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January 30, 2011

Yelp Philly Cuts a Rug!

Posted by Michelle C

After 15" of snow blanketed the Philadelphia region mid-week, Philly elites and their guests were itching to venture out and get loose by Friday. Fortunately, Southwestern Bites & Tequila Flights at Kokopelli Restaurant & Tequila Bar provided just what the doctor ordered!

 _ELS4119 copy_ELS4212 copy_ELS4407 copy

Snacks including delicious plantain chips with a trio of guacamole and salsas and much-raved-about bison sliders kept bellies happy. Yuengling Lager, margaritas and blood orange martinis that Jared G "would gladly suffer the emasculated appearance of sipping a cocktail out of a chick glass" for were all generously provided by Kokopelli.

_ELS4108 copy _ELS4116 copy _ELS4161 copy

Fueled by good eats and drinks, DJ Adam upped the ante by spinning old school hits that got yelpers' feet moving. A dance party for the ages commenced and a Soul Train Line that would've made Don Cornelius proud took shape. Erika Letitia captured the evidence:

_ELS4504 copy_ELS4535 copy_ELS4542 copy_ELS4551 copy

Yelpers are talking and many plan to revisit Kokopelli soon for dinner or more dancing. Many, many thanks go out to all of the super gracious, hard-working staff who made sure Yelp Elites and their guests enjoyed a night to remember. Special thanks also to the lovely Jane K who was on hand to assist!

Wishing you "love, peace and soul,"

Michelle C

_ELS4524 copy

January 29, 2011

Yelp Gets Swanky at Soleil

Posted by kelly stocker

The theme of the night? "Whaaaa? How long has this been out here? It's amaaaazing!" Yelpers gaped at all the gorgeous new construction out Lake Travis way as they pulled up in their fab R&R Limo Bus. Soleil is an absolutely inspired restaurant, coastal chic with an incredible view of the lake during sunset. Big ups to Crave Communications for hooking us up with this gem. Artiste Monica O paints a picture: "Soleil, nestled between the Oasis and Uncle Billy's, is a perfect setting for a party. The word 'swank' pretty much nails the description – with a clean, metallic hammer and a shiny, silver nail."

  Collage 3






Yelpers ooohed and aaaahed their way to the Azure Lounge where they were greeted Grey Goose cocktails mixed by the good folks from What Will They Do Next? marketing. Do the math with Jack "Mr Smidgens" C: "We made our way to the Grey Goose set up. I listened and then i made my Peartini Mr. Smidgens style! You say count to 3 on the Grey Goose...I say count to 5!" Uncle Billy's amazing local brew was on three taps, leaving elites with a really tough decision: Double fist or double fist? 

Collage 2






Of course, that would leave no hands for eating the delicious nibbles. Fresh oysters on the half shell, hangar steak, gulf crab with creamy avocado sauce and wood fired pizzas were circulated by the incredible staff. Elites greedily grabbed bites while deep in conversation about custom Yelp table topics. John R yelps between mouthfuls: "I'm pretty in love with the appetizers that came out. My favorites being the pizza (oh god, the pizza!), the hangar steak bites, and the spicy meatballs with mozzarella and basil. The food will definitely lure me back to Soleil." Of course Jonathan Garza posed and snapped all their chesire cat grins and sassy outfits.

Collage 1





Leah R sums it up: "It was AWESOME! A BUS to bring us there, the swanked out photobooth, make your own grey goose drinks, Billy's brew, delicious little bites, roses and ties, and a fancy pants fabulous space!"

Sounds like we pulled another one off here, deep in the heart of Texas!


Kelly S



January 28, 2011

Honolulu Elites Get Hairy at Pablo's Cantina!

On a cool and breezy, beautiful night this week, 120 Honolulu Yelp Elites rang in a new year of elitedom by donning mustaches, goatees, uni-brows and more in celebration of The Revenge of Senior Mustachio at Pablo's Cantina!

Yelp-PablosCantina-2370 Yelp-PablosCantina-2395 Yelp-PablosCantina-2417 Yelp-PablosCantina-2423

Yelpers layered on the hair in both the usual (upper lip, lower chins) and unusual (underarms, backs, shirts, fingers) spots in between sipping on tasty margaritas and house draft beers. All the while the amazing staff at Pablo's Cantina served up chicken flautas, cheese enchiladas, chili wings, mini Mexican pizzas, chips with fresh salsa, desserts, and more to munch on! Justin U chimed in that this was a "mustache party turned unibrow/sideburn/cheekhair/forehead hair/forearm patch party!"

Yelp-PablosCantina-2432 Yelp-PablosCantina-2442 Yelp-PablosCantina-2443 Yelp-PablosCantina-2446

As Leimalani F put it, "Mustaches bring out the best in people!!! (and you know who you are you hilarious Yelpsters!!!)" We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Yelp-PablosCantina-2527 Yelp-PablosCantina-2521 Yelp-PablosCantina-2514 Yelp-PablosCantina-2504

Did you miss out on the epic fiesta? Read the mucho bueno party reviews, peep in on Talk, & check out the muy caliente event photos taken by Augusto DeCastro!  

Until next time,

Aloha and SYOY! (See You On Yelp)

Tiffany N


Orlando Elites Luxuriated In A Yelpy Blissful Bash!

Posted by Colleen Burns

Orlando Elites headed to Blissful Lotus Romance Boutique, one of the only romance boutiques in Florida, this week to get our sexy on way early before Valentine's Day... We wanted to be trend setters!

Even though some had reservations about attending an event somewhere that hosts erotic kissing classes, as soon as they stepped in the door and met husband and wife owners, Stacey and Sean, all concern was washed away. We broke the ice with a hands-on game titled "Booty Call!" Yes, there was tush grabbing involved and certificates for personal classes were awarded. The gentlemen were happy and the ladies were giggly; score!


We enjoyed Tarot Readings from Divine Inspiration...The resident Love & Romance Tarot Reader, Ms. Addy Rivera "Queen of Hearts. She gave divine insight into the best romance prospects for yelper, or, how to deepen the relationship they were in.

Delicious treats from Chocolate Provocateur, a dessert and food enthusiast who believes that creating dessert and food is ART,  were devoured. Ella herself stopped in to join the fun. To help us wash all this sweet stuff down, the smartwater was flowin' along with some delicious chocolate wine!

We also learned about the upcoming celebration of Central Florida arts and culture that takes place for 10 days over four counties: ArtsFest. All shows are free but don't become available to the public until Febuary 1st so some yelpers were lucky enough to get spots first to some very exciting shows.

Snapping away during the lovely evening was our very own Elite yelper: Kelley S. She tooks some phenomenal pics of the great items Blissful carries as well as all the fun we were all having. Check them out here. Huge thanks!


If you attended and would like to share your exerience, do it here and those who missed the sexy fun, read about what you could have enjoyed!

Until next time...SYOY!

-Colleen B


Glasgow Elites Go Wild @ De Courcy's Arcade

Posted by Chris Docherty

On a brisk Scottish evening in Glasgow's boho West End, Glasgow's Elites got into the 1950's vibe at De Courcy's Arcade for a night of Yelp-like shenanigans... that word again? Shenanigans. Can you say pizza, wine, poerty, music, chat and natter? Good, we shall begin!

Picnik1 collage

Picnik2 collage
With all six stores open for business, yelpers were free to mingle, shop, eat, drink or just fill their wee pockets with some awesome Yelp schwaggery. Big thanks go to the store owners at De Courcy's for embracing each lovely wee yelper in open arms; Not Now Cato,The Made In The Shade Maisonette, Aunty M's Cake Lounge, Miss Lottie Lou, Mind The Gap and Just... For You... Take a bow folks, take a bow. 

Picnik3 collage

Picnik4 collage
With some excellent cupcakes on offer from De Courcy's very own Aunty M's Cake Lounge, as well as a fantastic array of stupidly amazing pizza from the lovely folks at Scrummy Yummy Pizza Co (a more fitting name we cannot think of), yelpers could be heard nom-ing themselves stupid within a three mile radius.

Picnik5 collage
And hey, what's a feast if you've nothing to wash it down withe eh? Well what better to whet the whistle than a fantastic red/white combo from OneGlass wine, all the way from Italy. Served in cute biodegradable pouches, these little gems were the talk of the night... now where did those spare ones go?

Picnik6 collage
Bellies full and lips turning red (fae the wine obviously!), the merry mob were serenaded throughout the eve with some wonderously hip tunes from The MeatMen and a wee 'aye' in the direction of The Bard in the form of a couple of readings from the beautiful Kirsty Jane... A Red Red Rose? For sure doll, for sure! Chase that up, down and round the bend with a cheer of 'slanj' as a cheery yelpy crowd wipes a tear from their collective eye and downs a wonderful wee tipple of Inverarity Blend, provided by the lads from Inverarity One To One.

Picnik7 collage
Picnik9 collage
Big shout out again to all that came along, especially to Kirsty, Claire and Jordan for their excellent assistance on the night. Thank you all and let's look forward to the next.

Picnikend collage

Cheers from me... and Pablo.







January 27, 2011

Providence's First EVER Elite Event: The ZipZappy SlapHappy Hour!

Posted by Briana

The Providence Elite Squad may be small, but, as was demonstrated this past Tuesday evening, they are certainly mighty! Not knowing quite what to expect out of a Yelp Elite Event, a ballsy collective of twenty or so Elites came out with their plus-ones to The Salon in Downcity Providence thinking they would nervously sip drinks and nibble on crackers while darting uncomfortable glances at each other. Little did they and their guests know, this pahtay of fifty would soon become THE place to be in the P-V-D!

Zappy 1

With the gentle nudgings of Yelpita Margaritas with Milagro Silver Tequila, Yelpy Temples with Stoli Vodka, and Blue Moon Beer (all courtesy of RI Distributing), the ice was broken and conversation flowed. Bass filled the space courtesy of The Get Lively Experiment, his selections unabashedly declaring his split love affair with eighties rock and house beats. With booze and their bellies and mashed-up songs in their hearts, partygoers snacked on lamb and buffalo kofte, curried meatballs, and poblano quesadillas crafted by World's Fare Chef Chris Oliveri.

Zappy 2

The highlight of the night: two sets from The Extraordinary Rendition Band, who Marco D swears "raised the energy of the party to fanatic levels." Their brass and drum covers of electronic pop songs turned ass-kickingly acoustic got the roof sufficiently raised!

Zappy 3

Huge shout out to Stephanie Ewens for making The ZipZappy SlapHappy Hour look even MORE fun with her killer photography! Big ups to Ethan, all-awesome owner of The Salon, who took a risk and opened his doors to the still blooming Yelp Community in Providence. Read the reviews: they're already planning on going back to The Salon for more!

