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December 24, 2010

Yelp Indy Elites Get All Sorts of Merry @ Mesh on Mass

'Twas the Eve of Christmas Eve, and there was one thing left on Santa's, and everyone's, list: party with the Yelp Indy Elite Squad. Mesh on Mass hosted the exclusive affair in their intimate, cozy upstairs bar & dining area.



Santa took a break from his other gig as the bass player of Teenagers From Outerspace to spread some cheer & rollicking jolly joy to the Elite Squad. He also gave away The Original Ugly Christmas Sweater Tee by Vardagen, from Homespun: Modern Handmade.


Yelpers noshed on many de-lites including and swilled select suds off the new Winter cocktail menu. Sure, the party seemingly was two hours, yet this food & grog not only expanded waistlines, it expanded time.




Big thanks to Roddy & Co. at Mesh on Mass for hosting the holiday soiree of the year. And many more thanks to the Indy Elite Squad for keeping it Elite to no end in 2010! And beyond!

Check the rad reviews here (haven't written one, yet? Que? Write on!).

And thanks to the spectacular photos by Tim & Natalie of Twisted Frog Photography!

Tidings of comfort, joy, and Yelp

Jon A


December 22, 2010

Elites Make Merry at Yelp's Jingle Bowl in Minneapolis!

Posted by Annie D

Despite the second coming of the winter wonderblizzard earlier this week, Yelp's Jingle Bowl was ho-ho-hopping with Twin Cities Elites!

Yelpers bowled, bocce'd, sampled wine and ate proscuitto fig flatbread and margherita pizza like the champions they are. Even The Dude would have been impressed by the bowling and the eating that went down at Pinstripes, which is Edina's newest dining and entertainment complex at Centennial Shops. Raise your hand if you have a mozzarella hangover.

Jingle Shoes Jingle4

Sip and strike? Yup. The lovely Ms. Jody sampled a couple of tasty vinos, Da Vinci Chianti and Ecco Domani Pinot Grigo for the thirsty Elites. And how 'bout that The Traveling Photo Booth?! Yelpers striked poses behind the curtain while in the good hands of our booth operator Jay. You can check out the photo jubilee and download pictures on their website (Password: 7PSXQ)

Jingle2 Traveling

Yelpers also got a little mushy while they were knocking down the pins and wrote handwritten holiday notes to their favorite local businesses  It was hard to choose among all that love, but this one was a highlight: "Dear Vet, Sorry I peed in your lobby. Love, Micki C's dog."

Check the rest of TJ Turner's festive photos on Flickr and take a look at the reviews too!

Well, that's enough from me for 2010—I'm out!

Annie "Mama Noel" D.

Twin Cities Community Manager


Everything Was Beautiful at Family Style: The Ugly Sweater Party at Soi9 Thai Eatery!

Posted by Don Bourassa

What do you get when you combine the Yelp Elite Squad, holiday cheer, ugly sweaters, and a full family-style multi-course sit down Thai dinner? Sheer awesomeness, that's what. And regardless of how hideous some of the sweaters were, the evening was downright gorgeous.

Group2  SM L On Tuesday, December 21, 2010, 80+ members of the Yelp Elite Squad got bundled up in their holiday best (or worst!) and braved the cold to take a trip to the back-streets of Bangkok at Soi9 Thai Eatery! Mon, the owner of Soi9, one of Portland's newest and more unique Thai restaurants, invited the Yelp Elite squad down to enjoy a nine-course family-style meal. With seatings at both 5:30pm and 7:30pm (yup, back to back!), let's just say that those atrocious holiday sweaters were a lot more stuffed ont the way out than the way in. Group SM L

To start off the night, the Soi9 crew dialed up the holiday cheer with a spicy Tom Yum cocktail made with house-infused New Deal Portland 88 vodka! Crafted specially for this event, the spicy lime drink was an instant hit. For those preferring a nice, dark Holiday ale, Ninkasi's delicious double alt Sleighr and their always-awesome Total Domination were on heavy rotation.

Sweaters Sm L Drinks in hand, Yelpers found their seats and were treated first to a bowl of soup: beef noodle for the meat eaters, and some tom kha for the vegetarians/vegans (who merited their own specially-designed all-vegan menu!). Next up came a full set of appetizers, including Moo Ping (Street style grilled pork on skewers), Yum Mama Gai, (Spicy noodle salad with ground chicken - minus chicken for vegetarians), Koa Gang Tod (red ciurry rice samosas - veg), and Salad Rolls for the veggies. And this was just the start.

Sweaters P After some deep breaths and pants-loosening, the main-courses started up in earnest. Shared-plates of Soi9's signature Panang Nua (a traditional panang beef curry with peanut and a hint of kaffir lime leaves), Gang Keaw Wan (green curry with chicken or vegan), Soi 9 Noodle (Soi 9’s original noodle dish - noodles tossed in sweet soy sauces then topped with crispy chicken, calamari, shrimp and mussels - tofu for vegetarians), Pad Pak (stirred fried mixed vegetables with or without chicken), and Phuket Noodles (Mon’s home town famous noodle: stir-fried egg noodle with chicken, pork, calamari and shrimp). Whew! If that didn't make you full just reading about it, no worries! To finish out the meal, a dessert of purple sticky rice with coconut custard (shredded coconut for the veggies).

Not only was this nine-course meal served up in a blindingly accurate fashion by a troupe of amazing servers, but it was done so in back-to-back seatings, each for between 40 and 44 Yelp Elites and guests! So once the 5:30 seating ended at 7:15, the tables were flipped and ready to go again by 7:45 and we were off and running on round two. And the kitchen never lagged. It was a feat to behold.

The Yelpers weren't the only people getting fed on this cold, winter night either. As part of the event those charitable Yelpers brought more than a few boxes worth of non-perishable food for the Oregon Food Bank to help feed those in need. Oh, and those holiday sweaters? Yeah, there were prizes for the best. At the 5:30 seating, Matt T easily scored the top prize - a gorgeous snow globe - with his atrocious gold and black sweater. For the 7:30 prize, Tamara's over-the-top hand-made sweater with an actual stocking hanging from the front (filled with hideous stocking stuffers) took home the light-up musical nativity scene. Honorable mentions went to Peter T, Ron T and so many others that showed up with the goods on. The cheer is strong with these folks!

Don SM P A huge thanks goes out to Mon from Soi9 for throwing down the serious food gauntlet. That's the most food I've ever seen at a Yelp event, ever, anywhere. It was increidble. Props to her staff too for doing the best job they could with our overwhelming force of dual-seatings. A giant debt of gratitude goes to Tom and Sarah New Deal Distillery for their Portland 88 Vodka and to Morgan, Jamie, Marty and all the fine folks at Ninkasi who have shown us so much love at this, and other parties in 2010. Props to Miss Tiffany N and, as always, Hilary B for the help with the party. And finally, thanks to you, the Yelp Elite Squad, for making Portland Yelp the best Yelp community ever.

What, you don't believe me? Check out the reviews (if you haven't written one, what are you waiting for?) and photos!

Until 2011, have a happy and safe holiday, and we'll see you on the flip side.


--Don "Santa" B.

December 21, 2010

Austin Elites Get Snugglie With Yelp

Posted by kelly stocker

Ugly Sweaters are SO last year... even if they're really from 1989. Since Austin yelpers wanna be ironically hip, they rocked the blanket with sleeves at a bar this Sunday for our December elite event. People wore Snuggies as is or altered them to look especially hilarious. There's nothing like seeing a line of yelpers waiting to get into a bar whilst wearing mutiple and colorful snuggies. And the good news is that the great guys from smilebooth captured all of it right here!


The Original Moonshine was our sponsor, a delicious clear corn whiskey that put some fire in our blood.  The Moonshine knowcked Krista K "on her ass and made her think she was much funnier and better looking." WIN! Elites enjoyed Old Fashioneds, Johnny AppleShines and Shine n Soda as they migrated around the gorgeous space. With dark floors and secret corners, a mix of modern and vintage furnitre and the best bar staff this side of the pecos, Icenhauer's played a perfect host to our snuggie-clad friends. Amy C queries "You know what's great? Icenhauers! It was a beautiful space, and the staff was lovely (both in the "nice" way and in the "good to look at" way)."


Batter Blaster made on-site organic pancakes to order, plain or chocolate chip, and griddled up enough to satisfy even the snackiest of snuggie wearers. "Batter Blaster doled out pancakes from a can that rival the ones I destroy the kitchen to make" bemoans Marshall J. Yelpers also brought their own cookies and printed out 1 and 5 star reviews for the naughty & nice list. Darla A calls out "Ardie S's Bacon Tollhouse cookies - only to prove Paula Deen's everything is better with a slab of bacon and butter slathered."


Between the whiskey and the pancakes and the snuggies, people were able to sit down, have conversations, play one of the myriad of board games laying around (Hungry Hungry Hippo!) and generally enjoy a casual event with 200 of their closest. Leah K lays it out: "I think I *may* still be drunk. I think I *may* be in love with Rainey St. bars. I know I love yelp elite parties."


Until the next soiree, SYOY!

Kelly S.

December 20, 2010

Tucson Elites Feel at Home for the Holidays!

Sure, Tucson may never be blanketed with inches of snow, but even so, 75 Elites and guests donned wintery weather apparel and banded together to share the warmth of the season, at Yelp’s Home for the Holidays at The Abbey!


There’s nothing more festive than family and friends this time of year, so restaurant owners Brian and Sandy Metzger brought together staff from their family of eateries, Jax Kitchen (named after their son Jack) & The Abbey (named after their daughter), to create the evening’s eats and sips.

IMG_7766 copy IMG_7842 copy IMG_7894 copy IMG_7808 copy

Executive Chef Casey McQueen (Jax) and Executive Chef Virginia Wooters (Abbey) worked harder than holiday elves to create a spread that would send Santa back for seconds. For those craving something salty and savory there were English muffin burgers with bacon jam, fresh-from-the-fryer hush puppies with kernels of fresh corn, pork belly with truffled polenta, artichoke dip, brie wellington and garlic bread. No meal is complete without dessert, which is why those with a knack for something sweet were treated to rich chocolate cake bites with peppermint frosting and sprinkled with crushed peppermints.

IMG_8029 copy  IMG_8036 copy  IMG_7888 copy

Libations were epic! But how ever did yelpers choose between "The One" (the 2009 National Margarita Championship winner made with silver tequila, fresh basil, granita and fresh "triple" juice), "Holy Water" (citrus vodka, gin, simple syrup, soda water, and fresh squeezed juices), red wine and white? Why not try all four?

_MG_8296 copy  IMG_7762 copy   _MG_8223 copy

Decked out in their holiday worst, yelpers participated in an ugly sweater contest that brought out some pretty amazing fashions. Elite yelper Yvett R took home first prize for best…er…uh…WORST dressed. Folks mixed and mingled to the terrific tunes from Shaky Bones Jazz Quartet, Jade Bealle photographer extraordinaire was on hand snapping shots of folks feeling festive, and a few luckily yelpers won raffle prizes from reclaimed, recycled and sustainable gift makers at Pop-Cycle. No holiday happening would be complete without giving back, so in the spirit of the season, yelpers donated 25 toys to Casa de los Niños.

