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July 30, 2010

Yelp's Yakitori Chicken Autopsy

Posted by Lizzie G
Never ones to be faint-hearted, last night 40 adventurous yelpers journeyed into the heart of Soho to devour a great many chicken parts... from neck to gizzards! There was noting foul about Bincho Yakitori's chicken autopsy and sake tasting, in fact it was all rather delicious.

Yo yo edits_42Yo yo food_2 Yo yo edits_50

As the first group of 20 took their seats, the coals were fired up and the cooking began. The Bincho Yakitori team, headed by the wonderful Justin, brought out edamame and Kare-Age (fried chicken) for the table, paired with Nambu Bijin sake (which means Beautiful Woman from Nambu) in ceder wood cups to bring out the flavour. Then to really ruffle some Elite feathers, out came the chicken sashimi, which was lightly seared on the outside and served with ponzu and chives.

Yo yo edits_29Yelp _ Bincho Yakitori 4 Yo yo edits_3

Next up Kimoto Junmai sake was poured to match the Negima, Sasami Yuzu Koshu (breast fillet with Yuzu pepper), Sori Shio (salt grilled oysters) and Leba (liver). And then came the Takara Nigori, a cloudy sake paired with Kawa (crispy  skin), Sunazuri (gizzard), Hatsu (heart) and Tsukune, which is a minced chicken with raw quails egg yolk to dip!

  Yo yo edits_35Yo yo edits_33 Yo yo edits_49  

Nankotsu (soft bone) was the talk of the table as it arrived along with Seseri (chicken neck), Tebasaki (chicken wing) and Bonjiri (chicken tail).

  Yo yo edits_34
It's a good job Bincho Yakitori provided everyone with a biology cheat sheet to locate all these birdy parts!

Just as they thought it was all over, out came the green tea ice cream paired with a sweet plum wine called Takara Ume-Shu. Finally the sake and chicken stuffed yelpers rolled out of the private dining room to be greeted by the second group who enviously eyed up their happy pot bellies.

Yo yo edits_54Yelp _ Bincho Yakitori 24 Yelp _ Bincho Yakitori 42

A few more glasses of bubbles, and then 20 more Elites headed down to the dining area to meat their tasty fate. As the evening went on, more tasty morsels of chicks were brought out, with salads and rice and a head spinning measure of sake.

Yelp _ Bincho Yakitori 49 Yelp _ Bincho Yakitori 50 Yelp _ Bincho Yakitori 52

A huge thank you to David, Zac and the outstanding team at Bincho Yakitori as well as our sake expert Chris, from Tazaki Foods. This yakitori Elite event was utterly entertaining and delicious. Want more? Follow Bincho Yakitori on twitter, check out all the photos, from the very talented Craig Thomas and Chris Chudleigh, read the reviews and catch up with all the gossip on Talk.

Until next time...


Lizzie G and the London Crew

Yelp _ Bincho Yakitori 45

See Brooklyn Yelp. See Brooklyn Yelp Party.

Posted by peter d.

Last night the best of Yelp Brooklyn beat it over to Park Slope Eye for the Itty Bitty Blind Bash! It may not have been the biggest event ever (it wasn't), but it was definitely one of the best, and WITHOUT A DOUBT the sickest party anyone ever attended in an optometrist's office.

Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.54.08 AM Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.54.18 AM Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.55.05 AM

In this sleek space, signature cocktails courtesy of Littlefield were just the start of the party. The lovely Lavender Sour kept everyone cool, and everyone ate their fill of the delicious empanadas provided by Bogota Latin Bistro. For dessert, who can resist a Ring Pop? And when it got a little bit later, the lights turned low, and you know the party never stops with DJ Empanada on the ones and twos...

Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.54.50 AM Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.54.42 AM  Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.53.28 AM Screen shot 
2010-07-30 at 10.55.41 AM

None of this would have been possible without the legend himself: Dr. Justin Bazan. This is a man who doesn't cut corneas (see what we did there?); a huge thank you goes out to him for mixing up his homemade sangria and welcoming the Yelp Elite into his office for all sorts of fantastic fun. Every yelper went home with a great giftbag stocked with eye-related accessories, and one, Wing, won a complete eye-care package in the raffle!

Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.11.15 AM Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.55.22 AM Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.53.14 AM

Make sure you check out the reviews, the photos, and what people are saying on Talk! Until next time, we'll SYOY...

-Peter D and the Yelp NYC Team

July 29, 2010

What Would Walt Disney Do? Yelp Elite Event @ Walt Disney Family Museum

On one of the finest days we've experienced in San Francisco as of late, the Presidio was a fantastic backdrop to house our latest (and arguably, greatest) Yelp Elite Event at the renowned Walt Disney Family Museum! With sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay, and an ultra-modern museum paying homage to the most influential animator of all time, it's safe to say the nearly one year old facility is quickly becoming a must stop for both locals and out-of-towners alike. 

Disney 1

Not only were guests treated to tours of the museum, but they also dined on delectable bites from Wolfgang Puck catering and enjoyed summer varietals from Walt's daughter's winery, Silverado Vineyards!

Disney 2

If you're a Disney fanatic and you've yet to check out the Walt Disney Family Museum, take a virtual stroll here, and be sure to visit again in person as well! There’s more than meets the eye at The Walt Disney Family Museum — don’t be fooled by the modest red brick exterior because there's 40,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, interactive galleries inside. More than just a museum, there is also a fantastic Museum Store with unique items, and a theater that shows vintage Disney films daily at 1 and 4pm. And finally it's a great afternoon date place ;)

For pictures of the event, click here. For reviews, click here.

July 28, 2010

Yelp Rocks Out In Redondo

Posted by Christina Y

Yelpers know more than just good food and drink. They also know how to rock out with the best of them! The LA West Elites stepped out of the sun and into legendary music venue Johnny's Dive in Redondo Beach to celebrate this week's Passport To Redondo Beach event.

SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0001 SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0013  SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0053

With its punk-goth theme and rock and roll attitude, Johnny's was the perfect place to listen to a set by local rockabilly heroes Danny Dean and the Homewreckers.

SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0024 SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0027 SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0035

When they weren't snapping their fingers and swinging their hips, the Elites noshed on bites from Pinkie's BBQ and indulged in the delectable cookie selection from Isabella's Cookies, which were washed down perfectly with Johnny's specialty Iggy Pop cocktail.

SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0056 SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0038  SantiagoValencia-YelpBrixton-0060

Check out the reviews of the event here and peruse the photos here.

Until then yelpers, keep rockin'!


Christina Y - LA West Community Manager

July 27, 2010

Yelp and the City (of Chicago)

Posted by Johnny Todd

Cosmos. Strappy shoes. Perfect hair. Delicious food. The newest lounge spot in town. The hottest scene. No, we're not talking about the latest installation of Carrie & co. We're talking about an even more fabulous crew of scenesters: the Yelp Chicago Elite Squad. 200 invited Elites experienced how Yelp Rises To The Top at Phoenix Lounge and cibo matto.

39503_10150237980980510_637635509_14013752_1606226_n 39806_10150237983155510_637635509_14013907_7614756_n 39766_10150237981380510_637635509_14013773_6637676_n 37535_10150237982975510_637635509_14013890_3790617_n

The beautifully re-done Phoenix Lounge was the starting point for this night of class. As Elites made their way up the glass staircase, they were serenaded by the soulful tunes of Chris & Lou. This acoustic duo created the perfect atmosphere for a night on the town. Once up the stairs and checked in, invitees were offered a glass of red or white wine or sangria as they marveled at the celebrity-studded bookcase and the larger-than-life Phoenix mural that looms above the crowd. Those who shied away from the vino enjoyed the Lounge's plush seating and craft cocktails such as the Phoenix Fizz and Murder By Numbers.

37561_10150237982485510_637635509_14013850_4686506_n 38844_10150237982745510_637635509_14013869_4164194_n 38808_10150237981600510_637635509_14013791_6018900_n 38207_10150237982305510_637635509_14013834_790768_n

That's only the beginning.

