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May 24, 2010

Sweet Home, Yelp Chicago

Posted by Johnny Todd

What do bourbon, hush puppies, Britney Spears have in common? Yelp Chicago's Elite Squad (+1's). Chicago may be located in Illinois, but that small fact didn't stop 200 invited guests from transforming Wicker Park hot spot The Southern into their very own oasis of dirrty dirrty. Yelp Rocks The Southern was the event for all your south-of-the-Mason-Dixon needs.

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The Southern was a veritable feast for the senses. Lucky guests got to climb the stairs and enter a world of cabanas, covered patios and gorgeous dark wood tables. But, as beautiful as the surroundings were...the food was that much more the better. Folks noshed on crab cakes with mustard aioli, jumbo grilled skrimps served with old bay aioli and veggie hush puppies. Hush yo' mouth...the stuff was GOOD!

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And we all know it ain't no party like a Yelp Elite party without something tasty to drink. These newfound Southern belles and gents were in luck. Repping the Bluegrass State, attendees were treated to Kentucky Lemonade — bourbon, sweet tea and lemonade. And, proving not just ex's live in Texas, Blonde Bombshell (in cans and Yelp koozies!) was the preferred beer of the evening. Whatever your poison, it surely went down easy. 

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Now, food and drink makes a party nice. Good tunes makes it rock! Luckily, Chris Wurst And Friends were there to take people to church! Busting out the best of the best from Britney Spears (LA), Justin Timberlake (TN), Usher (GA), and Lynyrd Skynyrd (FL) (just to name a few), they kept the joint rockin'... but you could definitely come a'knockin'. If you weren't there, fearless photog Elizabeth Olwig had you covered. Check out her brilliant shots here. If you're more partial to word readin', take a gander of the reviews here. Tastes like cupcakes, y'all!

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Johnny T



So mad that I had to miss the event cuz of work!! Aaaghh!! =( Can't wait to see what the June Elite event's gonna be~!

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