ZippityZapped and SlappilyHapped,


Briana M, Providence Community Manager

Boston Welcomes 2011 Elites, Says Goodbye to Chillax!

Posted by Damien S

Record snowfall, burst pipes and flooded kitchens couldn't keep away scores of newly badged Elites from a night of hot jazz, cold sippers and southern-fried delights at Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen.

A members-only affair, Boston's best left the SO's at home and BFF's behind to mix and mingle with other yelpers of the '11 squad. Dim lighting and soothing sounds from Elevation Theory set the tone for a laid back evening, replete with masterfully crafted Bulldog Gin cocktails – the gingery Mule and a juniper spin on the greyhound kissed with blood orange bitters. And for the barley faithful, Sam Adams provided eight varieties of their award-winning brew, from Blackberry Witbier to Noble Pils.

5389875568_afc2d2832b_m 5389875394_aa2230e216_m 5389271463_6b03058dc1_m

5389872260_c4539913b3_m 5389270385_7c74fcfbfb_m

Morning floods and blown-off valve handles didn't stop Darryl's kitchen from providing the goods. Platter after finger-licking platter of crispy fried chicken, catfish fingers with remoulade, miniature crab cakes, beet salad and pulled pork sliders with vinegar slaw made for extended moments of silence. And the poultry two ways? Dorise G "never eats chicken wings on a first date for a reason - zero restraint. Country fried or peach chili, you couldn't lose."

   5389266667_be3381140e_m     5389266523_b95501d712_m

5389267247_57e0f86f7d_m 5389870362_185e847390_m 5389267335_630e96edeb_m

We also took a few minutes and tipped a few 40s to the lexicon's losers of yesteryear: chillax, totes, redonkulous, smoosh and literally will no longer be found in Boston's reviews. Find Valhalla, o vexed verbal villains!

5389270605_23414767ef_m 5389874346_776868a53e_m 5389871824_14686be791_m

An extra-special thanks to the staff at Darryl's for keeping their cool and hosting one hell of an event in the wake of a winter freeze disaster. The plethora of five star reviews, along with grateful attendees on Talk, carry the same sentiment and Tatsu says it with pictures. See you come February!

Professor Plum. In Darryl's. With a Bull Hound (two cherries)-


Damien S.

January 26, 2011

Calgary Elites Kick Off '11 With The Ultimate Veg Out

Posted by Wendy

On an unusually warm January evening in the cozy latter half of Higher Ground, a crowd of curious Elites and guests gathered for C-Town’s first ever Yelp Elite Party. With savoury snacks on hand, brewskies and shots, live music, a photo booth and cupcake decorating, yelpers mixed and mingled for some IRL face-to-face time.

Donning street clothes, pajama pants–even bathrobes–yelpers came prepared for The Ultimate Veg Out. From veggies and dips to cups of grains and greens and even dessert, this groovy lot of guys and gals relished some quality vegetarian feature food. Yelpers lucked out with this extra special spread, vegan-type eats usually make an appearance every Wednesday during a 3-course Global Vegetarian Night at the cafe.

Aside from the healthy and wholesome snacks (and sugary ones too), Yelpers imbibed on beer from Steam Whistle, coffee and liqueur and–the real belle of the beverage ball–amaretto/earl grey tea shots. Yum!


Local musician Jocelyn Alice added extra funk and flavour to the night with live tunes for the acoustically inclined. Following the set, Yelpers delighted at the vegan cupcakes brought out for decorating. Overheard from Carrie P: "The cupcake decorating–seriously.... how fun was that!" Where else are you going to decorate cupcakes and drink beer?


Victor P “had a blast in the photo booth” with garden-themed props and yelpers alike. With tools in hand (like a rake and a pitch fork), it wasn't surprising that almost everyone posed as "the man and woman in that painting, you know!" We do know–American Gothic! With fellow yelper Lonnie T hanging out behind the camera, portraits were in safe hands.



For a yelper-by-yelper take on the party, check out the party reviews or have a bou at the photos. See you at the next event!


Wendy P
Community Manager
Yelp Calgary

January 25, 2011

Carrie Brownstein Talks to Yelp About Portlandia!

Posted by Don Bourassa

They say that the dream of the 90's is alive in Portland, and nobody embodies that ephemeral dream better that Carrie Brownstein, co-star of IFC's new show Portlandia. With our fair city's rep on the line, I decided to sit down with Carrie to find out where she really hangs in PDX, the perfect gift for Lorne Michaels, and why Yelp is so cool!

Don B: Carrie! You’re the hometown hero in IFC’s new show Portlandia! How long have you lived in Portland?

Carrie B: This will be my 11th year in Portland, and I have lived in the Pacific NW my whole life, so I’m definitely a northwesterner.

DB: Which sector of Portland is the best? NW, N, NE, SE, SW? Why?

CB: I think right now it’s a tie between N and NE Portland.

DB: Why is that?

CB: I live in NE Portland, so I love my neighborhood and I like the walks I can go on there. I love the way N Portland has changed in the last couple of years. You have Mississippi Ave and Williams and there are these amazing restaurants and stores that have cropped up over there. And of course Portland, with it’s great public transportation, has sent the max line along Interstate and all of a sudden it’s like we have reached out to N Portland and it feels like a great place to be.

DB: Alright, so what are your favorite restaurants and hangouts up there in North-Northeast Portland?

CB: I love this restaurant called Tasty n’ Sons. The people that run this restaurant, Toro Bravo, which is a tapas place on Russell, opened a tapas-style breakfast place called Tasty n Sons. It’s amazing food. It’s the best way to eat breakfast, because when you go with a group of friends and… instead of getting this one heavy dish and then you look around and you regret that you ordered eggs and someone else got pancakes or French toast, you just get these amazingly delicious small plates inspired from southern-style American cooking to Moroccan flavors. And all the dishes are just thoughtful and rich, but not overbearing. There’s a line around the block every time you go there which is a little annoying but that’s the price you pay in Portland for all the great food.

Also Burnside has been recreated, and there’s a great new store called Haunt. It’s a local designer Holly Stalder. She is just an amazing designer that’s been in Portland for 15 or so years. There are also some local jewelry makers and a hat maker that reside in there as well. And there’s a store right there called Stand up Comedy that’s real great. It’s a clothing store.

I love Screen Door, which is also on Burnside, and I love ¿Por Que No?, which is on Mississippi. There’s a great food cart almost anywhere in Portland. But there is definitely a handful. There’s this great egg… breakfast sandwich food cart [The Big Egg] in North Portland as well. I could go on and on. Portland is crazy with food right now.

DB: You just rattled off at least 4 of the restaurants that are on Yelp’s Top-10 for this year, so I think you picked well. I love all of those restaurants. Okay so you have to send Lorne Michaels a thank-you gift for producing the show. You want it to be totally “Portland.” Where do you buy it? What is it?

CB: The obvious thing would be to get him some coffee, and Stumptown is obviously the preeminent brand here in Portland, but I think I would send him a basket of coffee from the various local roasters. I would include Ristretto, and I would include Coava, which I believe is on Grand in Portland. So I’d give him a whole basket so he could decide for himself. But also just to show off the fact that Portland boasts not one but a handful of great coffee roasters and they all have a unique philosophy and flavor and variety. There’s also Courier coffee too. I would just overwhelm him with coffee, I think.

DB: Good call. I’m drinking a cup of Courier coffee right now and it’s delicious.

CB: Yeah that place is SO good.

DB: You’re in a new band – Wild Flag. What’s your favorite venue to play music in Portland, and why?  

CB: Doug Fir is my favorite venue. Sadly Portland is losing a couple of historic venues like Berbati’s Pan is closing and Satyricon is closed [ed. – Both are now closed], but in terms of a great space that has good sound which, ultimately, that’s not just important to the band, but that’s important to the audience too - to be able to go to a venue that actually knows how to design the space for music.  And I think Doug Fir on Burnside is the right size. It’s always nice to see a band in a fairly intimate sized venue that’s not too cramped and not too big it’s just a nice room and it has the restaurant upstairs and a good bar. It might be my favorite place.

DB: And it’s my favorite place to see a show too! Ok. Can you name any real-life influences for your skits in Portlandia? Are there any specific businesses that are so off the charts that they just had to be parodied?

CB: What’s interesting is that I think it’s hard to go anywhere in Portland without… I think all of us that live there, we share a sense of how precious and special that this place is, but that we all know that there’s something a little bit silly about it. I was in Courier Coffee the other day and they know that it’s amazing that they deliver their coffee beans by bike, but they’re also aware that it might seem silly to other people. So I can’t say that there’s a singular person or business.

I think it’s just from growing up in the north west and there’s that same kind of… I mean, it’s just a self awareness we all have and we’re all grateful for the good fortune of living in a place like Portland but we’re all trying to do a good job and do well, but we all get really hung up on how to do well, and sometimes it’s stifling. So we’re skewering, or exploring, that kind of internal conflict between wanting to do good but not knowing how to do good all the time.

There’s no one that’s a target in Portland because we’re all those people. Even like a fixed-gear bike guy that Fred plays. When I ride my bike or when anyone rides their bike, there’s part of you that wants to be noticed for doing something awesome, so all of us have this fixie-bike-guy in the middle of our heads. Ha! So there’s no-one in particular I think it’s many of us, and more just dealing with underlying traits that exist in these sort of progressive, idealistic communities.

DB: I totally get it. Ok, when you have friends visit from out of town, where do you take them to truly experience the essence of Portland? So they just really “get it’?

CB: The first thing you do is take them to get coffee (as we discussed above). Then you take them to Powell’s. You take them to Jackpot Records and then you go to a food cart and get a great meal. Or sometimes you go out Sandy and get some great Vietnamese food.

There’s this great store downtown called Tender Loving Empire. You go to one of those stores that are kind of an amalgamation of Portland crafts. Tender Loving Empire does this great job of curating a lot of goods by local artisans. I think when you go to a place like that it shows off all of the ways that Portland celebrates itself and… it also doubles as a music label and a record store. I like these hybrid things like these new record store/bars that are opening up. I think there’s one on Killingsworth [Record Room] and there’s one on Belmont [Hall of Records]. You try to go to a place like that or maybe catch a movie at a brewpub like the Laurelhurst Theater.

