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October 31, 2011

East Bay Elites, Flying High @ Yelp's Jet Set Fête!

Posted by Nique!

East Bay Elites brought their costume-lovin', cocktail-slingin', philanthropic spirit to Yelp's Jet Set Fête at the Layover Music Bar and Lounge on Sunday night, raising over $200 for local nonprofit K to College.

Feeling festive from the Halloween weekend, Elites happily played along with the travel theme with tacky vacation apparel, internationally-inspired garb, and masses of flight attendant uniforms. Outside-the-box ensembles included a "Recalculating" GPS and the ghost of Fidel Castro; both creative celebrants took the home tickets to the 11/11/11 Party at the David Brower Center

Sporting cow udders and classy vintage apparel, the Layover mixologists shook up some dangeroulsy delish Margaritas and Blood Orange Daisies compliments of Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, while St Germain poured their signature cocktail of elderflower liquor, champagne and lemon twist, which "went down like lemonade" for Augusto T. "After a few I was already feeling quite a bit more social!"

Maoz Vegetarian offered up a heaping falafel bar, where guests could build their own pita, complete with cucumber salad and fresh tahini sauce. Carolen M proclaimed her pita creation was "delicious and crispy" and Jen O admitted that after her wild weekend, the Maoz spread "helped perk me up the most!"

Just next door, The Layover's gallery space was transformed into a den of photographic fun with Frekkles Foto Booth. The high-tech set-up allowed guest to cram in by the dozen (nearly) and preview their poses on a TV screen in the booth. Fancy that! Anita W was thrilled to "go through a couple rounds in the photo booth!" Waiting for a turn was painless, as guests could sample sweet creations from Frozen Kuhsterd, including Avocado ice cream with condensed milk and their infamous Cereal Milk flavor with organic corn flakes on top. Jen O is still savoring the memory, confessing "the cereal milk custard is still making my mouth water, even though I've already stuffed myself with candy today!" The crowd loved the peppy representatives from both Frekkles and Frozen Kuhsterd, and Carolen M confirms they're "great guys with a great concept."

DJ Dennis Yardoff (aka "Big Ponies") mixed up some retro beats for the music-hungry group, with never a dull moment on the dance floor! Socialite Bill B appreciated "the reasonable volume and good, danceable background mix of music" and Jen O dug the laid-back vibe throughout, chirping "everyone was so welcoming, and carried a chill, Sunday night wind-down attitude."

And that, my friends, is how we do it in the East Bay.

Peep all the photos here and read what Elites are yelping about the Jet Set Fête on the event page!

Happy (recovering from) Halloween!


Nique F

East Bay Community Manager


Chicagoland Elites Feel the Amore!

Posted by Jelena Z

Last Thursday night, Chicagoland Elites gathered for an exclusive wine dinner at Agio Italian Bistro in Palatine! The elegant restaurant welcomed guests with a glass of Altadonna's Pinot Grigio as they sat down to enjoy the evening's festivities.

Picnik collage1

After guests mingled with their fellow Elites for a bit, Altadonna's Managing Director and enologist Niccolo Chioccioli (visiting from Florence, Italy!) talked about the wine pairings to come. Next came a heady whirlwind of mouthwatering Italian fare and exquisite wine: Bruschetta paired with a lovely Pinot Grigio, saffron and mushroom risotto with the Pinot Nero, the hearty, oversized meatball paired with the luscious Sangiovese and the grilled pork tenderloin teamed up with the Nero Davola. But that's not all: The pièce de résistance consisted of an ambrosial soft cheesecake which some say tasted like the inside of a cannoli (read: HEAVEN).

Picnik collage2

Thanks to our amazing sponsors – the incredibly generous staff of Agio Italian Bistro and to Niccolo Chioccioli for allowing us to try his amazing Altadonna wines by way of Opici Wines! You can view all the photos here and read the rundown (or write your own review) of our fabulous evening.

Picnik collage3

Until next time – SYOY!


Jelena Z

Pittsburgh Elites Get Looney

Posted by Rachel Carlson

Yelp Culture Club ended with a kablowee at Yelp's Looney Tooney Elite Event held at the Toonseum in downtown Pittsburgh.  One of only three cartoon museums in the country, the comic strips came alive that evening with Elite's dressing the part, in creative animated attire.

YEE @ Toonseum52YEE @ Toonseum48YEE @ Toonseum15YEE @ Toonseum27YEE @ Toonseum58

"The Toonseum owner was super accommodating and friendly, and left the cartoons running the whole time" captivating Jarrett H mid-conversation a "little too often. He was even handing out things from his collection to help people complete their outfits. How awesome!" Adding to the evening's affair was two sugary elements" recalls Ricardo T. "This particular Yelp event brought together two of my closest loves. Sweets and cartoons merged for an evening of fun and mingling."

YEE @ Toonseum26YEE @ Toonseum40YEE @ Toonseum12YEE @ Toonseum37YEE @ Toonseum8

Sugar Cafe provided Brandy, Double Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcakes as well as bite size Chocolate Rasberry and Pumpkin Macaroons that were just as delicious as they sound! Stephanie T is recovering from a "full-fledged sugar coma after consuming two brandy (omg) cupcakes, a couple macaroons, a wealth of pumpkin spice and mint hot cocoa marshmallows, and a couple cups of Laird's AppleJack mulled cider. Definitely delicious!" Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory also served up the aforementioned Pumpkin Spice and Mint Hot Chocolate Marshmallows that provided "sweets for the sweet Yelpers," exclaimed Mel U. Elites and their guests were also able to sample some honest to goodness Honest Tea and warm up with spiked cider courtesy of Laird's AppleJack. Roasty toasty!

YEE @ Toonseum50YEE @ Toonseum46YEE @ Toonseum30YEE @ Toonseum65YEE @ Toonseum54
YEE @ Toonseum66

Congrats to best costume winners: Batman Evan M and wife Bat Woman Lauren M, Alice in Wonderland Jill G and Ghostbuster Chris C who won some sweet schwag courtesy of the Toonseum.  Also, a special thanks to everyone for getting into the looney spirit!

Many thanks to Toonseum Executive Director, Joe Wos, for being an excellent host and to Cassie Rusnak for the beautiful photography! Check out all the fab photos from the evening on our Flickr page here. Enjoyed the event and want to share the love? Head over here and write a review! Or event just want to continue the chat from the event on Talk!

Sweet Lover Strawberry Shortcake,

YEE @ Toonseum53

Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager

Sac Elites Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos!

Posted by Alex L

A scary good time was had by all at Yelp's Day of the Dead celebration in Sacramento, where 200 painted and costumed Elites gathered to enjoy an undead feast of the senses! Sol Collective, an already cool art gallery and community space, was transformed into a fitting tribute to the popular Mexican holiday celebrated the world over.

Picnik collage
Located across from one of Sacramento's oldest graveyards, there was perhaps no better setting to host such a gathering. Unseen Heroes assisted Yelp in assembling a huge list of participating vendors for our yelpy enjoyment. With candles glowing and warm rooms filled with magnificent Day of the Dead alters by local artists, the stage was set for a memorable evening.

Picnik collage4
Elites and their +1's came dressed in every costume imaginable, from traditional Day of the Dead face paint to Frida Kahlo impersonations to a giant baby. All evening, artistic and creative boundaries were pushed.

Picnik collage3
Of course, what's a fiesta without treats to celebrate? There was local beer from Ruhstaller 1881, a "Day of the Dead" wine option, tequila mixers from Jose Cuervo, gourmet cupcakes from Vanilla Bean, Mexican pastries from La Mexicana Bakery, and full plates of mouth-watering Mexican food from La Placita.

Picnik collage2
But the fun didn't stop at our stomachs. DJ El Indio spun the beats, Sutter Street Theatre Company performed a number from Evil Dead 2: The Musical, Rob-O featured his award-winning sugar skulls, Sol Collective printed special t-shirts, a Yelp pinata was hung, Heart Clothing Boutique and Amanda Lopez displayed photos and crafts, Party Booths took some true Kodak moments, T-Mobile schooled attendees on tech updates to their Yelp app and many stuck around for a post party performance by famous reggaeton duo Las Rakas. All of the colorful festivities were captured in vivid photographs from Minh Nguyen of Disco Modjo Photography.

Picnik collage5
Best of all, donations from yelpers went to benefit Sol Collective's arts, culture and activism programs. In the words of Elite-member Tara H: "It was sensory overload to the max, in the most awesome of ways, and I loved every second. Call me biased, but this event may be the best yet. I'm an art dork, with a major passion for everything Dia de Los Muertos. This event was my adult playground: an incredible collection of local art, Day of the Dead shrines and candied skull art, fresh from the press silk screen shirts, jewelry, musical theater numbers and food. I never wanted the evening to end!"

Not to worry, Tara. The memories from this party, like the dead, will live on forever! Check the reviews and photos.

Hasta la vista,

Alex L
Yelp Sacramento Community Manager

Atlanta Elites Celebrate Yelpoween!

One spooky rainy evening, Atlanta Elites came together to celebrate the best holiday of all: Yelpoween! We gathered at The Nest, a new spot near Emory, and enjoyed delicious sliders, confit wings, and enough Halloween candy to keep us sick till Christmas. Super smooth Purity Vodka was also on hand and, despite the large quantities imbibed, kept us all hangover free.

Yelp Atlanta Collage 1 10-28-11

Yelp Atlanta Collage 2 10-28-11

A huge thank you to Brittany Wages for capturing all of the evening's fine costumes. From Rosie the Riveter to zombies worthy of our hometown The Walking Dead, everyone came fully decked out in their creative finest. Check out the full set of Brittany's photos and read the reviews! Happy Yelpoween, y'all! 

Yelp Atlanta Collage 3 10-28-11

Your troop leader,

Kathleen M

PS This served as our illustrious intern's, Ken T, last official Yelp event. Love you, Ken! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and general awesomeness. 


YelpAmsterdam Elite Event - Rocktober@Casablanca Muziek

Posted by Sanneke

Live at Casablanca Muziek! Op vrijdagmiddag werden de YelpAmsterdam Elites uitgenodigd door Marco, de eigenaar, om onder het genot van drank en bruin fruit te rocken op Blood, Sweat & Kiers! Een geweldige Rock 'n' Roll band! Zo goed, dat alle yelpers na een uur stonden te swingen op de dansvloer. BAM!Eerste

Normaal kennen we de Casablanca van het in de late uurtjes produceren van goede en minder goede nachtegaal-talentjes. Sinds het Rocktober Yelp Elite Event weten we dat de Casablanca er enorm gestyled uitziet en dat ze een enorm goede live muziek programmering hebben! Waaronder de hoog blonde saxofonist Wouter - & Co. Niet alleen muziektalenten maar ook enorme sfeermakers!


Geen Yelp Event zonder competitie dus tussen de beats door een Rock Quiz. Met vragen als; welke zanger heeft de langste tong, hoeveel vleermuizen at Ozzy in zijn carrière en hoeveel bastard kinderen heeft Steven Tyler, kwamen de yelpers helemaal op gang. Iedereen kreeg Yelp handschoenen en met het "Petje op, Petje af" systeem, werden de vragen beantwoord. Naast vragen, verzorgde Marco de muziekfragmenten voor de muziek vragen over AC/DC, Greenday en overige Rockbands.


Veel nieuwe gezichten...


En oude vertrouwde..


Uiteindelijk bleken er 4 mannen hetzelfde aantal punten gehaald te hebben.

Een heus Air Guitar Contest zorgde voor een terechte winnaar...


Niemand ging natuurlijk zonder prijs naar huis maar...


...Pieter V. wel met een heel uniek cadeau!

Yes, Yelp does think you Rock... letterlijk en figuurlijk! 


Een waanzinnig geslaagde avond en... het ging nog wel eventjes door... nachtegaal-talentjes.

Floor R: " Wat was het gezellig! Ik dacht dat in de Casablanca alleen maar karaoke werd gezongen, maar ze hebben heel veel live optredens. Zoals ook gisteren toen ze een hele toffe Rock 'n' Roll band hadden uitgenodigd: Swingen!!!"

Maarten DIk vond het ook erg gezellig! Leuke Yelpers ontmoet! Ik kende Casablanca nog niet echt, maar het zag er erg gezellig uit." 

Marco, ontzettend bedankt voor deze ouderwets gezellige avond! Lees hier wat jouw gasten er van vonden en zie hier alle foto's. (gemaakt door Susanne van der Raaij)

Yelpers, wat was het weer een top avond! Maarrr, waar waren die cassettebandjes nou voor???

Hartelijk Dank! Geniet! Nooit Met Mate!

Sanneke R. & Philippine W.


The weekend started very Rocky for the YelpAmsterdam Elites. We were invited for a Rocktober Elite Event at Casablanca Muziek. A well known venue in Amsterdam but little known for their amazing live music performances. We were treated with beer and bittergarnituur (yeah, there is no translation) and enjoyed the live performance of Blood, Sweat & Kiers. They Rocked The Place! 

While eating, drinking and dancing we invented the Rock Quiz. Questions like; which rockstar has the longest tong, how many bats were eaten by Ozzy and which rockband produced their own wine, made the elites go very competitive and wild. As the men were very good at this game, we had 4 yelpers with the equal amount of points. A real Air Guitar Contest was born and Pieter V. rocked the rest out! No one left the building without a yelpy price but he got his share: A Rock... 'cause..well.. he rocks?!?

After a while all yelpers were swinging their buttocks off at the dancefloor due to the great performance of Wouter Kiers & Co! It was a GREAT evening! 



Yelp feat. Barry White – als Wurst

Posted by Sophie Krause

Sonntag Abend, 18 Uhr in Hamburg: die funkigen Hunde sind los, denn im Funky Hot Dog brutzelt Besitzerin Emmanuelle ganz besondere Varianten der Wurst im Brot.

Bildschirmfoto 2011-10-31 um 8.26.14 AM
Während die Würstchen noch ihre Runden auf dem Grill drehten, konnten die Yelper schonmal die Quiche im Muffinformat und die süßen Brownies probieren. Passend zur Musik von Aretha Franklin durften Hamburger Yelper dann mal in "Barry White" und "Cool & The Gang" beißen. Autsch! Nein, lecker! Die "Barry White"-Komposition besteht aus Brötchen, Wurst und Chili Con Carne. "Cool & The Gang" sind schon ein bisschen verrückter: zur Wurst gesellt sich Kochbanane und Erdnusssoße.

