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October 31, 2010

San Diego Freaky Tiki Halloween Bash

Posted by Danny Wurst

300 yelpers Bam-BOO-zeled their way to the holiday weekend this past Thursday at the Yelp Elite Freaky Tiki Halloween Bash…an island themed celebration of scary good businesses and igcog-neato disguises. With several food sponsors, some bloodcurdling booze, and killer costumes, it was certainly a spook-tacular spectacle to see. Creep all the folks who made this night possible…



Nothing Bundt Cakes

Paradise Grill


Spa & Salon Gregorie's


Veev Acai Spirit 

Thom Vollenweider Photography

Bone chilling cheers to all our partners and some petrifying props to Flower Hill Promenade for providing the space. 

Picnik collage1111
Peep the shrieking reviews of the party or check out additional photos here.

Picnik collagehalloween
Until next time...


Danny W San Diego Community Manager

Frankenburger! The Portland Yelpoween Elite Event!

Posted by Don Bourassa

Neither the rain nor the gloom could stop Portland's Elite from venturing out into the Foster Powell neighborhood for Frankenburger: The 2010 Yelpoween Party at Foster Burger! On October 30th, Poe-tland's finest donned some impressive getups and packed the Foster Burger patio for a spooktacular selection of tasty brews, intoxicating cocktails, delicious burger baskets, and even a cock-shake or two! It was scary-good. 

Katy Perry P The event started with a bang as Elites poured through the gates decked out in some of the best and most creative costumes we've seen in years! We were graced with the presence of big time celebs Katy Perry (Jonathan S), Snookie (Olivia T), Marilyn Monroe (Hilary B), and Antoine Dodson (Kimberly V). While Aladdin (Melvin T) and his harem were flying high on full baskets of Foster Burger's famous burgers and fries (with that oh-so-crack-like fry sauce), a piña colada (Katrina W) sipped on Cherry Libres, and an exhausted BP clean-up guy replete with oil soaked sea bird (Jerry B) and his blood-soaked Dexter wing-man (Jarrod S) quaffed house-made bloodies and greyhounds with fresh-squeezed grapefruit! The white trash pregnant lady (Feuy S) tossed back beer after beer (with cigarette behind her ear) and Frida Kahlo (Lori A) and her Luchador escort snacked on house-made pickles. There was no shortage of food or drink, which allowed the chick magnet (Mac M) and the professional escort (Kyle F) to work their magic on the crowd.


Group L Group2 LFeuy P







Burger Tray P The patio filled to probably well beyond capacity as 80+ Elites rubbed elbows (literally) and enjoyed the warm glow from the heat lamps on this otherwise chilly day. Three delicious selections from local Lompoc brewing fueled the crowd and added on that liquid jacked to anyone feeling the chill (Pig In A Blanket was warm anyway). The Monster Mash Imperial Porter, Lompoc's special Halloween brew, was the most popular of the night, but Fidel's favorite Proletariat Red was a close second, and the C-Note Imperial IPA was easily Standalf's top choice - even though it's, as he puts it "a known and well-liked commodity" in his world, he couldn't resist sticking to it all night! With Bear Flag red and white blends backing up the delicious brews and cocktails, there's no question this ghoulish horde had plenty to imbibe.

Pina Colada P With the classic "Child's Play" running on the big screen, the Yelp Elites mixed and mingled on the jam-packed patio until it was time to vote for the best costume of the night. Nominees Piña Colada, the "Up" house, One Night Stand, Antoine Dodson, and Katy Perry vied for top honors, and we let the crowd cheer for their favorite. It came to a two-way tie between Katy and Antoine, each of whom took home a bottle of Bear Flag red for their own personal after-party!

But that wasn't the end. As the Yelp Elite partied on into the evening, Foster Burger put the cream on the dessert (literally), as they brought out samples of their signature cock-shakes - soft-serve ice cream milk shakes fortified with plenty of booze. The Drunken Monekey, Buttery Nipple and White Russian cock-shakes won not only the day, but many-a-Yelper's hearts. Boozy milkshakes... another Portland Yelp Elite first.

None of this could have happened without the simply amazing work of the Foster Burger crew. From Kurt himself (for setting up the event), to Rachael, the mastermind behind the execution, and server extraordinaires Loki and Sarah Marshall, the planning and execution were flawless. The ability of only a couple of servers to get beer, wine, food, cocktails and cock-shakes to a crowd so thick you could barely walk through the patio was outstanding. Major kudos to the crew! I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Lompoc for providing such incredible brews, Banana (Phill) for working the door, Marilyn (Hilary) for the never ending support (and photos!) and, of course, the Yelp Elite Squad, for dressing to the hilt and seriously bringing it for this event. How fun! We're definitely doing this again.

If you don't believe me, read the reviews and check the photos.

Until next time, SYOY!

--Fidel "Don B" C.

Brooklyn Goes Burt Reynolds.

Posted by peter d.

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.56.32 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.00.45 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.07.02 PM Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 9.35.34 AM

Happy Halloween yelpers! On Friday night, Gordon Bennett (a mustachioed legend in his own right) and the best of Brooklyn Yelp synced up for a 'Stache Bash for the ages. There were handlebars, Fu Manchus, Reverse Hitlers, Awkward Teenagers, finger-staches, walruses (walrusi?) and even a Bearded Lady. It was a facial hair extravaganza that would've made Magnum PI proud.

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.58.28 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.56.00 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.08.17 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.56.54 PM

All night, the Gordon Bennett bartenders kept the cocktails flowing from Bulldog Gin, not to mention slinging suds courtesy of Fire Island Beer and Belhaven Scottish Stout. Some froth may have stuck in a 'stache or two, but it was a small price to pay for principle.

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.57.07 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.59.59 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.58.04 PM

Gordon Bennett's crack kitchen staff served up a stellar spread including wonderful wings, garlic fries, mini-burgers (beef and veggie), bruschetta, and a warm crème brulée bread pudding that stole the show.

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.01.25 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.05.16 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.06.21 PM Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 9.51.09 AM

By the end of the evening, spooky sights were spotted; mustaches were migrating across faces, and even bottles, drinks and pumpkins were participating in the facial hair frenzy.

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.15.30 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.57.32 PM Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 6.10.23 PM Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 9.51.28 AM

A huge thank you goes out to Lee and the rest of the Gordon Bennett staff for welcoming the Yelp Elite with open arms. Whether or not you made it out, be sure to check out the pictures and the reviews!

Peter D

Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 9.51.18 AM

October 30, 2010

Charlotte Elites Celebrate Celebrity Cliches!

Posted by Nicole W

When Charlotte Elites became privy to the Celebrity Cliche Charade Yelp Event, they immediately conjured some of the most creative and hysterical get ups this town has ever seen. What came to be only weeks later was an evening full of controlled mayhem that only a celebrity cliche could appreciate! 

  Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-016 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-011 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-002
Elites were treated to one of the most beautiful views in all of Charlotte at Loft 1523! The shine of the city lights certainly illuminated the fabulous and highly creative costumes inside. Thanks to the talented DJ, Elites got down to a myriad of tunes ranging from Michael Jackson to Christina Aguliera. And every cliche was represented, from the Annie W's "hot mess" to Jared Y's "Brad Pitt between films. Plus, Melissa B was ready to rumble and take down some misbeheavin' celebrities as the token policewoman of the evening.

Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-030 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-033 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-018

Elites snacked on delicious wraps and pub goodies from Mortimer's Cafe & Pub while washing it down with a bevy of beverage options. New Belgium poured to the Elites' content with bottles full of fantatic Fat Tire, Ranger and 1554 Black Ale. And for the grape seekers, Palm Bay International offered incredible Chilean carmenere and chardonnay from Montgras.

  Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-049 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-059 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-062

  Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-022 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-057 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-034

As the party came to a close, the best celebrity cliche incarnations were coronated. The big winners of the night included Pourina R, as half of the famed Cheech & Chong duo, and Melissa B for her dedication to serving the letter of the law!

  Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-093 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-091 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-098
Photographer extroadinare Jeff Portaro had his work cut out for him snapping up photos of these would be celebs. Check out his paparazzi skills on our Flickr page and you just may find a new profile pic! If you were famous enough to attend, tell us what you thought and review the charade on Yelp!

Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-100 Yelp-Loft1532-CelebCharade-053
Thanks again to all of our incredible sponsors and chic guests. Until next time...SYOY!

-Nicole W. (that's bananas)


October 29, 2010

LA's Hot (Wheels) On Yelp Mobile Spa

Want to know what happens when Yelp and FlatRate join forces? Hot (Wheels) On Yelp Mobile Spa, that's what! With all of the excitement of Hot On Yelp (November 1st - November 7th), we thought we'd take to the streets and give a little sneak peek of the treatments to come this past Thursday and Friday in Studio City and Santa Monica (the buzz started in San Fran earlier this week, check out their pics here)!     

By transforming the back of a truck into an urban oasis, we were able to put pep into the otherwise dull workday step of people passing by thanks to the magic hands of Bolt Barbers, Gavert Atelier, Rust Salon, Sit Still Color Salon, and Solyn Skin Fitness Studio. Ladies hopped on board for stylish updos and trims and left walking down the "red carpet" with luscious locks. Brows were shaped and sugared (waxed) for the gals (and one brave gent!), as well. Dudes took a seat in the barber chair for a hot 'do, too! Everyone was in and out in a timely fashion, not having to worry about missing a post-lunch yelping, er, meeting.

Thanks to all that came out and all of the participating businesses, especially FlatRate (and Chi Dynasty for a sweet parking spot in Studio City), for a spawsome time! Check out some pictures on Flickr.


Katie B and Christina Y

LA Community Managers

Bad Hair Never Looked So Good In LA West

Posted by Christina Y

LA West Elites gathered at Gyenari restaurant in Culver City on Tuesday to celebrate the launch of Hot On Yelp 2010. What better way to prepare for a week of beauty treatments and pampering than to show up in their best bad hair? From mullets to overgrown pits, our guests embraced the ugly full force.

