclaimed the food to be "bar food with a comfort food flair. A definite win!" and Alyssa F is raving over the "cute" sliders, and has eaten the Championship chili before: "it is so good with not just ground beef but also brisket pieces," and eventually proclaims, "I definitely know why it was voted the best in Queens."


In addition to the buffet stuffing, the fantastic staff at Strawberry's made sure everyone was adequately filled with plenty of Vision Vodka, as Thomas M notes is "the elixir of the evening." Everyone's favorite bartender Joannie, whiped up a mean Vision Vodka raspberry lemonade cocktail that "hit the spot" with Lenna P and "the buzz" was on for some Monday madness.


The staff was "on point" per Krista M, who along with many others declared they did a "great job." Nelson W, the photographer and fellow Queens Elite, wishes "all Yelp Events had this group" of amazing staff members, "they were friendly diligent, and very energetic." On their way out, Yelpers were treated to $10 gift certificates for a return visit. Free food, drinks, and a coupon? As Siu N expresses so eloquently, "Once again, I love being Elite!"

As always, a huge thanks goes out to the staff at Strawberry's for going above and beyond to keep everyone engaged and full of smiles and to Vision Vodka for their wonderful cocktails. See some of the glowing reviews, smiling faces in the gallery, and chime in on Talk, where Brooklyn Elites like Leonard L are saying, "Being a Brooklyn boy at heart, it pains me to say this but Queens knows how to throw it down!"



- Jando S

Yelp's 90s Revival @ The Foggy Goggle!

Posted by Ben

From Seattle's grunge to London's girl power, the nineties were a generous decade indeed! And what better way to repay ten-years of, like, totally awesome good times than with a night of mini backpacks, unbuttoned plaid, and yes – even a Care Bear, at a proper 90s Revival Elite Event!

We knew the "What. Ever..." facial expressions were just part of the costumes as excited Elites piled into downtown gastropub, The Foggy Goggle, on Sunday, March 25. Our hosts for the evening got into the spirit with a Freddie Prinze Jr. flick on the bar screen and those sweet Hanson jams cranked loud and proud!

Melanie M arrived "totally in 90's revival mode." Using the party as an "excuse to buy that pink blazer" she had been eyeing, she looked ready to star in a hot new 1992 sitcom. Meanwhile, Meghan W was left longing for the "bodysuit, high-waist jeans, plaid shirt and Docs" from her high school days. You never know, they might come back in style!

With the bar slinging some sweet pre-Atkins-era cocktails like the Banff Ice Vodka and Kamora Paralyser (a dangerous twist on the White Russian), the Sauza Tequila Sunrise, and the Cruzan Rum Cuba Libra, Elites started to relate all too closely to Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping." Those drinks might knock you down, but you'll get up again...

Hilary G wasn't scared off: "The Cruzan rum had a delicious sweetness to it and the fresh limes topped it off. The paralyzer concotion sounded quite strange - Banff ice vodka, a coffee liqueur, pepsi, and milk - but it tasted like a yummy alcoholic smoothie."

Luckily, the Foggy Goggle's no-fry kitchen kept incredible Mini Hawaiian Pizzas in high rotation to keep this Sunday night party on its feet! Murray W made sure to catch the throwback reference to my personal favourite 90s snack of choice: "mini pizzas that didn't come from an orange box of shame, it was a reminder of why I need to go there more often."

But this nineties night wasn't all fun and games – there was some serious business to attend to: mobile trivia! Do you remember the name of Jennifer Love Hewitt's character in "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit"? Can you name the toy company responsible for those Cupcake Dolls? 20 questions were stashed on party-goers to determine who could dominate this decade.

With a full library of 90s DVDs at stake, Elites scrambled to seek, answer, and destroy the competition. "Some of the questions were pretty hard," but it was Adam S'  "intense knowledge of triple-named 90s actresses" that earned him the top trivia honour.

Catch a full decade of fashions from the photobooth thanks to the wonderful Michelle Doucette, get the play-by-play from the party's Yelp reviews (obvi), and be sure to write your own if you haven't yet! Thanks to the Foggy Goggle for playing along, to the Halifax Elites for getting into the spirit, and our friends at Mers Soleil!

See you next time but until then, SYOY!


Ben B, Yelp Halifax Community Manager

Buffalo Gets the Password to Yelp's Top-Secret Sunday!

Posted by Ryan

The allure of the speakeasy is that it's hidden in plain sight, but only those in the know are invited inside. What better metaphor for our first Buffalo Elite Event, hosted exclusively for Yelp's Buffalo-area crew of fun-loving urban explorers?

It's also apropos that Pearl Street Grill & Brewery hosted Yelp Buffalo's Elite Squad kickoff. Yelp's Top-Secret Sunday was held in Brawler's Back Alley Deli, their semi-secret basement space (once a former speakeasy!). Only those who knew the secret password were allowed entry.

Door stairs collage

Our Elites and their guests snuck downstairs to find tables spread with samplers of beer (brewed upstairs), sandwiches stacked high with roasted turkey, plates of hot pizza, and delectable, crispy chicken wings (obviously, it's Buffalo!).


Once our Elites and their guests had gathered and gotten a bite, we kicked things off with a game in which each person shared their favorite "Yelp-y secrets," from hidden blueberry farms to grapefruit-potato gnocci (Yelp reviews to come, natch!).

Then, our yelpers were led on a behind-the-scenes tour of the upstairs brewery by badass associate brewer Kat T, who regaled our super-users with tales of the Buffalo beer district's seedy history.

Yelp BUFFALO Elite event 3-25-12 Brewery collage

Afterwards, Kat and fellow drink-slinger Phil I slid behind the bar to pour us ample samples of their personality-packed beers. The standouts: Lake Effect Ale, Trainwreck German Amber and Street Brawler Stout!

Yelp BUFFALO Elite collage 3-25-12 Beers

After the tour, the local virtuosos of Universe Shark struck up some bluesy tunes as part of Pearl Street's Speakeasy Series, a weekly music night hosted by The Good Neighborhood (a Weekly Yelp sponsor).

As some yelpers gathered 'round to groove, others made their way to the photobooth to grab '20s-inspired props (think feather boas and fake mustaches) and compete for "Best Yelper Photo." We had some serious contenders: check out Buffalo Elites Lindsay A and Heather W below!

Yelp BUFFALO Elite event 3-25-12 Photobooth

(More photos coming soon on the Yelp Buffalo official Flickr page.)

A big thanks goes out to the staff at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery: they set the bar high for every Yelp Buffalo Elite venue to come! Another goes to Cleveland's lovely community manager Cara L, who road-tripped it out to help put her Rust Belt sista city on the Yelp map. And of course, to Ana J, our Elite photographer, for snapping pix of the night's best moments.

And finally, big ups to Yelp's first Buffalo Elite Squad, who brought their boundless enthusiasm and super-cool posses. Seems like everyone went home with a new favorite beer and a few new Yelp friends. And plenty of ideas for future reviews for Buffalo's other "top-secret" hideaways!

Fun group

Did you attend this event? Relive the magic on Talk here, or pen your own version of events here. Wondering what Yelp Elite Events are all about? Check out this blog post by our CEO here. Want to know how you can score invites to parties like this? More info on Yelp's Elite Squad here. Interested in hosting a Yelp event like this one? Email buffalo@yelp.com and say hello!

Until next time, dames & gents,

Ryan W

Yelp Buffalo Community Manager


March 26, 2012

Elites Get Mad @ Sugar Cafe

Posted by Rachel Carlson

Elites went down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland at Yelp's Mad Hatter Tea Party held at the adorable Sugar Cafe. What better way to enjoy sweets and treats than in a bakery bursting with delectable queen of hearts cupcakes and "eat me' cookies. But don't forget the savory snacks like cream cheese and lox tea sandwiches and gourmet grilled cheese. Anyone would go mad for those drool worthy offerings!

  Sugar Cafe Elite Event-23Sugar Cafe Elite Event-59Sugar Cafe Elite Event-24Sugar Cafe Elite Event-16

Walking into a Wonderland of confectionary bliss was Miriam W who "had a wonderful time visiting with my fellow yelpers and noshing on the delicious sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes. This was my first trek to Sugar Cafe and I'll most definitely return for their breakfast and lunch along with their sinful treats and espresso drinks." Sounds like the full package!

Sugar Cafe Elite Event-52Sugar Cafe Elite Event-50Sugar Cafe Elite Event-93Sugar Cafe Elite Event-42

"The food was delish" recalls Serena R. "I'm talking about 3rd and 4th helpings! I enjoyed the sweet treats but was impressed by their assortment of sandwiches. I liked the goat cheese, spinach and onion along with the turkey and cranberry sandwich but the freshly made gourmet grilled cheese was da bomb!" We don't doubt she's crazy for those delicacies.

Yelp-95Sugar Cafe Elite Event-37Sugar Cafe Elite Event-73Sugar Cafe Elite Event-90

Amy C had some tough decisions to make: "With 4 or 5 Full Pint Brewery choices it was hard to choose. I tried the Festivus, which was an excellent smooth and toasty brown ale. I also sampled the Cheshire Chai cocktail, chai tea (Sugar Cafe's delicious blend) plus Bailey's Irish Cream, dangerously delicious." The only thing dangerous would be a run-in with the Queen!

Sugar Cafe Elite Event-69Sugar Cafe Elite Event-71Sugar Cafe Elite Event-79

A big thank you to Sugar Cafe owner Kelly James and the amazing staff for treating Yelpers to such an amazing affair! Also, thanks to Katelyn Rose Photography for the fab photo's that you can check out here.

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

"We're all mad here..."

Sugar Cafe Elite Event-29

Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager



March 24, 2012

Yelp Denver's Crafternoon Delights

On three balmy March Sundays Denver yelpers gathered at Space Gallery for afternoons of crafty goodness to celebrate local beer, wine and spirits, and enjoy small bites from local restaurants at Yelp's Crafternoon Delight. Each weekend was dedicated to a specific type of craft alcohol along with DIY stations provided by the lovely Denver Craft Ninjas. Here's how they each went down!


March 4th kicked off Yelp's Brew-Ha-Ha with tastings from Twisted Pine Brewing, Renegade Brewing Company, Colorado Cider, Oskar Blues Brewery, Asher Brewing Company, Funkwerks Brewery and Breckenridge Brewing. Not much goes better with beer than pretzels, which were on hand courtesy of Baker Street Pretzles. Also on the menu for the day were Chicago style dogs from Mile High Vienna Stand, empanadas from Buenos Aires Pizzeria, cupcakes courtesy of Frills Cake Shop, bacon-buffalo mac-and-cheese from Skoops Ice Cream & More, PopChips, and bars from KIND snacks. Honest Tea provided non-alcholic thirst quenching and Pablo's Coffee kept the energy levels high with lessons in making a great cuppa joe and samples from pourovers and French presses. Plus, getting crafty on this day meant trying your hand at making bottle-cap magnets and pins, screen printing beer koozies with Ink Lounge Creative, constructing beer-themed bookmarks and needling in patch work! Music from DJ the Postman, with a set up by Greater Range DJ set the mood of the afternoon and lots of fun pictures were captured inside the Chipper Booth Photo Booth and outside the booth with photos by Autumn Cutaia and photos by Phil H!


March 11th saw Denverites Wine Down With YelpJack Rabbit Hill, BookCliff Vineyards, Boulder Creek Winery, and Bonacquisti Wine Company came with a variety of varietals to please the palates in attendance that day. Yelpers were able to wash it all down with tasty empanadas from Cebiche, slices of pie from the Fat Sully's Pizza truck, a smorgasbord of sweet snacks from Anything But Vanilla, and more samples from PopChips and KIND bars. Honest Tea was once again on hand to satiate those non-alcoholic needs as was Pablo's Coffee with more lessons on making delicious coffee at home and samples of pourovers and French presses. Crafters on this lovely Sunday were creating wine glass charms, gluing up cork hot-pads and fashioning ribbon bookmarks with the Craft Ninjas and screen printing totes with Ink Lounge Creative. Music from DJ the Postman, with a set up by Greater Range DJ amped up the revelry once again and there was another bout of fun, funny, and funtacular pictures captured inside the Chipper Booth Photo Booth and outside the booth with photos by Autumn Cutaia and photos by Phil H!


On March 18th Denver Mixed It Up With Yelp and local liquor tastings and cocktails from Syntax Spirits, Peak Spirits, Breckenridge Distillery, and Roundhouse Spirits. On hand to fill tummies with delectable snacks were sausage sandwiches from The Uber Sausage, lasagna from Pasquini's Pizza, cupcakes from Mermaid's Bakery, two flavors of ice cream inspired by the spirits at the event from Sweet Action Ice Cream, samples from Bombay Bowl, and, once again, PopChips and KIND Bars. DRY Soda and vitaminwater were the non-alcoholic thirst quenchers this week with Pablo's Coffee's French Presses and pourover samples. And our crafty folks were able to custom make drink swizzle sticks, learn how to sew buttons on and create their own pins with the Craft Ninjas as well as screen print dish towels with Ink Lounge Creative. DJ the Postman was once again in full effect as was the Chipper Photo Booth with fun photos, more photos by Autumn Cutaia, and photos by Phil H to capture the fun times.


While the events were free for everyone who attended, yelpers were encouraged to donate $5 at the door to Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and we were able to raise over $2,500 for them to use for new gardens around the Mile High City this year!


