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April 29, 2011

Twin Cities Elites Put On The Ritz for The Great Yelpsby!

Posted by Annie D

"The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside, until the air is alive with chatter and laughter..." -F. Scott Fitzgerald


Paying tribute to local author F. Scott Fitzgerald (perhaps the most famous Minnesotan of the decadent Jazz Age), Minneapolis Elite yelpers certainly partied like it was 1929 at The Great Yelpsby.

Now, it's quite possible that Twin Cities yelpers were all born in the wrong era, because the whole lot arrived at Restaurant Max in their gladdest glad-rags, looking like they walked straight outta the roaring '20s!

Restaurant Max hosted more than a hundred ladies and gents in a private section of the marble-columned restaurant that's also home to a gorgeous, original bank vault wine cellar from the former Midland Bank.

On the menu for this hot-to-trot crowd? Tender lamb lollipops, savory ahi tuna tartare, edamame, gourmet grilled cheese and sliders. Not only that, but the bartender created a menu of modern, but classically inspired cocktails like Daisy's Gatsby with Svedka, green tea and tarragon, an updated Old Fashioned with tasty Bulleit Bourbon and the Little Devil with Three Olives Lemon Lime Vodka.

Yelpers also enjoyed an indoor version of Daisy Buchanan's favorite past-time. The group played a rousing game of "croquet" involving special challenges at each "wicket," including a yo-yo contest that we came to realize was physically impossible. Still, everybody gave it the ol' college try and had a ball!

Wanna see more? Check out the photos on Flickr by Point & Blog and the reviews on Yelp!

Thanks to the staff at Restaurant Max, all of our generous sponsors, Liz W. (Intern Superstar), Gabi M. and everyone who helped make this one of the most spectacular parties to-date!

Annie D.

Yelp Twin Cities Community Manager


Chicagoland Elites Keep It On The Hush-Hush!

Posted by Jelena Z

Just knock three times and whisper low... that's exactly what Elites and their guests did this past Wednesday evening to gain entry into the on-the-DL Yelp Confidential Elite event. Speakeasy-styled Wool Street Grill welcomed revelers to their dapper digs for an evening full of brassy, bold jazz notes, fantastic food, exclusive beer and vintage-clad company!

5665772429_5eb4fef440_b 5665773445_c42e759d1a_b
5665773877_435951e88a_b 5665775205_a95fca8dc4_b

In between showing off their best dance moves and mingling up a bootleggin' storm, Elites were privy to a special sneak preview of new Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager. The exclusive lowdown? Batch 19 was inspired by the last batches of beer brewed in 1919, when beer was banned. Guests eagerly welcomed the much-hyped brew, and its enjoyment was evident by the frequently-refilled growlers on every table. Yep – even though we didn't violate any amendments, we sure partied like we did!

5665775603_b126e6786f_b 5665781275_de0a112ce4_b
5666342052_9558f39c88_b 5666342934_7afa9ac3bd_b

Scrumptious sliders, pulled pork sandwiches, wings and quesadillas satiated Elites hungry anticipation, and phenom photographer Ruthie Hauge captured all the throwback celebratin' (yours for the peepin' right here). Prizers were awarded to those in costume, and one extra-lucky winner found a *magic* Yelp bottle opener in her lunchbox... that would be the lovely Dana G who scored a pair of tickets to Second Glass Wine Riot! Atta girl. The cool cats of Shutterbox indulged the flapper in everyone with loads of vintage charms in their photo booth... be sure to check out the photographic evidence. I'll go on-the-record to say an enchanting evening was had by all – read all about in the reviews!

5666346402_a245f3897c_b 5665781075_512932eab2_b
5666348536_749351cb7e_b 5666349092_4328484a7a_b

Keepin' it real (and on the QT) until next time,


Jelena Z

April 28, 2011

Yelp New Orleans Mad Hatter (Cajun) Tea Party @ Vive!

Posted by Jessica R

Tuesday night, one hundred New Orleans elites and their guests put on their most elaborate hats and gathered at Vive! (the brand new bar in Hotel Le Marais) in the French Quarter.


Guests were greeted by a giant Cheshire Cat, thanks to Carl Mack Presents, plus an array of wild hats, Alice in Wonderland Themed costumes and other fun props for photos. Curiouser and curiouser...


As Scott S wandered along, he "first found a sign to DRINK ME." Old New Orleans Rum supplied their deliciously boozy Cajun Iced Tea, and wine was provided by Patrick's Bar Vin. A very merry unbirthday, indeed!


"We're all mad here!" says Lindsay A... Mad for crawfish crepes by Roux on Orleans and 7 on Fulton's seafood gumbo! The sign that said EAT ME didn't go unnoticed.


Lindsay H and her magnificent hat won a two night stay from the New Orleans Hotel Collection, though there was stiff competition from fellow yelpers in the elaborate hat contest. Begin at the beginning and go until you get to the end, then stop. Then read the reviews and check out the photos!

One last time, a HUGE thank you to our sponsors: Hotel Le Marais, Vive!, The New Orleans Hotel Collection, Roux on Orleans, 7 on Fulton, Patrick's Bar Vin, Carl Mack Presents, and Old New Orleans Rum!


Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10.17.55 PM

Jessica R - Yelp New Orleans Community Manager

Phoenix Elites Turn Themselves In At Yelp's Most Wanted

Stick 'em up for some Phoenix Yelp elites are on the run! That's right, this Monday, 150 elites turned themselves in at Hole-in-the-Wall Smokehouse BBQ for Yelp's Most Wanted; a night free from authorities and of full food, fun and entertainment! Yelpers wore their finest outlaw gear and spent the night mingling with other outlaw greats in the beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the Pointe Hilton pool.

IMG_0087       IMG_0085

The night started off just as the desert sun was setting and as yelpers checked in, they got their very own yelp banadanna fitting for any notorious cowboy or cowgirl out there. Hole-in-the-Wall closed their doors for the night, so the yelpers had the entire restaurant to themselves! Food stations filled the patio and guests munched on BBQ chicken chopped salad, brisket & and pulled pork, three types of mac 'n cheese, fish fry, clam bake and sweetened their taste buds with s'mores! To wash down the feast, each outlaw could choose from wine, margaritas or beer (in boot shaped glasses)! And what's a night of yelpers on the run from the law without some much-needed whiskey. Luckily, Crown Royale and Bulleit Bourbon were there to offer plenty of samples at the whiskey station.

IMG_0094     IMG_0115

IMG_0116     IMG_0117

IMG_0118   IMG_0120

IMG_0121   IMG_0119

As yelpers caught up with fellow friends, some played western games on the Wii, others sat back and listened while Daylon Greer crooned the crowd with country classics behind the gorgeous poolside backdrop and the rest took pictures at Yelp's Most Wanted photo booth and left with printed proof of the night.

IMG_0127   IMG_0140

IMG_0125   IMG_0131

IMG_0130   IMG_0135

Some lucky elites won raffle prizes of a Yelp's Most Wanted basket of essentials such as Outlaw BBQ Sauce, Tombstone Chili and scorpion lollipops, while others won tickets to the Broadway musical Billy Elliot or dinner for two at Hole-in-the-Wall Smokehouse BBQ. Before these fine folks disappeared into the desert night, Hole-in-the-Wall put gift bags in their hands with treats of $15 off coupons, day passes to the famous Hilton resort pool and even their own signature BBQ sauce!

IMG_0084   IMG_0109

A special thank you to Hole-in-the-Wall Smokehouse BBQ for hosting the evening, Daylon Greer, Crown Royale, Bulleit Bourbon, Esoterik Images and to all the yelpers who came face to face with the law for a night of fun! Check out the what others have to say here and be sure to look at the pictures from the night!

Until next time!

Lindsey F

Phoenix Community Outlaw...err I mean Manager!


April 27, 2011

Yelp Cincinnati's Funny Hat BBQ at Neon's!

Posted by Alex Shebar

It was a “will it, won’t it” kind of day.

Rain had been hitting the Midwest so hard for a week that there had been constant flooding. The skies went from drizzling to pouring and back to drizzling again. It seemed like no one could stay dry for more than an hour and it wasn’t clear when it was ever going to stop …

And that’s not great when holding a party on one of the best outdoor patios in Cincinnati.

Yelp Cincy was doing the new warm weather up right with a BBQ at The Famous Neon’s Unplugged, an incredible bar in Over-the-Rhine ... But this wasn’t just any BBQ, oh no, this was a Funny Hat BBQ! Yes, there would be grilling, drinking and a plethora funny hats to top it all off. But, of course, it had to stay dry first.

RainThat's not to say we weren't prepared!

The big day was here and it began with, no surprise, rain! Followed by more rain! Followed by … no rain? (*Cue the Blind Melon*) Yes, the clouds parted, the sun shown through and we had clear skies for our BBQ.

And so, the party began! Yelpers flooded the beautiful outdoor patio to celebrate the coming of spring.


To start, there were seven different types of wings being heated and grilled from Wild Mike’s Wings, just voted best wings in the city. And, for the non-wingers, veggie burgers were cooked up by the bun-full. Ryan B “enjoyed the boneless wings and veggie burgers like they were going out of style.”


To wash it down, Crispin Hard Cider brought five different types of beverages, including different ciders made with honey, maple and blackberries. And the great Glazer’s came with three different types of Don Julio tequilas and ran tastings throughout the night. Best Bartender in the City Molly Wellmann explained what these drinks were, where they came from and how to best enjoy them today.


And did we mention Neon’s itself was voted best new bar in the city? This was clearly a party to celebrate. “Neon's is a great place. And by great, I mean GREAT. This bar has just the right blend of chill and thrill. When you throw Yelp on top, you have the ice cream sundae of events,” Justin R declared.


Of course, no Funny Hat Party would be complete without, well, funny hats! People adorned their tops with an array of amusing items, including sharks, bonnets, lampshades, tiaras and more.


But it was the homemade hats that really shined, and taking home the honored prizes (beautiful red ribbons and gleaming silver spatulas) were the top-three Funny Hat winners: Dan B with his sea monster diorama, Meg V with her knitted Android cap and Justin R with his literal “Funny Hat.” These three? King amongst the crowned!


Yelpers enjoyed the food, the drinks, the amusements, the hats and, of course, the giant Jenga and bocce ball court on Neon’s patio. This was truly an event that onlookers looked on with envy. As Paige M nicely said, “it was three random things that melded perfectly together: cider, chicken wings, and funny headgear.”

And for all those at the party, we tip our hat to you.

But don’t just take our word on the night’s awesomeness, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographer extraordinaire Anna Penny on the Official Yelp Flickr page!



Alex S, Cincy Community Manager

Glasgow April Elite Event @ Artisan Roast

Posted by Chris Docherty

Take 30 plus Elite Squad members, with a couple of regular people (read: muggles) thrown in for good measure, chuck them into Gibson Street's very own coffee mecca, Artisan Roast, add a potent mix of amazing coffee, spot on tutoring, tasty tounge tingling treats and a good slosh of wine (a fitting word methinks) and you have the ingrediants of Aprils highly caffienated, fully jollified Elite Event. 

Picnik collage1
Picnik collage2
Splitting 'dem yelpers into three awesomely eager and overly attentive groups (this is pre caffeine mind!), Megan, the shops owner and recently crowned Scottish Barista of the year, and her amazing staff whisked each group through a brief, yet informative (read: ooh, ahhh, not zzzzz.... whaa?) interactive lesson in two of the main coffee brewing techniques. Ever played good esspresso, bad espresso? Know your light bodied, sweet Kenyian tub thumper from your lightly flavoured Indian monsoon soaked top seller? (a staff favourite I'm assured... ahem.) No? Well, I'm sure if you ask nice enough!

Picnik collage3
Whist group one (the espresso educators) and group two (the drips) indulged in coffee based indulgences, group three just pure stuffed their faces in the upstairs (snug) section, muching down some exquisite tasters from the AR grub menu. With cheese provided by the iconic / legendary / wiffy, I.J Mellis, and baked goods provided by Tapa and indeed Megan herself (ginger shortbread FTW), this group needed quite a bit of coeresing to 'move along now people'.

Picnik collage4

Picnik collage5
Big shout out's to the amazing Niall Walker who managed not only to snap these amazing snaps, but also skirt ninja-like around the outskirts of the action (honestly folks, did anyone see this stealth master?) and of course to Megan and her staff, cheers lads! 

Picnik collage6
M-m-m-maybe i-i-it w-w-wasn't a g-g-good idea to write the blog after slupring down so much yummy coffee.... but by jove, 'dat was some jumpin' java!

Boom! Done and dusted for another month folks. Once again, here be the regular linky-type deals for you to have yourself a right wee nosey.. go!

Had a blast on the night? Then get reviewing that bad boy! 

Fancy a swatch of ra foties?

Yelp out. 

Picnik collagefin
Chris D.

April 26, 2011

Yelp Atlanta's Newest Crew: The Culture Club!

From April 15th to 24th, Yelp Atlanta took the high road and hosted 8 events all about celebrating the finer things in life. From art galleries to museums to Pulitzer Prize winning plays, yelpers soaked up all the culture they could handle.

Ycc collage 3

We kicked things off on Friday at The Village Theatre with their Family Feud Improv. Instead of polling 100 random passers-by, they turned to Yelp! Best dive bar in Atlanta? Yeah, we've got that covered (the number one answer would be The Northside Tavern, by the way). With no time to recover from the ab workout our bellies received, we suited up nice for Passione Italiana at the brand new Midtown location of Museum of Design Atlanta. Flanked by stunning Italian motorcycles, yelpers noshed on Persian delicacies from Sufi's and Italian-inspired (hello, Nutella!) treats from our favorite Bear Maker Bakery. Remy V provided stunning cocktails to help wash it all down, Smile Booth captured shenanigans, and esteemed photographer Michael Cooke of M!kedesigns documented it all. 