_MG_8248 copy  _MG_7921 copy  _MG_8201 copy  _MG_8110 copy

The reviews are pouring in faster than a sleigh-ride, and it’s clear this 5-star inaugural Elite Event will be one for the history books. Check out more photos and feel like you were there. Huge thanks to Brian & Sandy, B-MO, Carla, Chef Casey, Chef Ginny, Connie and The Shaky Bones, Jade, the entire staff of The Abbey, Pop-Cycle and Lindsey F!

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good Yelp!

_MG_8004 copy

Corey D

Tucson Community Manager


Glasgow Gets Ginny With It!

Posted by Chris Docherty

Firing out of the box with a bang, crash wallop and 'iiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee', it's Glasgows first Elite Event. Ooooh baby it's cold outside! Never mind says I to thee, tis nothing that a good whack o' Gin won't sort out! This was pretty much all the invite required to entice 15 brave Glasgow souls out of their caves and into the cosy comfy-ness that is The Long Way Home. 


Enjoying a wide range of Gins hand picked by the wonderful Jamie from The Long Way Home, Glasgow's budding Elite Squad hunkered in for some good chat, tasty grub (haggis balls anyone?) and a belly/brain warming amount of Gin!

Picnik collage

From the Queen Mum's favorite tipple, to the new trendy Gins, Jamie from The Long Way Home treated all the cheery (three to four sample in) Elite's to a wide range of tastings, a good dose of history (read pub quiz gems) and some hearty food to line the belly!

Picnik collage

Fun had? Methinks so. Congrats to all the wonderful yelpers who made it out and thanks so much for making the first Elite Event in Glasgow such a great experience! Get in there! Check out the love for the event here and join in the reviewing fun here. Oh and I almost forgot, check out 'em photos right here!

Right then 'till 2011 and the next event, i bid you all adieu.

Chris D 

December 18, 2010

Yelp Philly's Festivus For The Rest Of Us

Posted by Michelle C

For Philly natives and transplants alike, the Khyber Pass holds a special place in our hearts (and livers), so it was fitting that the reincarnation of this classic bar hosted Philadelphia’s first Yelp Elite Festivus for the Rest of Us on Monday, December 13.

Elites gathered ‘round the militantly unadorned Festivus pole, sipping Cruzan for a Bruisin’ spiked nog -- vegan and dairy versions -- while Khyber staffers circulated with trays of piping hot fried tomatoes and delicious vegan pulled pork sliders from chef Mark McKinney’s southern-inflected gastropub menu. Elite yelper Lou P would "like to apologize to the folks who he shoved out of the way getting to his fifteenth helping of those sinful little donuts." 

Festivus group Festivus guys

In keeping with Khyber’s draft-beer-centric philosophy, fresh pours from local Sly Fox Christmas Ale and Ohio’s Great Lakes Brewing’s Edmund Fitzgerald Porter to German imports Spaten Optimator and Franziskaner Hefeweizen kept the crowd lively -- even though they came out sans plus-one.

Getting into the Feztivus spirit, Angela J wrapped "a leg around the Festivus Pole for a moment," showing other Elites that she was down to party at her very first YEE. Elite Emmett M, who when he isn’t yelping all over town earns his living as a professional carpenter, created the first-ever custom Yelp Hi-Striker so Elites could exhibit Feats of Strength. Askshay M points out that there were "enough feats of strength by the strong Yelp community that the hammer is probably as mighty as the pen yelpers wield." Photog James David Saul captured all the yelpy action.

Festivus pole Khyber feats

Though we always like to keep it positive, sometimes you gotta get things off your chest.  Elites did a little Airing of Grievances on some well-known Philadelphia Grinches -- the Parking Authority, the PA Liquor Control Board, and SEPTA, to name just a few. 

Though Festivus is truly a holiday for the Rest of Us, we just couldn’t keep Shady Santa out when he wanted to come in!  With a beer in one hand and a few Elites on his lap at all times, this less-than-saintly Nick promised he’d carry our wish-list messages back to his boss at the Pole. It seems unlikely the beers we sent with him will make it to the big guy.

Khyber Santa

David G, visiting Elite from San Diego, had these final thoughts: "The party lasted much too late.  I wouldn't have had it any other way."  And to all a good night!

‘Til next year, SYOY,

Michelle C 

December 17, 2010

Oh RubySnap! It's Salt Lake City's Inaugural Elite Event

Posted by Jeffrey

It was the dawn of two new eras in Salt Lake City as Yelp Elites came together for the Beehive's very first Elite Event and celebrated the new name of Salt Lake's best cookie bakery: RubySnap. Elites gathered at the pin-up babe bakery for a night of sweet treats and strong drinks!

RubySnap with pinup Crowd

Money cookies
RubySnap had Elites rolling in the dough--not the green kind--but the sugary delicious stuff. They opened up the kitchen and let yelpers assemble their own cookie creations choosing from a wide library of top-shelf cookie ingredients.

Ingredients     Spicy  Cookie assemblage

To complement the cookies, Drake Family Farms brought yogurt and a white chevre goat cheese to slather on crackers. Top that off with one of the bajillion flavors of Annemade Jam's revolutionary spreads and you've got serious tastebud titillation.

  Drakecheese  Jams

  Cutecrowd   Messygoodness  Jamsy

With all that baking, schmearing and socializing, yelpers worked up quite a thirst. Bring on the Kahlúa! It was the perfect kick for hot cocoa and an essential ingredient in White Russians (with goat milk!) that would definitely meet with The Dude's approval. Some lucky yelpers walked away with the best gifts of the holiday season: cookies, Yelp hot shorts, and a Snuggie!

  Kahlua   Gifts

  Hot shorts   Snuggie

The reviews are in and everyone agrees it was a sweet Elite Event--the first of many to come in Salt Lake City!

Until next time,

Jeffrey S -- SLC Cookie Monster


December 16, 2010

Red, White, and Yelp All Over San Antonio December Elite Event

Posted by Krys Theilen

Yelpers donned their most spectacular holiday duds for the final bash of San Antonio's inaugural year at Olmos Perk! The intimate space wowed yelpers as it was transformed into a red and white winter yelperland, thanks to custom-made centerpieces designed exclusively for the event by the very talented local artist, Laurie Byno!

Redandwhite1 Redandwhite4 Redandwhite3

According to Jeffrey H, "delectable edibles, lively libations, and yelptastic swag" filled the space thanks to our incredible sponsors, Kate's Frosting (*the* place to go for San Antonio's tastiest cupcakes), Koonunga Hill Winery, and Bud Light! San Antonio Elites found the greatest compliment to complimentary drinks is an unending supply of cupcakes, cookies, and incredible appetizers to fill their tummies with holiday cheer!

Redandwhite6 Redandwhite5

Yelpers competed in a best costume contest and it came down to a near tie, with Breanne "Bow head girl" S and "The Sweater Crew" neck in neck! Prizes awarded were custom-made Yelp picture frames created (again) by our own local artist, Laurie Byno. We bet the photos from our incredible photographer, Carlos Pena will be first on display!

Redandwhite7 Redandwhite8

Perhaps the highlight of the night was when Santa Claus showed up to appease his yelpes with the gift of laughter and posing for pics in the photo booth (which were autotweeted throughout the night from @digibooth)!

Redandwhite9 Redandwhite10

It's been a great year, yelpers. As we all agreed in our champagne toast, here's to making 2011 the most yelptacular year we could ever imagine! If you missed out on the fun, peep the reviews and pics to see why you *need* to be Elite 2011!

Until next time,



-Krys "Captain" T

Merry Kitschmas From Yelp Nashville Elites!

Posted by Marcia

The flurries and ice didn't take Nashville's Elite down when we nearly packed out the delightful Pied Piper Eatery on Monday evening. Snazzy Elites and their guests dressed in their most festively horrific holiday sweaters, reindeer antlers, and anything Christmas Story chic'. Don't just take my word for it. Check out Paul K who won the Best Dressed Contest and will be enjoying a $50 gift certificate package from Pied Piper Eatery & Pied Piper Creamery!


All of the attendees came out as winners due to the explosion of Yelp goodies that included our thugtastic Yelp Life fingerless gloves, shotglasses, bouncy balls, and Yelpsticks! Santa who?!

Web-11 Web-10  

Web-23 Web-24

The wonderful Piper sisters (shown above) own Pied Piper Creamery & Pied Piper Eatery greeted us with delicious eats and treats and kept the spiked eggnog flowing!

Web-18 Web-19
Web-20 Web-21

Wearing his trusty Menorah shades Jason S was at the head of the line for the Eatery's "cool buffet with a bunch of veggie options, fried pickles (which were awesome!) and dip, tofu veggie wraps, spicy slaw, and some delicious roast beef sliders on some tasty rolls." Meanwhile, Robert S (better known as Shazam!) confesses that he "went back for seconds.Those wraps are something else!!" Yummo. The low temps didn't prevent our crew from enjoying the seasonal ice cream selections from Pied Piper Creamery that inlcuded the whimsical custom flavors:

Artist Formerly Known As Mints - Chocolate Mint ice cream with chopped peppermint patty pieces

 Gingerbread Man - Gingerbread ice cream

Rum-spiked Eggnog icecream which lasted a hot minute!

Caitlin C couldn't help but gush this is my "first eggnog milkshake. I don't even like eggnog! But Pied Pipers ice cream is just sooooooo damn good. Peppermint and gingerbread!!!!!! Especially fond of the spiked rum shakes, yes I had 3 of them." Hope that she didn't have brain freeze....

Web-13 Web-14
Web-15 Web-16
Nobody could resist the lure of Claudia Kay Photo who brought the crafty winter themed photo-booth that caught some of the most Useful/Funny/Cool photos of the season! Claudia (below) and her hubs just may be the raddest photography team around!

Many thanks to Becky and Jenny Piper, the crew at Pied Piper Eatery, Pied Piper Creamery's posse, Claudia and Marc of Claudia Kay Photo, Hillary Day for making the rum run, and all of you wacky Nashville Elites for making this the yelpiest holiday season yet!

Marcia M - Yelp Nashville Community Manager





Yelp Dallas's 2nd Annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Bash

Posted by Nikki B

Fugly ho, ho, ho... What do you get when you mix the holidays with Dallas Elites and tacky sweaters? Yelp Dallas's Second Annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Bash, of course! Dallas yelpers gathered on a warm mid-December night at LaGrange to nibble, sip, gift and give!

IMG_9958  IMG_9931 IMG_9930

LaGrange put out a bottomless spread of proscuitto-wrapped asparagus, jalapeno poppers, brisket tacos and more to fill hungry yelper bellies. On tap was Bud Select and Zu Vodka to wash it all down! After noshing until no end, everyone made sure to "compliment" one another on their choice of the fugliest sweater in their closet. We even saw one yelper adding to his sweater with a Sharpie, and another with a "tick-tacky" sweater in the crowd.

IMG_9911 IMG_9944 IMG_9948

Dallas yelpers are also givers! We collected two huge boxes of food for the North Texas Food Bank, and also exchanged some of the worst White Elephant gifts we've ever seen. Ed Hardy steering wheel cover or Spam, anyone?

IMG_9955 IMG_9962 IMG_999925

Congratulations to the winners of the ugliest sweater contest (and fashion show), Eddie H and Cat N. Each won a ticket to a private chef's dinner (valued at $150) hosted by Artizone. Also, 15 lucky yelpers won a pair of tickets to OVO by Cirque du Soleil's private preview show in January.

IMG_999922 IMG_99992 IMG_9966
Happy tacky holidays to all, and we'll see you in 2011!

