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November 30, 2011

Yelp Helps Cause Giving Matters In Nashville

Posted by Marcia

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Nashville yelpers kicked off the giving season with speakeasy style during Yelp Helps on Friday, November 18th with Yelp Nashville and presenting sponsor GivingMatters.com. The inaugural Yelp Helps party centered around philanthropy and was hosted during the grand opening week of spectacular new event venue Marathon Music Works. Over 14,000 square feet was dedicated to giving 15 area non-profits an opportunity to educate the local community on their missions and with ways that yelpers can give back through donations and volunteerism.

308415_282445291794292_170841222954700_800563_1929342583_n 387029_282446931794128_170841222954700_800627_1722141669_n392065_282445968460891_170841222954700_800593_2037004424_n

Participating nonprofit organizations included: Autism Society of Middle Tennessee, Belcourt Theatre, Brown Dog Foundation, Community Food Advocates, Land Trust for Tennessee, Musicians On Call, Nashville CARES, Nashville in Harmony, Nashville Humane Association, Nashville Symphony, Nurses for Newborns, Safe Haven Family Shelter, Southern Word, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, and Urban League of Middle Tennessee.

311042_282447278460760_170841222954700_800641_1280176765_n 378998_282445565127598_170841222954700_800575_1603043502_n
313122_282445431794278_170841222954700_800569_336120085_n 377286_282447341794087_170841222954700_800643_1126124495_n376399_282447065127448_170841222954700_800633_1994558088_n 393740_282445331794288_170841222954700_800565_1190452081_n

Nearly 500 curious attendees mingled while visiting the interactive nonprofit organization's booths to sign up for email newsletters, donate funds, or to sign up to volunteer for various projects. In exchange for their good deeds, they were awarded chips to play in the gaming area that taunted with Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette tables. It's so good to be bad, right? Many attendees were in awe of the newly unveiled space that Music City Tents glammed up with beautiful decor and lounge areas while the distinctively moody ambiance was provided by Nashville Event Lighting. To keep the party going DJ Mindub spun hits throughout the night while Top Chef Arnold Myint kept the crowd on their toes as the charismatic emcee for the evening.

314602_282445601794261_170841222954700_800577_128601247_n 386152_282447375127417_170841222954700_800645_1492542886_n
379626_282447131794108_170841222954700_800636_526588696_n 390670_282447051794116_170841222954700_800632_1741009332_n

As Nickie G noticed, "Arnold Myint is one festive dude" but his genorosity didn't stop with the shananigans on the mic. The entire menu of scrumptious edibles were provided by his array of fabulous dining establishments that included Cha Chah, Suzy Wong's House of Yum, AM@FM, and PM. This crowd did not leave hungry especially when Myint's decadent brownies were served by the extraordinary Strolling Tables of Nashville. Guests were literally speechless over the glamorous costumed models strolling through the party as they served up treats.

390424_282445761794245_170841222954700_800584_1712325247_n 385184_282445871794234_170841222954700_800589_1771154967_n

Community partners Lipman Brothers brought lively libations that included a tasty assortment of Simply Naked Wines that had yelper Paul K gushing "I had some really good vino!" Meanwhile, hometown brewer (and Yelp BFF) Yazoo didn't disappoint with their big, rich, smoky malt bomb of a beer, Sue that was served in our very own souvenir glasses. Liquid courage certainly helped make some magical moments at the photobooth provided by music discovery site and bi-monthly publication Brite Revolution. Take a peek at all of the evidence here!

388193_282446808460807_170841222954700_800623_987096268_n(1) 391786_282446191794202_170841222954700_800600_1351750245_n 375508_282446258460862_170841222954700_800603_2038420302_n
As an additional way to raise funds, Chirp Screenprinting produced Yelp Helps cause Giving Matters tees for $20 at the live screen-printing station with half of the proceeds going back to the nonprofit groups. After announcing the People's Choice Nonprofit and the High Roller Yelper winners and awarding them with some snazzy plaques, we also threw in some spoken word poetry performers, a visit from the dancing Frist Mummy, and a interactive scavenger hunt so full of mischief that a bright red women's bra was flung on stage. Long story....

380102_282447435127411_170841222954700_800648_402973835_n 384081_282447718460716_170841222954700_800659_1630899742_n

393356_282447788460709_170841222954700_800662_577458812_n 377276_282447458460742_170841222954700_800649_763518949_n

Some of the more tame yelpers visited sponsor booths hosted by Nashville Scene, NowPlayingNashville.com, and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee that rounded out the evening. You can check out all do the reviews here but perhaps Lynne D sums it up best: "Our Nashville Yelp family is growing and Nashville is listening to us!"

  386417_282448485127306_170841222954700_800688_838140889_n 385957_282448158460672_170841222954700_800675_1435469456_n
   390751_282447018460786_170841222954700_800631_2146307087_n 382761_282446768460811_170841222954700_800621_1805238320_n
Mad love to Telisha Cobb and the rest of the Marathon Music Works crew for hosting Yelp Helps, all 15 non-profits, Margaret Lipman and the Lipman Brothers team for their continous contributions, the charming Arnold Myint, Simply Naked Wines, Neil McCormick and Yazoo who always save the day, Chris Vetrano's Brite Revolution army for their media push, Mike Smith and Bessie Lapeyrouse with the Nashville Scene for their promotional push, Music City Tents along with Nashville Event Lighting for beautifying the space, Strolling Tables of Nashville for truly being a spectacle, Tim "MindDub" Hiber for keeping us entertained, Kristin Milner Photography, "The Men of Yelp" Kevin Newsum and Johnny Todd for their extra hands during the event, and the much appreciated collaborative efforts of NowPlayingNashville.com and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

390069_282446535127501_170841222954700_800613_253183419_n 321557_282448551793966_170841222954700_800692_168365312_n
312995_282448178460670_170841222954700_800676_2115987034_n 376334_282446615127493_170841222954700_800615_1341028176_n

A very special thank you goes out to Kelly Walberg and Beth Groves of GivingMatters.com for all of their hard work, determination, and for truly being partners in this successful venture. This is the start of a beautiful friendship.... just wait until you all see what's in store for next year!

Cheers and SYOY!

Marcia M - Yelp Nashville Community Manager



London Elites Get Their Mo On At Tortilla

Posted by Katie

Long have we heard that it's a struggle to find quality Mexican food here in the capital. Well last night certainly put paid to that myth as our fabulous Yelp London Elites, and self-declared 'Mexperts', descended upon Tortilla in Leadenhall Market, to be treated to an evening of music, margaritas and delicious Cali-Mex creations.

Tucked in the festive, Christmas-lit maze of Leadenhall Market, Yelp Elites arrived at Tortilla to be swept to the lower ground bar and grab a chilled Pacifico beer or a choice of strawberry, mango or frozen original margaritas. There were sombreros and moustaches a'plenty, with some interesting top-lip creations; drawn-on, stuck-on and fantastic home-grown Movember efforts!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage1 29 Nov 2011

Store Manager Jesus Anorve opened up the entire restaurant exclusively to Yelp, hosting the event over all three floors. So while some of us were bopping to the Latino and Merengue beats on the lower ground floor, 50 lucky yelpers were treated to a masterclass in burrito rolling on the mezzanine level, courtesy of head chef Bruno Pires. They also had the opportunity to get their hands dirty making their own guacamole, to take home, from a selection of fresh ingredients.

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage2 29 Nov 2011

Hungry bellies were happily sated as the friendly and super-quick staff served bespoke burritos to every yelper from the ground floor counter. Warm flour tortillas filled with generous helpings of the desired rice, beans, meat, salsa, guacamole, cheese… the list goes on - cue 'mmm', 'aaaah' and yummy noises all round!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage3 29 Nov 2011

Back down on the lower ground floor the party got underway as the pull-piñatas spilled their goodies and yelpers grabbed their chocolates, lollies, Yelp nail files and lip balms, and… birdseye chillis! The competitive fires blazed, and so did tongues, as Andrew M challenged our very own London CM Josephine B to a chilli-eating competition that made even the spectators' eyes water!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage4 29 Nov 2011

After many more Pacifico beers and margaritas flowed, it was time for the Movember moustache competition winners to be announced. Chris R grabbed first prize for the lads with his fantastic home-grown Mo-dazzler, and Ashley V scooped the win for the ladies having come as Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo! Not only did they win themselves a fabulous Yelp t-shirt but Tortilla also gave them both each a bottle of Blair's Death Sauce to really spice up their home-cooking!

Yelp LONDON Elite Collage5 29 Nov 2011

A big thank you to all of the staff at Tortilla who truly made it a fantastic evening, I'm sure you will be seeing many of us again soon for one of your huge and delicious burritos! To check out the rest of the fiesta fun, see the photos from the talented photographer Phil Sharp, read reviews and come join in the chatter on Talk!


Katie B

Katie B London CM

November 28, 2011

Soirée Elite Yelp Fairy Party @ Marraine La Fée - Marseille

Posted by Julie M

Jeudi dernier les Yelpeurs marseillais se sont réunis chez Marraine la Fée ! Une "Fairy Party" qui a brillé dans le quartier… La poussière de fée guidait les Yelpeurs jusqu’à la boutique. Vin, shopping et macarons étaient au programme de cette soirée.

Fairy Party 1
Au cœur du quartier des Antiquaires, à l’angle rue St Jacques/rue Edmond Rostand, le magasin By Marraine la Fée enchante habituellement les connaisseuses de mode, bien que nombreuses étaient celles qui découvraient l’endroit. Christine G du haut de ses 824 avis a été la première surprise et n’est pas resté insensible : « une super soirée dans une très jolie boutique dont je tiens à souligner le chic et le bon goût des vêtements et des accessoires ! » Et la fée des lieux a offert aux Yelpeurs marseillais des réductions allant jusqu’à 50% ! Julie M s’est senti pousser des ailes…

Fairy Party 2

Ah s’il avait été une fille Philippe T nous aurait parlé de la boutique, « mais je suis un homme, alors je vais me contenter de parler de la soirée : c'était vraiment très sympa, ce fut un grand plaisir de rencontrer en vrai certains yelpeurs que je n'avais la chance de connaître jusqu'alors qu'à travers mon écran ». C'est aussi ça la magie de Yelp ! Et cette soirée fût légèrement arrosée grâce au Bistrot St Jacques, une petite brasserie typique et très fréquentée dans le quartier, qui a servi aux Yelpeurs du Beaujolais nouveau. « Le Beaujolais était très bon (surprenant pour un Beaujolais me direz-vous), macarons et pâtes de fruit l'étaient tout autant » Philippe T a tout goûté !

Fairy Party 3

Et si pâte de fruits et macarons étaient si bons c’est qu’ils étaient fait avec amour par l’Atelier de Georgiana. Mais oui Georgiana, vous l’avez vue dans Master Chef et Un Dîner Presque Parfait. Elle vient de reprendre cette école de cuisine où l’on peut apprendre à concocter plats salés et sucrés... Tiens une idée de cadeau de Noël ! Hélas son emploi du temps ne lui a pas permis de rester jusqu’à l’arrivée des Yelpeurs.

Fairy Party 4
Les convives étaient ravis et les premières Elites marseillaises élue récemment, étaient enchantées à l'instar de Barbara E qui commente « c'était te-rri-ble!! Encore une belle soirée ». 

Elodie V était également présente lors de cette troisième soirée Elite Yelp. La célèbre bloggeuse marseillaise auteure de chutmonsecret.canalblog.com devrait prochainement faire un blogpost à propos de Yelp… à suivre !

Fairy Party 5

En attendant la quatrième Yelp Elite Party, si vous n’avez pas encore posté votre avis sur cette soirée, ce n’est pas trop tard ! Cliquez ici. Et pour voir toutes les photos de cette Fairy Party, c’est par ici.



Fairy Party 6
Julie M

Community Manager Marseille
*A bientôt sur Yelp !



There was some magic last Thursday night during the Yelp Fairy Party at Marraine la Fée in Marseille ! Over 30 Yelpers came to enjoy a great time at this fabulous fashion shop located in the middle of the antique's neighborhood. Yelpers were welcomed to the otherworldly boutique by the fairy Julie M who was decked out in red wings and a magic wand for the occasion. Marion R wrote the badges and Xavier S took all the pictures as usual at the Marseille elite events ! New elites in Marseille and Yelpers invited were really happy to meet (again) !

Firy Party 7

The party started with some glasses of red wine (Beaujolais Nouveau) provided by Le Bistrot St Jacques, a small and typically French bistro located across the street from the store, and as Philippe T said "this Beaujolais was pleasant (really surprising from a Beaujolais)". Everyone was shopping, looking at all the clothes and the accessories such as python bags and dresses and other marvelous things that could be perfect under the Christmas tree ! Alexandra T really appreciated "shopping with beautiful articles (and very useful) 30 to 50% off !"

Fairy Party 8

The drinks were accompanied by little bites home-baked by L'Atelier de Georgiana, a gorgeous culinary school/shop where people can come to learn with a chef-teacher how to cook some delicious dishes and take it back home ! Yelpers enjoyed the golden macarons and some yelpy fruit candies. "The macarons and fruit delicacies were delicious. I’m enchanted by this party. You missed something terrific if you weren’t there !" raved Barbara E


To see all the pictures, please click here



Fairy Party 6
Julie M

Community Manager Marseille
* See you soon on Yelp !




Taste At The Yelp Exchange!

Posted by Rowena Harris


The rains may have held back but the yelpers most certainly did not for Leeds' first large scale yelper party, Taste At The Yelp Exchange, on Thursday the 24th November. That's right, we don't do things by halves here in Yorkshire, and to celebrate all things Leeds nearly 300 folk amassed at the gorgeous Corn Exchange for the utmost carousal. To revel in the occasion 16 sumptuous local businesses set up stall to offer up attendees samples of what they do best, amongst the festive décor of this iconic venue, which was the perfect way to see in the season.


As the guests arrived at the check-in, masters of the mystical contact ball Jim and Jake England Johns set about entertaining the crowds with their contact juggling skills, weaving and milling in amongst the guests as they collected their tickets for the initial sample. Anticipation and excitement were almost tangible in the air as everyone took in the surroundings, stopping to gaze at the gorgeous set up, and made the ever-tricky choice of where to choose first. And what a decision to make!


Us Brits love our queues, and so a long trail of attendees quickly formed at the nearest stall, Cheerful Chilli, whose battered sweetcorn cakes and vegetarian delights soon set folk's tongues alight with flavour. The craft beer revolution was in full swing at Brewdog's table, with an array of brews to sample, from 5a.m. Saint to Punk IPA – perfect to wash down the nutella and roasted hazlenut delights from #Brownies, whose plethora of festive flavoured treats kept people on a sugar high. Swillington Farm excited everyone at the thought of meat box deliveries, tempting folks' tastebuds with their exquisitely grilled sausages, all sourced from their organic, locally reared rare breed stock.


After the initial blast, a little entertainment was in order and so the night was kicked off with a high energy performance from the Dance Studio Leeds. Three of their utterly talented performers from the youth group, Heather Irving, Amy Fleming and Nicole Matthews, wowed the crowds with an upbeat 60's Medley, featuring Hairspray and Glee, which stopped everyone in their tracks in spite of all the samples – a testament to their talent! Everyone stepped back to nibble and note the trio as they twirled away in front of the humungous Christmas tree.


Post performance, a thirst came upon the yelpers, who re-visited the stalls to find Appleton Estate's refreshingly delicious, specially crafted cocktail for the party – the Yelp Appleton Christmas Treacle; which comprised of Appleton Estate VX Rum, 20ml Cinnamon Syrup, 3 dashes angostura bitters, topped with freshly pressed apple juice and was masterfully made by head mixologists, Mark Cato and Nino of The Maven Bar in Leeds. If that wasn't enough to quench the crowds, they had a number of spirits to sample, including Appleton Estate VX, Appleton Estate 8 year old, Appleton Estate 12 year old, Wray and Nephew, Koko Kanu, Bulldog Gin and Licor 43! Soaking up some of that sauce, the Sunshine Bakery offered an arrangement of their famous cupcakes in bitesized samples, including their exquisite Eton Mess, which had people baying for more. Bringing back the savoury, Lounge Bar & Grill offered up a myriad of fabulous canapés for folks to snack on, including smoked salmon tartlets, whilst temtping people to try out their fantastic Christmas menu this year. And to sweeten the proceedings once again, Indie Ices' home made, award winning, divine kulfi ice cream had people smacking their lips throughout the night – no matter how wintry the weather was! And with such delicious flavours as Cardamom, Mango and Lime, and Almond no wonder people just had to sample the selection.


