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February 28, 2011

Columbus Elites Get Sweet @ Sugardaddy's

Posted by Christina C.

It was a night full of all-but-regrettable indulgences for well-dressed Columbus yelpers this weekend. More than 80 attended Yelp's Sweet Serenade at Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties to sample a towering spread of brownies, blondies, brownie truffles, biscotti and cheesecake slices while sipping wine and chatting it up with fellow Elites. "Yes, yes, and more yes," exclaims Tara B. "This was everything I could have possibly wanted in an Elite event and more."

Tower  5486462619_ec761a4b0b_m

"I'm not ashamed to say I'm basking in the afterglow of an array of sumptuous sweeties," shines Berae M. "I could sooner pick a favorite exotic flower than a favorite Sugardaddy offering… The owners' passion and attention to detail really shines through in every piece… I can't wait for an excuse to return."

Yea, "the sweets were good," chimes in Luke T, "but I have to say, I think the highlight for me might have been the 10-year-old Port from Signature Wines. The lovely ladies made me go get chocolate to pair with the port, and neither disappointed."

5486454761_efff24b69f_b      5487053166_60dd86482d_z   5487058230_7de2cdfe6d_b
5487049138_9c47a3cddeTo complement the decadent desserts, four Ohio wineries – Brother's Drake Mead, Camelot Cellars, Shamrock Vineyards and Signature Wines – were on site pouring perfectly paired wines. Julie P is "still in shock over finding Ohio wines she really liked," while self-proclaimed wine-o, Michelle K, "will never complain about learning about the wonderful wineries in Columbus."

Providing a salty escape, brezel – maker of Bavarian-style, hand-rolled pretzels – brought scores of their savory minis! Christiana C predicts "those brezel pretzels and I are going to be best friends. Brezel has no choice in the matter, because those mini pretzel bites were meant to meet my face!" And let us not forget to recognize our dapper duo – led by Chase Potter – who were responsible for the serenading. Christiana C goes on to ask, "Did anybody else catch that the musicians started playing an extremely classy version of "Freebird?" Because I did and I'm really happy it happened."

5486642695_f0f3e409e5_b 5486643469_c2aa74bec9_b 5486646737_ce928f9229_b 5487050730_94130efe74_b
5487242046_7fc9a4141f_b  5487244192_60cd975f75_b 5486649475_b23b7fda71_b-1  5486645007_91d1269583

"Delicious sweets, delicious wine, awesome folks, swag bags, doggie bags, great music... A perfect event," concludes Brett P.

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors for sharing their passion and craft! If you attended but have yet to write a review, what are you waiting for? I'd love to hear your feedback! And be sure to check out your smiling faces in some of the photos captured by Joel from J Alexander Photography on Flickr.


Stay sweet,

Christina C.

Yelp St. Louis @ Come Pley With Yelp!

Posted by Aimee

Yelp St. Louis Elites are still recovering from last week’s Elite event, Come Pley With Yelp! Our finest Elites spent two hours jumping their hearts out and re-living their childhood at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, and it’s pretty safe to say that everyone got a good workout and plenty of laughs!

Jump Jump3 Jump2

While the trampolines were the main attraction, yelpers were able to challenge their friends in a selection of our favorite childhood board games including Checkers, Sorry, Monopoly, Connect Four, and Scrabble - Don R. even went as far as calling the spread of games “a Milton-Bradley Reunion Tour.” Most people casually played against their friends in good fun, but a few really intense matches could be seen throughout the room.

Game4   Game6

Game3 Game5 Game2

All that playing makes for a hungry yelper, but luckily there were plenty of childhood eats on hand and something to satisfy every craving! Pams Chicago-Style Dogs cooked up hot dogs (and veggie dogs!) straight from the 312 and a wide variety of toppings were ready for the taking. Susie G's Specialty Cakes brought along bite-size cupcakes that were perfect for popping in your mouth in between jumping & a board game tournament. Sweet tooths were not left to fend for themselves at this party! A cotton candy machine whipped up delicious strawberry cotton candy and rootbeer-float chasers were nearby ready to wash it all down.

Pams Susie

The most entertaining part of the evening was hands-down the pie-throwing contest. Four yelpers were chosen to throw pies at four of the bravest souls in the building. We equipped the pie-in-the-face takers with ponchos and lined them up in a row as banana and strawberry creme pies came sailing straight for their faces. Aside from one that flew right over a lucky Elite's head, our throwers had great aim that resulted in some seriously messy and hilarious fun!

 Pie2 Pie Pie3

Since there wasn't any booze going down at Sky Zone (DDAJ- Don't Drink and Jump) we headed to Brick House Tavern + Tap afterwards to enjoy some delicious signature drinks made with the new Three Olives Dude vodka... and dude, was it good. Special thanks to all who made this night of fun possible, and also to Brea McAnally for the great photos so we can remember the experience forever! Were you there? Let me know what you liked best about the event by heading to the review page.

Until next time (& still cleaning up pie),

Aimee K
Yelp St. Louis Community Manager


Salt Lake City Elites Know Yelp is Not a Dating Site

Posted by Jeffrey

Yelp is not a dating site, but it is a great way to meet other urban adventurers who love to explore their neighborhood. Salt Lake City Elites new and old gathered at The Chocolate, a dessert café in West Jordan, to make connections with their fellow yelpes and indulge in some sweet treats.

Chocolate exterior  Choco chairs  Choco owners

What better way to get to know fellow yelpers than a seriously intense game of Find-A-Yelper-Who? Elites and guests alike were scouring the crowds to find someone with great shoes, an only child, or anyone who would dance "The Elaine". Yelpers also submitted their worst Valentine's Day experience or online dating horror story and got to vote on the best... er... worst of the bunch.

Find a yelper  Choco mingle  Choco voting

And then came the treats. Brownies, lemon bars, cupcakes, a chocolate cake called "The Cherub," and delicious sugar cookies. Round after round of rich, sugary goodness washed down with chocolatey drink concoctions and broken up with palate-cleansing bites of salted citrus, tart apple, and cheese.

Choco brownies  Drink menu  Choco apples  Choco cake

Whether it was the sugar high, or the pure excitement of meeting so many other rad new yelpers, everyone wanted a way to remember the night. Love Sarah Photography was on hand to capture each relationship on camera, despite some unique interpersonal dynamics.

Choco dating  Choco smitten
Choco complicated  Choco offer

After all the raffle prizes had been given away, the booze bottled up, and the sugar comas fully embraced, everyone had made a new friend or two. Sure, Yelp is not a dating site. But it does bring great people together for good times!


Until next time – see you on Yelp!

Jeffrey S - Yelp SLC Community Manager

Portland Elites Got Frenched at Yelp's French Connection @ St. Jack!

Posted by Don Bourassa

 It may not be springtime in Paris, and it’s definitely not even close to the warm season in Portland, but that didn’t stop Portland’s Elite squad from warming it up on a stormy Sunday afternoon at P-town’s newest, and hottest, French Bistro, St. Jack!

Madelines 1SM GroupSM Food1SM

On February 27, 2011, an intimate crowd of 60 came out in the wind and rain to experience an evening of pure decadent pleasures, all while decked out in their Francophile gear. Aaron Barnett’s crack culinary team served up a fantastic spread from house-made charcuterie to fresh-baked madeleins for this fabulous affair. The chef’s counter was stoked with pates, terrines and mousses all complimented by house-pickled veggies, bread and mustard. With salads and pommes frites on the side, it wasn’t long before plates full of pates were passing their way around the room. 

IMG_5683SM Crowd2SM Buffet3SM

With food in full swing, the folks behind one of Portland’s best new bars got to shaking up cocktails made with local House Spirits Aviation Gin and Aquavit. Maestros Kyle Webster and Tommy Klus shook up a mess of Stuyvesants and Aquavit Gimlets for the thirsty crowd. Marcus Goodfellow (and quite the good fellow he is!) sampled three fantastic wines from Matello – the pinot noir, the Alsatian dry white, and a top-notch rosé – as well as a pinot from Twelve wines, all of which thoroughly impressed the crowd. And for beer-lovers in the house, Bridgeport’s Kingpin Double-Red and Hop Czar Imperial IPS kept the bubbles flowing. There was nary a dry glass in the house.

YelpLife2SM With the rain pouring outside and the temperatures dropping, the vibe inside cozy St. Jack was nearing epic proportions. Elbows to elbows, the Elite crowd got wined and dined while meeting and greeting their fellow Yelpers. And when the clock struck 6pm, it was only too soon... There's no doubt that many of these folks made a lasting connection with St. Jack. 

Boys OutsideSM A huge thanks goes out for this bar-raising event to Kurt, Aaron Barnett, Anson, Kyle Webster, Tommy Klus and the whole crew from St. Jack; Matt and Christian from House Spirits; Marcus Goodfellow from Matello Wines (as well as the folks from Twelve Wines); Janessa from Bridgeport; Joshua C for the luminescent photos; Matt D fro the help; and of course the Portland Yelp Elite Squad, without whom none of this would be possible.

Don’t believe me? Check the photos and 5-star reviews!

Until the next event in early April, SYOY!

Don “Monsieur” B.

Heart CookieSM

Charlotte Elites Yelp Around The World

Posted by Nicole W

Even if they haven't taken a trip overseas, Yelp Charlotte Elites got a big taste of worldly cuisine at Fran's Filling Station!

Yelp Fran's Filling Station 026 Yelp Fran's Filling Station 033  Yelp Fran's Filling Station 041

With each continent represented, Elites were treated to a haul of eats like tandoori salmon with lentils, mini burgers with bacon wrapped tater tots, seared tuna, carnitas, eggplant, bread pudding and so much more. Fran's stuffed the Elites full of delicious culinary delights - to the tune of 10 dishes! Ian M was drooling over the tots, stating, "Oh my! I had sweet sweet dreams about the bacon wrapped sweet potato tater tots. We are definitely going back here for dinner in the near future!"

Yelp Fran's Filling Station 039 Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 035 Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 051 Yelp Fran's Filling Station 029
Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 084 Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 234 Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 078 Yelp Fran's Filling Station 086

To properly wash down the plethora of dishes, Tryon Distributing offered delicious vino from Perfecto Prosecco, The Other Red and Astica Torrontes. And if beer was more your jive, Olde Mecklenberg Brewery poured samples of their famed Copper and Mecklenburger brews. Tiffany N gives "big props to the wine peeps and Olde Mecklenburg Brewery for providing their classic brews." Elites certainly imbibed their fill of delicious beverages!

  Yelp Fran's Filling Station 015 Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 001 Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 010
International swag filled the tables and Elites left with furry slap bracelets, boomerangs, fans, berets and many a mustache! As Leanne C says, "Felt berets, exquisite food and free booze, how could this not be an awesome event?"