Ycc collage 1

The next afternoon we were back at it with a special event in the Grand Ballroom of the historic and fabulous Fox Theatre. After we noshed on appropo Moroccan eats from Imperial Fez, sashimi by The Livingston, and an array of treats by Publik Draft House, small groups of Yelpers were led by docents on a behind the scenes tour of the beautiful space. When they returned to the ballroom, Palm was on hand to refresh everyone and Smile Booth was back to make sure everyone's splendid smiles were on film (or, at least, megabytes). Andrew Phillips Photography also came in to follow the tours as they wound their way around the space. 

Ycc collage 4Ycc collage 5

After a day off, we were back at it to see the phenomenal Spoon Lake Blues on the Hertz Stage of The Alliance Theatre. On Thursday, Kai Lin Art hosted yelpers at their gorgeous Midtown gallery for their newest exhibition, Flora. Imperial Fez was back with more great food and Candy Cake Company provided their sinful cake pops for everyone to enjoy. Remy V and Palm came along for the ride as well, while Michael Cooke and Smile Booth got even more yelpers to smile for their lenses. 

Ycc collage 2

On Friday, it was time to party with back-to-back shows at Dad's Garage. In the first we were educated on what to do (or rather, what *not* to do) when a zombie apocalypse hits in Scandal! Later, the truly wacky and weird came out for Samurai Davis Jr. and Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun time Improv Show. On Saturday, we were back to the Alliance Theatre for the critically acclaimed August: Osage County. Finally, we capped it all off with an extra special performance by The ATL Collective at Eddie's Attic in Decatur. They paid tribute to Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by making it their own, complete with special guest Tyler James. A perfect way to round out our week of fun, can't wait to do it again soon. 

Check out the full Smile Booth shots here, here, and here and the Flickr sets here, here, and here. Or read all of the reviews from yelpers like you here

With monocle love and caviar dreams, 

Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 12.01.35 AM

Kathleen M

April 25, 2011

Tucson Elites Prove Yelp Is The Word!

As if there was any doubt! Last Thursday 80 Elites and guests gathered at HUB Restaurant and Creamery to boogie down and pay homage to American classics; meat, cheese, beer, and the classic movie musical Grease!


Restaurant owners/high school dance chaperones Kade and Jenny set the scene with a bevy of brews, bites and bowls of homemade ice cream. Not your average punch bowl and cookies, this hip hop’s line up included rotisserie pork with caramelized onions, caprese kabobs, slaw dogs, and corned beef with sauerkraut. Savory spuds more your speed? Four different kinds of fries also made the cut. Topping off the over-loaded towering treats was Hub’s famous mac and cheese and a stupendous spread of salads. Jackie T confesses he “was one of the porkers who had plates of everything.” Don’t worry though, he adds “there was plenty” for others to partake!

Food Kade Food2

For event goers not wanting to get down with patio perches, groovy tunes filled the air inside the sleek and sexy dining room. Red and white leather booths flanked the dance floor, providing ample cushion’ for the pushin’ while energetic Elites were jiving to the music of years gone by. Special thanks to Amril for spinning solid gold all night long!

Hub1 Chef Icecream

Tune into this! Tucson Elites were treated to the musical stylings of yours truly (that’s me)! Sure to be hitting high on the Billboard Hot 100, Yelp debuted it’s first single, “Yelp Is The Word!” Download your free copy at tinyurl.com/yelpword! After cutting a rug, yelpers enjoyed out of this world ice cream. With flavors like Bourbon Almond Brittle, Berry Pie, S’mores and Oatmeal Cookie Dough, nobody was left singing the blues, those flavors rocked. Joshua B was wild about the “creamy, rich and tasty” ice creams, peanut butter chocolate being his “absolute favorite of the night.”

People People1 People3

Huge thanks to owners Kade and Jenny for such a smashing evening, as well as Sharon, Aimee and John for keeping folks fed and hydrated. This jiving joint is surely something to check out while you’re downtown. Their updates on classic bites with a hip and happening atmosphere is something to see. Speaking of seeing, huge thanks to Billy for capturing all of the action and not making anyone do a prom-pose. Don’t be a wallflower, check out his pics soon to sprout on his website! Wish you could have crashed the party? See what others had to say about the event. Get a three minute glimpse of the action thanks to Lety who filmed yelpers signing the debut single! Yelp is the word, is the word, is the word, is the word...


Corey D

Tucson Community Manager and

Wannabe T-Bird



Yelpers in Orange County Stand Up For Paddleboarding!

Posted by Hazel Q

How'd you spend Earth Day? If you were a yelper in Orange County, you were lucky enough to get closer to Mother Nature and go stand up paddleboarding with Pirate Coast Paddle Company in Newport Beach.

Picnik collage22

After a lesson on the sand, yelpers were ready to head out on the water on a gorgeous, sunny, SoCal afternoon. The fine folks at Pirate Coast Paddle Company setup a terrific treasure hunt for these proficient paddlers... complete with a whole load of booty at the end for all.

Picnik collage44

You can check out the photos from the awesome Albert E on the Yelp Flickr, and also follow Pirate Coast Paddle Company on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Until next time...


Hazel Q

Yelp Cleveland Goes Green, Man!

Posted by Cara

Cleveland Yelpers got groovy at their Elite event on 4/20 with a "home-grown" party to celebrate Earth Day, Yelp Cleveland Goes Green, Man! This eco-friendly bash chock-full of local vendors was hosted at Cleveland's most popular Asian-fusion restaurants, Bac, tucked away in the artsy Tremont 'hood.

33 19 23

Bac eats for Elites and their guests to three green themed appetizers, including edamame, papaya salad and pork ragoons that Peter W deemed as "super fantastic!" Also provided by the restaurant was a sampling of three of their most popular drinks, one infused with cucumber and another with a little chili kick! Roxanne O even "felt like a fire breathing dragon at one point" but "loved the flight of cocktails provided at the end of the evening." And what Cleveland Elite event would be complete without a little love for the beer drinkers. Meg from Magic Hat showed up to give away some of their newest brew, Wacko, which has a pink hue from beet juice! Don't worry—even the cups were biodegradable!

36 25 42

Even local, earth-loving vendors came out to share their stories and products with Cleveland yelpers and they truly seemed to strike a chord. Carl A said, "it was nice having the vendors at the event to promote some awareness for Earth Day." They included: A Piece Of Cleveland—they take apart old buildings and reuses the materials to make awesome furniture and home decor products, Cosmic Bobbins—two talented ladies who take old magazines and business inserts to create accessories to give back to the community, Fashion Green T Bags—she re-purposes old t-shirts and makes them into reusable totes while donating all proceeds to the Cleveland Foodbank, and last but not least, Plant Kingdom—makers of all natural, eco-friendly snacks, like roasted hemp seeds and energy bars.

48 32 57  53 3 67

Elites were asked to wear something "green" (whether that be organic, eco-friendly, the color green, to something vintage, to hippie attire) and winners of got gift bags full of gardening goodies, DVDs, hair salon gift certificates, environmentally friendly travel mugs made from recycled materials, and more! Congrats to the two winners of the evening, Habby H and Stefanie C! All yelpers and their guests also left with loads of schwag that was tucked into yelpy flower pots around the restaurant. They also commemorated the event with a custom photo Yelp photo booth, thanks to CVK Photography!

58 41 39

Read the all the reviews here and scope out the pics here! Thanks a million to Bac for hosting us with delicious food and bevs, Magic Hat for the tasty brews, all the local vendors who came out to share their love for all things earth-friendly, CVK Photography for capturing our evening so awesomely and last (but not least) all the Elites and guests who made it out for this month's party! You're all the best!


Until then, SYOY! And enjoy what's left of Earth Month!

Cara L, Yelp Cleveland CM



Yelp Cleveland Goes Green, Man!

Posted by Cara

Cleveland Yelpers got groovy their first Elite event on 4/20 with a "home-grown" party to celebrate Earth Day, Yelp Cleveland Goes Green, Man! This eco-friendly event chock-full of local vendors was hosted at Cleveland's most popular Asian-fusion restaurants, Bac, tucked away in the artsy Tremont 'hood.

33 19 23

Bac eats for Elites and their guests to three green themed appetizers, including edamame, papaya salad and pork ragoons that Peter W deemed as "super fantastic!" Also provided by the restaurant was a sampling of three of their most popular drinks, one infused with cucumber and another with a little chili kick! Roxanne O even "felt like a fire breathing dragon at one point" but "loved the flight of cocktails provided at the end of the evening." And what Cleveland Elite event would be complete without a little love for the beer drinkers. Meg from Magic Hat showed up to give away some of their newest brew, Wacko, which has a pink hue from beet juice! Don't worry—even the cups were biodegradable!

36 25 42

Even local, earth-loving vendors came out to share their stories and products with Cleveland yelpers and they truly seemed to strike a chord. Carl A said, "it was nice having the vendors at the event to promote some awareness for Earth Day." They included: A Piece Of Cleveland—they take apart old buildings and reuses the materials to make awesome furniture and home decor products, Cosmic Bobbins—two talented ladies who take old magazines and business inserts to create accessories to give back to the community, Fashion Green T Bags—she re-purposes old t-shirts and makes them into reusable totes while donating all proceeds to the Cleveland Foodbank, and last but not least, Plant Kingdom—makers of all natural, eco-friendly snacks, like roasted hemp seeds and energy bars.

48 32 57  53 3 67

Elites were asked to wear something "green" (whether that be organic, eco-friendly, the color green, to something vintage, to hippie attire) and winners of got gift bags full of gardening goodies, DVDs, hair salon gift certificates, environmentally friendly travel mugs made from recycled materials, and more! Congrats to the two winners of the evening, Habby H and Stefanie C! All yelpers and their guests also left with loads of schwag that was tucked into yelpy flower pots around the restaurant. They also commemorated the event with a custom photo Yelp photo booth, thanks to CVK Photography!

58 41 39

Read the all the reviews here and scope out the pics here! Thanks a million to Bac for hosting us with delicious food and bevs, Magic Hat for the tasty brews, all the local vendors who came out to share their love for all things earth-friendly, CVK Photography for capturing our evening so awesomely and last (but not least) all the Elites and guests who made it out for this month's party! You're all the best!


Until then, SYOY! And enjoy what's left of Earth Month!

Cara L, Yelp Cleveland CM



Nashville Elites Get Pretty! Pretty! Pop! Pop!

Posted by Marcia

Spring finally reared her lovely head and sunny (yet tempermental) disposition in Nashville this past Thursday for the 40 glamourpusses who attended the Pretty! Pretty! Pop! Pop! Elite Event at adorable Lucy Pop Salon!

5641980725_36c3cbcf2d_m    5642557078_7228c9c369_m  5641988533_4d1a8198ef_m

Yelpalicious ladies arrived through the "secret garden gate to the Lucy Pop salon and were pleasantly surprised by jewel colored walls, beautiful white framed mirrors, candles, and stylists with shoes as bright as the icing and personalities as bubbly as....the bubbly!" Curiosity motivated Megan C and everyone who attended to dabble with new looks ranging from the four different services that were offered for the evening.


Annelise N joined the "Feather Gang" by making the "executive decision to update my locks with a few feather extensions that I absolutely love!"  Many ladies bellied up to the Blow Dry Bar to sample the menu that included getting braided up, sewn up, or waved up! Owner/stylist Renae Morton and crew  showed us the newest spring hair trends with a custom braid placement and beachy waves. Kaitlyn K  was "beautified with a make up application and braids in her hair... the Kevin Murphy wave clips were also a huge hit!" Lucy Pop makeup artists even fancied up faces by making eyes pop with an assortment of spring makeup trends, and gave tutorials for recreating the look at home! Kim Y had a "fan-freakin-tastic time at the world's coolest grown girl slumber party...minus the slumber of course!"

5641981533_6d4f945b67 5641984377_0a8a9d3a25
5642568626_d4103f47be 5641984775_3ac4d1888e
5642545294_f5963d4479  5642549646_9050d1a537

All of that gettin' gorgeous worked up quite the appetite for Jess Y who tried the carrot cake cupcake, "whoever invented cream cheese icing is a genius!" Champagne and two amazing Sangrias kept everyone bubbly. Jess preferred the white sangria with it's "citrus and kiwi flavors which were light, refreshing, and....for me, dangerously addictive!" Service was impeccable with co-owner Brannon Morton sauntered around with an open champagne bottle throughout the evening to make sure that all flutes were topped off!

5642545514_f48eb317df_m 5642545908_b0912c07fe_m 5641977097_746728210d_m 5641976331_7dcdfa15e2_m

Who doesn't love sneaking in some shopping too? We popped into the recently opened section of the salon dedicated to the Darla the Outlaw boutique filled with dashing little frocks, jewelry, and accessories to complete our revamped new looks. Jamie A didn't leave empty-handed and toted a little pink goody bag that "provided treats for me and a treat for my friend's pooch too!"



Perhaps Megan C sums it up best, "I feel pretty, I feel pretty, I feel pretty, and witty and briiiiiiight!"

Very special thanks to Renae & Brannon Morton, Marwa, Nichole, Dane, and Lauren for making this such a special evening. Cheers to you Lucy Pop!

Until next time, SYOY!

Marcia M - Nashville Community Manager


Yelp Elite Pool Party @ The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Posted by Colleen Burns

Being in Florida, you need to take advantage of the gorgeous evenings before it gets sweltering. So, Friday we enjoyed a Yelpy Pool Party and it was HOT but not because of the heat. All yelpers showed up in their Pool attire donning bright floral prints, long skirts and bathing suits.