The Elites filled their tummies with a smorgasbord of modern Korean fare from Gyenari's kitchen including their famous bulgogi, ginger ribs and green tea donuts. To wash it all down, they sipped on the Hong Cho pomerita, which was flowing all night. To work off the meal, they played Pin The Ironic Stache On The Hipster.

Picnik collage 1

A few lucky winners went home with Gyenari gift certificates, as well as complimentary treatments from Skin Savvy and Salon Pop & Barber Shop.

Picnik collage 2

To commemorate the occasion, the yelpers took advantage of the Snappy Joe photobooth as well as photography from Velveteen Studios.

Picnik collage 3

You can read reviews and view all of the photobooth pics. Roaming photography to be posted soon to the Yelp flickr album!

Picnik collage 4

Until the next Elite bash, keep on yelpin'!


Christina Y

LA West Community Manager

Toronto's Return to Eliteness at Harlem

Posted by Vivek S

Like a pack of wild horses at the gate, Toronto's Elite Squad was chomping at the bit for their long-awaited Return to Eliteness at Harlem. With almost 100 days since the last party, game faces were primed, party shoes were shined, and expectations were mounting. But on Wednesday night the gates were opened, the drinks were flowin' and Toronto Elites were off to the races!

  Picnik  collage1
Harlem Restaurant is a vibrant cross-section of art, culture, music and soul food, nestled in the core of T.O. The illustrious Elite ascended into a slender space that was perfect for this reunion. As Danielle F put it "a little squish adds to the party atmosphere." A little squished it certainly was, but in that good way. Did we mention that "EEEEEVERYBODY WAS THERE"? Because they were. It was a Yelp family reunion!

There was wave after wave of delicious hors d'oeuvres, Harlem style. Dumplings, and shrimps, and spicy rotis, oh my. No one left hungry after the bash, and even a few yelpers wished they hadn't had a bite to eat before!

Picnik  collage3

Independent Toronto brewery Steam Whistle came through with the brews, and Harlem concocted a rocking rum punch that was truly was a knockout. 

  Picnik  collage4

With legendary DJ Carl Allen on staff, Harlem takes pride of their live music cred. Yelp Elite minds were blown when flautist Jef Kearns (that's right, flautist) whipped out his woodwind and jammed over the R&B, hiphop and jazz emanating from his trusty iPod. Scrubs + Flute = are-you-kidding-me levels of awesome. It worked out swimmingly for Wendy H: "Guys on flutes with hip-hop playlists + rum punch = my two favourite things in the universe." Glad we could Yelp!

Picnik  collage5

Many thanks to Elite yelper and all-around-awesome shutterbug Stephanie C who helped photograph the entire evening. And of course to the incomparable Crystal H, who worked her magic behind the scenes.

Oh, and the best part, according to Kent P? "The bartender looked like Rihanna. Meow!"

Until next time, SYOY!

Picnik  collage6

Vivek S.

Toronto Community Manager

Chicagoland Elites Go Prime Time!

Posted by Jelena Z

Chicagoland Elites experienced the big + bold flavors of fall this past Wednesday evening at Yelp's Got Beef and Bourbon. The beautifully-appointed Chicago Prime Steakhouse indulged yelpers' guilty pleasures by treating guests to the best of appetizers and prime cuts of (you guessed it)... beef! But, there was far more than "meats" the eye.

Yelp_ChicagoPrime 160 Yelp_ChicagoPrime 063
Yelp_ChicagoPrime 023 Yelp_ChicagoPrime 101

Guests gathered in the restaurant's intimate lounge finished with ultra-luxe accents such as marble, dark wood and leather. And, a beautiful mural of the Chicago skyline to boot! While the savvy bartenders whipped up Buffalo Trace bourbon cocktails, party-goers sampled a generous array of Chicago Prime's menu: Thai buffalo shrimp, calamari, sautéed portabella mushrooms, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers and of course, prime steaks. All that noshin' makes for thirsty yelpers – besides fine bourbon, the stellar beverage line-up included libations mixed with Rain Organics Honey Mango Melon and Cucumber Lime vodka, as well as big vino glasses full of Chicago Prime's house Cabernet and Merlot.

Yelp_ChicagoPrime 035 Yelp_ChicagoPrime 068
Yelp_ChicagoPrime 075 Yelp_ChicagoPrime 114

Singer extraordinaire, Ed Collins, was literally music to this crowd's ears – his soulful and uncanny renditions of venerable classics made Elites outright swoon! The evening ended with a raffle including gift certificates for some additional wining and dining at Chicago Prime Steakhouse. To catch a glimpse of this memorable event in photos, click here. Oh, and you can read all about it too right here!

Until next time, SYOY!

Jelena Z

Yelp Chicagoland CM

Indy Elites Celebrate Halloween at New Day Meadery's Tasting Room!

Tina Turner was right. We don't need another hero! We have the Yelp Indy Elite Squad, New Day Meadery & Goose the Market! At the Fountain Square hotspot, New Day's Tasting Room, our heroes came together for a Halloween honey wine happening that was the bee's knees!


While Bill the DJ kept the beat for the Elites, Christopher Eley, Top 50 butcher in America, owner of Goose the Market, arrived in style with a stretch-limo of charcuterie that featured salmon pastrami, camembert, mortadella and beyond! Also offered was his housemade giardiniera for the Elite Squad to have a crack at assembling their own version of his Batali -- Bon Appetit's #1 sandwich in America!

Brett & Tia, owners of New Day Meadery, & Co. poured the Meads they make so well. From the traditional Dry Mead to the Dry Red Raspberry to the Semi-Sweet Plum Wine, their Mead had yelpers' palettes pleased to no end!

The Elite Squad came dressed in their favorite Halloween suits, to boot!

Gnomes arise out of the elixir of Elites, Charcuterie & Mead!

One thing is certain... People will Mead Again!


Jon A

Yelp Indy - Community Manager

October 27, 2010

Yelp Helps, Kansas City!

Posted by Joi

What happens in Kansas City when you holler for help?! You get the attention of many dedicated locals all coming together to support a good cause, that's what!

Balcony2 NFP1 DJ
Tuesday evening, the Kansas City Yelp Community gathered at Crosstown Station for a most worthy cause: volunteerism and good will. Thirteen of the city's most passionate local non-profits set up displays that highlighted the cause behind the group and engaged many a enthusiastic response from attendees.

Upon entering the event space, everyone was deliciously greeted by a giant cupcake display spelling out the magic letters Y-E-L-P, thanks to Smallcakes. Venturing past that delish detour, they admired the breath taking floral arrangement donated by Village Gardens.

Smallcakes G1 Balcony
Flowersrotate Mwmf  Whoop
Taking a break from all the talking and signing up for the groups that seemed the perfect fit, yelpers helped themselves to mini cupcakes brought in by mobile cupcakery, 3 Girls Cupcakes, along with 4 varieties of the most scrumptious Sweet Chip Cookies this world has ever seen! Although a sweet affair, there was still plenty of things to savor, including meatball sliders from Otto's at Czar Bar and mounds of lima bean hummus from Succotash.

3girls  Ottos Sweetchip2

Succotash2 Nfp2  Swag

They refreshed themselves with complimentary cocktails, provided by Rain Organics Vodka and Buffalo Trace Bourbon as well as two varieties of Boulevard Beer and Crispin Apple and Fox Barrel Pear ciders. Vitamin Water provided a tasty non-alcholic option (although we did hear that it also mixed quite well with vodka!)

 NFP3 Motuv Jak

DJ Keith provided the perfect soundtrack to the evening, while everyone chatted up the non-profits. It was clear that Kansas City has a bunch of do-gooders out there! Anyone who spoke to at least half of the non-profits present were able to get a raffle ticket to win prizes donated by Smashburger, Nica's Cafe, Retro Vixen and the floral arrangement from Village Gardens.

To round off the evening, guests stopped in to pose in the Shutterbooth to show their goofy side to compliment their goodie side. See photos here!

Thank you to all participating non profits for having such dynamic displays of their organizations:

Whoop Dee Doo, Midwest Music Foundation, KC Down Syndrome Guild, Engineers without Borders, Phoenix Family, Motuv, HALO, KC Fringe Festival, Kansas City FilmFest, IFCKC (Independent Film Coalition), Shawnee Community Services, Habitat Restore, MOCSA

Who wouldn't want to volunteer for any of these groups, right?

Thank you to all attendees, for your enthusiastic response! As Tiger W put it so well, "It was a real eye opener to see the needs of this city and how a lot of people have already stepped up.  Each one of these organizations have a heart and desire to make a difference to better the lives of many."

Thank you to Crosstown Station and its helpful as heck staff! Not to mention Chicago's own Johnny T, Community Manager extraordinaire.

Check out more photos on flickr (photos are by Chloe Mann), read the reviews (and write one of your own if you were there!).

Until our next bash, SYOY!


Joi B

Yelp KC Community Manager

World Series = CM Showdown?

It doesn't get any bigger than this! Two cities that have never celebrated a World Series championship go head to head in this year's Fall Classic, and just as the mayors of Dallas and San Francisco are going head to head via a wager of hometown amenities, we thought that wasn't, well, yelpy enough. So our very own CMs Ruggy J (of San Francisco) and Nikki B (of Dallas) took on a modest wager of their own. 

Ruggy's offering up a bottle of the Bay Area's favorite Fernet, a pound of Philz coffee and a Tamale Lady tamale should the Rangers best the boys from the Bay. And for her part, should the Giants prevail, Nikki's parting with some classic BBQ from Mike Anderson's BBQ (though we wonder how that will ship), a bonafide "Don't Mess With Texas" belt buckle, and a sweet treat box from Dude, Sweet Chocolate!

Nikki's taking no prisoners:

Texas' beloved Ron Washington coined the phrase "That's just the way baseball go," and here at Yelp Dallas, we're ready to drop our antlers all over those Bay Area boys. Ruggy, I'll be sure to have a shot to salute both cities when my Fernet arrives. Go Rangers!