  Yelp Fran's Filling Station 185 Yelp Fran's Filling Station 020 Yelp Fran's Filling Station 007 Yelp Fran's Filling Station 022

  Yelp Fran's Filling Station 106 Yelp Fran's Filling Station 069 Yelp Fran's  Filling Station 178
Many thanks to the kind and generous staff at Fran's Filling Station and to Ms. Tonya P of Poprock Photography for capturing this culinary adventure with her shiny photo skills! Make sure you check out all the photos and don't forget to let us know your favorite continent by reviewing the event!

Yelp Fran's Filling Station 204

Until next time, SYOY!

Yelp Fran's Filling Station 159

-Nicole W.

Elite Event @ Fressh!

Posted by Chris Docherty

Fressh? T'was indeed squire, t'was indeed. Ready the fres(s)sh soup Nigel, as the Yelp Elite Squad decend upon this wonderful wee lunchtime hot spot in Glasgow's city centre for a night of great grub, splendid wine and chat so good, you could bottle it and sell it on for a hefty price!

Fressh collage 1

Nigel and the gang at Fressh, Joyce and Lindsay, were the perfect hosts as they treated a 20 plus bunch of yelpers to some fantastically original and unique soups (haggis, neep and tatties anyone?) and über fresh sandwiches made to order and crafted with real care and attention.

Fressh 5
Yelpers old and new, vintage and retro, SO this year and SO last year (dahling), mingled, chatted and chilled out in the fresh (ahem) feel at Fressh (ahem). Talking juice was kindly provided by the wonderful lads at Inverarity One To One (these lads know there stuff), who recommended a fine white and splendid red to commpliment the evening of grub.

Fressh 4

Highlight of the night? Sharing this fantastic wee food emphorium with a group of people eager to think outside the box and seek somewhere unique, independant and worthy of custom. 

Fressh folks 2
Special shout out to Katie Noble for the continued amazing pics. Here, have some more! 

Fressh folks 

And that, as they say, is all she wrote. Blast had, gem of a place discoverd. Roll on March!

Share the love:http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/february-elite-event-fressh-glasgow

Talk it over:http://www.yelp.co.uk/topic/glasgow-elite-event-fressh

And check out the flicks here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yelp/sets/72157626137964218/

Muchos thanks folks,

Picnik collage

Chris 'POW' D

Yelp Glasgow Commuinty Manager



February 27, 2011

Livin' La Vida Local with Yelp Queens Elites!

Though Valentine's Day has come and gone, Yelp Queens Elites continue to spread the local love in the month of February by heading out in droves to Food Cellar in Long Island City for a feast of epic porportions.

Catherine_meat Chocolate Beer_pour Brick oven

This adventure in epicurean delights featured over 20 food and beverage tasting tables located throughout the store, including Boar's Head and their new line of all-natural cold cuts, Milano Charcuterie, Hale and Hearty, Kombucha Brooklyn, Blue Point, Ommegang, The Chocolate Swirl, Finchi, Vasso, The Chocolate Swirl, Adirondack Creamery, Maple Hill Creamery, Taste of Nirvana Coconut, Fresh Ginger Ale, NY Ravioli, Ronnybrook Farms, Grown-up Soda, Van Leauwen Ice Cream, Sara Snacker, Eldorado Coffee, Siigi's Yogurt and Laura & Co. Snacks! And the best part? Each of these brands can be found on a daily basis at Food Cellar!

Burger Witte Soup Gus_wide

Keeping the palletes pleased, Food Cellar's very own Executive Chef, John Duran, offered up tastes from their sushi bar, along with slices of their house-made brick-oven pizza, generous plates of mac and cheese and pork sliders, while butcher Vincent Ciccolella presented tastings of their fabulous dry-aged beef. For the sweet toothy folks, Food Cellar also served up a serious selection of house-made pastries, including croissants, fruit tarts, cannolis and more! 

Feeding-two Quinoa Kumbucha Munch

Happy bellies and food comas galore! But don't take our word for it. Check out what party-goers are saying here and be sure to check the Talk Thread for local gossip, fan favorties and delicious dishes. Find more fantasticly drool-worthy photos here, courtesy of Greg Minasian and our friends at SPREADhouse

A big thank you to the staff at Food Cellar for hosting this incredible evening of local food and good company! Be sure to up with latest and greatest at Food Cellar by visitng their website!

Till next time, Queens!


Leighann F

Yelp Queens Community Manager



February 25, 2011

LA West Elites Get Naughty And Nice In Leather And Lace

Posted by Christina Y

Over 200 Yelp Elites gathered at Mom's Bar in West Los Angeles this month, dressed up in their sassiest leather and lace getups.

Picnik collage 1

Guests noshed on bites from South Philly Experience and The Yummy One and sipped cocktails courtesy of Mom's including the Iron Fist In A Lace Glove, the Peach Fuzz, and the Absolutely F----'N Fabulous, as well as beer samplers of the bar's entire tap!

Picnik collage 2

When they weren't eating and drinkoing to their hearts' content, the Elites and their guests played mini pool and foosball, danced to the tunes of DJ Thumbprint, and participated in photo and costume contests throughout the night. A few lucky winners took home premier raffle prizes courtesy of Discover The Arts. The entire night was documented by Santiago Valencia Photography and guests were eager to show off their racy threads in the custom photo booth!

Picnik collage 3

Those of you who missed the fun this time can check out the rest of the photos here and the reviews for the event here.


Until next time!

Christina Y - LA West Community Manager

Yelp Cleveland Goes Vintage @ Velvet Tango Room

Posted by Cara

This week Cleveland Elites took a trip back to a glamorous time when advertising bosses were kings, A-line skirts and skinny ties were in fashion and martini lunches were "the norm". We're talking about a Mad Men themed bash hosted at the fabulous, swanky and famous Velvet Tango Room.

16w 03w 36w

Dapper Don Drapers and pretty Peggy Olsen-types filled up the exclusive, private backroom of the VTR while "smoking" candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars. But that's not all they noshed on! Caroline Greens catered the antique-y event with tasty small-bites, while Lilly Handmade Chocolates satisfied our cravings with boozey truffles and bitter-sweet bark. Talk about a constant line around the goodies...

24w 29w 30w

What would a Mad Men themed soiree be without booze? Well, the Velvet Tango Room did not disappoint. With a flight of four cocktail tastings to enjoy including a true, properly-made whiskey sour and homemade eggnog we all left with smiles. The owner, Paulius, was even kind enough to speak to the party and explain the fascinating histories of each drink. Then ten Elite ladies were recruited to help shake-up the last libation of the evening. What a blast! Magic Hat was nice enough to bring by some brews to make us all extra toasty.

49w 43w 42w

Elites came dressed to impress in their best themed attire, but only one couple won it all. Congrats to Matthew M and Pamela C for winning two seasons of Man Men on DVD, invites to the Cleveland International Film Festival private kick-off party and some Yelp shirts!

No one could have captured the evening in a more perfect, vintage light than Jenny of the Cleveland Photobooth! She brought in a treasure chest of props and themed items to pose with. The evening would not have been the same without her. To see all the fabulous pics of this event, click here.

37w 45w 27w

Curious what yelpers are saying about this dapper event? Check the reviews here. A huge thank you to all the Elites who made it out, Velvet Tango Room for being our gracious host, Magic Hat for keeping us toasty, Caroline Greens for feeding us yummies,  Lilly Handmade Chocolates for the boozey truffles and the Cleveland Photobooth for taking these incredible shots of everyone!


See you on Yelp!


Cara L

Cleveland Community Manager

Toronto Elites Feel the Anti-Valentines Love!

Posted by Vivek S

What's black and red and Yelp all over? Answer: Toronto Elite yelpers, reveling in a hearty dose of Anti-Valentines Elite action in Kensington Market.


The Augusta House was the perfect venue to wrangle all that caged-up Elite rom-angst: with crimson damask walls, moody lighting and a powerhouse of a bar that beckoned yelpers to the night's surly signature cocktail, The Bad Break Up.

Jordan B from Amsterdam Beer was also there with local faves Big Wheel and Amsterdam Blonde. And as a special treat, he also cracked open their creamy and rich new seasonal Spring Bock. It might have been winter outside, but Elites were enjoying spring in their stomachs that night!


Speaking of stomachs, partiers were treated to an array of fabulous hors d'oeuvres crafted in-house. From shrimp rolls, veggie spring rolls, mango pineapple bruschetta, veg and non-veg wontons, and the oft-mentioned fruit skewers. Kelly O gave "big ups to those pork wontons - I couldn't get enough!"


The name of the game that night was find your match. Yelpers had to find who had the other half of the hearts around their necks. And like real love, it was tough. Especially for Mike S. "My fly may or may not have been open for the duration of this event." But for those lucky enough to find their match, they got to experience the "Down with PDA" photobooth, and get snapped with their anti-lover, a few rats, and a giant inflatable oversized heart.


It wasn't always easy.

It was a steamy night, and things really got cooking when DJs 4est, Lindzrox, and Jrox (of Reality Bytes) kicked it so old school, you could hear modem noises. Michelle G was no stranger to the dance floor: "The music was a delightful blast from the not so distant past, and so much fun. Just so much fun!"


Much gratitude to Augusta House staff Kim and Diane and bartender supreme Bray who was doling out Bad Breakups all night long. Thanks again to Amsterdam Beer, Stephanie Cloutier for the event photography, and of course, with the most oversized heart of them all, Crystal H. (Awwww.)


Putting the "love" in "fingerless Yelp gloves,"

Vivek S
Toronto Community Manager

Hot Hot Orlando Yelp @ Ember

Posted by Colleen Burns

Fabulous weather spoils Orlando and us yelpers take advantage of that! We headed to one of the largest outdoor patio bars in downtown Orlando, Ember, for an amazing evening under the stars!

Picnik collage

We had exclusive seating along the border of this Tuscan style gem and soaked up the amazing weather, friends and fabulousness. A variety of finger foods including Dijon Chicken Skewers, Chicken Empanadas, Tomato Basil Flatbread and Asian Beef Skewers made their rounds and everything was delicious.

To refresh our pallets we were swimming in Blue Moon liquid goodness including the Belgian White and the crowd favorite Seasonal flavor. We also kept hydrated with the revitalizing vitaminwater and smartwater!

Picnik collage2

The MAGI Dance studio ladies jingled and jangled in and out of the Yelp crowds putting everyone in awe of their amazing belly dancing moves. Everyone mixed and mingled trying to find their matching card and the first five couples who succeeded, won a pair of tickets to the much-anticipated second annual Orlando Chili Cook-off. Yelper, Carl G., was also there reppin' his Bigdawg and Paul Show having everyone play fun rounds of "five seconds" to win tickets to their upcoming Bonkerz comedy show.

We were also the very first group to see the unveiling of Orlando Live's new promotion, "Keep Orlando Awesome!" and they handed out stickers with that saying along with their vibrant host, Peter Murphy's, amazing mug! Us yelpers sure do know how to Keep Orlando Awesome!