After 3 weekends in a row of crafty fun for everyone Denver is one bedazzled and bedazzling city! Be sure to check out the photos in multiple sets as well as the reviews to check out the sparkling event. And until next time friends, I'll SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany N

Your Denver Yelp Community Director    


March 23, 2012

Yelp's SXSW 2012 Backyard Blowout

Posted by kelly stocker

SXSWm1The stars aligned, the heavens parted and fairy dust fell from the sky onto our fantastic SXSW event, Yelp's Backyard Blowout, held at the Vortex & Butterfly Bar. We'll try to capture it all here but there's no way to describe what a glorious day in Austin, Texas feels like when the SX gods have smiled, you've got a drink in your hand and there are tunes in the air. 

Katie T makes a good start: "Fantastic brews, fun bands, great food, stellar schwag... Yelp = amazing times 1,000,000." And Krista K agrees: "Best SxSW event I went to last week. Did your Sx party have a baby animal petting zoo?  I didn't think so." Wanna see pics? Check out Andrew Dorer & Chad Adams' great work!

SXSWm2Naturally we had eight incredible bands, thanks to the inimitable Kevin N: The Nouns, The Big Sleep, Hey Marseilles, Chancellor Warhol, Molly Rankin, Sydney Wayser, Dana Falconberry & Carter Tanton

We featured a fully stocked bar featuring Crispin Cider, Dry Soda, Enchanted Rock Vodka, Tapena Tempranillo, Segura Viudas Cava, Honest Tea, Independence Brewing, Ranger Creek SXSWm3
, Ranger Creek .36 Bourbon, Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Red Bull, Adelberts Brewing, Treaty Oak Rum, Vitamin Water and St. Germain. Monica M gets serious: "I was blown away by the generosity and awesomeness of so many vendors at this party.  There were a ton of different local liquors that we had the pleasure of tasting - along with Dry soda, Red Bull and Honest Tea mixers." Thank goodness we had all kinds of awesome NoHo Hangover Defense on hand!

Not to be outdone, Baby Zach's Smoked Hummus brought us proverbial mountains of hummus, Batter Blaster cooked pancakes on site, Coreanos Austin (top 10 food trucks in the US) piqued our palates with fusion tacos, GoodPops cooled us down with their delicious frozen pops and Pirate's Booty saved the day from snack attacks. 

SXSWM4The hunt.gather.style vintage gals set up a sweet pop up shop in a little greenhouse on the property and brought in rack after rack of funky vintage awesomeness. Benjamin Beau Salon jumped on the latest trend and fulfilled all wild child hair dreams by chalking yelpers hair blue and purple and red and rainbow. Halfway into the party, the baby bunnies arrived from Tiny Tails to You. And then it went bananas. So bananas that we kept the party going for another hour and had Segura Viundas Cava toasts all around! Thankfully, EmergenC and No Ho Hangover defense were there to save the day. 

Perhaps Jessica M says it best: "Where else can you sip on St. Germaine and champagne, while simultaneously get purple tips chalked in your hair just to walk outside and see a guy playing the accordian on stage?"

In the immortal words of our favorite rockstar of all time, Jem, we're truly truly truly outrageous. 

Until the next time, SYOY!

Kelly S

March 22, 2012

Yelpers Put The Pedal To The Metal At Podium Raceway Hawaii

Posted by Emi H

We may not have NASCAR in Honolulu, but that didn't stop 150+ Yelp Elites (& their +1s) from roaring their engines at Yelp's Talledega Nights Elite Event! Dressed in faux race gear and cleverly fashioned Ricky Bobby costumes, party guests were treated to a fast and furious good time with free races all night at Podium Raceway, Hawaii's only indoor electric racing kart track. 

293057_350726598302590_232621000113151_968018_1708033745_n 292993_350727384969178_232621000113151_968030_672009746_n  420682_349259735115943_232621000113151_963132_978043000_n 405225_350726404969276_232621000113151_968014_684332466_n

With a windy track, hair pin turns and karts that run up to 50 mph, yelpers turned into adrenaline junkies and competed for best times in packs of ten. Speed demon Olivia D showed off her rubber necking skillz on the road and came to the realization that "Mom might be right. I do have too much yang and not enough yin. Too much testosterone!" 

391493_350731908302059_232621000113151_968131_1271454672_n 482978_350731474968769_232621000113151_968123_1057304996_n-1 
398819_350732194968697_232621000113151_968136_633730198_n 409601_350729548302295_232621000113151_968078_1541145137_n

Off the track, yelpers re-fueled with tasty treats from a few amazing local businesses. Angela R discovered "heaven in a cup" at The Curb, a gorgeous blue food truck where guests were treated to full-sized coffee, dessert drinks and their ever popular Oxymoron Chocolate. Paul's Poppers kept it hot by serving up delicious deep fried won tons stuffed with pork jalapeno and mozarella basil. Track expert Gary N states, "Their little dumplings may not look like much, but there's an explosion of flavor hidden in every one." Boom!

404136_350727848302465_232621000113151_968040_1964417375_n 301732_350727544969162_232621000113151_968033_1100661143_n
484927_350728441635739_232621000113151_968049_1831239369_n 480250_350728358302414_232621000113151_968048_1478635297_n

While cheering on their newfound friends, racers licked their fingers with delight as they devoured cubano sandwich bites from Shogunai Tajine. Guests played giant Yelp jenga and got to know each other via a quirky fact ice breaker game. To seal the deal on top of nostalgic snacks and bevvies, party yeoples stuffed their beliies with a custom make-your-own-sundae bar. Leimalani F moans "My race outfit now requires stretchy pants. Thanks guys!" Our pleasure!

431393_349260178449232_232621000113151_963150_532199496_n 427748_349258878449362_232621000113151_963095_913872264_n

To close out the evening guests captured their racing memories with a photo station shot with cameras from Hawaii Photo Rental. Newbie Elite Cassie T notes: "Burning rubber, good eats, and lots of new friends! What could have made my first Yelp event, the Talladega Nights Yelp event at Podium Raceway, any better? Uh, Nothing!" You taste of America!

Read the solid 5-star reviews, speed by fun event pics from photographer Jonas Maon and Yelp intern Thomas O, and recap a mile a minute on Talk!

SYOY & Aloha!


Emi H

Senior Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu

March 19, 2012

Edmonton Elites Party Till Curfew At Battista's Calzones!

Posted by Brittany

A giddy and giggly group of Edmonton Elites celebrated one year of Elite Events in Edmonton in the ultimate throwback style - the best kids birthday party you (n)ever had! And by best, we mean by adding a shot (or two) to that red cup of soda with your name scribbled on with sharpie! Hosted by 118th Ave gem Battista's Calzones, this pizza party was a yelper's dream and parent's worst nightmare!

Yelp_Battista_Blog_003 Yelp_Battista_Blog_026 Yelp_Battista_Blog_048

The Battista's menu is small but mighty, featuring a few recipes they have down to a science, including the Mama Mia (meatballs, tomato sauce and plenty of cheesy goodness), the Vegetariano (peppers, mushrooms, onions and black olives in tomato sauce and a generous helping of mozzarella), and of course, the Nutella! Fentiman's provided a perfectly-paired sampling of Cherry Cola to quench our thirst!

Yelp_Battista_Blog_024 Yelp_Battista_Blog_061 Yelp_Battista_Blog_031

Artist extraordinaire Karen Lee wowed us with her face painting, and Jamey M took some hot shots of the evening while keeping us laughing and grooving all night long. But of course, it was the party pinata that was the true highlight! Laini G gave it a few good whacks, Aditya R smashed it up real good, and Jacqueline S brought it down to a delightfully candy-filled death.

Yelp_Battista_Blog_038 Yelp_Battista_Blog_054 Yelp_Battista_Blog_029

Check out all of the party's best photos here and check out the event page, where you can pen your thoughts and read Elites' nice words about the night! Thanks to our enthusiastic party guests for getting into the party spirit, the Battista's staff for keeping the calzones coming hot and fresh out of the oven all night long, and to our fantastic sponsors and vendors - Karen Lee, Fentiman's, and Jamey M.

Until we meet again, I'll SYOY!


- Brittany K, Yelp Edmonton Community Manager

March 18, 2012

Orlando Elites Got Their Fiesta On @ Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

Posted by Colleen Burns

Elite yelpers were encouraged to put on their brightest colors, largest sombreros and come ready to party. And they did just that! We took over the patio and inside to mix and mingle while getting our fiesta on. 

"We were never without a food sample or a drink the whole evening. I loved the freshness and flavors of the food and will definitely plan a return visit." - Lynda F

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill pulled out all the stops with never ending beer, sangria and margaritas. They had revolving tasty treats including homemade salsas and holy guacamole with bottomless fresh tortilla chips, flautas, chicken and beef quedsadillas, queso and chicken burritos and they topped it all off with hot from the fryer sopapillas, dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a side of agave nectar. Sweet! 

Picnik collage (19)

"The service was out of this world, as well as the food and drinks but I have to say that my favorite food item out of all the yummy treats were the sopapillas. Delicious deep fried nuggets of dough dusted with cinnamon and sugar and then dipped in that awesome agave syrup.... I'm getting hungry just typing this!" - Enit S

SNAP! Studio Booth was back again for some fun! They had some great props and we even celebrated the Lime tradition of capturing the process of sucking on the lime... some funny photos! Check out the photos on our Yelp Orlando Flickr page soon. 

Picnik collage (20)

Savi Fernandez of the local soulful, rootsy, funky trioSavi Fernandez Band threw down some tunes on the porch to set the mood. You can check them out all around Orlando with their upcoming shows

"Nothing like partying on a patio in 65 degree weather with a full moon out and a guitarist strummimg toons surrounded by good company. Buckets of ice cold Corona's and strong frozen margarita's and sangria helped set the festive mood." - Phil H

Also, what's a Mexican Fiesta without finger stashes? The lovely Jacqueline Ford Professional Makeup Services hookin' our hands up with some amazing stashes. Check all the photos out here. If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers. 

Until next time,

Colleen B.

Picture 4


Yelp Sham-Rocks the House at Molly Malloy's

Posted by Michelle C

It may have been the luck of the Irish that Philly elites and their guests were able to access Reading Terminal Market after-hours. More likely, it was the good folks of Molly Malloy's who were responsible for inviting Philly yelpers to party at their beer oasis!

All twenty-four taps were open for the evening, making for some very happy party-goers. A table covered with beautiful baskets of vegetables, courtesy of Iovine Brothers Produce, and several dips and spreads provided a fresh and snappy snack. Before long, loads of passed bites from Molly Malloy's menu were circulated through the crowd. Pulled pork sliders, Yukon Gold potato and leek soup shooters, crispy fried pickles and boneless wings were just a few of the tasty treats offered.

Yelp Philly 3:16:12 YEE 1
Guests got into the spirit of St. Patty's Eve by donning shades of emerald, ivy and jade. Fashion-forward elite Margo K flashed nine forest-green digits plus one sparkly "pot of gold nail." Work it! 

Yelp Philly 3:16:12 collage 2
The party was abuzz with conversation, but the din grew louder as the final moments of the Duke/Lehigh game ticked down. Several alumni from each university were in attendance, and the rivalry was intense. In the end, Lehigh alums were able to breathe a sigh of relief as their team etched out a win and moved to the next round of March Madness.

Yelp Philly Elite 3:16:12 collage 3
Yelp truly sham-rocked the house all thanks to Butch and the super cool staff at Molly Malloy's. Also, big thanks and best wishes to Yelp Philly Intern Allison B, who is taking the next step in her career! To see what yelpers have to say about the event, check out the reviews here, photos by Michael Tolbert here, and join the conversation on Talk.

Until next time, sláinte!
Michelle C
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

Miami Yelpers Sham-Rock Brickell's Fadó!

Posted by Monica

Last Thursday, over 175 South Florida yelpers descended upon Brickell's Fadó for an evening filled with pre-St. Patrick's Day shenanigans. Feeling green was no thing for all the locals who arrived in a sea of the verdant attire. From Shamrock hats to beaded necklaces and leprechaun sunglasses, yelpers were in merry spirits and the hospitality of the Irish establishment only helped launch into the festive weekend!

Picnik collage

As the DJ kicked on the classics, Yelp Elites were treated to a cornucopia of edible delights. Fadó offered guests samples from their nouveau traditional menu featuring: Irish Cheddar Dip and Boxy Wedges, Smithwick’s Mini Burgers with Guinness Mayo, Chicken Tenders served with our homemade Coleman’s honey mustard sauce, Smoked Salmon Bites, Traditional Mini Beef & Potato Pies and Hot Brie Rarebit bites!

Picnik collage2
To wash it all down, Bushmills Whiskey offered a never-ending supply of their three marks: Bushmills, Bushmill's Honey and Bushmills Black. From whiskey and ginger ale to whiskey mojitos, Elites gladly imbibed and even got a chance to chat with the Bushmills whiskey master himself!

Picnik collage3

To read all about the fun had, peep the reviews here and don't forget to check out the photos!

Until next time,

Monica S

March 17, 2012

New Orleans Elites Get Hip To The Jive (and the jazz slang) At Yelp's Blind Pig Party

Posted by Joi

Ah, those halcyon days of jazz and liquor... we may still be living them here in The Big Easy, but this past consider a time when such things were a bit more of a dirty secret.

Photos were taken by Emily Ashley
This past Wednesday night, New Orleans Elites were all about putting on the Ritz at Mélange, a new speakeasy style bar/restaurant in the Marigny. After checking in and getting our jazz age names, we set our eyes on some giggle water from the bar.

How's this for speaking easy? Moscow mules, martinis, champagne cocktails... let's just say we got a bit bent/zozzled/hoary-eyed thanks to Ian and Todd mixing up complimentary classic cocktails that fit in oh so well with the decade we were celebrating.

Mélange also graced us with an array of delectable edibles like bacon-wrapped shrimp, shredded pork biscuit sliders, quesadillas, and gumbo. The dulcet tones of Jayna Morgan provided the perfect soundtrack to the affair, wouldn't you say?