And Ruggy fires back:

I hadn't even heard of the Texas Rangers until three days ago. Are you sure the Giants aren't going head-to-head with the NHL's New York Rangers? Or is Chuck Norris taking the hill as Los Gigantes battle Walker, Texas Ranger? Whatever the case, Cody Ross, B-Wheezy and The Machine are ready to party, and we're ready to swim laps á la Scrooge McDuck in a sea of glorious DFW BBQ. Perhaps if you recruited the help of Tony Romo, that ragtag group of rednecks you call a baseball team would have a small chance. Oh, wait... nevermind. Giants in 6 games, amigos. Humm baby!

Play ball!

Yelp's Chillin' Like A Villain Elite Party in Minneapolis!

Posted by Annie D

The Minneapolis Elite Squad braved 30 mph winds and rain to bring their badditudes  for the Chillin’ Like A Villain Elite Party on Tuesday. Nearly everyone came costumed to the nines! We met Bonnie & Clyde, Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlett, Sweeney Todd, the BP Oil Spill (and BP Oil exec!), the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and so many more. The donuts were sweet, the wine delightful, champagne bubbly and rubdowns plentiful.


Our gracious hosts at pH OREM Skincare in the North Loop welcomed us into their industrial-chic spa in the SOHO Building for mixing, mingling and massages. Elites also learned about pH OREM’s facial technology and were able to get their make-up done at the event. And how about that superb pH OREM fruit punch?

Elites and their guests got a preview of the doughy delights that will be served at The Donut Co-op, the only place in town to grab some red hot or bourbon chocolate donuts. For now, these ladies are taking custom orders only, but will soon have a space of their own for the goodies.

North Loop Wine & Spirits brought a few bottles of their baddest wines for Elites to sip and learn about their shop just down the street. They offer regular wine tastings there, so check them out!


Elites defaced the Name and Defame wall of famous villains by drawing mustaches, devil horns, etc.—everyone was getting pretty creative with their vandalization of the bad guys. And Movember dropped by with some mustachioed schwag.

Villainous Housewives

Ryan Siemers, photographer extraordinaire, got the whole thing on camera. Check his handiwork out on our Flickr page (you just might find your new profile picture there). And if you were vile enough to attend, tell us what you thought and review the party on Yelp!

Thanks again to all our wonderful sponsors and guests! Hope you all enjoy the upcoming beauty and spa discount week... Hot On Yelp!

Spy vs. Spy over and out,
Annie D.


October 26, 2010

Seattle's Yelp Helps Open Event!

Posted by Katy

Picnik collage Amid the the rumors that Seattle lacks heart, we've got proof otherwise! More than 800 local yelpers trudged through the first storm of the season and made it down to fabulous Fremont Studios to learn about over 30 local non-profits. The theme of the event? Volunteerism! With over 1200 RSVPs this event was Seattle's largest Yelp event to date. Best of all, guests left with handouts, coupons, schwag bags, full bellies, wet whistles and volunteer opportunities galore!  

   Picnik collage2
Picnik collage3
Over 30 local non-profits participated in the event by hosting raffles, art auctions, live performances, wine bottle ring toss, bean bag toss, beer pong, Connect Four and much, much more! While guests mixed and mingled in this fabulous venue, food and drinks were in no short supply. Novo Fogo cachaca, Moon Mountain and Jose Cuervo Platino helped get the party started. But what's a party without great local beer?! Big Al Brewing, Two Beers Brewing and Emerald City Beer were on hand pouring some of the best brews in town. And to reward guests who opted to be designated drivers for the evening, sponsors Zip Car and Honest Tea awarded non-drinking guests with special goodie bags in their fancy designated drivers' lounge! DRY Soda also helped wet the whistles of guests who opted for an alternative to drinking liquor and beer. Yum!

Picnik collage4

Between all of the drinking and donating, yelpers were gettin' hungry! Chao Bistro, Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn, PopChips, Cupcake Royale, KIND Snacks, Greek Gods Yogurt, the Nordic Heritage Museum and Treats for the Streets all helped fill those hungry tummies with yummy snacks and appetizers.

Picnik collage5

Capturing it all on (digital) film, The World is Fun (TWIF) made sure each guest got the opportunity to take a great group photo with friends before leaving the fun-filled event, all the while Fremont Abbey Arts Center kept the party poppin' with live musical performances, dance troupes, and even live painting exhibits! The artwork was auctioned off for charity and a few lucky guests got to go home with some local masterpieces. Other guests were awarded with bottles of wine for beating out competitors at Treehouses' coloring competition. Across the room even more bottles of wine were gifted to guests who won a round of wine bottle ring toss!

Picnik collage6
Picnik collage7

Meanwhile, the guys and gals from Grist hosted a fun round of 'beer' pong (using water) and the Movember crew challenged guests to games of Connect Four for fabulous prizes. Also in attendance there was Paws, Interconnection, Rwanda Partners (and a 6ft elephant!), Team Survivor NW, Teatro Zinzanni, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Seattle Works, FIUTS, the Vera Project, Room to Read, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Washington Trails Association, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute, One Brick, Boys & Girls Club of King County, APIWFSE, March of Dimes, Washington Bus, Fare Start and Global Music Project.

Picnik collage8

Wanna hear what the guests have to say about the party? Read the reviews! Haven't written your review yet? Please do!

Check out more photos of the event on Yelp's Official Flickr stream!

Many thanks to the Yelp Elite photogs too! Vanessa H, Alvin N, Henry L and Sam H.

Until next time, SYOY!

Katy H
Yelp Seattle Community Manager

Yelpy Witches and Wizards in Dallas

Posted by Nikki B

The broomsticks and spells were out in full force last night for Yelp Dallas's Yelpy Witches and Wizards Elite event. Yelpers gathered on the patio of The Common Table for a night of brews, bites and face painting for everyone!

IMG_0726 IMG_0764 IMG_2572

The Common Table set out plate after plate of yummy treats like mushroom bruschetta, pork spring rolls, traditional bruschetta, pinwheels, fried artichokes, buffalo meatballs and more! Saint Arnold provided kegs of their Lawnmower and Brown Ale to wash it all down by the pint.

IMG_0657  IMG_0714 IMG_0672

Although the costumes were plentiful (including fake noses and Harry Potter outfits), yelpers could take their get-up a bit further by visiting Joanne the face painter. She tricked up several ladies' eyes with mystical glitter, full witch faces and scary spider webs! We heard several bets being placed on who would wear their makeup to work this morning! (No word on who won yet!)

IMG_0648 IMG_0715 IMG_0724

Congrats to the winners of the costume contest, Stephanie W and Joseph B, who each walked away with a pair of tickets to The Fatal End in the West End. Sandra B was our raffle prize winner, who received a super scary spider punch bowl set and two witchy goblets. Take a look at all of the spooktacular reviews and pictures, and we'll see you in November!


- Nikki "Wicked Witch of the Yelp" B

October 25, 2010

Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Yelp?

Move over Lady Marmalade, this Moulin Rouge-themed LA East Elite event is taking center stage!

On a rainy, dark evening, elites and their plus ones filled the space between the sexy, velvet-laced walls of The Parlour Room of Hollywood in their finest Francophile digs. There were boustiers, top hats, coattails, vests, feather boas, and more, more, more! The juke box was bumping, the complimentary Maple Juleps and Kiwi Martinis were being mixed (and sipped) on the spot, and the delectable chocolates from Ococoa were scooped up almost instantly!

      SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0001      SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0003      SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0006      SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0013
The gorgeous vintage-y setting provided a glamorous backdrop to the endless amounts of pictures being snapped left and right. Santiago Valencia Photography captured the evening as only he can, and all the pictures can be seen right here.

     SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0005       SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0004     SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0029      SantiagoValencia-YelpParlor-0014

Reviews prove that Elites love any opportunity to dress up and show some skin!

À Bientôt,

Katie B

LA East Community Manager

  Picture 2

A Give-Get Gala in the Triangle!

Posted by Christina Gates

Sunday fun day? You bet. Yesterday, 100 Triangle yelpers and 16 charitable organizations convened at the Durham Arts Council for Yelp Helps. A 501(c)(3) itself, the venue -- with it's naturally lit lobby and serendipitously themed community portraits exhibition -- was the perfect space for such an event!

Picture 16 Picture 8 Picture 17






Guests received a Passport to Charity which was stamped at each exhibit they visited and traded in for a swag bag full of Yelp and PBR goodies -- plus the chance to win one of 4 $50 gift certificates to City Beverage. NC Greyhound Adoption Promotion (NCGAP) brought their beautiful dogs for everyone to spend time with, and the Volunteer Center of Durham handed out tees for sign-ups. Elite yelpers Serena S, Mary C, and Nick D shared their passions for Be the Match; Triangle Impact; and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network respectively. It was a delightfully diverse list of organizations -- many of them local grassroots efforts -- sharing the ways in which they're making the Triangle a better place! Many thanks also to National Inclusion; Sustain Foundation; The Scrap Exhange; Southeast German Shepherd Rescue (SGSR); Genesis Home; Triangle Gives Back; Doughman; SeeSaw Studio; Strong Women Organizing Outrageous Projects (SWOOP); and KidZNotes for your time, energy, and efforts with the event -- and out in the community!

Picture 18 Picture 14 Picture 6




It's no secret that yelpers like to eat and drink, and our amazing sponsors made sure there was no shortage of goodies like meatballs, wraps, brownies, vapor distilled water, and beer. HUGE thanks to our generous sponsors The Picnic Basket, smartwater, PBR, and Shutterbooth for keeping our tummies full, thirst quenched, and faces smiling. And snaps to the entertainers -- Jimmy Lovelace, Chris Chappell, and Magic Mike -- for rounding out the event with toe-tapping tunes and awe-inspiring tricks!

Picture 4 Picture 19 Picture 20




  Picture 21 Picture 10  

Picture 15







Remember to vote for the organizations participating in the Pepsi Refresh Project! It's quick and free to sign up -- so please give our local groups some love:

National Inclusion
SGSR (Southeast German Shepherd Rescue)
SWOOP (Strong Women Organizing Outrageous Projects)

Ahh... we still have warm fuzzies -- even moreso after reading the rave reviews! Get a gander at the event photos on Flickr (thanks Phil G!); and the Shutterbooth shots coming soon here.