After all that it was time for the second performance of the evening, and so once again folks set down their plates and took a well deserved rest whilst the show took place. This time people enjoyed a magnificent performance from Jake England Johns, whose floaty flower sticks sent everyone into a trance as he danced two sticks in motion atop the others, in this one-off fantastic cabaret act.


Once the performance was finished everyone again set about sampling more of the stalls, and it was high time for something spirited. Fortunately Gerry's Wine and Spirits were ready to remedy that, presenting people with the most delicious libations! Amongst specialist samples of Brockmans Gin and Antalntico rum they had a divine brandy mulled wine, complete with Courvoisier, which was plenty to warm the cockles of every yelper's heart. Those still feeling gluttonous were able to snuffle out further truffles at The Greedy Pig's stall, whose infamous sandwiches have been delighting folks far and wide. Not only did they have a plethora of delicious bites to offer, but the sweetest miniature greedy pig iced biscuits to boot! Of course there was more salivating to be done, just with a glance of the fare at Fabulously Fudgey. With such festive fancies as Christmas pudding fudge, Guinness fudge and other creative options, people couldn't get enough of the sweet stuff. Of course there was more to come however, courtesy of the fantastic Bepsoke Cupcake Company, whose delightful tearooms are in Harrogate. Their exquisite looking cupcakes tempted over many an attendee, displayed in a veritable rainbow of icing colours and flavours, from minature sample cakes to larger more decadent options! Of course, during all the sampling, folks got to spin the infamous Wheel of Yelp to win a prize – those who gambled on the wheel came away clutching all kinds of treats from Yelp sunglasses to Yelp playing cards.


The penultimate performance came courtesy of the talents of the Dance Studio Leeds Youth Group once again, whose magnificently magical performance had everyone in awe. This time a more seasonal vibe came through their footwork, with the most exquisite ballet display, where the girls practiaclly floated into the upper balconies of the beautiful venue in a piece entitled "Christmas Fairies".


As the cheers and applause continued for their show, everyone's hearts warmed by the fabulous performance, it was time for one final sup of the stalls. Andy Gilpin of Call Lane Social, helped deliver refreshment to everyone with a mouth-warming STROH Hot Chocolate, featuring Stroh 40% Austrian "Inlander Rum" with hot chocolate, and samples of Seve XO Liqueur, a French cognac with cherry, almond and vanilla and Xanté Pear Liqueur, a Swedish liqueur with cognac, Belgian pears and vanilla. The Olive Tree further fed folks with their delicious mixed greek dips of taramasalata, tsatziki and hummus served with bread as well as a traditional dessert, Stafithopita, which includes sultanas and grapes. Giorgios offered up some seasonal Italian pannetone sweet bread and an aperetif of delicious Limoncello to tantilise yelpers tastebuds afterwards. Those still suffering from sweet tooth could delight in the incredible cupcakes from The Marvellous Tea Dance Company, whose fabulous vintage kitsch parties have been held all over Leeds, and it seems no one could resist their chocolate brownies...


And, with one final showcase, yelpers saw the night come to a close with an astonishing performance from Sophia, whose hula act had everyone's jaws to the floor. What began as a fluid movement of dance and control, mesmerising every onlooker, soon gave way into a gravity defying manipulation of not one, nor two but four hula hoops at once across her entire body. As she maintained the four hoops for what seemed like an impossible passage of time, everyone's breath held hostage, folks stood enthralled at the performer in front of them!


Of course, this sadly meant the end was nigh to a spectacular night of all things Leeds. A special mention must got to St. Gemma's Hospice, with thanks to all those who gave generously, and the continued incredible work they perform. Specific thanks also go out to the film crews present on the night, courtesy of Leeds Met Film School and Savile & Chrome, and of course the fantastic photographer of the night Matthew Kitchen. Thanks also go to Dublin's amazing Annie L, London's lovely Elliot A and Manchester's magnificent Emma Louise H for all their hard work. This was a truly unique and special evening, showing a slice of what Leeds is all about. Not only can you find some delicious high quality bites from the most passionate people, exquisitely made drinks from some master crafters and shop in the gorgeous most iconic Corn Exchange, but you can also find some of the best in creative talent in the local arts scene – from dance right through to cabaret.


For those who can't wait to re-live the night, here's the first batch of photographs from the evening, and of course you can witter away with everyone about the event on the Talk thread too! For the twittersphere, you can of course show a little love to #yelpexchange and @yelpleeds, and watch this space for the videos of the event...

But hey, don't just take my word for it – check out what the yelpers themselves thought of the night!

"Cakes, booze and boxes of meat? Three noble interests combined under one roof with the very welcome garnish of it being free. Friendly crowd, occasional dancing to thin out the queues while I restocked at the stalls and the strongest mulled wine I've ever had. Almost too much fun for a school night if you ask me.

All the vendors did excellently to appear interested throughout and were both chatty and generous with their wares. How worthwhile a commercial exercise it will turn out to be for them is probably impossible to track, but I at least will be ordering a Swillington meat box and bottle of Seve XO come pay day." - Greg M

"Looking back it just didn't fulfil my expectations and I really don't know what to say except... blimey! My expectations were not only exceeded they were rendered obsolete. We were entertained by theatre/circus stars as well as dancers (those girls were amazing on their points) and I was impressed by Sophia's ability to control four hoops.

Of course the main reason i was here was to sample food from many places I have heard of but not had the chance to try. In the interests of making a full assessment I tried to visit every stand and the one thing they had in common was the extremely high quality of the product. It was wonderful to meet some old and new yelpers." - Tim M

"Just one more cupcake. Just one more brownie. Just one more cheerful chilli corn cake coated in chilli sauce. I'm sure if I get it in my mouth soon my stomach won't yet have warned my oesophagus that things are perhaps getting a bit full down there, especially if I wash it down with some beer as that's not bloating at all. In the space of 20 minutes my taste buds indulged themselves in more flavours than an accident with a funnel and a spice rack. Does it get any better?" - Ian P

Of course, this is what Yelp is all about. Not only can you read and write reviews of local businesses, but you can get involved in our lovely Yelp communityoffline as well as online – at these fabulous one-off events. It's been divine Leeds, and thanks for coming to celebrate.


Until next time, see you on Yelp!


Take care,
Leeds Community Manager and Lover of all things Leodian.

Orlando Elites Have A Big Fat Italian Wedding

Posted by Colleen Burns

Orlando Yelp Elite’s took over the patio of Café Trastevere, named from the charming medieval neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome. This restaurant brings the heart of Italy to the City Beautiful and in mild weather; this is the most romantic dinner setting in town, with candlelit tables set on terraces overlooking Magnolia Avenue.

17546607126_B8FZZ (1)

"Trastevere is a great place and the pride the owner and his family have in it show through both in the atmosphere - the restaurant is a cozy converted home with a gorgeous back patio - and in the food, which is absolutely authentic and delicious."  - Alyx K.

Café Trastevere brought warmth to our hearts and made us smile and say, "Bella Notte!" It was a gorgeous setting outside as we enjoyed a tasting from their fresh menu: Fried Ravioli, Italian Sausage Mushrooms, Bruschetta and ending with a glorious, Tiramisu. We dressed up in our best New Jersey... ahhhh, I mean Italian Wedding attire and got fancy! 

Picnik collage2 (1)

"Their red sauce was savory, with the perfect texture from just the right amount of crushed tomato. You could actually taste the meat in the meatballs, too! For desert, they brought out some of the most delicious tiramisu I have had in Orlando." - Daniel M.

We had yelp favorite, Sarah Purser, who has graced us with her vocal talents as well as trivia host talents in the past but for this event she blew us away with her opera brilliance. She sang two Italian favorite opera songs and won everyone over with her natural singing abilities. Maria Bolton graced us with her caricature skills and blew everyone away with pets and family portraits. The ease of her sketches make drawing look like second nature.

"According to Wikipedia, Opera is an art form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work combining text (called a libretto), it's hard to do and she nailed it!"  - Susan R.

Picnik collage3

"And of course, Maria Bolton's caricature was definitely one of the highlights of the night! What an amazing talent." - Jeff K.

Check all the photos out here from our local photographer and yelper, Kayla Selans Photography. If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

Until next time,


Colleen B.


Vancouver Elite Dim Sum Cabaret at Keefer Bar

Posted by Robin

Baby, it may be cold outside, but Vancouver Elites managed to stay toasty warm in "the dark, mysterious and narrow space of Keefer Bar" on Tuesday night. A tribute to Keefer's Chinatown location, an homage to Vancouver's burgeoning burlesque scene, an exotic night of big Dim Sum flavours, this was an evening filled with enough delicious apothecary cocktails to warm even the coldest of November nights.


"Despite variables in theme, venue and time, there are a few but important constants to Yelp Elite events. Namely – great people, awesome entertainment, delicious food and drink and the obligatory photobooth." PixelBooth was on hand to make sure there were enough "crazy shots of yelpers looking our weirdest – a great touch, as many went multiple times with different combos of people to make some very memorable pictures!" Elites were surprised with "a wonderful treat of freestylin' burlesque magic by Crystal Precious." All Colene C remembers is "hooting and hollering to take it off!" She got her wish. "Oh my, pie tassels. My life is complete." And really, "anytime that involves bourbon and a rapping burlesque dancer is a sign you're having a great night."


Drinks flowed from start to finish, keeping yelpers well "hydrated" all night long. With "enough delicious poppy seed drinks to fail any drug test," the Maker's Mark Opium Sour was so excellent that a few Elites "wanted to start a slow clap in the middle of the bar." Even though Malloreigh M has tasted Keefer's famous Beefeater Gin Rosemary Gimlets "a few times already, that didn't stop me from "sampling" them three times" throughout the night." But it was the "incredible bartenders, servers and staff" that made Sarah O "feel like part of the family, and they really drove it home with their noble fundraising for the night. What a great bunch. Keefer Bar is sexual healing." Wait, you mean that wasn't Grant's Scotch?

A huge thank you to the amazing and talented staff at Keefer Bar, especially manager extraordinaire Danielle Tatarin, for an outstanding evening, to PixelBooth for providing ridiculous memories, and to photographer Aziz Dhamani for capturing it all.

Until next time, my burlesquing friends...

Vancouver Community Manager,
/ robin m

Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 9.20.17 AM

Soirée Paris Yelp Elite Coffee & Chocolates chez Coutume Café

Posted by Elodie
Jeudi soir au 47 rue de Babylone, on ne fêtait pas Thanksgiving mais l’événement Yelp Elite du mois de novembre. 80 yelpeurs se sont réunis chez Coutume Café, la nouvelle référence parisienne en matière de café, de l’expresso au cappucino, et en sont ressortis repus et ...surcafféinés! Tom, l’un des deux associés de Coutume a chaleureusement accueilli la brigade d’Elite parisienne dans ce lieu élégant, cosy, et spacieux. Parquet, murs bruts vieillis à l’expresso, lumières discrètes et machines à café imposantes, Cécile H  a trouvé “le lieu canon, la dégustation de café géniale, les pâtisseries Hugo&Victor simplement hmmmm” et classe la soirée “dans le top 3 des events Yelp de l’année”.
Rythmée par le passage de petits gobelets d’extraction chaude ou froide de café, la 1ère heure de la soirée était placée sous le thème de la dégustation de café. Réveillés par ces shots de caféine, les invités se sont rapidement lancés dans des conversations animées, interrompues par les conseils de Tom et ses démonstrations de chimiste sur les machines à siphon. À peine terminée la dégustation, c’est sur les délicieux antipastis de Coutume que se sont rués les invités, goutant d’abord les brochettes au poulet, à la mangue, à la coriandre et au poivre fraîchement rapporté d’Ethiopie par Antoine, le second associé de Coutume. Pierre Alexis P donne d’ailleurs “une mention spéciale à ses antipastis, un régal, surtout accompagné d’une bière Demory toute en saveurs”.
Un peu plus tard dans la soirée, les invités ne se sont pas fait prier quand l’atelier Millefeuille minute d’Hugo&Victor à lancé la seconde partie des festivités. Macarons, millefeuille, et surtout leurs 3 chocolats clémentine, café et ganache du Pérou, que demander de plus? Après un petit verre de vin blanc de Sous Les Pavés La Vigne, Lucille E est passée au sucré: “ un macaron à la framboise délicieux et un pamplemousse: une vraie merveille. Le millefeuille minute super, et les chocolaaaaaaaats ! Celui à la clémentine remporte effectivement la palme ni trop sucré ni trop chocolaté, les arômes de clémentine explosent en bouche, un vrai bonheur !”
Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, allez faire un tour sur notre page Flickr.
Elodie F
Paris Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp
Instead of turkey and cranberry sauce, Parisian elites partied on the 24th of November with major amounts of caffeine. Eighty yelpers gathered at Coutume Café, the new reference in Paris for quality coffee for an evening devoted to coffee and chocolate. Tom, one of the founders of Coutume, gave a warm welcome to the Parisian Elite squad in this elegant coffeeplace, spacious with its wooden floors, the rough expresso-colored walls, dimmed lights and imposing coffee machines. Cécile H found the place “stunning, the coffee fabulous, and the pastries from Hugo&Victor simply yummmmy” and she “ranks the party in the year’s top 3 events”.
The first hour of the party was dedicated to tasting several different coffee extractions, served both hot and cold. The owner Tom presided over the coffee laboratory explaining how to make three different types of coffee. Jolted by shots of caffeine, the coversation was perky to say the least. Right after the tasting, the guests threw themselves at the delicious antipastis including hummous, tapenade, polenta cubes with carrot purée and chicken kebabs with mango, coriander and some freshly grounded pepper just brought from Ethiopia by Antoine, the second associate of Coutume. Pierre Alexis P gave a special shout out to these antipastis, “a real treat, especially when accompanied by a flavorful beer from Demory ”.
A little later at night, the Parisian yelpers were treated to tiny, delicate millefeuille pastries prepared onsite at the pop-op workshop of artisanal chocolate brand Hugo&Victor . Macarons, millefeuille, three special chocolates (tangerine, coffee and Peruvian chocolate cream filling) were passed around the room to the great pleasure of all of the guests. After a glass of wine from Sous Les Pavés La Vigne, Lucille E moved on to the sweet treats : “ raspberry & grapefruit macaron, a sheer wonder. The millefeuille express was great and the chocolates! Oh the chocolates! The tangerine one wins the oscar: it was neither too sweet nor too bitter, the flavours of tangerine exploded in your mouth, happiness in a bite!”

If you were at the event and want to share your impressions, you can leave a review here. For more photos from the evening, swing over to our Flickr page.
Elodie F
Paris Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp

Black Out Hunger At BlackFinn American Grill

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Right before Black Wednesday, the Yelp Elite Squad made their way to the new BlackFinn American Grille to Black Out Hunger for the Houston Food Bank. Donning black on black, black with black, and all black, the Elites came out in full force, with non-perishable items in hand and ready to check out Midtown's newest hotspot.


With black and white flicks on the big screens and bumpin' beats, the crowd enjoyed delectable bites – ranging from Blackened Brie and mini wedge salads to pulled pork sliders and buffalo chicken flatbread. There to quench the thirtsty palates, Blue Moon was a flowin', along with BlackFinn's signature Rosemary Elderflower Mojito made with Bacardi Silver Rum. Definitely a new fave amongst the crowd!


If you missed all the fun, check out the raving reviews, pics and photo booth snaps from DnN Photography, and even a video courtesy of MineralBlu Studio. Thank you to all of those who made it out to support the Houston Food Bank, along with the many sponsors and talented staff at BlackFinn American Grille who made the night happen!



Farrah A
Houston Community Manager
pictured with Ashley B

November 27, 2011

Philly Elites at Yelpy A Go Go

Posted by Michelle C

Not even torrential downpours could stop Philadelphia elites and their guests from taking over the newly revamped Trestle Inn on Tuesday night. Guests were treated to an evening of whiskey sours, old-school snacks and go go, which provided an unforgettable start to the holiday weekend.