It was a yelptastic event and Jim White caught all the fun in these superb photos. A huge thank you to the gracious Ember for hosting the largest Orlando elite event to date!

Picnik collage3

Check out what yelp elites are saying about the evening here and don't forget to take a look at the pictures!

Colleen B.

Orlando Community Manager

February 24, 2011

Providence's Pastificio! A Pasta & Wine Tasting at Zooma

Posted by Briana

Providence's second Elite Event was a bit more demure, (but just as much fun!), as its first! Hosted by Trattoria Zooma on Federal Hill, Elites had the opportunity to sample some of the best Neapolitan cuisine in Rhode Island while quaffing luscious libations, to boot! 


Providence Elites and their guests were graciously welcomed into Zooma's main dining room, recently redesigned by well-known Rhode Island-based firm Judd Brown Design. With bottomless glasses of Zooma's signature red sangria in hand, Elites mixed and mingled easily - some meeting for the first time, others enjoying their first reunion since the first epic Elite Event at The Salon. As they enjoyed the scenery of the open kitchen, they grazed on pan fried calamari with roasted garlic and a white balsamic glaze and an assortment of pizzas made with Caputo "00" flour then baked in Zooma's wood fired oven.


Just as bellies began to rumble from watching countless Italian delights be expedited from the kitchen, Executive Chef Jeff Burgess and General Manager Chris de Castro invited party goers to take their seats and guided them through a tempting trilogy of homemade pasta dishes and wine pairings. First, lobster and marscapone caramella ('little candies') in a sauce of chilies, tomato and dry vermouth paired with Cantina Zaccagnini Trebbiano. Second, goat cheese filled red wine tortellini in a brown butter and orange reduction paired with Cigar Box Malbec (the crowd favorite of the evening). Finally, tagliatelle bolognese topped with freshly grated horseradish paired with Masi Campofiorin Ripasso.

Peeps 2

As licked-cleaned plates from the last course were cleared, yelpers sat back deep in conversation about the pasta offerings, rubbed their midsections, and drained the dregs from their sangria or tasting glasses. As a cherry on top of a deliciously decadent evening, the each party goer enjoyed a boldly boozy espressotini presented in a souveneir Yelp shot glass. Check out the reviews to read more about each guest's take on the menu.


The kitchen and floor staff at Zooma went above and beyond, welcoming each Elite and guest into the dining room as though it was their own home. The Providence Yelp Community is exceedingly grateful to Chris de Castro and Chef Jeff Burgess for planning and executing such an exquisitely debaucherous evening. A special shout-out to photographer Bruce Alan Kaplan who swooped in at the last minute and expertly captured each element of the evening with grace. Finally, huge thanks to Jelena Z, Senior CM from Chicagoland, for coming out and lending an oh-so-yelping hand!

Yours swimming blissfully in a vat of fresh pasta and red wine,


Briana M, Providence Community Manager


Yelp Elites Earn Good Citizenship Points in Phoenix

In the wise words of George Washington, we cannot tell a lie when we say that the Phoenix yelpers showed off their good citizenship this Monday during The Elite Introduction to Citizen Public House in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nearly 150 yelp elites honored America's past presidents by sporting their favorite red, white and blue attire during an evening of fun, food, cocktails and Bingo!

Yelpershot Yelpershot2 All american yelper

Yelpers were invite to the brand new Citizen Public House in Old Town Scottsdale for a peak into the culinary masterpieces of Chef Bernie and Pastry Chef Tracey Dempsey. The evening fit for a president began with yelp elite Jim W in full character of a secret service agent. In his own words, "I arrived at 17:45 and quickly secured the frontal approach, checked in with Yelp officials and maintained a brief post at the main entrance." Once the area was secured, guests were giving the green light and entered the party to be greeted with yelp bouncy balls.

Secret service

Bouncey balls Menu









During the patriotic evening, yelpers showed off their good citizenship while playing Presidential bingo and munching on Chef Bernie's masterpieces of grilled flat bread with tzatziki and hummus, rosemary roasted nuts, lamb meatball with Persian cucumber salad, tender Belly bacon fat high mountain midnight popcorn, caramelized parsnip bisque with toasted almonds, mirliton chopped salad, “The Original Chopped Salad,” slow roasted Berkshire shoulder with sweet potato puree and cider mustard jus and roasted chicken breast with smoked mushroom hash and sweet corn risotto.


MeatballsPorkshoulder Salad






As yelp elites mingled with new elites as well as old friends, they took pictures in front of Mount Rushmore, sampled craft beers at the tasting station from local favorites like Four Peaks, learned the art of tequila at the Azul tequila tasting station and challenged the master Mixologist who whipped up specialty cocktails. A night isn't complete without a sweet ending, so luckily Tracey Dempsey was on hand with brioche pecan bread pudding with bourbon praline fondue.





As the evening drew to a close, some lucky yelpers walked away with raffle prizes including tickets to 9 to 5: The Musical, a bottle of champagne from Citizen Public House, American movie favorites like The Patriot and American Pie and Audrey W and Jim W were awarded best dressed couple of the night!

  Groupshot Groupshot2

A special thank you to Citizen Public House for hosting the evening and to Esoterik Images for capturing it on camera. Check out what yelp elites are saying about the evening here and don't forget to take a look at the pictures!


Keep up the good citzenship, and until next time fine yelpers!


Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager


Dublin Does Cocktails @ Copan!

Posted by Annie

Copan brought some Cuban heat to the club, quite literally it was hot and steamy with all the thirsty Dublin Yelp Elite Squad in the house. To quench our thirst Copan welcomed everyone of us with a tasty mimosa... Mmm mimosa.


Due to the group being so big we split up, half learned how to make a refreshing mojito and the other half took a tour of the stunning venue that is Copan. Bartender Steve challenged the Yelpers to make a mojito in under 30 seconds without breaking anything – alas no winners BUT what Copan did note is that Dublin Yelpers believe in liberal portions of rum in their mojitos, you do Yelp proud lads!


Paul, the other talented bartender, explained to us all about the history of Copan and how it is Ireland's busiest cocktail venue. With it's Mayan inspired interior and it's state of the art lighting and sound system this spot pushes the bar when it comes to savouring quality cocktails in a stunning setting. It also is a great place to watch the football! We all marveled at the statue outside in the heated patio that I believe was in honour of virgins... Oddly no Yelper accepted the honour.


Both groups reunited in a sea of Yelp love to drink yet another cocktail, Exotic Passion, that Paul and Steve threw together in no time. The refreshing vodka, passion fruit liqueur, strawberry liqueur, pineapple and grapefruit juice was just what the Mayan priest ordered! The folks at Copan also treated the Yelpers to a platter of party bites.


A huge thank you goes to Copan - Ciaran was wonderful in the whole planning of the event. Paul and Steve did a fantastic job keeping us entertained and educated in all things cocktail. Finally the biggest thank you goes to you dear folks for giving Yelp your time and making the night so much fun! Remember you can gossip about the night here! You can write your review of the event here! Finally you can drool over the photos that were taken by the talented Claire Nash here!


Till next month, all my best!

Annie L

Manchester Elites Enjoy A Cosy Indoor Picnic

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Jack Spratt had turned into the infamous Central Perk from Friends. At this intimate soirée, Manchester's best and brightest yelpers kicked off their shoes and snuggled up with a plate of sandwiches on the squishy green sofas of our city's brand new wholesome, healthy and tasty eatery!


With a selection of delicious yet waistband-friendly goodies such as beef bourguignon, Thai chicken curry and panga fish, veggie cob, turkey meatball marinara and TLT (yes, that's tofu, lettuce and tomato) butties to name but a few, guests washed down their late late lunches with trusted favourite Oneglass Wine all the way from Italy, and for those who wanted to keep a clear head, plentiful cool Vitamin Water was on hand to revive and refresh.

DSC_0027  DSC_0030


As Jack Spratt's charismatic duo of brother bosses, Som and Marcus, confirmed: not only is every ingredient you'll find on their sandwiches home made (that even includes the chutneys), but their bread is fresh baked every morning. As well as offering hot breakfasts including a healthy take on the Full English, they manage to harbour a selection of cupcakes varied enough to rival any bespoke baker, plus they offer a selection of treats to buy including handmade sugar-free retro boiled sweets and all natural chocolates! Not just a pair of pretty faces, this dynamic duo...




Thanks to photographer Lora Mather for all her beautiful snaps. To find out all about it, read the reviews here, talk it over or peruse the photos on Flickr.

Over and out – we're well and truly stuffed! Until next time, SYOY...

Emma-Lou 'Northern Monkey' H

Yelp Manchester Community Manager

February 23, 2011

Seattle's Passport to Ballard Launch Party!

Posted by Katy

Passports are always a good thing to have and while the Passport to Ballard doesn't include an RFID tracking chip and it can't get you access across the Canadian border, it can save you money! Valid for an entire week, the Passport to Ballard is a printable discount booklet offering deals at 15 of Ballard's best businesses! To kick things off right, Seattle's Yelp Elite Squad joined forces at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club and partied their Ballardian butts off!

Picnik collage

With the widest variety of sliders known this side of the Sound, Apulent Catering served up a storm of baby burgers. There were lamb and rosemary sliders with feta cheese and yogurt sauce, New York Strip sliders with caramelized onions, Oregon Bay shrimp sliders with celery root salad, fried leeks and marinated grilled beet sliders! If that's not enough, Apulent also provided spring rolls just in time for Spring-like weather!

Picnik collage2

In addition to slider-fest, guests were also warmly welcomed by Ballard businesses; Laura Bee Designs, Twiggypop Ranch, Savour Speciality Foods, Habitude, and more! Many offering raffles and delectible discounts to our lucky attendees. Even luckier were the guests who got free massages from Elements Therapeutic Massage!

Picnik collage3

Killer calamari and fab fries were served up hot thanks to Ballard Brother's Seafood and it was like a vacay to Puerto Rico with spicy chips n' salsa from La Isla. And what's a party without cocktails n booze?! Yelpers were treated to wines of the red and white variety as well as Ninkasi's awesome IPA, Total Domination. Cocktails were also being downed by the dozen thanks to Jose Cuervo Tradicional.

Picnik collage4

Rounding out the evening the only thing that could make a party better would be live music and dessert. And we had both! Just in time for Madri Gras our friends at Le Bon Ton Roule spoiled guests with never ending servings of praline bread pudding while D'Ambrosio Gelato had the longest line of the night!

Picnik collage5

If you'd like to read or write a review about the event, click here! If you still don't have your passport to Ballard, it's valid through Feb 26th,2011.

Click this link to download and print or see more info here. If you're already on top of it and you've used your passport, rate your experience and share the deets on Yelp!

Many thanks to the photographic talents of Jonathan P Beck. See a pic you love? Contact Jonathan or order a print off his Official Site!


Until next time, SYOY!