Nikki "Ugly Sweater Party Queen" B

Vegas Elites Get Black and White (And Red All Over!)

Posted by Misti Yang

Yelpers decked in their finest gathered at Republic Kitchen & Bar to celebrate a year to remember for the grand finale of Vegas's inaugural year: A Black And White Yuletide. Yelpers sampled fried mozzarella, veggie tempura, tuna nachos, mini pigs in a blanket, buffalo chicken bites, grilled veggies skewers, and for dessert fried pb&j bites. To wash it all down, Three Olives Vodka mixed up three specialty cocktails: The Grape Crush featuring Three Olives Grape, a Rootbeer Float featuring both Three Olives Rootbeer and Vanilla, and the Sparkplug with Three Olives Vanilla and Kahlua Peppermint Mocha. With all these flavors, Italian sodas suddenly seemed a little less, well, intoxicating.

Yelp_republic DSC_3959
Yelpers were joined by some very special guests, masters of black on white, local authors JJ Wylie, Matthew O'Brien, and PJ Perez. Lucky yelpers went home with the latest works from each author!
DSC_4019 DSC_4021 DSC_3960_jj DSC_3990

Speaking of raffles, yelpers were given a "Find a person who.." scavenger hunt. A completed hunt earned entrance into the evening's special White Elephant Raffle featuring coveted prizes, such as a Mr. Potato Head Santa Claus, Axe Body Wash, and Jolly Rancher scented nail polish!

DSC_3870_jj DSC_4045
DSC_3987 DSC_3861
And just when yelpers thought the fun was over, Cartoon Vegas captured smiles with B&W custom caricatures for practically every yelper in attendance.

DSC_3836 DSC_3835 DSC_3925 DSC_3917
It was an elegant send off to 2010 captured in photos by Marc Fragos Photography. For more about the evening read some black and white renderings of the evening, i.e. reviews, here, catch the buzz on the Official Talk Thread, and be on the look our for more beautiful shots from Marc over here.

Wishing everyone a little naughty and a lotta nice this holiday season!


Misti Y

Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager

San Diego Celebrates The Yelp Elite Hippie Holidays Peace-A-Party

Posted by Danny Wurst

What do you get when you cross a warehouse full of tie-dye and ugly sweaters, munchie satisfying coal fired pies, and a hosted bar that would cure even the worst case of cottonmouth? Why the Yelp Elite Hippie Holidays Peace-A-Party of course!

About 300 of San Diego’s finest gathered at Urbn to wrap up an excellent year of eliteness. A spread of pizza with toppings ranging from clams to mashed potatoes had the masses high on spice, while an additional buzz was provided by a drink menu that “had 5 on it” (both beers and wines) from their extensive selection. Of the cocktail variety the Buffalo Whisperer had everyone screaming and the tasty ginger beer concoction brought Yelping Mule tide greetings to all for a good night

There will be many happy little ones from all the presents donated to Toys For Tots. A shout out goes to Joanne A who organized the drive collecting a full load of fun stuff for future yelpers.
Picnik collage hippie
And what’s a Hippie Holiday without the big jolly guy? No not that one… this event featured a Jerry GarSanta played by San Diego’s very own Ruggy J. The groovy graphics were provided by James Norton Photography. Get psycadelic with em right here!

If you want to read all the chatter check out the reviews!!

Until next year…

Danny W Yelp SD Community Manager

What's Black & White & Yelp All Over?

Posted by Hazel Q

Yelp Orange County's Dreaming of a (Black &) White Christmas Party, that's what! Wednesday night the yelpers donned their best black and white threads and turned a rockin design studio warehouse into the setting for the holiday party of year.

Picnik collage1
While some enjoyed their Golden Spoon froyo, others hopped right on over to the bar for a tasty Sailor Jerry cocktail. Others sported their black and white in the form of dark or light brews from Bootlegger's Brewery... we're still hearing the buzz from that Black Phoenix chipotle stout!

Picnik collage2
Hungry, hungry yelpers helped themselves to everything from deep-fried twinkies on The OC Food Truck to freshly grilled grass-fed beef skewers from The Meat House. Not to mention a behemouth mashed potato martini bar supplied by TGIS Catering, coconut french toast from Chomp Chomp Nation, and to give some love to the health-concious yelpers out there - the tasty acai berry delights from Banzai Bowls.

Picnik collage

It's been quite a year for OC yelpers, and they definitely finished it out in style. But, nobody woulda known if it weren't for the stellar photog skills from Don Le Photography manning the photobooth and Albert E running around documenting it all. Not enough for ya? Check out what yelpers have to say about it here and all of the photos your eyes can handle here.

December 15, 2010

Yelp's Homegrown Holiday CMYE in Minneapolis

Posted by Annie D

Twin Cities yelpers braved aftermath from the epic Minnesota blizzard and put their Yelp Shops Local pledges into action at Yelp's Homegrown Holiday CMYE this week.


A couple dozen gift-givers got in their one-horse open sleighs and jingled over to Moss Envy for a wintry event at their eco-chic shop that features sustainable goods and gifts for home and life.

While indulging in organic hot cocoa spiked with a naughty winter warmer, Lila C and her friend scored jewelry, "recycled eco-friendly fleece lined mittens and a pumpkin candle" and checked out the "flashy underpants section." The raffle left everybody a winner with 20% off discount coupons, and Hether C snagged a $40 gift card!

Home Home4 

Carolyn A couldn't contain her excitement about Sun Street Breads: "All the treats were delicious (don't worry: I tried all of them). I especially loved the gougeres and the coconut/ginger/chocolate ganache cookies." Well, Carolyn, you only have to wait a couple of months before baker Solveig Tofte opens up her brand new bakery on 46th and Nicollet. We're sure she'll make you all the cheese straws, almond tarts and cookies you can handle!

Home1 Home2

A big thanks to our generous sponsors and to TJ Turner for snapping photos! Check the merry reviews of the event (or write one if you were there).

Annie D.
Yelp Twin Ciites Community Manager


Dec Elite Event: Ugly Jumpers... Kinda!

Posted by Annie

Thankfully the snow did not make an appearence and hinder Yelp Dublin's last elite event of 2010. Dublin Yelpers headed Northside to Sin É, pronouced shin eh and meaning that's it, to try salty dog cocktails and Irish craft beers.


Dec 1


Dublin Yelpers are far too fashionable and the majority abstained from wearing an ugly jumper but Joshua R made up for them all by sporting a jumper with flashing Christmas lights - good man Joshua for risking electrocution just to look like a Christmas tree.


Dec 2


David and Jonathan from California Wine Imports brought College Green Brewery Belfast Blonde and College Green Brewery Headless Dog. We learnt that the Belfast blonde has a sherbety zing on the palate that makes this a superbly easy drinking favourite. Light in colour, it gives you exactly what you need when thirsty, and leaves you wanting more! Headless Dog has the drinkability of a session ale with a backing of malt and hops to balance the beer beautifully. A great food matching beer, ideal for pastry based dishes.Thank you so much guys for the great tasting session.


Dec 3


Moe the bartender, you can't make this stuff up, squeezed many a lime for the salty dog cocktails. Rum, bitters and lots of lime! We munched on mince pies and danced to the tunes of Brian Taffee. Thank you so much to Kieran of Sin É for being so welcoming to us all. Post you thoughts and musings of the night here! Write reviews of the event here! And lastly check out the photos from the talented Cian Brennan here!


Dec 4


Thank you so much Dublin Yelpers for making 2010 such a fantastic year for Yelp. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and eat too much! Also I hope that you all have a healthy and happy New Year!

Till 2011 sin é!

Annie L

December 14, 2010

Kansas City Elites Celebrate Kitschmas!

Posted by Joi

It was a cold winter's night in Kansas City, where the roads were icy and the windchill was below zero, but the prospect of deliciously festive food and drink at Beer Kitchen drew out many very good Elite boys and girls along with their guests to Yelp's Merry Kitschmas Party, this past Sunday night. Elites never looked swankier (check out those Yelp Life gloves!) Santa's little helpers never looked hotter, Santa himself never looked more...demonic?! And what's up with that elf?!

Sign Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (79 of 109) 121210 178

Bring on the holiday cheer: Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio, Schlafly Dry-Hopped APA and McCoys Vanilla Toddy Stout plus a variety of holiday cocktails. Wait is that cheer? Or naughtiness in action?!

121210 168 Kitschmastree Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (24 of 109)

Beer Kitchen offered us a straight-up holiday feast that included vegan mini cheatloaf and mushroom gravy, fire roasted pepper and corn dip with blue corn chips, hop-infused deviled eggs, spicy toasted mixed nuts, goat cheese croquettes with rosemary honey, mac and cheese fritters, sugared cranberries, mini meatballs, turkey & cranberry sliders with blue cheese butter...courtesy of Farm to Market Bread and US Foods.

Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (38 of 109) Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (41 of 109) Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (23 of 109)
Check out Chef Barry chatting it up with the crowd...perhaps revealing the answer to such secrets as, "how the heck did you get all of us excited about cranberries of all things?"

It's not a holiday party without sweets! Beer Kitchen had us tempting the fate of coal in our stockings with their sinful drunken donuts dipped into Grand Marnier chocolate sauce, and cinnamon brioch bread pudding with cranberries and raisins, while Little Lulu's Cupcakes provided iced sugar holiday cookies and delightful mini cupcakes.

Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (17 of 109) Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (18 of 109) Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (99 of 109)

To warm us up from the cold, Heather Moll set up her massage chair and turned many a yelper into melted butter with her therapeutic hands.

Everyone had a blast catching up with old friends and meeting news ones, plus got decked out the kitsch galore in the photo booth with a demonic santa, his crooked, but well-meaning reindeer, and tons of tiny little elves whispering, "Merry Yelpmas to all and to all a good night!" Monica Cole took the photo booth pics (with Santa's Little Helpers, Tabitha M and Amanda L) and Chloe Mann took the gorgeous candid shots. Besides the much-appreciated Yelp Life gloves, there were Merry Kitschmas ornaments made just for the occasion, for everyone to take home, plus more of Little Lulu's cookies to leave out for Santa (suuuuure, we will).
Cookies 121210 256 121210 372

In the words of Christyn K, "I will gladly drive through the ice and snow ANY DAY for a Yelp-tastic party. Seriously, these events can warm your heart and make any grinch a believer. Loved the decor, loved the venue, loved the cupcakes, loved the glovelets. The food bar was like a fantastic dream of Christmas gourmet goodness. I mean, sugar coated cranberries! POP! Damn! Great company, great party, great time. Kitsch never looked so classy!"
Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (107 of 109) Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (61 of 109) Yelp-MerryChristmasParty-12-12-10 (59 of 109)
Is that Bryan and Monica taking a night off from Nica's Cafe?!

121210 211 121210 252 121210 282
Rich K, you may try to look like a Grinch, but all walks of elf life appreciate your protection.

Thank you so very much to Erika, Chef Barry and the fabulous staff at Beer Kitchen, Jenny of Little Lulu's Cupcakes, Heather Moll, Monica Cole and Chloe Mann. Check out the reviews and tons more photos on the flickr page!
Merry Kitschmas! Remember, no matter what you celebrate, kitsch is universal (or at least very American)!
Yelp KC Community Manager

LA Elites Get Swapping!