Happy Hour Whiskey Sours were offered by servers throughout the room, while the Classic with egg whites and the Black Power with currants were shaken up at the bar all night long. Thanks to Southern Wine & Spirits for providing the Old Crow and Jim Beam used in the making of these cocktails! Non-whiskey drinkers enjoyed icy cold Sly Fox cans. 60s-inspired snacks including deviled eggs, veggies and dip, pigs in blankets, tuna salad with pickles, Thanksgiving pot pie, popcorn, pork-n-beans and more were served to the appreciative crowd.

The party came full circle thanks to the sexy sequined go go dancers and funky, soulful tunes. The foxy ladies gave the projected images of Jane Fonda and Bettie Page a run for their money as they shimmied and twisted in barely-there dresses, leopard print fishnets and patent leather boots. A few yelpers were even inspired enough to jump in on the action!

Gigantic thanks to The Trestle Inn and their amazing staff for inviting us all to experience an unforgettable evening. Read what yelpers are saying about the event here, and check out more of Erika Letitia's photos from the evening here. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather in order to attend this event, and stay tuned for details on the final party of 2011, coming soon to the elite calendar!

Making my list and checking it twice,

Michelle C

November 26, 2011

Dallas Got Down With Y-E-L-P

Woah, man, what a night of nostalgia as approximately 600 Yelpers gathered last Saturday to celebrate the 90's. The non-profit community space, Life In Deep Ellum opened its doors to all you amazing guests ready to eat, drink, and dance! From grunge-wearing Nirvana-esque guests to an America Gladiatior – one thing is for sure – We partied like it was 1991! I know a shout out doesn't even justify the dedicated Yelpers that came dressed in their 90's best, but we do want to recognize you and thank you for making the theme even more complete.

Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 9.26.56 AM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 9.37.57 AM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 9.39.06 AM

    Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 9.45.33 AM    Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 9.46.37 AM   Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 9.42.40 AM

The guests were graciously greeted by the first of three bars stocked plentiful of Deep Eddy Vodka cocktails infused with lemonade, NaughTEA cider Sweet Tea Hot Toddies, Refreshingly cool Crispin Cider over ice. While the other bars boasted saucy spirits provided by Brugal Añejo Rum, and Hearty Ale and Lager from Texas' own Saint Arnold. With bountiful booze around every corner, the night was an endless flow of fun!

Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.34.44 AM  Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.25.01 AMScreen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.25.43 AM         

Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.26.58 AM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.27.43 AM  Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.28.41 AM 

After Yelpers wet their whistles a little, their appetites needed some satisfaction. What would we have done without the delicious spicy pork and blue cheese tacos from Velvet Taco and bombtastic Banh Mi Bites from Pho Is For Lovers to save the day? According to Joshua W Whiskey Cake was "one item stands out from the rest. This stuff is slap your momma good. Seriously." So good, in fact, it's safe to say the delectable dessert took the cake!

Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 11.13.43 AM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 11.14.35 AM
Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 11.15.07 AM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 11.17.05 AM

Once stomachs were full and thirsts were quenched, it was time to dance. With old-school tunes spun by i-entertainment from the likes of Salt n' Peppa, MC Hammer, TLC, Digital Underground, Stone Temple Pilots, and Vanilla Ice – we were doing the Tootsie Roll and the Carlton in no time. Without a doubt, Dallas Power House of Dance had us on our feet grooving to the Humpty Dance and Cupid Shuffle, as well. Good thing CORT Furniture was present for us to rest our barking dogs in style with multi-colored lights, bars, couches, and more!

Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.42.16 PM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.42.51 PM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.43.48 PM

Other show-stopping activities included getting banged and colored by Live Hair Group so we could look oh-so sylish for the snazzy three-snap photo poses at FotoFavor. Submerged in nineties nuances guests were encouraged to reflect on their favorite decade on the 90's tribute wall while sipping some sensational bubble tea from Fruitealicious or testing thier nintendo skills on the Wii Arcade Screen also provided by i-entertainment.

Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.45.57 PM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.46.56 PM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.47.59 PM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.49.16 PM

Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.50.26 PM Screen shot 2011-11-26 at 10.51.29 PM

To tune into what all the Yelpers are yapping about the shindig go here. Or check out photos from the event here and FotoFavor pics here! If you were lucky enough to get in on the action and haven't written a review yet – what are you waiting for, dude!? Let's hear what you have to say - share it with the Yelpy Wolrd! Remember – these Yelper events happen about twice a year...Next on is just around the corner!

Until Then, SYOY

Peace Out Homies,

Frances G

November 24, 2011

Soirée Elite Yelp INK Party chez Inkpress pour les Yelpeurs Lyonnais

Posted by Camille L

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_04

Ce mardi soir rue d'Aguesseau à la Guillotière, près de 110 Yelpeurs se sont réunis pour la troisième Yelp Party lyonnaise dans un endroit inédit et atypique, l'atelier de sérigraphie INKPRESS. Au programme, découverte de la sérigraphie en direct, bonnes boissons et délicieuses trouvailles salées et ravigorantes pour finir ce mois de novembre en beauté !

Les Yelpeurs arrivés en masse dès 19h ont pu découvrir l'atelier, et pour les plus prévoyants, en profiter pour faire sérigraphier un t-shirt, un sac, un sweat ou même une serviette de table ou un rideau ! Le visuel réalisé pour l'occasion a mis à l'honneur INKPRESS et Yelp mais aussi et surtout les Week-End Dressings, déambulation de mode qui aura lieu les 10-11 et 17-18 décembre à Lyon, à la découverte de créateurs et de lieux originaux, du prêt-à-porter, aux accessoires et bijoux pour femme, homme et enfant, et dont INKPRESS sera l'un des lieux phares, forcément très attendu ! Les Yelpeurs ont ainsi déjà pris rendez-vous pour revenir découvrir l'atelier à cette occasion !

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_25

Capture d’écran 2011-11-24 à 10.40.49

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_46

Réchauffés par les deux soupes réalisées par Moustache (miam le choufleur au bleu, mioum le potiron !) et des lentilles-saucisson chaud à tomber, les Yelpeurs ont très vite adopté l'atelier : bière belge Duvel ou boisson Sireau à la grenadine ou à la menthe en main, tout le monde papote gaiement, comme de coutume ! Aurélie M est comblée : "J'aime être bichonnée et les soirées Yelp l'ont bien compris ! Au départ pas très convaincue par cet atelier un peu froid, il s'est très vite réchauffé, et bien plus encore ! Après quelques minutes d'acclimatation, quelques gorgées de Sireau de Menthe, 2 mini soupes au potiron trop bon, une sérigraphie trop belle et des séances de papotages bien animées, je suis repartie conquise !"

Et derrière le bar, c'est la DJette Maria Rockmore qui officie avec brio et ravigore l'assemblée avec une ambiance musicale parfaitement adaptée et fortement appréciée ! Pour Alexandra D : "Du bon son, des goodies à foison. Et le petit plus : Inkpress qui ouvrait son atelier sérigraphie pour des customisations de sacs et t-shirts avec un visuel créé spécialement pour la soirée. Tout ce qu'il faut pour passer du bon temps à parler de Yelp, de la pluie, du beau temps, de Lyon."

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_07

Pour conclure la soirée, l'arrivée surprise d'une boite de 12 cupcakes surprises offerts par Audrey du salon de thé Little fera quelques heureux élus... et de nombreux jaloux ! Il faudra revenir, Audrey !

...En conclusion : du monde, des sourires et beaucoup de surprises, tant est si bien qu'on parie que certains n'auront même pas aperçu dans un coin de la salle Cara Mia qui profite de la foule pour réaliser - à l'ordinateur et à la souris, s'il vous plaît - quelques illustrations bien trouvées !


Le mot de la fin sera pour Pauline G qui résume ainsi la soirée : "J'peux ravoir un peu de soupe de potiron, siouplé...?"

Merci à Hélène de l'Agence QuelleCom et à Antoine et Benoît de l'agence Milk & Mint pour leur aide précieuse sur la réalisation de cette soirée !

Si vous étiez là mardi soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, allez faire un tour sur notre page Flickr.

Camille L
Lyon  Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_62


This Tuesday in Lyon, over 110 Yelpers came out to celebrate the third Yelp elite party in Lyon at the very unusual and underground INKPRESS silkscreen workshop in the Guillotière.

The guests were perfectly on time and the party soon got off to a quick start with the guests exploring the workshop and its numerous surprises. Many guests had played by the rules and brought a shirt, bag, napkin, hoody or even a curtain to the party for the silkscreen experts to print for free. Soon the workshop was packed with new custom-made clothes printed with the design made especially for the party with the names INKPRESS, Yelp and Week-End Dressings, a Lyon fashion event in December, which will be partly held at INKPRESS, a great occasion for all Yelpers to go back to the workshop very soon!

As to food? The crowd heated up as soon as Moustache passed around warm soups to everybody in cute little cups! Cauliflower and blue cheese, pumpkin or lentils with hot sausage, not a single Yelper was left without something warm to eat, and everyone was delighted!

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_45

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_19
Along with a Belgian Duvel beer or a bottle of Mint or Grenadine Sireau, the Lyon Yelpers got to enjoy the sound of DJette Maria Rockmore, working her music with talent from behind the bar! Clémentine Z is happy about her night out: "An 'underground' place but nonetheless very friendly, a bit like an old friend's garage, good beer, smiling people, lively conversations, good soup and real good sound... I had a great night!" And as the US Consul in Lyon was heard saying during the party: "I feel home, it's almost like a New York party!" (On the Brooklyn side of town, we bet!)

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_47
After a surprise visit from Audrey from cupcake-shop Little and... 12 surprise cupcakes which made both very happy... and some very jealous guests, the party came to a stop with everyone going home to admire their brand new silkscreen-printed t-shirt!


All in all, many people, many many smiles and so many things to discover that we bet some of the guests didn't even notice special guest Cara Mia drawing sketches about the party from one corner of the room - all from her computer! As Anabelle L puts it: "Drinking, cheering, putting Yelpstick between two drinks and chitchats, watching the live silkscreen of one's t-shirt - I love it so much! - it was just great!"

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_64

Capture d’écran 2011-11-24 à 10.41.02

Special thanks to Hélène from Agence QuelleCom and Antoine and Benoît from Milk & Mint for their precious help with throwing this party!

Read what party-goers have to say about the festivities by reading the reviews here. For more images of the evening, don't miss our Flickr page.

Camille L
Lyon  Community Manager

* See you on Yelp !

SoirÇe Yelp 22_11_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_44

November 23, 2011

Que Syrah, Shiraz: A Tucson Elite Event @ Jonathan's Cork

Sometimes basic is best, ya know? Which is why this month Elites took to the east-side sans costumes and magicians and fire breathers and hula hoopers and face painters and... and... (I guess that's it!) Restaurant owners Jonathan and Collette Landeen created an intimate experience on the patio of Jonathan's Cork featuring two lesser known wines and some incredible food! But before folks could sip and savor we played a little Y-E-L-P-O! You know the game, five down, across or diagonal, first one to shout YELPO! wins, but instead of numbers and letters, filling these squares were Elite responses to the following: Who is your fave food network chef, and why? You'd be surprised how many people like Ina Garten, it's not just me which is a huge releif because I've been told I have an unhealthy obsession. 

1-1            1-2           1-3

Once we awarded winners some prizes the tasting began. On one side Jonathan taught half of our group the differences between Syrah and Shiraz. Talking a bit about the origins and notes, yelpers had the opportunity to pair both wines with some tasty eats. Blackened chicken anyone? Or maybe jalapeno-brined bacon-wrapped shrimp is more your flavor. Whatever folks decided to feast on, there were no empty wine glasses, Jonathan has a knack for keeping people hydrated! On the other side of the patio Bar Manager Jeff made a cool cocktail, the Aviation, and talked about his history with the joint. Get this, he's been there for 13 years! That's some staying power. But when your mom is a cocktail waitress it only makes sense that you'll find a home behind the bar!

     2-1          2-1.5         2-2

After each group got their drink on, folks took a glass of their fave back to their seats for a grilled romaine salad, a meatloaf slider and some mac and cheese that puts the blue box to shame. Seriously, I've never heard Elites so quiet before, they must have been writing reviews in their mind as they munched. No meal is complete without something sweet, right? So Jonathan and Collette brought out their famous almond roca in cute little to-go sacks. No description will do this crack-candy justice. Go and get some NOW, because they only make it during the holidays and you'll be sad if you need to wait a year because they ran out... and they will! 

3-4           3-5           3-6

Before we ended our back to basics evening trying lesser known wines and amazing menu options, Elites had a chance to show their smart side in a game I called "Syrah, Shiraz or Neither." A pair of Yelp ELites was given a word and they had to decide whether it was a European city (where most Syrah is produced) an Australian city (where most Shiraz is produced) or neither. One Elite with a bike horn, the other with a dog toy, it was a blast to watch people "buzz in" and test their geography skills while folks went head to head until we had a winner. Everyone won that night though, thanks to Jonathan and Collette who opened their doors to our yelpy crew and dished up an amazing experience. Don't beleive me? Read the reviews! Their staff helping us was incredible at making sure we were hydrated and fed, and Billy K gets props for always seeming to capture great shots!

4-1           4-2           4-3

See you at the next one!  


Corey D

Tucson Community Manager & 

Dreamer Of All Things Almond Roca! 

Manchester Elites Get Some Early Christmas Shopping In...

It's that time of year again, folks! Time to start thinking about being nice to all the people you love, like or maybe even can't stand. Either way, you need to come up with presents for them, stat. And as part of Yelp's Pledge to Shop Local, here in Manchester we couldn't resist putting on a little party for our Elites in allowing them to browse around Oklahoma after all the other customers had gone home.

0101_0012 0101_0036

But with the Christmas Markets in full swing, how could we draw the crowds in off the festively lit streets? With a warm welcome of course, one which involved plates piled with lauded Chorlton deli Barbakan's mince pies, mulled punch courtesy of the ladies at Oklahoma's veggie café, and some very special hot chocolate. All for free of course.

0101_0007 0101_0057

These fetching orange mugs came all the way from Austria, and Hazel Glen from Stroh kept the cocoa with a kick coming. Stroh's festive, spicy rum went down a treat, and for those not keen on chocolate, she and the Oklafolks were happy to make toddies with the mulled fruity punch.


Toby S was the first lucky Elite to try the brew, and his short but sweet review summed the whole experience up: 'Obviously awesome! Yelpers to the left of me, yelpers to the right, stuck in the middle with... mince pies. Got to see lovely Yelpers, got to see another niche in Manchester, what more needs to be achieved really? Exactly!'


Fuelled and fired up, it wasn't long before our Yelpfolks took to the shelves and browsed away like pros. Oklahoma even managed to put some money behind the till, so the Yuletide celebrations started early for everybody! Andrew Y took away a ceramic coffee takeout cup, and Bex T couldn't contain her excitement over Oklahoma's collection of animal miniatures.

0101_0107 0101_0108


But don't just take our word for it. Have a fireside chat on the subject, mull over the pictures and read the event reviews right here.

0101_0330_1 0101_0098
0101_0029 0101_0210

Many thanks to Hazel from Stroh, Nicola and all her Oklahoma staff, Barbakan for the mince pies, Harrison Edwards for his superb photography skills, and all the plucky Elites who braved the cold to spend the evening with us! Until next time, SYOY everybody.


Season's Greetings from Em the Manchester CM, Oklahoma's Nicola, and her bonny baby-to-be!

Glasgow Elites Say Hola To Pinto!

Posted by Chris Docherty

Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers! Wait... is that right? Moving on from the failed movie quotations, last night saw yet another awesome installment of the epic drama/adventure/zomromcom that is Yelp Glasgow: This Time It's Mexican

Pinto 2
Mean hombres, sensual senoritas and random other folks with daft mustaches piled into the splendidly awesome Pinto Mexican Kitchen for a night of spectacular grub, bombastic beer and a cheeky shot of margarita to chase away the winter chill!

Pinto 4
Taking over half the Pinto restaurant, yelpers donned the uber PC (ahem) fancy dress articles strewn across the tables... folks like dressing up? There's a shocker!