We sure got out our glad rags this evening! It was difficult to choose which dapper yelper would win best dressed, but Jeff C and Bea V were determined as our winners (and they are major Oliver Twists!!) Most honorable mentions: Todd S, Susan W, Scott S and Russell W. Jeff and Bea get to attend the 4th Annual New Orleans Roadfood Festival's kickoff party in the Grand Ballroom of the Royal Sonesta.
Blindpigcollage2The winner of our Jazz Age slang contest was Perrey L for this bitty ditty: I was bent and only had an ace left, so I said to a real dog, "get hot, get hot, get hot!" and wouldn't you know it, it wasn't enough. Perrey won the ultra stunning new Yelp hoodie! A very close runner up: Meg A  (she won the new Yelp t-shirt).

Bling pig collage 3
Well, this evening surely was the bee's knees, but don't just take it from us. We're about to cast a kitten after reading an excerpt from Scott S's sensational review: It was here that Yelp, like a sugar daddy looking to futz, filled us up till we were swell and splifficated from the tips of our shiny wingtips to the tops of our ducky fedoras. Be sure and read the rest of the reviews too!

Photo by Emily Ashley

Thank you to Bob and Lee, owners of Mélange for giving us a night to remember. Peep the photos by Hannah Ligon and our own Yelptern, Emily Ashley on flickr.

Until next time...
yelp hot and yelp easy!
Joi B

(aka Dovie Ophelia)

Yelp NOLA Community Manager

Yelp's Pi Day Par-tay in Salt Lake City

Posted by Jeffrey

Salt Lake City yelpers had the perfect equation for a successful Pi Day celebration (y'know.. 3.14) on Wednesday March 14th. A Pi Day Par-tay! It started by gathering at Pierpont Place, the city's premier event venue in downtown SLC. You can't spell Pierpont without Pie, and this urban and chic space was the perfect place for the party.

Salt Lake City Pi Party Collage1

It was a celebration of all things circular and sliced, so there were plenty of pizzas and pies on hand. Sicilia Pizza brought a Mediterranean flair, Spedelli's handed out mustaches and might good slices of pizza, Surefire Pizza lit up their mobile pizza oven and Pie Hole handed out heaps of hot pies and brought along their Ms. Pac-Man machine for fun. Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria also sent along some generous gift certificats. The Dodo delivered tastes similiar to their famous Tollhouse Pie, Penny Ann's Cafe fed revelers with killer dessert pies, and Temple Square Hospitality had six different sweet pies on hand to sample. Bohemian Brewery kept the cold suds comin'.

Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage2
Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage3
With DJ Rob from Life Of The Party Entertainment keeping up the good tunes and the folks from Snow Lizard Products running a good game of Toss It In Your Piehole for prizes, there was lots to do. Sammy's Cafe (pie shakes, anyone?) came up from Provo to help provide live music in the soulful form of Mr. Ryan Innes on the piano and behind the mic.

Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage4

To capture the fun, Deb Dekhoff from parcityphotographers.com snapped shots of the crowd, and the pros from ShutterBooth Utah set up shop to get pics of peeps and their Pi Day pals.

Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage5
Once everyone had their fill of pie and pizza and the prizes had been given away, there was only one more thing to do to properly punctuate the end of Pi Day. Let's let these photos speak for themselves!

Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage6

Read the reviews here.

See the photo booth pics here.

See the candid photos here (or order a print here).


Until next Pi Day,

Jeffrey pie head
 Jeffrey "Lord of the Pies" S

Yelp SLC Community Manager

Yelp's Fabulous 50's Flashback @ The Republic featuring Drewski's

Posted by Alex L

We didn't have a time-traveling Delorean on hand, so we settled for the next best thing: we donned our best 1950's attire and celebrated this nostalgic decade with great food, drinks, music and the occasional twist during Yelp's Fabulous 50's Flashback at The Republic featuring Drewski's! Picnik collage

This spacious new bar in the heart of downtown set aside a private wing for elites and their special sweethearts to enjoy, complete with a long, handsome bar, cushy booth seating and an elevated dance floor. Dames in poodle skirts, greasers, bikers and poindexters bellied up for drinks like dozens of free Jack Daniels shots and better-than-happy-hour pricing. Attendees also ventured out to enjoy games like skeeball and pool or played classic board games in the back.

Picnik collage2
In no time, Drewski and his crew generously provided a plethora of samples from his incredibly popular mobile truck menu that included rosemary tater tots, savory buffalo wings, luau pork quesadillas, sweet potato fries and chicken and waffle sadwiches. Said Stacy G of the Cap'n Crunch chicken: "I had no idea that the crispy coating around the moist piece of poultry was actually crushed kiddie cereal, and the garlicky sauce spooned over it was so tasty I wanted to double dip."

Picnik collage3
With the food, music and ol' time rock n' roll blasting, there was no way these yelpers could resist rocking around the clock as captured in the stellar shots from Phil Isidro of PureAddict.com. In the words of Sharanjeet P: "We had wings that were lickably tasty, quesedillas, and fried chicken that was topped with cap'n crunch, of all things! The food was so delicious and filling, the music and atmosphere was energetic, and they had games to boot! Will definitely be taking my friends here!"

A very special thanks to Michelangelo S (Happy Birthday, buddy!), Jennifer L and Jamie B for your hard work and assistance. You guys exemplify what it means to be a "Top Yelper."

See you later, alligators,

Alex L
Yelp Sactown Community Manager

Denver's Pi Day Par-tay @ Pi Kitchen + Bar!

March 14th (3.14) represents National Pi Day and Albert Einstein's birthday and Denver yelpers could think of no better way to celebrate this than with a Pi Day Par-tay at Pi Kitchen + Bar. Partygoers got in the festive mood with birthday hats and a decadent chocolate cake plus tons of food, drink, and fun.


Showcasing a recently revamped menu, Pi's kitchen sent out a multitude of edible treats including small bites of their Hatch Green Chile empanadas, brisket nachos, lemongrass chicken, tuna tartare lettuce wraps, Fire Cracker Shrimp, and veggie curry. And what kind of party would it be without cocktails to wash down all those tasty bites? Yelpers enjoyed pop rock martinis from Skyy Vodka, "skinny" margaritas from Patron, and wines from Handcraft.


To top the night off 6 of our guests competed in a pie eating contest where winners walked away with either a $50 bar tab at the Pi Bar or an overnight stay at the Hilton.


Check out the photos and reviews to see all the action and until next time, SYOY! (See You On Yelp!)

Tiffany N

Your Denver Yelp Community Director

March 16, 2012

Yelp Leeds' Had A Right Ruddy Pamper!

Posted by Rowena Harris

True to the season, the spring time sun set the tone for the evening, as we saw yet another fabulous Elite Event here in Leeds. Jollied and early with such anticipation, some forty folk came down to Architect Hair Salon of Headingley, to begin the carousal and get stuck into some serious pampering. Since half the guests arrived early, the wine was cracked open, and everyone had a good nosy and a mingle whilst waiting for the remainder of the crew to arrive. Once everyone was present, vino in hand and Yelp sunglasses pocketed, the proceedings began with a small introduction from Louise of Architect and her neighbour Laura of Apricot Beauty Salon. Once the introductions were made, explaining what was available for the evening to showcase the salons' talents, everyone topped up their glasses and dove in.

Architect 1

As some folk were whisked away for a personal consultation with the staff of Architect, the rest were able to sip some wine and watch the demonstrations, ranging from how to get that glamourous glossy blow dry look, hollywood waves and curls with styling irons, colour suitability consultations, exquisitely fabulous hair ups for an evening out and all the male grooming tips each guy could get from Architect's male barber Tom. Everyone took a turn to have something stylish done, whether it was to book for a fix-me-up appointment, or even plan a bridal hair do! Each member of staff coiffed, brushed and combed tirelessly, ensuring everyone each had a turn to look fabulous.


Whilst half the guests took their turns in the hairdressing seat, in this most delightful game of musical chairs, others had a nibble from the delicious bagel tray and topped up their wines. Meanwhile, next door at Apricot, readily glamourised, the group began to file in to see what the beauty salon had on offer for the event. Laura greeted each guest with yet more wine, cupcakes, and sweet treats with which to indulge in, and invited folks in to take a sneaky peak at their treatments. Yelpers got to take a gander at the teeth whitening process, in a live demo, having the technique explained as it was performed, as well as gel nail demos and other beautification procedures.


To many of the girls' delight, Apricot even offered a free file and polish to everyone, many of whom came skipping back over to Architect with the most sublimely newly varnished nails! Striking fear into folks' hearts, there was also a skin damage consultation available, using a specialised skin damage light box, as famed in the Channel Four television programme, 10 Years Younger. Although at first no one dared try it out, as soon as the first intrepid explorer had a turn, everyone queued up to see what their facial skin was like and what beauty regimes they might need to take up! Fortunately, it merely confirmed how beautiful everyone was, and what shining faces those that Yelp in Leeds have... It must be something in the Yorkshire water!


Once each person had taken their turn with all the pampering on offer, from the hair ups, to the nail polishes, to the personalised consultations, those that still remained returned to Architect Hair Salon for one final treat. In order to regain the balance, and man things up, a pub quiz was held with the remnants of the party – in honour of the manly moustache. That's right, in Leeds this is how we roll: beauty and the butch. Yelpers were each given a test sheet with ten hairy questions, all about the moustache, in a wee bit of friendly competition to round off the night. The overall winner, with a resounding and impressive 8 out of 10 questions correct, was newcomer Liz H! And finally, everyone had a quickfire round of questions to see what kind of moustache they would have, complete with a personalised picture, avec the offending facial hair.


In a wonderful moment of cameraderie, even the team at Architect had a moustache picture, before the last few drops of wine were drunk and folks were given a proper send off. As if the evening hadn't been fabulous enough, a select few lucky yelpers were even treated to a packed goody bag, with hoards of wonderful samples to try out at home, in a first come first served scenario. Perfectly pampered, and spoiled rotten, it was then time to bid farewell until the next social on the Yelp calendar – but not before a good few people booked a hair appointment with Architect!



This was yet another utterly marvellous event here in Leeds, celebrating the independents, and really getting to know more of the best hidden gems our fine city has to offer. Every inch of this event was met with warmth, passion, knowledge, and finesse, thanks to the fabulous and tireless staff at Architect and Apricot. A humungous thanks goes out to Louise, Laura, and their teams for such a warm welcome and their wonderful treatments, Cheryl and Sharon of SLB for their enthusiasm and hard work, and as ever, Matthew, whose photography skills are not only second to none, but imperative to make it a proper Yelp night here in Leeds.


Of course, don't just take my word for it, check out what folks themselves thought of the event on the review page, take a peek at the pictures, and get talking!

April K: "Another corking event! On arriving at Architect, we were greeted by a bright, clean and trendy salon and a lovely group of smiley ladies (and one fella that looked a bit like Will Young... if you squinted). Everyone was mingling with drinks and nibbles and the lovely Louise was designating her team to do the dos! Emma put my hair into an up-do, which was fab and very sophisticated. It's always good to find a new hairdresser (I've had my share of finding awful ones!) so my mum and I have booked in to have our hair done at later dates!

The Apricot beauty parlour next door was lovely too! Very chic and classy, and didn't stink of nail polish as is my experience of beauty parlours! We had a nice chat with the teeth whitening lady and saw our dehydrated and manky skin under the UV face annihilator – although I'm not as haggard as I thought!"

Alexis K: "Again, a fantastic evening from Yelp. The light airy salon in the darkened roadway of Victoria Road was refreshing and fun. The Architect Hair team were fantastic and were really helpful giving some great tips and hints on hair styles amid the chatter, hairspray and blowing hairdryers. There was a moustache pub quiz to round off a fun evening. A really friendly and happy environment to have your new do done in. The best image of the night was the full team grouped together with some dashing moustaches."

Until next time, party goers, I'll see you on Yelp!


Rowena H

Leeds Community Manager


Tucson Elites Rise & Dine @ The Grill at Hacienda del Sol!

What do Oprah, Dr. Oz and a box of Wheaties have in common? They're hard to stomach in large quantities? Nope, not what we're looking for. They know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Which is why Elites set an alarm clock and woke up early for Yelp's Bed Head Breakfast at one of Tucson’s oldest resorts and restaurant.


The Grill at Hacienda del Sol chefs Colin King, Chad Johnson and Marcos Castro jump started our morning with a Hacienda Yogurt Parfait station (macerated berries, fat-free greek yogurt and granola) and a Steel-Cut Oatmeal station (seasonal berries, golden raisins, brown sugar and milk), in addition to a jammin’ juice bar with options for everyone and coffee for the caffeine cravers in need of a java jolt.

1-1 1-2 1-3
Once yelpers worked their way through those early eats, we took seats for a sample-sized breakfast bonanza including; buttermilk apple pancakes, spiced French toast with berry coulis, house brined corned beef hash with an arugula-scallion emulsion and their hacienda buffalo benedict (house-made buffalo chorizo, soft poached eggs & charred tomato-jalapeno hollandaise).

2-1  2-2  2-3
Those in need of motion were motivated after consuming copious amounts of food to stick around and take a nature walk and property tour with Sara and John. Walkers learned about the history of Hacienda and saw the garden where many of our menu's herbs, fruits and edible flowers were grown, in addition to learning some juicy deets about past guests including Clark Gable and Martha Stewart! 

