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January 31, 2012

Yelp Calgary's Class of 2012 Kickoff

Posted by Wendy

Guess Who!? Why, it’s the Calgary Elites! Finger foods, cocktail and a jovial game of guess who rounded out a night done right for our first Elite party of 2012!


Elites were welcomed into a dimly lit, romantic interior in this globally-inspired tapas joint, complete with photos of the Horses of Sable Island adorning the walls. Evening eats from Chef Collin Penttinen included West Coast oysters & accompaniments, braised Springcreek beef & shitake mushroom perogies, lamb chorizo and lamb olive sausages, green lentil hummus and sun dried tomatoes and red and golden beet with yogurt cream and lemon preserve. Dan D dotes, “I could have eaten like a million perogies. I woke up this morning thinking about horseradish.” Meanwhile, Kate B notes, “The oyster bar was really unique and an awesome opportunity to interact with the chef. He is totally personable, approachable and I found it refreshing that he was front and centre and interacting with us at the event.”

  JAROblue 2

While awesome eats made the rounds, Laura R contends the bevies were “amazing. The bar tender took so much care putting them together. I noticed him pre-chilling the glasses with ice water, and delicately slicing the pears.” And Tiffany N teases, “The Bullflower martini with elderflower juice reminded me of the Sound of Music with every sip.” An especial thanks to St Germain Elderflower Liqueur and Bulldog Gin for helping those drinks flow all night long.


“I will be back here for other food fare for sure as I was so impressed with the low lighting, decor and intimacy of this restaurant. A sure-fire date night place and mingling spot.” You said it, Janna L!


Our awesome-sauce party pics are courtesy of Ted from The Mou Studio.

For a yelper-by-yelper take on the party, check out the party reviews or have a bou at the photos. See you at the next event!


Wendy P
Community Manager
Yelp Calgary

Austin Screws Its Resolutions at Gibson Bar

Posted by kelly stocker

Dieting and not drinking? Not on this Sunday, ya aint. Gibson Bar hosted one hell of a party determined to throw up a flaming middle finger to all those well intentioned January 1st promises. Yelpers gathered for a Sunday Funday heretofore only hinted at in vague Saturday night promises. At the event Deji M's reserves were devastated: "Ohhh my resolutions were screwed - ambushed even. Pillaged. Plundered. Left for dead. A crime with several players involved." 


If there's one resolution that pops up on everyones' lists, it's "get in shape/stick to a diet/look like Jolie" so of course, we did exactly the opposite. SugaPlump cakeballs came in with three of their decadent delicious flavors. Chocolate and patron anyone? Luke's Inside Out of recent Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives fame outdid themselves with rounds and rounds of sweet pulled pork buns and fried cheesecake bars. Tony B adds coyly, "I don't know this Luke fella, but his buns are wonderful."


Those who weren't partaking of the caloric thunderbomb instead were caught in the clutches of Demon Booze. Local brewery Real Ale pulled out all the stops by showcasing four fabulous flavors: Lost Gold IPA, Coffee Porter, Fireman's #4 & Rio Blanco Pale Ale and an appearance by the brewmaster himself, Tim. Jack N took full advantage by enjoying "some real cold Real Ales on that comfy patio. Adding it to the Spec's list!"


Three Olives couldn't have been a more perfect addition to this event. Not only did we get to sip-sip-sip on some Naked Vodka, they also brought some very adorably clothed cupcake girls to feature their new Cake vodka flavor. It may make Melissa A take a nip during the workday: "The Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cocktail was really, really sweet and really, really good.  I was kind of sad today to not have any cake vodka to go with my afternoon Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper Cake Cocktail?  Heck yeah!"


What an incredible kickoff to a year that promises to be filled with lots more screwing. Er, lots of great parties. This is why Elizabeth C likes 'em: "This event embodied a lot of what I love about yelp. It introduced me to an awesome new bar (hello beautiful patio, massive jenga and connect 4), provided good company, good drinks and lots of great bites." Don't believe me? Read these fantastic reviews and check out all the sweet shots that the inimitable Alison Narro took. Yelpers never looked so good!

Until the next time, SYOY!

Kelly S

Austin CM

Elites Honored At The Inaugural Yelpy Awards In New Orleans

Posted by Joi

Hooray for Yelpywood! This past Saturday night, New Orleans Elites walked the red carpet into the Crescent Ballroom at the Westin Canal Place to gather for the highly anticipated Inaugural Yelpy Awards.

The swank-alicious room afforded stunning views of the city, but it was the Elite squad who were the real stunners this evening, as they graced the ballroom in their red carpet finest. Complimentary cocktails from Deep Eddy Vodka and beer from Saint Arnold Brewery were a huge hit as were the shrimp and grits, bacon-wrapped scallops, pork belly/watermelon skewers and mini muffaletta sandwiches, among other delish apps available to us, compliments of the Westin Canal Place.


Then... the moment everyone had been waiting for as Elites were honored at the awards ceremony.  And the winners are: Funniest: Scott S; Most Useful: Marielle S; Coolest: Andrea B; Biggest Foodie: Susan W; Best Compliments: Suzanne JC; Rookie of the Year: Jeff C; Lifetime Achievement: René D; Life of the Party: Joshua B; Most Helpful/Ultimate Ambassador: John LH; MVE (Most Valuable Elite): Jen L.

Who needs a gold statue when you can have a silver bullet thermos?!


Thank you so much to Kelly and the wonderful staff at the Westin Canal Place, Nicole of Saint Arnold Brewery and Abbey of Deep Eddy Vodka for their participation in this stellar event! See the rest of the pix by Josh Brasted on flickr. Read the 5-star reviews here... here's an excerpt from John LH:
I had been waiting for this event for what seemed like forever... Not only did it live up to my hype, it may have been even better than I ever could have imagined.

And now, we're sure you can't wait until next year! In the meantime, there's plenty more events in store for y'all...

Yours in glitz and glamah,


Joi B

Yelp NOLA Community Manager

January 30, 2012

Dallas Yelpers Celebrate New Location of Zoës Kitchen

If there is one thing Yelpers love it's friends, fun, and free food! Zoës Kitchen in Fairview, Texas fulfilled these North Texas Elite's wishes and much more. The week-old, brand spanking new location opened their doors and rolled out the red carpet for some very fortunate elites and hosted some good times as big as Texas. For our first ever elite event in the Allen/Fairview area – we'd say it was a smashing success!

Picnik collage1

Though the place was popping, the decadent food on display definitely stole the show. With so much food to consume some Yelpers couldn't pick a favorite, but Betsy M's was the chicken kabobs that left her "completely satisfied." The nosh was so impressive in fact, Vijay K yelps, "I would have never tried this place if it weren't for Yelp.  Now that I have, and knowing there's one near my part of town, I will have to give them another go." See ya there, Vijay!

Picnik collage

Post food and fast-talking Yelpers catching up by sharing holiday stories and New Year's resolutions – three lucky Yelpers walked away with snazzy I Love Yelp Shirts and generous gift cards from Zoës Kitchen. The gracious host didn't stop there with their giving – every guest walked vouchers for one free meal. Thank you, Zoës Kitchen, we had a blast and hope to return and delight in your delectable, fresh fare! Stay tuned to see what suburb we hit up next month. Take a peek at the pics, reviews, and quick tips here!




Yelpers Turned Party Animals at Yelp NC Triangle's Toga Party

Posted by Christina Gates

Saturday, the newly minted Triangle Elite Squad headed to NC State's staple bar -- East Village Grill & Bar -- to celebrate in the centuries-old college tradition: TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

Wrapped in bed sheets (fitted and flat!), snuggies, and robes, while donning laurels, golden accessories, and goblets, Elites truly did give off quite the regal aura...

Just as it was in college, free food and beer is the quickest way to fill a room, and our expertly fantastic hosts at East Village did not disappoint... from bottomless chicken wings, to every dip imaginable! They also built in some of our favorite local breweries -- FOUR of 'em: LoneRider, Triangle Brewing Company, Natty Greene's, and Roth. Not to mention Monster Energy + Firefly mixers to keep the party going all night! Dessert was provided by Gigi's Cupcakes -- in the form of towering treats. And ensuring every guest 'scored' that evening, the good folks at Gigi's made sure everyone took home some sugar! Did we fail to mention the showers of EV, Triangle Brewing, Firefly, and Monster Energy swag?? Tees! Hats! Mini flashlights! More!

Proving (once again) that nobody parties quite like yelpers, our crowd took the ice breaker to heart and mixed and mingled in a variety of college classic "sports" (flip cup, anyone?!) -- all in a quest to claim Olympic gold (and some amazing prizes, including a $50 gift certificate for a return visit to East Village!).

Toga3 Toga4

Walk of Shame?
Don't be embarassed -- share your story (and read others!) on the reviews page.

Hazy Memory?
Get your facts straight... follow the escapades thanks to the pictures from yelpers' fave photog, Shon Williams.

Tremendous thanks to the support of the stellar staff at East Village, especially event planner-extraordinaire Kara; and to our MANY amazing sponsors for making this an exceptional kick-off to Yelp Elite 2012!

As for you yelpers -- thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

Christina G
Yelp NC Triangle Senior Community Manager

Next Stop For Capital Grille Awesomeness: Orange County

Posted by Hazel Q

It's no secret that elite yelpers across the US have a love affair with Capital Grille, and yesterday afternoon was no different. Capital Grille in Costa Mesa treated a fabulously frocked group of yelpers to an Sunday that won't soon be forgotten.


Everyone came dressed in their yelpiest finest, donning white if it was their first Yelp Elite Event or red if they had been around the block a few times. It was the the perfect way to break in those newbs. Capital Grille made sure everyones thirst was quenched with plenty of Cabernet and Chardonnay to go around along with samples of their grapefruit soda and Stoli Doli.


Of course, after the drinks comes the food. And you'd better believe it was there in abundance! From a chilled shrimp bar to fresh lobster rolls to mini tenderloin sandwiches - they had it all! Everyone there also got to get up close and personal with the Executive Chef as he taught about the intricacies of aging steaks and the best cuts. It was a carnivore's delight! Those looking to delve deeper were treated to guided tours of the restaurant and kitchen as well.


Of course to really make sure yelpers will keep thinking of Capital Grille, they sent every single guest home with a lovely gift bag full of Capital Grille goodies and a couple of lucky yelpers won a gorgeous wine and knife set and a full lunch for six. Like I said, this was definitely an event for the books! Don't take my word for it though, check out all of the pics from rad yelper photog, Jonathan Z and the reviews of the event on Yelp!

Until next time...

Hazel Q - Carnivore Community Manager OC


Chicagoland Elites Know How To Tap That (Pirate) Booty!

Posted by Candice Gatlin

Avast ye, Yelpers! The Chicago 'Burbs Elite squad kicked off the first big bash of 2012 at Tap House Grill's newest location in Highwood with a cannon-worthy bang. Dressed to impress, pillage and plunder, 75 pirate pals and prisoners (er‒ plus ones) set sail to enjoy a plank's worth of provisions and imbibe a mighty grog at Yelp Taps That (Pirate) Booty.


Davy Jones ended up at the bottom of the sea while Tap House Grill's famous flatbreads, Kobe beef and white cheddar sliders, jambalaya pasta, classic fried chicken and drunken shrimp ended up at the bottom of Yelpers bellies. Speaking of drunken, Yelpers had their pick of poison from an interactive tasting table equipped with Allagash White and Three Floyds' Robert the Bruce as well as having been granted full reign and order on all 30 of Tap House Grill's draft craft beers including New Holland Brewing Co.'s Dragon's Milk, Founder's Breakfast Stout and Victory's Golden Monkey.

If your periscopic memory is a little hazy from polishing off one too many of those bottles o' beer on the wall, need not worry, Buccaneers. On hand to capture every crow's nest worthy sight was fellow 2012 Elite Sean Davis and Yelp favorite, Shutterbox Photobooth. Mateys can review this buccaneer's bash here and scope every mutiny, hornswoggle and flogging here and thar. Warning: This party received the pirate rating of Arrrrrrggghhh!

 Pirate3 Pirate4
A mighty thanks be made to the Tap House Grill for hosting this swashbuckling soiree along with all ye lads and lasses brave enough to walk the plank, swab the deck, and dance a jolly jig on the maiden voyage of Yelp Chicago 'Burbs 2012 Elitedom. Thar be plenty more in store this yarrr.

Yo Ho Yelp and Ship Full of Fun,


Cap'n Candice G

Chicagoland Community Manager


A 2012 Elite Welcome Reception at the Capital Grille

Posted by Rachel Fell

Yelp Milwaukee Elites sure know how to kick-off 2012 in style!

In a welcome reception at Milwaukee's Capital Grille, Milwaukee's class of 2012 mixed and mingled over craft cocktails (one featuring house-infused pineapple vodka and the other featuring framboise and bubbles!), beer and wine, and amazing bites — such as lobster rolls on brioche, roasted pepper soup, truffle fries, tenderloin sliders, and jumbo shrimp


After a greeting from Capital Grille's GM, Paul, Yelpers were introduced to the head chef, Mike. He generously gave Yelpers a tour of the kitchen, and after that? It was a cooking demo complete with a tour of Capital Grille's aging room. Paul was also kind enough to give wine cellar tours, as well. Informative and oh-so-VIP, we rounded out the night with a raffle for a complimentary meal for six valued at $150. (Congrats Melanie B!)



And as if that weren't enough, each MKE elite was treated to a parting gift complete with Capital Grille spice rubs, chocolate truffles, and a gift certificate for a complimentary lunch for two. Swanky? We sure think so. (A special thanks to Luke R for amazing photos, and to the entire staff of the Capital Grille for being so welcoming and gracious!)

Can't wait for our upcoming Yelper party... Milwaukee's first-ever Brew City Bash promises to be a shindig of epic proportions! Mark your calendars for March 9 if you're in the MKE area, and stay tuned...

Until then, SYOY!

Rachel F — Yelp MKE Community Manager


Providence Elites Win By A Landslide @ The American!

Posted by Hilary H

"Yes We Can," declares Carly B. "With HHH as 'the decider', there couldn't have been a more appropriate venue chosen for a '12 Providence Elite Squad inauguration than The American," and we couldn't agree more! 70 Elites from our fair city attended Yelp PVD's 2012 Elite Squad Inaugural Bash at The American last Thursday evening, and none of them inhaled anything but the glorious food and drinks.  Yelp

"Parmesan chips lined the bar top for a little crunch," that Jen H enjoyed along with the passed hors d'oeuvres served by the lovely waitstaff that was "incredible, and they knew every single ingredient in every single hors d'euvres! Approachable, chatty and helpful," this team passed knock-out stuffed mushrooms featuring an "ooey-gooey cheese covering," bacon-wrapped scallops, pork shank, Oysters Rockefeller "with spinach and the crispiest bacon ever," and two amazing signature sandwiches: The Vanderbilt – grilled chicken, gorgonzola, tomato, field greens and pesto on thick, toasted bread, and The Heartland – caramelized onions, crisp Granny Smith apple slices, beefsteak tomatoes grilled with Wisconsin white cheddar and Swiss, served on artisan bread. "The food was generous and delicious - definitely tasty enough" for Vilay S to "plan another trip back!" Fooddrink

But the food wasn't the whole story that evening, folks – the skilled bartenders were liberal with libations, too. Sarah VM "sipped a Sloe Gin fizz, and split a Grasshopper two ways." William H "stayed with the Man of War cocktail and has zero regrets about that" – this new classic made with Maker's Mark, served on the rocks with a smoked sugar rim went down so smoothly, he "can't wait to go back to The American, belly up to the bar, have a nice cocktail" or even two! 

The allegations that Sarah VM was seen "going in and out of ShutterBooth with multiple partners, multiple times" were true, but who could resist the thrill of the paparazzi? Brad Smith made the rounds with his camera and caught everyone on film – including Marcy L, who enjoyed "ringing in the '12 Elite victory" by chatting with the owner of The American, Jay Hoff and receiving a "brief tutorial on the building's unique legacy" as a steam locomotive manufacturing company between 1867 and 1906. "The West Wing atmosphere and the high banquettes are awesome," and Becky M "loved the cherry wood panelling. Definitely a place to try again!" Elites

"Yes, we were wined and dined, given goofy ShutterBooth pics and Yelpstick, but remember, my fellow Yelpers," begs Carly B, "ask not what Yelp PVD can do for you, ask what you can do for Yelp PVD." 