Picnik collage

We hung out by the upper pool deck at the lovely Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Orlando while live local music of Robert will fill the background provided from Shari Haushalter of GRANDEOS as we noshed on bites from their delicious restaurants! We had a complete range of food including Caesar Salad and Mahi Mahi Tacos from Cascade, a gorgeous selection of Nigiri and Maki Mono and Kobe Burgers from White HorseCrisp Tempura Dusted Calamari and Crab Cake paired with coconut grits from Hemingway'sCuban Pork Paninis and Signature Margherita Pizza from Palm Café and if that wasn't enough... we ended with the sweetness of Sunday Brunch Desserts from award winning Pastry Chef at La Coquina.

  Picnik collage2

Complimentary Cocktails Featuring Hyatt's refreshing Summer Drinks: Watermelon Margaritas and Raspberry Gimlets. Magners Irish Cider was also be on site delighting us with their delicious Original Cider, perfectly refreshing for the summer.

  Picnik collage3

We toured the new rooms of the resort, the huge pool and grotto area, which was so inviting. The sunset was picturesque so we had a challenge of the best photo would win a dinner for two at the Resort. The each and additional amenities around the resort were stunning. We also raffled off a two-night stay to return to the resort for those who did not take advantage of the $99 special we were offered that evening. Also on site was Snap! Orlando raffling off an entire weekend pass to the upcoming 5-day photography celebration showcasing the work of renowned international and national photographers, as well as images from emerging local talent. It's taking place here in Downtown Orlando May 4th through May 8th. Reserve your tickets today!

Jim White Photography was catching all this gloriousness with his amazing photog skills so make sure to check out all the photos here. If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers. 

Until next time, SYOY,


Colleen B.

Orlando Community Manager


Charlotte Elites' Cajun Invasion!

Posted by Nicole W

On a super sunny Saturday, Elites got together for a Cajun Invasion right here in the Queen City! Cajun Queen's spicy feast was only the start of this hot little Elite event!

Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-27 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-76 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-77

With a gorgeous patio awaiting, Elites quenched their thirst with three different bevvie options. Mother Earth Brewing provided an array of their delightful North Carolina beer for all to try. Tiffany N remarks, "Mother Earth Brewing now holds a special place in my heart. The Weeping Willow Wilt was a refreshing, Belgian style and immediately won me over!" And Milestone Wine was a smash hit with their wondrous wine – Cathy B "imbibed in 3 Girls cabernet and pinoit noir - both were delicious and affordable!" For those who were ready to rumble, Cajun Queen's bartender Bo poured up some delightful $5 Hurricanes!

Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-30  Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-31 Yelp Elite_Cajun  Queen_42311-40
Yelp Elite_Cajun  Queen_42311-52  Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-36 Yelp Elite_Cajun  Queen_42311-44
All of these delicious drinks had a job to do - wash down Cajun Queen's incredible feast! Elites snacked on everything from BBQ shrimp, fried oysters, etoufee, red beans & rice, blackened chicken and peach bread pudding. Chad E says "the blackened chicken was the star of the show - though the band really gave them a run for their money!"

Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-57 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-58 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-64 Yelp Elite_Cajun  Queen_42311-68 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-29 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-69

Yes, Cajun Queen's house band, The 7th Street Gator Band, entertained guests with their Dixieland jazz and adorable smiles. These guys have been playing at Cajun Queen for more than 24 years! Charlotte Elites left with full bellies, happy ears and plenty of reasons to cap off their Saturday with gusto!

Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-70 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-72 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-73 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-74
Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-79 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-82 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-81 Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-87

All of these spicy moments were captured by the lovely and talented Kelli Bolling of Red K Photography. You can check out all of the images on Yelp Charlotte's Flickr page and inside scoop from the official review page.

Until next time, SYOY!

Yelp Elite_Cajun Queen_42311-102

-Nicole W.

April 24, 2011

Yelpers Turn Flappers @ Jive & Wail

Posted by Aimee

Thursday night, Yelp St. Louis Elites traveled back in time to the fabulous 1920’s era and came out to the Jive & Wail in their best costumes! Flapper girls and gangsters brought the house down, and sequins, feathers, suits, hats, and even a few wigs were spotted at this speakeasy.

P1 P3

Two signature drinks loosened everyone up and were flowing from behind the bar all evening. In the spirit of 1920’s bathtub gin, the “Yelpin’ Greyhound” was served as a combination of McCormick’s gin & sweet ruby red grapefruit juice. The “Fizzy Reviewer” was made with Tito’s vodka, tonic, and a splash of fresh cherry-lime juice. Perhaps the most popular boozy surprise was the round of chocolate cake shots, topped with a fluffy drop of chocolate whipped cream! So sweet, but so dangerous.

The Jive & Wail served up an impressive 1920’s appetizer spread that had guests talking all evening, and included smoked salmon cucumber tea sandwiches, speakeasy spinach dip served in a bread bowl with toast points, southern caviar (pimento cheese) made from the sharpest white cheddar and fire roasted red peppers, fancy franks in a bourbon pineapple glaze, and bacon-wrapped water chestnuts in barbeque sauce. Full just reading about the menu? Elites somehow managed to save room for dessert, and fresh, buttercream-frosted cupcakes from The Cup did the trick just fine.

  Good  Cup Booze


The biggest hit of the evening was definitely the 1920’s themed photo wall! Elites struck a pose and had a lot of fun with props like giant music notes, picture frames, and croquet rackets. Our incredible photographer, Matt from Brea Photography, broke out some acrobatics in order to capture a whopping 22 of us in one picture, too! Rumor has it that someone broke out the Charleston during their photo shoot…




The dueling pianos at the Jive & Wail provided the perfect background music, and they started out with some 1920’s hits then took song requests from guests that had us all singing along. To make sure the party kept going even as everyone drove home, Elites got to take home my 1920’s top hits CD of some of my favorite tunes from the era. Louis Armstrong & Jimmie Rodgers FTW!

Most importantly, Yelp St. Louis Elites got to connect in person and a lot of new friendships were made over great food & drinks. The genuine enthusiasm & energy that was present at the party Thursday night only confirms that St. Louis has the best Elite squad around! You guys make a Community Manager proud.

See the full set of lively photos here, and then go check out all the five star reviews!

Still reeling from Thursday night and dreaming about the next one,

Aimee K
Yelp St. Louis CM

April 23, 2011

LA West Elites Get In Touch With Their Inner Kids At Yelp In TOI-Land!

Posted by Christina Y

Elites of all ages (well, 21+) gathered for a full-on playdate at TOI Tapas Bar & Lounge on Tuesday for the Yelp In TOI-Land Elite Event. From Etch-A-Sketch competitions to an oversized Connect Four match, the Elites let lose with their inner kids.

Picnik collage 1

Playing so hard is bound to work up a hunger, so TOI made sure to supply them with a scrumptious collection of bites including beignets, mini wood-fired pizzas and grilled cheese. And all of that was washed down with a veritable playland of adult beverages including root liqueur from Art In the Age, limoncello from Ventura Limoncello Company, and tastings from Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Cantara Cellars and Wades Wines.

Picnik collage 2

Most importantly, our guests gave back to the My Stuff Bags Foundation, which drove away with a car packed with toys and other supplies to help victims of child abuse. Who says giving can't be fun?

Picnik collage 3

You can check out the rest of the photos for the event here if you missed it.

Until next time kids!

Christina Y - LA West community manager

April 22, 2011

Washington Vs The World - Seattle Elite Yelpers Get Their Wine On!

Posted by Katy

As the number of wineries in WA state reaches over 700, it's hard to keep up with who's new in town. Thanks to Wine World Warehouse and their selection of over 8,000 wines, Seattle's world class winos can buy just about any bottle their little hearts desire. In fact, just to prove how awesome WA wine is, Wine World owner and certified sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers, David LeClaire came up with a great event for Seattle's Elite yelpers: A Washington Vs the World event!

Picnik collage1

70 of Seattle's most elite yelpers came out for this special event where local wines battled foreign wines to a taste test. With over 16 wines to sample there wasn't a set of white teeth in the house!

  Picnik collage3

Tasty charcuterie platters and desserts were provided by Tony's Catering and the stunning Seattle views were provided by some unusually clear skies! Check out the event photos taken by Seattle photog Nityia Przewlocki. Jealous you missed out? Check out more Seattle Yelp event photos on our official Flickr page!

Picnik collage2

Until next time, SYOY!

Picture 4
Katy H
Seattle Yelp Community Manager

Yelp's True Grit Get Down @ Welcome Stranger

Last night, over 125 San Francisco Yelpers descended upon Hayes Valley boutique Welcome Stranger for an evening of ruggedly stylish fashion, stiff drinks, hearty eats, and a gun-slingin' good time!

Collage 1

As True Grit (the original starring John Wayne, of course) streamed along a naked white wall in the eastern corridor, Yelpers imbibed as any good cowboy would on Mad Men style concoctions from the fine folks at Pisco Porton. The Peruvian brandied spirit has been putting hair on the chest of Latin Americans for generations, and with a goal of reaching a wider audience, Pisco Porton was on hand to show us here in the Lonesome Crowded West that there's more to a barbarous adult beverage than the usual scotch or whiskey concoctions we've grown accustomed to. Armed with copious amounts of sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters, Pisco-based Manhattans kept thirsty Yelpers busy while they fingered through the sophisticated, yet rugged wears lining the walls of Welcome Stranger.

Collage 2

Of course, after a long day on the trail and generally being a leathered, weathered badass, any hard-working cowboy is likely to work up a pretty mean hunger. With that in mind, Rubio's was on hand to ensure everyone at the fiesta was plenty satiated, and there was such an abundance of eats, many bronco-busters in attendance walked away with an extra chicken, steak, or vegetarian burrito for the long, dusty road ahead.

To relive the excitement via reviews of the dogged soiree, click here. For photos, click here. Big ups to the crew at Drop It Modern for supplying the nifty wood grain back drop, as well as our gaggle of paparazzis Karmen, Olivia, and Ron for capturing the magic behind the lens. Yee haw!

LA East Elites Cause "Big Trouble in Los Feliz"

While 1986's "Big Trouble in Little China" had Kurt Russell getting dragged into a mysteries old battle in Chinatown, last night LA Elites caused Big Trouble in Los Feliz at family-owned The Palace by throwing themselves knee deep in a delectable array of fine Chinese delicacies.                       Picnik collageGuests doubled up, nay, tripled up on pork soup dumplings (those little squirters were tasty trouble starters), hot and numbing braised tendon salad (new to the menu), Szechwan peppercorn chicken wings (so good you even wanted to eat the bone), Chinese chicken salad (light and mighty), and tangerine chicken (tangy tongue twisters). 
Picnik collage
An open bar of The Palace's signature mai tais, Clos Du Bois and Estancia Estates Chardonnay, and beer had party goers sporting rosy cheeks, while the bewitching Audrey Zang dazzled the room with authentic tunes fit for a sit-down feast. To-go boxes were filled with custom fortune cookies that fortold futures of the Yelp variety: "You will be the first to review this event (on Yelp)!", "Someone wants to FUC you (on Yelp)!", "Your next review awaits (on Yelp)!" and "A gold Elite badge is in your future (on Yelp)!"

Picnik collage
Photo booth extradorinaires, Sockivision Studios caused some serious rumble upstairs with a pimped out prop-heavy photo booth and Tora Wessel thrusted her lens in every nook and crannie around the restaurant to make sure no candid moment went uncaptured. And ain't no party like the after party thanks to Orion's Belt who rocked it hard core for remaining trouble makers.

Picnik collage

All pics are uploaded here and reviews here!

Katie B

LA East CM

April 21, 2011

Yelp Chicago Goes Out To The Ballgame

Posted by Johnny Todd

Freezing rain and 30-something degree temps have nothing on the hearty baseball lovers of the Chicago Elite Squad. Like the mailman, there was nothing that was going to stop them from seeing the Northside boys in Blue whoop some San Diego butt. Fifty lucky members were guests of the hallowed Lakeview Baseball Club for an evening of baseball, brats and beer otherwise known as Yelp's (Baseball) Diamond Life. Now, THAT’S springtime in Chicago!

5635087506_8f12176e95_b 5635088348_75031b3a77_b 5635098476_9af812202a_b 5635103278_e616be9c35_b

As the Elites entered into the Clubhouse, they were greeted by a private, Yelp-only clubhouse section with Tiffany chandeliers, mahogany bars, beautifully re-done wooden floors, flatscreen televisions, full field views, the best roof top in all of Lakeview (unencumbered and two levels of awesomeness), and… um, what else… oh yeah! More food and drink than you could shake a stick (or baseball bat) at!

5634530967_45826ec6ce_b 5634560363_9290300d23_b 5635107086_eb38a9265b_b 5635124728_ab8f03f79e_b

Elites were welcomed to the club with a table-full of soft pretzels and a nacho bar. Nacho.Bar. As if that weren’t enough, Elites dined on a buffet of gourmet Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago-style dogs, grilled brats, buffalo chicken breasts, 1/3 angus (cheese)burgers, pasta salad, potato salad, kettle chips, fruit salad, jumbo-sized gourmet cookies, and Ghiradelli brownies. Rooting for the home team builds up an appetite — and thirst. Thankfully, heavy pours of Heineken, Coors Lite, Miller Lite, white & red wine helped it all go down. And, unlike the folks freezing over at Wrigley, Elites got to whet their whistles until the top of the ninth. Membership has its privileges.

5634498431_a9affca720_b 5635076012_e9538aa3e5_b 5635091300_71001bd039_b 5635134784_0bcaf232af_b

In the midst of all the weather wrongness and food feasting, it might have been easy to forget there was a game going on — unless you’re an Elite. The intrepid crew braved the elements and sat outside to root the Cubbies to victory: 1-0! Go Cubs Go… After ten innings of fun, it was time to part ways but not before every Elite took home a gift bag complete with a regulation MLB baseball! And one Elite had an even more special prize. Payal G won a pair of tickets to Wine Riot Chicago. The tickets went to the lucky Elite who picked the gift bag with the pair of ‘wine sipping gloves.’ Commissioner Matt Ginger took all the winning shots. See them here. If you can find a better time in Chicago, yer lyin’! Just check out these reviews.