3-1  3-2  3-3

3-4  3-5  3-6
For our earliest Elite Event to date, folks dressed in their cutest and cuddliest sleep-ware and some even jacked up their hair with teased, crimped, cinched and pimped ‘dos too. Prizes were awarded to Cristina L and Andrea G for best breakfast threads and the team at Hacienda raffled off amazing prizes to winners of our am activity stations. (Two yelpers went head-to-head in a toast shooting contest, earning entry to the raffle by getting their bread to travel the farthest distance. In a citrus juicing sesh, two yelpers had to squeeze 4 oz of OJ then pound the pulpy potion before the other. When it came to flipping omelets mid-air, most succeeded, but some cracked, cooked, and flipped faster than others. And you think you know cereal? Try six of them blindfolded and see how many you can name! Our Elite mommies represented!)

4-1  4-2  4-3
Tremendous thanks to Sara and Randy who coordinated such an amazing morning, John who was the talk of the tour, and Matt, Colin, Chad Marcos and their entire Hacienda team who made our morning so memorable. Big shout out to JD who captured our morning for your visual pleasure!

5-1  5-2  5-3
Read the reviews and write one here.

See what JD snapped here.

Learn more about Hacienda del Sol here.

Learn more about Hacienda’s restaurant, The Grill here.

Editor’s Note: I’m so grateful for this wonderful community of active, influential Elites. I’m sad to leave Tucson this spring for a different opportunity at Yelp, but I couldn’t be happier with the way our last Elite Event turned out. Thanks Tucson Elites, we couldn’t do it without you!

Corey D

Tucson Community Manager

(for a little bit longer)  


Soirée Élite “Bonne Fête à Moi!” Yelp Montréal au Jello Martini Lounge

Posted by Marie-Pier

Mercredi soir dernier, une centaine de yelpeurs Élites de Montréal ont fait un retour en enfance pour célébrer le meilleur party de fête de leur vie, version adulte! Le Jello Martini Lounge nous a accueilli pas seulement le bras ouverts mais aussi avec un jello shot à la main pour chaque invité dès leur check-in! Les barmaids ont concoctées de merveilleux martinis aux saveurs de poires, margarita et à la fraise grâce aux contributions de Russian Standard Vodka et la Téquila Hornitos 100% AgaveAlia H s’est exclamée « Waouh! » dès la première gorgée de son martini margarita!


Des petites bouchées salées composées de rouleaux de printemps, de pitas avec trempettes méditerranéennes, des fromages et craquelins puis de carrés de pizza gourmet ont bien balancé le côté sucré de la soirée. Et puis, parce qu’un anniversaire ne serait pas complet sans un gâteau, Bake Sale Girl a donc charmée la foule avec ses cupcakes alcoolisés. Janine T ne s’en peut plus : « c’est les meilleurs cupcakes que j’ai mangé à vie sans aucun doute, définitivement, certainement, oh mon dieu j’en veux un autre toute de suite! » 


Finalement, les artistes du cirque Poécirque ont aussi époustouflés les yelpeurs avec leurs prouesses élégantes. Shirley D a adoré le hula-hoop illuminé et la balle de cristal qui ont tenus nos invités hypnotisés pour une bonne partie de la soirée. Puis, pour faire notre BA de la soirée, la propriétaire du Jello Martini Lounge nous a partagée son histoire avec le Centre Batshaw pour la famille et la jeunesse, organisme à but non lucratif pour lequel les yelpeurs ont fait de généreux dons au courant de la soirée.


Un dernier merci spécial va au photographe Mathieu Sparks pour son talent à capturer la jeunesse des yelpeurs de Montréal! Vous pouvez en voir encore plus via Flickr, vous pouvez aussi jaser de la merveilleuse soirée sur le Chat et lire les avis complets ici.


À la prochaine,
Marie-Pier R 
Chef de communauté, Yelp Montréal


Last Wednesday night, a hundred Montreal Yelp Elites went back in time to revisit their childhood for the best birthday party ever! Jello Martini Lounge welcomed us not only with arms wide open, but also with a jello shot in hand for every guest as soon as they checked-in! The barmaids mixed marvellous martinis with the generous help of Russian Standard Vodka and Hornitos Tequila 100% Agave. Their creations included delicious flavours including pear, margarita and strawberry inspired martinis. “Waouh!” was the first word out of Alia H's mouth after the first taste of her margarita martini!


Small savoury bites featuring spring rolls, pitas and mediterranean dips, cheese and crackers as well as gourmet pizza bites were essential to balance out the sweet side of the evening! Since a birthday wouldn’t be complete without a cake, Bake Sale Girl charmed the crowd, and especially Janine T, with boozy cupckaes. « The best friggin' cupcake that I have ever tasted, hands down, no contest, ohmygod I want another one right now! »


Finally, artists from the circus Poécrique left yelpers breathless with their elegant prowess. Shirley D “loved the entertainment with the flashing light hula hoop and the crystal ball" that kept the audience hypnotized for a good part of the evening. And, for our good deed of the day, the owner of Jello Martini Lounge also shared with us her story and experience with the Batshaw Center for Family and Youth, a non-profit for which yelpers made donations throughout the evening.


One last special thank you goes out to Mathieu Sparks, the photographer of the night who captured Montreal's youthful yelpers! You can see even more photos via Flickr, chat about the evening in Talk and read the full reviews here.


Until next time,
Marie-Pier R 
Community Manager, Yelp Montréal


March 15, 2012

Yelp's Be Gold, Get Gold Event @ Tulalip Resort & Casino

Posted by Katy

It takes 5 long years of Eliteness to brandish a shiny gold Yelp Elite badge, so why not celebrate those devoted golden yelpers with a special event just for them? After so many useful, funny and cool reviews it was high-time the Seattle Yelp Community honor those who've been at it the longest. And what better place than at a fancy schmancy casino and resort?

The Tulalip Resort & Casino is located about 40 miles north of downtown Seattle, and when they heard about our golden crew they knew exactly what to do... Charter a luxury bus and round 'em up! Saving on mileage, time and money, 50 lucky Elite members met up at the Northgate Mall to pile into a cozy bus. No sooner had the guests taken a seat and they were offered a choice of beer, red or white wine, and even non-alcoholic options. While taking the short ride north guests were offered a guided tour of the resort property, an abbreviated tour of the Tulalip tribal lands and a history lesson on the Tulalip people who inhabit the area. Sounds awesome right? Wait till we actually get to the party!

Picnik collage1

After unloading an official grounds tour began. Taking members through the pool room and various spacious ballrooms each and every guest was offered a private tour of the Tulalip's T-Spa alongside 20% of coupons for use on a return visit. After seeing the saunas, steam rooms and more, it was time to get down and party. Showing us one of their finest suites, the Tulalip Resort team hosted everyone in the 2,500 sq foot Tulalip Suite. Complete with a full kitchen, baby grand piano and views for miles, it was one sweet suite! Fitting our 50 guests with ease, everyone enjoyed small appetizers and champagne prepared onsite by Chef Gerry.

And what better way to follow food than by following it with more, and even more food? This day-long event then featured a tour of both onsite restaurants, Blackfish and Tulalip Bay. At each stop guests were treated to a different course and a meet and greet with Chefs David and Dean. Oh, and did we mention that wine was paired with each of these courses as well? Cheers!

Picnik collage2

Rounding out the night a dessert course by Chef Nikol was offered up at Tulalip's Mpulse Lounge. To pair with the variety of sweet treats guests were topped off with a final glass of sweet Port. And just as the event came to an end everyone was given $10 to gamble their hearts out and test their luck! Opening up some gaming tables with 'funny money' to start, anyone who wanted a blackjack lesson was treated to free play until they felt comfortable to gamble for real. Many Elite members cheered as they won as much as $100 during the free hour.

Picnik collage3

Hopping back on the bus to bid farewell, Kevin C won a raffle prize and was invited to return for a free night's stay! Congratulating him on his win, tired Elite members sat back in their cozy bus seats to find big swag bags full of goodies and thank you cards. Shouldn't we be thanking Tulalip for all of the fun? What an event! 

Screen Shot 2012-03-15 at 8.49.25 PM

Read reviews of the event here. And if you attended and forgot to write one, please consider contributing!

For more photos of the event please click here.

Hope to see you at the next Seattle Elite Event!


Screen Shot 2012-03-15 at 8.52.59 PM

Katy H
Yelp Seattle Senior Community Manager 

Yelp's SXSW Interactive Event & Mobile Lounge Launch

Posted by kelly stocker

In between the hustle and bustle of the South by Southwest Interactive panels and parties,  SXSWi1Yelpers gathered at Violet Crown Social Club for our SXSW Interactive Event and Mobile Lounge launch. Paul S sang some hallelujahs as "in an act of divine intervention, the skies parted and the good weather was blessed upon us all, especially the lucky SXSW Yelpers at the Violet Crown Social Club event.”

SXSWi2Right smack dab in the heart of East 6th street, Violet Crown Social Club served as the perfect hub for the free flowing Independence Brew, Maker’s Mark, Roxor Gin, Deep Eddy Vodka, Honest Tea and Crispin Cider. Of course there we paired all that liquid with endless amounts of Baby Zach’s Smoked Hummus, Via 313 Pizza, The Cookie Haus, Holy Cacao, Man Bites Dog, The Pie Society, Emergen-C and NoHo Hangover Defense

Jack N "ended up eating three - yep three - pieces of the damn crack Detroit pizza.  That stuff was noticeably different (in a great way) than other slices in town.” SXSWi3

We had two, yes TWO photo booths at this shindig. Inside the bar, we had OMG Photo booth straight from Atlanta, GA with their quirky “I <3 Yelp”, “OMG” and “SXSW” signs and outside on the patio Austin’s own Mag Booth was set up with some wooden mustaches, a Viking hat, giant pair of scissors and a miniature accordion. Amazing candid snaps by our tag team of photographers, Andrew Dorer & Chad Adams are available for your eye goggling pleasure on Chad Adams Photography.

Amrit B "never would have thought" he'd be attending an event in another city "but this was off the chain! Great beer from a keg pouring on an ipad, amazing hummus and all the No-Hangover I needed for the rest of the week at SXSW!" 

Not only SXSWi4were the hangover necessities in abundance at the party but also they were stocked up in the Yelp Mobile Lounge, a 26 foot moving truck, courtesy of Square Cow Movers that we parked around Austin throughout SXSW. The Mobile Lounge was a place to cool off, charge your phone, pick up some NoHo or Emergen-C and play a game of foosball whilst enjoying a frosty beverage, a bottle of water or just some off-your-feet time. 

Yelpers and folks in the know followed the mobile lounge on @yelpaustin's Twitter to find out where that little piece of their living room could be found in the middle of the city. “Once again, my expectations have been met and then some. The atmosphere at the Yelp Interactive Event & Mobile Lounge Launch was perfect for a sunny lazy Sunday: tons of tasty bites, free flowing beverages, and fantastic service from the staff of Violet Crown Social Club" raves Shannon B

Until the next great event, SYOY!

Lauren B & Kelly S


Yelp's (first-ever) Brew City Bash!

Posted by Rachel Fell

The rumors are true. You may have been hearing them, but now? It's official. Yelp Milwaukee's arrived in a big way...

On Friday, March 9, over 350 yelpers came together to celebrate Yelp's first year in Milwaukee at our first-ever Brew City Bash. This absolutely amazing event was held in the historic Pritzlaff building's gorgeous 333 space, and with floor to ceiling windows, cream city brick, and fabulous architecture, the space was a perfect fit for our celebration of all things MKE.


What made this night so special? (Where to even begin?)

Locally-crafted spirits and beers from Great Lakes Distillery and Lakefront Brewery, tea & coffee bars from Rishi Tea and Anodyne Coffee, and incredible bites from Jake's Deli, Nessun Dorma, Antigua, Blue's Egg + Maxie's Southern Comfort, Purple Door Ice Cream, and Bolzano Meats...

And fun! We love funSPiN Milwaukee rocked ping pong while American Cornhole taught us the finer points of that bags game we all know and love. Our friends from the Establishment were there, as were the Brewcity Bruisers on skates, the House of Harley Davidson, Do414, and Fine Line Magazine...


The sweet sounding stylings of WMSE's Wax Addicts kept things rocking, as did photobooths from ShutterboxDream Life Photography, and Joyce Paisley Photography. So so awesome!

A huge thank you to Luke Rosynek, Dan Kelly, and Li Wang for candid photos and an amazing video that'll be making the rounds super soon. Also: we couldn't have done it without Yelp superstars Andrea R, Gabi M, and Annie D. (You ladies are the best!)


The thing about us here in Milwaukee is that we love our city. So why not celebrate the amazing businesses, organizations, and people that make MKE so fantastic? Yelp's a huge part of that, too, because we want to celebrate what's new and what's old and storied by positive word-of-mouth; we want everyone to know what makes us so special and so unique here in the four-one-four!

I'm so proud to be part of something so great here in Brew City. 

Until next time, SYOY!


Rachel F — Yelp Milwaukee Community Manager

Soirée Elite Yelp Marseille - Concours de Pizza @ La Vélada

Posted by Julie M

Mars 2012 n'a pas dérogé à la règle, une soirée élite a été tout spécialement organisée pour les Yelpeurs élites. Initialement prévue le lundi 12 mars, elle a été reportée au mardi 13 mars pour des raisons techniques, et une petite vingtaine de Yelpeurs ont pu venir concourir pour désigner la meilleure recette de pizza, et passer une excellente soirée à La Vélada. Comme l'on dit Anaïs et Pédro : "On a Yelpé sévère !"


En effet ce mardi 13 mars était un soir de match de Ligue des Champions, 1/8 de finale retour opposant l'Inter Milan à notre équipe de l'OM. Mais Patrick de La Vélada avait pensé à tout, ce qui n'a pas laissé Xavier S entre autres indifférent "merci pour nous les fans d'avoir pensez à ce grand écran... MAGIQUE" ! Un peu de foot, mais un peu de vin aussi comme le souligne Josiane L "le vin rosé de bandol (le Domaine Maubernard) était très bon" et Georges-Edouard L de renchérir "un vin rouge à recommander (même pas mal à la tête, le matin !!)". 