Yours in Service,


Hilary H 

Yelp Providence Community Manager

January 29, 2012

Boston Elites Get High At A Yelp Pop-Up Party!

Posted by Damien S

High up, ya nut! More than 120 Elites and guests snaked their way through the dark, industrial underbelly of Everett to discover the spring-loaded trampoline wonderland called Sky Zone. Boasting a warehouse of launch pads, the new indoor park offered yelpers a poppin' good time with rousing rounds of trampoline dodgeball, sample SkyRobics classes, flying leaps into foam pits and a free-for-all Colosseum!


When they grew weary from all the high-altitude antics, yelpers snuck away to sneak samples from a smorgasbord of snacks. Culinary Cruisers quenched gourmet thirsts with roasted banana and ginger-grapefruit Real Pops popsicles, as well as various flavors of Spindrift soda pop, thus keeping the theme alive. Popchips gave savory seekers endless bags of their crispy discs, and while they might not have been rocking the "pop" in their moniker, the tangy tonics from Katalyst Kombucha, natural revitalizers in Vita Coco and a veritable spread courtesy of Pretzel Crisps kept the energy at record levels.


But when all is said and done, what's a Yelp party without a little "adult apple juice"? Good thing Magners came packing their classic hard cider, as well as a little pear action to throw in the mix. Really, what's better after pounding your buddy at a no-holds-barred game of AeroBall than an icy plastic cup of alcohol? Thought so.


Could Boston Elites adapt to the shift from bars and bistros? Dan C "was very impressed at this being an 'outside the box' type Yelp event," while Dan G (no Dan relation) thinks "this goes up there as one of the most fun and entertaining!" Tatsu snapped so many pics, his shutter finger is chapped – check 'em out on Flickr and tag away on Facebook. Buzz has got Talk lighting up with record setters and chronic sweaters, and the reviews are glowing. Didja go? Yelpers would love to hear about it! Didja wanna go? Be Elite! Didja throw me out in the 3rd dodgeball game while I was pegging the guy floundering in the corner? Revenge is sweet.


Yelp Boston Make Ya Jump, Jump-


Damien S

Tucson Elites Cured Board-um @ The Abbey!

Ahhh, to be young again: No commitments, no cares, no car payments... just an unabashed desire to have fun! Tucson Elites celebrated all things cool and carefree at Yelp Cures Board-um @ The Abbey, Brian Metzger's comfy and cozy neighborhood spot at the corner of Sunrise & Kolb.


Brian and Executive Chef Virginia Wooters prepared a magnificent menu expertly executed by Kate and her kitchen team, which featured favorites from The Abbey including a scallop chowder with tender bay scallops, buttery potatoes, carrots and croutons and the “BEC” a juicy burger served on an English muffin with shallot jam, bacon and a fried egg. Representin’ Brian’s brother restaurant, Jax Kitchen was a pretzel-crusted calamari with arugula tossed in a honey dijon vinaigrette and crispy salmon atop a rich, creamy mushroom risotto. And because the intent was to cure "board-um" folks feasted on one of The Abbey's signature starters, The Board: A fresh and fun collection of meats, cheeses, pickled veggies, nuts, crostini and olives... always different, ever changing!

Elites craving something chill found thirst quenching relief in the BOOMberry and the Fizz, a blueberry infused vodka drink teeming with tartness, and a fizzy raspberry vodka drink that’s crisp and refreshing. Rhonda K from New Belgium was on hand with samples of DIG, in addition to some fancy glasses for the early arrivers and some planting seeds for those looking for a growth opportunity.  


Nothing cures boredom better than board games, which is why peeps played for prizes in a boredom busting game zone while listening to terrific instrumental tunes from Corey and Eric of Rescue Lights and MyTown Music. Their soundtrack was satisfyingly sweet as Elites embarked on an all out play fest with classics like Operation, Candyland and Sorry, and everyone went crazy for the duo’s jazzy Black and Yellow!


The pièce de résistance may have been dessert; warm chocolate chip peanut butter cookies with chunks of maple bacon inside! There were some extremely creative “cure” costumes, including members from The Cure, doctors, mad scientists, Mary Jane and a Hershey Kiss who took home the prize for best dressed. Laura D proved she’s knowledgeable about board games, taking home a gift certificate to The Abbey for answering the most questions in our rapid fire trivia game.

1 2 3

Special thanks to Billy Kovacs who joined us for his 9th event to take beautiful outdoor photos (ask him about his yoga story), Corey and Eric, Rhonda K our favorite beer bud, Gabi M (who drove in from Scottsdale), Ginny and Kate for our awesome eats, Taylor (manager at Jax) who helped prep the drink line up, Carrie and Lauren for keeping folks hydrated, Chelsea, Degan and Nate for making sure everyone had enough to eat, B-Mo, The Abbey manager who decked out our sweet outdoor spot and cool place to chill, and of course Brian Metzger. Vivian K puts it best when she yelped, “Brian works so hard to make these two restaurants special. Where other restaurants would be satisfied with a four-star rating, it's not good enough for Brian. 'Tell me how I can make it better,' he said.  Well, he gets Five stars in my book!"


Read the reviews. See some pics. Learn more about MyTown Music here & here. Learn more about Resuce Lights here & here. Grab a six-pack of New Belgium's DIG. Find Billy K on Yelp. Read up on The Abbey and Jax!  


Corey D

Tucson Community Manager &

Never going to be bored in 2012!  


Yelp Elites Join The Gazillionaires' Club

Posted by Misti Yang

Who wants to party like a rock star when you can party like a Gazillionaire? Flush with gold coins, free jewels and looking like a bajillion bucks, Yelp Las Vegas Elites took a cue from the richest gent in town and enjoyed an opulent French-inspired spread at Central followed by a visit to the show the Gazillionaire built, Absinthe.


The Gazillionaires' Club started the evening with cocktails and delectables at James Beard award-winner Michel Richard's Central at Caesars Palace. The nouveau riche crowd sipped specialty Pear Sangria, Halcyon Cosmos and AbinTinis while nibbling Gougeres, Bacon Onion Tartlets, Fried Chicken Bites, Pork Tenderloin with Corn Polenta, and a special Marinated Tomato Salad for the filthy rich vegans! Christopher B confesses: "I almost wanted to order the entree sized portion right after I tasted each one."


The well-stocked Mustache Bar ensured everyone was perfectly coiffed, and the revelers were encouraged to invest their gold with the sharpest dressed Elite. Sylvia Q triumphed!

Following the noshing and mingling, it was time for an intimate night to remember under the Spiegeltent at Vegas's newest spectacle Absinthe. With unimaginable feats of physicality from strong men to roller skates, a healthy dose of naughty and a teeny bit of nudity, the show kept everyone ooohing, aaaaahing and laughing their fine fannies off. Heather S agrees: "All I can say about the performances was that my face hurt from laughing so hard at Mr. Gazillionaire and his assistant, Penny. Hysterical. I didn't see one act that wasn't brilliant." Following the show, The Gazillionaires' Club met face to face with the Gazillionaire and his spectacular cast. Safe to say everyone left feeling like a gazillion bucks!

Want to hear more? Read the 5 star reviews here. Want so see more? Peep the pictures courtesy of Ryan Shewchuk in this Flickr set.  

Stay gold, yelper boys.. and gals,


Misti Y, Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager

San Diego Yelp Elite New Shirt Showcase & Unwanted Gift Exchange

Posted by Danny Wurst

Rarin’ to go after the holiday hiatus, over 200 yelpers gathered at Donovan’s Prime Seafood in the Gaslamp for the Yelp Elite New Shirt Showcase. The celebration saw some fresh fish, fresh threads, and even a few fresh faces to the new squad of 2012!

Picnik collagedonav2
Guests enjoyed oysters aplenty, crammed on crab cakes, and chowed-down on bacon seafood chowder served by some of the most spot on staff in the city. Washed down with complimentary beer, house wines, and their signature Sweet N Sassy cocktail, it was quite the way to start off a year of yelping.

Picnik collagedonav
Besides amazing food samples and stellar spirits entertainment included an “Unwanted Gift Exchange” where 60 guests donated their discarded presents from the holiday season. Hoping to unwrap something more special that originally received, several lucky winners walked away with rad prizes including Mardi Gras tickets and limited edition Yelp Elite lunch boxes.

Picnik collagedonav 3
A big thank you goes out to Donovan’s Prime Seafood for being our gracious host. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like…

Picnik collagedonov4
Check out the photos taken by Heidi G or click here or if you weren’t able to attend to read all the reviews and see what you missed.

 Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)

Picture 149
Danny W San Diego Community Manager

January 28, 2012

Yelp Elite Event Soffwechsel

Posted by Robin

Am Donnerstag versammelte sich 30 der Yelp Elite zu einem außergewöhnlichen Event. Im Nymphe79 wird Weinverkauf und Modeoutlet unter einen Hut gebracht. Also wollten wir auch das Event so gestalten, dass Wein und Mode in Einklang gebracht werden. Und das hat wunderbar geklappt. In einem der beiden Räume wurde fleißig Wein verköstigt und geschlemmt. Ralph O, der Besitzer und reizende Gastgeber, hat persönlich die leckersten Tapas vorbereite und gekocht. Krabbentatar, Tintenfischsalat Octupussalat mit Koriandagrün, Maisbrötchen mit Chorizofüllung und Rissois, Taschen mit Krabbenfüllung, iberischer Käse, Schnittchen mit Tunfisch und Sardellenpastete, Entenleberpastete mit Orange, spanischer Serrano es fehlte einfach an nichts. Am wenigsten aber natürlich an leckerem Wein. Ein Poster in seinem Laden sagt, portugiesischer Wein sei eines der bestbehütetsten Geheimnisse Europas – und irgendwie haben sie damit recht. Wein aus Portugal ist wirklich unbekannt, aber jetzt wissen wir, wo wir ihn bekommen. Manche Sorte kam so gut an, dass die Leute direkt von der Probe, literweise mit nach Hause genommen haben. Sanneke R, die aus Amsterdam zu Besuch war, lässt ihn sich in Zukunft sogar nach Hause schicken.


DSC_0023 DSC_0015

Die Kombination aus Wein und Fotoshooting hat sich als der erwartete Glücksgriff erwiesen. Wo die Yelper anfangs noch etwas zurückhaltend waren und sich lieber am Buffet auslebten, verlagerte sich die zweite Hälfte des Abends in den anderen Raum, in dem ein kleines Fotoatelier aufgebaut war. Sofort war gute Stimmung im Raum und einige nutzten die Gelegenheit, sich von der Fotokünstlerin Sylvia Weiss professionell ablichten zu lassen. Dieter L, seines Zeichens selbst Fotograph, klingte sich mit ein. Einige nette Fotos, die er geschossen hat, hat er auch Yelp zur Verfügung gestellt. Anschauen könnt ihr euch alle Fotos hier. Karina, die an diesem Tag ihren Abschluss auf von der Make-Up Academy Munich machte, stylte die Frauen, nachdem sie sich ein individuelles Design von Gerdi Müller zusammengestellt hatten. Als dann auch noch die dreijährige Enkelin von Ralph O mitgemacht und zu posen begonnen hat, war es um die Zuschauer endgültig geschehen... Ein sehr netter Abend mit einem fröhlich gemischtem Publikum aller Alterklassen und die wohnliche Atmosphäre in der Nymphe79 tat das Übrige. Wer nachlesen oder schreiben will, wie es war, der kann das hier tun.


IMG_0149 IMG_0117



On Thursday 30 Yelp Elites met for an extraordinary event which combined a wine tasting, fashion as well as a glamour shooting. The location was splitt into two sections. In one premises we held the wine tasting with delicious portugues wines. In the other premises our elite was able to try on crazy clothes and a professional make up artist from the make up academy munich was helping the yelpers with their styling for the shoot. Ralph O who is the owner of Nymphe79 as well as a great cook, whiped up great tapas.

He created a buffet of mouthwatering Tartare of crabs, octupus salat with coriander, bread rolls out of corn with chorizo filling, crab pie called RISSOIS, iberian cheese like Manchego, slices of tuna with pastry of anchovy, spanish serrano ham and a lot more delicious stuff... We were not missing anything. It was absoloutely delicious!


IMG_0189 IMG_0212

Apperantly portuguese wine is one of the greatest secrets of europe and we totally agree. Everybody was absolutely keen on tasting the different sorts of wine Ralph O presented that night. Some yelpers were so extremly fascinated by the wine that they bought bottles over bottles after the tasting. And fortunately we now know where to buy it in the future. Sanneke R, who visited Munich and joined the Elite event, even ordered bottles to get it send to Amsterdam.The combination of wine and photo shooting was just great. The first half of the evening the Yelpers kept tasting the different wines and enjoyed the mouthwatering buffet. But after a while more and more yelpers got encouraged  enough to use the chance and make some pictures with our professional photographer Sylvia Weiss. Dieter L joined her and took some great pictures as well as you can see on Flickr.


IMG_0234 IMG_0236

Karina who just graduated from the Make Up Academy Munich two hours before our elite event started, was supporting our photographer Sylvia with her excelent styling know-how and prettied our yelpers for the shoot. When Ralph´s three year old granddaughter joined the shooting the spirit totally reached it’s climax. The resume.. a great night with a well mixed audience of every age in a very warm atmosphere. Here you can read and write reviews about the event.

Per Yelp Milano Amore Fa Rima Con Vapore!

Posted by Claudia R

Incredibile apertura straordinaria, ieri sera, per il That's Vapore di Milano, locale nuovo, anzi nuovissimo, che per il suo primo mese di apertura (l'inaugurazione è stata lo scorso 21 dicembre) ha ospitato la community di Yelp per offrire in totale anteprima un assaggio delle sue prossime aperture serali, che avranno luogo da metà febbraio circa.


Bollicine e finger food per tutti nel foyer del ristorante, sotto gli sguardi divertiti dei passanti di Corso di Porta Vittoria, che sbirciavano i fortunati Elite dalla grande vetrata mentre partiva il primo gioco della serata: Instagram&Twitter party, con l'ambito premio finale di 2 biglietti per le otto ore di concerto di MI Ami Ancora a chi avesse scattato e postato con hashtag #yelpmilano e #thatsvapore l'immagine più bella e divertente della serata. Intanto, chiacchiere in relax insieme agli istrionici proprietari del locale, Filippo e Vanni, che hanno illustrato a tutti i vantaggi innegabili di una cucina completamente al vapore, dall'antipasto al dolce!


Arrivati tutti gli ospiti, la festa si è spostata al primo piano, nella grande balconata di legno e cristallo che si affaccia sulla cucina. Tutti a sedere perchè... arriva la cena! Assaggi e assaggini di ogni tipo di cibo, dai ravioli di zucca al petto d'anatra, passando per verdure, centrifugati, ovviamente serviti in deliziosi cestini, fino ad arrivare al meraviglioso dolce. Intanto, via al secondo gioco: gessetti alla mano e tanta creatività, perchè c'è un'intera parete di lavagna da ricoprire di idee, impressioni, frasi e disegni, e a fine serata Filippo ha deciso di premiare Marco S!


Prima di tornare tra le braccia della nebbia meneghina, incoronazione finale anche di Marta B per la sua bellissima foto di "ciò che resta del party" e di Paolo G, detentore del titolo di Re degli Elenchi, per le sue meravigliose liste di posti indimenticabili! Se non c'eravate, potete leggere qui i messaggi dei partecipanti o guardarvi le foto! Mi sono persa qualcosa? Vieni a raccontare la tua insieme agli altri, sul forum, e non perdere il prossimo evento!


Extraordinary soiree for That's Vapore, a brand new restaurant in the center of Milan! It opened on December 2012 and hosted the community of Yelp Milano for its first dinner opening. Yelpers were cheered by Prosecco flutes and fingerfood in the restaurant foyer, a glass-walled open space not far from Duomo and Montenapoleone, and the first game started! The best photo of the party posted on Instagram and/or Twitter with hashtags #yelpmilano and #thatsvapore was that of Marta B, who won two tickets for the 8-hours concert MI Ami Ancora on Feb. 4th. In the meantime, everyone could chat with Filippo Cadeo, owner of the restaurant, who delighted us with steam based recipes from starter to desserts.