You know people are always amazed at the cheap fun you can have in Portland, and that you can fill your day all over the city. That every neighborhood somehow feels special, and everyone’s really friendly. Sometimes I think you just take someone to a grocery store like New Seasons and that freaks them out and they get really excited and jealous. It’s so easy to impress people with Portland it’s almost embarrassing. Just a couple of hours in Portland and people start looking at cost of living and trying to figure out if they could relocate their whole life and move here.

DB: I’ve experienced that numerous times. It’s awesome. It makes you feel good to live in Portland. Ok, so this one’s going to go back... The ThunderAnt Katchenza piece - since I work for Yelp this piece kind of hit home a bit. What was your inspiration?

CB: First of all, we wanted to do something where we were in a kitchen, at a restaurant. And there’s that kind of self-righteousness or defiance that a lot of local businesses or restaurants have, where you’re trying to be so specific or so original that it can almost be alienating. People stop understanding what the food is about. Luckily for Portland it means that there’s also a lot of good restaurants and good food.

What I love about websites that rely on user commentary and user ratings is the sense of self-importance that a reviewer gets, and how there’s this little burst of instant fame you get... But at the same time I love reading [the reviews]. I have Yelp on my iPhone as an app. That kind of feedback is what lives on. A restaurant review comes out in a traditional paper or maybe on a blog, but it’s the restaurant reviews [on Yelp] that maintain the fluidity and that’s what you check back to see.

It’s so funny how it’s not just about the food. People really respond to how they’re treated by the wait staff, or how long it took to find parking, or what the person next to them smelled like (‘oh they were wearing too much perfume’). There are all these really elaborate things that affect these dining experiences, and that’s what’s cool about Yelp or Chowhound or the other blogs that tell you about a place… because that’s how people experience the restaurant. It’s not just what you ate. It’s what happens from the moment you walked in until you left.

DB: And finally, Portlandia is only 6-episodes long. What’s are you going to do next that shows off our fair city?

CB: Hopefully it will be another season of Portlandia. We have to wait a couple of weeks before IFC decides to green light another season or not, but we’re hoping it happens. And we’re really looking forward to working with the people of Portland again. It was nearly 100% local crew, we shot in about 68 different locations all in Portland, and a lot of the actors (except for the big guest stars) were all Portland cast & crew. There’s plenty more to explore in Portland via the odd and weird world of Portlandia.

DB: Awesome! I hope it happens too! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Carrie!

CB: No problem, thank you!

--Don Bourasssa - Portland Community Manager - Yelp.com

Denver Elites Indulge in Broga!

Posted by Laura Levaas

Does beer + yoga = half the guilt or just a great way to limber up your lotus pose? The jury's still out on that one, but Denver elites were treated to a night of free yoga, tasty healthy snacks (and some sugary ones), and a little hoppy goodness to celebrate Yelp Kicks Butt month at Breathe Yoga + Cycling Studio Saturday night.

5387048448_c8f381a6bd 5387045728_8760b22554_z 5386435729_8aed9a536a

About 60 elites noshed on fresh fruits and veggies with flavorful dips, puff pastry sandwiches and cheese and crackers from SAME Cafe, mini Yelp cupcakes from Mulberries Cake Shop, three different brews from Deschutes Brewery and wines from Big House, plus a multitude of Honest Tea flavors. Justin Keltch Photography did some serious shooting throughout the evening, and elites ditched their shoes and imbibed in a bit of guided yoga, watched acro yoga demos, and even burned some calories on the bikes.

5387050620_949ede6718_z 5387035068_b221bf413f_z 5387042218_78e9090786_z Beer

Missed the event? Want to know more? Check out the reviews and photo gallery.

Until next time, we'll SYOY!


Laura L

Denver Yelp Community Manager

Yelpers Go Go Godzilla Over Ozumo!

Posted by Monica

On a temprate and star-lit Sunday night, East Bay elites streemed into Oakland's highly touted Ozumo for the first Yelp Elite Event of 2011! Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto! was more epic than a Godzilla invasion over Tokyo. Dressed in Mr. Miyagi headbands, school girl pigtails, animated belt buckles and fuzzy headgear, over 150 of East Bay's finest eagerly lined up at the sushi bar for a Japanese pop culture party.

To get the night started with a POW!, Skyy Vodka and Suntory Yamazaki whiskey (yes, the same stuff that Bill Murry promotes in Lost in Translation) whipped up some Asian-inspired cocktails, such as the Giddy Geisha and Tora Boushi. Ian P grew particularly smitten: "
Two words: Tora Boushi... that drink made me want to yell Bonsai! and other crazy things. Ozumo concocted a fantastic cocktail with 12 year Yamazaki whiskey.  I'd had this whiskey straight before but would have never imagined it could make such a delicious cocktail." Shortly after, Ozumo brought out plate after plate of sushi rolls, orange ginger chicken and edamame for guests to destroy. Meanwhile, Steadfast Screenprinting wowed the crowd with their custom t-shirt designs, made right in front of everyone. They were so cool, in fact, that some Elites took the shirt off their own backs to have a souvenir tee.

Not to be outdone, master artist Won-ju Hulse provided hands-on origami lessons to those interested in making paper hearts, frogs, picture frames or decorative pins! And because all Japanese pop culture revolves around cute, fuzzy creatures, it was only fitting that Hopalong Animal Rescue was the beneficiary non-profit for this month's event.  Ozumo 1

Don't forget to check out the fab 5-star reviews here and the official photos on Flickr!

Until February!

Monica S


Paris Elite Event Chez Soya: Veg It Up !

Posted by Elodie



Hier soir chez Soya, au 20 rue de la Pierre Levée, l’ambiance était tamisée, bio et délicieusement végétarienne... Dans le chaleureux décor rustique-chic du restaurant de Christel Dhuit, les 70 invités se sont réunis autour de la découverte de délicieux amuses bouches 100% veggie, en s’interrompant quelques instants pour siroter un vin nature sélectionné par la cave Les Babines. Attirée par la lumière des bougies de Soya, la Brigade d’Elite parisienne a tout de suite été séduite par l’atmosphère chaleureuse et presque familiale de l’endroit. Fred D dit même de “ce lieu sobre aux poutres apparentes et aux grandes tables en bois que c’est à ça qu’il aimerait que son appartement ressemble “.
Untitled A l’abri du froid, dans cette lumière tamisée les convives se sont réchauffés avec un vin blanc de Guillou Broux et un Morgon Jean Paul Thévenet. Des vins 100% nature pour accompagner les petits mets élaborés spécialement pour l’occasion par les Chefs de Soya: une soupe gingembre, lait de coco, lentilles corail à se damner, de petites verrines de légumes potiron, betterave, cajou ou écrasé de pomme de terre, un hoummous gourmand et un délicieux mélange au haricot rouge et au sésame.
Conclu par un brownie “au coeur fondant et un financier amande noisettes absolument exceptionnel, au gout de nutella” selon Eloi M, le diner a epoustoufflé tout le monde, et a balayé les a priori sur la cuisine végétarienne!
Soya Au creux de l’hiver, c’était donc une douce et gourmande soirée chez Soya, et la communauté y a vu de nombreux nouveaux visages comme des anciens! Christine G a même eu l”’impression de devenir une habituée “ et s’est ravie de retrouver ses acolytes Elite. 
Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici Pour plus de photos, jetez un coup d’oeil à notre page Flickr

A bientôt nos Yelpeurs Parisiens,
Zeva B & Elodie F
Paris Community Managers 

-------------------------- Soya3

Yesterday evening at Soya the atmosphere was all about dimmed lights, organic wines and delicious vegetarian food... In the rustic and chic decor of Christel Dhuit’s restaurant the 70 guests gathered to have a taste of some fantastic veggie bites along with organic wine selected by the wine cellar Les Babines.
Under the soft, shimmering light of Soya’s candle lit tables the Parisian Elite Squad fell instantly in love with the warm, communal atmosphere of the place. “The exposed beams and large wooden tables are exactly what I picture for my future apartment!,” says Fred D of the cozy setting. 
Soya5Escaping the cold winter night outside, guests warmed themselves up with some wine (a spicy red Morgon from Jean Paul Thévenet and a delicious white from Guillou Broux) before tucking into the bite-size dishes prepared by Soya’s chefs especially for the occasion.  The pink-lentil coconut soup was the first to seduce the crowd, followed by layered vegetable verrines,  red bean-and-sesame hummus and savory quiches served straight out of the oven.
The service ended on a sweet note with “outstanding almond-nut brownies that tasted like nutella,” says Eloi M, who like the rest of the guests was shocked by how delicious vegetarian food could be! Soya4
In addition to the yummy delicacies the dinner was the perfect opportunity for Yelp.fr’s new and veteran members to meet face-to-face, like regulars! Christine G was particularly happy " to meet once again her partners in crime and feel like a real Elite!"

Read what party-goers have to say about the festivities by reading the reviews here. For more fabulous images of the evening, don't miss our Flickr page.

Zeva B & Elodie F
Paris Community Managers IMG_4311


Tucson Elites Say SCREW IT!

Close to 90 yelpers decided to let their hair down and throw caution to the wind at Tucson's first Elite Event of 2011: Screw Your Resolutions at Acacia!

These guys said "screw it" in style, dressed to impress in super swanky party attire, to celebrate the grand re-opening of one of Tucson's most well known restaurants. After only a week in their new digs, world famous chef Albert Hall and his staff pulled out all the stops to help Yelp Tucson re-ring in the New Year!

Carol Katrina Bar Jackie

Sonoran hot dogs, pretzels with cheese dip, spicy shrimp and beef chiquitas, were washed down by servings of red and white wine, domestic beers, and a scarlett margarita with blood orange puree. Folks mixed and mingled while playing "Get Screwed" a game in which they had to find a fellow yelper wearing the opposite name-tag of theirs displaying "anti" resolutions.

Amanda Yelpers Jennifer D

Glamour and action shots were snapped by Dan Stein Photography, and the evening concluded with a count down and champagne toast at 11:59! Huge thank you to Albert Hall and his wife Lila, the incredible bartenders, cocktailers and food runners who kept attendees yelping "YUM" and to Dan the man for capturing great pics of the party people. Congrats to Jennifer D who took home two tix from Arizona Theatre Company for being the snazziest dressed yelper! For more recaps check out the reviews, and keep an eye out for Dan's shots to be posted soon!

I love chef albert Arlene and Shannon Photo gooth 

Happy Elite 2011 y'all!


Corey D

Tucson Community Manager

January 24, 2011

Yelp Cooks in Minneapolis!

Posted by Annie D

For the first-ever Yelp Cooks event, Minneapolis yelpers were treated to a night of culinary curiosity and boozeology that will be hard to top. Kitchen in the Market, Death’s Door Spirits and Grass Roots Gourmet collaborated on every aspect of the event and focused on ingredients that can be purchased inside the Midtown Global Market!


