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May 16, 2010

Yelp Honolulu Elites Find A Grape Escape

Posted by Emi H

Yelp Honolulu Elites whipped out their wine tasting skills for an evening of DIY wine bottling at the "Grapes of Yelp" Elite event at Wine The Experience60+ yelpers came out to get squishy and were treated to a wine flight of four wines, all made in-house by Wine The Experience

28294_392835174157_514334157_3861339_7341163_n  28294_392835009157_514334157_3861330_5034179_n  28294_392835154157_514334157_3861338_7718466_n

Yelpers worked for their wine and put in some sweat equity by helping to bottle the signature Grapes of Yelp wine. Shannon Ball, owner of Wine The Experience, showed party goers how to bottle wine step-by-step from corking to sealing to adding the beautiful Yelp wine labels. Vintage 2010 baby! 

28294_392835284157_514334157_3861345_3392605_n   28294_392835439157_514334157_3861356_315069_n

Party goers were enthralled by the wine charm station where guests strung multi-colored beads and made their very own cleverly crafted wine charms. And yes, this was part of the evening's sobriety test!

28294_392835459157_514334157_3861357_2164076_n   28294_392834934157_514334157_3861325_6000617_n
28294_392833109157_514334157_3861302_1879700_n  28294_392835384157_514334157_3861353_2567107_n 

All that work can sure make a yelper hungry (so what else is new?), and luckily neighboring restaurant India Cafe was on hand with delicious Indian dishes to satiate the appetites of ravenous party goers. Samosa anyone? The night only got yummier as guests sampled gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Bistro Blends.

28294_392835619157_514334157_3861368_2908248_n 28294_392832944157_514334157_3861289_5403134_n 

28294_392835524157_514334157_3861363_4876463_n 28294_392835474157_514334157_3861358_3725451_n

At the end of the evening, lucky Yelp Elites even got to take home their very own bottle of Grapes of Yelp wine! Hold on to it because it's sure to be a collectible someday

Want to know more about how Yelp can fill your Grape Expectations? Read the reviews, throw it out on Talk and take a look at the d'Vine photos!

Aloha & SYOY! 


Emi H

Honolulu Community Manager


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