At 9 pm the party moved upstairs, on the great wood-and-crystal balcony, where everyone could taste all the best of That's Vapore cuisine, served in lovely mini-baskets, and take part in the second, exciting game: a whole wall was covered with a blackboard paint and, chalks in hands, all the people wrote, drawed and designed freely. Our host Filippo chose Marco S as the best! Special star of the party, Paolo G, who got the title of King of Lists, together with a wonderful Yelp T-Shirt. Want to know something more? Come on the talk thread,see our wonderful photos and... read the reviews!!


January 27, 2012

Yelp Seattle's Eastside Elite Dinner @ Your Local Market!

Posted by Katy

Check out these lucky-loos! A select group of super stoked Seattle yelpers recently received their shiny new 2012 Elite Badges and well, you know what that means... It was time to hit up Yelp Seattle's first Elite Event of the 2012!

Picnik collage 1

Kickin' it things off on the Eastside this January, Bellevue yelpers' bellies were stuffed with only the freshest and most fabulous food cooked right on-site at Your Local Market

Picnik collage 2

We know what you're thinking... An event at a supermarket? But wait! This is far from your average event. And even farther from your average super market or big chain store. In fact, the fine folks at Your Local Market host monthly charitable events, wine tastings and more. Think of a place where dancing in the aisles isn't just allowed, it's encouraged! And that's exactly what we did.

Picnik collage 3

As guests arrived they were greeted with the store's founders and key department managers, allowing for a fun face-to-face event.

Before taking a personal tour of the market and sampling a variety of locally made sausages, fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juices, and even locally made chocolates, each and every guest was treated to a complete 4 course dinner. Good thing we told 'em to come hungry!

With each course paired with a wine, Elite members enjoyed Beecher's famous gougeres, marinated olives and crab cakes with field greens. And we haven't even gotten to the main course yet! Big platters of housemade Coq Au Vin with buttered noodles and green Beans Amandine were prepared for everyone as well. Some servings were so big that most folks took home to-go boxes! 

Picnik collage 4

Before their boxes were packed tight with awesome food there was yet another course of wine paired with enormous platters of dried fruits, nuts and artisan cheeses and crackers

But what's an event without a platter of gorgeous scratch-baked French macrons in a rich chocolate flavor and a passion fruit flavor?! 

Picnik collage 5

Read the rave reviwes here! Haven't written yours yet? Don't forget to tell us what you thought!

Photos of the event can be found on our Official Yelp Flickr page
Until next time,

Katy H - Yelp Seattle Senior Community Manager


Detroit Elite 2012 Kick Off at Claddagh Irish Pub!

Posted by Annette

This week 100 yelpers donned their best Irish duds and came out for the 2012 Yelp Elite kick off at Claddagh Irish Pub for our first ever sit-down feast! Elites and their guests were spoiled by their choice of 5 beverages including winter sangria, local Michigan beers like Shorts and Atwater Block, Magnus Irish cider on draft, and tasty cocktails made with Pinnacle cookie dough vodka and Bailey’s.


For eats guests were treated to a plate of savory samples like Irish meatballs, Bass Ale stuffed mushrooms, chicken pot pie, spinach and artichoke dip crostini, and tomato-mozzarella skewers. Once the savories were cleared we were treated to a sampler plate of desserts featuring chocolate ganache covered walnut squares, delicious profiteroles and bread pudding, and wrapping things up was a ”beautifully froth-topped Irish coffee” that Carole H loved.


If all the tasty food weren't enough, Claddagh also hooked it up with nearly a dozen giveaways to raffle off including a basket of goodies including a bottle of Jameson, hockey jerseys, Guinness hats and more. Yelp also put together two baskets of Irish goodies from the Twisted Shamrock, a local Irish shop, featuring football jerseys, barware, Irish stout cookbooks, and more for the winner and runner up of our best-dressed contest for the evening (congrats to Sam G and Peggy F). Also on hand was Tara of D-Shirts T-Shirts showing off her awesome Detroit Irish pride wares and raffling off shirts and shot glasses featuring her signature Olde English Tigers’ D shamrock designs.


Rounding out the night were some amazing acoustic Irish tunes from local performer Johnny Manning and going away gift bags featuring Claddagh merch like football scarves and t-shirts, Yelp schwag, and gift cards and coupons for return visits to Claddagh!


Many thanks to the amazing management and staff of Claddagh for putting together this fantastic evening that, as Kris A puts perfectly, “went above and beyond as well to make us all feel extremely welcome.” Thanks to Tara and D-Shirts for showing off her fantastic goods, Johnny Manning for providing lovely Irish tunes throughout the evening, Yelp Brand Ambassador Jordan G for helping out at the check-in table, and all our yelpers for coming and sharing this incredible evening with us. Check out all of the photos over on the Yelp flickr over here and you can check out the reviews (or write your own!) over yonder.

This was the perfect way to start of 2012 and I can’t wait to roll out more fun in the new year!


Until next time, SYOY

Annette J

Community Manager Detroit

January 26, 2012

Yelp Baltimore Elites Get Lei'ed!

Posted by Elsa M.

Quicker than an "Aloha" could be exchanged, Yelp Baltimore's "Escape to the Tropics" at Roy's Restaurant set sail! Elites donned their best "Hawaiian chic" clothes and were off before they got through the door!

Yelp's Escape to the Tropics!

"The party was already getting started outside of Roy's with a fire dance demo. Freak'n awesome," says Jen L. "The fire dancer was also nice enough to let people take pictures with him!" 

Yelp's Escape to the Tropics!  Yelp's Escape to the Tropics!

Once inside, elites got lei'ed immediately. Some may have blushed, but few were bashful when Roy's followed up with a feast of Hawaiian fusion foodie fantasties - spare ribs with meat falling off the bone, mini crab cakes, veggie rolls, potstickers, and sushi galore! Derek I alone "shamelessly pounded about nine fried tuna rolls," while Nina U found herself "wishing for a bigger appetite" since "the food was delectable and there was no skimping. The servers encouraged people to take more..."

Yelp's Escape to the Tropics! Yelp's Escape to the Tropics! 

Mandarine Napoléon French Martinis, Roy's Original Hawaiian Martinis, Kona beers, and red and white wines were served to each guest throughout the night, no doubt making Elites' hula moves all the smoother once the performers turned their dancing into demos. "Who doesn't like a strong drink?" asks Hula Hoop Queen Sha T (who ultimately was one of the winners of Motor Trend Auto Show tickets thanks to her mad skillz).

Yelp's Escape to the Tropics! Yelp's Escape to the Tropics! Yelp's Escape to the Tropics!                    Yelp's Escape to the Tropics! Yelp's Escape to the Tropics!  

Shaking her hips like a pro, Noralyn T asserts the ladies "almost nailed it like professional hula dancers with their ocean wave and fishy dance. The men were not bad as well. They got the grunt and the warrior swing swagger down."

 Yelp's Escape to the Tropics!

The night was enough to cure Elite Nina U's homesickness as well: "It's only been a couple months since my last vacation home to Hawaii, but I have been going through withdrawals and dreaming of the warm sunshine, blue skies and cool tropical breezes on the beach. Thank you for giving me a taste of home all the way on the East Coast."  

Happy to help... and speaking of "help": A very special THANK YOU to Yelp Baltimore Elite Kit H who photographed the night in a pinch! Mahalo!!!

As far at 2012, we're just warming up! More heat's ahead ;)

Yelp's Escape to the Tropics!

Elsa "Yes Coconuts Are Indeed Fabulous!" M.

Yelp Baltimore Community Manager

Spirit Fingers in the Air At Miami's Yelp High!

Posted by Monica

For some, high school was a glorious 4 years full of skipped classes, varsity football games, and running with the popular kids. For others, high school meant 4 awkward years or pimples, first kisses, and Revenge of the Nerds marathons. Regardless of their suppurlative, most popular or most-likely-to-succeed, Yelp Elites came together last night to celebrate a new alma mater: Yelp High.

Chalk 1

Rather than filing into chemistry class, Elites strolled into South Beach's newly minted, Chalk: the shiny new empire of ping pong and billiard bombness. Over 150 yelpers showed up donning their most fabulous high school apparel. From gentle jocks to chic geeks, everyone got a glimpse into each other's high school years and competed across 6 ping pong tables and a handful of pool tables.


Meanwhile, I Love Pizza shared in the revelry with an endless smattering of variety pizzas. Their thin crust action proved just the thing for the notable Elites. To nurse their sweettooth, Sweetness Bakeshop shared thier sinful selection of cupcakes, including one that became quickly popular, the guayabera!

There to quench adult thirsts, L'Chaim Vodka and flipflop wines satiated all the parched partygoers while MiamiDJs4u got everyone's groovy thing shakin' with throwback hits from the 80s and 90s (and some 70s). To read about all the action, check out the reviews and to scope more of the fun had, don't miss the photos (thanks to Photobokeh).

Until next time, soulcats,

Monica S

YelpElite (AJH_20120125_D309254)

Soirée Élite « Yelp est tout MTL! » à La Drinkerie

Posted by Marie-Pier

Mardi soir dernier, les Élites Yelp de Montréal se sont rassemblés à La Drinkerie pour le tout premier événement francophone en ville où « tous les ingrédients pour le parfait 5 à 7 étaient réunis! » Clotilde L et plusieurs autres Yelpeurs ont bien aimé ce « bar sympa dans le quartier hip » de la Petite Bourgogne.

Pour une soirée bien arrosée les invités ont étanchés leur soif avec des pintes de MTL Premium Lager et une variété de cocktails portants des noms des rues du quartier concoctés avec du Canadian Club et Jim Beam. Le coup de coeur de Marie-Josée C a été le St-Cunégonde, un mélange de Jim Beam, sirop de mangues et jus de lime et pommes.  

YelpMTLEliteCollage5-January2012Tina C a adoré les hors d’oeuvres les canapés aux fromage de chèvres, poire et pacanes ainsi que les mini-burgers à l’agneau avec des oignon caramélisé et du cheddar vieilli. Bien d’ici, ces petites bouchées et plusieurs autres ont été préparées par Lindsay et Jackson de Fait Ici, le premier magasin général de Montréal qui se spécialise dans les produits biologiques et les articles confectionnés de façon durable au Québec.

YelpMTLEliteCollage4-January 2012
Finalement, Rémi, un artiste graffiti a guidé les invités à créer une œuvre d’art totalement MTL qui colorera les murs de La Drinkerie pendant les mois sombres de l’hiver. Dustin G a gagné la toile à la suite d’un tirage qui a permis de ramasser plus de 150 $ pour le Café Graffiti, un organisme à but non lucratif qui supporte des gens dans le besoin via entre autre des ateliers de hip-hop, de break dancing et d’art graffiti.

Un merci bien spécial à Maxim C pour les jolies photos de l’événement. Vous pouvez en voir encore plus via Flickr. Vous pouvez aussi jaser de la merveilleuse soirée sur le Chat et lire les avis complets ici.

D’ici la prochaine fois, on s’revoit sur Yelp! 


Marie-Pier « dans ta paupière, y’a de l’eau pis de la bière » R
Chef de communauté, Yelp Montréal


In English please?

Last Tuesday evening, Montreal’s Yelp Elites gathered at La Drinkerie for the city’s very first francophone event where all the ingredients for the perfect 5 à 7 were united! For many Yelpers like Janine T, it was their first time in this cool and hip bar of Little Burgundy.

For a well-lubricated evening, guests quenched their thirst with pints of MTL Premium Lager and a variety of cocktails all named after streets of the neighbourhood made with Canadian Club and Jim Beam. The booze being plentiful, Matthew P spent the evening ordering his favourite, « another Bim Jean.... »

Tina C found the « finger food delish, especially the sliders and the chèvre canapés. » Made here, the hors d’œuvre were prepared by Lindsay and Jackson of Fait Ici, Montreal’s first general store specializing in organic and responsibly produced products mainly from Quebec.

YelpMTLEliteCollage4-January 2012
Finally, Rémi, a graffiti artist invited guests to create a painting that is all MTL. It will adorn the walls of La Drinkerie to add a bit of colour during the dark winter months. Dustin G will then be the proud owner of the painting. He won a raffle that allowed Montreal yelpers to raise over $150 for Café Graffiti, a non-profit that supports people in need through various activities such as hip-hop, break-dancing and graffiti art workshops.


A special thank you also to Maxim C for the beautiful pictures of the event. You can see these and more on Flickr. Come on over and chat about the event on Talk and read full reviews here.
Until next time, on s’revoit sur Yelp! 


Marie-Pier « dans ta paupière, y’a de l’eau pis de la bière » R
Community Manager, Yelp Montréal


The Yelp Elite Kick Off 2012 @ The 1933 Lounge

The Yelp Indy Elite Squad kicked off 2012 in high-style at The 1933 Lounge. Let's let The Elite Squad and the photos tell the rest of the story....

Jonathan M "J-Mac" says, "This event was off the charts. Sun King Osiris Pale Ale as I walk in the door...  check. Open bar for 2 hours... check. World famous St Elmo's shrimp cocktail... hell yea. Free filet mignon sliders... are you kidding me? Exclusive Sun King Bourbon Barrel Aged Sunlight cream ale tapping... okay, this is ridiculous."

Kahrma D details the drinks: "The house special Elmo Cola arrived with a small glass bottle of Coke, a rocks glass filled with vanilla bean bourbon, & delicious skewered, bourbon soaked drunken cherries. We were all treated to a special tapping of a not-yet-available-to-the-public variety of Sun King."





Erin J "loved seeing all the interpretations of the theme" of red bow ties!

Kara P sums it up: "Yelp, Sun King, and The St. Elmo 1933 Lounge? I cannot think of a more perfect combination." Word.

Peep the 5-Star reviews here & all the 5-Star SolarFlarePhotos here!


Jon A & Team Elite Ginger!

Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 2.02.29 PM



Dancing with the LA West Elite Yelpers at Tra di Noi Focacceria in Beverly Hills

Posted by Brinny

They came, they danced they conquered! There is no better place to dance like a star than in Beverly Hills, home to many stars. The LA West Elite squad dressed in their finest and came out to the brand new Tra di Noi Focacceria, home to Chef Francesco Valesco.

It was a feast for the eyes and the stomach! Filet mignon was served with gorgonzola crumbles and purple potatoes. Prosciutto pizza was a crowd pleaser as was the homemade onion focaccia. A delicate beet salad and thinly sliced tuna carpaccio spoiled us all while tender short ribs had us getting our hands dirty! Chef Francesco was more than enthusiastic about serving and cooking just a foot a away in the open kitchen. Shannan M says it all: "Tra di Noi Focacceria was a fantastic place to hold our first gathering of the year. The food was amazing - and there was SO much of it!! So many delicious offerings - from ribs to octopus, fancy grilled cheese, pizza...the list goes on and on. Thank you Chef Franceso Velasco - you did a wonderful job!"

Meanwhile ginger mules from tequila raised the spirits and helped everyone move more easily on the dance floor.

Arthur Murray's dancers showed us all some new techniques that will have us killing on the dance floor for years to come. They got more than a few "ooo's and ahh's" as they skillfully paraded around the floor and offered a deal to good to be true at the end of the night just for yelpers: $39 for two private lessons, 1 group and 1 dance class.


The highlight of the night was the dance competition. After teaching a lesson, the Arthur Murray instructors judged the yelpers - the winning pairs received a $1,000 truffle dinner for Valentines Day at Tra Di Noi prepared by Chef Francesco!


Three very unique and local wines went down nicely: Semler and Saddlerock wines, Rosenthal wines and Mora Estate wines.


What is a dance with out desserts? Pastries by Edie made sure not a sweet tooth left unattended! The selection of pastries was vast including white chocolate mousse, cheesecake, millefuille, and many, many more! As Sarah W shares: "Please bring back the desserts by Edie's Pastries! They were extremely generous with their dozen+ offerings that made me feel like I was in a top chef desserts tasting competition..hehe."


Our friends at PictureHealing captured every moment per their usual and our DJ from Forever Tomorrow made sure no one missed a beat!

Until next time,


Brittany B

LA West Community Manager

South Bay-Peninsula Elites Celebrate in Casual Style @ Sonoma Chicken

Posted by Abby Schwarz

The South Bay-Peninsula Elite Squad celebrated their first Yelp Elite Event of 2012 at Sonoma Chicken, located in Campbell. As the name indicates, this local favorite is known for serving up delicious bird in a casual atmosphere, perfect for a cold, rainy Monday night in the South Bay.