Les Yelpeurs répartis en équipes au hasard, se concertaient pour définir leurs recettes. Après quelques minutes de réflexion, les premières consignes ont été données à Hatem, le pizzaïolo, qui a fait le show en préparant avec amour les pizzas des Yelpeurs. Georges-Edouard L salue la performance d'un "pizzaiolo champion du monde qui s'est plié aux exigences les plus folles pour réaliser ces pizz' au top !"


4 équipes se sont affrontées dans cette compétition gourmande : certains ont tout misé sur le goût et d'autres ont aussi joué sur le design. Ainsi nous avons eu une pizza en forme de cœur, une pizza recouverte de salade et une pizza sur laquelle on pouvait voir le logo Yelp en jambon ! "On a imaginé une pizza conceptuelle et réfléchie. Rien n'était laissé au hasard. Pizza 100% fromage, du moins fort au plus fort, avec un bout de chaque fromage sur chaque part... Et la final touch : le logo Yelp en jambon par dessus." Alexia Z était pourtant sûre de gagner haut la main !


A l'issue de la dégustation, chacun a rempli son bulletin et tous ont voté pour leur pizza préférée - avec interdiction de voter pour sa propre pizza ! -. "Oh Bonne Mère ! On a été gâtés et je suis bien contente !
C'était la soirée tous gagnants !" Christine F dit bien, toutes équipes ont fini ex-aequo. Il y a bien eu des votes retardataires qui ont permis à une équipe ou l'autre de "gagner" mais les pizza étaient toutes excellentes, et impossibles à départager. 


Encore une fois les Yelpeurs étaient ravis de se retrouver à l'instar de Christine F qui précise  que "retrouver les yelpeurs est toujours un vrai plaisir, de soirées en soirées les liens se tissent et c'est bien agréable", d'autant que cette fois une invitée spéciale s'était glissée parmi les Yelpeurs de MarseilleStephanie G, élite Yelp à Boston venue à Marseille pour la semaine au Forum Mondial de l'Eau. La soirée s'est terminée à la fin du match, lorsque l'OM s'est qualifié pour les 1/4 de final dans un éclat de joie général ! Les Yelpeurs gagnants auront leur cadeau à la prochaine soirée élite Yelp Marseille... à suivre !

IMG_1815  IMG_1788    IMG_1823
Vos avis sur la soirée là !

Les photos sont ici !

Le tchat par là !


Julie M



A Pizza Contest ? Really ? The Pizza was born in Marseille, so a Pizza Contest is fairly obvious. Yelpers from Marseille enjoyed the party with some football (soccer) on TV, some wine and some pizza at La Velada... that’s real life isn’t it ?


The party was initially planned for the night before, but a stove issue pushed the party one day forward. Not all the attendees could make, unfortunately, but the party was still a big success. “What a pity for all those who couldn’t make it to this party ! They missed the best Yelp Elite Event in Marseille so far !” said Georges-Edouard L with a glass of wine in his hand. Le Domaine Maubernard, is a small vineyard close to Marseille. They provided red and rosé wine that Josiane L really appreciate “the rosé was very good, I recommend it.


Yelpers grouped together to make 4 teams. Each team had to create their own pizza recipe. Then Hatem the pizzaiolo, made the pizzas in front of everyone making the dough flying in the air, turning around his fingers... Yelpers were very demanding as we had a pizza with a heart sharp, a pizza covered with salad, and “a very cheesy pizza with the Yelp logo made out of some ham slices,” explained Alexia Z who was sure that her team’s pizza would win...


La Velada is a quite big restaurant just close to l’Abbaye de St Victor and the famous Four des Navettes. And since Tuesday night was a very important football (soccer) time for our team l’OM, the TV was on. “Thanks for thinking about the football fans that we are, this big screen was cool, and the game was magic !” says Xavier S. l’OM won in the end, and will be on the quarterfinal at the European Champion’s League... 


Just a little word to thank Stephanie G who is a Yelp elite from Boston who attended this party as she was in Marseille for the week ! So cool to meet her and share this time with her ! 

IMG_1796   IMG_1744   IMG_1758

Don’t forget to write your reviews of the party on the event page and look at all the pictures by Xavier S


Julie M


March 14, 2012

Yelp Louisville 1st Elite Party Luau

Posted by Rachel Ford

Everyone knows of a Christmas in July party, but how about when it is snowing and you're ready for bikinis and summer cocktails already? The Yelp Louisville Elite made a splash at the first Elite party - a Luau in February at Pirate's Bay water park.

We beat the heat with bourbon slushes and punch from Jim Beam and snacked on nachos, pizza and corn dogs from the cafe at Pirate's Bay. The awesome Melanie K’s jello shots got five stars and the bourbon rice krispie treats were a sticky square of fun.

Twisty, curvy water slides (that we thought were only an adrenaline rush as kids!) were worth the climb! And when we were done with playing, there was plenty of room in the oasis hot tub - waterfall and all! Elite life is tough, but we’ll take one for the team. Another slush please!

Thanks again to our lovely sponsors, especially General Manager Angel Frizzell for all of her help. Read the reviews here and check out all the shots from A Bow Tie Photograpy here on the Yelp Louisville Flickr page.

Cheers and See You On Yelp! (SYOY)






Rachel F

Community Manager

Yelp Louisville!


Yelp's Royal Date With Wallis & Ed

Posted by Tresna

Last night Melbourne yelpers came together to celebrate good food, delicious beverages and yelpy company. This time the venue was Wallis & Ed – a contemporary addition to The Hotel Windsor that serves flavoursome food for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday. With a name inspired by the famous 1930's Royal couple, there were hints of the era in some yelper's outfits - the gentlemen in suits and many ladies sporting feathers and pearls.


Manager Andi Reilly and his team were wonderful hosts, making sure yelpers were well fed and a drink never too far away. The room was treated to canapes of house-cured ocean trout gravad lax, slow cooked pork belly, triple cream brie with fruit bread and large bowls of house made hummus. The hummus was served with paprika water crackers that were seriously addictive!


Wallis & Ed is known for having a diverse menu of gins and provided party goers with a few refreshing G&Ts served in dainty teacups, a nod to prohibition when gin was regularly consumed in this covert manner. Bombay Sapphire was topped up with Fever Tree Tonic Water and finished with slices of citrus and cucumber.

Drinks collage

 Yelpers were also introduced to Austrian beer Trumer Pils with Mik onboard to explain the history of the beer and the reason for the distinctive tall glass. It was the perfect accompaniment to the 17-Hour Sous Vide Pork Belly that was served in bite sized slices on the end of a fork and definitely the crowd favourite. 

Picnik collage

Thank you to Wallis & Ed for spoiling us rotten and to Trumer Pils, Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree for keeping yelpers well lubricated throughout the evening. 


Until next time, SYOY!
Tresna L

Yelp Celebrates Broadway in LA

Curtain call!

LA East Elites were given the rare opportunity to take over Hollywood's iconic Pantages Theatre to Celebrate Broadway in LA by helping close out their 2011-2012 season and kick off the 2012-2013 season on Thursday, March 8, 2012.  Picnik collageThe gorgeous Art Deco interior came alive with costumed guests from Broadway favorites like Wicked, Chicago, The Lion King, Book of Mormon, My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera and more! Some of Pantages' wonderful dining partners joined us on stage (ok, the lobby) to serve up some scrumptious samplings. Delphine won people over with their organic kale salad featuring a crisp pita, jalapeno, soledad goat feta, and a creamy citrus dressing, as well as a malted vanilla rice pudding. Fabio from Fabiolus Cafe charmed everyone with his ricotta cheesecake, tiramisu, and an addictive pasta number. Kabuki's generous supply of spicy tuna handrolls, sesame chicken, and baja rolls kept guests coming back for more. Katsuya pleased palates with hamachi jalapeno spoons and crispy sesame tuna with wonton chips. Lexington Social House had all the Broadway stars salivating over their honey chipotle pork belly served with fennel apple salad and an orange vinaigrette. There was enough food to go around (and around). A huge thank you to all the dining partners and their smiling staff for bringing the best of the best to the the table.  Picnik collage1While making their way through a sea of delicious dining options, yelpers enjoyed samples of CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well as Kirin selections Ichiban and Kirin Light, and of course, Hard Luck Candy Vodka cocktails like Root Beer, Pineapple Upside Down Fish, and Sparkling Lemon Drop. As if that wasn't enough, guests could further liquify their appetite with liquor-infused treats from Cake Bar! Irish Car Bomb cupcake, anyone? When not mingling and munching, the crowd received complimentary oxygen blasts and mini massages from Bliss and struck a pose in the wildly popular SnapFiesta photo boothPicnik collage2And as if that wasn't enough, Pantages provided tours of the historic building, a Broadway trivia contest to win tickets to upcoming productions, and let us not forget the costume contest! There was a decorated cast from many Broadway favorites but it came down to homemade outfits from The Lion King duo and a rather spritely Sound of Music gent. While both put up an applause-worthy performance, our Rafiki (Laura S) and Simba (James S) "couple" won the grand prize that included 2 tickets to the following shows ROCK OF AGES, MAMMA MIA!, BILLY ELLIOT, and CHICAGO.

The whole evening deserves a standing ovation (especially since on the way out a schwag bag buffet popped up featuring Yelp goodies, coupons from dining partners, and chopsticks from Kirin)! The night would not have ran as smoothly without the help of the amazing Pantages crew, Christina Y and Stephanie C. Read the reviews here and catch the candid shots from Santiago Valencia on the Yelp LA Flickr page.


  Picture 7

Katie "Mamma Mia'' B

LA East CM

Yelp Edmonton's Prohibition Party!

Posted by Brittany

On Wednesday evening, over 100 yelpers came together to celebrate one year of Yelp in Edmonton with a Prohibition Party at Suede Lounge! This crowd of very good-looking yelpers kicked it up a notch by dolling themseleves up in the 1920s style. There wasn't a feather unworn in the joint!

Sunglassesyelpers Popcorn Girlswithguns

The party kicked off with appetizers bites from party host Suede Lounge, showing off their brand new menu! From mac and cheese to crab cakes, then beef wellington and finally a spoonful of creme brulee, yelpers got to experience a bite-sized three-course meal from Suede. To quench their thirst, sips were provided by Spicebox Whisky, Russian Standard Vodka, Yellowhead Beer, and lastly Cafvino, a coffee-based wine from Columbia, making its debut in Edmonton at the event!

Russianstandard Spicebox Yellowhead Cafvino

A one, a two, a three, a four...after a lesson in the art of the Charleston to our eager Yelp Elites and VIPS, Sugar Swing Dance Club showed off their pro moves to our enthusiastic crowd. BMP busily snapped away in the photobooth, DJ Fred spinned the beats, and the food just wouldn't quit!

Balloonsyelpers Dancersdancing Beefwellington Dancing2

And finally, it was Capital City Burlesque that really stole the show! A group number and three – count ‘em, three – solos capped off a fabulous evening of flappers, fedoras, fancy food and drinks!

Burlesque2 Burlesque

An enthusiastic THANK YOU to all of the party sponsors, well-dressed guests, and our photographer for night, Nitin Bhatia! Take a peek at the full gallery of gams and giggles, and surely you must read the reviews for the five-star shindig! A few highlights:

"I have to mention the staff at Suede were very friendly, encouraging us to eat the food taken out, all smiles, and some were even dressed up following the theme which made me confused for a split second as I didn't know they were servers, haha! :)" - Lea A

"This was truly a wonderful night out!  And the best part was getting to meet fellow Yelpers - some that I have been chatting with on the boards for quite some time and others who came over to ask about our costume pieces!" - Kristin K

"The star of the night for me were the ladies from Capital City Burlesque. The girl who did Jessica Rabbit was unreal! Hubba hubba! Awesome dress, too." - Karlie M

It was an unforgettable party and I can't wait until the next one! But until then, I'll SYOY!


- Brittany K, Yelp Edmonton Community Manager

meer...Meer...MEER Elite Event @ Café Barça!

Posted by Philippine

Het was zovéél meer dan we konden wensen! Dinsdag 13 maart kwamen de Amsterdam Yelp Elites in Barça voor een Elite Event wat ik alleen maar kan omschrijven als 'Meer". ZO.VEEL. MEER!

Wist je namelijk dat Barça 12 (!) verschillende cava's op de kaart heeft staan, de ene nog lekkerder dan de ander?! En tijdens de vrijdagmiddag-borrel schenken ze zelfs een uit een 6-liter-fles glaasjes cava die -samen met tapas- gratis worden rondgebracht. Hoe on-Hollands om daar nìet naar toe gaan en je weekend in te luiden?! En Barça heeft disco-avonden. En 'lekkere-hitjes' avonden. En Mojito-avonden. En op zondagmiddag weer cava drinken. En je kunt er voetbal kijken. En je kunt..... Amai, Barça is eigenlijk zoveel!!

En dat hebben we geweten! Een cocktail workshop en je eigen Mojito's maken. De vrijdagochtenden vanaf nu worden zwaar; de donderdag 'Mojito-night' gaan we in de Barça echt niet weerstaan... In de 'cava-corner' werd er aandachtig geluisterd, nieuwe kennis opgedaan en natuurlijk cava geproefd. Heel. Veel. Geproefd. Ja, je moet goed proeven natuurlijk. Die "ene roze" is een enorme aanrader hoorde ik in de wandelgangen. En dat was nog niet alles. Nope. Marije vertelde uitgebreid over de verschillende tapas die Barça serveert en God wat zijn we blij dat het Iberico vakentje eikeltjes eet en dat de chef komijn in de yoghurt kip doet. En daar hoorde natuurlijk een wijntje bij. Een lekker Barça'ans wijntje welteverstaan! 