Until next time, SYOY!

Picture 22

Christina G

Yelp Chicago Makes Doing Good Look… Good!

Posted by Johnny Todd

On an unseasonably warm October night, Yelp Chicago invited over 500 guests to make their way to the Near West Side’s stunning marvel of design, Salvage One, to get acquainted with 30 of the city’s most involved non-profit groups. What awaited everyone was a night of discovery, delicious food, inventive drinks, exciting entertainment, and do-gooding. This was a cause for this party.

5101973009_d0829feeba_b Yelp Helps 102010 46 5101991713_43a456ce55_b Yelp Helps 102010 41

And, those causes? Incredible NPOs like: One Tail At A Time, Found Chicago, Pakistan American Resource Connection, Working In The Schools, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, the ALS Association of Greater Chicago, Young Professionals of Chicago, The Center for Domestic Peace, Bin Donated, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, One Brick, The Red Pump Project, Book Worm Angels, Concern Worldwide, Family Farmed, Inspiration Corporation, Chicago Inner City Outings, American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, Bethel New Life, Vital Bridges, Bright Pink, Climate Cycle, 826 Chi, Imerman Angels, Creative Go-Round, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Children’s Home & Aid, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. These incredible organizations inspired guests and found new recruits.

Yelp Helps 102010 94 Yelp Helps 102010 114 5101968689_06516e7fe2_b 5101995329_50110e1db7_b

Volunteering is known to make a person hungry. It’s a fact. So, it’s a good thing that amazing restaurants Go Roma, Riva Navy Pier, Chen’s Chinese & Sushi, and Rub BBQ Company were on hand to fill the attendees belly’s. And, because you have to be sweet to give of your time for others, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Libby & Laura and The Confection Diva made sure that all good deeds were rewarded. Libations from Zodiac Vodka, Dewar's Scotch Whisky, Crispin Cider, and Dry Soda made sure that no one's throats were parched from all the talking going on.

5101966963_63e6e1fcf8_b 5101974031_030c78c817_b 5101987905_8430228b77_b 5102578506_6f3caac799_b 5102590816_c137339692_b Yelp Helps 102010 4 Yelp Helps 102010 48 Yelp Helps 102010 77

Because balance is need in every life (and party), dynamic DJs from Toast & Jam and melodic music from The Thin Man kept party goers movin’ and groovin’. Fleur provided folliage and D'Absolute Catering kept the party flowing without a hitch. With so much to do, see, experience, eat, and drink, we’re lucky that eagle-eyed photogs Irene Kijack and Ingrid Bonne-Goggins kept a photographic record of the evening. Making memories of another kind, was the mirthful maven from Jumpshots. Reviews from the event are here. Pictures can be found here, here and here.

Yelp Helps 102010 79 1060927652_FVkm6-M 1060928656_JRx3Q-M 5102590220_948d1ab287_b

Eating and drinking is fun. Spending time with good people is special. Finding out how to help others is inspired. If you put all three together, you have Yelp Helps!… and we thank you all for that.

Your grateful Community Manager,

Johnny T

October 23, 2010

NYC Exclusive Elite Tour Of Essex Market

To market, to market to buy a fat ... Elite Event!

Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.28.47 AM Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.30.37 AM Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.33.36 AM

On Thursday Manhattanites of the Yelp kind gathered in fine form to celebrate one of NYC's most esteemed foodie institutions, Essex Street Market. For the first time ever they opened after dark to celebrate another momentious landmark coming to the market on November 6th: they are opening on Sundays! Elite yelpers got an intimate look at the market, meeting the vendors, sampling treats and shaking a (fattened) leg to our live band, Roosevelt Dime.

Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.30.55 AM Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.32.09 AM Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.33.56 AM

Pain d'Avignon, Roni-Sue's Chocolates, Boubouki, Jeffrey's Meats, Tra la la Juice Bar, Porto Rico Importing Co, Essex Farm, New Star Fish Market, Viva Fruits, Saxelby Cheese and Batista market came together to serve up savory and sweet samples of their best goods. And Honest Tea was on hand to wash all these delectable delights down.

Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.34.26 AM Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.35.28 AM  Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.36.36 AM
Not only that but all this delicious decadence was then celebrated to the full tilt at Essex restaurant where Starr African Rum Champagne Mojitos and Fire Island brews were served complimentary following the excesses of Essex Market. For those who still had tummy grumbles, oysters on the half shell, crab cakes with chipotle aioli sauce, BBQ pulled pork sliders and a whole lotta other deliciousness came out by the poundful.

Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.35.52 AM Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.36.56 AM Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 10.37.07 AM

I hope you all enjoyed this Elite treat! Check out the reviews, photos and talk thread and until next time...

SYOY (See you on Yelp)!

- Jane K.

Yelp NYC Community Manager

Indulging the Id: Boston's Night of Guilty Pleasures

Posted by Damien S

What happens when hundreds of Elite yelpers crash one of Beantown's premier gay clubs for drinks, dance, song and sweets? Chaos? Madness? Sparta?! This Thursday, Machine in Fenway opened its doors and started the pours for the cream of Yelp Boston's crop.

With two massive rooms o' cheer, our family danced the night away to booty shakin' favorites loved in high school and loved last week, as spun by the wonderful DJ Gay Jim, then bounced over to belt out a few tunes with the ulitmate drag karaoke hostess Eve Adams.

5104339555_1fc76ef7d3_m 5104924980_f0356c3e49_m 5104927914_d1ee6818c9_m

5104930656_8c687ee675_m 5104337829_afc4b71769_m 5104334399_a6c10d8c93_m

Rob, Daisy and the boys behind the bar slung house cocktails fashioned from Absolut and Smirnoff vodka, grape juice from Barefoot and a host of light beer - everyone's favorite guilty pleasure. Back Bay Social Club fed the masses with savory apple cheddar pies and meat candy, or as Andi P calls it, "the contents of God's punch bowl: brown sugar, pineapple, and kielbasa." Sweet teeth were satisfied by Cow & Crumb's mint chocolate chip and spice girl cookies, Dancing Deer's caramel pecan brownies and what Calli C calls "the definition of decadence": maple bacon donuts from Biba's Baked Goods. The snack so enamored Craig C, he "still has some stuffed down my pants for later." Magical!

5104323947_a9c049d895_m  5104920336_f013ce21b9_m
5104921304_cdc043a655_m  5104324795_b29a07d5b7_m

Tatsu I captured it all on film - take a look! The reviews are rolling in and peeps are abuzz on Talk. Take the weekend to recoup, Boston; you deserve it.

5104335429_6e2d42fe0b_m 5104338349_52b9711082_m

Your Ringleader in Debauchery,

Damien S.


October 22, 2010

DC Elites Fall Back Into The Classics at Lounge 201

Posted by Tara Lewis

Goodbye summer. You are but a memory. But bidding adieu to the sun blazed season wasn't too difficult for the DC Elite Squad who welcomed the Fall in at Lounge 201, just steps away from The Capitol.


In the anticiation of Lounge 201's new cocktail menu that will feature 20 classic cocktails re-invented, yelpers and guests were privy to the debut of two classic cocktails, remixed by Lounge 201. The Perfect Pear, infused with Grey Goose and their very own signature Mango Mojito were sipped on by guests and refreshing Crispin Cider was gulped down as an ode to Autumn.

With food flowing from every possible crevice, the Elite Squad enjoyed nibbles of bruschetta, pizza, jerk chicken wings, pulled pork sliders, crabcakes and more as they mingled in the cozy nooks and crannies adorned with animal prints and vintage, iconic caricatures.


Shout outs to newbies Michael M, Ja'Bette L, Molly W and Valerie C for making it out to their very first Elite event!

Special thank you to Lounge 201 for hosting us and for their amazing staff for whipping of amazing food and cocktails for us to gord...I mean, gorge on. Also, thank you to Grey Goose and Crispin Cider for the deliciously spirited drinks!


To read more about the event, read the reviews that are cooler than the first frost of the season. Also, make sure to check out the pics from seasoned photographer, James Hunt.

Until next time, be warm but stay cool and SYOY!

Tara L


October 21, 2010

Phoenix Yelp Helps Soars High

On a breezy Arizona evening, yelpers from all around gathered on the 17th floor of Phoenix's brand new CityScape in Downtown Phoenix for Yelp Helps - the Valley's first-ever event focused around volunteerism and giving back! With a backdrop of panoramic vistas of the city skyline, nearly 300 yelpers visited with 25+ non-profits while they enjoyed desserts and cocktails to sweeten up the night.

Yelp helps  View

Yelpers with a heart for giving back befriended several non-profits like Phoenix Art Museum, Desert Botanical Garden, Ronald McDonald House and Save the Family; just to name a few! Top dogs from the Lost Our Home Pet Association greeted guests with a wag and a woof. And if there wasn't already enough puppy love in the air, John C Lincoln brought out some gentle giants, Great Pyrenese therapy dogs, to showcase unique ways yelpers could donate their time. Movember showed their strong support for the 'stache to raise awareness for prostate cancer and Ear Candy showed guests the importance of music education. Throughout the evening, yelpers also visited with Alliance of Arizona Non Profits, Anne Rita Monahan Foundation, Arizona Anima Welfare League & SPCA, Arizona Opera, Arizona Quest for Kids, Arizona Theater Company, Child Crisis Center, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Future for Kids, GoodWill of Central Arizona, Labor's Community Service Agency, Life Solutions, National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, Salvation Army, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association! Some yelpers tested out the Musical Instrument Museum's minature instruments and others pooped themselves out with the Arizona Science Center's "Scat" game where they matched the animal's name with their feces. Keep Phoenix Beautiful was all smiles and rejoiced: "We have a really unique niche but this was the perfect fit for us."