Sonoma Chicken 1 Sonoma Chicken 2 Sonoma Chicken 3 Sonoma Chicken 5

Upon arriving to the venue, Elites and their +1's were greeted by the lovely Courtney M, who helped check everyone in and gave away Yelp Elite watches, the coveted digital gift for everyone on the Squad. Once inside, there was a giant tower of red velvet, Oreo and carrot cupcakes provided by Frost, which yelper Denise L described as "bites of heaven." Hey, why not start with a dessert? For those that weren't big on sweets, Sonoma Chicken had a never-ending buffet of homestyle food to choose from, including their famous rotisserie-style chicken, pasta, green beans, mashed potatoes, apple salad and foccacia bread. As Jessica J said, "Sonoma Chicken Coop DID US RIGHT!"

Sonoma Chicken 4 Sonoma Chicken 8 Sonoma Chicken 7 Sonoma Chicken 9

Campbell Brewing Company had plenty of their in-house beer for guests to sample, includinHefeweizen, Porter and Starbock. Not to be outdone, Pisco Porton mixed up a batch of 1684 punch, an original recipe that incorporated St. Germain, agave nectar, St. Germain and sweet red grapes. "Such a refreshing libation! cheered Cat V. Also on hand was Coterie Cellars, a local winery, pouring their Pinot Noir, Syrah and Roussane, their signature unconventional white wine that won the hearts of many guests. 

Sonoma Chicken 10 Sonoma Chicken 11 Sonoma Chicken 12 Sonoma Chicken 15

If eating and drinking themselves silly wasn't enough, Elites also played Yelp-O, our own little version of Bingo. It was an opportunity for everyone to socialize with yelpers that they may not already know. Plus, winners received custom Yelp pint glasses, perfect for Campbell Brewing Company's beer or just to take home and use later :) Margo G said it best about the activity: "I liked this game because it forced people to mingle which doesn't tend to happen all the time. I met new people, got reacquantited with others and had an all around good time." Couldn't have said it better ourselves, Margo!

  Sonoma Chicken 13 Sonoma Chicken 14 Sonoma Chicken 16 Sonoma Chicken 17

Read all of the 5-star reviews here and the event pics on Flickr. More good times to come for the South Bay-Peninsula Elites. Until then, SYOY!

  Sonoma Chicken 18

Abby S, Community Manager

Soirée Elite Yelp Marseille à la Ferme @ Boudiou

Posted by Julie M

C'est avec des bottes de campagne que Julie M a accueilli les Yelpeurs Marseillais mardi 24 janvier de 19h à 21h chez Boudiou. Une soirée qui sentait bon la nature avec ses produits bio et locaux, sa paille et ses belles fleurs. Près de quarante Yelpeurs ont ainsi découvert ce restaurant de midi ouvert en octobre 2011. "Un petit lieu très sympa découvert grâce à la soirée Yelp !" se réjouit Agathe M.

 EliteEvent Boudiou

Pour certains comme Aurélia D c'était une grande première "en venant, j'avais peur d'arriver sans connaître personne. Je pensais rester 10 min... J'ai eu droit à ma petite étiquette délivrée par une hôtesse en couettes et bottes en caoutchouc ! Il y avait plein de gens sympa et mes 10 min se sont transformées en 100 min ! Donc si je résume, le buffet était bon, les boissons étaient bonnes, l'ambiance était bonne et on repart avec des cadeaux en plus". Et oui c'est l'esprit des soirées élite Yelp : de la convivialité, des rencontres et des découvertes !

IMG_0375   IMG_0382   IMG_0437

Au rayon des découvertes, les salades, les sandwiches, de l’excellent fromage et la délicieuse compote de pommes ont étonné les Yelpeurs. "Merci à Florent de Boudiou et à Sébastien de Terroirbio13.com qui mettent en valeur les productions des agriculteurs de nos régions ! Je reviendrai chez Boudiou pour remanger de la succulente salade topinambours/navets (si si je vous assure, c'est vraiment succulent !)". Adeline G elle-même très portée sur le Bio était ravie de déguster ces bons produits ! Bien qu'il n'ait pas pu venir en tenue de fermier, Edouard B souligne non sans humour l'ingéniosité du concept de Terroirbio13 découvert lors de la soirée "le panier bio sans radis noir systématique !!"

IMG_0416   IMG_0385   IMG_0452

On ne peut pas manger sans boire et Aurélia D qui n'a pas tari d'éloge sur la soirée s'est exclamé "Quel délice ces jus de fruits ! Et le vin blanc : j'ai A-DO-RE. J'ai rarement bu un vin aussi goûteux". De bons produits que Boudiou a fait goûter aux Yelpers ! Le décor était d'autant plus champêtre que Yannick Fleuriste nous avait préparé un bouquet magistral avec des lys et du mimosa, et grâce au Centre Equestre Pastré, il y avait de la paille que le vent nous a empêché de disperser sur le trottoir.


Les Yelpeurs ont profité de l'espace de Boudiou et de son petit patio, très joli et bien à l'abri des raffales de Mistral. En partant chacun a été doté d'un cadeau grâce à Yelp mais aussi à Sébastien de Terroirbio13 et Noura N n’est pas restée indifférente : "aah ils assurent chez Boudiou , c'est beau et c'est tout bon ! Et de plus Yelp nous a offert le sac de courses et Terroirbio13 les pommes qui vont avec, si c'est c'est pas la grande classe !"

IMG_0423   IMG_0356   IMG_0442

En conclusion pour cette 5e soirée Elite, les Yelpeurs Marseillais se sont bien amusé et se sont délecté des préparations de Boudiou. "La soirée était également réussie grâce au photocall Yelp/Boudiou, à l'ambiance des Yelpeurs, aux nouvelles têtes rencontrée" renchérit Alexia Z ! La suite au prochain épisode...

Les photo c'est ici (Merci Xavier S)et les avis par


Julie M 


Organic food, boring? Not for the yelpers of Marseille! Boudiou is the name of this new restaurant that hosted the party, but it’s also a typical word meaning “good God” used in the country side. And that’s where almost 40 Yelpers were: in the country side in downtown Marseille!


“Wear your Wellingtons,” was the slogan of the party. And while Edouard B was sorry he left his boots at home, he found “the food, perfect, the wine, perfect, the atmosphere, perfect” and promised to come back to “try Boudiou on a daily basis”. Yelpers came to discover this brand new place and taste their salads and sandwiches. “I’ll come back to have some turnip/Jerusalem artichoke salad again (very good indeed). Thanks to Florent from Boudiou and to Sébastien from Terroirbio13, they highlight local producers,” said Adeline G.


For those who came to an elite event for the first time, they felt at home right away. “I was scared because I don’t really like when I don’t know anyone. I expected to stay 10 minutes but the people I met were so cool, my 10 minutes became 100 minutes !” said Aurélia D of the warm welcome. Wine, fruit juice, sandwiches, cheese, salad it was all so tasty, Noura N was excited to “get a Yelp shopping bag and some delicious apples to put inside from Terroirbio13.com? That’s awesome!”


Terroirbio13 is a Boudiou’s supplier but it is also an organic shop online that works with local producers. Agathe M is now happy she can have her “organic basket but no subscription needed, and a real choice on what you get”. YAY ! It’s kind of new around here. The setting was topped with straw from the Centre Equestre Pastré and beautiful flowers from Yannick Fleuriste. The smell, the taste, the colors... yes, yesterday night we were at the farm !

IMG_0433   IMG_0426   IMG_0445   IMG_0469

Pictures (by Xavier S) are here and reviews are there


Julie M



January 25, 2012

Pittsburgh Welcomes 2012 Elites Into The Family!

Posted by Rachel Carlson

Yelp Pittsburgh kicked off 2012 the right way with the Welcome to Yelp's la Famiglia Elite Event at Lidia's in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. Elite's were treated to a special experience at one of only two unique restaurants from chef Lidia Bastianich in the country! We held true to her signature line: “Tutti a tavola a mangiare!” which means “Everybody to the table to eat!”

Yelp at Lidias Small-5Yelp at Lidias Small-83Yelp at Lidias Small-2

Yelp at Lidias Small-1Yelp at Lidias Small-51Yelp at Lidias Small-6

"I'm ashamed to say that I'd never been to Lidia's before. As soon as I walked in I was taken by how romantic and beautiful the main dining space was with the high ceiling and blown glass chandlers. Was this Pittsburgh, New york or Las Vegas?" exclaims Tim W. Elites were whisked upstairs to an intimate dining space where they were able to nosh on Prosciutto Bruschetta topped with fig jam and San Daniele Prosciutto, Sfogliatina which is a baked ricotta pastry filled with Montasio cheese and red pepper, red onion, and zucchin, Polipo Potato Crostini which is Octopus with Warm Potato, Gaeta Olives and Caper and Citrus-Honey Goat Cheese Crostini with Apple.

Yelp at Lidias Small-59Yelp at Lidias Small-75Yelp at Lidias Small-88

The real treat of the evening was when "Chef Jeremy Voytish gave us a blurb about everything they prepared and the only question he got was what the trio was today. Shortly after, they announced that they'd be passing out a sampling of the day's trio for everyone," and Jarrett H was happy to report back that, "it lived up to the hype." The popular Pasta Tasting Trio of the day was hand made mushroom ravioli in a thyme butter, fresh fettuccine in a walnut pesto and imported Italian orecchiette with sausage and onion. Even avid mushroom hater Lauren G was magically made a fan! "I have a rule amongst my 2 roommates. There is to be no cooking of mushrooms in the house. I despise them. So why then, did I favor the Mushroom Ravioli? How did they do it? I'll tell you how... they are amazing."

Yelp at Lidias Small-12Yelp at Lidias Small-85Yelp at Lidias Small-61

The dinner can't be complete with Italy's favorite pastime, wine drinking! Guests were able to sample Montepulciano D'Abruzzo red wine and a fantastic variety of beers provided by Tony Savatt Beer Distributer. Lauren C is "a huge fan of wheat ales so I was really pleased that Wittekerke was being served and there were no drink tickets, which is always a plus!" Bravissimo!

A big thank you to Lidia's Sales and Marketing Manager Cristina Valasek and the amazing staff at Lidia's for treating Yelpers just like family! Also, thanks to Ray Miles Photography for the fab photo's that you can check out here.

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

Yelp at Lidias Small-87

Italian through and through,

Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager



East Bay Elites Trade Their Baubles for Bubbles @ Toast Wine Lounge!

Posted by Nique!

It was more than coincidental that after a long weekend of stormy weather, the skies parted on Monday night to make way for a mass of elegantly attired Elites, primped for Yelp's Bubbles & Baubles @ Toast Wine Lounge. Nearly 100 East Bay Elites threw on their cocktail party best and cleaned out their closets for Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that assists disadvantaged women by providing professional attire and accessories to help them thrive in work and life. While the skies were clear, the only thing dry about this evening was the pavement outside, with over 16 wines of the effervescent and still variety flowing throughout the night


"The array of wines served from the Anderson Valley Wine Growers Association were some of the best whites I've ever tried," raved Akvile H. "I am more of a red wine aficionado, however after tonight, I have a feeling I may be drinking more whites!" The bottle line-up read like a who's who of Alsatian varietals producers, with Breggo, Navarro, Londer, Handley, Lawson's, Roaring Meg, Spy Valley, Envoy, Astrolabe, and Scharfenberger all pouring zesty sips of Reisling, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer, and Troy M confirmed "the servers and sponsors held down the flow of food and wine so well that it seemed you couldn't stay without either for more than a minute!"

Toast owners Kristen and Heather kept the flutes filled with a special selection of bubbles from Torley Winery in Hungary and a Catalonian Cava from Vega Barcelona. Jeffrey S praised the Torley, remarking "this sparking wine was smooth and fruity; like drinking liquid sugar, a delight for this sweet tooth.  I know I'll be looking forward to searching for this vintage soon!"

The plethora of vino was a mere interlude for the parade of small bites from Toast's head chef, Peter Jackson. Diana V admits the taste of parmesan nuggets with truffle honey "is still dancing on my tongue," while the aroma from the Coca toasts with wild mushrooms, arugula, and mezzo secco was "a bit of smokey heaven" for Sandyann G. And the crispy boucherie bacon with meyer lemon confit on toasted La Farine bread? "Had me at first bite," she swoons. Peruvian scallop ceviche with key lime, serrano chile and cilantro was a pescetarian delight for Anne K who's now "convinced to come back and try Toast" on her own.

In between bites, Elites huddled around the rustic wood tables where Blue Orange had set up a slew of locally-designed and manufactured board games like Fast Track, Gobblet and Analyze Me. Jenn N is vying for her own Fast Trak board, exclaiming "all the games were fun, but this one captured my heart. If you heard random cheering and victory shouts around the room, this was the instigator."

Just when Elites thought the indulgence was waning, out came the trays of Boca Negra flourless chocolate cake on thin almond crisps and persimmon pudding with cloudy crowns of whipped cream. Lara W put her adoration simply, saying "I have yet to meet a flourless cake I like more," while the spicy persimmon pudding was Amy J's "favourite dessert" of the night.

No Elite event would be complete without some delicious prizes, and tuxedo-clad Bill B walked away with an Oakland Restaurant Week gift certificate for The Paragon Restaurant & Bar, for his exemplary costumed status, while Akvile H showed off her Twitter savvy in AV Wine's "Tasting Note Tweets" contest, and scored a pair of tickets to the Alsace Varietals Festival. Another excuse to drain...er, raise her glass! Bubblescollage3

The evening concluded with a car full of Dress for Success donations, Elites all abuzz from the endless indulgences, and a warm, fuzzy glow from the fresh friendships made over bubbles, bites and board games. "What a warm and toasty respite from the cold outside," Joanna M cooed. "I hope we all huddle again soon. Til then I'll be hunkering down at Toast with a glass or two!"

Read all the raves here, peep the pics from photographer David Butow here, and tag yourselves here!

Bubbling with delight,


Nique F

East Bay Community Manager



Charlotte Elites Have A Roaring Good Time!

Posted by Nicole W

The lights were dim, the beer was flowing and the Charlotte Elites loved the cards they were dealt at Yelp's Roaring Good Time! With a stunning partnership between Harvest Moon Grille & The Dunhill Hotel, there was no prohibiting of fun times.

General hmg
Elites were able to sample plenty of locally sourced eats, created by the brilliant chefs at Harvest Moon Grille. Lite bites like chrorizo sliders, scratch made biscuits, crudite, and carved turkey were big hits with the hungry guests. Chad E really dug the "carving station – what an awesome way to hang and check out what was going on below!" 


To wash down all those tasty bites, Elites sipped on New Castle's Winter Ale, courtesy of the fine folks at Carolina Premium Beverage. Will H says the New Castle was his highlight of the night, "Light but chock full of malt and toast notes in the finish. Seriously enjoyable!" For those seeking a grape opporunity, Salmon Creek delighted palates with chardonnay and cabernet.

The 1929-built Dunhill provided a gorgeous backdrop for a myriad of prohibition era goodies like our very own Yelp "cigarette" girls and two Blackjack tables! Annie and Brittany worked the rooms and offered everthing from Yelp playing cards to candy cigarettes to chocolate cigars! Shauna H quips, "FYI those cigarettes are just as tasty as an adult! While I did not gamble, my guests did and had a great time ...$70,000 is a lot easier to lose when it's fake!"

And it wouldn't be a fantastic event without the shutterbug we all know and love, Ms. Tonya P of Poprock Photography. To check out all the snaps from the event, visit the Yelp Charlotte Flickr page! To learn who really flipped the odds on the house and which Elite was snacking on biscuits all night, head to the official event page and share your review!

Until next time, you stay classy, Charlotte!

  Yelp Dunhill 227wtmk

-Nicole W.

Yelp Sacramento Goes Mad For Men, Women And Martinis

Posted by Alex L

Dapper dudes and dashing dames gathered for a truly intimate elite affair at Land Ocean New American Steakhouse on Monday night. This upscale bastion of classiness reminds us of the sultry early 60's, so it was only appropriate that elites and their guests dressed up in suits and dresses reminiscent of the styles on the popular TV show Mad Men!

Picnik collage2

You hear a lot of people talk about how much better service was in the good ol' days. As yelpers attest in their reviews, the service here was as good if not better than any place the boys at Sterling Cooper frequent. Guests lounged at candlelit tables in a special reserved area where they were waited on by Land Ocean staff and had free reign to a private room filled with plentiful hot small bites. As Carol P explains: "The staff at Land Ocean were extremely nice and professional. They made everyone feel comfortable and were very attentive. It was an intimate elite event to start off 2012, and the folks here totally delivered. With style."