Katy H
Seattle Yelp Community Manager

Yelpy Chinese New Year from Silicon Valley!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Yelpy Chinese New Year 1

This is bound to be the furriest year of the rabbit China has ever seen thanks to the latest Yelp Elite party in Silicon Valley. By partnering with Sino, an upscale lounge in Santana Row, SV Elites celebrated the night away with dim sum style appetizers, a special Solerno cosmo, and Tsingtao beer. DJaaronE mixed saucy hippity hop tunes that resulted in some gangsta moves on the dance floor.

Who knew the Chinese New Year was so smoove?

Jennifer L did, that's who:

"Fist pump pump pump it up! Towards the end of every event is the party reveler's delight. The best was the old school hits to really get those booties shakin'. Props to the DJ woot woot! Say happy year of the rabbit by dancing like bunnies in heat but fully clothed."

Yelpy Chinese New Year #2Yelpy Chinese New Year 3Yelpy Chinese New Year 5Yelpy Chinese New Year 6
Yelpy Chinese New Year 7Yelpy Chinese New Year 8Yelpy Chinese New Year 9Yelpy Chinese New Year 10

5 star reviews all around!  Also, a special thanks to both photographers for the event, PHOTOSTUDiO29 and Joo Pyo Photograpy.

SYOY! Stay tuned for updates on our second Chinese New Year event, happening this Saturday afternoon!

Yelpy Chinese New Year 12

Abby S

Silicon Valley Communtiy Manager

Yelp Chicago Goes Down South

Posted by Johnny Todd

Did you know that Chicago has a Lower West Side? It does. Although, those in the know call it, “Pilsen.” And those who are really in the know knew to show up for Pilsen’s premier event: Yelp’s Passport to Pilsen Launch Event @ Lacuna. Over 350 invited yelpers took advantage of Yelp’s first foray into art, commerce and music at the top spot for cool times on the South Side of Town.

5471138023_378142778c_b 5471139507_59889556f2_b 5471141465_d5cccba777_b 5471734878_c91b098052_b

 Starting with a freight elevator ride up to the 4th floor, yelpers were introduced to Lacuna in a big way.  The refurbished macaroni factory played host to over 30 businesses for yelpers to enjoy. From photography, to painting, to sculpture, to clothes & interior design, yelpers were able to get a sneak peek at the future of art in the Windy City — and enjoy some amazing deals as guests used their passports to nab savings on all the goods.

5471145649_e1ca36c1c8_b 5471739838_c8834d4b96_b 5471741622_a24c8be6c6_b 5471742108_d3f2b1c046_b

All that shopping can make a guy or gal pretty hungry and thirsty. It’s a good thing that The Market Bistro, Shokran Moroccan Cuisine, PopChips, Chimney Cake Island, and the Churro Factory were on hand to rescue grumbling tummies.  Mouth-watering liquid refreshment was represented in a big way courtesy of BridgePort IPA, BridgePort Cafe Negro, BridgePort Hop Czar, BridgePort Kingpin, Dewars Scotch Whisky, Tito’s Vodka, Honest Tea, and Zodiac Vodka.  These luscious libations kept the mood festive and yelpers partying.

5471731244_685ab42cba_b 5471734696_1496ba660e_b 5471750090_3deeb76cd1_b 5471760042_36b1d7178d_b

And.what.a.party.! Cage and Aquarium Productions kept the beats bumping with old-school tunes all night long while Calm Palm Vapor, 52nd St Trio, Good Evening, and Panda Riot entertained guests at various venues throughout the event. No matter where you went, you were sure to be toe tapping… and getting your picture taken. The photographic geniuses of Jimmy Fishbein Photography performed double (triple? Quadruple?) as they hosted with the mosted, offered incredible Passport deals, took pictures of the entire event from start to finish, and set up a step &repeat that would make Joan Rivers jealous!

5471130113_c7cc383f79_b 5471132463_1cb4a2fede_b 5471143593_f6286e8fcd_b 5471722062_c30f4f66bd_b

Don’t take our word for it. Check out all the beautiful pictures here. Review the event here. And, most importantly, sign up to take part of this Passport here. If you believe art has a vital place in the fabric of Chicago, take some time to support the businesses that make it possible. Special thanks to D'Absolute Catering and M & M Event Planning for spectacular service and set-up.

5471152927_c5e08aa7b9_b 5471154361_26da9349bd_b 5471154405_150e5da8e4_b 5471754256_ac6de7a4bc_b

 Road trippin’

 Johnny T

February 21, 2011

Yelp Nashville Gets Starry Eyed At Cosmo & The Cosmos!

Posted by Marcia

A lucky group of 50 of Yelp Nashville's Elite were treated to an evening filled with stellar sips and sounds with the Nashville Symphony at Cosmo & The Cosmos.


The opening night of Holst's 'The Planets' at the gorgeous Schermerhorn Symphony Center left many in awe as renowned conductor Giancarlo Guerrero led the orchestra that included dramatic pops of percussion and a unexpected addition of the Nashville Symphony Women's Chorus throughout the concert inspired by Greek mythology and astrology.

Gg_poizner Concert_hall  -1

Elites gathered in the very private, opulent and comfortable Founders Hall which was paneled in exotic hardwoods and furnished with antique furniture. The Old World charm and sophistication seduced us all including a very impressed Megan C . "The building is so beautiful and I love that we were able to hang out in a room that seemed so swept away and sort of like someone important's secret office."


The scheduled private tour that included areas of Schermerhorn Symphony Center that were previously damaged by the May floods allowed us all to gain further perspective on what a gem we have in downtown Nashville! Symphony buff Stuart W is always a sucker for a "charming upper class British accent" also appreciated the tour guide's "obvious vast and deep knowledge of the symphony hall and it intracasies was superb. Listening to him describe in detail the precision and thought that went into every nuance of the building in order to truly have one of the most acoustically perfect buildings was inspirational." How's that for some culture, eh?

Founders_hall  Photo(5) Photo(2)
Peter K sipped on the the "pink and deadly cosmos that kept flowing as did the wine," while everyone nibbled on the mini delicious h'orderves of beef wellington, mushroom tarts, and jerk chicken sweet potatoes that "soaked up the drinks perfectly." Meanwhile, Ashwin M is stilling praise over the 3 butlers in 3 piece suits carrying martinis and wine! "Being the first there and attended by three butler dudes made me felt like Batman with 3 Alfreds."

Photo  Photo(4) Photo(11)

Perhaps Marilee S sums the evening up the best, "Mix a martini, a few tasty morsels, some new friends and around 90 of the most talented musicians in Nashville and you have one memorable night."

Photo(10) Photo(12) Photo(8)

Special thanks to the entire staff of the Nashville Symphony and especially to their Promotions Manager Misty Cochran who delighted us all with an incredible evening.

Until the next adventure,


Marcia M - Yelp Nashville Community Manager

February 20, 2011

San Diego Yelp Elite Beard Bash

Posted by Danny Wurst

Some grew for weeks, some groomed 30 minutes beforehand, and some dropped a  five-spot at a local costume shop... but everyone at the Yelp Elite Beard Bash at The Lincoln Room had a chin that Honest Abe would have been proud of.

Picnik collagefufu  With Presidents Day right around the corner… complimentary Stoli cocktails, choice red and white wines and suds from Firestone Brewery made for some constitutional consumption. A White House-worthy spread of food was try passed including tangerine ahi tartare, savory bread pudding with olive salad topping, bacon wrapped figs with gorgonzola cheese, shrimp cocktails and much more. 

Picnik collagefjdkf  Congrats to Stephani S who claimed best beard of the evening. She and several raffle winners clamed complimentary tickets to San Diego’s Mari Gras Festival. For pictures of the party captured by San Diego Photo Factory click here or peep the reviews to see what you missed out on.  

Picnik collagegggggg
Until next time,

Danny W SD Community Manager

Kansas City Elites Get Lucky!

Posted by Joi

It was a regular score-o-rama on Wednesday night when Kansas City Elites showed up to bowl, drink, eat and mingle at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in the Power and Light District.

IMG_4383 IMG_4398  IMG_4555

Before getting into bowling teams, everyone stepped up to the bar for cocktails made with Three Olives Vodka (in a variety of vibrant flavors) and enjoyed an array of appetizers provided for us by Lucky Strike, including fried mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, chips and queso, grilled vegetable skewers and more.

IMG_4403 IMG_4405 IMG_4559

Armed with both nourishment and liquid courage, they hit the lanes and it was all about the strikes and spares from here on out (thought some of us might have wallowed in the gutters). Either way, Yelp Elites wipe the floor with style.

IMG_4545  IMG_4451 IMG_4430

Many thanks to Al and the rest of the staff at Lucky Strikes Lanes & Lounge, Lee Page and Travis Joyal of Page Communications. Be sure and see the rest of the photos by Chloe Mann on flickr and by Yelp Elite, Daniel H on the review page.

As Brandi C puts it so well, "while we Yelpers are a fun and friendly bunch, most of us don't seem to be the type to win any bowling championships any time soon! But everyone looked like they were having a great time, whether they bowled well, badly, or not at all."

And that includes your Community Manager, of course, getting 'em in the gutter almost every time!


Until next time, SYOY!

Joi B

Yelp Kansas City Community Manager





Bravo! Bravo! Yelp Las Vegas Kicks Off Yelp Seats

Posted by Misti Yang

Last week 200 Vegas yelpers dressed to the nines to walk the red carpet at the Yelp Seats Kickoff Party at Saxe Lounge. As yelpers lined up to take their turn walking the carpet and posing in front of the media wall for the pesky paparazzi, onlookers stopped to take notice and snap their own shots of the yelpebrities!


After their red-carpet stroll, yelpers were served blockbuster treats from Naked City Pizza Shop (roasted turkey with roasted garlic mayo and Capicola ham with whole milk mozzarela sammies and royal in-house made italian sausage sliders), Fresh Grill and Bar (grilled steak, Thai chicken and veggie wraps and fresh strawberry daiquiris made with Bacardi Superior Rum), the sweet hit of the night—bundlets (aka mini bundt cakes) in about a jillion flavors (or was it 5?) from Nothing Bundt Cakes, and tables of popchips!

20110215-_MB10644 20110215-_MB10650 20110215-_MB10647

The toast of the evening were Bacardi cocktails featuring their two newest flavors Dragon Berry and Rock Coconut. The cast included a Dragon Berry Mojito, a Rock’n Cream Soda (Rock Coconut with cream soda), the Berry Bull (Dragon Berry, Red Bull & a splash of lemonade), and the Tropical-Tini (Rock Coconut, mango juice and a of grenadine served as a martini). The starlets also enjoyed complimentary Red Bull throughout the evening.