With so much giving in the air, dessert sponsors sweetened up the night by providing bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes, cupcakes from Butter & Me, cheesecake from Celtic Bella Catering, alcohol ice cream from Lee's Cream Liqeuer, chips from PopChips and cookies from Honey Moon Sweets. To wash down all the delicious treats, yelpers enjoyed Cruz Tequila, Tito's Vodka, Crispin' Cider, OneHope Wine and ResQ Water. Mberry and 5 Hour Energy also made a special appearance!


Cookies   5hour Cupcake








While a rockin' DJ energized the crowd, yelpers enjoyed the first of many community outreach related events. Heather W sums it up best: "Yelp Helps is a wonderful concept of bringing together a bunch of local charities, good food, tasty beverages and some great music....all to get people interested in volunteering throughout the valley. So many times we get caught up in our own lives that we forget there are so many wonderful causes that can use our help.  By meeting the volunteers and hearing their missions and goals, I am so motivated to get back into volunteering again."

Group shot


A special thank you to the participating CityScape for hosting Yelp Helps and the non-profits, food and drink vendors who sponsored it as well as Esoterik Photography! Be sure to check out the reviews.


See you next time!


Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager





Bad Hair Never Looked So Good!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

In celebration of Hot on Yelp, St. Louis Elites participated in a Bad Hair Bar Crawl last night. Yes, that's right: Bad. Hair. Bar. Crawl. Elites and their guests donned their worst 'do's - mullets, mall bangs, mohawks and mustaches - and paraded around Maplewood in these fun getups!
Chrissie Melissa and guestAndrey and Jen
There were three stops along the crawl, the first being Red Lion, a gastropub on the Maplewood/Manchester strip. Here, guests received special Hot on Yelp gift bags, took a Bad Hair Bar Crawl quiz, munched on burgers and chipotle mandarin chicken wings, as well as sipped on Pearl Classic and Pearl Pomegranate cocktails. Next, the group crawled just two storefronts down to Boogaloo, a Cajun/Creole tapas restaurant. While they sipped cucumber caipirinhas (made with Pearl cucumber vodka) on the built-in swings at the bar, Boogaloo served up hummus, crab cakes and BBQ shrimp. The final stop was right around the corner at The Wood, where a buffet of onion rings, french fries, pretzlels and mini tacos was ready and waiting. Nomnomnom!

Jackie W and Uncle RonBad Hair Bar Crawl QuizThe Wood Food
Before the crawl was over, awards given out for the "best worst hair". Two winners received tickets to The Darkness Haunted House and CreepyWorld - just in time for Halloween! Many stuck around The Wood to enjoy a complimentary performance by local fave Dr. Zhivegas, some returned to Red Lion to listen to the Bottoms Up Blues Gang, while others went back to Boogaloo to drink more and swing on the bar swings.

All in all, Maplewood and yelpers alike got their world turned upside down (and teased with hairspray) by Yelp :) Read the "rave" reviews here!

Still getting the rollers out of my hair...

Abby mustache

Abby S, Yelp St. Louis Community Manager

October 20, 2010

Hot On Yelp San Francisco: 50% off spa services, and a whole lotta wacky stuff in between!

Hey, San Francisco... you ready for this? I mean, really, really ready? Hold onto your butts, as we're about to blow the roof of this joint by way of our second annual Hot On Yelp week!

Hot on yelp collage

From November 1st through 7th, Yelpers will receive 50% off select spa and salon services at amazing local businesses all week long! Get pampered and prettified before the holidays roll in, all for a super low price. Score! Participating spas and salons include Bladerunners, Float Matrix, Oxenrose, Pitch Salon, Polished Lounge, Salon Baobao, Sanctuary Salon, Suchada Thai Massage, Tru Spa, and Wak Shack Salon. To take advangage of these awesome deals, be sure to mention Hot On Yelp when making appointments to ensure you receive the 50% off specials. Deals are only valid between November 1st through November 7th.

Also, in an attempt to promote the week in a fun way, we've got a mobile spa that will be parked in SOMA on Monday and Tuesday where folks can get a taste of what to expect come Hot On Yelp week, and we'll also be performing drive by mohawks (or, more accurately, walk up mohawks) in the middle of Union Square on Wednesday afternoon courtesy of our friends at Oxenrose!

On Monday and Tuesday, we'll be out between 11:00am and 1:00pm offering complimentary miniature services from Suchada Thai Massage, Bladerunners, Tru Spa, Wak Shack Salon and Pitch Salon, and services range from chair massages to bikini waxes (of course, in a private area). We're decking out the inside of a moving van and converting the whip into an urban oasis. We'll have DJs, desserts, refreshments, and more. We're asking folks to follow us on Twitter (@yelpsf) to get the scoop on where exactly we'll be both days, but we'll be somewhere on Mission or Howard street, between New Montgomery and 3rd.

As for Wednesday, October 27th, we'll be out from 12:00pm - 2:00pm in Union Square Park for complimentary drive-by mohawks and braidhawks courtesy of Hot On Yelp participant, Oxenrose Salon. For the gents, we'll either break out the LA Looks and sculpt their already existing coifs with enough product to make you look like the 4th member of Blink 182, or we'll unleash the buzzers and do it up Mr. T style. And for the ladies, apparently the latest New York Fashion Week gave birth to a new bouffant hairstyle incorporating a pseudo French Braid that gives the illusion of a female mohawk. We'll be rockin' those as well!

So prepare to get Hot, just in time for the holidays!

Yelp East Bay Parties for a Cause!

Posted by Monica

This Monday, a crisp and autumnal Berkeley night, yelpers from all over the Bay Area gathered their goodwill and gumption and headed over to Yelp Helps, the East Bay's first do-good event! Over 700 guests sauntered into the David Brower Center to learn about ways to give back to some of the Bay's most dynamic and amazing non-profits.


Over 30 organizations were on-site armed with information to get yelpers excited and involved. Loved Twice, a non-profit dedicated to delivering gently used and new baby clothes directly to underprivileged newborns, asked guests to volunteer their writing skills to help the organization write grants. The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp showed off their talents with a live performance by program's rockin' graduates, Chixx Mixx. And Girls Inc. got everyone's attention with their liquid nitrogen ice cream! As party-goers chatted up vendor booths, Youth Radio put their talents into action with live interviews of festive and philanthropic helpers.


But these non-profits were only the tip of the iceberg! Throughout the 4-story space, other participating organizations found equally compelling ways to engage guests, create awareness and get volunteer sign-ups. Just ask Christine L: "I loved seeing so many organizations out and seeing so many people passionate about the cause they represent. I signed up for a couple volunteer opportunities so this event did what it was suppose to do - get people involved and informed!"


Of course this smashing soirée couldn't have been complete without the support from the smattering of food and beverage sponsors! Many thanks to SKYY Vodka, Espolón Tequila, Don & Sons Wines, Cupcake Vineyard, Terra Valentine Wines, Trumer Pils, DRY Soda, Q Tonic, House Kombucha, and Amanda's. But what's an event without the grub to wash it all down? Gather was on hand with their expertly prepared good-for-you bites while Pietisserie impressed guests with mojito and beet pies! With sweet tooths in full effect, NK Chocolates delighted yelpers with their handmade truffles! There to capture the action, The Laugh Box treated party-goers to strip style photos! As always, a tremendous time had by all! A very special thank you to the hard-working staff at the Brower Center and our partners in event planning crime, Quantum Music Event Planners!


Make sure you check out the reviews, peep the photos and scope out the full list of non-profits here!

Until next time,

Monica S

East Bay Community Manager


Yelp's Backstage Pass to EAV has officially begun!

With a full week of serious discounts all throughout East Atlanta Village, it was only appropriate to kick it off properly at Graveyard Tavern on October 17th. Over 250 Yelpers, business owners, and EAV regulars and virgins alike came out to celebrate this special hood.

  5096475491_a9a569963e_b 5096467231_c98c6f33f1_b 5096469073_e6788a8f90_b

  5097066888_e4e6080855_b 5097070120_5778f34537_b 5097070188_74f4fd0ddd_b

From calarami to tuna tartare, attendees got a chance to sample a fine spread of Graveyard's best eats. And in case their tastebuds hadn't been tantalized enough, MBerry was on hand for a true flavor tripping experience. Lemons tasted like lemonade, schnozzberries didn't taste like schnozzberries! Ghirardelli provided a sumptious sampling of their all natural chocolate, so those with sweet tooths weren't left out of the fun. Serious drinks provided by Jagermeister and 360 Vodka elevated things from your typical Sunday school-night soirée.

Picture 27 Picture 28 Picture 30 Picture 31  Picture 29

After a few too many Jager shots, memories of the night became fuzzy but luckily stellar photographers were on hand so we could all remember it the next morning. M!keDesigns had no problem capturing all of the craziness while Shutterbooth provided a stellar freestanding photobooth for Yelpers to get their silly on. Dancing to old school tunes was made easy with the musical stylings of DJ Blacksunshine.

5096471523_0d32ff77c9_b 5096472339_656d167cfd_b
5096476831_f5b3153c16_b 5096472985_64133c2118_z

Interested in hitting up some of the stellar specials on tap all this week in EAV? Check 'em out here.

Be sure to read all of the reviews and check out more of the photos here and here.

Can't wait to see y'all at the next one!



Kathleen M 

Yelp's WestFest

Posted by Lizzie G

Last night Yelp London took it west, way west, for Yelp's WestFest. With the Yelp London community wrapped up warm this cold October evening, Under The Westway @ Portobello provided the scene for some fabulous local businesses to showcase what they do best.

WestFest 1 Photos taken by Kit Oats

Yelpers were spoilt rotten as the music was pumping and the BrewDog Beer was flowing, noshing on everything from Saf's hummus and homemade harrissa on organic crostini paired with Juniper Green Organic Sloe Gin Fizz, to Ukai's sumptuous sushi selection served alongside Tazaki Food's array of sake and plum wine.