Picnik collage

That delivery came in many forms, including food (kobe beef sliders, tempura tiger prawns with coconut butter sauce, beef wellingtons, southwestern egg rolls, garlic cheese bread, BBQ chicken sliders, pork sliders and fresh, homemade potato chips) and drinks (Jade Mountain Chardonnay, Casa Lapostolle Cabernet, Lockdown Powerhouse Pale Ale). Perhaps the highlight of the drink selection was the one Don Draper himself would probably have enjoyed, the Special K Pomegranate Martini. "The pomegranate martinis were excellent!" raves Tiffany K. "And just think of all those antioxidants you get with it. In fact, this will be my new health drink."

Picnik collage3

The atmosphere was captured in lovely pictures by the always professional Melissa Uroff Millner. Of course, we'll let the reviews speak for themselves. "This was probably my most favorite Yelp Elite Event ever," confessed Darina H. "Land Ocean was right on the dot when it came to ambiance and service!"

Stay Classy Sacramento,


Alex L
Community Manager and Martini Lover

SpeakeasyDC Puts On A Show For Yelp Elites!

Posted by Kristin Mink

Who knew Yelp DC could be so classy? Around 200 Elites kicked off the year with an ode to the arts headlined by one of the nation's premier storytelling organizations: SpeakeasyDC! The historic Atlas Performing Arts Center played host, impressing guests like Rebecca S with its many functions: "The space is awesome! Just seeing the dance rooms with people training, and walking through the gorgeous lobby... I wished I had a chance to explore! I'll be back!"

Blog 1
Guests got in the groove during cocktail hour with the jazzy strains of the Kirk Kubicek Trio, and entertained their taste buds with sumptuous salmon tartare by Smith Commons, the reknowned chicken and red velvet waffles of Revive Catering, and finger-licking falafels by ShawafelHarry's Reserve Fine Wine & Spirits, DC's source for stocking everything from liquor cabinets to cheese drawers, served up a palate-pleasing variety of wine and beer, plus some high-end cigars!

Blog 3
Yelpers then took a seat for a custom show put together just for them by SpeakeasyDC, known for captivating audiences with anecdotes that are true, autobiographical, and for an adult audience. The evening's program, Customer Reviews: True stories told live about run-ins with businesses, products and people, got guests howling and cheering with tales of shifty car salesmen, impossible cable companies, bitchy lawyers and ill-fitting Spanx. We have to agree with Christine E: "From insightful to freakin' hilarious, all the story-tellers were magnificent!"

Blog 2
Who were those superstars? Stories were performed by Adam Ruben, John Jay, Kevin Boggs, Vijai Nathan and Alex Petri, and SpeakeasyDC director Amy Saidman hosted the program. (Want to join the fun? Heads up: SpeakeasyDC offers classes!)

For more of the goods on what Toya J calls "one of the most interesting, funny and unique Yelp events" she's ever attended, be sure to check out all the reviews, and scope out the fab photos by Rolux Photography.

Until next time!

Kristin M

Blog kristin

Yelp DC Community Manager

La noche para llevar: café y bicis en Madrid

Posted by Lolo R.

El primer Evento de Élite de 2012 en Madrid ha intentado ser una propuesta diferente, centrada en un concepto de negocio muy concreto y francamente novedoso en nuestra ciudad: café y bicis. Es por eso que se llamaba "La noche para llevar: Café & Bicis", porque eso es precisamente lo que promueven Santiago y Patricia, los propietarios de Toma Café, nuestra primera parada en un Evento Élite más movido de lo normal. Allí, Santiago y Patricia, en compañía de sus baristas, Miguel y Ana, recibieron a los yelpers con enormes cantidades de café y teína, acompañadas de un delicioso brownie con el que muchos de nuestros yelpers aún se relamen.


Pero hemos aprendido más cosas alrededor del café. Probablemente todos los asistentes se hayan levantado con un aroma muy especial en sus casas, el aroma de un paquete de café recién molido con el que Santiago y Patricia han querido obsequiar a nuestros yelpers. Y muchos de nosotros hemos salido de allí sabiendo algo de lo que hasta hoy no teníamos ni idea: cuando está bien hecho y la leche fresca está bien vaporizada, no es necesario echar azúcar al café, porque la leche le da dulzor suficiente. Muchos incrédulos hoy tenían los ojos como platos al comprobar que era una realidad.

Cafe deco

No han faltado los dulces, en forma de deliciosas cupcakes y mini cupcakes, por parte de Cupcake Madrid. En el caso de Toma Café, estaban decoradas con tazas de café. Y en el caso del segundo negocio que hemos visitado en esta noche itinerante, Ciclos Noviciado, estaban decoradas con bicicletas. Para refrescar el gaznate, los yelpers han podido disfrutar de vodka de tres sabores: mora, fresa y caramelo.

Mas ciclos

Es probable que otra de las cosas que los yelpers recordarán siempre de su experiencia en Ciclos Noviciado sea la suerte de TED Talk que Andrés, uno de los dueños, ha dado —en pequeños grupos— en el local primigenio en el que se ubicaba el negocio, una especie de buhardilla-almacén que aún a día de hoy sigue siendo el taller de esta tienda, donde Andrés y sus compañeros fabrican con mimo, cariño y muchísima paciencia bicicletas a medida de sus futuros conductores, haciendo que Madrid sea, cada día, una ciudad más ciclable y poniendo los dientes largos a más de uno de nuestros yelpers, que está deseando hacerse con una.

¡No olvides comentar la página del evento! Si quieres ver más fotos, están todas en Flickr.



Lolo R - Responsable de Comunidad de Yelp en Madrid

*¡Nos vemos en Yelp!


The first Madrid Elite Event of 2012 has finally happened and what a success it was! In celebration of a New Year, we thought we'd put a little twist on things by celebrating a hot new business. The focus for this new event was coffee and bicycles. Calling it "Take Away Night: Coffee & Bikes", we wanted to focus exactly what Santiago and Patricia, Toma Café owners, promote in their business. Together with their baristas Miguel and Ana, yelpers were treated to huge amounts of coffee and theine, to pair with a delectable brownie worthy of licking your lips!

Learning lots about coffee and it's production, it's safe to say that most every yelper who attended the festivities woke up the following morning to the smell of a special blend of recently milled coffee that Santiago and Patricia treated each guest with. Many of us did learn also other things that we had no clue about: for instance, when coffee is well-made and milk is properly vaporized, you do not need to add sugar to the mix, because the milk is sweet enough. Who knew?!

Food spon

Adding a little extra sweetness in the form of cupcakes (and even a mini variety!) Cupcake Madrid was on hand to serve up some delicious baked goods. Prepped in Toma Café, each were matched to the event theme and were decorated with little coffee/tea mugs. And in Ciclos Noviciado, the second stop in our event, the cupcakes were decorated with bicycles on them! Getting refreshed was easy too. Drinks mixed up with three different flavors of vodka: strawberry, blackberry and caramel were there to whet everyone's palates


Topping it off, one of the evenings most memorable moments was in Ciclos Noviciado where Andrés stood up and gave a TED Talk to guests broken into small groups. In the original place were Ciclos Noviciado began: a small attic on the top of the building that today is still used as the workshop were Andrés and his partners make, extremely carefully, lovingly and patiently custom-made bikes, making from Madrid a little bit more bike-friendly city.

Don't forget to comment on the event page! And if you want to take a look to more pictures, you can do so in our Flickr page.

Lolo R

Yelp Madrid Community Manager

London Elites Go On An Adventure

Posted by Katie

Black Monday is over and done with for another year, yet with this unpredictable weather and our bank balances still reeling from Christmas, the 'most depressing day of the year' left us all feeling a bit down in the mouth. Last night Adventure Bar had the perfect antidote to our January blues - cocktails and canapés!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage1 24 Jan 2012
The London Elite Class of 2012 rocked up to this underground gem, in the heart of Covent Garden, to be greeted by their CMs and a long list of Adventure Bar cocktails from martinis to frozen and contemporary classics to 'the exceptionals'.

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage2 24 Jan 2012
The bar staff certainly knew their stuff as they expertly crafted delicious drinks to suit every taste. Elites sampled concoctions including the Louisiana Jam (Southern Comfort, apricot brandy, apricot jam, pressed apple juice, fresh lemon juice and fresh mint) and Burning Red (Sauza Tequila, Havana Club Especial Rum, Crème De Mure, vanilla-infused Absolut Vodka, raspberry purée and cranberry juice, topped with a bird's eye chilli)!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage3 24 Jan 2012
While yelpers enjoyed their cocktails there was some entertainment from barman Morten, who pulled out some amazing magic tricks, to the delight of Cordelle P. We were even lucky enough to welcome visiting Californian Elite Anthony R to the party!

A big thank you to Adventure Bar, in particular bar manager extraordinaire Nadege and fabulous bar staff Malin, Kelsey and Morten. Thank you to Xavier Fiddes for the evening's photography and, as ever, a huge thank you to the Elite Squad. You can check out the reviews, photos and see what else went on by joining in on Talk. Here's to a fantastic 2012 and plenty more Yelp fun to come!


Katie B

Katie B

January 24, 2012

Yelp Honolulu Crowns Its Karate Kid

Posted by Emi H

Kicking off 2012 in truly yelpy fashion, 150+ Yelp Elites (& their +1s) punched, chopped and waxed their way to YuZu at the Ala Moana Hotel for Yelp’s Karate Kid Elite Event. After checking in with the Yelp Karate Kid Shower (aka Yelp intern Thomas O), Elites entered the dojo where Terry K exclaims, “drinks were flowing and the sushi was rolling!” 

398663_315512685157315_232621000113151_879064_373914118_n 398585_315512975157286_232621000113151_879076_2082089049_n
398466_315513985157185_232621000113151_879116_950061053_n 399566_315513115157272_232621000113151_879082_1663207682_n

Throughout the night, bartenders flung refreshing Absolut Tokyo Flings, cooling YuZu Mojitos and powerful Açai Lychee-tinis to the beats of DJ Marin. Dressed in gi, hachimaki and Cobra Kai costumes galore, yelpers showed off their gear in a Yelp photo booth.

407923_313730425335541_232621000113151_873917_1396035696_n 400849_313732372002013_232621000113151_873963_1039461084_n
410789_313730918668825_232621000113151_873927_833208739_o 408602_313729905335593_232621000113151_873903_615352332_n

YuZu’s culinary black belts Isamu and Moco Kubota delivered direct blows of flavor to yelpers’ taste buds with lotus root pizzas, teriyaki & yuzu-pepper yakitori sticks, and bowls of teri beef udon. Each held their own in the ring, but were no match for any yelper’s appetite. Elites were swept off their feet with the simple temari and intricate veggie sushi cut to resemble pieces of high-grade fish. “Sushi balls to the walls, guys,” exclaimed Joe W.

400395_315512198490697_232621000113151_879046_714418920_n 393924_315513881823862_232621000113151_879113_1279106643_n
403049_313734702001780_232621000113151_874020_971352075_n 406969_315512321824018_232621000113151_879052_1289614399_n

Before the night was over, yelpers circled the mat to watch Esteban W, Roy Y, and Les M spar it out in the Mr. Miyagi Showdown. In the end, Les drank and crane kicked his way to the top and walked away with the Karate Kid Trilogy DVD set and bragging rights as Yelp’s Karate Kid. All contestants received YuZu prize packs with shirts and a bottle of YuZu pepper sauce.

404425_313732405335343_232621000113151_873964_302818245_n 402114_313732778668639_232621000113151_873977_1009060608_n
395639_315512875157296_232621000113151_879073_1096592632_n 406833_315513688490548_232621000113151_879103_1965854400_n

Read the kick-ass reviews, karate click through kawaii pics by photographer Jonas Maon and yelpy assistants Linda K and Riana S, talk it up like a champ & sweep the leg Johnny!



Emi H & Thomas O

Senior Community Manager & Awesome Yelp Intern

Yelp Honolulu

Yelp Chicago’s Bringin’ Classy Back

Posted by Johnny Todd

Are you overwhelmed with all the stress of the modern day? Do you yearn for a simpler time, when drinks were strong, service came with a smile, dark woods adorned the room, and there was meat as far as the eye could see? Sullivan’s Steakhouse heard the Yelp Chicago Elite Squad’s plea for relief and showed it to them at Yelp’s Classic Throwback.

6739691903_3971201107_b 6739706369_92ae30a8ca_b 6739712081_e9ff8f4edb_b 6739714263_fc81126f3f_b

Now any classic Chicago event has to center around the grand-daddy, er, cow of them all: steak. And, Sullivan’s served it up beautifully. The star of the evening was the Beef Tenderloin Carving Station served with pretzel rolls & horseradish cream sauce. Astonished Elites swooned over the melt-in-your-mouth-beef. Just in time for Chinese New Year, the Cheesesteak Eggrolls had guests all a’flutter, as well. Proving that they can create more gastronomic greatness than just beef, Sullivan’s also doled out Shrimp Cocktail, Asparagus in puff pastry with a garlic cream cheese and Smoked Salmon. The eating portion of the evening ending on a sweet note with decadent cheesecake bites. Chicagoans don’t do hungry.

6739689877_ee6f7aa243_b 6739690289_4c8fb74f9c_b 6739690455_49ca7232b4_b 6739695317_390c11c714_b

They don't do thirsty either. While some Elites were very satisfied with the heavy pours of red and white wine or bottles of ice, cold beer... many more were knocked out by Sullivan's signature cocktail, The Knockout. Served in a martini glass, this elixir of orange vodka-infused pineapple and (pixie dust? Magic?) other secret ingredients took the event to the next level as Elites found their new signature beverage of the night. Or, month.

6739691689_a47997cc14_b 6739692817_b96e5e5b59_b 6739698455_e30d008333_b 6739705347_192848ec35_b

But what really sets a classic Chicago (and, classic Elite event) apart is service. GM Keith Sansone greeted guests, served food, shook hands, shot the breeze, and made every invitee feel like the most important VIP in Chicago. If that wasn't enough, he raffled off a private dinner for 20 lucky Elites, doled out $50, $100 and $150 gift certificates to eat at Sullivan's and made sure everyone else who didn't win left with a gift card for $25. The Chicago way just got a lot tastier. Taking photos of the beautifully redone wood walls, walk-in wine cabinet and Yelp burst ice sculpture was Jen Pagonis. View what her lens captured here. Guests took to the written word here.

6739698281_d99648e66d_b 6739712211_790f9fa5ac_b 6739698947_fbf28864e8_b 6739707857_63a4786fac_b

Whatta way to start the year,


Johnny T

Portland's Elite Get Struck BY The Sweet @ Moonstruck Chocolate Café

Posted by Don Bourassa

We always knew that Yelp Is Sweet On You, but until Monday, January 23, 2012, we had no idea just how sweet Moonstruck Chocolate is for P-Town's Yelp Elite! The west-side location opened up for a special peek behind the truffle case as we christened Beaverton's first Yelp Elite Event

Picnik collage

There was no man in a purple suit and top hat but that didn't stop Misty S from exclaiming "the people at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe were sooo much fun! They pretty much let us enjoy everything they had to offer. I really did feel like I was in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!" And it's true. Master Chocolatier Julian Rose unveiled the first in his year-long Oregon Collection - a truffle made with Domaine Drouhin 2009 Pinot. Aaron W attests: "that Pinot Noir truffle was breathtaking. A slightly crunchy-hard shell encased a mind-blowing soft chocolaty interior."

Picnik collage2

Beyond that unreleased special, the frindly staff at Moonstruck passed around raspberry champagne mega-truffles, chocolate and nut bark, single-origin chocolate samples and they opened up the truffle case for sampling of any flavor. There was a fondue bar as well, featuring single-origin chocolate for dipping and an array of items for dippin'. The offerings were wide and diverse. Melvin T ate so much he "felt like that Augustus kid," but fortunately no Oompa Loompas appeared to cart him off. Instead, Yelpers like Reed C were "encouraged to fill a complimentary bag from jars of malted milk balls, chocolate covered hazelnuts" and coated almonds and cart it off to continue the sugar high at home. 