Pinto 5
With a 'compliments of the house' card in hand, yelpers were treated to a free treat from the excellent array of top mexican nosh on offer. From burritos to tacos, pork to steak, the smells alone were enough to have some of the eager yelpers wringing out there mustaches in anticipation (not a euphemism).

Pinto 6
Thanks to the good folks at MolsonCoors, the meaty goodness was washed down with a fantastic selection of globally fitting beers. From Corona to Modelo and Negra Modelo, yeplers were't short of a sip on the night.

Pinto Beer
Big thanks go to Ian and his staff on the night for making the event such a success. For all who never managed to speak directly to Ian (not many I assume, he was quite the social butterfly... with a beard.) he asked me to say a great big thank you for the enthusiastic response to the grub and dining experience had at Pinto. 

Pinto Staff
Additional thanks go to Jessie D and her Mammy Annie for helping out on the night... even though the former had a bad case of the flu/grumps *ducks*

As per usual, you can check out the reviews of the event here and even add your own thoughts. 

Did you make the photo line up? Check out the fine foties here... get ready to cringe!

Final thank you goes again to the masterful Alistair W for his splendid snapping of the event. Ally continues to impress with his skills and ability to capture the spirit of the events. Get in!

Thanks again folks. T'was a blast x two and a half. Till next time, adios!

Pinto me

Chris D

November 22, 2011

Phoenix Elites Dine Like Champions at Don & Charlie's

Don & Charlies has been a household name as a prime steakhouse without the attitude since 1981. They recently opened their doors to the Yelp Elites to show them why they are not only a Phoenix staple, but also a popular stop for sports celebrities who pass through town! During the elite-only party, yelpers experienced a truely five star experience from the minute they stepped through their doors to the moment they rolled out in a food coma from the full dining experience!

  D & G collage 1

  D & G Collage 11

Gallo Winery greeted the elites with full glasses of their red and white vino to sip while Don & Charlie's filled every table with shrimp cocktail and artichoke dip starters. Elites mixed and mingled with familiar faces and befriended new ones as they played Yelp Elite bingo for the chance to win a $50 Don & Charlie's gift card! After gazed at the walls lined with one-of-a-kind sports memorabilia from over the years and conversing over wine and activities, elites took their seats and the feast began!

D & G COllage 2

D & G Collage 3

D & G Collage 4

Don & Charlie's staff grinned from ear to ear while they took elite's orders from the special menu. Each elite chose from a Cesar, Wedge or House Salad to start; BBQ ribs, Filet, BBQ Chicken, Ribeye or BBQ Salmon for their entree and a sweet finale with their choice of Key Lime Pie, Creme Brulee or a Goldbrick Sundae. While they feasted on the generous meal from Don & Charlie's, Gallo made sure that the wine didn't stop flowing all evening long!

D & G Collage 5

D & G Collage 9

D & G Collage 10

D and G Collage 8

Don, the owner of Don & Charlie's, enthusiastically chatted with each and every elite and two guests were lucky enough to leave with $50 gift cards for a future visit to the championship dining steakhouse. As if that wasn't enough, everyone left with a bottle of Don & Charlie's signature BBQ sauce and a goodie bag filled with Yelp sunglasses and a sports ornament for their Christmas tree.

D & G Collage 13

D and G Collage 6

D and G Collage 15

A special thank you goes to Don & Charlie's for hosting the evening, Gallo Wines and the elite yelpers for attending! Take a look at the pictures and see what the elites are saying about the evening!


Until next time, SYOY!

Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager



An Interview With Philly Girl & Top Chef All Star Jen Carroll

Posted by Michelle C

Jen Carroll 165x150Between donating her time to charity events, cooking at private parties, and sourcing potential new restaurant locations, Top Chef alum Jennifer Carroll has been keeping herself busy. Yelp Philly's Michelle C was lucky enough to sit down with this former All Star at Old City's Cafe Olé, where she dishes on where she likes to booze, how she takes her cheesesteaks, and what's in store next.

Michelle C: We hear you like a good drink every once in a while. Which bars do you like to throw down in after a long day?

Jen C: I love my drinks, I like all my cocktails and I’m loving the whole mixology thing – Farmers’ Cabinet, Franklin MortgageTime is always a good time because you have the three different areas. I like Race Street Cafe because they have a great beer selection. It’s dark and cozy and they have a wood-burning fireplace, so in the winter when it’s freezing it’s nice and cozy.

MC: Mike Isabella’s coming to town and he only has a few hours to grab a cheesesteak – where are you sending him?

JC: (Laughs.) Mike Isabella is pretty much an any type of sandwich kind of guy. He lived in Philly for a long time... so he would probably be telling me where he wants to go, but my first choices would be Tony Luke’s and Campo's.

MC: Do you take yours with whiz?

JC: I do American cheese, wit.

MC: If a man wanted to win you over on a first date, where should he take you?

JC: My favorite restaurant in the city is Zahav, so it would be an instant win for him to take me there because I’ll be happy whether it’s a good time or not with him. Zahav and a walk down to Old City to some of the galleries would be nice. Also, if the person has a nice big yacht, going out on the water would be really nice!

MC: Got any favorite one-size-fits-all local shops to buy a gift for a chef, a mom, a friend or a pet?

JC: My go-to spot for clothes and for all types of girls is SA VA. They are one of my favorite-favorites. Smak Parlour has a lot of really cool things.

MC: What are the best places for eats in your neighborhood?

JC: Since I live in Old City right now, I come to Cafe Olé all the time. Their house special, the shakshuka, is actually what I’m eating right now and it is unbelievable. It’s a ton of spices and peppers and tomato sauce and lightly poached eggs – it’s awesome! And Fork. Fork is one of my favorites and Fork: etc. is great because if you wake up late, you can get breakfast all day.

MC: Where is your favorite place for pizza?

JC: I love Tower Pizza because I can get it at any time of the day. For specialty pizzas, you can’t beat Osteria. Jeff does an amazing, amazing job. The Lombardo with the egg – it’s craveable!

MC: What’s your idea of the perfect girls’ night out?

JC: A perfect girls night out would be sitting at home, watching a romantic comedy with some champagne and wine and just gossiping and catching up with all of my friends – no interruptions by any guys!

MC: If you were to plan a girls’ night out at a restaurant, where do you think you’d go?

JC: Bibou, Rouge. We could keep it totally all-girls and go to Barbuzzo and get Marcie and Val involved. 

MC: You’ve recently left Eric Ripert’s 10 Arts. What’s next, and do you plan to stay in Philly?

JC: I am absolutely, definitely staying in Philadelphia. What’s next for me – I am looking all over for locations right now, so once we find a location we can start rolling. In the interim I’m doing catering, consulting, private parties and that type of stuff – so if someone wants to hire me to come cook for them, I’d be more than happy to!

Yelp Chicagoland Elites Go Latin in Oak Park!

Posted by Jelena Z

It may be cold outside, baby, but that didn't stop Maya del Sol from heating up our Monday night! Chicagoland Elites came together in Oak Park for an intimate evening overflowing with tasty Latin American eats, handmade margaritas, wonderfully accommodating service and mingling to the max.

Long_Picnik collage

"Oh em gees" were heard 'round the room as Elites sampled a few of Maya del Sol's most popular dishes including a trio of sopes (corn masa cakes filled with Chicken Tinga, sweet plantains and guacamole), Ceviche Tradicional (fresh fish cured in lime juice with tomatoes, red onions and Serrano peppers), Humitas Gratinadas (sweet corn tamales topped with Poblano cream sauce and Queso Fresco) and Argentinean Empanadas (beef picadillo wrapped in a puff pastry then baked and topped with a Chimichurri sauce). Happy stomachs... happy mouths... happy Elites!

Food_Picnik collage

Did we mention the margaritas? Oh yes, we did. Not only did guests get the opportunity to try Maya Del Sol's signature house margaritas made with ultra premium Milagro Tequila, but Milagro also invited Elites to step up to the tasting table for an interactive stand-alone sampling. To conclude an epic evening, three lucky winners took home a gift basket filled with Milagro Tequila, Milagro organic agave nectar and everything needed to mix a superb margarita at home. Additionally, Maya del Sol gifted two $50 gift certificates for a return visit to the restaurant recently featured on Check Please! Lucky us.

Drinks_Picnik collage

To read the reviews of our sizzling soiree, click here and for a glimpse of Andrés J. DeLeón's photography genius, click here. Thanks to all who came out and a special thanks to Maya del Sol and Milagro Tequila for rolling out the red carpet... it sure is good to be a Yelp Elite!

PeepsPicnik collage



Jelena Z

Yelp Detroit's Greatest Show on Earth!

Posted by Annette

On Friday, November 18th around 320 yelpers convened on Belle Isle for Yelp Detroit’s largest bash to date, Yelp’s Greatest Show on Earth at the Detroit Yacht Club! This three-ring circus had sideshow thrills, bombshell burlesque, sexy dancing unicorns and more treats than you could juggle into an entire evening!

Our wonderful hosts, the  Detroit Yacht Club showed us to their beautiful ballroom overlooking the Detroit River. Inside, lighting by Tobin's Lake Studios set the scene of Yelpy décor and helped show off our fabulous vendors and performers.

Beverages were provided by Michigan made Hard Luck Vodka (who shared some of their signature candy flavored libations like Red Fish, Root Beer Barrel, Orange Dream, and Lemon Drop), Piece of Cake Liqueurs (who showed off their decadent Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake liqueurs), and Pearl Vodka who warmed things up by spiking some tasty hot apple cider with their delicious Caramel vodka--tasty treats that were all “delicious and dangerous” as Elite yelper Maureen M raved. For something just as delish but booze-free Vitaminwater was on hand keeping folks hydrated and satisfied!


The Detroit Yacht Club treated guests to spectacular eats like shrimp canapés, tandoori chicken skewers, grilled vegetables, and a variety of extra fancy deviled eggs topped with the likes of caviar and Maryland crab. Local sponsors were on hand to bring the sweet treats and they certainly delivered! Peteet's Famous Cheesecake left Kristin F floored with their “smoove as butta” sweet potato cheesecake, while Pink Elephant Cupcakes wowed the crowd with a variety of bite sized sweets (like yelper favorite chocolate peanut butter!) and chocolate chip cookies, while Treat Dreams whipped up a brand new flavor of ice cream special for the occasion—a “creamy, boozy” concoction made with Hard Luck’s Red Fish vodka that caught Carole H hook, line and sinker!


In between tasting all these magnificent eats and drinks guests were treated to a myriad of entertainment options including face painting by Curlie's Face Art (many a moustache and glittery eye were to be seen!) and old timey midway games like Big Mouth Clown and Milk Bottle Toss that tested yelpers’ skills to win larger bits of Yelp schwag like shot glasses, bike bells, and fingerless gloves. T-Mobile showed off some of their great new techy products and raffled off some of their finer wares, while Ann Arbor’s DJ Chuck Sipperley cranked out some funkadelic tunes right there in Motown!

Collage 3b

Up on stage the bombshell gals of the Detroit Dizzy Dames tantalized our Elite yelpers during a VIP burlesque hour. Tickled Fancy Burlesque Company out of Ann Arbor also brought a bevy of beauties who caught our guests’ eyes with playful numbers featuring a mermaids and sailors dance off, sexy comic book vixens, and prancing unicorns. Further dazzling our guests was the Doppelganger Circus Sideshow who wowed the crowd with tricks featuring a bed of nails, straightjackets, and stairs made from blades!

Keeping track of all the festivities was Doug Coombe Photography while Shutterbooth set up shop to let you take home some of your very own photobooth pics. You may have also seen Scott Allen running around with a camera. He’ll be bringing us a very wonderful video in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Collage 5

Most importantly, our generous yelpers helped us raise $1,251 for Operation: Kid Equip, a local non-profit providing school supplies to local children in need. That’ll pay for one truck full of supplies for these kids so give yourselves a pat on the back if you dropped in some money that evening. Didn’t make it but still want to give? Hit this.

Thanks again to the Detroit Yacht Club, all their AMAZING staff, and all our wonderful sponsors and performers. Our evening would not have been nearly as fantastic without your help! Speaking of help--thanks so much to Bobie C, Heidi M, Jordan G, Jeff K, fabulous Minneapolis CM Annie D, and the legendary Denver CM Tiffany N for all their help throughout the evening.

Collage 6

Want to relive the festivities or check it out if you weren’t there? Photos can be found over yonder. To check out what our fabulous guests are saying (or to write a review of the evening yourself) check out the page over here.

Until we meet again!



Annette J

Community Manager Yelp Detroit


Yelp Chicago Proves Its Mettle (Metal?)

Posted by Johnny Todd

What do you get when you combine an Iron Chef, golden keys, sparkly libations, divine food, and a diamond crowd? You get Yelp Chicago's latest Elite event adventure: Yelp és D'or. Over 250 Elites and guests made their way to South Loop hot spot Mercat a la Planxa to experience the best of the best of Spanish cuisine and drinks.

6383651405_b9bc4799da_b 6383658357_48dfa746c0_b 6383658547_efaa6f6d11_b 6383659393_24e293405a_b

Located in the classic Blackstone Hotel, Mercat's known for mouth-watering Spanish tapas created by the genius of Chicago's very own Iron Chef, chef Jose Garces. Captivated guests got to experience first-hand what Iron Chef cuisine is like as they dined on Charcuteria and Quesos: Cured Spanish Meats and Cheese; two Cochinillo Asado: Whole Roasted Suckling Pig with Rosemary White Beans and scallions; Datiles con Almendras: Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Marcona Almonds; Truita De Patata con Espinacas: Spanish-Style Omlette with Spinach, Potato and Saffron Aioli; and Cepes Y Butifarra Coca: Seasonal Mushrooms with Roasted Garlic and Manchego Cheese. Delighted guests couldn't believe their mouths or eyes at the spectacle of riches.

6383656701_6977b0e025_b 6383659265_364fce0cab_b 6383665097_429f45be9e_b 6383665235_c8a811bb12_b

Iron Chef food deserves only the best possible drink pairing. But, of course. And, none other than Segura Viudas offering pours of its award-winning Brut Reserva cava would do. As if that wasn't enough, lucky attendees sipped on the signature Pink Drink of the evening -- Segura Cava with Pomegranate and Lemon Juice. The only thing missing was ruby-adorned glassware.

6383661463_f9761b76c5_b 6383651511_8f8bebeb57_b 6383662499_ba3b8bdec4_b 6383663333_097383d425_b

The golden night continued with a scavenger hunt. Segura Viudas provided the clues and Elites provided the footwork. Hidden throughout the Catalonian masterpiece were six golden keys that unlocked a treasure that many had thirsted for for ages. Many tried but only Tricia L possessed the key that unlocked a chest full of Brut Reserva. But Tricia wasn't the only winner. Guests were treated to the flamenco guitar of Thomas Tabora. Everyone who wanted to got a chance to spin the Segura prize wheel with the grand prize winner receiving a trip for two to Sonoma, California complete with a $250 AMEX Gift Card and a VIP tour at Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyards. Golden.life. Don't just take our word for it. Eagle-eyed photog Sean Davis took all the shots here. And, overjoyed guests wrote their impressions here.

6383660745_dc696fdec2_b 6383657605_fcbdf44840_b
6383666613_947c55375b_b 6383667399_6b1e59b455_b

Until next time,

Johnny T

November 21, 2011

Yelp's Local Buzz in San Diego!

Posted by Danny Wurst

San Diego was recently stung by Yelp’s Local Buzz! and we’re not just talking about the complimentary IPA’s from Lagunitas Brewing Company or the Bombora Vodka and Greenbar Collective cocktails that were featured at these four awesome parties benefitting the San Diego Jazz Musician’s Guild.  This past November 6th, 7th, 10th and 18th the SD community was treated to a series of celebrations at Queen Bees Art & Cultural Center showcasing some of the regions hottest bites, beverages, and bad a$$ entertainment.

Ylb sponsor
Random Radio headlined the opening ceremony on Night 1 with This One’s For The Girls. (A tribute to music’s famous females) Dressed to honor their favorite leading ladies of past and present yelpers indulged on food samples from Berkeley Pizza, Devine Pastabilities, The Foundry, Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop, The Abbey Catering and Event Design and Zico Coconut Water. While the band covered popular hits an array of art was displayed throughout the walls and a live hula hoop performance additionally saw everyone shaking their hips.

