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May 25, 2011

Elites Get Post-Achocalyptic at Max Brenner Boston!

Posted by Damien S

The world held its breath as the clock struck 6pm on Saturday, May 21st. When Boston Elites emerged rapture-free, we knew what we had to do: party and eat chocolate.

So we did! More than 180 yelpers swarmed Max Brenner in Back Bay to dine and drink like the end was nigh. A cheerful and trayed-up queue of staffers lined the entrance with sweet chocktails, Harpoon IPA and swirlable wines from MS Walker. For the high spirited, Patron Silver guavaritas, and Ultimat peachy lemonades delivered a summery serving of fruit, while cocoa nuts sipped chocolate martinis kissed with espresso, powered by Patron XO.

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Sure, the bald man makes chocolate, but our party had to have their dinner first. Platter after platter of bite-sized classics indulged even the most native palates. Wee catfish tacos, micro-cheese steaks ("complete with the Whiz" Amanda A notes), petit margherite paninis and sliders with teeny grilled onions made for a savory start.

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Then came caramel drizzled banana waffles and cocoa loaded cookies. These, coupled with the ever-present chocolate covered toasted pecans, espresso beans and hazelnuts were "enough to squash even the biggest sweet tooth," so says Hayley M. What better to wash 'em down than icy cold milk from bulbous baby beakers? Don't drink that one, though. That's MY milk.

5759308208_58d622ed4c_m 5758779149_3b7fbd57e2_m 5758785283_76536f5c40_m
5759322254_443636ca75_m 5759331036_170e41b51f_m 5759324180_db4bc25f04_m

Tatsu was on site to capture the magic, Yelpers are Talking up a storm and the reviews are rolling in. Check the Flickr album and tag ya friends (tag ya kids, tag ya wife) on Facebook. This is just the beginning of warm weather events, and what a sweet one at that!

Wonka Who?

Damien S


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