Posted by Christina Y

For the second year, Yelp LA Elites gathered at W - Los Angeles Westwood to swap their next-to-new cocktail duds for new-to-them outfits that will take them into the holiday party season with ease! This year, the setting was CHILL, W's outdoor winter wonderland, complete with snow and a hybrid ice rink, which the ladies took advantage of when they weren't swap-shopping.

   Picnik collage 1

They also nibbled on bites from the W kitchen including mini grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato bisque, sipped on specially priced cocktails from Ciroc at the bar and noshed on mini ice cream sandwiches courtesy of Coolhaus. Bliss spa was also on "hand" to provide mini hand massages for the guests!

Picnik collage 2

The ladies left with some gorgeous new getups and all leftovers were donated to Women Helping Women. You can check out the reviews here and all of the photos, courtesy of Kwirious Photography, right here.

Picnik collage 3

Happy hoildays and SYOY!

Katie B and Christina Y

LA community managers


December 13, 2010

Columbus Yelpers Get Crafty for the Holidays

Posted by Christina C.

The last Columbus Yelp Elite Party of 2010 proved one thing: Columbus Yelpers are good with their hands! Yelp's Holiday Crafty Café sponsored by Taste of Belgium at the North Market gave all six – yes six – senses of attendees a nice flex – with special emphasis on hands-on.

Busy making grams, grampus, mom, dad or themselves, a holiday card with photos from ShutterBooth Columbus; decorating a wine gift bag with help from Jen at The Barrel and Bottle; icing their own sugar cookies with the lovely ladies from Tremont Goodie Shop; and bundling personal sacks of mulling spices while sipping hot cocoa and cider with Ben from North Market Spices, Columbus yelpers celebrated the holiday season creatively.

IMG_9165  IMG_9166  IMG_9181

Aromas from off-the-griddle waffles and crepes from Taste of Belgium filled the air and bellies of busy little Elf-ers and all were able to, well, have a taste of Belgium. Liz M could kick herself for not trying it sooner! Local brewery – Neil House Brewery – and Goose Island poured hard cider and Belgian brews and Michelle K is "definitely going to check out Neil House Brewery's tasting room when they open their new location!"
 IMG_9178 IMG_9170 IMG_9197

Meanwhile, The Olde Souls & The Makeshift Band provided tunes to tickle the ears of attendees and new fan, Sabrina L, chimes, "You never know if music is going to add or subtract from the night until the band actually starts playing, but this band was fantastic.  Not too loud, not too quiet, and playing the perfect mix of Christmas and non Christmas songs." Music to our ears indeed!

Much to the surprise of many yelpers, the Dispatch Kitchen at North Market proved to be the perfect venue! Melanie B "loved the warm, yellow brick and the fun red vinyl chairs, as well as the bar in back and the high ceilings. It is adorable!"

Lastly, Columbus yelper's sense of giving was in full force as nearly 50 pairs of gloves were donated to the North YMCA to help warm the hands of Columbus families in need.


Check out all of the photos of the party from the talented Robb Shirey on Flickr and I encourage you to share your feedback about the event here!

See you in 2011, yelpers! Happy Holidays!

Christina C.


Chicagoland Elites Rock Their Ugliest Holiday Sweaters in True Festive Style!

Posted by Jelena Z

How do you make a holiday party that much more festive? Add a few inches of snow into the mix, natch! Despite slippery road conditions, more than 100 Chicagoland Elites celebrated a white Christmas last Thursday at Nick's Pizza and Pub. On the red and green agenda? Land Shark and Shock Top beers, and Bacardi Silver malt beverage in sangria, mojito and raz flavors courtesy of Anheuser-Busch. The bar also crafted frosty cocktails with smooth-as-ice Zodiac Vodka. Not a thirsty yelper in the house!

Yelp_Nicks 026 Yelp_Nicks 112 Yelp_Nicks 126 Yelp_Nicks 035

Yelpers helped themselves to a smorgasboard of Nick's delicious signature pizzas, including Mexican, Hawaiian, Margherita, sausage and veggie varieties. If that wasn't enough, guests also noshed on a DIY spread of Italian beef sandwiches and then indulged in fondue from local artisan chocolatier, Kokku.

Yelp_Nicks 008 Yelp_Nicks 012 Yelp_Nicks 086 Yelp_Nicks 107

An Iron Pizza Chef competition highlighted Elites' culinary skills and the ugly sweater competition yielded a close race. The winners took home bottles of Zodiac Black Cherry vodka and gift certificates to Nick's! Just like the classic holiday music playing over the speakers, the festive spirit was in the air. Thanks again to our generous host venue, Nick's Pizza and Pub, for treating us to an evening full of holiday cheer. And now, for the goodies... check out the ShutterBox photos here, peep Rachel J's candid shots here and read the reviews here!

1121092230_HPqj8-M 1121092676_m5uwb-M 1121093139_BrhQu-M 1121092771_J8aYR-M

Until next time, SYOY! Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

Jelena Z

Yelp Goes Totally Bazaar

Posted by Alex Shebar


There are a lot of wonderful things about the holidays – but shopping sure as hell isn’t one! The malls are crowded and cramped and full of people who will punch you right in the face to steal a latest hot toy – it’s true, we’ve seen it!

For those Cincinnatians still nursing head-wounds from the last holiday season, though, this year was going to be different. This year was going to be … Bazaar.


Yelp’s Totally Bazaar was a mix of shopping, eating, drinking and holiday fun at The American Sign Museum, one of the city’s most hidden of hidden gems. The spot showcases beautiful neon signs from the 1800’s to today, and the bright glow gave a cheerful aura to the entire event!


There were 30 stores, 15 restaurants, alcohol and entertainment - something for everyone at the three hour party.

The food could not be topped as restaurants from all over the area mixed up sweet and savory dishes. There were free eats from local restaurants including Dojo Gelato, The Bistro, Mama Made It, Sweet Peace Bakery, Take the Cake, Roxy's, Yagoot, Mayberry, Taste of Belgium, Keystone Bar & Grill, and Chalk Food + Wine.


Some of the guests favorite eats? Ann L said it best: “Chalk's Butterscotch pudding made with real scotch. Take the Cake's ham sandwich. Roxy's hamburger, OMG. Mama Made It had the best Kettle Corn that I've ever had. The Bistro gave me a phyllo cupped duck - first time for duck – awesome.” Awesome indeed.


Guests then washed it all down with hot coffee from La Terza and Red Tree Gallery as well as cold beer from Goose Island, Kentucky Ale, Two Brothers, Thirsty Dog, Christian Moerlein and hard cider from Crispin!

For those in the mood to grove, Maize Music and The Avenue provided “upbeat music that was the perfect compliment to the brightly lit neon signs,” Maria G glowed. For the social media addicts, topic set up a beautiful neon giant screen for live tweeting, which can still be seen right here! Toys for Tots set up heartwarming donation boxes. Busy little elves at The Freestore Foodbank wrapped presents and Bazaar bought gifts for free and ShutterBooth kept everyone entertained and photogenic.


Even Santa himself made an appearance at the event, handing out Skyline surprises to all the good little yelpers!


It was indeed a Bazaar, so obviously people shopped! Literature lovers found a home at Ohio Book Store and Roebling Point Bookstore. They snagged rare vinyl from Shake It Records and got creative with Artists' Beads and Gracie Sparkles. People picked up funky and classic decorative peices from the Contemporary Arts Center, Park + Vine, MiCA 12/v, Anamedia, Borohio, and Mainly Art Vintage Home Furnishings and dressed up with The Mustard Seed Boutique, Trend Boutique, Chicken Lays An Egg, Alternative Motive, Corwyn Apparel, Designs by Behin, and Toku Baru . They bought children’s gifts at The Spotted Goose and Blue Manatee and picked the perfect pet present at Pet Wants, and perhaps a sweet treat for themselves at Chocolats Latour. They also had the chance to walk the swanky shops on Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue for everything else they could want or need.


If the event was to introduce people to local shopping they hadn’t heard of before and support them (and it was!), then it succeeded, Jackie P declared. “There were a bunch of vendors I had heard of but never stopped into and I can't wait to add them to my list of local places for gift buying.”

But don’t just take our word on the night’s awesomeness, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographers extraordinaire Anna Penny and Thadd Fiala on the Official Yelp Flickr page.  

At the end of the night, Zach F summed it up best: “It's heart warming to see so many local business owners and artisans showcased in one location and fully legitimized in Cincinnati around the holiday season when so much focus during the holidays is commercial in nature.”

Not this year my friend, not this year.


Alex S

Cincinnati Community Manager

Orlando Get's Ugly... An Ugly Sweater Holiday Hop!

Posted by Colleen Burns

In Florida, we don't have much of the white, powdery cold stuff to help us get in the holiday mood so what better than... Ugly sweaters to rock us into the season?! The Elite squad got our Holiday Hop on at Crave! To encourage everyone to rock the "ugly" there was a contest for the worst ones, voted on by everyone and there were some serious contenders who even rallied and campaigned to get votes. A seriously taken challenge!

Picnik collage

While everyone was mixing and mingling to check out all the festive tops, we noshed on some Crave goodies incuding sushi, hummus and quesadillas. We also had the wine flowing and a delicious Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka spiked Arnold Palmer keeping everyone warm inside.

We had some holiday guessing games which added a little sweetness while the big, jolly old man himself went through his naughty and nice list! There were tons of amazingly, ugly sweaters but only 3 yelpers took home prizes and the king of it all was Frank L. who literally, lit up the room!

Picnik collage2

The jolly old fellow that was taking holiday wishes, serving up food and being photographed all night was our very own Elite yelper, Art W. The amazing photographs of the evening were thanks to our awesome Elite yelper Kelley S., check out the hoppin' photos here. Thank you to everyone who helped out and attended! Huge shout-out to all the yelpers that came and rocked their festive-ness, Crave for hosting us, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka for hydrating us (in a phenominal way) and everyone that made the last Orlando event of 2010 possible! We will be back in 2011 with a bang!

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read the reviews!!

Until next year...




Yelp Manchester Makes Its Debut!

Just as it reads on our famed Afflecks Palace building, on the seventh day God created MANchester. And on the ninth day of December, in celebration of our diverse, bohemian Northern Quarter, Elites from our city descended upon Manchester Photographic Gallery to absorb all things snappy while sampling some delicious festive pizza and Yelp-themed cupcakes... and quaffing some smooth, tasty wine.

KJC_8312 KJC_8156
KJC_8181 KJC_8203

Manchester's first ever Elite Event saw our community explore a three-floor art space filled with stunning photographs (including the colourful Pride Exhibition and a collection from the charity Forever Manchester), while munching unusual toppings fresh from Dough Pizza Kitchen such as Festive Duck, Holy Smoked Mackerel, Traditional Turkey and Winter Spinach, as well as tucking into lightly whipped miniature sweet treats from Sweet Tooth Cupcakery. The only beverage worthy of being glugged alongside such delights was Oneglass Wine in its cute portable and biodegradable pouches, all the way from Italy!

KJC_8200  KJC_8198

KJC_8184 KJC_8196

Entertainment came in the form of Jun Tzu, a Belfast-born Manchester-based hip-hop artist who treated yelpers to some funny, inspiring and altogether powerful punch-packing poetry, and Phil Rogerson, whose renditions of Flight of the Conchords songs had the crowd both hypnotised and in stitches. The charismatic Campbell captured every precious moment, and our schwagload ensured no yelper went home empty-handed!