Picnik collage3

Of course with all that chocolatey goodness flowing, elites had to wash it down with something. Apolloni came to the rescue - offering up samples of their fantastic Cuvee Pinot Noir (Estate grown!) and their bold, Italian-style red blend Soleggio, a mix of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Both wines paired exquisitely with the richness of the chocolates on sample, and the Viogner dessert wine capped off the tasting with a sweet Dolce Vino flavor. 

As Jessica K so eloquently sums up, "this day will go down in infamy as the day I actually turned down chocolate. Twilight zone for sure." No Jessica, you've just been moonstruck. That's how they do! And thanks in no small measure to Jihae and Julian... and really the whole host of incredible staff from Moonstruck, Laura from Apolloni, and of course the best Yelp community a Community Director could ever ask for - the Portland Yelp Elite! 

Don't believe me? Read the reviews for yourself. Haven't written one yet? What are you waiting for?! Oh, and there's photos!

Until next time - SYOY!

Don "Wonka" B

Yelp Orlando Elites Ring in 2012 So Fancy

Posted by Colleen Burns

Orlando yelpers kicked off the New Year in a fancy way. We went classy and wined and dined on classically prepared fare and libations in an atmosphere that is luxurious and relaxed… The Capital Grille.

“Rich Mohogany… It's not just a thing or object. It's a feeling. It's a way of life. And at the Capital Grille Yelp event I felt just that, Rich Mohogany.” –Mike S


The weather outside was the perfect backdrop for an afternoon on the patio at The Capital Grille. A Nationally acclaimed menu of dry aged steaks and fresh seafood, prepared to order with high quality, locally sourced, artisanal ingredients is what had us chatting all afternoon. Also housing over 350 wines, hand crafted cocktails paired with unparalleled professional service easily set this fancy restaurant above the average. Our hosts, servers and bartenders had character and excitement for the brand and history behind this specific location.

Picnik collage (11)

“The red wine was clutched as a best friend in my hand from  the first touch of the lips. The perfection of  what I admire in wines.” –Mark C

We wet our pallets with their signature Stoli Doli which is Stolichnaya vodka infused with fresh pineapple, another signature drink, Bohemian, made of Absolut Peach, champagne, fresh berries and Berry cordial. We also had fresh Grapefruit Soda, Red Wine, White Wine and Beer.

“The bar was constantly full of drinks, my personal favorite was the Bohemian (The champagne/peach vodka/berry cordial mixture with a raspberry on top). I think I had about 5 of them *hiccup*.” –Brooke W 

Picnik collage (12)

It was very hard not to fill up on all the liquid love but when you knew this amazing food was coming, we prepared. A range of Tenderloin Sandwiches with Wild Mushrooms and Boursin Cheese, Lobster Rolls, Parmesan Truffle Fries, Sweet Pepper Soup and Jumbo Chilled Shrimp with dipping sauces hit the scene and it was silent for just a bit as everyone entertained their tastebuds. In the mood for a little of this, a little of that, and a bit of the other? They aim to please and we can verify that their new Plates menu is awesome. It allows you to customize your lunch, with a choice of soup, sandwich, and side for $18. Score. 

The Capital Grille brought their A-game, not just in terms of food but also top-notch service. I went in expecting to rave about the lobstah roll - which was, I will say, quite tasty but I left unable to shut up about the delicious tenderloin sliders.” –Alyx K

Picnik collage (13)

“The flavor of the soup was out of this world!  So fresh and it had quite a punch.  The Parmesan fries received applause... literally.” –Susan R

“It was evident they (the staff) love what they do and that makes all the difference to me.” –Scott H

The awesome, talented Jim White was mixin' and minglin' around to grab some fab photos so check them out here. If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers. 

Until next time,

Colleen B.

Picture 4

Jan Elite Event: Sushi @ Musashi!

Posted by Annie

Dublin Yelpers like to roll and that they did at Musashi, Dublin's newest sushi spot! This spot has only been open 3 weeks and already everyone is talking about it, not only is the sushi great but it's a BYOB spot! €3 corkage for your wine and no charge at all for your beer - turning Japanese never felt so good!


Emma who is the manager of Musashi welcomed everyone with some tea and explained about how their chef Fidel has been making sushi for 10 years, so they've got the best! Emma firstly taught all the Yelpers how to hold chopsticks and then Fidel made some sushi for everyone to try their new skills on! After that Fidel taught us all about the different types of sushi.


We started with Nigiri sushi, made with sushi rice and fresh fish. The sushi rice is hand formed into a small clump, and the fish is sliced and pressed on top of it. All the Yelpers got to make there own with varying results! After that Fidel made some Gunkan which had some bubbly fish eggs. Then we had Norimaki which is sushi rice and seafood, rolled in dried seaweed sheets. Finally we tried Temakizushi and a California Roll. Once again everyone was invited up to make their own.


Fidel gave some excellent tips about how to make great sushi at home and the secrets of perfect rice. Emma treated us to miso soup at the end and printed an informative handout about the excellent benefits to your digestive system that it bestows. Basically it will detox you and keep you skinny - hurrah!


Thank you so much to Emma, Fidel & all the Musashi staff for making us feel so welcome and teaching us so much about sushi. So far the reviews are full of praise and you can read them here! You can check out the gossip of the night here! And finally you can drool over the sushi and the pretty faces of yelpers here!

Till next time SYOY (See You On Yelp),

Annie L

January 23, 2012

Salt Lake City Elites Screw Their Resolutions At Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria

Posted by Jeffrey

This was the year. The year you were going to drop some weight, work out, eat right and drink less. Ya, right. Those resolutions are broken before the New Year's party confetti hits the ground. To celebrate the inevitable, Salt Lake City Elites gathered at Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria to throw those goals out the window and screw their resolutions.

Salt Lake City Jan Elite Collage 1
Sweet Home was the perfect host, dishing up plate after plate of pizza, including their specialty stuffed selections. They even had a "Guess the Weight of Our Stuffed Pizza" contest and gave a gift card to the lucky winner. The weight? Nine pounds, two ounces! Apps, salad and dessert ensured Elites walked away with no chance of losing weight.

Salt Lake City Elite Jan2012 Collage2
The bar poured Long Island Iced Teas (439 calories each) and White Russians (343 calories) and not a single diet drink was available. There were plenty of prizes designed to bust those resolutions wide open. Want to spend more time with family? Here's a movie pass for one. Get in shape? Use this shake weight. Read more? How about a Bieber book. And everyone got a pair of the Yelp fingerless gloves (touch-screen compatible) so they can spend even more time on their phones in 2012.

Salt Lake City Elite Jan2012 Collage3
Salt Lake City Elite Jan212 Collage4
With bellies full and resolutions broken, the pressure to keep the doomed goals was gone. The photos and reviews seem to convey the happiness that comes from guilt-free (and goal-free) living. Besides, you've always got 2013.

See you next time!

Jeffrey "Resolution Killer" S


Yelp SLC Community Manager


Denver 2012 Elites Ring in the New Year in Style at The Capital Grille

Sunday afternoon saw an intimate gathering of Elites-only at The Capital Grille for Denver's Welcome to the Elite Squad 2012 Elite Event. Yelpers were treated to the jumbo-est shrimp in all of Colorado on a beautiful ice sculpture, mini lobster rolls, tenderloin sliders, cups of roasted red pepper soup, and truffled fries to nosh on among other things. To wash all these tasty bites down, there was a plethora of drink choices including any beer in the house, red and white wines, the specialty cocktail "Stoli Doli" (pineapple-infused Stoli vodka martini), and a raspberry champagne cocktail, plus refreshing grapefruit soda for our friends abstaining from the booze.
Beyond the amazing food and drink, The Capital Grille truly showcased the entire restaurant with chef demonstrations and private tours of everything, even the meat locker where they dry age their beef for 14 days. And while everyone walked away a winner thanks to gift bags that included specialty steak rubs, truffles, freshly made cookies, and gift cards for free appetizers upon return, one lucky Elite (ahem, Mandy G!) walked away with a complimentary lunch for 6 any time in the future. Naturally, we all tried to make friends with her immediately!
Don't forget to check out the reviews, Talk thread, and photos. And until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany N

Your Denver Community Director


A Badge Fest Yelp Elite Event at 1714 Vermont

What better way to start off the new year than with a shiny, sexy '12 badge? The lucky LA East Elites that are proudly sporting their new profile accessory were invited to celebrate at 1714 Vermont in Los Feliz with A Badge Fest - a night under the stars featuring delectable bites, Absolut cocktails, and a show! 1714 Vermont is three venues in one (Vermont Restaurant, Rockwell VT, and Show at Barre) and the evening showcased the best of each establishment.

Picnik collage

Guests navigated their way through twists and turns in what can only be described as a hipster tree house that is Rockwell VT, complete with a larger than life oak smack dab in the middle of the place and wide open ceilings to gaze up to the stars. Then Vermont Restaurant filled Elite bellies with treats like lamb lollipops, sliders, impressive cheese plates, flatbreads, chicken karagee, etc., in addition to a variety of dessert trays. And to wash it all down, Absolut cocktails including the Gemini (Absolut Ruby Red Grapefruit, St Germaine, grilled grapefruit and jalapeno), Wildflower (Absolut Wild Tea, lemon juice, sugar, sweet n’ sour), and Rockwell Grapevine (Absolut Grapevine, cranberry, pineapple) were being mixed at rapid speed at the bar. Not to mention Coke au Courant, Erica F's fine concoction that was the favorite from the Absolut Mixology Contest held prior to the event (all confirmed guests were given the opportunity to submit a crafted cocktail using provided Absolut flavors and mixers that were then judged by a selection of Rockwell VT bartenders, with the winner receiving a $50 gift certificate). And finally, no evening at 1714 would be complete without a performance from Show at Barre, so the cabaret professionals did a few Tarantino-inspired numbers to entertain attendees. Oh, and over 150 check-ins to the event resulted from offering Yelp watches as a door prize for all those that used their Yelp App that night.

Picnik collage

A big thanks to the fantastic staff at 1714 Vermont for helping choreograph a smooth and memorable '12 kick off event. Not to mention, yelper-fave Project Photobooth for all these good looking mug shuts, Unboxed Images for the candid shots, and The Wafal for the below video (allow it to load for a couple of seconds if it doesn't start right away). Yelp photos are on the Yelp LA Flickr page and even more photos can be seen on 1714 Vermont's Facebook page. Want to know what LA East Elites thought? Check out the reviews right here.


Picture 2

Katie B (and crew)

LA East Community Manager

Yelp Columbus Elites Are Tickled... Green?

Posted by Christina C.

It's how many days until St. Patrick's Day? Who cares?! Columbus Elites and their guests enjoyed a spread fit for a saint at Claddagh Irish Pub this week to start the greentastic celebrations a little early.

Claddagh is attempting to break the world record for the most costumed leprechauns on March 17, 2012 , so what better a way to help them spread the word than telling yelpers to come in green?! Best dressed yelpers Gary K and Tory R won prizes for their getup while others were OK with a pinch. They weren't the only ones who went home with goodies though. Everyone departed with Claddagh giftcards, and we even held a couples "blow" contest. Well done! Special thanks to Hills Distributing for contributing prizes and the evening's libations! 

Was St. Patrick really an Irishman? Which American city dyes a river in their city green? These questions and more kept everyone on their toes during a game of Yelp-o Irish trivia.

St Patricks Day Elite Party
The real star of the show though was the food and hospitality of Claddagh staff! Megan M explains: "Ireland is known as the Land of 1,000 Welcomes, and this famous Irish hospitality was in full force at Claddagh. Our friendly Irish hosts, Deirdre and Paul, kept the food coming and the drinks flowing all night long. Coming in from the snowy night, we were first greeted with a glass of warm mulled wine, and the drinks kept coming after that. Irish pints, wine, and even a shot of hot whiskey were offered throughout the night..."

And for Carol C, "the hors d'oeuvres were outstanding and far beyond your ordinary pub fare - the deconstructed chicken pot pie, spinach crostini, and the sensational stuffed mushrooms were the stand-outs on my plate."

Pop over to the reviews to check out what other yelpers are saying about the party (write your own if you attended) and browse through some of the photos on Flickr courtesy of J Alexander Photography!

Evalyn W sums it all up: "To put it simply, another great event!"

Now on to round 2 at Claddagh - Polaris in February!



Christina C

Yelp Columbus

Facebook | Twitter | Flickr


Yelp Elites Party In The Rec Room At The Bimini

Posted by Robin

Ahh, what a glorious time it is. New Year, new Elite badges, new beginnings. So, why not celebrate all of this unfamiliarity by kicking it a lil’ old school with Vancouver’s Elite at their first event of 2012? That's right, Vancouver threw it back –'cuz you know, that's just how Yelp do.

Last week, the very best of Yelp Vancouver braved January’s cruel chill and hit up The Bimini Public House to Party in the Rec Room. Vancouver Elites found warm, 90s-themed relief in this cozy, industrial-like space in Kits. With its “big railroad-esc beams, electric lights that looked as though Thomas Edison himself has just installed, and the gigantic mirrors with frames similar to the steel rails that hold down the train tracks,” The Bimini proved that it offers more than just specialty cocktails and arcade games. It’s the ideal spot to make new friends, and catch up with old.

And catch up, they did – but not before downing a few drinks to get the Princess and Toad going. Kwoky L exclaimed, “The drinks offered were amazing! There were Granville Island beer and lagers, OKV red and white wines, and of course, their specialty Spicebox whiskey cocktails. The star of the night was the Burdock Float, which I can't get enough of!” The friendly and ever-awesome Bimini staff “did an amazing job.” and Amy T doesn’t think she “was ever left without a drink. As usual, Yelp parties are full of people who are friendly and never pretentious.”


But Brittany W says it best: “What made this party for me was the bang-on ambience! What a perfect meld between Donnelly and Yelp. Great, friendly staff and perfectly set music to create that gregarious environment (signature, Donnelly) tied to one awesome stylin' theme (signature, Yelp), 90s arcade night! Also, the bottomless Granville Island on tap, Spicebox Whisky punch bowl and specialty cocktails, the endless roaming grub (sliders, pizza, poutine, and mini dogs) put the cherry on top for us eatin' and drinkin' Elitests!”

You can check out all of the photos courtesy of Aziz Dhamani, and read what all of the buzz is about in the reviews. A massive thanks goes out to Trevor, Nate, Wendy, Pete and the rest of The Bimini crew for being (in the wise words of Fritz S) “freakin’ bomb.”

Until next time!


/ robin "love as big as my shoulder pads" m
Kickin’ It Old School Vancouver Community Manager

January 22, 2012

Yelp's N4 Passport Launch Party, And A Week Of Deals!

Yelp's N4 Passport Event from Screen Stockport on Vimeo.

Picnik collage1

Ask any Mancunian, 'What's the coolest neighbourhood in this fair city?' and they're bound to answer, 'It's that there Northern Quarter, innit. Sound. Mint.' And soforth. So when Yelp Manchester took on its first Area Passport, incorporating more special offers than you could possibly take advantage of in a week, where would we head? It was a no-brainer really.

Picnik collage2

Brand new, effortlessly hip gallery store Lomography slots right into Northern Quarter culture, and we were honoured when they allowed us to use their incredible venue to play host to the launch party, kicking off the week of deals in style.

Picnik collage3

And what's a launch party without live music? That's why we had the gorgeous Aislinn Fearon of Polly Amorous Presents on hand to provide the performers, and what awesome provisions she made. We had audio treats from Amy Clarkson, Rachel Hillary and Taylor and The Mason, and the crowds simply couldn't get enough.

IMG_5627 IMG_5742

Speaking of treats, partygoers needed sustenance, and there was certainly enough of that to go around. Celebrating the commencement of a week of discounts, N4 Passport contributers Fyg offered up fresh deli platter goodies, Home Sweet Home tempted with cookies and cakes, Dough delivered piping hot pizzas, new kid on the block Bakerie served boards of foccacia and sourdough with oil and balsamic for dipping, and Sugar Junction's bread providers Robinsons Bakery had a plethora of party bites to snap up from freshly baked breads to gooey ginger flapjacks and Manchester Tarts our city can be proud of.

Picnik collage5

Washing down all that delicious food was an ice-cold selection of Brewdog beers, decanted into sample cups so that yelpers could try as many kinds as they wanted!

IMG_5635 IMG_5656

Glossy N4 Passports were given out to revellers on arrival, and with nearly twenty local, cool and independent Northern Quarter businesses on board, they were taken very eagerly.