38207_10150237982285510_637635509_14013830_2255812_n 38297_10150237981885510_637635509_14013812_6802304_n 39503_10150237981015510_637635509_14013757_312209_n 38902_10150237981170510_637635509_14013767_1916562_n

Just as the crowd got a tad large and space got a wee bit tight, the doors to cibo matto opened and mouths dropped. James Beard-finalist super chef Todd Stein prepared a virtual cornucopia of delights for these lucky Elites. Upon entering into the chic eatery, guests were awed by a Chef's Table filled to the brim with cheeses and salumis. Chef Stein continued to dazzle the stunned crowd with lamb burgers, scallops, octopus, veal meatballs, tuna tartare, and even more culinary blessings.

37535_10150237982950510_637635509_14013885_5140683_n 38808_10150237981565510_637635509_14013785_3348780_n 38297_10150237981855510_637635509_14013807_3295043_n 37535_10150237982970510_637635509_14013889_7458047_n

Dressed to the nines and styled to the high heavens, yelpers came ready to mingle, see and been seen. Thankfully, the expert photography of Adam Daniels was there to capture the clothes, the hair, the drink, the food, and the good lookin' crowd that makes Chicago second (city) to none. Did you miss it? Wanna re-live it? We've got you covered. Click here for reviews and click here for pictures.

36957_10150237980805510_637635509_14013745_7918417_n 37561_10150237982475510_637635509_14013848_8248943_n 38899_10150237980280510_637635509_14013713_7282975_n 39126_10150237982570510_637635509_14013861_4298436_n

SYOY (or, xoxo)

Johnny T


July 24, 2010

Metro Detroit's Yelp Speakeasy Style at Cliff Bells!

Posted by Mariah C

On a fine Thursday eve, Metro Detroit yelpers got gussied up and gathered around at the fabulously restored Cliff Bells. This lovely setting offered a chance to step back in time, to an art-deco era reminiscent of supper clubs and speakeasies. 

4823636165_3719b8f875 4823637981_a481333145_b  4824256646_e76469f16d_b

With three varieties of Valentine Vodka cocktails, yelpers enjoyed everything from sips of summer (and lemonade) to a Dirty Valentini. Cliff Bells showed off their menu items, including shrimp cocktail and crunchy-crumb-topped mac and cheese

4823635853_7ecc8a1073_m  4823642693_c8f1d71a9c_b  4824255946_41c543fffa_b

Chicago's own Colleen C played (candy) cigarette girl, and several men of Yelp donned spiffed up suits.  The evening's prizes included homemade Handmade Detroit mitten-centric gift bags with items from City Bird, PropMod, and others. Raffle winner Dan R also scored a special Yelp-colored cocktail set. 

4823638481_f50c49f7cb  4823645593_d35914a263_b  4824249900_15f152e5cd

Many thanks to the hard-working staff at Cliff Bells and all of the fab yelpers who came out to join in! Check out the recaps and reviews, as well as some amazing pics by photographer Doug Coombe.

What an evening!  Until next time...
Mariah C
Senior Community Manager, Metro Detroit

Vancouver Yelp's Prohibition Pretend Party at the Police Museum

Posted by Crystal H

Good thing Vancouver Yelp Elites and their guests knew the password to access the Prohibition Pretend Party this past Thursday night at Vancouver's Police Museum.


Pixie "rails," candy "meds," Michi Sushi's hand rolled "hits" and the Irish Heather, Salt and Judas Goat's "popper" canapes kept us flying high as we explored the relics of Vancouver's seedy past.


Concealing UV Vodka cherry colas, lemonades and other sweet concoctions in brown paper sacks, Yelpers Charleston-ed around what once housed the city morgue, listening to tales of sin while others swilled bottles of Bear Flag Wines as they took a turn posing on the autopsy table.


And we would be remiss without a little gambling action. How many clams did yelpers swindle? 85? 110? 150? The winners of red-star-pasties, UV Vodka schwag, movie and music tickets may just be the best cheats we've got in these parts!


For the recounts of this saucy and naughty evening check out the reviews and of course, flick through the flickr (thanks Kunio Photography for your awesome work rocking the lens).


Until our next encounter, SYOY!


Crystal H

July 23, 2010

Yelpers Killed The Radio Star

Posted by Danny Wurst

Oh-a-oh! Yelpers turned back the clock this past Tuesday gathering at the Gaslamp Quarter’s newest hotspot. With décor reminiscent of an 80’s recording studio and some of the funkiest fashions around, Analog Bar was off the hook for “Yelpers Killed The Radio Star.”

Picnik collage Nearly 300 elites and their guests answered the question “Where’s the beef?” indulging in burger bites, lobster corndogs, and shrimp cocktails while Skyy Vodka cocktails, Miller Light, Bud Light and PBR from San Diego's largest selection of tall cans kept the party buzzin.

Picnik collage Besides a funk-tastic photo booth hosted by Anda T. Photography, video games ala big screen TV, and tubular tunes for entertainment a few lucky yelpers walked away with some radical raffle prizes. 

Picnic collage 2A special thank you goes out to the staff of Analog for giving us an evening we won't soon forget. Don't forget to check out the pics and read all the glowing reviews!

Until Next Time...

Yelp 80s Analogbar 006
Danny W

San Diego Community Manager

July 22, 2010

Houston Fires Up For Hot On Yelp

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

To help kickoff off Hot On Yelp Week, more than 300 yelpers flocked to the magnificent La Colombe d’Or Hotel, Restaurant & Art Gallery for the official Hot On Yelp Launch Party.  It was a sexy, chic and exquisite evening where guests reveled in absolute indulgence. Donning their sharpest summer attire, partygoers were greeted with a summery bev upon arrival, a tour of the historic hotel and as an added treat, access to the art gallery housed atop the mansion’s third level. After a little mixing and mingling, the crowd strolled onto the Grand Salon where the official festivities were in full effect.

The newly revamped restaurant La Colombe d’Or provided an assortment of delectable bites – Crawfish Remoulade in Phyllo, Smoked Salmon Rosette and imported cheeses to name a few – as Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ruggles Café Bakery satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth. And to help wash down the assortment of extravagant bites, crisp, cold bottles of Widmer Brewing Brothers and concoctions from Texas’ very own Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka wet the whistles of a very thirsty crowd. The Grand Salon also featured a packed dance floor where the beats of DJ Seduction enticed swarms of hip shakers, along with a photo station courtesy of Houston Fun Booth.

But the VIP treatments didn’t stop there! Over in the Conservatory, yelpers indulged in mini-spa sessions provided by a handful of Hot On yelp participating spas: chair massages by Kavana Healing Arts Spa and The Petite Retreat, one-minute manicures by Nail Mogul, hand massages by Dharma Skin Spa, spray tan samples by Sun Kissed Glo and hair and makeup makeovers by Studio 31 Hair Lab. Let’s not forget about the endless prizes: $25 gift cards to Moss that the first 100 attendees walked away with, the $100 Moss gift card for one lucky yelper, and party for 6 gift packaged from Sun Kissed Glo. Talk about TLC!

Special thank you to all of the generous sponsors, the welcoming team at La Colombe d’Or, the Hot On Yelp participating spas, Jessica T and Krys T (lovely CMs from San Francisco and San Antonio who helped out in a may-ja way), and all the yelpers who came out ready to turn up the heat!

Check out these links for pictures, photo booth shots, reviews of the evening and more on Hot On Yelp.


SYOY (see you on Yelp),

Farrah A

Houston Community Manager

Denver Elites Get Smashed at Smashburger

Posted by Laura Levaas

Well, not literally, but 30 elites had a smashing good time at a menu tasting at Smashburger Englewood Tuesday night! Despite the rain and thunder that forced them off the Smash private patio, much fun ensued as appetizer after appetizer rolled out of the kitchen, founder Tom Ryan filled everyone in on his philosophy behind this growing burger chain, and guests even got to try their hands at smashing burgers during kitchen tours.

  Kat Smashsides Petersmash

Elites samples all varieties of fried goodies, from rosemary french fries, sweet potato fries, fried pickles, onions and peppers, plus flash-fried veggies. Non-meat eaters got down on fresh salads, while the carnivores noshed on hamburgers, chicken burgers, and even Chicago Dogs. All of this was washed down with shakes, and an assortment of grown-up bevs including beer and wine.