KJC_8217 KJC_8386  KJC_8302

KJC_8204  KJC_8165

And who could forget London's wonderful Laura N who helped out so kindly at our first event, and was the sophisticated Southern Fairy-Godmother to this Northern Monkey. Want to discover more about our artistic first bash? Read the reviews, share stories on Talk and have a goosey gander at the pretty pics we got here.

KJC_8372KJC_8382 KJC_8342

Have a wonderful Yuletide, and we'll certainly SYOY!


Emma-Lou "Gallagher-Brows" H

Community Manager

Manchester, UK

Give A Big Yee-haw To Yelp Houston's Holiday Hoedown

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Talk about the most rootin’, tootin’ holiday event of the year! On December 9th, more than 700 of Houston’s finest yelpers shined their boots, donned denim and moseyed on down to Winter Street Studios for A Holiday Hoedown.

Picture 15

It was a winter soirée with a Texas twist; from hay to hot cider, cowboys and girls were greeted by a smattering array of holiday goodies. Posses of yelpers made way through the venue, sampling winter-inspired cocktails concocted by some of the city’s finest: Avant Garden presented an assortment of sangrias (the chile buzzed to be a fave), newcomer Azul Lounge presented “Conjure Frost” and “Conjure Lemon Drops” featuring Conjure Cognac, benjy’s created "Herbs of Enchantment" made with Enchanted Rock Vodka, guests also warmed up with steaming cups of “Deep Eddy Cider” by Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, and Baked Apple Collins” by Maker’s Mark. Bacardi Silver, Buffalo Trace-Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Rain Organics Vodka, and Houston locals Saint Arnold Brewing Company and SlimRitas also wet the whistles of some very thirsty outlaws.

Picture 16

Following the bevs was a dizzying array of finger lickin’ bites: Chicken Fried Oysters from Branch Water Tavern; brisket and sausage from The Brisket House; jalapeno hushpuppies, gumbo and French bread from Calliope’s Po-boy; Sweet Potato Wontons and mini-tostadas from The Chelsea Grill; Crab Dantons from Danton’s Gulf Coast Kitchen; a variation of burritos from Freebirds World Burrito; an assortment of wraps from Freshii; Tuscan Grilled Chicken with basmati rice prepared by Hungry’s Café & Bistro; vermicelli noodle soup (bun bo hue) and various Vietnamese nibbles from Kim Chau Restaurant; Caprese on Crostini and Pesto Chicken Salad on Baguette by Lucky’s Pub; Texas Pecan Pie and Pesto Party Geez by Pat Greer’s Vegan Kitchen; mini desserts courtesy of Ruggles Café Bakery; and spicy tuna tacos, Tuna On Fire Rolls, Big Bird Rolls, veggie roll, and other sushi wraps from SushiPop. And Kitchen Incubator brought on their team of partners: quail devil eggs and caviar by Chef Sandra Shafer; Argentinean empanadas by Lucia's Especialidades Argentina; Alfarores by Sweets by Belen; holiday cupcakes by Kaleidoscope Cupcakes; Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge, Quiche by Salad Secrets; and Divinity by Divinity Catering. Now that’s something to write home about!

Picture 33

And there was more than just bites and bevs – how about some boot scootin’ beats and more entertainment?! DJ Ceduxion spun non-stop beats as yelpers took over the dance floor. And the Joseph Was Here photo booth created all sorts of silly havoc. Part & Parcel Wrapping Co. brought out the barnyard fun with bails and gift-wrapped décor for added holiday cheer. Also on the scene were a few gals from the Houston Roller Derby and The Wave which helped to shuttle cowboys and girls to and from the Hoedown.

All of this endless excitement was an amazing, record-breaking way to round out the year, support local businesses, and also benefit SEARCH Homeless Services for a “warm & wooly” donation drive. With the help of some very generous attendees, 130 jackets and 44 blankets were collected. (We foresee Santa stuffing yelpers’ stockings with a little somethin’ extra this year!) Don’t forget to catch the paparazzi pics snapped by yelpers David N and Long T, photo booth shots and reviews

SYOY (see you on Yelp) and in 2011,

Picture 17

Farrah A
Houston Community Manager

December 11, 2010

NYC Yelpers Have A Snow Ball!

Ho-ho-howdy! Yelpers from from Flatiron to Flushing to Flatbush came together on Thursday night to celebrate the end of 2010 with over 2,500 of their favorite folks at the historic 69th Regiment Armory. Whether you're feeling silly, star-struck, or slightly hungover, we can all agree that it was seriously sassy holiday spectacular.

Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.46.38 AM Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.14.25 AM Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.14.41 AM
Kicking things off with edibles from 25 of New York's nicest (and naughtiest) eateries, we saw some savory samples from Hill Country Chicken, Scottadito Osteria Toscana, Mercadito, L'asso, Smorgas Chef, Energy Kitchen, Slice, Qdoba, Ovelia, Meze Grill, Mama Mexico, Mooncake Foods, Fat Radish, Palo Santo, Luke's Lobster, Mehtaphor and Graffiti Food & Wine Bar. Whew, say that five times fast! And when dreams of sugar plums popped in their heads, yelpers could indulge in a variety of sweet treats courtest of Nine Cakes, Intoxicating Confections, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, WannaHavaCookie and Spot Dessert Bar. From shrimp to proscuitto rolls, hummus to fried chicken and Peppermint mini cones dipped in chocolate to cheesecake spoons ... it was the perfect place to pack on those winter pounds.

Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.16.11 AM Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.16.31 AM  Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.18.08 AM
Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.18.26 AM Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.18.47 AM  Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.20.34 AM
Care to imbibe? The free flowing bevvies from Miller Lite, champagne from Bubble Lounge, Peroni and Ithaca Party Sunny in addition to cider from Doc's and Crispin plus some endless wine that kept convos lubricated throughout the early evening.

Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.21.11 AM Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.22.24 AM Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.44.57 AM
When they weren't putting things in their mouths (ahem), yelpers took up some clubs with the pros from the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, got their mitts massaged down by the magic-workers from the Spa at Chelsea Piers and rolled 300s at the Bowlmor Times Square Wii Bowling kiosk. Those weren't just jingle bells coming from Lexington Ave last night; Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Roosevelt Dime and DJ Lauren Lane all hooked uo the tunes to take the merriment to the next level.

SNOW_BALL-013 SNOW_BALL-009 SNOW_BALL-001 Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.19.23 AM
Aplus Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 11.34.28 AM
Want photographic evidence of these enticing activities? Then peep those Shutterbooth shots (coming soon), Mackler Studios professional pics here and Magnolia Photo Booth's sassy squares right here!

With all this merrymaking the real heroes of our community were not to be forgotten as the crew of volunteers from the NYC Coalition Against Hunger manned the coat check table and collected donations. At the end of the evening, yelpers ended up donating $4,872.71 in cold hard cash. If you forgot your checkbook you can still give your Christmas gift to those less fortunate online.

Thank you for making 2010 such an amazing year for Yelp New York and here's to more fun to come next year!

Happy Holidaze,

Jane K, Peter D & Leighann F

"A Night Before Yelpmas" Pajama Party at El Rey Theatre

The invite says it all:

'Twas the night before Yelpmas, when all through LA
Every Elite was stirring, inside the El Rey;
The decorations were hung from the stage with care;
Time to enjoy the holidays if you dare.
Start searching for a festive pajama find;
While visions of cocktails dance in your mind;
You in your flannel, and us in our onesies;
One thing's for sure the pictures will be funsies.
Out in the main room there will be yummy bites;
And on the marquee Yelp's name up in lights;
Our favorite DJs will fill the room with song;
And the huge dancefloor will let you Duggy all evening long;
So on Thursday the 9th, make sure you clear the night
For the Yelp Holiday Party is always an amazing sight!

    1121495469_NpT4E-S      1121508964_z6yj5-S      1121519828_bNmfD-S     1121507519_gxKhE-S

And now for the partay:

Merry cheer filled up the El Rey, as Elites and their plus ones pajama jammy jammed like nobody's business. They snacked on mole tamales and lime grasshoppers (yes, those kind of grasshoppers!) from Guelaguetza, bacon-wrapped tots and hummus from hot spot Libertine, and red velvet cupcakes and banana cream pudding from the legendary Magnolia Bakery. Spirits of the liquid variety were flowing like egg nog thanks to VeeV vodka and (ri)1 whiskey and those fast, friendly bartenders. The stage turned into an electronic playground as Newegg entertained guests with not one, but two Xbox Kinnect consuls and Newestra cranked out the dance-worthy tunes. Not only did the first 25 people to show their check-ins upon entrance receive tickets to the Santa Anita Park Food Truck Event, but a handful of lucky raffle winners took home a Frederick's of Hollywood gift package, a pair of tickets to HAIR at Pantages Theatre, signed CD packs, Blue Tooths and even a digital camera (courtesy of Newegg). Onesies were captured by Project Photobooth, Kwirious Photography, and AK Photography. A festive time was had by all, just take a look. More pics to come!

And since it's the season of giving, Yelp LA collected over $1,100 and 300+ books for L.A. Works!

      Picture 8     Picture 12      Picture 25      Picture 15

Wishing it could be a pajama party every day!

Katie B and Christina Y

LA Community Managers


December 10, 2010

Yelpers in Merry Spirits at Élevé

Posted by Monica

This past Tuesday night, over 200 East Bay elites decked the halls of Walnut Creek's swanky Vietnamese fusion restaurant, Elévé. It was the final bash in 2010 for those living east of the Bay Bridge, and on a brisk night in the suburbs, bushels of red and green clad elites turned up the heat.
Eleve 1
Once denizens entered the industrial two-tiered confines, they were treated to bottomless Moscow Mules, Margaritas, Palomas, Elder Sours, and a bounty of other molecular drinks based with SKYY vodka and Espolón tequila that'd give any handcrafted cocktail operation in the Bay Area a run for their money.

Eleve2There was a non-stop stream of shrimp spring rolls, crispy imperial rolls, braised eggplant, flash fried green beans, Jack Fruit Toss (pork belly, shrimp, fried shallots, mint, rau ram,  chilies, toasted peanuts), and many more piquant eats coming from the busy kitchen. Throw in enough cupcakes from Hip 2 Be Squared to fill a grain silo in Bartlesville, Oklahoma as well as live music from Loe and the Nastys, and you have yourself one heck of a holiday soiree!

In the words of Erin S, "Loved the food, loved the venue - the Yelp gods were on our side last night!" Don't forget to check out more photos (thanks to CatalepsicFox) and read the reviews!

Until Next Year!

Monica S


Cleveland Yelpers Get Snowed In!

Posted by Cara

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

The few and the brave Cleveland Elites made it out Wednesday night, over the river and through the blizzard to the very first holiday soiree. AMP 150 hosted this yelpy yuletide bash with delicious noshables, booze and, of course, a focus on shopping local!

IMG_9197  Large IMG_9324      Large IMG_9193     Large

Elites and guests partied their frost off with local vendors while making their spirits bright with pints full of two kinds of Magic Hat brews, light and hoppy #9 and dark, tasty Winter Howl. AMP 150 filled jolly bellies up right with an array of cheeses, house made potato chips, dips, veggies and warm hors d'oeuvres like creamy mushroom soup shots and duck pate.

