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July 02, 2010

Yelp Columbus Elite Launch Party

Posted by Christina C.
Yelp made its way to the Heart of It All and the first Yelp Columbus Elite Launch Party turned up the heat, Cabo-style, at the recently opened Park Street Cantina!

Yelpers and their guests enjoyed personal pitchers (yes pitchers – but not entirely intended) of Cantina specialty margaritas, including a special "yelpy" concoction affectionately and appropriately named the Yelparita.

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Light bites – featuring Cantina chicken or beef tacos, grilled chicken skewers, which Peter D devoured with tasty BBQ sauce, chips, guacamole, salsa, and even hummus – filled the bellies of the attending rhythmic Salsa dancers that be. Well, those who actually participated in the Salsa lesson – provided by JC Entertainment – anyway.

Yelpers also raved about the plentiful spread of Yelp swag – especially the lunchboxes for Yelp Elites. Although free for the taking, the goodies made Brad S think he was breaking the law: "My pockets were so full of stuff on the way out that I felt like a shoplifter."

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Be sure to check out the photo diary of the fun! Our thanks to Joel from J Alexander Photography for capturing the good times.

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Until the next schindig... SYOY (See You On Yelp).


Christina C.


Nathan  Mylott

I needed a few more pitchers in me before I was gonna be brave enough to get up and dance. In fact once I was good and inebriated, I felt like it. They did more lessons at 8:00 after everyone left. I was so gonna get up and do it but my girlfriend Jennifer T. wouldn't do it with me. Instead we walked around the Arena District, which was nice. I never go downtown and I saw the city in a way I never have. It was especially fun being that I was drunk and it was a nice night out.

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