Bildschirmfoto 2011-10-31 um 1.52.29 PM
Ansonsten gibt es im Laden noch die "Bee Gees" mit Sauerkraut und Senf oder "Prince" mit Chips und Mayo. Zwischen all den funkigen Gängen floss Bierchen von Ratsherrn und BIOS. Prost!

Bildschirmfoto 2011-10-31 um 8.15.17 AM
So viel Funk (und gutes Bier) löste bei dem ein oder anderen Yelper dann zu später Stund direkt einen Tanzflash aus:


In diesem Sinne nochmals vielen Dank an Emmanuelle, Ratsherrn und BIOS! Und jetzt viel Spaß beim Tanzen – und Fotos angucken! Bis zum nächsten Event.

Eure funkige Sophie*

Ach, noch was: wir sind auch im Facebook und auf Twitter funky unterwegs. Guckt mal vorbei.


Have you ever dreamed of eating Barry White or other Soulstars? No? But nevertheless, you schould definitely visit the Funky Hot Dog! Holder Emmanuelle gets crazy in her kitchen and creates new fancy Hot Dogs as "The Bee Gees" with sauerkraut and mustard or "Prince" with potatoe chips with mayonnaise. What Yelpers got to try this night was a "Barry White" with chili con carne (hot!) and "Cool & The Gang" with plantain and peanutdip. Crazy. Some people were so inspired that they started to dance (see video above). Or maybe it was because of the beer from Ratsherrn and the sweet tasty lemonade of BIOS which made people get funky.

So, we keep on dancing - and check out the photos.

Funky regards + ahoi. Sophie*

October 30, 2011

Denver Yelpers Rock Out At Yelpapalooza 3.0!

Even the first serious snowfall of the year couldn't keep almost 1,000 Denver yelpers from descending on Casselman's Bar & Venue and The Matchbox to celebrate Yelpapalooza 3.0. Guests of the event were able to travel back and forth between the two venues to enjoy either live bands or a DJ lounge (set up by Greater Range DJ), a wide variety of food, and delicious drinks.


The evening saw rawkin' performance from four local bands - B. Sue, Sweet Corn, In the Whale, and Places on the stage of Casselman's. Plus over at The Matchbox, DJs the Postman and Vonkemp spun music all night long keeping the dance floor packed. Local beers from Left Hand Brewing Company and Odell Brewing Company, spirits from 303 Vodka and Rob's Mountain Gin, and vitaminwater kept folks hydrated throughout the night. Meanwhile nibbles from Happy Cakes, Biker Jim's, Vinh Xuong Bakery, Rubio's, PopChips!, Jerry's Nut House, Cheesesteak Connection, Highland Tap & Burger, Japoix, and Eden Restaurant kept people fueled for fun.


As if that wasn't enough fun Andye Murphy, David Waldas, and Simple Spirit were on hand to give yelpers a glimpse into their futures with psychic readings. Denver Craft Ninjas set up a booth area to create mustaches and bow ties for people to use in the photo booths. Frequent Flyers Production brought two dancers in for aerial fabric performances between band sets. Artsy Events created caricatures to commemorate the night. And Rebelle by Tootsies Salon created rock 'n roll hair stylings for ladies, Tootsies the Nail Shoppe gave mini manis, and Proper Barbershop performed clean-ups for the fellas.


Make sure you check out the Shutterbooth photos, the Wi Cam photos, and the other photos taken by StudioSister Photography and fellow yelper Phil H that night. And read over the reviews to catch glimpses of the highlights.


Thanks to all of those that made it out. We're looking forward to seeing you at the next one, but until then we'll SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany N

Your Denver Yelp Community Director


Yelp's Spicy October Warmer!

There are many things Mancunians love, yet perhaps top of the list is a good curry. Thankfully we've got an entire stretch of places that'll serve you up something spicy (our famed Curry Mile), but with so many restaurants to choose from, where on earth do you patronize? Thankfully our Yelp Elites got some great tips from an event with more food than one could physically hold in one's stomach.


Grace R puts it far better than we could: 'I've not been to Rusholme for about 10 years, there are soooo many restaurants there I wouldn't know where to start, so for us to be introduced to an amazing restaurant means we'll DEF be back to Mughli in the near future, and I hope everyone else will be too! Fab service, fab food, fab atmosphere, fab night in all! Especially since there was a decent veggie selection.' Wait there though, there's more!



Yelpers were treated to a three course banquet of Mughli's finest charcoal cuisine offerings. Our guests munched masala papad, a typical indian appetiser consisting of papadum, red onion, fresh tomato and masala spices, chicken pakora bites and cheese tikki fritters, all served with mango chutney, mint yoghurt and tamarind chutney. Mains were veggie dhum biryani, haddock karahi masala and makhanwala chicken tikka in a deliciously rich, butter and cream based sauce, all accompanied by tandoori and garlic and coriander naans, and finally it was all topped off with a delicious carrot halwa pudding.


But what did our guests make of the experience? William G loves 'mozzarella, and this "cheese tiki" was as good a use of it as I've experienced and thus makes it into my list of all-time great dishes. Melted and creamy in the middle, lightly crunchy and spiced on the outside, and going very well indeed with the quality accompaniments to the starters, Mughli's mango chutney, tamarind chutney and mint yoghurt. Cheese and pickle, but not as you know it, mate!'


'The makhanwala was something of a revelation for' Chris M – 'chicken tikka in a butter and cream based sauce? No way, words like "explosive", "punishing", "incredible" and "orgasmatronic" need to be thrown in there!' And Lee Z 'really can't overstate just how good everything was, and as Mrs Z told Emma as we were leaving, it's our anniversary soon and we will be going back to Mughli to celebrate... if the food last night is anything to go by then oh! How we'll celebrate!'


There's so much more to see as always. Check out the rest of the snaps on Flickr, chat about the event on Talk, read the reviews and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Until next time, peace out, Yelpfolk!


Emma-Lou H, Manchester Community Manager

Yelp's Open Party 2011: The Thriller Throwdown

Posted by kelly stocker

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart... It's Yelp's Thriller Throwdown! Michael Jackson takes on the zombies once again in our most hauntingly fabulous party to date. Kristina H agrees: "From the amazing Zombie makeup, to the amazing food (I mean, there was a pancake maker ON SITE for god's sake) to the amazing free drink choices to the amazing cover band, this might have been the best open party yet."


Gorgeous zombie ladies passed around Eristoff Vodka shots and drinks. With it's sexy wolf-themed bottle, the brand fit right in. For those who eschew the hard stuff, frosty Pabst Blue Ribbon and sweet and bubbly Crispin Natural Cider were on hand. Even zombies work up a sweat so good thing VitaminWater & Honest Tea did their thang near the dance floor.


Cover Girl 80s band wailed the best of the tunes we all know and love, getting people to jam out on the dance floor. In between sets, we were treated to some fabulous performances by Black Widow Burlesque. "By the way" says Krista K, "I'm a such a fan of Cover Girl.  I felt like I was in an 80's movie the whole night, as the busted out my favorite 80's moves to my favorite 80's jams."


Though most people were looking for brains, we had fabulous food sponsors on hand. Precious bags of Pop Chips, oh so sinful SugaPlump cake concoctions, Pharas Mediterranean hummus and dolmas, crave-able Cornucopia Popcorn, perfect Pate Letelier & pancakes made on-site by Batter Blaster


All these gorgeous pictures are courtesy of Erin Molloy Photo but we had SoCo Foto's awesome self-contained airstream photo booth parked in front! In case folks didn't come pre-made up, BaldO Face Painting helped to make us whatever we wished and the experts from Avenue Five Institute's Zombie-fying team created some truly terrifying visages. Bob H was "basically freaked out by the costumes -- they were that good!."


If you've got to see to boo-lieve, take a minute to peruse the pictures on flickr. Until the next time, SYOY!

Kelly S


Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 4.37.07 AM


Queens Yelpers Celebrate Halloween Studio 54 Style

Posted by Jando

Yelp or Treat? Last Friday evening, Yelpers from all over NYC came together to celebrate the start of Halloween weekend in what is the largest Queens Yelp event to date. More than 450 Elites and Yelpers donned costumes of the disco era (aka Studio 54) and came to play in Elmhurst, Queens at one of the hood's most happenin' establishments: Play Lounge.


Play Lounge is as Toan N describes, "a venue for everyone." Every corner of this spacious lounge was under a Yelp invasion, from the big bar to the dance floor to the bowling alley and even the mechanical bull. Lara G watched Yelpers "show their Big Lebowksi stylin' on the bowling lanes and their Black Widow moves on the pool tables." Delicious mini bites were served to the crowd, consisting of tuna tartare, pigs in a blanket, fried potato medallions, mushroom risotto puffs, chicken skewers, and fried mac & cheese.


Good food always goes hand in hand with good drinks. Complimentary drinks were provided by Balls Vodka, Spicebox Whisky, and Heineken that were as Phil H describes, "all were flowing freely. All. Night. Long." The bar became the night's most popular area where Kristy R was ordering up a "Spicy 54" (whisky, coke, and a splash of lime) and Marie S was all about the "Disco Ball" cocktail (vodka, soda, and lime).

The dance floor was on fire, as Yelpers grooved to DJ Roli Rho, who kept everyone on their feet by scratching a mix of hits from the last 3 decades. The lights were flashing, the fog smoke was cloudy, and the energy was undeniable as it kept Yelpers like Vineet S going all night long. When people weren't dancing, they were lining up at Shutter Booth where Richard D took pics "that would make mom blush."

What's Halloween without sweets? The Chocolate Swirl brought some confectionary sophistication to the party palate, delighting the crowd with mini carrot cakes, chocolate balls, and chocolate cupcakes. The sugar high wasn't the only treat, as Yelpers donated generously to the Child Center of NY to contribute to the lives of impoverished children in the NY area.

Thanks to everyone for making this night a success and kudos goes out to Play Lounge, the Child Center of NY, the Chocolate Swirl, Heineken, Balls Vodka, Spicebox Whisky, Shutter Booth, and DJ Roli Rho for making an impression not soon to be forgotten in the hearts of Yelpers. To those who couldn't make it, check out the reviews here and be sure to scroll through the Flickr gallery.


Jando S
and the rest of the NYC team.

October 28, 2011

Yelp meets ATM Gallery

Posted by Svenja

Am Donnerstag trafen sich die Berliner Yelper in der ATM Galerie im neuen Kunstbezirk "Schönekreuz" zum Yelp-Event "Yelp meets ATM Gallery". Von außen sieht man es der Galerie nicht an, aber in ihr schlummert Unterirdisches. Die Galerie, die in den Räumlichkeiten einer alten Bäckerei vor Kurzem ihre Türen öffnete, hat in den unteridischen Gängen Kunst installiert, die nur für erwachsene Augen geschaffen ist.

Aber nochmal zurück marsch marsch, denn wie fangen die Yelp-Parties immer an? Jup, mit Knabbereien und Getränken. Was konnten wir nicht alles genießen? Da gab es zum einen Boris-Bier aus Frankreich/Kanada, das schon allein mit seinem Flaschenlogo ein echter Hingucker ist und noch dazu herrlich erfrischt. Das Bier kam gleich in doppelter Ausführung: Klassisches Bier und als Mischgetränk mit Lime. OrgaNicas trumpfte mit einer Selektion seiner organischen Weine auf und ergänzte das Sortiment mit organischem Olivenöl. Taktisch gut positioniert am Catering dippte sich das Brot gleich noch besser im aromatischen Olivenöl. Aber was wäre eine Party ohne Cocktails? Gut also, dass mit Dooley's Best Friends Moments für die süßen Schleckermäulchen rote Bäckchen bekamen, die Fruchtigen freuten sich über Andalö, den Sanddornliqueur aus dem hohen Norden mit Physalis-Deko.


Mit Getränk in der Hand schaut sich die coole Street Art gleich noch viel interessierter an, zumal man beim Angucken der Kunstinstallationen, Bilder, Collagen und Gemälden wunderbar die Flaschen und Gläser anstoßen kann. Salzbrezeln, weiße Mäuse, belegte Bagels, Gemüsesticks, Esspapier-Ufos: Es war gefährlich in die Nähe des Catering-Tischs zu kommen!

Für Musik im Atelier sorgte der wunderbare DJ Dickey Doo, der mitten in der "Gefahrenzone" des Action-Paintings von Marc und Steve weiter Tanzbares auflegte. Ihr fragt euch jetzt: "Gefahrenzone"... in einer Galerie? Nils B gab sein letztes Yelp-Hemd, dass besprüht, mit Farbe beworfen und mit Farbkanone beschossen wurde und nun ein Marc/Steven Original ist. Ein paar Gäste konnten an ihren Hosen, Jacken und Schuhen auch ein (nicht zu dauerhaftes) Souvenir an Kunst in Aktion mitnehmen.


Zu guter Letzt gab es noch ein Gewinnspiel, in dem es um zwei mal zwei Tickets für die Rocky Horror Show ging, die ab dem 1.November im Admiralspalast aufgeführt wird. Kamila K, die als erste Gewinnerin von Juliane S gezogen wird, traut erst ihren Ohren nicht, als ihr Name aufgerufen wird. Beim zweiten Aufruf strahlt sie aber schon über beide Ohren: "Ich kann es gar nicht glauben, dass ich gewonnen hab!" Die reizende Glückfee Amelie G zieht Gewinnerin Nummer zwei: Julia S. "Das gibt's doch nicht, ich habe noch nie etwas gewonnen!" lacht sie laut auf.


Die Yelper schwirren mittlerweile auf allen Ebenen herum und suchen sich durch das Labyrinth, das die ATM Galerie ist. Ein gigantisches Dankeschön gilt den ATM Galerie-Inhabern Marc und Steve, die ihre Türen weit für uns geöffnet haben, ohne die diese coole Party nicht möglich gewesen wäre. Vielen Dank auch, dass wir euch in Action zuschauen durften, ich bin auf das getrocknete Yelp-T-Shirt gespannt! Des weiteren möchte ich mich bei unseren Getränkesponsoren Boris-Bier, Falk von OrgaNicas, Dooley's Best Friends Moments und Andalö bedanken, die uns feucht-fröhlichen durch den Abend begleiteten. Ein großes Lob gilt auch Katharina F und Anika, zum einen für die die Getränke und natürlich für das unermüdliche Nachfüllen, sowie das Knippsen einiger Bilder. Ich bedanke mit beim zauberhaften Dickey Doo für die Musik und Nate für die Hilfe beim Aufbau, ebenso unverzichtbar waren Nils B, Amelie G, Julia S und Johanna G beim Aufbau. Der Dank für die Fotos geht an Irina K.