Ylbnight 1
The buzz continued on Night 2 when Caliber came through gracing all with an eclectic array of cover tunes for the Battle Of The Band T’s. Rocking out while rocking their favorite band t-shirt, guests of this evening were able to enjoy tastes of Berkeley Pizza, Capriottis, Devine Pastabilities, Dirty Birds, Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop, Slater's 50/50, RUST General Store, and Zico Coconut Water.

Ylbnight 2
Night 3 was equally local with a Californication theme that featured The Red Not Chili Peppers and attire that was so SoCal. The only thing about as smoking hot as this tribute band was the samples supplied by Devine Pastabilities, Dirty Birds, Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop, Slater's 50/50, West Coast Tavern and Zico Coconut Water.

Ylb night3
Rounding out the rambunctiousness, Science Fiction jazzed up the music scene playing for the Sci-Fi Friday finale. Releasing every inner childhood fantasy in the form of an outfit, guests said a farewell to Yelp’s Local Buzz in the form of delicious food styling’s from The Abbey Catering and Event Design, Berkeley Pizza, The Foundry, Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop, RUST General Store, and Slater's 50/50. Totally buzzed and full bellied it was an excellent way to wind down an awesome two weeks.

Ylb night 6
Special thanks to all the sponsors including Lagunitas Brewing Company, Bombora Vodka, and The Greenbar Collective. Also very big shout outs to Queen Bees for being our host with the most and Perles de Vie Photography for capturing all the memories. Feel free to check out all the photos or if you couldn’t make it read the reviews to see what you missed. 

Until next time my friends, SYOY! (See You On Yelp)

Picture 125

Danny W and the Yelp Team

RAWRRR! It's Yelpzilla! A Wafu Elite Event in Portland

Posted by Don Bourassa

On Saturday, November 19, 2011, 100 of Portland’s Elite rampaged their way through one of Bridge City’s newest Japanese eateries for Yelpzilla! A Wafu Elite Event! It was a toho-tally great time!

It may have been as cold as the summit of Mt. Fuji out on the streets of SE PDX, but the climate inside Wafu was definitely hot. Yelpers poured in the door at 3pm on the nose and were met with fantastic cocktails hand-crafted forged from Deco Distilling’s Silver Rum, Ginger Rum and Coffee Rum (who knew it went so well with coke?!). Christine D admits “the ginger rum drink blew me away.” Backing up withthe brew offerings, Ninkasi’s Total Domination and seasonal Sleigh’r ales were a total hit. As Sarah E notes, “the Ninkasi beer was a great pairing with the spicy food, and is my new favorite beer.”  And it wouldn’t be a Japanese drinking fest without some Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo saké from Oregon’s own SakéOne. Heather M “LOVED the sake! It was smooth, a little sweet, and went well with the fried rice.” 

Picnik collage1

Speaking of food, Wafu laid down some tasty snacks to pair with the King Ghidora-sized 1-2-3 punch of cocktails. Annelise K “loved the shrimp fried rice and the eggplant dish with that wicked good light sauce.” and Sarah E swears “the spicy garlic edamame was the best part of the afternoon. It was simply delicious and went PERFECTLY with the beer.” The kitchen kicked a nice bit of snacks out while the bartenders poured drinks as fast as they could. It was a feat to behold in that packed venue! 

Picnik collage2

As Josh W attests, “it was good times at Wafu, it's always great to have a new place to try out, and this is a for sure place to come back and hit up.” I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of Kurt and Israel from Wafu; the saké love from Dewey and the folks at SakéOne; the beer-is-love kindness of Morgan from Ninkasi; the fantastic locally-made rum from Lenny and Augustina at Deco Distilling; that gorilla at the front door Matt D; and of course the Portland Elite Squad, without whom none of this would have been possible. 

Don’t believe me? Check the reviews and the Photos! And if you haven’t dropped your review yet, what are you waiting for? 

Until next time, SYOY!--Donzilla


Pittsburgh Hipsters Get Hooked Up @ Delanies!

Posted by Rachel Carlson

Yelp Elites came out in their skinniest skinny jeans for Yelp's Coffee and Skinny Jeans Elite Event held at Delanies Coffee in the South Side of Pittsburgh. The evening was packed full of treats, tunes and 'staches to entertain the masses!

Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1480Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1506Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1503Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1502

Delanies provided a smorgasboard of treats includingp pumpkin and apple cheesecake, rasberry and white chocolate scones and the most ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies you've ever tasted, among the many other delectable offerings! "Delanies really made an awesome show out of this one, there were so many options" that even someone without a sweet tooth like Jarrett H, "couldn't stop trying different things! The macaroons were tasty and so was the pumpkin cheese cake... Mmm." Who could resist pairing a Pumpkin Latte with a little somethin' somethin'? Although espresso was included, we amped it up a bit with some Bailey's Irish Cream for an extra shot of delciousness! Guests were also able to throw back local brews including the White Lighting, Perc E Bust and Festivus from Full Pint Brewering Company. For a non-alcholic thirst quencher, Honest Tea was on hand to sample their awesome brand of teas including their new Lemonade. How refreshing!

Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1468Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1500Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1487Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1492Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1479

Rounding out the evening was Burgh band Bait and Switch, who sang pop covers from Katy Perry and Fergie and mixed it up with a few classics like "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid! Keri K is "never disappointend at a yelp event! I'm not from Pittsburgh and everytime I come I feel included. Do you know that expression, 'from the top down?' Prime example right! Friendly, personable, cool, down to earth peeps that know what's up in 'da burgh."

Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1484Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1469Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1497Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1507

Many thanks to Delanies Coffee Manager, Kelly Wilson, for being an excellent host and to Allie Wynands for the beautiful photography! Check out all the fab photos from the evening on our Flickr page here. Enjoyed the event and want to share the love? Head over here and write a review! Or just continue the chat from the event on Talk!

The "cool" nerd,

Wynands_YelpElite_DelaniesCoffee_  1504

Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager

Halifax Yelpers 'Cue It Up @ Boneheads BBQ!

Posted by Ben

On an unseasonally warm Saturday morning in November, the sun was shining and Halifax yelpers thought the day couldn't possibly get any better. But thanks to the Hoedown Throwdown Elite Event at Boneheads BBQ, it could and it did!

Picnik collage
Local Elites donned their western finest for a southern feast, grabbing beermosas (white beer and OJ mixed half and half – you're welcome) on their way in before sitting down to a three-course, barbecue-inspired breakfast. What's that? You didn't know smoked meat could be a morning food? Oh you poor thing...

Picnik collage

Even after just the first course of fluffy biscuits topped with sausage gravy, you could hear the ambitious crowd of eaters starting to cancel their afternoon plans amidst looming food comas. Melanie M would share her love for the warm-up dish but "You guys?  There are no words. So unbelievably good."

Huevos rancheros came next, sitting in a nest of crispy tortilla chips on a bed of refried beans, topped with fresh-made guac. If you didn't think Southern food could be pretty, think again. Virginia-born elite Hilary G called it "heaven" and her "fav concoction of the morning."

Finally, yelpers rallied to taste the magic of cornbread-based hoecakes, topped with apple butter compote! This "unbelievable" end to a great meal pushed yelpers like Paul B over the edge: "we all had no self restraint to save any room for the final course! We just kept shoveling it in and washing it down with beermosas til the WWF was on speed dial for an emergency "whale on the beach" intervention."

Picnik collage
Finally pulling through your haze of overindulgence? Then be sure to post your review of the party as a thanks to our wonderful friends at Boneheads BBQ, and catch all the photos in the event gallery courtesy of the lovely Katie Tower! Want to make sure you're on the list for next time? Get all the details here!

Until next time, SYOY!


Ben B

Yelp Halifax Community Manager

Miami Yelpers Toast To Tapas Y Tintos!

Posted by Monica

Last Wednesday, on one of those famous Miami nights that snowbirds swoon over, 150 Yelp elites descended upon Midtown's new Tapas Y Tintos. Many of the attendees were already familiar with the epic Espanola Way location but, proprietors Nico De Justo and Fernando Jimenez graciously opened their doors to Elites and treated them to all sorts of Spanish fancies.


In between samples of spinach and ham croquetes, empanadas, montaditos, and a toothsome taste of their paella, elites got to quench their thrist with Tapas Y Tintos' famous sangria. During the event, Tiburon Flamenco took the stage and dazzled guests with their heel stomping, Spanish guitar wooing sounds. As Amber E can attest, "The highlight of the event was the entertainment. Don't get me wrong, I love the free booze and food and amazing company, but it's an extra special treat to also listen to live music and watch an awesome flamenco show.  The dancer was intense and you could feel her passion. The guitarist/singer (shout out Luis!) actually sung a song in Arabic - way cool!" To read about what the elites are saying, check out the reviews and catch the photos here!


Until next time!

Monica S

Yelp Cleveland's First Burstday Party!

Posted by Cara

It's our party and we'll Yelp if we want to, and what better way to celebate turning "one" than throwing the city's biggest Yelp blowout yetYelp CLE's First Burstday!


About 300 yelpers and their guests got glammed up to hang out at the smARTspace at 78th Street Studios for our burstday bash. This huge, renovated warehouse spanning two city blocks now houses a plethora of local creatives and artists in its catacombs. Yelpers were able to explore the studios during the party, watch fashion shoots and experience live art in the making. In fact, Kaitlin D loved "that we could check out the cool artwork. There some fantastic pieces hiding in those little rooms!." And  Rob S gushes, "this shindig definitely surpassed my expectations. Great vendors, great art, and a really cool location. Great job, Cleveland Yelp!" 


Cheers to our alcohol and non-boozy sponsors for giving us a little something to get into party-mode! Goose Island brought in more ale varieties than you could shake a stick at and local winery, Harpersfield Vineyard, had our grape expectations surpassed with phenomenal glasses of vino. Meawhile, Honest Tea served up quenching shots of their delicious, natural teas and ades to thirsty yelpers working it to the spinning sounds of DJ MisterBradleyP


Providing a ginormous spread of diverse light bites and desserts, 7 fantastic food sponsors brought their best goods, plus Yelp cookies and a huge Yelp cake—candles and all! Diana M repped, "The food was unbelievable" and Roxanne O "really liked the plantain bruchetta provided by JiBARO Gourmet Food Truck. Speaking of delicious, Touch Supper Club served up tasty crustinis, while StrEat Mobile Bistro brought the class of scallop-goodness and Umami Moto hit tastebuds hard with their take on Asian fusion. Let's not forget the the stuffed peppers from Zydeco Cajun Bistro, which just so happened to be Simon I's "favorite bite" of the whole party! Campbell's Sweets Factory had everyone up in arms over their chocolate covered treats and varieties of popcorn flavors, like the Dichotomy of caramel and cheddar! Last, but certainly not least, the Cleveland Cupcake Company brought a full tree of mini cakes featuring silly monkey and Mexican hot chocolate! 



For those who wanted to bump their own fancy factor up a notch, stylists from Cut Hair Studio were offering luxurious hand/arm massages, hair consultations and up-dos. Meanwhile Amanda's Elaborate Eyes gave yelpers a creative twist with face and body painting for guys 'n gals! Local print and marketing powerhouse, Jakprints was there to help us celebrate and the handmade-hotties from the Salty not Sweet boutique showcased their homegrown goodies. 


Since we were celebrating in the creative catacombs of lots of studios, why not participate in a little art of our own? Thanks to Adam Pate - The Caricature Guy, yelpers were lined up to get drawn, live, up on the big screen! Check out all the kick ass doodles on his Flickr page. And Cyan Design's Digital Graffiti Wall gave guests an artistic outlet without the fear of vandalizm—or a ticket from the police! Check out all the "spray paint" here


Capturing all the fun behind the camera, Photosnapz photo booth spat out tons of pic strips featuring yelpers in wacky props and hats! You can see all the crazy shots on their Smugmug page. Ackey+Z Photography snapped up all the event pics and they're posted on our Yelp Cleveland Flickr account, while Rare Form Digital got the entire bash on film. See the video above or on his vimeo page. 



Even with all these free goodies and indulgence, the Yelp Community didn't forget those in need. Thanks to the participation of the Cleveland Foodbank and our generous yelpers, in just three short hours we donated $534.10 and 170lbs of food


We think Megan P but it best: "This was a great event!!! Wonderful food, music and drinks. A perfect reason to look your best. I can't see how any Yelper could have missed this wonderful evening. I was just sad at how two hours went by so quickly. The saying is true, times does go by fast when you're having fun."

Many thanks to all involved in making this event a success, whether it was behind the scenes or on the front line. Words cannot express how important you all were to pulling off this biggest Yelp Cleveland party, yet! If you attended but haven't written a review, you can read and right your own here

Until next time, 












Cara L

Yelp Cleveland Community Manager



Sactown Elites Spend An Evening In The Foothills

Posted by Alex L

What better way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life than a quick escape to the Sierra Nevada foothills? That's exactly where Sacramento elites went to enjoy a classy evening of food, wine, hard cider and great music at the acclaimed Sienna restaurant.

Picnik collage
Our hosts couldn't have provided a warmer and more intimate setting, with two rooms and a large, handsome bar set aside exclusive for elites and their guests to enjoy. Candles flickered on tabletops and outdoor fireplaces burned on their luxurious patio, although most yelpers chose to stay indoors to avoid the autumn chill. With the scene set, well-dressed yelpers piled plates high with a sampling of the restaurants eats: lettuce wraps, coconut shrimp and mushroom bruschettta, pepperoni and margherita pizzas. Testifies Cindy S: "All of the food was phenomenal. It made us want more so we had to try an order of the short rib ravioli. What an awesome choice! We look forward to coming back and trying EVERYTHING else on the menu!"

Picnik collage2
Good food is always a little better when you have a tasty adult beverage to wash it down. Besides the selection of signature cocktails and house-brewed ales at the Sienna bar, Helwig Winery offered up tastings of vinos like their "Sea of Grapes" zinfandel. Says Jennifer W, "I'm their zin's new biggest fan. I look forward to planning a trip to Plymouth to check out the winery and take home a few bottles. Crispin Cider served up generous pours of Apple and Pear hard ciders. According to Christina S, these were "so crisp and refreshing that I could have chugged a whole bottle!"

Picnik collage3
Combine all this with some friendly folks and smooth DJ grooves from the very professional Bryan Greenwalt of Music & More Entertainment and you've got the perfect recipe for Elite Event success! But don't take my word for it. "It was almost uncanny what a good job Bryan did matching the songs to the mood of the party," exclaims Sophia A.

For further evidence of the good time, check out the reviews and lovely photos by Melissa Uroff Photography!


Alex L
Yelp Sacramento Community Manager


Twin Cities Elites party backwards and forwards at Yelp pleYs!

Posted by Annie D

It's good to be Elite in the Twin Cities. Why? 'Cause of parties like Yelp pleYs! This palindrome-tastic event was held at Pat's Tap, South Minneapolis' newest gastropub and skee-ball hub opened by the always-awesome Bartmann sisters. It's even named after their mom (aww...).


This was no party boobytrap! Summit Winter Ale was on tap (one of this CM's favorite winter pints) and glasses were clinking with Leatherhead Chardonnay and Picos Tempranillo from Hey Joe Wine Co too. As if that weren't enough, Pat's Tap poured their signature Evil Olive martini and Brass Monkey cocktail with Sobieski Vodka. Melissa L called the Brass Monkey "a nice fruity cocktail that was appropriate for a chilly fall night without making me miss summer." 'Cause that would just be cruel.


In between sips, Elites enjoyed gourmet sliders and bacon burgers (50% bacon... yeah, that's pretty wonderful), charcuterie platters, frickles and cheese curds that rival the State Fair's version. Just thinking of all this comfort food almost makes the chilly weather seem bearable.

This party also featured games galore, including Pat's Tap's now-famous retro skee-ball machines, Intern Liz's all-Twin Cities photo trivia, a challenging palindrome scramble made with submissions from Elites and a few fiery rounds of Jenga. Randall N said, "Love me some Jenga. For some reason it put me in the mood to watch Jumanji with Robin Williams. Thanks Yelp for the inspiration!"


Fun fact: One of the neighbors, a curious feline named Buster, snuck in to the party when no one was looking—twice! Was it taco cat? We may never know...