As yelpers arrived, they were greeted by a countertop full of empty martini glasses… which John Kinder of Death’s Door Spirits quickly filled with a scrumptious kumquat cocktail. And once all the guests had arrived, Grass Roots Gourmet got things going with a tasty cheese course. The store’s owner, Vicki Potts led yelpers through an fun, accessible tasting of creamy Camembert, cumin-laced Gouda and others from her curated collection of all-local cheese. Her store is located in the Midtown Global Market and specializes in regionally sourced groceries like meat, dairy, jam, honey and more.

Grassroots Cooks2

Next, John and Death’s Door Spirits were back on deck to walk through the lost art of punch-making. Death’s Door is a Wisconsin-based distillery known for its gin, vodka and white whisky, as well as its commitment to all things local and sustainable.

Yelpers learned that a perfect punch should strike a balance on the taste buds with five ingredients. For his delicious demo, John even shared some of his personal serving tips—I know my freezer will be stocked with frozen water balloons come party time! Recipes at the bottom of this post!

Deaths Deaths2

Finally, Tracy Morgan and Molly Herrmann of Kitchen in the Market led these foodies in a hands-on cooking activity. Kitchen in the Market’s recently expanded space is a multi-use kitchen for local chefs, caterers and more. Yelp Cooks was the very first of many cooking classes and demos to be offered in this new location.

A smiling Molly Hermann (also of Tastebud Tart) demonstrated and assisted as yelpers made their own Minnesota-inspired spring rolls, made with tea and spice-rubbed pork, blackened tofu, real wild rice, Brussels sprout slaw and cilantro. Everyone cleaned their plates in record time—and recipes for the spring rolls and dipping sauces can be found here if you’re hungry!

Yelpcooks Crudite

After wrapping their rolls, yelpers retired from the countertops to the seating area to chomp on their creations and chat (mostly about how fantastic everything tasted). In mere minutes, they had also devoured the crudite platters waiting on the tables. Who knew veggies dunked in Death’s Door Vodka and smoked sea salt would be so life-changing?!

Thanks to the lovely Katie Workinger of Point & Blog for snapping pictures and to everyone who attended. Check out the photos on Flickr and the reviews on Yelp to see more. This was truly one of my favorite events ever, ever, ever—and Yelp Cooks II is already in the works!

SYOY (See you on Yelp),
Annie D.

Yelp Twin Cities Community Manager


Winter Gimlet



2 oz.                       Death’s Door Vodka (or Gin)

¾ oz.                      local maple syrup (e.g., Hustad’s Sugar Bush)

¾ oz.                      lime juice, fresh

2 - 3                        kumquats


GARNISH:            kumquat (1 or 3)


Muddle maple syrup, lime juice and kumquats in bottom of shaker glass.  Add Death’s Door vodka or gin and ice.  Sharply shake and strain into chilled cocktail/martini glass.  Garnish with one or three kumquats.     

Coffee Snobs Unite at Caffe Pascucci

Posted by Jessica T


Caffeine conniesurs were able to get their coffee fix at the Coffee Snobs Unite Yelp Elite Event at Caffe Pascucci two Saturdays ago. Caffe Pascucci is a coffee chain has roots dating back to 1883, and it's since expanded to over 100 locations in 20 countries.  This lovely mellow afternoon event - with delectable sandwiches and rich frothy coffee drinks - was particularly exciting because Caffe Pascucci's new San Francisco location is the first ever store here in the United States!
Winner Sugar Sip

The sun beaming in fine form, yelpers like Melisa C entered Caffe Pascucci's big glass doors and were greeted with "turkey pesto sandwiches,  ham and cheese paninis, tomato soup, and even nutella, banana, and chocolate paninis." In addition to Cafe Pascucci's phenomenal coffee drink menu, Cafe Pascucci also carries an impressive assortment of savory bites, and desserts - inspired and overseen by local culinary figures figures Chad Newton and Frank Klein (Fish & Farm, Postrio, and Redd).

To prepare local baristas for their roles, Pascucci will import its Italian coffee experts from overseas to school staff on Italian coffee culture. Lead barista Eddy Righi,  who recently medaled at the Italian Barista Championship (basically the Oscars of the coffee world) was on hand with a big encouraging smile and a masterful touch, to show yelpers like Katy A - how to make the perfect cup of espresso.  Yelpers like Diana B took turns drawing intricate caramel designs into soft white froth on swoon worthy espressos, in between sampling decadent confusos and yogurt cremes.

Skills Olive Goodiebag

All yelpers not only walked away with a pleasant afternoon coffee buzz, but also were able to leave with an "awesome giveaway bag complete with a 1 cup coffee maker, an espresso cup with saucer, and ~half pound bag of ground coffee."  But it was the massive smiles on botNina L's face and visiting yelper Linda B that truly brightened the dazzling San Francisco day. Nina L was the proud winner of the epic raffle prize - of two Caffe Pascucci drinks a day for a whole year!, and Linda B who came all the way from the South Bay - in her ongoing quest for the "perfect cappuccino" finally found it at the skilled hands of Eddy Righi. 


Yelp Cincinnati's Night in Wine Country

Posted by Alex Shebar


After the holiday nonsense, ringing in the New Year and back-to-work insanity (not to mention a neon-drenched Yelp party), Cincinnati yelpers wanted to just sit back and have a glass of wine. Luckily, we knew just the spot!

Dilly Café in Mariemont was gracious enough to host a beautiful Sunday afternoon into evening Yelp event. This spot is known for its boutique wines and handcrafted beer (as well as delicious beer cheese). “Located in the picturesque community of Mariemont, Dilly Cafe is a nice, laid back departure of some of the downtown hustle and bustle,” Josh O laid down. And it didn’t disappoint in the slightest.


Shutting down most of the grand café for our event, yelpers were treated to glasses of wine and beer from some of Dilly’s best. This includes bottles of Taz Pinot Gris, Beringer Chardonnay, Penfolds Shiraz, WoopWoop Shiraz, Chateau St. Jean Fume Blanc, Chateau Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon and Santa Barbara Pinot Noir. Two exquisite beers were also on tap, the Afligem Noel Winter Ale and The Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Lager. And as an added treat, yelpers also got to try tastings of Bulleit Bourbon, a delicious treat if we ever heard of one.

“This event was a first-of-its-kind for Cincinnati Elites with a wonderful selection of wines and unique beers,” Caroline C toasted, “A great event!”

Of course, the spotlight from the drinks was stolen as soon as the food started to make its way around. Besides Dilly’s famous beer cheese, which flowed like a golden river, and delicious meatballs in a silver dish, servers circulated items like roast beef with horseradish sauce on baked bread, the sweetest and most delicious mini-berry tarts you've ever had and … something else. We feel like we’re missing something else…

FRIED GOAT CHEESE BALLS!!!,” Alexandra K screamed in delight! Ah yeah, how could we forget? Anything else to say about the food, Alex? “It was amazing! Beer cheese, meatballs, fried goat cheese balls, desserts. Delicious! Having the servers pass around food was also nice, as we could stay chatting with everyone. They even passed around the wine and beer!”


A really fantastic light jazz guitar and keyboard combination helped set the mood and bring the night to a new level of class.


Yelpers were also treated to a sneak-peak into owner Chuck’s wine room, where the special bottles are kept. If you’ve ever wanted to see what a wine enthusiast’s hobby really looks like, this was the spot to be.


Even Dilly’s legendary mustached beer master James "Peanut" Kahles made it to the event, top-hat and all, delighting with stories of everything hoppy!

Yelp also worked with the Save The Animals Foundation, who were trading tastings of exquisite wine for wonderful donations! A great cause and a great glass of wine – it can’t be beat.

After this night, we know that Cincy yelpers are finally relaxed enough to take on all the new stresses of 2011!

But don’t just take our word on the night’s awesomeness, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographer extraordinaire Anna Penny on the Official Yelp Flickr page!

Our glass is raised to you!

Alex S, Cincinnati Community Manager

January 23, 2011

Dallas Yelpers Get Super Bowl Trivial!

If there's a better way to celebrate the upcoming big game in Big D, we've not heard of one: Dallas yelpers put on their thinking caps and and their walking shoes to hit three of Henderson Avenue's hottest venues: Victor Tango's, The Old Monk and The Porch. Along the way, we gave out prizes for the wackiest team name (we're looking at you Multiple Scoregasms), highest score went to the Tight Ends, and another prize went to the folks with the funniest wrong answer (a non-sequitur regarding T.O. and whether or not he should have offspring). Capping the madness were sexy cocktails from each venue, and some of the tastiest nibbles happening in town. It was a perfect day for an Elite-style kickoff!

IMG_4769 IMG_4750 IMG_4772
IMG_4887 IMG_4900 IMG_4884 IMG_4877

January 22, 2011

Silicon Valley Yelpers: "Meat" Your New CM!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Over 150 Silicon Valley Elites had the opportunity to "meat" their new CM, Abby S, at Espetus Churrascaria. This Brazialian steak house was the perfect spot for the first event of 2011, as this squad was *hungry* (and thirsty) for a party!

Meat Your CM 3 Meat Your CM 2

As the piano-guitar duo serenaded yelpers with yazz standards (jazz with a soft "j"), Elites feasted on never-ending pyramids of beef. Not to be outdone, the mini cheese breads offered a definite distraction as each pulled apart to reveal a soft, moist doughy (and cheesy) center! Thirsting for more action, yelpers got hip to Fortino Winery and some of their most excellent bottles - the Zin was a stand out hit. Meanwhile, the second liquor sponsor, Leblon Cachaca, brought in a Brazilian barista to hand muddle fresh caipirinhas. Plus, Bebecakes Cupcakery sweetened the deal with mini red velvet and vanilla cupcakes. In between sips and bites, those wacky yelpers got some hotshots thanks to the coolest self-use photobooth ever, partybooths.com. All the while, guests lounged on beautiful white furniture provided by The Stuart Rental Company.

Meat Your CM 6 Meat Your CM 5

Come Meat Your CM 8 Meat Your CM 7  Meat Your CM Elite Event 10 Come Meat Your CM Elite Event 11 Come Meat Your CM 12 Come Meat Your CM Elite Event 13

Dancing below what might have been a full wolf moon, the first SV Elite event of 2011 was a howlin' good time! Read the glowing reviews right here!

Very much what's up, don't you think?

Abby S and the Bay Area Crew

Yelp Detroit's 2011 Karaoke Kick-Off!

