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February 01, 2012

Yelp Toronto's Ping Pong Ball at Spin Galactic

Posted by Vivek S

On Monday Night, Toronto Elites and their guests plied their paddling prowess at Toronto’s only ping pong social club, Spin Galactic on King West. Payam Z describes the first event of the year thusly: “Balls everywhere! Yelp 2012 definitely started with a bang!”

Yelp Toronto Elite Collage01

Before the pong, comes potables. Stephanie C “loved the Tanqueray drinks. Tiny Ten being a fave.” That concoction was a bittersweet twist of cinnamon syrup, grapefruit juice and gin. Yelpers also sampled the stiff Tanqueray Spirit, and the very tropical Tenacious. Hop City was also on hand with a bevy of beer. Fern H was “super excited to see all the Hop City beers on tap. The Lawn Chair was my new discovery from the summer so one sip made me forget about the blowing snow in the dead of winter outside. I’m surprised that no rounds of beer pong broke out!

Yelp Toronto Elite Collage02

Spin is more than just paddles ‘n’ balls. Their creative kitchen smashed out a scintillating selection of elite-worthy eats. From mini grilled cheese sandwiches, to praline rice krispies treats, to meatballs that no one would ever dare hit with a paddle. Anne B wanted "to bathe in the caramel dipping sauce that accompanied the rice krispie treats. It was luxuriously sinful!” With a soupçon of suspicion, Nicole H adds: “Lovely as always to see the PopChips crew there — I think they might be sprinkling something special on those chips, they’re so good.”

Yelp Toronto Elite Collage03

And amidst the sipping and snacking there was ping pong a-plenty. Yvonne T mused that “ping pong is the new cosmic bowling with all the glow-in-the-dark going on. Any image of showing up to a nerd-infested venue was immediately quashed as the crowd seemed to be pretty happening.”

Yelp Toronto Elite Collage04

Thanks again to all our sponsors: Tanqueray, Hop City, PopChips and of course Spin Galactic for hosting the Toronto Elite Squad. A very special thank you to Jamie Day Fleck Photography for shooting this event while dodging projectiles! All event pictures can be viewed at the Yelp Flickr page.


Yelp Toronto Elite Collage05

I pong to meet again,

Vivek S

Toronto Community Manager


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