NatT IMG_5795

Don't just take our word for it – read the reviews that have been posted about the event and see what our guests had to say. Natasha T for one fell in love with the audio: 'The music was wonderful throughout the whole night, It was like...acoustic velvet... My friends and I are all big music fans, and we were so enamoured with Taylor and the Mason that we've already stalked their MySpace page for gig dates.'

Lee Z thought the food was 'all brilliant; gorgeous breads from Bakerie, the usual quality goods from Home Sweet Home (those brownies!). Lovely flapjacks and Manc Tarts from Robinsons, I ate pate from Fyg and I normally hate pate, the beer from Brew Dog was really good and I'm not much of an ale drinker! And finally some Dough Pizza, if you need to know what I think of Dough then read the snippet of my review inside the passport (cheers for that Em). This is getting a bit annoying now, just once I'd like to be able to pick a few holes in an event, but I can't!'


The N4 Passport Launch Party kicked off a week of deals across the Northern Quarter, with the following special treats on offer:


2 Courses for £15 from the following...


  • Cucur Udang - famous prawn & Chinese chive fritters served with tofu, cucumber & peanut sauce (Vegan option available), featuring in our book
  • Murtabak - found on many 'Mamak' (Indian Muslim) stalls across Malaysia, these scrumptious deep filled chicken & egg pancakes are a Ning favourite
  • Roti Canai - very popular for breakfast, this divine buttery, flaky flat bread is great for dipping in its curry sauce and a MUST-HAVE when visiting Malaysia

Main noodles:

  • Kuey Teow Goreng - Penang's greatest dish otherwise known as Char Kway Teow, fabulously wok-ed flat rice noodles with soy and chilli sauces, beansprouts and chinese chives
  • Bihun Goreng Singapura - spicy, curry flavour wok-fried vermicelli noodles with egg and crisp vegetables, Singapore style!
  • Bihun Goreng Satay - wok-fried vermicelli noodles with a Malay satay (peanut) paste, egg & crisp vegetables is a taste sensation on the streets

The Bay Horse
Any two pizzas and two small glasses of wine for £15

Cord Bar
2 for 1 on the monthly cocktail

Thomas Restaurant and Bar
25% off your food bill only

Fyg Deli
Complimentary drink (wine, hot or soft) with each deli platter

Dough Pizza Kitchen
25% of your total bill

Black Dog Ballroom
NY style burger and a milkshake for £5

Sugar Junction
Afternoon Tea, £10 pounds per person for a minimum of two diners (usually 14.50 per head) 

Nexus Art Cafe
Buy any cake, get a hot drink free

Any 4 of the cocktails listed below for £12
* Caipirovska: Vodka, lime and sugar muddled with your choice of fruit; strawberries, raspberries, mango, peach, pear or banana)
* Bramble: This classic drink combines Mother's Ruin with lemon juice and sugar, shaken and served over crushed ice with a drizzle of Crème de Mure.
* Cosmopolitan: Citroen vodka shaken with Cointreau, fresh lime juice, orange bitters and cranberry juice, served with a flamed orange garnish.
* Margarita: Sauza Hornitos 100% Agave Tequila and Cointreau shaken with orange bitters and fresh lime juice served in a rock salt rimmed glass.
* Caiprinha: The national drink of Brazil. Pitu Cachaca shaken with lime & sugar. Simple and delicious.
* Flavoured Caiprinha: Pitu Cachaca shaken with lime, sugar syrup and your choice of fruit; strawberries, raspberries, mango, peach, pear or banana.
* Southern Belle: Southern Comfort and Jack Daniel's shaken with pear purée, mint, lime, sugar & pressed apple juice.
* Nuts and Berries: Disaronno, Frangelico and Chambord shaken together then topped with a layer of milk and cream, garnished with flamed chocolate.
* Oriental Blossom: Bombay Sapphire and Lychee liqueur shaken with Jasmine syrup, green tea and pressed apple juice. Light, fruity and floral.
* Enter Name Here: Sailor Jerry spiced rum and Cointreau shaken with raspberries, passion fruit syrup, orange juice, lime and pressed apple juice.
* 43: Licor 43 shaken with Finlandia Vodka, Frangelico, apricot liqueur, half & half and secret mixed spice, garnished with flame chocolate.

Frog & Bucket Comedy Club
2 for 1 on tickets all week

25% off your food bill

Leo's Fish Bar
20% off your total bill

Home Sweet Home
Any toastie and a coffee/tea for £5
List of toasties...
* Cheese with onion or tomato
* Cheeseburger - their famed speciality!
* Sloppy Joe
* Cajun Chicken BBQ Melt
* Breakfast - full English in a toastie
* Ham & Cheese
* Bacon Goat's Cheese
* Bacon, Brie and Cranberry
* Green Apple and Honey
* Pestorello - pesto, sunblushed tomatoes, red onion, spinach leaves
* Feta & Tomato
* Banana & Chocolate

Northern Flower
Free houseplant when you spend £25 or more

Chinese Arts Centre
5% off all products in the shop

Lomography Gallery Store
10% off everything in the store

The Three Minute Theatre
2 for 1 on tickets for in-house events

Spa Satori
£20 off first Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment. Normal price is £75

Grace R took on a personal Passport Challenge to take advantage of as many offers as possible, and there were many tasty delights to choose from. For example...

Passport thomas1Passport thomas2

Crispy Lancashire belly pork and haddock risotto at Thomas Restaurant and Bar...

Passportbakerie Passportcake

Welsh rarebit at Bakerie and cake and coffee at Nexus...

Passporttoastie  Passportsugar

Toasties and treats at Home Sweet Home and Sugar Junction respectively...


And who could argue with four quality cocktails for £12 at Apotheca? That's three quid a pop!

Thanks to all the food and drink sponsors involved, the Northern Quarter businesses who provided incredible special offers, Cityco for the incredibly helpful and friendly networking sessions with N4 business owners, Aislinn Fearon and her amazing music contacts, the supremely talented Jody Hartley for taking such brilliant photos and the breathtakingly creative Screen Stockport folks for the video at the top of this blog, and all the yelpers and friends who took part in the launch and participated in the week of deals!

Want to see more snaps of that amazing Passport Launch night? Check Flickr, catch up on the gossip on Talk as well, and until next month, SYOY...


Emma-Lou H, Manchester Community Manager 

January 20, 2012

Yelp's Blubberparty @ tea-licious

Posted by Andreas R

Teepartys sind etwas für alte Leute oder Briten - das war zumindest das Klischee, bevor das tea-licious vor zwei Jahren den in Asien und den USA längst berühmten Bubble Tea nach Wien gebracht hat. Bei den momentanen grauen Wetterverhältnissen gibt es nichts Besseres, als sich mit einem Becher des farbenfrohen Getränks einen Schuss Farbe und Glück zu verabreichen. Im Rahmen von Yelp's Blubberparty durfte einen Abend lang nach Herzenslust die gesamte Getränkekarte durchprobiert werden.

Tea-licious 1
Nach dem Eintreffen durfte sich zunächst jeder Yelper einen Bubble Tea nach Wahl bestellen. Jedes Getränk wurde dabei von den Teemeistern des tea-licious einzeln zubereitet. Zur Auswahl stand das gesamte Sortiment des Geschäfts: Chai Smootea, Snow Bubble, Bubble Fruit Tea, Black Milk Tea, Matcha Latte oder Taro Latte wurden begeistert entgegengenommen, jedes Getränk wurde noch mit einem Topping nach Wahl verfeinert.

Tea-licious 2

Nachdem der erste Durst gestillt war, präsentierte das Team des tea-licious noch die einzelnen Arbeitsschritte und erklärte, wie ein Bubble Tea hergestellt wird. Als krönenden Abschluss durften die Yelper dann selber ran und sich ihren eigenen Bubble Tea unter Anleitung der Fachleute zusammenmixen. Zitat Verena W: "Die Sterne müssens wohl gut mit uns gemeint haben, denn selbst als Community Manager Andreas R. Hand anlegte, explodierte keines der Geräte und wir konnten in Ruhe weiter trinken, tratschen und yelpen."

Tea-licious 3
Im Namen der Yelp-Community möchte ich dem Team des tea-licious ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön aussprechen, durch deren Charme und auch Geduld beim Instruieren der Yelper der Abend ein bubbliger Erfolg wurde.

Servus und bis bald,

  Tea-licious 4

Andreas R


Tea partys are for old or British people - at least that was true up until tea-licious brought the famous bubble tea to Vienna. Looking at the grey weather conditions at the moment there is nothing better than to inject yourself a nice shot of joy with a cup of the colourful drink. For our Blubberparty Yelper's were able to get a taste of the whole selection of the menu!

Upon arrival, every Yelper could order a bubble tea of their choice and every beverage was prepared individually by the tea masters from tea-licious.The choice was vast and a hard one to make: Chai Smootea, Snow Bubble, Bubble Fruit Tea, Black Milk Tea, Matcha Latte oder Taro Latte were excitedly received by the Yelpers, especially because every drink was pimped with a delicious topping.

Afterwards the tea-licious team demonstrated the individual steps of how to create a cup of bubble tea. To conclude the night, every Yelper could try out what they had just learnt and mix their own bubble tea under the intructions of the experts. Fortunately none of the beverages exploded even after community manager Andreas R stepped behind the counter to create his personal drink.

A big thank you goes out the the tea-licious team, who turned that night into a bubbly success with their charme and patience while instructing and serving the Yelpers.

Servus und bis bald,

Andreas R

Elite Event Yelp – The Duke Gin Tour

Posted by Robin

Während der Organisation des letzen Yelp Elite Events, saß ich eines Tages in einem schwabinger Hinterhof und wurde mit bestem Gin Tonic verwöhnt. Ich war tief beidruckt, wie aus einer "Schnapsidee" – wie es auf der Homepage so schön heißt – ein Gin-Startup entstanden ist. Yelper sollten The Duke Gin nicht nur auf unseren Events zu trinken bekommen, sondern auch die Herkunft und den Ursprung der Idee erfahren, denn der Gin ist München durch und durch.

Yelps The Duke Tour6 Yelps The Duke Tour2 Yelps The Duke Tour5
Die Führung war sehr gelungen. 15 Yelper wollten das nicht verpassen und trafen sich um 19 Uhr zu einer 80 minütigen Tour. Viel mehr passen in die kleinen Räunlichkeiten aber auch nicht rein. Ein dickes Lob an Max auch an dieser Stelle. 80 Minuten reden und das obwohl es nur zwei Räume zu besichtigen gibt – und trotzdem kam nie Langeweile auf. Kurzweilige Geschichten, Veranschulichungen, Persönliches, historischer Exkurs über Gin und dessen Imagewandel. Alle Themen rund um The Duke Gin und deren Konkurrenten wurden informativ verpackt und lässig erzählt.

Yelps The Duke Tour Yelps The Duke Tour7 Yelps The Duke Tour16
Unglaublich wie das Unternehemen seit der Gründung vor vier Jahren gewachsen ist. Zum einen ist es schön, eine solche Geschichte zu hören. Zum anderen lebt hier wirklich noch der Gründergedanke und es ist nett zu sehen, wie sich das Unternehmen über eine eigene Etikettiermaschiene freut. Am Ende stand dann noch eine Gin- und Ingwerschnaps-Probe. Das war das Einzige, was die Yelper schon wussten: Duke Gin schmeckt einfach gut. Eine sehr gelungene Tour und ein Münchner Gut, das es zu unterstützen gilt. Die Fotos von dem Abend könnt ihr euch hier anschauen. Beiträge darüber schreiben und lesen könnt ihr hier.



While organising the last Yelp Elite Event I was sitting in a backyard somewhere in Schwabing and got indulged with the greatest Gin Tonic ever. I was deeply impressed how some “drunk idea” as they call it, became a proper start-up company as they outline on their homepage. Our Yelper´s should not only drink The Duke Gin on yelp events but also they should get to know about the origin of the idea since that Gin represents Munich first and last.

Yelps The Duke Tour18 Yelps The Duke Tour22 Yelps The Duke Tour21

The behind-the-scenes tour was very successful. Fifteen Yelper´s didn’t want to miss out on that event so they met up at 7pm for an eighty-minute tour. Since the premises were quite small I guess there wouldn´t have been space for many more people anyway. At this point a special word of praise for Max. Although we were visiting only two small premises, Max was talking for about eighty minutes long and still no boredom arose - stories, visualizations, personal stuff, historical excursion about gin and its change of image. The A to Z of The Duke Gin and their competition was told informatively.

The Duke Gin Tour Glas Yelps Duke Gin Tour 24 Yelps The Duke Gin Tour Baum                 Unbelievable how fast the company grew since the establishment four years ago. It´s so great to hear such a (hi)story especially when you can still feel the special spirit of their original thought of founding such a company. Also it is so good to see how they are down to earth and still get so delighted by calling a simple labelling machine their own. In the end of the tour we have been offered to enjoy Ginger snaps, which was an absolute delight! That was what the Yelp Elite already knows. A very successful tour and a munich´ merchandise which is to be supported. Pictures of the tour you can find here. To read or write reviews please click here.

January 19, 2012

It’s a Start of a New Year

Posted by Hazel Q

...and we're sure everyone’s made plenty of resolutions for 2012. Orange County elite yelpers, however, said “Screw Your New Year’s Resolutions” with the first elite event of the year! It was a fun night of debauchery in Chapter One: the modern local’s new Red Room.

Elite event
With special drinks called “Skiing with Arnold Palmer” and “Bolivan Mule,” featuring Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, you can bet that there was mischief with yelpers running amok. Belen the bartender kept the booze flowing, keeping guests very happy through out the night with his skills - even supplying shots to thirsty yelpers! Yummy appetizers from the special Yelp menu in hand, new and old yelpers were able to mingle and hang out together, all the while listening to the awesome tunes from Matt, the resident DJ.

Elite event2
And we can’t forget, resident Yelp photog Albert E., who made sure to capture all the fun yelpers had. Check out all the reviews of the event on Yelp, and browse all of Albert E.’s pictures on Flickr. Much thanks to everyone who helped us kick off a brand new year!

Elite event3

Until the next awesome party,

Elite event4

Hazel Q. and Elise V.

Brooklyn Yelp Banters About.

Posted by peter d.

"There was witty banter. There was incessant banter. After some beers and bourbon, there was drunken banter." DeShaun C said it all... But I'm going to say some more anyway.

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.45.14 AM Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.47.08 AM Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.47.21 AM

On Tuesday night, the best of Brooklyn Yelp hit up the south side of Williamsburg for A Bit of Banter. NYC Elites were elated to spend the night discovering this high-ceilinged, well-appointed craft beer bar on Havemeyer. Although Banter's a footy fan favorite, it isn't all about sports. The cozy, dark wood paneling lends the bar a vibe that's equal parts British and Brooklyn, and it's a perfect place to gather with old friends and meet a few new ones, as the Elite Squad found out.

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.47.33 AM Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.38.55 AM Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.45.23 AM

Everyone knows a little liquid courage keeps the party rolling, and one of the best bourbons around, Buffalo Trace, was providing complimentary cocktails like the refreshing Bourbon & Ginger that found a convert in Monique R. For the yelpers interested in quality craft beer, Peak Organic offered up their subtly toasty Winter Session Ale, as well as the unique and hoppy Peak IPA. The friendly and engaging bar staff was also pouring discounted half-pints to show off their stellar selection, and delicious little grilled-cheeses helped fill a few bellies as well.

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.43.31 AM Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.45.47 AM Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.46.35 AM

Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out all the photos courtesy of Melanie Fidler, and what people are saying in reviews and on Talk. A huge thanks goes out to Chris, Connor and the rest of the Banter crew for all their hospitality. As Lisa H can attest, "the atmosphere is incredibly warm and toasty and the bartenders were super friendly and attentive;" with 24 excellent options on their state-of-the-art tap system, I know I'll be back soon for a pint or seven. See you there!

Screen  shot 2012-01-19 at 8.48.07 AM Screen  shot 2012-01-19 at 8.44.00 AM Screen  shot 2012-01-19 at 8.43.12 AM

Peter D
and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.44.52 AM

January 18, 2012

Yelp Edinburgh's Delicious Detox @ Real Foods!

Posted by Jenny Lovatt

Edinburgh yelpers started 2012 in the healthiest and happiest of ways at January's Elite Event in Real Foods last night. 40 Elite Yelpers and their pals hopped, skipped and jumped down Broughton Street to Real Foods – Edinburgh's independent health food mini-market – for an evening filled with energy balls, kale chips, coconut water, red wine, dark chocolate and a healthy, happy eating talk from Edinburgh personal trainer Tracy Griffen.