A big, sappy thanks to Pat's Tap, Summit Brewing, Hey Joe Wine Co. and Sobieski Vodka for hosting the Elites with the greatest of ease and another big, sappy thanks to everyone who came out to the party and brought Toys For Tots donations!

Haven't read enough? Check out the party reviews on Yelp (feel free to write one if you were there!) and the pictures by Alanna Olson Photography on Flickr. If you're interested in being part of the 2012 Elite Squad, get your Yelp profile in order and apply already!

Yelpfully yours,
Annie D

Twin Cities Community Manager

Charlotte Elites Take On Turkey Day at Table 274

Posted by Nicole W

With Thanksgiving only days away, Charlotte Elites were lucky enough to get a delicious jump on the holiday at Table 274 for a Yelpy Thanksgiving! With a multi-course meal, tunes from Brett Ramsey, a recipe swap, and chalkboard speech bubbles, the Elites let us know that the holidays were on their minds...

Table 274 outside

Guests grabbed their seats in Table 274's open dining room and began to nosh on tasty T-Day bites like pork pate crostini, stuffed turkey roulade with roasted yukon puree and cranberry sauce, and the most delicious green bean casserole arrancinis. As Chad E says, "The food was awesome and service came with a smile all night long." And for those with a sweet tooth, guests nibbled on pumpkin pie profiteroles and mini pecan pies!




To wash down all that delightful food, Four Friends Brewing was on tap! Elites imbibed in Four Friends' i77 IPA and Queen City Red. Per Jeff S, "Four Friends has become one of my favorite breweries and I am happy they are local. The I-77 ale is a wonderful brew!" And for the winos out there, Country Vintner provided some grape Entrada Chardonnay and Dante Merlot. Cheers!




Thanks to Tonya P of Poprock Photography, all the action was captured beautifully. Visit the event Flickr page to view all the photos! And as Faith D said, "In true Thanksgiving fashion, this event brought people together." Check out the official review page for more insight and to share your feedback. Here's to a happy Thanksgiving!




Table 274 138

-Nicole W.

Yelp Cincy's Sweet Event at Busken Bakery

Posted by Alex Shebar

Willy Wonka ain’t got nothing on Busken Bakery.

The famous Cincinnati bakery, open since 1928, is known for a few things: delicious cookies, amazing donuts and, come that first turn of cold weather, unbelievable pumpkin pie! To celebrate this Southern-Ohio tradition, yelpers were invited in to see the magic happen at Yelp’s Sweet Event.


Busken has one major 24-hour bakery that makes all the treats for all its stores. 60 yelpers donned hairnets and Busken hats for a facility tour unlike any other.

There was free pumpkin pie and apple cider, fantastic music by The Turkeys, a tour of the kitchen lead by the Busken CEOS (and brothers) where people filled their own donuts and had all you could eat sweets right off the racks …


Yes, you heard us right – we could eat anything in the bakery! Everyone got a box and if you saw a dessert you liked, you were encouraged to snatch it up and eat it (or save it for later). We ate cookies, Danishes and donuts so fresh, we literally watched them be fried, glazed and then put into our mouths.


We actually can’t do better at describing this amazing event than what’s already been written by other yelpers:

“When I moved to Cincinnati, a friend who used to live here said one word: Busken. I almost hesitate to tell her what I got to do last night for fear she may never talk to me anymore.” – Jessalynn S

“I stood with anticipation. I was handed a simple white box, containing gloves and a hairnet. I donned my apparel and waited my turn. Little did I know my childhood dream of touring the "candy" factory was about to become real.” – Jasmin C

“I really enjoyed seeing the workers making the treats I love so much. When I was told to take a freshly made donut that was iced less than a minute ago, I was in heaven. I ended up going home with a box of treats I plucked right off the trays, and a stomach full of fresh donut.” – Monika N

“And the Busken men in charge were amazing. Need an extra box? Ok. Want to take some pie home? Sure! Good thing the diet doesn't start til after the holiday right?!” – Rachel G

“I tasted the best pumpkin pie I've ever had. Normally I drown it in cool whip but this pie didn't need a thing. Perfect.” – Ann L

We ended the night with a yelper homemade pumpkin pie competition (judged by the senior Mr. Busken) and everyone got a “Family Survival Kit,” which included a take-home flask and Tums for those rough patches.


Unbelivable? You bet it was. But don’t just take our word on the night’s awesomeness, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographer extraordinaire Anna Penny on the Official Yelp Flickr page.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Alex S, Yelp Community Manager


November 19, 2011

Baltimore Rocks Out at "Yelp's November Rain!"

Posted by Elsa M.

Seems you really can't kill Rock n' Roll! Yelp Baltimore Elites revived Glam Metal at "Yelp's November Rain." With hair teased to new heights, elites and their guests headed to the most aptly-named bar in Bmore for the event: Bad Decisions.

Owner John Reusing unveiled the weirdness of riders, serving up all the strange demands of some of Rock n' Roll's most famous. Match the crazy menu item to the musician and elites had the chance to win a $50 bar tab for another night. Too bad not many people knew about Guns n' Roses' penchant for guacamole or Van Halen's distaste of brown M&Ms. And who would have guessed that so many rockstars demanded a puppy to keep them company? Many elites were left scratching their own hairy hair band heads. "I failed that miserably," admits a solemn Dan A. A couple glasses of "Bad Medicine" (apple liqueur, Tito's vodka, cider, and pinapple) helped him get happy again though.


The drink was strong enough to have others admitting to some "bad decisions" of their own back in the day. "All 80s rock played all night and I had a blast sitting at the bar and naming out all the songs that I once owed on 7" or LP," says Jamie S. "Yes, Quiet Riot's Mental Health was the first album I ever bought. Yep, I had that Whitesnake song on 7". Yes, I stole that G&R Appetite For Destruction tape in the summer between 5th and 6th grade." Naughty, naughty bad-ass in the making, Mr. Jamie!

_MKC0529 _MKC0397 _MKC0417 _MKC0566 _MKC0409

Shannon L's only complaint after a night of rocking out was a good one: "Why can't I give this event more stars? How about the ones I was seeing when I woke up in the morning? Take them please!" 


When elites and their guests weren't eating, drinking, stumbling over trivia, or singing along to the tunes, they were getting their faces touched up at a makeup station stocked with enough cakey makeup to throw Gene Simmons into a tizzy. Good thing photographer Michael King was all over the place with the photos. Aine F was in awe: "OMG, how awesome was the photographer! He was the ultimate paparazzo!"

Wanna see more of his awesome captures from the night? Click on any of the pictures above (but don't tell anyone what you saw!).

Until the next Elite Party, ROCK ON, Yelp Baltimore! ROCK ON!


Elsa M. "Slash's little sis"

Yelp Baltimore Community 


November 18, 2011

SF yelp Elites occupy Level III!

Thanksgiving is quickly nearing and what better way to spend a classic San Francisco November night than by toasting pumpkin puree cocktails and sampling truffle macaroni and cheese at at Yelp's Occupy Awesomeness Elite Event at Level III?  San Francisco yelpers got warm and toasty in Level III's magical holiday decorated lounge featuring handcrafted cocktails and a menu developed by award-winning executive chef, Ben Mattman.

Rebecca G was impressed by Level III's lovely and spacious interior, graced by a giant Christmas tree in the center of the plaza. She even took advantage of the fun, speedy elevators for a gorgeous view of the city on the 21st floor. In between marveling at the chic atmosphere of the restaurant and lobby, guests were able to sample a diversity of sliders including American Kobe Beef, Pepper Jack and Crispy Onion Rings with Pulled Pork with Tangy Slaw, as well as Dungeness Crab Cakes with spicy remoulade. They also were able to sidle up to Level III's macaroni and cheese station for piping hot bowls of Truffle and Chorizo Mac and Cheese, with Gruyere, Mascarpone, Parmigano Reggian and topped with Toasted Breadcrumbs. Personable servers moved throughout the space quickly with plates of Seared Tuna on Black Sesame Crackers, homemade Chocolate Chip Ice-cream Sandwiches, and Chocolate Layer Cake with smooth ganache. 

The cocktails of the evening, each muddled by Level III's talented bar staff, were just as delectable as the savory and sweet bites circulating throughout the space. Yelpers were floored by the festive Pumpkin Pie Martini with great pumpkin flavors to balance the vodka. Tinna H and Rebecca G both raved about the Cabin Fever with Wild Turkey Bourbon and Apple Cider. It was evident throughout the exciting evening that Level III's kitchen and bar staff knew their craft and executed each drink and appetizer with art.

One of the true highlights of the evening was the musical excellence which filled up the whole lobby from the unique stylings of DJ Lebowitz on the keyboard. Joraine G gave him major props and couldn't believe that the outstanding rendition of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" was being played by an actual person and that the grand piano sounds were coming from Lebowitz's keyboard. Jen W echoed Joraine's sentiments and was mesmerized by Lebowitz's " Bruno Mar's grenade," adding "Yelp really outdid themselves...for two hours...yelp made us feel like we were the 1%! This whole thing was awesome!"

Check out all of the rave reviews here and stay tuned to the Yelp Blog for pictures from PHOTOSTUDIO29

Put That Pledge to Work! Take the Yelp Shops Local 30+ Day Challenge.

Posted by Christina C.

Need some inspiration to get off your tookus and actually put your pledge to shop local this holiday season into action? We’re upping the ante and asking you to take the Yelp Shops Local 30+ Day Challenge from November 25th thru December 31st. We'll ask you to say hi to local business owners, consider paying with cash at locally owned stores, tell friends & family about your commitment to shopping local, and more!



Step 1: Click "I'm in!" and pledge to SHOP LOCAL in your city.

Step 2: Download & print the challenge calendar and follow along.

Step 3: Share your success on Twitter and Facebook. We'll be using the hashtag #YelpShopsLocal to keep each other in the loop. Yelpers across the nation will be completing the same challenges. We’re looking forward to seeing your updates as well.

Ysl images
The goal is to remind you not only to shop local this holiday season, but also how important (and AWESOME) your city's small businesses are 365 days a year! Consider this an open invitation...

Now get out there and SHOP LOCAL, yelpers!

November 17, 2011

Seattle Elites Get Their P-Party On @ Japonessa!

Posted by Katy

You can't spell the word party without the letter P. So why not host an event to celebrate this all important letter! Encouraged to come dressed as anything beginning with a P, Seattle's Elite yelpers turned up for one heckuva popular event! Peeling through the crowd, it was easy to spot anything from pimps, to pirates, to penguins, pilots, and even a pastrami sandwich!

Picnik collage1

Known as Seattle's most happenin' happy-hour hangout, sushi spot Japonessa hosted this jam-packed party for 200 lucky local Elite yelpers. The menu for the night featured some of the tastiest treats in town. While sampling the food guests could nab a seat and treat themselves to a mini origami lesson while they ate. 

Picnik collage2

Speaking of eating, guests got their share of fresh nigiri from platters piled high with salmon, tuna, yellowtail and albacore. And for the folks that love a little fusion flair, The Super Bad Boy roll proved to be super good. Also passed around were samples of the always popular El Diablo Roll, Calamari Japonessa, Garlic Short Ribs, and specially made rolls like The Elite Roll and The Yelper Roll

Picnik collage4

But what's a party without some sparkeling wine? Segura Viudas brought along cases upon cases of Cava to host their own tasting table complete with a prize wheel. But that's not all! Shiny gold keys were stratigically placed around the venue. Each key represented a fun prize and encouraged guests to venture out, meet new people and see the space all while trying to win big! More prizes for the night included mini gift bags to guests who dressed to impress, and even a complimentary dinner for two to the guest who wore it best. For guests who sidled up to the sushi bar, a specialty Segura Viudas cava cocktail was whipped up to wash it down.

Picnik collage3

A night as memorable as this would be hard to forget, but thanks to local photographer Chad Pryor we can keep the memory fresh with his gorgeous photos! For copies of prints from the evening please visit Chad's website. More photos of the event can be seen on our Official Yelp Flickr Page.

Haven't had a chance to read the reviews? Click here! And if you want to share your experience, feel free to contribute a review of your own.

Until next time, 

Screen Shot 2011-11-17 at 3.44.45 PM

Katy H
Yelp Seattle Senior Community Manager 





Yelp Milwaukee Celebrates Wisconsin Stereotypes at Yelp's Flannel Fling!

Posted by Rachel Fell

Dear rest of America that's not Wisconsin,

We know what you're thinking, and we know what you're thinking of us. We know. And you're wrong — because we're full of fantastic, forward-thinking foodies, trendsetters, and creative-types. We're pretty great bunch here in America's Dairyland. That said, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate many of those northwoods clichés that we hold so near and dear to our born and bred hearts. 

So that's what we did, at Yelp's Flannel Fling!

We polked in flannel. We ate amazing food. We drank stellar suds. We celebrated those northwoods clichés with reckless abandon all while grinning ear-to-ear. Our party was just that great. 

6353943269_d986ce1707 6353976657_ec233a7337








INdustri Cafe's bites — duck sausage sliders with beer-cheese sauce, lumberjack meatballs in cranberry-kraut sauce, maple-chili rubbed pulled pork, micro potato pancakes with Door County cherry chutney — were an absolutely delightful, upscale-twist on old WI favorites. (The best part? Their ingredients are all locally sourced. BOO-YAH!) And speaking of boo-yah, INdustri also went above and beyond by crafting their version of this traditional, northwoods chicken pot-dinner for Yelpers as well. 

6353947417_38b1aa0e19 6353945461_4000a6a735

Continuing on in the Wisconsin-tastic tradition, local beer-crafters Milwaukee Brewing Company unveiled their version of Boo-Yah (a farmhouse saison-style ale) at the event. (Perennial favorite Louie's Demise was in the house, too!) And INdustri's "Very Bear-y Cocktail" — featuring house-made infused raspberry Rehorst vodka — was a hit with elites and their guests too, don'tchanknow!









Milwaukee polka legends Vern + the Originials kept us dancing in our blaze orange all night long. Fake ducks circulated throughout room (don't ask!), and cribbage-boards and Milwaukee, Minnesota made for fab entertainment. While the costume contest was a hard fought one, our winners exemplified a true understanding of the nuances of northern-WI fashion. And at the end of the night, everyone left with a WI-themed door prize: ice scrapers, beef jerky, hand-warmers, Black Bear soda, pickles, or sausage.

6354009717_da19b56e22 6354018097_2455f28eca

I have to tell you, rest of Amercia... I loved this party. I loved the theme, working with our fabulous sponsors, and how the whole thing turned out. So Yelp-nation, remember this: Next time you're traveling through good old Wisco, stop by and say hi. We'll teach you how to polka, we'll school you in cribbage, and we'll show you a dang good time.

Until then, SYOY!

Rachel F — Yelp Milwaukee Community Manager





LA West Elites get classy at The Strand House

Posted by Brinny

It was a sophisticated soirée at The Strand House, the newly opened hot spot in Manhattan Beach. 100 LA West Elite yelpers dressed in their best and came out to explore the new space, which Helen S shares, "The venue is beautiful!  You can see the ocean from the dining areas.  I believe they said it's 5 different levels, and each level has a different vibe to it.  Definitely a great place for a date or a night out with the girls, and apparently the bottom level turns into a club/lounge on weekends with great bottle service!"


Food ranged from house made charcuterie to fried olives, oysters rockafeller and the very popular pizzas that were Fiona D's fav: "It was really all about the pizzas; they were delicious and would definitely bring me back to this place. Nice thin crust with unique toppings like thinly sliced asparagus and home-made lamb sausage. The arugula and ham was by far my favorite!"

Glasses were kept full of hand crafted cocktails like the Sunrise and the Margarita with smoked salt. And Scott G couldn't get enough of the martini with dry ice...


Not a moment was lost on our friends at Picutre Healing. They even managed to snag a fabulous group shot.

Screen shot 2011-11-17 at 4.20.25 PM

The best part of this event was the chance to meet other yelpers. "This was one of the events where everyone mingled, instead of sitting with the friends they came with. My best friend and I had an amazing time and got to meet many new people. She is still talking about what a great first Yelp event it was for her (and I made sure she got all of the swag left on the tables, too!) Thanks to Yelp, I've never had a plus one who didn't have a blast or talk about starting an account after the party!" Thanks to Bridget P, there's another yelper in the making!