IMG_9402  Large  IMG_9214 Large IMG_9667  Large

What season would be bright without some sweet treats? Amanda, the sassy chef from Lilly Handmade Chocolates, came to hang out with Elites and serve up her holiday inspired "boozy truffles", as she calls them. With options like "Not Your Granny's Rumballs" and "Lilly Alexanders" spiked with Makers Mark and Grand Marnier, you're bound to have a buzz!

  IMG_9487 Large IMG_9268  Large IMG_9506  Large
In honor of our Yelp Shops Local Pledge about a dozen local shops threw in extra incentives to "say no" to bigbox this season, including coupons and goodies, all stuffed into take-home baggies for Elites. From Evie Lou's boutique, to CLE Clothing Co's t-shirts and even Salty not Sweet's crafty gifts, there was no shortage of variety inside! A couple of vendors even showed up to spread the joy, like Ilona from Budapest Blonde mixes and Shelly from Visible Voice Books. A big congrats to Elite, Will S, who won a bottle of Dirty Blonde mix and a daper, Yelp shirt!

IMG_9449 (Large)  IMG_9475 Large IMG_9342 Large

In addition to the bounty local of discounts, Elites got oodles of new Yelp schwag to brag about. What could be more satisfying on a white-out night than fingerless Yelp gloves? Plenty of photo ops were captured by our beloved photog, Heather Muro, with holiday hats and schwag galore. Talk about the icing on a toasty December Elite party.

A huge and sincere thank you to those who were able to make it out through the weather to this event! See the reviews and all of the pictures here.  

Have a safe and happy holiday season, Cleveland!

IMG_9641 Large

Cara L.

Yelp Chicago's Historically Awesome Adventure

Posted by Johnny Todd

In a year that's seen Fantaseas, Summerfests and Yelp Helpings, there was no way Yelp Chicago could end 2010 without anything but a bang. It did. Highlighting the success of the Yelp Shops Local Pledge, the Chicago History Museum played host to over 700 guests who enjoyed a Holiday Blowout like none other. The venue, food, drink, and entertainment highlighted all that is wondrous about the Windy City.

5242754743_1a01da4576_b 5243349136_781c55a7f4_b 5247418215_d0d9e3b2a6_b 5247418329_8c34c4b2d6_b

Lucky yelpers got a taste of the good life with savories from Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen, The Market Bistro, Nacional 27, NYC Bagel Deli, Chen's Chinese & Sushi, and Saigon Sisters. Between these excellent eateries, guests enjoyed falafel, tuna tartare, ceviche, fresh lox, crab rangoon, banh mi, and much more. Lest you think yelpers don't enjoy the sweet life, Luscious Layers Bakery, Ivy Uppercrust Pastry and the North & Clark Cafe kept the sugar rush coming with treats like chocolate stout moonpies, blondies, carrot cake, and other delectables.

5242757623_8f1c448c11_b 5243351498_9f55b20a80_b 5243351684_b3e1a21bf8_b 5243352440_fd033a00b7_b

All those good eats can make a yelper a wee bit parched. Thankfully, folks were in the right place to quench their thirst. Diageo-Guinness USA debuted some of their latest libations and excited yelpers relished the flavor. Guinness Black Lager, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Smithwick's, Harp Lager, and Smirnoff varieties (like the popular Blueberry Lemonade) added the right hint of winter cheer to the most wonderful time of the year. Making guests forget they were in the chilly Midwest, the barons of Bacardi Silver brought island flare to the festivities with Raz, Mojito, Strawberry and Lemonade varieties. Landshark Lager, Rolling Rock and Shock Top rounded out the tropical trip. For those with a taste to drink a little closer to home, Half Acre, Crispin Cider and Metropolitan Brewing created broad smiles and warm bellies. It's a holiday miracle! And, for all those who preferred lighter fare, Vitamin & Smart Water proved to be the wise choice.

5243350348_84ec31c5b0_b 5243350724_b4d7ee4bb2_b 5243351332_14e1d44b9e_b 5247419257_f1795b6840_b

As fantastic as the food and drink were, invitees had even more reason for cheer. The oddsmakers of Casino Party Planners brought Vegas to Chicago courtesy of their oxygen bar and blackjack & roulette tables. The money may have been fake, but the passion was very real. Music lovers had a triple threat of tantalization thanks to the hot beats of Cage & Aquarium Productions, the classy piano playing of Adis Sirbubalo and the soulful blues of John Wegman. If that wasn't enough, the entire Museum was open for exploration. So, between bites and sips, yelpers enjoyed the splendor of The World's Fair, desired a seat in a streetcar and said, "I Do!" It was quite a night.

5242757387_a4211eece0_b 5242757971_43655b8095_b 5247417889_f53aa0ef8f_b 5248022226_f5b992f2c4_b

And there was even more. As guests arrived, the Santas of ZipCar collected toys for the benefit of The Boys & Girls Club of Chicago and took sign ups for post-party shuttles to the El! The Spruce Bruce of CityTree Delivery catered to your fir needs and the marvelous maestros of Magnolia Photo Booth Company captured holiday magic in their super-popular photo booth. Take a looksee here. What was that? You weren't there? Fortunate for you, the photographic phenoms Andres DeLeon and Laurence Asuncion captured the moment for you. Check out the pictures here and here. If you prefer the written word, attendees spilled the beans here.

5242758847_995a0900cd_b 5243351976_d1c2e0b936_b 5248022924_8d5f266e5f_b 5248023392_cdcfe4545a_b

Merry Yelpmas to all and to all a good night,

Johnny T



Phoenix Celebrates The Holidays With An Ugly Holiday Sweater Soiree!

'Twas the day of the Yelp holiday soiree and all through the house, not an elite could wait for the party filled with food, drinks, music, Santa and those sporting an ugly sweater or blouse! This Wednesday, over 150 Phoenix elites sported their finest ugly holiday sweaters and gathered at Rico's American Grill to ring in the holidays the yelpy way — and did they ever!


Yelp logo Rico's sign

With the entire restaurant reserved for the yelp elites, each area presented something wonderfully different for the yelpers to feast their eyes or appetites on. Yelpers prepped for winter hybernation with the holiday feast Rico's laid before their eyes. The feast included five different food stations of savory and sweet treats including grilled fish tacos, chicken chop, mashed sweet potatoes with thyme jus, cesar and chopped salad, margharita, wild mushroom and BBQ chicken wood oven prepared flatbreads and an assortment of desserts to top it all off!

Salad Dessert puff Flatbread

As the yelpers showed off their ugly sweaters to friends, they sipped on Rico's signature wine and beers and listened to live music play some classic and holiday hits. Rico's gave the north pole a run for its money with the amount of holiday decorations, including not one but two large Christmas trees. One Christmas tree served as the drop-off for the Labor Community Service Agency adopt-a-family gifts yelpers donated and based on the number of gifts under the tree, a family will have a joyful Christmas this holiday! The second tree became a jolly guest of honor's home for the evening. That's right, Santa himself made a surprise appearance and every lucky yelper got to sit on his lap, take a picture and tell the man in red their holiday wishes this year!

  Santayelper3Santa kisssing Santa yelper 1 Santayelper2   

Some decorated gingerbread houses as others caught up with old friends, but no holiday party's complete without gifts for those on the nice list. So with that, each yelper walked away with a brand new pair of "Yelp Life" gloves and a goodie bag from Rico's filled with a coupon for their next visit and Rico's signature homemade ketchup! Lucky raffle winners got to add gifts like dinner for two to Rico's, a growler or a Christmas movie to their stocking as well! The holly jolly evening concluded with a very ugly holiday sweater fashion show and yelpers went on their way full and completely in the holiday spirit.


Gingerbread house  Uglysweater

Uglyshirt Uglysweater2

The reviews are coming in faster than we can say ho, ho, ho and yelpers agree that this was most definitely a five star evening! Check out the rest of the photos and a special thank you to Rico's American Grill, LCSA, Esoterik Images and Santa Claus for making this evening one that will go down in holiday history!

See you in the new yelp year!


Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager



Paris Elite Event @ Julhès : Whisky & Cheese !

Posted by Elodie


Hier soir, au 59, rue du Faubourg Saint Martin, c’est une “ une soirée époustouflante à plus d'un titre ” qui a eu lieu chez Julhès, selon les mots d’Antoine A. L’épicerie et Nicolas Julhès ont accueilli la brigade d’Elite Yelp pour le dernier évènement Elite 2010, une dégustation des meilleurs whiskys écossais, servis avec une sélection de fromages exceptionnelle. De 19h30 à 21h30, c’était Yelp on the Rocks pour l’Elite Parisienne... 
IMG_3653 IMG_4035

Dans la nouvelle boutique de l’institution du 10ème, les invités commencent à arriver vers 19h30 et sont accueillis par Nicolas Julhès avec un cocktail spécial au whisky japonais. Une mise en bouche pétillante et trendy, qu’ils sirotent en écoutant Nicolas Julhès, un véritable expert de Whisky et de fromage. Omid T n’a pas seulement apprécié la connaissance de Nicolas sur le sujet, mais aussi “ sa passion, car c’est souvent ça qui fait la différence lorsqu’on parle de produits fins “
IMG_3933   IMG_4033   IMG_3825_2

L’heure qui suit, Nicolas Julhès fait goûter 6 autres whiskys écossais, qu’il associe à chaque fois à un fromage, expliquant les saveurs et les techniques de dégustation de ces grands crus. En bouche, l’association whisky- fromage est détonnante, et semble en surprendre plus d’un ! Le comté vieux de 40 mois, comme le “pain d’épice au roquefort” , la star selon Kelly B , ont totalement convaincu les 50 yelpeurs, qui ont bu les paroles de Nicolas. “Une soirée Yelp très différente par sa thématique et son lieu et totalement réussie”, s’enthousiasme Christine G.
IMG_4008 IMG_4062_2

Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, jetez un coup d’oeil à notre page Flickr

A bientôt Yelpeurs Parisiens,
Elodie F
Paris Community Manager
Yesterday at Julhès, 59th of Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin, “a pretty mind blowing party-
in many different ways” took place at Julhès, quoting Antoine A. The Grocery Shop
and Nicolas Julhès welcomed the Parisian Elite Squad for the final Elite Event of 2010,
a tasting of the best Scottish whiskys, served with an outstanding selection of French
cheeses. From 7:30 to 9:30, Parisian yelpers were served a real Yelp on The Rocks
Party !
IMG_3718 IMG_3766

In Julhès’ new shop in the 10th, the guests started arriving around 7:30 while being
welcomed by Nicolas Julhès with a special Japanese Whisky cocktail, a sparkly and
trendy appetizer that they sipped during Nicolas’s speech on whisky. His expertise were
highly appreciated by yelpers, who not only enjoyed his knowledge on the subject but
also “his passion, which makes the difference when it comes to enjoying fine food“,
according to Omid T.
IMG_4038 IMG_3810 IMG_3601

The following hour, Nicolas Julhès had the guests try 6 other Scottish whiskys, each
time paired with a fantastic cheese. He explained the complex flavours and the special
techniques of whisky tasting while serving the drinks and cheeses. And what an
explosive combination ! Guests were won over by "the 40 month old comté and the blue
cheese with Gingerbread", which Kelly B thought was the highlight of the evening. The
50 yelpers thoroughly enjoyed the tasting and listened to Nicolas’s teachings with great
interest. “A very special Yelp Event, with an original theme and place: definitely a great
success” Christine G says while finishing her last drop of whisky....
IMG_3880 IMG_4001 IMG_4036

Read what party-goers have to say about the festivities by reading the reviews here. For more fabulous images of the evening, don't miss our Flickr page.