Alle Fotos des Abends könnt ihr euch hier anschauen. Last but not least könnt ihr eure Bewertung von "Yelp meets ATM" an gewohnter Stelle abgeben. Und vergesst nicht, wenn ihr uns mögt, liked uns auf Facebook und Twitter!

Svenja G

Berlin Community Manager


On Thursday Berlin Yelpers met up at the new ATM Gallery in the disctrict of Schönekreuz for the next Yelp-Event called "Yelp meets ATM Gallery". You don't see it from the outside, but the gallery is a maze on two floors. But let's not skip to the end but rather summarize the evening.

So how do Yelp-Events start? Right, with drinks! We had the tasty Boris-beer from France/Canada on the menu, two different ones to be more precise. One was the classic beer in an unusually-size glass bottle and the other one came in a can with lime flavour. Yumm! The sweeties among us Dooley's Best Friends Moments sipped the toffee liqueur or Andalö sea buckthorn liqueur, nicely decorated with a goldenberry. Next to the snacks there was OrgaNicas with its organic wine and olive oil. Falk, the owner of OrgaNicas explained the advantages of organic products, and by trying the wine and oil the difference in taste everyone could get an impression.


With all that booze we also needed some nibbles: Marshmallow mice, pretzels, bagel-sandwiches and vegetable sticks took care of vegetarians, vegans and gluten-intolerant Yelpers.

The amazing DJ Dickey Doo took care of the music, even while the artists were in action right next to him, firing off the paint canon and Nils Bs Yelp-Shirt. So I assume we had it all. Music: check. Snacks: check. Art: check. Drinks: big time check! While Marc, the gallery owner, took his time guiding the Yelpers through the underground with art for the adult eyes, everyone could partcipate in the raffle for two times two tickets for the Rocky Horror Show in Admiralspalast. The two lucky winners of the raffle were Julia S, who could not believe that she won: "I have never won anything in my life!" and Kamila K, who did not believe her ears, when we announced her name the first time. But when we called out for her the second time we had one happy Kamila!

Gewinner und Art

Last but not least I would love to thank Marc and Steve from ATM Gallery for making this evening so incredible by opening their doors for us. It was amazing seeing you work the magic on the T-Shirt. You guys rock! Another big thank you goes out to Boris-beer, Andalö, OrgaNicas and Dooley's for keeping our hands busy with a minimum of two drinks in our hands. Thank you Amelie G, Julia S, Johanna G and Nils B for helping building up everything. Thank you Anika for constantly mixing drinks for us and Katharina F for connecting, helping whenever help is needed and some of the pictures. Thank you Dickey D and Nate E for the music and the technical support. Thank you for the picture Irina K.

Here are all the pictures of the evening in the Flickr stream. Last but not least, please leave your reviews of "Yelp meets ATM Gallery" right here and don't forget: if you like us, like us on Facebook and Twitter.












Svenja G

Berlin Community Manager

Charlotte Elites Abide at Strike City's Big Lebowski

Posted by Nicole W

There were The Dudes and Maudes, The Jesuses and plenty of Walters who made it out to the amazing private room at Strike City for Yelp's Big Lebowski! With the cult flick playing in the background and plenty of fun to go around, it wasn't tough for these 85+ yelpers to enjoy the evening.

Bowling billiards

Thirsty guests had a myriad of tantalizing options to pamper their palates including a bevvy of brews from LoneRider Brewing Company. Whether it was Sweet Josie, Peacemaker or Shotgun Betty...everyone was enjoying! Wine wise, Milestone Wines presented 3 Girls pinot noir and chardonnay, much to the delight of the crowd. And for those who were really sticking with the film, White Russians were on special and they were made right, dude!

Booze friends 
With all that bowling and billiards going on in the background, sustenance was an absolute necessity. Stirke City bowled over the Elite with an array of chicken wings, antipasta trays, penne a la vodka and crowd favorite, Libretto's pizza!

FoodRandom peeps

While many stepped up to the lane in incredibly creative costumes, it was Lauren M and Kenny R who took home the honors (and swag bags) - complete with Lebwoski garb and a $50 Strike City gift card in each! Thanks to Tonya P from Poprock Photography, the evening was gorgeously documented! You can check out all the Flickr photos right here! And last but not least, be sure to give us your feedback on the official event review page.

Winner and tonya

Until next time, SYOY!

Lebowski 008wtmk

-Nicole W.

Yelp Elites Get Spooky @ Damselfly

Posted by Chris Docherty

On a suitably spooky Glasgonian evening, 30 plus intrepid yelpers made their way along the road that is both great and western to the creepily decked out Damselfly And The Queen Bee for an eve of tricks, treats and scary beats!

Picnik collage1
With crafty activities, face painting and enough shiny/sparkly things to give make any serious magpie squeal with delight, Damselfy was the perfect location to get in the mood for the halloween celebrations. 

Picnik collage2
On hand throughout the evening to suitably freak out the crowd, the wondrously gothic Miss Scarlet Flame mingled throughout with her little friend in tow.

Picnik collage3
With all the terrifying treats on offer, the yelpers were fortunate to have the wonderful Finnieston Whisky on hand to take the edge of the ferocious fear! With creative concoctions such as the Sweet FA and Peely Wally (a whisky White Russian!) being passed out, Colin was a welcome addition to the crowd once again!

Picnik collage4
On (severed) hand throughout the event to pass out some spooky sandwiches and creepy canapes, John from Lauckner and Moore grabbed an outstanding selection of grub from their take out store Another Piece on GWR. With a good representation of their menu on show, John busted out some Fat Boys, Ham Old School and the legendary Pastrami Special, amongst others.

Picnik collage5
Big thanks on the night go to owners Anni and Yvonne who put in a real power of work before, during and after the event. Annie D for the fantastic Yelp burst face painting, Debbi for creating some excellent carved pumpkins, Mike for bringing a little bit of magic to the evening and of course the awesome Jessie D for playing a huge part in setting up this event

Picnik collage6
If you're keen on checking out the photos from the evening, why not fire over to the Flickr page here (big cheers to our resident photographer Ally W). Enjoyed the event and want to share the love? Take yourself over here and write a review! Or event just want to continue the chat from the event on Talk


Chris D: Community Manager

October 27, 2011

Yelp Masquerade at Bar Vespa

Posted by Vivek S

Though the weather outside was frightful Toronto Elites weathered the rain and put on a brave face for the Yelp Masquerade at Bar Vespa! Vespa is Italian for wasp and and this old-world inspired bar in Liberty Village was definitely buzzing on Tuesday night with overflowing drinks, delicious food, and yelpy shenanigans!

Masquerade at Bar Vespa 01

For the unmasked, yelpers could make their own at the DIY Crafts Table helmed by Crystal H. There was a lot of creativity in the homemade masks. “Kelly O gets points for sacrificing her face to the cause!”

Masquerade at Bar Vespa 02

Ask Yvonne T, the foodstuffs were mouth-watering and plentiful: “Crostinis (pesto and San Marzano tomato, artichoke, mushroom-gorgonzola), pizzas (margherita and potato), meatballs (melange of veal, pork and beef), arancini balls (my favourite of the night!), lamb skewers, and bocconcini-salad skewers… there was a generous sampling of food going around and I think that most Yelpers left with happy tummies!”

Masquerade at Bar Vespa 03

The wide assortment of drinks also kept the masked mavens smiling. In the cocktail department the Gin and Aperol Recluta, Italian Cosmo, and bellini made with fresh fruit and Prosecco. Oenophiles could sip on Ca’ Cel Doge Chanti and Serenissima Pinot Grigio. For Susan G it was drinks heaven. “And once I tasted the Recluta, I was hooked for the rest of the night!” Beer drinker Daniel B was impressed that “Vespa has worked out some amazing deal to have Mill Street’s specialty Birra Sophia on tap. Perhaps the best beer available in town.” Cin cin!

Masquerade at Bar Vespa 04

Congrats to Chris P who won a $100 gift certificate to Bar Vespa for being voted best mask! And congratulations also to Tony F and Linda M for winning the pint glasses kindly donated by Movember. (Psst, you can join the Yelp Movember team here.)

Many, many, many thanks to the outstanding staff at Bar Vespa, Mill Street Brewery and Paul Hillier for event photography.

You can read all the reviews at the event page and see all the creative masks on Yelp’s Flickr Page.

Until we meet again (face-to-face),

Yelp masquerade-52

Vivek S

Toronto Community Manager


Miami Yelpers Get Bubbly @ Gigi's Elite Happy Hour!

Posted by Monica

The best part of any day is certainly one that begins with "happy" and ends with a few "hour(s)" of sparkling wine. Indeed, at yesterday's Yelp Miami Elite event, 125 yelpers did just that with a toast to the oncoming season of merriment. Armed with an ever-flowing supply of Segura Viudas Brut Reserva and bites from Midtown's foremost kitchten, gigi, elites had no trouble washing away the workday woes and welcoming the spirit of Spanish revelry.


Sweet and savory alike, Amber L can attest to the kitchen's supremacy. "There was the meltingly-scrumptious combo of short rib and mashed plaintain, super-fresh shrimp ceviche, chilled soba noodles, spicy pulled pork atop sliced avocado and mashed potatoes, cornbread muffinitos, grilled corn on the cob.  And if you didn't get to taste the white chocolate blondie pops or the coconut ice cream cones, you seriously missed out!"

Gigicollage 1
Inbetween bites and sips, yelpers searched for the highly coveted Segura Viudas keys to unlock the treasure chest. After all, the winning key gave the lucky elite a 6-bottle Segura Viudas prize. Despite everyone's tremendous efforts in snagging the keys, Tim F reigned victories and returned to Ft. Lauderdale with his sacred booty. Curious to read the rest of the rave reviews? Just click here!

Until next time,

Monica S

October 25, 2011

Boston Yelpers Take a Bow at the Culture Club Curtain Call!

Posted by Damien S

What can top three whole weeks of stellar stagings, top-notch tours, Vesuvian volcanos and Peter friggin' Pan better than a blowout bash to benefit a worthy cause? Radio silence. We thought so.


On Sunday, more than 500 yelpers came out to the Artists for Humanity EpiCenter in South Boston for an evening of sweet eats, strong drinks and arty entertainment. The party covered three floors of the beautiful LEED-certified space, and commemorated the close of The Yelp Culture Club, a month long spotlight on Boston's vibrant arts and culture scene.


The one-man machine known as Spogga rocked the svelte first floor with his fresh dread and beatbox stylings, while yelpers tagged the graffiti wall and sampled from more than a dozen local dessert purveyors. Cuisine En Locale served up a mean bacon, mole and bleu cheese beast, while Taza chunked up their famed stone-ground chocolate. Hell's Kitchen star Jason Santos repped Blue Inc with an apricot clafoutis, JP's Batch spooned up monstrously premium ice cream and the Belgian street füd wünderkind from Saus sampled their legendary Liege waffles under a bevy of sauces.


Upstairs, yelpers discovered a paint-spattered studio where students of AfH offered live art demos, Ken Kotch snapped portraits for profile pics and Haley Jane and the Primates filled the room with funky, rootsy folk. Amanda Oakleaf surrounded her tall-standing mascot with mocha mini-cheescakes and Savory Green's chocolate baklava raged the dark side of Grecian desserts. Cupcake MoJo and Biba's Baked Goods flexed single servings of the haute treat, Minnie's carved up their softer-than-biscotti mandelbrot and EHChocolatier tasted out decadent artisan confections.


To wash down the deluge of sugar, Magners poured icy cold pear and apple cider, Peak Organic cracked pomegranate wheat beer and Lulu B. Wines tipped reds and whites. Craft cocktails? We can haz them. Karlsson's Gold vodka fueled basily Moscow Mules and Bulldog gin swirled with adult apple juice for a London Cider. Yelpers sipped spiced whisky from Spicebox and if the urge to non-alcoholically splurge came about, ZiCO and HINT provided booze-less hydration.


Did we mention breakdancing? The Floorlords pwned the concrete with their BBoy styles. Yeah, we said pwned.


Speaking of hard walking surfaces, Tatsu I and Zoe Perry-Wood cemented the memories with amazing (Tatsu) photos (Zoe) throughout the night, and approximately $2,000 was donated to the Artists for Humanity cause. Talk is buzzing about the event, and the five-star reviews are still rolling in. A standing ovation to all our incredible sponsors and to Yelp-stars Colleen C, Hilary H and Monica S for all their help! 'Twas truly worth an encore.

With a tip of the top hat,


Damien S and the Yelp Boston team (Jill and Coco!)


LA West Elites Celebrates Dia de los Muertos and Halloween at Pink Taco

Posted by Brinny

It was a night of painted faces, candy, shots and more at Pink Taco in Century City where 225 Elites gathered to celebrated Dia de los Muertos and Halloween.


Pink Taco rolled out the red carpet and then some for the famed Elites. As the party got started pitchers of red and white sangria were everywhere as were their famous margaritas. A guacamole bar kept the action front and center and had everyone's favorite green dip coming out like there was no tomorrow. Pink Taco dangerous queso was a favorite as Tara C notes, "I couldn't stop munching on that sizzling platter of queso that was set right in front of us!"

And that wasn't all! A full fajita bar made sure those drinks went down easy. Homemade corn tortillas were loaded with rice, beans, chicken and steak but what really got the crowd going was the sweet corn tamale! Laura S confesses, "The tamale - corn - was amazing. It was amazing. OMG. I'm on a diet but I had to have one." Hey, we all have to give in sometimes!

Per the usual, our friends at Picture Healing were there to snap every moment! See the rest of the photos here!


In honor of the holidays everyone dressed up in their most creative costumes (some of our favorites pictured here: Cruella de Vil +dog, Beard Papa, Dia de los Muertos etc) as the winners were awarded $50, $25 and $10 to Pink Taco respectively.


And keeping in the Pink Taco fashion the night ended with a few rounds of shots and passed churros and brownies. Everyone left full and happy!