Posted by Annette

What is the old adage? Neither snow, nor sleet, nor icy roads can keep a yelper from karaoke? Well, that rang true last Thursday when 30 some elites and their friends braved the cold and slick roads to join Yelp Detroit for the 2011 Karaoke Kick-Off! On this night Elite 2011 gathered at Woodruff’s in Ypsilanti to ring in the new Yelp year, songbird style!

5376876475_d93cd1ca26_z 5376889381_c214da9d79_z 5377495518_f5fdd80465_z 5376899929_a588ae6879_z

Local favorite Beezy’s Cafe provided the fantastic spread of the 4 Ss: sandwiches, soups, salads, and sweets! Goose Island hooked up the 312, Winter White, and Matilda brews that helped keep the crew warm, and all the brave souls who got up to sing received a shot of liquid courage in a Yelp shot glass as they got up to rock our socks off.

5376876161_c142ce2c3f_z 5377471288_f6ed17dbef_z
5377483842_4b313941fa_z 5377473496_9ecb7502c9_z

Pat Benatar, Blondie, The Darkness, The Fugees were all represented by our talented bunch. The cheer table provided horns to help root on the fellow elites and friends up on stage (some of which even busted out choreographed dance moves during their numbers!) while Shutterbooth provided a prop filled photobooth so everyone could take home a souvenir of this pitch perfect evening!

5377502856_5210a83f14_z 5377496508_cdacbd2ca5_z5376897125_9fb9815ac0_z 5376894431_872765ab04_z

If you missed out, check out the reviews here and photos here.

Until next time!



Annette J, Community Manager Detroit

January 21, 2011

San Diego's Badge-tastic Ball

Posted by Danny Wurst

We're not talking about a boyscout meeting. Last Wednesday 150 Elite yelpers gathered at R Gang Eatery dressed to impress and wearing their newly earned 2011's. With reds aplenty sprinkled with a few golds representing 5 years of Eliteness...true colors were certainly shown.

Picnik collagejfladjsflk
Along with Trumer Pils and house wines the bartenders served 2 cocktails from their dazzling menu. R's Rum Punch was a refreshing medley of Myers's Platinum Rum, pineapple, mango, and range juices, with a hint of sour peach liqueur, and topped with Sprite followed by the Perfect Storm featuring Kraken Rum, ginger beer and cranberry juice.

  Picnik collage4444
The main highlight of the night was the spread from celebrity chef Rich Sweeney. Providing tray passed comfort creations such as cheddar chive and philly cheese steak tater tots, tempura vegetables, spicy beef skewers, duck confit tostadas, maple glazed bacon donut holes, and marshmellow-Nutella sandwiches the man certainly proved he is one of San Diego's Top Chefs!

Picnik collagechef
If you missed out on this delicious party or want to recap check out the reviews!!

Until next time...

Danny W San Diego Community Manager

Seattle's Elite Squad Gets Rocked!

Posted by Katy

What better way to kick of 2011 than with a rockin' good time? Seattle's 2011 Yelp Elite Squad fought downtown traffic and parking for a chance to get free food, booze, tours and a live show at The Hard Rock Cafe!

Picnik collage

More than 300 guests came dressed up as either their favorite rock/popstars or a version of their inner rock-self. Whether it was an appearance by the White Stripes, Sid Vicious, or Kanye and Taylor Swift, it was a sight to be seen! Spoiling us rotten, the Hard Rock had dozens of servers handing out free and fab servings of garlic fries, Tuppelo chicken tenders, pulled pork sliders and southwest-style taquitos.

Picnik collage

And if that wasn't enough, our 21+ crowd enjoyed a lovely menu of delectible drinks including Manny's Pale Ale, hurricanes, and fancy blue champagne cocktails!

  Picnik collage2

While guests were treated to small private tours of Seattle's most famous rock memorabilia and the super swank rooftop deck with the best views of downtown, Yelp's own Elite member Leonardo H and his band, Smile Brigade brought the house down with a lovely live performance.

Picnik collage1

Throughout the evening raffle prizes were awarded to dozens of guests and as the partied slowed down, every single guest was given a gift of thanks from the Hard Rock for attending the event. Thanking us? No, thank YOU!

For more photos of this fab event check out our Flickr folder! Additional information and reviews of the event can be found here.

Thanks again to the Hard Rock and to Smile Brigade for this 5-star event.

Until next time,


Katy H
Yelp Seattle Community Manager

January 20, 2011

The Notorious Y.E.L.P.

Now here's a little story, we've got to tell about the first party of the year that turned out pretty swell! This Tuesday, 150+ elites joined their homies to pay tribute to the 90s hip-hop era with delicious food and drinks at Bliss/reBAR in Downtown Phoenix.

Blissrebar Group Shot

Yelpers dug into their closets only to enter the party as transformations of themselves in the 90s. Once they recognized each other, elites caught up on life while DJ Decipha from 101.5 Jamz spun old school classics. Even if they didn't come in theme, yelpers had the chance to create their own hip-hop style with spray paint and stencils at the t-shirt station. And let's not forget about the latest schwag to hit the streets; the stylish ray bans that were a perfect match for the theme!


DJ Decipha Spray Painted Shirt

While Banding Hendrix performed artistic magic at the live art station, yelpers snacked on Bliss/reBAR specialties including small chicken skewers, BBQ chicken and cheese comfort crisps, grilled cheese, coconut chicken tender bites and a spoonful of pot roast. They washed down the cuisine with specialty drinks from the bar.

Food Food2

The Notorious Y.E.L.P. wasn't complete without a special live performance by Phoenix's very own hip hop rapper, The Bandit, followed by professional dance moves by B-Boys and a B-girl! The yelpers felt the urban vibe with a backdrop of Downtown Phoenix during the perfect evening of 70-degree weather and took plenty of pictures in front of the backdrop created by Banding Hendrix. Before the night ended, winners of the raffle left with gift certificates to Switch, Fez and Bliss/reBAR, tickets to Paso Roble's Grand Tasting and even the backgdrop Banding Hendrix created!


The Bandit  Banding Hendrix

Sunglasses on yelpers Yelpers in theme Travis B and backdrop

 Special shout-ous go to Bliss/reBAR for hosting, Esoterik Images for capturing the night, Banding Hendrix for adding art to the scene, DJ Decipha and The Bandit for their musical frame of mind, the B-Boys and B-Girl dance crew for showing us what dancing really looks like and for all the yelpers who made it!

Want to see it to believe it? Check out the pictures and reviews of the event!

Peace out homies,

Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager

  West Side

Yelp Cleveland's Tropical Staycation!

Posted by Cara


Cleveland had "a heat wave, a tropical heat wave". That's right! The temps were-a-rising, and it was nothing surprisin' with all the brand new Elites heating things up for the first bash of 2011: Yelp Cleveland's Tropical Staycation!

5371833060_16e65bfba5_o 5371831916_2e84891628_o 5371831558_57c8e33cab_o

About 75 Elites and their guests departed on their mini vaca last night to Dragonfly Lounge and were welcomed by troves of tropical, tourist-y decor and leis! Upon arrival, yelpers shed tons of their gently used winter gear to donate to the less fortunate in our very cold city. It was the perfect way to "warm-up" from the inside out for our hot soiree!

5371832808_e75f20ba36_o 5371227557_f1ee55834d_o 5371222917_b948f9d43f_o

Speaking of warming-up, Dragonfly put out a large spread of various sushi rolls for guests to nosh on all night. Rachel B especially liked that "the tray was never empty" of these perfect, exotic treats. Elites also got to sample a Three Olives Moscow Mule and sipped on complimentary pints of Pyramid Haywire Hefeweizen and Magic Hat #9 all night. We certainly know how to party in C-Town!

5371222449_8296f8fe02_o 5371224979_50f5e59eb0_o 5371224287_f290163c91_o
5371225197_1f78f75332_o 5371226031_22b2c270e1_o 5371832470_14ce7f9099_o

Our wonderful photographer, Jason Augustine, captured lots of shots of our staycation adventure in the tropical photobooth! Guests posed with straw hats, big sunglasses and even arm floaties for the novice swimmers. Better safe than sorry, especially when free drinks are involved! See all the pictures here.

5371221485_79b4aea423_o 5371831826_2190c32147_o 5371827500_ce861e2ecc_o

What about schwag? Cleveland Elites scooped up tons of Yelp goodies including, fingerless gloves, coozies, sweat-bands, yelpstick, bouncy-balls and more! Heck, some lucky guest even ran off with leis, the coveted hula girl center pieces and other tropical decor!

5371832870_4334703e4d_o 5371220951_338af7a9aa_o 5371830550_ed80b8c43d_o

A sincere thanks goes out to all the Elites for going on this tropical staycation with Yelp. Also, Dragonfly Lounge who was gracious enough to host our rowdy bunch with free sushi and Three Olives drinks! Thanks to West Side Catholic Center for taking our winter donations and giving them to the those in need. Jason Augustine for his phenomenal photos and of course, Magic Hat and Pyramid beers for keeping us "warm" once again! Check out all the event reviews here.


Cara L.


Jan Elite Event: Vino & Bites!

Posted by Annie

Yelp Dublin's first Elite Event of 2011 and what an event it was! Tasty vino, scrumptious bites, amazing setting - oh we were treated to a bit of posh alright! Only the best for the Elite Squad!


Ely Bar & Brasserie dazzled our taste buds with a menu that was unique, adventurous and world class, yes Dublin can do world class food! We savoured; scallops with Clonakilty black pudding and cauliflower puree. Beetroot salmon gravadlax (a classic Scandinavian raw salmon dish) served on Guinness brown bread.... Mmm Guinness. Mini Ely burgers and chunky homemade chips.


The Yelpers were given a tour of underground cellars, one area is home to wine valued at €5,000... Thankfully no one hit their bum off them. Ameile our fantastic sommelier for the night, started the tasting with Prosecco, followed by Sepp Moser Von den Terrassen Kremstal Gruner Veltliner 2009 from Austria which is exlusive to Ely Bar & Brasserie. Next we went New World with a New Zealand Sauvigon Blanc. After white came red with an Australian L. Cherubino and we finished with a French Domaine Ollier Taillerfer Faugéres. I assure you everyone was still standing!


Ely Bar & Brasserie tailor all of their wine events to match the tastes and budgets of anyone interested in hosting one - you can host one with or without food, so its really whatever you would like to do! Check out more information on their blog!


What a fantastic way to open up 2011, thank you so much to Ely Bar & Brasserie for having us, Sharon you were terrific in helping Yelp stage this. Write all about it here! Drool over the photos taken by talented photographer Claire Nash here! And gossip like there is no tomorrow about it here!


