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January 02, 2011

The 2010 Boston Elite Yelpy Awards, Now in Technicolor™

Posted by Damien S

The hills may be alive with the sound of music, but on on a breezy Wednesday night in Boston's Downtown Crossing, the streets buzzed with Yelpy chatter. A year of impressions and a month of peer voting boiled down to this night, when nine Boston Elites were presented with awards for their impact to the Yelp community at large. More than 250 Elites and guests dressed to the eights and joined us at Petit Robert Central, where they walked the red carpet, signed autographs for adoring fans and addressed the demands of the paparazzi.

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After being met with a flute of LaMarca prosecco, guests mingled with old friends and met anew. Specialty cocktails like the Yelpellini, the Central Mule, the Winter Pear and the Elite married Massachusetts' own Hammer + Sickle vodka with the sweet tastes of prosecco, Lillet and peach or pear Merlet.

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As anticipations rose, the kitchen at PRC passed scrumptious bites of beef wellington, shrimp and scallop pastries, pate, chicken cordon bleu balls (yes, really) and Stacy A's fave: ratatouille rangoon. "I've never heard of 'em, never even thought of 'em, and my world was slightly rocked because of them."

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Official DJ to the stars KC Hallet spun smooth jazz and ambient mixes until the moment came to present the coveted Yelpy Awards! And the winners are:

Most Useful: Dawn E                          Funniest: Sarah D                           Coolest: Walter G

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Most Rockin' UYEs: Kat V           Biggest Foodie: Amanda L       King of Controversy: Craig C

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Strongest Liver: Johnna M        Best Compliments: Laura K     Lifetime Achievement: Melissa M

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Each winner went home with a gift pack that included: a Viking or Spartan knit cap from Short Army, a pair of fingerless Yelp Life gloves, a month's supply of popchips and the unofficial statuette, a lazer-engraved Yelp red mug from Mission Trophy. In addition, Melissa M was bestowed the special Lifetime Achievement prize, a fully customized Yelp Shake Weight.

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The reviews are still rolling in, the photos are up thanks to Kara S and Winnie M and the new year has begun. Who will be on the ballot for the third annual Yelpy Awards? That, my friends, is up to you. Happy yelping in 2011!

The Guy in the Tie-


Damien S


Jeremy K

Well done Damien, it was a blast!

Krys A

Fabulous blog Damien! I couldn't have summed it up better myself. It was a great night and everyone looked amazing. Congrats to all the winners!

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