   Kitchentour Bobby Takeout

As best said by Kat A: "What a "smashing" success tonight was (excuse the lame pun).  We were treated like straight up royalty in this joint. As soon as I sat down, I got all kinds of fried food (including fried green chiles, mmmm) delivered to me.  You want it, they bring it out!"

Special thanks to Hans Oey for taking snaps of the event.

Missed out? Want to know more? Check out the reviews and photo gallery. Until next time, we'll SYOY!

Laura L
Denver Yelp Community Manager


July 21, 2010

City by the (nom)Bay Yelp Elite Event @ Nombe

Yelp Elites from all around "the 415" were treated to an intimate evening in the heart of the Mission at Japanese izakaya spot, Nombe. Serving the late night munchie crowd with their wide assortment of delectable Japanese street food, those in attendance enjoyed everything from pork belly with shichimi togarashi to honey and serrano chile chicken wings to skewers of marinated chicken hearts and even miniature raspberry beignets for a touch of sweetness to compliment a rather savory affair.

102_2010  102_2005  102_2018

With amazing alcohol sponsors like Sapporo Light beer, Sho Chiku Bai Organic Namazake and Foggy Bridge Winery... it's safe to say it wasn't your typical Tuesday night in San Francisco.

102_2014  102_2006  102_1997

If you want to experience Nombe for yourself, make sure to check 'em out during the week, late at night on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00pm – 2:00am, and for brunch Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am – 2:00pm. Big ups to Mari, Nick, Gil, Diana and the rest of the crew at Nombe for hosting such a remarkable event!

For pictures of the soiree, click here! To read reviews, click here!

St. Louis Elites "P" Party their Pants Off!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Billy Madison once said, "You're not cool unless you pee your pants..." But in the case of the most recent St. Louis Elite Event, yelpers did not need adult diapers or a portable toilet to have a good time!

The Regional Arts Commission was host to the July "P" Party, where yelpers were treated to some alphabet fun. Everything with the party - eats, drinks and entertainment- involved the letter "p". Food was served in the main level gallery, where Pi provided pizza bites and Serendipity brought Butter Pecan ice cream and Pineapple sorbet in their portable freezer. To drink, we had Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Powerade and "Adult" Arnold Palmers, spiked with Firefly Sweet Tea vodka.

Bartender1   Ice cream Yelp at the bar

Also on the first floor was a photo booth, created by Brea Photography, made of picture frames. Elites were also able to decorate their own Yelp pimp cups with puffy paint!

Upstairs, on the rooftop patio, Elites peered out onto the Delmar Loop and had their portraits drawn by one of several local artists. And due to the sweltering heat, there were plenty of Yelp paper fans available so yelpers could try to cool down!

  Patio4 Portrait2 Portrait3 Patio

Elites and their guests were encouraged to sign up to participate in upcoming Arts Commandos activities. Those who provided their contact info were entered into a raffle to win various prizes, including a pole dancing lesson from Divine Body Fitness, passes to the Pirates! exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center, tickets to a play at The Muny, tickets to a "Pinks and Pinot" STL Wine Girl event and a bag of fresh produce from EarthDance Farm

As for the perfect end to a perfect night, Elites and their guests all received parting gifts as they left the building- a "P" Party PLEYlist served on a platter of peppermints! The PLEYlist was a mix of artist or songs that began with the letter "p". Yelpers faves on the CD included: "Paper Planes" (MIA), "Little Secrets" (Passion Pit), "Piano Man" (Billy Joel) and "Power of Love" (Huey Lewis & The News).

Elites were so pleased with the event that they all had to rush home to pen and paper their reviews!

Your Phat Party Planner in Polka Dots,


Abby S

Yelp's Passport to Adams Morgan Kick-Off at STROGA!

Posted by Tara Lewis

What's the best way to kick off a week long of discounts and deals in Adams Morgan, one of DC's most vibrant and unique neighborhoods? With a kick-ass event in Adams Morgan at STROGA, a yoga and strength training studio located in a gorgeous building, rich in history.


When the DC Elite Squad entered into the ever-beautiful building, many of them started planning their wedding receptions and daydreaming about massive bachelor pads as they took in their surroundings to admire the dome ceilings, wood floors, chandeliers, stained glass and balconies that overlooked the heart of Adams Morgan. 


Awaiting their arrival were over a dozen different businesses, organizations and entertainment that captured the flair and cultural diversity of the neighborhood. Las Canteras served up their fresh sangria, Casa Quaxaca handed out delicious mole oaxaqueno, there were falafel balls, hummus and baba ganoush from Amsterdam Falafelshop, the fabulous Pama Sutra signature cocktail from Savour, refreshing mango water ice from Rita's, El Tamarindo's taquitos and smooth guacamole, tasty Nepalese delights such as Gobi Manchurian and Badam Sadeko from Himalayan Heritage and of course a premiere taste of Wonky Bites from Eat Wonky, a new street truck set to hit the 'hood next month. The Wonky Bites went exceptionally well with ice cold, Pilsner Urquell and Peroni beer provided by our sponsor.


In the midst of sampling tastes from the 'hood, Adam's Inn raffled off a complimentary, 2 night VIP at the cozy bed and breakfast. TuSuva came with gift bags full of goodies for guests and provided complimentary massages. While all this was going on, yelpers were still sneaking off to snap photos and channel their inner voyeur at onomonoMedia's photobooth that projected all of the images taken onto a huge, open wall. 


Event attendees also had a chance to take a sneak peak Adams Morgan: The Movie, a fictional story set to the backdrop of the neighborhood. The soundtrack features some amazing artists, including Stacie Aamon who we were so lucky to have at the event, stunning us with her acoustic performances.

A special thank you once again to STROGA for hosting us in their phenomenal studios. Also, a special thank you to our non-profit partner, Adams Morgan Mainstreet for helping to connect us to many of the wonderful businesses that are part of Passport to Adams Morgan.

It was great to finally meet newbies Jee D, Aisha S, MacRae O and Sabeen A. Congrats to Áine F. for scoring her first FTR for an Elite event! You can peep more reviews from the event here. Be sure to check out photos from the event shot courtesy of our Yelp Elite photographer extraordinaire, Alicia Griffin.

Enjoy those discounts this week!

Until next time, SYOY!

Tara L


Intoxicating Antioxidants in Philadelphia: Yelp's Live Forever at Sampan

Ever wonder what the secret of life everlasting is? Living well and documenting it for all time on the internet, of course! Chef Michael Schulson treated more than 125 Elite yelpers to a truly memorable pan-Asian experience at last night's Live Forever party at Sampan in Center City, Philadelphia. 

Color1 BW1 Color2
Servers speedily circulated with tray after tray of Sampan's signature, ethereal edamame dumplings in truffle broth, a riff on a "Philly cheesesteak" on a tiny bao bun touched with sriracha and shallot, plus crispy wonton tacos stuffed with fresh crab. The festivities spilled over from the LED-backlit dining room into the outdoor Graffiti Bar, where DJ Qi Command spun futuristic sounds in step with the Graffiti Bar's industrial-chic style.

Southern Wine & Spirits debuted SKYY Ginger and UV Sweet Green Tea, two summery vodkas brand-new to Pennsylvania.  Ginger-Honey Soda and Iced Mint Green Tea refreshed and intoxicated simultaneously on the warm, humid evening. Antioxidants abound! For the non-cocktail drinkers, Muller Beverage provided plenty of amber Asahi Select from Japan. The clean and sweet malty profile was especially nice with the spicy "cheesesteak" bite. 

  _SB23170 _SB23046
Yelparazzi snappers Dave H and Luan N supplemented Erika Letitia Photography's rounds -- look for the photos on the Yelp Flickr here!  Freshly minted Elite Emmett M seems to have an instinct for what goes down at our typical soiree: "There was a photo booth/corner with graffiti themed props on hand, and while it was cool to act the fool for the pics, we had more fun playing cops and robbers than using the gear for what it was intended. Erika the photographer did a great job with her killer shots; hopefully she's willing to censor a few of the more candid ones."

Square3 Square1 Square2
Don't fret, Emmett, there's always opportunity to let your hair down with fellow Elites!  Check out the reviews of Live Forever, and until the next shindig, SYOY!


Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

July 20, 2010

Silicon Valley Yelp's Grecian White Party

Posted by Connie Chang

Forget Diddy, THE White Party of the year happened in Silicon Valley this past Sunday! Over 250 Elites gathered at the gorgeous Monte Sereno Room at Hotel Los Gatos in elegant white Grecian dresses, white tees and linen pants – and togas of course – for Yelp's Grecian White Party, where Dio Deka provided complimentary delectable Greek bites including lamb meatballs, pork riblets, Spanakotiropita, Dolmas and Greek spreads on crositinis. 

4810158757_080ef65a37 4808074742_b3cf09ebac-1 4807387569_79ea7a97ed 4810455479_32a2376c2b

White sangria from Vida Y Vino, wines from Jazz Cellars, Beyond Vodka and IZZE cocktails kept yelpers in 80+ degree weather quenched. Yelpers also got a chance to kick back and Ploom. 

4808121782_b153ed35ed 4808085438_62d12ce4c7 4807505799_8ffb6b90a3 4807498155_11e949f11f

DJ Aaron E got the crowd pumped up with his awesome beats, and at one point spurred a dance off between official photographer Betty N and Elite yelper Omar B. As Eugene L noted, "It looked like a Puff Daddy Video."

4807610867_082195c0bb 9321209_7115679c39 4808184796_68b159d3ec 4808233494_2ec73e6497

Yelp paparazzi were snapping photos of all the fabulously dressed guests – peep the official photos taken by Betty N and Daniel H, and more from guest photogs. To read more about the epic event, check out reviews here! Many thanks go out to the hospitable staff at Hotel Los Gatos who made the evening an unforgettable one!

4810676647_073c0a2282 4808204172_18fd2f9343 4810815537_8c2ab9667d 4811386396_04596572eb

Until the next YEE, SYOY!


Connie C (with Aaron "P. Deity" V)

Vive Le Yelp!

Posted by Joi

Instead of storming the Bastille, Kansas City Elites stormed the Red Room at re:Verse on Thursday evening for Vive Le Yelp!

  Vive3 Tattoos Monvive12

(Check out Marie F and Susan N rocking the Yelp tattoos!)

At the post Bastille Day Soiree, Elites and their guests sampled hors d'oevres & amuse bouche like pear pancetta with goat cheese & basil honey (plus a veg version sans pancetta), several varieties of specialty pizza, ahi tuna & mango on wonton crisps, and then there was the cerviche bar. Mon Dieu!

Food1 Food2 Tunawonton

Let us eat cake! As in, four varieties of cupcakes from Cup Cake Á la Mode. Marie Antoinette never could have had it so good. Cocktails included the Guillotini, French Martini, as well as red wines.

  Cupcakes1 Cocktails2 Cocktail3

DJ Keith spun world beat music and there was much tête a tête via a party game of find the Fleur De Lis in which everyone got into groups to answer yelpy questions and win Parisian prizes. There were lots of new faces in attendance including Chris "Peaches" G who had this to say about her experience: "My first Elite Event and it was fabulous! I met so many great people!  The room was very intimate, yet never felt crowded...You made this newbie feel quite welcome!." Former Yelp Scout (and current Elite) Kelsey C was present and we got to give her props for helping set the ground work for Yelp Kansas City.

Rhonda  Prize1

Let's not forget the pretty poses in front of the Vive Le Yelp banner for photo ops with photographer, Monica Cole!

Monvive9  Monvive8 Monviv10 Monvive7 

Merci Beaucoup to Paul and Ralf of re:Verse, their amazing and helpful staff, Lisa of Cupcake Á La Mode and of course to the tres merveilleux Kansas City Elite Squad. Be sure and visit the flickr page to see more photos and don't forget to read the reviews!

Until next time, à bientôt!

Mariahjoi Mariahjoi
(that's me, pictured with the wondrous Detroit Community Manager, Mariah C!)

Joi B

Yelp Kansas City Community Manager

July 19, 2010

Taste of Summer Yelp in Dallas

Posted by Nikki B

The heat isn't giving way anytime down soon in the Big D, but that didn't stop Dallas Elites from flooding the doors of Veritas Wine Room for Taste of Summer Yelp. The cool, pub-like wine bar set a perfect (and air-conditioned) space for tasting and mingling.

IMG_1125 IMG_1131 IMG_1127

While Veritas graciously hosted their entire space for the yelpers, Horne & Dekker brought in delicious hummus and pita, flatbread pizzas, deviled eggs, chocolate peanut butter buckeyes, red velvet cake bites and more! The brand spankin' new restaurant kept the food coming 'till the very end, giving every yelper a chance to sample their fantastic menu.

IMG_1132 IMG_1135 IMG_1138

Rocland Estate poured tasting after tasting of reds, whites and sparkling varieties from the Ass Kisser and Chocolate Box lines. From a Shiraz to Sauvignon Blanc, they had every palate covered. And Dallas Elites were the first-ever in the US to try their new release Chocolate Box Sparkling Strawberry Chocolate! Yup, it's so exclusive you can't find it in stores yet!

IMG_1121 IMG_1123 IMG_1141

Two lucky raffle prize winners won tickets to OpenCamp Dallas, while another yelper walked off with an awesome gift card to Veritas! If that's not enough, check out the superb reviews and fabulous pictures from Taste of Summer Yelp!

Nikki B

Denver Elites Beat The Heat - No Monkeying Around!

Posted by Laura Levaas
On a balmy day in the 30h!3 where temperatures nearly reached the century mark, Denver's finest descended upon urban winery, **Infinite Monkey Theorem, for an afternoon of locally-sourced vino, artisanal food stuffs, live art, and much more!

**No primates were harmed in the making of this extraordinary Elite shindig.

Imt1  Wine

In an up-and-coming section of the Denver Arts District, 100+ Elites beat the sweltering heat with three of IMT's most sought after summer varietals (including a refreshing and piquant Riesling), all while munching on seasonal nibbles from Tony's Market, and enjoying live graffiti art from Denver's own The Dope Group in the process. Aspen Pure and Fuze made sure no one went thirsty, with chocolately bites from Goodness Knows rounding out the menu. Aural entertainment was provided by DJ Ginger, and Eric Gruneisen made sure everyone was well photographed!

Imt2  Imt4

It was quite the production, as Mandy G sums it up quite nicely with the following sentiments: "Another fantastic event! I swear they get keep getting better and better. Heat schmeat! The Riesling was just the thing to beat that sun!"

Want to find out more? Check out the pics and reviews. Until next time, SYOY!


Laura L
Denver Yelp Community Manager

Yelp Chicagoland Goes White Hot!

Posted by Jelena Z
Though temps soared to almost 100 degrees this past Wednesday night it was yelpers who brought the heat in their dazzling whites at Yelp's White Hot Night! Stunning Spanish restaurant Meson Sabika played host to almost 500 yelpers and their guests in the Pavillion and the surrounding picturesque patio.
4800208034_cb06583ab9 4800208294_2e98f55991 4800208572_5f6f30f341 4799574969_cd1feabecd
The evening started with a white stretch limo escorting guests in style from the Naperville Metra stop to Meson Sabika. Upon arrival, guests were faced with a difficult decision: what to drink? With Meson Sabika's signature red and white sangrias, Crispin Cider, and tempting summery cocktails by Maker's Mark, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and Rain Organics Vodka complemented with IZZE sparkling juices on the drink menu, there was something for everyone.

Guests were treated to a decadent spread of Meson Sabika's tantalizing tapas as well as passed hors d'œuvres including paella, gazpacho, garlic potatoes, skirt steak with blue cheese, pasta with goat cheese and more! Crowd-favorite, bacon-wrapped dates, were flying off platters faster than you could say "Olé"! In between sips and bites, yelpers danced the evening away courtesy of Cage and Aquarium Productions DJ extrordinarire, Kevin Price. The beats were banging in the Pavillion while two guitarists, Robert Palos and Nikola Dokic, strummed a beautiful medley of European-influenced songs.  Party-goers also displayed their true colors thanks to talented face painter, Trish Page, and were also mystified and amazed by magician Mike O'Donnell and mime Alexander Knapp.