Geen Elite Event is compleet zonder dat er iets gewonnen kan worden... Team Homeboys had zich omgetoverd tot Team Funnies en hadden goed opgelet in elke corner. Gingen zij toch zomaar met die fles cava aan de aan de haal!! Geen zorgen Elites, you will get them next time!


Barça ontzettend veel dank voor deze heerlijke avond! Jullie hebben ècht laten zien dat jullie zoveel meer zijn alleen 'een-drankje-drinken-in-je-pak'. Wat organiseren jullie toch veel leuke en bijzondere avonden op verschillende dagen van de week! Wij komen snel weer een kijkje nemen...Yelpers enorm bedankt voor jullie komst, elk Elite Event is een feestje met jullie!

Bekijk hier alle foto's en lees de reviews hoe yelpers de avond hebben ervaren! Om een klein tipje van de sluier te lichten:

Rienk F vond het "heel leuk om zoveel nieuwe gezichten te zien" en "wist niet dat Barça zó leuk kon zijn". 

Esther Z omschreef het zelfs "als het BESTE Elite Event ever". 

Zo! En dat horen we graag! Nogmaals, ontzettend veel dank en tot snel!


SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Philippine W - Community Manager Yelp Amterdam


----------------------------- IN ENGLISH -------------------------------------------

Tuesday March 13 was a night to remember! The more... More... MORE Elite Event @ Café Barça was the best way to spend your Tuesday evening! And many evenings will follow, me thinks.


Barça is known for "'suits'-going-for-a-drink" and their massive terrace in the summer time. Yes, that is true but you know what? Barça is so much more.... Did you know that Barça serves 12 (!) different types of cava? Did you also know that they serve cava and tapas FOR FREE on Friday afternoons? How non-Dutchie-like is that! Furthermore, there is a Mojito night on Thursdays (discount Mojitos'...whoops there goes the Friday morning), Jukebox on Fridays, Disco on Saturdays, more cava on Sundays, you can watch football, you can go to Barça for lunch, dinner, cava, tapas, Spanish wines, more cava. O - to the M-G! You can go there every day of the week and have a brilliant time!


And what better way than let Yelpers experience the best Barça has to offer?! And. So. We. Did. We made our own Mojitos during a cocktail workshop. Mixing the rum, mint and sugar proved to be as easy as it looks and Yelpers were sippin' away! During the tapas and wine experience, Yelpers got to know more about Barça's lovely little bites and even were informed about the Chef's secret ingredients. Sssst... don't tell anyone but it's cumin. Sssssst. We couldn't leave after tasting Barça's finest: cava of course! All these three elements in one single event! You can imagine that Yelpers felt quite enlightened at the end of the evening...


And we did more. After all, it is the title of the event, so then you HAVE to have more; a little competition to see how well Yelpers paid attention. During the event, there were three groups: The "Funnies", the "We're-so-Cool-group" and the "Hot Stuff". Every group selected one Yelper to battle it out and everyone was much impressed how much they remembered as the questions were pretty darn difficult. Team Funny left the casa with a bottle of cava, but no worries dear Elites: You will get them next time!


Dear Barça, thank you so much for showing us what you are capable of. And you are capable of great, great things! More evenings, more Barça! Dear Yelpers, as always, thank you for attending the event and it's always a pleasure to see you

Look at the photos and read the reviews! I did hear a few comments after the event already,     such as 

Rebecca D "I'm coming for lunch on Friday and could please reserve thàt bottle of cava for me?", and

Chloe F "one of the most amazing events I have ever been to". 

You're so kind guys! That's great to hear! Again, thank you all very very much and 

SYOY (See You On Yelp)! 



Philippine W - Community Manager Yelp Amsterdam

March 13, 2012

Yelp "Helps" Ohio! – First Stop: Columbus

Posted by Christina C.

Volunteerism and good will filled the gorgeous Westin Columbus last week as more than 300 yelpers gathered to kick off Yelp Helps Ohio!

Yelp_Helps_Ohio_webFlier_Page_2This second annual Yelp Helps party centered around philanthropy and brought together 30 varied local non-profits to ensure every yelper left with a great connection! Everything from basic needs charities to children and special interest organizations were in representation.

Attending yelpers enjoyed a full evening of networking, connecting and goodwill while mixing n mingling with like-minded peeps. In true Yelp fashion, complimentary light bites were provided by The Westin and Whole Foods while food trucks/carts Mikey's Late Night Slice, Short North Bagel Deli and Pitabilities offered $1 off orders with code "Yelp Helps." All that meetin' and greetin' was bound to leave guests parched. Luckily, generous beverage sponsors Buckeye Vodka, Camelot Cellars, Luna Komboucha, Honest Tea, OxyWater and Hill Distributing Co. – toting Guinness, Smithwick's and Harp – kept yelpers' glasses at least half full. 

Playing feel-good tunes and acting as the night's MC, Chris from Premier Entertainment did more than entertain, and Keith from PSAV Presentation Services helped with A/V support. A special shout out goes to our friends at CD101 for their promotional support!

The Yelparazzi was in full force, so be sure to catch a glimpse of the evening's happenings on Flickr HERE thanks to David from We Are Glitterati. And if you popped in the photobooth, all photos can be found HERE! Please give the current reviews a read – and write one of your own if you attended.

420513_316140158439711_162602157126846_810884_178021723_n 428256_316138511773209_162602157126846_810848_891523722_n 430132_316139998439727_162602157126846_810881_1641425474_n

The impact this event has on the community extends beyond just one night. Of course guests are encouraged to get more involved in the organizations they met at Yelp Helps, but in addition, Yelp Columbus is making the pledge to give back throughout the rest of the year with monthly VYEs (Volunteer Yelp Events.) Check out this Yelp Talk thread for dates/times and join us if you can!

Yelp helps
Go forth and be giving, yelpers! Until some of the upcoming Volunteer Yelp Events – SYOY (See You on Yelp!)

Christina C

Yelp Columbus

Facebook | Twitter | Flickr

Participating non-profits:

Yelp's Underground Empire

Posted by Chris Docherty

Hot diggity dug, some awesome stuff just went down! Mark the date in history, petition Parliament to create a national holiday... the inaugural Glasgow Yelper Party has happened and it was FUN

Picnik collage1
Picnik collage2

Over 200 splendid guys and dolls of sunny Glasgow memorised the secret knock, found the door to Chambre 69 in the hidden lane and entered Yelp's Underground Empire for what proved to be an epic evening.  

Picnik collage3

With the long walk down the stair case achieved, a fair old thirst was mustered by one and all. Just as well the free hooch was abundant! For the beer drinkers in the crowd, a veritable feast of foamy suds was on offer from the likes of Brewdog who brought along there flagship Punk IPA. Woof! For some oak aged awesomeness, Innis & Gunn were on hand with some old and some new concoctions (a cheeky Blonde on a summers day?), to tickle the taste-buds! Meanwhile, the fine folks from Heineken rolled into town with an armada of old favorites and new ones to stick on the 'hell yeah!' list. 

Picnik collage4
Picnik collage5
Picnik collage6

But whit about the non beer drinkers? Nay joy? Pffft, far from it my good sir/madam/other as the venue contained more spirits than Ghostbusters 1&2 combined! First up, serial waistcoat wearer, Colin of The Finnieston Scots Whisky and his glamorous assistant Shane (nicked from Good Spirits Co for the eve) were on hand to serve up Peely Wally's and Pinkerton's for the crowd. Draining four plus bottles in a little over two hours, it sounds like the cocktails went down a treat (you listening Glasgow bars?). Dishing out fine liquor and even finer advice, January Elite Event hosts Good Spirit Co were in attendance and once again ensured that yelpers were drinking smart as well as hard! Not to be outdone, Grant from Luscious Liquid braved his very first Yelp event to treat us to some real fine stuff indeed. From Brockmans Gin, to Xante Pear Liqueur and the AIVY flavoured vodka range, it was quality sauce with a wee bit of banter thrown into the mix! Splendid.

Picnik collage9

Heavens to bobby, with all that hooch fleeing a'roon, it's lucky the food folks put on such a huge spread! Looking to add a little spice to the mix, Pinto Mexican Kitchen rolled into town and declared 'free taco bar'... they may have said something after that, but it was lost in an echoing chorus of yum's, ooh's and oh yeah's! For those looking to nibble rather than nosh, the laid back lads from Piece were on hand to guide yelpers through a wide range of outstanding cheeses, chutneys and patter. Nae danger (mouse)! With savory more than covered, the dessert hungry crowd descended upon the charming The Little Cake Parlour table, where Lisa and her assistant dished out delectable mini cupcakes, whilst allowing yelpers to decorate some 'nude' cakes she had brought along! I've never seen so many people covered in glitter!


Drink and grub sorted, it was time to treat the brain with Yelp Glasgow being lucky enough to welcome along Glasgow Comic Con to the mix. The boys mingled, chatted and generally showed themselves as stand out guys throughout the night. Roll on Comic Con 2012! Pushing and pulling in the same 'Glasgow, it's awesome ain't it?' direction, the clever chaps and chapette from Walking Heads put there best footforward, strolled into the empire and wowed the crowd with a full demo of their Glasgow music heritage tour app. Encore!


But wait... I'm sure there was something else interesting that happened on the night... Perhaps it was the outrageously sexy, sultry and stunning (I think that's what their names were) girls or should I say Trampettes from Tramp Lingerie, accompanied by their very own pimp mama Jemma! The girls strutted their stuff, posed, mingled and generally ensured that one or two awkward silences would occur on the long taxi ride home! Hot stuff!


All that's left to do is throw out some big thanks to a few peeps. First up, the amazing staff at Chambre 69 for there efforts on the night, Ahsan 'The Man' in particular for his faith in the events concept. High fives all around for Jessie, Tom and Kevin for (wo)manning the door, keeping the place tidy and making sure I was pointing the correct direction at all times!

A special thank you to Alasdair W and Louise C on the night for taking some awesome photos (link to follow, check it oot!), nice one!

And that's all she wrote. Next up in yelpland, the Elite Events will continue to wow the Elite's (what's an elite?) with sneak peaks and awesome treats from the best independent businesses that Glasgow has to offer. As for another one of these... t'would be mad not to eh? Keep 'em peeled yelpers!

Right! Links for cool stuff...

- Photos here!

- Event listing here (have a blast? Then let me know!)

- Wanna chat about the best bits? Get on Talk!

Final word on the night goes to me. This was an epic night folks and thank you all for attending and adding to the easy going vibe. I hope to see you all on the site and hopefully along to the next installment of awesomeness

 Till next time peeps, see you on Yelp (SYOY)


Chris D

Yelp Glasgow Community Manager


¡Yelp se rinde al burlesque en Madrid!

Posted by Lolo R.

Nada hacía presagiar el hecho de que, el domingo por la tarde, nada más y nada menos que 91 yelpers se dieron cita en el Volta Café para disfrutar de la flamante fiesta 'Yelp se rinde al Burlesque', que como bien indica su nombre, estaba dedicada a este género literario y teatral y en gran parte inspirada por un espacio del que Fer A destaca "su decoración cabaretera y su tonalidad roja, en reminiscencia al Moulin Rouge". Para animar la velada y refrescar los gaznates de los yelpers, DisTinto se encargó de ofrecernos varios tipos de vino tinto y de vino blanco procedentes de diferentes partes de España.

Gente 2

Aunque también hubo otras estrellas que brillaron durante la noche. La primera vino en forma del jamón ibérico de Los 3 Cerditos Ibéricos, pertrechado de un buen surtido de ibéricos, delicatessen, canapés de jamón y panes de diferentes sabores. Narices de cerdo mediante, fruto de un pequeño concurso para ganar una de sus cestas personalizadas, los yelpers tenían que elegir el tipo de pan, aderezarlo con alguno de los topping disponibles (aceite de oliva virgen, aguacate, salmorejo, mermelada de pimiento o tomate triturado) y después rellenarlo de la exquisitez ibérica presente en la sala. Sebastián A no duda de que fue un acierto: "no hay nada como recuperar un buen jamón ibérico para recordar dónde está lo bueno después de tanto sitio moderno y tanta experimentación". Muy buena acogida tuvieron también las empanadas de chocos y bonito del norte, cortesía de El Rincón de la Empanada Gallega que "volaron enseguida, lo que da una idea de lo ricas que estaban", asegura Ana S. Los propietarios del establecimiento también dieron a probar un exótico y refrescante té de algas de elaboración propia. 

Jamon y empanada

Pero no acabaron ahí las sorpresas de la noche. Nuestra DJ de excepción, Talbot, fue la encargada de darle al evento un tono aún más burlesque y cabaretero con una selección que encandiló a Ángela R "ha estado simplemente perfecta". La traca final se hizo esperar: los yelpers pudieron asistir a una exclusiva representación teatral en la que Mariona Tena y Miki Esparbé actualizaron al siglo XXI una de las escenas de 'Romeo y Julieta', para sorpresa de los asistentes.

Gente 1

No olvides dejarnos tus impresiones en la página del evento y rememorar la noche gracias a las fotografías de Hijomía en nuestra página de Flickr. Agradecer, como siempre, la colaboración de todos los implicados en el evento: Alejandro y Stamos de Volta Café, Laura y Raquel de Los 3 Cerditos Ibéricos, Julio y Mirta de DisTinto, Lydia y Marcos de El Rincón de la Empanada Gallega, Mariona y Miki, Ginebra Talbot e Hijomía. ¡Hasta la próxima!

¡NVEY! (¡Nos vemos en Yelp!)