20110215-_MB10768 20110215-DSC_2924 20110215-DSC_3000

The biggest names in town were there... the Beatles showed up, and all the stars got to ham it up in their very own private Shutter Booth. See all the shots here. As the grand finale, Vegas The Show invited the entire party up to see the show for free at 9pm. 
20110215-_MB10789  20110215-_MB10728  20110215-_MB10720  20110215-_MB10654

Of course, the reviews say it best. Chastine asks, "Can i just move in? Leave the goods...I'll bring my closet over tomorrow," and Mark D concludes, "I might just have to see all of the Yelp Seats shows, so I can have something to review." Now that's what we like to hear!

Yelp Seats runs February 16th thru March 2nd and features 50% off tickets to Anthony Cools, BeatleShow!, Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas, Human Nature, Matsuri, Matt Goss, The Mac King Comedy Magic Show, V- The Ultimate Variety Show, VEGAS! The Show and Vinnie Favorito Comedy Show!

Special thanks to Exhibit Fair International for providing the red carpet, lighting and media wall and to Roaring Bear Photography for capturing the evening! See all the pictures here.

See You At The Shows!


Misti Y

Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager

February 18, 2011

Twin Cities Yelpers Heat Up The Frostbite Ball!

Posted by Annie D

The Twin Cities Yelp community stepped out in record numbers for this week's Frostbite Ball—all of them looking hot enough to melt an iceberg. D'Amico Kitchen and the Eden Ice Chamber could barely contain this avalanche of downtown party goers!

The Elite VIP Hour began at 7 p.m. exclusively for the yelpiest of yelpers. In addition to an early access to the party, Elites enjoyed complimentary beauty services: glittering makeup applications from Farah Hussein (owner of the just-about-to-re-open Glo Skin Spa), false lashes from Nicole Jorgenson, hairstyling by Alysha Hop and chair massages from Cara Kinsell. You can find these ladies all in one place at Moving Pictures. One lucky yelper even won a day spa package!

When the doors opened to everyone on the guest list at 8 p.m., our hosts at D'Amico Kitchen continued passing delectable hors d'oeuvres like butternut squash pizza, savory meatballs, yellowfin tuna tartare and chocolate-dipped cheesecake lollipops in the downstairs lounge area. Ronnie G calls the black-truffle bruschetta the "favorite bite of the night. Full of flavor and rich. I could eat about 17 of these."

Yelpers didn't go thirsty with complimentary winter warmers and ice-cold bevvies to wash it all down. Upstairs at the Eden Ice Chamber, yelpers curled up in faux-fur blankets by the fire to try the night's signature Grey Goose martini and enjoy the warmest eve we've had all year. Sophisticated white drapes, views of Le Méridien Chambers Burnet Art Gallery and the Adam & Eve ice-work brought the swank-level to uncharted heights.

Downstairs, Crispin Cider's new imported Browns Lane tallboys went like hotcakes. The very popular Coco-Cocoa (made with hot chocolate and the new Bacardi Rock Coconut), Bacardi Frostbite Punch, flutes of Astoria Prosecco and straight-up CORZO Tequila shots kept everyone in the highest of spirits!

Aside from raising a glass, what breaks the ice among new Yelp friends? The Traveling Photo Booth—that's what. Equipped with more wild props than you could shake an icicle at, our operator J.D. turned out smile after smile of hilarious freeze-frames. Check out all those photos here!

Though no one was dressed to build a snow-fort, we did play a healthy game of grown-up freeze tag. "It" yelpers were given a non-physical description of a person, had to find that person and tag them. Then the old "it" gave the new "it" a new target. We discovered the real depth of talent in the Twin Cities Yelp community during this game, like who can whistle with their hands and who can perform a marriage ceremony!

Polar papparazzi
Katherine Workinger and Lindsey Holmes of Point & Blog worked the room, in addition to freelance photographer Ryan Siemers. Siemers also hosted a drawing for a couple of photo sessions. The big winners are... Irina R. and Sarah H. Message me on Yelp to see what you won!

With all this heart and belly warming going on, we passed the warm fuzzies around with our charity partner. Yelpers donated hundreds of pairs of mittens and gloves to People Serving People, the area's largest family shelter!


Need more frozen folly? Check out the blizzard of Yelp reviews from the event, the rest of the photos here and here on Flickr... and find out why it's neat to be Elite!

A huge thanks to the wonderful staff at D'Amico Kitchen, Colleen C., Kristen W., Liz W. and all of the partners who made this grandest of parties possible!

Annie D.

Twin Cities Yelp Community Manager

P.S. Follow Yelp MSP on Twitter and Facebook!


East Bay's Retro. Future. Dance. Party.

Posted by Monica
Hotsy Totsy was definitely hot and definitely not for tots this past Wednesday at the Yelp Elite Event at the Hotsy Totsy. It was a combination of grooving, glitter, glam, goofiness, and just good old Barbarella "adult" themed fun. The moment yelpers walked inside Hosty Totsy, sporting their tinfoil antennae, tight white leather skirts, and fuzzy hats, they were greeted by a haze of fog, glistening balloons, space-age retro decorations, and a shimmer adorned staff.  Joe B gushed: " It felt like you were entering another world of 70s, boobs, and go-go boots."

Attendees couldn't get enough of Hotsy Totsy's stellar cocktails: aptly named Rocket Fuel and Planet Pluto, made from Death's Door Gin and Tequila Revolucion. Egan B was particularly partial to the "delectable dizzying" punches of the eventing, his favorite -  beautifully comprised of "vodka, grapefruit, elderflower, and cranberry. Quite the tasty yet potent cocktail." And there's only thing better than solid well crafted drinks - "energetic and entertaining bartenders!" The staff at Hotsy Totsy put their all into the night. They were slinging drinks with massive smiles, face paint, and tons of futuristic sass, while space themed adult movies played in the background.
Hotsy 2
Eric B and Alice A soaked up the delectable drinks with unreal carne asada and chicken tacos, plus all the fix-ins in a wondrous buffet from Tacos El Autlense Taco Truck. Each taco was wrapped in a perfectly warmed tortilla and was filled with an abundance of love. Alice A adored the fact that Autlense Taco Truck is regularly stationed outside Hotsy Totsy every Thursday - Sunday from 9:30pm to 1:30am. She revealed: "now I know where to get my late night snack fix.  In fact I woke up at 3am last night craving and wishing that I had had just one more taco before hitting the road."
Hotsy3 Once fully satiated with powerful drinks and stupendous street tacos, yelpers looked to DJ Annabelle to lead the way on the dance floor. And brought it - she did. With full flair, DJ Annabelle unleashed epic retro beats, that had Eugene L, Nique F, and Yelp's own Ruggy J, Monica S, Abby S, and even Miles H (the new Yelp intern) breaking out timeless moves on the floor. From "Nude on the Moon" to "Xanadu," Annabelle played it all, while "Robbie" the Robot (Hotsy Totsy's mascot of the night) watched on in wonder. 

In the spirit of the retro futuristic dance party, the lovely Cressie Mae charmed yelpers with her magical face painting skills. Lizz E raved about her "purple and silver David Bowie stripes," while other yelpers sported tiny black dots, and face masks across their faces, courtesy of the spunky face painter.  Troy M disclosed "3 face washings, a shower and 24 hours later, there is still glitter on my face and tequila in my system. Awesome!"
Hotsy 5
Nique F summarized the evening perfectly: "The Hotsy Totsy party was the stuff of dreams. Warm mini corn tortillas, juicy hunks of steak, salsa squeeze tubes. Any opportunity to dress up like disco aliens, drink booze disguised as grapefruit juice, and bust into a smokey dance circle... I'm there." You can see all of What's Up Fun for yourself here thanks to Stay Reddy photography!

Til next time,

Yelp Paris Elite Event Green & The City @ Les Mauvaises Graines

Posted by Elodie

Prenez une pincée de Mauvaises Graines, deux cuillères à soupe de vins naturels, et un soupçon de tapas bio, et vous obtiendrez une Soirée Yelp Elite 100% Green & The City. Hier soir au 25 rue Custine, le concept store de Jardin Urbain Les Mauvaises Graines a accueilli pas moins de 70 yelpeurs pour une soirée rock’n’plantes inoubliable... Dans ce “lieu aux allures de jardin d’été“ Christine G a retrouvé son âme de poète et a savouré ses retrouvailles “au milieu du rourou des blanches colombes”.

A peine arrivés dans la boutique aux milles objets chinés, les invités ont tout de suite été charmés par l’univers unique des Mauvaises Graines. Entre cabinet de curiosités et jardin botanique où se côtoient cages à oiseaux et petite mare à poissons, l’endroit a de quoi séduire. 
D’ailleurs, notre brigade d’Elite ne savait plus où donner de la tête. Entre deux makis mangue tofu et un toast au caviar d’aubergine préparé par Hope Café, ils ont rapidement investi le lieu. Des retrouvailles arrosées par un des délicieux vins naturels de Paris Terroirs, “exceptionnels”, selon David L (David Lebovitz, s’il vous plait!), ...
Tout au long de la soirée, l’équipe des Mauvaises Graines, David, Eric et Marc, ainsi que leurs deux chats, ont guidé nos yelpeurs les plus fidèles dans leur univers d’Alice Au Pays des Merveilles version rock. D’ailleurs David A s’est senti aussi “ à l’aise au milieu de ces inconnus à qui il n’a pas hésité à raconter sa vie que dans la boutique qu’il ferait bien sienne”.
Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, jetez un coup d’oeil à notre page Flickr.

A bientôt nos Yelpeurs Parisiens,
Zeva B & Elodie F
Paris Community Managers
What do you get with a handful of bad seeds, two tablespoons of natural wine, and a cup of organic tapas? A 100% Green & The City Yelp Elite Event. Yesterday at the brand new urban garden store, Les Mauvaises Graines, about 70 yelpers gathered together for Paris’ first rock n’ plant party. In this shop “that looks like a summer garden, Christine G enjoyed chatting with her fellow yelpers “right in the middle of the white doves’ "tweet tweets" !
As they set foot in the shop with its thousand antiques and quirky objects, the guests were swept away by the unique atmosphere of the Mauvaises Graines. Between a “cabinet of curiosities” and a botanical shop where cats, bird cages and fish pond live side by side, the place is not lacking in charm. So much so that our Elite squad didn’t know which way to look first! Between the mango-tofu maki and eggplant caviar canapés prepared by Hope Café, and the Jungle Book atmosphere of the place,  it was a cornucopia for the senses. As the conversations went by,  two delicious natural wines were poured into glasses by Sébastien from Paris Terroirs. “Exceptionnal” is the word David L (yes, David Leibovitz!) used to describe the Chinon and Cheverny 2009.
As the festivities went by, the team from Les Mauvaises Graines (aka The Bad Seeds), David, Eric, Marc & their two cats, escorted the guests through the small alleys of the shop.
David A felt so comfortable among the crowd yesterday that he even ended up talking about his life to complete strangers, in this fabulous boutique that he’d love to make his own..”

Read what party-goers have to say about the festivities by reading the reviews here. For more fabulous images of the evening, don't miss our Flickr page.