Elodie F
Paris Community Manager


December 09, 2010

Honolulu Yelpers Deck The Halls At The Top Of Waikiki

Posted by Emi H

It may not snow in Honolulu, but that could never stop 150+ yelpers from braving the balmy eighty degree weather and an elevator trip up eighteen floors to get to Yelp's Holiday Smash at the Top of Waikiki! Armed with toys to donate to Toys For Tots, Yelp Elites (and their deck out +1s) wrapped themselves up in holiday cheer for the last big Yelp party of 2010. 

1117706056_dNBR6-L 1117708846_sj3oX-L
1117703187_7mepk-L 1117700600_wUwHW-L

Hosted by the Top of Waikiki, Hawaii's only revolving restaurant, party guests enjoyed panoramic 360 degree views of the gorgeous Honolulu skyline. Being on top of the world is indeed sweet and only made more wonderful by the delish array of pupus being served throughout the evening. Guests noshed happily on braised short rib & foie gras spring rolls, BBQ pork sliders, spicy ahi poke, seafood cerviche and smoked salmon crepes and roasted red pepper bruschetta caprese. 

1117703390_Zs5B2-L 1117702593_Kozca-L1117707098_5S7kH-L 1117703407_5LcAv-L

Yelpers mingled at the bar and got ready to battle the Hawaii cold by warming up on Ocean Vodka cocktails, Longboard Lager, Mumms Napa sparkling and Rodney Strong wines

1117701326_SZLry-L 1117704190_xJ58G-L
1117701359_bbUow-L 1117703297_H6Cvv-L

They say that Grandma got run over by a reindeer but don't blame our Santa because he was busy posing at the "Naughty & Nice" photo booth provided by Firebird Photography. Photographer Augusto DeCastro captured the magical party moments including the Great Snuggie Giveaway where Yelp raffled off everyone's fave holiday blankie along with a slew of board games.

2008 2007
1986 2010 1981

As Yelp Elite Phillip H summed up in his review "Awesome people + awesome drinks + crazy pictures = YELP LIFE!!!" Word...

Want to find out who was extra naughty or nice at the party? Read the reviews, gossip on Talk and view the cheery holiday party pics here!

Merry Christmas & SYOY!


Emi "Candy Cane" H

Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu 

Berliner Elite-Yelper auf den Spuren des kleinen, sehr feinen Neuköllner Bieres!

Posted by Tanja

Tour kl

Am 8. Dezember genossen die Berliner Elite-Yelper eine grandiose Tour durch die Privatbrauerei am Rollberg in Neukölln. Braumeister Wilko Bereit führe die Yelp Community in sein – so wörtlich – „Spielzimmer“ und damit in die Geheimnisse des Bierbrauens ein.

Dass bei Rollberg in dem historischen Gemäuer der ehemaligen Kindl-Brauerei noch traditionell und mit viel Liebe gebraut wird, beeindruckte die Yelper. Auch, dass die Rohstoffe größtenteils Bio-Qualität aufweisen ist eine Besonderheit.

Die Leidenschaft für das Bierbrauen, die Wilko während der Führung klar anzumerken war, spiegelten die verschiedenen Biere auch auf der Zunge wieder. Vor und nach der Führung war der Hahn für die Yelp-Gäste offen, was allerseits erfreute. Alle der hochwertigen Rollberg-Biere, die Wilkos Geschäftspartner Nils Heins in die vielen Gläser füllte, überzeugten qualitativ und geschmacklich. Nun kennen die Yelper den erheblichen Unterschied zwischen industriell hergestellten Massenbieren und echter Handwerkskunst!

Ein informativer und lustiger Abend im Zeichen des kühlen Blonden, den ein phantastisches Catering des Cafés 3 Gold in Berlin Mitte kulinarisch abrundete.


Trinker kl

On December 8th, the Berlin Elite Squad enjoyed a fantastic tour of the brewery Privatbrauerei am Rollberg in Berlin Neukölln. Master Brewer Wilko Bereit invited the community into his „playroom“ to introduce the secrets of beer brewing.

First of all, the setting of the building is already quite historical, since it used to be the Kindl brewery once upon a time. In fact, it made for a stunning atmosphere, which yelpers got to explore. Next, everyone was very impressed to see the rare and traditional way of brewing beer. Furthermore, every one could witness the love and passion with which this beer is create here at Rollberg. Also, most of the ingredients are organic which is barely seen anywhere else.

Yelpers tasted Wilkos passion on their palette as well. With free beer before and after the tour they got to enjoy all the different qualities - poured into tall beer glasses by Wilko´s business partner, Nils Heins. It´s probably fair to say that Berlin Yelpers now know the big difference between industrial mass beer production as opposed to the traditional and passionate profession of making beer "by hand".

This event was simply amazing, tasty and informative with a fabulous catering by the Café 3 Gold in Berlin Mitte.


Ein Prosit & Cheers,
Tanja B. (Community Manager Berlin)

December 08, 2010

Deck The Halls With STL Yelpers!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Ho Ho Ho!

Yelp St. Louis had a merry time Tuesday night at their first ever Holiday Soiree, held at Lola. The event was all about celebrating the most wonderful time of the year and local business, with food, booze and vendors... oh my!

Holiday Soiree 1

Close to 100 Elites and their guests came out in tacky attire to drink giant goblets of wine from Chaumette Winery and bottle after bottle of Schlafly beer, all while chowing down on appetizers from the restaurant. And to honor the Yelp Shops Local pledge, several local vendors also took part in the festivities, including Phoenix Rising, Kakao Chocolate, STL-Style, Whipt Cream and Maven, where they sold gifts with a price tag of $25 or less.

Holiday Soiree 6  Holiday Soiree 3 Holiday Soree 9 Holiday Soiree 5 

And who could forget the Sleazy Santa, played by San Diego's own Danny W? Everyone at the party clamored to get their pic taken with the out-of-town visitor who donned the most uh-mazing white dreadlocks and tinted red shades. There was also a sexy Mrs. Claus there to collect donations for a local animal shelter - she ended up with over $100 and a Yelper is even considering adopting a kitty! See the reviews and pics here! Happy Holidays from STL to You

  Holiday Soiree 10 Holiday Soiree 11 Holiday Soiree 12 Holiday Soiree 8

Happy Holidays from STL to you...

Holiday Soiree 2
Danny "Sleazy Santa" W and Abby "Elf" S

Charlotte Elites Unearth The Ugliest of Holiday Sweaters

Posted by Nicole W

On a chilly December night Charlotte Elites fluffed up their tackiest of tacky, ugliest of ugly, straight up offensive holiday sweaters and dropped by Dressler's for some good old fashioned fun.

33941_473891838035_154175298035_5970551_984256_n 63243_473893808035_154175298035_5970607_2311024_n 63471_473898288035_154175298035_5970701_7191254_n
Dressler's put forth a mouth-watering spread of grilled sausages, seared tuna and some of the best spinach artichoke dip this town's ever seen. Shauna H even considered about "shoveling some of the dip into her purse" and saving it for later. Damn, that's good dip. 

154683_473893708035_154175298035_5970604_5291344_n 63243_473893808035_154175298035_5970607_2311024_n 65804_473893378035_154175298035_5970591_1526578_n

And to wash down those delectable goodies, Elites were treated to a bevy of beverages from Country Vintner, Palm Bay International and New Belgium. If you were thirsty, you weren't at this soiree!

151083_473890293035_154175298035_5970509_3728468_n 155038_473892768035_154175298035_5970575_8101396_n 155654_473890218035_154175298035_5970506_126794_n

While everyone is a winner, a few select sweater sporters were gifted with some truly tacky prizes! Tiffany N won for her Christmas mumu - yes, a Christmas mumu and Erik B for his forest green jacket & Santa vest combo. Hawt!

156815_473900913035_154175298035_5970763_6004503_n 68528_473900958035_154175298035_5970764_7576185_n
But let's not forget the Elites' generous side - more than 20 toys were donated for Toys for Tots! Eric D won a fab Dressler's giftcard in the toy raffle at the end of evening. Hey, Eric - plans for dinner?

154174_473901583035_154175298035_5970773_3214423_n 155047_473898588035_154175298035_5970707_5566667_n 67870_473899518035_154175298035_5970731_3263825_n
All of these fabulous moments were captured by the lovely and talented Tonya P of Poprock Photography. If you want to catch all of the photos from last night's event check out our Flickr page! And for the scoop on what went down check out the event page & share your perspective!


Happy holidays to all & SYOY!


-Nicole W

London Gets Dappa For Christmas

Posted by Lizzie G

To celebrate the festive season and a fantastic year at Yelp London, Elites came down to Dappa Boutique in Camden to sip mulled wine, eat some very festive cupcakes, try out some killer vintage clothes and indulge in some relaxing treatments.

Dappa 1

With gifts in hands, yelpers arrived for the last Yelp Elite event of 2011. These festive-filled yelpers handed over their generously donated gifts to the Salvation Army's Christmas Present Appeal and then went on through to warm themselves with some "homebrewed" mulled wine.

Picnik collage

Dappa Boutique were the perfect hosts, offering up free consultations and 15-minute facial massages. Yelpers got to delve into their fabulous collection of vintage and designer clothing, and with shopping advice from top stylist Nicola Woodvine, it was all too easy to take advantage of their more-than-generous 50% discount on the night.

Picnik collage

Throughout the night guests could indulge in a mini massage in Dappa Boutique's brand-new treatment rooms. Eamon B and Larissa G stumbled out bright eyed and bushy tailed after their sessions. I think we know who'll be coming back for the full hour sessions! After several glasses of mulled wine and bottles of BrewDog beer, the consultations started and Tisha B was lucky enough to get a new 'do there and then in the salon. 

Picnik collage

With Wham and S Club 7 festive tunes pumping out the stereo and a selection of Christmas cupcakes and mince pies waiting to be scoffed, December excitement was in the air. But after much chatting, drinking and hat-trying-on it was time to say goodbye and thank you to Paul, Steve and the wonderful team at Dappa Boutique. Make sure you check out their listing on Yelp for exclusive Yelp offers. Another thank-you has to go out to Phil Sharp who caputured the night so well; check out his photos and relive the magic. Don't forget you can also read all the reviews and share any gossip on Talk.

Until next year,


Lizzie G and the London Crew

Dappa last

December 07, 2010

Detroit Gets Holiday Hot on the Ice

Posted by Annette

Detroit Yelp got into the holiday spirit, hockeytown style, at Yelp's Holiday Hockey Hootenanny! On Monday, December 6th, 25 elites and their guests partied down at Woodward Avenue Brewers for a holiday happy hour followed by a bus ride to Joe Louis Arena for the Red Wings' game against San Jose! 


Happy hour came complete with complimentary pints and pizza from WAB and sweet treats from Treat Dreams. We had "roaring" fireplaces to keep guests cozy (and set them up for extra special photos between all the mingling!) not to mention plenty of Yelp schwag to go around. Upon arrival guests were given their ticket packets along with Yelp tattoos and the badass "Blood Yelp and Tears" wristbands to maintain Yelper solidarity at the game.


To keep up the holiday spirit folks were encouraged to sport their finest ugly holiday sweater for a chance at special prizes compliments of our night’s sponsor Open SkateMaureen M rocked it out in an extra fancy snowman get up and scored a red and white Red Wings' v-neckA sweet raffle helped folks win the rest of these sexy, stylish shirts.