Read all the reviews here and see more pictures here!

Until next time,


Brittany B

LA West Community Manager

Screen shot 2011-11-17 at 4.23.15 PM


¡Los yelpers encuentran la playa en Madrid!

Posted by Lolo R.

No hizo falta el martes levantar los adoquines para encontrar la playa porque… ¡la teníamos justo bajo nuestros pies! 65 yelpers se acercaron al arenoso La Playa de Lavapiés, un bar que lleva unos cuantos meses dando de qué hablar en el populoso paseo marítimo de Madrid, la calle Argumosa. Vaya, vaya… ¡en Madrid SÍ hay playa!

Cada yelper fue recibido con un bonito bigote, recordatorio de que cada mes de noviembre se celebra Movember: un mes para cambiarle la cara a la salud del hombre y luchar contra el cáncer de próstata. Así, todos terminaron embigotados, deseosos de quitarse los zapatos para calzarse las chanclas, y dispuestos a disfrutar de la gastronomía mexicano-francesa propia de La Playa de Lavapiés, con su guacamole, sus quesadillas y sus tapas variadas.

Para refrescar el gaznate, desde la cercana vinatería de La Fisna, nos ofrecieron unos buenos caldos, que son su especialidad. Un magnífico borgoña que afrancesó más el ambiente, un tinto gallego que destacaba por su rareza y un vino blanco absolutamente delicioso del que se fabrican poco más que mil botellas. ¡Una auténtica edición limitada! Quienes prefirieron decantarse por la malta, tuvieron oportunidad de verse las caras de nuevo con Alhambra.

Pero no paramos ahí de mover el bigote: también muy acorde con el espíritu francés del local, La Crêp nos trajo una degustación de crêpes y galettes desde la mismísima bretaña francesa, entre las que destacó, por absoluta aclamación popular, la crêpe de chocolate blanco, con la que muchos yelpers no pudieron evitar chuparse los dedos.

Y como siempre, Hijomía ayudó a documentar la tremenda noche poniendo imágenes a nuestros recuerdos, mientras que Mario permaneció a la puerta del local enfrascado con la lista de invitados y las pegatinas. No podemos dejar pasar la oportunidad de agradecer de nuevo a Guillaume, Stefan, Conchi, Rocío, Delia y Basma su participación en este evento y su duro trabajo, y a vosotros por acercaros a compartir con nosotros esas horas que nos dieron para tanto. ¡No olvidéis comentar el evento (si no lo habéis hecho ya) o echarle un ojo a nuestro set de fotos en Flickr!

¡NVEY! (¡Nos vemos en Yelp!)

Lolo R.

Responsable de la Comunidad de Yelp en Madrid

Yelpers didn't need to lift paving stones to find the sand on Tuesday because it was right under their feet. 65 yelpers came out to sandy spot, La Playa de Lavapiés to prove that Madrid's got a beach of its very own! Each yelper received a complimentary moustache in honor of Movember, a month-long challenge held each November to educate the masses and help the fight against prostate cancer. With moustaches on and willing to take their shoes off, yelpers could enjoy the French-Mexican food served by La Playa de Lavapiés.


In order to freshen things up, La Fisna winery offered guests their specialty fine wines. A wonderful borgoña to match the French-y ambiance, a very rare Galician red wine, and an absolutely delicious limited edition of white wine of which, only around one thousand bottles of it are manufactured every year. And for those who preferred beer over wine, they could taste the wonderful Alhambra again.


But people didn't stop moving their moustache there. The very French and fabulous La Crêp brought us a crêpe and galette tasting station from the very same Brittany. Yelpers agreed that the white chocolate variety was one as the very best crêpes ever created!


As always, Hijomía helped to document the terrific night by taking pictures while Mario stayed at the front door helping manage the guest list and name tags. Other handy helpers and folks to thank include, Guillaume, Stefan, Conchi, Rocío, Delia and Basma for all of their hard work. And thanks to every guest that came out last night to help make this party such a great success. Don't forget to comment on the event (if you haven't done so already) or take a look at the event pictures in our Yelp Flickr set!


Lolo R.

The MAD-Community Manager

November 16, 2011

Yelp Atlanta's Stylin' Shindig!

The holidays are right around the corner, so why not treat yourself to something nice before you get in the gift-giving mood? Yelp Atlanta had the chance to do just that at Yelp's Stylin' Shindig, a blowout bargain bonanza held at King Plow Arts Center

Stylin collage 1
Local boutiques rolled in their finest wares and offered them for 50% off, so fashionistas could score selections from The Beehive Co-Op, Fearless Weirdos, Gray Ellis, Heels & Hers, Vitesse Exchange, and Sheree A'Dore Boutique. And if shopping wasn't your thing, plenty of food and sweet treats were provided by Sugar Coated Radical, Sweet Cheats, Eclipse di Luna, and Holly's Cupcake Shop. To whet your whistle, Magner's Cider, Cayrum, Lulu B Wines, and Heineken Light were all on hand. 

Stylin collage 2
OMG Booth, Mike Designs, and Brittany Wages were snapping pics all night long while DJ Dibiase was up on the 1s and 2s. Check out all of the pics here and here, the reviews here, and the video here


Kathleen M

Dublin Yelper's Get French Pressed!

Posted by Annie

November's Elite Event entailed a masterclass with the jocular duo of Iain and David, Gran Caffé's talented baristas. The Yelpers learnt all the intricacies of coffee selecting, buying to water temperature and more in between. The setting of the café is stunning, right in the middle of the docklands.


We started the evening with an Irish coffee and Iain gave great tips such as don't use the back of the spoon for the cream as most people assume. Unsurprisingly the Dublin crowd finished their whiskey laden coffees in no time!


Next up was a mocha, again Iain shared that whisking it up with a fork is more desirable to really get the coffee and chocolate mixed for optimum results. Iain is a wealth of knowledge from his tales of sourcing beans in Ethopia to how French press is seeing a Renaissance and is the most accessible and afforable means of trying coffee.


The final coffee drink of the night was a simple black coffee of Gran Caffé's own blend and nobody asked for milk or sugar to flavour - success! Iain and David encouraged the Yelpers behind their work stations to learn how to steam milk and the proper hygiene that you should expect from coffee retailers. At this point a heavy dose of sexual innunedo ensued from wrist action to white foam in Yelpers hair. Dublin Yelpers high brow persuasion makes me so proud!


It was a hilarious night with lots of tears from laughter. Iain and David are tremendous at what they do and are so excited about educating people about coffee. We all hope that they get a pilot show on national TV as Ireland needs these two characters! You can read and review the event here! Remember the sexual innuendo on talk here! And finally check out the photos from the ever talented Claire Nash here!


Thank you so much again for giving Yelp your time!

Annie L

November 15, 2011

Yelp's Saloon 101 With P.J. Clarke's In Vegas

Posted by Misti Yang

Vegas Elites slipped on their finest boots to get schooled in the art of the American saloon at P.J. Clarke's. Upon arrival, yelpers were greeted with oysters served up with a shucking demonstration and a little insight into the history of classic cocktails inside the private Sidecar room.


To wet whistles, the skilled P.J. Clarke bartenders mixed two variations of classic Aviation and Sidecar cocktails. For snacking, Daniel, the king of Vegas oysters, shucked away while the rest of the team served up classic American fare including Cadillac Sliders, Classic Skirt Steak, Tater Tots with Tomato Jam and Smoked Salmon.

In between eats and drinks, yelpers showed off their footwear in a heated battle for Best Boots, studied up for Saloon Showdown Trivia and queued up their favorite tunes on the complimentary juke box. For the grand finale, one lucky yelper (ahem, we're looking at you Maria A!) won a trip for 2 to New York City to visit the original P.J. Clarke's

Collage 3

Watch out for additional pictures on Flickr from our talented photographer Anthony M

See you on Yelp!

Elite Saloon-275
Misti Y, Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager

Yelp's 11/11/11 Pajama Party in Salt Lake City

Posted by Jeffrey

In Salt Lake City, Elites pulled out their old PJs for Yelp's 11/11/11 Pajama Party at Coffee Connection. This completely chiller coffee house has the perfect vibe to host a late night Yelp peejay partay.

Yelp Salt Lake City Elite Collage 111111 1

It wasn't long before the coffee and cocoa got flowing, and the friendly folks from Piper Down fired up the bar for a little more adult flavor to the beverages. The brand new In D' Place food truck was also on site dishing out sample after sample of some nummy treats including Thai style baby back ribs, Korean tacos, curry, papaya salad, and pulled pork sandwiches. And what's a 'jama jam without junk food?

Yelp Salt Lake City Elite Collage 111111 2

Well-fed and full of caffeinated fluids, it was time to get game on, so Elites jammed out to a wall-projected Rock Band and busted out the board games for some friendly competition. There was also plenty of time to take pics of some of the sweet bed threads Elites dug up for the occasion. When the clock turned to 11:11pm on 11/11/11, it was time for Elites to get the storied Yelp watch.

Yelp Salt Lake City Elite Collage 111111 3

Yelp Salt Lake City Elite Collage 111111 4

Like all good things, 11/11/11 couldn't last forever. When the clock (and new watches) struck midnight, everyone had to leave, but no one had to change clothes before going to bed!


Until next time there's a party with PJs,

Jeffrey Elmo
Jeffrey "Rockin' them Elmos" S

Yelp SLC Community Manager

November 14, 2011

Providence Elites Spice Up A Speakeasy @ Dusk!

Posted by Hilary H

It was a evening of whiskey, burlesque and flash bulbs last Thursday as the Providence Elite Squad gathered at Dusk for a hostsy-totsy time! Yelp's Spicebox Speakeasy brought Sarah VM "back in time to a more glamorous era" as the RI Burlesque girls swirled around the lounge, doling out piping-hot treats and shots of Spicebox Whiskey to all of the dapper guys and dolls. 

Mckenzie G noticed "the beautiful chandeliers and dim lighting" of the glamorous lounge set the stage for "another fun night of costumes, drinks, people, and snacks," and Taylor T felt "Dusk's off-the-beaten-path location lent itself perfectly to the speakeasy theme - I can't wait to go back!" After Eric P  "moseyed in to the speakeasy, fedora and trench coat hanging low" he sipped a glass of spice-infused whiskey "on the rocks no problem." William H had "the Manhattan and the Spice and Stormy – both were flavorful and tasty." How dapper!

The folks from Shutterbooth were there to capture the mad-cap mood and Marcy L found that it "certainly added an extra element of fun to the event – especially when flappers are out in their frills and feathers!" Once again, Stacey Doyle caught the entire evening on film – even the "late night peep show from burlesque ladies that topped it all off" for Jay D

To quote Aly K, this was "a super fun event at a super fun location" – truly the cat's meow! Until next time... SYOY!


Hilary H (with Emily C & Colleen C on the assist)

Yelp Providence Community Manger

Yelp's Wodka Party: Wanessa Night @ Drings

Posted by Andreas R

Die Blätter verfärben sich, der Wintermantel ist aus dem Schrank geholt und der Sonnenschirm eingepackt: Der Herbst hat Wien erobert. Bei den kühlen Temperaturen wärmt man sich am besten mit einem guten Schluck Hochprozentigem, weshalb wir mit unseren Freunden von Wodka Wanessa eine Party im Drings, einer der schicksten Cocktailbars der Stadt, geschmissen haben.

Elite Event Wodka Wanessa Night 1
An diesem Abend drehte sich alles um das hochprozentige Getränke made in Niederösterreich. Gleich beim Reinkommen wurde den Gästen ein Glas Yelp-Opolitan überreicht - persönlich zusammengemischt von Markus, dem Barchef des Drings, und Otto H, dem Erfinder von Wodka Wanessa. Gerüchten zufolge war auch der Wiener Community Manager Andreas R am Findungs- (und vor allem Verkostungs)prozess des perfekten Mischverhältnisses beteiligt. 

Elite Event Wodka Wanessa Night 2
Den ganzen Abend über wurden Wodka Shots kostenlos an die Gäste verteilt - zum Glück sind die Wiener Yelper ein trinkfestes Völkchen. Für die gute Qualität des Getränks spricht auch der kaum vorhandene Kater am nächsten Tag.

Elite Event Wodka Wanessa Night 3
Versorgt wurden die Gäste von den Yelp Girls, die schon seit Monaten Wiens Partyszene unsicher machen und extra beim Elite Event vorbeigeschaut haben, um sich dort um den Getränkenachschub zu kümmern!

Elite Event Wodka Wanessa Night 4

Ein herzliches Dankeschön gebührt Carl-Peter, dem Hotel Manager vom The Ring - Vienna’s Casual Luxury Hotel, an dem das Drings angechlossen ist, sowie Otto H, dem Zaubermeister, der den herrlichen Wodka Wanessa nicht nur erfunden, sondern uns für diesen Abend auch kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt hat.

Lest hier, was die Yelper zu dem Event zu sagen haben, hier gibt es weitere tolle Fotos von unserer unermüdlichen Fotografin Clara R!

Servus und bis bald!

Andreas R


The leaves have turned red and winter coats have had their comeback already: Autumn has conquered Vienna. There is nothing better to stay warm in this cold weather than with a nice gulp of vodka, which is why we decided together with our friends from Wodka Wanessa to throw a party at Drings, one of the most stylish cocktail bars in town.

Upon entering the bar, guests were welcomed with a glas of Yelp-Opolitan - a drink that was personally created by Markus, barkeeper at Drings and Otto H, the inventor of Wodka Wanessa. As rumours have it,  Andreas R, the Viennese Community Manager, was part of the creation (and most of all, tasting) process as well - everything to find the perfect cocktail.

Elite Event Wodka Wanessa Night 5
Throughout the night, free vodka shots were distributed to the guests - fortunately, Viennese Yelpers can hold their liquor well. Due to the high quality of the drinks, hangovers were pretty rare the next day though. Responsible for providing drinks to the guests were the Yelp Girls, who have been active in Vienna´s party scene during the last months and who took their time to stop by the elite event.

Elite Event Wodka Wanessa Night 6
A big thank you goes out to Carl-Peter, hotel manager of The Ring - Vienna’s Casual Luxury Hotel, to which the Drings is attached to, as well as to Otto H, who not only invented the wonderful Wodka Wanessa, but also provided it for free for this night.

Read here what Yelpers thought of the event and check out more pictures taken as always by our fearless photographer Clara R!

Servus und bis bald!

Andreas R

Primo Evento Elite Yelp Roma!

Posted by Simone

Il primo Evento Elite di Yelp a Roma é stato svolto Giovedi 10 Novembre a Trastevere all' 8 Millimetri Bakerylocale aperto recentemente che offre cocktails veramente eccezionali. 


La serata e' stata molto divertente con piu' di 100 persone che hanno partecipato all'evento durante una piacevole serata "trasteverina"! Gli Yelpers hanno avuto modo di bere la birra artigianale Birra del Borgo, dell'ottimo vino Pugliese Ancella e il famoso Spritz. Al buffet non mancavano pizzette, tramezzini, pasta e risotto...offerto dal locale ospitante . La serata é stata molto allegra, con musica Rock, in linea con lo stile del localeFrancesco L descrive cosi' la serata " Perfetta la scelta della location in un quartiere che vive la sera e la notte sette giorni su sette, sembra di stare sempre in un clima di festa"

Collage 4

Un ringraziamento a tutti i partecipanti che sono invitati a condividere la loro esperienza della serata sulla pagina dell'Evento e sul Forum. Le foto della serata sono visibili su Flickr!

Al prossimo Evento Elite!

Simone A


The First Elite Event in Rome Italy was held last Thursday, November 10th in the oldest neighborhood in Rome called Trastevere. The event was held at 8 Millimetri Bakery that serves amazing cocktails and American pastries that are not so easy to find in Rome. 

More than 100 Yelpers attended the event and they all enjoyed drinking the famous italian cocktail called Spritz, the artisanal beer Birra del Borgored wine from South of Italy called Ancella Vini and eating some great pasta, risotto and much more that was served by 8 Millimetri Bakery. The Rock Music made the athmosphere very exciting and in line with the setting of the location. Francesco L describes it as "perfect location choice in a neighborhood where nightlife is present 7 days a week, it seems always like a party here!". 