5634530009_0bdecfb902_b 5635108068_7eeabdd75d_b 5635127822_c2e21ca9d8_b 5635138746_75c6013e2f_b

Buying peanuts and cracker jack,


Johnny T

London Elites Spice It Up At Zenna

Posted by Lizzie G

After a hot and sunny day in London, Yelp Elites were ready to cool down with some classy cocktails and spicy hot bites from Zenna in Soho. As 100 Elites descended the stairs into the cool and sexy bar, they were greeted by complimentary coriander and lychee daiquiris made with Brugal Rum and a gentleman's tipple compliments of Courvoisier.

Picnik collage 1

Lysh J and Vojtech H bee-lined for Bizarre Bazaar's giant dressing up box as inhibitions were thrown out the window. Corsets, police hats, pearls and petticoats were the theme of the evening as the wonderful cocktails started flowing. The Brugal Rum Coriander and Lychee Daiquiris were a hit with quite a few of the ladies and we certainly think this might have been the cause of the awesome shapes being made on the dance floor to DJ Sr classic nineties and noughtys tunes.

Picnik collage

As the party got into full swing, Elites snuggled into Zenna's arches and nibbled on the tasty treats coming out of the kitchen, including pooch hera jhinga, which were marinated prawns in a thin crisp coating, dust fried spicy chicken with curry leaf called karara burgh (quite a few of these chicken-y delicious bites were popped in mouths), seekh kebab and Murgh tikka. For the veggies there was Hara kebabs of spinach and fenugreek patties with cheese and coriander as well as Dal vada, lentil patties with green chillies and coriander.

Picnik collage

We even had some yelpers trying out Zenna's signature alcoholic lassis and The World's Spiciest Cocktail, well done Mark S for being brave enough to try this! We want to give a huge thank you to Bizarre Bazaar, the quirky fashion boutique of costume that guided London Elites into a fantastical realm – forget plastic 'ready-made' fancy dress, this was the real deal!

Picnik collage

A huge thank you goes out to Dan and the outstanding team at Zenna. This cocktail experience Elite event was utterly entertaining and delicious. Want more? Check out all the photos, from the very talented Mr. Philip Sharp, read the reviews and catch up with all the gossip on Talk.

Until next time...


Lizzie G

Small me

April 19, 2011

Kansas City Has Spring Fever!

Posted by Joi

It's been a long, snowy winter in Kansas City, so we say bring it on, Springtime! Sunday's Elite event at Tannin Wine Bar and Kitchen couldn't come soon enough, as far as we're concerned.

When the weather is getting warmer, where do Yelp Elites' heads turn? Why, to wining, dining and poetry (in the form of F/U/C reviews, of course), what else? This event had all of that in droves!

  SpringFever6 SpringFever11 SpringFever23

SpringFever14 SpringFever12 SpringFever20

We enjoyed complimentary sangria, wines from Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc and Colosi Sicilia Rosso and Boulevard Wheat & Pale Ales. Incredible is an understatement when it comes to describing the delicious and unique food, compliments of the chef (who also tried out several mind-blowing items that are not currently on the menu). There was ahi tuna wonton chips with guacamole, mini caprese salads on toothpicks, foie gras & mushroom puff pastry, sushi rolls, lobster corndogs, poached eggs in the shell with savory whipped cream, endive leaves with goat cheese, gazpacho shooters, chicken satay, plus platter upon platter of cheeses, breads, fruit and charcuterie. And that's not even all.

SpringFever16 SpringFever17 SpringFever21

Check out the chef's creative take on steak and eggs (the photo below does this dish more justice than words ever can!) Reed N sagely suggests, "Can we make Tannin the official Yelp Elite event site?" We know that's not the Spring Fever talkin'!

SpringFever15 SpringFevervino SpringFeverPoetry4

For dessert (there was room for dessert?) mini molten lava chocolate cakes, peanut butter cookies straight out of the oven and chocolate mousse. No worries, folks, there's still time before bathing suit season.

The weather even cooperated, so that we could sit outside and socialize on Tannin's fabulous patio. Elites were a-mingling! Take it from new Elite, Alicia R, "This was an amazing afternoon with an amazing group of people."

SpringFever1 SpringFever9 SpringFever4

Endless thanks to Laura and the entire fanastic crew at Tannin Wine Bar and Kitchen for giving us such a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

Are you so smitten now with spring fever? Go read the reviews, check out more pix by Monica Cole on the flickr page. Now go fly a kite or something fancy, cuz Spring is finally here! And of course, SYOY!


Joi B

Yelp Kansas City Community Manager

Wine and Dine @ Restaurant Finkh

Posted by Andreas R

Endlich war es soweit: Das erste Yelp Elite Event in Wien stand vor der Tür! Es herrschte großes Rätselraten bei den Elite Mitgliedern sowie den special guests des Abend: was erwartet uns hier? Was gibt es zu essen? Wie sind die anderen Gäste? Schon nach dem Betreten des Finkh wurden jedoch alle Bedenken mit einem prickelnden Glas Sekt runtergespült und ein reges Kennenlernen und Wiedersehen folgte.


Die munteren Gespräche verstummten vorerst, als der erste Gang serviert wurde: Blunzngröstl mit den Originalwürsten vom Weltmeister der Blutwurst (kein Scherz!!) und ein hausgemachtes Gulasch standen zur Auswahl. Dazu gab es Knödel, frisches Gebäck und für die gesundheitsbewussten Yelper einen leckeren Salat. Begleitet wurde das fürstliche Mahl von frisch gezapftem Bier und einer zu den Speisen passenden Weinauswahl. Die Besitzer des Finkh ließen es sich nicht nehmen, sich den ganzen Abend persönlich um die Yelper zu kümmern.


Das Team vom Finkh hatte wirklich alle Register gezogen, um den Yelpern einen großartigen Abend zu bescheren. Ob der frühlingshaften Temperaturen und um das leckere Essen mit Hilfe etwas frischer Luft verdauen zu können verlegte sich ein Teil des Geschehens in den kleinen Schanigarten vor dem Lokal. Doch das Finkh Team war noch nicht fertig mit Yelp: eine Käseplatte sowie ein hausgemachter Apfelbirnenstrudel sorgten für Leuchten in den Augen der Gäste.   


Wenn es am Schönsten ist, dann soll man aufhören: aufgrund der tollen Stimmung blieben aber viele Gäste noch lange nach dem Ablauf des Elite Events im Finkh, um den Abend mit einem letzten Glas Wein abzuschließen. Es gab wohl kaum einen Besucher, der sich das Finkh nicht auf seine Liste der demnächst zu besuchenden Restaurants geschrieben hat: Durch die frisch zubereiteten Speisen mit Zutaten aus Bio Anbau, die fantastische Getränkeauswahl sowie dem umwerfenden Charme des Personals und der Besitzer ist das Restaurant längst kein Geheimtipp mehr.


Ein riesengroßes Dankeschön an das Finkh Team und die so zahlreich erschienen Yelper, die mit ihrer lockeren und offenen Art für eine tolle Atmosphäre gesorgt haben! Vielen Dank auch an die Sponsoren des erfolgreichen Abends: die Fleischhauerei Meiringer, das Käseland, Schloss Eggenberg, Ferdinand Grasl Getränke GmbH, die Kaffeerösterei Alt Wien und das Weingut Turmhof! Erfahrungsberichte vom ersten Elite Event gibt es genauso wie die dazugehörigen Fotos! Hier ein paar Zitate der anwesenden Yelper:

Verena H hat sich "nach jahrelanger Abstinenz wieder an Blunzengröstl und Gulasch rangetraut und wurde belohnt :-) es war alles lecker, lecker, lecker und der Service vom Finkh-Team gehört sicher zu den freundlichsten und aufmerksamsten in Wien"

Wolfgang K war ebenfalls begeistert: "Ein sehr nettes Lokal, sehr nette Leute und wirklich gute Auswahl an Speisen und Getränken, so stellt man sich das erste Elite-Event vor"

Hertha Maria T hatte auch einen gelungenen Abend: "Der Service war super, schnell, sehr aufmerksam und zuvorkommend! Überall sauber, fachmännisch sichere Installation und originell - auch hierfür gebührt höchstes Lob"

Wenn das erste Elite Event in Wien schon so tollen Anklang gefunden hat, was hält dann die Zukunft für uns bereit? Wir dürfen uns freuen!

Servus und bis bald!


Andreas R


The first elite event in Vienna was held at the scene restaurant Finkh. After being warmly welcomed by the owner with a cold glas of sparkling wine the Wine and Dine at Finkh was officially opened. On the menu were traditional Austrian dishes such as blood sausage (from the world champion of blood sausage making!), homemade goulash, dumplings, fresh pastries and a cheese platter. To wash down all those delicious bites, beer from the tab and a fine selection of wines was offered by the Finkh team. Despite the fact that there were many new faces to be met there was no shyness to meet fellow Yelpers. Due to the great service and the friendliness of the staff, the event lasted much longer than the official two hours and the last Yelper left way past midnight!

Make sure to read the event´s reviews and don´t miss out on the other pictures of the night! 

Servus from Wien, see you on Yelp!
Andreas R

London Yelp Bursts Its Bubble Tea Cherry

Posted by Lizzie G

Last night, a select group of London Elites were lucky enough to suck on some tasty balls at brand new bubble tea shop Bubbleology on Rupert Street. As the clock struck 7, a line of excited Elites waited outside to sample some of the delights on offer.

Picnik collage 1

Here at Yelp we like to draw a crowd and outside on the streets of Soho, people flocked around the windows to watch as more bubbles than in an Aero were passed around. Assad and his team chatted about this Taiwanese drink and their exciting plans for the future of bubble tea in London.

Picnik collage 2

It was like walking into a mad scientist's lab with bubbling displays and crazy flavours listed on the menu. Yelpers even got the chance to see how the tea was made from the expertly trained Bubbleologists. Cake was served up along with some mouthwatering macarons and glasses of 'adult' bubbly.

Picnik collage 3

'I'm so full of bubble I feel like a bean bag' exclaimed Craig M as he slurped away at his balls. As Fazan K puts it so wonderfully, 'Finally, a serious bubble tea joint; this is what London has been deprived of for so long! It was great to learn the passion this place has come from.'

Picnik collage

That's not all; this is the first of two Elite events happening this week... Watch out for more exciting news coming from London. But for now, if you want more, you can read the reviews here, see the fabulous snaps from Becky Kwo and check out Bubbleology on Facebook and Twitter.

until next time...


Lizzie G


April 18, 2011

Vegas Elites Go For Gold!

Posted by Misti Yang

A lineup of Vegas's greatest athletes went for gold during the Yelp Olympics at ClubSport Green Valley. This sporting complex on Olympic Avenue (really!) hosted an evening of fierce competition between France, Germany, Ireland and Canada (some of Yelp's finest countries).

Olympic Collage 1
The teams competed in vigorous activities such as 3-on-3 basketball, Kardio Kombat and Bootcamp for medals. As David S wrote, "The atmosphere was competitive, but there was also a sense of camaraderie amongst all participants. It did not matter who won, because there was fun to be had by all." Canada earned Gold in basketball, but Germany proved the overall victors with Gold in both Kardio Kombat and Bootcamp. Ireland earned 3 Bronzes. While France sported a Silver in Kombat, some handsome mustaches and a celebrity appearance by Jacques Cousteau! Teams also had the chance to get groovy with a 20-minute Zumba session and work out some kinks with Deep Muscle Stimulation.

Olympic Collage 2

Closing ceremonies included a spread of healthy snacks from wraps to smoothies and an ice cold keg of Tenaya Creek Hefeweizen!

Olympic Collage 3

If you weren't there, you missed your chance to go for Gold! You can read the play-by-play recaps here. Talk it up and share your athletic inspiration here, and be sure to view all of the Olympic glory captured by Eric Molinar Photography on our Flickr set.

Hitting The Gym!

Misti Y, Your Friendly Las Vegas Community Manager

Grease Is The Word For Honolulu Yelp Elites

Posted by Emi H

An angel (who looked just like Frankie Avalon) appeared in Honolulu and told the Yelp Elite Squad to "go back to high school" for the Yelp Goes Greased Lightnin' Elite event at Aiea Bowl150+ Yelp Elites (& +1s) dressed up in Grease themed attire for a fab evening of bowling, delish eats and endless cocktails! 

206542_1822965808867_1081871389_1955960_1008941_n 208451_1822969528960_1081871389_1955992_5129776_n
208083_1822965168851_1081871389_1955955_4448009_n 205588_1822962808792_1081871389_1955934_2520210_n

Even though it was a Monday night, yelpers still came dressed in nifty 1950s themed costumes! Guys went greaser with slicked back hair and leather T-Bird jackets, while gals sassed it up in retro Pink Lady jackets and sexy, bad Sandy inspired outfits. 

205026_1822965408857_1081871389_1955957_7689840_n 218009_1822965328855_1081871389_1955956_6179674_n
215854_1822968088924_1081871389_1955980_1547949_n 217480_1822965968871_1081871389_1955961_4137509_n

After acquiring their Yelp lunch boxes and bowling shoes at check-in, yelpers enjoyed cosmic bowling with old and new friends. Having an activity to do together was the perfect opportunity for newbie Elites to mix and mingle with veteran Elites. And who knew that pretending to be a beauty school drop-out and lifting balls could create such a thirst? Yelpers drank up the newly released Monster Rehab, beers from Bodington's and Stella Artois, and cocktails courtesy of Absolut Wild Tea.