Lolo R

Responsable de la Comunidad de Yelp en Madrid


Whodathunk that on a Sunday evening more than 90 yelpers would set aside time to come out and join forces for a party? But it's no tough task if it's a Yelp event! Gathering together at Volta Cafe, these fine folks attended "Yelp's Bonkers for Burlesque" Elite Event, which as the name indicates, was all about burlesque. As Fer A highlights, "its cabaret-like decor with red-lit tones reminds me of Moulin Rouge!" In keeping with the fun theme the DisTinto winery provided a variety of Spanish red and white wines to satiate the thirsty guests.

Cerdos ibericos

Of the many awesome elements throughout the night, the first came in the shape of cured ham by Los 3 Cerditos Ibéricos. With an additional assortment of Iberian products from the delicatessen like canapes and flavored breads, the event was off to a tasty start! Yelpers were encouraged to select a type of bread, season it with a variety of available toppings like olive oil, avocado, salmorejo, sweet pepper marmalade or even mashed tomato only to fill it with delicious chunks of ham. Sebastián A was in awe, "There is nothing like Iberian ham to to remind you of just how much labor goes into the most delicious foods." Yelpers were also treated with cuttlefish and tuna pie from El Rincón de la Empanada Gallega. "It was so good it flew off the plates" admits Ana S. And if it couldn't get any better, the pie came paired with a seaweed tea that the business owners make in house.

Gente productos

Believe it or not, that's not all! Our incredible DJ, Talbot, gave the event a more Burlesque and cabaret vibe with a music selection that Ángela R just loved: "she was just perfect". But the spectacular finale was a performance of an more modern version of 'Romeo and Julliet' that Mariona Tena and Miki Esparbé performed exclusively to all the surprised yelpers. 

Empar food y local
Don't forget to comment on the event page, and to check out Hijomía's pictures on our Flickr page. And as always, we want to thank all of the people worked so hard to make this event happen: Alejandro and Stamos from Volta Café, Laura and Raquel from Los 3 Cerditos Ibéricos, Julio and Mirta from DisTinto, Lydia and Marcos from El Rincón de la Empanada Gallega, Mariona and Miki, Ginebra Talbot and Hijomía. See you at the next event!



Lolo R

Madrid Community Manager

March 12, 2012

Charlotte Elites Fling Into Spring at Encore Bistro & Bar!

Posted by Nicole W

What better way to start a beautiful weekend than with brunch filled with brackets and booze? Encore Bistro & Bar certainly agreed with the Charlotte Elites and hosted a stunning spread amped with Saturday fun. When guests weren't sipping and savoring, they were putting together their best basketball bracket guesses...top winner, Rob S, scored $50 in Encore bucks for correctly guessing 16/20 winners! Jealous!

Yelp Charlotte Spring Fling 1

Encore's gorgeous bar and patio provided a great backdrop for the bevvy of bombtastic brunch. Large, family style platters full of egg burritos, strawberry french toast, crab cake benedict, and fresh fruit graced the tables. Chad E says, "While it is true that buffet-style has a certain appeal, there is nothing quite like being delivered food right to your table, and this was no exception. Plate after plate  of awesomeness came right up and made us wonder what was coming next!"

Yelp Charlotte Spring Fling 3

And no one was at a loss for something to imbibe upon! Encore's Bloody Mary bar and mimosas satisfied many while Crispin Cider was a major fresh hit with the Elites. Will H reflects upon the bevy of beverages, "Nothing gets a morning party started like a Bloody Mary Bar and mimosas flying like hotcakes off the griddle. Not your thing?  How about a Crispin Cider for those looking to go a bit more avant-garde?!"

Yelp Charlotte Spring Fling 2

If a boaload of brunch just wasn't enough, Encore's generous neighbors were on hand for fanastic giveaways! The odds were certainly in our favor: five massages from Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, two necklaces from Why Knot Beading, $50 gift card from Denim Affair, and everyone went home with a sweet discount card to bevello!

Yelp Charlotte Spring Fling 4

To peep all the pics from our rockin' resident photographer, Tonya P of Poprock Photography, check out our Flickr page! And if you haven't already, take a trip to the official review page and Yelp about your brunchy good time at Encore! Until next time...


Encore 391wtmk

Nicole W.

Your favorite Charlotte community manager & brunch fanatic

Yelp weckt Frühlingsgefühle

Posted by Robin

Am Freitag Abend war es soweit: Yelp läutete mit dem Wein- und Delikatessenhandel Vini Damonte den Frühling ein. 40 Yelper fanden sich zwischen 18 und 21 Uhr ein (ja, wir mussten mal wieder etwas verlängern), um gemeinsam Prosecco und Weißwein zu genießen. Einige Highlights hatte Robert, die Inhaberin, aber auch noch bereit gestellt, denn den Yelpern wollte sie etwas bieten.

Yelp002 Yelp005

Selbstgemachte Focaccia und Grissinis, extra importierter Käse und Salami aus Italien (die Salami war ein Gedicht), am meisten Gefallen aber haben die Yelper an der Eisselbstbedienung gefunden.

Yelp013 Yelp029

Sarcletti hatte 5 Sorten Eis zur Verfügung gestellt. Eigentlich sollte das Eis direkt aus dem roten Dreirad auf der Straße ausgeteilt werden, aber da hatte uns die Kälte leider einen Strich durch die Rechnung gezogen. Im Sommer wird Yelp das aber auf jeden Fall nachholen, das ist klar.

Yelp023 Yelp024

Es war ein wirklich sehr gelungener Abend, mit mal wieder sehr gemischtem Publikum. Von jungen Familien bis Hundebesitzer, von Bloggern bis PR-Agentur. Es war alles vertreten, das Volk mischte sich und stieß auf den Frühling an. Wein verbindet eben. Fotos findet ihr hier. Beiträge schreiben hier.


On Friday evening Yelp has its first Spring Kick off in Munich. For that reason 40 Yelpers got together in the little Wine and Deli shop Vini Damonte in Schwabing. We had to extend the evening again to enjoy ice wine and Prosecco. Roberta, the business owner, had some special highlights for us as well: homemade Focaccia und Grissinis, special imported cheese and salami (best one ever!) fresh from Italy, but the biggest highlight was the self service ice cream stand from Sarcletti. That is so yelpy that we’ll have the little Tricycle for another Yelp event during summer, that’s for sure.

Yelp034 Yelp001

It was a very nice evening with a variegated crowd. From young families to dog owner, from blogger to Pr-Agencies… We had them all and kicked off the spring together. Find more pics here. Read and write reviews here.

Yelp010 Yelp020

Yelp Cincinnati's British Invasion at Cock and Bull

Posted by Alex Shebar


Blimey, that event was aces! We were all chuffed to bits!

Yep, Yelp Cincinnati hopped the pond for a night of good food, fun and atmosphere during our British Invasion Event at Cock and Bull in Hyde Park.


We were treated to the entire back space, a beautiful replica of an English pub, including classic beer advertisements all over the walls. “Ello, guv'nuh! … Yeah, I guess my cockney accent isn't very good.  Fortunately a British accent wasn't required to have an enjoyable time at Yelp's British Invasion,” Caroline C told us.


Throughout the evening, waitress brought multiple courses of their delicious food. Pretzels with Rivertown bock cheese, blackened chicken Caesar on sticks, banger dip with chips, fish and chips, and bread pudding for dessert.

“Yummy! While certainly not on my diet plan, it made for a great dinner,” John B laid down. Cock and Bull also passed around multiple tasting glasses of their great beer to wash it all down.


It was the atmosphere where the event really tipped its hat to awesomeness. Yelpers were able to listen to great British tunes and play “Changing of the Yelp,” an icebreaker where they passed around sheets, writing one line of a Yelp review at a time until a final piece was put together.

And of course, let’s not forget the British Photo Booth, where yelpers could be a Royal Guard, the Queen in The Sex Pistols classic album and Harry Potter!


“Another fun event by Alex and the Yelp crew. I had never been to the Cock and Bull location in Hyde Park and was excited to discover that it was super nice,” Jess P exclaimed. We thought so too.

But don’t just take our word on the night’s awesomeness, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographer extraordinaire Anna Penny on the Official Yelp Flickr page.

Cheers Mate!


Alex S, Yelp Community manager

March 11, 2012

Yelp Edinburgh's Prohibition Spring Fling @ The Old Waverley Hotel!

Posted by Jenny Lovatt

'Just think what heaven is gonna be, if you will Charleston, Charleston with me'. Julie Andrews sang it, Susan M called it, and the Yelpers danced it at March’s Elite Event! As Brockmans snuck the bootleg liquor in the backdoor, the dapper and delightful Edinburgh Yelpers put on their glad rags for Yelp Edinburgh’s Prohibition Spring Fling at The Old Waverley Hotel! And what a fling it was. 50 fine and fancy Yelpers looking the Cat’s Meow; Brockmans gin and Flyright Dance Company putting on the Ritz; the gin didn’t stop flowing and toes didn’t stop tapping all night.
Blog1The Old Waverley Hotel ballroom was the perfect parlour for an evening of 1920s glitz, imbibing and Charlestoning. Hidden in plain view in the centre of Princes Street, with corner views over the Castle, the only thing more beautiful than the ballroom were the yelpers themselves.
Blog2If you tell Yelpers to come dressed for an occasion, they won’t let you down. Looking dapper, flapper, and dolled up to the nines, they lit the room up in their finery, frocks, feathers and dancing shoes. If only there were a reason to wear fedoras and feathers in our hair every day...
Blog3The good times were flowing as soon as yelpers arrived, with Grant from Brockmans pouring the generous gin measures all night. ‘The Brockmans Gin was as smooth and fruity as the dancing, with the ginger ale & bramble gin drink being a wonderfully refreshing tipple for the hot stepper of an evening.’ Quite so Ian D!
Blog4There’s nothing like a tipsy tipple to get the toes tapping. Step to the floor Susan and Gary from the Flyright Dance Company. ‘Step, tap, step, tap . . . teenwolf! Err, I mean scarecrow’ recalls Jason M. ‘I think we were all relieved to discover that learning to dance was quite easy and not as scary as it sounds. Step, tap, step, tap.’ From a tap to a step to a walk and a spin, everyone got into the swing. Alex R admits ‘I never thought I'd say this but I'm giving charlston-ing some serious consideration’ and Morven R is looking to get a regular group of yelpers down for a dance class or three!
Blog5After the gin, and then the dancing, there was more gin and dancing. Ian D thinks that ‘with everyone getting their Charelston on this really was a tip-top event that has left many, including me with a strong desire to keep on dancing. And gin. Keep on Ginning’.
Blog6It was Claire C's ‘favourite Yelp Elite event’ so far and Dug W thinks all the ‘excellent outfits, an ample supply of excellent G&Ts and best of all some sharp moves from our very own 1920s dance experts’ made it  ‘another outstanding Yelp event and another reason why anyone reading this should get involved with the next one.’
Blog7As ever, the biggest of thank yous to The Old Waverley Hotel and Caroline of The Edinburgh Collection for hosting such a swell evening; to Grant and Brockmans for keeping the Yelpers topped up all night; to Susan and Gary at Flyright Dance Company for keeping the toes tapping and teaching us a move or three; Katie N for all her help, and Robin Mair for the fabulous photies of everyone in their finery! Blog9And, as Luke D so succinctly puts it, 'thank you review-writing shuffle-stepping gin-sipping Yelp-banter-mongers!’ Without the Yelpers there'd be no Yelp party, so thanks to everyone who came dressed in their finest and gave the Charleston and gin-imbibing their all!

Read more about the evening from the guys and dolls themselves here; experience the glamour in full with the rest of the photies here; and find out more about the Yelp Elite squad and meet the rest of the Yelp Edinburgh community online!

Until next time, keep a swing in your step!

Jenny L
Yelp Edinburgh Community Manager

March 10, 2012

Yelp-Adel verpflichtet @ Preußische Spirituosen Manufaktur

Posted by Svenja

Die Gesichter der Berliner Yelper bekamen einen rosig-roten Touch beim März Elite Event in der Preußischen Spirituosen Manufaktur, Berlins ältester Manufaktur und absolut einmalig. Auch wenn man es heute kaum noch für möglich hält, aber Spirituosen waren nicht immer nur alkohlische Getränke, die die Stimmung lösen sollen. Vielmehr hatten sie den Zweck körperliche Beschwerden zu lindern. Daher bedienten sich Destillateur-Meister der vollen Bandbreite natürlicher "Drogen" (nein, hat nichts mit illegalen Substanzen zu tun!) und entzogen mithilfe von Alkohol und hoher Destillationskunst den Naturstoffen ihr Wirkstoffe. Wir lernten von Gerald Schroff, einem der beiden Geschäftsführer, der uns durch die Manufaktur führte, was der Unterschied zwischen Destillaten und Mazeraten ist. Nicht nur ein sichtbarer Unterschied, sondern auch ein riechbarer Unterschied. Seit 1874 werden in der Manufaktur von Wissenschaftlern und Destillateur-Meistern akribisch alle Versuchsreihen dokumentiert und Verfahren und Rezepturen ständig weiter entwickelt - hier wird nicht nur hergestellt, sondern auch gelehrt!

Apropos riechen: Gerald Schoff gab sein Bestes unsere Nasen zu schulen, denn wir rochen an vielen unterschiedlichen Extrakten, die wir oftmals mit geöffneten Augen nicht erkannten. Deshalb der Tipp vom Profi: Augen zu! Und siehe da, mit geschlossenen Augen ist der Riechsinn plötzlich um ein vielfaches geschärft, sodass wir Pfeffer, Rose, Kaffee, Mandarine, Minze, Schokolade und Fenchel einwandfrei (naja oder zumindest fast) erkannten. Umgeben von Original-Maschinerien, Fässern und Töpfen von der Jahrhundertwende trinkt man die darin erzeugten Spirituosen gleich mit viel mehr Ehrfurcht und erkennt zum Beispiel in Gin und Vodka eine Geschmacksvielfalt, wie man sie noch nie wahrgenommen hat.


