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November 14, 2011

Providence Elites Spice Up A Speakeasy @ Dusk!

Posted by Hilary Henning

It was a evening of whiskey, burlesque and flash bulbs last Thursday as the Providence Elite Squad gathered at Dusk for a hostsy-totsy time! Yelp's Spicebox Speakeasy brought Sarah VM "back in time to a more glamorous era" as the RI Burlesque girls swirled around the lounge, doling out piping-hot treats and shots of Spicebox Whiskey to all of the dapper guys and dolls. 

Mckenzie G noticed "the beautiful chandeliers and dim lighting" of the glamorous lounge set the stage for "another fun night of costumes, drinks, people, and snacks," and Taylor T felt "Dusk's off-the-beaten-path location lent itself perfectly to the speakeasy theme - I can't wait to go back!" After Eric P  "moseyed in to the speakeasy, fedora and trench coat hanging low" he sipped a glass of spice-infused whiskey "on the rocks no problem." William H had "the Manhattan and the Spice and Stormy – both were flavorful and tasty." How dapper!

The folks from Shutterbooth were there to capture the mad-cap mood and Marcy L found that it "certainly added an extra element of fun to the event – especially when flappers are out in their frills and feathers!" Once again, Stacey Doyle caught the entire evening on film – even the "late night peep show from burlesque ladies that topped it all off" for Jay D

To quote Aly K, this was "a super fun event at a super fun location" – truly the cat's meow! Until next time... SYOY!


Hilary H (with Emily C & Colleen C on the assist)

Yelp Providence Community Manger



Providence Elite Squad gathered at dusk.it was a great party of that evening.

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