WestFest 2
Wine bag anyone? Oneglass Wine dished out their fabulous vino all evening (which may have influenced some of the dance moves.) Non-dancers could grab a bag of popcorn and take a seat in the Portobello Pop Up Cinema or they could silde into the back seat of the Megabooth Taxi and get snapped. Check out all those fabulous photos here (photos to come shortly)

WestFest 3 Markers Mark served up some tasty concoctions that really got the party started, but it could have also been the fabulous London Roller Girls that had an influence on that too. Yelpers still can't stop talking about the mouthwatering morsels on offer from La Sophia; feta and aubergine salads and pan fried king prawns created a drool pool as La Sophia's expert chefs cooked these up right in front of the guests.WestFest 4 Rumbling tummies were stopped by El Caminon's tasty tostadas, Bee Me kept everyone warm with their hot chocolate and strawberries and Creme De La Crepe's sweet and savoury creations created quite a stir. Sweet tooth cravingings were curbed at the Euphorium Bakery table where a selection of macaroons and busicuits were on offer. It's thirsty work all that eating, so yelpers could grab a bottle of their favourite Vitamin Water from their VW Van!

Picnik collage   A huge thank you to all the generous yelpers who donated money to LifeLites on the night, who raised over £200 for children in hospices across the UK. In this beatiful space covered in graffiti, street dancers entertained and the DJ spun his tunes, creating what has to be the best party Yelp London has ever seen.

And if that's not enough, all this week the fabulous businesses involved are giving special discounts. Print out this flyer and take it along with you.

Want more? Check out some of the photos taken by Kit Oats and the very talented Jason E here, read the reviews, catch up on all the gossip on talk and check out all the fantastic discounts avaliable all week.

Until next time...


Lizzie G and the London Yelp Crew

October 18, 2010

Good Will For Great Causes: Yelp Helps! Columbus

Posted by Christina C.

'Twas a night full of good will and great connections at Yelp Helps!, Columbus on Thursday - the city's raddest party with a purpose.

More than 100 C-bus yelpers and their guests packed hip film and recording studio, Vital Film Works, to connect with nearly two dozen non-profits who were in need of volunteers.

YelpHelpsCbus-1256 YelpHelpsCbus-2533 YelpHelpsCbus-1287

While attendees sought out their perfect match, they nibbled on bites from Carrabba's, Grandview Café and Z Cucina, whilst washing it all down with cups of Blue Moon, bottles of Crispin Cider and tastes of mead from local guy's Brother's Drake Mead!


YelpHelpsCbus-2530  YelpHelpsCbus-2503

Local salon, Nurtur, was also onsite offering make-up retouches and hair consultations while talking about its Tips for a Cause program and making sure attendees knew to save their wristbands to save 10% off their next salon service through October!

What did the yelpers have to say about the eventful evening? Read here. And be sure to check out the impressive photos from Robb Shirey on the Yelp Flickr page!

Now go forth and be giving!

Christina C

Yelp Columbus Community Manager

October 16, 2010

Yelp Helps: Matches Made In Vegas

Posted by Misti Yang

What do you get when mix The Atomic Testing Museum, over 20 local non-profits, dazzling drinks, eats, and the Yelp Las Vegas community? You get more than 350 volunteer matches made and one remarkable party.

Yelp Helps-1 Yelp Helps-2 Yelp Helps-3
With checklists, Twitter handles and hashtags, and a TweetWall streaming live, 150 Vegas yelpers were ready to connect and spread the #YelpHelps word. And, there was plenty to talk about! Exhibit Fair International decked the venue out with custom backlit bars, cocktail tables, shining Yelp gobo, and they caught the entire evening on video, including a live performance by The Blind Center of Nevada's Bell Choir.

YelpBar Yelp Helps-12 Yelp Helps-10
Yelpers were able to get goofy with the paparzzi thanks to the green screen photo opportunity provided by LV Photo Party. Libations were plenty with award wining cosmos, margaritas and mojitos from VnC Cocktails and a signature jewel martini from Bombay Sapphire, and vegan specialties from Chef Mayra and Sunflower Market, sandwiches from Johnny McGuire's, and sweet treats from Peas & Carrots and Cupkates kept the crowd energized for mixing, mingling, and making a difference.

_MG_1204-copy _MG_1202-copy _MG-1201-copy _MG_1203-copy
VnC Cocktails Bombay Yelp Helps-9
Be sure to check out what the yelpers had to say about this very special evening here. As for the organizations:

  • Opportunity Village: "Best event we've ever been to!"
  • Friends of Nevada Wilderness: "We filled our entire list with potential new volunteers!"
  • Helping Hands of Vegas Valley: "We have 22 sign-ups and found it extremely well organized and fun!"
  • Springs Preserve: "We were very impressed with this fun and interactive event!"
  • Easter Seals: "Sign us up for next year!"
  • Repurpose America Greener Vegas: "Lots of sign-ups and quality connections!"

Yelp Helps was definitely causes for a party. Keep your eye out for more pictures here!

See You On Yelp Or Out Helping!

Misti Y

Yelp Las Vegas Community Manager


October 15, 2010

Seattle Elite Yelpers Win The Chance To Hang Out With Fashion Icon Betsey Johnson!

Posted by Katy

The Seattle Elite Yelp Squad was offered a rare oportunity to attend a VIP meet n greet with none other than fashion icon, Betsey Johnson! After dozens of creative submissions to win a spot at the party, a handful of Elites were selected to join Betsey at her Seattle store for mimosas, makeovers, manicures, cupcakes and more!


With most items marked down an additional 40%, the VIP guests crammed into the 800 sq ft boutique to try on fun and funky dresses while a DJ spun some rad records and a burlesque troupe danced in the windows. And who could forget the complimentary swag bags!


Hundreds of fans outside were waiting for Betsey's arrival while the Elite members mingled inside taking photos with Betsey, listened to her speak about her new fall line, and danced with her when the right notes were hit. (Hint: She loves Gaga!)



Mini manicures and moveovers were provided by Benefit Makeup and Julep nail salon while Trophy Cupcakes generously fed the hungry tummys with specially Bet-si-fied cucpakes! It may have taken her 23 years to re-visit Rain City but this party rocked so hard we know she'll be back sooner rather than later!

Congrats to winners Lori M, Kelly D, Angel I, Erin B and Janelle A.

Special thanks to Lori M for being the on-hand photog for the event. Make sure to check out her blog for more info, videos and pictures of the spectacular event!

Stay tuned for more from Seattle! Until next time, SYOY :)

Katy H
Seattle Yelp Community Manager

October 14, 2010

Yelp Paris Elite And Mercredi Musique @Merce And The Muse

Posted by Elodie

Une grande première pour Yelp Paris, un évènement tout en musique... Hier, le 13 octobre au 1 rue Dupuis, la brigade d’Elite parisienne était d’humeur musicale pour un évènement placé sous le signe de New York. Merce, la propriétaire homonyme du charmant Merce and The Muse, a accueilli près de 50 invités dans son coffeeshop rétro aux murs bleus et au carrelage vintage.
IMG_2562 IMG_2599 IMG_2569 IMG_2626

La soirée commence fraîchement dans une ambiance d’été indien: le soleil s’éteint doucement, le froid commence à pointer le bout de son nez et les invités se répartissent entre le bar et la rue, dégustant les noix de cajou grillées aux herbes et aux épices de Merce et sirotant une des bières artisanales, Volcelest ou La Goule Kick. Les délicieux snacks préparés par Merce et son équipe: tartes, penut butter cups ou petits muffins lavande, rose et pistache font l’unanimité, et Benjamin N les a trouvés “excellents et originaux”.
IMG_2550 IMG_2702

Vers 20h, cet apéro automnal prend la forme d’un concert accoustique avec le premier morceau du groupe Hangar, qui fera bientôt la 1ère partie de M. Les jeunes membres du groupe ont fait l’unanimité parmi le public de la soirée, qui les regarde jouer, complètement médusé et entraîné par leur rythme indéniable. Dans cette ambiance vraiment conviviale et simple, Christine C est “restée bien après l’heure annoncée, la preuve que je m’y sentais bien! “
IMG_2663 IMG_2639 IMG_2674

Au moment de partir, tout le monde a droit à un petit take away bag plein de gourmandises home made confectionnées par Merce. Une attention qui en réjouit plus d’un...
Merci 1000 fois à Merce et à ses “muses” pour leur accueil et leur générosité ! Et merci à la Cave à Bulles pour ses superbes bières artisanales.
IMG_2744 IMG_2773

Si vous étiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, jetez un coup d’oeil à notre page Flickr.

A bientôt nos Yelpeurs Parisiens,
Zeva B & Elodie F
Paris Community Managers


A Premiere for Yelp Paris, a musical Elite event... Yesterday, on the 13th of October at 1 rue Dupuis, our Parisian Elite Squad got musical for a New York-meets-Paris themed party. Merce, the gorgeous owner of the equally as charming Merce And The Muse, welcomed around 50 yelpers to her retro-style, blue walled and vintage tiled coffeeshop.
IMG_2628 IMG_2667 IMG_2692

The night began with a fresh breeze and an Indian summer touch: the sun is nearly gone and the cold is definitely here. The guests spread into the street and fully enjoyed the artisan beer and delicious nibbles prepared by Merce: rose, lavender and pistachio muffins, along with roasted cashews, savoury tarts that Benjamin N could not help but marvel at: “these were all original and excellent, I couldn’t get enough of them!"
IMG_2699 IMG_2800 IMG_2804

Half an hour later, this seasonal neighbourhood “apéro” turned into an unplugged and almost improvised gig as Hangar launched into their first song. The audience and the band immediately clicked! A groovy vibe took the air as yelpers sang along to Hangar’s pop rock songs. In this laid back atmosphere, Christine C lost track of time and admits that “once again, I left way later than I thought!’
IMG_2682 IMG_2782 IMG_2677

When leaving, guests were handed a small take away bag full of goodies like pumpkin feta tarts, lemonade, and muffins... A treat widely appreciated!
IMG_2770 IMG_2606

Thanks a million to Merce and her “muses” for their warm welcome and generosity, and thanks to la Cave à Bulles for their excellent beer!