205654_1822970128975_1081871389_1955997_415536_n 215819_1822972689039_1081871389_1956018_7903677_n
205166_1822971649013_1081871389_1956008_7577645_n 217427_1822966648888_1081871389_1955967_6843514_n

An insane buffet was served by the Aiea Bowl, which consisted of three kinds of pizza, salads, tasty chicken, kalbi, furikake and oodles of yummy fried noodles. Of course even though there were ridiculous amounts of food being served, we still ate everything in sight and licked the plates clean. 'Cause that's just how we roll...

207229_1822969168951_1081871389_1955988_4190011_n 207046_1822963288804_1081871389_1955937_868559_n
205214_1822968808942_1081871389_1955986_3617011_n 215119_1822967848918_1081871389_1955978_2821454_n

Yelp Elite Sara S was singing a tune by evening's end "Yelp lovin', had me a blaaaaaaaaast!" Want to see which cool cats were bowled over? Check out party pics by photographer Jonas Maon, read the stellar reviews and get chatty on Talk!

Aloha & SYOY!


Emi H 

Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu

Soirée Elite Yelp & The Nunu Chocolate Factory @ Brachfeld Gallery

Posted by Elodie


Vendredi soir à la Brachfeld Gallery, Yelp et sa Brigade d’Elite parisienne ont frôlé la crise de foie. Parce que si vous mettez 80 yelpeurs et deux chocolatiers new yorkais dans la même pièce, le tout arrosé de vins du Barav, vous risquez de faire des étincelles... Et de très jolies!
Pour fêter le mois d’avril, Pâques et ses excès chocolatés, 80 invités se sont réunis à la Brachfeld gallery, une très élégante galerie du Marais dédiée à l’univers de la mode, pour une soirée à teneur garantie en cacao. Une fois entré dans l’univers gourmand du pop up store parisien de Nunu Chocolates, les invités ont été très rapidement séduits par les odeurs de caramel au beurre salé et de chocolat colombien.  Installés à Paris pour seulement 2 semaines, les deux américains de Brooklyn avaient apporté leur matériel et leur chocolat à fondre: une installation qui a fasciné de nombreux goumets, et une autre raison pour Eloi M de “ ne jamais rater un évènement Yelp”...
Au fur et à mesure que la soirée avançait, Andy et Justine, les deux chocolatiers, ont guidé la brigade d’Elite parisienne à travers des associations de vin et de chocolats aussi surprenantes qu’explosives: un chocolat framboise qui se déguste avec un Faugères, un earl grey avec un Château Carignan... Les vins du Barav n’en ont pas terminé de ravir les palais exigents des convives. Kelly B n’aurait d’ailleurs pas pu imaginer de meilleure soirée de départ avant son retour aux Etats Unis !
IMG_5696Autant le dire, après une dizaine de chocolats et quelques verres de vin, une atmosphère de Dolce Vita s’est rapidement emparée de la soirée: entre retrouvailles et nouvelles rencontres, notre petit monde s’est senti particulièrement à l’aise entre les murs blancs de la galerie. On nous a même soufflé que David Lebovitz, l’un de nos food bloggers préférés, a su avant même de mettre le pied dans la soirée qu’il allait y passer un excellent moment... 

Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, allez faire un tour sur notre page Flickr.

Zeva B & Elodie F
Yelp Paris

* A bientôt sur Yelp
To celebrate this month of chocolate eating madness, eighty members of the Yelp Paris Elite Squad attended the “Yelp and the Nunu Chocolate Factory” event at the Brachfeld Gallery on April 15th. As soon as they stepped inside Nunu’s ephemeral Parisian pop up store, guests were struck by the aromas of sea salt caramel and Columbian chocolate being prepared on site. Why? Because the the Brooklyn-based artisanal chocolate brand had brought their workshop with them! The unexpected installation was yet another reason why Eloi M “would never miss a Yelp Event”...
As the party went on, Andy & Justine, the two chocolate makers, taught our Elite Squad about the fabulous and surprising associations of wine and chocolate: a raspberry chocolate served with a Faugères or an Earl Grey chocolate with a Château Carignan... The wines from Le Barav ravished our demanding yelpers’ palates. Kelly B couldn’t have imagined a better goodbye party before returning to the US !
No wonder after a dozen chocolates and a few glasses of wine, there was a certain joie de vivre among the crowd. Either reuniting with familiar faces or meeting new ones, our yelpers felt particularly at ease in the jovial space. David Lebovitz, one of our favorite foodie guests, wrote on his blog that  “as I walked in the door, from the smell of things, I knew I was in for a good time.”

Read what party-goers have to say about the festivities by reading the reviews here. For more fabulous images of the evening, don't miss our Flickr page.

Zeva B & Elodie F
Yelp Paris

* See you on Yelp !



Yelpers Had A Bloody Good Time At Aquariva’s SUNday Brunch!

Posted by Don Bourassa

It was the first sunny day in years… or so it seemed! As that bright yellow orb in the sky showed off its stuff on a fine Northwest afternoon, over 100 of Portland ‘s Elite (aka “The Yelpers Who Brunch”) came out from hiding for an unforgettable spring-time soiree down by the river at Portland’s sexiest waterside restaurant: Aquariva! And for the first ever Portland Yelp brunch elite event, this one was a doozy.

Drink offersm Upon entering the spacious (and gorgeous) upstairs loft at Aquariva replete with sweeping views of the mighty Willamette, the sun-kissed Yelpers were greeted with morning’s (or early-afternoon’s) best friend – glasses of bloodies and mimosas! Well, not exactly. They were greeted with glasses of Liquid Vodka and champagne, and sent over to the most massive bloody Mary/mimosa bar you’ve ever seen (and they do this every Sunday)! The first round of bloody glasses even had celery-water ice cubes!


GroupSm Peeps in the 503 love to DIY, so there’s no question Yelp’s finest were in high heaven choosing from hot or not bloody mix, then adding a slough of seasonings like pepper, celery salt, cayenne, and crushed pepper. Next up on the bar was a choice of fresh or creamed horseradish followed by an assortment of pickled beans, asparagus, cucumbers and the like. But it didn’t stop there. Oh no. There were pickled eggs, shrimp spears, bacon, and all sorts of tip-toppings to choose from. It was a veritable salad bar. And for the kids with the bubbly, a choice of mimosa-making juices such as blood orange fit the bill perfectly.

FixinsPsm Those taking the road less crimson were sated with “Delicious” (yup, that’s what they were called) cocktails made with Lavishmint vodka, pineapple and sprite… a concoction crafted on demand by Aquariva’s talented bartenders that proved quite popular. And last, but definitely not least, the hop-heads in the room were treated to a selection of Bridgeport’s local Portland brews, including their delicious Kingpin Red, Blue Heron Pale Ale, and Hop Czar Imperial IPA. Our partners spared no expense!

But enough about the cocktails… oh yeah, there was brunch food too! Aquariva’s top man Andy Arndt concocted a fine spread of comestibles that showcased their Sunday brunch menu. Generous bites of the Chorizo, Spinach & Roast Pepper Frittata, Coffee Cake with Jams & Sweet Butter, Mini Blue Corn Pancakes with Bourbon Syrup (vegan), Mini PBJ French Toast morsels, and an Egg & Truffle Scramble served up in spoons helped cushion the blow of all this mid-day drinking.

Patio drinks sm After a few rounds at the bloody buffet and stuffed full of food, the crowd got to mix and mingle and meet those faces behind the profile pictures. From the outdoor patio overlooking the river to the cozy fireplace room in the back, P-town’s most hard-core Yelpers partied on into the afternoon – all decked in Yelp sunglasses! It was a bloody good time. Brunches of fun, in fact. And the Yelp Elites surely made the mimost of it!

A huge thanks go out to the folks without whom this would not have been possible: Kip, Andy, and the whole Aquariva Crew; Meghan from NWDistillers for the Lavishmint and Liquid; Janessa and Bridgeport for the awesome beer; Crystal for the mean help on setup; and of course the most important part of everything we do here – the Portland Yelp Community – the best community in the whole world.

Don’t believe me? Check the photos and the reviews!

Until the next event…
Don “Brunchmaster” B.

April 17, 2011

Orange County Yelpers Sing Happy Unbirthday To You!

Posted by Hazel Q

It was a very merry unbirthday for OC Yelpers at Lucky Strike Lanes on Saturday night. In between samples of truffle sliders and spinach artichoke pizza from Lucky Strike's brand new menu, some yelpers bowled it up, while others hit up the pool tables... and the rest made sure the bartenders stayed busy!

Picnik collage1

Everyone got into the nostalgic birthday spirit with yelpy party hats and horns as they tried to figure out which yelpers still looked like their childhood photos that were up on big screens throughout Lucky Strike. The stupendously amazing (and easy on the eyes!) staff made sure yelpers didn't miss any of the tasty bevs from Sam Adams, Jameson, Sino Tequila, and Dolce Touch Vodka.

Picnik collage2

What's an unbirthday party without unbirthday cake? Sweet Embellishments made sure every sweet tooth was satisfied with a table full of cupcakes ranging in flavor from taro to red velvet to German chocolate - each with its own unbirthday candle, of course.

Picnik collage3

And, of course, the star of any elite party: the photobooth! Four Quick Clicks kept photographic evidence of the evening and had every prop imaginable to keep the photos lively for yelpers - it's just up to you to explain to your grandchildren why a cowboy hat and comically giant sunglasses were so amazing at the time. Whie Yelp OC's resident photog, Albert E made sure everyone's smiling mug and high bowling scores won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Picnik collage4
Yes, yes, it was a very merry unbirthday indeed; but don't take my word for it - check out what yelpers are saying in their reviews of the party. Can't stand a story without pictures? Lucky for you we've got tons of 'em on the Yelp Flickr Page. Until next time, a very merry unbirthday to you and you and you!

Hazel Q


San Diego Elites Stripped

Posted by Danny Wurst

A next to naked Yelp Elite event took place last night in America’s Finest City. 200 badge barers got their Adam and Eve on at Eden with an Anything Goes But Clothes Party.

Duck tape dresses, garbage bag gowns, and all sorts of fantastic new fashions sprouted from this scandalous shindig. With a combination of hosted 42 Below Vodka cocktails, draft beers, and semi-nudity in the community it was one the most skinsational parties this town has ever seen.

Besides forbidden fruits there were tray passed appetizers more tempting than the serpent himself.  Spiced humus, chicken skewers, ceviche, double chipped chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream and much more made their way through the masses and few lucky raffle winners left with an opportunity to try more at the Taste Of Hillcrest.

Tray passed
Yelpers helped raise over 200 dollars for the Japan earthquake relief. If you'd like to purchase a Rise Japan shirt, head in to The Fresh Yard where 100% of the proceeds will go towards the cause.

Rise japan shirts
Hear more of the chatter on Talk and leave your own review if you attended. Don't miss the excellent event photos from Chuck Feldazio  and Still1.com  here.

 Until next time…

  Yelp adam
SYOY(See you on Yelp!)

Danny W San Diego Community Manager

April 14, 2011

Boston Elites Get A First Taste of Temazcal Tequila Cantina

Posted by Damien S

How did you spend your Tuesday night? If it was watching re-runs of CSI: Miami over a blue box of Mac and Cheese while your dog barked at an empty corner, then, well, that's cool. But if it was on a harborside patio, sipping sangria and snacking on succulent quail or roast suckling pig, while swaying those hips to the sweet sounds of salsa and ogling a piñata named Nipper, then you were probably partying with us.

5616363713_2fa65b1552_m 5616985924_960ea8c7c2_m 5616357505_d8aa6e6477_m

Two-time James Beard winner Todd Hall opened the doors of Boston's newest upscale Mexican resto, Temazcal Tequila Cantina, for an exclusive sneak peek at the space and, of course, the very first taste of his drool-worthy menu. Over 100 yelpers swarmed to spy the Seaport "house of heat," boasting authentic Mexican cuisine and a full bar pouring more than 300 tequilas.

5616383721_68c0cd4a0d_m 5616941014_b7889c5ddf_m 5616967722_6bd039574b_m

The Temazcal kitchen treated the group to wave after wave of incredible edibles, including fresh prickly pear cactus, cherimoyas, jicama and assorted fruits, chorizo stuffed quail, bacon wrapped prawns, filet chipotle on homemade tortas, tacos carnitas and an entire roasted swine that has Clara L asking "Anyone up to returning to order a suckling pig?"! Yelpers washed down the savory bites with a bevy of draft beers, house wine, casita margaritas powered by Herradura Tequila and refreshing drink that has converted Daniel M: "I do not consider myself a sangria person but this may have changed me..."

5616352715_c7419f587d_m 5616391265_c16e6c37ab_m 5616937314_00ca9dedb2_m 5616366819_9d378cec60_m 5616964578_69a5b692f8_m 5616977696_a31780c6f9_m

Maybe Mother Nature was looking to make up for a long winter. Whatever the reason, the rain held off, allowing for the window wall along the harbor patio to be opened for beautiful views of the city skyline and a prom photo opp or thirty. Lively sounds provided by the Camelia Latin Jazz Trio kept the feet moving straight through dessert: an array of roasted corn cheese cakes, luscious fruit tarts and creamy coconut cups.

5616373865_33c5363a29_m 5616372353_9758468fdb_m 5616377049_bf00ea2022_m 5616397651_eff453dc9c_m 5616984374_9642398574_m 5616397081_6c99e500bb_m

As an added bonus, Anthony R and Maureen H of Second Glass were on hand to give out a pair of tickets to Wine Riot (Jeremy K wins!), while we raffled off VIP passes to the Minds Matter Spring Soiree (Andrew R!) and our little baby-booze-bottle filled mascot, Nipper the Piñata (who, subsequenty, became Pepito under new owner, Shaina P).