Till next month, take care & see you on Yelp!
Annie L

Yelp's Tash Bash

Posted by Lizzie G

Rock, roll and a hell of a lot of lip fluff... That's what happened last night as 100 Elites and their guests descended on Aces and Eights dive bar in Tuffnell Park. There was a queue out the door at 7pm as London Elites waited to be adorned in facial hair and sip on Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon.

Tash 1

After many double takes, yelpers recognised each other under their hairy disguises and the night got into full swing. A huge shout-out has to go to the gents who have spent the past few weeks in preparation for this event, growing the real life, genuine article. Tristan J sported a Hulk Hogan-esque homegrown joy, meanwhile Elite Event-virgin Lysh J was rockin' a Charlie Chaplin 'tash.

Tash 3

As the Whiskey Sours started flowing, Il Bacio's chief and oven stoked up some cheesy delights, fresh pizzas for the Elites to chow down on while hanging out at this super cool bar.

Tash 4

A huge shout-out and thank you to Stu and the Aces and Eights staff who were fabulous all evening. Also to the wonderful Phil at Eaux De Vie for the tasty Whiskey Sours made with Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon.

Tash 2

This fully matured Elite event was utterly entertaining and fun. Want more? Follow Aces and Eights on Twitter, Friend them on Facebook, check out all the photos from the very talented Phil Sharp, read the reviews and catch up with all the gossip on Talk.

Until next time...


Lizzie G and the London Crew

Tash 5

January 17, 2011

LA West Elites Give Back At The Beach!

Posted by Christina Y

Taking advantage of a rare January heat wave, LA West Elites flocked to Venice Beach to give back!

Picnik collage 1

They worked in collaboration with LA Works and Heal The Bay to make sure that their beloved Westside shores were spic and span.

Picnik collage 2

Thanks so much to Kwirious Photography for providing the snapshots and to all of our generous Elites for sharing their Saturday mornings.

You can check out the reviews and photos to keep you entertained until next time!

Christina Y - LA West Community Manager

Yelp's New Year New Start Pamper Session @Aqua Preena!

Posted by Rowena Harris

Arriving in their droves on the vaguely rainy day that was Sunday 16th January, the unstoppable yelpers of Leeds splashed into Aqua Preena for this most fabulous klatsch to welcome in the new year: Yelp's New Year New Start Pamper Session!

IMG_9608 IMG_9631


Folks partook of the complimentary wines and juice as the risible event got under way. Whilst everyone formed a schoal of anticipation, the Gara Ruffa fish were prepared for the sumptuous sampling session, and with a palpable amount of excitement and trepidation the first few attendees dove straight in!

IMG_9697 IMG_9747 IMG_9699

Aided by the delightful proprietors Sarah and Sean, and their fabulous shop manager Jamey, folks learned all about the healing properties and pedicure qualities of these delightful fish, as they tickled away at the tootsies of those brave enough to take the first plunge.

IMG_9675 IMG_9679 IMG_9607

Once everyone had arrived, the full on nibbling session began, for both the yelpers and the fish! Those lying in wait for their turn in the tanks began sampling the delights of the buffet and, as Tim M aptly wrote, those whose feet were being feasted by the fish allowed "them to sample the delights of me"! 

IMG_9770 IMG_9771 IMG_9742

As the tide of tastings swept in, wave upon wave of laughter could be heard throughout the shop, creating an almost tangible feeling of rapture. Although a few almost capsised with laughter, no one fell fully overboard, and more giggling was audible than at a Eddie Izzard gig.

IMG_9613 IMG_9635 

Prize moments go to Tim M; the first to champion the furor of putting one's face into the fishtank, which sparked off a series moments where everyone attempted every possible body part (within reason, of course...) and Carla D for her ultimate feet-fish reaction.

IMG_9684 IMG_9683


Whilst folk took turns, making leviathan efforts to remain feet first, the wonderful Amy Pulfer got hands on and gifted those waiting in the shallows with a free sample head, back, shoulders and hand massage. Those lucky enough to have gotten a session with her magic hands literally floated over to the fish for their nibbling, enjoying the lull of their relaxation before being revived.

IMG_9762 IMG_9761 IMG_9702

As the snacking slowed yelpers were treated to a virtuoso vocal performance by the wonderful Terri Shaltiel, who serenaded folk into solace and calm to close the event. As the last few nippers were hooking their fishful bounty, folk swayed and chatted as the gig swept everyone back into a calm.

IMG_9757 IMG_9760 IMG_9758

In one final bestowal of aural pleasure, Jamey the shop manager wowed the remainder of the crowd with his piano skills, as everyone bid farewell until the next exciting installment of Yelp Elite goodness. Those hungry for more joined in the after party CMYE at one of Leeds' coolest bars, distrikt, for a few decent brews before bed.

IMG_9621 IMG_9745 IMG_9690

An incredible thank you goes out to the folk at Aqua Preena, for the fabulous fish festivities and wonderful hosting of this most spectacular event. Muchos gratitude is also bestowed upon Terri Shaltiel for her wonderful set, Amy Pulfer for her magic hands, Matthew Kitchen for his wondrous photography and of course everyone who was in attendance! Oh-what-a-night!

IMG_9688 IMG_9619 IMG_9663

Don't just take my word for it though, as ever you can read all about it here, and see the nitty gritties here! Until next time, I'll see you on the Yelp side. Boom!

Rowena H









"Went along to sample the delights of the Gara Ruffa fish, or to let them sample the delights of me! By the time I'd watched a few people 'take the plunge' I felt ready and offered these friendly and attentive fish a taste of me. I know I got over my squeamishness because I was suddenly wanting to see just how they felt on my hands, my arms, my nose, my lips... common decency prevented me going further, although a bath with the Gara Ruffa would be awesome!" Tim M

"The experience? AMAZING. Incredible. Bizarre at first, but everybody else was going through the same experience so it made it rather comical to start with. 'Think of it as bubbles!' Rowan said. I did, and it felt brill. Occasional stronger 'nibbles' were a nice surprise, amidst an odd yet good feeling. So I put my hands in too..." Stuart C

Yelp's Holiday Hangover

The egg nog is drunk, the ball has dropped, and there's nothing left but crumpled wrapping paper. If you were still pining for presents come the first few days of 2011, you were in luck, as Yelp was the cure for your epic holiday hangover! Spanning the course of five nights last Sunday, January 9th thru Thursday, January 13th at the swanky Payne Mansion in Pacific Heights, Yelp's 6th annual holiday party presented by Skyy Vodka and Widmer certainly had a lil' something for everybody! There was even a lil' something for the dogs - with Wonder Dog Rescue representing at the Payne Mansion all five days. You can learn more about them here!


Kicking off the five night extravaganza, we brushed off our finest duds for a flashback to simpler times. Partnering with Aces Up casino, the Payne Mansion was decked out with craps tables, blackjack tables, poker tables, casino war tables and a plethora of other nifty card games. But that was just the beginning of the party! With live ivory tickling from the "Rockinest Piano Player in the World", DJ Lebowitz (not a DJ, but possibly the most bad ass piano player in the Bay Area), the mood was perfect for an evening that'd make even Daniel Craig envious. Other notable accoutrements included fun flip books from The Laugh Box (a 7 second video, printed and cut into a live action flip book in less than 2 minutes!), complimentary drinks from Skyy Vodka, Wild Turkey, Campari, the Widmer Family of beers, Fiji water for the N/A types, and wine tastings from AP VIN. To soak up all that crunk juice, we also featured complimentary savory bites from The Pub @ Ghirardelli Square and the one and only Ike's Place, as well as some sweet nibbles from from Mission Minis and Sweet Creme Brulee. Phew!

Collage 1


We're a stylish bunch here in SF, so what better way to discover the hottest new threads the city has to offer than with a hip boutique fashion show? We welcomed some of our favorite local retailers Candystore Collective, Cary Lane, Shotwell, Heidi Says, San Franpsycho, and Rich Kid Cool as they featured some of their winter wears in a sweltering fashion show that made us all forget it was in the low 40s just outside the front doors of Payne Mansion. To round out the evening's fashion focused line up, we also featured live art from Pacific Art Collective, on the spot screen printing from the ubiquitous San Franpsycho, stylish updos from the SF Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, as well as sexy beats from DJ Sonny Phono, more flip books from The Laugh Box, Skyy vodka, X-Rated vodka, Glenrothes scotch, Frangelico, Espolon tequila, the Widmer Family of beers, Fiji water, Rock Wall Winery, and more! We also had a gaggle of savory bites from Oola and an encore from Ike's Place, with additional nibbles from Bumzy's Cookies and Coco tutti.

Collage night 2


For night three of the weeklong series (hump day, if you will), we teamed up with the Bay Area's Silent Storm Sound System for a truly unique night of silent disco! It was pretty much the coolest thing on the entire planet. Even more awesome than cats! The Workshop made an appearance with a sewing machine in tow for custom made beer coozies used from recycled fabrics, The Laugh Box was at it again with their truly memorable flip books, Atelier Emmanuel planted sylists from their digs in Union Square to hook the party up with bouffant coiffs while Brad, The Reality Thief wowed the crowd with his bizarre, yet mystifying magic tricks. Like the rest of the week, complimentary cocktails were quite plentiful. Skyy vodka was once again in the house, as was Flor de Cana Rum, Espolon Tequila, the Widmer Family of beers, Fiji water, wine from Long Meadow Ranch Winery, and we even had Midori snow cones! Complimentary savory bites made the rounds as well as from Luna Park and dissident restaurant, EAT Restaurant had pulled pork sliders and seared pork belly for the masses, while the crew from Sweet Constructions and Miz Lynn's Pies ensured everyone left with a lil' something sugary for the drive home.

Collage 2


As you know, there are 7 deadly sins, and we made sure to break every single one of 'em! All 7 Deadly Sins were represented:

Lust (a hot and semi NSFW performance from Red Hots Burlesque).

Sloth (chair massages from Suchada Thai Massage.

Pride (hair and make up from the SF Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology).

Wrath (a chance to arm wrestle a former Baltimore Raven and San Francisco 49er - Brenden Darby).

Greed (a raffle to make it rain, Lil' Wayne style!).

Gluttony (an intense Sugar Bowl Bakery brownie eating competition with competitors Aaron, Angelo, and Jeffrey. Jeffrey won with an impressive 20 brownies in 4:00!).

Envy (a blinged out photo booth courtesy of The Laugh Box).