Gin, der ja aus Lorbeer hergestellt wird, hat übrigens unglaublich gut riechende Wurzeln. Wurzeln? Jep, die konnten wir, künstlerisch bearbeitet auch im Keller der Manufaktur anschauen und beriechen. Da gab es auch Vodka zu probieren und hey, wer braucht schon Shotgläser, wenn wir direkt aus der riesigen Kelle trinken dürfen? Annie S fühlte sich ein wenig wie bei Asterix und Obelix, als ob  ihr "ein magischer Zaubertrank" gereicht wurde. Magisch ist er auch auf seine ganz eigene Art und Weise, denn warm wurde es trotz der niedrigen Temperaturen im Keller auf jeden Fall.

Während einige von uns schon davon träumten den Rosenlikör mit eisgekühltem Sekt mitten im Grünen zu genießen, und Natalye S im Schoko-Minz-Likör ihren Favoriten gefunden hatte, schauten sich andere ganz fasziniert die alten Originalflaschen an, oder spielten mit dem Gedanken, die zukünftigen Schwiegereltern mit einer Flasche der limitierten Edition Gin für sich zu gewinnen, die in einem handgefertigten "Buch" kommt. Macht in jedem Bücherregal ungemein was her!

Mein großes Dankeschön gilt Gerald Schroff, der uns in das Handwerk der Destillateur-Meister einweihte, uns eine faszinierende Welt der Spirituosen vorstellte und die Türen zur Preußischen Spirituosen Manufaktur weit öffnete. Er bescherte und einen wunderschönen Abend, an den wir uns lange erinnern werden, auch wenn wir allesamt leicht betüddelt den Heimweg antraten *hicks*. Danke auch an Tom, der den Abend in Bilderform festhielt, sodass die ein oder andere Erinnerungslücke problemlos geschlossen werden kann.

Hier könnt ihr eure Bewertungen zum Abend abgeben, zu den Bilder geht's hier und wenn ihr YelpBerlin mögt, folgt uns auf Twitter und "mögt" uns auf Facebook.

In diesem Sinne: Prost und bis zum nächsten Mal,

Svenja "soll ich wirklich Vodka trinken" G

Berlin Community Manager


Well, well, we did see some "rosy" faces at the March Elite Event his Thursday at the Preußische Spirituosen Manufaktur and I believe that the rose-flavoured liqueur had a fair share in this. At Berlin's oldest distillery, which was founded in 1874 we learned all about the differences between distillates and macerates (feel reminded of those chemistry classes back in the days?), which you can see both in smell and colour. When hearing "alcohol" most of us actually think of being drunk, giving their liver a hard time and losening the mood. However the original intention of distilleries was to use alcohol to draw "the good stuff" out of plants/drugs to heal. I mean after all Jägermeister used to be something like medicine, but as usual with drugs, it is the amount that counts ;-)

Gerald Schroff, one of the two business leaders, took us on a tour full of flavours and smells through the distillery, which up until today teaches future distillers the high art of distillation. He explained that most of us are not able anymore to connect something that we smell with the correct name and he was proven right. When we were given extract of coffee, tangerine, pepper, mint, fennel and rose only few of us managed to come up with the correct names. Then we got a little hint of the "smell-professional": Close your eyes! And... it worked! Surrounded by the original machines, barrels and pots from the 10th century ther yelpers developed a whole new appreciation for alcohol and liqueurs. We tasted the distilleries gin, vodka, rose liqueur and chocolate-mint-liquer, which all offered such a big variety of flavours, that pretty much everyone was surprised in the end. Who would have thought that gin and vodka, for example, could be so full of flavours with no scratchy throat after drinking it?

Especially trying the vodka in the basement was something else for Natalye S: "Tasting vodka from the giant spoon downstairs was memorable." While some of us took a look at all the old bottles, some others already went shopping at the distillery's own shop and by this preparing summer: Some rose liqueur mixed with icecold champagne and icecubes... summer, you can come!

My special thanks goes to Gerald Schroff for taking us in this memorable and unique tour through the Preußische Spirituosen Manufaktur full of knowledge, fun and tasty drinks. Despite some of us being slightly tippsy, the pictures taken by Tom will help us remembering all the great moments.

Here are all the pictures, please do not forget to leave a review here and if you like YelpBerlin, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter ;-)

See you next time,


Svenja "having doubts if I should actually drink vodka" G

Berlin Community Manager

March 09, 2012

DC Elites Toast Yelp Drinks Week!

Posted by Kristin Mink

Elite yelpers and their guests partied down at the uber trendy 901 Restaurant & Bar last week to celebrate the best week of the year: Yelp Drinks Week, a week-long, all-day, city-wide happy hour! How awesome an evening was it? In Natalie F's words: "Super ultra mega awesome!!!"

Guests got in the Yelp Drinks Week spirit with plenty of complimentary wine and house-brewed 901 Lager. Jon W stuck to the evening's "delicious" signature cocktail: the 901 Yelp Fizz, "served quickly and expertly by the friendly, highly skilled 901 staff." And one lucky yelper won the Yelp Hangover Kit, featuring bloody mary mix, sunglasses, sleep mask, The Hangover movie, "Avoid Ass Mouth" mints, and plenty of other necessities for the week's morning punishments.


Yelpers struggled to pick their favorites from amongst seemingly endless trays of mouth-watering morsels from 901's new Asian-inspired menu. Tracey G fell hard for the crab fritters, whose "curry kick put them at the top of the list for favorite crab dishes in the area," while Chris G thought the "tuna tartare with avocado mousse took the cake." Other popular goodies included roasted hoison duck rolls, sugarcane shrimp, spinach crisps, and gourmet chicken wings.

As the food kept coming and the drinks kept flowing, yelpers hit the dance floor and partied like the next morning's hangover would never arrive! As Abegail A explains, "DJ Jaime Mizell definitely knew how to get the party started (and keep it going). She even had me dancing on the toilet seat!" Bartenders donned Yelp shades, and servers were enticed to show off a couple moves as they moved through with their trays.

What better way to celebrate a week's worth of half-priced drinking! Click here to read the full reviews of what Theresa W calls "the best fun you can have with your clothes on!" Don't miss the rest of Chris Abi-Najm's fab photos of the evening's shenanigans on flickr.


Kristin M

Yelp DC Community Manager

Naughty London Elites Are Given A Good Spanking!

Posted by Katie

British reserve? What British reserve? Red faces turned to rosy bottoms last night as the London Yelp Elite Squad were invited into the Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium for some sparkling wine, sweeties and spanking!

What better way to celebrate International Women's Day than with a trip to the first female sex shop in the UK? This beautiful pink shop opened its doors to both male and female London Yelp Elites and gave them a mind-blowing experience with guided tours by the Sh! Girlz of the dildo and vibrator tables, erotic book shelves and walls of lube.

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage1 08 Mar 2012
Mid-way through the evening everyone was invited to the lower-ground floor where they were treated to a taster of the Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium's spanking masterclass. This session took our fun-loving yelpers through a range of tips and techniques for safe play and some slap and tickle in the bedroom.

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage2 08 Mar 2012
Yelp London CMs helped to demonstrate the array of spanking paddles, whips and riding crops as Josephine B, known for the evening as 'The Top' was taught the best way to use each implement on 'The Bottom', aka Katie B chained-up in a black studded dog collar and cuffs! Curious Andrew M had many-a-question to ask and with a crack of the whip and a cheeky wink the fabulous and knowledgeable Renee answered each and every one, like the headmistress of a very naughty school!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage3 08 Mar 2012
It was then the turn of the yelpers to test out their newly-learned techniques on each other as Cordelle P gave Jennifer S a spanking and even our poor photographer, Xavier Fiddes, was pinned against the wall by the ever exuberant females!

The Sh! Girlz gave every guest a raffle ticket on arrival and Georgie C, the lovely guest of Elite Robyn J, won herself a beautiful blue-suede heart spanking paddle! Watch out ladies and gents - she knows how to use it!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage4 08 Mar 2012
Thank you so much to the Yelp Elites and company who made it out last night for this, the naughtiest of our Yelp London Elite events so far! A huge thank you (or should that be spank you?) to the Sh! Girlz for such a wonderful, fun and educational evening - I know you'll be seeing a lot more of us all in the near future! Be sure to check out the rave reviews, the frisky photos from Xavier Fiddes and join in the gossip on Talk!

Now, bend over! You've been a naughty Yelper!


Katie B & the Yelp London Team

Katie B & Josephine B

March 08, 2012

Vancouver Elites Party Full Moon Style At Pink Elephant Thai

Posted by Robin

This past Tuesday, March 6, some of the finest that Yelp Vancouver has to offer were taken away to Thailand to celebrate Yelp’s Full Moon at Pink Elephant Thai. Elites drank out of a proverbial bucket, imbibed in traditional Thai bites, and were mesmerized by some of the best in Thai entertainment – all in the name of that big white orb in the sky.

Simon K sums it well: “Was it just a 'Full Moon'? What I can tell you is that it was another full-on party!” With its ultra sleek sparkling white walls and tables, Pink Elephant’s signature hot colour really Thai’d the evening together: Lara O exclaimed: “this has to be my favourite event to date – I loved the pink decor, the pink drinks and the tasty food!” Proving to be more than just a pretty face, the event quickly warmed the chill of the late-spring evening, as Tamara L noted: this “intimate Yelp event melted my normal ice queen face.” See? A Pink Elephant really does represent all that is fun, sexy and hot! 

Speaking of heat, “the bartenders and servers were nothing less than courteous and well mannered” as “the party – or drinking – got started in a hurry.” With Yelper favourite, Jackson Triggs red and white wine on hand, plus two Mekhong buckets of the night’s signature cocktails to choose from, “the drinks kept pouring from every angle!” While the Pink cocktail's sweet strawberry flavour won many a fan, it was the spice in the Full Moon “that tickled” Evilyn E’s fancy. “What was in it?!” Other than vodka, banana liquor, apricots, and pineapple juice? Yelpy Love, friend. Pure Yelpy Love. 

“After a while, when you've been to enough Yelp Parties,” Vincent N knows “there's a certain element of surprise and happiness that are rolled into one.” So it was no surprise when Fern, a traditional Thai dancer, performed for the Elites halfway through the evening. It’s true, “the best part of living in Vancouver is having so much culture,” so Louisa D “thought is was cool that your check-in entered you for a free one hour massage” from Smile Thai Wellness. Congratulations, Evilyn T!

But what really makes a Yelp Full Moon Party is the people, and now that Sarah O’s “recovered from this event,” she’s “begun to reflect on the fascinating world of Yelp. Yelp continually cultivates an electric, down to earth, engaging group of people. Each meet up is nothing short of amazing – the people are friendly, witty, and smart with endless fascinating side hobbies and aspirations.” Seems that Simon K’s got it right when he says, “that line ‘it pays to be an Elite’ definitely runs through the mouths of this community,” and “based on the excellent level of service,” at Pink Elephant Thai, this is one tradition that will continue.

Check out the photos courtesy of our ever-adorable photographer, Lindsay Elliott; and read what the full-moon buzz is about in the reviews found here. Kap-kun-ka, Desmond and all of the staff at Pink Elephant Thai who “kept feeding our throats and stomachs,” and to my helpers for the evening, Brent F and Malloreigh M for howling along with me.

Until next time, SYOY!


/ robin m
Vancouver’s “Partying like I'm in Phangan” Community Manager


Yelpers Attend Calgary's Biggest Party Yet!

Posted by Wendy

Yelpers in Calgary braved a heavy snowfall for our biggest party yet! Nearly 150 guests joined in the fun at Yelp’s Triple Threat Final Face-off at Endeavor Art Gallery and Event Space Monday evening. According to Todd O, “The place was rocking like a newbie on a horse saddle bouncing along on a rocky, windy path in the Canadian Rockies.”

Milk Tiger Lounge, Cassis Bistro and Taste Restaurant faced-off in a battle of cocktails and canapés, each inspired by the work of a local artist. Guests had one important task: Sip on delicious drinks made with Licor 43, sample scrumptious bites and decide which restaurant got their vote as the master of Calgary cocktails and canapés. Milk Tiger Lounge came away with the judge’s choice award and Taste won the Yelper’s Choice award! Although, Dan D declares the gang from Cassis "were studs for both their cocktail and painting mimicry!"


Taste Restaurant
Art piece: Pedestool, John Monteath
Menu: Horse Tartare paired with Sour Chair-y Cola

Milk Tiger Lounge
Art piece: Night shot of Cityscape, Untitled, part of Reflections of Society series, Joey Podlubny
Menu: Ad Astra Per Alas Porci paired with Dali's Moustache

Cassis Bistro
Art piece: Time Series #67, Tammy Fischer
Menu: Beet Carpaccio paired with Cassisperihna

From February 6-March 4 participating restaurants featured their creations with 20% of proceeds going to support I’ve Been Bullied, a campaign to raise awareness for bullying.

Model Milk Bistro also participated in the month-long promotion, but was unable to attend the final competition due to extenuating circumstances.


A special thanks to Calgary’s Protospace, our local maker’s community, and Wild Rose Brewery for joining in the fun! Nyssa R comments: “What an awesome experience - from the DIY art table, to each of the very different participants in the Triple Threat Throwdown, to the high energy of the group, to the awesome venue.”

And a very yelpy shout-out for Toronto's Chris P for stepping in as our event photographer!!

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See you at the next event!


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