Travis I sums up the night quite well: "If you missed this one, I feel bad for ya. This party oozed Yelpy goodness. Great patio venue; delicious foods; free-flowing beer, sangria, and shots; people dressing up and making me feel like an ass for having not dressed up ;) It was a good night to be Yelp Elite. So, thanks to everyone who made this event not only possible, but epically kick-ass. Next time, I will come in costume! :D"

Howdy, until next time!

Brittany B

LA West Community Manager


October 24, 2011

Phoenix Yelpers Give Back At Yelp Helps

Yelpers with a heart for giving back gathered at Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park on October 20th for a night of philanthropy, food, drinks and fun! Coming to Phoenix for the second year in a row, Yelp Helps is a party centered around philanthropy and lets Valley non-profits educate the local community on their missions and ways that yelpers can give back through volunteerism. And with over 29 non-profits present at Yelp Helps 2011, there was definitely plenty of giving in the air!

Yelp Helps Collage 11

Yelp Helps Event Collage 1

Yelp Helps Events Collage 2

During the warm October evening, yelpers mixed and mingled with the 29 present non-profits. While a flutist and guitarist from Canyon Records filled the air with Native American classics, guests learned about volunteerism opportunities against the backdrop of an ancient archaeological dig of a 1,500 year old Hohokam tribe. Throughout the evening, a slide show highlighting pictures from the non-profits played in the background while yelpers played Yelp Helps bingo and chatted with Alliance of Arizona Non-Profits, Arizona Consortium for the Arts, ASU Lodestar Center, Arizona Theater Company, AZ Centennial, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona, CASS, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation Southwest Chapter, Ear Candy, Future for Kids, Goodwill AZ, John C Lincoln, Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Labor's Community Service Agency, Local First, Lost Our Home Pet Association, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Mended Little Hearts of Phoenix, Muscular Dystrophy, Musical Instrument Museum, National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, Phoenix Art Museum, Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeoligcal Park, Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army, Save the Family, St Mary's Food Bank and the Tovrea Carraro Society.


Yelp Helps Event Collage 4

Yelp Helps Collage 7

Ronald McDonald made an appearance and wowed the crowd with his charm and enthusiasm all while an artist from Arizona Consortium for the Arts did a live painting adapted from the evening's festivities. Arizona is currently celebrating 100 years of being fabulous so in honor of the cactus state's birthday, guests got the special opportunity to take a photo with the AZ Centennial's Copper Chopper (that's a motorcycle made from Arizona copper mines). And as if that wasn't enough, the museum offered VIP behind the scene tours of the dig and a Pipaash singing group surprised the crowd with an authentic Native American performance.

  Yelp Helps Collage 8

Yelp Helps Collage 9

Yelp events aren't complete without food and drinks and luckily Yelp Helps had plenty of both! Hungry from all the chatting, yelpers enjoyed bruschetta from Brio Tuscan Grille, sushi from Jimmy Woo's, sandwiches, salad and ice cream from Wildflower Bread Company, chicken and portabella mushroom tacos from Rubios and cupcakes from TopIt Cupcakes.

  Yelp Helps Collage 5

Yelp Helps Collage 6

All the food and conversation with non-profits made yelpers thirsty, so they quenched their thirst with vitaminwater, smartwater, Arroyo vodka, Cruz tequila, beers from SanTan Brewing Company and got an energy boost from Rockstar!

  Yelp Helps Collage 3

Yelpers left with new non-profit friends and an awareness for all the good the NPOs are doing in the Valley. Non-profits left with lists full of new volunteers and everyone left with a heart full from an evening with a great cause. Take a look at the pictures and reviews from the evening!

  Yelp Helps Collage 9

A special thank you goes out to Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park for hosting Yelp Helps, Canyon Records, Billy WK Photography and all 29 non-profits and 10 food and drink sponsors.


Until next time!


Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager


Portland Elites Mai-Tai'd One On At Trader Vic's Tiki Elite Event!

Posted by Don Bourassa

On Saturday October 22nd, 2011, over 130 Yelp Elites turned out in totally tiki fashion as Yelp Mai-Tai’d One On at Trader Vic’s in Portland, Oregon! Who needs a trip to the south pacific when you can get warm, sunny tropical flavor right in the heart of the pearl

Picnik collage1

As Melissa V notes, “the pan-Asian nibbles and crazy-strong fruity rum drinks were dangerous indeed.” Yes, in true island style, Yelpers decked out in their Hawaiian shirts and leis were met at the door with Trader Vic’s classic Mai-Tai, a tropical rum drink that’s as dangerous as it is delicious. Made with a couple of ounces Trader Vic’s own rum, this fruity concoction had Bridge City’s finest feeling the warmth of the equatorial sun. While DJ Drue Groove rocked the classic tiki vinyl on the 1’s and 2’s, the crowd chowed down on Vic’s classic bar fare including crab Rangoon puffs, breaded shrimp and their signature smoked pork ribs. Plate after plate of food circulated as the crack team of bartenders slung hand-made mai tais. 

Picnik collage2

Round Two saw yelpers “getting slizzered on some jungle juice! A shared jungle juice! In a giant bowl! With big fancy straws!” Yeah, Lori F, preach it! TV’s Scorpion Bowls with share straws graced group tables as the servers came through with a whole fresh set of items from the upcoming menu – smoked duck on crostini, ahi poke, smoked tofu on taro chips, pork sliders, beef satay, chicken satay and more! There’s “nothing like a fun little Polynesian buzz on a Saturday afternoon.” Sherry S definitely knows what she’s talking about! Finished off with house-made cupcakes including a macha flavor with azuki-bean frosting, the spread was generous and filling! And as Melvin T attests, “The service was some of the best we have ever had at Yelp Elite Event.” 

Picnik collage3

As Carl B so eloquently sums up: “Great service, excellent food (best of event was beef satay) and an overall experience making me want to come back to try out more from the menu.” Yup, this 5-star soiree would not have been possible without the extreme generosity of Trader Vic’s; a boatload of support from Dean Rogers and Heather Jones; the hard work of Sage, Michael, and the incredible staff at TV’s; Wish You Were Here Photography for taking some great photos; Matt D; and of course the Portland Yelp Elite Squad, without whom none of this would be possible. 

Don’t believe me? Check out the 5-star reviews and photos! Haven’t written your review yet? What you waiting for?

Until next time, Aloha!

-- Don Ho





South Bay Elites Go Bollywood!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

There was no shortage of glittery garb and eye-popping colors last night, as South Bay Elites sported their Bollywood best at the India Community Center for an evening of cultured indulgence.  The vibrant crowd was ushered into the grand ballroom where the scent of samosas and the sound of Indian-pop mash-ups set the tone.  Jenny A raved “the music was so amazing! I loved that DJ Pudgy mixed songs that we knew with some Indian flair.”

Bollywood collage 1

Amber Café won over the crowd with a drool-worthy spread of lemongrass chicken kebab, Mahi Mahi with sweet & sour sauce, vegetarian Samosas with cilantro and tamarind sauce, and Papdi Chat crisps with garbanzo salad. Natalia H “loved the sauces for the thin chips and the chicken, and oh, the fish – yum!” Equally tempting Fairycakes provided a sugary selection of chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes and adorable old-fashioned whoopie pies that Jay G praised as “light and fluffy. Plus, Fairycakes totally knew what was up and had a milk dispenser at their table as well!”

Bollywood Collage 2

The gastronomic delights were a mere appetizer to the evening’s offerings, which also included a spirited performance by Aerodance, a group of 5-14 year-old dancers who were experts in breaking in down, Bollywood style, busting out acrobatic stunts and animated smiles.  And before the crowd could get over their amazement, the Jollywood Dancers appeared on stage to wow us with some more ‘mature’ moves (Jollywood is for ages 60 and up!) In the words of Jenny A “the entertainment was too cute to be true. Loved all of it!”

Bollywood Collage 3

Dainty cups of Lillet Blanc were sipped with satisfaction, and Jay G affirmed they were “very refreshing, with a nice sweetness to it,” while Fuze Beverages kept folks hydrated with full-sized bottles of their vitamin-enhanced refreshers like Peach Mango and Acai Berry. Keeping with the Bollywood spirit, Elites lined up to get henna tattoos from artist Farrah Laved, who patiently painted her eager guests. Natalia H loved her henna souvenir, gushing “Farrah made me this killer long one on my leg and it looks so cool!”

Bollywood collage 4

Read the full reviews and check out all the photos on the Yelp Flickr page.

Until next time, SYOY!

Bollywood 17

Abby S (with Intern Courtney M and East Bay CM Nique)

October 23, 2011

Soirée Yelp Elite Bloody Mary & Holy Müesli chez Claus

Posted by Elodie


Hier soir au 14 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, c’est une soirée sur le thème du Petit Déjeuner qui a réuni une centaine de yelpeurs chez Claus- L’Épicerie du petit déjeuner. Ouverte il y a seulement quatre mois, cette  nouvelle adresse incontournable du 2ème arrondissement a accueilli la brigade d’Elite parisienne, avec des Bloody Mary pop et surprenants, d’adorables clubs sandwichs, et du Müesli frais à emporter. Eliabel T s’est délectée de “la seule boisson non alcoolisée qu’elle boit avec autant de plaisir que du Champagne, l’eau de source St George et a aimé l’effet visuel de la tomate jaune “. 


Au rez de chaussée, dans la partie épicerie, les invités sont accueillis dans l’atmosphère chaleureuse des murs blancs de Claus. Après avoir pris une Bionade ( gingembre-orange, litschi, sureau ou plantes ) un verre de Bloody Mary à la tomate jaune préparé avec la crème de la crème des jus de fruits, les jus Alain Milliat, ou une bouteille de la meilleure eau minérale du monde, St George, ils se dirigent vers l’étage. Là haut, ils sont invités à accompagner leurs boissons d’un club sandwich et des très gourmandes chips Tyrrell’s, en profitant des banquettes élégantes et de l’ambiance boudoir zen de ce petit salon. Mark B s’enthousiasme de “ la déco épurée style germano-nordique et de sa bionade raffraichissante, La disposition des produits rappelle un peu celle des épiceries américaines des années 50. Vintage! J’aime ! “


Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, allez faire un tour sur notre page Flickr.

Elodie F
Paris Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp

Photos by Dylan Calves


An evening devoted to breakfast? Why not? Last night the Paris Elite Squad celebrated the first meal of the day at Claus, the first café/boutique in Paris dedicated entirely to breakfast and brunch. On the super cozy ground floor surrounded by sirops, jams, coffees and biscuits, over 100 elites sampled Claus’ signature treats, including homemade Bloody Marys made with yellow tomato juice from the artisanal fruit juice brand Alain Milliat, club sandwichs, and Claus’ famous müesli, a family recipe from his native Bavaria! “The display of the products and the cool decorative style of the space has a Nordic/50s vintage style that I totally love!” says Mark B of the very chic Claus (the business, not the man, though the owner Claus is quite classy as well...). 

In addition to unusally-hued Marys, guests sipped a selection of organic sodas from the cult German brand Bionade and mini bottles of the best mineral water in the world, St. Georges, which Eliabel T was thrilled to discover since it’s “the only non-alcoholic drink she enjoys as much as Champagne!” Upstairs, plates of club sandwiches and Tyrrell's gourmet chips filled the tables of the yellow and blue dining lounge. “ YEEEE-(AAAAAAAH)-LLLLLLPPP!!!” is the love cry that the evening inspired from Leslie M who found the “the atmosphere and concept of the party amazing!“ After two hours sampling various snacks and soaking in some tunes, the Parisian elites took off with a little present for the following morning: a tiny tub of Claus’ müesli to be enjoyed for breakfast the following morning. 


If you were at the event and want to share your impressions, you can leave a review here. For more photos from the evening, swing over to our Flickr page. 

Photos by Dylan Calves

CameraBag_Photo_1000 (3)

Elodie F
Paris Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp


October 22, 2011

Orlando Elite Continue Getting Cultured @ Albin Polasek Museum

Posted by Colleen Burns

It's Culture Club month so what better way then to celebrate at one of the featured venues? Oh yes, fancy, 5 star rated Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden, we conquered! Thanks to Mother Nature, we had an unusually chill Florida evening to enjoy the outdoors and welcome Fall! 

Picnik collage

Delicious refreshments were provided by "Pure Australian," distilled from quality grapes, CooranBong Vodka! Pallets were please with, CooranBong Pamapolitan or CooranBong White Orchid! Serving up delicious mojitos and running the busy bar were our friends of Cocktails Catering. Honest Tea kept us hydrated and 5-HR Energy kept us energized! 

Picnik collage (1)

Brio of Winter Park brought us to a Tuscan country villa with their delicious star dishes: Mushroom Ravioli Al Forno and Chicken Fra Diavolo! Decedent Dessert provided by Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park! Samples of their popular chocolate covered popcorn, sea salt dark chocolate, chili pistachio dark chocolate, and chocolate dipped shortbread. And, a raffle for a chocolate pizza, sweeeeet!

The awesome, talented Jim White was mixin' and minglin' around to grab some fab photos and... the innovative, refreshing and exciting SNAP! Studio Booth was on sight to grab the grandness, and add fun props to the evening.  

Orlando Harpist, Christine MacPhail, set the relaxing, gorgeous mood with her elegant skills. We also had local artist, Steph Wood on sight painting LIVE! She proved to us why she is an on-the-rise-to-the-top contemporary artist and blew us away with her skills.Thomas Thorspecken, Analog Artist Digital World, was also hangin' around doing what he does best, sketching the beauty that is our elite squad and the gardens!

Picnik collage (2)

United Arts of Central Florida and Red Chair Project kept us up to date on awesome Arts and Culture news around Central Florida. Check out United Arts and get ready for their ArtsFest coming up in February '12! Also, Red Chair Project keeps us posted on weekly shows around town so make sure to check them out. 

Picnik collage (3)

Check all the photos out here and here. If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers. 

Until next time,

Colleen B.

Picture 33

October 21, 2011

Manhattan Elites Flee To Peru!

Whether it's long work week or a sleepless night in the city that never does, sometimes us New Yorkers need to get away from it all. And we hear the Machu Picchu is quite nice this time of the year. So we packed out ponchos and journeyed...west to the Village where a group of giddy yelpers were treated to some seriously authentic Latin hospitality.