Zeva B & Elodie F
Paris Community Managers



Yelp Says, 'Let Them Eat Cake Sweetheart!'

Posted by Rowena Harris

As we all know, February is the month of amour, and love was certainly in the air at this latest installment of Elite event goodness here in Leeds for the Yelp Says, 'Let Them Eat Cake, Sweetheart!' bash at Roots and Fruits! Yelpers arrived at the cosy surround to find tables adorned with sweet treats, love hearts and a plethora of words awaitng arrangement for the poetry play that became the theme of the night. As the wine began to flow, the creativity began to tingle in everyone's finger tips, and no encouragement was needed as people got stuck in!

Collage 1

Kicking things off to a soulful start Roots and Fruits' own chef Sam sang a set of sweet serenade, which had yelpers swaying and swooning as the first treats were handed out; a divine platter of home made vegetble pakoras and crisps to balance the sweetness with the savoury! As those were munched away the sounds of Sam's songs filtered through the intimate space creating a divine lull as folk began crafting their wordy magic on the tables.

Collage 2

After the set yelpers enjoyed a brief mingle before the main course of treats descended from the kitchen above, courtesy of the wonderful chef Lizzie P. An array of Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse Cake, Lemon And Ginger Cheesecake and Boozy Yorkshire Curd Tart were laid out for yelpers to queue up and gorge upon in this most fabulous dessert tasting session. As Tim M described, 'my favourite was the boozy Yorkshire curd. It was boozy, it was sticky, it was bliss on a plate,' and it was soon established as a firm favourite with the plate being practically licked clean!

Collage 3

As folk re-seated themselves for the next session of sounds the poetry play continued, ready for the finalé of the evening: a little competition amongst everyone for the top spot on the poetry slot! Without introduction, Tessa Smith began to lull everyone into a state of enchantment with her soulful singing and sensuous songs, the hush and tranquility washing over everyone. Glasses were refilled and recharged, love hearts were nibbled and quiet giggles were audible as her beautiful voice bathed everyone in a jazzy romantic trance.

Collage 4

And for the piste de resistance there came the final showdown: the poetry slam of all slams, a small poetry competition for one final bit of sweetness – a whole load of chocolatey goodness! Yelpers took it in turns to read out their craftings, as the laughter, joy and ridiculousness filled the room. It turns out that everyone was on top form, being funny, cool (and useful, in the loosest possible sense!) with their wordplay and every table got involved and got creative.

Collage 5

As Tori W put, 'each table read out their poetry at the end and some people's verses were really profound! It put our silly poem to shame, but we were deliciously tummy-stuffed and too relaxed to care by that point!' After all the mirth it was universally decided that everyone deserved a bit of chocolate, so the last treats were handed out, as those too joyous to go home moved on to Sela Bar for some post-Elite event celebration! What. A. Night!

Collage 6

A huge thanks to Roots and Fruits, Sam, Lizzie, Malti and Jaggi for their music, hospitality, hosting and heavenly treats, Tessa Smith and Taz for their beautiful set of sounds and Matthew Kitchen for his fabulous photography - you can see the night in full on the official Flickr! For more gossip, direct from the yelpers' mouths, check out the reviews already flying in!

Ollaf=ge 7

And I'll see you next time, for more stimulating shenanigans on the Yelp side.
Rowena H, Leeds Community Manager (and sweet eater!)

  Picnik collage

February 17, 2011

Yelp Cincinnati Has A Hollywood Affair

Posted by Alex Shebar

The bright spotlight shined on Cincinnati as yelpers put on their best star shades, punched out a paparazzi and got the VIP treatment. California had nothing on The Queen City as Yelp’s Hollywood Affair was in full swing.

Literally walking the red carpet (with velvet ropes to match), yelpers entered Below Zero Lounge, a beautiful neon-filled bar in historic Over-the-Rhine. If the wall of alcohol didn’t impress, the mood-lighting, comfortable seats and fantastic artwork certainly did. “The fancy atmosphere at Below Zero was fantastic, from the red couches, to the gorgeous bathroom sinks, to the festive disco balls,” Cynthia A beamed. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.


The night began with a VJ rocking out behind his booth, mixing in clips of movies, music videos, comedy shorts and more across the lounge’s TVs and screens. This was all taken up a notch when the bar premiered its new green screen technology. People sat in front of a camera, recorded some lines from a famous film and then were placed into that movie! It was movie karaoke. Yelpers debuted in films like The Godfather, Animal House, Rocky, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and more … and they were all met with rave reviews from the critics.


Of course, being a big Hollywood star works up an appetite, and we made sure guests ate nothing but the best. Cincinnati Cooks whipped up tray after tray of delicious item, including stuffed mushrooms with crab, BBQ sliders, Spanakopita and southwest rolls. This was all finished with delicious vegan gelato from Phro*Zen. Yes, you heard us right, vegan ice cream. What can we say? One of the perks of being famous is getting to try the best. 

This was topped off with amazing wine and a specialty cocktail from Below Zero – the Yelp on the Rocks, a mix of pomegranate juice, vodka and other delicious things. As Jessalynn S pointed out, “the space was fantastic and I *loved* the pomegranate cocktail” We did too!

As an added feature to the night, Yelpers also got to know one another with a classic mystery party game. We’ll let Donielle W explain: “They gave us a card to stick to our foreheads with the name of a famous actor on it. We had to mingle and get clues to guess who the person was. It was really fun/interesting/funny.” We thought so too.


Yelpers ended the night with photographs, smiles and yelp treats in popcorn bags. Some even walked away with fantastic raffle prizes, including movies like “Twister” and “Milo and Otis” (the most adorable film ever made.)

But don’t just take our word on the night’s awesomeness, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographer extraordinaire Anna Penny on the Official Yelp Flickr page!

See you in Hollywood


Alex S, Yelp Cincy Community Manager

February 16, 2011

We don't need no stinkin' Valentines...

Posted by peter d.

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.55.45 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.54.25 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.58.29 PM

...Because Brooklyn Yelp made a love connection with Le Comptoir last night! It may have been freezing, but NYC yelpers warmed up quickly on Grand Street during the the fantastic French fête at the charming, cozy restaurant.

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.56.14 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.57.59 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.52.48 PM

DJ Taktik kicked the event off by spinning sultry songs as guests sampled scrumptious seasonal cuisine from Chef Sebastien's market-driven menu. The gougères alone were decadently delicious, but the kitchen kept the feast flowing with not only beets and bacon, but also bread pudding brulee, wild mushroom risotto, butternut squash veloute and TWO kinds of tartare, steak and tuna!

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.58.55 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 4.01.05 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.55.07 PM

Sustainability wasn't just confined to the menu, the best of Brooklyn Yelp sipped on complimentary cocktails made with FAIR, the world's first fair-trade certified vodka. This smooth French spirit is made from the South American small cereal also known as "mother of all grains," quinoa. All we know, is that it tasted mothereffin' awesome in the Fair.Y and Et Voila, the cocktails of the evening.

  Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.54.34 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 4.01.30 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.57.18 PM

A huge thank you goes out to Adrien, Sebastien and the rest of the Le Comptoir staff for welcoming the Yelp Elite with open arms. Whether or not you made it out, be sure to check out the pictures and the reviews!

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.53.50 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.55.58 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 3.57.36 PM Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 4.03.52 PM

Peter D and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team

February 14, 2011

Yelp DC Makes You Sweat With Soca In Paradise!

Posted by Tara Lewis

DC yelpers know how to eat. DC yelpers know how to drink. But did you know that DC yelpers know how to shake lies from their hips, pop it like Pringles and then bring it down low?

Last Thursday, members of the DC Elite Squad were lucky enough to have the studios of Jordin's Paradise all to themselves for Socacize - the only workout in Canada and the U.S. with soca cardio jam, wind & tone, and a groovy stretch that is set to music fit for Carnival in Trinidad.

Decked in hip bangles and festive floral necklaces yelpers danced, screamed, moaned, grimaced and laughed while they broke a sweat and learned a few new dynamic soca dance moves, thanks to Jordin's Paradise soca dance instructor, Neki.

After burning nearly 1,000 calories during the 60 minute workout, yelpers were invited to hang out in the studios to gain back all of those calories with massive burritos, tortilla chips, salsa and salad courtesy of California Tortilla. As delicious as the food was, it may have been the first time in Yelp DC history that yelpers took their time eating.


A special thank you once again to Jordin's Paradise for making us work so hard while having so much fun that we all slept like babies at night and woke up sore enough to act like babies in the morning. Also, thanks  to California Tortilla (Chinatown) for hooking us up with come delicious food, which went perfectly with our post workout glow. Special shout out to Keon D, resident Elite soca king as well as our photographer for the evening. You can check out more buzz on the event here!

Until next time, keep feeling the burn...

Tara L 

February 13, 2011

Yelp's Euro Fling

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

The new 2011 Yelp Elite Squad kicked off another year of splendor at Flora & Muse. With a patisserie and flower shop on one side, a modern bistro to the other, and a posh bar connected to the quaint patio, Flora & Muse offers a simple and novel take on European cuisine and culture.


Upon entry, Lady Elites were greeted with long-stem roses, and all were embraced by the sounds of 4-piece soul, funk and jazz band, Redline Funk. Chef David Luna and his talented team presented an enticing variety of light bites: Chicken Skewers, Zucchini Fritter Bites, Pear and Gorgonzola Flatbread, Wild Mushroom Flatbread, Mini Chicken Goureges, Mini Paninis and French Macaroons ...along with Flora & Muse Signature Sangria.


If you missed the European fling, catch all the raving reviews and photos.

See You On Yelp,


Farrah A

February 12, 2011

Twin Cities Elites at Yelp's Kiss & Makeup Party

Posted by Annie D

A balmy February evening proved Kirstie Alley right—Minnesota women are indeed drop-dead gorgeous. How do we know? Well... just see for yourself! On Friday, the ladies of the Elite Squad ditched their fellas and got dolled up at Yelp's Kiss & Makeup party.

The lucky girls were treated to push 'n' polish manicures, false lashes  and airbrush foundation from the pros at Smart & Chic, a brand new beauty destination officially opening on Wednesday in Northeast Minneapolis. They specializes in positively glamorous hair and makeup. Owner Julie was a welcoming hostess and even offered guests 10% off her unique merchandise. Every Wednesday through Saturday from 5–9 p.m. (prime gettin'-ready-to-go-out time!), happy hour brings discounted blowouts, champagne and more at this sophisticated shop.

Kiss4 Julie

Sweets Bakeshop spoiled everyone with a half-dozen varieties of mini cupcakes in flavors like spicy chocolate, dreamsicle and thyme-honey-walnut. Sweets has been sugaring up St. Paul for a while now, but opened their South Minneapolis baking outpost only days ago! Now we can get our salted caramel macaron fix on both sides of the river.