Read what party-goers have to say about the festivities by reading the reviews here. For more fabulous images of the evening, don't miss our Flickr page.

Zeva B & Elodie F
Paris Community Managers

October 12, 2010

Houston Elites Sunday Brunchin' With Bayou City Art Festival Downtown

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

There was no better place to enjoy a splendid, sunny Sunday afternoon than at the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown. On 10/10/10, one hundred Elites were graciously invited to attend the world renowned festival, along with special access into the VIP lounge.

Yelpers and their guests were treated to cold buckets of beers, refreshing iced tea, crisp sodas and everyone's fave: mimosas! My Fit Foods was also on board dishing out healthy morning bites – chicken breast cutlets, salad, fresh fruits, and energy-boosting bites o' carbs. But guests didn't walk about without a little sugar to liven up the day. Ghirardelli LUXE Chocolate helped to end the event on a sweeter note.


The weather was fall perfect, the view of the festival grounds was prime, and high energy from the live music, poetry and dance performances on the main stage infiltrated the scene. The highlight from the afternoon was when Mayor Annise Parker made an appearance inside the BCAFD VIP lounge, and a handful of yelpers rubbed elbows with her for a few snapped photos courtesy of Tau Photography.

If you missed the Sunday Funday action, check out what all the yelpers are buzzin' about!


Til next time, SYOY (see you on Yelp),


Farrah A
Houston CM

Yelp's Black and Blue Social @ Alexander's Steakhouse

In what was likely one of the classiest affairs in recent Yelp Elite history, San Francisco yelpers were one of the first to check out the new residents of the old Bacar space, Alexander's Steakhouse. Amid shining T-bones and plump porterhouses, Yelp Elites sported their finest black and blue attire and hobnobbed in an ever so soigné fashion.

Alexanders 1

Alexander’s is the newest and arguably one of the most notable steakhouses in San Francisco. Yelpers were workin’ hard, or hardly workin’, to belly up to any of the three full-service beeftenders ready to quench their thirst with Maker’s Mark elixirs, Trumer Pilsner suds, and red or white wine from the cellars of Alexander's. During their three-story steakcation, we witnessed the Giants storming their way towards a trip to the NLCS (for the first time since 2002!)

Peep the striaght up 5-star reviews here, and if you'd like to swoop up photos of the elegant affair, do so here

San Diego Yelp Elite Charger Brunch

Posted by Danny Wurst

There’s few things better than a buzz before noon, but add in mixing and mingling with some of San Diego’s most prolific and skilled writers and you’ve got a helluva Sunday brunch! In celebration of the hometown football team 75 SD Elites Bolted over to Mission Valley for an ultra-exclusive, Elite-only affair at Playa Grill & Margarita Bar. The incredible menu included brunch bites like merry piglets, mini breakfast burritos, taquitos, carne asada tacos, and grilled street mahi mahi tacos.

Charger brunch pic
Accompanied by complimentary Chargeritas, Mimosaritas and beer... the only thing underwhelming about this event was the final score of the football game. (Raiders 35 Chargers 27) Although it was a losing effort several yelpers won shirts courtesy of the Frightening Lightening fan group, which we hope will help em the rest of the season.

Picnik collagechargers

Special thanks to Joe C who captured the action on film. Take a peek at the Flickr set or check out what other yelpers are saying here

Until next time,

Danny W

October 10, 2010

The Triangle Goes Gaga for Yelp's Pop Culture Palooza Open Party!

Posted by Christina Gates

Last Friday night, the hottest place to be in the Triangle was at Legends -- and nearly 200 hip and happenin' yelpers streamed in for our inaugural Open Party, an evening of non-stop entertainment!

As Stuart A sums up, "My first NC Yelp party was all sorts of superlative. The back rooms and courtyard of Legends were the perfect setting, with people mingling, getting their faces painted, stuffing themselves with food from some of the best restaurants in town, imbibing free alcoholic libations, and flavor tripping their tastebuds off."

1042105666_2UHLE-X3 1040196913_9xeu3-X3 1042087460_akJoC-X3

Guests saddled up to the indoor and outdoor bars for complimentary cocktails courtesy of Maker's Mark and Piedmont Distillers. And the New Belgium biergarten on the patio hooked us up with hops aplenty: 1554, Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, and Hoptober!

Folks took advantage of the amazing fall weather and Legends' huge, festively lit patio. Gavin Munoff kept everyone's toes tapping -- and even a few folks dancing -- to the tune of his upbeat saxophone songs. And vitaminwater kept us hydrated with a variety of vitamin-packed flavors!

1040185815_8Xf4w-X3 1042016858_qawpu-X3 1041812511_PbHuw-X3

Inside, girls (and a few guys!) lined up for a spot in the Gaga Glam Lounge where Paint Savvy worked their dramatic makeup magic. And people piled their plates with bites from a few of Raleigh's most revered restaurants. Tripp W raves, "Sono spoiled us with their delicious sushi and sashimi. Seriously, free sushi?!? Thought I had died and gone to heaven. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, Market served a bread pudding that blew my mind." Jane Y just can't get over the "seriously insane" amount of food: "Bacon-wrapped scallops and crabcakes from The Oxford?!?! Of course I stayed classy and didn't gorge... I just went back for 5 different servings pretending it was my first."

1041982785_kSBNR-X3 1040196268_jGPR5-X3 1042059699_rYmYb-X3
1040190427_bu6K5-X3 1040183881_XjTLC-X3 1040184511_DKVNA-X3

After filling up on food, yelpers mosied up to the mberry table for tastebud transformation. Michael E marvels, "The flavor tripping was an insane experience. It confuses your taste buds while enhancing different facets of your flavor profile." Paige T agrees, "Being able to eat a lemon and not wince was kind of crazy!"

5064451620_5926ae8b8d_b 5063850763_4b0c0a137d_o

Legends' Spotlight Theater hosted two shows. A hyserical round of Match Game featuring Slim Jim-wielding Randy Savage, Sarah Palin, Diane Rehm, and Charles Nelson Reilly -- characters from DSI Comedy Theater -- had the audience in stitches, especially when contestants were posed the question: "If you want Yelp on your phone, there's an app for that. If you want Yelp in your bedroom, there's a blank for that." Both contestants were winners, and received a gift certificate for DSI's Improv 101 Class!

No one wanted the night to end, but at least it ended with a bang. Legends housecast treated us to an amazing drag show with a flawless Reba McEntyre impersonation and oh-so-much more! Psalm S yelps, "This was my first drag show and it was awesome! The songs, the outfits, the moves, the crowd, the dolla-dolla bills, y'all. I was screaming and laughing and having a general hoot of a good time."

1042125909_GERqk-X3 1042320255_bnkBA-X3 1042257475_EotGz-X3 1042214763_8SsQj-X3
1040182345_p63AB-X3 1042132575_AM7mf-X3

As if all that action weren't enough, do-good yelpers contributed to the amazing Coalition to Unchain Dogs, our nonprofit partner. The raffle winners are below! Guests left with yelpy schwag bags, full of Yelp goodies as well as 20%-off coupons to Dapper and VIP passes to new Raleigh hot spot, Trim.

And we've got one more goodie for ya: purchase mberry's magic berry tabs at 25% off and free shipping (enter yelp as the promo code).

A HUGE thanks goes out to all the sponsors, but especially to our hosts at Legends: Brigner, Jeremy, Dick, and Drew, who kept the event so smooth, the drinks stiff, and always had a smile on! And snaps also for Kelly S of Austin and Nicole W of Charlotte for keeping everything organized and awesome!

Read the reviews from yelpers new and old, and see all the action with more pics from the talented Durban Rhame Photography and from our very own camera-toting comrade Phil G.

Until next time -- October 24 in Durham; RSVP soon! -- SYOY!
Christina G


Raffle Winners:

#316403 Andrew W wins a dozen cupcakes (up to $30 value) from Karma Foods
#316443 Psalm S wins a $50 gift card to Cameron's
#316412 S Silver wins an mberry flavor-tripping party pack
#316407 Ann P wins a DSI Comedy Theater Improv 101 Class

I'll be emailing you lucky ducks shortly!

Yelp STL Goes to the Movies!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

What better way to spend a fall evening than at an outdoor movie?

STL_filmfest_11x17_poster This past Friday, over 100 St. Louis yelpers were treated to a screening of Ghostbusters at The Muny, the historic outdoor ampitheater inside Forest Park. Frontyard Features provided the giant blow up screen for the evening and Yelp served up samples of the all natural Ghirardelli® LUXE MILK™ Chocolate as well as popcorn. Yelpers brought their own chairs and cuddled up under blankets while they enjoyed the classic (and timely!) film. After the movie was over, Yelp raffled off two tickets to the Lemp Brewery Haunted House.

For many, this was their first Yelp event and they're already hooked on the site. Read the event reviews here to see for yourself!


Ghiradelli Movie 2
Yelpcorn 1
Marshmallows movie
Movie Crowd 10
Until next time, SYOY!








Abby "Megaphone" S

Yelp St. Louis Community Manager

October 09, 2010

Kickin it Old School Yelp Elite Event @ Presidio Social Club

In what once housed military officers looking for a change of pace from the day's duties along the confines of the now-decommissioned Presidio, today's Presidio Social Club keeps tabs on the whimsey of yesteryear, while invigorating the old school confines with new California cuisine. Between Chef Ray Tang's take on the trendy local fare, along with molecular elixirs that can hang in the company of even the finest haute cocktail bars in the city, PSC is certainly a nice change of pace just steps from the Lombard gate at the edge of Cow Hollow.

Psc collage 1

With the help of San Francisco's Homefrys (check 'em out... they're awesome!), yelpers were treated to a plethora of different board games to add a fun element to an old timey hang. Everything from Apples to Apples, Battleship, LIFE, Jenga, and more... there wasn't a dull moment to be had!

For reviews of the gathering, click here. For photos, click here!