But can kale chips, hummus and mushed up dates be delicious? Emily V may well have been asking the same thing. She confessed 'when I first learned that January's Elite Event would focus more on detox and health and less on, well, stuffing my face and drinking, I was concerned. There's a reason I'm never going to get the "gym bunny" badge on Yelp.' Jurgen D, a 'full fledged, bone crunching, marrow eating carnivore' was of a similar mind. But when greeted with a glass of Organic prosecco and the promise of healthy chocolate their fears and thirst were soon quenched.

Kicking things off, Tracy Griffen led a talk on how to eat well and keep your tummy, tastebuds and moods happy throughout the day. Based on her new book, The Healthy Living Year Book, she recommends keeping those foods low-GI, eat a big breakfast, midi-lunch and smaller dinner. Kay L found it refreshing to 'hear someone talk about health, nutrition and feeding your body as opposed to "diet", although Gillian L warns 'Yelp events can brain wash you'. After Tracy’s pepped up power talk she admits ‘So far today I've had porridge for breakfast, salmon and salad for lunch, and turned down a piece of fudge with my coffee at the hairdressers. It's not right!’

Fully informed on the best breakfast (porridge!), snacks (bananas, oatcakes and humus!) and vegetarian proteins, it was time for wine. Sarah gave an informative, fun and delicious talk on Organic wines with a taste of Nero D'Arola, whilst Ben, Real Foods own marketing manager and potentially the happiest person in Edinburgh, kept the yelpers entertained and glowing from the inside out with the healthy chocolate and home-made lentil salad. Yep, that's right: healthy chocolate. Real Foods' in-house chef had created this fudgy, squidgy balls of dates, walnut oil and strong cocoa. 'Gives a new definition to Amaze-balls' chimes Natalie T.

Given full run of the store, and with more tasty samples of raw kale chips, raw cocoa granola, berry juice shots and dark chocolate, the yelpers did something you dont often do at a party: grocery shopping! Emily V was swooning over 'the cheesy crunchy kale. I've decided it must be dipped in butter-infused crack, because man that shiz was good.' And we couldnt have said it better than Lou V: ‘Health food store? Seriously, just call it Happy Store and get it over with. I did not see one person leaving without a massive grin on their face.’

It was Ben who explained at the beginning of the evening that 'health food stores can be for everyone, because health is for everyone.' And we think everyone agrees with Gillian L who asks 'what Ben eats, because he's the cheeriest chap who ever lived!' If there were ever an advocate for healthy eating and real foods, it's Ben; and if there were ever a store to help you start on your way to healthy happiness, it's Real Foods!

The biggest thank you to Ben, Sarah and all the staff at Real Foods for hosting and giving us yelpers the most delicious of healthy treats; to Tracy for her down-to-earth and informative chat; the Real Foods chef for the energy balls, healthy chocolate, lentil salad and kale chips, GoCoCo for the coconut water, WineMerchant for the wine, Pepper Smith for the mints, Berry B for the fruit shots; Tom for the photies; and the yelpers, both old and new, for coming along and making a party of it!

Want to see more photos of some healthy-lookin' yelpers? Right here. And for the happiest reviews ever written, you can read all reviews of the night here. Curious about what Yelp Elite events are all about? Find out more here or message Jenny L. To get involved with the Yelp Elite Parties, get involved with Yelp itself! Write reviews of great local businesses in the Burgh, chat online and meet-up offline with like-minded yelpers and just generally yelp all about it!

Until next time, keep it kale filled and cruncy!

Jenny L
Yelp Edinburgh Community Manager

Yelp Philly's Swanky Sunday

Posted by Michelle C

Yelp Elites were invited to enjoy a very swish cocktail reception at The Capital Grille the Sunday before a national holiday (Sunday Funday, anyone?). The dress code was cocktail party chic and guests came dressed to impress. After being greeted by intern Allison B, Elites got to minglin' beside a Yelp ice sculpture under the watchful eye of John Wanamaker in the private party room.

Yelp Philly Elite collage1 1:15:12

Stationed nibbles including shrimp cocktail and parmesan truffle fries were a hit, but the miniature tenderloin sandwiches with boursin cheese, mini lobster rolls and sweet pepper soup shooters impressed big-time. A bar stocked with red and white wine, champagne and Stoli Doli martinis saw plenty of action. On a particularly cold winter day, a glass of white wine warmed Erin M right up!

Yelp Philly Elite collage2 1:15:12

Midway through the party, Managing Partner Alexis Lundeen graciously welcomed the Yelp Elite Class of 2012 and talked about the history of The Capital Grille. Next up was a steak demonstration by Chef Leon. Now Elite yelper Nancy P knows she's got to go with the "Delmonico steak all the way!" The fun continued with a drawing for lunch for six, won by yelper Lilli C. Not to be left out, every guest walked with a swag bag filled with cookies, Kona rub and a certificate for lunch for two.

Yelp Philly Elite collage3 1:15:12

Major thanks to everyone at The Capital Grille who made this Yelp Elite Event one to remember. Also, thanks to Alex Sciarretta for capturing the candid moments, and to the 2012 Elite Squad for attending! Check out the reviews, pictures and see what people are still buzzing about from the party. And don't forget to RSVP for next month's event, Yelp's Backstage Pass Party. All yelpers are welcome to attend!

Big hugs until next time!

Me 1_15_12

Michelle C
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

Soirée Elite Yelp Remet Le Couvert en 2012 chez Alain Milliat

Posted by Elodie

L’année 2012 commence fort ! Et sur une note vitaminée ! Lundi soir au 159 rue de Grenelle, 75 membres de la nouvelle brigade Elite 2012 se sont retrouvés pour fêter cette nouvelle année dans le cadre élégant et chaleureux du nouveau restaurant d’Alain Milliat. Dans cette orfèvrerie du jus de fruit ouverte il y a un mois, ils se sont protégés du froid glaçant de ce mois de janvier avec mojitos et verrines spécialement conçues pour l’occasion par le Chef John Irwin. Inconditionnel des mojitos en général, Amaury C a “ découvert le rhum Pampero, et a surtout été comblé par le mélange avec le jus de framboises, frais, fruité, bien dosé, en un mot : parfait ! “

A peine entrés dans l’espace coloré d’Alain Milliat, éclairé par les bougies posées sur les grandes tables de bois de l’endroit, les invités ont pu choisir entre un mojito à la framboise, à la passion, à la mangue ou à l’ananas. Au 1er étage, on papote et on se souhaite la bonne année avant de descendre explorer la cave de jus de fruits au sous sol, embaumée par le parfum d’ambiance de patchouli. Les pierres de taille apparentes et le plafond vouté donnent à l’endroit un air de cave à vins intimiste. L’élégance, c’est le signe de distinction de cet endroit ! D’ailleurs Marine G a été emballée par ce “super endroit, cosy, chaleureux avec un espace boutique tres moderne tout en restant simple” .

Très vite, on sert aux convives une succession de mets plus graphiques les uns que les autres, servis dans les verrines emblématiques de la marque, et entrecoupés de jus de jus de fruits à la pêche ou à la mandarine qui ont laissé les gourmets sans voix.  “ La soupe de betterave blanche, le quinoa en risotto, la canette sur coulis de betterave rouge et concassé de pistache, le pollen et crème catalane, et surtout la glace au fenouil avec le crumble...” Une liste qui n’en finit pas de ravir les papilles de Lucille E

Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, allez faire un tour sur notre page Flickr.

Un grand merci à l'Agence Lisa Kajita ainsi qu'à Jérémie Caillard pour les photos.


Elodie F

Paris Community Manager

* A bientôt sur Yelp



2012 got off to a great start for the Parisian Elites ! With a high kick of vitamins ! On Monday night at 159 rue de Grenelle, 75 members of the Parisian Elite squad gathered to celebrate the new year in the elegant and earthy decor of Alain Milliat’s new restaurant. In this newly opened “juice jewel”, they took shelter from the freezing cold of January, helped by mojitos and bite-size delicacies served in verrines and prepared for the occasion by Chef John Irwin. 

As soon as they set foot inside the colored space of Alain Milliat, lit by candles displayed on the large wooden tables, the guests were offered a mojito with either raspberry, passion fruit, mango or pineapple juice.  A self-declared mojito expert, Amaury C discovered Pampero Rum and was “won over by the blend of rum and raspberry juice, a fresh, fruity, perfectly balanced blend. In a nutshell: perfection!” 

On the ground floor floor, people chatted away and wished each other a Happy New Year before they slowly moved downstairs to the patchouli-scented basement with its open kitchen and wall of fruit juices stacked like bottles in a wine cellar. The exposed stones of the walls and the vaulted ceiling gave the space a warm, intimate touch. Elegance seems to be the key word here! As a matter of fact, Marine G was convinced by the “cosy, welcoming place filled with beautiful fine products, both modern and simple”.

Quickly after they arrived, the yelpers were served a series of delicacies, each one more graphic than the other, presented in the iconic glass jars from the brand and punctuated by peach or tangerine juice that left the gourmets speechless. “The white beetroot soup served in juice bottles, the quinoa risotto, the duck in beetroot coulis with mashed pistachio, the Catalan cream with pollen, and above all the fennel ice cream with salted butter caramel apple crumble...” A list that won’t stop Lucille E’s tastebuds from raving about the food here...

If you were at the event and want to share your impressions, you can leave a review here. For more photos from the evening, swing over to our Flickr page. 

Many Thanks to Lisa Kajita and Jérémie Caillard for the photos.

Elodie F

Yelp Paris Community Manager


January 17, 2012

SF Yelp's Holiday Hangover 2.0!

The gifts have been unwrapped, your Festivus pole has been returned to storage, the eggnog is drunk and the Fat Man in the Red Suit isn't due back for roughly 350 days. If the most wonderful time of the year has passed and left you depressed and missing an eye, last week may have been your perfect intervention! For the second year in a row, Yelp San Francisco treated the 415 to a lil' holiday hair of the dog with all the fixings at Big Daddy's Antiques in Potrero Hill! 

Night 1: Hyphy in the Hamptons

Kicking off the week of festivities, we channeled the spirit of ol' Sean "P. Diddy" Combs for an all white celebration of all things hip-hop. Freestyle rhymes emanated as Mr. Jahi spit an entire set of East Bay style microphone mechanics, accompanied by the hot steps from the Soul Con Dance Company. The crew from Suchada was back for a second straight year to hook up relaxing chair and table massages for those weary from a night of unabashed indulgence, Snap Fiesta kicked off their week long residency in style, DJ Sonny Phono was in the house with a playlist to please any rap junkie, and Skyy, along with Rye on the Road, Trumer PilsnerFiji water, and wine from Harrington and Green Barrel ensured all in attendance were able to attain a tasty, tasty buzz. The evening also featured complimentary savory treats from Txoko, Indian Bento, popchips, and Bottle Cap... and to satisfy that sweet tooth, Cynically Delicious and Landru Chocolates had samples of their sacchariferous delights. Behind the lens, check out roving photos from our pal Asia at PHOTOSTUDIO29

Collage 1

Night 2: Boom, Baby, Boom

Big Daddy's is arguably one of the best antique flea markets in the country with an entire inventory of retro, hard-to-find goodies... so on night two, we payed homage to their historic collection with a Baby Boomer era banger ripe for any age group. 

DJ Tanoa set the mood with his collection of old timey 45-records from yesteryear, while the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology treated attendees to '40s style updos that'd make Lucille Ball want to return to form and beat the drum. Additionally, if you've ever found yourself wandering around Union Square and have stumbled upon the one-man-band known as Jordan Wilson, you'll be pleased to find out he set aside some time to pop by for a rare special performance. Suchada retained their week long residency with a slew of complimentary body manipulations, Snap Fiesta ensured there was a second round of magic at our old school photo booth, and Rye on the Road (together with Skyy), tapped into the Mad Men era with a host of Don Draper-inspired elixirs to fully capture the feel of the '40s. Savory nibbles from The Pub @ Ghirardelli Square, Dobb's Ferry, and Le Truc paired with sugary treats from Barbary Brix, Mission Minis, and Loving Cup surely satiated the collective palates of any gourmand in the building. Of course, our pals at Fiji, Trumer Pilsner, and Navarro Wines with select wineries participating in the 7th Annual Int'l Alsace Varietals Festival rounded out the night with libations fit for a king or queen. Check out PHOTOSTUDIO29 for images from the studded occasion. 

Collage 2

Night 3: Silent Storm Sound System's Neon Beat

Back by popular demand, we teamed up with Silent Storm Sound System for a night of silent booty shakin', '80s style!

DJ Sonny Phono and Facemelter provided the sound of the '80s with a Punky Brewster-influenced set that brought everyone back to the age of the Brat Pack. Suchada was in the mix for the third straight night with relaxing chair and full body rub downs, and Rye on the Road, in conjunction with Skyy, improved upon classic '80s drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea and Cosmo for a nostalgic sip down memory lane. Trumer Pilsner was on-site once again, as was Fiji water, with appearances from Cornerstone Cellars and Stepping Stone Cellars to boot. Comestibles from Puccini & Pinetti, Pacific Catch, Eat Curbside, Neo Cocoa, Polkadotties, Sweet Lauren Cakes, and Doll's Kitchen kept the metabolism high and dance floor energized, as silence continued to envelop the room for the duration of the evening. Airbrush artist Clay Chollar rang in with nifty designs for pea cocking denizens, and in a recurring theme, Snap Fiesta had their photo booth up and running throughout the soiree. Take a gander at some of PHOTOSTUDIO29's captures from the silent dance par-tay as well. 

Collage 3

Night 4: Sneaky Tiki


The weather outside might be cold, but the surf was up and it was hot, hot, hot for this Thursday night summary retreat!

The surf pop stylings of Drifting Sand provided the tenor for an instant San Francisco Staycation, and Rye on the Road's blended hooch from Skyy transported folks to a tropical location hundreds of miles from home. It's not a party unless the crew from San Franpsycho is on board, and they had the milk van parked out front while screen printing custom t-shirts inside at Big Daddy's. To melt away the stress from the long week, Suchada was on hand for the 4th straight skate, and hula-hoop darling Cressie Mae stole the show with a Shakira-esque performance that proved, in fact, her hips don't lie. T-We Tea, Fiji, Trumer Pilsner, Eric Kent Wines, and Beachside Coffee helped to wash down the delectable little vittles courtesy of Ike's Place, The Brick Yard, Grand Cafe, Socola Chocolatier, Miz Lynn's Pies, and Sweet Constructions. Keeping on track, Snap Fiesta had the shutter lens flying, and PHOTOSTUDIO29 kept a close eye on the festivities once again. 

Collage 4

Night 5: Yelperstitious


Had enough? Not until one last spirited affair to end the week on Friday the 13th!

Goth and industrial tunes proliferated throughout Potrero Hill as House of Voodoo perfected a haunted soundtrack that set the stage for the most unlucky day of the year, while Wanugee the Mystical tapped into the afterlife with Chinese-style tarot readings to give some sense of clarity for those daring enough to learn of their futures in 2012. Atelier Emmanuel brought out their team of stylists to transform the crowd into chic creatures of the night, while Jon Casey captured the essence in caricature form for all to see. Suchada ended their 5-night stint with another well-received appearance, while partygoers sipped on Skyy's possessed potables courtesy of Rye on the Road. Berkeley's Trumer Pilsner kept the beer fans happy with their fifth appearance of the week, Fiji completed their 120-hour stint with refreshing h20 for all, while Long Meadow Ranch and The Donum Estate ensured oenophiles never went thirsty. Guests also enjoyed a nice spread of food stuffs from Ike's Place, Nico's Tacos, Koja Kitchen, The Butcher's Daughter, Radio Africa & Kitchen, Cocotutti, and Frozen Kuhsterd. Check out the final day's bloody photo booth shots from Snap Fiesta, and don't miss the wrap from our lil' buddies from PHOTOSTUDIO29

Collage 5

Phew! If that leaves you wanting more, be sure to check out all the reviews of Yelp's Holiday Hangover 2.0 here. Big ups to Wonder Dog Rescue, Trapeze Arts, Rye on the Road, Skyy, and the fine folks at Big Daddy's Antiques for one heck of a party! Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars, frendo.