5616979246_79ae877c8c_m 5616971252_2a0dfb7442_m 5616364705_ea524ed2c9_m

Resident photogenius Tatsu I snapped the amazing shots seen here, and our Elite guests are still comparing their food comas on Talk. If what's being said in the reviews is any indication, you may want to wait in line now for the public opening now – the spot is hot!

That'll do Pig,


Damien S

Yelp Milwaukee's Elite Meet and Greet!

Posted by Rachel Fell

Aaaayyyy! Brew City here, with our first ever installment in Yelp's Community Blog! Last night brought our very first elite event in the four-one-four, and this Yelp Elite Meet and Greet was not one to be missed! More than 45 Yelpers rocked Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, a spot known for their depression-era drinks and rich MKE history — they've been open since 1938! (We were lucky enough to have the upstairs "Velvet Lounge" to ourselves... can you say WIN?) While meeting and greeting, we sipped on Bryants' delightfully lemon-limey Lapham Punch, as well as the rum-based Fish House punch. Low lights and cushy chairs and an oh-so-old school/swanky vibe made for a great setting.

BryantsWe got to bite on amazingly great mini-cupcakes from the Milwaukee Cupcake Co., too! (White chocolate raspberry? Peanut butter chocolate-y goodness? Red Velvet and Carrot Cake and OMG, we'll take ten.) Yelpers also noshed on gourmet sandwiches from SPiN Milwaukee. A turkey club with wasabi-caper-aioli? Ham and brie on foccacia? Yes please.

We played Yelp-O. Do you know about Milverine? What about Pacific Produce? Do you know what this thing is called? MKE Elites do, 'cause MKE elites know Cream City. We also raffled off great Milwaukee-centric gift bags, complete with Great Lakes' spirits, Spice House blends named for local 'hoods, and West Allis Cheese Shop's homemade jams!


 Shutterbox Milwaukee was also on hand and hence, photobooth antics ensued...

Ee_7   Ee_5 Ee_11 



  Ee_9 Ee_1  Ee_12

















All-in-all, a great first event for us up here in American's Dairyland! I can't wait for more food, fun, drinks, games, and general awesomeness with the Yelp Milwaukee Elite Squad! Check the reviews here!


Rachel F: Yelp Milwaukee's Community Manager


Save the Last Dance at the Silicon Valley Spring Fling

Posted by Abby Schwarz

San Jose has never seen a more swingin’ party than at last weekend's Spring Fling. Amid a brisk and star lit evening, spruced up guys and gals did the twist all the way the San Jose Woman's Club. As the guests filtered in, they were awed by the frozen-in-time interior. Built in 1929, this historic landmark came to life during an era of elegance and romance. Ladies donned the finest in polka dotted dresses, dainty pearls and poodle skirts while the fellas rolled cigarette packs into their white-tee sleeves and applied the pomade to their finely styled coifs. As Randy F can attest, “almost everyone got into the 1950's theme!”

Spring Fling Collage

Stepping out of the vintage moment, Rubio's served up an endless array of tasty Mexican food including veggie, chicken and steak burritos, street style tacos, chips many salsas and freshly made guacamole. In between bites, the cool kids sipped on sodie pop, thanks to Jarritos and the latest brews from Blue Moon. Those looking to indulge in succulent sin, twirled over to Fortino Winery and Long Meadow Ranch to redden their already flushed cheeks. DJ Tanoa "Samoa Boy" spun the 45s and Johnny B Goode got the swing dancers captivating the crowd with their whipping, spinning, twirling, dipping and sugar pushing rhythm. This DJ blew the dust off all the hits and really gave the gang something to dance to.

Spring Fling Collage 2

As if the house wasn’t rocking enough, Made in San Jose/Red Haute Couture cleared the dancefloor for a righteous fashion show. Over 15 guys and gals from Halvorson Model Management walked the runway, decked in the latest spring fashions by Allison Rix and BRIM. Umbrella Salon even got hands-on with hair and make-up. Jorge Novoa set up a photobooth, just like at an old school homecoming and if guests didn't feel like waiting in line, NBD, they just hit up the 2nd photo booth, courtesy of B.Lo.The.C Photography! Sounds swell, right? Fit for any big-band era high school prom, this Spring Fling was in a class of its own. More pics from Goodeye photography can be seen here as well.

Spring Fling Collage 3
Thank you to everyone who attended and donated money to Jordan International Aid - over $1,000 collected will go towards the tsunami relief efforts in Japan. Reviews are streaming in, so don't forget to read or write your own!

Abby Spring Fling

Abby S
Yelp SV Community Manager

Columbus Yelpers Jump Around!

After a busy Yelp Drinks week, many a Cbus yelper felt the need for some physical activity and a healthy-eats interventionSky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park to the rescue! Four teams worth of yelpers brought their A-game out on Monday night for some good ol' fashion clownin' - err jumpin' - around! Everyone had a blast... the fun included Yelp Columbus's inaugural dodgeball tournament - the source of bragging rights for those on Team 1, and an awesome Skyroebics session (Sky Zone's intense aerobic workout class).

In addition, Wellness Forum Foods was on-site plating up healthy, delicious, plant-based snacks and appetizers; and Smoothie King Gahanna came out with thirst-quenching, yummy fruit-filled smoothies.  This combo was the perfect healthy fuel for the evening.

Skyzonecbus1 Skyzonecbus3 Skyzonecbus4 Skyzonecbus2





Check out the reviews and more fun pics from the evening.  Perhaps it will inspire you to jump around too!

Until my next visit, SYOY!


Gabi M - (guest blogging for Christina C since she's on vacation)!

April 13, 2011

Yelp Edinburgh's Rock-a-Hula-Baby @ Hula Juice Bar!

Posted by Jenny Lovatt

Yelp's got a hula lulu from Edinbru-ulu, that rock-a-hula-baby of mine. Elvis might have had the moves, but Edinburgh Elite definitely had the smooths at last night's April Elite Event – Rock-a-Hula-Baby at Hula Juice Bar! Smoothie samplers and nibbles, live licks from Little Big Band, One Glass wine and the stellar Elite crowd and guests. Not to mention pineapples, mangos, mint, chili and chocolate. Our tastebuds are still tingling!

Have you ever experienced rich, melted dark chocolate in a smoothie? Or some kickin' chili? 'Having walked passed Hula several times without having the plain good sense to go in' neither had Kay L until the Yelp Smoothie Showdown! Yelpers fought the fruity battle of the smoothie for only one to be crowned the (uh-huh uh-huh) King of Hula!

With over 12 entries to choose from, Susan and her assistant manager Angie from Hula blended up Joe A's Chaing Mai Nights (mango, white chocolate, coconut milk and lime) David B's Chilean Miner (mango, orange juice, mint and chili) and Felipe B's The Spaniard!!! (pineapple, banana, apple juice and dark chocolate).

The Hula team gave a full smoothie making demo and 'they certainly know their thing when it comes to sticking stuff together and blending it all up.' And with concontions of berries, cinammon and white chocolate, or banana, pineapple and coconut we couldn't agree more when Chris M claims 'all were delicious and certainly enough to guarantee me rushing through the door again.'

Yelper's are a discerning bunch with some sharp palettes and after much deliberation and requests for second (and third!) tastings 'just to be sure' the votes were cast. It was a close call but it seems Edinburgh likes sugar, spice and all things nice as yelpers pipped for David B's Chilean Miner. 'Hot stuff' indeed! For the honour, David B came forth to be lei'd (with flowers, what else...?!) and Hula will be serving up the Chilean Miner as their Smoothie of the Day!

Whether they were freshed up with fruit or tippled with a tad of vino, fruity antics, hand fan action (yes, the hand fans were used in Scotland! Who woulda thought?!), tomfoolery with Yelp shades and some rather obscure gestures toward nether-regions ensued. (Michael W and Chris M can perhaps explain better – 'rate this!')


Jurgen D was nothing but complimentary of the whole evening, both of the smoothies and the ladies making them! 'Top class hospitality and some incredible smoothies and nibbles. They really demonstrated that making a smoothie is down to a great recipe as much as any meal.' Showing just how smooth he can be, he added that 'the very attractive staff made it all the better!'

As always, the biggest thank you to Susan, Angie, Emmy-Lou and Agata at Hula for their sweet blending skills and delicious nibbles, to Little Big Band for the smooth tunes, One Glass wine for the tipple, and Robin Mair for the photies! And of course all Elites and their guests for bringing the freshly-squeezed banter!

Remember, if you're in Edinburgh pop on down to Hula in the Grassmarket to get your own tastebuds tingling with David B's The Chilean Miner!

Share your love of the event here, check out the photies here, find Hula on Twitter, and join the chit-chat!

Adieu and a fruity farewell!

Jenny L
Yelp Edinburgh Community Manager

April 11, 2011

Bay Area Yelpers Wine Away The Hours

Posted by Abby Schwarz

In celebration of Yelp Drinks, as well as warm, sunny weather, CM's Ruggy J (San Francisco) and Abby S (Silicon Valley) took a handful of Bay Area Elites to wine country for the afternoon this past Sunday.

Winery Trip Collage 1

Gathering in SF, the group hopped on to Teacher with the Bus, opened a bottle of vino and got the party started. The drive up to Calistoga was full of good tunes, drinks and megaphone karaoke.

Upon arriving to Montelena Winery, the group was immediately greeted by Dave, the tour guide for the afternoon. He led the posse through the Chinese Gardens, the Chateau itself, as well as leading everyone through a tasting and accompanying snacks, prepared by Brittany, the head chef at Montelena.

Wine Country 3

After the tasting, the staff at Montelena took everyone on a sunset tour around the vineyards in a golf cart. Here, we learned about the different styles of grapes and how they were grown. And we got caught a glimpse of the owners' estate on the property. Very fancy, indeed!

Wine Country 4

A big thank you to Chateau Montelena for letting us spend the afternoon at the lovely winery! Also, thanks to Teacher With the Bus for carting us around. And, as always, a special thanks to Jorge Novoa for snapping such beautiful pics of our excursion. Great times were had by all!


Winery Trip 5

Ruggy J and Abby S

April 10, 2011

Seattle's Speakeasy Elite Event @ ACT Theatre

Posted by Katy

Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone but Seattle's Yelp Elite squad enjoyed their first speakeasy themed event!

Picnik collage1

Rocking the roaring 20's look, droves of Seatown's finest gathered together at the historic Eagles Auditorium Building in downtown Seattle. Now home to ACT- A Contemporary Theatre, much of the building has remained preserved since the mid 20's when it was a super secret, super enormous gentlemen's club.

Picnik collage2

In keping with the secretive history of ACT's famous Bullitt Cabaret guests came dressed to the nines with feather boas, flapper dresses, ties and hats! And whether they preferred to simply sit back to enjoy prohibition-style cocktails courtesy of Bulleit Bourbon, or grab a plate of the Daily Grill's many marvelous bites, there was lots to do in the Bullitt Cabaret! Sweet and savory snacks included; fresh steak fajitas, chips and salsa, mini seared ahi tuna steaks, chicken skewers, endive skewers, brownies, starberry tarts, key lime pies, and more.

  Picnik collage3

Where food and drink normally reign king of the party, this event was all about entertainment. With a live Twitter feed displayed on a 12' x 9' screen, our secret was out! Local dance troupe The Harlequin Hipsters showed off their many moves while guests gambled the night away. What's better than real casino quality equipment? That's right, nothing! The fabulous folks from A Casino Event of Seattle brought out only the best for our guests; Blackjack tables, Craps, Roulette, and Spanish 21, and more! Each guest was awarded with $500 (fake) dollars and the high rollers of the night walked away with gift cards, bottles of Bulleit bourbon, and free tickets to catch Vanities playing at ACT right after the event.

Picnik collage4

For more info about ACT or the awesome Yelp Elite deal for the ACTPass, email seattle@yelp.com. All Elite members are offered a discount on Seattle's best theatre deal, the ACTPass.

To read or write reviews for this event click here. Don't forget to check out the photos either! There are plenty more to be seen on our Official Yelp Flickr page as well as the Official Photography Page of our awesome local photog, Jonathan P. Beck.

Until next time, SYOY!

Picture 24

Katy H
Seattle Yelp Community Manager

Tucson Yelpers Got Schooled: Straight Up, With A Twist!

Yelp’s got class! That’s right, school was back in session for a group of Tucson Yelpers who bellied up to the bar at Scott & Co for another period of YELP GETS SCHOOLED. This modern day downtown speak easy set the scene for bartenders Ciaran and Connor to imbue yelpers with the histories and mysteries of three of the most famous cocktails of all time. After a little lesson yelpers tried a taste of each concoction and stepped behind the bar to see how their mixology skills faired. 


First period students learned about all things Old Fashioned. Beginning with a lecture about the ills of muddled oranges, Ciaran raved about the values of balance and simplicity when making a drink. While he spoke, Connor got his ‘tending on providing samples for the students to sip. Joshua B thought the “drinks were nothing short of amazing” and admired how Connor “labored over each precise pour.” Sugar, water, bitters and spirits definitely became the mantra of the evening!

After a quick recess for bites of herbed bread with olive oil and crispy frites, second period was all about the Daiquiri. Not the can of frozen lemonade and rum mixture you’re used to! Amanda K learned a real Daiquiri isn’t supposed to be a “gross fruity slushy mess,” but rather a refined combination of citrus, rum, sweet and sour. Yelpers were surprised to find themselves holding a refreshing cocktail instead of the spring break slushie that some were accustomed to.

  YGS7 YGS10

Put your gummy-bear flavored cran-appletini down and listen up! The bell rang for third period and  yelpers were at attention. It was time for the grand finale, the traditional Martini. Anna D was surprised that there was “none of that flavorless vodka” in the original Martini: “Gin and vermouth go hand in hand” to sum up the bulk of the beverage. Even Amanda D who isn't a fan of vermouth thought her sip was interesting, while the boys at the bar noted that the dry white wine is essential to any good Martini.