Each of the 7 Deadly Sins also had a corresponding drink named in their honor with recipes featuring Skyy vodka, X-Rated vodka, Frangelico, Carolans Irish Cream, Wild Turkey and Espolon tequila. For those not hitting the hard stuff, we also had more beer from the Widmer Family, Fiji water, and wine from Mark West Wines. As was standard the entire week, there was also complimentary savory grub from Limon and Indian Bento, as well as complimentary sweet bites from SusieCakes, Landru Chocolates, and The
Tea Room Chocolates

Collage night 4


Then, there was one. On the final night of festivities, we rolling Diddy style in all white attire for a celebration of all things hip hop. Beatboxing and freestyle hip hop emanated as the legendary Bay Area hip hop collective Felonious blew folks away with some of the hyphiest ish around, and the evening also featured hot steps from the Soul Con Dance Company. Suchada was back to hook up relaxing chair and table massages for those weary from a week of partying, The Laugh Box continued their week long residency, DJ Sonny Phono was in the house with a playlist to please any rap junkie, and Skyy, Glenrothes scotch, X-Rated vodka, the Widmer Family of beers, Fiji water, and wine from Winery SF ensured all in attendance were able to attain a tasty, tasty buzz. OH - and we can't forget about more of those frozen Midori snow cone libations. You haven't lived until you've tried one, trust us! And for that final night, complimentary savory treats streamed from Radio Africa & Kitchen, DOSA on Fillmore, and to satisfy that sweet tooth, Cynically Delicious and Gateau et Ganache had samples of their sacchariferous delights. 

Collage night 5

And with that, we bid ado to five nights of glamour and good times! To read reviews of the festivities, click here. Also, check out photos from our pals at SF Station (Night 1, Night 2, Night 4), as well as our own snaps from party photog extraordinaire, Raynie Vratari (Night 1Night 3, Night 4, Night 5). 

Happy Burstday to Yelp St. Louis!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Yelp STL turned the big O-N-E this past Thursday and over 300 community members got together and celebrated at Third Degree Glass Factory! Burstday cake

The event had all kinds of amazing food, including Pi pizza as well as Cha Cha Chow tacos and Cuban sandwiches, straight from the truck. And what kind birthday party is it without sweets? Zettie's served handmade candy and mini cupcakes, Serendipity had their own homemade ice cream and Free Range Cookies offered gluten free baked goods as well as icing shots with a side of biscotti.

It just wouldn't be a Yelp party without delicious drinks, which is why Crispin Cider, Dumante Verdenoce and Rain Organics Vodka were there with boozy offerings. Monster Energy also provided enough caffiene to keep the party bumpin' all night!

DJ Mahf and The Earthworms provided hip hop tunes all evening, Third Degree kept everyone entertained with glass blowing demos and Art Dimensions had live painting for everyone to watch. The Arch Rival Roller Girls also made an appearance on the dance floor. But what really stole the show was Mike's Balloon Creations - alien abduction, anyone? Of course Brea Photography was there to capture all of the fun on film and Party Booths also helped to commemorate the occasion in a fun way.


Cupcakes Candy Ice cream Icing shots

Balloons 2 Yelpers

  4_0_13_18_22_30_111 4_0_13_19_5_59_111 4_0_13_19_36_28_111  4_0_13_19_55_41_111

Friends of Wings, the beneficiary non-profit for the event, raised close to $1000 at the door and got to spread the word about their cause. But by far, the best part of the evening was introducing the St. Louis Community to their new CM, Aimee K. Everyone welcomed her with open arms and is looking forward to getting to know her better.

To read the 5-star reviews of the event and check out all the fun photos, please visit the listing!

Happy Burstday, Yelp STL! Looking forward to everything 2011 has to offer! 
Abby and Aimee 3
Abby and Aimee 4Abby and AimeeAbby and Aimee 2
Abby S and Aimee K

January 16, 2011

Tucson Yelpers Get Schooled @ Eclectic Pizza

With the University of Arizona back in session last week, Yelp did a little schooling of our own Thursday! 25 Tucson yelpers gathered at Eclectic Pizza with pens, paper and protractors (ok not really) for YELP GETS SCHOOLED! This wasn't yo mama's lecture hall. The intimate space served as a perfect backdrop for owners Renee and Steve to talk about what makes their food so...well...ECLECTIC! After attendance, yelpers feasted on a few tasty apps including avocado salad, homemade spinach & artichoke dip w/crostini and hummus tostadas paired with an organic Chardonnay.

EducationII  APP  Education

1st semester teach turned up the heat with a thai curry pizza that made students suspect food voodoo. Coconut curry sauce, free range spicy chicken, onions, peppers and squash had Andrew B feeling fresh for veggies that "maintained integrity after being cooked in the oven." Carol S claims "the curry did some kind of magic to bring out the smooth flavor of the wine." Second semester brought a hometown classic. No really, that's the name of this classic tomato basil and garlic pizza which was served alongside a carbon footprint free Cabernet blend.  After savoring her slice which was "bursting with flavor" Kamryn C "immediately wished" that she could gobble down another piece.

Thai  Pizzas  Pizzaandsalad

What's school without finals, right? How about finals that taste like chocolate? That's how we do it at Yelp. There's no better way to wrap up a fine evening of education than with organic coffee served alongside Steve's homemade chocolate cake and whipped cream. Amanda D a self proclaimed "girl with a great BIG sweet tooth" is already having separation anxiety. "I have a feeling I will crave that cake and need more soon."

          Cake Cakeandkitchen

Luckily Eclectic Pizza is just a car ride away, and tuition is A LOT less expensive than a year at UofA! Huge thanks to our professors and hosts Renee and Steve, our classroom server Angela and to the entire staff! Big shout out to Cody who captured the lesson and posted pics for your review session. Think you need to study some more? Check out the reviews!

ReneeandPro YelpersIII Yelpers Staff

Till next class!


Corey D

Tucson Community Manager

Nashville Elites Crawl At Resolution Revolution!

Posted by Marcia


Courageous and newly minted Nashville Elites scaled here, there, and everywhere on over 12,000 sqaure feet of indoor climbing surface at Climb Nashville this afternoon at Climb Nashville. Anything and everything is possible with the monthly Elite Events and the high energy today is a prelude for an adventurous 2011!


The Climb Nashville crew kept us all safe and sound by being our anchor throughout the event. Elites were able to confidantly climb due to being belayed by only the best! Robin S even admits, "I'm not very athletic, I've never climbed anything higher than a sand dune at the beach..." Fast forward to the end of the evening, "I think I climbed 8 walls and will definitely go back!" Funny how things change, eh?


Ian  Stuart

After manuevering up the wall Frogger-style elites worked up quite the appetite so Fiddlecakes saved the day by carbing everyone up on scrumptious scones, tasty chicken salad cups, satisfying quiche and can we talk about those divine brownies? Sasha T was so smitten that she mentioned that she'll be attending their new second location's grand opening on Tuesday!

Quiche Scones Fiddlecakes Brownies


We all needed a little extra pep in our step so Nashville based Lotus Energy Drink quenched our thirst with antioxidants and provided a boost of energy for both our minds and body! Kristin M was so captivated that she jumped at the chance to snatch up a couple of cans into her pockets on the way out!



The spunky Keeley Reed from Lightning 100's Team Green Adventures came out to play and to also give us the skinny on new and creative ways to spend our free time... outside of yelping of course! If appreciating our environment, meeting other outdoor enthusiasts, and finding the inspiration to engage in a healthier lifestyle is up your alley, Team Green is your posse. David G didn't hide his enthusiasm when he scored the coveted door prize: A one year membership! Some guys have all the luck!

TeamGreen  Lightning

  David G
If you weren't able to get your climb on at this event, get ready for what else in the pipeline by checking out the different types of events will be popping up! Read all the real experiences that your fellow yelpers had on the event page & if you were inspired enough to attend, it's review time!






Charlotte Elites Detox The Holidays

Posted by Nicole W

Hooray for January! Yup, that's what many Elites were saying as they filed in to the Charlotte Yoga Club on Saturday. Gone are the days of overeating and "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." Instead, this Elite event was filled with relaxing and detoxing!

  Ritz 035 Ritz 054 Stylz 930
The Charlotte Yoga Club started off the day with a fantastic and educational yoga practice. By the end of the hour those downward dogs were lookin' spry and the chaturangas were in good form, literally! Tiffany N even believes that she "may have found her chi" somewhere in that room too!

Stylz 930

After a rousing practice, even more Elites showed up for the delicous & organic bites from blynk organic. A gorgeous spread including sandwiches, wraps, salads, cut fruit, cookies, brownies, ohhhhh my! Chad E even says, "I do not know that I will be changing my diet, but blynk organic made me think I might be able to do so. For a minute, anyway."

Stylz 968 Stylz 1056 Stylz 964

To wash it all down, Palm Bay International provided some delicious Marquis de la Tour champagne. Yes, of course there was a bit of retoxing! And vitaminwater was on hand with boatloads of vitaminwater zero to accompany that tasty champagne. Mega Bubbles, Mimosa Rise or Reload & Recoup were the specialty drinks of the day!

Stylz 947 Stylz 943 Stylz 1085

And lest us not forget the tons of free swag from vitaminwater. You like lavender eye pillows? How about spa bags? Or an eco tote? And a very special organic cotton hoodie emblazoned with Yelp & vitaminwater. That's a match made in heaven.

Stylz 1063 Stylz 1105 Stylz 961

And to get truly relaxed & pampered, both Polished Nail Bar & Exhale Healing were on hand. Mini manis and manly manicures were flowing freely and the newest Essie & O.P.I. colors can now be seen on the pretty hands of many Charlotte Elites. Exhale Healing's services were much kneaded, too! Chair massages were much appreciate by the many! Faith D witnessed their healing magic, "I watched how others melted away their stress from their delightful massage!" But for those who like to play in the mud, The Natural Healthcare Store lathered on the Deep Sea Mud Mask on willing Elites. They left the party with skin oh so soft!

Ritz 008 Stylz 1039 Ritz 019

If you missed out on this fabulous event, you can check out all of the photos on our Flickr page captured by the talented and lovely Ms. Tonya P of Poprock Photography. And if you want to know who played in the mud, got retoxed or enjoyed manly manicure check out the event page & write a review of the festivities!

Stylz 1006

Until next time, SYOY!

Stylz 1108

-Nicole W

January 14, 2011

Toronto Elite Event at The Stirling Room

Posted by Vivek S

Toronto elites braved the snow, the slush, and flu season for 2011's inaugural elite event at the sinful and sexy Stirling Room in the Distillery District. It was Toronto's biggest elite event yet, with plus ones, twos, and even threes in tow, ready to fight the winter blues with a highball in one hand and a Yelp bouncy ball in the other!