Cupcakes Kiss3 Honey 

Speaking of sweet, Kristy Lynn (who has to be the coolest beekeeper ever) paid us a visit with two creamy varieties of her local, bicycle-delivered honey. The Beez Kneez is accepting orders now, and what could make a better gift for the locavores in your life?!

Cheese Wine
Sure, the invitation said no boys allowed, but there were two very important gentleman at this event. Cheesemonger (and all-around bad-ass) Ken Liss from Lake Wine & Spirits indulged the gals with samples of sharp manchego and other treats from the Lyn-Lake cheese shop. Lake Wine & Spirits recently opened as a one-stop shop for spirits, local beer (including build-your-own-six-packs), gourmet cheeses and fine wines, including the Chilean varieties that Dale Peterson was serving up.

From Dale, yelpers got a tasty introduction to YALI wines (part of Viña Ventisquero). The Merlot Rosé, Carmenere and Sauvignon Blanc from Chile made perfect pairings with the cheeses. Yelpers also learned that YALI commits a portion of its profits to the wetlands of central Chile. Kudos to good causes AND to Ken and Dale for charming a crowd of hungry and thirsty women!

Kiss Dress
The Kiss & Makeup party had its own good cause as well. We encouraged everyone to clean out their jewelry boxes, comb through their old accessories and bring them for a swap, hosted by two lovely volunteers from Dress For Success. Dress for Success is a local non-profit that helps economically disadvantaged women re-enter the work force. Yelpers signed up to learn more about volunteer opportunities and the unclaimed swap items (i.e. piles and piles of accessories) were donated to Dress For Success.

 We have Katie Workinger and Lindsey Holmes of Point & Blog to thank for the beautiful photos (more on Flickr) and I want to give a special nod to Liz W. for helping out! 

A great big hand to all of our generous sponsors for coming together to create such a wonderful party. Be sure to check out the reviews of the event on Yelp or write one if you were there!

Annie D.

Twin Cities Community Manager


February 11, 2011

Portland Had A Blast At The Bossanova Ballroom Bash!

Posted by Don Bourassa

It's been a couple of days yet since the Bossanova Ballroom Bash II on Tuesday, Feb 8th 2011, and the Yelp Community is no doubt still buzzing about Portland Yelp's biggest event to date! From the copious amounts of drinks to the insane spread of local food to the salacious Elite entertainment, this year's bash was definitely one for the record books as close to 700 people came down to East Burnside to party!

Kyle When the doors opened at 6pm for the Yelp Elite and Media VIP Hour, there was already a line of eager faces led by Chris E, Chris L and their dashing, dolled-up dates. No sooner did the vintage-ballroom-wear-bedecked crowd mount the Bossanova Ballroom's entry stairway were they met with a bar loaded for bear with mini-Manhattans from Maker's Mark, frosty Total Domination and Renewale from Ninkasi Brewing, and fan favorite red and white blends from Bear Flag Wines! With two bars in effect (one on the main floor, and another upstairs in the mezzanine) and a special tasting area for Maker's Mark 46, the drinks were flowing like bathtub gin at a 1920's speakeasy! And for those more attuned to temperance, Honest Tea's tasty treats kept those lips lubricated.

Smiles With drinks in hand Yelpers made tracks over to the main floor to sample the wares from a slew of tasty food vendors including The Heathman Restaurant and Bar, Mayahuel Catering, Pine State Biscuits, Irving Street Kitchen and Salty's on the Columbia! From award-winning chowder to tasty biscuits to fantastic Mexican food, the variety was stunning and the food didn't stop flowing all night. And those who preferred to get their snack on dipped into the generous baskets of PopChips or snagged a KIND bar from the roving KIND bar guy.

Well fed and nicely abuzz, Portland's Elite were treated to a special surprise show by the ladies from the Rose City School of Burlesque! The fine Holly Dai, Tana The Tattooed Lady and Charlotte Truce got the temperature in the Ballroom up a few notches with their deliciously devlish dances. It would have taken  a truckload of pasties to cover up the surprise on the faces of the awed Elites.

AnnaGlamazon As the clock struck 7 pm, the Yelp crowds entered en-masse and enjoyed mixing and mingling and meeting folks for the first time as DJ Saltfeend kept the funky beats bumping along. The party people took advantage of the fun wide-angle excitement of the Fauxtobooth from Continuum Photography as they grabbed props and grouped up to get their photos taken. Once the line formed it didn't die down all night!

Of course food and drink are never enough for our fair Yelpers, right? We can't let anyone leave empty handed! At around 8 pm Yelpers were treated to a fantastic raffle that included prizes from the Happy Hour Guidebook, Zipcar ($100 credit and a year's membership!), Big Sip Oregon, Salty's and more! And two unique prizes, a light-up Last Supper and a Yelpicorn Triptych, were highly sought after as well. Needless to say, there were plenty of happy winners in the house.

Oldies There's no question that three hours of partying, playing pool, enjoying drinks, dancing to beats, snapping wacky fisheye photos and eating fantastic food was enough to tire anyone out. Thanks to the Jupiter Hotel, anyone who wanted to head next door to keep the party raging was invited over at a great discount! For the rest of the crowd, it was onward out into the wilds of inner-SE Portland to continue the debauchery.

All in all, this was not only the biggest Yelp event Portland has ever seen, but it was likely the most epic as well. Don't believe me? Check out the reviews (maybe add your own?) and Fauxtobooth photos!

Group Special thanks are due to Ronald; Brandon and Phil from Bossanova; Morgan from Ninkasi; Cody from Maker's Mark; Josh from Continuum; Heather from Bear Flag; the fine folks from Pine State, Irving Street Kitchen, Mayahuel Catering, Salty's and the Heathman Restaurant; the PopChips and KIND companies; Cindy from HH Guidebook, Becca from Zipcar, Shannon from Scene Marketing and the Jupiter (and Rindi too!); the sexy burlesque ladies; and all of my production crew: Vivek, Ben, Cyndi, Katy, Tiffany, Crystal, Ruggy, Monica, Abby, Alex, Wendy, Jessica and Brittany! And of course my gorgeous raffle assistant Hilary! And a huge thanks goes out to the Yelp Community, without whom none of this would be possible. You make it all worth while.

Until next time, SYOY!

--Don "Bashmaster" B.

February 09, 2011

NYC Elite Go Mad For The Empire Room

Amid blustering winds and bone-chilling temperatures yesterday, Yelp Elites endured and even reveled in the early Manhattan evening thanks to a little trick I like to call "time travel." Yes, you hear me right. We turned the clock back to the days when a two-martini lunch was for lightweights and a ride home on the subway cost $0.15. The result? Some seriously sizzlin' ladies and gents ready to mix and mingle at the gorgeously luxe Empire Room in a style likened to Mad Men of yore.

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.31.08 PM  Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.27.58 PM  Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.34.02 PM
Makers Mark started things off right with a triple threat complimentary cocktail selection: Brown Sugar Old Fashioneds, Morello Cherry Manhattans and a perfect Whiskey Sour. Cleansing the palate with fresh, bubbling pep Original Sin Pear and Apple hard cider was served out in a jiff along with passed wine for the mingling masses.

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.33.49 PM Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.31.32 PM Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.30.43 PM Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.31.54 PM Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.30.12 PM

There would be no fête without some foodie fare! The Empire Room treated us to a collection of belt-busting treats like wild mushroom and truffled risotto, panko-crusted chicken satay and Tuscan bruschetta.

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.29.33 PM Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 9.15.56 PM  Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.30.59 PM

It wasn't hard to spot the Joans, Bettys and Don Drapers of the bunch as cameras flashed. In the back of the room, couples and quadruplets queued and winked as NYC Photo Party took shots against a green screen backdrop - quite a scene! Photos from the event can be downloaded for free at their website and clicking on the Event Photos tab.  Gallery password NJPHOTO (all caps).

Submit your copy (aka review) of the event right here, chime in on the Talk thread here and scope out the photos here.

See ya later, alligator (on Yelp!)

- Jane K

Yelp Manhattan Community Manager

February 08, 2011

A Columbus Elite Event For The Books

Posted by Christina C.

Columbus Elites took a trip down memory lane for the latest Elite party… back to those awkward school years for One For The Books at Mojoe Lounge. Melanie B just “loved the vibe – kinda nerdy, kinda sultry - you know, perfect!


Yelpers stuffed their faces with scrumptious (and seemingly endless) foods that included a crudite platter, spicy mini meatballs, chicken tortilla soup, banh mi bites, black bean burger sliders, and delicious fried chicken that were all so tasty, they were raving about it for days! Truly "a sea of plenty," exclaims Lisa S. Meanwhile, it was the superb service from the MoJoe staff that Liz M just had to mention: "Everything was fresh, quickly replenished, and empty plates were graciously taken away.”

Not only were yelpers impressed by the service and the food, but also by the exceptional cocktails featuring spirits from new local distillery,  Watershed! The Espresso Martini kept me up for hours! And lest we not forget the full-bodied brews from Rockmill Brewery that included favorites like the Saison and the Dubbel. Lisa S was “blown away” by the caliber the drinks!


To obtain drink tickets, Elites had to partake in some favorite old-school games like Scrabble and giant Jenga. Kudos to Viv L who felt like “a super stud for owning” at these nostalgic games. There were even prizes given out to yelpers who filled out Yelp Libs napkins! 

Donned in bow ties, suspenders, and black rimmed glasses, Yelpers let their nerdiness shine at the awkward yearbook photo wall.



A colorful duo entertained the masses throughout the night by playing requests for their favorite tunes that got yelpers like Heather G. movin’ and groovin’: “I couldn't help but dance and sing along.”

I know a lot of you are itching to see your awkward yearbook photo, so check out the Flickr page for your new profile pic! 

Did you attend but haven't written a review? Go ahead! I'd love your feedback.

I think it's safe to say that this Elite event was indeed, One For The Books! 


See ya's soon!

Christina C

Christina C.

** Special thanks to Kristin A – the almost OSU grad, one of my awesome interns and event scribe that helped compose this blog post!

February 04, 2011

Three Cheers For Yelp Las Vegas!

Posted by Misti Yang

Earlier this week, 100 yelpers suited up, painted their faces and braved the rather chilly Vegas weather to prove that Yelp's Got Spirit! The team huddled at Born And Raised, an upscale tavern (seriously, they have the swankiest chairs...we wish our living room were this cool and had as many HD TVs), and tailgated on Classic All Beef Sliders, Le Croque Sliders, Meatball Sliders, Sweet Chili and Classic Buffalo Wings, Arancini Bites, Nacho Bites and Brownie Bombs! (Plus one very special vegan platter...Big cheers to talented and considerate Chef John!)


And, yes, the imbibable spirits were flowing too thanks to Sailor Jerry and Blue Moon. The MVP beverage of the evening required real team work from all the beverages: Blue Moon, Orange Juice and Sailor Jerry, aka The OJ.