Collage 3

A special Thank You to all the Yelpers that can check out the pictures on Flickr and can share their experience on the Yelp Talk and on the Event Page

SYOY! (See You On Yelp!)

Simone A

November 13, 2011

Denver Yelpers Turns It Up To 11!

Around 700 yelpers got together at 1111 Lincoln Street, the home of Stoney's Bar & Grill, on 11/11/11 for Yelpapalooza 3.5 this past Friday night and what a celebration it was! Three local bands took over the stage and kept the place rocking all night starting with Petals of Spain, followed by Take To The Oars, and ending with The Don'ts and Be Carefuls. Plus DJ Savior Breath kicked off the party spinning fun dance tunes before the bands started and in between sets!

There were plenty of drinks flowing including delicious beers from Deschutes Brewery, Oak and Cokes thanks to Bacardi OakHeart Spiced Rum, lemon chiffon cosmos courtesy of Cupcake Vodka, and a variety of wines from E&J Gallo Winery. For thirsts of the non-alcholic variety Dry Soda and vitaminwater were on hand as well. And there was plenty of food to feed the appetizers all this rockin' out caused. Hops and Pie came with delicious pumpkin soup, Las Brisas had a wide assortment of Mexican fare, Stoney's had sliders for sampling, PopChips were available for munching, and Wahoo's was serving chicken teriyaki bowls. Not to be missed either were the desserts from 32 Treat including frozen yogurt and mini cupcakes or the cotton candy be spun by intern extraordinaire Kim I!

Of course, the bands were plenty of entertainment but we couldn't resist throwing some more fun into the mix. Babooshka created amazing updos for attendees, ÜberChic Nail Boutique was on hand with a mini-mani station, Andye Murphy - Rock 'n Roll Shaman - gave glimpses into people's futures, IndyInk designed special screen prints for the night, Artsy Events drew caricatures of yelpers, Denver Photo Booth set up two booths to ham it up in, and SWat Productions captured the evening on film.

With a night so full of good times, the yelpers in Denver had a lot of good will in their hearts and all together we raised $2,000 to our non-profit partner for the evening, Invest in Kids. But, don't take our words for it - read the reviews for highlights and don't forget to check out the Denver Photo Booth photos as well as the ones     captured by our very own Phil H. Until 4.0 next year, we'll SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany N

Denver Yelp Community Director

Yelpapalooza 3.5 071

November 12, 2011

Elites Uncover A Secret Garden On South Beach

Posted by Monica

Kicking off Miami's most beloved season, over 200 fetching Yelp Miami Elites sauntered into the equally elegant, Vita South Beach, on Thursday night. The ultimate coolhounds got to indulge in an unprecedented upscale haven oozing with stylish charm and ever-flowing beverages.

Vita first collage

Modeled after its Baoli located in Cannes, France, Vita enchanted guests with its swank interior and  open-air secret garden. Warm with purple hues throughout, the space certainly felt remniscent of a starry night spent in a far-off unMiami land. In between sips of Cupcake Vodka, Cupake Wine's Red Velet and Cupcake Prosecco, party-goers enjoyed samples of butlered hors d'oeuvres and even a screening of a classic Marilyn Monroe movies projected onto the wall.The festive friends came decked out in their Thursday's best and proved a positive match for the already dashing Vita staff.

People shots vita

As Elizabeth R can attest, "What a perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous evening! The long lanterns suspended from the trees provided just the right amount of light, and the whole vibe was quite magical. Protected from the breeze but open to the sky, I can't think of a prettier place to unwind with a glass of prosecco." There to capture the enchanting essence, Anthony Jordan Photography and Photobokeh, honed their mighty craft and photos are new viewable via Flickr. As for the reviews, you can scope those out on Yelp.  

Last vita collage

Until next week!

Monica S

November 11, 2011

Ain't No Party Like a Brooklyn Party...

Posted by peter d.

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.31.35 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.29.15 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.11.30 PM

'Cause a Brooklyn party don't stop...for at least three nights. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the NYC Yelp community took over the gorgeous Firehouse Space in East Williamsburg for three nights filled with fun, all to benefit the NYC Coalition Against Hunger! Sipping on Lulu B's wonderful wine and snacking on Pirate's Booty, each evening Brooklyn yelpers packed into both floors of the high-ceilinged former firehouse and rocked out as DJ Taktik spun and BK Booth had some high-energy antics going on.

Night 1: The 'Stache Bash

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.11.01 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.10.19 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.44.00 PM

We kicked it off with a kegger! NYC knows beer, and it doesn't get much better than draughts of locally brewed Heartland's crisp Cornhusker Lager and their famous Smiling Pumpkin Ale. Quite a few yelpers got some suds snagged in their huge handlebars, but it's all good. The South Slope's new spot Sweetwolf's set up in the chef's kitchen and offered up a taste of their decadent crab mac & cheese. 

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.07.17 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.09.06 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.36.00 PM

And you wouldn't know we were raising awareness for hunger if you saw the scrumptious Sicilian spread from Catania: arancini and broccoli rabe rolls were just the beginning! Finally, for that sweet summation, Wing L attests, "Robicelli's desserts were literally the icing on the (cup)cake!" But if you thought they were just about insanely delicious and creative cupcakes, you've never had their brownies, which might be the best in existence.

Night 2: The Alterna-Office Party

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.57.05 PMScreen shot 2011-11-10 at 6.08.14 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.58.42 PM

Your office has never had a holiday bash like this one. Unless they had Momo Sushi Shack slangin' matsutake-topped crab and sea urchin fried rice balls (Chef Phillip goes all out!) and Scottadito Osteria Toscana offering up homemade spinach and ricotta gnocchi in a bangin' butter, sage and white truffle sauce.

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 6.27.29 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 6.09.31 PM NYCCAH

Every office would appreciate the famed Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory scooping vanilla chocolate chunk AND strawberry with rainbow sprinkles and toasted almonds. Pennant Ale and Brooklyn Lager went down smooth as always, but as Ashley S says, the Brown Ale lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery "was a great pairing with the nuttiness of the toasted almond and the nuttiness of my fellow yelpers." A magical evening was capped off by Josh Beckerman (The Foodie Magician), guessing favorite NYC restaurants and magically floating charity paraphenalia.

Night 3: The Ugly Sweater Soiree

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 7.29.24 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 7.36.54 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 7.49.12 PM

Brooklyn never had this good a time while looking this bad.  I'm pretty sure every hideous sweater in the city was up in the Firehouse on Wednesday night as everyone enjoyed tastes of Der Kommissar's käsekrainer, a succulent sausage studded with cheese. There were sweaters that light up, sweaters sporting numerous ugly attachments, and sweaters that were just plain hideous.

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 7.42.59 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 7.37.31 PM Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 8.10.38 PM

Bulldog Gin cocktails and Original Sin Cider flowing freely kept the night lively as Bedford Ave gastropub Trix treated yelpers to a creamy corn chowder which paired perfectly with their panna cotta. And the Nunu Chocolates ...just take it from Sally W: "incredibly addictive salt caramels that are hand dipped in chocolate and little truffles made with dark chocolate ganache with a kiss of absinthe. HELLO! SOOOOO GOOOOOD."

None of these nights would've been possible without Ultra Events & Staffing making it all happen, and SoulMaids keeping it clean. Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out the reviews, the photos from Jaclyn Fidler (Night 1 & Night 2) and Madison McGaw (Night 3), and all the photobooth hilarity from BK Booth (Night 1, Night 2, Night 3). Thanks to all our amazing sponsors and guests for helping NYC families move beyond the soup kitchen!

Peter D and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 5.12.27 PM

November 10, 2011

Boston Elites Scare Away Their Halloween Hangovers!

Posted by Damien S

There are only so many fun-size Kit Kats one can knock back before needing a break. And while you'd like to convince yo kids, yo wife that you gave 'em out to the little ghouls on All Hallows Eve, we know you stowed a stash. Good thing Storyville opened its haunted, subterranean lair to host 180 Boston Elites and guests for a rump-shaking, savory-staking Halloween HangoverStory1

Vats and vats of Winter Punch (house infused rum, tropical juices and cinnamon bitters) poured freely, as yelpers scanned the little piece of Nawlins in Boston's Back Bay. Red flourescents flooded the floor, along with tappy toes twerkin' it to DJ Big Chicago Reggie Beas retro bass lines. Storyville's kitchen, helmed by local legend Louis DiBiccari, circulated samples of their eclectic menu, including chilled poached shrimp, creamy chickpea fritters, beef sliders, goat cheese and jam, croquettes and more.  Story2

Legend has it the space is haunted, so we invited the Paranormal Research Association of Boston to hang with us, poke around for poltergeist and spectrometize the party! Hidden cameras caught sights of all appropriateness and the night-vision video will be released post-haste. Afterwards, the good folks from The Boston Globe invited us to crash the adjacent Bordello Room for their first night of 16th Birthday pop-up parties. Don't mind if we do.  Story3

Of course, Tatsu I snapped the corporeal calamity (tag it up on Facebook!) and Talk is already groaning with the Hangover's hangovers. Investigate the reviews and leave your comments... if you dare!Story4

Your Six-Legged Freaks,


Damien S (and interns Jill and Coco)

November 09, 2011

Yelp Detroit's Got Culture!

Posted by Annette

This October Yelp Detroit got VERY dignified as we celebrated a month long tribute to culture. Events varied from free nights at museums and coffee tastings, music performances and live theatre/dance. We had folks from all over the metro-Detroit area clamoring for their shot at these great complimentary and discounted opportunities!


Yes—we caught some vintage animation at the Redford Theatre’s Animation Rarities Festival, checked out the Streets of Old Detroit during the free nights at the Detroit Historical Museum, got discounted sips and treats during the first ever Detroit Wine Stroll, learned how paring coffee with food changes the flavor profiles at Zingerman’s Coffee Company, and rocked out with Hedwig and her Angry Inch at the Ringwald Theatre.


We toured the legendary Pewabic Pottery and made some of our own tile, channeled our inner psychic thanks to “Carmina Burana/The Medium" at the Detroit Opera House, took in some Beethoven and hobnobbed with the Conductor over wine and cheese at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, got our hearts racing with the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble’s contemporary dance performances, celebrated Michigan film with a screening of “Answer This” featuring Funny or Die and Chris Parnell, and learned all about Middle Eastern culture and art at the Arab American National Museum.

Whew! What a month! It was a truly magical experience and we are so very grateful to all the wonderful organizations that partnered with us. Be sure to keep visiting them throughout the year to support Detroit arts!

What's that? You want more? Well, relive the fun by checking out the rest of the photos over here. And don't forget to tell us what you thought over here.

Now, you’d think with all those adventures we’d be pooped. Well, we’re not tired! We’re going to keep the excitement alive at Yelp’s Greatest Show on Earth, a yelper party at the Detroit Yacht Club on November 18th. If you enjoyed the Culture Club you’re not going to want to miss this! Check out the details over yonder!


Artfully yours,


Annette J

Community Manager Detroit

South Bay Elites Give Back to the Community!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Having an Elite badge on your Yelp profile means a lot of things: you have the awe and respect of your fellow yelpers, you get to attend cool parties with food and booze and you often get free tickets to shows and other happening events around town. Those are all really awesome perks of being an active contributor to the site, however, Yelp South Bay Elites recently took it to the next level by giving back to the community!

Yelp Helps Collage 1

This past Saturday, November 5, a group of 20 Elites + their Community Manager volunteered their time at Sacred Heart Community Service during their busiest day of the year. Sacred Heart's mission is to help fight poverty in the San Jose area. Elites helped sign up over 2,000 families for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, directed traffic in the parking lot, handed out PB&J sammies to people waiting in line, bagged food for donations - just to name a few of the tasks! Although it was a cold, gray day outside, the customers of Sacred Heart were warm, friendly and thankful.

Yelp Helps Collage 2

After the volunteer shift was over, the group headed over to The Temple Bar and Lounge in downtown San Jose for an after-party. Here, they enjoyed Lagunitas pints and shots of Jorango tequila - 'cause it wouldn't be a Yelp Elite Event without good booze :) Not to be outdone, Tikka Bytes and Soulnese food trucks brought a TON of tasty treats for everyone to eat, including SolStix, Mac & Roll and Garlic Pork Fries. Seriously, the food kept coming and coming all night!

Yelp Helps Collage 3

Although the food and drinks were delicious, everyone would agree that the best part about this event was spending time with each other while getting the "warm fuzzies" from doing a good deed. Most of us say that we want to volunteer, but don't take the time to actually do it! As Jeffrey C put it: "I haven't done community service in years and figured it was about time to give it another try after seeing the event posted. Seeing all those people in need of holiday meals and toys for their children really made me appreciate what I have - I think that was the biggest impact that volunteering did for me."

Yelp Helps Collage 4

The rest of the reviews really are heartwarming - read them here! Also, check out the pics taken by redspherestudios on the Yelp Flickr page. Hoping to work with Sacred Heart again in the future, as most of us would definitely be willing to go back and help out again. Good times, good people, great cause!

Abby and Courtney Sacred Heart

Abby S (South Bay Yelp Community Manager) + Courtney M (South Bay Yelp Intern)

Southern Comforts For Nashville Elites

Posted by Marcia


Yelp's mission is: "Real People. Real Reviews."

The main ingredients at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant are: "Real Food, Real People, and Real Atmosphere."

Match made in heaven?

You betcha.

Marshall Family

This family-owned business has been a staple in Nashville since the 1950's and has since expanded from it's humble grocery store roots to 3 locations that offer up groceries, dining, and live music. Just like Yelp, Puckett's is leading the way with supporting all things local from their libations, locally sourced food, to plucking from Nashville's emerging artists. Owner Andy Marshall (and family) also gave an inspiring presentation that included the history of Puckett's, the importance of sourcing locally for food suppliers, explanation of their meat smoking process, and how important word-of-mouth reviews are to his thriving business. Lynne D appreciates and will support a business that is "locally owned and run by a long time family of Franklin, they take pride in their business." Let's hear it for the power of Yelp!
Buffet Fried
Andy EliteEventPuckett's Buffet

On Thursday, Elites like Sarah P and their guests celebrated with "old friends, good food, and story swapping in a fantastic atmosphere" for the One Year Anniversary of Puckett's Downtown location with a bountiful buffet that included tasty fried green tomatoes, fried green beans, and fried pickles and jalepeno rings. Do you see a theme here? For some added Southern charm, fresh from the infamous Puckett's smoker, a feast of smoked wings, BBQ ribs, and pulled pork BBQ sandwich sliders were served up. Lisa J who "proudly and shamefully admits that I piled my plate with large helpings of everything and there was not one thing I didn't love (waistline be damned!)!" Meanwhile, Christian S's "star of the show" were the ribs. "By far my favorite of Puckett's offerings - incredibly tender, meaty with a good bite, and flavored with a really exceptional spice rub (not too salty or sweet)." Finger lickin' good!


You can't have a down-home good time without tasty locally produced libations, right? Distributors Lipman Brothers brought an assortment for yelpers to sip that they won't forget anytime soon! Yelp shot glasses were used during the private Corsair Artisan presentations and tastings that showcased the savory Vanilla Bean Vodka, complex Triple Smoke Whiskey, and refreshing Corsair Gin. Amanda B "really enjoyed interacting with the experts, learning the backstory and having an opportunity to ask questions. I assumed that Corsair products were being shipped in from another location. Not the case! I was delighted to find out that this booze is lovingly made in our own backyard (meaning Marathon Village, of course)."

Elite Event EliteSipsBooth

Joshua B "doesn't even like beer" - but, Yazoo Brewing Company's mighty fine collection of hops "might make a convert out of me. The knowledge and craft behind all their beers makes me WANT to like it." We featured the spicy yet citrusy Pale Ale, aromatic IPA Hop Project, tarty and authentic Hefeweizen, and noble malt Dos Perros. As a special treat, Hap & Harry's - the newly launched collaboration project of Lipman Brothers and Yazoo was sampled by enthusiastic Elites!

To peek at all the adoring reviews, click on this link and check out Kristin Milner's fabulous photography!  

Thanks again to Lipman Brothers, Yazoo Brewing Company, Corsair Artisan and we can't appreciate the Marshall family and Puckett's crew enough for bring such inspirational and gracious hosts.


Marcia M - Yelp Nashville Community Manager