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.11.00 PM Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.10.49 PM Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.04.27 PM

Peruvian cuisine fuses many different ethnicities, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and African, and is increasingly being recognized as world class. And what better place to enjoy a feast of epic proportions than Panca, a romantic little resto with a Michelin nod under its woven belt. Jaime H sums it up as, "the best food of any Yelp Elite I've been to! I will definitely be back for the tres leches cake - it was the best I've had in my life! I couldn't believe how much food was at this event - Peruvian rotisserie chickens, seafood stew and rice, lomo saltado, veal heart skewers, cebiche, yucca fries, quinoa shrimp, and bowls of yummy roasted corn nuts. Panca stops at nothing to make their customers happy!"

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.03.30 PM Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.00.54 PM Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.00.21 PM
A rowdy family dinner of this caliber wouldn't be complete without a cocktail. Make that many cocktails. All of them expertly mixed with our favorite Pisco Portón which was perfect in everything from Classic Pisco Sours to tangy Pisco Mojitos.

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.00.12 PM Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 5.51.50 PM Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.01.10 PM

We're with Phil H when he proclaimed, "I am getting a ticket to Peru right now if this is the type of hospitality and food I can expect there. Panca hit it out of the park at this Elite event!"

And if you were one of the lucky travelers then be sure to leave your review of the event HERE. Meanwhile, take a browse through the photos and chime in on Talk!

Until next time, SYOY,

  Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 6.07.00 PM

Jane K & Yelp NYC

Yelp Manhattan Community Director

For The Love Of Beer Yelp Dallas Elite Event

What is it about beer that makes us love it so much? It's hard explain why we guzzle it down like our guts are bottomless brewery vats. It could be the that old familiar barley taste, the comforting, simple sensation of just holding one in our hand, or that it just goes so well with a fat, juicy burger. Whatever it may be, it certainly brings us to our hoppy place! Forget Halloween, ghosts, goblins, and witches – This past Wednesday over 120 Dallas Yelpers rallied around October's one true purpose: Beer. The Katy Trail Ice house opened their 'shack' up for a one beery night of fun!

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 10.44.45 AM

The brisk, fall air set the perfect tone for an evening on a packed patio of Ranger fans and thirsty Yelpers. Or as Joe B puts it, "cool weather and cool weather means more beer drinking!" After guests filed in and signed the guest book of the evening in the form of a pumpkin, beer thirsts were quinched and necks were donned with pretzel necklaces to ensure a tasty, carb-filled-post-sip treat. Not to worry – we didn't leave our hungry yelpers hanging on a string of just a meager pretzel necklace. We know how those elites like to eat and drink. Good thing three craft beers were on tap and yummy bites, such as gooey, cheesy quesadillas, chicken sliders, and chips and queso were offered.

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 11.04.03 AM

After we caught up with long lost yelpers, the wonderful Tim from Andrews Distributing and Jimmy from Katy Trail took the floor and educated us on the varying brews of the night. Including the most fun fact of the night…that Lager, like the Rahr Oktoberfest on tap that evening, is crafted with an intent to guzzle and get drunk faster. That's right, Lager has a higher alcohol percentage and is more crisp and clear, while Ales are designed to sip and enjoy the hearty, robust flavors integreted into the brew. Good to know! So that leaves us with the question: what kind of beer drinker are you? We do know one thing "once everyone found out the Rahr has the most alcohol, it disappeared quickly!" according to Eric W.

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 11.21.28 AM

After our Beer 101, our palletes were challenged with a heathly competition of blinfolded beer tasting. Yelpers were amazed at what our senses are capable of without our eye sight and totally dependent on the aromatics and tastes of the beer. Once blindfolded, people were stumped as to which one was the Fat Tire Pale Ale and the Mooose Drool Brown Ale. Sure, one is dark and one is light, but without our sight, they are subtle, yet significant differences between the two. Who knew!?

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 11.33.39 AM

To see more of the crazy times had by the gangstas below or read about the Katy Trail described by Jodi C as a "picture of a tres chic little place that is one of the most happening places in DFW" – visit the Yelp listing here or flickr pics here.

Screen shot 2011-10-21 at 11.45.45 AM

Beer Bumps all around for the Katy Trail Ice House and Andrews Distributing for a wonderful evening. Until next time (hint, hint big Open Party coming at ya November 19th)...SYOY!

Dallas Community Manager, Frances G and her proup pup Bacio!


October 20, 2011

Vegas Elites 'Trick Or Yelp' At Silverton Casino

Posted by Misti Yang

Things were a little booooo-sy and completely spooktacular when Yelp Las Vegas Elites suited up for an evening of trick or yelping through Silverton Casino. Yelpers arrived in their Halloween finest and were in for an evening of endless treats.

Collage 1

The evening started with a feast fit for a fiend at Twin Creeks Steakhouse. The top-notch staff greeted everyone with a choice of Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne, St. Francis Cabernet, St Francis Chardonnay, Coors Light, Heinekin or a signature pumpkin buttered rum martini. As Kevin T notes, "Twin Creeks was extremely generous. No words combined can describe their generosity." The spread included a display of cheeses and fruit, prawns with sweet chili sauce, jumbo lump crab with honey mustard aioli. Servers passed pork belly on a steamed bun, Heirloom tomatoes on crostini and parmesan souffle on parmesan crisp with prosciutto.


For the main course, Twin Creeks served up a buffet dinner with a long menu of delectable steakhouse choices: petit tenderloin with an "au poivre sauce," lobster mashed potatoes, chicken breast Milanese, truffled potatoes,grilled asparagus, and creamed spinach.


An evening of trick or treating wouldn't be complete with just one stop, so following dinner, the costumed crew trooped to the center of the casino to enjoy a candy corn shot from the friendly Flare Bar staff, and then haunted their way to The Mermaid Lounge for a lineup of true sweet treats from cupcakes to coffin brownies, and most importantly real, live mermaids!


The evening was full of Hallowinners: two lucky yelpers walked away with 2-night stays and dinner for 2 at Twin Creeks, the top three finishers in the grand finale beer stein holding contest took home treasured goods, and everyone carried home a goodie bag of treats with everything from a full-sized Hofbrahaus mug to a free cupcake coupon!


A big thanks to Kimiko, Jay at Twin Creeks, all of the staff at Silverton and PR Plus! Nikki H says it best, "This night was unbelievable! I just want to relive it over and over and over and over again!" Big gratitude for Alex from Alex Mo Photography for capturing amazing moments throughout the night. You can read all the frightenly good reviews here and see the full set of pictures on Flickr.

It was a great success!

Misti Y aka The Unintentional Borat

Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager

Yelp Cleveland's Rock-tober Fest @Beachland Ballroom

Posted by Cara

America's Got Talent? Pssshh... More like Yelp Cleveland's got talent! Especially after hearing over 50 Elites and guests belt out their favorite tunes, decked out in rocker-gear at Yelp CLE's Rock-tober Fest, hosted by the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern


Hardcore air guitar shredding while channeling your inner rock star can really make a yelper's stomach growl like a heavy metal song. It's a good thing Beachland put out a spread debuting delicious, house-made items from their brand new dinner menu, including: freshly prepared corn tortilla chips and roasted tomato salsa, hummus with warm pita and house-pickled veggies, hand-cut, buttermilk breaded chicken tenders with whole grain honey mustard and finally, crunchy, creamy arancini with marinara sauce. Resident 50 Cent wanna-be, Cami T thought the food "was pretty spectacular. I mean, not as good as my singing, but close." 


As if the feast wasn't enough, Beachland was also nice enough to offer up complimentary pints of Heineken drafts (AKA, liquid courage) to all the guests. What better way to prep your karaoke singing voice than to ice it down with a cold brew or two? 


Ackey+Z Photography captured our stage presence and bad-ass costumes, while the karaoke machine was spitting out tunes from yesterday and... well, yesterday. Or, as Habby H put it, "awesomely outdated." So, check out those rockin' pics here


We also had two winners of the evening who brought home gift baskets full of Rock-tober goodness! Congrats to Amy T for winning "best costume" and Habby H for winning "best performance" with her rendition of Crazy by Patsy Cline! The prizes were Halloween lanterns filled with spooky knick-knacks like, pumpkin decals, skull flasks, glow necklaces, DVD copies of Rocky Horror Picture Show and lots more. 


Many thanks to Beachland Ballroom, Cindy, Julius, Dave, Chef John and staff who made the night amazing! Also, Angie and Heineken—you guys rock! And let us not forget about the gorgeous Katie Cutshaw of Ackey+Z Photography, who always provides us with killer pics and memories of our parties!

And don't forget to check out all the event reviews here, or write your own if you were there! I'd love to hear your feedback. 

Until the next one, SYOY!








Cara L

Cleveland Community Manager

Hot Dogs Yelped at Bark!

Posted by peter d.

Right outside the 2/3 Bergen Street stop sits what Matteo R describes as what "may well be the most beautiful hotdog place in the world: whitewashed exposed bricks on one side, Guastavino-like tiles and darl wood on the other side, light wooden floors..." Not only is the space gorgeous, but Bark Hot Dogs is committed to locally sourced ingredients and sustainability. Luckily, this environmentally conscious approach is combined with readily apparent culinary knowhow, because This. Food. Is. GOOD.

Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.10.26 AM Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.09.43 AM Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.00.32 AM

Bark welcomed in some of Brooklyn's finest yelpers last night for an evening of good food, great music, and good times. The NYC Elite were treated to scrumptious samples of neighborhood favorites like the NYC Dog, the Kraut Dog, and the Bacon-Cheddar Dog, and you'd better believe these wieners live up to the hype. And although the place might be called Bark Hot Dogs, the rest of the menu is just as intriguing.

Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.08.05 AMScreen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.03.57 AMScreen shot 2011-10-20 at 10.59.17 AM

Monique R particularly enjoyed the crispy pork burger: "What the what! It was spot on flavor wise as well as texturally. And HOLY WOW - the onion rings." Ashley S also exclaims, "the original Bark burger was mouthwateringly juicy!" And those fried eggplant bites covered in piquant peppers? With such skill in the kitchen, I know I'll be back soon for EVERYTHING, including breakfast sandwiches stuffed with Nueske's bacon...

Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.05.35 AM Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.04.19 AM Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.07.44 AM

Since all things Bark go down better with beer, the Bark staff was pouring pitchers of Sixpoint's signature Bark Red Ale all night, which kept the party pumping. A huge thanks goes out to Josh, Diana and the rest of the Bark staff that is so on point every day, and welcomed us in for such a special evening. Whether or not you made it out, be sure to check out the pictures and the reviews!

Peter D and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team

Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 11.09.26 AM

October 19, 2011

¡Madrid os da la Yelp-venida!

Posted by Lolo R.

Mientras un suculento olor a pizza invadía la calle, 74 yelpers se agolpaban a las puertas del Andiamo: el perfecto restaurante italiano que acogió el primer Evento de Élite de Yelp en Madrid. El interior del establecimiento, normalmente blanco e impoluto, se encontraba salpicado de motas rojas en forma de globos de Yelp, que inundaban el local y atraían las miradas curiosas de peatones y viandantes interesados en saber qué estaba ocurriendo dentro.

A modo de regalo de bienvenida, los yelpers recibieron una etiqueta con su nombre de pila para colocar en su pechera y una copa de prosecco Maschio Dei Cavalieri, un delicioso vino espumoso procedente de Véneto con aroma a fruta escarchada y flores dulces y un sabor suave con fondo aromático, cortesía de Comercial CBG.


Al tiempo, el equipo de Andiamo bullía en la cocina, para posteriormente sorprendernos con un apetitoso menú. Entretanto, los yelpers disfrutaban del vino y la cerveza Alhambra, hasta que la pitanza comenzó a pasar a su alrededor: chupitos de zuppa (gazpacho de sandía), mortadela italiana, brochetas caprese, un exquisito risotto, fantásticas mini pizzas, melanzane (lasaña de berenjena) y las aclamadísimas truffle burgers, que todavía son tema de conversación para muchos de los asistentes.

Tras los platos principales, Apetit'Oh puso la nota dulce a la noche con su Candy Bar, haciendo que los yelpers creasen sus propias cupcakes y cake pops. Por si esto fuera poco, muchos también cayeron rendidos ante las apetecibles galletas verdes, que fueron una de las revelaciones de la fiesta.

¡Pero la noche no había acabado aún! Era el momento de degustar la Blue Tonic, que hizo las delicias de los yelpers en unos refrescantes gin-tonics, punto y final de una noche repleta de sonrisas, abrazos, "oh, no me puedo creer que por fin nos conozcamos" y encuentros de todo tipo, siempre captados por la vigilante cámara de nuestro fotógrafo Jesús Giles.

Una noche espectacular. Gracias a todos los yelpers por venir y compartir ese momento tan especial que es un primer Evento de Élite. No olvidéis comentar el evento (si no lo habéis hecho ya) y no dejéis de visitar el set de fotos en Flickr. Otro agradecimiento enorme va para todos aquellos que, con su trabajo, hicieron de este un evento inolvidable: Beatriz, Ruth, Delia, Audrey, Jorge, Andrés, Rafa, Marisol y Vanesssa. ¡Muchísimas gracias!


Lolo R.
Responsable de la Comunidad de Yelp en Madrid
*¡Nos vemos en Yelp!


While a succulent pizza smell wafted down the street, 74 yelpers crowded at the door of Andiamo: the perfect pizzeria venue for the first Madrid Yelp Elite Event! The restaurant, normally spotless white inside, was peppered with red Yelp balloons that filled the roof of the place, attracting curious looks from people and pedestrians walking by.

Yelpers were welcomed with their first Yelp name tag and a glass of prosecco Maschio Dei Cavalieri, a delicious bubbly wine from Veneto with a bouquet of candied fruit and sweet flowers, brought by Comercial CBG.

Whilst yelpers enjoyed the wine and Alhambra beer, Andiamo's kitchen was cooking up a storm to surprise them with a tasty menu. It started with a zuppa (watermelon gazpacho) shot, bologna and caprese brochettes to continue with a exquisite risotto, great mini pizzas, a plate of melanzane (eggplant lasagna) and their acclaimed truffle burgers, that are still the main conversation topic of many yelpers.

After the mains, Apetit'Oh brought a sweet note to the night with its Candy Bar, putting all the yelpers to work to create their own cupcakes and cake pops. Not only that, many yelpers were love-struck with some beautiful green cookies that surprised more than one.