4800209354_7fc9fd652e 4800210352_e7262ae942
4800209976_32b5d0d26d 4807729070_cf19968166
In the 'beauty lounge', ladies were pampered and treated to blow-outs and stylings from the deft hands of the staff at Effigy Salon. Photographers Matt Ginger and Elizabeth Olwig snapped sultry candid shots and Laurence Asuncion took portrait photos on Meson Sabika's charming grounds. You can peep all of the pretty pictures right here! ActionBooth had guests jumpin' for joy (literally!) and ShutterBox Photo Booth captured yelper's poses. Check out the ActionBooth photos right here and the ShutterBox party pics here.

It was truly a grand midsummer's night affair - the Hamptons have nothing on Yelp Chicagoland! A special thank you goes out to the generous, gracious staff of Meson Sabika for giving us an evening we won't soon forget. Don't forget to read all the glowing reviews!

4799132198_17620c2d6e 4799979758_347f9e271c
4807118435_012dcb35f7 4799344847_45118c8512


Jelena Z

July 18, 2010

Yelpers and a Hoedown at Berkeley's FIVE!

Posted by Monica

If you can’t smoke’m in Texas, blaze’m in Berkeley! On Thursday night, amid a flurry of meat smoking, bluegrass jamming, and cocktail sipping, 350 rowdy Elites rocked the house at Hotel Shattuck’s FIVE!

937130946_five-event-7-15-10-number-5 _MG_6829 38141_414336859444_519569444_4364921_6720838_n

Oakland’s own, Apple Pie Hopes, shook the floorboards with their foot-stomping Americana -- "the music reminded me of bands I saw in dive bars in New Orleans and I was excited to see one guy in the band playing the spoons! buzzes Amanda K. And FIVE servers didn't miss a beat either as they worked their way through the hungry crowd dishing out samples of pork ribs, hush puppies, pork sliders, and more! Veronica S was more than pleased: "Chef Banks was at the grill doing his thang with them ribs and they were fall-off-the-bone amazing!"

36960_414336274444_519569444_4364883_4445257_n YEE_OKC_ 099 _DSC0044

When elites weren't saddling up to the photobooth, they were losing count of how many Maker's Mark Old Fashioneds they had. An enthusiastic Troy M wonders: "exactly how many times did I go up and order Maker's Mark Old Fashioned? No, really, help me out here." Cold ones were on hand too, with Trumer Pilsner popping bottles like it was their job. Er. Meanwhile, Rosenblum Cellars didn't falter either -- their varietals hit the spot for so many guests! With enough social lubricant, elites ventured into The Laugh Box for an exclusive strip photo. And of course, in between boozing, guests quenched their thirst to IZZE's sparking juices!

YEE_OKC_ 074 _MG_6768 YEE_OKC_ 027

All in all, it was a truly special event and endless thanks go out to the steadfast staff at Hotel Shattuck, the sponsors, and yelpers Will A and James N, and AJ Treat Photography for providing picture evidence of the good times had! Wanna see the elites and find out what they had to say? Peep the photos and check out the reviews! In case you missed this party, fret not, we've got our next Elite Event on the August horizon! Stay tuned to your elite calendar for more details.

  YEE_OKC_ 165 _DSC0056 _MG_6799

Giddy up yelpers! Til next time,

Monica S
Yelp East Bay Community Manager

An Only in Atlanta Elite Event

On July 14th the stage was set in Midtown for a true Atlanta affair. Halo Lounge hosted nearly 150 Elites and their guests, decked out in their best local apparel. From Addy C's H-mart smock to Jennifer K's iteration of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the whole city was represented in a festive way.


Fun times flowed as deliciously strong cocktails by Krakken Rum were sipped and slugged. Gretchen O enjoyed the lime-tinged Old Fourth Wards while Jeremy A was all about the Session lager on hand. To help absorb all of the alcohol, delicious treats like local favorite pimento cheese were served up by Midtown's own Babs, keeping the next day's hangovers at bay. 

4798307342_a67ee47eb3 4797672183_1b1656f17b 4797666677_b085f4e782_b 4798305272_04631c86c9

While mingling around Halo's everchanging quartz bar, Ryan Noise provided candy for both the eyes and ears with his DJ and VJ skills. Check out the rest of the pictures by Style Photos here and read what the Yelpers themselves had to say here! Many many thanks to all of those involved and all of the Yelpers who came out to this great summer soirée!

Until next time, SYOY! 

Kathleen M (with Jim S of Halo)


July 17, 2010

Yelp San Antonio's Rooftop Luau Launch Party!

Posted by Krys Theilen

Over 70 San Antonio yelpers put on their loveliest Hawaiian attire to party in the cabanas at Ivy Rooftop Lounge over-looking the beautiful hill country of north San Antonio. Yelp Elites were greeted at the door by Hawaiian lei's, hair flowers for the ladies (and some of the guys), and Yelp schwag galore. UV Vodka sponsored Mango Martinis, Blue Hawaiians, and sweet vodka green tea, all adorned with flowers and umbrellas (of course!). Guests braved the 100 degree temperature with Yelp fans in hand out on the deck but quickly felt the breeze kick up as the sun went down.

Nanschwag2 Nanschwag

Yelpers kicked off the night with a little hula hoop fun where several competed to see which yelper could twirl their hips the longest! Props to Aliyah K, San Antonio's newly crowned hula hoop champion! And they took turns in the "Extra Cheesy Luau Photobooth" where they adorned themselves with grass skirts, beach hats, over-sized sunglasses and coconut bras.

   IMG_1879_SR IMG_1828_SR

As the sun finally cooled off, the party heated back up with a special performance by (San Antonio's only) luau experts, Aloha Entertainment. Danny C said it best with, "It was the perfect combination of danger: dancing, fire, alcohol, a wooden deck, and Yelpers." Couldn't agree more!
IMG_2025_SR Nanfire Irissabrinafire

After the fiery performance, wowed Yelp Elites continued imbibing, chowed down on Haupia, a delicious traditional Island dessert provided by The Aloha Grill, and wrapped up the party with a huge photobooth finale with beautiful shots by local photographer, Iris Sabrina!

Booth Booth2  Vania If you missed out on this epic party of Big Island sized proportions at Ivy Rooftop Lounge, you can read all about it or take a look at the photos by Iris Sabrina so you can see what else went down! 

Aloha & SYOY!

Krys T

Yelp Orlando Gets Frenched

Posted by Colleen Burns

Orlando Elite Yelpers celebrated Bastille Day the right way on Thursday evening; French food, French wines and French mustaches at Vino! on Park Ave. We started with French Bubbles & then moved into delicious & delicate French whites & roses. Then we worked our way into some very luscious French reds. We literally took a journey and explored all that is so very, deliciously French! There was also the lovely, refreshing smartwater to clear our palates in between.

Picnik collage
The menu had us indulging in Potage de Petits Pois, Vichyssoise, Ratatouille and Poulet Fricasse. And of course how can you forget the amazing French cheeses & crusty baguettes ... so much was pleasing to our palates!

Picnik collage2
Of course when you are celebrating in a very French way, you need to go all out. So the lovely and talented makeup extraordinaire Jacqueline Ford, of Jacqueline Ford Professional Makeup Services, entertained us by applying various forms of the french mustache to either our face or the very popular fingers. Does it get any more romantically French? 

Don't worry, we got tons of photos taken by the kick-a photographer: Roland Smith Photography. Check out all the awesome shots from the evening!

Huge shout-out to all the yelpers that came, Vino!, smartwater, Jacqueline and Roland and everyone that made everything possible!

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read the reviews!!

Until next time...




July 16, 2010

Mexico to Dublin!

Posted by Annie

The charismatic Hugo from Café Azteca led Dublin's Yelp Elite Squad on a culinary tour of what real Mexican food consists of. His passion for his native country, Mexico, was infectious as the Yelp Elite Squad learned how to make simple dishes such as pico de gallo and guacamole but most importantly the correct cooking process and ingredients that goes into making real Mexican food. Everyone got to take home a Yelp recipe card of the cookery class and some Café Azteca tortilla mixture to make at home!

14 Az

Nicky from The Fresh Market in Fairview kindly supplied all the ingredients for the cookery lesson as well as the limes for the bottles of Corona that Brian from Barry & Fitzwilliam Ltd generously gave us to get the party started! Oh he also give us Sauza Tequila for our margaritas which were guzzled down in quick time!