After our fill of snacks and beer our rowdy group of 50 packed into our party bus and made our way to the Wings' game (special thanks to Open Skate for not only donating the shirts but also the transportation and all the tickets). We may have lost the game 5 to 2 (you win this time, Sharks!) but our Yelpers had a swell time whooping it up with each other and enjoying hot times on the ice. 


To relive all the fun be sure to check out the flickr page, chat about the event in talk, and to see some sporty reviews (or write a review of your own!), peep this

Coming up: more holiday fun as Yelp screens The Nightmare Before Christmas at the Burton Theater on December 15th, not to mention plenty of exciting times to come in Detroit 2011!

Until then, SYOY!


Annette J 

Detroit Community Manager


December 06, 2010

Some like it hot, some like it cold in Sacramento...

Posted by Olivia L

Sacramento Elites got down at one of Midtown’s hottest new restaurants, Kupros as they bid farewell in style to 2010 at the "Yelping the Elements: A Fire & Ice Affair."

What better way to kick in the chilly season with a custom-carved ice sculpture by Ice Illusions and David Fong. More than one of us tried the ol’ tongue to ice trick, and luckily no one got caught in the moment.


Inside and upstairs, Kupros put on a feast serving more than 100 elites with a seemingly endless amount of mac ‘n’ cheese, fried green tomatoes and baked brie. They also provided complimentary beer and wine! Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka was there in full force to help us cleanse the pallet in between nibbles with their Sweet Tea and lemonade cocktail concoctions. Please sir, may we have another?

IMG_7640  IMG_7722 IMG_4630

Entertainment wise, DJ Smilez put a grin on our faces as we mixed and mingled and hooted and hollered away the evening, and especially as we watched the models do their little turn on the cat walk. Thank you to Krazy Mary’s and French Cuff Consignments for showing off your wintery wears! After the professionals strutted their stuff, we opened up the floor to those brave enough to do their own prancing. Winners took home gift certificates for Strands Salon & Day Spa, Krazy Mary’s and the Sugar Shack! Way to get sparkly in time for Santa.

IMG_4616  IMG_7746  IMG_7757

Haven’t written a review? That’s just cold. Go here to spice things up. Also, check out Flickr for photos from Beatnik Studios where they are always ready for your close up.



(Um, excuse me horse.)

December 04, 2010

Triangle Yelpers Take Time for the Three R's

Posted by Christina Gates

Not Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic! Try: Relaxing, Refreshing, and Rejuvenating.

Despite a surprise snowstorm, Elites skipped stocking up on bread at the grocery store for our final Yelp party of the year -- and what a party it was! SYNCStudio rewarded our efforts with a core-working, limb-stretching, centering work-out in their beautiful space, while Steven Feinberg DJ'd live to the class. Thanks to the wonderful staff for hosting us -- and for generously raffling off a handful of 5-class passes, so we can come back again and again!

Picture 2 Picture 10 Picture 4

In the Cycle Room, yelpers got treated to makeovers with talented, brush-wielding artists from The Luxe Group and Original Vintage, and mini-manicures with Nancee of Hairspraye Salon. Mobile beauty is the best!

Picture 5Picture 6 Picture 7

Our friends at vitaminwater helped us keep healthy with a variety of vitaminwater zero (calorie-free!). And -- since it was a Yelp event, and Yelp likes to party -- we boozed on PBR, Bud Light Lime, and Bud Select 55, and got our nibble on with a fruit and veggie spread.

Shangri-La's cherry-on-top chair massage was just what we needed before departing into the wintery wonderland. To write and read reviews, check out the event listing. And relive all of this year's parties on the Flickr page!

Picture 8 Picture 9

No matter what you celebrate -- or where the holidays take you -- have a very merry from all of us here at Yelp!

SYOY in 2011!


Christina G

December 02, 2010

Sandra Claus Is Coming To Town!

San Francisco yelpers got their holiday jam on at Public Works (one of the most buzzed about new venues in the city, brought to you by the folks who founded Mighty - playing host to an array of incredible DJs and performers) this past Monday and it proved to be quite the momentous holiday blow-out. With creative home-made holiday mix CDs in hand, Yelpers were able to peruse Public Works' astounding massive space while groovin' to the DJ stylings of Edgartronic and Danny/Izzy from local band The Frail.

When not dancing, Yelpers sidled up to the unique exposed wood bar for libations from Blue Angel vodka. With tasty strong drinks in tow, they roamed through Public Works' character-filled art gallery to feast on heavenly smelling little cheese and octopus bites from Lily at Traveling Takoyaki, then slowly making their way upstairs to sample bites from CC Made (local and organic caramel corn with a kick) and miniature cupcakes from Taste of Happiness' (gluten free, including flavors like egg-nog and pumpkin spice!).


Of course, the highlight of the wonderful event was the lovely and big busomed Sandra Claus posing for holiday photos in Perspective Photobooth's interactive and truly amazing photobooth. Yelpers couldn't get enough of Sandra Claus and there are a slew of hilarious photos (uploaded all over Yelp profiles and on facebook) to attest to this. And for all you Sandra Claus' fans out there - stay tuned for a Mr Claus and Mrs Claus appearance this weekend at Santacon.


Everyone got into the holiday spirit this past Monday and you could feel the love moving throughout Public Works' many rooms. Yelpers - were dancing to the very end - and were able to continue the dancing later- as they picked out a choice holiday mixed CD for the way home. 

To read more about the mucho merriment that took place, you can check out all of the joyous review here. Oh and stay tuned for pics as well!

Austin Takes The Pledge To Shop Local

Posted by kelly stocker

Austin Yelp pledged to shop local this Tuesday with two concurrent happy hours -- one early in central Austin at local faves Nomad Bar and one later in southeast Austin at the Double Down. Approximately 80 people showed up to pledge their support for the local cause, have a couple of drinks and get in on the big group hug

Picnik collage1

Yelpers and bar patrons alike gave exchanged Capital Area Food Bank cans for tickets for free delicious Tito's Handmade Vodka cocktails. Attendees proudly sported Yelp red silicon bracelets embossed with "Give wisely, Shop locally, Yelp on" and the first ten folks at each happy hour received Austin event calendars from Big Weekend Calendars. Mid-way through both events, smartphone app geniuses QRANK held a live trivia with eight questions about Austin businesses. Winners received Go Local cards, entitling them to a percentage discount at participating local shops.

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Check the hot shots by Jonathan Garza of both sassy events. Throughout the month of December, we'll continue to encourage folks to keep their cash close to home and partner with businesses around Austin to spread the local love!

Until then, SYOY!


December 01, 2010

Queens Elites Find Time to UnWind at DiWine!

It's official. Today is the first day of December. You know what else is official? YELP QUEENS! That's right! Last night's event at DiWine marks the beginning of kickin' it Yelp-style, from Astoria to Woodside and beyond!

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With Black Friday is just a recent memory, it won't be long beore the snow, the hectic holiday hullabaloo and a whole host activities cramming our social calendars are just ahead! But before the present-wrapping, toe-tapping, egg-nog lapping takes over our lives, it's time we take a moment to unwind! And on November 30, 2010, 100 Queens Elites gathered at DiWine in Astoria for an evening of creative cocktails and mouth-watering bites in this neighb's most warmly chic atmosphere.

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Dimly lit and gorgously decorated, the interior at DiWine, with it's cozy, sheer-curtained tables and inviting nooks and crannies, provided the perfect setting to settle in with fellow Elites and catch up on conversation, aided of course by libation lubcricants such as the seasonally themed Eggnog Martini (fresh eggnog, bourbon, cream, Captain Morgan and simply syrup), which was definitely Amanda L's "drink choice of the night." Across the bar, Cassandra M sipped the spicy Southwest Sling (cilantro-infused tequila, gohsr chili simple syrup and lime juice), leading her to question, "Who doesn't love a drink that makes your lip tingle?" For the beer lovers, Ommegang was on hand with their Witte, Hennepin and Abby Ales!

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To keep bellies happy, DiWine delivered a delicious array of appetizers, from three-cheese arancini to crostinis topped with gorgonzola and fig or shaved filet and carmelizes fennel! Between gulps of her martini, Lesie H could be found "gorging on fried cheese balls," while Radford T simply "could not keep my hands off the pizza!"

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For glimpes of the action, check out the shots snapped by our impromptu picture mistress, Jane K, or peep the photos from local lense master Wing L. Catch up on gossip on the Official Talk Thread (including who belted out what at the karaoke after party) or, for those who made it out to DiWine, share you thoughts with a review here!

A big thank you to the staff at DiWine for being such gracious hosts, and to each and every NYC yelper who made the innaugural Yelp Queens event so fabulous!

Here's to more badass parties in our borough!


Leighann F. & The Yelp NYC Team









New Orleans Elite Squad Launch Party at Capdeville!

Posted by Jessica R

Whodat? YelpDat! The New Orleans Yelp Elite Squad has arrived. Yeah, the kickoff at last year's Superbowl was kind of a big deal, but after Tuesday night's NOLA Yelp Elite Squad Kickoff Party at Capdeville made that football thing officially old news. Move over, Breesus and Bless Your Boys, because our rockstar Yelp Elite Squad is the hottest new thing in town. When Bless You Boys bag a TwoDat, then we can talk. Until then, this krewe of superstars is top news.

It's no secret that New Orleans knows how to party, but the level of attention to detail we were treated to by Mayor Capdeville's awesome team was nothing short of stunning. A brilliant suprise was the stack of dollar bills James Eustis gave us to hand out when the 70+ Elite Squad Members and their guests (future Elites, of course!) checked in at the door. And no, we were not on Bourbon Street people. The stack of dollars was for the Jukebox! Which, literally, rocked. Thanks, James! If you're into great music, you will approve.


Also super cool? The appetizer dishes they passed around came in both veggie-friendly and their traditionally meat-tastic versions, so everybody was covered. Also, the Fried Red Beans and Rice Balls were not only tasty, but also inspired a classic Scott S review. Next up was the Truffled Mac & Cheese which, let's be honest, has more in common with crack than a box with dried noodles and cheese powder. Dorothy Y has been hooked on for qute some time. The food and booze and NOLA blonde made the entire crowd happy, across the board. A huge, HUGE shoutout to James and his whole team for executing a flawless and fabulous and super shiny awesome Elite Event!


Surely by now you're wondering, "what about the drinks?" Don't worry. There was booze. A whole sea of it! A Vodka flavored Yelp colored sea of it, in fact. The Yelptinis were served quickly, effiicently, and unceasingly, which Jennifer B and Suzanne R and Jen L, and probably the majority of us, were certainly not complaining about. The bartenders, Sean and Lauren, called out Yelpers by name, which may have been a result of their mind-reading abilities, or is simply a clever use of nametags. Either way, it was yet another nice touch.


Our magnificent venue, the Mayor Capdeville was yelptastic from the get-go. Wonderful service, wonderful food, and a stack of dollar bills at the door – five stars across the board. But don't take my word for it: go read the reviews! Were you sad and at home on Tuesday unable to make it? That sucks for you, but you can always check out the amazing photos taken by the talented Sean Woods, post on multiple event follow up Talk threads, or say hi to James @MayorCapedeville the next time you're on Twitter.

Until next time, y'all! Cannot WAIT until our December Party!



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Jessica R
New Orleans Community Manager