The night wasn’t over there! Yelpers were then treated to Blue Tonic, the perfect tonic for a g&t, that ended a night full of smiles, hugs, "oh, can't believe that we finally meet" and encounters of all kinds, all captured by the vigilant camera of our photographer, Jesús Giles.

The night was absolutely terrific. Thanks to all the yelpers for coming and sharing this very special first Elite Event. Please, don't forget to comment on the event (if you haven't done so yet) and take a look at the pictures in our Flickr set. Undoubtedly, a big thank you goes to all the people that worked so hard to make this event unforgettable: Beatriz, Ruth, Delia, Audrey, Jorge, Andrés, Rafa, Marisol and Vanessa. ¡Gracias!

Lolo R.
Madrid Community Manager

London Elites Get Quizzical At The Player

Posted by Katie

A tiny doorway tucked away next to ultra-sexy Agent Provocateur, you'd be forgiven for missing The Player on the busy streets of Soho, yet London Elites would not be fooled by its discreet exterior, for inside some treats awaited!

After descending the narrow stairway, London's finest Elite yelpers gathered in the candlelit and atmospheric bar of this member's club and were treated to a glass of one of The Player's popular citrus punch to wet their whistle before the entertainment started - the Popbitch Popquiz! In teams of two to four people our music-savvy, celebrity-stalking Popbitches launched into the game with determined faces and whispering debates over answer sheets.

Yelp London Elite Collage2 - 18Nov2011
Before long, bar manager Veton Maloku and his fantastic staff had sent out giant rum and prosecco, cherry-topped cocktails for the hard-working teams to enjoy, and an assortment of snacks including chips, chicken nuggets, mini lamb chops and olives along with some sweeties and popcorn to munch on and keep those brains ticking.

The hilarious and entertaining host, Tom Webb, kept everyone chuckling with his banter and cheeky commentary and it wasn't long before the heckling began and the game started really heating up. Out came the accordion as co-host Will Barrett serenaded everyone with some tunes…but did they know which songs they were? Linzi M certainly didn't and wasn't afraid to say it!

Yelp London Elite Collage3 - 18Nov2011
After a quick mask-making round involving paper plates, plasticine, coloured paper and, in some cases, cherries (let's face it, what's not to love about a giant cock-and-balls mask?) came the round that really stole the show - picking up a paper bag from the floor, standing on one leg and using just your teeth. You'd have to see it to believe the skill involved, suffice to say we were lucky not to have any casualties and even the bar staff and CM's had to give it a go once the round had finished!

Yelp London Elite Collage4 - 18Nov2011
Having proven themselves experts in inappropriate jokes and The Smiths songs, Eamon B and Kylzo L's team scooped first place, winning a £50 bar tab courtesy of The Player. Second place, however, was a tie and it was left up to Ian P and Jennifer S to fight it out through the medium of a 60-second freestyle dance-off. And boy did they pull out the moves!
Ian P kept it real with a jaunty-strut, a cool hat-toss into the crowd and a special few moves aimed at a concerned Peter S. Jennifer S followed, pulling out all the stops with a bit of sexy Shakira-style booty shaking, dancing on tables, chairs, and finally getting down and dirty on the floor winning her team the much-deserved second place! And what did they win for such effort, such skill and such creative dance-moves? A rubber duck. I know what you're thinking - that is quack! Better duck, I mean luck, next time folks!

Yelp London Elite Collage1 - 18Nov2011
Want to see what other antics went on? Check out all the photos from the extremely talented Xavier Fiddes, read the reviews and catch up with all the gossip on Talk! Something tells me this won't be the last we see of Yelp quizzes here in London, so GET YOUR GAME FACES ON, YELPERS!


Katie B

Katie B - CM London.

October 17, 2011

Yelp Chicago Goes With The Flow

Posted by Johnny Todd

Roses are red, violets are blue, October is here, and poetry doesn’t have to rhyme! It’s a good thing, because the Yelp Chicago Elite Squad is all about free expression. Unfettered by iambic pentameter or rhyming couplets, Chicago Elites flowed into Quay, the idyllic Near North Side restaurant and lounge overlooking the Chicago River to enjoy a night of Poetry in Motion and going with the flow.

6242430146_fae193e43f_b 6242432002_f3b50784b5_b 6242437240_bb4fc26bda_b 6242446970_9f3256d9eb_b

Attendees arrived to an elegant dining room, beset on all sides with dark woods, scalloped walls, inventive, lit columns, private dining rooms, and food fit for the environment. Marinated chicken satay, wild mushroom and herbed goat cheese flatbread, and Wisconsin cheddar sliders filled the bellies of intrepid Elites, even as crisp Sauvignon Blanc and elegant Pinot Noir quenched their thirst. Elites were happy to dine and chat but the ‘motion’ and ‘flow’ didn’t make a lot of sense.

6241935769_dfdc791128_b 6241941961_8e076b9742_b 6242450024_a2dddb72b1_b 6242450800_f5287d87b7_b

Just as things got comfortable, guests received a surprise. That’s the “go with the flow.” After a brief welcome from the restaurant management, the secret sliding door to the back atrium flew open and invitees migrated (“motion”) into a room filled with windows, river views, cityscapes, hot DJ beats, sushi, and two signature Appleton Estate cocktails: Ginger Highball and Appleton Daiquiri. Between the rum and the music, folks were moving and grooving.

6241927245_b048e23311_b 6241955703_7d871f6a65_b 6242442312_22a12165c0_b 6242472530_b450da34bb_b

The party didn’t end there. The next stop on the Elite train was to the outside patio, where guests could fully take in the perfect early fall night, continue conversation, feel the river spray… and nosh on desserts like chocolate cake, almond squares and raspberry & mango tiramisus. Yelptern Linda D documented the night’s activities. See things worth a thousand words here. And just as Homer penned the Odyssey and the Iliad, Elites wrote reviews of their epic adventure here. Forsooth, an Elite in motion stays in a good mood.

6241935145_3203151a3a_b 6241957685_214757bf9b_b 6241958311_486bf3fc81_b 6241960533_c29b9527ca_b

Taking quill to scroll on a stroll,

Johnny T

Yelp Philly Gets Figgy With It

Posted by Michelle C

Philadelphia Elites enjoyed an intimate YEE during Yelp Gets Figgy With It at Wedge & Fig on Thursday evening. Ommegang's Hennepin, BPA and Witte were poured and the cheeses sampled were specifically chosen to compliment the brews. Space inside the restaurant was limited, but after grabbing juice donated by Bai Antioxidant Infusions, guests made their way through the long, covered hallway which led to a secret garden where elites were happy to mingle and enjoy the fall evening.


Music flowed through the night air and garden lights twinkled overhead as trays of hors d' oeuvres including mac and cheese tarts, pressed sandwiches and various crostini made their rounds.  

           Beer Crostini

A little later, still more surprises were in store in the form of delicious macaroons, savory peanut butter bacon cookies and rich pistachio-crusted fudge brownies.

"Time just whizzed by" for Akshay M and others and before long, it was "last call… and then last-last call."


Last pic

A magical night was had by all thanks to Kirk, Lisa, Rebecca, Michael and all the extremely sweet staff at Wedge & Fig. Big thanks also to our beverage sponsors of the night, Megan from Ommegang and Lauren from Bai Antioxidant Infusions. Be sure to check out the reviews, see what yelpers are saying and view the photos by Erika Letitia! 

See you next time!

Michelle C

Yelp Philly Community Manager

October 13, 2011

First Ever Plano Elite Event!

It's no shocker that Yelp is expanding! So, it only makes sense it would do so in North Texas, as well! And to honor this celebratory growth we want to recognize all of our elites for helping us get there. This month, we decided to try something new: To host elite events in cities outside of Dallas proper in addition to the main elite event of the month. First Up...Plano!!!
Screen shot 2011-10-15 at 8.11.56 PM

The event may have been in Plano, but attendance from all North Texas elites was encouraged! Luna de Noche was ecstatic to open their doors for an exclusive event for some complimentary bevvies and bites! We noshed on marvelous Mexican fare ranging from painfully delicious pork ribs to drool-inducing bacon wrapped jalapenos. And where the free drinks were concerned – well, from the looks of it, we know Betsy M and Alex Y hammed it up after a little imbibing.
Screen shot 2011-10-15 at 8.06.32 PM

The event was in conjuction with the North Texas Food Bank to help raise awareness for the North Texas Food Bank Awareness Week. And you better believe Yelpers supported the cause and rocked the Food Bank by contributing cans! A big Thank You, Elites! For more fun chatter and photos, please check out the event listing here. And stay tuned for more Yelp Dallas updates coming your way!
Screen shot 2011-10-15 at 8.13.42 PM

-Frances G

SF Yelp Elites Shine At Harry Denton's Starlight Room

As the SF Chronicle once stated many moons ago, "It's not a Party in San Francisco unless Harry Denton is in the Room!" Harry's famous Starlight Room lived up to his reputation as Yelp Elites ascended to the swanky confines and partied the night away, sporting their finest 30's garb for Yelp's Starlight Star Bright Elite Event Starlight Room.

It's hard to argue the cityscape from the 21st floor of the Sir Francis Drake isn't one of the most stunning 360-degree vistas anywhere in the city. Nicole P was so excited about the space, that she donned her "best set of pearls and a feathered hair barrett," so she could pay tribute to "the classiest of places," with it's "SPECTACULAR views."Trav M agreed: " I can't stress how amazing the view is here and it's unparalleled, for sure."

Starlight collage 1

Glennfidditch Scotch had personable connoisseurs doing scotch tastings for attendees, while Pisco Porton offered up specialty punch bowls and cocktails worthy of a revolution. Nicole P was partial to one such cocktail, which she described as: "cinnamon dolce latte/apple pie majesticness in a glass."

Starlight collage 2

The 30's style clad room was also treated to passed canapés such as chicken skewers, fried mac and cheese balls, spice seared ahi tuna, as well as watermelon squares topped with chili pepper. The bites were thoroughly enjoyed by all and Dru P summed up the evening perfectly: "Gorgeous view on a WARM clear night + macaroni and cheese balls while my brain soaks up 18 year old single malt = yet another pimped out soiree by MC Ruggeford J. Frogg."

Starlight collage 3

You can find all of the reviews of the event here, and stay tuned to the Yelp Flickr page for photos from Yelp's favorite photo extraordinaire - PHOTOSTUDIO29.

Yelp Providence Gets Cultured at Cook & Brown Public House!

Posted by Hilary H

A handful of Providence yelpers gathered at Cook & Brown Public House for a very special evening – we were the first to taste the new cocktail menu during the Yelp Culture Club CMYE!
Mixologists Jen and Keith treated yelpers to a spectacular show, preparing eight unique cocktails ranging from the classic Side Car to a few new creations, such as the Kozmonaut. Yelpers were walked through each step of creating the cocktails, given recipe cards and a taste of each amazing drink. Cherie M was there to capture the event on film, so be sure to check out her flikr stream!


- Hilary H
Yelp Providence Community Manager

October 12, 2011

Yelp Baltimore Celebrates "Yelptober Fest!"

Posted by Elsa M.

Lederhosen and Leinenkugel's make for a perfect pair. Add a roster of raging Yelp Baltimore Elites though, and you get one heck of a party. Take it from Nina U: "You don't need to tell us twice to dress up for Oktoberfest! Any excuse to act like a German or at least attempt to be a wannabe German is a good day in my book."

Baltimore's newest beer garden, Leinenkugel's Beer Garden at Power Plant Live!, hosted elites and their guests to Yelptober Fest! In addition to pigs-in-a-blanket, brats-in-the-blanket, and their famous beer, Leinenkugel's served up the ambiance as well. "The outdoor seating by the fireplace was a nice touch as you enter the beer garden, but I was über impressed by the retractable roof, open air feel and beer taps at select high tops," says Michelle H

Yelptober Fest @ Leinenkugel's Beer Garden Yelptober Fest @ Leinenkugel's Beer Garden  Yelptober Fest @ Leinenkugel's Beer Garden

Jamie S knew he was in for a great night when he was greeted with a special German surprise treat the minute he walked in: "Big shouts to Canton Pretzel Store for the fatty pretzels. No pounding of beers is complete with out a good pretzel or two."

When they weren't stuffing their faces, they were cheesing their tails off courtesy of Smilez Photo Booth and props galore. Just check out the pics. Need we say more?

IMG0086-L IMG0066-L IMG0089-L IMG0017-L

 Yelptober Fest @ Leinenkugel's Beer Garden

Elsa M.

Baltimore Community Manager




Yelp Honolulu Elites Are Living La Vida Local At Hula Grill Waikiki

Posted by Emi H

On a sizzling Hawaii Saturday afternoon, 150+ Yelp Elites (and +1s) gathered at beachfront restaurant Hula Grill in beautiful Waikiki to celebrate Yelp Eats Local, benefitting local non-profit Kanu Hawaii.

After checking-in, guests eased into vacation mode as they sipped on custom cocktails blended with locally-squeezed Govinda’s Juices such as Hula Mai Tais, Hula-Jitos, and Waikiki Wipeouts. The clear waters of Waikiki Beach served as a picturesque backdrop to Elites mixing and minging to the eclectic sound of local musician Jeremy Cheng.

But being on stay-cation is hard work! Hungry yelpers grinded on a spread of ono pupus from Edamame Pipikaula Bruschetta to Ahi Poke Chips and Ono Ceviche to support Kanu Hawaii’s Eat Local Challenge.

Guests then hele’d on to a build-your-own-curry bar where they also loaded up on Grilled Chicken, Fried Shrimp, and Boneless Kalbi Ribs while piling it high with Kaiulani’s Cranberry Curry Fried Rice. Sooo good, it broke da mout’! Additionally, a few akamai yeeps won pairs of tickets to a private screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Definitely not the type to pass up a chocolate fountain, Elites and their guests made good use of it with skewers of Kahuku Watermelon, Maui Gold Pineapple and Kula Strawberries. Now that’s island fresh! No party’s complete without cake! In true yelpy fashion, Elite Michael C, with the help of 150 of his closest friends, blew out the candle on his birthday cake baked just for him by Hula Grill. You certainly can have your cake and eat it too. 


Cristyn T writes, “everything was right in the world on that Saturday afternoon. As my +1 put it, ‘best event of the year!’” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Check out more sizzling hot pics by Chuco Townsend, read the five-star reviews, and chat it up on talk.  