-co Hj

The Elite Squad got to enjoy the beautiful space that is the Centre for Creative Practices that Ian & Monika run. Luckily the weather was pleasant enough for us to go into the Georgian courtyard. The highlight of the night was when we were treated to a surprise by Hugo, his Mariachi band "Azteca" played Mexican tunes for us as the summer sun faded to a beautiful golden hue. Once again the talented Daniel Browne snapped the festivities, the photos can be viewed here and see what people are saying in the reviews or pen your own opinion here!

Mex  Done 

Thank you everyone, it's always a pleasure to be amongst you entertaining souls!

All my best,

Annie L

Yelp Paris Elite Get Tarty @Tartes Kluger

Posted by Zeva Bellel


Quand la brigade d’Elite Yelp à Paris rencontre les Tartes Kluger, cela donne un "early dinner" parisien à l'atmosphère délicieusement estivale. Dans sa très design boutique du marais, Kluger a accueilli hier les “Yelpsters” (merci Erwan K pour cette nouvelle expression!)  pour le deuxième événement Elite à Paris. 

IMG_0380 IMG_0158  

Les 70 invités ont ainsi pu découvrir en avant première le tout nouveau concept d’Early Dinner que l’enseigne lancera en septembre. Entre les tartelettes à la tomate confite ou aux oignons caramélisés et anchois, celles au chocolat absolument démentes ou les cakes à la fleur de courge et à l’estragon, les invités ne se sont pas fait prier! Catherine Kluger a prouvé qu’il est possible de manger sain et bon, sans se priver, à l’heure de l’apero.


Une idée et une cuisine qui ont emballé Alexandre D. “Des ingrédients de qualité, des recettes d'une simplicité trompeuse - (...)Il n'en fallait pas plus pour me convaincre de redonner sa chance à un produit que j’avais longtemps boudé.” Entre deux gorgées de vin rose pétillant ou d’un vin blanc étonnant, le Ze Bulle Zero Pointe, tous semblaient conquis par ce “Diner de Bonne Heure”. Christine G, grande amatrice de vins, a particulièrement apprécie cette sélection de vins bio “extrêmement rafraîchissants, parfumés et légers (tant mieux...!)”

IMG_0403 IMG_0396

Autour des grandes tables en bois conviviales, les invités ont profité de ce soir d'été dans une ambiance vraiment chaleureuse (pas trop quand même vu les températures!). Omid T, l’un de nos yelpeurs les plus exigeants, raconte: “J'ai passé un soir avec aucun déception. En fait, cette petite soirée a dépassé toutes mes espérances. Je crois que s'il y a plus d'événements comme celui-ci, on peut créer pas seulement un site web des avis d'internautes, mais une vraie communauté”.

Yelp et Tartes Kluger etaient ravis de pouvoir offrir à leur élite cette expérience VIP, où s’étaient réunis yelpers, bloggers et journalistes de la capitale pour partager leur expérience du site ou discuter cuisine, vins et actualités parisiennes. Comme Aicha M le dit si bien: “Aux rendez-vous de Yelp, il y a toujours des surprises qui mettent la banane pour toute la soirée!”

Si vous etiez la hier soir et que vous avez envie de partager votre expérience, vous pouvez laisser votre avis en cliquant ici. Pour plus de photos, regardez notre page Flickr.

A bientôt mes Yelpeurs Parisiens,

Zeva B.

Paris Community Manager




When the Yelp Paris Elite Squad meets Tartes Kluger, the result is a Parisian Early Dinner in a delicious summer atmosphere. Yesterday, July 15th, Tartes Kluger welcomed the happy “Yelpsters” (thanks Erwan K for the new term!) to its beautifully designed shop in the Marais for the second Paris Elite Squad event.

It was a perfect opportunity for guests to get a sneak preview of the shop's new Early Dinner concept, which launches this Fall. With her array of freshly-baked tarts, from the oven-roasted cherry tomato and caramelized onion tartlets, to the zucchini and terragon cakes or the terrific Chocolate cake, owner Catherine Kluger proved that it’s possible to enjoy healthy, quality food just at the start of the evening too (not just at 10pm when most Parisians eat dinner)!

Alexandre D. loved the concept so much that it sparked new love for all things tarty. “Premium ingredients, simple yet sophisticated recipes (...). This is exactly what I needed to give tarts a fresh new chance after rejecting them for a long time.” Served with a delicious range of organic sparking wine by independent producers Ze Bulle Zero Pointe, guests, like wine-pro Christine G, found the pairing “extremely refreshing, flavored and light."

Around the large, communal wooden tables, Yelpers enjoyed the fresh breeze of summer in a cool and relaxed atmosphere that was decidedly un-fussy. Omid T., one of our most demanding Yelpers, went so far write his first 5-star review saying: “For once, I wasn't disappointed. In fact, this little get-together surpassed all of my expectations. And I think if there are more events like this one, Yelp Paris will be more than just a reviews site, but an actual community.”


From food and wine, to the upcoming month-long annual August vacation that seemingly every Parisian is planning for, the conversation was as perky and light as the setting. Aicha M. summed it up best saying: “There are always surprises at Yelp’s Parties that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the night!”

If you were at the party yesterday and want to tell the world about it you can leave your review here. Check out more pics here.

'Till the next fête my Parisian Yelpeurs,

Zeva B.

Paris Community Manager

July 15, 2010

Yelpers Do The Belly Dance At Mediterranean Mania

Posted by kelly stocker

In between sweating profusely and spraying themselves with off, yelpers managed to have a fantastic time at our July OYE. Held at Phara's Mediterranean, delicious appetizers and booze materialized genie-style in the hands of 350 elites. As Lisa M puts it: "Phuck me raggèd! Phara's was positively phantasmagoric." 

Picture 6    Picture 8    Picture 48    Picture 1

We featured the new vodka kid on the block, Graham's Texas Tea and Crispin Cider, new to Austin, both frosty hits in the heat. Phara's set out Medi apps galore. Yelpers heaped their plates with hummus, fresh pitas, baba ghanoush, beef, lamb and tzatziki. Errol M reworked a beach boys song in honor of the event. Seriously. Check out his lyrical stylings.

As light bites turned into "keep it coming", Janete Mahaila, dressed in a gorgeous costume, made everyone feel calorie conscious with her amazingly flat belly shake shake shakin' all over. She jingled and jangled and balanced a sword on her head, engaged both embarrassed and embarrassingly eager yelpers in a belly dance and provided some serious eye candy with her amazing talent. On the other side of the room, Wendy from Blood and Glitter put yelpers in henna chains with her remarkable attention to detail. 

Picture 9    Picture 47    Picture 49   Picture 45
The party went one for more than the allotted two hours thanks to our gracious hosts and the copious amounts of booze bartender Gabe kept doling out. Yelp elites managed to snag a hookah and sit in the top secret Arabian nights room puffin' on some shisa.  Thanks to Jonathan Garza, we've got it all documented! Photos are here and the event reviews are sitting pretty right here. Catherine T puts it best: "All my favorite peeps in one place. Sultry, sexy stuff going on. Free food and booze. 'Shady' dealings in a secret room.  What more could I ask for?"

Until the next ridiculous event, SYOY!


Yelp Portland Gets Cozy With Koozies At The Portland International Brew Fest!

Posted by Don Bourassa

IMG_0475SMN During the heat of the Portland summer, there's no better way to keep your can cool than with an authentic Yelp beer koozie! If you don't have one of these sought-after coolies, you're missing out. You don't want to be the only person at the beer fest without one!

This weekend, July 16-19, your trusty local Community Manager and friends will be kickin' it in the North Park Blocks during the Portland International Brew Fest with Yelp Koozies and other awesome beer-swag in hand for your beer-cooling, bottle-opening pleasure. Because hey, let's face it, nothing ruins a summer weekend faster than lukewarm beer.

So keep an eye out for us this Friday from 4-close, Saturday 12-close, and Sunday 12-close. We won't have a booth, we'll just be hanging out, rolling around, and kickin' it summer-beer-fest style. If you find us, say hi (we don't bite), get the deets on Yelp Drinks, and secure yourself the coolest coolie ever.