October 08, 2010

Phoenix Yelp Elite's Urban Boheme Mix & Match

On Wednesday, nearly 150 Phoenix yelp elite stars walked the red carpet into an burlesque-filed evening at MyxMedia/Nielsen Galleries in Sunnyslope, Arizona. While burlesque dancers hung from the rafters, elites enjoyed an evening at the most artistic event venue in town!

During the Urban Boheme Mix & Match, yelpers tried a little of everything in the cuisine department. Guests began the night with the calorie-friendly PopChips and then moved on to the Wildflower Bread Company's mouthwatering butternut squash raviolis, turkey cranberry walnut stuffing sandwiches, raspberry ricotta buttermilk tarts and fiery butternut squash salad in martini glasses. And if that wasn't enough, each guest left with a loaf of the yet to be released sweet potato chive bread. In the dessert department, yelpers treated their sweet tooth to gourmet pop corn from Poppa Maize and delectable cupcakes from Butter & Me.


Popchipsuse Poppamaize Salad




All the eating and socializing made these urban yelpers thirsty so luckily Tito's Vodka, Leblon Rum and Cruz Tequila were on hand to pass out tasty cocktails - including a blood orange margarita - to the parched. And dehydration wasn't an issue since the very refreshing "ultra premium" RedLeaf water also made an appearance from Canada for the evening!




Cruz tequila







Complimentary valet and a paparazzi red carpet entrance greeted the guests. And while they munched on the tasty eats and delicious drinks, yelpers enjoyed mood-setting music from the DJ, watched a sketch artist work his magic with a live model and browsed the venue's collection of art and sculptures. And for the show stopping finale, a burlesque dancer captivated the crowd by performing a mouth dropping acrobatic display on rings hanging from the ceiling beams!

Guests Redcarpet Brulesque






A special thank you to Myxmedia.org, Nielsen Galleries, Wildflower Bread Company, Poppa Maize, PopChips, Butter & Me Cupcakes, RedLeaf Water, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Leblon Rum, Cruz Tequila and Scandalesque entertainment for making it a night on the town to remember!

See you elite stars at the next one!

Lindsey F
Yelp Phoenix Community Manager


Yelp Leeds' UpStaged Vintage Soiree!

Posted by Rowena Harris

A gorgeous sunny October day was upon us and this unexpectedly bright, crisp and warm afternoon brought a treat of winter warmth to the good people of Leeds. It was almost as if this impromptu golden autumn day was to herald the success of the first ever Yelp Leeds Elite Event!

And crikey, yelpers in Leeds really know how to enjoy themselves. The good folks rolled up outside the delectable UpStaged Vintage (nominated for not one, but two of the Leeds Retail Awards 2010) for an evening of glitz, glamour and general debauchery inside one of Leeds' finest vintage shops.

Crowd Crodss

The event was opened, in the most dazzling fashion, by teasing temptress and Leeds Burlesque performer, Lolita Laytex, who stunned the crowd with her Feelin' Good sexy mannequin-to-shenanigans performance. 

Mannequin2 Shenanigans2

Following from that stunning opening, everyone piled inside to have a good rummage through the beautiful vintage garments, sparkling wine in hand, and pecked through a few nibbles!

Crowd1 Crowd2 Crowd3 Crowd4

The second act for the night, beautiful and beguiling Meghan Elspeth Barber aka Ruby M, lulled everyone into a spellbound silence only to reinvigorate them back into a small jig as she sang a collection of lively vintage and magical home-grown songs.

Ruby Jig

As the next act was readying himself for the stage yelpers took part in the vintage-photo-frame-game, posing for portraits, and generally began to seek out the coolest accessories with which to look fabulous!

Frame Frame2 Frame3 Don

Donn Frame5

Shortly afterward, Rio (of Pseudonympho fame) rocked up to the mic to entertain all, engaging the crowd with his edgy comedic songs and crazy banter!

Rio Rio1

And finally, as if that wasn't enough ruddy fun, everyone was invited to re-convene outside the doors for one final send-off: the fabulous Gem De La Créme. With a dusting of feathers and a teasing of straps, everyone was sent packing (and not left wanting!) to Santiago for the unofficial after party. And that was the Leeds Yelp Elite Event, stripped down to the bare essentials!


A huge thanks goes out to the fabulous Lorna Jasper, of UpStaged Vintage, for diving in head first, all of her gorgeous and divine staff who came along and helped, the wonderful and talented acts who made the event so unique, Matthew and Joel for their wonderful photography and of course everyone who came and got involved. What an epic night!

Event Event1

Fun Fun1

Crowds Lorna

Don't just take my word for it though, read the reviews, check out the Flickr and get on Talk! That's all for now, catch you on t' interweb, Yelp style, soon!


Yelpie & the Chocolate Factory is sweet on Max Brenner Philadelphia

PunkenNog Coolkids MiniCHSTK

More than 160 guests were treated to tastes of the whimsical chocolate world of Max Brenner this Wednesday in Center City, the same night our hometown Phillies went up against the Cincinnati Reds in the first game of the playoffs. 

Smiling servers circulated trays of liquid happiness, in the form of spicy, chocolately Maxican Martinis made with Patron XO and bartender James Cleland's contest-winning Drunken Punken Nog featuring Pyrat Rum. That gourd-geous creamy concoction won't even appear on Max's menu until October 15 -- but the preview sure showed promise!  On the fruity front, pomegranate and jalapeno-mango Ultimat Vodka tipples put those hot-headed Elites on ice.

ChocmartiniSq Philsfans

Mini cheesesteaks in cute, elf-sized rolls, lip-tingling pulled pork sliders with fried green tomatoes and melty tomato and fresh mozzarella panini kept the baseball-crazed crowd from fainting in excitement, especially when Phils hurler Roy Halladay delivered a thrilling no-hitter -- only the second in postseason play in the history of the game!

With Max's crew walking around offering warm chocolate-walnut OMG cookies and banana-nutella waffle bites speared on a toothpick, the euphoria of spicy drinks, sweet treats and sporty unity had everyone flying high. "It's easy to see why this place was chosen to host a Yelp event," writes Jamie M. "Even the bathrooms were clever! The mirror quipped 'You Look Amazing Today'... two chocolate thumbs up!"

  ColorHoriz Niceyhoriz

Erika Letitia Photography
roamed the room snapping sweet shots; take a peek at the Flickr set for lots more evidence of the fun.

But don't take my word for it -- check out the reviews of the sugary shindig!

SYOY and Go Phils!

Felicia, Philadelphia Community Manager

October 01, 2010

Yelp Gets Hot, Hot, Hot At Carnaval!

Posted by Christina Y

LA West Yelp Elites threw on their most colorful feathers and sequins to celebrate our sweltering September at Sip lounge in the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel.

  Sip Collage 1 

Guest feasted on delectable nibbles including spicy grilled peppers, sliders and meatballs while cooling themselves down with Sip's signature Caipirinhas and five different beer tastings from Ballast Point brewery. 

Sip Collage 2

The lucky Elites sported fancy feathered masks to add mystery as well as some racy Yelp beads while posing for the photobooth set up by Santiago Valencia Photography.

Sip Collage 3 

Whew! After all that steamy fun, we need to cool down! Until next time, SYOY!

Christina Y - LA West Community Manager

Yelp Dallas's Mad (Wo)Men Mob!

Posted by Nikki B

What do you get when you throw together 60s fashion, classic cocktails, fabulous appetizers and romantic retro swing? A Yelp Mad (Wo)Men Mob, of course!

Dallas yelpers were looking quite dapper last night at Arcodoro & Pomodoro, a swanky Italian restaurant located in the heart of Uptown. Silk gloves, suits, skinny ties and A-line dresses were seen everywhere in the inside bar and outdoor courtyard – so much, that we had to have an "applause-off" to determine the costume contest winner!

IMG_0001_1 IMG_0004_1 IMG_0034_1

Everyone was treated to specialty pizzas and appetizers by Arcodoro & Pomodoro, and Buffalo Trace whiskey made for perfect Manhattans and Yelp's Old Fashioned cocktails. When done with their plates, yelpers picked up candy cigarettes to end the meal with a 60s bang. The smooth romantic retro sounds of The Hi-Lifers carried through the lights breeze outdoors, which set the mood for this classy affair. 

IMG_9854 IMG_9942  IMG_9877

A round of applause goes to Claire T, the costume contest winner, who handed over her prize of two tickets to The Great Culinary Escape (a $150 value, provided by CONTACT Crisis Lines) to the runner-up due to prior engagements. Congrats David P! Also, congratulations to Azmina A for winning the raffle prize – a Mad (Wo)Man Survival Kit

IMG_9948_1 IMG_0009_1 IMG_9875_1

We said our goodbyes as the night ended to Nadeem A and Azmina A, two favorites among the Dallas Elite Squad, who are moving back to San Francisco. Good luck – we'll miss you guys!

For more details on this retro 60s shindig, check out the reviews and pictures. Thanks to everyone who dressed up for the occasion; you all looked yelptastic!


Nikki B

Dallas Yelp Community Manager


Phoenix Elites Ran With The Yelps!

The running of the bulls got a new twist when Phoenix elites ran with the yelps at Iruna on Tuesday! Forget Pamplona, yelpers channeled their inner matador and came out to Old Town Scottsdale for an evening of live flamenco entertainment, red and white sangria, tasty tapas, and paella!







Iruna's trendy Spanish restaurant was a grand place for a party and during a warm desert evening, yelpers tasted Iruna cuisine including paella, asparagus with romesco, shrimp, gazacho, Serrano ham, cheeses and bacon wrapped chorizo. And for the thirsty, guests sipped on Iruna's tasty sangria and ginger lemonade.

Food two









Just when the night couldn't get much hotter, Un Corazon Flemanco performed authetic flamenco moves and was accompanied by a live guitarist. Some lucky yelpers even got to learn a few of the Spanish style steps themselves!










A special thank you to Iruna, Un Corazon Flamenco and Paxman Photography for giving yelpers a taste of Spain the yelp way!

Until next time!

Lindsey F

Yelp Phoenix Community Manager

Lindsey+running of the yelps