At halftime, the top 5 best dressed competed in a cheer off to be crowned (or rather footballed) the biggest fan of the evening. The winner walked away with a full-sized pig skin, while the runner ups scored a pee-wee edition and a Nerf ball.


Plus, a few lucky competitors earned a signature Yelp jersey, tickets to MegaGate's Big Game Day Party, or a 6-month membership to Las Vegas's soon to be opened luxury gym The Power Plant!


All in all it might not have won a Super Bowl ring (yet), but you can read the play-by-play, aka reviews, right here, check out all the sporting shots from Juma Photo on Flickr, and get in on the commentary on the Official Talk Thread.

Kicking Off!

Misti Y

Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager

(In case you don't know, that's me in the football head, #23.)

Ladies (and Laddies) Who Brunch — Yelp Chicago-style

Posted by Johnny Todd

Baby, it's cold outside. No, really. It's freezing. What better way to stave off sub-zero temps than with a hearty brunch? So, on a brisk Saturday afternoon, 120 invited Yelp Chicago Elites made their way to Edgewater gem Uncommon Ground for Yelp's Uncommonly Tasty Brunch. They had no idea what a treat they were in for.

5413931866_d2bcb61f43_b 5413935772_b08760f087_b 5413942996_0d5af386e3_b 5413950088_1c660e44c9_b

Not only is Uncommon Ground a leader in green, local and sustainable business, they make a mean... EVERYTHING. And, they were eager to show off their culinary prowess by tantalizing lucky guests with a private, sit-down brunch. The menu: challah french toast adorned with apple jam, toasted nuts & cinnamon honey butter, a winter scramble, the best potato latkes you have ever tasted, chilaquiles, and seasonal sausages (chorizo, maple and chicken). If you're salivating, you should be. The portions were large and the service was family-style, so everyone was assured of getting plenty to fill their bellies for the winter hibernation.

5413323279_f1e21c3647_b 5413326499_a8d33c6172_o 5413329917_7a99beb442_b 5413956944_0dbbe51446_b

Even though it was early in the day, that didn't stop this brunch battalion from enjoying some potent potables courtesy of the geniuses of Uncommon Ground and Rain Vodka. It wouldn't be brunch without Bloody Marys but these weren't your run-of-the-mill drinks. These tall drinks of (not water) were made with organic vodka that had been infused with flavor for a [it's a secret] amount of time. The result? A spicy tomato treat that went down all too easily. Teetotalers weren't left in the cold; they enjoyed glass after glass of freshly-squeezed OJ and cup after cup of delicious Metropolis coffee.

5413323963_4c3102e5bc_b 5413932512_f67862b8c3_b 5413333881_a2e60b505a_b 5413945208_987ca25e0e_b

Invited Elites sat down at the large wood tables in the order in which they arrived. This unorthodox way of arranging a dinner party allowed members to get to know one another, share a meal and forge friendships. The ease of the meal was made possible by the top-notch service guests experienced. The waitstaff at Uncommon Ground made Elites want for nothing and impressed with everything. The loud volume from all the conversations was proof enough that, above all else, Yelp is a community filled with people who are passionate about sharing their favorite local businesses. If you missed out, don't be sad! Check out the Elizabeth Olwig's pictures here and the reviews here.

5413323045_02fbf28c5c_b 5413340033_8a8797813b_b 5413343979_1bed1aeddf_b 5413344497_eef0b0afa9_b

Looking for more latkes,

Johnny T

February 02, 2011

Yelp OC Had A Big, Fat Hawaiian Wedding!

Posted by Hazel Q

Orange County yelpers put on their best wedding crashing shoes and invaded the yelpiest wedding reception OC has seen. Okay, so there wasn't a bride or a groom, but that doesn't mean we can't still have a party, right? Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach was our lovely host for the evening, and made sure no yelper left thirsty or unfed.Picnik collage1Don's Hidden Village was home to our banquet for the night, that's right there's more to Don's than meets the eye - event spaces galore in this place! When yelpers weren't sipping on signature Mai Tais from Cruzan Rum, they were sampling tasty tray-passed pupus. (No, not that. Pupus!) And, of course, nobody would show up to a wedding empty-handed, that's why Yelpers put their generosity toward a good cause and donated wishlist items and $500 in cashola to SPIN (Serving People In Need).Picnik collage2Yelpers weren't the only ones who dressed up for a wedding, the place was decked out in its best wedding decor - from snazzy and sparkling wedding tables, enourmous centerpieces, and luxurious fabric - they had it all. That's before even mentioning the more than abundant buffet spread, complete with carving station, salmon, Hawaiian spaghetti, pulled pork, and much, much more.And what's a wedding party without a cake... or cupcakes, in this case. Sweet Embellishments provided these delish treats in every flavor from taro to pink lemonade!Picnik collage3Elegant Photography, along with Yelp OC's resident shutterbug, Albert E made sure no moment went undocumented. Check out Yelp's Flickr for all of the evidence, and even more photos and reviews on Yelp!

Until next time... Mahalo!

Hazel Q


Yelp Atlanta's Masquerade!

Not rain, nor sleet, nor a snowpocalypse can keep Yelp Atlanta down. After postponing the Masquerade twice due to weather, the scene was finally set on January 31st for 500 yelpers to don their masks for a fabulous fête that helped kick off 2011 right. Everyone converged at Le Fais Do Do, a sweeping event space on the west side of town and a fantastic time was had by all. 

Collage masquerade

Yelp-loved restaurants from around the city came out to provide bites to the crowd. From SIP at Riverside's pork tacos, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches by Three Sheets, sinful slices from Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint, cod fritters by Meehan's Public House Downtown, Thrive's Sushi, to Desta's authentic Ethiopian eats, yelpers had a bevy of morsels to chose from. And everyone's sweet tooths were covered by treats from Cecilia's Bakeshop, The Melting Pot, High Road Craft Ice Cream and Sorbet, ThePopShop, Tank Goodness, and Bear Maker Bakery

Masquerade collageMasquerade collage 2

As the night wore on, the dancefloor lit up thanks to the incredible tunes spun by DJ Dibiase. The creative cocktails provided by Kraken Rum and Remy V didn't hurt, either. Luckily Boxed Water is Better was also on hand to hydrate everyone properly. While most of us were confined to keeping our two feet on the ground, The Imperial OPA Circus took to the skies with a trapeze dangling over us all, in addition to fire breathing, unicycling, and an arsenal of other antics. Folks could get a break from the dance floor with chair massages and a little reprieve from Bliss Spa Downtown

Picnik collage

In order to remember the fun times and document all of the gorgeous costumes and masks, Mike Cooke and Jason Fuchs snapped hundreds of photos throughout the event. Also on hand was OMG Booth, with a properly outfitted photobooth complete with yelpy sayings and plenty of snark. You can see all of Mike and Jason's photos here and all of the OMG Booth antics here

  Photobooth collage

You can't party properly without a great cause, and Yelpers were sure to support a local charity, Atlanta Bully Rescue. Over $750 was raised toward their mission of rescuing and rehabilitating stray and owner surrendered bully breed canines in the Atlanta area and finding them new stable and loving forever homes.

Picnik collage 2

Be sure to check out all of the reviews of the party here, and write one yourself if you were there! Thanks to all of our fantastic sponsors and attendees: hope to see y'all again at the next one! 


Kathleen M 

Yelp Chicagoland Elites Smash It Up!

Posted by Jelena Z

Just as Snowpocalypse 2011 started blowing through the suburbs, Yelp Elites made the trip with gusto to Chicagoland's first SmashBurger location for the Smash Social! The VIP experience began with tray after tray of signature smashburgers (both the Windy City and Sin City burgers were featured) in addition to smashsalads, smashfries, smashchicken and even fried pickles and veggie frites.

166313_10150096148663201_508173200_6207929_8364458_n 166803_10150096149093201_508173200_6207955_7438473_n
167152_10150096148868201_508173200_6207939_3488436_n 166369_10150096148943201_508173200_6207944_2070496_n

As Elites filled up on sensational savories, they also sampled Haagen-Daaz milkshakes. Naturally, the Chicago-inspired Green River in a bottle was a huge hit! For those more interested in adult bevvies, the choices were plentiful with local Goose Island beers, Anheuser-Busch products and Barefoot wines.

165350_10150096148713201_508173200_6207931_6015052_n 166869_10150096148908201_508173200_6207942_7340362_n
167784_10150096148893201_508173200_6207941_1536424_n 179048_10150096149308201_508173200_6207967_520109_n

A few especially brave souls got busy in the SmashBurger kitchen by smashing up and banging out burgers alongside the grill-savvy SmashBurger staffers. Candice G didn't mind dirtying up her hands, commenting "just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't mean I can't slip into the kitchen, slap on a rubber glove, and SMASH out some meat every now an again." Well done, C!

167270_10150096149483201_508173200_6207978_6704831_n 168788_10150096149548201_508173200_6207982_7590420_n
167559_10150096149578201_508173200_6207984_2671351_n 179290_10150096149603201_508173200_6207985_6601475_n

A special thanks to the SmashBurger staff for truly going the extra mile and making us feel so welcome in your home, and to Elite yelper Andres D for lending his extraordinary photography prowess. Check out his photos here, and feel free to review the event here!

'Til next time... stay warm and SYOY!

Jelena Z

February 01, 2011

Yelp Triangle (Lucky) Strikes Again!

Posted by Christina Gates

Durham is home to Lucky Strike cigarettes -- Sterling Cooper's important account -- so naturally, there's no better city to play host to a Mad Men-themed Elite Event! On Sunday evening, Six Plates -- a locally revered wine lounge serving innovative small plates paired with swanky-chic ambiance -- welcomed Triangle Elites and set the tone. Yelpers came dressed to the nines in era-appropriate attire: pearls, pumps, and skinny ties abounded! And as Nikki K notes, "Six Plates is the perfect venue -- with its rich colors, plush seating, and bar tables strewn about." 

Mm8 Mm13Mm11 Mm4

Even the owner and our fabululously fun wine sponsors sported stuff for the occasion. When he wasn't channeling Don Draper dapper, Matty kept the wine flowing and the hors d'œuvres coming! From blueberry and white chocolate scones to pulled bbq chicken confit topped with local queso fresco, the light bites were outstanding. Sums Stacy B, "The food was delish! Jon and I can't wait to come back and sit down for a real meal!"

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Mad Housewife Wine provided creamy, fruit-filled Chardonnay and Cabernet that smacked of cherries, mint, and mocha. Betty -- the Mad Housewife herself -- and the Lucky Strikes Man were the superb hosts you'd expect... working the crowd and ensuring everyone's glass was topped off.

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A huge thank you to our generous and glamourous sponsors! Matty, Kari, and Dean -- in the words of Paige T, "Thanks for putting on a genuinely classy event, on par to one I think Don Draper would have tipped his hat to!"

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Christina G