Emi H

Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu 

Soirée Elite Yelp Picto Party chez DATTA pour les Yelpeurs Lyonnais

Posted by Camille L

  SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_14

Ce mardi soir dans la rue du Griffon, à quelques mètres de l'Opéra de Lyon, près de 120 Yelpeurs se sont réunis pour la seconde Yelp Party lyonnaise dans la très jolie galerie-librairie DATTA. Au programme, le décrochage de l'exposition Pictos & Characters de l'artiste ONDEONE, venu spécialement de Paris pour l'occasion, et bien sûr de bonnes choses à boire, à manger, et à partager !

Tout en dégustant un jus de fruits Patrick Font (pas moins de 12 parfums à goûter et comparer - bonus spécial pour la framboise !) les Yelpeurs ont pu découvrir la galerie, l'exposition et la partie librairie et ses nombreux petits trésors : des bijoux origami aux magazines arty en passant par les livres de photographie, d'architecture, graphisme et on en passe ! Alexandre J est emballé : "De belles et utiles rencontres, de succulentes découvertes, de la vintage music, de chouettes bouquins ramenés à la maiz', merci Yelp !"

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_25


SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_54

Les Yelpeurs lyonnais sont ponctuels et rapidement la soirée bat son plein dans la boutique et dans la rue. Au menu : des cupcakes au nutella, des gougères au sumac, des cookies chocolat-banane et plein de bonnes petites choses gourmandes proposées par Chez Guillemette, le salon de thé tendance, girly mais "pas que pour les filles" à Lyon, et des brochettes de fruits moëlleux et mousses chocolat-mangue préparées amoureusement par Fanny de l'Epicerie Fruit, jolie épicerie dédiée entièrement au fruit sous toutes ses formes, ouverte à la rentrée rue de la Charité. "Les cupcakes Nutella, les brochettes de fruits confits, la mousse chocolat/fruit, les cookies à la banane : une tuerie !", se réjouit Xuan B.

Une bière Grolsh à la main (ou une bouteille d'eau Carhartt pour les plus sages !), les Yelpeurs papotent au son de DJ Terror Mike, qui porte bien son nom, et n'hésitent pas à faire leurs emplettes artistiques dans la boutique, en profitant des conseils de Julien et de Florent, en attendant d'y revenir bientôt ! "Tout était au top : le lieu (Datta, la librairie galerie du bon goût), le son (DJ Terror Mike et du hip hop old school, parfait !), les grignoteries de Guillemette et Fanny, les soft gourmands de Patrick Font/L'Epicerie Fruit, l'expo Picto & Characters très stylée, les goodies toujours aussi cool et innovants de Yelp et les Yelpeurs toujours aussi sympathiques, drôles et ouverts ! C'est officiel : la soirée Yelp Lyon, c'est ma soirée mensuelle préférée !", conclut Alexandra D !

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_23

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_20

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_36

Si vous étiez là hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, allez faire un tour sur notre page Flickr.

Camille L
Lyon  Community Manager
* A bientôt sur Yelp

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_33


Yesterday night over 120 Lyonnais yelpers came out to celebrate the second Yelp elite party in Lyon at the very trendy DATTA Galerie-Librairie. Artist Rodolphe aka ONDEONE had come from Paris for the final event before the end of his exhibition Pictos & Characters and the guests got to see the exhibition and of course, as every Yelp Party induces - eat, drink and share!

Drinking and tasting Patrick Font fruit juices (with no more than 12 different flavors to try from - and a special crave for raspberry!), the Lyon Yelpers got to discover the gallery and the library with its hidden gems, from origami necklaces to arty magazines to photography, architecture or graphic design books, and so much more! Alexandre J was thrilled: "Beautiful and useful meetings, tasty discoveries, vintage music, cool books to bring back home, thank you, Yelp!"


SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_05

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_91

The guests were perfectly on time and the party soon got off to a quick start with the guests exploring the multitude of drinks and nibbles served in the gallery. On the menu: nutella cupcakes, little salted cakes and chocolate-banana cookies along with other sweet treasures prepared by Guillemette of new hot-spot in Lyon, Chez Guillemette, as well as fruit-sticks and chocolate-mango mousse by Fanny from L'Epicerie Fruit, a brand new shop selling all kind of fruity products, sweet or salted! "Nutella cupcakes, fruit-sticks, chocolate/fruit mousse and banana cookies were to die for!" exclaims Xuan B.

With a Dutch Grolsh beer in hand (or a bottle of water from trendy shop Carhartt for the most serious ones!), the Lyon Yelpers soon got talking to the sound of DJ Terror Mike and his old-style hip-hop. Some of them even started their shopping in the library with the help of the two brothers behind DATTA, Julien and Florent, before coming back soon to buy more books and magazines! "Datta is such a cool venue for a party like this - the store layout/selection screams cool and I can't wait to go back just to do some shopping. The party itself was so much fun! All the sweets from l'Epicerie Fruit and chez Guillemette were delicious, the fruit juices were so tasty, and as a non-alcohol drinker / non-meat eater, I was in heaven. Lyon Yelpers are so much fun to hang out with, great party all around. YAY!", sums up Monique V !

Read what party-goers have to say about the festivities by reading the reviews here. For more fabulous images of the evening, don't miss our Flickr page.

Camille L
Lyon  Community Manager

* See you on Yelp !

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_64

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_61

SoirÇe Yelp Lyon 11_10_2011 BD∏www.b-rob.com_47


All Photos : http://www.b-rob.com

Edinburgh Elites Go Brew Dogging for Beer!

Posted by Jenny Lovatt

Where would you find a Trashy Blonde, Alice Porter and an Elite Yelper all under one roof? Only at October’s Edinburgh Elite Event in Brew Dog! 30 yelpers cruised down Cowgate to get cosy on the bar's comfy couches for an evening of beer tasting led by the bar's beer-sommelier extraordinaires. With six different brews, cheese boards and many merry yelpers it was an evening bubbling over with yelpy banter.

Yelper Lou V admits that 'being Dutch, I grew up with beer and like to think that I take it seriously, but oh my, was I taught a little lesson.’ They're Scotland's largest independent brewery, and Brew Dog know their beer. Having brewed the world’s strongest beer at 55% after a beer-brew-off with the Germans, needless to say, with 6 of their beers to taste, these yelpers were in for a treat.

Blog2Several of the awesome bar staff took the yelpers on a tour of their best brews, and Steph D was in awe after ‘they welcomed us with open arms and full glasses OF EVERYTHING.’ And small measures these were not! With 1/3 pints of each beer these yelpers started off sipping a light lager and by the 6th heady 18% brew were more than a little merry!

After sipping, swilling and savouring the generous glass of 77 lager, things got fruity with a Trashy Blonde and Punk IPA. Even though the Lager 77 was Katie N's favourite, she 'enjoyed testing her tastebuds and learning about the brews' and thought 'all the brews were special, and memorable in their own way'.

By the fourth mini-pint of 5am Saint, debates began over which beer was best and when Alice Porter came to the stage the beers were getting heavy. After their fifth pint most yelpers had lost count, so when Andrew announced the final dark brew – Tokyo – that packed quite the intense, sweet punch there wasn’t a yelper without a look of stunned, awe-inspired appreciation at this near-black 18% beer.

As is the Edinburgh Elite tradition, the event stretched well beyond two hours whilst everyone bantered over beer, and nibbled the meat, cheese and onion chutney platters. Huge props to the Brew Dog staff who, as Kerrin R noted, 'skillfully shouted over a rowdy group of 30 who enjoy food, drink and chat – not an easy task to say the least' and then afterwards kept it flowing, chatting to the keen yelpers for many an hour with a genuine enthusiasm and passion for their brews.

Steph D left full of beer, cheese and love for all things Yelp and BrewDog, proclaiming this was ‘seriously, one of my favorite nights in Edinburgh so far. Yelp people are all sorts of amazing as were the BrewDog peoples. Nothing more I could have asked for.'

It may have been her first Elite event, but Louise C felt like she'd hit the jackpot after finding all good things rolled into one evening: 'good beer, good company, friendly helpful staff, a cosy bar and yummy cheese & meat boards are difficult to find'. Welcome to Yelp, Louise!

It'd be a challenge to find a yelper at the event who hadn't found a beer they enjoyed and with a personal Brew Dog favourite. A huge thank you to all the staff at Brew Dog - Bruce, Rebecca, Andrew, Caitlin and Ross - the energy, passion and knowledge these guys bring to supping on a pint has to be seen to be believed. And of course to the Edinburgh Elite and Yelpers for coming and bringing the banter, Katie and Kevin for their help, and Robin Mair for the photies.

But don't take our word for it - read what all the yelpers had to say right here, write your own review, have a look at all the photies, talk about it and find Brew Dog on Facebook and Twitter!


Bottoms up!

Jenny L
Yelp Edinburgh Community Manager

Yelp's In Miami, Beach!

Posted by Monica

Last night amid rolling balls, turkeys, strikes and striped socks, Yelp Miami elites took over Lucky Strike Miami Beach for Yelp's Sock Hop Social. Over 150 locals sauntered over to catch a piece of the action and the bowling lounge pulled out all the stops to assure the upmost in smashing pins and fun times!


As Michelle C, the female funky sock winner, can attest, "it was a blast! With great service from ladies in short skirts and slammin' food (the mac n cheese bites and bread with chimichuri, red pepper and lemon-something dips were my favorite), I think that bowling, above all other sports, is the one you can enjoy most even if you suck!"


In between bites of the tender and delectable appetizers, Elites imbibed only the finest from VeeV. These acai-rich cocktails proved to put guests in good spirits and with a chance to win the signature Lucky Strike red pin, a $200 gift certificate towards a future visit, and a Yelp bowling beer stein, Elites waged war on the dancefloor funky socks and all.


Check out the rest of Photobokeh's snazzy photos here and brush up on all the reviews here!


Until next time!

Monica S

October 11, 2011

SF Yelp Elites Get Porked at Bluestem

Yelpers matched the sprinkling sky last night, as they donned sharp black and blue attire for Yelp's Black and Blue Diverson at Bluestem Brasserie. The all day farm-to-table brasserie, situated in the Yerba Buena corridor, is a chic foodie paradise from longtime San Francisco restaurant figure Adam Jed (Certified Sommelier, former manager at Postrio, director of operations at PlumpJack, etc...). They feature a familiar brasserie menu of fresh, simply composed dishes, distinct cocktails, a satisfying wine list, and 12 wines on tap, sourced directly from some of Napa and Sonoma's finest producers and offered at a great value. Named after the indigenous North American grass favored by cattle ranchers, Bluestem Brasserie showcases sustainably produced grass-fed meats from highly regarded purveyors.

Bluestem collage 1

To celebrate their emphasis on locally sourced food and whole-animal utilization, Bluestem's Chef Sean Canavan procured two whole swines for a old fashion, summertime pig roast! In addition to the expertly-roasted suckling pig, Bluestem displayed an assortment of tantalizing bites such as chicken pate crostinis, BBQ pork sliders, fresh slaw, creamy butternut squash soup, watermelon olive and goat cheese skewers, as well as mozarella, fresh basil, and tomato skewers. To round out the savory spread of mind-blowing bites was a sensational assortment of mouth-watering desserts including salted caramel cheesecake, mocha panna cotta, and bread pudding topped with strawberries. 

Bluestem collage 2

While guests indulged in the beautifully seasoned food spread, staff at Bluestem moved throughout the bubbling crowd with ease, serving up house favorite cocktails the Honey Badger with Maker's Mark bourbon (BBQ salted rim + BBQ water), and the Salt Lick with Zubroka vodkaSam Adams showcased their Oktobestfest beer while King's Ginger poured their refreshing ginger libation with sparkling wine to boot.

Bluestem collage 3

Stay tuned for photos from PHOTOSTUDIO29 and check out all of wonderful reviews here

Yelp Cincinnati van Goghs Crazy with an Elite Art Walk

Posted by Alex Shebar

Wine, cheese, art – yelpers in Cincinnati were clearly treated to the finer things in life last week.

A preview of the Essex Studio’s famous art walk was thrown for only Elite Yelpers, where they got to meet with over 20 of the studio’s featured artists and see what this amazing collection of creative folks have been working on in the last year or so.



The Essex Studio is a monstrously grand art studio in the Clifton neighborhood full of artists of all kinds: painters, sculptors, crafters, those working in the visual medium and even a full-on actor’s studio. The building is a hive of original thought and creativity. And for two hours, the Yelp Elite had an exclusive one-on-one experience with some of Cincinnati’s best artists. A great time for all.


Wine was provided by The Wine Merchant and food was donated by The Essex. It was a great way for Cincinnatians to come together and share an original thought or two. Check out all the amazing photos from the event right here, taken by the talented Paige Pederzani of Luxperdiem.

6220978383_c93f4f802e_o (1)

Keep up the good work, my friends,

Alex S, Yelp Community Manager

October 10, 2011

Yelp Kicks Off Passport To Cherrywood

Posted by kelly stocker

It's not always that we get to throw a party in a completely new awesome space that's been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine and on ABC News for starting a package-free revolution... but at the kickoff to Yelp's Passport to Cherrywood, we pulled it off in style. Of course we had all the usual elements (booze, food and fun) but in keeping with the overall vision of the space, yelpers were asked to BYO cup for their drinks. It cut down on waste dramatically. Additionally, for items that needed composting or recycling, Break It Down Austin provided bins and post-party service. 


Our fabulous drink sponsors included the most desirable of all local libations Republic TequilaEnchanted Rock Vodka512 Brewing and Zhi Tea. Bartenders Gabe and Jason mixed with mastery. Since Food purveyors from the area jumped in to make sure we all got a little taste of the good stuff. Pie Fixes EverythingTenderlandThunderbird Energetica & Beanitos were all a raging hit, naturally.