After three periods of lessons, Yelpers got quizzed behind the bar with the opportunity to make their own drinks. Kamryn C substituted chipotle simple syrup in her Old Fashioned to give the drink “a great smoky hint” and thought, “all in all, it was a great event!” Thank you to our professors Ciaran and Connor and to our host Travis for a perfect evening in which we definitely got schooled. Shout outs to the band Shaky Bones for providing great tunes to set the mood and to Cody for his role as “yearbook” photographer. Think you need to still study? Peep the pics and copy our notes!


Corey D


Tucson Community Manager

April 07, 2011

Manhattan Elites Are So Fresh And So Spring Spring!

It happens every year. New Yorkers go into gental hibernation during the winter months and as the first warm days of Spring arrive, everyone begins to blossom and don inappropriately skimpy clothes in hopes that they won't be shivering on the walk home. Shiver we did though as April showers hit the SoHo streets last night. Up on the second floor of an inconspicuous loft on the cobblestones of Greene Street, however, the season was in full party mode at Enter Pronoun Studios.

Wide Yelp Makeup app wide Two ladies verital
A few hundred yelpers came out to freshen up with us during Yelp Drinks week. Kicking things off with refreshing Spring cheeks and lips, resident makeup artist Natalia made over the ladies of Yelp -- and a few gentleman, too! Rosy cheeked and coral lipped, guests posed and preened for on the fashionable photo shoot stage.

Bartender vertical Drink, square Group vertical
Crispin Art wide Makeup man wide
Keeping things light as temps heat up (please, please heat up!) this Spring, Voli Lyte Vodkas were on hand serving up low cal, boozy Pink lemonades and for the tougher tipplers, on the rocks. Those low cal options combined with the booty shakin' beats of their resident DJ Heather M and yelpers were sure to "stay sexy" all night long!

Veritcal photobooth Dj vertical Taco
After freshening up with those icey bevvies, Elites were spotted sipping Crispin Hard Ciders from flutes. Random fact: Crispin is naturally fermented in the USA using fresh pressed apple-juice, not from apple juice concentrate, from a premium blend of US West Coast apples, with no added malt, grape wine or spirit alcohol. They are gluten-free and delicious!

Lipstick wide Yelp Sign wide Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 12.22.39 AM
It would not be a Yelp Elite Event without heaps of eats and Qdoba served up a mean set of street tacos to the hungry hotties in the crowd. Whether it was carne asada or carnitas that heated yelpers up, Richard D assures us of their authenticity: "Those tacos were legit -- I had similar ones behind a bus station in Cancun at taco stand." Now that's the real thing!

Chime in on Talk and leave your own review if you attended. Don't miss the excellent event photos from Ben Lozovsky and photo shoot shots from Liam Alexander here.

Color us happy!

- Jane K

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Ninja's Unite Elite Party At Suika!

Posted by Cyndi

Warriors of the night (aka Yelp Elites) ambushed Suika, Vancouver’s newest Izakaya, for a Japanese-themed evening of fun. With a lineup down the block, guests entered in style, rocking harajuku costumes, geisha-wear and stealthy ninja suits.
Cups overflowed with Sapporo beer and ginger cocktails made with Schramm premium vodka (100% organic and made at their Pemberton distillery) kept whistles wet. That's Life Gourmet served two oh-so-sippable sakes at their salacious tasting stationKagatobi Gokkan Junmai Wind Water Man Junmai. Mmmm...13
Kung Fu-approved activites kept the crowd busy with a ninja headband making area (complete with DIY Kanji characters), weapons of not-so-mass destruction (daggers, nunchucks, throwing stars, etc.), fortune teller "Hattori Hanzo" and old-school Mortal Kombat on the small screen. On the big screen: our live twitter wall—#YelpSuika trended nationally!
With lightning-flash talent the whole adventure was captured by JBSP Photography and ninja-fied Van Eats Media (party video coming soon—here's their tasty video of Suika). Huge high fives to them for adding their mad photo and bostaff skills to the event! Wanna see more photos? Check out our Flickr album!8Suika's space is a work of art. With ingeniously inspired touches by manager Makoto (aka banana man) and the owner, they cleverly and decoratively hid over 10,000 chopsticks on the wall along with Japanese calculators and other artifacts. The brightly coloured panel on the wall is actually a piece that they created wrapping kimonos around wood! The bar is covered with mahjong tiles—all glued by hand by Makoto (he spent a solid week gluing those things!). The result is a gorgeous space that we yelpers have declared home. This ain't no ordinary izakaya, Shinobis!
And Suika's food…can you say mouthwateringly amazing? From candied pork belly to tomato kimchi, smoked tuna tataki, sockeye salmon, ebimayo, deep fried chicken, pressed sushi, udon noodles, matcha brulee (the list goes on) we were fed until we looked less like samurais and more like sumo’s.1112The staff were ultimate masters of service. Many of them came in on their day off to help and donated all of their tips to the Japan Red Cross. Stealthily swathed in stellar costumes they were a sight to behold and absolutely fall in love with! We can’t wait to come back and see you, Suika!
Shout outs go to our heroes in a half shell and harajuku princess who won coveted Sukis gift certificates. They sure did it up—and it’s not easy being green. A radical red ninja action figure went to self-proclaimed "Fat Chuck Norris" and birthday boy Garth C! 7
It was a fantastically fun evening To read about what the Elites had to say, check out the Yelp reviews here (or better yet, add your own!).

Thanks all for coming out and being Yelp’s awesomest ambassadors!


Until next time, cowabunga dudes!

Cyndi H

Ginger Ninja & Yelp Vancouver Community Manager


Yelp's Teenage Dream!

Posted by Annette

On Tuesday, April 5th Detroit yelpers got their hearts racing in their skin tight jeans thanks to the Teenage Dream Elite Event at Tim and Sally's Awesome Eats in Canton!


It was a celebration of teen idols past and present as yelpers and their guests wrote in their first celeb crushes as their last names on their name tags (Annette Dolenz, right here!) and partied down to the teen idol tunes blasting thanks to video DJ Ken. Throughout the night everyone enjoyed fancy cocktails like the Tiffany and the Britney courtesy of Zodiac Vodka, and chowed down on tasty eats like Tim's Mighty Mac (a slider on top of a delicious hunk of mac and cheese!), pulled pork sammies, and quesadillas before ending the night with some sweet treats from our sugar bar.

Dream2 Dream6

Dream3  Mac

Tables were adorned with party favors from current teen stars and starlets, idols on sticks, Yelp schwag, and some old school 90210 trading cards (collect 'em all!)

Table  Dream12

Quiz Bubbles

Guests were also asked to test their triva prowess by IDing 10 studs and beauties for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Detroit Music Awards, Detroit Derby Girls, a Detroit Opera House's Access Night performance, and a VHS copy of N*Sync's Official Home Video. Lucky winner Molly H swears she'll be watching this before bedtime every night!


Many thanks again to Tim and Sally's Awesome Eats and their staff for their hospitality and truly awesome eats, Zodiac vodka for the libations, exceptional helpers Becky H and Nayiri M, Video DJ Ken, and Doug Coombe Photography for the fantastic pictures you can find here. On The Rocks Detroit for the tickets to the Detroit Music Awards, the Detroit Derby Girls, and the Detroit Opera House for their ticket donations, and finally, to our most totally bodacious Yelp elite squad for their boundless energy! You keep making each event better than the last!


Check out the reviews here and if you were there, please let us know what you think!

Until the next soiree,



Annette J - Community Manager Detroit


April 06, 2011

Yelp's Colors Don't Run @ Berkeley's Missouri Lounge

Posted by Monica
Missouri Lounge was the place to be on a stellar gorgeous Berkeley day. With a heated outdoor patio, boasting fooz ball, laid-back picnic tables, Missouri Lounge made East Bay yelpers proud to be American at the Yelp's Colors Don't Run Yelp Elite Event this past Sunday.
Sporting red, white and blue, sassy trucker hats, cut-off jeans, Harley shirts, and fake mustaches, 180 East Bay yelpers cruised over to Missouri Lounge to celebrate the launch of Yelp Drinks WeekEgan B and Eugene L didn't waste any time, indulging in the delectable drinks being carefully concocted at the indoor bar. There was a formidable selection of strong libations to choose from, including Absolut Wild Tea Vodka, Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Jameson, Dying Vines Brewery as well as Shiner Bock beerJames N kicked it right off with a Absolut Vodka Tea, which "was not too strong and just the right amount of sweetness," while Jennifer W. swooned over her sweet tea gimlet, served by two Absolut girls, upon entry.
Missouri2 Once set with drinks in hand, yelpers made their way outside to chow down on large messy tacos being grilled up on Missouri Lounge's BBQ. Rosaline C gushed over her garlic sauce topped carne aside tacos while admiring Steadfast Screenprinters, unleashing their wowing heat-transfer skills on the patio. Egan B exclaimed that the prints were so cool that his "buddy stripped off his white undershirt while sitting at a patio table to get one.
Sporting East Bay screen-printed tees, with a taco in one hand and a delicious drink in the other, yelpers got their sweet on at James and the Giant Cupcake's sugary oasis at the back of the Missouri Lounge's patio. The beaming cupcake staff lovingly handed out amazing creations including: Guinness & Bailey's and The Dude (their version of a White Russian cupcake). Lara W was in heaven: "by the end of the night, my cowboy hat doubled as a tupperware for extra cakes which gives low class a new definition but what can I say? The Dude inspired white-russian cupcake was so devilishly good that I left my shame at the door."  
Steadfast's masterful screen-printed skills wasn't the only impressive display of art at the event, the staff from All in The Kiln were on hand with the fabulous tile masterpiece that yelpers created earlier on this month. While the DJ Jel and crew rocked the party with 80's ballad finesse, yelpers hung out on the patio, beneath the slowly setting sun, basking beneath the heat lamps and each other's company. Emily J. mused: I'm not sure if there is a better way to cap off a classy, celebratory, anniversary weekend than with a not-quite-as-classy, but just as fun and celebratory, Yelp Elite Event at a dive bar." krys s. relaxed in the warm vibe, and beamed: "I want all of my Sundays to be just like this." 
Read more about the laid back good times at Missouri Lounge here and peep the photos here!
Til Next Time!

Philly Elites at Wine is Fine

Posted by Michelle C

In part two of beer v. wine, yelpers received a wine education while sipping on local vino at Rittenhouse Square wine bar Cichetteria 19. Wine reps were on hand to answer any and all questions while offering generous pours of the good stuff.

C1 C5

Local cheeses were available for nibbling, along with savory flatbreads, rich pâté, aged prime meatballs and more. Cichetteria 19 serves up locally-produced fare whenever possible, and a representative from Fair Food Philly was present. Venetian-born owner Andrea Luca Rossi made rounds throughout the evening to make sure guests were comfortable and well-informed about the wines and menu items.

C2 C3 C4

As the event was winding down, bartenders busted out pitchers of scorpino, a classic Italian cocktail made with vodka, cream and gelato. Highlights Emmett M of the treat, "All I know about that refreshing little drink was that I wanted it in a 40oz. cup, and that I plan on imitating it for my friends this summer, only I'll be acting like it's my own creation." Well played, Emmett, well played.

Many thanks to Andrea and everyone at Cichetteria 19, plus all of the local wine and cheese representatives who came out on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to talk about their craft. Thanks to Alex Sciarretta for snapping photos, which can be found here. And don't forget to check out reviews and comments on Talk

Until next time,

Michelle C.

April 05, 2011

Minneapolis Kicks Off Yelp Drinks With The Googly Eyes Crawl!

Posted by Annie D

Tipping back hooch can make anybody a little googly eyed, but Minneapolitans celebrated the inaugural day of Yelp Drinks with the real thing—that's right, actual googly eyes.

Around twenty be-googled (a new term coined by Eric S.) yelpers crawled through Northeast Minneapolis on Monday to hit to three participating neighborhood bars and try their cocktails at 50% off. Each establishment also generously surprised the silly hoppers with delicious bites so they could get a little taste of what they are cooking up in the kitchen too!


First up, the Red Stag Supperclub, which featured their classic Old Fashioned, Lemon-Ginger Rum-Tini and Cherry Collins. Munching on salty-sweet kettle corn with truffle oil and espresso cream puffs, the evening started strong (that includes the Stag's Old Fashioned... it'll getcha!). If Cookie Monster would have been there, he would've given up his cookies for that popcorn.


Next, everyone strolled over to Ginger Hop, which had readied a comfy lounge area for us and served their Hendricks Mojito, Ginger Martini and Tuk-Tuk to this thirsty mini-mass of yelpers. Servers spoiled everyone with tuna tartare crostinis and cream cheese and caramelized onion wontons, which Ellen R. called "pockets of love" in her review of the event. In between sips and bites, the googly crew played a fast-paced cocktail trivia matching game where they not only learned each other's names, but they also learned that tequila is related to the lily and that NASCAR has origins in Prohibition bootleggers. Who knew? Actually, Josiah O. did... what a know-it-all.


The cozy Aster Café was the third and final destination of the night, mixing up their Five-Pepper Bloody Mary, Jalopy and French Mocha. The kitchen sent out a delicious round of flatbreads and cheese puffs as well. Stephanie R noted, "The group went Jalopy-crazy and played a round of googly-eyed catch phrase that also got hysterically competitive." And now we know without a doubt that chopsticks, "creepy pictures of Scooby Doo," velociraptors and crow's feet would look so much better with googly eyes. Don't believe us? Google it.


Lucky crawlers went home with prizes like gift certificates to the Red Stag and Ginger Hop, Yelp Drinks T-shirts (the only ones in Minneapolis), alcoholic whipped cream, gourmet Bloody Mary mix and Y-E-L-P L-I-F-E fingerless gloves. Can't beat that for a magnificent Monday night!