Oh, and if you can't make it this weekend, look for us at the Oregon Brewers Festival, taking place July 22-25 down at the beautiful waterfront park. We just can't pass up a chance to drink the best beer in the world (that's Oregon beer, in case ya didn't know) while hanging with the best community in the land.

I hope to see you there! 

--Don B.

July 12, 2010

Boston Elites Get Paired Up at The Urban Grape!

As the most in-the-know folks in the city, Yelp Boston Elites were treated to a satiating Sunday evening of fine food and wine pairings at the hottest new vino spot in town, The Urban Grape! Not just another grape purveyor, this super-dynamic wine shop promises a unique experience, organizing their selection not by region or grape, but by weight! After tasting hundreds and hundreds of wines, owners TJ & Hadley Douglas categorized their inventory with a revolutionary system that assigns each bottle with a number according to their weight, one being the lightest in style, while 10 is the heaviest. Because they believe wine is an experience, their approach allows you to more easily pair wine with food, while allowing you to branch out from your typical choices by directing you to selections of similar weight, instead of just choosing "New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs" or "Oregon Pinot Noirs." In short, they're removing intimidation from the wine experience. And if you ask us, it's working!

Store shot1 Lambrusco Beer wall Wesport

To illustrate their philosophy on experience, The Urban Grape welcomed Yelp Boston Elites into their store for a private tasting event on Sunday evening featuring small plates created exclusively for us by Aquitaine and wines chosen personally by TJ and The Urban Grape staff. Check out the full menu:

Yellow fin tuna tartare with ponzu vinaigrette and avocado spicy aioli
Pairing:  2009 Weingut Schwarzbock Gruner Veltliner

Smoked corn polenta cake with vanilla porter braised short rib
Pairing:  2008 Chateau Pesquie Terrasses Grenache/Syrah

Summer vegetable gazpacho with creme fraiche and crouton
Pairing:  2009 Terredora Dipaolo Rosae Novae Aglianico

Chilled Shrimp Cocktail with avocado mousse and fresh mango chutney
Pairing:  2008 Pine RIdge Chenin Blanc/Viognier

Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin on crouton with warm chevre and bing cherry relish
Pairing:  2006 Selvanova Vigna Antica Aglianico

Shrimp corn Shortrib Gazpacho 

And that's not all! Boston Elites were invited to help create The Urban Grape's tag line for their brand-new store! With a copy of their mission statement in hand, Elites entered the tag line contest by summing up The Urban Grape's philosophy in just 7-10 words! Congrats to our semi-finalists: Calli C, for her idea, "Sensational Wine. Simplified" and Christopher M for his creation, "In vino veritas."

  Chefs Chris_wine Hadley_TJ Wine_cali Dan_siona

Throughout the evening, Elites toured the store, led by owners TJ and Hadley, learned about the versatility of Aglianico thanks to Heath and Noah of The Urban Grape Staff, discussed biodynamics and  tasted sixteen different wines (ranging in price from $12  - $38) from the state-of-the-art Enoline Elite, a self-serve wine tasting system that allows you to try sips of wine sold at the store! Pictures of this fabulous evening can be found here, courtesy of Tatsu I. See what people are saying in the reviews or pen your own opinion here.

A big thank you to TJ, Hadley, Noah and Heath at the Urban Grape, and the entire staff at Aquitaine for enlivening our palettes and making this an evening we won't soon forget!


Leighann F

July 09, 2010

Twin Cities Yelpers Clown Around at the Cirque du Cinema!

Posted by Annie D

The LoBBy Lounge in St. Louis Park turned into the Big Top for the MSP Elite yelpers at the Cirque du Cinema… and what a circus it was!

Located in the Showplace ICON Theater in the new West End complex, the LoBBy Lounge swung yelpers into the cirque with the greatest of ease. The crowd was treated to a spread of LoBBy Lounge hors d’ouevres, including pineapple shrimp and beef tenderloin skewers, mini portabella mushroom paninis and a gourmet meat and cheese platter (with cheese from Classic Provisions… and prosciutto di parma, this clown’s fave!).


While yelpers and their guests feasted on the upscale concessions, The LoBBy Lounge was transformed by larger-than-life talents of Musette and her Sideshow of Charlatans took command of the one-ring show.

MSP Elites gawked as the SoDoo the Strongman busted through concrete with his bare hands; they were taken with Dr. Tinkerpaw Medicine Man of Mystery and his needle-swallowing act; and they were mesmerized by the gyrations of Luna Rouge the Beautiful Tribal Belly-Danseuse. And we can't  forget Cale the Juggler, who turned comic as he proved his dexterity and flexibility when he kicked the back of his own head! Musette herself garnered quite a few oohs and aahs as the Ringmistress of Mischief! She lies on beds of nails, does the splits on glass… what can’t this sassy girl do?!


The LoBBy Lounge bartenders concocted some scrumptious specialty adult bevs for the occasion. The Juggler (made with Hennessey Black), was a White Russian-inspired treat for those with a sweet tooth. Ironically, Cale the Juggler spilled one of these while juggling behind the curtain—oops!


Yelpers have already begun writing rave reviews about the much-ballyhooed evening. Hether S was in her element (and front and center for the action), “Somehow, two of my favorite things were combined at this Yelp event—burlesque + crazy-silly sideshow acts!”

The Pink Elephant (made with Belvedere Pink Grapefruit) came with quite a five-star surprise for Meghann F: “The pop rocks definitely added a little kick.” And that wasn’t the only surprise in store for Meghann… “the juggler tried to throw a ping pong ball down my shirt!“ Cale was quite the clown, wasn’t he?

A special thanks to photographer TJ Turner, for capturing the hullabaloo on film—you can check out the rest of the photos on the official Yelp Flickr page.

If you attended and haven't already reviewed the party, please share your experience on the official Cirque du Cinema Yelp listing!

My top hat is off to all the sponsors and to the daring Elites who added their feats of food, drink and folly to the spectacle!

Yours in facial hair,
The Bearded Lady (aka Annie D.)

July 08, 2010

Kickin' It With Yelp At The Mississippi Street Fair!

Posted by Don Bourassa

You know us here at Yelp all too well. Whether we're shivering in the cold of winter or searing in that mid-July heat, we're never too far from a frosty set of taps - especially if they're local brews. As the mercury rises here in Beervana (aka Portland, Oregon), we're making tracks to the best local festivals and fairs to be as near to our dear PDX beer as possible. And this Saturday, July 10th, is no exception, as Yelp! presents the Main Stage Local Beer Garden at the Mississippi Street Fair!

Join your local Portland Community Manager and friends as we captain the hottest spot to quaff those cool beers this weekend. From 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday the 10th, we'll be posted up across from the main stage (feat. acts such as Celilo, Dirty Mittens and the Midnight Serenaders) with the likes of Ninkasi, Lompoc, Southern Oregon Brewing, Widmer Brothers, 10-Barrel, Hopworks and Lucky Lab - all awesome Oregon beers! Come grab a cold one and play giant Jenga and other fun outdoor games with us! Win awesome prizes, take home some rare Yelp schwag, and enjoy a fine day in the summer sun. 

Plus, if you'd like to take a chance to win a case of Oregon 22oz brews, check out our Twitter contest!

Hope to see you there at the fair!

Cheers, and until next time, SYOY!

Don B.

July 02, 2010

Yelp Goes Green!

Posted by Don Bourassa

On Thursday, July 1, Portland’s Elite got a taste of what it’s like to live, work, and drink green for a night! About 100 of Portland’s top Yelpers Got Green at an amazing sustainably-designed mixed-use space, imbibed organic, sustainable cocktails and beer out of compostable cups, and nibbled on snacks from Bon Appetít,  all while meeting and greeting their fellow members in an awesome and unique environment.



As the midsummer rain fell on this early July afternoon, the ranks of PDX Yelp Elite like Anna B and Matthew E descended on the Leftbank Project, a sustainably rebuilt historic building, for an open house and happy hour in their Leftbank Café, the Hive shared office space, and the spacious communal use areas of the building. As Jenny C and Amanda C turned green with envy over the architectural design of the building, Suzanne F and her guest headed downstairs to check out Upright Brewing’s brewery space in the basement and sample the four organic Saison-style ales in their oak-barrel-filled tasting room!