In between bites and drinks, Bright Side Body Therapy performed chair massages, Tiny Tails to You Petting Zoo brought us baby bunnies and ducks and chickens & TBC House Band rocked the night away with a mix of covers and originals, playing on the front steps of the porch and inspiring more than one dance party. Erin Molloy captured it all on her fancy camera and you can take a gander at those photos here. Maybe Nicole S puts it best: "It made have been the Republic Tequila or Enchanted Rock vodka, maybe even the 512 Brews...but...this morning as I woke up surrounded by baby bunnies and a hedgehog on my forehead, I realized last night was a good night."
Until the next time, SYOY!
Kelly S


Phoenix's Little Yelp of Horrors

Yelp Elites and their guests got a terrifying fright last Thursday as they came face to face with ghosts and goblins of all types at the Little Yelp of Horrors elite party! Nearly 150 yelpers dressed in their most fearful costumes and joined fellow friends in Downtown Mesa for a party with many moving parts.


  291960_10150405694427526_174230052525_10252370_305370557_n 294141_10150405699497526_174230052525_10252401_1733603928_n

The night began at 12 West Main where yelpers were greeted by live monsters courtesy of Monsterland. As Tom Mein played live music for the crowd, guests enjoyed complimentary appetizers, beer, wine and speciality cocktails. Melon Fish Photography was on hand to make memories for yelpers as they struck a pose at the ghostly monster wedding photo booth with props and attire from Fun Costumes. While NBMA Photography captured photos of the entire party, every yelper received a Yelp tote and went through the trick or treating station where they choose from terrifying treats! Ronald McDonald House wowed the crowd with treats, goodies and info about their upcoming Wonderland party and before yelpers moved on to part two of the evening at Monsterland, Gahzaal Beledi surprised the crowd with a special performance of Thriller!

6228422719_8bb95f9fa3 6228419343_6158aff9a0

Moving on to part two of the evening, Mesa's very own horror museum, Monsterland, opened their doors to elites and gave them a VIP first look of the haunted house a day before their grand opening! As yelpers eerily made their way through the two-story haunt, live monsters popped out of every knook and cranny, scaring the yelpers with fright (and delight!) Each yelper also left with a coupon for a discount towards their next visit since Monsterland will be a museum that's open all year round!

   312917_10150405761542526_174230052525_10253007_169315007_n    311477_10150405768132526_174230052525_10253039_963968438_n

Finally, The Royale invited yelpers to finish their night with a horrifying flick at their independent movie theater and those who weren't frightened away by the haunting images of the night dreamed about ghostly images from the cinema as they went to bed that night.

Monster Hand

  Monsterland 319974_10150405701477526_174230052525_10252429_1041029431_n

A special thank you goes out to Monsterland, 12 West Main, The Royale, Tom Mein, Melon Fish Photography, NBMA Photography, Ronald McDonald House, Fun Costumes, Ghazaal Beledi and to all the fabulous yelpers who came out for a night fright! Check out the pictures and reviews.


Scare you later yelpers!

Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager


Yelp San Diego's Half Way To St. Paddy's Day Party

Posted by Danny Wurst

Pots O’ gold, dancing leprechauns, and free flowing full bars? You’re not at an Irish wedding, it’s Yelp San Diego’s Halfway to St. Paddy's Day Party! Literally minutes after the paint dried at McFadden’s first west coast location 500 yelpers took over for an exclusive first look at the Gaslamp’s newest hot spot.

Half way to st. pats1
Garbed in their greenest guests took advantage of tray passed sliders, barbequed ribs, mac and cheese balls, potato wedges, and so much more.  Washed down with whatever ones thirst could imagine it was enough to quench even the most Irish of cravings.

  Half way to st. pats 2 The DJ pumped 80’s tunes, while staff and customers danced atop the freshly installed bars. Though the event officially ended at 8pm, guests couldn't get enough and continued partying into the night. A huge thank you goes out to McFaddens and their staff for showing us St. Paddy’s can be a party whenever you want. To read the reviews, check out this link and click right here to see all the photos (taken by Heidi G).

Half way to st. pattys day 3
Until next time SYOY (See You On Yelp)

Danny W San Diego Community Manager


Yelp's 1920-Somethings Soiree!

Posted by Rachel Fell

Yelp Milwaukee elites are the bee's knees. They're the cat's pajamas. They're real eggs. And boy, do they know how to rock a juice joint.

See, Yelp Milwaukee's 1920-Somethings Soiree at Blue's Egg was beyond ducky. It was a hotsy-totsy whoppee for the books, my friends. You don't even need cheaters to see how Jake this affair was.

298311_10150340093543473_714478472_8338613_1773782320_n Where to begin? The food? This stuff was the real mccoy, folks. Blue's pulled out all the stops with a seemingly never-ending buffet of delights such as crispy bagel chips with Brie and pesto, cucumbers stuffed with roasted red pepper salad, corned beef canape, champagne battered asparagus, chicken chorizo/provolone crostini, beer-battered cod filets with tartar sauce, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts with caramel, and more. Yelpers were over the moon for this stuff. And for dessert? An assortment of Blue's house-made desserts, including bacon-maple cookies. Purple Door Ice Cream also brought in some seriously stellar samples. Flavors? Strawberry-balsamic and salted caramel.

296098_10150340094628473_714478472_8338633_1760721160_n 312820_10150340091658473_714478472_8338578_1352864961_n








Local bootleggers were on hand to give the crowd a bit of an edge as well. Up for the evening from Chicago was Meg from Koval Distillery... and her Chrysanthemum whiskey cocktails were a hit with the Yelp Milwaukee set! Great Lakes Distillery served up Barbary Coasts all night as well, and both distilleries had the gin joint hoppin' with free samples of their wares to boot.

309408_10150340093143473_714478472_8338607_949559591_n 298128_10150340090753473_714478472_8338562_1833933825_n







No talkies allowed! (We screened "It" and "The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari"). Dolled-up Yelpers rocked a costume contest, and winners receieved gift certificates to Blue's and Maxie's. We raffled off some of GLD's amazing absinthe. Mondo Lucha tickets were given away. We shimmied to Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, and local favorite The Scarring Party. Lynn Allen of Black Sheep Photography captured all the nifty moments and spiffy costumes.

 299026_10150340093928473_714478472_8338620_1532268498_n 294318_10150340091198473_714478472_8338570_838146682_n







A night of old-timey awesomeness, to be sure! Milwaukee really is on a roll...

Until next time, SYOY!









Rachel F

Milwaukee Community Manager

Yelp Chicago Goes Back... Way Back

Posted by Johnny Todd

Ahh, Chicago in autumn. Football. Crisp temps. New TV shows. If only there was a way to combine all these wonderful things.  Forsooth! The Yelp Elite Squad and Potter’s Lounge has found a way! Mixing the best parts of the leaf season and the current TV trend of ‘60s nostalgia, 150 invited guests found a way to Fall Into Yelp.

6195970317_cec3c3f74c_b 6195972643_8092082464_b 6196482212_9bda090537_b 6196488500_ddc3aaf525_b

For food to match up with the feel of the season and the mood of the venue, it needed to be hearty and decadent. Yep, covered.  In the ‘hearty’ category, lucky attendees dined on seasonal flatbreads with citrus and prosciutto and beef satay with a spicy mango glaze. Filling and delicious. On the decadent side, folks supped on mini ahi tuna burgers, wagyu sliders and oysters served on the halfshell. The fellas at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would be impressed.

6195981277_1a4101b18c_b 6196496914_dc0a8c4d15_b 6195986857_20b7754763_b 6196494328_25fab8e32e_b

The retro-vaganza didn’t end with the edibles. The best flavors of the season had their chance to soar like the ladies of Pan Am. The apple from the orchard transformed into a hot apple toddy. The pumpkin from the patch shone as a pumpkin martini. And, the pear from the tree teamed up with ginger to star as a pear ginger joy. Not knowing which drink best suited the season or theme, Elites had the hard task of tasting all three — repeatedly.

6196473430_b8d579faab_b 6196474640_9f22492cf5_b 6196477074_d873f0e4c1_b 6195991345_7a4bc97ed6_b

Even with all the merriment from food and drink, Elites could not forget where (or, when) they were. The history of the venue was evident in the pictures on the walls, the strains of Sinatra over head and slideshows of a bygone era of kool kats and hot dames that played all night long. No rats. All pack. If you’re having a hard time imaging the oohs and ahhs, mack daddy photog Matt Ginger snapped the shots here and guests told the tale here.

6196017735_4e4808446f_b 6196018663_787ec51d18_b 6196526202_e10d827c36_b 6195980391_1d69deee48_b

Tossing back a martini with Don & Dean,


Johnny T

Yelp Twin Cities goes retro at Yelp's Drive-In!

Posted by Annie D

Yelpers and yelpettes across Minneapolis and St. Paul rolled up to 514 Studios in the North Loop for a 1950s sock hop to celebrate some of the most exciting local businesses in the Cities—and the community is still gabbing about it. Why? Yelp's Drive-In was unforgettable! 

Collage Yelpers never cease to amaze when it comes to dressing up in their dandiest and it was no surprise that the guests pulled out all the stops for the biggest Yelp bash yet. Mighty Swell Vintage Pop-Up Shop offered a special discount during their October sale, which no doubt had a hand in outfitting this good-lookin' crowd. During the Elite Squad VIP Hour (exclusively for the yelpiest of yelpers), the gals from Smart & Chic Beauty Lounge teased up beehives, offered mini makeovers and more in On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals' soda fountain lounge. No beauty school dropouts here!  Sponsorcollage2

Party goers noshed on culinary concessions that put plain ol' movie popcorn to shame: all-natural wieners from Natedogs, Minnesota-style sliders from Gastrotruck, balls (and kombucha AND bike-powered smoothies) from garbanzo gal Foxy Falafel, frites from Chowgirls, Guinness chili from Fork In The Road, strawberry lemongrass and lavender ice pops from the new 10,000 Licks, sweet nectar from Bare Honey & The Beez Kneez (the baddest beekeepers in town—see photo), mini cupcakes from Sweets Bakeshop and the always addictive Popchips.


We spiked the soda fountain with carbonated craft cocktails like Cool As A Cuke, Beauty School Dropout and Spiced Cream Soda courtesy of DRY Soda, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Bacardi Oakheart and Kinky Liqueur. Crispin Cider served up their popular Brownslane, as well as a few new Fox Barrel flavors. Local craft beer was flowing too, with Harriet Brewery's buzz-worthy West Side Ale and smoky seasonal Rauchfest. Fulton Brewery was showing off their brand new growlers (they were delivered that day!) and tapped Lonley Blonde, in addition to a tasty citrus infusion. 


Aside from raising a glass, what breaks the ice among new yelpy friends? Photo booths, that's what. Clewell Photgraphy's adorable Unbooth came stocked with decade appropriate props and the retro-inspired Snapz Photo Booth was a popular destination as well. Not only that, but the darling Eliesa Johnson of Photogen Inc. shot party pics through the evening... even climbing atop of one of the food trucks to get the perfect shot. That's commitment, people.


Vintage films played on the big drive-in screen (thanks to Scott from Corner Coffee), and the evening's soundtrack was an oldie but a goodie as Dana and Anna from Girl Germs Radio kept the grooves going all night. And our very own car-hops, the North Star Roller Girls, flitted around the studio on their skates, while pin-up caricaturist Robin Schwartzman illustrated up a storm!


This throwback throwdown wasn't just a fab fête—it was for a great charity cause! Yelp raised a cool $1,000 for Secondhand Hounds, a local nonprofit dog adoption and fostering program that helps find happy homes for their pups. Wanna put 'em over the top? You can check them out and make a donation online!

If you still aren't sure that this was the best. party. ever., you're welcome to take a gander at the rave-reviews on Yelp (or write one yourself, if you were there). And make sure to check out all the Photogen Inc. photos and the Unbooth pics on Flickr!

There aren't enough thank yous in the world for all of the event sponsors (especially our amazing host Conor Lawrence at 514), raffle sponsors (pH OREM, Lake Wine & Spirits, Spot Spa Boutique and martinpatrick3), Intern Liz W., Farrah A., Tiffany N. and every single soul that came out to make this the biggest Yelp bash in Twin Cities history!

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The Saturday Social at DUO Restaurant & Lounge

It's not breakfast, brunch or even lunch ... Rather Yelp Elites gathered at the noontime hour for a Saturday Social Bruncheon at the new DUO Restaurant & Lounge on Madison Ave.

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 9.54.36 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 9.55.28 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 9.55.47 AM

Getting a jump on the press, Elites received a special invite to preview their newly launching menu of brunch bites ranging from bananas foster risotto and cookies and creme french toast to a spinach and applewood smoked bacon frittata paired with a maple glazed breakfast sausage and egg scramble

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 9.57.50 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 9.58.24 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.02.50 AM

Between these delectable brunchy bites, yelpers sipped on perfectly spicy Quay Vodka Bloody Marys topped with dollops of celery-wasabi foam. As Phil H so eloquently noted, "who doesn't love a boozy brunch? It's a great excuse to drink early in the afternoon!"
Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.03.23 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.03.12 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.03.55 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.07.10 AM
Prolong your weekend buzz and check out the incredible photos of the event by resident Yelp-ographer, Madison McGraw. And if you made it out on Saturday, then be sure to leave your review of the event right here.

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.04.59 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.05.44 AM Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 10.05.26 AM

Until next time, SYOY!

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October 09, 2011

Yelp Goes Guilt-Free in DC

Posted by Kristin Mink

With holidays featuring candy, turkey and honey-glazed ham around the corner, health-conscious yelpers discovered good-for-you goodies (and a bounty of booze) at Litestars this week! DJ Hazzard kept the bistro rockin' and the party poppin' as Yelp Elites and their guests explored the entire menu of tartlets, salads, soupdrinks and some fro-yo for good measure, washing them all down with plenty of mimosas, wine and beer. As Norry H pointed out, this low-calorie hotspot will definitely come in handy "after a day of guilty meals!" 


Partygoers also tested their luck with a variety of raffle prizes supporting healthy habits: a Litestars gift card, Primal Fitness boot camp, L.A. Boxing membership, Trapeze School New York gift certificates, Bike & Roll gift certificates, and tickets to Wine Riot and Taste of Success (wine has health benefits, right?). Competition was fierce, but it was all worth it for the night's big winners!

We would never leave an Elite empty-handed, so all members of the Yelp Elite Squad in attendance took home Yelp totes teeming with Yelp goodies, Litestars gift cards and fresh-baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, plus free class passes from L.A. Boxing. No excuses, guys! Read what guests are saying about their guilt-free evening here, and don't forget to check out the rest of the photos by Alexander Morozov

Typing from my treadmill while air boxing and sipping soupdrinks,


Kristin M

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