Thanks to the Red Stag, Ginger Hop and Aster Café for inviting us to kick-off Yelp Drinks right. And a big thank you also goes to Cadence Cornelius—and Eli, of course—for being our shutterbugs for the evening. Check out the rest of the crazy-beautiful photos and the reviews of the event!

Yelp Drinks runs until April 10th and features 50% off select cocktails at nine amazing Minneapolis bars and restaurants: Aster Café, Barbette, Bryant Lake Bowl, D'Amico Kitchen, Ginger Hop, moto-i, Red Stag, The Depot Tavern and The Sample Room

Cheers to the rest of this wild week!
Annie D.

Twin Cities Yelp Community Manager


Yelp Elites Get A Pizza The '80s in Salt Lake City

Posted by Jeffrey

Leg warmers. Lionel Richie. Crimped hair. The '80s were rad times, and for one totally bodacious night Yelp Elites and their plus-ones got to blast into the past and celebrate at Pie Hole, Salt Lake's gnarliest pizzeria. They were serving up slices of their thin-crust pies with aweseome flavor combinations like potato-bacon, jalapeno-meatball, and a chicken-bacon-garlic-red pepper-pepper jack pizza called the "Bird Dog."

Piehole  Pieholepizza  Pieholeintereror

In between the rounds of pizza, yelpers got to sample the angelic cupcake concoctions from Heaven Cupcake. Memorie Morrison and Caroline Kochniuk were on hand from Landis Lifestyle Salon to give some beautiful '80s hairdos (scrunchees and crimping irons aplenty) and the Ms. PacMan machine was full of quarters and the high scorer of the night won a trophy and unending bragging rights.

Heaven cupcakes  Landis stylists  MsPacMan

Journey, Hall & Oates, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, and Cyndi Lauper were all in attendance as the DJ pumped out the classics while guests sipped on the decade's great cocktails: Sex on The Beach, Blue Lagoons, and Fuzzy Navels. Mallory Renee Photography was there and documented it all, including the totally tubular threads being worn by guests. The best dressed guy and gal each won a free pizza, a case of TAB, and Lionel Richie's "Dancin' On The Ceiling" on cassette.

DJ Rob  Marios  80scostumes 

Pieholestaff  80sGals  80sFabulous

 After raffling off spectacular prizes like Ghostbusters on VHS and tickets to see Eddie Money, everyone joined together to sing one last song and bid farewell to the greatest decade. The song? Don't Stop Believin'!

Until next time, you can check out the full set of photos here and see what everyone's saying about the event on Yelp.

Keep partying like it's 1989!


Jeffrey "Acid Wash" S

Yelp SLC Community Manager

A Yelp Cleveland Elite Event For The Books!

Posted by Cara

Cleveland Elites and their lucky +1's combined their inner bookworm and vino-love this past Thursday at local bookstore and wine shop, Visible Voice Books—purple lips included! In fact, Habby H cheers this was the "best time I have spent in a book store!" #Win!

Yelp25 Yelp39 Yelp44

Yelpers stuffed their bellies to the max with seemingly endless and delicious food from beloved food truck, Dim and Den Sum, who came in-store to serve up their scrumptious edibles. From veggie curry with rice in Chinese take-out boxes, to wings and their famous PBLT's with super-thick bacon, everyone left full and happy! Resident vegetarian yelper, Roxanne O "especially liked the amazing vegan grub provided by D&DS" and Rachel B exclaims this event had "the BEST food so far!"

Yelp76 Yelp32 Yelp11

Not only were the Elites and guests impressed by the incredible munchies, but the exceptional and complimentary wine and beer selection gave them all something to buzz about. Visible Voice was gracious enough to pour some heavy-handed tastings of four popular vinos they carry. These "samples" weren't for the light-weights, that's for sure! Then yelpers got to sample the newest seasonal releases from Magic Hat, including Wacko, which boasts a pinkish hue from beets. Delicious! We can't forgot about the Labatt Blue Light Lime and the little taste of summer it brought to the party. Cleveland can dream, can't we? "Based on food and booze alone, I'd give this event a five," exclaimed Krystal D.

Yelp37  Yelp30 Yelp38

Everyone was greeting into VVB with the acoustic folk tunes of NEO local, Ty Kellogg, who rocked us all night long with tracks from his newest album coming out soon! Once yelpers were inside, they were entered into a raffle to win a gift bag full of take-aways including: a booklight, Visible Voice shirt and gift card, a bottle of wine, a free hair cut at The Studio in Ohio City and more. Congrats to Matthew M and Cheryl W who won, although CLE yelpers are starting to think Matt is rigging these give-aways (wink-wink!) And who could forget about the Yelp-y schwag, like bookmarks, and a variety of nerdy specs to don for our lovely photographer for the evening, Katie Cutshaw.

Yelp28 Yelp52 Yelp3

Yelp48  Yelp82 Yelp69
There are tons of fabulous pictures that can't possibly all fit here, so check them out at on the Yelp Flickr Page.

Curious to see what other yelpers have said about this Elite event? Want to write your own review? Go right ahead! I'd love your feedback

I also want to take a moment to thank the local businesses and sponsors who made this event possible. Dave, Shelly, Dan and Courtney from Visible Voice Books - thank you for all your help planning, letting us crash your bookstore with a yelp-y party and for all your generosity! Meg Miller from Magic Hat - you totally rocked this party (as usual) and we wouldn't have as much fun without you! Chris Hodgson and crew from Dim and Den Sum - you made this event a huge success with your incredible food. Thank you so very much! Ty Kellogg - you rock, dude! Can't wait to work with you again sometime! Katie Cutshaw - you're photos turned out incredible, lady! My colleague from Chicagoland, Jelena Z - thanks for traveling all the way to C-Town to help me! And last, but certainly not least, all the Elites who continue to come out and make CLE Yelp amazing.

See you on Yelp!

Cara L

Yelp Cleveland Community Manager

Yelp Drinks NYC: TriBoro Bus Tour!

What happens when you mix 50 yelpers, two tour buses, four bars in three boroughs and oodles of complimentary drinks and nosh? This year's spectacular launch event to the non-stop, week-long New York City-wide happy hour known as Yelp Drinks! From Monday, April 4, 2011 through Sunday, April 10, 2011, 36 bars in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens are offering 50% off a special menu for the entire week—all day and night! To kick off this week of killer discounts on cocktails, wine and beer, we brought bar crawl to a whole new level with the Yelp Drinks TriBoro Bus Tour!

IMG_2681 IMG_2733 IMG_2657 IMG_2671

First stop on this thirst-quenching adventure? Cibar in Manhattan for tastings of their crafty martini concoctions, including the Suffering Bastard, Blackberry Sangria and the Lemonicious, and a host of delicious bites of pigs in a blanket, hummus and chicken skewers. Once sated, we hopped on the tour bus bound for Brooklyn's Moonshine, featuring drafts of Six Point, Kelso and Brooklyn Brewery Draft and nifty lil' cupcakes from Baked!

IMG_2654 IMG_2650 IMG_2679 IMG_2683

After a little impromptu Twister and a few games of pool, the tour continued on to Queens, where Astoria Bowl opened its doors, bar and bowling lanes to our crew. The crowd noshed on wings and sliders while sipping Coco Loco Fishbowls, Frozen Margaritas and ChocoVine Martinis! Finally, the tour took off for the last round of the night at Idle Hands in the East Village, as they served up a bounty of bevvies, from any draft beer and any well drink to drams of Maker's Mark!

IMG_2710 IMG_2751 IMG_2705 IMG_2714

For a smashing good time, we salute Cibar, Moonshine, Astoria Bowl and Idle Hands for hosting the Yelp Drinks TriBoro Bus Tour! Check out all of the delicious reviews here, peep the pics here and catch up on all the hot bus-hopping gossip on Talk!

And don't forget! Even if you couldn't join us for bus tour madness, you can still snag super steals on top-notch cocktails, beer and wine all around town by checking out allof the participating bars throughout Yelp Drinks!


Leighann F & The Yelp NYC Team


April 04, 2011

April Fools Might Be Over, But Our Foolish Memories Last Forever

The Dallas Elite squad emerged from the darkness this weekend just in time for a fresh spring start. Without a Community Manager since January we were due for some Animal House partying. To make up for the fun they've missed we killed it with an overabundance of crazy times. In keeping with the April Fools theme, our Elite Squad donned their wittiest t-shirt that made for an intense, cut throat Wit T-Shirt contest. Needless to say, we got witty with it.

    204789_209703445723367_187876091239436_844103_1418233_o 210132_209705029056542_187876091239436_844122_6853494_o  204437_209703959056649_187876091239436_844110_6393824_o  209542_209704705723241_187876091239436_844118_7178225_o

Mother nature blessed us with perfect patio weather at the spacious rooftop deck at 2616 Commerce as yelpers goofed around with Poparazzi Fore Hire, cooled off with Crispin Cider and Saint Arnold Beer, and filled up on Cane Rosso Pizza. No wonder nobody wanted to leave. Always a good sign, the party went a just tad over the scheduled ending time. Okay maybe an hour over...

We boogied down to Astounding Sounds as the delightful spring breeze provided a perfect faux wind machine for us pretend we were on the set of a Def Leppard music video.

210132_209705029056542_187876091239436_844122_6853494_o  209529_209704445723267_187876091239436_844116_4637514_o  201759_209702815723430_187876091239436_844091_7030800_o 193627_209703109056734_187876091239436_844097_8340319_o

Ever wonder what you would looke like with a hot orange bob, a vibrant purple Rod Stewart doo, or a Dr. Seuss Who haircut? Well, now we know!

Photo courtesy of Brian Q

Check out the details from the Dallas elite here -http://www.yelp.com/biz/dallas-yelpy-april-fools-elite-event-dallas


Yelp Chicago Gets Physical

Posted by Johnny Todd

After a long, cold winter of sitting indoors and sipping on local micro-brews, the Yelp Chicago Elite Squad was itching for a reason to get up and at ‘em! Luckily for all involved, the LakeShore Athletic Club provided lots of reasons! On a sunny Sunday, over 225 invited guests came out to be a part of Yelp Gets Hot! While the rest of the country slept, the Loverboys (and girls) of the Chicago Elite Squad were working (out) ON the weekend — and have the beach bodies to prove it!

Yelplac-51 Yelplac-53 5588269167_26c5083dbf_b 5588880596_06832e00a4_b

And, just what is there to do in a multi-story downtown health club? Well, as Chicago Elites can tell you, there: the largest rock wall in the Midwest to climb, spinning class to master, yoga class to Namaste, cardio dance class to boogie, a pool to swim, a whirlpool to soak, a sauna to detox, a steamroom to… steam, weights to lift, tracks to run, basketballs to dribble, bikes to peddle, ellipticals to maneuver, and much more. Just recapping the activities is enough to give someone a killer workout.

Yelplac-151 Yelplac-184 Yelplac-197 Yelplac-215

Thankfully, there were plenty of great eats and hydrating beverages to get our weekend warriors back on track. Tasty nibbles from Swirlz Cupcakes, Kind Bar Snacks, America’s Dog, Starfruit, and Specialtys Cafe & Bakery filled bellies and motivated our movers and shakers to keep moving and shaking. Luscious libations from Vitamin Water, Honest Tea, Monster Energy, and FRS Healthy Energy replenished lost electrolytes and refueled parched palates.

5588290471_fcb23d8935_b 5589026111_3f7dd1e1ff_b Yelplac-76 Yelplac-89

There was plenty of proof of all the fun. No, we didn’t take our cameras into the locker rooms, but they were everywhere else. The basketball court doubled as ActionBooth’s set and the stunt cam picked up plenty of hilariously "athletic" poses. Check them out here. The dynamic duo behind Bernard Costa photography snapped shots from every other perspective. Take a gander here and here to see them. Interested in reading what went on? Click here.

Picture-30 Picture-60 Picture-63 Picture-102

Ah-nuld’s got nothin’ on all of this,


Johnny T

Yelp Sacramento Gets Its Groove On!

Posted by Alex L

Yelp Sacramento Elites and their +1's had candy in their heels on Saturday evening at the groovin' Soul Kitchen Shakedown. Culminating in a dance floor that would have made any Soul Train afficienado weep tears of joy, the event was an homage to the wildest soul culture moments of the 1970's. The whole shindig went down at House Kitchen & Bar, quite possibly the funkiest location north of the State Capitol.
Picnik collage
Our gracious hosts provided era-inspired alcoholic beverages (fuzzy navels and raspberry ice picks) and a generous spread of comfort foods, including breads and spinach dip, polenta style cornmeal treats, mac n' cheese, BBQ sliders, and a tasty and spicy meatloaf with mashed potatoes. The bartenders stayed true to the theme by donning afros of their own. 
Picnik collage3
The evening culminated in a smokin' Soul Train line and a yelper-led, full floor version of "The Hustle!" Wearing wild costumes, Elites showed they really know how to "get on the good foot." Proclaimed Leah B, "I felt right at home in my afro, funky dress, and shiny black boots." The affair was captured in amazing photos from Minh Nguyen of Disco Modjo Photography. As Michelangelo S put it, "the best Yelp dance party I've been to yet!"
Picnik collage2
Yelpers with the best costumes, dances and afros won prizes including the complete first season of Starsky & Hutch, a Mr. Bill doll from the early days of Saturday Night Live, a Magic 8 Ball and plenty of pairs of tickets to the 9th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge and Movies On a Big Screen.
Picnik collage4
Indeed, the funk was flying and the booties were bouncing, but with classic vinyl soul spun by DJ's Blaze & Lefty, how could you NOT want to get down? It was like Don Cornilius himself was watching over us!
Love, Peace and Soooooouuuullll!

Alex L
Yelp Sacramento Community Manager