Meanwhile, up in the Leftbank Café, JW D, Andrew C, and Michelle H sipped on tasty cocktails made with Organic Nation Gin and Vodka. These sustainably-made (in Ashland!) spirits, mixed with John's Premium Hand-Made tonic syrup (delicious!) and served up in compostable cups, were a perfect compliment to the green-designed space and Organic Upright #4 that was on tap as well. With Gin and Vodka Mules, Tonics and Sodas flowing, there wasn’t a dry mouth in the place. And if the space itself wasn’t entertainment enough, the Right Brain Initiative opened up their display Pod adjacent to the Leftbank for a special Yelp showing. Steve M and his guest enjoyed learning about this amazing local education project.



Remarkable venue? Fantastic Drinks? Tasty bites? Friendly folks? Yup, this gathering had it all, and that’s thanks in big part to Cate from Leftbank, Melodie from Organic Nation, Alex from Upright Brewing, Joshua C (the man with the camera) Stephen S, Tiffany C, and of course the entire Portland Yelp Elite Squad, without whom none of this would be possible! For more, check out the photos and reviews!

Until next time, SYOY!

--Don B.

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe, Denver!

Posted by Laura Levaas

It was hot fun in the summertime Wednesday night as 150 Denver elites descended on Moe's Original Bar-B-Que in their finest cowboy hats, bolos, belt buckles, and...stuffed roosters. Elites were treated to four drink selections including Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon, and Breckenridge Brewery suds Lucky U IPA and Agave Wheat, plus they sampled Moe's pulled pork, chicken wings, baked beans, marinated slaw, and cornbread (mmmm) and played cornhole on the patio.

Hoe7 Hoe5 Hoe6

Elites embraced the challenge to wear their most kickin' cowboy hats with flying colors, and six finalists scored fantastic prizes. In fact, winner Peter M wore his coveted chalice trophy on his jumbo-sized belt buckle all night.

Hoe1 Hoe3 Hoe4

Special thanks to Greater Range DJ for hookin' us up with a powerful mic, A La Carte Gifts and Baskets for donating an amazing themed-and-snacky prize, Taste of the Nation for offering up free passes to their event July 18 at Mile High Station, Bovine Metropolis Theater for donating free entry tickets to our hat winners, and to Adam Russell for taking amazing snaps all night!

Did you miss the event? Check out reviews and the photo gallery.

Until next time, ya'll...

Laura L
Denver Yelp Community Manager

Yelp's World Cup Gooooooool-a YEE @ The Royal Exchange

Even though our mates on the United States soccer team were sadly eliminated two days before our big World Cup soiree, spirits weren't dampened in the least this past Monday evening as Yelp Elites took over the cozy confines of Royal Exchange for food, drinks, and celebration of international sport!

102_1912 102_1908 102_1905

With hoards of delicious grub like pulled pork sliders, deep fried green beans, Gorgonzola fries and grilled chicken skewers (just to name a few) coming out of the kitchen of Royal Exchange, paired with a copious supply of Widmer Beer and Bacardi Rum, needless to say, it was a Monday for the ages.

For pictures of the event, click here! For reviews of the spiffy soiree, click here!

Yelp Columbus Elite Launch Party

Posted by Christina C.
Yelp made its way to the Heart of It All and the first Yelp Columbus Elite Launch Party turned up the heat, Cabo-style, at the recently opened Park Street Cantina!

Yelpers and their guests enjoyed personal pitchers (yes pitchers – but not entirely intended) of Cantina specialty margaritas, including a special "yelpy" concoction affectionately and appropriately named the Yelparita.

4752943910_a39658d031_m  4752930396_1dd37f79b6_m  4752287589_c63db35af5_m

Light bites – featuring Cantina chicken or beef tacos, grilled chicken skewers, which Peter D devoured with tasty BBQ sauce, chips, guacamole, salsa, and even hummus – filled the bellies of the attending rhythmic Salsa dancers that be. Well, those who actually participated in the Salsa lesson – provided by JC Entertainment – anyway.

Yelpers also raved about the plentiful spread of Yelp swag – especially the lunchboxes for Yelp Elites. Although free for the taking, the goodies made Brad S think he was breaking the law: "My pockets were so full of stuff on the way out that I felt like a shoplifter."

4752197207_4147bc839b_m  4752304951_a5db931cbc

Be sure to check out the photo diary of the fun! Our thanks to Joel from J Alexander Photography for capturing the good times.

4752907564_2035cd2aed 4752904664_1384df211b 4752924840_00fef96af8_m

Until the next schindig... SYOY (See You On Yelp).


Christina C.

July 01, 2010

East Bay Elites Spice It Up at the East Meets West Party!

Posted by Monica

We're not sure if it was the temperate climate, the zen patio, the endless buffet, the wine tasting, or the fresh tunes that kept East Bay Elites in high spirits. Whatever it was, nothing stopped 180 yelpers from getting down at the East Meets West party at Walnut Creek's The Door!

4748602399_ccfd76f803_z 4749242354_81ff87b1b5_z 4749239146_851532a5b2_z

4748604643_7e12757d5b_z 4749239330_a6c12830d6_z

The evening kicked off with a wine tasting trifecta. Jazz Cellars, Foggy Bridge Winery, and Aver Family Vineyards schooled guests with their several varietals, and as elites swilled their vino, hardworking servers applied the finishing touches to a grand buffet-style layout. Elites gorged on the expansive offerings featuring Chef Sudar's delectable dishes like pad thai, chicken curry, coconut rice, spring rolls, and watermelon salad.

4749242948_0dec121616_z 4749246750_882c76b627_z 4748604505_5ea256f5eb_z

With bits of remaining sun peaking in, elites chilled outdoors in the serene setting with their plentiful plates. Tickled by a lush, green panorama, guests lounged while taking in tunes by DJ Ruggy Fresh (aka Ruggy). Clicking Widmer beers, sipping on sake cocktails, laughing with old and new friends, this foodie gathering did summer right! Ivy R says it best: "I just can't believe how cool Yelp is sometimes.  I just really can't." Well, it's all thanks to the yelpers who make us cool.

4748605177_9608600acb_z 4749245808_b93b494822_z 4749240738_74e02d6de0_z

Want to read and see more? Read the reviews, chat about it on Talk, and scope the scintillating photos


Monica S

Domo Arigato, Yelp Chicago

Posted by Johnny Todd

Japan has some awesome exports: Godzilla. Mothra. Sushi. Izakayas. Yelp Chicago's Elite Squad (+1's) got to experience each and every one of them when they came to Hip Hapa... Yelp Don't Stoppa at Izakaya Hapa. 260 guests were invited to the downtown digs to experience a night of food, music, drink, and Domo. Yes, Domo.

Picture 7 Picture 6 Picture 8 Picture 2

Izakayas are all about kicking your heels up, noshing on some good eats and sip sip sippin' on tasty beverages. The folks at Izakaya Hapa made sure that all three elements were covered. Guests were able to walk into the open floor plan with panoramic windows and hip, low seating. They were treated to a variety of lite bites such as: 1.) Chicken Katsu; 2.) Beef Yakitori with Chili sauce; 3.) Mini crab rangoon; 4.) Seaweed Salad on cucumbers; 5.) and Negiyaki (Japanese-style pizza with tuna and miso sauce). And, to wash it all down, they started with Plum Sake & Lemonades, moved on to Sake Ginger Ales and finished with Blue Sake Bombs. 

Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 2 Picture 3

Eating and drinking is nice and all, but is that all there is? iie! Lucky yelpers grooved to an entire evening of Japanese pop courtesy of Cage and Aquarium Productions and the geniuses behind ActionBooth brought Tokyo to Chicago thanks to their brilliant cut outs and phenom action photography. It's safe to say that yelpers got a lift out of the fun.

Picture 5 Picture-23 Picture-72 Picture-77

Add to all of this, brilliant candids from Ginger By Design and the debut of Fine Dine Deal (a lucky guest won a $100 giftcard to Flatwater in their raffle) and you have the makings of a fine night out in the Windy City. Don't take our word for it. Check out reviews here, candids here and action shots here.

Konichiwassup, Yelp!

Johnny T