Equal parts Victorian Goth and swank nightclub, Nicole H loved the "gorgeous decor, fixtures and art." Lauren M agreed the venue was "absolutely amazingly sexy."


What is an elite party without drinks? "My goal was to drink as many of those drinks as I could in two hours," notes Kent P, "and lemmetellyou, those bartenders were more than willing to help my cause." Guests kept well lubricated thanks to top German pilsner Krombacher and the night's signature cocktail The Stirling Julep, courtesy Finlandia Vodka."

Delectable nibbles were concocted by Stirling Room neighbours the Boiler House restaurant. Another Distillery gem.



The wall-to-wallness made for a friendly frenzy as elites doled out "compliments" to their peers and yelp newbies. Steph L "came to the realization that life needs more stickers!"


Yelpers put on a smile at a Gothic photobooth run by Rannie T, with event photography by Elite Goddess Wendy H. All this to the backdrop of old school beats emanating from a pair of turnables embedded in a baby grand piano. Tara Z delivers "major props to the DJ Agile — what an excellent mix; it felt like middle school only with booze!"


Thanks again to the Stirling Room and their heartbreakingly beautiful staff. A special shoutout from Hana B to the "the cute bartender in the back room." Does anyone have a Hot Stuff compliment handy?

Until the next time those red suspenders come out...


SYOY (See You on Yelp),

Vivek S.

Toronto Community Manager

Yelp's 'Word To Your Author' Elite Party!

Posted by Cyndi

Vancouver’s numero uno Elite event of Twen-Lev showed off The 2011 Squad at The New Oxford, where English-style pub meets swank Yaletown. Over 120 Elites graced the hardwood floors of this cozy new haunt, getting their famous writer, book and preppy Oxford Grad garb on.

Sharp looking bunch? You bet. From bodaciously beautiful staff doting on us to quirkily-dressed cuties, we yelpers were satiated and snuggly along the longest bar in the city (50 feet!). Capturing it all was Freshworks Photography, whose pics are featured here.


Highlights included a very photogenic Pixel Booth (complete with props), antique shuffleboard and a big game o’ “Writers Block” (we love our giant Jenga).


Yelpers got their literal thang on: busting a groove on ye ol’ typewriters and tweeting in harmony to our live and action packed twitter wall. How tekmology has changed. Respeck.

Picnik collage

The New Oxford staff gave yelpers a super sized surprise at the bar…it was OPEN! And by open, we mean completely o p e n. Any drink a yelper fancied was served up with swiftness and smiles. Oh, how the staff made us feel so welcome. The free-flowing spirits offered warm fuzzies of love (morning after, not so much).


The food? Hold onto your notepad, the chef created us canapés that tasted like a Midsummer Nights dream. We sampled brioche topped with chicken liver parfait and red onion marmalade, buckwheat blinis with roasted pepper sour cream and pesto, lamb pops, mini Dungeness crab cakes with tomato remoulade…drooling yet? We’ll stop there. But there were more, and they were all titillatingly tasty. *Swoon*


Best 3 costumes of the night were praised with prizes donated by ultra sexy Knot Theory (made here in Vancouver) and highly-rated Macleod’s books. Here’s to Animal Farm’s Pennylane S, newbie Wes J as Charles Dickens and Dan J… dressed as himself!

Picnik collage

All in all it was a fantastic evening with our novel Squad in a gorgeous new space.

To read or add to the event reviews, check this page out!

Till the next adventure, SYOY!

Cyndi H


Yelp Vancouver Community Manager


January 11, 2011

Yelp's Deep Blue Sea Elite Event in Minneapolis

Posted by Annie D

Twin Cities Elite yelpers dove right in and swam over to Sea Change for Yelp's Deep Blue Sea this week for the first Elite Squad event of the year! Considering the snowy and slushy Monday conditions, we had a record turnout of newly badged 2011 Elites and their extra lucky guests come out to indulge their seafood fantasies and meet one another.

Sea6 Sea3

Adjacent to the Guthrie Theater, Sea Change is one of the most lauded restaurants in Minneapolis with a menu of oceanic creatures and other fine foods developed by James Beard-nominated chef Tim McKee. Elites circled like sharks as pork buns, langostine skewers, chilled clams with pancetta, oysters on the half-shell and more tasty treats were brought out from the kitchen. Toward the end of the evening, housemade caramel corn hit the tables for a sweet send-off.

  Seavert3 Seavert1 Seavert

Along with Blue Moon and PBR, the bartenders served cocktails that they had developed specially for the party. The Deep Blue Martini was made with Grey Goose La Poire, blue curacao, sour and cava. The On The Rocks was made with Grey Goose La Poire, blueberry puree, lavender simple syrup and club soda, and Meghann F. decided it had "just the right combo of booze and real ingredients—yum!"

Sea2 Sea8drinks

Elites were encouraged to meet the other fish in the yelpy sea with a "fishy" get-to-know-you game. Anna J. and Kohleen L. learned that they are both very slow drinkers; Summer L. and Gabe S. discovered a shared love for the Sunnyside Up Café; and Nadine Y. and Julie S. figured out that they both majored in advertising!

Sea Change put out $5 discount coupons for their Three for $30 prix fixe menu that is going on in January. And we also held a drawing for Sea Change gift cards. The winners are... Breanne K. ($25), Sara W. ($50) and the grand prize winner is Nadine Y. ($100)! Send me a message on Yelp to claim your prizes!

A special thanks to Ryan Siemers for photographing the event and making us look so good in all these pictures. Check out the reviews of the event on the Yelp party listing (or review it yourself if you were there)!

Annie D.

Yelp Twin Cities Community Manager


January 10, 2011

DC Yelpers Attend Yelp's Most Wanted Party!

Posted by Tara Lewis

What better way to kick off the year than with a bad-ass open party at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment! Last Thursday night, over 500 yelpers had the opportunity to explore the museum after hours as they sipped and sampled plenty of food and beverage, investigated the filming studios for America's Most Wanted, fired off laser bullets at the shooting range and participated in a simulated high-speed police chases.


With a wait list tip teetering close to 2,000 people, the lucky guests enjoyed Merzi's Indian-inspired cuisine including chicken, beef, and lamb served with rice a variety of Masala and Makani sauces, Dupont Hotel's seared scallops in parsnip puree and chocolate macarons, Carmine's fist size meatballs and eggplant parmesan and Rita's cherry and mango flavored Italian water ice and PopChips. Guest washed these delicious bites down with plenty of Batch 19 pre-prohibition style lager, 5 different kinds of Barefoot Bubbly, 12 different kinds of Barefoot Wines, bubble tea by Ping Pong Dim Sum and bottles of Honest Tea.

As yelper Brian B so eloquently put it: "The only better way to spend a Thursday night is illegal in 39 states, so Yelp's Most Wanted Party was a more than adequate alternative." Since guests were having such a criminally good time, The Suite Barbershop were offering cuts and stylings to help guests freshen up on a new identity, with Onomonomedia's photo booth waiting in the wings to snap newly groomed partygoers. And let's not forget Studio 310's body scans which determined yelpers "real age." (Ahh, to be 21 again!)


A special thank you once again to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment for letting us take over the museum for the evening. Also, a special thank to all of those that made donations at the event to our non-profit partner, The Natalee Holloway Resource Center


You can check out more buzz about this 5-star event here. Be sure to check out more fantastic photos of the event shot by the one and only, Nakeva Corothers

Until next time, stay smooth but not criminal...

Tara L


January 02, 2011

The 2010 Boston Elite Yelpy Awards, Now in Technicolor™

Posted by Damien S

The hills may be alive with the sound of music, but on on a breezy Wednesday night in Boston's Downtown Crossing, the streets buzzed with Yelpy chatter. A year of impressions and a month of peer voting boiled down to this night, when nine Boston Elites were presented with awards for their impact to the Yelp community at large. More than 250 Elites and guests dressed to the eights and joined us at Petit Robert Central, where they walked the red carpet, signed autographs for adoring fans and addressed the demands of the paparazzi.

5316462037_e7c705a520_m 5317154861_a308695c64_m 5316586765_012a39efc1_m
5317735338_a89aac3e9d_m 5316696849_5fbb1ea951_m 5317729408_7b65c1e7ae_m

After being met with a flute of LaMarca prosecco, guests mingled with old friends and met anew. Specialty cocktails like the Yelpellini, the Central Mule, the Winter Pear and the Elite married Massachusetts' own Hammer + Sickle vodka with the sweet tastes of prosecco, Lillet and peach or pear Merlet.

5317487717_a408d13cf2_m 5317502099_5a0b87a84f_m
5318040912_c726c69668_m 5317828007_b5ce3967a2_m

As anticipations rose, the kitchen at PRC passed scrumptious bites of beef wellington, shrimp and scallop pastries, pate, chicken cordon bleu balls (yes, really) and Stacy A's fave: ratatouille rangoon. "I've never heard of 'em, never even thought of 'em, and my world was slightly rocked because of them."

5317468477_fa5671c191_m 5318050464_fa77940e80_m 5318006662_e042a50d0c_m

Official DJ to the stars KC Hallet spun smooth jazz and ambient mixes until the moment came to present the coveted Yelpy Awards! And the winners are:

Most Useful: Dawn E                          Funniest: Sarah D                           Coolest: Walter G

5317553177_8a079bd78f_m 5318197552_829a16a06c_m 5317586971_b9152371bd_m

Most Rockin' UYEs: Kat V           Biggest Foodie: Amanda L       King of Controversy: Craig C

5317701239_cd12a0cb4b_m       5318326816_9ceb28f5c0_m       5317652695_89ec15ee4f_m

Strongest Liver: Johnna M        Best Compliments: Laura K     Lifetime Achievement: Melissa M

5318224824_216944a89a_m       31698_644582085360_18905061_37443899_126151_n      5317944072_7b0236e197_m

Each winner went home with a gift pack that included: a Viking or Spartan knit cap from Short Army, a pair of fingerless Yelp Life gloves, a month's supply of popchips and the unofficial statuette, a lazer-engraved Yelp red mug from Mission Trophy. In addition, Melissa M was bestowed the special Lifetime Achievement prize, a fully customized Yelp Shake Weight.

5318473342_396d60452a_m 5318402838_df1b12ffc8_m 5317594153_7721296069_m

The reviews are still rolling in, the photos are up thanks to Kara S and Winnie M and the new year has begun. Who will be on the ballot for the third annual Yelpy Awards? That, my friends, is up to you. Happy yelping in 2011!

The Guy in the Tie-


Damien S